Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Nice Word of Encouragement I received that might also encourage you!

I will confess I have been extremely depressed over recent developments in our active forum on my blogspot. I almost felt significant numbers of demons in hell were suddenly hanging out here. Today I discovered a piece of unopened mail from a gentleman, "Albert" in Ireland. I shared it with a local friend Carole Stevens, a regular reader who had called me to read a letter from a former friend she lost because her friend "went New Age." I called Carole and said, "please let me read you my letter." Carole insists I didn't open it until today because the Lord knew I needed this encouragement today. The letter is close to prophetic in tone considering on line activity as of late. Here is the copy:

To Constance Cumbey, Michigan, USA

Dear Constance,

I just want to say thank you for all your good work!

I recently left a New Age religion after many years because I discovered, very late in the day, that it has a cleverly hidden occult agenda.

Now that I have woken up and returned to Jesus Christ, I am a new man.

The war is in full swing. As I see it, the date it entered this new and demonic phase was 1 September 2008.

Please don't lose heart. It is people like you, who saw clearly for many years, just how dangerous and devious these people really are. And you spoke out fearlessly! For this, we thank you.

I think anyone who takes a stand at this time against the dark forces of the new world order will be subject to severe psychic attack. I was nearly wiped out a few weeks ago. This was the shocking event that woke me up. I survived because Jesus protected me.

You may need to remind people on your website that such all occult attacks will become more common and that Christians will need to be vigilant. Covens of witches are working in concert around the world to lend greater force to these attacks. They cleverly invite their intended victims to innocent events and surround them with dark forces. Christians will need to be mindful of this.

I am praying to Jesus to send you support!

With love in Jesus Christ


[A new Christian in Ireland]
6 October 2008

Thank you, Albert, and God bless you! You don't know how much I needed that -- TODAY. Forgive me for not opening it sooner!

I am on internet radio within an hour of writing this. We will conclude our series on Communitarism - take the wheat and leave the chaff! Stay tuned!


May you never stray. Praise God He has touched your heart. We all here are grateful for your positive God sent encouragement you sent to Constance.

Verse of the day at Biblegateway.com

1 Peter 1:13 (American Standard Version)

13 Wherefore girding up the loins of your mind, be sober and set your hope perfectly on the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

Even the angels in heaven rejoice; so do I. Is there anything better than knowing that God is using you to proclaim the good news? Sort of wipes out all the complaining. I'm sure that message has many brothers and sisters.
Constance this is wonderful to see our Lord answering prayer in this way. Thank You for sharing your cheery news and thank you to Albert for sharing his good news with you. May there be much rejoicing in heaven.

What an encouragement Constance! A reminder to be covered in the blood of Christ and to be vigilant in putting on the armor of God.
Thank you for sharing this and may it be a blessing to all those who need it now.
I have sent you a private email in response to this very public commentary of yours. I do hope you will take the time to find and read it.

there is not much mention of jesus and his shed blood on this forum. i don't get it. info.. info.. info not to be critical but what took place on the cross is what saves us from all this demonic worldly planning and nwo strategizing towards globalism-beast system 666 surge of darkness. Praise be to JESUS, HOSSANA in the Highest! Protect us Lord and render satan useless as a defeated foe on our forum which is dedicated to YOU allmighty GOD!,in the name of jesus christ-yeshua- our master, our lord and redeemer, saviour. ALL PRAISE AND HONOR ARE YOURS O"LORD,amen. GOD be with you constance, i truely think you are wonderful and your work has been the catalyst that on a thinking level brought me into the light of Christ. i am forever grateful and my respect for you goes over the rainbow and back on and on and on....... love in christ to you and all of your family and friends, associates, and forum commenters. Your brilliant powers of observations shed LIGHT and light brings warmth and LOVE and gratitude to our Father in heaven. thank you and God bless your work and your website. tony in vermont

I regularly read your blog and often share what you write with others I know via email and include it when I teach an adult class at our church.

I don't comment very often as I am not a deep researcher in some of these areas and don't feel that I have much to share. But I learn a lot from you.

You, and others like you who seriously research the days in which we are living in light of God's Word are doing an incredible ministry that contributes to our ability to discern the times -- you are a true watchman on the wall.

Our spiritual enemy knows his time is short and is out "like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour." Although many in the Evangelical Church are being deceived, because of your work, there are many who will NOT be devoured. Please don't stop.

I will continue to pray that God keeps a hedge of protection around you and yours as you continue to fulfill your calling.

Wishing you all of God's very best in 2009. I don't believe it will be long until we see our Lord.

Dave in CA
Praise God for Albert! That is an encouragement.

May I ask, anyone who may know, what is the significance of the September 1, 2008 date?

Great post, Constance. I for one have certainly felt under spiritual attack of late.

Breaking news:
Obama chooses Deep Pit Chopra for surgeon General.

Gee, what a surprise.

Great show. What struck me was how professional and courteous you both were. Having read the blog and some of the very heated things that were said about you, about Nikki, about your presenting her work, etc, I expected some air of tension between you two. She could have easily held comments made on this blog about her against you, but didn't. You could have negated all her research and information based on parts that offended others, but you didn't. That was a great example of courteous, professional and Christian behavior. You don't have to completely agree with someone, but you can still treat them with respect and dignity. Thank you.


What 6 religous or world political leaders all have the same great great great grandfather? Joseph Smith, Churchill, Bush, Nixon, Ford, Roosevelt.

Anon 9:26pm

Reuters says that the position has been offered to Sanjay Gupta of CNN fame.


Originally posted by the Washington Post

I read one your book during the summer, and have been an active reader of your blog ever since. I have never commented until now - but I do want to encourage you. You are doing a great work informing on the new age agenda, and I appreciate your efforts. The last couple of weeks of blogs have been very confrontational, but you have handled yourself and your website well.

Keep up the good work. I will be praying for you.


I totally agree with Albert's message. Your research and this blog is unique and vital.

It's only natural that the closer you get to the truth, and the more trouble you cause the Enemy, the more resistance and attacks you will encounter.

Time is short and their plans are unfolding quickly. We must focus on the things that bind us together, not the things that divide us, and remember why we visit this site and research the things we do.

Sadly many Christians sre being duped by NA ideas dressed up as 'caring for the earth' and new spirituality. We are here as watchmen. We are here to warn people, not to fight among ourselves. That is exactly what our Enemy wants - for us to be distracted, divided and impotent.

"The night is far gone; the Day is almost here." - Romans 13:12
I was startled by the comment that Barack Obama had allegedly picked Deepak Chopra for Surgeon General. I googled it and the pick is somebody entirely different:


Who is the medical advisor on CNN, very personable, very competent, and as far as I can ascertain from his public persona, not at all a bad guy.


That IS encouraging.

I would tape Albert's letter close to my computer and read it at least once a day!!!
Dear constance,

As I see it, Albert's letter is a sign of God's "kudos" to you and everyone who resists the New Age Movement!
Dear Constance,
Thank you for sharing this post.
I spent last night at an emergency prayer meeting for more than a dozen families at our church (my family included) who have been severely spiritually attacked over this last month. Job losses, foreclosures, suicides due to this economy, tragic date rape, and so much more. I've never known so much deep sorrow and loss felt all in one night.
All together, weeping with one another, sharing our grief and our fears, encouraging one another, pooling resources, hugging one another, and praying for one another; this was worth far more than pure gold to me.
Never once was there dissension among us, though we came from many different denominations and backgrounds.
My soul is grieving so much that I can hardly type this.
Yet, as I shared last night, I find great joy and comfort knowing where my home truly is.
Thought that I'd share my life verse with everyone else who may be discouraged or hurting here as well.

"Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord you God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you."
May God bless you all.

By His Grace,
Good radio show Constance.

Niki, your interview was of interest, but must tell you that my research has led me to some very different conclusions than what I am reading on your blog spot.

I, too, have encountered the Agenda 21 material while researching the UN Alliance of Civilizations initiative. If you are not familiar with the Alliance of Civilizations, it is the globalization of the European Union’s social cohesion policies—the political framework also known as the Barcelona Process. It has some unique characteristics.

- It is hostile towards national sovereignty-- primarily the United States. The AoC has openly called for the redefinition of U.S. sovereignty.
- The Alliance of Civilizations is hostile towards the national of Israel. It has said that once the United States is no longer in its way, it will impose a solution upon Israel.
- The Alliance of Civilizations’ goal is to combat religious fundamentalists worldwide. They mean genocide.
- The Alliance of Civilizations is hostile towards the Vatican.
- Alliance of Civilizations is the vehicle to bring forth the new civilization as written by Alice Bailey.

I find some material on your blog space is supportive of the Alliance of Civilizations’ mindset--particularly the anti-fundamentalism, anti-Israel material. Most, but not all, of this material comes from a commentator named Bobby Garner. Garner’s conclusions leads me to believe he will ultimately support the Bailey ideology.

For example:

“Christian fundamentalism has obvious attachments to Zionism , so it all works together. The idea appears to have been to promote the conflict between the different ideologies to justify the later calls for unity…Israel therefore, is the common link between Communism, Zionism, fundamentalist religion (including Islam), the New Age Movement, UN Agenda 21, and world government.”


