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Israel leader Ehud Barak tells Solana he won't back down on Gaza plan!

Meanwhile, back on the long neglected Javier Solana front, it appears that Israel has told Javier Solana a word he does not like to hear: "NO." Quoting from the Jerusalem Post in the diplomatic language used by Barak, we read:

Defense Minister Ehud Barak met with Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

Barak and Solana discussed the latest events, as well as the expected developments in the Gaza Strip, the Defense Ministry said.

"Our intentions are that the operation will create a safer reality for our residents in the South. We will not renounce this goal. In order to reach it we will make every political effort and every military action," Barak told Solana.

Javier Solana previously told Ariel Sharon that like it or not, the EU is involved with his region.

Javier Solana is building and equipping his military machinery for 2010. The Alliance of Civilizations is prepping for 2010.

The 7 year Neighbourhood Action Plan of the European Union which incorporates Solana's 1995 Barcelona Process is up for midterm review in 2010?

Just wondering what its chances are for continuation should Israel continue on its present path? I wish Herb Peters was still around to discuss this, but he is not.

Stay tuned!

As interesting as Solana might be - I just can't imagine a 66 year-old Antichrist.

He isn't exactly brimming with charisma - have you heard him speak? Sounds very timid.
Your guess is as good as mine, but Solana might well be an EDUCATED guess.

No he's not particularly charismatic -- he's a diplomat who is in charge of both European military and foreign policy -- not to mention all of their space agency, etc., etc.

The prophecy was not that he would be charismatic:

"he would come in peaceably with the aid of a few and obtain the kingdom by flatteries."

Timid, Solana is NOT.
Looks like Solana is now receiving some Arabic criticism which will probably spur him to faster action:

ndeed, throughout the spring and summer of 2008 European diplomats and officials had been discussing with increasing openness how, when and under what circumstances they would begin to revise their bankrupt policy of hiding the sun with Javier Solana’s finger. As in 1982, the main impact of the Islamists’ integration into the regional and international political calculus would have been a renewed focus on Israel’s settlement enterprise; unlike with Abbas and his serial negotiators, the chances are slight, at least for the time being, that the Islamists and their constituents could be kept permanently on board with illusory promises of an eventual entity masking the reality of longer walls and bigger settlements. The prospect that they would accept, and additionally be able to deliver, a permanent status agreement of the sort proposed by Bush -- rejected by the late Yasser Arafat but long since internalized by Abbas -- seems equally unlikely. Most importantly, where Bush envisions a future Palestinian leader applying for an Israeli visa to visit settlements such as Ma’ale Adumim or Ariel that would collectively slice the West Bank in three, Hamas has thus far insisted that only a full Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 boundary -- and therefore the removal of all settlements and a complete Israeli withdrawal from East Jerusalem -- would be acceptable. So a hammer blow that shattered the movement, launching some of the resulting splinters in directions that once again put all of them beyond the pale, was the most effective way to keep at bay those third parties reaching the conclusion that engaging rather than excluding Hamas could enhance the prospects of peace. And if, having taken their punishment, Hamas leaders were to become accustomed to the concept of the “new Middle East,” and begin spawning serial negotiators rather than armed fighters, so much the better.

To Anonyous 11:09 PM

I have listened to many, many hours of Solana speaking. You should have little or no trouble finding a gold mine of material on the internet with a simple search.

1982 is an interesting year reference. It was 1982 when the New Agers were certain they were going to introduce their new "Christ" to the world. When they got less than favorable publicity, they went crawling back into their holes for a time and season. Now they are back in force. The book WORLD'S END: 2009 by Peter Lorie is published by Jeremy Tarcher who was the publisher of Marilyn Ferguson's THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. Interesting . . and ominous . . parallels!

Yes, well it is clear that whoever it is he will be given authority over the whole earth - i.e. a world government -

"And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations."

So if it is Solana that means that either he is eventually appointed to head this global government, or somehow the EU/WEU gains control of the world.

I have no idea who 'he' might be, but there is one interesting candidate who is:

- the legal custodian of the temple mount
- a king of fierce countenance
- the ruler of a little nation (horn)
- very active in inter-faith dialogue initiatives
- young and charismatic
- deeply involved in the mid-east peace process
- widely respected throughout the world especially in Israel
- was trained at the best American and English military schools
- a fighter pilot, a tank commander and highly trained special ops soldier
- personally led spec. force assaults on Islamic militant strongholds
- is very closely connected to the UN, Club of Rome and other influential groups
- official title (HaShem) literally means 'The Name'
- is able to permit the peace option that Israeli politician have been pleading for since the 1980's
The night I first discovered Solana, 11-22-95, it was proclaimed that he and the Barcelona Process he was heading of 12 North African and Middle East Countries plus 15 European ones (obviously a revived Roman empire) had 3 major goals on their agenda:

