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Dr. Gregory R. Reid - 9-22-2009 Internet radio guest


BIG DOINGS at the UN this week. Javier Solana is in the USA at the UN through Saturday. Barack Obama will be holding forth there as well. I have an exceptionally busy week here at the office catching up. Tomorrow's MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio guest is Dr. Gregory R. Reid, author of "Trojan Church: The New Age Corruption of the Evangelical Faith." I have learned much more from my own perspective about the evangelical corruption which was probably a thousand times worse than I guessed when I started my work in the early 1980s. Judging from the persecution I took from the gang perpetrating the deception (Fellowship Foundation, Doug Coe, "The Family," EMNR, the "Gold Lake" gang -- see my articles on "the Hi-Jacking of Evangelicalism" by going to or from this blogspot), they obviously then thought I knew a thousand times more than I then knew. It took me 20 years to get to the apparent bottom of it -- Paul Temple, Three Swallows Foundation, etc., ad nauseum, but I now know much more than when I originally wrote HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW back between 1981-1982. If you don't have my original two books, they are available for free downloading and study by clicking here. Please forgive my recent dearth of material here. In no way is it due to a shortage of material or research, but it is due to only so many hours in a day, so much physical stamina, and extremely limited financial resources. We have literally done this work on a shoestring, but the work has been done -- handicaps and all.


Dr. Reiod is talk about New Age corruption of the Evangelical churches. However, he s also a recognized expert on the occult and occult based crimes. As I drove to my office this morning, a slaying of a family of 4 by a rap musician who was a Satanist group member aspirant was reported. Dr. Reid, among his other credentials, is an investigator of occult and Satanic based crimes. I have taken the liberty of excerpting the following Q & A from his website. I am sitting in a popular Pontiac deli, THE BRONX. A 30ish looking male replete with lip rings, tattoos, numerous body piercings, sits at the countertop. I am sitting in a booth. It is sad to see how Satanic influences have thoroughly permeated our culture and I well suspect
that we haven't seen anything yet.

Occult Questions and Answers

For the last several years at conferences, a number of questions have arisen from both Christians and non-Christians concerning the occult, satanism, witchcraft and other related topics.

This ongoing page is an attempt to answer some of these questions. They will be presented in a topical fashion. I encourage you to submit your own questions by e mail to:

Thank you for your participation!

Gregory Reid

The Ouija Board

Q: Is the Ouija board actually the devil speaking to you?

A: I think the devil is too busy to make an appearance at every Ouija board gathering. However, make no mistake about it - if you play it, and something responds, it is not God. It is a demon - what the Bible calls a "familiar spirit" - whose purpose is to gain entrance in your life through your own curiosity, in the hopes of being able to take over your body. Remember the Exorcist? It was based on a true exorcism in the Catholic church, except that it was a boy and not a girl, who became possessed because of playing the Ouija board.

How Powerful is the Ouija?

Q: How powerful can a Ouija board be? When my sister was about 17 or 18 she spent the night with a group of girls in a little cabin near one of the girl's home on their fishing boat. I remember her telling they played with a Ouija board and saying they had gotten really scared. I don't remember exactly what they were doing with it. I have wondered if she might have had some spirit go into her that may have caused her to be so extremely ill with the Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has had doctors tell her they have never seen anyone so bad. I realize people get sick with things often, but I also feel unconfessed sin or unawareness of something we have done can keep us from being healed. What do you think?

A: The problem with playing the devil's games - whether one knows it is wrong or not - is that the consequences can be severe, and they also can be unpredictable. I have talked to plenty of people who have played the Ouija once without dire consequences - and even more who have suffered in their spirit, marriages or families, finances or health as a result. I don't claim to know why some suffer more and some seemingly very little. But it is a Russian Roulette in any event, and I wouldn't rule out that your sister's condition may in fact be connected somehow to that incident. I hope she can come to realize how dangerous what she did was and make a full confession of it, receive cleansing and deliverance, and hopefully, healing. I will be praying for her.

I Don't Believe in Demons...

Q; I don't believe in demons and I'm a Christian. What's wrong with that?

A: Well, you have to throw out several passages from the Gospels and the Book of Acts as well as dozens of references to the demonic and the devil in the New Testament in order to form that conclusion. In which case, you might as well throw out the rest of the Bible and stop deluding yourself into thinking you are really a Christian.

Hit List

Q: How many times has the devil tried to get rid of you?

A: Let me get my calculator.....

....and yet, I am still here. My life belongs to Jesus, and I don't go 'til HE says it's time to go.

Curses and Spells

Q: Should you be worried if someone said they would put a spell on you and you knew that they were involved in witchcraft?

A: If you are not a Christian, worry plenty. Without the protection of Jesus, you HAVE no protection against the power of darkness. Any curse or any spell cast is not just a penny thrown into a well of vague powers of nature that may or may not work. They are in fact messages and instructions delivered into the hands of willing demons who eagerly attempt to carry out those instructions, just because they revel in the destruction of others.

But as a Christian, if you stand on the truth of the Word of God, you have nothing to fear, for the scriptures tell us that "a curse without cause cannot alight (Proverbs 26:2). They can send them to you - and sometimes they can be annoying, distracting, or buffeting - but it CAN'T STICK!

Along that line, I have heard a dangerous teaching among believers that you are to "reverse the curse" on those who send them - in other words, sent it back. Actually that's closer to Wiccan philosophy, and is a totally unscriptural idea. "Bless those that curse you", Jesus said. We are to lead people to Jesus. If you "send back" a death curse and a demon carries it out and the sender dies without Jesus - well, you don't want to live with that on your conscience.

Blood Sacrifice

Q: Why is a blood sacrifice necessary in many occult rituals? What purpose does it serve?

A: Many of those involved in true black magick or satanism believe that it is necessary to spill blood for two reasons: One, to appease the demon they are seeking favor from, and Two, to release magickal energy which they then absorb and utilize. Some groups believe that the more pain the victim, whether animal or human, feels at the time of death, the more magickal power is released.

The scriptures tell us that "the life of the flesh is in the blood." (Leviticus 17:11) Those who practice blood rituals apparently believe that too, in a twisted way. Whereas Jews and Christians forbid blood consumption, those who practice blood rituals do the opposite, true to the satanic practice of reversal of everything in Judeo-Christian practice.

Is Witchcraft and Magick Neutral?

Q: A knife if used by a surgeon to cut out cancerous tissues and thus, save the patients life is a good thing. That same knife if used in a violent way to subdue a victim, and steal their money or their life is obviously bad. The knife isn't good or evil, but neutral: It's how its used that determines whether its a good purpose or not. Some say that the occult is the same thing, especially such things as WHITE witchcraft. What is your response to that?

A: A Knife is an object. Objects are neutral. Witchcraft is neither an object nor neutral; it is a spiritual force. It is the source of that force that determines whether it is for evil or for good. And the scriptures clearly define witchcraft as an evil force to be forsaken, with no differentiation between "white" and "black". There are two forces in the universe: the power of God, and the power of darkness. There is no "neutral ground." Although some people who practice "white magick" are sincere and kind people, they have been deceived by thinking the powers they evoke are benevolent. That is what my friend Johanna Michaelsen called, "The Beautiful Side of Evil." Deception works because it appears as something it is NOT. As all of us who have broken away and forsaken magick can tell you, once you make that break, those "good" forces turn on you and reveal their true nature - evil.

Playing With Fire

Q: What if you're not into the devil or anything but you just want to see a demonic movie to see what it is like?

A: "Can one take fire to his breast and not get burned?" (Proverbs 6:27)

Do Satanists Believe in Satan?

Q: Its been said that most satanists don't even believe in a literal satan; that they merely use the title of satanism to oppose the organized church, and use the persona as an ideology of independent thought and liberalism. What are your thoughts regarding this?

A: If you are referring to the modern "Anton Lavey" type Church of Satan member or follower, then this is probably accurate. But that is not "most satanists." The kind of satanists you are referring to are a small group of people that follow LaVey's satanic bible, which does largely represent satanism as self-exaltation and a lifestyle of selfishness. Publicly, at least, LaVey claimed he did not believe in a literal devil. This kind of satanism is in fact a philosophy that seems to be little more than mild atheism mixed with virulent antichristian and antichurch sentiments.

However, the practice of satan worship and black magick has been around much longer than the church of satan or LaVey, and those that practice that kind of satanic worship do believe in the devil, do commit crimes in his name, including animal and human sacrifice. So while I will concede that many that call themselves satanists in this day and age probably are little more than philosophical antichrists, they have only succeeded in distracting from the real and present danger of criminal satanic activity by making us redefine who a satanist is in minute detail.

Are Psychic Powers a Gift From God?

Q: People credit psychic powers as God given, and point out such events to legitimize their belief as when a psychic helps the police track down an abducted child, etc etc. Aren't all spiritual gifts from God?

A: Absolutely not. We have a deluded idea that all "spiritual" events and phenomenon, except for the blatantly evil, must be from God somehow. But if you study scripture, you see that there has always existed a counterfeit spirituality, counterfeit miracles and counterfeit "gifts." Moses confronted them in Egypt; they tried to counterfeit every divine work God did through Moses, and succeeded at all but a few. There were several incidents of those with "psychic" paranormal gifts in the Book of Acts; for instance, the woman who made her living through divination (telling the future.) (Acts 6:16-19) Rather than applauding her gift, Paul cast demons out of her, for that was apparently the source of her "gift". When he did, her "powers" were gone. Psychics are practicing divination. It is a delusion that it is a "natural gift." It is a demonic manifestation.

