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It's now appearing that "Food for Oil" wasn't the only scam global trotting New Age activist Maurice Strong was involved in. According to this story which Susanna forwarded me by Judy McLeod of the Canada Free Press and forensic researcher/writer David Hawkins, the carbon credits scheme was an even bigger one. Since the story is no longer on the front page of the Canada Free Press, I thought I would take the liberty of republishing it here. Since the Canada Free Press made one of my back News with Views articles on the same Mr. Strong a Sunday front page headline, I thought turn-about might be fair play.

For the record, I did earlier analyses on some of the origins of the scheme, a significant part of which were traceable to an English violist. You may read them by clicking here and here.

Now, here's the text to Judy McLeod's CANADIAN FREE PRESS article:

Entity behind Kyoto conned public

by Judi McLeod & David Hawkins

Thursday, April 21, 2005 Cover Story

(David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University, and founder of the Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks’ CAFE, and CFP investigative journalist Judi McLeod, have teamed up to write a series of articles on the UN’s radical socialist agenda executed across Intranets and virtual private networks, operated by the self-styled "Global Custodians". A new feature of Canada Free Press, the ongoing series combines McLeod’s investigative experience and communication skills with Hawkins’ brilliant research linking $40 trillion hedge funds, via an online portal on the 79th floor of One World Trade Center, to "disruptive technologies" developed by Canada for alleged use in the UN Oil-for-Food scam, 9/11 and Kyoto fraud.) This is the fourth in the series.

We’ve all been had.

The bottom has long since fallen out of the key group that master-minded the Kyoto Protocol credit scheme, but nobody seemed to have joined the dots.

It all began with the flight of Canadian Maurice Strong’s Earth Council from Costa Rica as noted by the National Post’s Peter Foster in May, 2004.

With no fanfare, the Earth Council landed in CH2M Hill’s Consumer Road Toronto office towers.

The Costa Rican government has been pursuing the Earth Council for payment of U.S.$1.65 million, for the wrongful sale of a tract of land it imprudently donated to the Council. The land was donated to the Council by the Costa Rican government with the agreement that, if the Council moved, it would have to return the land.

It was in 1996 when Costa Rica granted the Council the land in question. All Hell broke loose when it was discovered that the Earth Council sold the land that was not theirs to sell in the first place.

"The government cried foul, and the Earth Council upped and departed the country, citing the drain of the legal fight." (Peter Foster, National Post).

Not only was the Earth Council forced to bunk up with CH2M Hill, their hasty departure from sunny Costa Rica also seriously impacted the University of Peace where Maurice Strong was a prominent CEO.

At last count, the University of Peace was destined to relocate to Toronto’s waterfront. Former Liberal MP Dennis Mills made a pre-federal election announcement with what he said was "the permission ofCanada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin".

About a year after the Earth Council hightailed it from Costa Rica, Strong set up offices just down the hall from those of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, at UN Manhattan headquarters.

At that time, accountants for former Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueros, were pursuing Strong.

The calendar moves ahead and now The US Attorney’s Office want to talk to Strong about oil-for-food, and he’s not in the best books of the Kekoldi Indians back in Costa Rica.

Incredibly, while Strong was organizing the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June of 1992, in the same month of the same year, Costa Rica’s Ministry of Natural Resources were filing charges against Strong and his partner in Desarollos Ecologicos S.A., Julio Garcia for building the $35 million Villas del Caribe condo hotel on land located in the Kekoldi Indian Reservation and Gandoca-ManzanilloWildlife Refuge–without official permits. Strong’s son ran the luxury hotel.

But it is the carbon credits, devised for the Kyoto Accord that could be described as the biggest scam of all time that leads to the Canada Free Press lead, "We’ve been had".

The accord may have been engineered in Kyoto, Japan but it was manufactured in sunny Costa Rica.

The blueprint can be found in a May 9, 1997 Earth Council media release, First Global Environment Commodity Goes to Market.

It happened at Braulio Carillo National Park, Costa Rica and was launched by former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Clinton welcomed Costa Rica’s launch of "the world’s first formal program to curb global warming through an international market in greenhouse gas emission reductions".

