Thursday, October 22, 2009

Solana gives marching orders to the world -- Sig heil?

Javier Solana is delivering an important speech today -- to the Institute for Security Studies of the European Union. He is its boss as well as much of the rest of the European Union machinery. He interestingly claims that the European Union is now taking "executive action" towards the rest of the world.

He has ominous words for the rest of the world as to what he, Javier Solana, is expecting of them in Copenhagen this December. Read carefully!

"Dear friends,
We have a pressing policy agenda for the next few months. Climate change sits right at the top, . It is vital that we get an ambitious deal in Copenhagen that really sets the world on a low-carbon trajectory. I am concerned that the politics of climate change is falling behind what the scientists are telling us needs to happen. If left unchecked, climate change will create real havoc. And as Nicholas Stern has demonstrated: the costs of inaction vastly outweigh the costs of taking action. So we can take our responsibilities now or pay a much higher price later. And let us be clear: if we pay later, we will not just pay in financial terms, also in political terms. As European Union we have made a credible commitment on both emission targets and financing. We expect the US, China, India and many others to act in the same spirit. This is a test for the global system and a test for European Union that has invested so much leadership in this issue."
You may read the speech in its awful totality by pressing here.

Will he get his way? Time and events will tell. Solana has been awfully quiet lately about "the retirement."

Stay tuned!



"The United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, Olav Kjørven and leading religious and scientific figures are to join people of all faiths at a major London event in the run-up to the Copenhagen climate conference."

"Hosted by the Quakers, the event will take place on 4 November, following a two day private meeting involving Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General and global religious leaders at Windsor Castle, organised by the United Nations Development Programme and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC)."

"The event entitled Many Heavens, One Earth: Faiths, the Environment and Copenhagen is a public meeting that follows on from the private meeting."

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By His Grace,
From SV said ...

"The event entitled Many Heavens, One Earth: Faiths, the Environment and Copenhagen is a public meeting that follows on from the private meeting."

Regarding world "Faiths," I have always found the 12 stars of the EU flag (in the blog article picture) both interesting in its origin and in the telling of religious convergence...

On December 8, 1955, on the Catholic “Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Mary Our Co-redeemer,” the European Ministers’ delegates officially adopted the European flag, twelve stars on a blue background, designed by Arsene Heitz, who, today, is an octogenarian artist in Strasbourg. Recently Heitz revealed to a French magazine the reason for his inspiration. According to the artist, he thought of the twelve stars in a circle on a blue background, exactly the way it is represented in traditional iconography of this image of the Immaculate Conception.

The design of the European flag was inspired by the halo of 12 stars around pictures of the Madonna, and appears prominently on the Council of Europe stained-glass window in Strasbourg Cathedral, unveiled to the world on December 11, 1955, to coincide with the Roman Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception.

…their number shall be invariably set at twelve, the symbol of completeness and perfection ... just like the twelve signs of the zodiac represent the whole universe…

Is it the end-time integration of government and religion?

Rev. 12:1 A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

Dave In CA
Interestingly enough, it is the Quakers who have housed London Theosophists in general and Benjamin Creme with his Maitreya message in particular. Creme's original site for presentation was the Friends Meeting House on Euston Road in London, as I recall.

Interestingly enough, it is the Quakers who have housed London Theosophists in general and Benjamin Creme with his Maitreya message in particular. Creme's original site for presentation was the Friends Meeting House on Euston Road in London, as I recall.


I've been following your blog for years. A friend of mine and yours introduced me to it. I haven't given much thought to Javier Solana as there are so many people thrust to the forefront and I'm not a believer in looking for the AC.

But I'm starting to think twice. I think it may have been three years ago that I first looked here and found your postings on him and how his position came to be. I can't find it anymore. Can you help? It was the whole resolution 666 thing. I'm finding that it's worth revisiting.