“Most of what is believed and said on the subject stems from a religious bias toward Zionism, Jewry, Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and so forth because of the mistaken belief that the God of the Bible has a future plan for the temple to be rebuilt in Jerusalem…Truth is, God does indeed have a plan, but it doesn't include the likes of Pat Robertson, or Jerry Falwell, and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the state of Israel or the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Those who teach such garbage also claim to believe that the Bible is the word of God…”

I inerpret the Bible much differently and see that God DOES have a plan for Israel and the temple. (Revelation 11 and Zechariah 14)

I recognize writing that is hostile towards Christianity and that which is anti-Semitic. Nearly everything I read by this guy I also find vile. Despite Garner’s claims to the contrary, his own pen convicts him.

I will pray for you and for the conversation on the blog that it would not discourage people but sharpen us in the days we are living.. I have said blogs are an imperfect means of communication, although they are certainly useful and this one can be extremely helpful, so thanks for hanging in there even when you are discouraged. Sometimes I feel like stopping to say things too, but I figure, how ever imperfect communication is, we all have something to contribute.

I just want to thank Rich of Medford for this:

"I inerpret the Bible much differently and see that God DOES have a plan for Israel and the temple. (Revelation 11 and Zechariah 14)"

This has been a lot of the point of what I've been trying to say, but we will inevitably see this different. I haven't followed the Nikki business so I will refrain from commenting at all because it just has been on my radar, but it is critical to understand that what God is restoring is Israel. I think all of us might want to look at this issue and try to understand it in light of the Scriptures. The passage in Zechariah is so clear. We will all celebrate the feast of Sukkot in kingdom... All the tribal identities will be restored, and if you look at
the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem we have the names of these tribes, and the foundations are the apostles. This should clue us into something. You don't come into the New Jerusalem unless you walk through a gate that has the name of a tribe, so my question to all of you is do you believe that you are part of Israel?

Rev. 21:12 1It had a great and high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels; and names were written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.

I think we will all want to come in.

Sorry this is a long one, but I think it's important. This is the Millennial Kingdom:

Ezek. 48:21 ¶ “The aremainder shall be for the prince, on the one side and on the other of the holy allotment and of the 1property of the city; in front of the 25,000 cubits of the allotment toward the east border and westward in front of the 25,000 toward the west border, alongside the portions, it shall be for the prince. And the holy allotment and the sanctuary of the house shall be in the middle of it.
Ezek. 48:22 “Exclusive of the 1property of the Levites and the 1property of the city, which are in the middle of that which belongs to the prince, everything between the border of Judah and the border of Benjamin shall be for the prince.
Ezek. 48:23 ¶ “As for the rest of the tribes: from the east side to the west side, aBenjamin, one portion.
Ezek. 48:24 “Beside the border of Benjamin, from the east side to the west side, aSimeon, one portion.
Ezek. 48:25 “Beside the border of Simeon, from the east side to the west side, aIssachar, one portion.
Ezek. 48:26 “Beside the border of Issachar, from the east side to the west side, aZebulun, one portion.
Ezek. 48:27 “Beside the border of Zebulun, from the east side to the west side, aGad, one portion.
Ezek. 48:28 “And beside the border of Gad, at the south side toward the south, the border shall be from aTamar to the waters of Meribath-kadesh, to the brook of Egypt, to the bGreat Sea.
Ezek. 48:29 “This is the aland which you shall divide by lot to the tribes of Israel for an inheritance, and these are their several portions,” declares the Lord 1GOD.
Ezek. 48:30 ¶ “These are the exits of the city: on the anorth side, 4,500 cubits by measurement,
Ezek. 48:31 1shall be the gates of the city, 2anamed for the tribes of Israel, three gates toward the north: the gate of Reuben, one; the gate of Judah, one; the gate of Levi, one.
Ezek. 48:32 “On the east side, 4,500 cubits, 1shall be three gates: the gate of Joseph, one; the gate of Benjamin, one; the gate of Dan, one.
Ezek. 48:33 “On the south side, 4,500 cubits by measurement, 1shall be three gates: the gate of Simeon, one; the gate of Issachar, one; the gate of Zebulun, one.
Ezek. 48:34 “On the west side, 4,500 cubits, shall be three gates: the gate of Gad, one; the gate of Asher, one; the gate of Naphtali, one.
Ezek. 48:35 “The city shall be 18,000 cubits round about; and the aname of the city from that day shall be, ‘1The bLORD is there.’”

We serve a God who keeps His Covenant. This was promised to Joseph in Genesis 48 when Israel adopted Ephraim and Manasseh:

Ezek. 47:13 ¶ Thus says the Lord 1GOD, “This shall be the aboundary by which you shall divide the land for an inheritance among the twelve tribes of Israel; Joseph shall have two portions.
Ezek. 47:14 “You shall divide it for an inheritance, each one 1equally with the other; for I 2aswore to give it to your forefathers, and this land shall fall to you 3as an inheritance.

And look what the aliens who dwell among Israel receive:

Ezek. 47:21 ¶ “So you shall divide this land among yourselves according to the tribes of Israel.
Ezek. 47:22 “You shall divide it by alot for an inheritance among yourselves and among the baliens who stay in your midst, who bring forth sons in your midst. And they shall be to you as the native-born among the sons of Israel; they shall be allotted an cinheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.
Ezek. 47:23 “And in the tribe with which the alien stays, there you shall give him his inheritance,” declares the Lord GOD.

If we don't understand the Kingdom and what God is doing, it will be very difficult in these Last Days.

If God does not keep His Covenant to Israel then why should He keep His Covenant to all the rest? This is an important point to remember when we read the Scriptures. If we keep this in mind, we will realize that God's Word cannot pass away.. therefore the promises to Israel are forever.

sometimes the reason why we feel discouraged is because we spend more time talking and thinking about the NWO, Javier Solana, the New Age movement, than talking and thinking about Jesus Christ :-)

I e-mailed you an Irish Blessing yesterday. I hope you had a chance to open it and listen to the beautiful words and music.
anon 6:53,

I think that is true for some. My guess is most people spend there time doing other things besides just this blog. However, to only focus on the tribulation part of prophecy is a mistake. The most important prophecy is about God's salvation for us through Jesus Christ.

David in B.C.
Thank you for today's post, it was encouraging for me also. And many postings in todays blog are good, positive. I liked Rich from Medford's comments about the AoC.

I have been reading about the group The Pilgrims, and would like any comments about the organization. It has been asserted that they are the real power behind the Bilderbergers, CFR, and such. They certainly seem to be very secretive, and to have many powerful members. It seems that even among conspiracy people they are named much less often than other groups, perhaps because they don't leak much information to comment on?
For instance, Wikipedia has a very brief description, calling them a dining club!
Sad but true that people are aroused to hatred of one group so easily.

I also agree with the question of HistoryMaker, May I ask, anyone who may know, what is the significance of the September 1, 2008 date? And what exactly started at his church on this day?

This may be a little off the
current thread, but it is a
story that won't go away:


It's not a conspiracy theory,
it's called treason, and mass
Thanks to Rich of Medford, for examining the Raapana/ Garner websites in depth, and expressing the faults with their ideas so succinctly.

There was one other person other than Dorothy here who tried very early on, to draw Constance's attention to these faults, which included not just anti-semitism and anti -Catholicism, but also overt New Age tendencies. She even tried to point Susanna (Catholic) Dorothy(Jew), Joyce (Messianic), JD (Protestant Christian), and Constance directly to a specific site on Nikki's favorite list, in the hopes that eyes would be opened wide and a consensus reached by the whole that could lead to unity . The only person that responded to her was Bobby Garner, unfortunately. In the end this person was attacked by one of the very people whose belief system she had tried to defend!

It remains critically important to realize that the AOC group is comprised of a Luciferic cult of people that hate the God of Abraham's descendents-the Jews, Catholics, Protestants and even the Moslems. Over and over on this blog, some people have been quick to point out errors in doctrine within the various Christian /Catholic faiths and this invariably leads to hurt feelings on all sides. If the divisions between the Jews and Moslems can be used so effectively by the enemy to foment hatred, then don't think we are immune to their tactics, just because we are believers in the true God. Anti-semitism has been a very clever trick that the enemy has used quite effectively, and I cannot help but believe that Luciferic-inspired infiltrators into the Catholic and Protestant churches are being used quite effectively for the same purpose! If we can stay focused on the fact that the Luciferians are the real enemy, and not our brothers and sisters here who all share a common love for the same God, then perhaps there will be less bickering about church doctrine and more focus on the true enemy.

Are any of us that stay grounded in the truth going to be swayed or deceived by a Rev. Rohr, or a Todd Bentley, or a Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt? Not if we stay close to the word of God instead of spending hours bickering or researching occultic sites we shouldn't even be looking at in the first place!

It's obvious that all of our church systems have been infiltrated by the enemy over time. Perhaps we can all agree to that and just move on?

I sincerely hope so, since the events that have transpired here of late have certainly reflected the work of the enemy's hand to divide God's people and leave them vulnerable to the AoC.

Thanks Constance, for sharing that beautiful email!
This is quite interesting -


Please don't ever be discouraged, Constance! Your work is vital, and you are being greatly used by God.

