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There is little I can presently add to what I have already posted here and to my other views beyond that in this attached article in THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NANO-MEDICINE by Dr. Martin Erdmann. I thank Sarah Leslie of Herescope for passing this on to us. She mentioned it to me in an extensive conversation we had the other night.  I have  just finished my first reading of "The Spiritualization of Science, Technology and Education in a One-World Society."

This portion, in particular, jumped out at me:

"Calling for a new metaphysic of science/technology, the proponents of the Human Potential Movement perceive the religious heritage of the West, based on Christian premises, as the greatest impediment of an evolving 'cosmic conscience'. In gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the spiritual and material processes of the universe, a mystically inclined elite of technically enhanced human mutants would be able to usher in a homogeneous world socialist society, perhaps not altogether different from the one envisioned in Brave New World." (emphasis added)

 Dr. Erdmann is a professor at Patrick Henry College in Virginia, USA. You may read his full article by clicking here.  The abstract, also reproduced in Sarah Leslie's Herescope article, is below:


Western Christianity has always provided a rational and moral basis for the development of science and technology, including clinical Nanomedicine. Yet this sensible basis has been strongly disputed for about half a century. This paper will outline some of the pivotal reasons why influential intellectuals in England and America, mostly in the later part of the 20th century, concluded that irrationality would be a better foundation for the scientific enterprise.


Aldous Huxley envisioned a future world society totally controlled by an elite group of scientists. His bestknown fictional work explicating this dire prospect bore the title Brave New World. Years later he would “revisit” his prognostications only to conclude that he had underestimated the rate of change realizing his darkest fears. Turning to mysticism, both in its meditative and drug-induced varieties, he prepared the way for the burgeoning Human Potential Movement which was initially formed at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA in the early 1960s. The electrical engineering professor at Stanford University Willis W. Harman, who had gotten involved in researching the cognitive and societal effects of LSD consumption, conducted seminars at Esalen on “Human Potentialities”. Under his directorial supervision at the Stanford Research Institute a scientific study entitled “Changing Images of Man” was carried out from 1972-74 with the purpose of changing the “conceptual premises underlying Western society”, including a radical modification of the rational worldview of western scientists. As the president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences from 1977 to 1996, Harman advocated openly a mystical outlook on life claiming that a spiritual approach to scientific research and technological development would greatly enhance our understanding of the monistic unity of the universe.

Erdmann, M Eur J Nanomed 2009; 2:31-38

 In reading it, bear in mind that Paul N. Temple signed Willis Harman's Institute of Noetic Sciences paychecks for many years. Paul Temple is mentioned in the article.  Paul Temple's World Business Academy write up proudly boasts of IONS and WBA sharing Willis Harman's DNA !   This is an important link between the hi-jacking of evangelicalism of which I wrote in the past and the New Age world.

And to think that Walter Martin and the rest insisted the New Agers were not consciously networked! You be the judge!

Stay tuned!


Let;'s not forget about the "Restrainor" (2 Thessalonains 2:6)
My spouse had 60 Minutes on last evening and of course Andy Rooney had the last words on the show. His message for us all was to avoid wars and misery we need to have a new religion. Isn't it interesting how this notion comes from all possible sides?
The last New Agers I met were decades ago, when my husband and I ended our relationship with them. At that time, those we met were against Christianity in this sense: the one sin of Christianity which could not be forgiven was that it claimed exclusive access to the Kingdom. Over and over we found, as we moved back into Christianity, that our New Age friends would accept Christianity IF it was one pillar of a multi-pillared Kingdom of Heaven. One camp meeting we went to was specifically aimed at "accepting Christianity", but when I said that I now thought Christianity was the "pre-eminent way" I was shunned. I was told I should leave.

This is ironic, for I myself believe that some people who are not nominally Christian will be saved. These are the ones who are on Christ's path but do not have a specific name of their path. This seems obvious to me simply by observing (as best a human can, which isn't too good, I admit) the hearts of those I have met.

Some of the New Agers we met are definitely looking for Christ, but have been impeded by the insistence of the Leadership that Christ must be placed under the canopy of the Ascended Masters plural. Christ must not be allowed to rule, must not be allowed first place in the pantheon.

It is extremely sad, this effort to find Him, which is diflected into dark places. May God find His lost sheep very soon.

I am re-posting my last post, since Constance put up a new post and really would like some feedback:

Well previously I have expressed concern about Lowell "Bud" Paxson of Paxson Communications and IONS television networks, in particular IONS life, which has similar "interfaith" type symbols in its logo. Not heard anything more on this person but wanted to give reminder.

