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UPDATE:  Just as I am critical of the Fellowship and its IONS / New Age betrayal, I must give credit for what is good.  Vineyard Churches have taken lots of criticism, much of it deserved.  I believe this comes down to who loves God and is trying to please him.  I was pleasantly surprised to read this most excellent presentation of the growing hidden dangers of the New Age Movement by a Vineyards pastor, no less.  He is wrong about one thing.  It was not "fringe" in the early 1980s.  But Christians were lied to and told it was fringe.  New Age leaders and governmental supporters, including the then powerful Institute of Noetic Sciences, working hand in glove with Fellowship Foundation / "The Family" / The Cedars / Ivanwald during that era were very well entrenched indeed.  I tried to sound clear alarms then and was made an object of derision for doing so.  That it got to the point that the good Columbus pastor, Rich Nathan, Senior Pastor of Columbus Vineyard Church, now clearly warns, can be blamed, in large part on the cover those self-anointed watchmen, SCP, CRI, EMNR gave it.  They claimed they were sounding alarms when in actuality, they were viciously and underhandedly fighting those who were.   Click here to read a clear, sound, no-nonsense warning to this pastor's congregation.  Congratulations to Pastor Rich Nathan for this clear warning to his congregation!  May his message multiply many times.

Pictures above: Doug Coe introducing another to President Bush (Time Magazine photo); Paul Temple; and the cover of my book which the Family was obviously fighting at Gold Lake and with the SCP "New Age Rage" Crowd of which David Spangler bragged in his Boulder talk.


To my readers: While this is going on, indeed this very attempted usurpation of government by combined New Age / pseudo "Evangelical" forces is being used as an excuse to label us all as dangerous fundamentalists who must be staunchly fought. Check this link for a frightening display of attitudes -- talk about "incitement"!


“Now all of the resonating core groups with outwardly different purposes are merging and blending and coming together to do THE ONE WORK. Barbara Marx Hubbard to a Unity Church congregation, Seattle, Washington, April, 1988.

The Washington Fellowship, a Washington, D.C. and suburbs based Christian organization has received much publicity in the past two years. Jeff Sharlet’s new book, THE FAMILY says it reveals “the secret fundamentalism at the heart of American Power.” If only zeal for Jesus were what “The Fellowship” was about, I might not bother writing this article, except perhaps to advocate on its behalf. Unfortunately it is abundantly clear that any alleged “fundamentalism” at the “core” of the Fellowship is much more akin to the New Age networking type than it is to Christian orthodoxy. Another prominent internet researcher, Wayne Madsen, charges that the Fellowship is using Jesus as a cynical logo in pursuit of cynical political pursuits. He goes so far as to call it a monstrous criminal plot to seize control of the “biggest prize of all – the United States government.”

Years ago the New Agers tried to pin the Jim Jones and his kool aid mass murder/suicide cult on what they called “fundamental Christianity.” I was happy to have played a small role in giving him back to his long time New Age Movement confederates. Jim Jones had been a New Ager from the beginning, listed in two major New Age directories in the early 1972s as a New Age center networking with other New Age centers.

Now that “The Family” together with its Doug Coe leadership is being pointed to as an example of “Christians” trying to take over the United States government and beyond, it is time that the record be set straight. It is much more akin to a New Age operation than any Christian one. That the Fellowship sometimes known as “The Cedars” is influential and powerful is hardly disputable. As the Los Angeles Times reported:

“While the annual breakfast is a widely known event attended by a succession of U.S. presidents and foreign dignitaries, the Fellowship's role in diplomacy and current events has remained in the shadows. That's the way the organization wants it ..."

What I have discovered is that “The Family” and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, one of the most all time powerful New Age organizations, have intertwined core leadership and financing.

The Fellowship did not come under my personal radar until late October 1987. Colorado friends expressed me tapes of a David Spangler talk at a Boulder Episcopalian church. , He explained to the audience that his talk to the Episcopalian church had been added “almost as an afterthought.” The real reason he was in town was to attend the latest in a series of ongoing meetings he had been having with Evangelical Christian leaders. This last one just finished had been held at the Gold Lake Ranch near Boulder, Colorado. A prior conference had been held at Hollyhock Farms in British Columbia. That is another established New Age center.

I wrote much of Spangler in my 1983 book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. David Spangler is the New Age leader who distinguished himself by writing in his innocuously named book, REFLECTIONS ON THE CHRIST that the required entry point to the New Age was “a Luciferic initiation.”[1] That may be the most honest thing anybody ever said about the New Age Movement.

Among many outrages, in a chapter entitled LUCIFER, CHRIST AND GOD, Spangler wrote:

“The being who chose to embody these energies and to be in essence the angel of man’s inner evolution is the being we know as Lucifer. (p. 36) . . . The being that helps man reach this point [“freedom”] is Lucifer. That is his role. He is the angel of man’s evolution. He is the angel of man’s inner light. Lucifer is the spirit of light in the microcosmic world. (p. 37) . . . When this great project of evolution began, man went forth as consciousness to learn his divinity and Lucifer went with him Lucifer was just what his name implies – the bringer of light. (pp. 36-37) . . . “It is important to see that Lucifer, as I am using this term, describes an angel, a being, a great and mighty planetary consciousness. . . . “Christ is the same force as Lucifer but moving in seemingly the opposite direction . . . the light that reveals to us the path to Christ comes from Lucifer. . . . Lucifer prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood and the Christ prepares man for the experience of God. (p. 43) . . . “Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness and as we move into a new age, which is the age of man’s wholeness, each of us in some way is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic initiation, the particular doorway through which the individual must pass . . . (p. 44) Lucifer comes to give to us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it then he is free and we are free. That is the Luciferic initiation It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it s an initiation into the New Age . . .” (p. 45)

My path and the path of “The Fellowship” were to unpleasantly cross in July 1988. I rather suspect they were aware of my whereabouts and work long before that. I rightfully suspect that events and donor trails of the Fellowship had much to do with frantic evangelical leadership attempts to halt my work and question the very existence of the New Age Movement. Christianity Today, InterVarsity Publishing, InterVarsity Cbristian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, Multnomah College, Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Christian Research Institute, Denver Seminary leadership (Vernon Grounds and J. Gordon Lewis) were among those joining hands in an effort to bring into question the very existence of the New Age Movement on an organized level. Pat Robertson, Harald Bredesen, and even some of those I counted as friends and allies tried either openly or surreptitiously to block my work.

The motivating impulse for the frantic effort to deprive the Christian world of warnings of a movement publicly working for (1) a “New World Order; (2) a “New World Religion” and (3) a New Age “messiah” who was clearly not Jesus may well have stemmed from major financial support and political ties with one of the most prominent and visible New Age promoters – billionaire Harvard graduate attorney, Paul N. Temple. Paul Temple, together with astronaut Edgar Mitchell, organized the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973. Working closely with the two of them was Stanford Research Institute’s Willis Harman.

Paul N. Temple who proudly professes his role in establishing the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973 worked, per the Billy Graham Center archives, with the Fellowship as early as January 1944. He would have been 21 years old that year. In the last few years he has given millions of dollars to various causes he supports through his Three Swallows Foundation. The information was culled from its 990 reports. Nearly $1.7 million dollars since 1998 went to the “International Foundation.” Although one funding report gave a link to a modest Arkansas operation, searching the address on the 990 reports quickly yielded Doug Coe’s Washington, D.C. address. I detailed those amounts in an article I posted several weeks ago to my own blogspot., “The Harmonic Convergence of Noetic Science and Evangelicalism.” That article detailed the financial aid of Paul Temple and his Three Swallows Foundation to both the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Doug Coe’s Fellowship Foundation may be read by clicking here.

I am certain that many rationalized this as some did in heated discussions I had with certain evangelical leaders about their acceptance of largesse from Rev. Moon by a belief that “it’s ok to take New Age moneys to build the Kingdom of God on earth.”

In my opinion, God does not need twenty five cents of moneys dedicated to Rev. Moon nor to the Institute of Noetic Sciences to build his kingdom! What was built was not the “Kingdom of God on Earth,” but silence sufficient to allow the final nails to be built in the long awaited kingdom of the Antichrist – the open and obvious expectancy of the New Age forces who shamelessly avow their loyalties to Lucifer.

How I found it

After listening to David Spangler’s taped lecture of October 26, 1987, I launched through California helpers an effort to secure the Gold Lake Ranch tapes. Our caller was told by Gold Lake ranch personel that “the meeting was by invitation only,” She was further told that the meeting had been fully taped and each and every participant had been supplied a full set of the tapes. When our caller expressed disappointment, the very helpful Gold Lake Ranch responder said, “why don’t you contact one of your friends who was there and duplicate their tapes.” She acted, per my assistant, as if it were no big deal.

Good idea! We called our “friends” at the Spiritual Counterfeits Project. David Spangler had reported they were in his speech. The lady my research assistant spoke with promised to get information and call her back which she did a little more than two hours later. She called saying, “I’m fairly new around here and don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs, but something is definitely wrong. I have mailed out hundreds of tapes – of anything and everything. I have never denied a request for tapes before. When I requested these tapes, they went into a closed door meeting from which they have just now emerged and said “no tapes are available. The meeting was not taped.”

That was obviously a lie. I placed a plea in my then newsletter, CONSTANCE CUMBEY’S NEW AGE MONITOR begging for somebody to come forward. You can read about that frustrating effort which spanned nearly a year by clicking this link.

I made a few telephone calls to Colorado contacts who reported in turn a few names of disturbed friends there who were there. I compiled a data base using a MicroSoft card file program. As I received new information, I added same to the data base.

