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Ireland -- from the frying pan into the fire?


There was an old expression of "Tweedledee or "Tweedledum?" Ireland threw a wrench into the gears of European wide governance which in turn was/is a desired component of global governance. As I write a new referendum is in progress and the votes await counting. The European Union bureaucracy and its wannabe leaders (Tony Blair, Felipe Gonzalez, et al) as well as Javier Solana and his successor (if he is to have a successor of which I am currently skeptical) are holding their collective breaths.

In the meantime, their leadership has called for something even scarier -- global governance:

Ireland presses for collective action to deal
with global challenges 2009-09-29 07:18:47 Print

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Irish Foreign Minister Peter Power on Monday urged for "collective action" at a time when the global community is combating challenges that have never been as "formidable, or as pressing, as those of today."

Addressing the UN General Assembly at its annual debate, which entered its fifth day here, Power pushed urgency in the UN reform to address global issues, citing a transformation in the UN Security Council "to make it more representative and reflective of twenty-first century realities."

With the latest revelation of Iran's secret nuclear facility in the city of Qom, Power pressed Iran in complying with the demands of the international community -- to cease uranium enrichment and their disclosure of information regarding their nuclear activities.

"It is for Iran to decide whether it wishes to pursue the path of engagement or to opt for increasing isolation," he said.

Referring to the humanitarian tragedy in the Sudanese region of Darfur, Power expressed hope in the work by UN and international staff, specifically mentioning Sharon Commins and Hilda Kuwuki -- two aid workers from the Irish agency GOAL who were kidnapped on July 3 in Darfur.

Calling for urgency in the situation in Gaza, Power stressed strong "accountability for the most serious violations of international law which occurred."

Touching on global issues, such as hunger and food security, maintenance of international peace and security, disarmament and human rights, Power placed emphasis on multilateralism throughout his speech for the international community.

Only one thing scarier than European wide government: Planet wide government! The European Union uses an unfinished Tower of Babel as part of its symbology. Are the Irish demanding its speedy completion?

May the Lord help us all!


Erin Go Bragh !
It seems the UN does not take care of human rights violations such as those in Darfur. Would any global agency do better? One could put some positive feelings toward such an agency if it did take care of these things. But probably would do no better than the UN. Netanyahu said the UN is becoming irrelevant. It does not do what it was intended to do, but causes problems instead.

The Irish are used to being under a colonial thumb. I wish they would remember this and vote NO.

Many of our ancestors came over to the USA on slave ships which transported Irish starvation victims (starvation allowed by the British) to the USA. My grandmother was one of these, and her friend froze to death on on the toilet on the slave ship. The slave ships were little better than those which brought over Africans to the Americas. The brutality of the British is well chronicles by the author of Schindler's List, who also wrote a book about the Irish transported to Australia (sorry, this old lady forget his name, but it's the same man who wrote Schindler's list, and his own father was transported to Australia for a very minor crime, leaving behind a wife and two children who were not allowed to join him even on another slave ship. He "married" another woman in Australia and from them descended the famous author).

It has arrived.
What meaning "it has arrived?" Rich?
The Irish vote has been squandered?
Oh sad day.

Just finished watching this on the "FreeSpeechTV" station...

I was just flipping channels and it caught my attention.

(Maybe it's been posted on here before?)

Can a Christian support the U.N. and still believe in the Kingdom of God?
It now looks like Barack Obama did go to Sweden and did suffer humiliation for not bringing the Olympics home to his Chicago. Since some of your predicted that he would not have gone unless it was a "done deal," I am now wondering how the rest of you read this. Personally, I think it bodes badly for the USA and its standing in the world -- it appears many wagons have been encircling us. I am wondering on your take on the situation.

Dear History Maker:

Part of the link got cut off. I wonder if you could take it to "tinyurl" and make a shorter one for us to try? Thanks!


P.S. Try
Obama failing to get Olympics. I think it's just one more indicator that we are going down. The evidence is everywhere. Woe to the youngsters in our country.
Just my two cents, but I think that if one were to go into the lobby of the UN and see the Temple of Understanding, which is a shrine to Theosophy,
and see all the very Freemason symbols and icons there, that the answer to your question would be a simple NO.
Not to sound alarmist but the lights of the Empire State Building the other night and the Chinese flag being flown over the White House...or across the street from it after protest, the rumors that Hillary was in China several months ago exchanging land for debt, the fact that we have a leader who seems to very openly to embrace communism (at best) is sending signals to me that a deal is being done to redistribute this country once it finishes it's social, economic and moral collapse...soon. I don't think the world has any intention of allowing a collapsing super power to threaten global security.
Ireland is a 'Yes' vote - 66.7%.