So why have some people apparently had this "gift" since they were young, even as children? I believe it can be due to several things: If the parents or grandparents practiced the occult in some or any fashion, that gives these demonic forces LEGAL RIGHT to lay claim to that child if the parents are not believers who have renounced such things as sin. And they will do anything and everything to get that child to open themselves up to their "lying signs and wonders." Just because psychic abilities seem to be present from a young age does not legitimize them. Jesus dealt with children who were clearly demonized, through no fault of their own. And He delivered those children.

Psychics have gained some legitimization because of being hired for consultant work by police departments. I'm afraid that comes under the "grasping for straws" department for the police, when they are desperate for leads. Rarely does the information develop into something really useful.

What about when it does? Apparently a few psychics have succeeded in leading authorities to a body, a missing child.

I'm not going to gain any psychic friends by saying this, but it is clear to me that the same demonic world that influences and sometimes produces murders, child abductions, rape, and all other form of criminal atrocity, would just as easily "reveal" information about some of those crimes to a willing, open vessel who believes they are just using their "gift." Why would they do that? Because it presents opportunities for that psychic vessel to convince the unsuspecting and spiritually ignorant that psychic powers are good - and in many cases causing those people to investigate the paranormal, the occult and sometimes more, which can open them up to demonization as well.

Demons, whatever else they may be, and wherever they originated from, are disembodied spirits that are damned to eternal darkness. They SEEK A BODY to indwell, much as people look to own a home. And however they can open up the doors into an individual so they can begin to move in, they will. And psychics have unwittingly been a real tool for them to gain that entrance. This does not take away from the fact that psychics can be some of the most sincere, nice, caring people you would want to meet; it only makes it that much more tragic that they are being used to promote destructive occultism.

What If You Don't Take The Occult Seriously?

Q: How can playing Ouija, or dungeons and dragons, having ones fortune read, or going to see movies like Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings be a bad influence on a person who doesn't take such things seriously?

A: I know a kid in my neighborhood who likes guns. He thinks they are fun. The fact that one might be loaded when he plays with it never occurs to him. He doesn't take that danger seriously. A lot of kids have ignored warnings about guns, and ended up killing themselves or a friend because they didn't seriously believe the gun was loaded or it could hurt someone.

All matters of the occult, from Ouija Boards to D & D, Harry Potter to palm reading, are dangerous and spiritually destructive. It frankly doesn't matter whether you believe that or not. Ignore the warnings, you will pay the consequences somehow. All forms of the occult are forbidden by God - fantasy or not . Whether you believe it is real or not is irrelevant to the consequences you may face as a result. It is a spiritual law. Ignore it at your own peril.

Wishes Granted?

Q: Can God grant your wish or give it to you by something like Magic?

A: God is not a vending machine, contrary to a lot of modern prosperity teachers. And He is not a Genie in a bottle. "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4) "But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." (Matthew 6:33) Put Him first; you don't need to manipulate a loving Father into doing good things for His children. He WANTS to.

Paganism As An Older Religion

Q: Wicca and other forms of occult and pagan practices have been around for thousands of years and have a very rich tradition: Far more so than Christianity which hasn't even been around for much more than two thousand years yet. In the minds of some, this validates the legitimacy of these old world beliefs far more than Christianity. What do you have to
say about that?

A: The human race began monotheistic and devolved into pantheism. If you detach Christianity from the tree it came from, Judaism, then of course Wicca is older. But "Christianity" is a continuum of a much older and much richer tradition than paganism - the Torah of God and the dealing with His people throughout history.

And, "older" doesn't mean "better." The Aztecs slaughtered infants and cut out human hearts to appease their gods. The Assyrians, Babylonians and a host of other ancient peoples committed human sacrifice in the millions. Druids did the same (despite the claims of some "neo-Druids" who want to revise - and ignore - history.) Generally paganism did not improve a nation but rather filled it with superstition, fear, and the devaluing of human life, especially women and children. (India, for example.) As far as I know, there has never been a pagan nation that has been known for its humanitarianism, scientific, cultural and moral contributions to mankind . . .

Signs of Occult Involvement

Q: What are the signs of involvement in the occult to look for?

A: Specifically, if you suspect a teen is getting involved:
- Change in friends and not wanting you to meet them
- Drop in grades
- Secretiveness
- Change in sleep habits (sleeping all day, up or out all night)
- Black clothes, occult jewelry
- Hostility toward God, Jesus, church
- Strange writings in notebooks (secret codes, strange symbols)
- Obsession with black metal music, splatter films, occult literature
- Trances, wild mood swings
- Terror nightmares
- Substance abuse

Those are just a few of the basic things that COULD indicate occult involvement. It is vital that parents CHECK their kids' rooms from time to time, especially if they suspect something. (Please don't give me the "violating my kids' privacy" line - you pay the rent, you have the right and the responsibility to make sure they are not in trouble. Several kids have died through suicide or other means because their parents didn't want to "violate their privacy", only finding out too late how deep their kids were involved.)

Also some of these indicators could point to drug or gang involvement, and some kids in the "Goth" crowd just LIKE black and "dark" poetry, etc, but are not in the occult at all. If you have specific questions or concerns about your child, please e mail me and I will try to help.

Q: How are kids recruited by other kids into the occult?

A: Usually through music, satanic or occultic books and literature, and picking out kids who are loners and "including" them in "their" group. We've found a lot of teen satanists that were positioned, or even recruited, by adult satanic groups, for the purpose of recruiting other kids to be used for criminal activity, and on rare occasion, to find a teen that has the "right stuff" magickally to be introduced to and elevated into an adult group. Parties are often used for this recruitment, and usually an adult or older teen is there to "scope out" who is there to see who is "recruitable" or who shows an extra interest in the occult literature, games etc. which are conveniently placed around the home where the party is taking place. If someone fits the bill, they are invited to another smaller party, then another, and finally introduced to the "real" group and the real purpose of it.

TV Shows, Games, Etc.

Q: What T.V. shows, games, toys are occultic? Stores? (I heard, but have not looked into the store myself, that Hot Topics, a store in the mall has occultic stuff.)

A: There's a long list of occultic-type shows, including Buffy, Charmed, Sabrina. Some of the MTV, WB and Fox "reality" shows are also highly occultic, including "Fear", John Edward (I think he really is talking to "the other side" - but not dead people - demons) and of course, Miss Cleo, who by the way, was born in LOS ANGELES to AMERICAN PARENTS. (So much for the faux Jamaican accent!)

Video games are generally packed with occultic symbols and meanings. Of course most kids and parents don't even know what an occult symbol is, so they miss them altogether. But when you know those symbols, you get concerned. Other games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, is packed from start to finish with occult symbols and demonology. The advanced D&D handbook is a virtual who's who of the demonic underground, and nearly all of the entities listed can be found in occult literature and occult magick books dating back centuries. The creator claims he knows nothing about the occult. In which case, perhaps he "channeled" all that sophisticated occult knowledge from the demonic realm himself. Because no one can just "make up" the vast and accurate demonology listed in D&D manuals.

How much affect can this have on the players? It's hard to say. Some kids it seems to effect not at all, some radically. I wouldn't take any chances, and if you are a Christian or a Christian parent, why would you allow yourself to partipate in it - isn't that, as Paul said, partaking of the table of demons? (1 Corinthians 10:21)

Beyond that, there are other concerns about video games. On many of the games, there is a VERY tiny disclaimer (go see for yourself) that states that playing the game MAY cause epileptic seizures in some players. Why is that? No one knows for sure - but it could indicate at the worst, experimental mind games are being put in the games - and at the least, it COULD be unpredictably dangerous and possibly brain-altering.

Remember Pokemon? Besides the fact that the card game contains an unusual amount of occult symbols, including the Egyptian all-seeing eye, the satanic lightning bolt. etc., when Pokemon the cartoon premiered in Japan in the late 1990's, over 700 children were hospitalized with epileptic seizures brought on, apparently, by a few seconds of light and sound that were in the cartoon. Everyone claimed ignorance. Can you say, "mind control experimentation" boys and girls?

As to stores, there are several popular stores that carry some range of occult jewelry, books, and games: Hot Topics, Gadzooks, and Spencer are a few. Anything for a buck, as they say.

What Do You Say To An Occultist?

Q: If you meet someone from the Wicca or occult, what can you say to them?

A: Just tell them about Jesus. Share His LOVE, and try to point out the awesome power our God has. The scriptures are full of miracles and powerful works of God that make Wicca or ANY occult practice pale by comparison. Raising the dead, healing blindness from birth, calling down fire from get the idea. Don't attack their beliefs or their character. God loves these people. Just demonstrate the real Jesus to them by your love and your kindness.

What About Healing Powers?

Q: What is your opinion about so called "good witches" who claim to heal the pain in burns, remove moles, warts and corns from people? As a teen-ager, I watched as a neighboring "good witch" rubbed her hand over the arm that had several warts on it--they were gone in a couple days, and I saw her another time blow her breath on a painful burned hand where boiling grease had splashed--the pain was gone and no blisters or redness appeared. The family returned home instead of going to the hospital . I also am aware of numerous corns removed from my father's toes as this woman rubbed her hands over them. What explanation do you have for these so called "good works"? I also heard stories about her casting spells on people---her X-husband --who remarried, had cancer 3 mos. later and died. I was always afraid she was of the Devil, but she once told me that anyone could do these things if they just talked to GOD about it.
She would never accept money in exchange, but would accept
a jar of jelly or food stuff from the garden if you left it on her porch.