All information seemed to cease when I received a telephone call asking me to do a television debate in April, 1988 against New Age writer, Marilyn Ferguson. I accepted the challenge. A few minutes later I received a telephone call from Ms. Ferguson herself. She suggested we might want to consider telling our television audience all the things we agreed upon rather than our differences. I had no intention of doing that, but as long as she was calling my house in such a nice conciliatory mood, I decided to take advantage and explore any knowledge she had of the Gold Lake doings. She told me she had not received her invitation to that particular party either, but she would see what she could learn and get back to me. She called me back a few minutes later. She said she had spoken to David Spangler who told her the meeting had been organized by Evangelicals and Barbara Marx Hubbard had chaired it at the invitation of the Evangelicals.

It was to be several more months before I would learn of Doug Coe’s purported organization of the event. I say “purported,” because it now appears that although Doug Coe was an active participant, the event more likely was organized as part of an effort to neutralize Christian opposition to the New Age Movement. It appears to have been organized by Paul Temple’s daughter Robin who noted in the invitation that Doug Coe and Barbara Marx Hubbard had agreed to co-chair the event. This was the same Paul N. Temple who was an activist with the Prayer Breakfast network even before Doug Coe – since the days of founder Abraham (“Abram) Vereide. It was also the same Paul N. Temple who had bought Mark Hatfield’s Washington, D.C. real estate at an inflated price in 1981, leading to a Senate Ethics investigation of the former Oregon governor who went on to serve many years in the United States Senate.

END OF PART I. Next Week: Buying Evangelical Silence: The Institute of Noetic Sciences and the Moonies buy Christian suppression and silence.

[1] Spangler, David. REFLECTIONS ON THE CHRIST, published by Findhorn Publications, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, Third Edition, 1981.

Hmmm, is it only coincidental that Rev. Sun Myung Moon renamed his organization the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification?

Vicki runs the website
An Antichrist Obama in McCain Ad?,8599,1830590,00.html or

If it wasn't for every individual who talked about Obama, the Antichrist and the occult connection, this story based on the ad would not have appeared.

Use this story to pass on information about the New Age movement to your friends. Just ask them, "Did you see...." and if they say no, send them a copy of the article with your comments.

This latest post of yours contains invaluable information for people like myself who have only joined your blog recently.

Thanks so much for taking the time to re-post this info. BTW, I am dying to find out if you ever got those tapes!


I did send the McCain ad to many Obama-supporting friends and family, with comments leveled not at the fact that I thought he was the anti-Christ, but rather on his betrayal of the Dems through his flip-flops on off -shore drilling, the signing of the wireless wiretap bill, public financing, etc. I am even less popular now than I was a week ago!

Interesting link you provided, I had no idea that the ad indicates a connection between Obama and the story line in the Left Behind series, but then again I am not a fan of the La Hayes and never read any of the books.
This is a good place to put the information I shared on the radio show as it shows a connection between the IONS and political power today. It's all in the networking, ideas promoted at one base carried over from one base to another.

Shift in Action builds itself as an upgrade action of IONS. It has quite a full set of links, one of which is Another is the Luminaries link. or

Now all Luminaries are not equal. Note that the names are listed by the first names. The one I want to concentrate on is Riane Eisler. or

"Dr. Eisler serves on many boards, commissions, and advisory councils, including the Editorial Board of World Futures, the Global Council of the International Museum of Women, and the International Editorial Board of The Encyclopedia of Conflict, Violence, and Peace. She co-founded the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV) with Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams (with Council members such as Queen Noor of Jordan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Harvard theologian Harvey Cox, and global leaders such as Jane Goodall)."

She is also a Fellow of the World Business Academy, a member of the World Commission on Global Consciousness,, and a Founding member of General Evolution Research Group.

What I will follow here is the Center for Partnership Studies which she founded with her husband, David Loye.

David Loye is a Futurist, the name used before New Age came to the surface. Futurists had a huge network. Loye was a former faculty member at Princeton, home of the Bollingin papers and other New Age material at their press, as well as Peter Singer. Loye was also Co-founder of the New Society for the Study of Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory is a NA study in itself.

Now two offshoots of Center for Partnership Studies are the aforementioned Spiritual Alliance given under Eisler's bio. Another is the Darwin Project. To get an idea of the support this organization has, look at or

Here are given the names of 50 leading American, European and Asian scientists. Now what they are supporting is not what is generally thought of as Darwin's ideas. Instead they are promoting social Darwinism, what might be called the caring and sharing New Age ideas. The extension of these beliefs are found in another political system we are all familiar with.

Now we finally get down to public business. Loye wrote a book called Bankrolling Evolution, A Program for a President. It can be found at or

What's the book about? It shows how and why an Obama presidency can put the power of a new science of healing behind a drive to build a better world. It also has a strong attack against McCain. The book is a report to the Council. It is also offered to Obama support groups. It really doesn't matter if Obama can be openly shown to support these ideas. They support him. The network is powerful enough to control him.

Here what I've found leaves off as I do not know how well the book has sold or who has been influenced by it. What I hope I've shown is how New Age networking acts like the huge spiderweb described by New Ager Marilyn Ferguson in her book Aquarian Conspiracy and how in one way the network influences what we, who are supposed to be unaware of it, think about culture and politics. In this essay I've followed one individual's efforts.

Dorothy Margraf
EU and UN to link carbon trading registers by December '08:

Group Plans Campaign Against G.O.P. Donors By MICHAEL LUO

Published: August 7, 2008
'Nearly 10,000 of the biggest donors to Republican candidates and causes across the country will probably receive a foreboding “warning” letter in the mail next week....

"The warning letter is intended as a first step, alerting donors who might be considering giving to right-wing groups to a variety of potential dangers, including legal trouble, public exposure and watchdog groups digging through their lives....."

Picked up at

Russian troops cross border to Georgia

Acess Micro Effect here



Hi Constance,

I couldn't have said it better than you did when you said:

"I am certain that many rationalized this as some did in heated discussions I had with certain evangelical leaders about their acceptance of largesse from Rev. Moon by a belief that “it’s ok to take New Age moneys to build the Kingdom of God on earth.”

In my opinion, God does not need twenty five cents of moneys dedicated to Rev. Moon nor to the Institute of Noetic Sciences to build his kingdom! What was built was not the “Kingdom of God on Earth,” but silence sufficient to allow the final nails to be built in the long awaited kingdom of the Antichrist – the open and obvious expectancy of the New Age forces who shamelessly avow their loyalties to Lucifer."

I am reminded of the Psalm

"Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it."
Psalm 127:1

Thanks for the kind words

Young Grasshopper,

Never did get those tapes!


Snakes slither together -- Rev. Moon, IONS, Coe -- same church, different p(h)ews!
Chaos theory is NA? I did not know that, but then I never understood what chaos theory was supposed to be about, either.
I didn't yet get to read much (this laptop has a bug or a virus which makes surfing a difficulty some days), but at, in the Earth Charter news, if I remember correctly, is the story of a rabbi and how he struggled to win for the earth cause, until he had a lot of success. It looks like an informative article, and I wonder if it can give ideas to those who may oppose the maurice strong mindset. Sorry I can't give details at this time. But I thought I would mention it before it completely slips my mind.
Indeed, this is the type of thing being used to justify coming against "fundamentalism."


I couldn’t help notice how the design of China’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium in Bejing is a mirror image of the Louise Weiss Building (seat of the EU parliament in Strassburg). As I’ve noted before, many of the EU’s buildings incorporate the oval “All Seeing Eye” (Eye of Ra/Horus) design. Indeed, it’s amazing how often that old “Eye of Providence” pops up.

As we saw last night, China’s Bird’s Nest stadium is perhaps the grandest and most awe inspiring building on the planet. Yes, stadiums all over the world are built using an oval or egg shaped design, that’s really nothing new. Yet never before has anyone come as close to bringing “the eye” to life as we saw in yesterday’s opening ceremonies. “One world, one dream”. Looks to me like China’s big brother government is setting the international gold standard. A model for the world.

Watching the fireworks display also reminded me of the eye’s celestial counterparts, which can be seen in the Hubble Space Telescope gallery pages under the category “exotic”. I found it interesting that all of the celestial images taken by Hubble that feature similar “eye” designs are suspected black holes. (See “Einstien Rings” or any of the images of galaxy NGC 4261 for example.) The fact that the “Eye” represents a black hole is most appropriate.
Thanks for the refresher course. One should always return to the fundamentals of any worthwhile study.
This post seems like the fundamentals of this blog.
Also thanks for the 10:06 "heads up", though reading made me feel slightly queasy. These people are just such liars. They wouldn't know a real evangelical if one came up and bit them on the nose. Nor would they understand his motives or goals, thanks to the relentless wedge driving propaganda of the New Age.

Also the 90,000 seat olympic arena which is called the "birds nest" looks to me like a giant bedpan.

A reminder of who Peter Singer is.

It was a beautiful, colorful opening spectacle. I enjoyed watching the faces, knowing that underneath the cultural crust, there was much in common with faces I knew in my life. The robotic soldiers were a discordant note, and the explanation of "energy" show was New Age to the core.

A story: Back when my husband worked in Chicago, each day a trumpet player stood in the Loop alley in the morning playing the most beautiful music. We talked to him and found out he was a solo player with the Moscow Symphony who had left the Soviet Union when an opportunity came up.

My son had been involved with Drum Corps for many years and thought the man would like to see a show featuring 12 corps. Now each of the corps does a precision drill while performing complicated musical shows with anywhere from 60to 120 young people on the field.
After the show the man seemed disappointed and asked why there was so much precision drill.

It took me a while to understand why he was disappointed. For us here in the US where individuals engage in so much competition, the idea of people working together in a coordinated way is an exception. To him, the regimentation was a sign of communism.

I thought about China as a Communist country when I saw so much huge coordinated regimentation in the opening show. This contrasted so much with the individual performances featured in even team sports at the Olympics which I prefer.

I've been sent the information on the Nazi and pagan connections to the Olympic symbolism. Intellectally I know this should disturb me more than it does, but I think the competitions surpass the symbols.