I have a friend who was saved after a lifetime of heavy occult involvement. I know no one who is so moved by their salvation as she is. God knows and loves His sheep, and He will find them wherever they roam, even if they're in the occult. And you are one of the "rods" he uses to bring them back.

Much of the "faith" in the modern Western church is truly demonic faith, and we need as many voices as possible pointing people away from it and to true saving faith. Keep up the good work!
New Age religions? Witches covens? Psychic attacks?

Most "christians" do NOT want to hear truth - they want a feel-good,ear tickling -fifteen minute message then be release to head to the cafeteria before the line gets any longer.

Many carry their Bibles, sadly, many more are clueless as to what is written inside.

Keep Talking Girlfriend - Yours is indeed a voice crying in the wilderness.

Shalom. met
I want to go on record right now to say that I have nothing against the U.S. Air Force or any branch of our military. As far as I'm concerned, they have my utmost respect and admiration. I see nothing wrong with the anyone, including the U.S. Air Force to dispell misinformation, especially if they have good, factual information.

As for 9/11 it was Al-Qaeda (Osama Bin Laden) who plotted, hi-jacked four fully-loaded passenger jets, and went on to do their terrible deeds. Not anyone else is responsible. You can't get me to believe it! Paul, it sounds like that guy had some ax to grind with his former employer. Anyone who's ever been fired usually have feelings like these towards former employers. This is certainly a crazy conspiracy theory.

David in B.C.
Anonymous 12:26

You said someone was trying to point me and others to a particular site on Nikki's favorites list.

Could you give me the link to that site?

It was not my intention to ignore anyone.

I must confess that I probably missed it due to my being focused on other matters that I felt needed to be given my undivided attention at the time.

I am sure you know what I am referring to. ;-)

Thanks in advance.
To the anonymous poster,
I'm more concerned with the AoC uniting the 3 "Abrahamic" religions than dividing them. . Take a careful look at their website. The Abraham's Path initiative out of Harvard for example.

Being careless with doctrine and with the Word is not the answer. Maybe we need to say things more tactfully, but just pretending to agree is not helpful.

The Bible says if we are not born-again we won't see the kingdom. That's because our "old man" is unacceptable to a Holy God, so we should be careful that we don't fall into the trap of thinking that getting along is the issue. Yeshua and His disciples had plenty of enemies, but there were those who heard His voice and were saved..

There's a reason that the enemy is working on the blog. If his kingdom were not threatened he wouldn't care.

Just some food for thought,
Welcome Betsy,
So good to know of your blog and a very thought provoking, much needed perspective on examining ourselves to see whether we "be in the faith"
2 Corinthians 13:5

Constance is on the radio "Point of View" right now. 11:AM Pacific Time


David in BC,
No one pointed the finger at any
group in that link. They only
pointed out that the "official"
story is a bunch of bunk.
How would you explain the
freefall speed of those top
fourteen stories of the WTC ?
How would you explain the
melting of those huge columns
of steel, which melt at over 2000
degrees, when the heat of jet
fuel burning is only around 1200
degrees ?
How would you explain the
obvious signs of a controlled
demolition via high temp
Thermite, AND the reporting
of such by dozens of firefighters,
all of which was simply thrown
out by the official story ?
There were explosions near the
ground that were reported by
dozens of people, firemen and
police. All these testimonies
were thrown out and simply
discarded, (like the Warren
report and coverup of the
Kennedy assassination).
Then there's Mr Silverstein's
live interview on TV in which
he say's ( regarding the third
building WTC 11, which came
down around noon that day
even though no planes hit it,)
that they decided to "pull it"
which is demolition speak for
bring it down with explosives.
That building came down straight
into it's own footprint just like
the first two. Do you think that
"they" wired it up for demolition
in two hours, during that crisis ?
Good thing Lloyds of London
had everything insured.

Believe what you want to
David. We'll all know someday.
Someday soon.
Great post, Rich!


Pope Benedict XVI challenged world leaders on Thursday to make major changes to the global financial system, saying short-term answers to the financial crisis weren't sufficient.

Echoing a similar theme in his New Year's Day homily, Benedict said the crisis should be seen as a test-case about the future of globalization.

He said the health of the planet required such a correction, as well as what he called the "cultural and moral crisis" in which the world finds itself.
Paul -

I agree with you about the WTC collapse of 9/11.

There is no other way to explain the unbelievably fast "free fall" of those buildings into their own footprints, except by controlled demolition. (I've watched too many of those in Las Vegas not to recognize one when I see it.)

Over 7 years later, the whole world needs to take another look. We were all in shock that day; and as a result, our logic, reason and common sense went right out the window.

Only God knows the truth about exactly what happened that day; but one thing is for sure, it was an act of evil within evil.
To Joyce (2:13 PM):

The key word is "RESPECT" - not agreement.
Has anyone checked out Niki Raapana's post for January 7, 2009?

It is entitled"



For those who are not familiar with Amitai Etzioni, (b. Werner Falk, 4 January 1929, Cologne, Germany), he is a German-Israeli-American sociologist, known for his work on socioeconomics and communitarianism. He also studied under Martin Buber at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.



In the last analysis, according to the same article,

"There is still no such thing as a card-carrying communitarian, and therefore no consensus on policies. Some, such as John DiIulio and outside Bush adviser Marvin Olasky, favor religious solutions for communities, while others, like Etzioni and Galston, prefer secular approaches." [1]



There has been very little systematic criticism of ideological communitarianism, if only because its exact premises and policy consequences are difficult to pin down. Those wary of it tend to be individualist thinkers who argue that communities are already naturally most benefitted when everyone is free to act in their individual self-interest and that self-described communitarians are actually stealth collectivists; or, more plausibly, that the main effect of well-intentioned communitarian rhetoric is to provide cover for collectivists with a much farther-reaching and harsher agenda than most communitarians intend.[citation needed]

Conversely, many on the Left would see communitarianism as a nostalgic form of communism.

Liberal theorists such as Simon Caney disagree that philosophical communitarianism has any interesting criticisms to make of liberalism. They reject the communitarian charges that liberalism neglects the value of community, and holds an "atomized" or asocial view of the self. If they are correct in this, then communitarian doctrine reduces to little more than traditionalism and cultural moral relativism.


Now I do not pretend to be an expert, but I must ask how is there to be a discussiopn of "communitarian law" if we are not clear about exactly what "communitarianism" is and what form of "communitarianism" is being discussed in the first place?

I guess Niki wanted to wait until the day after her interview series with Constance had ended.

It's a shame she didn't have the courage to speak up and confront Constance last night - which does not reflect well on Niki, does it?
Hi Joyce,

Regarding my comment of 12:26:

I had a feeling that my comment would be misconstrued. Obviously the AoC is determined to unite all people under a one world religion that will require tolerance for all, and which will therefore be antithetical to Christians who serve one God only. That religion will even include atheists who had not believed in anything, because they'll probably be persuaded otherwise through some sort of occultic phenomenon. But what I meant is that the AoC will use people's antagonism towards each other to prove why the one world church is absolutely necessary. We all know these things. But do we really want to help them prove their point by continuing to split hairs about differences in doctrine?

For example, I knew perfectly well what you meant when you told Constance the following:

"Since God is not a God of confusion, I have to assume for example as He says, He is echad ( composite unity) that I can only understand Him the way He presents Himself. Since I believe that God is inseparable, I cannot ascribe to Him a doctrine that doesn't describe Him as He describes Himself. Man is always seeking ways to define God, so this is the problem with some of the doctrines that man comes up with . I believe God is one, and He is Father, Word ( who became flesh) Spirit, but I cannot separate that into "three persons" because then I divide God, and He is very specific that He does not do this."

Yet Constance came back with the following:
"Welcome back -- but I have to tell you that I am in agreement with your right to disagree but in profound disagreement on some of your scriptural interpretations, most particularly denial of the three-in-one -- the Trinity. Please remember 1 John 2:22:

"Who is a liar but he that denieth Jesus is the Christ. He is antichrist that denieth the Father AND the Son."

You were obviously NOT denying that God, who though one supreme Being, contains the essence of 3 different components- the Father, Word and Spirit. Your argument as I saw it was against the use of the word trinity, as used by the church fathers to define the concept. In my opinion, this was the simplest way in which the church fathers attempted to take a very COMPLEX CONCEPT (similar to eternity) and reconstruct it in a way in which the masses could grasp and absorb it. Your description, on the other hand, would go over like a lead balloon to people of average and below average intelligence who simply are incapable of absorbing such complex concepts. Am I correct about this?

So here on this blog, (not just on this thread but on the past 2 or 3), we have had quite a few people, all splitting hairs over how to define the concept of the Trinity. All of the people involved in this discussion seem to love Jesus/Yeshua very much. Would God condemn one or the other because they didn't master a complex concept perfectly?

I don't think so! This is what I call splitting hairs, and that's what I'm talking about.

I do not believe that there is one perfect church in the entire world. That is why I believe that the church is the heart of the man who loves the Lord and does his best to please Him and follow his instructions. Jesus paid for the fact that we are imperfect in our choices and our interpretations of religion with his life. He died because of our imperfections. I do not believe He wishes to see those who so love Him arguing over doctrines that humans have distorted in their state of imperfection.

