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An amazing testimony was shared with us in our forum section some time ago. I asked its author, our beloved "oldmanoftheski" to tell me more. He graciously sent me same which languished on my desk until a refresher and "cleanup" last week (cleaning up my desk, not the excellent submission, that is!). To refresh your memory on what "OLDMANOFTHESKI" first told us, here it is as it first appeared in MY PERSPECTIVE's comments section:

"Thank you Constance, the power grab by JS [Javier Solana] is indeed becoming more alarming at every turn. And thank you Dorothy for the head's up on Rich of Medford’s latest post. Forgive me for being long winded again, but I have to share some thoughts regarding the amazing quote Rich excerpts from The Armageddon Script, Peter Lemesurier’s blueprint for bringing forth Maitreya…"For the wisdoms of all ages and cultures will be called upon to surrender their most precious secrets...”That line struck me like a lightening bolt! I’ve been watching this very thing unfold from my own personal experience for a long time. Twenty-seven years ago I lived with a Native American shaman ["Sun Bear" born Vincent LaDuke] was criticized by his own people for sharing the most precious secrets of his brand of traditional wisdom with the world. He considered it to be a prophetic and critical task in this time of “global transformation”.

"When Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya gave his speech surrendering the
Hopi Life Plan to the United Nations, he felt his life's mission had been
fulfilled. He had tried unsuccessfully for decades to bring Hopi elders and the
Hopi message to the United Nations (the "house of mica" predicted by the Hopi
prophecies). This task was finally accomplished in 1992 and again in1993. The
decade immediately following Banyacya’s speeches, 1995-2004 was the UN’s
International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples, which was designed to
glean their “most precious secrets”, with the obvious goal of using all this
“spiritual” information to mold a one world religious philosophy.

"I have great respect for much of traditional indigenous people’s beliefs. In almost all of what we might consider to be “primitive” traditions, there exists a narrow door within the tradition itself that facilitates acceptance of what I consider truth, the gospel of Christ. This is not by coincidence. Many missionaries to indigenous peoples have discovered this fact and have used it to successfully introduce the Gospel truth. (Read “Eternity in their Hearts” by Don Richardson.) Those missionaries who did not see this doorway have most often failed in their endeavor. That said, there is an even larger doorway which facilitates movement in the opposite direction. Along this line Thomas W.
Jackson, the Executive Secretary for the World Conference of Masonic Grand
Lodges has promised to reveal later this year, “The significance that Freemasonry has made in the erection of this great city [Washington, DC] and the development of our democratic society.” Jackson goes on to say, “My brothers, Freemasons imbued with the philosophical beliefs of our craft have been in the forefront, leading the way for the development of worldwide civilization for centuries. It has survived ongoing changes in societal structure while remaining relevant when most other organizations, many modeled after our craft, have become extinct. We have remained because our philosophical purpose remained relevant to all societies and to all generations. [Therefore] Several themes have been selected for this conference, which notes the need for the philosophy of the craft to expose its relevancy in today's society.”
posted by oldmanoftheski : 2:19 PM

P.S. The Border Interfaith organization has an alliance with Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) which has multiple listings of interfaith organizations across the

"Oldmanoftheski" has graciously responded to my online invitation to do Tuesday's live internet radio show. In fact, he is going to actually go to Joe McNeil's Kamiya, Idaho studio to do it live. I am looking forward to this tomorrow night. You can listen live by tuning to with your speakers and/or earphones intact. You can join us in the chatroom by clicking that box on the chatroom button. You can call in by phoning 888-747-1968.
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Oldmanoftheski! Happy to hear that annoncement! thanks! Björn
This is great news! I'll be praying for you and Constance. -Rudi

~K~ - Thanks for the link to the
9th World Conference of Masonic Grand
This is, just FYI for any who would be interested - a little background on Thomas Banyacya and Sun Bear, as per Oldmanoftheski's sited commentary.

First link is a
February 15,1999
New York Times article about Thomas Banyacya published approximately one week after his death. (2/06/99)

"Thomas Banyacya, 89, Teller Of Hopi Prophecy to World"

THE HOPI MESSAGE TO THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY Monday, January 18, 1993, given by Thomas Banyacya.

The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology by Sun Bear, 'Remembering Sun Bear'
(Died 6/19/92)
Old Man of the Ski,
Sorry, I don't think I'll be able to listen, but looking forward to hearing more.

Thanks for the links.
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If you get the time, I would like you to see an article I wrote on my blog. It is regarding a new movement just underway in its infancy called “I Take the Vow”, created by the Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra. At the time I wrote this article almost 13,000 people had taken the vow.

It started in December 2008, He is on a book tour now and telling everyone about the website. Ellen’s show put his link on her website. So the numbers will go up fast. His goal is 100 million to reach Critical mass to transform the world. You know what that means…a shift in consciousness takes place and it is telepathically placed in the minds of others. (Hundredth Monkey Theory) And they will then follow along with the peace plan. But not all will as we know…

It is a vow of nonviolence. He said the instead of nonviolence you could use the word peace but he said the better definition in Sanskrit the word Ahimsa, which is ‘an active interaction with others and nature on the basis of the spiritual unity which connects us all.” “So nonviolence is not passive, but active in a nurturing way.” “Ahimsa describes behavior that respects and supports all who are involved.” “It assumes a universality the way that the greeting namaste recognizes that the divinity in others is the same as the divinity within us.”

It supports all those involve….but what does that me for those that are not involved???

How it is being presented is very beautiful, loving and peaceful as all New Age stuff is… They are using the term Vow. Saying that a Vow is Sacred and there is NO going back…

“”A vow is a sacred commitment from which there is no going back. It is like a child that is born, who cannot return to the womb. By committing to the vow, you also agree to have at least two people in their lives take the vow.”

That set warning bells off for me. As you know they plan world wide initiations I fear this is a foreshadowing and a preparatory step towards what Barbra Marx Hubbard, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and David Spangler Lucuferic Initiations and many other have talked about.

As you know the peace they want can only happen after all the God Fearing have been exterminated. No matter what this vow is meant to do, it will be a great brainwashing tool for the world Peace Plan. I quote Deepak and some of the things are enlightening to his plans if you read between the lines. I have quoted David Spangler which you already know about and some others. People are starting to really get into this; part of the vow is they must get two persons to join. So he is sending them out to recruit and they a have taken a sacred vow to get 2 people to join.

I was not sure if you heard about this yet.

Let me know what you think.


So, that's "Deep Pit"'s latest venture? Earth worship, in my opinion, is where this is happening -- a mass "change in consciousness" that is contrary to our best interests as the human race and as the created of God. There were prophecies about "the hour of temptation to come upon all the earth . . ." Could this be a facet of it? Thanks, Rose, for calling this to my attention!

In late 1982, I spoke in Columbus,Ohio. That is where David Spangler was born. One of his cousins, a Catholic Christian by the name of Sally Spangler introduced herself to me. She brought me a clipping from Our Sunday Visitor telling about the Thomas Banyacya speech to the UN and also, as I recall, one at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine (Episcopalian -- also where David Spangler frequently spoke) -- WHAT SALLY SPANGLER was most concerned about was the portion of Banyacya's speech where he said that when "the true white brother" came "from the east" he would inquire of the Indians as to who had been oppressing. They would then BEHEAD those with THE SIGN OF THE CROSS and go to build A NEW GOLDEN AGE!

The Apostle John in Revelations said, "I SAW THE SOULS OF THOSE BEHADED FOR THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS" (I am here paraphrasing as my Bible is not open before me).

Tonight's show should be very interesting. Thanks, Rose!

There are important things added to the discussion/"leave your comment" sections on at least the last two posts -- possibly further back.


Are you asking me repost what I have written to you on past threads? I was not sure if that is what you are saying. Please clarify. Thanks!

By the way I sent you an email some days ago, before I started to blog with you. I don't know if you got it. Title: Thank you for shining light on the things of darkness.

I was thinking of posting it on the blog but I wanted to know if you agreed or just wanted it in an email. Thanks!

Obama's masonic inaguration
Re: Obama's masonic inaguration

"Is President Obama or Vice-President Biden a Mason?

Neither President Obama or Vice-President Biden are currently Masons. Many Presidents of the United States were members of our fraternity. " -Rudi
I found this site looking under Great White Brother.

There are many variations on the same basic themes in Native American traditional beliefs.

This site tells about The Great Wabaso, who wanted to go to the top of the world, so that he could touch the light.

Once there he met the Great Spirits, who were Makers of Magic.

Just recently, i think it was Nat Geo, had a program that featured a remote tribe that wore all white. It largely concerned The Great White Brother story.

I remember in the 80s that a lot of young people who were of the new age persuasion, would go to the Hopi reservation to seek knowledge.
Speaking of the Tower of Babel:

Check out todays 1/13 post.
Hi Rose,

Do you have a link to your blogspot?


Hi Rose,

I'm going to go do a search of my email now as well. Hopelessly behind!

I am not sure if you have seen this:

Never fear, a bright star will herald a new saviour

According to the Share International News Service, in a press release captioned Christmas Miracle, a "large bright star" will be appearing in the sky sometime over the next few days, or weeks, heralding the appearance on "a major US television programme" of the new World Teacher, Maitreya, who will be ushering in a new age of peace, wisdom and understanding. And not before time, I hear you say.


FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders

Just click on my name it will take you to my profile and at the bottom you can click my blog "Christianity and the New Age Occult: Who’s Sheep are you?
If that does not work let me know, I will get the address for you. I am new at this bloging! I don’t have much yet on the blog, but I have lots I am pulling together for it.

Just a thought...but could this be why Obama is so bent on closing Guantanamo as soon as he is sworn in???

My biggest fears are being separated from my children.

Guayanabo, Puerto Rico - Federal prison camp facility. Capacity unknown.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - US Marine Corps Base - Presently home to 30,000 Mariel Cubans and 40,000 Albanians. Total capacity unknown.
I can never seem to be able to time the connection to your radio show, Constance. Your spiel on Banyacya is most interesting and I would have loved to have heard the chat. BTW, Spangler used to worry me even when I was a New Ager.

Thomas Banyacya

Am very much looking forward to the broadcast tonight. May the Holy Spirit be with you and Constance, and may the blood of Calvary protect you both.

When is the show today? It's 4:28 pM Mountain time now.

Thank you.

Rose, welcome aboard.

From Crain'

Planned Parenthood makes staff cuts

Hit with declines in funding from the economic crisis and the Madoff scandal, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America is laying off around 20% of its staff.

Roughly 30 people were let go earlier this week, according to a source who works for the nonprofit. Executives at Planned Parenthood confirmed the layoffs, but declined to give more details.

“As with many other nonprofit organizations, Planned Parenthood has had to make staff reductions at our headquarters due to the challenging economic times facing our country,” said Maryana Iskander, chief operating officer at the agency. “While taking this action is never easy, we want to ensure the millions of women and men who rely on Planned Parenthood as a health care provider that the reductions will not impact our ability to deliver care to those in need.”

Part of Planned Parenthood’s funding declines stem from the closing of the Florida-based Picower Foundation, which shut down in December because its assets were managed by Bernard Madoff. The $1 billion foundation was one of the few major funders of reproductive rights issues.

Rose thanks for posting the info and link. The 'vow' looks like an advertising campaign for an illegal pyramid selling scheme!


Constance's radio show is on at
5:00 PM Pacific Time
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I am unable to access your radio show for some reason. Messsge says, "Server not available."

(I usually have no problem getting in.)
Go to Microeffect link on first page and try MP3
I just listened successfully (hard to be successful in that sort of endeavor) to Constance interviewing the Old Man of the Ski. Very informative. I'll look forward to the next installment.

I met David Spangler when I went to a yoga-convention in Kirkland WA a generation ago. This was a convention to bring together Western and Eastern esoteric groups. I was taken by my yoga teacher of that time.

David was a western-looking short-haired guy who had recently married and had a new baby. I read some of his books after that, and my inability to amalgamate his thoughts into my thoughts was one of the things which wafted me finally out of the New Age.

I was protected by God in my New Age encounters as was Old Man of the Ski, Steve Bush. My longest New Age affiliation was with Transcendental Meditation. TM encouraged us not to pray because it would interfere with our meditative growth. But because I repeatedly became ill during this period, especially if I mediated too much on retreats, I always turned to God. God's existence was a given to me. I did not need to cut Him off to meditate; He was just there. He did allow me to become so desperately ill after one meditation effort (outside of TM) that I was in bed for five months and in the hospital for another before I recovered. One can become ill from meditating; honest eastern yogis know this, and it's one reason they are cautious about bringing meditation into a commercial western setting where the meditators are simultaneously trying to live a western worldly life and also to meditate. I was helped to recover from this catastrophe by two New Age entities, one being Swami Satchidananda (an honest yogi) and by the "Church of the Divine Man" in Seattle, a totally far gone esoteric church which nevertheless taught me how to recover and "ground" myself from doing excess meditation. I had an underlying illness (undiagnosed) and of course should never have been allowed to do esoteric stuff, but this is a problem not acknowledged by most commercializers of meditation. Or if they do acknowledge it in principal they are not themselves intuitive enough to be able to know who is at risk. Actually everyone is at risk spiritually, as we know.

I might point out that NO church was able to help me with my meditative crisis. Churches do NOT know how to intervene in such things, in my experience. But because I've steered totally clear of such things in the past decades, I don't know if churches now know better how to deliver a person from such a situation; the reason they probably don't know is because the crisis of meditation is so physical as well as spiritual, and requires a mind-body approach which few know about.

I was blessed to find a couple of entities who knew how to do it; God used them on my behalf and I ask God to bless and deliver them in turn.

I really took a liking to old man of the ski. He comes across w/ finess. His background is something we can really learn from. I wish he lived down the road from me up here in vermont and we could build a fire by the river and have so much time to listen and so much time to be heard. My name is tony- at 802-380-1648 if the chance ever comes that we could have a chat. It does me well to know that you are a christian and a follower of the narrow way through Jesus. Thanks for showing up and contributing.
Just wanted to thank Steve and Constance for a very informative show, in spite of the technical problems some of us had.

OldManofthe Ski, I look forward to hearing more of your amazing story in the future. It takes courage to share. Thanks for sharing and be blessed.

Thanks for sharing as well. No, churches are not equipped to help in many instances, with problems such as you described.

I am glad you were able to be healed through His love.
Outstanding job of sharing the information on the program today Oldmanoftheski and Constance. Thank you both so much. Looking forward to Part 2 down the road! -Rudi
Congregations, regardless of their affiliation, need help people to understand their new identity in Yeshua. Once someone understands that they can begin the process of renewing their minds by taking every thought captive to the obedience of His Word.

I think that many people don't understand when they accept Yeshua, they no longer live. Their old man/woman has been put to death, and their new creation is actually in Yeshua, but their is also a piece required which is repentance...turning from the lies we believed, the transgressions we committed and not only agreeing with God as to what they were, but doing a 180 degree turn in the other direction.

People have to be able to have a congregation where there is someone they can trust and be able to say these things out loud without fear of condemnation or that what they say will be spread all over. Many people trust in Yeshua but don't have an environment where they can really get free and deal with what they have done in the past.

The one who comes to accuse is always there trying to remind people that they are "not worthy" and this is the biggest misunderstanding that keeps people from being truly free.

You are right in saying that very few places have the ability to deal with this. What's even worse is some places are actually promoting the very Eastern Mysticism that people needed to be forgiven for...

The Bible says:

Rom. 12:2 And do not abe conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

We already have our new identity when we put our hope in Yeshua's death as payment for our sins. The whole point of being immersed in water is to acknowledge that "our old man" is dead and now we are a new creature identifying with Yeshua's death and resurrection, but appropriating these truths and really walking in them comes by confessing our sins and choosing truth.

1John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

We can confess our sins to a brother or sister in Messiah, just someone we respect and trust:

James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be bhealed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

Teshuvah..repentance is the act of agreeing with God about what He says sin is and turning from it. This is much easier to do when we understand the truth about who we are in Messiah.

There is therefore no more condemnation for those who are in Messiah Yeshua....

2Cor. 5:17 Therefore if anyone is ain Christ, 1he is ba new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

If the repentance piece is ignored, the persons mind will be attacked by the lies of the enemy.

Satan, who is the accuser of the brethren, the father of lies, a liar from the beginning who roams the earth seeing who he can devour and destroy, is more that happy to remind people of their old identity.. This is why it is so important for people to have good equipping when they come out of a life of darkness.. and you are right in saying, many churches are clueless about this because they don't believe the spirit realm even exists. If there is no spirit realm, then there is no enemy and not need to stand against him:

Eph. 6:10-17 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in bthe strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in gthe heavenly places. Therefore, take up athe full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. Stand firm therefore, HAVING GIRDED YOUR LOINS WITH TRUTH, and HAVING bPUT ON THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and having ashod YOUR FEET WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE; in addition to all, taking up the ashield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the bflaming arrows of cthe evil one.And take THE HELMET OF SALVATION, and the sword of the Spirit, which is cthe word of God.

Yeshua. when He was in the wilderness, resisted Satan with the Word of God and we are called to do the same. You probably realize all of this, but it's worth saying because I know people who spent years in churches and were not free, so in case anyone who is reading the blog is not I hope that helps.

We must learn to distinguish between the voice of the snake and the voice of God. The best way to do this is to know the Scriptures.

Old Man of the ski,
Sorry, I missed your show. It sounds like it was really informative.
On the drive home from Kamiah, was thinking about the Sally Spangler/Banyacya St. John Church of the Divine speech, or "prophecy" re the oppressors being beheaded...

Constance, can you post a link, or reprint the original article if possible regarding these statements by Banyacya? I would be most interested in reading them.

My take, without having read the comments myself, is that these remarks may have been taken out of context, as it seems to me it very well describs history, or put another way, a prophecy which was already fulfilled.

During the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, the Hopi massacred the entire contingent of Catholic "Black Robes" (whom they viewed as "oppressors") who had come to Hopiland accompanied by Spanish soldiers to forcibly convert them. The Hopi readily admit that they beheaded the priests, and threw their bodies over the cliffs. Only one priest was reported to have escaped. This particular priest was said to have been much loved by the people of the Hopi village of Awatovi, who had converted willingly, en masse, after this particular priest healed the eyes of a boy born blind.