Turnout not known at this time.

I think that the Obama visit could not have been more scripted.
It has given the illusion of the fist American president to go publicly and lobby for the placement of the event and when snubbed, he goes back home. Still on the up side of the issue due to the effort with the majority for perception, but, more importantly it gives the impression the to world that America is no better than the rest of the cities for the choice even though the sent their "very best" advocate. An obvious game of chess with public sentiment.
One thing thatt still makes me laugh was a reporter who could not understand why the leaders of the Olympic committee who were going to meet Obama were not thrilled at the prospect.


Ireland has reportedly, APPROVED the LISBON TREATY. What is going to happen will likely accelerate from this time forward.

Well, I left my office at 4 a.m. Problem with heat there. I slept until about 30 minutes ago and first thing upon booting up was google news flashes which I confess I posted news without seeing earlier Anonymous giving us a faster flash than Yours Truly.

I wonder what Javier Solana, Tony Blair, Felipe Gonzalez are thinking and doing now?

To the anonymous 10:32,

Obama doesn't embrace communism, just a free-market system Chinese style. Oh, wait, I think it's the same thing.
Dear Constance,

Re: It now looks like Barack Obama did go to Sweden and did suffer humiliation for not bringing the Olympics home to his Chicago. Since some of your predicted that he would not have gone unless it was a "done deal," I am now wondering how the rest of you read this.

Some (i.e. The New York Times) are already blaming Obama's failure to bring the Olympic games to Chicage on the machinations going on at the United States Olympic Committee.


Published: October 3, 2009

Where did you learn that Ireland had voted "yes" on the Lisbon Treaty?

I am not trying to say that I am more informed than you are, but I haven't seen any indication anywhere that Ireland has voted "yes" on the Lisbon Treaty - and it is not for want of trying to track down the news report.

Here is the latest news report from the Guardian.

It does not indicate how Ireland voted yet.


Ian Traynor looks at the impact of a yes or a no majority in the Irish referendum on the EU reform treaty
Sorry. I meant to sign the above post on Ireland's vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

If Ireland voted "yes," I am very disappointed with Ireland and outraged with the alleged European manipulation of their economy that may have made them feel compelled to vote "yes."

I found it! T'is a sad day for Ireland!

Irish voters have strongly endorsed the European Union's Lisbon Treaty - 16 months after their first vote rejecting it plunged EU reforms into deadlock.

This is from Al Jazeera


Richard Greene, a spokesman for the opposition Coir group, criticised the decision to put the decision to a second vote.

"It looks like a 'Yes' vote. I want to sympathise and commiserate with all our people who put in a great effort for the love of their country," he said.

"We are extremely disappointed that the voice of the people was not heard the first time around."

Campaigning before the vote brought warnings from celebrities, politicians and business leaders that a second "No" would harm Ireland's position as it battles recession.


I can't understand the uproar over Rio getting the Olympics. It's South America's first time, and it seems a natural to have it there. And they sell ten times as many cars right now as we are selling (Fox news) and so the ads during the televising are worth more there--and of course the huge outlays of money for the Olympics make money the "bottom line".

I don't think it was a humiliation unless we assume in the U.S. that we have to gobble up everything. We are accused of such gobbling, which isn't really true, as we are very generous. But we can share the Olympic honor.

Maybe those commentators who were shocked are used to thinking we always must be first, always will be first no matter what.
Obama is president of the world as he is head of the UN Security Council...

Other prez said it was too much power in one place the WH, but not the O.

Agree on Olympics, photo op and another APOLIZY to the world, the US is not so great.

God have mercy on us all.

Don't forget the Mediterranean Union which looks like the old Roman Empire outline.

Need 40,000 more troops to guard poppy fields? Nay.

Karzai's brother heads up a drug cartel, rof lol like we don't know that? Gees.

When did Briton get out of the "Opium Wars", never.

I think Peace deal is already made and is just waiting for the right moment to be in world government grand finale blow out.

Would you look at the dollar go as in drop, dead cat surprise, got your gold under the mattress? Before they come to pick it up, of course.

Adieu dear hearts, adieu.
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