Thursday, January 15, 2009

EU and ISRAEL -- Heading toward 2010 outs??

This just in with my attention called to it courtesy of email correspondent Darrell Trees, an excellent watcher. As most of my readers and Herb Peters fans ( know, Israel and the European Union confirmed their existing Barcelona Process treaties with the European Union. That went into effect for a 7 year period on January 1, 2007. It is up for midterm review in mid 2010. Javier Solana's spokeswoman, Cristina Gallach, has now made the not so surprising announcement that "the issue of upgrading of ties with Israel is not a priority for the moment." Interesting and prophetically foretold times appear to be upon us. Stay tuned!

Tonight on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio, 8 to 9 eastern time, 5 to 6 Pacific time, 4 to 5 Alaskan time, we shall discuss together with THE CRYSTAL PAPERS, documents I archived on floppy disks 25 years ago, in 1986, and found yesterday while transferring archived floppies to hard drive. Jose Arguelles discussed then the 25 year "Campaign for the Earth" that would end on December 21, 2012. The "Campaign for the Earth," has subsequently incorporated many global events, included but not limited to "Earth Run," "World Instant of Cooperation," "Earth Charter," etc.

(Jose Arguelles): This belief comes from a study of the Mayan Calendarwhich I
discoverd actually describes the passage of earth and our solar system through a
beam 5125 years in diameter. We entered this beam in 3113 BC andleave the
Beam in 2012 AD. August 16/17 1987 marks the point in the beam whenthere is a
break in the wave harmonic that this beam represents. The datealso
corresponds to prophecies concerning the return of the god/heroQuetzalcoatl/Kukulkan as well as various other intertribal prophecies
callingfor 144,000 awakened sundancers to dance the new age into being.

Well,are they or are they not "on the beam?" I wryly note that these folks, believing this, have a lot of nerve poking fun at our Judeo-Christian beliefs!



Anonymous said...

Where is everybody?

Rose said...

Anonymous 7:31

I was wondering the same thing, I think they are still posing on the last article thread.


Anonymous said...

not everybody...

Anonymous said...

Today's word:


Rose said...

Is it rude of me to post again what I posted on the other thread, because it got so buried I had a hard time finding get so confusing when you have to chose new newer, older, oldest.....I am new at this….not sure of the proper ways to use a blog…


Anonymous said...

Rose, I really appreciated your piece on the last thread - thank you and thank you for your clear writing style. :)


Rose said...

Speaking of Obamism….

Young Grasshopper brought up Obama's charms he carries in his pockets and he was trying to find good pictures of them. This was on the last thread and but the blog got so big I could not even find his comments again

I wrote him and said:

Thanks for bringing this up……..

Here are some websites that have the lucky charms our next president carries.

This is a good picture

this one is ok too, small piture, but it can be saved and made bigger

This next one is a very good close up of the miniature Hindu god Hanuman he carries in his pocket. Though some don’t agree that it is Hanuman. He really is not a Christian you can tell……..

On this sites someone makes this comment: “I love the fact that he carries different amulets, open mind=intelligence. Here is the video of the casual press conference he held on an airplane.

and also the LUCK charm

So many people worship Obama but who does he worship?


Rose said...

Anonymous 7:31

Thank you! Are you referring to the post about how all of the new-age Leaders are starting to show how they are all connected and what the agenda is and how they are accomplishing it?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Obama has always asserted he is a Christian, especially when people questioned whether or not he was a Muslim. Of course, not every one who cries, "Lord, Lord..."

Only God truly knows the faith in one's heart, and I'm not going to jump to conclusions over these charms. However, it is a bit suspicious. Something to watch. Thanks Rose for the link to the picture.

David in B.C.

Anonymous said...

Paul, loved the word!

Maybe you can come up with another word to describe the emerging one world religion?

It certainly doesn't appear overtly pagan on the surface. In fact, there is nothing really wrong with any of the "guiding" principles. It has to have an acceptable public face, an agreed upon set of parameters that a large enough percentage of the world’s peoples identify with.

As I see it, I think there are three pillars:

The first pillar is “science”, but obviously not in the purest sense. The “science” that is being used to centralize power is based on environmentalism, including such concepts as sustainable development, “global warming”, or virtually any other “scientific” concept which demands mankind accepts “shared responsibility” for planet earth. Such a foundation can be made to gravitate way beyond "common sense" and easily extend to veneration of the planet itself.

The second pillar is what Karen Armstrong and the AOC have identified as the “universal” guiding principle, namely, “the Golden Rule”, which simply states, “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”

Who would dare argue against such an idea?

The third, and perhaps final pillar, can be categorized as something very personal to each individual, a commitment to spread “loving kindness”, as exemplified by the great “teachers” and spiritual leaders (read “the enlightened ones”) who have occasionally walked among us since the dawn of time. By this I mean the prophets, the wise men from assorted traditions, all packaged for us as “equals”, (i.e. Christ= Bhudda=Krishna= Mahdi, etc)

My personal view is that enough people are going to welcome such an overarching worldview to make dissension in the ranks by the minority very uncomfortable. While everyone may indeed be asked to submit to such a set of principles, (and eventually to a tyrannical governing authority needed to enforce it globally), everyone will also be allowed to continue practicing their own religion, (at least at first), as long as each has agreed to practice it under dhimmi status, which means under the governing principles outlined above.

Force will be applied later.


kimba said...

Yay I finally got to here constance. My problem was not knowing the corresponding time in Aus and /or not being online at the right time. I solved the first problem with a firefox ext. that tells me the time in other countries and the second was being online a bit earlier than normal. I'm on dialup so have to choose how long I can stay on.

kimba said...

Oops That should be HEAR Constance.

Rose said...

David in B.C.

You are correct and thank you for pointing that out. I should not say Obama is not a Christian because I don't know his heart.

I can just say that through his actions and words, it makes me question what he defines as a Christian. Many new age followers still call themselves Christians. I am not saying he is a New Ager.

You are correct. This and other things should give us pause and therefore we should watch him closely as we should anyone in an important leadership or influential position in our lives.

Wolves come in sheep’s clothing all the time.


Anonymous said...

Here's my vote for one world religion word of the day


Anonymous said...

Has any one else noticed that the two main past presidents that Obama is being compared with is Lincoln and JFK? Perhaps they are trying to tell us something? Assassinations in the plans?? or maybe a fake assassination?
He could die a "hero"(even though he didn't do anything), cause a huge stir and then come back and say "surprise!"

....just a thought


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I've missed this place for the past few days but had to take some time to regroup. Great new words! I'm still working on my own site, I secured my domain, it will be My first topic is New Babylon, 666 and The Woman Riding the Beast. It's an email I had sent that I'm updating for the web.
Constance I hope you don't mind your link being one of the first things there along with your work (credited to you). As somewhat of an artist, I try very hard to give credit where credit is due, because I do like to include the works of others, epecially when it's so valuable and pertinent.

The chart from the Brookings Inst that Constance posted here in Dec. is gone. My link came up bad and I tried for a long time in vain to find it again.

I was tweaking the info on Solana's name for my site page and thought I'd post the info here
The meaning of the name Solana is Wind From The East

The origin of the name Solana is Latin

Notes: Also a Spanish name meaning "sunshine"

Job 15:2 (American Standard Version) Should a wise man make answer with vain knowledge, And fill himself with the east wind?

Javier means: owner of a new house, new house, or bright depending on which sight you look it up on.

Most times in the Bible when east wind is mentioned it is negative (Gen 41), drying (Gen 41 & Ex 14), killing, brings locusts (Ex 10), smashing ships (Ps 48)....

I've also been researching some stuff on the black/white ancient deities and male/female deities. I thought it might be worth looking into since Obama is bi-racial. I have no issue with Obama's race, but am thinking of how he is reported to have been born in Kenya? Or was it Hawaii? Professes to be a Christian, suspected Muslim, but as posted here, does some very odd things for a Christian, has allot of charisma, etc. He may not fit the definition of the antichrist but he has some major role to play in all this.

We have started a study of I & II Thessolonians in church. I will have so much current information to share thanks to all the great posts and articles here. I hope it will make the study that much more meaningful.

A friend returned recently from Europe and brought me a Euro with the woman riding the beast on it. I passed that around for the group to see, some were shocked. I'm still surprised at how little some people know of what's going on. I hope to expand on that in the coming weeks.

I asked my pastor if I could give a "New Age Primer" to anyone interested, I haven't gotten a response, and I don't think I will because I have't met the "criteria" for teaching / leadership. I'm not sure what all that is but I'm not so determined to preach that I will conform to the mold. God will use me where He wants me and He will open the doors that need to be opened. I thought maybe Constance could come as a guest speaker - I think it would be a great service! Just a thought...

Imagine the impact if everyone here could speak in a church full of people every Sunday on just the topic of the NAM! But I'm a horrible public speaker. Better to leave that to someone who can actually still talk intelligibly when their in front of a crowd. :)

Nick, 12:59am
According to Lindsey Williams (The Energy Noncrisis) "their" man was John McCain. What does that say?

Well, my eyes are dimming. Good night. Hope to catch up later.

God bless you all

Anonymous said...

Have any of you come across the writings of Dr. Stephen Manning

Definitely within the ballpark with his writings.

Gretchen said...

Rose, thank you for posting about the "good luck charms" that Obama carries around. Very interesting to see where he gets his "help". To me this is a sign of not relying on God and therefore not knowing God. This one really jumped out at me and gave me the willies.

Concerning Obama though I have felt very strongly that he is supposed to be in office and those who I know and respect as Christians have said that they have felt this certain peace from the Lord as well.

My uncle, who is a missionary in the Philippines and whom I respect greatly, was fasting and praying right before the elections. He distinctly heard God tell him to not worry, and not to be afraid and that everything would be alright.

What a comfort it is to know God. He is in control and loves us dearly!

Rose said...

Anonymous 12:59 AM Nick

That is a very extremely scary idea that there could be a conspiratorial motive behind the comparisons of Obama to Lincoln and JFK. If that would occur think of the rioting and chaos that would follow especially if it was deem racist. If that was to happen then Marshal Law here we come……Then just wait for the UN to step in…..yeeks lets hope for everyone’s sake that is just a coincidence.


Rose said...


Thanks :)
Yes I agree I found it very creepy and eye opening. It really makes you wonder…. You are completely correct everything is in the Lord’s hands. We can not stop prophecy, but we can help expose things and save souls.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there are two things that could help you :
1) you can tiny your URL
just go to and follow the instructions.
2) Dorothy wrote once that we could use the "research" tools to finds something on the blog. I try it now. I went to Edit, than to research and a line open at the bottom of the screen. I wrote Rose. or Young Grasshopper and click on the arrow. (sorry my page is in french!)
It is a great help to find a word in a text the many times it is written.
Hope it helps and thanks to Dorothy

Rose said...

Anonymous 4:26

Thanks for the Great advice. I will check those out. I am new at the Bloging world so I have a lot to learn! It is very kind of you to notice I was having problems and be willing to try to help. I really appreciate that.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Doorway annointed with oil for Obama's inauguration

Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, both based in Washington, DC, in a prayer service inside the US Capitol that included anointing the doorway President-Elect Barack Obama will pass through on his way to the platform to be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States on January 20.

"Anointing with oil is a rich tradition both in the Bible and in the history of the US Capitol," said Rev. Schenck. "Oil symbolizes consecration, or setting something apart for God's use.

George Washington used oil during the dedication of the US Capitol. We used oil today to set apart the walkway and doors that will be the literal rite of passage for Barack Obama as he ascends to the highest office in our land."

Anonymous said...

Old Man,
I must admit I didn't make up
the Obamunism word. I saw it
somewhere on the web as I was

I made this up just for you:

"To ski or not to ski.
That is the question.
Whether tis nobler in deep powder
or hard packed granular,
To snowboard, perchance
to half pipe, or to simply
slalom as in days of yore.
Aye, there's the rub."

_William Shakeskier

Anonymous said...

