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As the Mid Point of Barcelona Process approaches, it appears Egypt and Israel are rocking the boat

UPDATES: Proofs of the existence of the mid term review of the 2007-2013 European Neighbourhood Policy. Interestingly enough, I saw no proposed post 2010 "Indicative programmes" for Israel!

There is a "European Neighbourhood Process" currently in place. It was a reconfirmation of the Barcelona Process which now is known as "Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean." Both Herb Peters and I wrote extensively in past about this. I did a radio interview with Israel National Radio on February 18, 2007 about it. You may download it by going to my "Presentations for downloading" link at the right of my blogspot.

Herb believed and I concur that this was a possible fulfillment of the 70th Week of Daniel prophecy -- that a treaty would be CONFIRMED for 7 years and then broken half way through. The reconfirmation of the Barcelona Treaty that the ENP represents went into effect for a SEVEN YEAR PERIOD on January 1, 2007. My present understanding based on information Herb Peters shared with me before his death was that it is up for mid-term review in 2010. This breaking news on snags in the Barcelona Process does not bode well for the continuation of the 7 year European Neighbourhood Policy and the Treaty of Association between the European Union and Israel.

You would do well to research this on your own. I for one will continue to do so.

Stay tuned!


Is this an announcement of the "high representatives" coming?

Dear Doug in MI from another in Michigan:

Thanks for the tip on the EU Observer story about the EU Foreign Minister's sweeping powers. Looks like there won't be much left for the president or anybody else to do. All diplomacy and military decisions in the hands of the FM!

Keep an eye on Britain's Foreign Minister, David Miliband. He is very much a Javier Solana think-alike and there are now reports that he is being "tipped" to become EU's foreign minister. If Solana had to surrender it to somebody, Miliband would probably be more to his liking than some of the others.

Hi Constance,
you are welcome - I saw the article at fulfilled prophecy, credit goes to them -

This cartoon is 50 years old - amazing -
Question...does scripture say the confirmed covenant will be "broken" midway thru? Or does it just say that midway thru this covenant sacrfices will be stopped?
US declares swine flu 'emergency'

US President Barack Obama has declared swine flu a national emergency.

The White House said the president signed the proclamation concerning the 2009 H1N1 outbreak on Friday evening.

It increases the ability of treatment facilities to handle a surge in H1N1 patients by easing the implementation of emergency plans.

Last week US officials said swine flu activity was widespread in 46 states. More that 1,000 deaths have been linked to the virus.

Health officials say the infections are already comparable to peak season flu levels.

more at link

from Fox

Washington Times

I hope all understand the power he has now given himself here. Not to mention a large portion of the "emergency" plans will be handled through FEMA.
Another view on the rapture.

We have covenant theology and dispensational theology. The latter came into being in the late 1800's in Europe. The former is what was believed widely during the reformation period. Dispensationalism seeks to find a place for Israel as a nation of God's chosen people. The reformers understood that the Old Testament offered types and shadows of the grace we now find in Christ. It was completed through Christ. The death and resurrection set all of us on equal footing as the Body of Christ. It explains why Abraham was justified by faith. Paul also explains this in detail in Romans 4. The Matthew Henry's Commentary further expounds it.

As for covenants between EU and Israel, scripture says nothing of it. It also says nothing of end times interpretation as we think we understand it. What it does say for certain is that times are bad and they're going to get worse until the end comes. It certainly says the end will come with judgement.

I personally believe we're very close for a lot of reasons, most notably the 'global' loss of any sense of morality or regard for the holiness of God, the push for globalism and the increasing illegality of Godly public speaking. I think chains are being attached to America and those chains will be used to pull it down into the pit with the rest of the world.

I also thank God we've had the time, the opportunity, and the freedom we've had to spread the Gospel as far as we've been able to spread it. America has been a blessed nation.
Anonymous 4:45

I would suggest you go back and prayerfully read the books of Daniel and Revelation MUCH MORE CAREFULLY.