Thank you.
Your blog came to my attention recently. I'm enjoying it much. A former commentator on your blog has asked for info on Javier Solana's emergence on the world's stage. I would appreciate links to trace him, if you have them. I'll be resesearching too. His work--then and now--is shaping a one-world government, not just a one-Europe one.

Thanks, Dot

Connie! All that you put into "Rainbow" is coming to pass. Enviro-pagans using their movement as a lever on politics to garner economic power by enriching themselves and making everyone else poor. This is a total counterfeit to Western Civilization, built up by the Church on the ashes of the Roman Empire, formed in the Catholic Faith (though not always living it) and being directed towards a civilization of love (caritas) and virtue.
The effrontery to God in creating a false (anti-) religion, forming a false philosophy and molding a degenerate world can only be something of which the devil is capable of. Only heaven can help us now.

If only Rome would do the consecration of Russia to Mary, the chief support of the anti-church's (the "world's") plan would be broken. I offer myself up for it every day.

Don't worship Mary, but ask her to pray for us! She was the gate into creation through which Christ came to us to save us by the Will of the Father. How can she not be a gate for us by which we may follow Christ on the path of salvation into heaven? It's never about her, even when it is about her. She did what she did by God's grace alone. Conceiving Christ by God is proof of that! (I didn't used to believe, but life with God has taught me different.)
Mary, help of Christians, pray for us!
One way to find what has already been written is to go to the search box at the top left of the first page. Put in what you are searching for, and the articles will appear. In the articles you find, you'll find other subjects you can also research in the same way.

That will save everybody a lot of time.

Dave in CA:

First, regarding the 12 Stars: actually, thisuse of the twelves stars is blasphemy. First, because a movement founded to overthrow God would use religious imagery for its own symbolism, and especially because it takes a swipe at the Mother of Christ, whose sole honor resides completely in God acting through her willingness to be a servant. The immense glory of Christianity flows from Christ, but it was made possible only by the cooperating will of a single human being, Mary. Her glory is actually Christ's glory.

Interestingly enough, a flag at George Washington's tomb has twelve stars on a blue background, so the EU wasn't just taking a swipe at religion, but at the U.S. federalism it strives to imitate. Thus, it has robbed both Church and State of its symbols for its subversive aims. And that is the beginning of its total subversion of Church and sovereign nations in its aim at the Satanic empire where religion, state and family are bent to glorify the devil rather than God.

Second, your quoting Revelation 12:1 is very appropriate. Since, as St. John put it, Christ made all things and that nothing that exists was not made by Him, all things have and are coming from Him and all things have and are going to Him. One of the canticles (Ephesians, likely, yes?) states that all things are to be put under Christ. Religion, state and the family in complete obedience to God, and in this hierarchy as well. Awesome.

The whole current situation makes me think of what someone told me about the spiritual battle against temptations. She said that the devil puts decoys in our path, but we need to keep our eyes on Christs and our minds on the Word of God so that we may bypass these decoys and come to the true gift of God. The whole NWO is one of those decoys. May God bless us with an outcome that sees us avoiding these decoys, setting our eyes on Christ and our minds on His Word.
Latest on the Sedona incident...

“James Ray stood by the door of the tent and he controlled when those rounds began and ended,” Mr. McFeeley said. “He called for more and hotter rocks that were brought into the tent between the rounds. He instructed people inside that you could not leave during the rounds. If you had to leave, you had to wait until the end of the round.” ....“Other people wanted to leave and some did leave,” Mr. Schmidt said. Mr. Ray “was very intimidating” and discouraged people from leaving, he added. “His catchphrase was, ‘Play full on, you have to go through this barrier,’ ” Mr. Schmidt said....On a conference call Mr. Ray held last week for sweat lodge participants, Dr. Bunn was shocked to hear one recount the comments of a self-described “channeler” who visited Angel Valley after the retreat. Claiming to have communicated with the dead, the channeler said they had left their bodies in the sweat lodge and chosen not to come back because “they were having so much fun.”
SV, Dave in CA and Fred S.,

First of all, please understand that it is not in any way my intention to be argumentative, but simply to share information.