"President Clinton’s remarks followed an announcement by Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueros that his country would be introducing Certifiable Tradable Offsets (CTOs TM) to the international market.

"Each issued CTO TM represents the halted or reduced emission into the atmosphere of one metric ton of carbon."

Like carnival hucksters, the Earth Council and friends were selling carbon credits that were the equivalent of thin air.

Proceeds from CTO TM sales would help finance Costa Rica’s further efforts to preserve and regenerate its tropical forests, with the specific intent of offsetting emissions from cars, industry and the burning of forests.

According to the Earth Council media release, "a portion of future sales proceeds will also go towards the development of an "Earth Centre" in Costa Rica. A project of the Earth Council, the Earth Centre will be an environmental, education, science and entertainment facility envisioned as a "gateway" to Costa Rica’s national parks."

How could this possibly be when the Earth Council took flight from Costa Rica?

"The carbon certificates created by the Costa Rican government and U.S. companies provide a new way to finance these investments," President Clinton said.

President Figueros saw the carbon certificate scheme as the creation of "the first tradable commodity of global benefit".

The CTO TM program was introduced to the market through a strategic alliance between Costa Rica’s government, the U.S-based Centre Financial Products Limited and the Earth Council.

"To initiate the market today, Centre Financial made the first U.S. purchase of CTOs TM in the amount of 1,000 metre tons of carbon (equaling the average carbon emissions of 900 U.S. cars," stated the Earth Council media release.

The CTO TM creators said their credibility would be ensured by "an independent certificate process being developed with technical assistance from the World Bank."

The Costa Rican office for Joint Implementation (OCIC) was working with Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), a world leader in inspection, testing and verification, to "certify" the offsets.

Add to this mix, the entry of a Geneva-based entity called the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), brought to the table by Strong and sponsored by the Earth Council.

The Association is touted as having become one of the first "truly independent international verifiers of company emission reports and carbon credits" and can actually issue certificates that can facilitate trading.

Already recruited by IETA are some 35 major companies, including BP, Shell, General Motors and Canada’s very own BC Hydro, previously called BC Electric before the utility’s alleged 1961 expropriation from its then-owner, Power Corporation of Montreal, and just one year before Maurice Strong entered stage left.

From 1962 to 1966, Strong served as the President of Power Corp., assisted by his young protégé, a lawyer named Paul Martin.

In the controversial Kyoto credit scheme, companies are given certificates to emit fixed amounts of specific chemical compounds when it’s never been proven that man-made global warming is a real phenomenon.

Government spy commissars would have to stand sentinel at smokestacks, similar to the one that sent white smoke from the Vatican announcing the emergence of Pope Benedict XV1. But the commissars’ job would be to monitor emissions so that offenders can be caught.

Companies have been sold a bill of goods by an entity that exited the country where the non-commodities of "credits" were devised. Today, the Earth Council of Kyoto fame is nothing more than a skeleton staff and a bunch of files in the Toronto offices of one of the world’s largest environmental companies.

Could it be that forensic researcher David Hawkins is right on the money when he says that what he calls the "Kyoto Kickback Kleptocracy" should be the number one issue in June’s expected Canadian federal election?

Canada Free Press founding editor, Judi McLeod, is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the media. A former Toronto Sun and Kingston Whig Standard columnist, she has also appeared on, the Drudge Report,, and World Net Daily. Judi can be reached at: .

David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University, and founder of the Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE

Stay skeptical and stay tuned!



Constance Cumbey said...


Many thanks for calling my attention to the Judy McLeod story. She and I have talked from time to time on the phone -- about Maurice Strong. One of her friends came from Toronto one day to meet with me and look over some of my other research.


Constance Cumbey said...

I nearly forgot the two part detailed article I wrote about the carbon credit situation for NewswithViews. They were reprinted as well here on my blogspot.

Here are links to them:


davidinbattlecreek said...


I don't care what CBS news says (the ultimate perveyor of swine flu panic), I'm not getting that stupid vaccine, if it ever arrives.


Can China at least have the Lions?

I posted this on the last thread, as well.

davidinbattlecreek said...