Suuzette, speak out. If you wait for someone else to speak out, the time may never come, or they may distort the message. If you've been given the information, it is up to you to share it. God doesn't make mistakes. You may find it hard to stick your neck out, afraid of making mistakes, afraid of not knowing all of the answers. Do it anyway. You may make mistakes and all of us have, but you were given the information for a reason. Trust God. The road isn't easy, but there is a battle for any prize worth fighting for. Because you have a belief in morality on your side, you won't cross the line and become a radical Muslim.

Anonymous said...

The idea of anointing a doorway
is purely NA, I'd guess. It surely
is not found in the Bible.
In the Old Testament, there were
three classes of people who
could be anointed: 1.Kings,
2.Prophets and 3. Priests.
Any other use of anointing oil
is not ordained by God, even
though it's commonly put
on everyone and anyone
these days, including scraps
of cloth and other inanimate
Joyce is right. If people don't
read the Bible for themselves
how will they know anything
about God's will ?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see a similarity between PE Obama/Rick Warren and King Ahaz/Uriah? I'm concerned by all the Inaugural Speech/prayer annointing of doors, etc. Just appears to be placing multiple altars together.


Young Grasshopper said...


Hit the ctrl button and the F button at the same time. You'll see a box pop up at the bottom left. Type in the name or word you are looking for into the box, and you'll be directed to the first time it appears in the thread. The reason you couldn't find my comment last night was because you inadvertently skipped a thread.

We've all done that here and had some fun with it too, calling it the mystery of the disappearing comments.

Thanks for the additional pics of Obama's lucky charms.


Young Grasshopper said...


Loved your poem for Mr. O.

Maybe you can write one for me one of these days!

(To get back at me maybe for finding you in a cave playing the Led Zeppelin music backwards?)

You may have missed my New Year's Eve anonymous post, but it was all intended in good fun, as I think everyone here realized.

Young Grasshopper said...


Thanks for the link on the spider labyrinths. Don't know if you saw this one or not, but it's also rather cool. If you type in a state you can find where various labyrinths are located throughout the state. I was shocked at how many hospitals have incorporated them into their grounds for "healing and restorative purposes".

Thanks to Susanna for finding the link.

Shem1777 said...

One of the elders here at a local church in town, has a farm were tourists can see how farming is done in Vermont. He has a labyrinth in his corn field at Halloween, along with all the other traditional Halloween festivities offered to the tourist/revellers.

This is the state of the church today folks!!!

This same church,(i used to attend), also at times meets in the local masonic lodge for special "church" events

Young Grasshopper said...


One more thing...

You have very accurately summarized the three pillars on which the one world religion will be based.

Sadly, I truly feel that these 3 points or pillars are not unlike what Our Lord himself, Jesus Christ would base his future Kingdom, the 'New Jerusalem' on.

What I mean by that, (before everyone jumps all over me), is that Jesus' main message was of LOVE. (your third pillar.)

In keeping with this Jesus said, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John 13:34)

Your second pillar, as quoted by Karen Armstrong, was certainly another key aspect of Jesus' teachings and commandments, and certainly a world where the Golden Rule is applied by everyone would be a much better world than the current one.

Your first pillar, science , also is problematic, in that I relate the environment to God's creation, and therefore it is a gift from God that does need to be taken care of, rather than abused.

Here again, don't hang me, anyone!
For instance, I would never dump a jar of mucky turpentine down the sink or into the grass.

It has been the ABUSE of these three concepts by unscrupulous people with negative agendas that have rendered these words harmful to some. That, I fear, is the saddest part of all of this.

During one of the recent brouhahas on this blog, someone indignant over another person's overt criticism of their church made a point of saying that "They were not going to take it anymore!" (Regarding the criticism of their church.)

Then someone else spoke up and pointed out that it is that type of intolerance that the AoC will use against Christians some day, thus making the person who was offended by the other person's criticisms look a little sheepish.

I for one think peace, tolerance and love of everyone as we want to be loved in kind, without judgment or agenda is the type of kingdom that Jesus will in fact set up, when he returns to earth in glory.

The only way that this can work, in my mind, is if society changes its attitudes about power and greed. Once Jesus judges the world, and removes the chaff from the wheat, I think it will be easy to live in a world where love is the over-arching commandment.

The enemy is quite devious. In using the precepts for setting up this One world religion, he has used the teachings of Christ himself. This is why so many people will be fooled.

We should still be tolerant and kind to each other, regardless of whether of not this is the AoC's goals or not.

There's the rub, as Paul would say.

Constance Cumbey said...

Two people I definitely DO NOT TRUST include and for the same reasons:

1. Eustace Mullins
2. Lindsay Williams


Constance Cumbey said...

I have a really terrible cold today -- anybody have any good remedies out there?


Gretchen said...

Constance, try Zicam nasal spray. I've heard it works wonders. Also hot tea with lemon, Vitamin C, Chicken broth and..... lots of Vaseline under your nose. =0)
I hope you feel better!

Young Grasshopper said...

I don't really want to be a blog hog, and I actually have been trying to spend much less time Online, but I thought I should add this to my comment above...

In my NIV study bible, there is a footnote under Matthew 7 :12.

It says "The so-called Golden Rule is found in negative form in rabbinic Judaism and also in Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. It occurred in various forms in Greek and Roman ethical teaching. Jesus stated it in positive form."

I thought that was very interesting.

"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." Matthew 7:12

Anonymous said...

Time magazine had Obama, this time it is something about Abraham Lincoln. During CA state of the state adress, civil war was mentioned, pertaining to the divided parties that cannot come up with a budget.

Unknown said...


Oscillococcinum. I know that you are adverse to homeopathic remedies, but this stuff really worked for us.

You can find it in any pharmacy with products like Cold Calm, Airborn, Zicam, etc.

It is not bad tasting.


Bro. Jason Parker said...

Rose. You don't have to apolagize for saying he is not a Christian. He is not a Christian. A Christian follows God. Obama has rejected God and thus,shown us his heart. By tht by, We can tell an apple from an orange.... cant we? We don't need liberal people telling us not to point out a fact. I love you in Christ. Also I invite you to visit my blog any time. Just click on my name.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...


Just a thought on the lucky charms Mr. O carries around, while many here have acurately stated how out of place it is for a christian to carry these objects. I have not seen anyone state what should be obvious as well, that being it would be against his moral character to carry these if he were a closet muslim, as has been purported all over the net.

Paul, Oldman

I like Obamunism, but does this now make terms like Obamabot, Barack of Gibraltor, and Obamania a thing of the past?

Bro. Jason Parker said...

anyone who says abortion should be legal, is not a christian. Abortion will never be legal with God.

Anonymous said...

How about take a vacation to somewhere warm? Constance, did you mean Lindsay Williams or Lindsey Williams? I couldn't find much about Lindsay on the Google, but I did for Lindsey.

I was somewhat unfamiliar with Eustace Mullins, but after watching a video of him, I thought he was a little on the crazy side. Definitely, he is a believer in the imaginary Zionist conspiracy theory.

David in B.C.

Anonymous said...


Re:I have a really terrible cold today -- anybody have any good remedies out there?

First remedy, rest.

Second, a light diet. Chicken soup with plenty of onion and garlic. Helps to loosen up mucous flow. Also juices.

Chamomile tea (unless you are taking blood thinners) and herb tea. Also green tea.

Third, warm brandy mixed with honey and lemon. The honey has antibiotic properties. The brandy helps you to sleep and to "sweat out" any fever.

Don't drink milk. It causes more mucous to build up.

Of course you can also use cough drops as needed. Ricola is good.

I hope you find these home remedies helpful.

They work great for me and my husband!

Anonymous said...

Constance -
like David in BC - you and I live in the extreme clod this week in Michigan -
The Bahamas -


Constance Cumbey said...

Preliminary, Dr. Stephen T. Manning's work looks NEW AGE to me -- I'll bet Oprah would host him!


Constance Cumbey said...

Yup, Dr. Manning is definitely "New World Religion" oriented!

Anonymous said...

Vitamin C loading, a theory in orthomolecular medicine. You take large doses of Vitamin C and the sicker you are the more you body can handle. Dr. Linus Paulings theory works.. Also 3 cloves of garlic, with cilantro and olive oil and lemon juice with a little salt..

When your sick your body is depleted of vitamin C and needs a lot more. When I'm sick I can take as much as 10 grams. In powder form that's about a tablespoon. Experientially I can say that my body fights things much better since I started doing this. I am in the process of getting over an infection and I didn't take any antibiotics, but just did what I told you plus Jewish penecillan ( chicken soup) and grapefruit seed extract.

I used to go right into bronchitis when I had something like this, but thanks to these natural remedies I don't ( and my bronchitis would become asthmatic, but thanks to these measures I haven't taken antibiotics in about 6 years.and I don't get bronchitis anymore which is miraculous.

Enjoy some time off if you can get away with it and catch up on your reading and Bible study..

We'll pray for a speedy recovery too..


Anonymous said...

p.s. try taking a Shabbat rest, starting at sundown Friday night until Saturday at sundown. Even if your cold doesn't get better, you will have spent time with the Lord and He will meet you during this time because He Promises to do that. It's an appointment where He always shows up if you do..

If you have someone, like your spouse or some friends who will celebrate with you that's even better. You can study the Scriptures together, pray and spend time enjoying one another's company and rejoice because Yeshua's work has already been completed.

If you want to light some candles to remember Yeshua is the light of the world, it's a really nice tradition, not an obligation but just a nice way of setting the day apart. If you happen to have a good Jewish bakery in your neighborhood you can get a couple of challah, and remember why there are two loaves. Because on the 6th day God gave us the double portion so that we can just enjoy being with Him on the 7th day... Definition of Shabbat is to "cease" and it's not a "Jewish" feast, it's for everyone

Other significance is that we will soon have the 7th millennium of sabbath rest.. with Yeshua and all of this stuff everyone is concerned about will go away. If we take time to remember now, we can be less anxious about all the problems and think about what it will be like to be in His presence, with our new resurrected bodies that don't get sick and die anymore!!

Also, during Shabbat you take time to bless your children, your spouse, and he you, so it does wonders for the family..

May not cure the common cold but it will bless your spiritual life.

Shabbat shalom,


Anonymous said...

Heh, when I said in the ball park, I was referring to be one who is in the New Age camp and in the One New Religion trends. What I read last night draws from Transpersonal Psychology, Jung and Hinduism and makes a big deal about some Tripartic Archetype. (Not sure using his full term). Whe read it immediately wanted to make you all aware of his perspective.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

For those following the Schengen System,

EU security database upgrade could be scrapped

The Czech EU presidency has set a deadline of the end of June to either go ahead or scrap a multi-million-euro security database upgrade to the bloc's border-free area due to technical difficulties and delays.

The Schengen Information System II (SIS II) was supposed to be up and running by 2007 and interconnect comprehensive passport and police databases from all 25 members of the Schengen border-free area.

"The result will be: We dismantle all the problems, the SIS II works, and there is a fixed date when it's over," said Czech interior minister Ivan Langer, who hosted a meeting of EU justice and home affairs ministers in Prague on Thursday.

"Or, at the end of our presidency, the result will be that the problems are so serious that we have to follow the contingency plan," he told reporters at a press conference.

I don't know which is more frightening, the Schengen System, or the possibility of a forced contingency plan!

History Maker said...


I also agree with your "three pillars" summary. Thanks!

It is most important for Christians to remember that in Matthew 22:37-40 "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38This is the first and great commandment. 39And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

"They" [well, really it is Satan] want us to forget about the first commandment! One cannot be following the second commandment without the first because our good works are as filthy rags without it.

My question for Obama would be: How is carrying around a Hindu god for "luck" loving the one true God with all thy heart, soul, and mind?


Anonymous said...