Voluntary cooperation as in drum corps is a good thing. Coerced, regimented cooperation as in the opening ceremonies at the Olympics, no matter how beautifully presented, does not call to me to join the coming regimention of the New Age movement. Rather I fear it.

The Eye of Horus (with the line at the bottom of the eye which at one time made it the "Eye of Thelema", though there doesn't seem to be any more discussion of the distinction) is part of the OTO Lamen. A court case over the ownership of the Lamen has recently been settled.

Thelema, incidentally, was the name of Rabelais' abbey.
Obama, Michelle, Mme Albright, Brzezinski, Solana and Serbia in an article by William Blum just published, please draw your conclusions on the current world situation...:
Surfing the internet, I just found this EXCELLENT sermon from what appears to be Columbus Vineyard archives by a Richard Nathan. Here is a link so you can read it, pass it on to your pastors:

For those interested...

The Bird’s Nest stadium design can be seen here:

The stadium's "Eye of Horus" features incorporate the surrounding landscape, best seen in the bottom photo “Bird’s eye view of the Olympic Green”. Those using Google Earth can see the similarities even more clearly by typing in these coordinates:

39°59'37.92"N Latitude
116°23'26.65"E Longitude

Or you can type in "National Stadium Beijing" in the search box and find it also. However the Google Earth labels for "Bird's Nest Stadium Beijing" are wrong. Close, but Google's users have flagged the wrong building.

Once you have the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), use Google Earth’s direction button to turn the image until the curved Olympic Green and surrounding features form the “lines” around the eye.

For those needing a reminder of what the Eye of Horus looks like:

I found the Wikipedia notes re the Arithmetic values, (based on 8's) of the ancient Egyptian symbol interesting, especially in light of the fact the Chinese place such huge import on the numerology of the Olympics, which officially began at 08:08 on 08-08-08.

For those wanting to compare to the EU’s Louise Weiss building’s obvious Horus Eye design use these coordinates on Google Earth:

48°35'51.63"N Latitude
7°46'8.55"E Longitude

Or search "Louise Weiss Building Strassburg".

The EU building even includes the Horus “teardrop”, (turn the image until you see it). The tear apparently signifies the grief displayed by Horus over the fate that awaits all those who refuse to prostrate themselves before this so-called "diety".

Sounds an awful lot like one world government to me.
The Great Work International™

This website is not nearly complete, so at this time there is
very little information available on this fledgling organization. So far this morning I have been unable to track any CLEAR documentable link to "key" New Age individuals or organizations - they're, there...just haven't found them YET.
Oldmanoftheski- note "the eye". No surprise, for although the people listed are "no-names" without glowing New Age celebrity status, they obviously have been well schooled by the "emergent" Teachers of the "Magnum Opus" Plan for Humanity. -Rudi
I take back a portion of my comment above where I said I hadn't found a documentable link to any New Age organization. I forgot about the direct link on one page of the site to
The World Peace Prayer Society.

Global Trance-Formation

"The questions we are asking are:

What messages would need to be broadcast in order to get to the desired state?
What messages are are broadcast once in this state?

Let's explore:
Global Trajectory Ad Campaigns"
Wow! this thing really does look like an eye from the aerial view. Now that's creepy!

Thanks for that link to that excellent sermon by Rich Nathan, from March 1999.

After paging through some of his more recent sermons, though, I am seeing some troubling themes including lots of peace and justice talk and praise for the UN.

Here's a recent one praising his friend Jim Wallis:

I can't help but think that perhaps the Rick Warren aliens have abducted the Richard Nathan who wrote the 1999 piece and replaced him with an Emergent Church imposter.

Submission B11 was the one chosen.

Sorry, here is a proper link about Richard Nathan's church co-hosting the "Justice Revival" in April 2008, along with his friend Jim Wallis:
Birds nests are the place where birds are born. Horus is a bird-god.

On the other hand, a couple of webmasters saw something else in the design--a part of female anatomy that isn't usually mentioned in polite company.
Just how far can you stretch symbolism? Horus is a falcon god. The Chinese are not Egyptians. Do people reading here know how thick books on symbolism are? Horus' eye tear has many meanings. The Eye of Horus design has many different symbolic meanings depending on which author one is reading. The picture you linked to and said was creepy was one of the rejected designs.

Yes I know secret societies are said to communicate through symbols, but jumping to conclusions can make all of the work we do look silly.

So just what is the symbolism of the nest in your opinion, Dorothy? Such an odd design must have some meaning.
It seems they've heard of Horus in China too:

Shanghai Horus Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
I'm just tuning in here for the first time today, and I must say that I did see a great deal of New Age symbolism in the opening ceremony, as beautiful as it was. Wish I had read some of these comments before I posted! I saw the eye, too,in a sea of green costumes, though, I unfortunately forgot to remark about it when I wrote my new blog post today. There were just so many things spinning around in my head as I watched the ceremony last night. I wish I had taped it. Did anyone hear the reference to sustainable development? Wanted to mention that too, but forgot the context in which they mentioned it.

My interpretation of olympic ceremony symbolism, for whatever it's worth:
Interesting post about "God's Dream" on August 4 Herescope.
Oh gosh Carrie, if I had to guess I would say they were giving tribute to Chinese Bird's Nest Soup which is a Chinese delicacy.'s_nest_soup

The Eye of Horus is a MOST IMPORTANT and UNIVERSAL New Age / Esoteric symbol. One notable place it is used is on Alliance of Civilizations. Now, thanks to Rudi for THE GREAT WORK links. I just googled "THE GREAT WORK" and "INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES" together and here's just a smidgen of many hits!


Search Results
Our Favorite Links and Resources related to the Epic of Evolution
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Susan Burns - Beyond the Ordinary Dot Net
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The Institute of Noetic Sciences sponsors, co-sponsors, and hosts events ... This daring and delightful journey to true partnership is the great work of the ... events.cfm?Start=1&State=&View=378 - 18k - Cached - Similar pages
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Simply Living's Spirituality Links
... News of the Great Story and promote the Great Work in colleges, universities, ... Institute of Noetic Sciences. IONS conducts and sponsors research in ... - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

Peter Russell
Futurist Dr. Hazel Henderson
Guy Dauncey & Sustainable Communities
Earth Policy Institute and Lester Brown
Joseph Firmage
Rachel Carson
Sierra Club
Thomas Homer-Dixon and The Ingenuity Gap
The Natural Step Canada
World Resources Institute
The Millennium Institute
The United Nations
The Union of Concerned Scientists
Worldwatch Institute
ION's The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Elisabet Sahtouris, Living Systems & Society
David Suzuki Foundation
The Institute of Cultural Affairs and the work
of facilitation and human factors in
world development
CIVICUS and the emerging Global Civil Society
Environment News Service
The Liu Institute for Global Issues
- Dymystifying Global Issues -
OK. It is used in places. What does it mean? What does it stand for? Why are they using it? What makes it important? The last place I saw it used was on the door of a Catholic church, St. Claire of Montefalco, on Chicago's south side. Does that mean the Catholic church is involved in the occult? Or maybe it's the aparticular church?

If you see the stadium as an occult symbol, why did they choose to portray it that way? If those who see the stadium don't know it's an occult symbol, what's the purpose?

Are you saying that occult symbols have some power in themselves that transmits to others? Are you saying that not all is created by God but that some things are created by evil people and spirits outside the power of God?

If you have some inside information on why the Eye of Horus symbol is being used by New Age leaders, please share it.

There is a quote attributed to Freud that goes "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." The stadium may just be a stadium and not a symbol of the New Age movement.

I stand by what I said about research on the Eye of Horus. One of the many interpretations is that it is protection against evil Using silly comparisons, maybe it is being used as protection against the evil of UFOs or all of the Americans coming to China.

Sorry Constance, I need more from you to substantiate your views about the stadium. I've been at this as long as you have. If I'm wrong here, I'll admit it.


my first thought was also: it's the phoenix. the opening ceremony created by Zhang Yimou was openly declared to refer to the Cinese tale "Homecoming of a Phoenix", "The Return of the Phoenix to the Nest", Also the classic Beijing opera play with the same name was performed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of China Peking Opera Theatre not long ago. The phoenix is also depicted under the false Christ on the picture of Heinrich Eliah Benedikts book:
For many occultist the bird is a symbol for lucifer...burning his own nest before ushering the world in a new era...
The man behind the Olympic Games fought the system ane paid a heavy price. He finally gave in.
Olympic artist attacks China's pomp and propaganda
Man behind Bird's Net Stadium Boycotts Games
Spielberg drops out as Beijing Advisor Over Darfur

Check out these and many other stories on the Olympic games and the stadium.

Local man charged with threatening Obama
"...According to court documents, Jerry Blanchard called Sen. Obama the anti-Christ and said, "If he gets elected, we have a problem..."

No one here has called Obama the antichrist, but we have to understand that out there we see individuals who jump to conclusions without sufficient documentation. Continuously we need to point out that jumping to conclusions means we forget "ideas have consequences."

Actually, after thinking about it, Dorothy's interpretation of the birds nest symbol is quite apt.


As in everyone together in one worldwide soup of peace and harmony.

If I hadn't seen that eye design, I might actually believe it.

Incidentally, "Great Work" is Masonic language, for example check out Pike's title.

Students of Gurdjieff use it.

It's listed as a "key phrase" in this Aleister Crowley book.

Wikipedia notes that: "The term is also used in several spiritual traditions, such as Qabalah, Thelema, and alchemy, with a complex meaning that mainly refers to the philosopher's stone."

Here we get great work associated with Kabbalah, and by the symbol on the book jacket by Rosicrucianism. It apparently means self-transformation.

Ramtha uses it and means chaneling. (Scroll down to the sub-heading "What you will learn" to see it.)

Anthony Lioi calls theurgy "great work".