PLEASE REFRESH YOUR BROWSER -- I am starting to put up proofs about the existence of the 2010 mid term review of the European Neighbourhood Policy of 2007 through 2013.

Already, the NGO's are telling the EU what they would like to happen, e.g. as here the World Wildlife Fund.

Update on being tracked--
To Constance and All.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which remains the official name of this international non - governemntal organization in the United States and Canada, now goes by the name World Wide Fund For Nature.

Here is a little background information for those who are not familiar with this organization:


1001 Club


Maurice Strong has strong ties to both.

By the way, Maurice Strong reportedly hightailed it to China after he was implicated in the oil for food scandal in 2005.

As of August, 2008, he was still working in Beijing as a consultant and visiting professor.

You've got to hand it to Maurice Strong. He is nothing if not consistent in his far-left beliefs. He also always shows up where the political action is. I was thus wondering how this former puppet master of the United Nations and godfather of Kyoto might capitalize this week on the opening of the Olympics in Beijing (he has been living in the Chinese capital since he was implicated in the Iraqi oil-for-food fiasco three years ago). I never expected to find him in the pages of Maclean's.
In this week's issue, he delivers an essay that combines stout support for the totalitarian Chinese regime with a truly fantastic conviction that China has to remake itself in his image.

Not for nothing is he dubbed "Chairman Mo."..

Read more:

Of course, I wasn't going to rest until I got the lowdown on what Maurice Strong had to do with the oil for food scandal.


Date: Thursday Sep. 8, 2005 1:47 PM ET

The inquiry into the UN's scandal-ridden oil-for-food program has found that Canadian businessman Maurice Strong accepted a personal cheque for nearly $1-million US from a controversial businessman who was working closely with the Iraqi regime.

Korean-born Tongsun Park, who has since been charged with influence-peddling for Saddam Hussein, allegedly carried $1 million US in cash out of Iraq in July 1997.

He reportedly took the cash to a Jordanian bank in a plastic bag where he deposited it before writing "Mr. M. Strong" on a cheque for $988,885 to purchase a stake in Cordex Petroleum Inc., a company controlled by the Strong family.

According to the report, Park was given the cash by then-Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz, who gave him $1-million US in a cardboard box to be used in the regime's campaign to win favourable treatment from the UN.

The report, which was delivered to the UN Security Council Wednesday, said there was circumstantial evidence that Strong was in a position to know that the money came from Iraq, but concluded there was no "direct evidence" that he knew where the money came from or if Park was trying to buy his influence.

However the independent inquiry said the relationship between Strong, who served as a close advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and Park raised troubling questions regarding conflict of interest among UN officials.

In July 2005, Strong lost his job as top UN envoy for North Korea after the oil-for-food investigation revealed his previous involvement with Park.

Strong was travelling in China and not available for comment yesterday... entire article....


Lucky Maurice

September 10th, 2007 by admin

The Beijing regime really has the greatest friends in the world. Disgraced Canadian oil tycoon-turned-U.N. bureaucrat Maurice Strong has resurfaced in China, where one of TT’s colleagues bumped into him at the World Economic Forum on Growth in Dalian this past weekend. Naturally he was basking in the spotlight of the Chinese media, since he can be relied on for plenty of Bush-bashing quotes.
Mr. Strong, who was No. 3 in the United Nations when his company took $988,885 from Saddam Hussein in the U.N. oil for food scandal — he denies knowing where the money came from — is also a passionate environmentalist. So how fortunate for him a neat little sinecure, honorary chairman of the Peking University Environmental Fund, became available. Since China is not known for having extradition treaties with Western nations, should the case against him heat up — the bagman, Tongsun Park, was sentenced to five years in jail in February — Mr. Strong has a nice bolthole. And he still gets to hang out with the Davos crowd!


By Judi McLeod

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The tantalizing tale of missing Kofi Annan pointman Maurice Strong is no longer one of those puzzling unsolved mysteries.