I for one am looking forward to some global warming. After this summer and fall, we haven't had much warmth. Even if the climate is changing, it is totally out of our control to do anything about it. I hope one day the term "carbon footprint" gets kicked out of the English language. Bah! What nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Once again shows the NWO elite to be the stealing, fraudulent, law-breaking, lying group that we know them to be.

Dave in CA

Anonymous said...

Martial law -- if not now, soon?

Swine-flu emergency! What does that mean?
Is president's proclamation formality, or institution of Obama martial law?
Posted: October 24, 2009
7:00 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

President Obama announced today that he has declared a "national emergency" over the H1N1 virus, a phrase with an ominous sound, but with little explanation offered by most of the news media.

Prior to leaving office, Bush used presidential authority to list all the "emergencies" that could trigger martial law -- a pandemic, real or faked, would work.

Dave In CA

Susanna said...


You are most welcome.

I went out for a while this afternoon with my husband, and when I returned a short while ago, I was most pleasantly surprised to see what good use you made of the Judy McLeod article I forwarded to you.

I first became familiar with Judy McLeod in 2005 during the Terri Schiavo crisis. Her stories appear to be very well-researched.

Over the past couple of days, I have been sifting through TONS of material on Maurice Strong's shady dealings.

I have also been reading and rereading your articles about Maurice Strong.

If I come across anything else that I think might be of interest to you, I will certainly forward it.

Susanna said...

Constance and All,


By Judi McLeod
Friday, October 9, 2009

Make sure to watch the video entitled AGENDA 21 AND THE CLUB OF ROME

Susanna said...


by Judi McLeod

August 27, 2004

Susanna said...

Just on a hunch, I checked for any connections between Maurice Strong and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and.....sure the following link, Strong is listed as a member of the IONS International Advisory Board.....right above the Most Reverend Desmond Tutu.

On that same webpage, Van Jones is listed under IONS Fellows.


Susanna said...

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this one on Since when do U.N. flunkies have the right to come snooping into our affairs???

Constance Cumbey said...

Ok, Dave, They can have the LIONS but NOT the PISTONS nor the REDWINGS!

Big State of Michigan joke!


Constance Cumbey said...

Here's something to help you sleep better at night -- NOT!!!

"EU, U.S., to form energy council

Published: Oct. 24, 2009 at 2:05 AM
"BRUSSELS, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A joint European-U.S. energy council to coordinate policy on both sides of the Atlantic is expected to begin work in November, a U.S. official said.

"The official, speaking on condition his name not be used, told the EU Observer that President Obama and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, are scheduled to announce the council at a Nov. 3 summit meeting in Washington. The council is to hold its first meeting the next day.

"Energy is an important foreign policy priority for the U.S. and a very important component of our bilateral relationship with the E.U.," the official said. "We wanted to have a form of engagement with the Europeans to reflect that and to raise it to the policy level, to the cabinet level."

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Energy Secretary Stephen Chu are to sit on the council, along with Andris Piebalgs, E.C. commissioner for energy; Benita Fererro-Waldner, external relations; and Janez Potocnik, science and research. Javier Solana, the chief diplomat for the union, and two Swedish ministers, Carl Bildt and Maud Olofsson, representing the rotating E.U. presidency, will join them.

© 2009 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved."

Constance Cumbey said...

Please refresh your browser. Thanks!


Constance Cumbey said...

Sure looks like Javier Solana is not retiring. He is to sit on that council that will probably DICTATE our energy policy. Here comes carbon credits, contraction and convergence, global governance, ad nauseum.


Anonymous said...

Here's another lot wanting to reduce the Earth's population. Again, the usual environ-mental connivances and deceptions are used. If such people are intent on reducing the World's population, why do they not demonstrate their sincerity and sterilise themselves, or, since they so lap up the kool-aid take a double shot of the H1N1 Swine flu vaccine?Communo-fascists!

"Optimum Population Trust
Towards environmentally sustainable populations."

Rob in London.

Anonymous said...

Still, I would rather they turned to Jesus Christ our Lord, repented, and got saved.

Rob in London.

Constance Cumbey said...