Thelemapedia tells us: "The Great Work (lat: Magnum Opus), within Thelema, is the process of attaining Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and learning and accomplishing one's True Will. The concept originates as far back as Medieval alchemy, and came to Thelema through Hermetic Magic informed by the Qabalah."

I've been taking note of that phrase for a couple of years. It frequently refers to some sort of occult activity.

Incidentally, in Thomas Berry's book THE GREAT WORK, p. 74, he writes:

Not only is the devastation of the natural world due to an industrial economy that is willing to wreck the entire planet for financial gain or some so-called improvement in the human condition. It is due also to the American Constitution, which guarantees to humans participatory governance, individual freedoms, and rights to own and dispose of property--all with no legal protection for the natural world. The jurisprudence supporting such a constitution is profoundly deficient.

On pg. 75 of the same book we are told:

The religious establishments are also seriously deficient in not teaching more effectively that the natural world is our primary revelatory experience. Emphasis on verbal revelation to neglect of the manifestation of the divine in the natural world is to mistake the entire revelatory process. Added to this is the excessive emphasis in Western religious traditions on redemption processes to the neglect of creation processes. This emphasis leaves us unable to benefit religiously from that primary and most profound mode of experiencing the divine in the immediacies of life.

He moves into sustainable development in chapter 10 titled "The New Political Alignment".

He speaks of earth as the "Great Mother" on p. 168.

On p. 174 we are told:

A way is opening for each person to receive the total spiritual heritage of the human community as well as the total spiritual heritage of the universe. Within this context the religious antagonisms of the past can be overcome, the particular traditions can be vitalized and the feeling of presence to a sacred universe can appear once more to dynamize and sustain human affairs.

On p. 190 we get the "Great Self of the universe." and "The universe is the only self-referent mode of being in the phenomenal world. Every other being is universe-referent in itself and in its every activity."

There are more startling quotes, but these provide the flavor of Berry's book. Berry, by the way, is a Catholic priest. (No, he doesn't represent mainstream Catholic thought.)

Madelaine Albright was instrumental in giving the very wealthy Prince AlWaleed bin talal access to Harvard and Georgetown. There is a foreign interview with him on line and in the last part, she comes to visit him and they play "Let's make a deal." Not sure what she did for him, but post 9-11 after he said it was the "US's fault" and Rudy Guiliani turned down his 10 million dollar offer to NY, Madelaine opened the door for him to gain access to US universities. He already owns big chunks of Citibank, Newscorp and some other things.

Brzezinski, we know is bad news. I have to laugh that Obama's campaign is for "Change". It's the old boy's network who has brought him to power. No one runs for office in US without being chosen by those who really run the country.

The AoC's major academic support, as many of the people here know, is from these two universities.

If Obama wins, we should expect to see more US support for AoC.

Your search - "The Great Work International" "Institute of Noetic Sciences" - did not match any documents.

There is a version of the nursey rhyme that goes
"There was a little girl who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead;
When she was good, she was very, very good,
And when she was bad she was interesting."

Almost all of the time your reseach is "very, very good." Your compilation on "great work" is "very, very good." That's what makes your research well worth following.

For the record, my comment on bird's nest soup and the stadium was very heavy sarcasm. It's interesting that you didn't catch it and said my interpretation was quite apt. Should I assume, based on several of your previous comments, that it's a tactic you use to discredit those who disagree with you? If so, bad.

PS Don't look up the words. The only place on the net that carries the version is nasty. There was a world before the internet and the version of the nursery rhyme I used is quite old.

Dorothy, why do you dislike me so much?

Yes, I caught your scarcasm and simply decided not to acknowledge it. Where is it written that I have to always follow your lead? I've had many interesting discoveries as a result of looking at coincidences...or "correspondences." Also many times I come up empty, but it's still worth the effort to check them out, IMHO.

Google Search Results Page

Constance- "Christ Confronts the New Age" by Rich Nathan was VERY good. Thank You. -Rudi
Rudi, this is the organization you linked to. At this time there is no connection with the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

"Great work" is term used in the occult world. It isn't copyrighted. Anyone setting up an organization can use it.

There's money to be made getting fools to follow all manner of "secret information." Putting money into someone's pot doesn't give access to New Age high level planning groups. Just because someone sets up a website it doesn't mean they are part of the high level New Agers planners any more than the dozens of organizations listed in any New Age publication such as Monthly Aspectarian or Conscious Choice.

Constance has said that many people read this public blog. It is important that those who post here do not mislead any of them. It's not just a private little discussion among the few who post here.

Skip the game playing. It's getting boring.

Really excellent informational links. Thanks for the hard work!
how very controlling of you Dorothy
Because I update the article from time to time, it might be a very good idea to update and/or refresh the page. On many computers this is done with either F4 or "refresh" or "reload" page from your browser menu.

I discovered accidentally that many people did not do this.


I easily found some last night with all due respect to my other diligent researchers.

Truly creepy site! Eye of Horus (with the sun in it) for the logo? The global trajectories category has JS Riggio and Vishali Shahin (links to site- offers "Magick"-their spelling not mine-among other options such as hypnosis)major creepy! Very interesting insight though, great catch!! :-)

"What is a Macro-Network for Global Transformation?
It is a network of networks that is working in service of the greater good of the planet.
It is a broadcast network promoting messages that support the Greater good of the planet and species.
It is a global community established to bring together people in the creation of our best possible future."

"The Macro-Network helps to do six main things:

1.Establish a planetary vision of the future in an ideal world and the steps it takes to get us there.

2.Organize the companies, organizations, governments and people that are already doing this to benefit from the synergy and leverage of colaboration and strength in numbers

3.Create an easy access portal for the world to come to in order to get on the same page in terms of the future we are creating. Use this portal in support of the creation of an intelligent and intentional future that benefits all parties concerned.

4.Establish and grow a massive and truly influential community globally

5.Broadcast the messages through multi-media channels that are necessary in order for this world to come into existence.

6.Establish and connect the infrastructure necessary to bring about The Global Transformation our community desires."-

Found the following which I posted to Rich of Medford's Alliance of Civilizations blogspot and thought we needed to followup on as well:

Hi Rich,

You might find this interesting:

or tinyurl:

I was going to say "good eye" instead of "great catch", but on this sight it has a totally different meaning. ;-)
Hi Rudi,

Thanks both for your EXCELLENT RESEARCH LEADS and for the ENCOURAGEMENT!


Most of us appreciate you very much. Please hang in there!

A friend
Hi Carrie, Dorothy, Rudi

Interesting on Thomas Berry. I have his book. He is as bad or worse than Matthew Fox and richly deserves excommunication. I have his book THE GREAT WORK in my library.

Joyce ,
It's a very good point you mentioned about the good ol' boy network and a few of it's members.
But who is the good ol boy network ?
You mentioned Bryzinski. There's Kissenger and
Wolfowitz, and Cheney and George Schultz...
Who do the Clintons and the Bushes answer to, and what do they have in common ?
Who signs Ben Bernanke's checks ?
Who informs the press corps that there are certain questions that will not be asked ?
Who put the brakes on Nancy Pelosi, who was going to end the war years ago, before becoming an impotent do-nothing ?
I think I know but it's a little, no a lot too scary to say.
Why, there may be people right here on this blog who will vilify a person for saying out loud who the good ol' boy network is.
So who is it ? What is it ? How would you describe it?
It's not the Democrats. It's not the Republicans. It's not the Protestants or the Catholics.
Why is The United States being torn down from within?

You've been wrong before but you didn't admit it then.

Am just catching up with the bird's nest arguments here. LOL, bird's nest soup, a female orifice and a bedpan. Good to have some humor here!

I must agree with Bjorn based on what I've read about the Chinese associations with the Phoenix bird, even though it is an Egyptian myth. Here's a link from China that discusses the phoenix bird and China:


Here's another link that's interesting to read if you aren't familiar with the occultic associations with the phoenix:

I definitely believe the bird's nest architectural plan was chosen because it would tie in with the torch lighting ceremony/phoenix symbolism. Let's hope there's nothing more sinister than Chinese culture attached to Friday night’s ceremony!. (thanks to Bjorn for mentioning that the artistic director, Zhang Yimou openly declared that the opening ceremony referred to the Chinese tale "Homecoming of a Phoenix", "The Return of the Phoenix to the Nest"). I didn’t know that.

I was talking with a Vietnamese missionary in my church today. She is a doctor, well educated, who travels often to VietNam to do missionary work. The topic of the Olympic opening night ceremony came up and she had the same reaction to it that I did, which was that the whole thing had demonic overtones to it that were associated in many ways with the New Age. The Tai Chi performers were especially riveting to watch.
I, unfortunately (hate to admit it), recall a man I dated when I was 16 in the late 60’s. He was a warlock, though I didn't know it at the time. His family was Jewish, and he attended a wealthy Quaker school and was heavily into Taoism. He gave me a copy of the I Ching (The Way) right before he was sent off to a mental institution for delusions.

Why am I talking about this? Because there are definite connections between eastern mysticism and the New age that can lead to demonic possession. I wouldn't even bring it up, except the pastor of my church talked about it in his sermon today, so it is probably significant info to share with other believers, just in case people reading here didn’t know that.

I think many people innocently witnessed the Olympics ceremony on Friday night, but did not fully grasp the demonic elements in it. It is a matter of simple fact that China wields a totalitarian form of secular humanist government. (Thanks Dorothy for bringing my attention to the obvious which is how the absence of god and religion in public ceremony is an indication of SH in a society.)

Also a very good observation on Dorothy’s part regarding the drum corps and how their regimented behavior reminded the friend of communism. I, too, Dorothy have always preferred individual athletics to team competition, which is why I chose ballet over sports. Gymnastics and ice skating are always the only events I even watch! I found the 2008 drummers who opened the ceremony very disconcerting, but that could just be me.