Canadian `Chairman Mo', a big gun in the international arena, dropped right off the radar screen in April of 2005 when his alleged ties to the UN Oil-for-Food scandal cropped up and wouldn't go away.

According to the investigative Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Mo's location has been pinpointed, and it never required a Miss Marple to track him down.

AWOL Maurice Strong is alive and kicking in Beijing.

Canada Free Press, whose two favourite people to track are Mo and his sidekick, the self-reinvented-as-American-patriot Mikhail Gorbachev, always knew that Mo would return to China, his favourite place on Mother Earth.

What we didn't know, but read with relish in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, is that the smooth-talking architect of the Kyoto Protocol, has no choice but to remain in the Orient,

"Maurice must now remain in China (where he is very welcome) to avoid questioning by the FBI and Canadian investigators about the $1 million that Tongsun gave him and which Mo tried to hide in his son Fred's nuclear power company, which now is bankrupt." (Pittsburg Tribune-Review, July 30, 2006.)

Pointing out that Strong is "very welcome" in China is a polite way of saying that he's right at home where overpaid environmental spin doctors have long claimed that Maurice Strong was the only man alive who could see that the United States of America is replaced by Communist China as world superpower.

That's where Mo's sidekick Mikhail Gorbachev--who was never really ever out--comes in.

Gorbachev is living La Dolce Vita in San Francisco at the Presidio, where in 1993, he had a three-star general present him the keys to his new digs.

International diplomats, no matter how anti-American, always arrive in the West with a soft landing.

The Tribune-Review comes right out and throws sunlight on the business partnership Strong has with George Soros.

Like the bad guys in a spy movie, Strong and Soros teamed up on the Chery, a sort of poor man's made-in-China vehicle, with which they hope to flood the U.S. market next year.

CFP thinks that it's only natural that Strong would be dodging the authorities in China.

The Peoples' Republic of China is increasingly viewed as a country governed by a brutal regime, where just posting an anti-government essay on the Internet can get your imprisoned, or being Christian can get you killed.

Aside from addressing the occasional symposium on global warming, Chairman Mo remains on the lam in China.

Are Strong and other UN world players protected for life by something called UN international immunity?

Bringing Maurice Strong to justice would be as difficult as having him prove his credentials. Long ago his diplomatic status was bought for him, courtesy of an influential Canadian Liberal politician by the name of Paul Martin Sr., the late father of the recently defeated Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin Jr.

The relationship between Strong and the Martins may be based on more than international politics, another Mo intrigue with a trail long ago gone cold.

Maurice Strong, who keeps popping up in all the right places, has always been perceived as a cross between the Wizard of Oz and Dr. No.

It would be poetic justice of a sort if the gruesome trio of Maurice Strong Mikhail Gorbachev and George Soros would finish their days on earth in Beijing.

This is surely the place where the anti-American, commie loving aging activists belong.

Now if only they would call home the murderer by default of Blue Helmets, Kofi Annan.









Maurice Strong, George Soros, Chinese cars in America


By Judi McLeod
Thursday, June 15, 2006


...Despite the current investigations into his brother, his son, his son's best friend, his former chief of staff, his procurement officer and the executive director of the UN's biggest ever programme, the Secretary-General insists he remains committed to staying on and tackling the important work of "reforming" the UN.

Unfortunately, his Executive Co-Ordinator for United Nations Reform has also had to resign. Officially, Maurice Strong, Under-Secretary-General, godfather of the Kyoto treaty and chief UN negotiator on North Korea, resigned because he'd put his step-daughter on the payroll - she's also quit - and because of his ties to Tongsun Park, a Korean businessman charged by the US Attorney's office with taking millions of dollars from Saddam to act as an unregistered foreign agent for Iraq. Mr Park allegedly invested a million of those Saddamite greenbacks in a business of Under-Secretary-General Strong's son - a now bankrupt Canadian petroleum company...
Here is another relatively little-known scandal that our man Maurice (a.k.a. "Chairman Mo") was involved with:

...Along the way, Strong has also been caught up in a series of U.N. scandals and conflicts of interest. These extend from the notorious Oil-for-Food program to the latest furor over cash funneled via U.N. agencies to the rogue regime of North Korea, which involves, among other things, Strong’s creative use of a little-known, U.N.-chartered educational institution called the University for Peace. Above all, the tale of Maurice Strong illustrates the way in which the U.N., with its bureaucratic culture of secrecy, its diplomatic immunities, and its global reach, lends itself to manipulation by a small circle of those who best know its back entire article....