Now something else that has rang some alarm bells as well. Recently a lot of PSAs are shown on TV from the Foundation for a Better live. Main site is This is run by a pruported Christian and the head of PTC and Discovery Institute: Philip Anschutz. He also runs Regal Cinemas, heads an oil company in Denver, and Sponsored a "Pass it on" campaign. He is also behing head of Random acts of kindness foundation and

This I find concerning and what we might find more and more. This is the promotion of values outside of the Gospel. It fits part and parcel to the new age, and different then Paxson's take. I wonder if these 2 gentlemen are associated with the Fellowship and Coe at some level. Just seems to fit. Any thoughts?
That should read foundation for a better life.
Thank you Constance & Sarah for alerting us to this latest information.
I've almost finished reading the full, astounding
I have saved as well as printed out a copy for future reference. Also up on Herescope, is another very insightful article written by Ben Laake -

The previous comments section is loaded with many new eye-opening leads to information & links. I haven't had time to get through them all yet, but thank you everyone who has contributed!!

And also, thank you Bjorn for the link above - interested readers now have the opportunity to download
“Changing Images of Man” in PDF Format.


If this is the correct URL it should be about a new movie, THE HIVE MIND.
Extremely important article in newest Harper's Magazine, "Let Them Eat Cash" about the World Food Programme headed by Josette Sheeran Shiner. Author thinks she left Unification Church. My personal opinion is that she did not but was dispatched out by Rev. Moon. Bad enough that they now have their hands on world food resources -- RUMOR IS per article that Josette Sheeran may be slated to be new UN head when BanKi Moon's term is up. This was the path that Kofi Annan took as well.

The Christians that weren't compromised by Paul Temple were compromised in large part by Rev. Moon! I am absolutely certain that her appointment to the WFA was a payback to Rev. Moon by former President George W. Bush who together with his family benefited enormously from financial dealings with that "Church" where Rev. Moon proclaimd himself "Emperor of the Universe" AND "Lord of the Second Advent"
FYI finally have my star trek movie commentary up. Appreciate any feedback. Took me awhile to complete. Really see a lot of the New age agenda and things discussed on this blog.
Re the Irish Catholic schools abuse scandal, it has nothing to do with any attempt to close down private religious education in the Western tradition but is simply truth mercifully coming out. There were plenty of excessive disciplinary beatings, talk of sin without mention of redemption, and a certain sadism, but that was the educationary ethos of the time and is not what is being complained of. The problem is with systematic sexual abuse of boys and girls in these institutions, ie paedophilia; and the connivance of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Ireland in covering it up by moving miscreants on to another community or a monastery. The great majority of Catholic teachers were not paedophiles, but those who were had an insatiable appetite and have blighted a distressingly large number of lives.

Of course, this suits Satan fine, as does the drive against private education; but they are not connected.
Annon 8:30am--
This doesn't surprise me in the least about Andy Rooney. I remember years ago he said (it may have been post 9/11) he didn't mind being chipped to keep track of everyone.

Never underestimate anything they put on tv. It is not just the news shows that are slanted. I think sometime they even fix reality shows to promote certain views.
Sorry this is off topic, or if this has been posted already, but has anyone watched the YouTube video by a danish scientist on the topic of nano thermite?

Just type in nano thermite, and you will see the video. its just over 10 minutes long.

From the very beginning I felt if the "inside job" theory were correct, someone would find evidence of nano explosives.

This really makes sense compared with the official "pancaking" explanation for the collapse of the towers, and building 7 is obviously "pulled". Every part of that building fell at the same time, and rate into a nice neat footprint.
7:26 post should read, and right into a nice neat footprint!

Blessed holiday to all.

The fight for liberty this Memorial Day has never been more crucial.
I’ll bet you remember Kent State and the “love children and their flowers in the barrels of National guard rifles! The silly followers of this sort of thing are like the existentialists that want to weave lives of beautiful expression, but they have no power to carry out their dreams of utopia, or gestures of the higher evolved.
William Barclay puts it this way: “They will love pleasure more than they love God. They will retain the outward conventions of religion, but they will consistently deny its dynamic.”
Keep up the good work.

Muslims vandalize Christian graves
Crosses smashed: 'We don't feel safe anymore'

Posted: May 25, 2009
8:15 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – Palestinian Christians in a normally quiet village are reeling from a series of grave desecrations this week that they say are indicative of intimidation tactics from the town's growing Muslim population.

"Christians don't feel free anymore. Our way of life is changing while the Muslim population grows," a local Christian told WND. The Christian would only give his first name, Anis, for fear of Muslim retaliation if he speaks out. He pointed out there are several other Anis's in his village, Jisna, which is located near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

This week, 70 Christian grave sites in Jisna were vandalized, with the crosses on top of the graves found smashed off, local Christians told WND.


Important and disturbing information. Thanks!


National Geographic: New Age Pioneer

National Geographic Blames Israel for Christianity's Decline in Middle East - Dexter Van Zile (CAMERA)

In its June 2009 issue, National Geographic portrays the departure of Christians from the Holy Land as largely a consequence of Israeli (and American) policies in the region.

The article offers no honest description of the well-documented mistreatment of Christians at the hands of Muslim majority populations in the Middle East.

It also obscures the fact that Israel's Christian population grew by 25% from 1995 to 2007.
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