1. Battle religious fundamentalism -- world wide.

2. Favorable mutual trading terms for region leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by 2010.

3. Get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

Only 2 days earlier Javier Solana had signed a treaty he had negotiated between the EU and the 10 Nation WEU "a military federation." Solana was handed sole control of the WEU on 11-20-1999. Solana's job as head of the CFSP of the EU was created in early December 1998 by Section 666 of the Europa documents. Solana proposed and got enhanced powers with his Year 2000 Recommendation 666 to the WEU Assembly which was adopted later that year (2000)by the EU at the Nice meeting in December 2000.

Solana is THE leading figure in global governance circles. You should have little or no trouble verifying this.

But then again, he could be a mere wannabe or forerunner.

Time and events will tell. Personally, I think things are getting VERY CLOSE!

The only New Age flag Javier Solana flew when I first discovered him was the Club of Rome.


Tons of evidence -- do your own research. Goodnight for now -- I will join the sane people of the world, go home and go to bed!
Deal done? Will responsibility over Gaza given to Egypt? And Solana can send in international troops to oversee the prison.
Even though Javier Solana's photographs are not impressive -
I have read that political leaders who have worked with Solana say that he is extremely intelligent and charming.

I also understand that his main talent is his power of persuasion and ability to bring people together - as in peace agreements.
Wow!!! Good info. Good blog. I live in Pontotoc, MS. I heard you on the radio today. This is great info to me. Thanks Constance. May Christ bless you.
Good update Constance.

I miss Herb also.

It is interesting to watch the roles that both US and EU are playing in the crisis...good cop/ bad cop? US is refusing to ask Israel to stop hitting Gaza, but we know that eventually Israel will have to stop hitting Gaza. Similar to the Lebanon war a couple of years ago, Israel will not "win" because they cannot wipe out Hamas completely and take back Gaza. The international community would never stand for this.

Obama has promised a surprise speech for the Muslims, so what will this be? Meanwhile Osama's right hand-man the Egyptian doctor is calling for hits on Western targets, suicide bombs....

The media is showing the most gruesome photos, inciting the Arab world to rage over the deaths of children. This has caused demonstrations and sometimes car-burnings in every major city and sometimes not so major cities too.

Europe, with its large Muslim populations must be getting just a bit nervous, and US will not be far behind soon..

Bottom line is that we know that Israel has a small window to try to destroy a little bit of terrorist infrastructure, but what price will it pay? Will the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria also react? Many have family on the other side.

It sounds like an international peace-keeping force will be requested, just like Lebanon and we know how effective that was ( choke). In the meantime, Hizb'allah's snake leader, Nassarallah continues to make lots of noise..

Everyone is waiting to hear the "wisdom" of Obama who has promised to undo the negativity of the Bush administration who has succeeded in humiliating Muslims around the world for the last 8 years. ( Guantanomo, Iraqi prison scandal, etc. ) Obama has promised to talk to Iran, who supplies weapons to both Hamas and Hizb'allah.. Talk is cheap.

The Arab leaders are all taking heat from their populations for not helping the Arab "brothers" in Gaza.. This situation has the potential to be explosive or to result finally in a huge peace deal that will calm the Arab streets, temporarily.

Abbas' quiet is very revealing. He knows there's a prize for him at the end.

God help Israel if they have international peace forces surrounding them, especially from the UN who could care less about Israel and has accused her of every imaginable crime.

Sadly in all of this, all of the leaders are corrupt on all sides and the people will suffer in the end, but happily we know God's plan is on schedule, so we really need to be praying for the people in the region and ask that many would come to know the Yeshua. It might not be that many more years until He comes back...When we see the plan that incudes Jerusalem, it's time to pay careful attention.

Oh one more little piece of interesting news in IHT, China is not willing to finance as much of US's debt...

This actually puts US under a fair amount of pressure and the's everyone's worst nightmare, but inevitable at the same time. At the same time Obama is proposing more deficits to spend his way out of recession, but who will pay for the trillions...It looks like China is not doing so much buying.

We are in unchartered economic waters not that any of should be surprised. It's like everything is going according to script.

Sorry one more... It looks like Israel is taking some hits from the North.. Where are the wonderful UNIFIL forces who are supposed to be watching Hizb'allah?

This is recent news so watch for further developments.

Here's the Al Jezeera version complete with Nasarallah's much for UN peace keepers..