Although the overall impression Friday night was beautiful in its synchronicity, not one single individual was allowed to stand out as they performed, with the exception of the two singers, who sang a duet. Think of community and cooperation and harmonic convergence and synergy, and it becomes even more obvious how communism is tied to the New Age.

Sorry this was so long.
Skip the game playing. It's getting boring.

I have no idea what you are talking about, Dorothy. Perhaps you are the one playing a game.

Hi SV- I (eye) get it! ;-) -Rudi
Well, I just checked out the flashiest "The Great Work" website. It is a piece of work! the address is in a very expensive Chicagoland condo -- Dorothy is probably the best located to check this piece of egotistical wonderment out! Another condo in his area is selling for $499,999 and he gives seminars -- on his "superior tantric sex," "single parenting," "raising Buddha," ... etc., ad nauseum

While there are other "The Great Work" sites connected with IONS, this appears to be a thoroughly possessed, ultra ego New Ager with too much time and money on his hands. Either that, or he has made tremendous money for those falling for his inflated pitch!

Unfortunately, Rich Nation has endorsed "A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You" -- in response to Muslim cleric's open letter to 'Christian leaders.' See his name near the middle of the third column just two names below Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Theological Seminary who Nation references in the article Constance referenced.

Here is the "A Common Word" official site.
Was just reading a small part in the book- An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols -by J. C. Cooper, and an excerpt on page 12 explains the following about the "Great Work": "In Alchemy the Great Work is the producing of the perfect androgyne, mankind restored to wholeness. It is symbolized by the male-female figure or the two-faced head of king and queen, or the red man and his white wife. Symbols of this state of unity among the gods are: the androgynous Zervain, Persian god of Limitless Time; in Greek mythology Chaos and Erebus are neuter, Zeus and Hercules are often dressed as women; in Cyprus there is a bearded Aphrodite; Dionysos has feminine features; the Chinese god of night and day is androgynous and the perfection of androgyne is also represented by the yin-yang symbol and by the yin-yang 'spiritually endowed creatures' [such as] the Dragon, the Phoenix, and Ky-lin which can all be yin, yang or both." He also explains that androgyne is "primordial perfection; wholeness;... paradise regained."
Can anyone hear the Chinese olympic "harmony", "One World, One Dream", red and white androgynes olympic symbol?
Wikipedia link: ,under the heading 'types' explains the yin and yang symbology in their seal which was integrated into their olympic symbol.
I'm familiar with Wicker Park, having gone many times to the used bookstore and Quimby's, an alternative bookstore, there.
This one is kind of fun because it has a panorama picture of the street. Put your mouse on the picture and move the picture to the right or left to see the street.

Wicker Park is what is called a gentrified area, or yuppied. Ten years ago it was still a slummy area and before that it was just slums. Over time the developers and coffee shops moved in because the area is close to downtown Chicago and about 20 blocks to the east is the upscale Lincoln Park area.

Prices for homes in Chicago have been atrocious. For instance a bungalow in a mostly lower middle class Mexican area runs $250,000. I have no idea where people get the kind of money needed to pay such high prices for a nice condo with no land.

I also did more checking on The Great Work International site today. The guys who
started this are involved in several other internet projects. The most information I found
was about James Curio. He actually is the author of at least four occult and myth themed books.
Funny how the “business” description of James on the TGW site leaves out the
Information about his “strange” “occult-sorta-Gothic side for which he is more well known. He has several websites described as:
“counterculture, occult and underground news and blog web site. Whether you're looking for counterculture news, occult news, underground news, or the latest happenings in the fringe culture, Key 64 has what you're looking for.”

It was by reading through James Curio’s various blogs that I found the references to the other’s listed as his co-entrepreneurs. Devon White, (“ Devon wanted us to produce a video demo for him and The Great Work (TGW), an organization he was preparing to get venture capitol for”) Jason Wyse, (“a writer and very talented hypnotist who moved out from Pittsburgh I believe to work with The Great Work “) and “The Great Work International”. About himself, James says, “I also tried to utilize what I had learned about trance induction.”

I wrote in my original comment that The Great Work International was a fledgling organization. I also wrote that the people involved were “no-names”. Everything on their website indicates they share the world-views of the “big shot” new agers. They profess to be involved in occult activities. We won’t know for at least a year or two if they manage to grab a-hold of the coat tails of those they are trying to emulate. You know, be a part of the bigger network. Looks like to me if they are using the “New Age Theme” as a gimmick they must see it could make them a lot of money. It's the talk of the town. Not all New-Agers are born into money like Barbara Marx Hubbard. Sounds like a plan to me. The Great Work – The One Work- The Plan- it still is… what it is, No matter who the initiators or what role they play. There is a place for everyone, you know… Unity in Diversity. - Rudi
Devon White

"Devon has worked as a consultant, personal trainer and professional negotiator for the last five years. After extensive training in the fields of systems organization and management he started The Great Work as a way to facilitate the best possible options for humanity. Devon is the designer of Evolutionary Technologies, "Software for your Neurology" entitled, Co-Creating Reality and offers workshops and lectures on the technology and art of personal evolution and accessing latent genetic abilities.

"Devon's goals for TGW are to build a dedicated and worthwhile community and employee base that is both excited and interested in participating in The Great Work. He plans on having all nine of the Global Trajectories launched within the next year and is aiming for extensive expansion and partnership with various media organizations in the achievement of TGW goals."

This looks like his webpage:

"James Curcio is a 24 year old artist with extensive experience in multiple (particularly digital) mediums. After three years of consistant freelance work for clients from countless fields, he moved on to become one of the co-founders of the Evolving Media Network, a media company which grew from virtually nothing to $360,000 gross in its second year. During this time he also co-founded Orangeface Studios and Soluna Records. These businesses provided him with project management and consulting experience which further rounded out his ability as a multi-media artist. This experience included leading teams of technicians from discovery to completion on larger jobs demanding a producer knowledgible in mixed media, as well as working with clients who were artists themselves - designing packaging, helping with advertising or promotion. He has since moved on to working as an agent of the Great Work, producing media himself or providing creative and artistic direction and vision for projects in all media."
List of contributors

Yes, that Key64 website is a doozie.

At this point the group sounds like young, high I.Q. dabblers who doubletalk bigtime. At least to me there is no indication that they know anything about the academic occult area or the political end of the New Age movement. If they want to do New Age politics in Chicago as in Obama, they had better get a job with the city, ACORN, Alinsky's IAF, or start doing seminars at Transitions, the big New Age bookstore 12 blocks to the east of the TGWI.

don't miss this very informative page. Not.


What does the Macro-Network do?
The Macro-Network helps to do six main things:

Establish a planetary vision of the future in an ideal world and the steps it takes to get us there.

Organize the companies, organizations, governments and people that are already doing this to benefit from the synergy and leverage of colaboration and strength in numbers

Create an easy access portal for the world to come to in order to get on the same page in terms of the future we are creating. Use this portal in support of the creation of an intelligent and intentional future that benefits all parties concerned.

Establish and grow a massive and truly influential community globally
Broadcast the messages through multi-media channels that are necessary in order for this world to come into existence.
Establish and connect the infrastructure necessary to bring about The Global Transformation our community desires
The company should be called New Age Newbies.


Good post. The so-called "Great Work" is couched in terms of "reconciliation of opposites," but this is merely symbolic language for "hieros gamos" or "Sacred Marriage."

This leads to the production of the "androgyne."

The following is an article by a Christian writer Dr. Peter R. Jomnes.


Here are Dr. Jones's credentials:

By the way, Lucifer has been called "the divine androgyne."
Really good links Susanna!
Thanks for sharing!
"A Common Word" website...

Sounds like someone has been channeling Rene Guenon. (Insert laughing smiley face)
Is James Curcio the James Curio you mention, Rudi? Because if he is, he is keeping company with the Discordians at Amazon. The word "fnord" identifies them. It would take a book to point out all of the ramifications of "fnord". This is a very curious group of friends. Their goddess of choice is Eris, and their leading guru was Robert Anton Wilson up until his recent death.
I visited the touring exhibit "Vatican Splendors" at the Western Reserve Historical Society yesterday. It's supposed to be stuff from the Vatican museum. Some of the items were never before on exhibit for the public.

There were old paintings on religious themes, paintings of popes, a reproduction of Peter's tomb, and another of Michaelangelo's scaffolding for painting the Sistine ceiling, papal vestments, life-size figures dressed in Swiss Guard regalia, liturgical implements, the pope's tiaras.

Right in the middle of it were three or four items of Chinese art, two of them were depictions of the phoenix rising. Coupled with this was a sculpture of a Mexican feathered creature (god?). No explanation was given for why these items were appearing right in the middle of an exhibit of Catholic treasures. No other countries were represented in the exhibit. It was very unsettling to see it.
A review of James Curcio's FALLEN NATION: BABYLON BURNING. Mentions Robert Anton Wilson and Philip K. Dick. Oh yeah, this in well into the territory of chaos magick and discordianism.
In the Hermetic sciences it refers to the hieros gamos or divine marriage. In alchemical practice, the philosophers stone is the crown of the Great Work. Specifically, in B.O.T.A. teachings, it is the eternal balancing of the black and white pillars. in white magic and in general, it refers to the uniting of Self and World, with the aim of raising the world and oneself along with it. There is no greater task for anyone than the transformation of the hell that is the world."

Experience Festival on Great Work
leads to many links inside the site.

If you put "Alice Bailey" and "Great Work" into the Experience Festival search, one of the links is
Go down to
"Great Invocation: Mysticism Magick Dictionary on PARSONS, JOHN WHITESIDE"
to get an idea of the strange world of the occult. It's what happens when people start messing with their minds.