I am sorry for taking up so much space, but I feel Maurice Strong is very relevant in terms of his being the godfather of the Kyoto Protocol currently being repackaged and peddled as the Copenhagen Climate Treaty.
'Asian leaders eye EU-style bloc

Asian leaders meeting in Thailand are discussing plans to "lead the world" by forming an EU-style community by 2015.'

Thank you Doug in MI and Susanna for your kind words too (On previous blog.)

God bless, Rob in London.
I couldn't find Susanna's link on Maurice Strong, but what I found instead was his creepy, creepy article: "LET CHINA BUY DETROIT."

I'll try NOT to take that personally. I'LL FIGHT HIM OFF TOOTH AND NAIL!!!!


Which link are you referring to? Maybe I can help.
Here's an interesting summary somebody compiled on ENPI (European Neighbourhood Policy) and its possible prophetic implicsations:


It was this link I couldn't find:


Here it is. It is one of those tricky links, and when I tried to "tiny-url" it the webpage wouldn't come up when I tested it so I will copy-paste it here for you:


Posted: August 09, 2008, 5:49 PM

by Pamela Heaven

Peter Foster, China, Maurice Strong

You've got to hand it to Maurice Strong. He is nothing if not consistent in his far-left beliefs. He also always shows up where the political action is. I was thus wondering how this former puppet master of the United Nations and godfather of Kyoto might capitalize this week on the opening of the Olympics in Beijing (he has been living in the Chinese capital since he was implicated in the Iraqi oil-for-food fiasco three years ago). I never expected to find him in the pages of Maclean's.
In this week's issue, he delivers an essay that combines stout support for the totalitarian Chinese regime with a truly fantastic conviction that China has to remake itself in his image.

Not for nothing is he dubbed "Chairman Mo."

Mr. Strong has been described as a "brilliant visionary and a shockingly bad administrator." The problem is that most of his visions involve administration at a planetary level. His take on history and economic reality is, as usual, sui generis. He suggests that "China has raised more people out of poverty than any nation has ever done." True, but primarily by abandoning the kinds of government ownership and/or control that Mr. Strong-- as a lifelong socialist --has always recommended. Also, when noting China's turbulent history in the past century, he significantly fails to mention the factor that has cost most in turmoil and lives: Communism.

Must have slipped down his memory hole.


Mr. Strong fantasizes that China "is embarking on a distinctive and unprecedented pathway to a new model of development based on utilizing the methods of capitalism to achieve the goals of socialism--a socialist market economy." He thus unashamedly projects the muddled principles on which he has tried to live his own convoluted life onto China, whom he forbids from "following the example of the traditional industrialized countries." After all, that wouldn't be "sustainable," which for 20 years-- since Mr. Strong and his cronies on the Brundtland commission hijacked the term--has been the new name for socialism.

Mr. Strong ritually reviles the U. S., whose greenhouse gases, he claims, have caused "irreversible damage." This high-flying moralizer also castigates the "wasteful and indulgent appetites of the rich." Perhaps he should see how that line goes down with China's ever-proliferating group of billionaires.

Mr. Strong is certainly right in suggesting that attempts to shift the "onus for climate change" onto China and India is "neither fair nor workable." But then neither is it necessary. Whatever climate change the world is facing is best dealt with by local adaptation, not gigantic toxic policy stews such as Kyoto.