From the World Spirit Forum I found this link:

Which in turn led me to the UN's initiative for interfaith and intercultural dialogue for the decade:

It has many of the same ideas behind it as AoC, but I'd like to point you to the participants..who are also familiar:

IN case anyone on the blog has any doubts about what UN sponsored peace looks like..
Pay very careful attention to the history of this and whose involved:

If this isn't mystery Babylon being built before our eyes, then I'm not sure what is.

....and their steering committee:

The honorary committee will be established in March
after its constitution.


Wow!!! Good stuff.

Baker Al-Hiyari, Deputy Director, Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies. Amman, Jordan.

Sister Joan Kirby, Representative of the Temple of Understanding to the UN and President, Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations.

Dr. Yehuda Stolov, Executive Director, Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA). Interfaith organization in Jerusalem.

Monica Willard, representative of United Religions Initiative (URI) at the United Nations. New York.

Reverend Dirk Ficca, Executive Director, The Council for the Parliament of World’s Religions.

I have a couple of related articles if interested:
Anon 11:09 said: "He isn't exactly brimming with charisma - have you heard him speak? Sounds very timid."

Have you seen the peoples' reactions to him? He apparently does have charisma!!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Can ADL End 'Cyber-Hate'
On YouTube?

Many are worried by YouTube's recent announcement of collaboration with the Anti-Defamation League to eliminate "cyber-hate" on its website. If YouTube gives ADL too much control, free speech there may be a thing of the past for critics of Zionism or Christian critics of homosexuality. Censorship of the internet is especially ominous when driven by definitions of "prejudice" and "hate" as twisted as ADL's. ....

Green Agenda,
Your site is interesting too. I've looked at it before but I took a closer look. Thanks for calling my attention to it.

There was a very nice blogspot article by Niki Raapana up on her site today. I was pleasantly surprised.

"Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, or HR 4040, a retroactive rule mandating that all items sold for use by children under 12 must be tested by an independent party for lead and phthalates, which are chemicals used to make plastics more pliable."

"All untested items, regardless of lead content, are to be declared "banned hazardous products.'' The CPSC has already determined the law applies to every children's item on shelves, not just to items made beginning Feb. 10."

"The regulations could force thousands of businesses – especially smaller ones that cannot afford the cost of lead testing – to throw away truckloads of children's clothing, books, toys, furniture and other children's items and even force them to close their doors."
Valerie Jacobsen states:
"There's a big difference between me and Wal-Mart or Toys 'R' Us," she said. "They'll have a batch of 50,000. Everything I have is a batch of one because I don't know its history. I'm looking at a testing cost of about $1.2 million. I would normally sell my full inventory of all children's products for probably $15,000. So, it's effectively a ban."


Truly frustrating. I have friends who own resale stores like this in my area who will be bankrupt due to this ban. Don't know yet what effect this will have on church clothing lofts, etc.

I just deleted two particularly nasty posts directed this time towards Joyce. I left the posts alone which had legitimate questions and/or observations. I deleted the post addressed to "Pot" from "Kettle." I also deleted the post accusing Joyce of blogstalking and suggesting that we should receive a restraining order against her. I have my own legitimate disagreements with Joyce on some issues. On others, she has clearly made valuable contributions.

As you all know, I don't like censorship and don't like to delete much of anything, but those added nothing to the information base on this blogspot, were inflamamatory -- nay, just plain hateful -- and reminded me of kids in grade school and/or high school singling out a child for ostracism, throwing stones, and oather in school terrorism that is all too often overlooked by school administrators.

I made my own observations to Joyce about my disagreement with her on

1. Constantine
2. Jesus never intended to start a religion.

I stated rationally why I thought she was in error of both of these points. I also praised her valuable contribution to the board in giving us this clear evidence of UN networking of what amounts to "New World Religion" thrusts.

Those deleted posts were to the prior article on the letter "of encouragement" -- not under this discussion.

Notice, only Government can provide,

excerp of Obama speach:

Obama made broader arguments, too, saying that the private sector, typically the answer, cannot do what is needed now.
"At this particular moment, only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe," he said.

A day earlier, he promised to tackle the out-of-control fiscal problem posed by Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs and named a special watchdog to clamp down on all federal programs.

Didn't Hitler also get rid of the old people, sick and infirmed too?
first to special places, then they just disappeared entirely?

Neither Jesus nor Herod were
supposedly youthful or
charismatic. Jesus may have looked
as old as Greg Oden.
Well not that old. Greg Oden
looks like he's 68, but he's 20.
And extremely healthy.
Here's something really good looking:

Isaiah 58 and a picture of the
Sorry, I meant to say Isaiah 53.
I posted this on the previous topic, but I should have put it here in the current topic.

Constance, you said:
"I mislead nobody. Moreover, it was you and your ilk that most likely misdirected Niki away from the Theosophical motivation of Martin Buber and into your own grand synthesis clearly designed to prepare people for what the New Agers call 'planetary initiation.'"