You asked, “Is James Curcio the James Curio you mention, Rudi?”
I believe he is because the James Curcio who wrote, “Join My Cult”,
“Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning”, “Fas Ferox A Modern Day Walkthrough
(”This cutting-edge epic is a riveting wake-up call to the archetypes in each and every one of us.”) is the same James Curcio who has the “Key 64” blog in which
he mentions Devon (White), The Great Work, and Jason Wyse by name. The easy way to read where
he mentions them is to go here: (I “googled both names together)
and then clicked on “cached” on the listing titled, “Join My Cult! - The Truth Behind the Story by James Curcio” which brings up the page with the names highlighted. Jason Wyse is mentioned several paragraphs below the highlighted portion with a paragraph beginning, “A pretty extensive and creative crew…” -Rudi

You are entirely welcome. I am always most happy to share as well as to learn.

One more thing I would like to mention. In his book THE MEANING OF MASONRY, Masonic "mystic," W.L. Wilmshurst mentions the "reconciliation of opposites" (a.k.a. "hieros gamos")in terms of the Hegelian dialectic "thesis, antithesis, synthesis."

"Under the stress then of the Geometrizing Principle now found symbolically integrated within the candidate's temporal organism, a re-distribution of his component powers has become effected. His repolarized condition is symbolized by an equilateral triangle with a point at its centre, and such a triangle will be found, worked in gold, upon the sash worn by the Companions of the Order. The significance of this triangle is that the tripartite aspects of him who wears it (that is, the spiritual, psychical and physical parts of him) now stand equalized and equilibrated around their common Life- Principle at the centre, fitted and equipped for Its purpose. Yet each of these three divisions, though in itself unitary, is philosophically triadic in composition when subjected to intellectual analysis. " Every monad is the parent of a triad " is another maxim of the Ancients, who anticipated the modern Hegelian proposition of metaphysics that thesis, antithesis and synthesis are the essential ingredients of a given truth. Hence it comes about that the three aspects of each of the three sides of our equilateral triangle are ceremonially personified by the nine officers of the Chapter--three in the East representing the spiritual side, three in the West figuring the soul or psychical side, and three subordinate links connecting these other two. (These will be further and more conveniently treated of later when the symbolic nature of the officers is dealt with).


As you know this "Hegelian dialectic" was incorporated into Marxism. The reason it doesn't work is because reality involves the complimentarity of objects having certain things in common, not the "opposition" of so-called "cosmic dualism" which is self-contradictory in terms of its assumption that things can be in absolute opposition at the same time they have something in being! Either there is such a thing as "absolute opposites," or there is not. The gnostics can't have it both ways.

Moreover, there is an immeasurable difference between the so-called "cosmic dualism" of the gnostics and the "ethical dualism" of the authentic Judeo-Christian tradition which defines evil in terms of the privation of a good which ought to be present. The authentic Judeo-Christian tradition does not define evil in terms of some negative entity that can have an existence independently of the good upon which it must feed like a parasite.

Ergo, the so-called "modern Hegelian proposition of metaphysics that thesis, antithesis and synthesis are the essential ingredients of a given truth" would only be valid if it could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that reality can be legitimately defined in gnostic terms of "cosmic dualism" or "opposition."

But "dualism" is merely a gnostic assumption that cannot be thus proved by way of arguments from necessity.

Because if the name of God revealed to Moses atop Mount Horeb (JAHVEH)(Exodus 3:14 Douay - Rhiems Bible)is an archaic Hebrew verb for absolute, self-existent uncreated BEING in the present tense ("I AM WHO AM"....."HE WHO IS" or ("I AM THAT I AM"..."I AM" in the American Standard Version)....existing in an absolute eternal NOW ), then the opposite of that would have to be absolute, self existent, uncreated "NOTHING" - one of those things that can be legitimately be referred to in philosophy in terms of "reductio ad absurdum."
Unfortunately, Rich Nation has endorsed "A Christian Response to A Common Word Between Us and You" -- in response to Muslim cleric's open letter to 'Christian leaders.'

Hi Lee,

Thanks for picking up on that. As I mentioned earlier on this thread, some of Rich Nathan's recent material (on his website) is REALLY disturbing. He seems (or SEEMED?) to get the "religious" side of the New Age movement, but not the political side.

I wish Constance would amend her enthusiastic endorsement of Rich Nathan to include acknowledgement of the recent very questionable material written by this very intelligent but perplexing minister.

If you surf over to his church's website, you'll see this very intelligent and multitalented gentleman has got his finger in a lot of pies, including a "VLI" (Vineyard Leadership Institute) training program with lots of stuff about "leadership."

I get the feeling maybe being a humble Christian pastor in Ohio wasn't fulfilling enough for this former law professor.
To Carrie,
"Right in the middle of it were three or four items of Chinese art, two of them were depictions of the phoenix rising. Coupled with this was a sculpture of a Mexican feathered creature (god?). No explanation was given for why these items were appearing right in the middle of an exhibit of Catholic treasures. No other countries were represented in the exhibit"

Carrie, the Chinese art depicting the phoenix could have been a gift to a pope from a Chinese dignitary or even perhaps the Dalai Lama. How old was it?

The Mexican feathered creature could have been a rare artifact left over from the little that was left after the Spanish Conquistadors invaded Mexico and Central America in the 14-1500's. You description sounds a lot like a description of the "Plumed Serpent" which was artwork that depicted the various gods of the Incas,Olmecs, Aztecs, etc. They included Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, and Viracocha. Their identities all seem to merge with a deity that was referred to as the Plumed Serpent in what is left of the legends and history of those civilizations.

Graham Hancock wrote about these deities in "Fingerprint of the Gods" which I read some time ago and which I'm taking my info from.

In the book, he referenced a time line of the ages of the various civilizations including the Children of the Fifth Sun. The time line in which we are most familiar is, of course, the Mayan end of the fifth age, which is supposed to end on Dec. 21, 2012. This account of these documents is known as Vaticano-Latin Codex, so in seeing the word "Vatican" I'm guessing that Cortes or one of the other Spaniards took the plundered booty and Aztec documents home to the Spanish Catholic kings , and then they eventually ended up in the Vatican. Just a guess however.

You can find the reference to the PLumed Serpent and the Vaticano-Latin Codex here:

Oops, just realized, I was logged into my other blogger account!

Hi Carrie- I understand now the reason for your question. I didn't realize until a few minutes ago that last night in my comments I was mis-typing and in the process mis-spelling the man's name. Curcio is correct. SO SORRY!
YG- I'm glad you made the sign-in
error. You do beautiful, beautiful work! Love it. -Rudi
Rielle Hunter, the female John Edwards had an affair with, appears to be heavily into New Age ideas.

Just put her name and "new age" into a search engine for a lot of the stories.

Now that another connection between the New Age movement and politics.


"Rielle Hunter, with whom John Edwards had an affair, apparently was deeply into mystical spirituality. According to an account in Newsweek, she said she was drawn to Edwards because he was "an old soul" with "special energy," according to a Newsweek account. What's more, according to another eyewitness account by freelance writer Sarah Miller, she had decided several years ago that she was going "meet a rich, powerful man."

"How was she going to do that?

"I'm going to manifest it," she said......

"Hunter seems to have had other New Age influences. Newsweek's piece reports that she was influenced by Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now. Apparently, she was close to spiritual advisor named Robert McGovern, who arranged the motel meeting between Edwards and Hunter....
(more at link)


I recall reading about Quetzalcoatl in a monograph from an Anthropology class in College back in the 1960s. Yet, it most likely was one of the gods you mentioned, and it could have been a gift to the Vatican.

What bothered me is that I didn't see any explanation as to why this was included in the middle of a display of things Catholic. It was almost as though one had wandered out of the Vatican exhibit and into some other exhibit in the museum by mistake. It represented that much of a break in continuity.

I had wanted very much to bring home the book from the exhibit to see if there was anything in it that I had missed as a form of explanation, but it was simply too expensive when added to the other costs associated with visiting the exhibit.

If anyone else visits the exhibit and finds an explanation for this break in continuity, I'd certainly like to hear about it.

It's just ironic that here we are talking about the phoenix rising in association with the Bejing Olympics, when I stumble onto the same image in a Vatican exhibit.
Perplexed one,

Yes, the push for false ecumenism keeps gaining momentum. Did you notice Berten A. Waggoner, National Director, Association of Vineyard Churches on there as well (in the last column near bottom)? Of course, Rick Warren endorsed it, too.


I must tell you that you get credit toward my salvation less than ten years ago. Twenty years ago an acquaintance of mine witnessed to me and lent me a copy of your first book. I eventually bought it.

While I still recalled bits and pieces from the book, I didn't give it much thought until last year which is when I started to notice New Age influences in the church.
Today the US loses its "hyper-power" status.

It can do nothing against Russia
The Interfaith Experience website c
arries links to YouTube videos featuring the Temple of Understanding, and a link to the site EnlightenNEXT. Here you can learn about several courses and seminars-


Living Enlightenment: Discovering the Path of Evolutionary Enlightenment
An introduction to Evolutionary Enlightenment
Special Course for Women: An Introduction to Evolutionary Enlightenment
Addressing the unique context of being a woman in the 21st Century

Beyond the Individual: Awakening to the Field of Consciousness
Exploring the thrilling potential in the possibility of identity beyond the personal sense of self.
Leading By Example: Passion for Transformation and the Strength of Character to Back it Up!
Living with Meaning and Purpose
Explore the ultimate meaning of life through an evolutionary context.
Meditation & Collective Transformation: Discovering a Higher Potential for Care
Discovering a Higher Potential for Care
Meditation and Individual Transformation: An Experiential Investigation into the Nature of Intention, Choice, and Responsibility
An Experiential Investigation into the Nature of Intention, Choice, and Responsibility
The Qualities of Collective Awakening: Exploring the Six Principles of Evolutionary Enlightenment
The goal of evolutionary enlightenment is a collective emergence of shared awakened consciousness.