The people of Awatovi were the only Hopi to remain "christian" following the Pueblo Revolt. This lead to another massacre, only this time it was Hopi on Hopi, as ALL the men of Awatovi were massacred by their "brothers". The women and children were divided up among the perpetrators.

Not sure if this is the answer, and not saying Banyacya didn't say something different or that history will not repeat, but that's my take on it until get more info.

PS. Thank you for having me on tonight. I was nervous, but got through, am very grateful to those who prayed for me.
Old Man of the Ski - I bet you have interesting stories. You hold a wealth of great knowledge. I wanted to let you know that you are special. Thanks for sharing.

Fulfilled Prophecy today links an article by Henry Kissinger, "The Chance for a New World Order" in which he makes very clear: Crisis=Opportunity and Order out of Chaos

"As the new U.S. administration prepares to take office amid grave financial and international crises, it may seem counterintuitive to argue that the very unsettled nature of the international system generates a unique opportunity for creative diplomacy."

"The alternative to a new international order is chaos."
Joyce 12:18

I totally agree with you that in some churches people do not know that a spiritual realm even exists. In addition, I think there are other churches that are aware of the spiritual realm (charismatic churches) and are not discerning enough about testing the spirits. This is how the enemy can creep in. Todd Bentley’s brand of healing, for example, was a result of too many people wishing for proof of God, without testing the messenger.

However, I have had too many miracles in my life to not believe that there is not a Godly spiritual realm that is available to be our “armor” when needed and called upon.

I have a testimony that I want to share, in the hopes that it will lift people’s faith , and show that God is totally capable and willing to step into the breach for us, to help us in our battles with the enemy.

My husband has befriended a sweet, humble and God-fearing man that I’ll call Jerry, whom he met about 8 months ago, in the coffee shop of a book store. The man, about 60, works as a night time hospice worker. He has come to the house many times, searching for fellowship, and we’ve prayed and discussed the bible together with him. He is a former alcoholic who gave his life to the Lord after struggling with alcoholism and depression and thoughts of suicide for many years. As a result of his past life, apart from God, his driver’s license was revoked for life, and he had to do 6 months time in prison. So he bought something called an e-bike to go back and forth to his various jobs in town. The bike has pedals and also has an electric motor. I don’t think it goes above 35 miles per hour.

Back in the fall he was stopped on his bike by a police officer. He was challenged for driving a motor vehicle without a registration and driving with a revoked license. Jerry tried to explain that it was not a motor vehicle, at which point the officer threatened him with contempt. My husband went with Jerry to the court house where the clerks confirmed that the bike is not considered a motor vehicle and therefore cannot be registered or considered a motor vehicle. However, they refused to provide written documentation of this. Jerry was stopped a few weeks later (prior to his court appearance) on his way to work by the same officer, who was not even on duty at the time. He was a passenger in another person’s car. He told Jerry that he had already warned him once that he was not permitted to drive, and Jerry told him what he had been told at the court house. Once again the officer was threatening and acted contemptible. He told Jerry he intended to “get him put away”.

The ridiculous part is that Jerry is one of the most timid, non aggressive personalities I’ve ever met. He is literally afraid of his own shadow. That this officer was this abusive made my husband and I believe that there was spiritual warfare going on here.

Jerry hired a lawyer around Thanksgiving and his court case was postponed until just yesterday. His attorney did not have good news of late, and said that there was controversy over whether or not the bike could be construed as a motor vehicle based on the speed it was going, etc. My husband told me he was going to go with Jerry to the Court House and we prayed together in the morning for Jerry. We prayed that the Lord would lift Jerry up and send the Holy Spirit to do whatever needed to be done to break the oppression over Jerry, and give him a victory. Then we claimed the victory, believing in faith that it was accomplished.

At the courthouse, the prosecutor was busy prosecuting other cases when my husband and Jerry went in. My husband listened attentively to all the proceedings, and finally Jerry’s name was called. The judge spoke to the prosecutor and the prosecutor said he had an announcement to make from the state. He then announced that the case was dismissed. The judge looked astonished. She scanned her computer screen in seeming disbelief and said, “Are you SURE you want to dismiss this case? This is driving without a registration and with a revoked license!” He hesitated a second and then said yes, and she dismissed the case, still shaking her head in disbelief. Jerry’s lawyer rushed over and said, “Hey Jerry, I’ll get your paperwork. Get out of here quick before he changes his mind!”

My husband and Jerry left the building and the lawyer joined them outside shortly, with a very puzzled look on his face. He smiled and said to them, “You just never know what can happen in court. The prosecutor dismissed the case because he admitted that his throat seemed to be closing up on him and he couldn’t talk. Could simply not talk at all!”

My husband told me that he had been talking just fine , prior to Jerry’s case being announced! We gave praise to God last night, with the understanding that it’s important to pay testimony when the Lord intercedes supernaturally on one’s behalf.

I have witnessed far too many things in my life to not believe that God has given us equipment to use in spiritual warfare. As long as we can distinguish the voice of God from the voice of the enemy, I believe it is disrespectful to not use the precious gifts of the spirit in times of warfare.

In trying to do things our own way, we make mistakes. But God always has the solutions to our problems. It’s just a matter of being tuned in to the voice of God, which can be heard through Scripture .
Sorry I missed it. I just got busy with my family.
Great story, thanks for sharing with us. I absolutely believe that we serve a God of power, and He is there even in the trials of life.

I think I've had quite a number of miracles in my life and can honestly say that He has never abandoned me or forsaken me.

Steve Bush,

Perhaps the Hopi violently resisted the priests efforts, because of the usurpation they experienced from the Navajos?

Iv lived in Arizona for 27 years, and have traveled much of the reservation land of the four corners.

I know there are quite a number of churches on the reservations.

Its beautiful,and still in some places very remote country.

I would like to know of a good book to study the history of the Native American tribes?Especially from before Columbus?


When you go to this url, you can find pdf files of an old socialist newsletter called The New Age, with a letter from HGWells looking forward to the accomplishments the paper can do. I didn't get to read much of the paper yet, but it might be interesting reading.

ps I liked the story about the prosecutor getting all choked up. Very interesting.

When you go to this url, you can find pdf files of an old socialist newsletter called The New Age, with a letter from HGWells looking forward to the accomplishments the paper can do. I didn't get to read much of the paper yet, but it might be interesting reading.

ps I liked the story about the prosecutor getting all choked up. Very interesting.

I loved your testimony. The Lord's work is a wonderfull thing.


It is no secret that the auto industry is in dire straits. This has hit my family particularly hard, as I have said before with cut backs in hours. This issue now has culminated in several companies including the ones my dad and cousin work for, laying off employees indefinitely. While this makes me even more greatfull for the two deer we butchered this fall, and the one we sent to be processed into burger earlier this winter. This does leave the future a little less certain. I am praying consistently for my friends here, that all will find shelter from these storms of life, as well as the all to real storms and blizzards many of us are dealing with.
EU to launch biometric passports by summer

The push for the mark seems to be in full force.
Hamas accepts Egypt’s Gaza ceasefire plan

JERUSALEM - Hamas has accepted an Egyptian initiative designed to halt the war in the Gaza Strip, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said on Wednesday.

“Hamas is going to publicly express its support and acceptance,” Moratinos, the European Union’s former Middle East envoy, told reporters.

An Egyptian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, had earlier said that Hamas had agreed to the proposal drawn up by President Hosni Mubarak and Cairo was awaiting a response from Israel.


Report: Israeli defense officials back immediate Gaza ceasefire

JERUSALEM, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) -- Senior Israeli defense officials agree that Israel should reach an immediate ceasefire in the warring Gaza Strip, local daily Ha'aretz reported on Wednesday.

During meetings of high-ranking officers and officials from the army and other security establishments, they said Israel achieved all it possibly could in Gaza several days ago and that it is not advisable to further expand the offensive

So now Hamas and Israeli defence officials agree on terms of a cease fire but Olmert insists on furthering the offensive. How long does one suppose this will last before the neighbors and the EU turn sour toward Israel?

So glad you enjoyed my testimony.

You said:
"How long does one suppose this will last before the neighbors and the EU turn sour toward Israel?"

It's already happened.

I found this article from American Thinker very informative regarding all the ins and outs of the current situation. I also trust the writer's perspective, as I have an indirect link to this person through a close friend. I can't say more than that. But the article helped me put things in perspective.