If that were the case there would be a perfect church. There is none in this world and I'd challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

Faith and love of God dwell in the hearts of the believers. God will come for His church soon. But I do not believe it's possible to wrap the Bride into a neat little package anymore than one can wrap God up into a neat little package either.

I don't want to get into a debate over this , I just am trying to clarify what I meant in my comment.

Excellent find!

Here is the link I wanted you and the others to read:



It's all water over the dam now, but it's a shame no one paid attention when I sounded the alarm on Dec. 28th.
Anonymous 5:19 P.M.

I guess Niki wanted to wait until the day after her interview series with Constance had ended.

Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to the program, but no it doesn't reflect well on Niki insofar as Niki has been about as clear as mud concerning precisely what she means by "communitarianism" in the first place.

It sounds like an ideological/socioeconomic mixed bag with pseudo-intellectual words like "dialectic" thrown in to make it look "meaningful."

Some forms of "communitarianism" may be relatively harmless. Some may not be so harmless.

For example the "Third Way" or Radical Center which is associated with "Ideological Communitarianism" is mentioned in relation to fascism:

At its inception fascism was described as an "extremism of the center" by its opponents. Indeed corporatist economic policies and rejection of socialism as well as finance capitalism are common to both radical centrism and fascism.


In either case, I really think that there needs to be a clear definition of what is being discussed before anyone is accused of "lying."
Anonymous 5:41 P.M.

Thanks for reposting the link. Are you saying that this was included on Niki's site among her favorites??? Yikes!!!

I have seen the book before and it is anti-Semitic to the core!!!

Having studied the ORIGINS of gnosticism for many years, I must set the record straight by saying that the gnosticism of the Christian era didn't begin with the Jews proper, but with SAMARITAN heretics who were followers of St. John the Baptist....namely Dositheus and his disciple Simon Magus.

Many Samaritans practiced a paganized heretical form of Judaism which included sorcery and magic and which was not acknowledged by authentic Jews who lived in the time of Christ.

Moreover, the reason why the Jews wouldn't give the Samaritans the time of day in the Gospels is because during the persecutions under Antiochus IV Epiphanes just prior to the Maccabeean War of Independence, the Samaritans formally broke ranks with Judah and named their temple in honor of the Greek pagan god Zeus.

In the second century BCE (or BC) a particularly bitter series of events eventually led to a revolution of the Israelites against their Greek oppressors.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes was on the throne of the Seleucid Empire from 175 to 163 BCE (or BC). His determined policy was to Hellenize his entire kingdom and standardize religious observance. According to 1 Maccabees 1:41-50 he proclaimed himself the incarnation of the Greek god Zeus and mandated death to anyone who refused to worship him. A major obstacle to his ambition was the fidelity of the Jews to their historic religion and their refusal to allow their homeland to be defiled.

The universal peril led the Samaritans, eager for safety, to repudiate all connection and kinship with the Jews. The request was granted. This was put forth as the final breach between the two groups, being alleged at a much later date in the Christian bible (John 4:9), "For Jews have no dealings with Samaritans."[8]

Several centuries before the Common Era, the Samaritans had built their own temple on Mt. Gerizim to rival the Temple in Jerusalem. Here, they offered sacrifices according to the Mosaic code. Anderson notes that during the reign of Antiochus IV (175-164 BCE (or BC)):[9]

“ the Samaritan temple was renamed either Zeus Hellenios (willingly by the Samaritans according to Josephus or, more likely, Zeus Xenios, (unwillingly in accord with 2 Macc. 6:2) Bromiley, 4.304). ”

Josephus Book 12, Chapter 5 quotes the Samaritans as saying:

“ We therefore beseech thee, our benefactor and saviour, to give order to Apolonius, the governor of this part of the country, and to Nicanor, the procurator of thy affairs, to give us no disturbances, nor to lay to our charge what the Jews are accused for, since we are aliens from their nation and from their customs, but let our temple which at present hath no name at all, be named the Temple of Jupiter Hellenius. ”
“ Shortly afterwards, the Greek king sent Gerontes the Athenian to force the Jews of Israel to violate their ancestral customs and live no longer by the laws of God; and to profane the Temple in Jerusalem and dedicate it to Olympian Zeus, and the one on Mount Gerizim to Zeus, Patron of Strangers, as the inhabitants of the latter place had requested.—II Maccabees 6:1–2 ”

In 167 BCE (or BC) the Seleucid ruler Antiochus Epiphanes defiled the Jewish temple by setting up an altar to Zeus over the holy altar of burnt offerings in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, which was the center of Jewish religious life. Antiochus also sacrificed a pig on the altar in the Temple in Jerusalem. This event is known as the "abomination of desolation".[10]

The authority of the high priesthood was severely damaged when first Jason and then Meneleus bought their office from Antiochus.

The persecution and death of faithful Jewish persons who refused to worship and kiss Antiochus' image, along with the desecration of the Holy Temple, ultimately led to a revolt led by Judah Maccabee (Judah the Hammer) and his family. Though quite outnumbered, the Israelites, led by the Maccabee family, managed to regain control of their land. This "miracle" restoration of Jewish sovereignty in the face of Greek dominance has been since observed by Jews in the winter "Festival of Lights" holiday known as Chanukah.

Judah's priestly family, the Hasmoneans, introduced a dynasty that ruled during a period of conflict, with tensions arising both from within the family as well as from external enemies.

This Samaritan Temple at Mount Gerizim was destroyed by John Hyrcanus in about 128 BCE (or BC), having existed about 200 years. Only a few stone remnants of it exist today.

Cheer up Jesus has got to be on his way, keep looking up!

Sarkozy is like Obama in EU, he has brokered a deal with Israel temporarily...

Listening to Dr. Stan Wed. good show guys it will be in GCN archives.

Will listen to Connie tonight! Thanks for heads up!

adieu, k

P.S. Is Angie on W Island, in WA still active Connie? We had disagreement, just curious.
WOW, Susanna (6:29 PM):

You knocked that one right out of the ballpark!!!

You are a brilliant scholar and a valuable asset to this blog.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
Anonymous 6:44

Thank you for your kind words. All praise to God.

One more thing I would add is the fact that the only Bible that includes the the story of the origin of Hanukkah in its canon is the Septuagint ( 1 and 2 Maccabees) which is the official Old Testament Canon of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic Bibles.

The Books of the Maccabees are not included in the Hebrew Old Testament that Martin Luther embraced in place of the Septuagint. Ergo, Protestants regard the Books of the Maccabees as "apocryphal."

The only reason I mention this is in case anyone here is wondering why they can't find these books in the Old Testament portion of their Bible. Some Protestant Bibles include the "apocrypha." Others may not.
Whether or not I'm a scientist,
jet fuel is basically pure kerosene.
A few additives are in it to
keep it from coagulating and as
an antifreeze, but basically
it's kerosene. You look it up.
It's called Jet A.
I am not an expert in physics,
chemistry, engineering of any sort,
mathematics, avionics or even more
down-to earth things like demolition.
I know very little science, perhaps even
less than none, if that's possible.

But those buildings were built to withstand
a hit from a 707. They were well built,
( though they were lined with asbestos ),
they were built to withstand hurricanes,
which they did since the 1970's
In fact the vast majority of the jet fuel
went up in the initial hit of the planes,
the mostly-hollow planes, when the fuel
exploded in the big ball of fire.

Kerosene doesn't burn hot enough
to melt the kind of steel that was in
the WTC.

I'm no scientist, but there are just
so many scientists of practically
every discipline who have signed
their names to petitions and started
blog sites, and written to their
senators and given lectures,
and stood on street corners with
megaphones and tried to
get the word out. Hundreds of
scientists with all manner of letters
after their names, who say that the
official story is a lie. It's impossible.

Have we really gotten "past it"?
Without 9-11, there is no attack
on Iraq or ensuing quagmire leading
to brewing trouble with Iran. Without
9-11 there is no precipitous drop
in good will towards America.
Without 9-11 we'd still have the
over 4000 healthy young men who
have died in Iraq. Without 9-11,
we'd still have the billions and
billions of dollars that have been
spent, traded, lost in paperwork,
and just plain stolen from our

Remember how you felt when you
watched it ? You thought; "This
isn't really happening", didn't you ?
and "This is surreal", and
"This is worse than Pearl Harbor",
and "What the hell is going on ?"
and, "Something is really (wrong)

_If you thought those things,
you were right.
This may be of interest to those fighting New Age Movements

Devalueing humans by Hybrid crossing with animals,
Similarly, the crusading atheist and biologist, Richard Dawkins has repeatedly expressed the same desire, for example in supporting the Great Ape Project in an essay in the book of the same name in 1993.
Please read the rest of this article,
DouginMI 12:31pm

This is the first I've heard of them admitting they are infiltrating the blogosphere but I had heard (can't remember where, probably some talk radio show) that the government has bloggers and physical persons planted in every group they think they need to keep an eye on. Thanks for the link.
Betsy 1:41pm

I absolutely loved that.