It looks to me as though Javier clearly is not going away. I've known from the beginning that he has no love lost for us. The heat will be increasing from now on.


Dawn said...

OT: American Girl Co. My daughter has been getting these books from the library and we have been reading together. Not all of them but the first few character's books. I also have let her see the movies. One of which encouraged the kids to go to the American Girl Website. I told her I would have to check it out first.

When the page pulled up the website there was a nighttime background and the words in large type that said "Twinkle Twinkle". It took me a few minutes to notice that under these words were (in smaller print of course) "inner star".

Then I notice that I guess this must be a theme or something. In the left hand corner of the website next to the copyrighted words "American Girl" is yet another copyrighted statement, "follow your inner star".

Thanks but no thanks American Girl, I want my daughter to follow Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Yesha rabbis urge banning Arabs from Temple Mount

Published: 10.25.09, 17:09 / Israel News

Yesha Rabbinical Council releases a statement calling Israeli authorities to completely bar Arabs from Temple Mount, as they "turn the Jewish people's holiest site into a hub of terror and violence.
I believe things are really speeding up now too Constance. Just found this article,7340,L-3795182,00.html

"The Yesha rabbis, who are at the forefront of worshipers arriving at Temple Mount urges all rabbis and the entire people of Israel to join them and attend the convention meant to bolster Jewish presence at the compound," said the statement. (Efrat Weiss)

Also, please check out:


'Preparing for Service in the Rebuilt Temple'

The Cohanim/DNA Connection

The Sanhedrin have been re-established, the Temple Institute have all the sacred ornaments, sacrificial objects, have honed the cornerstone, and other stones for building the Third Temple, as their site evidences. They are even constructing the sacrificial altar ready to move to the Temple Mount.

'Temple Institute: Building the Stone Altar'

So as for the guy yesterday criticising, he may well see the sacrificial ceremonies halted midway 2010 yet!

Endtime events are certainly speeding up.

God bless, from Rob in London.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to patronise here, but to clarify on my last point, the sacrifices do not have to begin at the as soon as the 7 year covenant is confirmed (correct me please if I'm wrong here), we only know that the Antichrist breaks the covenant midway through the 7 years and causes the sacrifices to cease. The sacrifices might commence just a week or two,for example, before the midway period is reached.

Rob in London.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my poor standard of English on my last post (begin ((at the)) as soon as the 7 year...). I am British after all, lol.

Rob in London.

Anonymous said...

American Girl dolls. The original owner of that company was a well-to-do liberal. Then she sold the company and it went really off-the-wall. Those dolls are being used to change girls' attitudes. The latest one is a Jewish doll. Before that it was a Hippy Doll whose parents had divorced and she moved with her mother to San Francisco. That doll was into women's lib and basketball (hint hint nudge nudge say no more). Then there was the poverty stricken doll that only costs a hundred bucks. Scammers.

Constance Cumbey said...


Check out a New Age book called WORLD'S END 2009 by Peter Lorie. It is published by Jeremy Tarcher who was Marilyn Ferguson's publisher of THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, one of the most significant New Age books ever released. This present Third Temple construction plays right into the hands of it and its predecessor book, THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT by Peter LeMesurier. Also, read Zechariah, Chapter 12.

Another interesting Youtube video that came up when I watched your link was



Constance Cumbey said...


I heard on the radio coming home from my office last night that there were riots near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I didn't think that much of it until I watched the videos early this morning after reading your comments. I think what happened may be signficant. Here is a link:


YesNaSpanishTown said...


Could be nothing...could be something:

CNN-A meteorite-like object has created a crater after landing near a farm in northern Latvia, the nation's official news agency reported.

The object fell Sunday in Mazsalaca, leaving a hole of about 65 feet (20 meters) wide and 32 feet (10 meters) deep, Latvian emergency officials told the LETA news agency.

A fire was reported in the grassy area where it landed, but there were no known injuries, LETA said.

Scientists and armed forces from the northern European nation will inspect the crater and conduct an investigation.

No further information was immediately available.

Anonymous said...