A: A friend of mine is fond of saying, "A witch is a witch is a witch." I have no doubt she meant well, and was probably a kind person (except when she cursed people!) but that does not speak to the SOURCE of her abilities. The overwhelming majority of "white light" occultists I have known or read of claim their abilities are from God. But if someone is truly operating in the power of God and the authority of Jesus, they will tell you it is JESUS' power, not theirs. It is not vague. It is not a generic "God." It is Jesus. And those people do not need tricks or potions or curses or anything of the like, they are simply vessels who know if they pray in Jesus' Name, He will heal. Sometimes the way to determine where they are is to ask them if Jesus is the only way of salvation. A negative response automatically tells you they, and their powers, are not from God. We shouldn't be surprised, as the Bible is full of references and even instances where people perform "lying signs and wonders." One incident I recall is when Paul was being followed by a woman who kept yelling, "Listen to these men, they show you the way to God!" One would think that was a good Christian supporter, right? Well there is a small tell-tale difference, only found in the minutiae of the Greek language, where you find what she was really saying was, "They show you A way to God." And Paul turned around and cast a demon out of her, ruining her occult business as a diviner. (Fortune teller - psychic.)

Satan is a counterfeiter. He can counterfeit, sometimes very well, nearly all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When one claims their abilities come from God, ask which one. Anyone that does not acknowledge that only Jesus is the healer, is an agent - knowingly or unknowingly - of satan.

Please join us tomorrow night on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio and



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Wall Street Journal
Israel and the Trouble With International Law

Many restrictions on the use of force against aggressors make no moral sense.

Last week the United Nations issued a report painting the Israelis as major violators of international law in the three-week Gaza war that began in December 2008. While many find the conclusion a bit unsettling or even bizarre, the report's conclusion may be largely correct.

This says more about international law, however, than it does about the propriety of Israel's conduct. The rules of international law governing the use of force by victims of aggression are embarrassingly unjust and would never be tolerated by any domestic criminal law system. They give the advantage to unlawful aggressors and thereby undermine international justice, security and stability.

Article 51 of the U.N. Charter forbids all use of force except that for "self-defense if an armed attack occurs." Thus the United Kingdom's 1946 removal of sea mines that struck ships in the Strait of Corfu was held to be an illegal use of force by the International Court of Justice, even though Albania had refused to remove its mines from this much used international waterway. Israel's raid on Uganda's Entebbe Airport in 1976—to rescue the victims of an airplane hijacking by Palestinian terrorists—was also illegal under Article 51.

Domestic criminal law restricts the use of defensive force in large part because the law prefers that police be called, when possible, to do the defending. Force is authorized primarily to keep defenders safe until law enforcement officers arrive. Since there are no international police to call, the rules of international law should allow broader use of force by victims of aggression. But the rules are actually narrower.

Imagine that a local drug gang plans to rob your store and kill your security guards. There are no police, so the gang openly prepares its attack in the parking lot across the street, waiting only for the cover of darkness to increase its tactical advantage. If its intentions are clear, must you wait until the time the gang picks as being most advantageous to it?

American criminal law does not require that you wait. It allows force if it is "immediately necessary" (as stated in the American Law Institute's Model Penal Code, on which all states model their own codes), even if the attack is not yet imminent. Yet international law does require that you wait. Thus, in the 1967 Six Day War, Israel's use of force against Egypt, Syria and Jordan—neighbors that were preparing an attack to destroy it—was illegal under the U.N. Charter's Article 51, which forbids any use of force until the attack actually "occurs."

Now imagine that your next-door neighbor allows his house to be used by thugs who regularly attack your family. In the absence of a police force able or willing to intervene, it would be quite odd to forbid you to use force against the thugs in their sanctuary or against the sanctuary-giving neighbor.

Yet that is what international law does. From 1979-1981 the Sandinista government of Nicaragua unlawfully supplied arms and safe haven to insurgents seeking to overthrow the government of El Salvador. Yet El Salvador had no right under international law to use any force to end Nicaragua's violations of its sovereignty. The U.S. removal of the Taliban from Afghanistan in 2001 was similarly illegal under the U.N. Charter (although it earned broad international support).

Israel and the Trouble With International Law
Part 2:

An aggressor pressing a series of attacks is protected by international law in between attacks, and it can take comfort that the law allows force only against its raiders, not their support elements. In 1987, beginning with a missile strike on a Kuwaiti tanker, the Iranians launched attacks on shipping that were staged from their offshore oil platforms in the Persian Gulf. While it was difficult to catch the raiding parties in the act (note the current difficulty in defending shipping against the Somali pirates), the oil platforms used to stage the attacks could be and were attacked by the U.S. Yet these strikes were held illegal by the International Court of Justice.

Social science has increasingly shown that law's ability to gain compliance is in large measure a product of its credibility and legitimacy with its public. A law seen as unjust promotes resistance, undermines compliance, and loses its power to harness the powerful forces of social influence, stigmatization and condemnation.

Because international law has no enforcement mechanism, it is almost wholly dependent upon moral authority to gain compliance. Yet the reputation international law will increasingly earn from its rules on the use of defensive force is one of moral deafness.

True, it will not always be the best course for a victim of unlawful aggression to use force to defend or deter. Sometimes the smart course is no response or a merely symbolic one. But every state ought to have the lawful choice to do what is necessary to protect itself from aggression.

Rational people must share the dream of a world at peace. Thus the U.N. Charter's severe restrictions on use of force might be understandable—if only one could stop all use of force by creating a rule against it. Since that's not possible, the U.N. rule is dangerously naive. By creating what amount to "aggressors' rights," the restrictions on self-defense undermine justice and promote unlawful aggression. This erodes the moral authority of international law and makes less likely a future in which nations will turn to it, rather than to force.

Mr. Robinson, a professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, is the co-author of "Law Without Justice: Why Criminal Law Does Not Give People What They Deserve" (Oxford, 2006).


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Important information, Len. Interestingly, I saw on Javier Solana's agenda for this week that he has a meeting scheduled with the head of the International Court of Justice. He was extremely angry in the past for the USA's failure to submit to its jurisdiction.

I'm suspecting that Obama will consent and then we, too, may be "toast."

Javier Solana is scheduled to meet tomorrow with the Prosecutor of the ICC:

Meeting with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo"

EUHR Solana met President and Registrar of the International ...
26 May 2009, Brussels - Javier Solana, European Union High Representative for the CFSP, today met the President and the Registrar of the International Criminal Court ...
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Mr. Europe: Javier Solana
Javier Solana Secretary-General of WEU November 20, 1999. On November 20 ... life as the WTO's dispute settlement system or the International Criminal Court.
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Javier SOLA A, EU High Representative for the CFSP, today met the
112k - Adobe PDF - View as htmlof the International Criminal Court (ICC) Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign ... President of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Mr Sang
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World justice : International court signals a new era - The New York Times
By Javier Solana. Published: Thursday, April 11, 2002 ... The International Criminal Court will complement existing national judicial ...
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EU to patrol in Bosnia if US pulls out: Solana -DAWN - International
EU Commissioner Javier Solana said Brussels nonetheless hoped to find a ... treaty (to establish the International Criminal Court)," Solana said in a German ...
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OMCT-Europe Weekly Newsletter 2007 N°7, 27
195k - Adobe PDF - View as htmlInternational Criminal Court. Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the CFSP, welcomes the International ... behalf of the EU on the International Criminal
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House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 8 Apr 2003 (pt 19)
Mr. Roy: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on the level of support given to the International Criminal Court by the UK. pa/ cm200203/ cmhansrd/ vo030408/ text/ 30408w19.htm
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ICC - Meeting of EU HR Javier Solana with the President and the
EU HR Javier Solana with the President and the Registrar of the International Criminal Court (ICC), 26 May ... HR Javier Solana is greeting the President of the International Criminal Court ...
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On the occasion of the EU/CFSP mission in GEORGIA : Joint Open
Two Chechens, Islam Khashiev and Hussein Alkhanov, disappeared in Georgia after being acquitted by a Tbilisi Court on February 6, 2004. ... The International Community is looking forward,,2316
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The following research selection shows the box Israel has been placed in on the ICC subject. Israel, because of the Holocaust, welcomed an International Criminal Court; HOWEVER, the New Age / Benjamin Creme theory that the Nazis were reincarnated as Israeli Jews combined with Islamic and other world anti-Israel sentiments are combining to make the ICC an ugly reality for Israel. This is a very complicated situation. May the Lord help us all!