Mr. Strong inevitably calls for a "revitalized" United Nations, but this brings us to the thorny issue of why he is in Beijing in the first place. Interviewed for a recent profile in the South China Morning Post, Mr. Strong maintained that oil-for-food had nothing to do with leaving his post as special UN envoy to North Korea (of which he is also an admirer) and moving to the Chinese capital, where he is now a consultant and visiting professor. His migration "was not a matter of going into hiding but of moving to a country he had long admired."

Mr. Strong claimed that the Volcker inquiry into oil-for-food had exonerated him of wrongdoing in taking $1-million of laundered Saddam-ite money from the controversial Korean operator Tongsun Park. According to the story, Mr. Strong said that "if anything, the report praised him." In a subsequent letter to the South China Morning Post, Mr. Strong again claimed that the Volcker report "made no adverse findings as to my relationship with the controversial Korean, Tongsun Park."

Not quite. What the report actually said was that Mr. Strong was "in a position to know or suspect the source of Mr. Park's funds." It also found that Mr. Strong received a "personal benefit," and noted that he "provided inconsistent accounts of his receipt of the money from Mr. Park". (Volcker also concluded that the UN was beset from top to bottom with incompetence and corruption, so, in a way, Mr. Strong is certainly right about the need for revitalization, although euthanasia would be a plausible alternative.)

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this affair was why Mr. Strong was doing business with a figure like Mr. Park in the first place. Mr. Park-- who also provided office space in New York for Mr. Strong--had previously been involved in a bribery scandal in Washington, and was ultimately convicted of money laundering and being an unauthorized agent for the government of Saddam Hussein.


Such messy business involvements aren't exceptions for Mr. Strong, they are the rule. Three years ago, he cropped up on the advisory board of a company, controlled by the controversial entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin, which was to import cheap Chinese cars, made by a company called Chery. The deal fell apart in 2006 and last month Mr. Bricklin sued Chery for fraud.

Although he has never been found guilty of any wrongdoing, these dealings -- and numerous other business controversies -- are significant not just for the questions they raise over Mr. Strong's judgment, but because of what they say about the radical disconnect between his personal experience as a businessman, and his megalomanic plans for controlling the world economy.

Mr. Strong's supporters might suggest that, however misguided, he ultimately has human welfare at heart, but this is the man who, in his autobiography, called the prospect of two thirds of the world's population being wiped out "a glimmer of hope for the future of our species and its potential for regeneration."

The recent South China Morning News article suggested that attacks on Mr. Strong, a "genial old man," come from "the far right." But it is difficult to see how any reasonable person, presented with the bizarre facts of his business history and political ideology, could not be disturbed by everything that Mr. Strong stands for and has promoted, especially as the public cost has run into the tens, perhaps even hundreds, of billions of dollars.

Maurice Strong is perhaps the world's most expensive man. He is also the very last person from whom China should be seeking advice if it wants to live in true harmony with the rest of the world.

Peter Foster
Here is an article by Maurice Strong that appeared in MacLean's.CA on August 6, 2008.


Beijing is riding the wave of the future, argues a renowned internationalist

MAURICE STRONG | August 6, 2008 |

The following is a reply to Mr. Strong's article:

Breaking news on the BBC, '(British) Foreign Secretary, David Milliband says he is not available for new European role'

Rob in London.
'Miliband has "no EU job ambition"

David Miliband has been tipped by some for a key European job.

David Miliband has ruled himself out of taking a senior role within the EU, while endorsing Tony Blair for the new post of European president.'

Rob in London.
No so fresh news (from the 5th Oct)
and stating what many here are already aware of.

'EU eyes bigger global role

The 'Yes' vote by Irish voters on the Lisbon Treaty has brought forward the prospect that the European Union might play a greater role in world affairs.

There are two provisions in the treaty which might make this possible. These are for a permanent president of the European Council and a beefed-up foreign policy representative.

The hope among supporters of the treaty is that these posts will enable the EU to speak more clearly and coherently on major world issues.