The Authentic Self
A one hour presentation on the Authentic Self.
Evolutionary Enlightenment Podcast with Jeff & Katherine
Thursday night calls free to the public.
Sarah Leslie has an encouraging article up today on HERESCOPE. Must and encouraging reading!

or tinyurl

IMHO, Pastor Rich Nathan's excellent sermon on the New Age covered in Biblical parlance "a multitude of sins!"
Here is an interesting article from your link:

Jay Gary is an interesting person to have an eye on. He teaches at Regent's University besides his involvement in the Word Future Society, and most recent involvement with Brian McClaren. He is also deeply involved in the world missions movement and a number of important organizations....

What are the bricks and mortar we are using today to rebuild Babel?

Gen. 11:3 They said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.” And they used brick for stone, and they used tar for mortar.

Here's Jay's very non-biblical position on Israel:

It is worth noting Jay Gary's extensive list of affiliations:

the short form:

I have great respect for those who have the courage to criticize a person in their own camp.

It is easy to find fault with "the other," primarily because of the support of those who are opposed to another belief. Christians who criticize other Christians and Jews who criicize other Jews often stand alone against the crowd. And yet, criticism from inside the camp carries the extra weight of seeing the complete picture without the public relations spin.

My own moment came when I dared to criticize Eagle Forum and Phyllis Schlafly while being an activist with the group. The details would be old news.

No one else was criticizing St. Schlafly, the media queen. I felt I had to whisper my criticism to those who were also activists. When I criticized, I was attacked as if I was a traitor. I wasn't criticizing the what Eagle Forum said they stood for, just the tactics and the phoney image. Finally I just left. I was vindicated when I learned about the Council on National Policy from others. This was before the internet when getting information was a matter of great effort, the times when Constance did her original research, when she first started learning what was going on in a section of the evangelical community.

Twenty-six years of integrity that I know of. A wonderful record Constance.

From the Forum Foundation, which you will find on Jay's resume, you find this:

...with the Earth Charter, the precursor, according to some, of the Alliance of Civilizations.

Image is everything.

Constance, I see one of your favorite movies is Forrest Gump, which I've always considered one of the most eye opening and profoundly dangerous film indicators of our time.

The Chinese have taken a page right out of the Hollywood playbook...even some of the fireworks were computer generated....not real.
The US Holocaust Memorial has a timely exhibit on the 1936 Olympics. Seems to me there are many parallels with the ’08 Olympics….

“For two weeks in August 1936, Adolf Hitler's Nazi dictatorship camouflaged its racist, militaristic character while hosting the Summer Olympics. Minimizing its antisemitic agenda and plans for territorial expansion, the regime exploited the Games to impress many foreign spectators and journalists with an image of a peaceful, tolerant Germany. Having rejected a proposed boycott of the 1936 Olympics, the United States and other western democracies missed the opportunity to take a stand that contemporary observers claimed might have restrained Hitler and bolstered international resistance to Nazi tyranny. After the Olympics, Germany's expansionism and the persecution of Jews and other "enemies of the state" accelerated, culminating in World War II and the Holocaust.”

And just for the record, I think Yang Peiyi, even with her buckteeth, is way cuter than Lin Miaoke, that little “image of perfection” stand in who lip synced the “Hymn to the Motherland”.
oh, I forgot to say, scroll down on that last link I sent and you will see Institute of Noetic Sciences and other interesting organizations.

Now, why would Jay Gary be connected to organizations like this when he is deeply involved in the cause of global evangelization? Each one will have to answer that for themselves.

....and a clip of One the movie, off her site:

remember, Jay Gary's link to her.

Old Man of the Sky: Thanks for those two links. The parallels between the 2 Olympics are very troubling indeed. I keep thinking of the irony of the fact that Putin is shown only a few seats from Bush at the opening ceremony, and the two look like they're chatting about the weather. Few knew at the time that Russia had just attacked Georgia, though certainly Bush knew. Was it a coincidence that Russia attacked Georgia on the day that the Olympics opened? Is the phoenix rising connected to a new resurgence of communism?

The link to the article about the little girl not allowed to sing because of her buck teeth is very disturbing.

"The main consideration was the national interest," he said. "The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings, and in her expression. In the matter of her voice, Yang Peiyi was flawless, in the unanimous opinion of all the members of the team."

That was until attention turned to Yang Peiyi's teeth. Nevertheless, Mr Chen thought the end result a perfect compromise.

There is also a rumor going around that the kids on the Chinese women's gymnastic team are underage, too. That was my first thought when I watched them on Sunday night. One looks about 11. Talk about not playing fair!

Survival of the fittest for sure, regardless of rules, policies or human rights.

Carrie: Now I understand why you were troubled at seeing those pagan artifacts amongst Vatican relics. It is interesting that the phoenix keeps showing up these days in diverse places. Seems to be a good indication that Lucifer is definitely rising to a world stage.

All I know is that all sorts of weird things started happening to me, right after I wrote the blog entry about the phoenix being the bird on Obama's hidden website image. I was even denied a book, "Phoenix Rising" by Mary Summer Rain, even though I'd already paid for it! There definitely seems to be some sort of Phoenix network, IMHO.

Thanks for the very kind words about my art. I really appreciate it.(Big smile injected here.)
Sent you an e-mail. -Rudi
Micro-Effect Chat-Room says "Closed" Any info on this Constance? -Rudi
yes, no such room at paltalk, where is micro effect plus chat?
bjoern- Room is open now. You can listen here:
You may have to download "PalTalk" if you haven't done so. -Rudi
ok thanks all fine now
Haven't received any emails from you. Constance should have my current email address, and she certainly has my permission to give it to you privately. I don't use my Yahoo account anymore, too much spam. I did sign up as a Google Blogger last April (on a whim), so I do have my own blog page, which has absolutely nothing on it. I haven't even looked at it for a couple months. You can be the first to post a message there if you wish. I'll try to check it a little more often.
Oldmanoftheski- Check your blog. ;~) -Rudi
To Joyce:

Thanks much for the Warren Smith article as well as the Jay Gary link!

One of the love letters to Jay Gary -- sounds exacty like what Pastor Nathan (and myself since 1981) was warning against:

A mid-age female who serves as a Dharma Teacher in our area
Tuesday, January 16, 2001 - 09:10 pm:
Area: Since 1986
Background: Methodist, United Protestant, Buddhist
Journey: From the age of 12 onward I was a leader in our Central United Protestant church as a Methodist. Very active in the
youth group from junior high threw high school. Gave a couple of sermons while in high school and our youth group co-created
a Sunday service. In college in 1970 I lived in India and studied Hinduism, (Vedanta Philosophy) practiced
Transcendental Meditation and Yoga.
Beginning in 1975 I was a leader in the women's spirituality movement and studied Neo-Pagan and Native American ways
of worship. I combined these approaches with intensive Buddhist practice and study. In 1985 I lived monastically as a
Buddhist nun in Sri Lanka for 4 1/2 months. I then became an ordained Buddhist teacher and minister. All of my earlier
studies and practices inform my current spirituality, however my primary form and practice is Theravada Buddhism
(from Southeast Asia.)
Millennium: I felt it was a hype and not in tune with any major natural cycles related to the planet.
Healthy: I do not perceive our community as spiritually healthy, far from it. I perceive our community as fragmented and
dogmatic with such a high imported now resident population of right wing Christian fundamentalists, which throws a
potentially balanced spritual community off course. The rigidity, judgementalness and dogmatic approaches of these type
of churches goes against the grain of what Jesus taught and the way Jesus related with others in the world. I applaud the efforts
of the Interfaith Council and Richard Trussell in particular to forge a more integrated integral spiritual community, one of
diversity and unity. Until all faiths exhibit human dignity and respect towards one another I do not think we are ready for the
21st century.
Suitcase: Throw out dogma, fear and small mindedness. Include inclusiveness, love and respect for one another and the earth.
Message: May you guard the beauty of this place with your lives. The power of the earth is felt here, in all it's glory, earth, air,
fire and water. Do everything within your power to maintain this sacred ground, this holy place of majesty. Honor one another
in love and deep respect, with regard for differences as well as similarities. Honor one another just as you honor the earth.

Old Man of the Ski

You have me confused with an organized person with a secretary! I'm struggling to keep up my law practice and this -- almost more than is humanly possible . . .!

Dear Dorothy,

Thank you so very much for your kind words. I admire your work so very much for the past 26 years as well.


P.S. And many thanks for the on-air help today!
I'll have to take another look at that Rich Nathan sermon. I thought the date said "2008" --

If so, sorry, but the sermon in and of itself is EXCELLENT!

Now I see where I made my error -- the sermon was COPYRIGHT Feb. 2008 by Vineyard.

Well, at least they've put it out there -- now, if only they would live by it!

Young Grasshopper, I think I acquired that Mary Summer Rain book PHOENIX RISING in the 1980s -- might have been 1990s, but I think it was earlier. I'll have to look around.


You may be right in your observations, but the inclusion of these items is no less offensive. The Scriptures are VERY CLEAR: Those who worship Idols worship devils -- this was set forth in the Psalms -- eloquently reiterated in Fr. Seraphim Rose's brilliant book.

For Christians, 1 Corinithians, Chapter 10 set forth the perimeters.

I believe that the whole word lapsed back into idolatry after God saved Noah and his family out of the flood. There are two many flood legends in too many cultures to deny the reality of that event! My personal opinion is that the manifestations to pagans / oriental cultures / were demons evoked by the fresh idolatry and the became memorialized in the culture.

I agree with Carrie on this one, but thanks for your thoughtful post! We may have to agree to disagree on this one.

To Lee,

Thanks! I found your words very encouraging. It has been a long nasty war and hearing stories like yours makes me know it has all been worth it!