"Israel and the International Criminal Court
Jun 30, 2002 ... The establishment of the International Criminal Court represents a significant development in international law. Israel is fully supportive ... - Cached - Similar -
Israel may face war crimes trials over Gaza | World news | The ...
Mar 2, 2009 ... The international criminal court is considering whether the ... In the case of Israel, the Red Cross is expected to highlight three areas of ... - Cached - Similar -
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The International Criminal Court (ICC or ICCt) is a permanent tribunal to prosecute .... In 2002, two of these states, the United States and Israel, ... - Cached - Similar -
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Voice of America UN Report on Israel and the International Criminal Court‎ - 4 days ago
For the first time, a respected UN body urges that Israeli impunity for war crimes be ended by referral of the case to the International Criminal Court and ...
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[PDF] Israel and the International Criminal Court : Notes from the Inter ...
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Mar 13, 2003 ... international criminal court. This is a realization of the Jewish aspirations after the. Second World War and the Holocaust. Israel took an ... - Similar -
UN Report on Israel and the International Criminal Court ...
Sep 17, 2009 ... Using systematic outreach, IPA gains exposure for progressive perspectives commonly excluded in the mainstream media on the environment, ... - Cached - Similar -
israelinsider: Views: International Criminal Court? Not this version
The world needs a means to handle war crimes charges. The ICC is not it. - Cached - Similar -
International Criminal Court Faces Big Test With Israel | The ...
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Sep 4, 2009 ... Prior to joining the International Criminal Court, Bensouda served as .... (Continued) "Israel committed war crimes and carried out reckless ... - Cached - Similar -
International Criminal Court to consider Gaza investigation - Los ...
Feb 5, 2009 ... a new international actor into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the International Criminal Court will examine requests to investigate. - Cached - Similar -

From fulfilled prophecy site:

“The post of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs is also due to be filled next month following the retirement of incumbent Javier Solana.”
Constance, maybe it's time for another book. I am convinced you are right about the New Age infiltration. There are few in the church who see its influence, but I see it everywhere it is subtle but seems to be gaining a more bold approach as churches buy into the new age dogma of tolerance and church growth models that perpetuate spiritual infancy. There is a large church nearby supposedly evangelical, on the wall is a huge painting of the water bearer of Aquarius, and the cross bears the solar compass.

I hope that you might consider it if you haven't already started it. I for one am waiting for your next article on the subject.

I see so many pieces of the prophecy puzzle coming together and am totally convinced the new Age model is the one to watch.

I agree RT although I am not seeing the blatant symbolism linking new age to Evangelicalism in my town. I do however see a continuing dumming down of our faith because if you think all we need to do is to preach Christ then hunker down into the safety of the church many refuse to engage the issues. What I am most disturbed about is this willful ignorance. We need to realize it is not just the Family - Doug Coe et al it is all evangelicalism that has bought into the Christian show complete with how you talk act worship think. This is dangerous. I meet weekly with some of the most influential Christians in my community - lawyers and business leaders - well respected men in the community. They would never even consider reading Jeff Sharlet's book because it has already been dismissed as propaganda. I don't like Rachel Maddow, I don't like liberal tolerance and the anything goes attitude - but I also don't like sticking our head in the sand and refusing to struggle with the reality of who we are as a nation. E Pluribus Unum was the motto we were founded on. In God we Trust is a recent response to the country's attempt to restore our perceived greatness. Somehow we need as Christians to articulate how to balance the two. For the record - the evangelical vs. ecumenical conflict plays itself out each year as we plan for the Prayer Breakfast - do we have a speaker and a head table that is overtly evanagelical - everything in Jesus's name - over and over - or do we allow other faiths to be represented and pray together - anethema to some fundamentalists who see the doctrine of separation requiring never giving spiritual endorsement to anyone who has not been given access to God through the blood. These are not very easy issues - it's not hard to understand why New Age creeps in - it is seductive and seemingly wise. I wish I had the answer. Rob
Forgetful patients to be fitted with microchips to remind them to take their pills

Patients will be fitted with a microchip in their shoulder to remind them to take their medicine, under a new scheme being developed by a drugs company.
Older people will be given pills containing a harmless microchip that sends a signal to the chip in the shoulder when the pill is taken.
But if the pill is not taken by the forgetful patient, the chip in the shoulder will then send a text to a carer or the patient to remind them.

Swiss pharmaceutical group Norvatis is developing the electronic pill that it hopes will reduce the number of patients who have to be supervised taking their medicine.
Joe Jiminez, head of pharmaceuticals at Novartis, said tests of the 'chip in the pill' to a shoulder receiver chip had been carried out on 20 patients.
The experiment with a drug that lowers blood pressure had increased the amount of times patients had taken their medicine on time from 30 per cent to 80 per cent in six months.
Drug companies are keen to improve 'compliance' rates among patients as most end up not taking their correct dosages because of unpleasant side effects or a failure to gain symptoms quickly.
Medical companies hope it will reduce the number of hospitalisations from patients whose conditions have deteriorated from not taking their drugs.
Mr Jiminez said: 'This industry is starting to explode.' He added that his company would have to work closely with medical watchdogs and doctors.
Rival drug company Pfizer recently developed an automated system to telephone patients to encourage them to take their medicine.
One-child China is a success, says Labour aide Adair Turner

China's one- child policy - which has resulted in forced abortions, infanticide and compulsory sterilisation - has had a 'positive impact' on the country's economic performance, one of Labour's leading advisers says today.

Lord Turner, head of the Financial Services Authority, claims the laws on family size played a crucial role in China's economic take-off and allowed the country to develop without 'severe political and social tensions'.

But human rights campaigners criticised Lord Turner for appearing to support the draconian laws, claiming they had led to untold misery for women and children.

The former director general of the CBI Adair Turner argues that there is a pressing need to stop world's population growing at an 'explosive rate'.

'While there are good reasons for objecting to the enforced nature of the Chinese one-child policy, we should not underestimate the positive impact which that policy has almost certainly had and will have over the next several decades on Chinese economic performance,' he says in the Royal Society journal Philosophical Transactions.

Lord Turner claims the problems of a low birth rate and ageing population have been overstated in the past, and singles out China as a positive role model.
China's controversial family planning laws, introduced in 1979, are thought to have prevented the birth of up to 400million babies.
Whether Solana actually retires or not will be interesting to watch. Carl Bildt already said emphatically he did not want the job. He has a young family. I am suspecting that the "retirement" story (which Solana has also floated at various times in the past) is out there to assuage the fears of the Irish so that they will be more likely to vote for the Lisbon Treaty. But, time and events will tell.

My educated guess is that the EU crowd may feel Balkenende is too Christian for them . . . unless, he is one of the Doug Coe, Abraham Vereide variety. From the Wikipedia bio on him:

"Jan Peter Balkenende
Jan Peter Balkenende, legally Jan Pieter Balkenende, was born on May 7 1956 in the village Biezelinge near the town Kapelle in the Netherlands. His father Jan Pieter Balkenende was a cereal grains merchant and his mother Thona Johanna Sandee was a teacher. Balkenende currently resides with his wife, Bianca Hoogendijk, and his daughter Amelie in Capelle aan den IJssel. He rents an apartment in The Hague rather than inhabit the Catshuis formal residency of the Prime Minister. He is a devout member of the Calvinist Protestant Church in the Netherlands."
Is this the next step in wealth redistribution?

FDIC May Ask Banks for a Bailout

Tired of the government bailing out banks? Get ready for this: officials may soon ask banks to bail out the government.

Senior regulators say they are seriously considering a plan to have the nation’s healthy banks lend billions of dollars to rescue the insurance fund that protects bank depositors. That would enable the fund, which is rapidly running out of money because of a wave of bank failures, to continue to rescue the sickest banks.
Between this and things like Ron Paul's attempt to audit the federal reserve, I can now see how financially we are completely up the proverbial creek with no paddle in sight. While many are rejoicing that someone is finally going to be able to look into the Fed, no one is looking at the ramifications if it happens. If the Fed is thoroughly examined and the american people begin to relize their monetary system is a sham, it WILL cause a complete collapse of our monetary system. Anyone who has seen Zeitgeist or done research on new age activities should be able to see, this is exactly the type of realization Zeitgeist and NAM leaders have advocated. While I will say the Fed itself needs to be abolished, our nation is about 90 years too late in doing so. I would like to get the thoughts of others here on this issue, to see if my thought process is on the right track, and also to see how Paul is viewed in this context. Is he really the independent guy many have thought he was, or is he the final cog in the machine bringing the American populace to its knees?

By Fiona Harvey in London, Joshua Chaffin in Brussels and Edward Luce in Washington (09/21/09)

A growing rift between the US and Europe is overshadowing Tuesday’s United Nations climate change summit in New York, further damping hopes for a breakthrough at the Copenhagen talks in December.

Connie Hedegaard, the Danish environment minister, lowered expectations, saying: “Things are looking difficult and too slow, that is the fact.”

The downgrading of expectations comes as relations between the US and Europe, which started the year of talks as allies, near breakdown.

In Brussels, European Union officials have grown increasingly frustrated at the US stance, saying it has fallen short on both its level of ambition to reduce emissions and on offering aid to developing nations.

“So far, we thought the basic problem was the Chinese and the Indians. But now I think the problem appears to lie most clearly with the US,” a European Commission official said. Talks were “not going well”.

European officials say the Obama administration lacks focus because its top talent is wrapped up in the all-consuming debate over healthcare.

Prompted by remarks last week by Harry Reid, the US Senate majority leader, that cap and trade legislation might be pushed back to next year, John Bruton, the EU ambassador to the US, blamed the Senate for holding up the global agenda.

“Sometimes in this country, the greatest deliberative body in the world [the Senate] acts as though it is the only deliberative body in the world and that we should all wait until it gets healthcare passed,” he said.

“There is a global timetable and the US Senate is fully aware of it ... The world cannot wait on the Senate’s timetable.”

US officials say their European counterparts fail to understand US political processes that require the administration to have a clear go-ahead from Congress before concluding any international agreements.