The idea behind this event - as all currently related events - is to transform the consciousness of the world's citizens by transforming public opinion on a global scale. That's the reasoning behind the efforts to inspire masses of people to meditate on world peace as in "Taking the Oath" There are thousands of these groups all "working" simultaneously because they believe that "thought" moves energy or forces. That is how they believe we will "create" world peace. Collective consciousness, everyone "thinking", meditating, the more religious like to call it "praying" about the same thing.
The organizers of this event are the Fondation Hommes de Parole and Burkina Faso. The Fondation Hommes de Parole was created by Alain Michel in February 2001, under Swiss law based in Geneva. with offices in Geneva, Jerusalem and Paris. Though claiming to not be affiliated with any religion or organization, it considers spirituality as the very essence of life. One of it's crowning achievements is The World Congress of Imams and Rabbis For Peace. The World Congress of Imams and Rabbis For Peace is partnered with a network including the Alliance of Civilizations, The European Union, UNESCO, The Ford Foundation. The Elijah Academy, The Three Cultures Foundation and on, and on, and on. This has everything to do with the Israeli-Palestine conflict and international efforts for a solution. Situated at the heart of Africa, Burkina Faso, was chosen as the location for this conference because the stunning visual of a country suffering dramatic consequences will convey a powerful message for the entire world. Burkina Faso also plays a key role on the continent because of it's location at the international crossroads of high level summits. There is a lot of information at the links I've provided below. I've only scratched the surface and will provide more information as I go through it. Any and all help would be appreciated from interested readers here. - Rudi


Home page of above link



World Congress of
Imams and Rabbis for Peace

World Congress of
Imams and Rabbis for Peace
Behind in reading all comments here, but just read latest from Susanna and Joyce in my email copied to me from their postings.

I must respectfully DISAGREE with both of you on labyrinth walks. They are PURE OCCULTISM in my opinion. THE WANDERER, a conservative Catholic newspaper (don't know if it is still around, but suspect it might be) had some excellent articles on it. Fr. Ricardo, a popular Detroit priest who has been speaking out energetically, to his credit, against the New Age Movement, has referred to both labyrinth walks and yoga as being from the one that Catholics in their baptismal vows ("do you reject Satan" AND "all of his works")

Confusion was always Lucifer's game and I suspect such is the case here.


Just a word of encouragement.
You are one of the few on this blog that really grasps the lateness of the hour. I fully understand that you are NOT attacking people but defending the pure and holy word of The Lord. I am not complimenting you but thanking Yeshua for the clear message you bring here.It is high time for true sanctification in the Lord and if people will not heed Gods word they will certainly be swept away by the coming demonic tsunami.

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To OldmanoftheSki:

The article which Sally Spangler gave me is presently in the Bentley Historical Library archives. In the meantime, I am doing some googling and here is something I found that is very, very close to what Sally Spangler told me and what I recall from the article clipping she gave me. This one is not from Banyaca, but it is virtually identical. I now remember a discussion of the swastika from a book I purchased which is in my home library (I am at my office as I write this):

Let me start by quoting Hopi Prophecy from two reliable sources. The first is from the late Hopi spiritual leader Dan Evehema's 'Message to Mankind' delivered in 1996 and the second by the deceased Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva delivered in the early 1970's and reprinted in Thomas E. Mails' The Hopi Survival Kit which was published in 1997. Dan Evehema, relating the thousands of years old prophecy handed down from his ancestors tells us:

...When the leaders turned to evil ways instead of the great spirit we were told that there would be many ways this life may be destroyed. We were told of the three helpers who were commissioned by the Great Spirit to help the Hopi bring about the peaceful life on earth would appear to help us and we should not change our homes, our ceremonials, our hair, because the true helpers might not recognize us as the true Hopi. So we have been waiting all these years.
It is known that our True White Brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and will wear a red cap or red cloak. He will be large in population, belong to no religion but his very own. With him there will be two great ones both very wise and powerful. One will have the symbol or sign of the swastika which represents purity and is female, a producer of life. The third one or the second one of the two helpers to our True White Brother will have a sign of the symbol of the sun. He, too, will be many people and very wise and powerful. We have in our sacred Kachina ceremonies a gourd rattle which is still in use today with those symbols of these powerful helpers of our True White Brother.'
The quote from Dan Katchongva's famous speech is this:
We have teachings and prophecies informing us that we must be alert for the signs and omens which will come about to give us courage and strength to stand on our beliefs. Blood will Flow! Our hair and our clothing will be scattered upon the earth. Nature will speak to us with its mighty breath of wind. There will be earthquakes and floods causing great disasters, changes in the seasons and in weather, disappearance of wildlife, and famine in different forms. There will be gradual corruption and confusion among the leaders and the people all over the world, and wars will come about like powerful winds. All of this has been planned from the beginning of creation.
We will have three people standing behind of us, ready to fulfill our prophecies when we get into hopeless difficulties: The Meha Symbol, which refers to a plant that has a long root, milky sap, grows back when cut off, and has a flower shaped like a swastika, symbolizing the four great forces of nature in motion. The Sun Symbol. And the Red Symbol. Bahanna's [White Man’s] intrusion into the Hopi way of life will set the Meha symbol in motion, so that certain people will work for the four great forces of nature (the four directions: the controlling forces, the original force) which will rock the world into war. When this happens we will know that our prophecies are coming true. We will gather strength and stand firm.
This great movement will fail. But because its subsistence is milk, and because it is controlled by the four forces of nature, it will rise again to put the world in motion, creating another war, in which both the Meha and the Sun Symbol will be at work. Then it will rest in order to rise a third time. Our prophecy foretells that the third event will be the decisive one. Our road plan foretells the outcome.
The sacred writing speaks the word of the Great Spirit. It could mean the mysterious life seed: the two principles of tomorrow, indicating one, inside of which is two. The third and last, which will it bring forth, purification or destruction?
This third event will depend on the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun. When he sets these forces in motion the whole world will shake and turn red and turn against the people who are hindering the Hopi cultural life. To all these people Purification Day would come.
... The Purifier, commanded by the Red Symbol, with the help of the Sun and Meha, will weed out the wicked who have disturbed the way of life of the Hopi, the true way of life on Earth. This will be the Purification for all righteous people, the Earth, and all living things on the Earth. The ills of the Earth will be cured. Mother Earth will bloom again and all people will unite into peace and harmony for a long time to come.
If practitioners can visualize or look at the 'Re-drawing of Image on the Prophecy Stone on Hopi Land' that is included in the 'Hopi Prophecy (I)' and 'The Hopi Prophecy (II)' on the Clear Wisdom postings you will notice the three circles on the bottom line before the corn and small people. The posting on Clearwisdom 'Hopi Prophecy (II)' describes an interpretation of the meaning of these circles: 'The two circles on the bottom line represent the first and second World Wars... The small circle after the last chance is the Great Purification, after which corn will grow in abundance again, the Great Spirit will return, and the Path of Life will continue forever…' The first circle that represents the first World War relates to the rise of Nazism according to the interpretation of Dan Katchongva, '...set the Meha symbol in motion so that certain people will work for the four great forces of nature which will rock the world into war. This was the perversion of the original svasticum by Hitler and the Nazi’s which came out of the First World War. Master talks about the perversion of the svasticum by Hitler in Zhuan Falun: 'He [Hitler] appropriated it, but the color he used was different than ours. It was black and pointing upwards, and was used in the upright position.' I guess the only point I'm really trying to make here is that our Falun may be the symbol associated with the third symbol, that of purification, which Master has spoken about many times. Master says in his 'Lecture at the First Conference in North America': 'Just as with your practice of cultivation, as your bodies are being transformed, so the new earth is being made...These substances at the surface-level dimension will let the good people, who are kept to go on to the new earth, one day unwittingly find that the world has suddenly changed; or they may wake up one morning and discover that everything on earth has been renewed.'
This statement by Master seems to correlate with what the thousands-of-years-old Hopi prophecies as related by Dan Katchongva says, 'This will be the Purification for all righteous people, the Earth, and all living things on the Earth. The ills of the Earth will be cured. Mother Earth will bloom again and all people will unite into peace and harmony for a long time to come.'
Master also says earlier in the same lecture that, 'So it's certain that humankind will experience elimination on a large scale. Those who aren't so good will certainly be eliminated. It's like the human body's need to metabolize: unfit parts are eliminated. This type of thing will happen.' I should clarify here that I don't want to take Master's words out of context. He earlier balances this statement with an explanation that, 'Never have I said that there would be catastrophes happening to humankind or to the earth.' Anyone reading this paper who needs clarification here should read the entire transcript of Li Hongzhi's 'Lecture at the First Conference in North America.' The reason why I use this quotation here is to compare it to the statement by Dan Katchongva that, 'The Purifier, commanded by the Red Symbol, with the help of the Sun and Meha, will weed out the wicked who have disturbed the way of the life of the Hopi...' In another interpretation of this prophecy it says that the wicked will be beheaded.

Pasted from
To Oldmanoftheski:

Here is another similar link:

I noted in the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow that the New Age and pagan belief system of the world appeared to be a mirror image opposite of the Christian prophecies, e.g. a fulfillment scenario


I saw the souls of those beheaded / We will behead those with the sign of the cross, etc.
Comcast launches all-Obama channel:

Do you need Obama coverage 24 hours a day? In several markets, Comcast cable is launching an all-Obama, On Demand channel. (In D.C., it's channel 963).

Leading up to Inauguration, the channel will offer a number of Obama-related programs, according to a release: "Barack Obama’s most famous speeches to date, from his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 through his election night victory speech in Grant Park; Barack Obama biography; Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech; a tour of the White House; and the history of Air Force One."

Dish Network launched an all-Obama channel during the campaign.
Dear Constance,

I must respectfully ask you if you read my comment carefully?

Because if you did, you will find that I merely quoted articles on the labyrinth - including one from a Catholic source - with a view to sharing HISTORICAL information on the subject without editorializing.