Well, I'm encouraged that you are encouraged! :-)

I've been fighting a tangential war with those caught up in the fringes of charismania on other blogs. I was introduced to false teachings by a used-to-be friend who cut off communication when she found out I did not buy into her theology (sound familiar?).

Since then I've been posting comments on a few blogs and recently posted a few articles on another blog at the blog writer's suggestion. One was on the fallacy of International House of Prayer's (IHOP) Tabernacle of David teaching and the other was on Todd Bentley's intitiation, er, "ordination" ceremony.

I've been reading Alice Bailey's From Bethlehem to Calvary in an attempt to find references to the Manifest Sons of God heresy permeating charismania in order to refute it in an article. Interestingly, I found this quote on page 20 of the paperback:
“Christianity will not be superseded. It will be transcended, its work of preparation being triumphantly accomplished, and Christ will again give us the next revelation of divinity.

I find this interesting in light of IHOP's Mike Bickle's 'prophetic word' while in Egypt in 1983, "The face of Christianity will change in one generation."
Berit Kjos' commentary on the Olympics:
Return of the Fairness Doctrine coulod control web content too:
Hi Constance,

Just want to make it clear that I agree with you completely about idolatry, and the fact that those items did not belong in the exhibit. I was just trying to explain why some curator might have thought they should be there (i.e. how they might be connected to the vatican)

We have no disagreement here. I actually could have said much of what you just said, but I didn't want to start what might be perceived as another 'Catholic bashing' session.

PD and YG
Wisdom University is now being held at Damahur. The Chartes Mystery School is also on their site.

Laszlo is part of Damanhur.

Posting this at Bjorn Famer's site too.

This is indirectly from Damanhur's site too:

Anon 2:44 AM

(Don't you sleep?)

Thanks for the link to Berit’s excellent commentary on the Olympics.

Here’s a tiny url link for those who may have missed it.

So I got to thinking, what’s so evil about “bread and circuses”?

The answer: absolutely nothing!

I’ve played and/or coached and been a huge fan of basketball for most of my life. There’s (almost) nothing I enjoy more than seeing Labron, Kobe, Dwight or D Wayne throw a dunk down on the Russians.

Despite all the pagan overtones, the controversies over corrupt judges, doping issues, ugly politics creeping in, etc.. I don't feel guilty for enjoying the Olympics at all. I came across this essay by one Mark Davis that pretty well sums up my view.
Things get weirder by the minute:

These are all linked to earlier links...

I came across details of new 'Life Clubs' opening up across the UK. Nina Grunfeld is the founder of these and has written two books; "The Big Book of Me - Become Your Own Life Coach" and "The Big Book of Us - Creating the relationship you want". Nina has column space in the national press and also runs Life Club Sessions for Corporates, Council Help Services and Charities.

One of the "Life Clubs" meets weekly at Tekels Park - Camberley = Tekels Park is a wooded estate, owned by the Theosophical Society in England.

My question is - does anyone know anything about these 'Life Clubs' - are they happening in the USA? One if not more of the life coaches have been trained in the US at the Coaches Training Institute.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer ... I don't know how significant this is but listed amongst the corporates that LC reach out to are the Liberal Democrats, the National Health Service and Telegraph Media Group.


The Theosophical Society in America has an upcoming conference "Mystical Heart of Christianity: Moving Beyond Literalism".

Conference intro plus a mention of Sophia;

The Theosophical Society UK has weekly 'Christian' based courses too at it's Retreat Centre at Tekels Park;

Findhorn have some of their own brand Christianity teaching on offer too!

Restoring the Fragmented God: A Healing Voyage into Christian Shamanism

Christian Shamanism ... Esoteric Christianity ... these are not words that sit comfortably together. According to the Retreat Society at Tekels Park, "In the light of what is written above, it is already clear perhaps that we do look to recent developments in the area of Buddhist-Christian exchange."

Does anyone know if this subversion of our Holy scriptures is a 'new' focus of NA teaching, as in the quote, there is reference to 'recent developments'?

Sorry for more questions from me, you folks are far more knowledgeable on this NA stuff than I am ... but little by little I'm learning from y'all - thanks. :)

Hi Joyce
Thank you for all the informative links you’ve provided. The networking
intertwines not only with Ervin Laszio but many others who are high level
“agents of change” working throughout society as a whole. The Great Mystery link to the Prophets Conference took me back to the site of its originator, The Great Rethinking. A viewing of the partial listing (63 members listed) of the faculty for The Great Rethinking is a virtual “who’s- who” to anyone even a little bit familiar with the New Age Movement and its key players. Ervin Laszlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Elisabet Sahtouris, and Edgar Mitchell to name but a few. The FAQs page at The Great Rethinking site begins its answer to the question, “Are these 'new age' events?”, with the words, “No, we are not focused on 'New Age' anything…” For those who believe that, I’ve got a bridge I’d like


Partial Faculty List

Reviewing this material brought me back to last January when we were discussing the “Rethink Conference” held at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral whose speakers list raised many questions for some of us. (DVDs/CDs of the event are now available if you have $100-$150 burning a whole in your pocket).

I watched an interview with his wife and she is not someone I would want to meet in a dark street and they are a matched set.

Need I say more? It's the 'eyes' and slickness, shudder.


Just read your long post at top.

In 1988 the New Agers controlled the area where I lived in Seattle and bragged they controlled the states as they were everywhere in every community.

I thought is was pretty amazing at the time but didn't doubt their home control. (thanks to Connie's info.)

Still think it's the bankers as they who control the money control the people. BUT they are all unsaved and on Satan's side, so they are working together and their purpose is the same to damage and destroy after all they're following him to hell.

Without God's protection and being in control think where we would be? When God does let sin have it's way I'm glad I will not be here to see the carnage.

Thanks, Maggie
Hi ~K~, You asked,
“Does anyone know if this subversion of our Holy scriptures is a 'new' focus of NA teaching, as in the quote, there is reference to 'recent developments'?”

I won’t pretend to understand the “details” in any depth but because I don’t believe in coincidence; what we are “observers” of, is a step by step implementation of a very intricate, demonically outlined Plan. There is an actual “Plan” to be advanced, "to precede and condition the new age."
I’ll leave it to Constance to do the in depth explaining, but as far as your question about the use of Holy Scripture and it’s use to blend the Ancient Wisdom Teaching with Christian doctrines of faith - the concept as in Theosophy (one of many groups that use some Christian terminology in their
“Teachings”) is a segment of the blending which has been taking place for a LONG time, but only recently have the Ancient Wisdom Teachings been brought forth publically and presented on a global scale, over mainstream media, and through very public “New” emerging "religious" Teachers. It is the Evangelization for the The New World Religion "part" of the overall Plan. I expect to see an even greater emphasis on this in the next few years, especially as the "religious" holiday season comes around again. You can read more about this in this 2008 newsletter on "The Three Spiritual Festivals" on The Lucis Trust Website at the following link:

What Alice Bailey referred to as,

...“the great paralleling truth of God Immanent--divinely "pervading" all forms, conditioning from within all kingdoms in nature, expressing innate divinity through human beings and--two thousand years ago--portraying the nature of that divine Immanence in the Person of the Christ.”...

Our Living Lord called, changing the TRUTH into a LIE. The preceeding quotation is from a booklet written by Alice A.Bailey,
"The Reappearance of the Christ"

There are many, many, other new age spirituality “mirror images” (like a photographic negative) of Truth being exchanged for VERY DECEPTIVE lies. An example would be “ Five Phases of Harvesting” which is an obvious attempt to equate Jesus’ “Parable of the Sower” to the New Age Art of Harvesting. Another Spirit, Another Gospel, Another Jesus. -Rudi

“There is no new thing under the sun..”
Ecc. 1:9

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” 2 Corinthians 11:3-4
Bush's and Moon slither alot including business.

W has 100,000 acres next to Moons, remember?

Thank You very much Rudi - I'll be following through on all the links you've supplied.


Joyce - those 'orbs' things are weird. There's a TV program over here called 'Most Haunted' where a team of investigators go and visit alleged haunted locations. They always manage to capture some 'orbs' on their footage - they're something that people seem to get VERY excited about. Sadly, the program has pretty much popularised a lot of occult stuff and has quite a cult following ... ouija, table tipping, mirror gazing (sorry I forget what they call it exactly), spirit guides, writing, etc, etc.

I notice that William Bloom is/was a Findhorn guy. He's also tied in with the 'Alternatives Program' in London.

Nina Grunfeld the founder of 'Life Clubs' also gives/is giving workshops at Alternatives.


Nina is quite ambitious in her plans for her 'Life Clubs' as she said in an interview, "It came to me one day when I was looking at the McDonald's sign," she says. "I thought, that's what I want: a presence on every street corner."

Full interview;

I'm reading Constances's second book at the moment and am particularly struck by how well (that sounds odd writing the word 'well')the goal as mentioned by David Spangler to make the NA disappear through 'cultural integration' is advancing. It is most certainly mainstream in the UK.

You're welcome Rudi, K....offline a lot for computer repairs. I'll catch up more in a couple of days.

Today I came across this leftist website with its list of establishment organizations. I hesitated to pass the link on because there is an element of antisemitism in its message, but the number of groups reported on is so huge that some of the information may be worthwhile. I can't vouch for the quality of the information, just the quantity.

For instance I never heard of Pilgrims Society, 1001 Nature Trust/Club or LeCercle. If you ever heard of Octopus, Brotherhood or Borman Organization, you'll probably find something about the group here.

Today I came across this leftist website with its list of establishment organizations. I hesitated to pass the link on because there is an element of antisemitism in its message, but the number of groups reported on is so huge that some of the information may be worthwhile. I can't vouch for the quality of the information, just the quantity.

For instance I never heard of Pilgrims Society, 1001 Nature Trust/Club or LeCercle. If you ever heard of Octopus, Brotherhood or Borman Organization, you'll probably find something about the group here.

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