Attn: New Age researchers.
While googling Pleasant Rowland, creator of American Girl Dolls which she then sold to Mattel for 700 million (I think) I found this. who has heard of this group?

Dawn said...

If she has sold the dolls, who comes up with the ideas? Who writes the books and comes up with the slogans?
Mattel is now in charge (I am assuming the books as well).

I read a story last night about the homeless doll and how she is being presented. The author indicates that the dolls are indoctrinating girls.

Interestingly, the Mattel company is putting RFID chips in some of their toys.

Also, I did a google search with Mattel and noetic science. They regularly give to this organization:

I am trying to look into Robert Eckert the Ceo of Mattel

JD said...

If anyone else caught the program on Discovery channel last night about Dan Brown's Lost Symbol, I would love to get your take on the program.

This program was set up like a sort of fact check for the movie/book. What I didn't expect to see (although I should have) in this program was the adament defense in Mason's belief that all roads lead to god, or godhood as that was touched upon as well. Noetic science played a large role in the program as was expected. Including a history of IONS, and interviews with "scientists" from IONS.

The one thing about this program that shocked and disgusted me the most, was the zeal with which Albert Pike was defended. His deification of Lucifer was explained away as people misunderstanding his use of the name Lucifer. The program stated he meant the term in the original greek, as in light bearer, not satan as many apparently have misunderstood.

This program on a whole, did more to blatantly promote new age beliefs, than anything I believe I have seen on TV.
I attempted to find this program on their site with no success. It will however be replayed on Nov 1st at 4pm, for anyone interested.

Susanna said...

At one time Jose Manuel Barroso was the leader of a Portuguese underground Maoist movement....

Barroso's political activity began in his college days, before the Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974. He was one of the leaders of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP-Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat). In an interview with the newspaper Expresso, he said that he had joined MRPP to fight the only other student body movement, also underground, which was controlled by the Communist Party. Despite this justification there is a very famous political 1976 interverview recorded by RTP in which he criticizes the bourgeois education system which "throws students against workers and workers against students", showing clear left-wing and Maoist inclinations. In December 1980, Barroso joined the right-of-centre PPD (Democratic Popular Party, later PPD/PSD-Social Democratic Party), where he remains to the present day.


Regarding the Social Democratic Party that Barosso joined in december, 1980....

....The party's name can be misleading: although its first official political position, after its foundation as the People's Democratic Party, was centre-left and adhered to social democracy and populism, it is nowadays a party of the centre-right and does not advocate social democracy in any usual sense of the term. However the party still adheres to populism and is still its main unifying ideology. The party left the Liberal International in 1996 and their delegates to the European Parliament have, since the late 1990s, sat with the European People's Party (EPP), along with the Conservative and Christian Democratic parties of many European countries. Previously, they had sat with the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party......


BBC News September 16, 2009

According to an FP PASSPORT article dated Sept. 18, 2009, from being a Maoist,

Barroso switched to the mainstream Social Democratic Party in 1980, going on to become Portugal's Prime Minister two decades later.

Barroso has clearly come a long way since those days, though I would imagine that the mastery of bulls_ _ t jargon and obfuscation that he apparently acquired as a young Maoist must serve him well in Brussels....

I would add that given Barroso's support for the Energy Council, it is always possible that Barosso's ideology might be similar if not identical to that of Maurice Strong (a.k.a. "Chairman Mo")!


Susanna said...


Anonymous said...

"Spain has expressed its willingness to take command of UNIFIL" (Lebanon):

Susanna said...


JUNE 18th, 2009


The "carbon credits" in the carbon credits scam remind me of those unused AT&T "rollover minutes" that the woman in the AT&T phone commercial is frantically trying to prevent her children and other people from wasting.

But at least the "mom" isn't trying to figure out a way to buy and sell them......

The following article is a good explanation of how the carbon credits scam is supposed to be played out.


Perhaps the commenter was right who suggested that the Copenhagen Treaty be renamed.......



Anonymous said...

American Girl dolls had a bit of brainwashing from the beginning but it has gotten more extreme since Mattel bought her out. Pleasant is sort of elusive.

Susanna said...

Free Republic posted the following as a "Must Read" article:



Susanna said...