I did make a comment about "Sacred Geometry" to the effect that it could be good or bad depending on how it is interpreted and used.(i.e. the dimensions and measurements of the Temple revealed by God in the Bible)

Ergo, your disagreement is not with me.

The labyrinth has never been a part of my religious experience.

Truth be told the first time I ever heard about labyrinth is when I read about it on this blog!

Informative article, thanks.
U.S. military report warns 'sudden collapse' of Mexico is possible

EL PASO - Mexico is one of two countries that "bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse," according to a report by the U.S. Joint Forces Command on worldwide security threats.

The command's "Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008)" report, which contains projections of global threats and potential next wars, puts Pakistan on the same level as Mexico. "In terms of worse-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico.

I wonder how this will play into the next year or so?
If someone already posted this sorry, but it seems the NA can't quite get the earth on board with their enviro-plan.

Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979

Rapid growth spurt leaves amount of ice at levels seen 29 years ago.

Thanks to a rapid rebound in recent months, global sea ice levels now equal those seen 29 years ago, when the year 1979 also drew to a close.

I got this sent to me and thought you guys might find it interesting. It is a list of ten US companies that probably won't be around by years end.
From oldthinker

Chorus call for New World Order

In economic and financial desperation, leaders around the globe are openly calling for the creation of a "New World Order," including prominent "old guard" members of the Trilateral Commission. Is the baby about to be born?

The return of the Trilateral undead
It's not accidental that so many of the original members of the Trilateral Commission, all of whom are now well into their 80's, have returned to dance in the limelight once again.

TC Members like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Volker and Brent Scowcroft, for instance.

It goes on to talk about the calls from Europe, as well as posting links to articles about calls from Africa, Australia, Canada, China, India, and Japan for a new order.

Well that first link,

is pure NA and mixes too many different sources and opinions. Beginning with the statement, “Master talks about the perversion of the svasticum by Hitler in Zhuan Falun” and virtually everything that follows, is not a quote from Katchongva’s or Evehema’s teachings, speeches, or writings. This is purely add on by someone with an agenda. Just because somebody claims that, “This statement by Master seems to correlate with what the thousands-of-years-old Hopi prophecies”, doesn’t make it so.

When these types of occult NA things are “added on” to what the traditional Hopi have to say, it just confuses the issue even more. By the way, who does the author of that site refer to as “Master”? And then he adds "Li Hongzhi" to the mix! Good grief!

As far as I know, Katchongva always spoke in the Hopi language, which is purely oral and has no alphabet. This leaves room for “interpretations” of the published English translations of his “statements” including books released under his name. But even with that in mind, it is clear Katchongva did not have a favorable opinion of any who threatened to undermine the traditional Hopi way, which he truly believed was absolutely paramount to maintain if this present world was to be preserved. It is the destruction of the Hopi way that the traditional Hopi believe will bring about the destruction of this present world. (Contrast that with the Christian perspective that the "old is passing away", and we eagerly await "a new heaven and a new earth", AMEN!)

There are many competing factions among the Hopi. There are small groups of "Christian" Hopi" and a mission school jointly sponsored by Mennonite/Baptists. Last I heard there were even plans for an LDS "center" to be built somewhere between second and third mesas.

Katchongva and Evehema were among the “outcasts” of old Oraibi, extreme “traditionals” who were pushed out and founded the village of Hotevilla. Each came from a specific clan, and each was a member of a specific “priesthood”, privy to specific, and highly guarded, information. Each spoke from his own independent mind.

Dan Evehema is a man I closely watched in person during the 1980 Chu’tiva (Snake ceremony) in the “traditional” village of Hotevilla. I was an invited guest of a man named Milfred Mochta of New Oraibi. I remember that when one of the rattlesnakes fell out of the mouth of one of the Antelope Priests, Mr. Evehema (a Snake Priest) kept it from getting too close to me. Evehema's “Message to Mankind” seems to be accurately reproduced and widely available on the internet.
I wonder if the information Rose gave concerning Deepak Chopra's latest quest to ceate a critical mass taking the vow is related to the goal of the Lucis Trust organization "World Goodwill" to distribute the "Great Invocation" prayer and meditation group.

They sound earily the same.
World Goodwill recently had a symposium Nov 08. Could this be the daddy of the NA movement who beats the drum for Depak, Oprah, and friends to walk to?

To Oldmanofthesky.

I am sorry to have missed your interview. Am quite interested in your perspective.

One question please correct my understanding.

Is it true the Hopi believed their ancestors are star people from the constellation Pleiades?
Oops, I got that backwards. The snakes were held in the mouths of the Snake Priests. Please excuse me, it's been nearly 29 years. But you can never totally forget something like that. Evehema was an elder Snake Priest who patrolled the outer ring of the ceremony picking up dropped or loose snakes. I remember seeing many different species draped over his arm at the same time, including that big rattler. I remember thinking how spry he looked for an eighty year old.

Regarding his death:

"Hotevilla, Arizona: Chief Dan Evehema died on January 15, 1999 at the age of 108. He was a spiritual leader, Snake Priest, Society Father and Eldest Elder of the Traditional Hopi Nation -- a culture more than 22,000 years old. Chief Dan was deeply involved in a visit to the United Nations by Hopi Elders. He was the co-author of Hotevilla Shrine of the Covenant and Hopi Survival Kit and co author of Techqua Ikachi, the Traditional Hopi Newsletters."
Long ago I read a book by Sun Bear, as well attended a seminar by
another shaman Harley Swiftdeer, who was lecturing on the "Twisted Hair Teachings" in the early 90's.

Oldmanofthesky, are those teachings the same as the Hopi?
It has been long time since I looked at these things and I remember being scared out of my wits when learning about some of those prophecies.
Young Grasshopper, thanks for the testimony about Jerry going free!

Anon 10:24.

I decided not to respond to anons anymore, but will make an exception for you because I want to make it clear, I'm no expert, and I can't answer such questions authoritatively. Don't know anyone who can. Best I can do is tell you to go ask a Hopi. And then go ask another. I did come across that Pleaides idea somewhere also, just can't recall if it was a Hopi source.

If you choose to research these things, just be sure to check out the sources.

That said, I'm always willing to give my opinion. I am familiar with the Hopi concept of the Kachina's, which from my understanding, are considered to be angelic or spirit beings, and/or aliens from other star systems or dimensions.

As I recall from reading multiple Hopi creation stories, there seems to be agreement that the Hopi who were saved from the destruction of the previous world were sealed in reed rafts by the "ant people". A great flood then ensued and the survivors landed somewhere near the mouth of the Colorado River.

Don't know who these "ant" people were, or if they even existed. Makes for some juicy speculation though.
Every Shaman/False Prophet claims he/she/it knows the truth, and uses whatever he/she/it can get away with to "support" their assertions. False teachers are not above using any tool to build up an aura of mystery or exploit fear. Sun Bear certainly used "Hopi" prophecy to support his own twisted vision. From what I've seen, stealing pieces from multiple prophetic traditions to create some sort of "synthesis" is common New Age practice.

And one more thing... since false teachers really enjoy "tickling itching ears", it seems to me the key is, don't have itching ears.
Deepak's Vow - Lucis Trust - Eckhart Tolle - Creme's Maitreya

Anon; 10:42

That's an interesting possible connection you've spotted there. I notice that Lucis Trust opened a YouTube account 3 months ago and are hosting some of their old radio shows there, or at least I'm assuming it really is them.

Eckhart Tolle is opening up his online TV broadcasting sometime this spring.

Unity Churches seem to be playing ball with Tolle and Deepak too as I noticed that both of these men have banner linked on Unity's site.

I wonder too whether this all might be tied in with Creme's Maitreya announcement???

Oops - my apologies. Tolle does NOT have a banner link on Unity's site - it is instead a link with his photo to watch his interview on


What do you know about an organization called, "The Project for the New American Century" (or PNAC)?
There was just a CBS television ad for Share's Maitreya. They gave a number for a recorded message. 800-870-6108 leading to their website It was a woman's voice, not Creme's.

State of the World Forum gives a thumbs up to Obama. Many websites mention the connection.

Just saw your comment. Yes, it is late.. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

In Yeshua's shalom,
Just a word of clarification. I am AGAINST labyrinths too.

I hope there was no confusion there, You may not have read my comments carefully and in context.

Whoever copied you in an email might have obscured what I said

"I must respectfully DISAGREE with both of you on labyrinth walks. They are PURE OCCULTISM in my opinion."

Here is my full and complete posting:

Joyce said...
The Labyrinth which has gained wide acceptance today in Evangelical churches has its origins in pagan civilization. You can see how this story is tied into the mythological story of Europa.

The Knights Templar who were thought to be the early predecessors of Scottish Rite Masonry appropriated it to simulate pilgrimages to Jerusalem. They built all of the Gothic cathedrals in Europe. We know there is a connection between masonry and the temple of Solomon. It is noteworthy that the only "pilgrimages" that God ordered are the ones given for the mo'ed of Lev 23, Three times a year men were supposed to present themselves at Jerusalem. Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot, so walking a labyrinth is not a substitute for going to Jerusalem. It's based on the story of Mithra.

The story of the Knights Templar is that they ended up in Scotland and formed Scottish Rite Masonry. Sacred geometry weighs heavily in the building of the Gothic Cathedrals and in Masonry, as evidenced by their symbol of the compass.