The idea of the Blessed Virgin Mary as "co-Redeemer" is not an officially defined dogma of the Roman Catholic Church.

But even if it were, it would have to be made abundantly clear that Mary's role is subordinate to and always dependent upon the essential and chief role of her Son, because God creates nothing equal to or greater than His Word. To believe otherwise would be idolatrous and blasphemous. I am in agreement with Fred S.

However, as part of the 19th century occult revival - especially in 19th-century France - neo-gnostics who were often "Catholic-in-name-only" (as many are today) deployed the imagery of the Blessed Virgin in the service of their own occult agenda which was obsessed with "androgyny' and/or involved worship of the so-called "sacred feminine." ( i.e. the gnostic "Sophia" which is ultimately androgynous)

At the following link scroll down a little more than halfway to the section entitled THE DEIFICATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY if you want to see some of the more bizarre Marian inventions beginning with Carl Jung who was very much involved with the occult and gnosticism.

However, more to the point, Arsene Heitz who is said to have originally proposed a circle of fifteen yellow stars upon a blue background was inspired by the twelve-star halo on the Woman Catholics believe to be the Virgin Mary (also the Church) in the Book of Revelation.

Originally the flag was the flag of the Council of Europe which had fifteen members. Ergo the original suggestion that the flag have fifteen stars.

But because of certain political disputes, the flag design finally chosen by the Council of Europe was Heitz's flag - but with twelve stars instead of the fifteen originally proposed by Heitz.

Interestingly, the runner up to Heitz's design was one depicting a constellation of stars proposed by none other than the pro-European founder of the College of Europe, Salvador de Madariaga.
Fred S, Susanna ...

Yes, at the heart of the NWO, New Age, AoC, etc. is the hatred of Biblical truth and blasphadmy of all that Christ is and taught. Man wanting to put himself above God. Christ offers life man offers eventual death. The level of man's arrogence is astounding.

I'm not making any statements about Mary either way only pointing out the connection the EU is making linking / ursurping the place of established religion.

Dave In CA

Dave In CA
Martin Palmer and I have been personally at war for several years. He is chairing that English conference that SV wrote about in the first post. Here is my response to his book which was an attack on my work:

One needs a sense of humour as well as honest information to stay abreast of the New Age Movement by whatever current appellation is currently in vogue among its adherents. Martin Palmer claims to be knowledgeable. There is not a doubt in my mind that he knows far more about it than this reviewer -- FROM INSIDE -- a vantage point he vociferously denies under the covers of at least this particular book. That the information is accurate or honest is debatable! I found his book, 10 years newer than my own pioneering book on the subject, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, on the "50% off lowest advertised price" on the remainder table of a USA Barnes & Nobles bookstore. It did not escape my radar that the book was published by the unquestionably "New Age" Aquarian Press! Of course, he had little use for me. In fact, as I recall the reading, he said he had spent so much time on my book because it was the first book to come from "THAT STABLE OF CHRISTIANITY." Of course, since my Lord Jesus according to gospel accounts came from a stable, I'll take that as a sort of backhanded compliment. Now Martin Palmer, a reported advisor to Prince Philip, claims to head a trillion dollar environmental consortium -- churches' moneys, no less. Hug the trees, decimate the human population (anything else is "speciesism" no doubt), adore the rocks and crystals, recognize the god in all (except the actual creator), no doubt. Well, look upon the bright side, as the USA evangelical purveyors of disinformation acted by largely copying my work, while shaving the reported true dimensions of the New Age Movement (unlike the Catholics who at least to some extent admitted it had taken root in their institution and cleaned house by sweeping out Matthew Fox [too bad they missed Basil Pennington and Thomas Berry]) at least Palmer gave me lots of ink. Well, I suppose his less than flattering portrayal of my work means I have no realistic expectation of winning the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. If I did, I suppose the reception would have to held somewhere other than Buckingham Palace and the prize given by someone other than Prince Philip. Well, c'est la vie. So glad it's God ultimately judging me and NOT Martin Palmer. He accused me of quoting from that most dangerous of biblical books, "THE BOOK OF REVELATION." Well, certainly he probably has not crossed that "dangerous" line of even reading it himself. Had he done so, he would have paused at the clear warnings of Revelation 14:6-9 before making such foolhardy statements: "FEAR GOD AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGMENT IS COME -- WORSHIP GOD WHO CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH, THE SEAS AND THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS. . ." 