There's a radical new approach to the
rhinovirus. It's called saline nasal spray,
or salty water. Imagine that.
They sell it in the pharmacy over the
counter as "AYR"
It's cheap and you can't over use it.
Also I believe that the dryness of the
indoor air leaves us susceptible as we
sleep, especially when we mouth-breathe
all night, so I bought a thirty dollar
vaporizer for my room and so far so good.
_ Until I catch a cold...
The Rhino virus is God's way of
telling scientists that they don't really
know very much.

Yes I remember your Zepplin post, and
I remember thinking, "I deserve that".
How did you know about that cave ?

Happy New Year !
It was thirty-below up in Bethel, ME
last night. Single digits here in
Portland all day today.
I went outside and hollered "HELLO"
and my words froze in mid air and
dropped to the ground and shattered.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

If this has already been posted, sorry but found this very importanat.

The shape of things to come

Its from and it covers the Freedom, Security, and Privacy- the area of European home affairs report. There is too much to go into great detail about, but it covers Schengen, and the desire to get every one into the system, it also covers biometric and the desire to get everyone on a identifier such as RFID. It also covers implementation, and while the EU parliment will be consulted, the final decisions go to Council of the European Union. (I know big suprise there)

Some of the particular things that caught my eye which bare quotiong are

In June the EU agreed in principle on the Returns Directive under which those found to be
"illegally" resident in the EU are to be rounded and held in detention centres for up to 18
months before being deported back to their assumed country of origin. Some defined as
"illegal" will have been in the EU for days or weeks, others may have been here for years
with their children being "second-generation", the Directive makes no distinction - they
are all "illegal".


“Myriad local and global surveillance systems; the introduction of biometric
identifiers; RFID, electronic tagging and satellite monitoring; “less-lethal
weapons”; paramilitary equipment for public order and crisis management;
and the militarization of border controls – technological advances in law
enforcement are often welcomed uncritically but rarely are these technologies
neutral, in either application or effect. Military organisations dominate
research and development in these areas under the banner of “dual-use”
technology, avoiding both the constraints and controversies of the arms trade.
Tomorrow’s technologies of control quickly become today’s political
imperative; contentious policies appear increasingly irresistible.”

"The EU should fully exploit the new technologies in security matters and adjust itself
to the "digital era"

This is a fairly lengthy report and delves fairly deeply into the process of implementation of these technologies and policies. Well worth the read for those interested in what is coming around the corner, not just across Europe but the world.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

Israel and US act to end smuggling of arms into Gaza

The United States and Israel have signed a deal to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza from Egypt. The U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, said the agreement ultimately would contribute towards a “durable ceasefire.”

Israel has indicated that its military offensive is its final act and this so-called “memorandum of understanding” is thought to be a crucial step towards it agreeing to the terms of the Egyptian peace plan. Under the deal, Israeli officials say, the United States will lead a campaign with its NATO allies to intercept weapons shipments bound for Gaza from Iran and elsewhere. The UN says tunnels between Gaza and Egypt have become a vital lifeline because of Israel’s tight blockade.

There is also a video attached of the document signing.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

Cabinet to decide on unilateral ceasefire Saturday evening

Israel appeared close to deciding on a unilateral cease-fire deal on Friday that could end Operation Cast Lead about three weeks after it began.

According to a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office, "Significant progress was made during talks [Israeli officials] held with the Egyptian intelligence chief. Over the weekend the prime minister and the defense minister will discuss the offered draft. Following the discussion, the cabinet for national security will be convened on Saturday evening to decide whether it should be adopted."

from jpost

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this link works. A clip about Abraham Lincoln on the front of yahoo news. What are they preparing us for?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this

Anonymous said...

JD, I think I saw that report before, but if so, I forgot to look at it. At any rate, it looks like something to read.

Young Grasshopper said...


Excellent find and very sobering information indeed.

All it will take is another terrorist attack here, and the US will be on board the beast, too.

Speaking of beasts, Obama's new vehicle, which is supposedly able to withstand a rocket propelled grenade, has been nicknamed "The Beast."

I heard that Obama is being sworn into office on the same bible that Lincoln used.

Alf Cengia said...

Has anybody seen this one? wonders why Walsch's god didn't warn him about that one.

Author of 'Conversations with God' accused of plagiarism

Anonymous said...

Cold remedy: KWAI pills.

These are a non-smelly garlic pill you can buy at many drugstores such as Walgreen's. I have used them for years to fight infection and I'm usually successful. They are particularly easy to assimilate and digest, unlike some garlic capsules.

Six a day is admonished on the box, for active infection. I usually find three does it for me.


Anonymous said...

Due to his supreme confidence and calmness, Washington insiders have a new name for Barack Obama:

"No Drama Obama"

Constance Cumbey said...


When Obama is inaugurated, the Czech presidency of the EU wants to establish cooperation on crucial areas such as finances, climate and the Middle East peace process.

"We would like to start relations on a positive note and manage the expectations that Europe has from Obama," spokesperson Jan Sliva said.

In speeches ahead of the U.S. elections in late 2008, the EU's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, has said he was happy to see Obama announce that he would be seeking changes in U.S. nuclear policy with respect to the number of nuclear warheads and overall U.S. posture.


Carmen Romero, NATO's deputy spokesperson, expects little change in U.S. relations under an Obama administration, as relations have "always been excellent."

"NATO expects the U.S. to continue playing a strong role in the trans-Atlantic relationship," she said, pointing to a new trans-Atlantic declaration at the next NATO summit.

Anonymous said...

Javiar Solana and David Frost interview on Al Jazeera.
about MIdeast Peace.

Scroll down to listen to 9 minute interview:

interesting comments on Russia too.


Anonymous said...


The link to the following article appears to have been published on their website on 14th January 2009.

Concerning The Ageless Wisdom Writings On The Jewish People

Tiny link -


Constance Cumbey said...

Lindsey Williams and Eustace Mullins -- they hang around together and are virtual thinkalikes -- both with a highly racist and anti-Jewish agenda. Both proclaim "serpent-seed" theories.


Rose said...

Bro. Jason Parker, Constance and All

Thinking about Obama’s charms and what defines Christian vs New Age, I read an article from Bro. Jason Parker’s blog. It made me start thinking about the polls asking Americans if they believe in God and what that really means. “God” can have varied meanings especially the different definition the new age movement holds and so can Christian. I want to emphasize I am not posting this for or against any religious organization.

Barna Research Group, an independent marketing research firm which has tracked trends related to beliefs, values and behaviors since 1984.

Disclaimer Quote…… from :”George Barna - Once a trusted source for statistics and research, Barna now teaches for Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Life Children's Ministry.”

“George Barna, president of the research firm that conducted the research, noted, "It is important to remember that we are not reporting the official teachings of these churches. The data reflect what the people within those churches believe.”

A poll from Barna Research Group taken shows:

Jesus Christ

• More than two out of every five adults (41%) believe that when Jesus Christ lived on earth He committed sins. (2007)


• In 2007 more than half of adults (57%) say that the devil, or Satan, is not a living being but is a symbol of evil.

• In 2007 46% of born again Christians deny Satan's existence.

• Two-thirds of Catholics (64%) say the devil is non-existent and only a symbol of evil. (2007)

They have many informative articles here are some I read that I felt were relevant:

1) Religious Beliefs Vary Widely By Denomination: June 25, 2001

Here are some excerpts:

“The notion that Satan, or the devil, is a real being who can influence people's lives is regarded as hogwash by most Americans. Only one-quarter (27%) strongly believes that Satan is real while a majority argues that he is merely a symbol of evil. Mormons are the group most likely to accept the reality of Satan's existence (59%) while Catholics, Episcopalians and Methodists are the least likely (just one-fifth).”

“One of the most remarkable insights into America's faith is the fact that less than half of all adults (40%) are convinced that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life during His three decades on earth. Following the established pattern, the people most likely to describe Jesus' life as sinless were those who attend Pentecostal and Assemblies of God churches, as well as Mormons, while those least likely to view Jesus as sinless attend Episcopal, Catholic and Lutheran churches.”

2) Christianity is No Longer Americans’ Default Faith: January 12, 2009
Here are some excerpts:

“….Specifically, this Update dives into our findings regarding people’s openness to embracing faiths other than Christianity, adoption of theological perspectives that are not from the Bible, and how significant faith is in people’s moral decision-making. President-elect Obama has promised significant change. It’s already happening in the spiritual realm”

“….50% of the adults interviewed agreed that Christianity is no longer the faith that Americans automatically accept as their personal faith….”

“Still, most people say their faith is becoming increasingly important as a source of personal moral guidance.”

“Among individuals who describe themselves as Christian,…., close to half believe that Satan does not exist, one-third contend that Jesus sinned while He was on earth, two-fifths say they do not have a responsibility to share the Christian faith with others, and one-quarter dismiss the idea that the Bible is accurate in all of the principles it teaches.”

“The Christian faith is less of a life perspective that challenges the supremacy of individualism as it is a faith being defined through individualism. Americans are increasingly comfortable picking and choosing what they deem to be helpful and accurate theological views and have become comfortable discarding the rest of the teachings in the Bible.”

“Growing numbers of people now serve as their own theologian-in-residence.”

“Americans are more likely to pit a variety of non-Christian options against various Christian-based views. This has resulted in an abundance of unique worldviews based on personal combinations of theology drawn from a smattering of world religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam as well as secularism.”

(All prior paragraphs in quotes are there words not mine; I give them full credit for the data there within. I have cut out some sections to shorten it please see the site for more details on their full research.)

As a Christian how can you believe Jesus Christ Sinned?

How can you as a Christian believe in the Old Testament or New Testament and not believe in Satan as a real entity?

Once the Belief of Christ having sinned and of Satan not being a real entity is removed you now enter the realm of the beliefs of the New Age. Easily falling prey to the doctrines of the devil, for according to them there is no Satan and there is no sinless Christ as a redeemer.

These polls show that people are merging beliefs from various religions and that they are piecing together there own inner found beliefs, just as the new age tells them to do. Find “god” within. They have become self-focused instead of Bible focused. Therefore when you look for answers from within, instead of Scripture you are doing exactly what the new age suggests. This then leads you easily to change meanings of scriptures to fit “you are god” and you open yourself up to unification of all world religions Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as secularism which the new Age Movement preaches.

On the site

They cite Barna Research Group polls also and others.

They quote a poll (not sure whose) of the American Population regarding
Reincarnation and Astrology in 2003:

Believe in reincarnation: 27%
Belief by persons over 64: 14%
Belief by persons 25 to 29 years of age: 40%
Astrology: Believe in the accuracy of astrology: 31%
Belief by persons over 64: 17%
Belief by persons 25 to 29 years of age: 43%

We can see the trend taking place. We are increasingly incorporating new age beliefs in our society and churches. I know none of this is surprising. I just felt it was important data to share. I truly hope the research numbers do not offend any persons on this blog. That is the opposite of my intent. I just want to show the deep reach of the New Age Occult in the once Christian-based United States of America. It appears from the data that only a small portion of those who call themselves Christian actually embrace the biblical Christ and his teachings. Yet the site says “Still, most people say their faith is becoming increasingly important as a source of personal moral guidance.” What is the faith they are turning to if they are turning their backs on fundamental Christian beliefs? I think we all know the answer.


Rose said...

In continuation of my blog on Euthanasia:

I wanted to point out the connection between the New Age Occult leaders and a leading attorney in Right-to-die cases.

George J Felos is known for the case that assisted in the establishment of an individual's constitutional right to refuse or have withdrawn unwanted medical treatment, Guardianship of Browning, and was lead attorney in the Terry Schiavo case for Michael Schiavo in which he won and the courts ordered that she could be deprived of food and water until she died.

In reference to Felos book “Litigation As Spiritual Practice”, you will find raving reviews from many well known Occultists including Neal Donald Walsh:

"This book could be called 'God in the Courtroom.' It is a wonderful and amazing step on the path that our legal system must take if it is to truly heal and resolve the differences that arise between us. This book is a miracle. I am going to call George Felos God's Lawyer from now on." Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God.

God’s Lawyer…? Again as I said in my prior post the term “god” can have a different definition than Traditional Christianity. They are very openly showing how connected they are and together they are influencing and changing the every aspect of our society away from the one true God.