Paul -

The Empire State Building was hit by a plane in 1945 and it never disolved into its own footprints (only slight damage confined to the area of impact) - and the WTC was built to withstand several jet planes (according to documentation).

A couple of years after 9/11, a plane hit a building in Madrid, Spain - and that building (which was much smaller than the WTC) also did not dissolve in its own footprints. Again, damage was confined to the area of impact only.

Yesterday At 5:25 PM EST, Constance made this post in the thread about WiserEarth.org:

"I'm on the radio tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time. I will finish the series with Niki Raapana on "Communitarian Law". It is controversial here, but the Communitarian puzzle is a vital part of global governance mechanisms being put in place and Niki despite our differences over Israel and her false premise that it is a Zionist scheme (which she appears to have based on New Ager Martin Buber's involvement -- he moved to Israel after his Eranos lecture stint - see my posts to the last two threads on tha yesterday) -- This will finish that series.

Niki was preparing for the interview and did not see this until after the show.

Niki has never once said, indicated, or implied in any way that Communitarianism is "A ZIONIST SCHEME"!

At the very best, Constance repeated false and damaging charges made on this blog by some of her "highly esteemed contributor's".

The implication that Niki is working on a false premises coming as it did just minutes before the show is one of the finest examples of underhandedness I could ever possible imagine.

UNDERHANDED - marked by secrecy, chicanery, and deception, not above board.

CHICANERY - deception by artful subterfuge or sophistry.

SOPHISTRY - subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation.

LIE verb lied, lying; 1: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

DECEIVE - to cause to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid, to practice deceit, to give a false impression.

Constance's influence among her "highly esteemed contributor's" on this blog is obvious and undeniable, and that comment was apparently meant to accomplish precisely what the above defined words indicate.

Its a very sad day indeed when words don't hold their meaning, and to the degree to which they don't, we have sunken into the New Age moral relativity quagmire.

Are you really sure you want to go there?

In my opinion, Niki is completely justified in her comments on her own blog. But then I'm not the Lawyer.
It appears that what Bobby Garner and Niki are ducking is Martin Buber's clear Theosophical involvement which I documented on the last thread and may well reprint here. In response to Bobby Garner's post from Niki Raapana's own NEWSWITHVIEWS.COM article:

"There is one man alive who best represents the Hegelian paradox. This is Dr. Amitai Etzioni. Etzioni calls his Idea the "Spirit of Community." Etzioni has a very small but effective following in the United States. One of his many recent accomplishments was grading state's driver licensing agencies for compliance with the emerging National ID database. He's been advising U.S. (and other) Presidents since 1979. He's a huge supporter of merging the U.S. military with the United Nations and the European Union (he calls it, "Europe: A Beautiful Idea.") Global Communitarians have their hands in everything from the Bible Curriculum Studies Program to new laws for regulating the internet.[10]

A self-professed Fabian raised in a British kibbutz to be a Middle Eastern terrorist and a Soviet soldier, Etzioni went on to study under the famous social commentator, Martin Buber. Buber's ideas catapulted him to the head of the "new" scientific study of human societies in the 1950s. Buber based his "I and thou" theory on Hegel's Idea of Community and Talmudic Law.[11]

The mostly unfamiliar Babylonian Talmud is an ancient oral and written series of debates between Jewish Rabbis. Considered to be the world's oldest legal code in continuous existence, the complex and difficult Talmud is often defined as a dialectic.[12] For over ten centuries, Jewish and Christian scholars have searched for deeper, hidden meanings in the Old Testament and the Torah. Some of the more creative scholars use a technique called exegesis.[13] Exegesis can be used to identify similar phrases in a text and then combine the words together in a new sentence in order to make a new meaning (which partially explains why the Talmud's called a dialectic . . ."

I guess my Irish correspondent is correct. The demons are out big time and some of them are playing on the internet in general and my board and Niki's in particular

Bobby Garner,

It appears to me that you are a New Ager and one playing a very cynical game at that!

Paul 11:55am

Understanding the truth about 9/11 was what eventually led me here. I assumed everyone here, being so very well informed on fact verses fiction, was up on it. There's so much evidence to contradict the official story it would take a library to hold it. I think we see what the purpose of that event was, it fits perfectly into the plan.
Check these against Niki and Bobby's claims that very little was said about Martin Buber:

Niki Raapana -- Dialectical Freedom PART 1. By Niki Raapana. October 26, 2007. NewsWithViews.com .... Buber based his "I and thou" theory on Hegel's Idea of Community and Talmudic Law.[11] ...
www.newswithviews.com/Raapana/niki16.htm - 31k - Cached - Similar pages -
Niki Raapana -- The Cure for Communitarianism By Niki Raapana. November 24, 2006. NewsWithViews.com ... in Israel in the 1940s under the guidance of the Marxist-Hassidic philosopher Martin Buber. ...
www.newswithviews.com/Raapana/niki10.htm - 25k - Cached - Similar pages -
More results from www.newswithviews.com
Living Outside the Dialectic - 5 visits - Jan 6I will finish the series with Niki Raapana on "Communitarian Law". ... Even Nancy Levant's latest article at Newswithviews, a "new" article that has ...
nikiraapana.blogspot.com/ - 247k - Cached - Similar pages -
Living Outside the Dialectic: Reform in the "Fourth Branch": The ... - 12/30/08Dec 28, 2008 ... 2. http://www.newswithviews.com/Raapana/niki14.htm (dated 4-28-07) .... Amitai Etzioni studied Kabbalah under Martin Buber when the IDF ...
nikiraapana.blogspot.com/2008/12/reform-in-fourth-branch-federal.html - 200k - Cached - Similar pages -
More results from nikiraapana.blogspot.com »
Communitarianism A Three Level Con Job Law; In my first http://www.newswithviews.com/Raapana/niki.htm article I explained how the US Congressional adoption of CAFTA placed our nation under ...
www.rense.com/general76/commnu.htm - 40k - Cached - Similar pages -
abidemir : Message: COMMUNITARIANISM: A THREE LEVEL CON JOB Jefferson, Buber and Madame Blavatsky. Studying their theory is a nightmare. .... By Niki Raapana, March 28, 2006 NewsWithViews.com Twenty-first century ...
groups.yahoo.com/group/abidemir/message/6943 - 34k - Cached - Similar pages -
NWOWhistleBlowersPointZero : Message: The Cure for Communitarianism http://www.newswithviews.com/Raapana/niki10.htm. The Cure for Communitarianism 11-24-06; The Threat of Dialectical Terrorism 10-15-06 ...
groups.yahoo.com/group/NWOWhistleBlowersPointZero/message/16708 - 41k - Cached - Similar pages -
ACL: Herr Doktor Amitai Etzioni né Werner Falk (For clarification of the ACL co-founder Niki Raapana's position on religion, ...... Etzioni worked with Buber himself, and was profoundly influenced by the ...
nord.twu.net/acl/etzioni.html - 163k - Cached - Similar pages -
Anyone see this today?
Atheists advertising in the UK
To Bobby Garner (8:38 PM):

Question for you, Bobby . . .

Since you seem to be Niki's "eyes and ears" - and you are so on top of this blog - why didn't you warn Niki and give her a "heads up" about Constance's comments which were posted about 2 1/2 hours before they both went on the air last night?


You're splitting hairs and being petty.
This is what Niki posted to my very blogspot vis a vis Martin Buber:

"Amitai Etzioni studied Kabbalah under Martin Buber when the IDF assigned him to become an academic "guru" of the US movement in 1950. His name in Hebrew means "Tree of Knowledge from Zion." His website calls him the "everything expert."
Greetings Constance,

I too want to encourage you in the Lord Jesus Christ. Your work is ordained of God and is reaching many who the Lord is speaking to even now about the New Age (really old age because it is the same old dragon).

Quick request- Do you know where I can get the video documentary called "The New Age: Pathway to Happiness" produced in 1983? I have watch it on google video while searching on any of your material. It is incredible to compare what was documented 25 years ago in this video and what is emerging today in Christendom.

thanks Constance
Amitai Etzioni was also Senior Advisor to President Jimmy Carter in 1979-1980.

New Age links and more links!!!
Will Rogers once said:

"If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging"

But What would he know?
Constance, you said:
"This is what Niki posted to my very blogspot vis a vis Martin Buber:"


Niki has never once said that she had never made reference to Martin Buber. He is definitely in the loop behind the development of Communitarianism.

You have only focused on his association with Eastern religion, completely ignoring his connections to Zionism. Especially his promotion and support of Etzioni.

It took me about 5 seconds to find this:
"Martin Buber (1878-1965) was, arguably, the most important Jewish religious philosopher of the 20th century and one of the most important modern representatives of the human spirit. He wrote widely in the fields of art, education, sociology, philosophy, politics, religion, biblical interpretation, Judaism and Zionism." - Martin Buber, Zionism and the Palestinians

Niki acknowledges his involvement while you deny it.

Forgive me for rubbing salt in the wound, or NOT.

If Judaism and Zionism are the same thing, then why do they say "Judaism and Zionism" in defining Buber's accomplishments?
Anon 8:54pm

I posted about the UK run on another thread. I asked if the ad was actually running. The article was from October and at that time it wasn't definitive as to whether or not they were going to place them. I guess this answers that question.