Todd Stern, US envoy for climate change, said: “It may be that some people on the other side of the pond don’t understand the system that well, but that’s the way ... [it] works, and we’re pushing ahead.”

US figures point out that its targets on emissions cuts require a similar level of effort as those of the EU, and that the cap and trade bill under consideration in Congress would provide financing comparable to that from Europe.

Separately, Yvo de Boer, the UN climate change chief, took a dig at the US. Predicting that Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, would use his speech in New York to announce significant emissions reduction measures, he said it was “quite ironic” Mr Hu would do so “in a country that is firmly convinced that China is doing nothing to address climate change”.

The row has prompted fears that governments will try to save face at Copenhagen by agreeing to a watered down deal or a “political declaration” rather than an outright agreement.

“This is dangerous ground,” said Tom Burke, founding director of E3G, an environmental thinktank. “It’s not a good sign – it means the gaps are too big to be settled in the 80 days to Copenhagen. The danger is that if [an agreement] does not have a date, it means you may not get a ratifiable treaty.”

Sir David King, former scientific adviser to the UK government, said it would be better to postpone negotiations to next year rather than risk a weak deal.

“I would rather see a 12-month moratorium on the agreement so that you can have a better agreement, with President Obama freed up from the Congress and Senate processes.”

His stance was echoed by Lord Stern, author of a landmark review of the economics of climate change, who told the FT he was still optimistic that an agreement could be reached but: “I would much prefer a framework that had to be filled in [next year] than something agreed with weak targets that would be difficult to unravel.”

Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2009.
Just watched long time NEW AGE activist CAROL BROWNER replete with her glazed eyes reporting with glee of the President's speech at the UN. One of ours posted this a few months ago and I thought it deserved repeat:

"Smart grid

"Sorry for the long post, but I thought it would be better all in one post.

Here is some data on the "smart grid" and the "powers that be" that are pushing this hard. Obama is setting the stage with Carol Browner, GE, Google etc.

I feel this crash of our economy is just an unplugging they caused to force these things through. They may plug the leak back up once the things they want are in place. This is a strategy they always use. We will see what all they want to accomplish this round. It may be the whole deal. We will have to watch and see. If our economy start to rebound, know it was a game to get these things set up.

Carol Browner from Us News & World Report 3/9/09

“We need to make sure that we’re moving electricity in the smartest way and using the most cost-effective electricity at the right time of day. EVENTUALLY, we can get to a SYSTEM where and electric company will be able to HOLD BACK some of the power so that maybe your AIR conditioner WON’T operate at ITS PEAK, you’ll still be able to cool you house, But that’ll be a savings to the consumer”

This means the government does not allow you to have the temperature in you house cooler then they deem ok. They can shut you air conditioner at their discretion. I have been saying this was the capacity now Climate czar Carol Browner is stating it openly. This is kind of control they intend and we are headed there fast. Obama is putting this on the fast track.

to be continued next comment

Carol Browner Obama Climate czar is connected with one world government organizations: She was part of Commission for Sustainable World Society which a part of the Socialist international party. They are a Global Alliance type of group.

Obama Cliate czar has socialist ties:

List of other members of Commission for a Sustainable World Society.

Tendril Shows Off Smart Meter Solution at Google-GE Panel Discussion

"February 19, 2009 05:55 PM ET
At a recent panel discussion sponsored by Google and GE, experts - among them, Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Carol Browner - came together to discuss the smart grid and the changing technology it requires. They couldn't have timed it better. The panel began just as President Obama was signing the stimulus bill, which ensured $80 billion in spending on renewable energy and efficiency. Of those funds, $11 billion in grant money will go towards the modernization of our electric grid.”

Tendril Smart Energy for Life
Tendril Unveils Mobile Web Application For Smarter Energy Management:

Information Gathered from the Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem Platform Now Accessible Anywhere Enabling Consumer Control “On-the-Go”

This is from Tendril website article The Smart Home, Part II (there is other good data on this site.

"Google announced it was launching a new platform called PowerMeter to bring home energy usage to homeowners (see Google Gets Into Home Energy Management).
While Google hasn't made PowerMeter available to the public yet or said which utilities and companies it would work with to get the data it needs, its big step into home energy management has caused waves in the industry.
How the startups seeking to provide in-home energy monitoring software will adapt to Google's entry is yet to be determined. So far, most smart grid companies are praising the search giant for promoting energy monitoring – and noting that they're open to forming partnerships."

One worlder on Obama's team:

“Carol M. Browner - White House coordinator of climate and energy policies.
Member of the Socialist International and leader of the group’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society which calls for “global governance” and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change. This highly influential group is headed by a Bilderberg Group luminary that calls for the implementation of global government.

It really is no surprise that Barack Obama chose this woman to oversee the effort to combat the global warming fantasy. She is a believer in the socialist doctrines behind the whole climate change scam created by the new world socialist order over 12 years ago.

You may remember Carol Browner from her days as President Clinton’s EPA Administrator where she used the EPA to campaign against Republicans. A bipartisan letter from the House Government Reform and Oversight Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs on March 21, 1995, charged the Environmental Protection Agency and its administrator, Carol M. Browner, with violating the federal Anti-Lobbying Act by faxing unsolicited material opposing the Republican-sponsored regulatory reform package to various corporations and public-interest groups.”

We are staying rather creepily tuned!

Never thought I would live this long to see all this! (TO BE CONTINUED NEXT COMMENT!)

Continued from poster Bella from post-election days:

Quote from this link:

“Another component involves persuading individual Americans to change their ways in an attempt to "exalt the concept of responsible citizenship," a key aide says. "People have to become much more conscious about energy use, about where their energy comes from," says Browner, "and I think that many people take seriously the opportunity to do things at home, whether it's to use more efficient light bulbs, to buy more efficient appliances, to add insulation”

“Obama has taken a particular interest in the "smart grid," an ambitious project to digitally update old-fashioned electric wires across the country. Among the advantages, the new system would give homeowners information on how efficiently they are using electricity inside their residences. The smart grid also could send power from residential solar panels, wind turbines, and plug-in electric cars to be fed into the grid, and it would allow homeowners and small businesses to sell power to their neighbors or back to the grid.”

Quote from fox news:

"Carol Browner, President-elect Barack Obama's choice to be his climate czarina, served until last summer as a member of a socialist organization whose mission is to enact progressive government policies, including toward environmental concerns like climate change."

Obama has chosen a One worlder as the climate Czar. Things are moving fast.

Just a heads up, Obama will be addressing the fifth annual meeting of Clinton's Global Initiative at 4:00pm today. Here is a link to CGI page which will carry a web cast of the event.

After watching Bubba on Larry King last night, I believe we may see more of the proposed plans laid out in this forum than we will through the medias coverage of the other events at the UN.
U.S. to push for new economic world order at G20

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will urge world leaders this week to launch a new push in November to rebalance the world economy, but there are doubts national governments will bow to external advice.

A document outlining the U.S. position ahead of the September 24-25 Group of 20 summit in Pittsburgh said exporters, which include China, Germany and Japan, should consume more, while debtors like the United States ought to boost savings.

"The world will face anemic growth if adjustments in one part of the global economy are not matched by offsetting adjustments in other parts," said the document, which was obtained by Reuters on Monday.
The framework drafted by U.S. policy makers foresaw analysis of G20 members' economic policies by the International Monetary Fund to figure out if they were consistent with better balanced growth.

"We call on our finance ministers to launch the new framework by November," the document said, signaling a determined effort to maintain momentum for change created by last year's global financial crisis.

The United States envisages the IMF playing a central role in a process of "mutual assessment" by making policy recommendations to the G20 every six months.

Finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 countries are due to meet November 7-8 in Scotland.

European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said persuading Europe, the United States and China to accept IMF advice on economic policy may be difficult. In the past, many countries have ignored suggestions the IMF dished out in regular reviews.
European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said persuading Europe, the United States and China to accept IMF advice on economic policy may be difficult. In the past, many countries have ignored suggestions the IMF dished out in regular reviews.

Trichet told French newspaper Le Monde the G20 had made progress on reforms to make the financial system more stable after the crisis.

"The most difficult question is still open: Europe, America, China, are they ready to modify their macroeconomic policies in the future -- by following the advice of the IMF and under pressure from their peers, for the common good, and world economic stability?" he said in the piece on Monday.

G7 sources told Reuters there was a renewed determination to cooperate because the crisis had driven home the interconnected nature of the global system. That said, governments would not allow themselves to be told what to do.
cont at link

I was just checking out Rich of Medford latest blog. For those who have yet to see it, he shows some direct ties between new age teachings, Alliance of Civilizations, and FEMA, which should not be ignored.
Oh, so very clearly:


JD -
recent articles by Geithner saying "we should not go that far" as to audit the fed - and then the fed itself basically (I am boiling this down) that if you do audit us we have the ability to crash the economy and is that what you want to do?
Should let is all know that even though there maybe some sort of audit - it will not go as far as it shoud - if anything at all even happens regarding it.


Great points, however I see how much of this could be simple posturing to set themselves up as the problem. Only to get a reaction for which they already have the solution. Make no mistake I don't see the Fed disappearing. However those who are the current poster people could easily be swept out of the way, only to have new front men put in place and the structure reorganized to fit the new global system. In order to abolish the Fed completely, the US would need IMF and World Bank out of the picture, and that WILL NOT happen. However in order to change the monetary system the US runs on the old system has to be torn down. Since the idea of auditing the Fed could realisticly acheive this goal, and is almost lock step with the type of awakening Zeitgeist, Maxwell, and others have advocated concerning this matter, is it not plausible to suggest we may be seeing it unfold before us? In order to make this transition acceptable to the populace, one would need a figure who is the polar opposite of the system they are looking to tear down, other wise people see through the charade. The same could be said if it was done without opposition from the Fed. Is the timing mere coincidence? Why, after years of effort is Paul finally able to get this ball rolling? There are too many coincidences here for me to count, let alone ignore.