Rose said...

Constance, Kimba and everyone else that may want my blog url....

If you have any trouble getting to my blog. I changed the Url recently. I am not sure it affects blog to blog links, but just in case the is the new address.


Anonymous said...

Hi Constance,
Thanks for your blog...
I read your 'Dangers of the Hidden Rainbow' about twenty years ago, but only found your blog two years ago.
How can I get to listen to your radio broadcasts on the internet?
I live in Germany.

Anonymous said...


Excellent posts! Thanks so much.

This false worldview is working to establish a "framework for unity" among enough people, (the so-called tipping point).

As others have noted for many years, it is an attempt to rebuild Babylon on a foundation other than Jesus Christ (a.k.a. "He who divides").

I finished reading "The Shack" at a rest stop on my way down to Kamiah. I actually found myself liking many aspects of the book. Unfortunately there's one gaping theological hole in the story that sums up the danger which you also noted has become widespread in the "Christian" community. Nowhere in "The Shack" does the author bring up the topic of Satan. This is quite an omission since the book purports to explain the nature of evil in the world, which, according to the "Shack", is the result of man's choice to be "independent" from God.

I always thought "man", which includes "woman", had a little help making his fateful choice...

I also thought there was "war" in heaven...

Guess I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

I understand that these stat's are
from Geo. Blarna, and not from you.

My gut reaction is that Mr Blarna
is full of blarney. His survey sounds
like it must have been conducted
at Saddleback and at churches like
Saddleback only.
I think that a survey like that is
intended to weaken the faith of
believers by showing them that
most of their fellow believers
think that the fundementals of
the faith are for simpletons.
In other words a survey like that
is an attack on the faith in
disguise, and not an objective
scientific survey.
There are lies, damn lies, and
then there are statistics.

Thanks for the heads up though,

Rose said...


Thank you!

Yes you are right....there was someone else in the scriptures...hmmm what was his name???

The issue is they call Lucifer "god" and Satan is the evil ego when you feel separated from "god Lucifer" the belief that we are all not one or the belief in separation is called the Devil. And of course there can be no one higher then he is "god"

I just got the Shack I will be reading it too, though right now I am focusing on David Spangler and Barbara Marx Hubbard, and some others....many many pots on the stove.




Anonymous said...

Just a little review here on Jose Arguelles since he has been quoted on Constance's post.

Carrie Tomko blogged some articles on Jose Arguelles in August, 2008.

In the comment box below her Thursday, August 8, 2008 article, I wrote:

"Arguelles claims to be channeling an entity that goes by the name of "Pacal Votan."

As a channeler, Arguelles is a promoter of a New Age belief called "Mayanism."


"Mayanism is a term coined to cover a non-codified eclectic collection of New Age beliefs, influenced in part by Pre-Columbian Maya mythology and some folk beliefs of the modern Maya peoples. Adherents of this belief system are not to be confused with Mayanists, scholars who research the historical Maya civilization.

The roots of Mayanism can be traced to the 16th century book Utopia by Sir Thomas More, who developed the concept of a utopia in the New World (an idea first explored by Christopher Columbus). However, it was most heavily influenced by the 19th century scholarship of Charles Étienne Brasseur de Bourbourg, who made significant academic contributions (including re-discovery of the Popol Vuh), but towards the end of his career became convinced that the ancient Maya culture could be traced to the lost continent of Atlantis.

For example, in 1857 Brasseur identified Votan as a Phoenician ruler who founded Palenque and in an article published in 1872 attributed mythological Mesoamerican cataclysms to an early version of pole shift theory. Brasseur's work, some of which was illustrated by the talented but highly inaccurate Jean-Frédéric Waldeck, influenced other works of pseudoscience and pseudohistory, such as the research of Augustus Le Plongeon, Ignatius L. Donnelly, and James Churchward. Le Plongeon and Donnelly in turn influenced the work of writers such as Madame Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner, who brought misconceptions about the ancient Maya into early New Age circles......"

Another promoter of Mayanism in its shamanistic mode was the late Carlos Castaneda:

"Shamanism has become a significant component of Mayanism, in part due to the scholarly interpretation of ancient Maya rulers as shamans and the popularity of Carlos Castaneda, whose books described his apprenticeship to a Yaqui sorcerer. Although the Yaqui are indigenous to the Sonoran Desert region of northern Mexico and southern Arizona, far from the Maya region, Mayanism often conflates the concept of Toltec (Castaneda) with the Toltec who interacted with the ancient Maya.

One of many themes in Mayanism related to shamanism is the use of entheogens to induce altered states of consciousness and thereby gain insight and wisdom......."

Arguelles' crusade to ditch the Gregorian Calendar and exchange it for his "Mayan calendar" is not without precedent.
I am referring to the French "Republican Calendar" which was proposed during the French Revolution and imposed on France by the Republican French governemnt from 1793 to 1805.......and again for 18 days in 1871 in Paris. Fre...blican_Calendar

"This Calendar featured ten day week so that Sunday would be forgotten as a religious day and the months were named after the various times during the seasons and he (Fabre d'Eglantine) contributed a large part of the new nomenclature (Prairial, Floréal, as well as Primidi and Duodi). The report which he made on the subject, on October 24 1793, adds scientific information.'%C3% 89glantine

"Gilbert Romme (March 26, 1750–June 17, 1795) was a French politician and mathematician who developed the French Republican Calendar.

Charles-Gilbert Romme was born in Riom, Puy-de-Dôme, in the Auvergne region of France, where he received an education in medicine and mathematics. After spending five years in Paris, he went to Russia to become the tutor of Paul Stroganoff. He returned to Paris in 1788 and entered political life.

He was a member of the Masonic lodge, Les Neuf Sœurs.

Elected in September 10, 1791 to the Legislative Assembly, Romme aligned himself with the Girondists, but after his election to the National Convention on September 6, 1792, he sided with the Montagnards.

He voted in favour of the death sentence for Louis XVI. Later, in the events leading up to the Reign of Terror, he was arrested by Girondist supporters and was imprisoned in Caen for two months.

During his tenure in National Convention, Romme served in the Comité de l’instruction Publique (Committee of Public Education), where he presented his Republican calendar on September 17, 1793. Aware of their military importance, he also was an early supporter of semaphore telegraphs. He served as president of the Convention from November 21 to December 6, 1793....." Gilbert_Romme

More on French Revolutionary/Republican Calendar

Carrie added:

This look at the Mayan calendar and the push to adopt it needs a supplement in the form of a reminder that the Mayan culture included human sacrifice, as this Associated Press article explains. Given that we already have the New Age celebration called "Burning Man" which recreates the bonfire that once was a human sacrifice, those who embrace this Mayan calendar may have other Mayan cultural traits in mind for us as well--or at least Valum Voltan might. Can a disembodied spirit be trusted? go first. Meanwhile I'll be running swiftly in the opposite direction.

In light of the so-called "Mayan Calendar" issue, I am reminded of the prophecy in Chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel.

This is from the KJV:

7:23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

7:24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.

7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time."

The following is from the Greek Septuagint translation:

7:23 Thus he said, ‘The fourth animal shall be a fourth kingdom on earth, which shall be different from all the kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth and shall tread it down and break it in pieces. 7:24 As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise; and another shall arise after them; and he shall be different from the former, and he shall put down three kings. 7:25 He shall speak words against the Most High and shall wear out the saints of the Most High; and he shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and half a time."

As critics point out, the main problem with Arguelles' "Mayan Calendar" is that it ISN'T TRULY MAYAN:

Although Argüelles states that his tools and calendar are clearly not a Mayan calendar, much criticism of it focuses on the fact that his works remain completely unsupported by any professional Mayanist scholar. Amongst many criticisms leveled at it, it is pointed out that the interpretation merely co-opts an ancient tradition by recasting it in New Age terms, unknown, unused and undocumented among the Maya. Many of Dreamspell's influences come from non-Mayan sources, such as the I Ching and pop psychology[citation needed]. What's more, Argüelles' calendar is based on a different day-count than the traditional Mayan calendar. As mathematician Michael Finley notes:

"Since the 365 day Maya haab makes no provision for leap years, its starting date in the Gregorian Calendar advances by one day every four years. The beginning of Arguelles' year is fixed to July 26. Thus his count of days departs from the haab as it was known to Maya scribes before the Spanish conquest. Arguelles claims that the Thirteen Moon Calendar is synchronized with the calendar round. Clearly, it is not."[1]

His calendar is also not correctly synchronized with that observed by the Maya. For example, in the traditional count January 1, 2005 is 5 Muluk, while in the Dreamspell it is 2 Etznab.

Argüelles countered this criticism by stating that his calendar is "correct and biologically accurate...for the whole planet", and that he is the "heir of the legacy of Pacal Votan and the instrument of his prophecy, Telektonon". [1] Argüelles is now one of several individuals who have contributed to the spread of Mayanism, a collection of beliefs based on metaphysical speculation about the ancient Maya.

And just WHO is "Pacal Votan???"

"Votan is a legendary or mythological figure mentioned in early European accounts of the Maya civilization" more....


Pacal II, also known as Pacal the Great (the most recent work gives his full name as K'inich Janaab' Pakal[1] (26 March 603 - 31 August 683), was ruler of the Maya polity of Palenque......

....Pacal the Great’s tomb has been the focus of attention by some speculative archaeologists since its appearance in Erich von Däniken's 1968 best seller, "Chariots of the Gods?". Von Däniken reproduced a drawing of the sarcophagus lid (incorrectly labeling it as being from "Copan") and comparing Pacal's pose to that of 1960s Project Mercury astronauts, interpreting drawings underneath him as rockets, and touting it as supposed evidence of extra-terrestrial influence on the ancient Maya......

....Another example of this carving's manifestation in pseudoarchaeology is José Argüelles' identification of "Pacal Votan," of whom he claims to be an incarnation named "Valum Votan," who will act as a "closer of the cycle" in 2012 (an event that is also significant on Arguelles' "13 Moon" calendar). Daniel Pinchbeck, in his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (2006), also uses the name "Votan" in referring to Pacal the Great. However, this name is not used for Pacal by Mayanist researchers such as academic archaeologists, epigraphers, and iconographers. Arguelles claims a connection between Pacal and the semi-historical Toltec figure Ce Acatl Tolpitzin Quetzalcoatl, but this is not supported by archaeological or epigraphic evidence. New Age interpretations of the tomb of Pacal the Great are a cornerstone of contemporary Mayanism." entire article.....

This is a drawing of the sarcophagus of Pacal the Great on extreme zoom:

In the following, it almost appears that Arguelles actually IDENTIFIES himself with Valum Votan! The title of the article is:

New Announcement


If fraud can be discounted, then what we are looking at here is very likely a case of VOLUNTARY demonic possession!!!


Anonymous said...


Sorry about the length of the post. I simply wanted to highlight some key points about Arguelles and his New Age "time-changing" enterprise.

Anonymous said...

From ABC News (01/16/09):

Secret List of U.S. Military Bases to Replace Gitmo

Pendleton, Leavenworth, Miramar Included as Possible New Home for 250 Detainees

The U.S. military has prepared a list of U.S. military bases that could be used to house as many as 250 detainees currently being held at the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, military officials tell

The list -- which includes Camp Pendleton in California, Fort Leavenworth in Kansas; the Marine Air Station in Miramar, California; and the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig in South Carolina -- has been circulated in a classified brief to members of Congress and was prepared by the Pentagon's Joint Staff.

President-elect Barack Obama is expected to order that the Guantanamo Bay detainee facility be closed on his first day in office, officials say. Officials say it would take at least a year to prepare a new prison and transfer the detainees.

The preliminary list was based on cost, logistic, and security concerns, but the Department of Defense is expected to present a more comprehensive recommendation based on a variety of factors, according a military official.

Camp Pendleton was determined to be the least expensive option and officials say its vast 125,000 acre size would allow for a new prison to be built in an isolated and secure area.