Could the followig be part of the reason why Goldman Sachs is not on Obama's grunty list?

Chicago Climate Exchange

Some more tidbits:—perfect-together.aspx


Maurice Strong is involved with Chicago’s Climate Exchange. Al Gore is chairman of a private equity firm called Generation Investment Management. That firm invests money from institutions and wealthy investors in companies that are going green. Generation Investment Management purchases carbon dioxide offsets. The co-founder of Generation Investment Management is former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson, who is currently the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

Goldman Sachs bought 10% of Chicago’s Climate Exchange shares for $23 million. Chicago’s Climate Exchange owns half of the European Climate Exchange, Europe’s largest carbon trading company.

Maurice Strong: Chicago Climate Exchange’s board member. Canadian Maurice Strong has made a career and a fortune out of financial rip-offs. Strong served on the board of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (World Conservation Union) and was an advisor to the UN’s Kofi Annan. Among many other things, he was the first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program in the 1970’s and Secretary General of the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development, also known as the Earth Summit.

Goldman Sachs: The largest shareholder of the Chicago Climate Exchange and the second largest shareholder of the InterContinental Exchange. In fact, Goldman Sachs put Al Gore into the carbon offset hedge fund business in 2003 when David Blood, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs Assets Management, along with two other former Goldman Sachs officers, helped Gore establish his firm, General Investment Management, which focuses on “Sustainable Investing” by peddling carbon offsets.

Jon Corzine: He is now the Governor of NJ. He retired from Goldman Sachs in 1999 after taking the firm public and receiving at least $320 million worth of its stock. He ran for the Senate in New Jersey in 2000, spending more than $60 million of his fortune to win the seat. The bubble of high-priced technology stocks began to burst in March 2000. In August 2000, the SEC issued a warning against aftermarket sales, also known as “laddering.” “I’ve never even heard the term ‘laddering’ before,” Corzine said.


Susanna said...


However, Nicholas Maier of Cramer & Co. said it happened on Corzine’s watch. “For Corzine not to know of a common practice being utilized to generate and manipulate stock prices would be surprising,” Mr. Maier said. “He was obviously there during this time. I definitively saw his company engaged in illegal activity. They (the SEC) expressed to me that laddering is a trickier thing [to prove],” Maier said. “I will say it. They did it. They laddered. Whether the SEC can construct a case is a different story.”

Al Gore: Owns a carbon trading business, Generation Investment Management. They were banked with the Lehman Bros. The Generation Investment Management business has considerable influence over the major carbon credit trading firms that currently exist.

Merrill Lynch: Deeply involved in the Carbon trading business. They are a founding member and primary sponsor of the U.K.-based Carbon Disclosure Project. Merrill Lynch is headed by John A Thain who is a Goldman Sachs alumni.

Lehman Brothers: Created a propaganda piece last year about climate change to make their investors keep getting high profits from the Kyoto carbon trade scheme and the support of huge public subventions. All that, of course, with the applause of the usual choir of politicians, the entire media and the Greens.

A year ago they couldn’t predict their bankruptcy but were predicting the climate 100 years ahead. Thousands of green militants have been using the Lehman report as a proof of global warming and impending chaos. The report is the basis for policies on climate change in Spain, Argentina and several other countries playing the progress game.

Chicago Climate Exchange: The Exchange owes it existence in part to the Joyce Foundation, the Chicago-based liberal foundation philanthropy that provided $347,000 in grant support in 2000 for a preliminary study to test the viability of a market in carbon credits. On the CCX board of directors is the ubiquitous Maurice Strong, a Canadian industrialist and diplomat who since the 1970s has helped create an international policy agenda for the environmentalist movement.

****Joyce Foundation: Provided grant support to test the market in carbon credits. Barack Hussein Obama sat on their Board for 8 years.**** (Oops, Obama, is that you?)...
Post # 10

Susanna said...

The "Carmelite" group that set up shop on Maurice and Hanne Strong's
Boca Grande is a breakaway group which was headed by a bogus "Carmelite monk" named Tessa Bielecki - a.k.a. "Mother Tessa."