I must have missed something, either that our my brain lag hasn't caught up, whats here?
While watching this evenings PBS Newshour, Margaret Warner referred to the US Congress as "Pesky" because they are an obstacle to climate change reforms, while she seemed to brag on China's president who can make a decision and then go implement it without anything to impede him. I wrote to them asking for a retraction.

Also just a comment on the New Age movement. It seems to me that the lines are so blurred within Christianity that it is becoming harder to tell who stands for the truth of Scripture and who doesn't. I think many well meaning believers buy into New age thought without even knowing that they have. I have tried to warn others about these so called "christians" who are wolves in sheep's clothing. But for the most part it falls on deaf ears.

The sad truth is that all too often true believers drop the ball, when it comes to following Christ's command to love one another, and these New Agers often do a better job at loving others than we do. Shame on us.

This comment has been removed by the author.
I don't know what to make of these, so I am simply going to pass them along and let you guys decide.

The Mask Slips, for Those with Eyes to See: Preparing for the Real Pandemic

Last week, many of the aboriginal people in the remote west coast village of Ahousaht were innoculated with the tamiflu vaccine. Today, over a hundred of them are sick, and the sickness is spreading.

In the same week, body bags were sent to similarly remote native reserves in northern Manitoba that have also received the tamiflu vaccine.

On the face of things, it appears that flu vaccinations are causing a sickness that is being deliberately aimed at aboriginal people across Canada, and this sickness will be fatal: a fact acknowledged by the Canadian government by their “routine” sending of body bags to these Indian villages.

On the surface this could be taken as a sensationalized story, however after reading this next one it becomes a bit more questionable.

Canadian body bags cause H1N1 controversy

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - The government apologized on Thursday for sending a large shipment of body bags to aboriginal communities in northern Canada bracing for new outbreaks of the H1N1 flu.
Aboriginal leaders said the body-bag delivery shows the government has already given up on fighting H1N1 in the communities. They expressed outrage at getting body bags instead of sufficient resources to deal with the flu.

"The government has made it clear... what happened was inexcusable," Transport Minister John Baird told Parliament, where opposition parties grilled the Conservatives over the issue.

One story has natives gravely ill with the Canadian govt sending body bags. The second says yes there were body bags sent but it was a mistake. No matter how you slice this one it doesn't look good. Either the natives reaction to a vaccine is being buried or someone was grossly neglegent.
Almost forgot to add, yes tamiflu is a anti-viral, and yes I recognize the first story reffers to it as a vaccine. My point still remains something about these stories doesn't wash.

A couple of links I came across concerning the swine flu conspiracy?? Not sure what to make of these either, but it sure seems that something is up. I see red flags with the rhetoric that is flying from Washington and world organizations about this swine flu epidemic, that seems to me to be way overblown. Why all of a sudden so much commotion over a seemingly mild form of flu that has killed far less than the regular flu. It just all smells funny to me.

Dr. Gregory Reid and I will continue our internet radio conversation Thursday night, 8 to 9 p.m. Eastern time, 5 p.m. Pacific time.

In the meantime, I tuned to this link
to listen to MARY BREWER'S "What's Brewing" program. She had an EXCELLENT program with a guest with one of the most wonderful testimonies I have ever heard from a former New Ager. Mary is on Tuesday night from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time. You will want to catch her future broadcasts. I feel extremely humbled after listening to her first rate program.

What's here? THE NEW WORLD ORDER IN ALL ITS "splendor" and "glory" [NOT!] Obama's push at the UN today, the plans for Israel this week, everything is coming at us so fast I'm almost breathless. It's coming so fast, it is almost impossible to synthesize and encapsulate.

Just saw this on a google "Solana alert":
"EU: Meeting on Iran nukes Oct. 1 in Geneva
By SLOBODAN LEKIC (AP) – 5 hours ago
UNITED NATIONS — The European Union chief negotiator said Tuesday the six countries negotiating with Iran about its nuclear program will remain firm at an upcoming meeting in Geneva that Tehran must cease uranium enrichment.
Javier Solana said foreign ministers of the six — the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany — will hold preparatory talks at the United Nations on Wednesday.
"I expect that our basic two-track policy will be recognized by everybody and that they will stick to that policy," Solana told reporters.
He was referring to the strategy adopted by top powers at the U.N. to press for new sanctions against Iran while negotiating with Tehran to come clean about its nuclear program.
Tehran has said it wants to talk about nuclear nonproliferation in a broader sense and its own nuclear program but not enrichment, which has been the sticking point.
China and Russia have generally opposed the Western push for punishing new sanctions, saying they preferred to draw Tehran into a "constructive dialogue."
But Solana's remarks indicate that both Russia and China may now be ready to approve a more stringent sanctions regime if Tehran does not agree to suspend enrichment.
"I am convinced the group will remain united on this policy," he said.
The Geneva talks will be the first since a 2008 session in the Swiss city foundered over Iran's refusal to discuss enrichment.
Solana said that the "freeze for freeze" offer made to Tehran at the last meeting still stands. That refers to a moratorium on new U.N. sanctions if Tehran ends its enrichment program.
"This remains on the table. Nobody has taken that out," he said.
The U.S., Israel and the EU fear that Iran is using the nuclear program to covertly develop nuclear weapons. But Tehran says it serves purely civilian purposes and that it has the right to enrich uranium for use in nuclear power plants.
The U.S. has announced that Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns — who took part at last year's Geneva talks as an observer — would again represent the U.S. He will be a full participant in the upcoming meeting.
President Barack Obama's administration has threatened "crippling sanctions" if the next round of talks collapse. Washington is pressing major banks and other financial firms, as well as energy and insurance companies, to cut ties with Tehran."

Did you catch the CGI web cast I linked to earlier? It was a literal who's, who of all walks of life. Complete with all the oneness, sustainable development, interconnected, healthcare reform, millenium development goals, refrences one can stand.
Oh and it also had Obama too, of course he was spewing the same jargen.
Sorry I missed today's program. It is a busy week this week so I hope to be able to listen in on Thursday. I would love to hear his thoughts on CS Lewis and on the subject of Christians celebrating Halloween.

H1N1-- I have felt very leary of this one since the beginning.

Also I missed Glenn Beck (you can search on youtube for him and 9-22) had a program tonight on indoctrination.
Of course there is a link between the ACORN organization that is in the news right now and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Just put ACORN and Noetic into a Google search and do some work. I really don't want to do more work for others these days when those who are interested can do it for themselves.

And hasn't Beck been talking about the Tides Foundation? So, what's the connection?

EIN: 13-3028214
Originally founded by James George and Joshua Mailman in London, United Kingdom, in 1978.
Incorporated by Joshua Mailman in New York, August 17, 1979 as Threshold Foundation USA.
Name and UK institution co-opted by Joshua Mailman for the "Doughnuts" in 1982.
Became a project of the Tides Foundation in 1984.
Incorporated in California by Tides Foundation, July 11, 1986 (California C1536681) as a New York jurisdiction corporation.
2007 assets:$4,250,031
2007 revenue: $2,846,113

"The Doughnuts: In 1981, Joshua Mailman convened a secret meeting in Estes Park Colorado, bringing together a semi-mystical New Age group of 22 wealthy young heirs who called themselves "The Doughnuts." They named themselves after a circular cloud that appeared over the meditation circle they had formed in their outdoor council, where they contemplated "the sacredness of the earth as a living organism" and their duty to save it and its indigenous peoples through joint use of their inherited wealth. The mystical circle became the permanent symbol of their spiritual origins and, in artsy stylization, remains the logo of the present, more secular, Threshold Foundation."


Didn't Glen Beck talk about the Apollo Alliance. Here's just a quickie that I found.

"“The ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet,” said President Obama. His solution: “We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age.”

What's the point of any individual working hours and hours to show connections when the only response is deafening silence. So, this time I just gave some leads. Anyone who really cares will do more research on their own. It's time a lot of others really cared enough to fight for their future freedoms. After 30 years, some of us are very tired.

There is no difference between those who look to the government for daddy care and those who look to others for mommy care.

I am so excited by the hundreds of thousands who care enough to start learning what is going on and want to learn more.

Everyone who is reading here take the time to pass on the message about New Age at least one day a week.

What Obama is doing didn't start when he was elected. He is just a "talking head" for what was started 100 years ago.


Excellent information on the Threshold Foundation, "the doughnuts," etc.

That's amazing. As I was transcending and considering the great Gaia the other day, I looked up in the azure sky and saw a perfect doughnut hole. It appeared to be chocolate glazed, ( no sprinkles ), and as I watched, it moved directly in front of the sun and parked there. It appeared to have a halo, or corona around it, yet somehow the chocolate didn't melt !
I took it as a sign and went straight to Dunkin's
where a woman with an upside-down cross saw me come in and she walked right up and began to tell me that everything would soon be alright.
She said I only needed to put my trust in the Elders
of the Wisdom Council who were even now gathered in DC, chanting and precipitating warmth
and good feelings toward all mankind, (except for the traditional Christians, of course).
I've decided to use the eternal doughnut hole (no beginning and no ending ) as a logo on all my future correspondances.
Paul-- Did the warm glaze from the doughnut fill the grid and heal the earth as well?
"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenly [places]."