I think they used the word "probably" on purpose. They didn't come right out and say "There is no God". That's been done. Probably is subtle, it doesn't create an immediate and strong reaction (although clearly people have reacted) but rather invokes the person to think about it as opposed to directly and immediately rejecting it as untrue. Sneaky...

This is a long read, about 100 pages and links within, but I find it a very well done work right out of history and the pages of the Bible...many will be angry immediately and not read it, (saturated in the teaching of false teachers in the pulpits) but most are discerning and will see the thumbprint once out in the open... http://watch.pair.com/mystery-babylon.html

May you see the unseen hand as never before and recognize the enemy in all his 'angelic' light.
Judaism IS NOT Zionism vs even sionism... read http://watch.pair.com/mystery-babylon.html

The body of Christ needs to feverishly study the word and know what it says, instead of swallowing teachings of man. Cabala (kabbalah and all it's forms of 'mystic Babylonian' teaching are prevalent in all the religions, even what are called christian churches. DISCERN, ask the Lord to show you! The devil is loosed on the earth and is raging war on God's people.
Dear Jim:

Re THE NEW AGE PATHWAY TO PARADISE. The good news is that you can watch it and download it for free on the internet. Here's the link:


or tinyurl:


Hope this helps!

please take these thoughts into consideration about the 9/11 events.
1) that a full court hearing was insued by the insurance companies, as I'm sure they would have liked to get out of paying for the loss of so much money. And I doubt they missed a single thing that could have given them reason to not pay.

2) A federal technical building and fire safety investigation of the collapses of the Twin Towers and 7 WTC has been conducted by the United States Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The goals of this investigation were to determine why the buildings collapsed, the extent of injuries and fatalities, and the procedures involved in designing and managing the World Trade Center.[201] The investigation into the collapse of 1 WTC and 2 WTC was concluded in October 2005, and the investigation into the collapse of 7 WTC concluded in August 2008.[202][203] The report concluded that the fireproofing on the Twin Towers' steel infrastructures was blown off by the initial impact of the planes and that, if this had not occurred, the towers would likely have remained standing.[204] This was confirmed by an independent study by Purdue University.[205]

W. Gene Corley, the director of the original investigation, commented that "the towers really did amazingly well. The terrorist aircraft didn’t bring the buildings down; it was the fire which followed. It was proven that you could take out two thirds of the columns in a tower and the building would still stand."[206] The fires weakened the trusses supporting the floors, making the floors sag. The sagging floors pulled on the exterior steel columns to the point where exterior columns bowed inward. With the damage to the core columns, the buckling exterior columns could no longer support the buildings, causing them to collapse. In addition, the report asserts that the towers' stairwells were not adequately reinforced to provide emergency escape for people above the impact zones.[207] NIST concluded that uncontrolled fires in 7 WTC caused floor beams and girders to heat and subsequently "caused a critical support column to fail, initiating a fire-induced progressive collapse that brought the building down."[203]

"Bin Laden claims responsibility for 9/11", CBC News (2004-10-29). Retrieved on 7 September 2006. Archived from the original on 8 January 2008. "Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden appeared in a new message aired on an Arabic TV station Friday night, for the first time claiming direct responsibility for the 2001 attacks against the United States."

The demolition hypothesis first entered mainstream media by way of negative press coverage of "9/11 conspiracy theories" or "9/11 myths". Critical articles in Popular Mechanics, which were later expanded into a book, and the popular magazine Skeptic[88] presented rebuttals to the hypothesis for a mainstream audience. In 2006, a New York Magazine reported that, "A new generation of conspiracy theorists is at work on a secret history of New York’s most terrible day."[89] The hypothesis has been cited by numerous popular actors, musicians and politicians, including Charlie Sheen[90], Martin Sheen, Willie Nelson, Mos Def, and former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura. The hypothesis also features prominently in the controversial online documentaries Zeitgeist, the Movie and Loose Change.
All of this is just from Wikipedia.
goes to show you if you repeat a thing enough times through enough people, it just becomes reality.
Bobby Garner

Why are you minimizing Buber's theosophy while blaming all of his misdeeds on the Talmud and Torah? I suspect it is because you too have Theosophical/Anthroposophical sympathies while pretending to fight same!

To Anonymous (9:47 PM):

Please take your link that points to hate-filled rants of anti-semitism and anti-catholicism

Yes, I "recognize the enemy" - and maybe you should take a long look in the mirror!
To YS (10:11 PM):

With all due respect, I have to agree that Paul has made some valid points.

We Americans have become very comfortable believing the official version of 9/11. It's much too painful to believe otherwise.

However, anyone who has studied all of the information, that is available out there, will be forced to come to the conclusion that the "offical version" simply defies LOGIC.
I just found something extremely SCARY about BOBBY GARNER'S theology and eschatology. We not see Jesus returning in the clouds of heaven as a single "focal point" but in OUR MIND'S EYE -- i.e. the same mass possession that the New Agers like to call "mass planetary initiation."

Here's the quote, from his article on the Protocols of Zion, no less:

"Lightening flashes everywhere at once, and does not provide a single focal point as a Human figure does. So, that is the nature of his presence. People who rejected his "coming" will "see" (Matthew 24:30) him with their minds eye as they finally understand what they are dealing with. Those who recognized the signs as they appeared have already seen him and submitted themselves to his rightful rulership over the Earth. see Psalms 110 "

Yes, it appears Bobby Garner may be a New Age initiate in the very strongest sense of the word!


Here's the URL where you can pull it down and read it for yourself:


anon 10:25
I have combed over all of the theories, and I have to say that there is no logic to any of the theories,99% are computer generated theories, and the video of bin laden taking credit pretty much helped my decision, although it would give martydom to him even if he did not.
the other reasoning is the insurance companies, there is no way they could have been paid off to pay off on the building.
Thanks for the link Constance.

Its is certainly my OBSERVATION, and I guess its fair to say that everyone here can confirm that they have never uttered the words:

"I SEE"?
My apologies to a few who have actually SEEN the points Niki has made, and I support, because they conform to my own research.
I've just received some very kind emails from Niki asking for documentation which I plan to send her. Niki has done some very worthwhile research. I wish I could say the same for Bobby Garner who seems to preparing us for mass planetary initiation "in our mind's eye."

Constance, why don't you try an apology to Niki and your blog readers for misleading them, and for lying about Niki's research being based on a
"false premise that it is a Zionist scheme"?

This is off-topic, but I have to share this personal story. A couple of months ago I noticed an art print hanging in our basement where we have a living area that we only use sporadically, but is mainly used by my husband to do work. The print looked "New Agey" to me, with stars, planets, triangles and doorways. I remember thinking it was weird, but didn't give it much more thought (just ignored it). A couple of weeks ago we were both down there and the subject of the print came up. He said he bought it at an art fair when he was in high school, thinking it looked cool. I said something like, "Well, if you looked at it for long enough you'd probably see more than you'd want to" and left it at that. Tonight, I started watching "The New Age - A Pathway to Paradise" video that Constance just linked to. I paused the video to go put away something downstairs and, with "New Age" on my mind I guess, decided to do some research on that print. Here's what I found... It is an "Astrol Art" of FF Long called "The Seduction of Immortality."
Here is his website...
I don't see the one we have in the gallery on the site, but, rest assured, we won't be having it much longer! I noticed tonight that it has an eye. Yuck.

To YS (10:42 PM):

I have many friends who believe as you do.

These same friends also give me solid arguments as to why the New Age Movement and the New World Order couldn't possibly exist, be so well organized, have so many "players" within a world wide network of networks, while operating with a clear agenda toward a common long goal.

We can debate 9/11 until the cows come home; but ultimately, we'll have to leave it for God to sort all of this out for us some day.

"long term goal"
If jet fuel, which is essentially kerosene melted steel reinforced concrete, how do kerosene heaters work?

How did the fuel get from the upper floors of the buildings to the support structures and still have enough left to cause molten steel weeks later? This fuel would have to travel across, um, lets see, everything found in an office building: carpet, furniture, desks, draperies, papers, files, walls, doorways, people, and still had enough at the bottom to melt the steel (which has a higher melting point than kerosene can produce as has been stated). Note that liquid as it travels across a surface, usually leaves a bit of itself behind, further reducing the amount that could potentially melt the steel.

Look into what has happened to the first responders, most are DEAD or DYING of lung diseases and injuries.

If you still can't use a cellphone on an airplane because it will "interfere" why and how did the terrorists ALLOW hijacked passengers to KEEP their cell phones to make those calls? Does anybody know what it would require to sustain a cell phone call at that altitude and that speed? I can't even drive down the road at 55MPH without dropping a call and they would have us believe that SEVERAL people made several cell phone calls while they were being held hostage on a plane?

I studied this so long ago I wish I could repeat the specifics of air speed, height, etc, but I can't. There is a VOLUME of information on it. Just the list of 9/11 truth organizations alone takes several pages.