60,000 Residents, Employees at Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton has a daytime population of 60,000, according to its website, including military personnel, their families and civilian employees.

Three San Diego county Congressmen have already voiced opposition to sending the terror detainees to Camp Pendleton.

Congressmen Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Brian Bilbray (R-CA) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent a letter Tuesday to Defense Secretary Robert Gates saying Camp Pendleton was too busy preparing Marines for combat.

"We feel that introducing Guantanamo Bay terrorist suspects would certainly negatively impact Camp Pendleton's training and wartime missions," the letter stated. "For those Marines serving in harm's way they should now not have to worry about the safety of their families."

A spokesperson for Hunter, a retired Marine combat veteran, said he had not been informed of the recommendation.

A spokesman for Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) said that the Senator called Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen earlier this week to convey his concerns about using Fort Leavenworth to house detainees.

Brownback, who was not briefed on this list, spoke out against the possible use of Leavenworth at Thursday's confirmation hearings for Attorney General nominee Eric Holder.

"Fort Leavenworth does not want these detainees," Brownback flatly told Holder. "If I could put it any clearer to you, I would. But they don't want these detainees."

Brownback said the use of Leavenworth to house prisoners would interfere with the primary mission of the base which is education.

"And if you hurt that by moving detainees to a place at Leavenworth that's not fit anyway to move this, this is a big hit," said Brownback. "And I would just plead you really to look at the specifics."

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Interesting news..
Obama is appointing a Mideast crisis team...can't wait to see what they do...


Anonymous said...


Speaking of alleged voluntary demonic possession, the Washington Post ran a story about a month ago regarding the Synchronicity compound in rural VA.

It was done in response to the father and daughter from that group being killed in Mumbai.

It seems that there are a rather larger group of differing "spiritual" retreats/compounds in the VA hills.

Anyway, some of the members of the lodges/ashrams spoke quite positively and glowingly about allowing themselves to "channel" their spirit guides and the spirits of long-departed citizens of that remote, rural area.

During the service for the Dad, the guru who had brought the parents (divorced) and kid into this apostacy said that he (paraphrasing) could see the guy's aura (I think the name of the deceased dad was "Dan") and that he was now his "true self," and was only sad for them (the attendees) that they had not yet attained what he (Dan) had.

The guru said this as a form of comfort; but I could only be saddened that these people were being spritually deceived.

One of the last comments at the end of the article was very telling (I'm paraphrasing). A man said that, "like it or not, there are many other forces that are in control here on this earth."

Truer words never spoken.

Gretchen said...

While reading the link that Susanna added I came across this question and answer and I can't help but think that people would see through this mumbo jumbo pretty quickly! Most of the people that I know in my daily life have no interest in the New Agers agenda.

This comes across as super cheesy, weird, positivley ridiculous etc.... I can't imagine anyone who has any impact on society at all believing or even convincing normal people of this stuff.

Here is the quote that made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

"13. TV: What will happen in 2012 and what preliminary symptoms are visible right now? Please give us a positive view on the future because of negative and apocalyptic visions we have had enough!

VV: In 2012, the Earth will be in a condition of rapid, unprecedented evolution and change due to the enlightenment of the human species for having returned to living according to the natural 13:20 cycles of time. The Calendar Change of 1998 will be seen as the final turning point of Babylonian civilization. The oneness of humanity will be the result of the universal telepathy reawakened by returning to the natural cycles. Because of this fact, there will no longer be any need of government, and humanity will have abandoned industrial technology for the development of spiritual, telepathic fourth-dimensional technologies. Creature comfort needs will be supplied by applications of solar and telepathic crystal technologies. The human race will be living and fulfilling UR, the Universal Religion on Earth. The order of reality will be known as the Dominion of Time. Everyone will be getting ready for the great moment of galactic synchronization, July 26, 2013, Yellow Galactic Seed, the completion of the telepathic construction of Timeship Earth 2013 and the advent of the Planetary Manitou, the galactic brain on Earth."

Anonymous said...

More interesting news today:

....with Prince Charles, the Sustainable Prince.


Anonymous said...

....and Obama wants a "New Declaration of Independence"'.

can't wait.. He isn't in office yet and he does see himself as a bit of a Messiah doesn't he?


Unknown said...


"What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed," the President-elect will say, calling for a new declaration of independence "not just in our nation, but in our own lives – from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry – an appeal not to our easy instincts but to our better angels."

The reference to "better angels," like so much about this Inaugural, is a nod to the 16th President, who in his first Inaugural address expressed the hop that "every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."

Whatever Lincoln may have meant by our "better angels", you can bet our NA culture will have it's own ideas!


Young Grasshopper said...


Thanks for the link.

Couldn't help but read:

"In a 137-mile journey reminiscent of the one Abraham Lincoln took in 1861, the Obamas are traveling from Philadelphia by train to Washington, D.C. in the first day of his inaugural celebrations.

Obama held a roundtable in Philadelphia before hopping on the nearly 60-year-old, chartered Georgia 300 for his "whistle-stop tour."

There's that number 300 again!

Also in the article:

"Security preparations for Obamas' train journey are comparable to those in place for Lincoln, whose advisers thought an assassination plot against the president was afoot. "

Lincoln again, too.

Anonymous said...

Has this already been posted? Sorry if it has.


Advancing a 21st century progressive agenda by working with elected officials, and candidates, and advocates to create policies and market new ideas in the public debate.
Protecting the Homeland from Day One: A Transition Plan
A manual for the President-elect and his team in dealing with the threat of a terrorist attack on the United States early in his administration.

The Homeland Security Presidential Transition Initiative, or HSPTI, is a joint project of Third Way and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. The premise of the HSPTI is that the country may face an increased risk of a terrorist attack during the transition and the first months of the administration, just as U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown all saw terrorist attacks during their first years in office. The new president and his senior team must act urgently to address this threat, beginning during the transition itself..........

The circle of eternity shows up in their pdf docs
Come Let Us Reason Together: A Governing Agenda to End the Culture Wars

The Come Let Us Reason Together Governing Agenda is a common ground agenda that charts a new way forward by uniting key Evangelical and progressive leaders behind specific policy recommendations on some of the most divisive culture issues of our times: abortion, gay rights, torture, and immigration reform.

Another interesting piece with symbols used by Christians

Young Grasshopper said...


Thanks for the links about the Mayan calendar. Arguelles is very New Age to be sure, and his beliefs correspond to some degree to the writings of Graham Hancock, who is considered more of a pseudoarchaeologist, rather than a blatant New Ager.

I had read Graham Hancock's 'Fingerprints of the Gods' back in the 1990's. I pulled it out again this past summer and could not help but wonder if we are being "set up" for some sort of supernatural 2012 event.

Second Thessalonians tells us that when the Antichrist appears, he will be accompanied by lying wonders.
"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing." (2Thesssaloneans 2:9)

It wouldn't surprise me if he is introduced as some sort of intergalactic Wise Man or something, Quetzalcoatl, Maitreya, Mirtha, whatever your fancy happens to be-returned to earth to redeem humanity and help it "evolve" or whatever.

In Hancock's book, which is considered non-fiction,by the way, he discusses at great lengths the facts that led to his conclusion that civilizations such as the Mayans, The Incans, the Aztecs and Toltecs all contained elements within their civilization, mainly in the construction of their temples and pyramids, (which lined up with the cosmos much in the same way that the pyramids at Giza do as well as the Stonehenge monoliths), that Hancock concluded were far too sophisticated to have been devised by these less sophisticated peoples (the Mayans, etc.). He also connects these MesoAmerican civilizations with those of ancient Egypt and Sumeria as well, ergo the inference of a global connection with a 'mother culture' from which he believes all ancient historical civilizations sprang. These highly evolved "teachers" laid the foundations for theses structures and left critical information about the cosmos, cartography and mathematics, which people today incorrectly attribute to the Mayans themselves.

The book begins with a fascinating map study regarding the Piri Reis world map of 1513. Seems scientists can not come up with an adequate answer as to how this map came about. The map shows the coastline of Antarctica before it was covered with an Ice Cap. Antarctica was not even discovered until the late 1800’s. Antarctica’s coastline beneath the ice was even not studied until the middle of the 20th century when equipment to probe beneath the ice cap finally enabled scientists to see what the coastline looked like prior to it becoming covered with ice. So what about the map?

Since Antarctica has not been free of ice for 4000 years it can be deduced that there was a very advanced civilization that existed anywhere from 4 to 15 thousand years ago that pre-dates our own historic record, and which had the ability to create a map of pre- Ice Age Antarctica with uncanny precision. Since we did not even know how to calculate longitude with any precision until 1776, Hancock concludes that this civilization left records in ancient libraries in perhaps Egypt or Constantinople that enabled the cartographers of the 14th century to produce maps like Piri Reis, the Buache map and the Oronteus Finaeus maps- maps that showed accurate coastlines of a pre-Ice Age Antarctica. These civilizations would have had to be incredibly evolved to have had the knowledge of geography, astronomy and mathematics that would have produced the necessary technology to have sailed the world and recorded accurate world maps with such precision, says Hancock.

So although people like Arguelles are blatantly off- the- wall wackos, Hancock has sold millions of best selling books, (to people like me) and they do lead people to wonder about his findings, since he certainly is persuasive in sounding legitimately scientific.

My own conclusions are that all things related to UFO activity and ultra-advanced civilizations are demonic in nature. What with all the talk and research regarding biometrics and transhumanism, I will not be surprised to start hearing more in the news media about "aliens amongst us". Satan would love nothing more than to have people believe we are some sort of alien experiment, in order to disturb the Judeo-Christian doctrines of biblical creation. However, when you consider the Nephalim in Genesis 6, there are biblical grounds for understanding these ancient civilizations and the technology that they contained.

Chapter 7 of the Book of Enoch reads:
"And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants. 2. And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells: 3. Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, 4. the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. 5. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood. 6. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones."

This certainly meshes with the horrendous rituals of human sacrifice that Mayan historians recant as part of their ancient rituals. In addition, Chapter 8 says,

1. And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals 〈of the earth〉 and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. 2. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl.

Certainly we have a nasty concoction of New age alchemy right here in the secrets that the Nephalim taught the daughters of man!

Anyway, I think we need to be prepared for all sorts of weird things in the days ahead, and as long as we know that they are demonic, we won't be deceived by any of it, no matter how fantastic. In addition, these demons have no dominion over us, as long as we are born again and covered in the blood of the Lamb.

Those are some of my thoughts, perhaps controversial to some, but they make sense to me. Read Jude 14, for more insight into the book of Enoch. In my notes between the Old and New Testaments in my NIV study bible, I read that "there is no clear evidence that Jesus or the apostles ever quoted any Apocryphal works as scripture, with the exception of Jude 14.

Sorry this is so long. I suppose it should have been a blog post instead, and that's probably what it will become.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

I found this linked from FP

Christian Leaders Seek Interfaith Cooperation for Peace Efforts

More than 300 leaders and members of various faith communities are proclaiming a message of peace and reconciliation and calling all churches across denominations to also take the message to the world.

"I want to emphasize one point: the ecumenical movement, of which the National Council of Churches is an instrument, is most essentially a movement of peace," Kinnamon stated. "Part of the point is sociological: Christian divisions (which ecumenism seeks to overcome) often exacerbate political conflicts and hinder effective peacemaking. War is too massive an evil to be responded to denominationally."

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants

John Chiang announces that his office will suspend $3.7 billion in payments owed to Californians starting Feb. 1, because with no budget in place the state lacks sufficient cash to pay its bills.
By Evan Halper and Patrick McGreevy
January 17, 2009
Reporting from Sacramento -- The state will suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants and other payments owed to Californians starting Feb. 1, Controller John Chiang announced Friday.

Chiang said he had no choice but to stop making some $3.7 billion in payments in the absence of action by the governor and lawmakers to close the state's nearly $42-billion budget deficit. More than half of those payments are tax refunds

Rudi said...