You posted on this blog:
"the Communitarian puzzle is a vital part of global governance mechanisms being put in place and Niki despite our differences over Israel and her false premise that it is a Zionist scheme -- This will finish that series."

That is an unsubstantiated, statement which impugns the quality of Niki's research, and damages her character.

In the simplest terms, ITS A LIE.

You have insisted that her reference to Martin Buber's Communitarianism, and his influence on Etzioni does not establish a connection with Zionism.

The common bond between Etzioni and Buber is their Zionism:

"Buber was a utopian Zionist. He believed strongly that the most important possibility for Zionism was in changing the relationships between people. He wrote powerfully in favor of Arab rights in Palestine." Jewish Virtual Library

Could I recommend the book?

The First Buber: Youthful Zionist Writing of Martin Buber, by Martin Buber

If you need more:

Google Zionist "Martin Buber" 29,000 results

"Martin Buber was an Austrian-born Jewish religious philosopher", but neither Niki or I have ever tried to make that an issue. In fact we have ignored that aspect of Buber.

Your information associating him with the New Age is not news. I made the connection between Ne Age, Communitarianism and Zionism no later than November 2006 when I wrote about it.

Constance, you need to retract your negative remarks against Niki and myself, which appear to be influenced by some aversion to having Zionism brought into this discussion on Communitarianism.
Garner is to Constance as
Joyce is to Catholics and Jews.
To SV regarding lead testing:

It may not be as bad as it first appears. As a former Realtor I can say that the test for lead is rather nominal in cost in comparison to the amount of damage that lead can do to the human body. It is the REMEDIATION of lead that is cost prohibitive.

I always advised my clients that unless they intended to allow their kids to chew on the woodwork of the home they were considering to purchase, they really did not need to worry about remediating for lead paint. Since children do chew on their toys and clothing quite frequently, I actually think this law has valid health concerns.

There are still countries that produce paints with lead in them. Increasingly they are harder to get, but I can tell you that they are still available.

Perhaps, another law can be written that allows the small business owner to choose to purchase from only companies that have products that are lead-free in content. Perhaps they and the lead-free companies could be given tax incentives?
Bobby Garner, you made connections with "New Age" in 2006?

I am in awe -- that makes you practically a prophet!

I haven't had such a good laugh since David Jeremiah wrote a book on the subject and virtually proclaimed himself a prophet for speaking out (partially) about the New Age Movement as early as 1993.

For the record, I drafted most of my book in 1981 and it was released in 1983.

That you would try to minimize the importance and nastiness of the New Age agenda tells me that you have your own agenda which is pretty much in synch with theirs. Your interpetation of the Second Coming as happening folks' 'minds eye' even more strongly indicates this to me.

You are not the first disinformation agent I have dealt with, but you are definitely one of the slicker ones. Thankfully, the internet made it possible for me to dig deeper than your nice sounding original words.

On lead,

I have heard from time to time about the lead content of lipstick and cosmetics. I asked, "the avon lady" several months ago if Avon lip products had lead and she calmly reassured me that Avon did put out a letter to address the concerns over lead and that yes their products do contain lead, it's a necessary part of the formulation but it's not enough to harm you.

Personally, I don't want to "eat" lead on a daily basis.

It would have been better to take a proactive stance on lead. They have let it go this long, and now with all the economic woes, they are finally addressing it? It's a no-win situation. None of us wants more strain on small business but we can see that cancer, disease, serious illness and cognitive issues have been rising sharply for the last several decades. Something is causing it. Lead is just one factor.
Constance, you misquote me and use that to marginalize and ignore my argument.

You know that I did not say I connected with the New Age.

You are avoiding the issue with disinformation tactics. You evade the issues with your own form of nonsense while others, perhaps more intelligent than you pretend to be, have no trouble with the material. Why do you refuse to address the issues by use of such disinformation tactics
Oh Bobby Garner, your game is called PROJECTION! Everything you have been doing, you audaciously accuse of me. Another name for your game is "confusion."


You said you connected either Buber or Communitarianism to the New Age in 2006. That makes you practically a prophet, doesn't it?

I still want to hear about "every eye shall behold him in their mind's eye" theories of the second coming which are far more akin to Barbara Marx Hubbard's mass planetary initiation than the Christianity you claim to profess.

Constance, you are unwilling to engage me in an intellectual discussion.

Once more you misquote my comments to suit your purpose.

I am not going to help you with that.
Dear Anon 2:21 & Suzette,
Thanks for your input regarding the new lead screening law. It will help to keep it in perspective while they figure out how the law-enforcers will actually implement this thing.
Thanks again,
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