The side where the PENTAGON was hit just happened to be the ONLY side of that 5 sided building to have recently been reinforced to withstand a blast? There was still some construction equipment on the lawn that day. AND the SAME company that did that also was hired to do the very expediant and complete removal of all the debris at the Twin Towers site? AND that all the steel was shipped immediately off to CHINA. This was the greatest crime in American history and they aren't going to examine the evidence? Not one single piece of steel to see WHY it failed despite all the engineering that went into preventing it from succumbing to just such an act? Not even an examination to see why, for the first (and last) time in history a high-rise building collapsed due to fire so they could prevent it from happening again?

The 3 Trade Center buildings are the ONLY highrise buildings in the history of THE WORLD to have ever collapsed due to fire and they just all happened to have been on the same day?

In the entire history of NORAD they failed, not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times to intercept FOUR planes and they had HOURS to do so? In every other instance of a suspect plane it has only taken MINUTES to scramble jets and they couldn't manage to catch one in several hours?

The black boxes were never recovered (presumed destroyed) but a PAPER passport flew out of the pocket of a highjacker and landed safely on the streets of New York 100+ stories below where it was conveniently found to point to the perpetrators?

And, to effect maximum damage to a country a terrorist would hit two high rise buildings in one of the largest cities in the world and do it in a way so the massively tall and gargantuan buildings would fall neatly into their own footprint, leaving the surrounding area relatively intact. It wouldn't make sense to make the buildings fall OVER.

If I was in a building that was on fire and had been hit by an airplane (a building that had already been targeted by terrorists in the past) I would definately stay there. My human instinct for survival would not have taken over, and I would have calmly went back to my desk and waited for further instructions.....

Why was the debris from Flight 93 spread over 8 miles?

Why is Osama bin Ladan not listed on the FBI most wanted list for the crime of 9/11?

Our government, with the greatest intelligence and military in the world couldn't detect a plot of that magnitude that took years to plan but the media could formulate a hypothesis and name the suspect within hours of it happening?

Muslims are doing security screenings at airports. If MUSLIMS are doing the screening, WHO IN THE HECK ARE WE LOOKING FOR?

Have you seen what an ALUMINUM airplance looks like when it crashes? Have you seen the pictures of the entry and exit holes in the Pentagon? How does the aluminum nose of an airplane plow through 5 layers of steel reinforced concrete of the most secure building in the world and make a 16 foot hole on the other side?

Why were those planes, on a weekday and coming out of major hubs, only roughly 20 -40% full?

Why did Dick Cheney change the historical chain of command at NORAD regarding highjacked aircraft just before 9/11 to make himself the only and final authority on scrambling jets?

Where have we gone since?

Have you heard of the largest embassy in the world, dubbed "Bush's Palace" in Iraq?

If you send all the true patriotic young men and women off to war and kill them off slowly by making them return again and again and continue to lower the standard for recruitment to include an ever increasing amount of people from poor (and getting poorer) inner city gang ridden neighborhoods and criminal records, what happens when those troops, now hardened by combat, trained, and suffering from untreated and undiagnosed PTSD return home and you have an agenda of dismantling the country and taking over the soveriegnty of the nation as well as bringing the condition of the country to such a desparate state that there will be rioting in the streets? And you have just stationed SEVERAL THOUSAND of said troops to service in the continental US in case of "civil unrest and natural disasters"? And signed agreements with other countries to use their FOREIGN troops on your soil in case of an emergency?

Is the picture getting clearer?

Really. I thought we had some reall bull**** detectors here.
To Anonymous (12:24 AM):

Not only that, but in the days following 9/11 - members of the Obama family were safely escorted by plane out of this country - when NO ONE ELSE was allowed to fly and no other planes were in the air!!!

And here we are more than 7 years later and our own government "intelligence" can't seem to locate a 6' 6" Arab on dialysis, who lives in a cave and travels with an entourage!!!

Well, maybe we haven't been "looking" for him all along???
Anonymous of 5:33 pm

I do understand where you are coming from, but I will just explain a little further why I go to such lengths to discuss issues the way I do.

There is actually a bigger point that I'm trying to make in bringing up the issue, not that I did, that I think it's unimportant in itself ..It's the way that the faith has been transformed to look like something entirely different then it did in the first century. We can know this by just reading the Bible and comparing.

I have been pointing to how these things developed in history. The reason I bring up the Catholic Church is not because I dislike Catholics, but because many of these things were officially adopted as Catholic doctrine by a Roman Emperor, Constantine, who was most likely not even a genuine believer. Constantine was anti-semitic so the doctrines he imposed were designed to remove what he perceived to be the Jewish elements of the faith like Passover and Shabbat for example, adding things like Christmas and Sunday..

Judaism also has been influenced by the history of what happened to Israel, the various exiles and the development of Christianity, so I think this is important to look at too. Earlier when I said Judaism did not exist until the Babylonian exile, I base that on reading the Bible. There is no record of what we know to be Judaism today, until Babylon, but there was Torah prior to this and that is not the same thing. Just at the Jews codified Torah after Babylon, the believers in Yeshua later on began to try to codify their faith and we come up with Catholicism. Later the Protestants protested and we get all the offshoots of that, but did God really tell us to set up a bunch of religions and denominations or is that man's attempt to define God? God had a people, a nation, Israel, not a religion. The faith of Abraham was for all the nations to follow.

It still happens today. I call this religion and it will all be part of Mystery Babylon. At some point our religious systems will be so corrupt, we will have to leave Babylon and just depend on God.. This is my conviction based on Scripture..Not saying we are there yet, but we are heading there.

Most Christians haven't spent a lot of time studying the history of what they believe and how these doctrines arose. The importance of this, I believe is that man has created something that would be unrecognizable to those who originally believed.

We have detached our faith from it's roots, which are hebraic and there are many reasons for this which I won't go into right now.

If I bring it up it's to make people think a little bit. Paul said that we were supposed to provoke the Jews to jealousy. I am pointing out that the way the faith has been transformed today, no Jew would be jealous of it. They see Christians as idolators who worship more than one God. They hear about a Jesus who has nothing to do with Yeshua, the first century rabbi who was loved by many Jews and followed. They see a religion that has been essentially detached from its roots.

My concern is the question of true unity verses the false and what you say is true, no one has arrived. There is not a congregation that has it all together, but there are people who are coming closer. Most of what I say on the blog is to attempt to have people think about the dogma they've been raised with and see if it really holds up to the Word of God. For someone to do this they have to have the desire to know God this way.

Yeshua refused to be lifted up as leader of the Jews and organize a religion.. He had people who followed Him and listened to His voice...which is very different than creating a religion. He revealed how Torah and the Prophets was all about Him.

Paul warned the believers not to become arrogant against the natural branches and I believe the historical church did not head this warning:

Rom. 11:18 do not be arrogant toward the branches; but if you are arrogant, remember that it is not you who supports the root, but the root supports you.

I do long for unity in the body, but I just happen to believe if we do not go back to the Scriptures and find the unity based on the Scriptures we cannot have it. If you think I'm exaggerating read about people like John Chrysostom and his influence on the early church.

The early believers from the nations began to distance themselves from the Jews so that they didn't get persecuted along with them, since the Romans didn't make a distinction between Jewish believers in Yeshua or non-believers. Shabbat would have been a clear identifying sign of identification with the Jews, even though it's actually a feast of the Eternal.. and the fourth commandment.

I will just point out to you that some of the people we call the "Church Fathers" were very anti-semitic. This is a historical fact and you can read their own statements, not to mention Constantine's reasons for adopting some of the things he did.

If I bring these things up it's not to create controversy as much as to make some of the more enlightened people on the blog think a bit. We can actually learn a lot from history and history usually repeats itself.

If you read the Scriptures carefully and see who it is that God has always been working with and has not stopped working with, it's Israel.. The nations are supposed to enter into the covenants that God established with Israel. This is true unity, but we must first try to understand it. I've actually spent a fair amount of time studying and praying about this issue. As someone who was raised as a Gentile Catholic, was then born-again and then discovered that I was really a Jew all along I wanted to understand what happened. It provoked many questions, not the least of which is how did people kill my relatives just because they were Jewish.

So, the bottom line is when I say things that appear to be outrageous to people, like how could I question a doctrine that has been around so long like the trinity, or Sunday worship or Christmas...I am very aware of what I am saying and I do it with a purpose, which is not to offend people ( although I know there is that risk) but to make people think about another point of view. I also actually believe the things I say, so I'm not just being provocative.

The irony of what I do is that I end up ticking off Jews and Christians, or at least Catholics. but if they would stop and think a little instead of reacting ( I know this isn't always easy) they might understand my motives and not be personally offended which is never my intent.

I actually do think all of this applies to the days that we live in since I think most of the confusion will be about what we believe and who we attach ourselves to, but that's another long subject, so I'll leave it here.
If our country was really "under attack" - why didn't President George W. Bush's Secret Service men RUSH OVER AND PICK HIM UP LIKE HE WAS ON FIRE and carry him out of that classroom - instead of allowing him to continue to sit there calmly reading to those school children???
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
To Joyce (12:55 AM):
Re: "who we attach ourselves to"



Constance, you might try spending some quality time... just reading a few weeks of Niki's research - you know there's a whole lot of evil in this world... but I can assure you this, communitarianism... and ludicrous communitarian laws... may top them all.

Nah, better strike that. I guess 'murder'... is still an awfully tough one to beat. Would your friend Dorothy have any thoughts about this?