Now, as for modern day usage of the Chartes Cathedral, some of the most famous New Agers are involved:

Damanhur supports Wisdom University:

There is tons more on the subject of the Templers, Freemasons, sacred geometry and the labyrinth but you can start with this.

The films I recommended discuss this too:

Secret mysteries of America's beginnings and Mysteries in Stone.


1:09 AM

I hope this clarifies what I said. I'm surprised you don't know my style a little better by now. I detest anything this is "mixing" truth with lies. That's babel! Some of my links got cut, but I'm sure you are familiar with the Chartres Cathedral Mystery Schools links to Wisdom University. The labyrinth is 100% New Age, and goes back to minotaur and there is NOTHING Biblical about it even if the Templars tried to "simulate" a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Obama linked to Muslim Brotherhood.

Check out this great article by th Collins brothers.
mmm Ill try again
Ok its not having it.. sorry folks

Go to conspiracy archive and search the collins brothers articles for "Expediting the grand jihad"
YG, Joyce,

Here's a website I looked at this morning showing labyrinths from around the world....including Hopi.

Consider the Spider's Web a type of labyrinth.
Labyrinth Spider
Metepeira arizonica

Family: Araneidae

"Like many other spiders, the labyrinth spider is a predator that uses the orb portion of its web to ensnare prey. It is a passive hunter that lets the web do the work. Small insects that visit the prickly pear cactus to drink nectar or eat the fruits sometimes inadvertently fly into the labyrinth spider’s web."
To anonymous 2:45

That World Forum link you provided does seem to indicate that Barack Obama is the be-all and end-all of everything doesn't it?

From the welcome page:

"The opportunity Obama represents is framed by the reality that we are no longer approaching a chaos point in human affairs. We have entered the chaos point. The world has entered an era in which crisis and creativity, turbulence and resilience have come into dynamic proximity and new responses must be fashioned to ensure human survival. As we look ahead we can expect an accelerating stream of crises, emanating seemingly out of nowhere, like the financial meltdown just did, and reverberating throughout the global system with unpredictable, destabilizing and cascading effects. Crises will only increase in frequency and intensity until human civilization either succumbs in paralysis or human creativity designs and implements a higher level vision of the future that will usher in a new era in human affairs. "

So we are no longer approaching the chaos point; WE ARE IN IT.


So what created the entrance portal to this chaos, pray tell, esteemed seers of the world? I'm guessing it was the US election, but it could also have been the financial meltdown.

Lucis Trust mentioned Obama way back in their Easter 2008 convocation speech, when he was still in the midst of the Rev. Wright controversy. I can't help but be concerned by the coincidence that he was in Nairobi Kenya in the summer of 1988.

I guess it's time to sign up for that Comcast Obama channel, or at least buy a couple commemorative plates or coins. If we are to believe this trash, then God is truly amongst us.
Oldmanoftheski: You said you won't respond to anons any more. Please make an exception for me. I can't post under my name Mariel because I can't get the google program to work no matter what password or username I use--this has gone on for years. I do sign my name Mariel after all posts. Google and I barely "mix".

I tried a labarynth in a San Diego Episcopal Church with a group of women from a church in Del Mar. To me it was "dead". It had no meaning.

Perhaps this is because God protects me from New Age stuff since I escaped from it. What they do seems dead to me.

In response to 2 Anonymous 10:42 PM & 12:29 AM


I would also love to hear your opinion, correct me in any area you want.

I just want to get to the truth!

This is part of an article I am writing. It is not in its final for and I have adapted it to answer some blog questions.

Yes, Lucis Trust has come out with a radio show and is on .It is called Inner Sight: Host Robert Anderson and Sarah and Dale McKechnie of Lucis Trust.

At this time they have 89 of their radio shows on Youtube that they started posting about 3 months ago Lucis Trust Inner Sight this is the youtube address is:, if you sign up they are downloadable.

Lucis Trust has a internet radio show that has been playing over the web via BlogTalkRadio It is called Lucis Trust Inner Sight.

Sarah and Dale from Lucis Trust on one of the youtube radio shows, talk about "The Secret", but express that it is nothing new they knew about the law of attraction long before. The also say that the Secret focused too much on self gain of wealth and not how the principle should be used, it should be for envoking peace etc….

The Law of Attraction should play a huge role in the coming of the new age and world peace. I will discuss this later in this blog. Just read the Great Invocation it shows how they want you to align your will with the Plan.

The New Age Occultists are getting more and more organized. The top New Age authors all are connected to each other now, they write books with quotes on the cover for each other, and they do lecture cruises together. They are members of the same organizations working together. Yes I believe there is a connection with all the things you have said. It will be very interesting to see what each group does and how they will end up working together.

The Vow says it is for no-violence…..but it had lots of little catches in there…Sacred vow, reaching critical mass, transforming the world, recruiting etc… He is just getting them to accept the vow of non violence then to lead them to do something, to increase and protect non violence. He will start adding what to do. He said he will be expanding it with things that help those to keep the vow. I am sure we will see something like the Great Invocation, if not the actual one, being pushed along with a major political agenda. I take the Vow is in its infancy, but it is clear Deepak is taking it very seriously. So we should be too …Marianne Williamson has already promoted I Take the Vow on her website. They have a plan and its agenda is unfolding.

Lucis trust says that the new world religion will basically come forth out of all the religions and redefine religion its self as a natural course. We are seeing that today.

I have some examples of how some authors are connected:

I think this is a rather enlightening one…..

Marianne Williamson is very close to Deepak Chopra that is from many sources…..but what is interesting is what she has to say about David Spangler:

This is taken from Marianne Williamson’s official site:

January 04, 2005

A New Year's Reflection by David Spangler

Dear Friends,

This piece is by my friend and colleague David Spangler. His work has enriched my life for years ...


So she calls him her friend and colleague and that his works have enriched her life……that tells us a lot! If you know what he says about Luciferic initiations! He talks in great detail about how wonderful and misunderstood Lucifer is.

She then continues with an article by David Spangler. For anyone that may not know David was originally theosophist but has evolved his spirituality into a simpler, less obscure, and less metaphysical form and founded The Lorian Association.

I am sure David would encourage the Great Invocation, because it fits his philosophy’s. Therefore this is one link to the Great Invocation. Conversations between them revolve around these issues. I fear we are dealing with high level initiates. They are just exposing themselves slowly on how deep they really are, as the slowly teach the world “the way”.

Here are parts of his article of David’s , that Marianne put are her website:

Now and Then

A New Year's Reflection by David Spangler

“There is a spiritual teaching—technique might be a better word—which says we should live in the present moment. We should hold our consciousness in the midst of an "eternal Now."

“So there is an imaginal past and an imaginal future. On the occasion when I may advise someone to "stop living in the past" or to "stop worrying about the future," it is this imaginal state to which I am referring. I am asking that person to stop living in his or her imagination of the past or future—his or her thoughts about what happened or what might happen.”

“It is how we live in the present that makes the difference. I can actually live in the moment quite easily if I choose not to think or concern myself about causes and consequences.”

“In this sense, living in the "eternal Now" is a capacity to engage that wholeness. It is to inhabit the whole ecology, not just parts of it. Then time becomes a creative ally, an invocation of our creative spirit.”

Who does this sound like……….Eckart Tolle. Notice the use of the word invocation.

David Spangler studied Alice Baileys works, therefore fully knows the Great Invocation, and he took that to Findhorn and set up there spiritual education programs that they still use. Eckart Tolle is connected to Findhorn, he did a 3 day retreat that was recorded there and now selling it.

The connections go on…..

Barbara Marx Hubbard is the one that states in her book The Revelation: that persons that do not accept their own divinity “all separatists” (Christians, Jew, Muslims) need to be removed from the planet like you would a cancer because that what they are a cancer to the planet.

Look who is giving her lavish praise for a DVD series she is creating. Dissect their words carefully.

HUMANITY ASCENDING: A New Way Through Together

The Humanity Ascending Series consists of 7 episodes that will be released over the span of 2 years. The 6 remaining episode themes will range from THE EVOLUTION OF SPIRITUALITY and THE EVOLUTION OF DEMOCRACY to VISIONS OF THE FUTURE.

What People Are Saying About HUMANITY ASCENDING (Barbara Marx Hubbard’s new DVD.

Barbara Marx Hubbard has become the voice for conscious evolution in our times. The fate of humanity and the world now depends on survival of the wisest. In this video she elegantly explains how the universe is becoming self aware thorough the human nervous system. In this self awareness lie the raw materials of intention and a new imagination that will propel us from being human to super human.
—Deepak Chopra
Author, Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

At a time of increasing confusion and rising concern about our planet's future, the Humanity Ascending Series unravels the mystery of our collective experience in an extraordinary overview that is breathtaking in its scope, startling in its clarity, and gloriously hopeful in its thoughts about tomorrow, demonstrating once again why Barbara Marx Hubbard is considered a global treasure and one of the greatest visionaries of our time.
—Neale Donald Walsch

Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of America's brightest lights. She makes this very complicated moment in history seem like a glorious opportunity. She gives guidance, and she gives hope.
— Marianne Williamson

They are all into politics…………….