It seems Martin Palmer is worshipping just about everything and everybody but the good LORD who created all. 

Oh, and one more thing. It was so very good of Martin Palmer to reveal that he and not John Paul II was the real culprit behind the ever so syncretistic Assisi Council of 1986. He says in this book that he organized same on behalf of Prince Philip. Thanks for the insights! 

May God have mercy on the poor deluded soul of "Sir" Martin Palmer!
That was my internet revenge -- on the cheap -- to Martin Palmer and his book attacking me, CHRISTIANITY AND THE NEW AGE, Aquarian Press, 1993.


If you google my NewsWithViews columns as well as search on this blogspot, you'll find a wealth of material.

There was a major earthquake in Pakistan early Friday morning, Pakistan time.
New Google Math

"Javier Solana" All hits, all languages = 1,350,00"

"Javier Solana" -"Herb Peters" All hits, all languages = 5,960,000

"Javier Solana" -"Constance Cumbey" all hits, all languages = 5,960,000

REMEMBER: Javier Solana bragged in past that he could be invisible when he needed to be.

QUERY: Is Google assisting him in his selective invisibility?

There should be more hits with "Javier Solana" NOT LESS than JAVIER SOLANA minus Cumbey OR JAVIER SOLANA minus "Herb Peters."

Climate change?

Without question it got warmer for three recent decades. Whether it is still getting warmer is unproven. Whether man is responsible is unproven, for it has got this warmer this quickly in the past before our CO2 emissions became significant. The models that say man is responsible are as complex as models of the economy, and we know how good they have been in the last two years.

Moreover a warmer climate has historically been good for mankind, although there are winners and losers in every change.

Solana might be right for the wrong reason about reducing our dependence on oil, though. Much of it is under Islamic lands.
"If only Rome would do the consecration of Russia to Mary, the chief support of the anti-church's (the "world's") plan would be broken. I offer myself up for it every day."

Done already - by PJPII -
"Miracle Baby in Russia?"

Here is a frightening article about a baby in Russia who has the koran appearing on his body. The first article was hard to see the writing, but I found a website that has some pretty clear pictures of the writing on this poor baby. It's very sad and scary to read the comments of the people who see this as a sign that islam is 'the way'. Hope it's just a hoax.
"Miracle Baby In Russia"?

I think these tiny url things will work better...
2 people drop dead in sweden after swine flu jab. many nurses sick after jab.

in hungary a woman died 2 days after jab.
Dear Goldylocks,
Thank you for pointing out some of the really odd things about Grandma.

Mary not to be deified . . . I agree! I agree, I agree, I agree!!! It's her proximity to Christ that makes her special.
Christ leads us on His path of salvation. Mary helps us to follow Him. She knows how to receive Him best because she did so totally in spirit, soul and body in order to give Him His humanity so that He could die for us, reconciling us to the Father. Out of gratitude for being a faithful servant in helping Him open the way to saving humanity, I can only imagine how grateful He is to her for helping Him complete His mission. I know how I feel when someone helps me get my job or some task accomplished: I am ready to give them the world! Mary shows her love for us in praying for us rather than using Christ's gratitude for her own good.
Okay, its been a long day and I am babbling. Thank you for reading, gentle soul.
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