A SPIRITUAL HOME for the Nation

THIS is what America has to offer as a "beacon of reconciliation to the nation and to the world" ? ? ?

THIS is where our presidents have gone for the inagural prayer service the day after being sworn in ? ? ?

THIS is where ex-presidents are mourned at their death ? ? ?

THIS is where Presidents and the American people congregate
during moments of crisis ? ? ?

THIS is where the National Prayer Service for President-elect Barack Obama will be held on
January 21, 2009 ? ? ?

It's no wonder the aforementioned data from Barna Research Group poll reflected the very telling condition of the state of "spiritual" affairs in America.
- Rudi



COMING February 13-14, 2009 for our nations women:
Sacred Circles:
A Celebration of Women’s Spirituality 2009

One keynote presenter is Karen Armstrong. Ms. Armstrong needs
no introduction for most readers. She most definitely will be promoting her
Global Charter of Compassion at this event as well as pointing American women
in the direction of The Alliance of Civilizations.
On the extensive list of participants who are scheduled to
lead a variety of intensive workshops, make keynotes and participate in this
" diverse chorus of voices and reap a harvest of pragmatic spiritual learning", are:

Elizabeth Lesser,
co-founder of Omega Institute

Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell -Director, World Council of Religious Leaders board whose advisors, International experts, and leadership include, among others, Ervin Lazlo, and Jane Goodall.

Tsultrim Allione - founder of Tara Mandala Buddhist Retreat Center in Colorado, and author of Feeding
Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict.

Esther de Waal - Anglican author of numerous books on Celtic spirituality. Her books are highly popular with the Findhorn and Isle of Iona crowd.

Joanna Macy - author and scholar of Buddhism, General Systems Theory, deep ecology, and the
Gaia hypothesis. Frequent "interfaith" speaker whose name is often linked with Jean Houston, and the Dalai Lama.

Here is the colorful brochure featuring all the speakers and scheduled events:

..."For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear..."
2 Timothy 4:3

Young Grasshopper said...


Jeez, that's really disgusting, but hardly surprising.

Is anyone here really surprised? Hey, we just elected a president who carries an amulet for every idol conceivable.

Rose's article, unfortunately, belies what the majority or Americans really think about God.

Young Grasshopper said...


After looking at that PDF roster I'm nostalgic for the good old days of Beverly La Haye and company!

I'd even take a tweak of Victoria Olsteen about now!

Anonymous said...


You wrote:

This comes across as super cheesy, weird, positivley ridiculous etc.... I can't imagine anyone who has any impact on society at all believing or even convincing normal people of this stuff.

Consider the wise warning of G.K. Chesterton: "When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing — they believe in anything."

Anonymous said...

Where the possibility of fraud has been discounted, I believe that "channeling" such as the one you described can also be said to be a form of voluntary possession.

Rose said...


Great information on:

A SPIRITUAL HOME for the Nation

Very eye-opening and informing



Shem1777 said...

Israel declares unilateral cease fire

Shem1777 said...

Went to buy groceries today,and noticed Obama's face on so many of the magazine racks publications!

There is a whole lot of Obama mania/worship,going on.

Its really disgusting, and for someone who has not done much but talk so far,its completely unfounded.

Anonymous said...

Shem1777 wrote 7:56 "Its really disgusting, and for someone who has not done much but talk so far,its completely unfounded."

I can't help but feel a sense of loss for this country. All these people voted for him and are SO EXCITED for Monday and so ready for change...I don't think they realize the only change that can come is thru Jesus Christ.

I am just saddened by the whole ordeal and "lemmings" come to mind.

Rose said...

Susanna & Gretchen, Constance and All

In the 80’s the new age leaders like Shirley McClain where call whack jobs by the Press.

Today the press calls them Spiritual Leaders and asked to advice the world on matters of Spirituality during crises times in America.

After 9-11 Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh and others were found on every channel consoling America and the world with their false doctrines.

Marianne Williamson’s Course in Miracles was channeled; Neale Donald Walsh’s books as well as other authors’ books were channeled

They just no longer say it like Shirley did that spirit guides assist…...they say it is comes form the Source and they everyone can get in contact with the source or “God”.. So millions and millions of people buy their books and respect what they say.

Most people are not interested in the New Age Occult when it is presented directly but when it is written as self-help or done like “The Secret” people lap it up and can not get enough. Once they get a toe in the water and it feels nice and warm they start submerging themselves deeper and deeper until they are up to their necks and swallow the stuff whole and drown themselves in the Whack job ideas.

It is a slow progression into the Occult. Yes some people take to it right away. But most do not want anything to do with it and therefore when you go to warn them about it they are not interested in what you have to say. They proclaim that it is whack job stuff. But those same people I have found doing Yoga, meditation and getting involved in thinks like The Secret. Once you do those things you have now opened yourself up to influence from the wrong side.

The New Age rarely calls itself that or Occult; the words they use are: Ancient wisdom, Spirituality, Self-help, Health, Self-Empowerment, Motivational and other benign terms. Therefore the reader or listener feels safe and comfortable and does not feel they are being stretched outside of the norm. But they are still being taught the foundations of the really whacky ideas to come. There are many levels of initiation, many levels of brainwashing and desensitization that occur. That is their plan to lull us all at the speed we each are comfortable to go at.

It is an evolutionary process as they say, of slow change and having watch this for 25 years I have seen it evolve into a force to be reckoned with.

“The oneness of humanity will be the result of the universal telepathy reawakened” ......that was quoted on an earlier on this blog thread.

Just go to Deepak is guiding the people to that same idea, even the unknowing and uninterested in the Occult. They think “Why not” "Oprah & Ellen are saying it is good so it must be”……. And there goes the first toe.........


Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Joyce,

Linus Pauling was a New Ager, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. He was sure right about the benefits of Vitamin C -- especially good for gum problems, bruising, colds, and I am told anti-carcinogenic. The cilantro one is a new one to me -- I love fresh cilantro -- down in bed most of today with the cold.


Constance Cumbey said...

To JD:

Thanks much for the STATEWATCH information and this tinyurl link

I hope everybody will study it extremely carefully! I fear that I have had a "head's up" on Dr. Solana since 11-22-95, the early morning I first discovered him and the Barcelona Process agenda.


Gretchen said...

You are so right about the slow submergence into the New Age. It's like the frog in the pot.

When you read the concepts of those who really take this stuff to heart it is comical, crazy, and plain goofy. The sad part is that Satan is more crafty than this and works through things like Yoga, The Secret and other "non-goofy" (but dangerous) avenues.

When I was in maybe 5th grade or so, I read a book that was on the shelf of our classroom. I went to a very good Christian school and I don't think that the teacher knew that this book was in the library.

It was all about two kids who had mental telepathy. Somehow both of their moms had been in the same place and had passed this on to their children.

It was super creepy and I feel like it really affected my thoughts at the time and maybe opened me up to some negative spiritual influence. I also remember my parents be a more than a bit horrified when I told them about the book and I'm sure the teacher threw the book away after she was alerted about it.

Gretchen said...

On another note, while at work today the owner of our salon had on a channel that was doing "all Obama all the time". There were choirs and children singing praises.... to Obama. I am going to look for some of the lyrics of the songs because it was pretty strange to see!

Gretchen said...

Here are a few links regarding music to and about our next president.

History Maker said...

Thanks for that link to the Washington National Cathedral, Rudi...and speaking of labyrinths...Did you see this page?
"January’s program will be Opening to the New: Dancing our Way Forward with Evelyn Torton Beck and Judith Walton. Join us each month for this evening of Centering Prayer, walking the labyrinth, laying on of hands for healing, special program, and the concluding service of Compline. This month join Evelyn Torton Beck and Judith Walton as they guide moving meditations that embody and integrate mind, body, and spirit."


History Maker said...

My husband showed me this today (he is a photographer, hence his interest)
"President Obama's official portrait: the first ever taken with a digital camera"



History Maker said...

Evelyn Torton Beck
I just posted about her "Opening to the New" class at the Cathedral...


History Maker said...

Ok, more on the "Sacred Circle" theme from Evelyn Torton Beck abd Judith Walton... from "Crossings: a center for the healing tradition"

"Engaging the Divine Feminine: Child, Maiden, Mother, Crone through Sacred Circle Dance
Course Description:
By means of the dance, and with the guidance of two experienced dance teachers (who are also psychologists) each month you will be invited to engage with ONE of the four aspects of the Divine Feminine (child, maiden, mother, crone). When we engage with these qualities, we can begin to integrate them more consciously into our lives.
In this experiential workshop you will learn simple circle dances gathered from around the world that have special meditative qualities and ancient roots. Because these dances integrate mind, body, and spirit, they create a sense of inner harmony and balance. Our philosophy of teaching holds that “there are no mistakes, only variations.”"...

History Maker said...

And finally...

"Judith Walton, Ph.D, has been teaching Sacred Circle dance for more than 15 years and is interested in using the power of the dance as a means to achieve integration and wholeness. She learned many of the dances at the Findhorn Community, a spiritual/educational community in Scotland. She is a trainer and organization development consultant."


Anonymous said...

Earlier in the week I read a news article from somewhere saying that the Real ID thing is going to be pursued more actively when the new administration takes over. It has been something that most states oppose due to the cost of the program. It has to do with driver's licenses and having more information on each person. It almost parallels the Statewatch paper posted by JD. I wish I had posted it sooner, but got distracted. I will find the article again and post it when I find it.

David in B.C.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, a lot of the good natural cures come out of the New Age movement. Didn't know he was, but that doesn't surprise me.

Hope you're feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Our nation has gone from being Judeo-Christian to pagan almost over night it seems. Not sure if if really is overnight but the "externalization of hierarchy" as Alice Bailey spoke of is being realized. I always wondered how the apostasy would come, but I don't wonder anymore. It's mind-blowing, the level of deception out there.


björn said...

AoC beast points to Balkan as the laboratory case for Jerusalem:

"Noting that the region of southeastern Europe has been a kind of laboratory for the world’s three Abrahamic religions and that it has always been home to many different cultures at the same time,..."


björn said...

crisis equals opportunity,
let the sunshine in:

AoC: Education key to improve Gaza's living conditions


Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...

From Fox news

Feds Say Obama Prayer Leader Is From Group Linked to Hamas

A Muslim scholar chosen to speak at President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural prayer service Wednesday is the leader of a group that federal prosecutors say has ties to terrorists.

Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America, is one of many religious leaders scheduled to speak at the prayer service at Washington's National Cathedral.

But in 2007 and as recently as last July, federal prosecutors in Dallas filed court documents linking the Plainfield, Ind.-based Islamic society to the group Hamas, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization.

Neither Mattson nor her organization have been charged. But prosecutors wrote in July that they had "a wide array of testimonial and documentary evidence expressly linking" the group to Hamas and other radical groups.

Anonymous said...

Get ANDROGRAPHIS made by Standard Process...2 tabs the minute you feel any thing funky coming on, then one (1 tab) dose 12 hours later, maybe one more if not will forget you were even getting ill....Do not take as a prevention (daily) nor for many days (like Antibiotics)just till you feel better which has never been more than 3 doses for me and my family !!! For kids, 1 tab at onset and 1/2 tab 12 hours later...very good stuff!!! ~ Sleepless in Seattle

Rudi said...

History Maker, I had noticed a little
announcement about the labyrinth but hadn't really got around to looking at it further until you mentioned it. Thanks! There was also another page on the site giving additional detail under the heading,
"Spirituality & Worship" Did you see it? (link below) Interesting info you contributed re: Evelyn Torton Beck/Judith Walton and their
sacred circle dancin'. I can't get the picture of "crone night" out of my head! :>o

YG, & Rose Thanks for all the interesting and insightful commentary you've both been contributing here and on your blogs. I can hardly keep with it all these days! - Rudi

Rudi said...