Eph 6:12
Dear Dorothy,

(In advance I apologize for a long post. I know that you hate them. But please do read it. Since I don’t post often, I hope I have saved up space in my “posting bank” to warrant its length.)

First of all, I wish to express my most humble apologies for my “silence”. There is so much information on this blog. Constance’s research and that of bloggers like yourself is valuable beyond measure. Thank you for your excellent contributions. Though it may feel like flattery or contrived because of your previous post, it is no less sincere.

I am surprised when, every now and again, I see a post from someone who says they have followed the blog for years, but are commenting for the first time. Many do just that. For myself, and I suspect many others, I do not process and “connect dots” as quickly as you, Constance and others on this blog. It has taken me several years--before I discovered Constance and her books-- to see the underpinnings. Yes, we are slow, but we are getting there.

Even when the dots are connected for me, I still have difficulty in wrapping my head around it. In some cases, it is because there is a foundational principle in which there is error in my thinking and I just can’t get around it. Like onion peels, when other information comes or points are made, I gradually come to understand, little by little, what the big deal is. For me, an example of this is the “inner healing” methodology. I am still trying to wade through its Jungian roots and understand the errors. Dorothy...continued...

Please receive the following sentiments from someone who is trying to be sincere and transparent. I am not angry, accusing, or vengeful. There have been a few times when I have done the research and come across something that I thought was notable. When I posted, I actually received what seemed like a caustic or scolding tone from you. At least once, you wrote off my research item as being insignificant, when others thanked me and affirmed that it was indeed important. Again, I am not trying to attack you. If I were, I would have done so in immediate response to the issue when it occurred. I simply chose to ignore it and continue despite the affront that it was.

My point is that, like you, most of us here (with the exception of counterfeits) are sincerely trying to understand the issues. I cannot speak for the others, but I write a periodic newsletter to our supporters in ministry. I have found that when I talk about these issues, people glaze over and write me off as a loony conspiracist. My strategy, (my attempt to be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove) is to introduce information, little by little, so as to soften the soil. So that when I do give them more loaded information, they will have a place to park it. Sorry to mix metaphors here--so that the information won’t wash away because the soil is too hard.

I can choose to be written off—not listened to at all and lose credibility. Or I can be wise and watch for the right opportunities and present in ways that will make the greatest impact. Most of my contacts are like I was 10 years ago, blinded by the deception, having no clue to the roots. Like the layers of onion peels mentioned in the 4th paragraph, they need to process.

Of course, obviously, there is tension of balance between patience and the very imminent danger. As Constance says, “IT’S HERE”. Perhaps I’m being too patient, too slow. But this is the path I am taking.
Finally, I have been in full-time Christian ministry for almost 30 years. We do not last in this kind of ministry unless we have patience, endurance and thick skin. We have learned not to take things personally and to continue in labor when there is no hope of earthly reward. That is a hallmark of a seasoned and mature Christian. (I am not trying to boast.) Others do not have those qualities. Right or wrong, they are sheep who fear retaliation or rebuke.

Please be patient with us who are very active and not able to do the in-depth research you so skillfully do. We appreciate your ministry more than you know. Forgive us for not saying so. Please also be patient when we do find items of note, even if they are not to your much esteemed standard. We need encouragement, not rebuke.

And thank you (all) again on behalf of the uncountable readers who benefit from this blog. Please continue to post. We need you.

May God bless you, Dorothy, Constance and others,
The oneness and the viscous fluidity of the
all encompassing whole of the doughnut
did indeed fill the hole whirrled, like a
million points of lite.
Feds, Pennsylvania Cops Establish Secret “Communications Hub” for G-20

Jerome L. Sherman
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 23, 2009

The G-20’s top security officials yesterday unveiled their communications hub for the summit, a windowless room of 100 computers that links to electronic eyes and ears all over the Pittsburgh region.

The Secret Service, which is overseeing security plans, asked that reporters not reveal the location of the Multi-Agency Communications Center, or “the MACC,” only describing it as a spot outside of Downtown Pittsburgh but still within city limits.

About 40 agencies will post high-ranking officials in the MACC round-the-clock during the summit, from 8 p.m. today until 10 p.m. Friday.

That includes representatives from the FBI, National Guard, Coast Guard, state police, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Allegheny County Police, Allegheny County sheriff’s office and Pittsburgh police.

“All the decision-makers are together,” said Robert Full, chief of Allegheny County’s emergency management services. ” … You’ve got every shape of badge and every type of uniform.”

To read entire article, click on:
I'm not going to gain any psychic friends by saying this, but it is clear to me that the same demonic world that influences and sometimes produces murders, child abductions, rape, and all other form of criminal atrocity, would just as easily "reveal" information about some of those crimes to a willing, open vessel who believes they are just using their "gift."

Here we also have a little hint of what it REALLY means to "cast out devils by Beelzebub."

In cases of possession, sometimes more powerful devils will allow less powerful ones to leave in order to make it appear that the possessed person has been successfully "exorcised."

During the 19th-century, there were some neo-gnostic/satanist groups that specialized in such "exorcisms" - most notably the group led by the infamous Abbe Boullan.

Boullan's death is believed (especially by the late Msgr. Leon Cristiani) to have been caused by Boullan's being savaged by demons - although secular historians would rarely, if ever, admit this.


Abbé Joseph-Antoine Boullan (Saint-Porquier, Tarn-et-Garonne, 18 February1824-Lyon, 4 January1893) was a French priest, who (unfrocked) became a satanist.

He was a friend and inspiration of the writer Joris Karl Huysmans. Huysmans with Henri Antoine Jules-Bois supported Boullan in a celebrated occultist feud with the Marquis Stanislas de Guaita.
Pets and children on an equal footing as far as tax deductions.

We all want to give our animal companions the best care we possibly can, but it seems that pet care costs are always on the rise—and these days, it’s harder than ever to stretch the family budget. That’s why the ASPCA supports H.R. 3501, which would amend U.S. tax code to allow qualifying pet care expenses, including veterinary care, to be tax-deductible.

"This means that when you prepare your income taxes, money you spent on pet care that year would count as non-taxable income—and you can deduct up to $3,500 per year!"

Now pets are great, but in these times of huge deficits, ......

Terri of Spanish Town,
If I offended you in the past, I'm sorry. If you can remind me what the situation was, I'll try to straighten out my thoughts.

You know, even after all of these years I encounter the same things you encounter.

First of all there are the people who are laughing, sceptical, overtly rude, or who refuse to listen. I've run into this on and off the net. Only rarely do I come across anyone who I can talk to as an equal on the topic of the New Age movement. Most of the time its just shoveling sand.

One of the problems with this blog is there is no working together with others on a topic. I don't think I've ever seen a
"What Do You Think? comment. There is no larger jigsaw puzzle picture in which we can place the pieces.

I only post short pieces because there are many links and connections to almost everything, and anyone who knows the internet can find them by themselves. By doing the work they can come up with insights others will miss.

There are researchers who are extremely intelligent, Susanna being an example. You can find out what they are writing by going to their websites or reading their books. Generally they like being loners and don't work with others. Others can bring them pieces of information for which they say thank you, but they maintain control.

Over the years I've decided to quit many, many times. Then something comes up I think others should see and I'm back in the game.

Of necessity I'm out of the loop where Christians communicate with each other about their understanding of New Age movement and how it affects the Christian community. It's not my role as a Jew to evaluate what is going on there.

There are reasons why everyone of us acts the way we do. Sometimes they aren't very clear to others.
You may not have realized how difficult it is for me to do the research I do and how difficult it is to share it.

I appreciate your note. Perhaps we need to communicate more directly with each other.

A day ago, I had Glenn Beck on in the car. Some may know that Beck has become a hero to many because he now gives out some of the truth. They all forget, however, that he works for Rupert Murdoch and he trashed Ron Paul during the campaign. Beck may be used to control people. Anyway, Beck started talking about when he took a theology class of some sort and about Gnostics and then he started giving out false information about what Gnosticism is. Either he doesn't know or it was part of his job. I just thought it was interesting that he would get on such an obscure subject. Times are really strange.

Thanks for the Radio Interview. I have been doing some reading about the Black Legend that arose in Elizabethan England. I am not sure to what extent the occult was involved in this, but Catholicism was outlawed in England, at this time, and Nordic Protestants saw Catholics as racially inferior because they inter-married with Natives and Jews. The nazis bring this up in their writings about he Catholic assault on European heritage.

Racial amalgamation only began with the conversion of the Germanic Christians from the Arian creed to Roman catholicism.

Much later, Luther did cast aside the Jews and their lies, and declare that he no longer had anything to do with Moses. But by then the bible had become a popular work, and the prophecies of the old testament integral to religion. As a result, the Judaisation and torpidity of our life were pushed a step further, and it is no wonder that thenceforth blond German children were forced every Sunday to sing: To you, to you, O Jehovah, will I sing; for where is such a god as you? ..

The historical task of the movement of national renewal which now arises in Germany is to strengthen the foundations of our culture, despite their subsequent perversion by Roman Jewish doctrines and Syrian African world views, and to assist in the victory of Nordic values.