A Three-Week Forum with David Spangler
Date: Jan 12 - Jan 30, 2009
David Spangler: This three-week forum focuses on energy activism work around the Inauguration of President Obama, The Soul of America, and the emergence of new energies for the United States of America. We will also explore the idea of "inauguratiing" your own "inner President."

Neale Donald Walsh said that politics is spiritual therefore you must be involved. He talked also about we were elected president too. He is creating powerful spiritual and political movements.

Marianne, Deepak, Neale, Barbara, all are on board with the Peace Alliance with other new-agers. I am sure Deepak will start teaching his followers about the need for the Peace Department just like we have the Defense department. The Stage is being set. They are all turning their spiritual work to become political. And completely redefining Christ and denouncing religion and embracing the “New Spirituality” which should be called the old ancient plan of Lucifer.

The Drew Heriot, the director of “The Secret” has now made a movie called “The Moses Code” There is also a book. It is about learning how to use the Law of Attraction to do more than attract goods into your life, but goodness into the world.

The product description says this:

Is it possible that nearly 3,500 years ago, Moses was given the secret for attracting everything you’ve ever desired? The Moses Code was first used to create some of the greatest miracles in the history of the world, but then it was hidden away, and only the highest initiates were allowed to practice it……….

You’re here to use the power of Divinity itself to create a world based on the laws of compassion and peace. That’s the task that lies before us.”

He goes on to say that Moses was taught the Law of Attraction at the burning bush. When God said the statement "I am that I am" and Moses then was taught to say "I am that I am" to attract and manifest God's will, then that is what will be done. So we can manifest just like Moses.

The law of attraction is the manifestation of “god's” will which is our will because we are “god” This same law of attraction will draw peace in the world, and draw the “Christ” out to help us. We have gone though the baby steps as a country and world and we embraced The Secret and now Moses code, and now we are ripened and ready to be picked from the fruit or our iniquities.

The list goes on and on. Yes they are working together. Not all have exposed it yet. But they are. At least that is what it seems to me.

The Law of attraction is one of the fundamental building block of the new age occult movement

Step 1. teach the law of intention/attraction to manifest personal gain

Step 2. Remove God and replace him with “you are god”

Step 3. Teach the law of intention/ attraction to manifest good in the world

Step 4.Use law of intention/ attraction at a higher level, now having been practiced and well tuned, use it to create a one world order, politically and spiritually.

Step 5. Show the way to use the law of intention/ attraction to call forth the “Christ and Masters of Wisdom” though meditation, Invocations

(Not necessarily in this order)

Therefore ushering in the reign of the Anti-Christ. Because the Anti-Christ can not have power over man unless man of his own freewill gives his will to him and evokes him to come.

We are on the threshold of the world calling Lucifer to come forth and give him the power to rule over them.

Old man of the ski,
Interesting site.. thanks!

That is very creepy that Lucis Trust mentioned him. Hadn't heard that before. Henry Kissinger seems to think he's the NWO man, so it's all very interesting. The most interesting connection for me is Jerusalem. With all the mess in Gaza right now and the Arab world ready to explode, the plan is on schedule I would say.

We should all be listening really hard to hear about the status of negotiations when this is all over. You can be sure the Clintons will be all over it, and Obama. Funny that no one paid too much attention to the fact that Bill took millions from Arab nations. That shouldn't present any conflict of should it.. choke. Her hearings went well and no one thought that Bill would pose a problem....

Holly Pivic mentioned 9 things she's looking for this year. I think I'd be in agreement with quite a bit of what she said, although her views on the Tribulation are different. I don't believe that the Tribulation has already started. Personally, I believe Jerusalem will factor heavily in whatever covenant is confirmed by the antimessiah.

Ezek. 5:5 “Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘This is Jerusalem; I have set her at the center of the nations, with lands around her.

Zech. 12:3 “It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured. And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.

This is what's coming...

The most difficult part of the peace negotiations is what to do about Jerusalem. As for the right of return, they can probably pay off the the Palestinians who believe they have the right to go back, but Jerusalem is crucial to everyone, so I'm waiting to hear what solution they will come up with to this very complex problem. Anyone who has visited knows it's not so simple to divide it, and besides who would give it up? The Jews, the Muslims, the Christians.. Probably none of the above. Either Israel has to blow up the Dome of the Rock and risk having the entire world against it, or it has to devise some plan to split it in three. Since none of Israel's leaders are true Torah observant Jews, they will probably continue down the path of compromise once the world starts applying pressure, especially their biggest donor, the United States. There are no King Davids in Israel right now. All he needed was five small stones ( Torah) and a big God..

Israel believes that the giants are too big. In order to possess the Land fully, God must be trusted at His Word.

If the United States is in the process of losing economic power, it's influence on the world stage has been diminished visa via, the EU, Russia and China to name a few. The playing field is being leveled out and Obama will opt to be a UN player.

Obama is the man who is going to be all things to all people, the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the gays, the straights, the young, the old. He is the proverbial people pleaser and will do a great job of trying to synthesize the opposites. I still don't think he is the antimessiah, but I do think is a major player in the plan. People are ready for his brand of "change". Today I understand that he picked a gay to be Secretary of Labor. The implications of this are quite staggering. It's just a question of "initiating" people one step at a time for the brave new world. where Biblical values are a thing of the past.

The next Exodus is out of the world system. I hope you are all ready to celebrate Passover and then Shavuot out in the wilderness. We have to cross over before we can come into the Promised Land. ..It's very important that we remember these things were written for our instruction upon whom has come the end of the age..
The good thing is if you entered the Labyrinth in error and you confess it, God forgives you.. and yes He also protects us. I had many years around people that were quite New Agey. I just learned recently that a childhood friend became deeply involved with the Guru Maharaji just about the time I stopped going to their house every day. At that age, and because of our friendship, I might have listened to them, but we were in different schools and that created a distance between us.

At the time the Beatles were very popular and I was not a believer and the influence of the music and the Eastern Mysticism was powerful. I can see this in retrospect.

I had college friends where it was the same thing. When I look back and see His protection over me when I was still walking dead in my sins, it blows me away. While we were still sinners, Yeshua died for us...The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world so that we could have His righteousness. Do we always grasp how amazing this is?


I could not find the exact time Obama was in Kenya in '88. The Maitreya appearance was in june if i recall correctly. Obama visited Kenya also in june?

check this one out
Ah yes, more from the one woman cult of Joycianity which answers to no messianic organization. She stands alone in her wisdom.
"Anonymous said...

Ah yes, more from the one woman cult of Joycianity which answers to no messianic organization. She stands alone in her wisdom." 1:44 pm

I thought we were not supposed to be tearing people apart on this board.

Some of us actually do care what Joyce has to say. Please take your negativity elsewhere.
Strange. The Beatles broke up in 1970 and Maharaji first came to the US in 1971.
Questioning my dear, just as we are to question everything. Secretive people need to be questioned.
"Please take your negativity elsewhere."

Now isn't that New Agey.
I have the Dish Network and remember seeing the Obama channel and thinking, "He has his own channel?" He also advertised inside video games. I don't know about "conversational hypnosis," but he knows the power of advertisement. John McCain never stood a chance.

I pitty Congress (well, sort of) because they don't realize the organizational force behind Obama. They thought Bush was difficult. Although, I am slightly amused over the show the Democrats have been putting on (especially, the Richard Burris show). He has "minions." I don't know if they're willing to do his bidding, but you never know.

As for the labyrinth I have yet to see the one our church installed. I refuse to look at it. Too bad that right now it's under more than one foot of snow.

David in B.C.
Quote from Rose:

"The New Age Occultists are getting more and more organized. The top New Age authors all are connected to each other now, they write books with quotes on the cover for each other, and they do lecture cruises together. They are members of the same organizations working together. Yes I believe there is a connection with all the things you have said. It will be very interesting to see what each group does and how they will end up working together. "

thumbs up post! Thanks Rose
And they are well financed with a global message that appeals to the world and the twisted heart of man
Thanks Mary.

I don't know the exact time. The Maitreya visit was June 11th, I believe.

Sources say he was there in the summer of 1988. He devotes the last part of his book, "Dreams of my Father" to the Kenyan trip. In the book, I recall that he visited Europe first for a few weeks, and mentioned eating at an outdoor cafe. Clearly, the weather in Europe was mild at the time.

From Wikipedia we read,

"After four years in New York City, Obama moved to Chicago, where he was hired as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Greater Roseland (Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale) on Chicago's far South Side. He worked there for three years from June 1985 to May 1988.[23][25] During his three years as the DCP's director, its staff grew from one to thirteen and its annual budget grew from $70,000 to $400,000. His achievements included helping set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants' rights organization in Altgeld Gardens.[26] Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation, a community organizing institute.[27] In mid-1988, he traveled for the first time to Europe for three weeks and then for five weeks in Kenya, where he met many of his paternal relatives for the first time.[28]"

So it seems he left his job in May 1988 and then embarked on his trip, spending the first 3 weeks in Europe and then 5 weeks in Kenya.

So the timeline seems to easily fit a June visitation.

I agree with Joyce that he's the Man for all Seasons, and I've always thought the AC would need to be acceptable to many different races and creeds.

The thing that's a little freaky is what someone else here said about him belonging to a Muslim brotherhood.