Hi Joyce,
You mentioning
Alice Bailey / Externalization of the Hierarchy made me think back to something I wrote here a couple weeks ago. I definitely have had the same musings. What got my attention was hearing about "GLOBAL ZERO" which was just launched December 8-9, 2008 in Paris. It now seems, in light of what you have just pointed out, important enough to re-post some of what I wrote previously.

GLOBAL ZERO is a group of leaders calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.
GLOBAL ZERO is spearheaded by more than 100 political, military, business, faith and civic leaders from around the world and from across political lines. Beginning with its inaugural conference in Paris December 8-9, GLOBAL ZERO will conduct a series of international events, including a World Summit for 500 leaders in January 2010.

Of the current list of 132 Signatories we see listed, eight members of the twelve who make up THE ELDERS. They are:

Desmond Tutu
Mary Robinson
Muhammad Yunus
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Jimmy Carter
Lakhdar Brahim
Ela Bhatt
Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Also listed are:
Mikhail Gorbachev

Richard Branson -
founder of The Elders

Strobe Talbott - Brookings Institute

Richard Cizik

Zbigniew Brzezinski - Barack Obama supporter and adviser.

Interested readers may take a look at the full list.
You will see former US Secretaries of Defense, and former security advisers,
( Frank C. Carlucci, Former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane),Senator Chuck Hagel, several former congressmen, former presidents of countries and high level leadership in the areas of international diplomacy and security. I haven't even addressed the signatories and their relationship to the Club of Budapest, Club of Rome, or the Alliance of Civilizations etc.

Most include bios for further details.

I had remembered that in,
The Externalization of the Hierarchy",
Section II - "The General World Picture Steps Towards the New World Order"
9.) says, ""In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation. One of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate this matter and gradually see to the disarming of the nations." [192]

Besides the obvious,
the Global Zero site has a FAQ section that added the detail that brought Alice Bailey's
"The Externalization of the Hierarchy" to the forefront of my mind when I read:

"What about the possibility of “cheating”?"

"Global Zero's plan will outline the terms of a universal verification and enforcement system. ...
The agreement would call for multinational action against any attempts to cheat."

"But what about the threat of nuclear terrorism?"

"Terrorist groups will never participate in an agreement for Zero."

"Global Zero's plan calls for the verified and enforced destruction of all nuclear weapons and international oversight of all nuclear energy production to prevent the clandestine development of weapons."

What do you think?? -Rudi

Rose said...

More about Obama and charms…..

Obama’s campaign team Charms and superstitions.

Obama carried around all kinds of things including the Hindi god.

Chief strategist David Axelrod carried around a pink quartz heart in his pants pocket that a woman that he did not know gave him at an event. He said:

“She seemed to have an aura about her,” Axelrod said. “We have been doing pretty well since then.”

Barack Obama’s Ohio campaign manager Aaron Pickrell did not shaved his face in a month and wore his Columbus Clippers baseball hat. Associated Obama’s uptick in the Ohio polls in late September with his personal hygiene and wardrobe choices at that time, so he kept the look

“Obama openly embraced superstition in January when he began correlating basketball with victory. He played on the day of the Iowa caucus, which he won, but did not shoot hoops on the day of the New Hampshire primary, which he lost. With rare exception, he has corralled aides, friends and occasionally members of the media to indulge his superstition on every primary election day.”

Rose Crystal is for the heart Chakra it is for Love….

Rose (No Relation to Rose Chrystal)

Anonymous said...

Rudi and HistoryMaker--

It's really sad and dangerous, the direction in which the Cathedral heirarchy is turning.

I live in Washington, DC and have often sung in the cathedral. I'm not an Anglican (the "nominal" denomination of the place); but the Cathedral has been open to all denominations for some time. In fact, I believe that that's a part of their description or charter.

Architecturally, I love that area of DC. It's near the British Embassy and is (I believe) the highest point in the District). From one tower you can see south to National (Airport) and into VA. If you go back down far enough you'll eventually hit PA Ave., which leads (sort of, nowadays) to the White House.

Actually, the campus of Sidwell Friends where Malia Obama goes to school is only about 6 blocks north of the Cathedral.

The Cathdral itself is an imposing sight and it's breathtaking inside. The acoustics are impeccable, and when the large pipe organ is being played, it's a wonderful sound and atmosphere.

Also, former President Woodrow Wilson has a sarcaphagous there and a piece of a moon rock (tiny!) is ensconced in one of the stained-glass windows (on your right, as you face the transcept).

If you park on the hill leading down to the gardens and just look up at the Cathedral (especially at night)the sight is majestic. I even bought a book about the stonecarvers (many of whom were of Italian descent and brought skills that they had learned from their great-grandfathers) who worked there.

BUT--the place has been embracing a pseudo-(not blatant) New Age agenda for years. I guess that's what happens when you decide to become a "house for many people": and not in the good way that God intended.

I don't go to services there, in part because I would probably have to leave 1 - 1/2 half hours earlier than the stated time of the service in order to get there. Also, parking on Wisconsin Ave. near the Cathedral is "dicey," at the best of times. They have a lot; but it fills up fast. Also, as I stated; I'm not an Anglican.

There's a bookstore downstairs and it has for years carried titles in the vein of "Paths to the Spirit," "Reaching Your Inner Self," "Wisdom of Meditation," etc. (I made those titles up--but that's the kind of books it stocks).

Perhaps they're trying to balance the books, so to speak, by bringing on a more diverse audience and one that has bucks to spend. Surprisingly, for such a majestic buiding in a wealthy part of town, they lost a lot of funding last year.

There was a BIG bruhaha over the closing of the greenhouse, with many people being quoted in an almost hysterical manner that closing the greenhouse would "wreck the community spirit of the place and the reason why were are here." (again, a paraphrase).

If you want to check up on this, you could search the Washington Post archives about 6 months ago. (If you want to do that, that Post will ask you to put in your email address and sign up).

It's sort of the "upper-crust/socially conscious," "moneyed," and insular counterpart to the "hippie/middle class," all-embracing atmosphere of Takoma Park, a well-known "nuclear-free zone" (they actually declared themselves to be that, not too long ago), tie-dyed, "protesting for universal rights" also-open to "wisdom of the ages" community not toooo far away.

Anyway, I'm deeply saddened to hear of the direction they're openly going in now. Karen Armstrong is dangerous and evil. And she will deceive many.

Anonymous said...

History Maker,

Re: your link to Obama's photo. The comments are interesting. If you go down the page you get this comment from Leo:

"I'm curious as to the lens being stopped to f/10 which would be great for infinate focus / razor sharp type images - or if Obama had a sun-like ray of light eminating from his face.... saying that, I'm not a pro 'tog so there's probably a fairly standard reason for having f/10 in a shot like this that I just don't know about...... maybe there's no dimmer switch on the lights haha"

Since your husband is a photographer, can you ask him if it's odd that the photo was shot at f/10? The comment about a sun-like ray emanating from his face seemed curious to me. Or maybe it was just a joke and I didn't get it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rudi,
Need to take another look at this.. very interesting indeed. Thanks for reposting it. I'll look and get back to you.. Sometimes we have information overload and miss things...At the moment there is a small child in front of me, so I'll have to look when I can concentrate.


Anonymous said...

Employers using RFID to track and monitor workers - RFID is imbeded in the clothing

Anonymous said...

The inaugural concert for Obama will begin in less than a minute. HBO is hosting it and their signal will be unencrypted so that everyone, even those with satelite will be able to view it.
2:30pm EST


We won't be watching but hopefully someone will provide highlights later

Anonymous said...

Rebroadcast at 7 pm EST

HBO is unencrypted for this event.


Anonymous said...


Re: Marianne Williamson’s Course in Miracles was channeled

You are absolutely correct. The Course in Miracles was channeled, but not by Marianne Williamson.

Marianne Williamson promotes A COURSE IN MIRACLES. The following is from a site associated with herescope:

To her credit, Marianne Williamson openly admits that A Course in Miracles is not Christian:

"In 1978 I became a student of a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy called A Course in Miracles; in 1992 I wrote a book of reflections on its principles called A Return to Love. Claiming no monopoly whatsoever on spiritual insight, the Course is a psychological mind training based on universal spiritual themes. It teaches people how to dismantle a thought system based on fear and replace it with a thought system based on love....

"Although the Course uses traditional Christian terminology, it is not a Christian doctrine. Its terms are used in a psychological context, with universal meaning for any student of spiritual principles, regardless of whether they have a Christian orientation....

"Twenty years ago, I saw the guidance of the Course as a key to changing one's personal life; today, I see its guidance as key to changing the world." (pp. 4-5)

As for the actual COURSE IN MIRACLES itself by Helen Schucman, I don't always agree with Father Benedict Groeschel and his "psychologizing" tendencies, but what he had to say about Schucman's COURSE IN MIRACLES is very compelling:

During an October 1994 lecture on "Discernment" given at Holy Cross Church, Rumson, N.J., Fr. Groeschel stated that he believed that Helen Shucman's experience with the channeled "spirit" was possibly a true diabolic manifestation.

Anonymous said...

Young Grasshopper,

Your speculations about the technology that might have been possessed by civilizations that came to power in the days before the Great Flood are not really "off the wall."

We do not know much about the particular civilization that existed in the days just prior to the Flood except the Bible tells us that "the way of all flesh had become corrupt," - so corrupt, in fact that God wiped just about all memory of it off the face of the earth by means of the Great Flood.

I say "just about," because it seems that the memory of antedeluvian wickedness began to be revived in Noah's grandson Chanaan after he was cursed by Noah.

It wouldn't surprise me if the antedeluvian world was one almost totally steeped in magic and the their "blackest" forms.

Since, according to the Bible, people lived for several hundred years, can you imagine some of the nightmare civilizations/"evil empires" that probably lasted for several hundred a point where Noah was the only truly good man left on earth?

And yet God saved Noah, his wife and his sons and their wives.

This is why I believe those who say that if you or I were the only person left on earth, Jesus Christ would still have come to redeem either of us. Do we not have, after all, a Biblical precedent for this in Noah?

Anonymous said...

Substitute "Rise of New Age" for "Rise of the Religious Left" in the following piece. PUMA people still despise Obama, and that's about the only place where anti-Obama comments appear these days.

Anonymous said...


Barack Obama's adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter, Mica is the co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" TV program, shown Monday-Friday from 6:00-9:00 AM (EST).

Rose said...


Re: Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman:

Thanks for clarifying that. I should have made that more clear. What I should have written was that book that Marianne Williamson bases her books and teachings on is the ”Course in Miracles” this book was channeled through Helen Schucman.

I was cutting corners to shorten my post. Thinking that was a given……....blurred thinking in the middle of the night!

I own the Course in Miracles along with an entire library of New Age Occult books that I reference in my research. I like to go to the original source and not just use other people’s quotes. So over the 25 years of research I have quite the collection.

Thanks again for clarifying that. It is a good reminder not to cut corners!


Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


No intention on my part to be an obnoxious "know-it-all." LOL

I just clarified it in case a newbie wanted to look it up.

Please correct ME if I am mistaken, but I think Maryann Williamson has written workbooks on the COURSE IN MIRACLES and she has promoted the COURSE IN MIRACLES on Oprah.

History Maker said...

Anon 8:52 AM

My husband said that it was a joke, and that F10 is not unusual for a portrait. It depends on how much you want the other surrounding stuff (background, for example) to be in focus, which is an artistic decision. A higher setting would have the flag in more focus and a lower setting would blur it more. The EXIF data says that no flash was used. Obviously other lighting was used, but not identified in the data. So no, it wasn't "just" Obama's glow that provided light. LOL!


the70thweek said...

Huge natural gas find in Israel. This could be big news.


Young Grasshopper said...

Hi Susanna,

I actually said that I considered Arguelles' theories off the wall, not mine! But that's okay. I'm sure others might think that mine are off the wall, too!

For me, it has only been through the Book of Enoch that I have come to know exactly how wicked civilization had become in the times leading up to the "Days of Noah". In light of the fact that Jude is the only New Testament source that quotes an author of a book of Apocrypha, I am not going to just dismiss this book as non-relevant.