Here is the lowdown on "Mother Tessa."


..."Recently, while preparing for a long drive, I decided to look through my old collection of tape series for something to listen to (yes, I still have a cassette deck in my car). My eyes landed on a box set called "Passion for God" by a Carmelite Abbess named Mother Tessa Bielecki."


That's how Christopher West began his newspaper column's recent two-part series discussing "Mother Tessa's" thoughts on sex and St. Teresa of Avila.

Given that this is part of his "old tape" set, it's clear that West has spent a lot of time contemplating Mother Tessa's wisdom. Indeed, while he does not refer to her Spiritual Life Institute by name, in his talks, he often holds up as an example a remarkable order of monks and nuns living together in celibate community.

Yes, once we discover this community, empowered by Pope John XXIII's personal permission, headed by Discalced Carmelite Father William McNamara and the Carmelite abbess, Mother Tessa, we are taken aback by the breathtaking break with the whole history of monastic life that it represents.

But, we are taken aback even more when we discover that "Mother Tessa" is not now, nor has she ever been, a Carmelite nun, much less an abbess, that the community was not, in fact, set up with the advice of Pope John XXIII, and that none of the men and women there, apart from Fr. McNamara, is under binding vows to the Church.

The truth about the community came out more than 20 years ago, when the September/October 1988 edition of Yoga Journal ran the following letter correcting the inaccuracies in its laudatory portrait of "Mother Tessa": more...


Here is the March, 1988 issue of the YOGA JOURNAL to which Steve Kellmeyer's article is referring.


Susanna said...


More on Tessa Bieliecki.....



Of course, Tessa B. is a "green" nun/monk.


Tessa Bielecki is Mother Abbess of the Spiritual Life Institute, a Carmelite community with hermitages in Colorado, Nova Scotia, and Ireland. She studied for a career in international relations at Trinity College in Washington, D.C., before entering a monastery in 1967. Mother Tessa is actively involved in Buddhist-Christian dialogs and international initiatives exploring world peace and planetary survival.......

Here is Tessa with the usual suspects at a 1986 Monastic Interreligious Dialogue

Here is Tessa's biography (with a more recent photo) at the GRATEFULNESS website which is based on the teachings of Brother David Steindl-Rast:


And this from the late Carrie Tomko's December 29, 2004 posting...

Here is Bob and Nancy's Bookshop. This is the same Nancy who recommended the book on Joa Bolenda at the website linked above. Bolendas books are featured here as well. Scroll down the list, and take a look at Rosicrucian Christianity, the emerging new theology based on visionary experiences. Meister Eckhart/Matthew Fox books are near the bottom. Thomas Merton is there. Father Murray Bodo is on the list. Is he familiar to anyone? Tessa Bielecki's books are there. She is the Mother Abbess of the Carmelite Spiritual Life Institute, in Crestone, Colorado, Maurice Strong's interreligious community experiment in the mountains. This Carmelite community consists of both men and women religious...


The link to "Carmelite Spiritual Life Institute" is no longer viable, but since then, it would appear that the word "Carmelite" has been dropped.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Constance for your book suggestions. Incidentally, the link you suggested, , also showed that the Euphrates river has in parts dried up... to make way for the kings of the East?

Another interesting site I have found is that of a Jewish man who has become a Christian (or Messianic Jew for the pedantic).

He strongly supports the Jewish people's right too the land, ,

whilst differentiating between the Jewish people and Masons/ Kabbalists/ New Agers,who say they are Jews but are not and are of the synagogue of Satan.

Please, please, please read these sites, accompanied with photographic and other evidence before passing judgment here. I have other information pertaining to this topic which I believe is of VITAL importance to Christians in the US and beyond.

Thank you & God bless you,
Rob in London.

Anonymous said...

Here are those links again.

I have separated the links into 3 parts, placing them in the order they appear in my last post above. (I must learn to do tiny urls, sorry!)














Again I plead, please, please, please follow these links before passing judgment here. I have other information pertaining to this topic which I believe is of VITAL importance to Christians in the US and beyond.

Thank you & God bless you,
Rob in London.

Anonymous said...

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