No, not my Dorothy; yours! ~lol~

And how 'bout yourself? How might simple folks like me read those sacred Talmudic texts... and come to an understanding... that will make everything right... in this tempest-filled world?

Heck, for that matter, couldn't the Old Testament... be read as just one racist... arrogant-sounding... genocide-loving little tome... too? Whose God is that one - not yours, I hope!

Perhaps you suspect I'm just too uneducated to get it - or simply 'not blessed' enough?

Oh, and have you read of Etzioni and his own moralisms lately?

If I wasn't so damned dumb, I'd think Niki was owed an apology.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

First, let me thank you for the excellent contributions on the newer thread on UN and religion.

With that being said, I profoundly disagree with you on Constantine. Attacks on Constantine are universal across the New Age scene. He is DESPISED among New Agers. Up until Contantine, it was perfectly legal to hunt down and murder Christians. It was Constantine who changed all that. I do believe he believed. His mother defintely became a devout Christian believer.

I am sorry that there is such nasty internet stalking of you on this board.

Bobby Garner,

I mislead nobody. Moreover, it was you and your ilk that most likely misdirected Niki away from the Theosophical motivation of Martin Buber and into your own grand synthesis clearly designed to prepare people for what the New Agers call "planetary initiation."


Jesus did say, "I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

It is a favorite New Age argument, you should know, to say Jesus never intended to start a religion.

Dear Lark,

So now you're tossing out the Old
Testament? Figures!

Just like Hitler: Went after the Jews first because they were the smallest and the weakest. Then he planned his attack on the Catholics as a despised 'Jewish based religion.' His third planned move would be against the Protestants -- also "Jewish based" --

So, just what do YOU have that is so allegedly SUPERIOR to Divine Writ (but of course, we know you would never acknowledge THAT) -- ARE YOU WITH BOBBY GARNER ON HIS MASS PLANETARY INITIATION -- seeing Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven only 'in your mind's eye'"

Nice try, but no cigar!

Can I ask, what religion or church is it that Jesus is believed to have started? Other than the very broad label Christianity; which one can be attributed to Him, unpolluted, uncompromised, without the doctrines and tradtions of men that render the word of God to nill effect, in a pure form that we all should follow? Which denomination or church has it all right or at least more right than any other?

This is one of the questions I hoped to answer by reading this blog.


Re: "Jesus did say, 'I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'

It is a favorite New Age argument, you should know, to say Jesus never intended to start a religion."


I am absolutely shocked and appalled that you would, not only DENY, but twist around, the words of Jesus as CLEARLY stated in the following ORIGINAL and COMPLETE Sciptural passage in the Bible.

Matthew 16:18:
"And I say unto thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

It's as if you're calling Jesus a "New Ager" - AND denying that He started the Catholic Church and made Peter His first Pope all in one offensive post!!!

You owe Catholics everywhere an immediate apology!!!
To Constance (9:22 AM):

Re: Your post to Joyce: "I am sorry that there is such nasty internet stalking of you on this board."


When are you going to wake up, Constance and face the reality that Joyce has been "stalking" both Orthodox Jews and Catholics ever since she came to this blog last April (9 MONTHS ago)???

Her non-stop inflammatory comments day in and day out - week after week - month after month can only be interpeted as a form of "stalking."

But, I guess you would only NOTICE (and chastise her for it) if her daily attacks were on Baptists, Methodists, or Lutherans instead!!!
To Constance and All:


Published by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

By Robert P. Lockwood

January, 2001

David in B.C. 2:11 P.M. --- Yvonne 10:11
P.M., 10:42 P.M.

I would accept the "official version" of 9/11 if it were not perfectly obvious to anyone with any cognizance, that building 7 was indeed "pulled".

Plus, i would like to see a photo of a commercial jet airliner on collision course with, or just before impact with, the Pentagon.

Plenty of photos are available, as the Pentagon is one of the most heavily surveilled buildings in the world.

Why does the government not release a photo of this?

Explain these two glaring issues to me, and ill defect to the side of the "official version" of 9/11

Obama just had a speech, contains info about eliminating social security and medicare without an alternative. Anybody seen it or know where to rewatch it.

anon 1035 Jesus did not start the cc and Peter was not the first pope
CNN aired the live speech but I missed it, got a phone call about it. If I find it re airing I will post it.

To Anonymous (11:49 AM):

Re: "anon 1035 Jesus did not start the cc and Peter was not the first pope"


Please go back and read your bible again: Matthew 16:18

It's very interesting how some of you Protestant Evangelicals insist that if it isn't in the Bible, it isn't true - UNLESS it verifies that Jesus DID in fact start HIS Catholic Church - and then you become very "selective" in what "the WORD" says - and choose to throw out what you don't like!!!

All I can say is that you have a lot of explaining to do to Jesus Himself when you meet him one day!!!
Constance, you said:
"I mislead nobody. Moreover, it was you and your ilk that most likely misdirected Niki away from the Theosophical motivation of Martin Buber and into your own grand synthesis clearly designed to prepare people for what the New Agers call 'planetary initiation.'"

You posted on this blog:
"the Communitarian puzzle is a vital part of global governance mechanisms being put in place and Niki despite our differences over Israel and her false premise that it is a Zionist scheme -- This will finish that series."

That is an unsubstantiated, statement which impugns the quality of Niki's research, and damages her character.

In the simplest terms, ITS A LIE.

You have insisted that her reference to Martin Buber's Communitarianism, and his influence on Etzioni does not establish a connection with Zionism.

The common bond between Etzioni and Buber is their Zionism:

"Buber was a utopian Zionist. He believed strongly that the most important possibility for Zionism was in changing the relationships between people. He wrote powerfully in favor of Arab rights in Palestine." Jewish Virtual Library

Could I recommend the book?

The First Buber: Youthful Zionist Writing of Martin Buber, by Martin Buber

If you need more:

Google Zionist "Martin Buber" 29,000 results

"Martin Buber was an Austrian-born Jewish religious philosopher", but neither Niki or I have ever tried to make that an issue. In fact we have ignored that aspect of Buber.

Your information associating him with the New Age is not news. I made the connection between New Age, Communitarianism and Zionism no later than November 2006 when I wrote about it.

Constance, you need to retract your negative remarks against Niki and myself, which appear to be influenced by some aversion to having Zionism brought into this discussion on Communitarianism.

You accepted Niki's apology which means she forgave you, although your hurtful remark still stands against you.

By refusing retraction, you are implying that she has compromised her standards of truth by accepting your lie. And lets not kid ourselves, if it isn't true, then its a lie.
CNN is airing clips one just played, I wasn't taking notes but this line stood out

".....it's time to trade old habits for a new spirit, of responsibility...."
The church I am attending is called The Rock, I guess I can assume that IT is the church that Jesus Himself started because The Bible CLEARLY says so. You don't even have to guess, hypothesize, infer or use endless writings and compilings by men who I give no more authority to than the mailman. SO WHAT if some MAN or group of MEN wrote a book or a Creed and declared it so. I hold as much value in that as I do the phonebook. Might be useful but I can dial a phone without one. Solo Scriptura......

Obama's speech (transcript)today:




Thanks, I was hitting rewind on the DVR over and over trying to get it all. LOL :)

Be blessed!
I can not get your internet radio site to come up.
Dear Constance,

I heard you on POV the other day....so I have been to your website and read and read.....It is so interesting. You are so informed. I clicked on a link to hear it again but it would not come up, nor did your radio program on the internet.

I also tried emailing you at cumbey@gmail.com and that didn't work either.

I just wanted you to know in case others have tried and not said anything about it. I want to know so much more about what is "going on" with all of this mess. I am a Christian, and have no problem saying I love Jesus and believe in God's Word in the Literal ....not as just a "good book to read".

I would really like to know when your radio shows are on the internet, times, etc. I live in the DFW Texas area.

I did hear something interesting the other day either Thursday or Friday on Point of View about the internet and micro chipping. I have animals, only one has a micro chip...not by my choice. I am thinking of having it removed, I don't even want my animals chipped.

Could you put on your blog someplace about all this micro chipping? I don't know where to go to find the truth about it. (on the net).....I know what the Bible says about it, but I have also heard that our military personnel are being micro chipped. Is that true?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
In Christ,

My internet radio program is Tuesday and Thursday, 8 to 9 p.m. eastern time (would be 5 to 6 Pacific time, 4 to 5 Alaskan time) at www.themicroeffect.com. There is an active chatroom you can join to input questions while I am on line or you can call in live at 888-747-1968.

Constance has not authorized this request for donations to Micro Effect towards her radio program; My Perspective. We want to help Constance stay on the air. MAKE YOUR DONATIONS TO MICRO EFFECT, JOE MCNEIL AT P.O. BOX 164, KAMIAH, ID 83536 Let Joe know in a note either by email at the station or by snail mail with your donation, you are donating to My Perspective Radio program with Constance. Any donation would be appreciated.

Also you can donate through the CHIP IN box on the main page of Micro Effect Radio. It's a paypal donation. Just let Joe McNeil know you are putting this toward Constance's show only.

Some have already donated. Thanks! Margie
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