Before it could fully blossom, the joyous message of German mysticism was strangled by the anti European church with all the means in its power. Nevertheless, the message has never died. The great sin of protestantism has been that instead of listening to the former, it made the so called old testament into a folkish book, and interpreted the Jewish texts literally. The present period of renewed spiritual readiness will either listen to the message of German mysticism, or end up under the feet of the old forces before it has had time to unfold, like many past attempts at a transformation from Roman Jewish poisoning.

And all this means that in place of the Jewish Roman view of the world, the Nordic spiritual creed appears as the inward side of German Teutonic man—of the Nordic race.

These Christian churches
wish to force us all—whether white, yellow or black—upon one path, into one form, and under one dogma. These things have poisoned our souls, our European racial heritage. What was its life was our death. We have not died because we have the power of the Germanic soul which thus far has prevented the final victory of Rome and Jerusalem.

Our soul has been infected by the Jewish spirit in this respect. The means for this were the bible and the church of Rome. With their help, the desert demon became the god of Europe.

The new German racial church will make changes in the Roman ritual. It will abandon sermons about slaves and scapegoats and the lamb of god. It will forget about claiming that Peter founded the Roman church. There will be no more talk of the fulfilment of the old testament, of Indulgences or of miraculous powers. A corresponding alteration of external rites will also have to result. We will work hand in hand with the great literature of enlightenment, which is to be spread by the spiritual heads of the German church within their existing communities. From this new inward attitude toward the image of Jesus, however, there also results an unconditionally necessary if seemingly only outward alteration: the replacement of the crucifixes representing the tortured crucifixion in churches and on the village streets.
The Roman church encourages this practice among many of the South American faithful. Without question the figure of the sorrowful crucified Christ has become the means by which Rome rules the souls of its adherents.


P.S. I should add these are lines taken from the book "The Myth of the 20th century", by Alfred Rosenberg.

Savvy, your link doesn't work. You should have used quote marks because you sure shocked me when I started reading the quote. LOL


Here's the link.
I wrote Dr. Reid with a query, but he did not answer me. My query was probably too "far out", and he could not answer it. My query was this: why, during the 12 hours from dusk to dawn when my husband lay dying (he died at noon following this) was there the sound of "Indian" drums outside his hospital room? Five people heard this throughout the night, that is, me, my son, and three nurses. My son went outside to try to find the source, and could find nothing. I assume this was a spiritual force, but it bothers me because my husband was not an Indian, not interested particularly in Indian spirituality (although we live surrounded by Indian reservations of the Pueblo tribes), and was a sincere Christian. We had both given up the last vestiges of "New Age" spirituality more than twenty years earlier.

I have asked quite a few spiritual counselors about this, and no one has an answer. I hope it was not an "attack" from a non-Christian entity. I am emotionally fragile since my husband's death last January, and I would like to be at peace about this.

My peace is not good these days. I need to move to low altitude to keep myself from having a stroke due to my Essential Thrombocythemia, but I am unable to gird myself to do this.


I would be surprised, and disappointed, if Dr. Reid was deliberately ignoring your question. It's probably worth sending a follow-up to see if he can shed any light on what happened.

The only thing that comes to mind, did you rebuke these sounds when they were occurring? If you did and they continued I would not worry about it. It could also have come from a natural source (music playing or someone actually drumming).
Mark Mallet's is a Catholic lay evangelist and blogger, whose book, "The Final Confrontation" has just come out.

"These are not normal times. Ask the average passerby if “something strange” is going on in the world, and the answer will almost always be “yes.” But what?

There will be a thousand answers, many of them conflicting, several speculating, often adding more confusion to the growing fear and despair beginning to grip a planet reeling from economic collapse, terrorism, and the upheaval of nature. Could there be a clear answer?

Mark Mallett unfolds a stunning picture of our times built not upon flimsy arguments or questionable prophecies, but the solid words of the Church Fathers, modern Popes, and approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The end result is unequivocal: we are facing The Final Confrontation."

Anon 9:49, I did not rebuke the sounds, but continued to pray. They did not seem evil. I had no idea what they were, so I did nothing except continue to pray. I had been sleeping in Irv's room for 12 nights.The nurses had said they hoped he would pass on the next day, so he would not have to go to a hospice and I would not have to be bankrupt paying for it. Medicare would let him stay longer in the hospital. I think they ultimately gave him more morphine to urge him on, after I went home the following morning to pack for hospice. I was too numb to think of rebuking, Anon,
but was concentrating solely on being there for him, supporting him, and praying for him and me. So I don't think the sounds were evil. But they were so strange that it has puzzled, and this expert on the occult asked us to write if we had questions. Having been in the New Age decades earlier, I did wonder. It is possible the Lord sent Indian angels to pick up Irv. I know that sounds odd, why should there be angels who had an Indian tradition, but I think we live in a world of mystery. Like the Catholics of which I once was one, I believe in the communion of saints. I do not pray to saints any more, not for many years, and never prayed to them often. But it may be that the Lord sends saints to retrieve the souls. That is really what I was thinking about...did He send some Indians to retrieve Irv because here we are actually living on their ancestral land? And many of the Indians here are Christians, and probably some of them are "better" Christians than many of the non-Indians.

I long for the rapture so I can find out what happened. I am not thinking it was something evil, just something mysterious.

Thanks for replying.

P.S to Anon 927, I think I have figured it out myself. The Lord did send Indian guardians, part of the communion of saints, to defend Irv against intrusion of other spirits who might harm him or me. We WERE indeed on their ancestral land, this town having been built on it, and are surrounded by pueblos. It is really their place, long before the white man took over and designed the Manhattan Project here.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.
Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness , for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.
Such a good scripture, Paul!


This is anonymous who posted to you at 9:49. I think you bring up a great point, that by associating Indian drumming with the "New Age" movement you are focusing on the pagans who have co-opted "indigenous culture" for their own evil ends. I think your conclusion about these sounds is absolutely the correct one. I have further evidence of why which I will relate below:

This morning I woke up and logged onto the internet and read your response. A few minutes later I left my home and went outside to get into my car to drive to work.

When I got outside there was a soft rain falling. I got into my car and put the key into the ignition. When I looked up I immediately noticed smack in the middle of my windshield on the driver side a rather large, perfectly formed white bird's feather. It wasn't "fluffy" but rather looked very "Native American."

I should add that in all the years I have lived here in this city I never recall ever seeing or finding any kind of bird feather. It just is not a normal occurrence.

Furthermore I would not in any way describe my spiritual orientation as "charismatic" or "mystical" and can count on one hand the times I have ever felt "God speaking directly to me."

I truly believe finding this feather was a "signe Dieux." I believe it was your husband Irv asking me to tell you, unequivocally, not to fear and that he is now part of the communion of saints.

I hope this brings you comfort as it did me.

Anonymous l:19. What an encouraging post, and I think you are SO right, that Native American ceremonies have been co-opted by the New Age.

On God's Learning Channel, which is available many places, and every place if you have the right "dish", there are some Christian American Indian presenters. These people are educated in both Indian and Western culture, multi-talented. They wear some Indian insignias, such as rings and bolos, but they are completely in the camp of Jesus. They are very forgiving of what the white man did, and even grateful that the white man brought them the Christian religion. Remarkable people. I forget their names now because I do not have the appropriate "dish" to watch in my locale, but I can get God's Learning Channel on my computer--it's just more difficult to watch there, so I'm out of the habit.

I accept your "Sign from God" as a welcome encouragement. How lovely,
and thanks for relaying it!


Are you of Native American descent? One of my classes had a research project on Canada's natives and we were directed to a sight based on Iriquois spirituality. Aside from the snide remarks about Christianity being imposed on the natives, there was mention of light workers, planetary healers, and the Internatioanalization of Jerusalem since it belongs to no one and should be shared. It was very New Age.

Savvy, I am not of American Indian descent, nor was my husband.

Yes, I know that New Agers do "infiltrate" Indian culture when they can. And make fun of Christianity in the process.

Some Indians are too smart to fall for that.

My husband and I had lots of New Age experience decades ago. Really got into the thick of it. However, were not really into the Native American part of that, except that here and there emerged someone like
Starhawk who combined what she called Indian culture and New Age culture. And I had lunch once with Rolling Thunder at a friends' house (she is still a New Ager).

Possibly my last real contact with New Age culture was when Irv and I went to a Unitarian summer camp gathering at Seabeck WA. This was billed as a "Christianity is OK" seminar, and as I had returned to Christ and Irv was moving fast in that direction, but still a part of the Unitarian Church in his case, we went to the seminar. It became apparent there that "Christianity is OK" was only acceptable if you agreed that "other" ways were just as good. When I said that I was a "straight" Christian, i.e., I took mine unadulterated, they told me I ought not to have come. I stuck around for Irv, but that was the last time we went to what had been our primary social group. It hurts to have been cut off for twenty five years from our "best friends", and being, in effect, told to leave.
Irv soon gave all that up, too.


Thanks for sharing.

These are very dark days indeed. The hip hop culture has infested the black church in a very blatant way. Kids are being drawn into this godless culture by so-called Christian hip hop. There is a group of young people that are waking up to this trend and are exposing the darkness therein. Many of those doing the unveiling are being thrown off of youtube and other sites. We can see the cloud on the horizon so therefore the storm is not far behind.
This is BRILLIANT! I cannot explain to you how utterly unbelievable all your comments and thoughts are. I should say they have opened my eyes in so many ways.

You guys are completely insane.
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