The fear among critics is that this will go too far and take away the role and influence of national governments.' (I believe this has already gone too far and Great Britain is now a sunken ship)

Rob in London.
"types and shadows" -- me smelleth Manifest Son of God types nearby. For my analysis of that movement, pull down from PRESENTATIONS FOR DOWNLOADING link "PLANNED DECEPTION" (get the largest file size available there) and then use your computer to fast forward to the chapter "A SECRET KINGDOM."

On reading up on Maurice Strong, you might want to re-read an old article I wrote on him, Paul Martin, and Javier Solana: "Curious Triangle"

My ears perked up last night as I watched a recorded version of Glenn Beck from Friday. Maurice Strong was mentioned in the interview the Mr. Beck was having with the man from England, ahhh, I forget his name at the moment. I had to back it up to make sure I heard it right. THe context was that Maurice Strong from Canada had the global warming agenda even before Al Gore got on the bandwagon. Next week they are interviewing Lord Monckton on the Copenhagen climate treaty issue.



Apart from the fact that Maurice Strong and his wife Hanne are militant New Agers, old "Chairman Mo," as he has been dubbed, also has quite a history with Canadian politician Paul Martin, doesn't he?

Since you have already focused on Maurice Strong's New Age beliefs, I have been trying to focus on the politics and corruption associated with well as whatever other twisted socio-political mechanisms like the Copenhagen Treaty (a.k.a. Kyoto Treaty) this little weasel might be trying to use from his little hidey-hole in Communist China to enslave the rest of world while continuing to enrich himself and his cronies.

Remember the "Chairman Mo" formula... "communist for the people, but capitalist for himself."
Hi Leana,

I watched the same Glenn Beck program and heard Maurice Strong's name mentioned as well.

Glenn Beck is indeed supposed to interview Lord Monckton on his television program next week, although I do not yet know what day.

In the annals of "inconvenient truths" Beck's upcoming interview of Lord Monckton might just deserve a chapter all its own....notwithstanding any perceived "warts" on Lord Monckton's own political career.

In the meantime, here is something you might find interesting:


Keynote address to the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change

Written By: Lord Christopher Monckton
Publication date: 03/12/2009
Publisher: The Heartland Institute

Where are they all today, those bed-wetting moaning Minnies of the Apocalyptic Traffic-Light Tendency--those Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds?

The main message of this conference to the bed-wetters is this. Stop telling lies. You are fooling fewer and fewer of us. However many lies are uttered, the scientific truth remains unalterable.

The Forces of Darkness, with their “global warming” chimera, came perilously close to ending the Age of Enlightenment and Reason. They almost ushered in a new Dark Age. Yet they have failed. Why? They have failed because you, here, have had the courage to face them down, to confront their falsehoods, and to nail their lies.

The Age of Light and Reason shall not die. Dylan Thomas wrote, “Do not go gentle to that last goodnight: Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” You have not raged in vain. The world is not cooking: It is cooling. Every opinion poll--even those conducted by the bed-wetters themselves--shows that global public opinion is cooling as fast as the global climate.

In one recent survey, “global warming” came at the very bottom of a list of political and environmental concerns, immediately behind the need to clean up dog-poop on the streets. Why? Because dog-poop is a real environmental problem. “Global warming” is not. The correct policy response to the non-problem of climate change is to have the courage to do nothing.

We, the people, are no longer afraid of “global warming.” We are fed up to the back teeth of hearing about it. We are bored by it. And the bed-wetters know it. Their ever-more-outlandish predictions are a measure of their blind panic. The Dr. Strangelove of NASA, in the latest of a series of ever-more-desperate attempts to flog the dead horse of climatic apocalypse, recently wrote that sea level is about to rise by 246 feet, “und anyvun zat disagrees viz me vill be arrested und put on trial for high crimes against humanidy und nature.”