It would be totally ironic if this were true and America, a staunch ally of Israel's, has actually elected an Edomite to the highest office in the land.

I guess time will tell.
This has probably already been posted before, but has anyone seen the lucky charms Obama carries around in his pockets?

Time magazines' Man of the Year issue had a picture of them. I could be mistaken but the coin right below the cross in this picture looks a lot like the angel Lucifer to me. Anyone else have any thoughts?,9171,1867123,00.html
By the way, there's a better picture of that coin floating around on the Internet somewhere, I think it was in a Newsweek article, but I can't locate it now. Maybe someone else will.
Hi Rose,

Getting ready to go on air -- great post from you! These connections blatantly existed when I started my work and CRI, SCP, InterVarsity, the Doug Coe/Paul N. Temple crowd worked hard to give them cover. Lorian Association is sort of the Findhorn Associates of the USA and yes, it incorporates Theosophy, Lucis Trust, all of the above, ad nauseum. Marianne Williamson's bookstore at her former Renaissance Unity Church (first called Church of Today, Warren, MI) was full of Lucis Trust / Theosophy and beyond into the deepest of pagan / wiccan items.


Atomium/Kabbalah symbolism in British Cornonation

Here's a link (controversial, I don't agree with or support all of the author's conclusions)to the "hide-in-plain sight" nature of the coronations.

This slightly touches on the discussion re: the Atomium and its connections to the Kabbalah. Scroll down to the "procession" page, and you'll see a graphic on the right which is that periodic element enlarged, as other posters have noted.

The auther has an obvious anti-Christ bias, as is read in his comments about the Lord Jesus. I cannot confirm that his explanations for the etymology of certain terms is correct, either.

That said--it's creepy how open these symbols are and how the world is generally unaware of how deeply ingrained the occult is in the British Royal Family. Since they're all related (by design, or course!)I'm sure this is inherent in the other European royal familes also.

From now on, I'll have a rather rueful laugh if anyone referes to the Brit Royals as "Christians"!
We'll just have to wait and see.. I'm keeping my eye on a number of people and suspending judgement until I see the A of D enter the "holy place" as spoken of by the prophet Daniel and affirmed by Yeshua in Matthew 24.

I try not to make specific predictions because you can be labeled a "false prophet". When Scripture confirms with certainty the identity of the antimessiah, I'll cast my vote. Meantime, I'm not voting for Javier Solana, Obama, Prince Charles or any of the other candidates that have been named, but I am watching very carefully. The important thing is to be a watchman and to know what signs we're looking for.

The fusing of religions, political borers, governments and financial systems into a world system and a world order are all signs of the deception, so all who are associated with these things are part of the process. Signs of the Days of Noah (people eating drinking marrying and being given in marriage, while Noah was preparing for destruction). They were taken the way and Noah stayed.

Signs of Sodom and Gomorrah, blantant and immoral homosexuality that becomes the norm and is forced on the society, like it was on the angelic visitors to Lot. Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes famine, etc. increase in knowledge.. We are talking about things like transhumanism. When men have tried to be like gods...When we worship the creation instead of the Creator,etc. When we devalue life with abortion and mercy killing as was previously spoken of. People will go "to and fro". We have never traveled with the frequency and distance as we do today thanks to technology.. even to space.

When someone confirms a specific covenant that deals with Jerusalem, and then that person stands in the Holy Place, I think we will have our man. In the meantime, any of the people mentioned may or may not be the one. In all 3 cases we can point to facts that appear to confirm the Scriptures, but the defining moment will be when he stands in the holy place and proclaims himself "god". So far none of these men has exactly done that, and even though there are all the EU connections to 666...even though Obama has a charismatic personality and seems to be a "unifier", even though Prince Charles has a family crest that meets the exact description in Revelations, I will wait.

I prefer to be cautious in this because God has not shown me with certainty about any of them or anyone else for that matter. Some people have mentioned Tony Blair, but I don't think so although he's helping the plan too.

I also have my thoughs about the nature of the false prophet and who will be leading the pack on that... with the ecumenic religion.

It's interesting to note that some thing Islam will be the false religious system that takes over and they build a whole case for that too, and a case for "the Assyrian" to be the antimessiah. Honestly, I don't see that even though I'm aware of the arguments for and against.

For me it is more important to know who God is than try to figure out who the antimessiah. My reasoning is this... The people who identify counterfeit money make it a point to know the real thing extremely well. When we know God as He has revealed Himself in His Word, we are not likely to be deceived by the false messiah.

I prefer to get to know Him, more than studying all the EU treaties or things about Obama or Charles.or Islam or whoever else is thought of as a candidate. My reasoning is simple. If I know God according to His Word, when the liar comes and tries to deceive I will have an understanding of what is genuine and true and God's Word will protect me from error.

If like some, I am following a Church or a religious figure and that figure happens to be part of the coming deception, I will just go along with him and might get caught up in the deception. I think you will recognize immediately what I am talking about..Not accusing you of that. I'm just saying for the benefit of others on the blog that men are fallible as and sometimes they are downright deceived. If that were not the case, we would not have had the Inquisition for example, which was done in the name of God. Imagine if we were alive back then and followed Pope Innocent III . We would have lined up with a type of antimessiah who tortured and killed innocent people and justified it in the name of God. .Is that not the description of what the antimessiah will do.. He will slaughter the saints.. saints being those of us who are in Messiah Yeshua.

What if we had lined up with Ferdinand and Isabella who made Jews convert or they killed them?. Europe and the institutional church have a lot of Jewish blood and Bible believing blood on their hands, going back to the time of Yeshua. It certainly will be interesting to see what EU does in this round of the Mideast Peace talks. I'm watching their role carefully..

Watching the developments on an EU constitution, and on any additional power handed over to the UN, but specifically for the peace agreement that will divide "God's Land". When we see someone playing God as it relates specifically to Jerusalem, since Jerusalem is God's footstool we will have our man. If you notice the battle between Jews and Muslims is a spiritual one. It's over the holy places like Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, etc.. Why is this? Because HaSatan knows Scripture too, and he knows where Yeshua is coming back to. There is a cemetery in front of the East Gate and the East Gate which is facing the Mt of Olives, the direction that Yeshua will be coming from. The Muslims reason that if there is a cemetery a Jew would not defile himself, and they think keeping the East Gate blocked will block the Jewish Messiah, since it is known He will come from this direction.

What they don't realize is that the whole Mt of Olives and Jerusalem will be split in two and that the Dead Sea will open up and give Living Water.. When Messiah comes. No one will wonder if it is Him!!!

Zech. 14:4 In that day His feet will astand on the Mount of Olives, which is in front of Jerusalem on the east; and the Mount of Olives will be split in its middle from east to west by a very large valley, so that half of the mountain will move toward the north and the other half toward the south.

Yeshua will unite all the tribes of Israel and put put them in the Land and put Torah on their minds. ( the newer covenant) and the covenant of shalom ( wholeness) will be established, the true peace and unity which is only possible in Him!!! The alien will dwell in peace with Israel too..

I'm not rejecting the candidates who have been proposed..although I do have some difficulties with some of them meeting certain Scriptural requirements for the moment. Not saying I couldn't be wrong on that.

anonymous 9:09

YOu forgot to post the link.
Joyce said:

"I'm just saying for the benefit of others on the blog that men are fallible as and sometimes they are downright deceived."

My experience:the very scary part about being completely deceived is that you think you are 100% right while you're not. Even to the point of making an enemy out of the truth.! One thing I've definitely learned:

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make you paths straight.

^^^ So true! :-)

Yes Silvia, I will say Amen to that. I trust Him enough to lead me with regards to all of these things.


I guess the timeline fits indeed. From a wordly perspective: intriguing. From a Godly perspective: futile. But we're here to observe things also from the wordly so yes...intriguing. Let's see what comes next.

Anonymous 9:38 AM

So I did.

All this discussion about deception coming, deception already here: it's painful,knowing how hard it is to find a church, parish, or denomination which is free of deceit.
I know of none, although at present I am trying a new church. I knew of a pretty good church in Carlsbad CA where I used to live. I feel like an exile because I do not know of a church (unless the new one is good) which is not infested by deception. Some, of course are MUCH worse than others. And one can belong to a church, as we did in 2000, which joins up with a bad influence later.

It gets so tense that one cannot just go to church and relax and learn and feel close to the Lord; one is always looking for deception.
I'm tired of this, and ready for the rapture. I want to be in His church, where I can fully trust that it's OK all the way.

Not until we are there with Him can we do this.


3:21 PM,

Your post is painfully honest, and astonishingly profound. I feel your pain, I've been in the same boat for 4 years.

Consider this, if you were not close to the Lord already, you might not notice these things.

We just need to be faithful, and stand, I know it's not easy many times, and very difficult at other times.

I try to keep in mind that is isn't the difficulty of our circumstances, it is the extent of our provision in Christ.

We know that's infinite, and He is faithful.

So welcome to the "redeeming of time" club...

Our Blessed Hope becomes larger and clearer by the contrast of what we all see around us.

May we all find comfort with one another as we serve Christ together, while we stand shoulder to shoulder in this challenging time.

My prayer for you as it is for all here is that the Grace of Christ be with us all and that we might keep our focus on Him.

Thank you for sharing those precious thoughts of yours.

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