Rather, since copies of it were found at Qumran with the Dead Sea scrolls, I think it is possible to believe that the Book of Enoch could be relevant in present day history as it pertains to demonology and the cosmos-elements that are so popular in today's New Age theologies.

As you yourself have said, it's probably not worth it to get into a discussion as to why some books were part of Canon and some weren't. This book was removed from canon about 200 A.D. at the same time as the Book of Revelations. The book of Revelation made it back into canon. Enoch didn't. Humans are fallible.

In the end, we must only lean on the Holy Spirit to guide us in these matters. I cannot help but believe that the false signs and wonders and miracles spoken of in 2 Thessaloneans will be connected to astronomy and the cosmos. The bible respected these sciences until they became corrupted by (most likely) the Nephalim.

Has anyone watched the video of the Bethlehem Star?

While there are some things on the site I disagree with , overall, there is no doubt that God revealed the coming of the Messiah in the cosmos. Ergo, the deceiver will use similar devices to deceive many when the Anti-Messiah comes.

also The Book of Enoch as transcribed by R.H.Charles

Young Grasshopper said...

By the way, for anyone interested, I have a new blog post that reveals just how much "Sun-worship" relative to the recent winter solstice figures into our current culture and religious beliefs and traditions.

Sobering info to be sure, but like it or not, it's pretty revealing of how far this world has strayed into paganism and the occult, and belies much of the info that has been revealed here of late, thanks to Rose, Rudi, JD , HM and many others...

Young Grasshopper said...

Have been watching the Eagles vs Cardinals game on TV, and the Cardinals just beat the Eagles.

Note: (I am an Eagles fan!)

This made my night:
The lead Quarterback was asked at the end of the game if he had anything to say and he said, "I know you've heard this before but I just want to thank God , the Lord JESUS for this victory!

Praise the Lord!

Alf Cengia said...

Michele; I tried to e-mail a response but it bounced back as undeliverable. I'll try again later.

Bleedin Red White and Blue Baby! said...


I would recommend all take a peak at Hopper's latest post on her blog. Well worth the read, and thought provoking

Anonymous said...

The quarterback in question, Kurt
Warner, said that same thing back in
1999. when he won the Super Bowl.
He's also heading for the Hall of Fame,
since he's going to the Super Bowl
for the third time and was the Most
Valuable Player of the Super Bowl
after he won it the first time.
He's not ashamed of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ because he knows that
it's the power of God unto salvation
for those who believe.
If I'm not mistaken Kurt Warner was
working in a supermarket? when he
got a call to come try out with the
first team he played for. He had
given up on any dreams of playing
in the Big Time, much less being
a multi millionare MVP in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

whoops that was me, paul

Rose said...


Yes Marianne Williamson promotes "A Course in Miracles" by writing books that follow its philosophy. She lectures and teaches courses on the subject. She is also a liberal political activist trying to campaigning to Cabinet level department called the “Peace Department”

"A Course in Miracles" consists of three books: Text, Workbook for Students and Manual for Teachers. Now it can be found as a combine version published by th Foundation for Inner Peace.

In Marianne Williamson’s book that made her know is called: ‘A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"’

Marianne Williamson via Oprah Winfrey brought "A Course in Miracles" to the mainstream public.

This last year Oprah promoted all 365 lesson of the Course in Miracles through Oprah and Friends.

Quotes from Oprah’s website under “Spirit”

“Make A Course in Miracles part of your daily life. Get Marianne's guidance every day on XM Channel 156.”

From Marianne Williamson’s website:

“My daily XM Radio show begins again on January 19th, and in February I will begin daily podcasts as well as a weekly live show. Also, my shows from last year will be archived on Please stay tuned to for details. Oprah & Friends.”

Oprah archived all of Marianne Williamson’s year long radio broadcast to access at anytime you wish via Oprah’s site.

Oprah also promotes another New Age Leader Eckhart Tolle via an internet series.

“…..The Power of Now reads like the highly acclaimed A Course in Miracles--a spiritual guidebook that has the potential to inspire just as many study groups and change just as many lives for the better. --Gail Hudson”

Quotes from Oprah’s site regarding Eckhart Tolle:

Are you ready to be Awakened?

Millions have experienced Oprah and Eckhart’s A New Earth classes. They’re transforming their lives and so can you. Dive in right now and start watching the online classes...”

Webcast on demand
“Oprah and best-selling author Eckhart Tolle lead 10 online classes and take you through A New Earth Chapter by chapter. Watch the webcasts on or download them from i/tunes and the take them with you. Plus, get transcripts, listen to audio meditations an the theme song for the A New Earth web classes. It’s all here!” (you click the It’s all here and there it all is.)

Oprah has been promoting these New Age ideas and leaders for many years but she has recently been aggressively pushing it on all that watch her show, visit her website or read her magazine. She now owns a Network station call OWN Oprah Winfrey Network, where she plans to have 24-7 topics of her choice. We can just guess what the main emphasis will be…..

The influence Oprah has is extremely huge. She has international reach; her shows are seen all around the world. Any book she lists on her book club goes straight the best seller list. Eckhart Tolle was virtually unknown before Oprah promoted him. Same with Marianne Williamson.

She has an agenda, the same as all the rest of the New Age Leaders do, and we are just watching it unfold before our eyes.

There is a great free online book on this subject and many more regarding the “New Spirituality” go to . The book is written by Warren Smith a Christian author. Constance has had him on her show before. He has done great research on the New Age Occult. In his online book he has added updates to the book which is a really nice plus.


History Maker said...

Hi, Rudi. I had just started to look around when I came across the info about the Dancing class, so I didn't see that labyrinth page. Thanks! I'm going to click around on that site some more to see what else might be found.


History Maker said...

Anon 7:49AM

Thanks for sharing your experience with the cathedral! It does look like a really neat building. My husband and I visited the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC several years back and had regarded it as one of the highlights of our trip. It was disappointing when I read in Constance's book that it is associated with the NAM.

I bet Satan is getting his jollies using beautiful things such as those cathedrals for his schemes. It certainly allures people.


History Maker said...

Speaking of Oprah, guess who is speaking at the Washington National Cathedral... Elizabeth Gilbert- author of Eat, Pray, Love

Gretchen said...

Rose, thanks for the Oprah info. She is really giving off a very "anti-Christ" spirit. A long time ago I posted a little video clip of her spouting off her spiritual ideas and it was VERY revealing to see what she really believes. I'll try to find the link and post it here.

Gretchen said...

Here are the links to the Oprah clips. These have been passed around for quite a while but they are worth seeing again.

Anonymous said...

After all the talk about labyrinths, I wondered what the people experience that participate in this activity. I found this website:

The man that wrote the article said,

"I have been working with labyrinths since 1987, and the reason I do is, of course, for the experience. I was a scientist before I worked with labyrinths, so it was natural for me to ask 'why should anyone have an interesting experience just walking a design painted on the ground'? Now as a scientist I see this question having two parts. There is the walking the labyrinth part, and there is the experiencing part. One way to approach this problem is to vary the labyrinth part and see what happens to the experience. Change the symbol one walks and observe the outcome."

If you are interested, read the rest of the article. I found it quite interesting.


Rose said...


Thanks for the links on Oprah. We never can pass good data around too much!



Anonymous said...

Something to keep our eyes open for:


Anonymous said...

Forgot to post this.


Anonymous said...

Getting back to you on Global One...Yes, I agree.. Here's more from Lazslo's site on the anti-nuclear crowd. You'll find some of the same names on these lists. Haven't checked them all yet, but..

Click on the serpent on this one:

Just want to highlight the caption under the picture of the serpent on the mountain:

The Serpent at the Upper Yule River: long before the first white man set foot on the continent, this cliff painting of the Njamal in northwest Australia was created. According to Aboriginal mythology, the Rainbow Serpent, asleep in the earth, guards over those elemental powers which confound humankind's control. Any attempt to seize these underworld elements will disturb the serpent from sleep, provoking its vengeance: a terrible deluge of destruction and death. The Aborigines tell us: "Leave the uranium in the ground!"

Doesn't get more blatant than that.


Anonymous said...

How about this:


Anonymous said...

Yes, lets not forget the spirituality of "oneness"


Anonymous said...

Joyce, don't forget to go down to the very long thread. I want you to know you have my sympathy for what you must have gone through. Some parents do awful things to their children who don't know any better.

Anonymous said...

Summary of labyrinth experience article:
Doctor Why are you hitting yourself in the head.
Patient: Because it feels so good when I stop.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 3:21
What a stupid thing to say. There's
nothing in Joyce's comment that
would indicate what you are
Go back to sucking your thumb.

History Maker said...

Brian McLaren is speaking at the Washington National Cathedral in March..."Preaching Jesus in a Postmodern Context"...

Tickets $750?!? Is that a typo?


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Grasshopper,

Sorry I misread your statement on Arguelles. I was probably getting sleepy. I hope you realize my intentions were good. :-)

You are right. Even though the book of Enoch is apocryphal, this doesn't mean that it is without value - especially since it is quoted in the New Testament.

Another thing to add to the fascinating things you said about Antarctica is that I read somewhere (I forget where) the suggestion that at the time of the Flood, there was a shift in the polar caps so that what are now the polar caps may have once been the equatorial zone. Have you ever read anything like that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for the information on Marianne Williamson, her workbooks and how Williamson is being promoted on Oprah.

Thanks also for the info on Oprah's promotion of Eckhart Tolle

Anonymous said...

Paul 8:18 "In the Old Testament, there were
three classes of people who
could be anointed: 1.Kings,
2.Prophets and 3. Priests.
Any other use of anointing oil
is not ordained by God, even
though it's commonly put
on everyone and anyone
these days," [James 5:14] "Is anyone sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord."

Constance Cumbey said...

How's the new anti-spam measure working out? I hope it's not scaring others away!


Anonymous said...

Constance has not authorized this request for donations to Micro Effect towards her radio program; My Perspective. We want to help Constance stay on the air. MAKE YOUR DONATIONS TO MICRO EFFECT, JOE MCNEIL AT P.O. BOX 164, KAMIAH, ID 83536 Let Joe know in a note either by email at the station or by snail mail with your donation, you are donating to My Perspective Radio program with Constance. Any donation would be appreciated.

Also you can donate through the CHIP IN box on the main page of Micro Effect Radio. It's a paypal donation. Just let Joe McNeil know you are putting this toward Constance's show only.

Some have already donated. Thanks! Margie

Anonymous said...

'Dr.' Stephen T. Manning is part of the Unification church (Moonies) and has been for at least ten years.

Stephen said...

Hi Constance - I hope you'll give me a moment of your time, as I am Stephen Manning ( as mentioned above.

I would simply like to draw your attention to the fact that one Rosalind Miriam Franklin (aka 'Miriam' the self-styled end-times-prophetess), has a vested interest in trying to destroy my character and reputation. She is due in Court next week facing multiple charges in the UK - and I am one of the claimants.

Furthermore, three complete websites constructed by her for the purpose of character assasination have already been pulled for defamation and abuse. Unfortunately, I strongly suspect 'anonymous' above is Mrs Franklin.

'Peacebringer' too, is (or was) a misguided supporter of 'Miriam' whom I have had reason to challenge online. Mrs Franklin made several appearances on Peacebringer's thread in disguise too.

I realise that it is very difficult to qualify or identify online posters, but I felt you, and the readers here should be aware that this might be going on.

For further information regarding this issue, including a list of aliases already used by Mrs Franklin, please view

Meanwhile, if anyone is genuinely interested in the phenomenon of the Traidic Archetype (which includes a psychological exposition of the Christian Trinity), please feel free to order a copy of The Color of Truth Vol 1: Patterns in Light; Amazing Coincidence or Intelligent Design?

Kind regards to all

Stephen T Manning

Anonymous said...

For the latest on our prophetess 'Miriam' Franklin, please see the Rogues Gallery at:

Kind regards to all