When Hansen’s political ally and financial beneficiary Al Gore had only predicted one-twelfth that amount of imminent sea-level rise, Mr. Justice Burton said in the London High Court, “The Armageddon scenario that he depicts is not based on any scientific view.” But then, Al Gore knew that all along. In 2005, the year he said sea level would imminently rise by 20 feet, he bought a $4 million condo in the St. Regis tower, San Francisco--just feet from the ocean at Fisherman’s Wharf. The only danger to sea level is from all those bed-wetters...
read entire keynote address...
I LOVED your last post, Susanna!



Here is a clip from that Glenn Beck program you were referring to in which he was interviewing British journalist Sir James Delingpole
Thanks, Constance!

Isn't it encouraging to know that we are not alone in our outrage over the attempted establishment of a global "Kleptocracy!!!" ("rule by thieves")

In the Paul Martin dept., here is an interesting little "blast from the past" out of the Canada Free Press archives dated December 9, 2004.

This was just months before Maurice Strong was named as being involved in the oil for food scandal.

Ya gotta love Judi McLeod...LOL


By the way, for those who are wondering how and when it was discovered that Maurice Strong and others were involved in the oil for food scandal, the first allegations were made on January 25, 2004 by al Mada, a daily newspaper in Iraq. The list came from over 15,000 documents which were reportedly found in the state-owned Iraqi oil corporation, which had close links to the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

No wonder we didn't get more EU support for the war in Iraq!

I followed up on your links - Thanks! Compare also this story from CBS on Oct 21, part of which is below:

"(CBS) If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn’t have H1N1 flu.

In fact, you probably didn’t have flu at all. That's according to state-by-state test results obtained in a three-month-long CBS News investigation.

The ramifications of this finding are important. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Britain's National Health Service, once you have H1N1 flu, you're immune from future outbreaks of the same virus. Those who think they've had H1N1 flu -- but haven't -- might mistakenly presume they're immune. As a result, they might skip taking a vaccine that could help them, and expose themselves to others with H1N1 flu under the mistaken belief they won't catch it. Parents might not keep sick children home from school, mistakenly believing they've already had H1N1 flu.

Why the uncertainty about who has and who hasn't had H1N1 flu?

In late July, the CDC abruptly advised states to stop testing for H1N1 flu, and stopped counting individual cases. The rationale given for the CDC guidance to forego testing and tracking individual cases was: why waste resources testing for H1N1 flu when the government has already confirmed there's an epidemic?"

How can we be having such a health emergency when the CDC has NO CLUE of the actual number of cases out there? Just because the gov't says it, makes it so?

I agree with you, the power that has been given to the "authorities" to deal with the public in "emergencies" has me greatly concerned.

Secondly, if I understand other "national emergencies" in the past, unless and until we are declared "no longer under an emergency", that power still remains in those hands.

I'm watching to see what shoe is next to drop.

take care,
The (Kyoto) accord may have been engineered in Kyoto, Japan but it was manufactured in sunny Costa Rica.

We've been had!

Read on..........


by Judi McLeod & David Hawkins

Thursday, April 21, 2005 Cover Story
Thanks Susanna for that interesting story.

I love the term "kleptocracy". I think, if you don't mind, I'll start using that all the time.

As for the swine flu, I have had many friends come down with it and went in for testing and it was "confirmed" H1N1. If they aren't really even testing for it, wouldn't that be fraud? Shortly afterwards, my family has come down with some flu too. If it's indeed swine flu, we're recovering swiftly, some of us had it worse than others, but I've seen worse flu's.


I don't care what CBS news says (the ultimate perveyor of swine flu panic), I'm not getting that stupid vaccine, if it ever arrives.


Can China at least have the Lions?

You are more than welcome to use the term "kleptocracy" all you want.

I picked up the term from Judi McLeod, a journalist for Canada Free Press whose reports I have been posting here.

I love it too. :-)

Shows how much I know, I thought it was just a funny play on words, turns out, it's a real word.

The fact that "kleptocracy" is a real word makes it even more snarky in my book!!! LOL
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