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NewswithViews Article Part 2 of 4: Buying Evangelical Silence?

MY PERSPECTIVE Internet Radio guest this afternoon is Indianapolis Pastor Larry DeBruyn.  Our topic is "The Images of God -- in your head?"

PART TWO OF FOUR: Buying Evangelical Silence?

Information sometimes comes to me in the midst of my own disorganization. I knew there had been a purported evangelization meeting between New Age leaders and Evangelicals. The official line was that this was a type of missionary outreach to New Agers. Although I suspected from the beginning that deeper compromise was afoot, I would not have conclusive evidence until 2007 of the Institute of Noetic Sciences role. It was not until 2008 that I learned of the sophisticated financial underpinnings. The Unification Church seduction and purchase of much of the Christian right had been obvious many years earlier. The IONS effort was considerably more hushed. The New Agers used to refer to the internet as “the global brain.” I think they forgot that God who created the elements, matter, and our individual brains could give us the skills to use the internet. I sometimes have quipped, “did they really think we planned to communicate with tom-toms and carrier pigeons?”

I note wryly that Marilyn Ferguson may have been right when she wrote in her pro-New Age expository book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY that what distinguished this attempt of New Agers to spread their message was that “modern communications had encircled the world beyond any possibility of retreat.” But she and they forgot that it also enables us to figuratively say, “the British are coming, the British are coming” a la Paul Revere style with blindingly equal speed.

The internet can and is used to spread truth just as or more effectively than New Agers use it to proselytize mysticism.

My more recent discoveries came doing a chore as mundane as summertime 2007 emptying of our basement dehumidifiers. I was approaching the end of the overcluttered basement with its many shelves and stacks of books I have used as research tools over the years. I spotted Chuck Colson’s 1975 book, BORN AGAIN. Remembering his involvement with Doug Coe, I absent mindedly grabbed the book and took it to my computer room. I read portions while I was logging on to “” I read the following from his “With gratitude . . .” section on pages 344 through 346:

“Two of the men in the Fellowship, Paul Temple and Winston Weaver, made available their vacation homes (in Spain and the Virginia mountains respectively) to Patty and me when we needed a place of retreat.”

That was all I read. That was the only mention of Paul Temple in the book. I was, as most of my readers know, heavily focused on Javier Solana and the European Union. Javier Solana is from Spain. The thought ran through my head, “wonder if Paul Temple ever met Javier Solana?”

I absent mindedly googled as follows: “Douglas Coe” “Paul Temple.”

I was astounded to come up with this link to page after page material I wrote and others reprinted from my former newsletter, NEW AGE MONITOR, 19 years earlier, in 1988:

New Age Monitor~ July 1988 ~ Constance Cumbey
Holy Watergate! The Missing
Eighteen and One Half Hour Tapes!
Gold Lake Secrecy Pact Discovered in
Conversations with Doug Coe’s Secretary and Art

"A friend who also researches and writes about the New Age Movement called me immediately after her July 8, 1988 conversations with Doug Coe’s secretary at the Fellowship Foundation (Washington Fellowship) and Art Lindsley of the C. S. Lewis Institute about the Gold Lake event. She made extensive notes of her conversations with Dr. Gordon Lewis (Denver Seminary); Molly, Doug Coe’s secretary at the Fellowship Foundation; and Dr. Art Lindsley (Spiritual Counterfeits Project and the C. S. Lewis Institute, Washington, D.C.) She shared her copious notes with me. We learned that the Gold Lake event was a “retreat” sponsored by “Christians” for New Age leaders. The events were chummy to the extent of featuring such popular trust-building exercises (popular in New Age circles) as Christians running obstacle races with New Agers. Molly told our friend that the events consisted mainly of group activities. Molly also told our friend that Art Lindsley was the person who knew about the tapes. This was the culmination of many months of our trying frustratingly to gather information on Gold Lake and being able to eke out only small tidbits from New Agers such as David Spangler and Fritz Hull bragging about the events. The following story will describe what we have been able to learn to date. “Dynamic Links” are the newest concept in software. It appears that there are all too many “dynamic links” between Christians and the globalist-occult community. Are they witnessing/ Or much more likely, are they networking? You be the judge!

"Barbara Marx Hubbard’s most successful “Harmonic Convergence” did not take place on August 16-17, 1987. Nor was it the Soviet-American dialogues. Instead, her most successful blending of what she calls “resonating core groups” was held in Boulder, Colorado October 24 through 26, 1987. She started at a conference called “Christianity and the New Age” sponsored by Doug Coe’s Fellowship Foundation, Inc. (more commonly known as “The Washington Fellowship,” or “The Fellowship”), The C. S. Lewis Institute, Spiritual Counterfeits Project and other ‘Christian” organizations. The event seems to strongly smack of Evangelical Ministry to New Religions (EMNR’s) imprinting – in fact, many EMNR principals such as J. Vernon Grounds and Gordon Lewis were involved.

"Our information for this story was culled from many sources. We learned by listening to tapes of New Agers, by asking New Agers such as Marilyn Ferguson, by other Christians calling “Christians” who were there and passing on the little information they received to us. The most important thing we learned was that the Christians there made a pact with the New Agers not to reveal information about the retreat. The 'Christians' obviously kept their word better than the New Agers. In fact, the very day the conference ended, David Spangler spoke at an Episcopal Church in Boulder, bragging about the success of the event. If the New Agers were less than reticent about talking about the event than the Christians, perhaps it was because the New Agers had less to hide!
Another article on the same website included a copy of an invitation to the event. You may view it in context by clicking here and scrolling down as needed on the article:

October 5, 1987
Name withheld
Stanford CA, 94025


"We are writing to invite you to join us for the gathering we are hosting at Gold Lake on October 24-27, entitled “Bridging Through Christ.” The conference will be held at Gold Lake Ranch, an executive retreat conference center, educational foundation, and community initiative located in the mountains outside Boulder, Colorado.

"We plan to meet in dialogue and prayer, with our daily roles and titles, to form deep personal bonds that will last beyond this weekend. We hope to come out of
this meeting with a clearer sense of direction and set a course for further contact and dialogue. The meeting will be structured so that it can change according to the needs and interests of the group. We have asked two close friends, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Doug Coe to serve as co-hosts for this event, as well as Robin’s parents, Paul and Diane Temple. All of them are deeply dedicated and have each, in their own way, become powerful catalysts for bringing people around the globe together in the Spirit of Christ. More about them is enclosed. We are planning to limit the participants to about 30 lay people in order to create the opportunity for deeper communication and sharing.

We are eagerly looking forward to being with you at Gold Lake in October and getting to know you in person. Enclosed is the logistics sheet and registration form which we would appreciate you filling out and returning it as soon as possible.

Robin and Logan Kline

Robin Kline is Paul Temple’s daughter’s married name.

The information and its ramifications would continue to haunt me. Googling more and discovering Paul Temple’s pivotal role in both the Prayer Breakfast Network and the powerful New Age Institute of Noetic Sciences disturbed me more. From time to time I would google “Paul N. Temple” and learn progressively more of his business ventures which included a holding company named Shambhala, the mythical residence of the “Tibetan Masters” a la Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Helena Roehrich, and Alice Ann Bailey.

A few weeks ago, I made another pivotal on line discovery. I did a routine search for “Paul N. Temple” and googled it together with the term, “noetic.” This search yielded a “Three Swallows Foundation.” Reading on line reporter summaries, I learned that recipients had included groups as diverse as Arthur Blessit Ministries, All Seasons Chalice Church, and Montessori and Steiner schools. Large amounts of money had gone to the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Much larger amounts of money had gone to something called “International Foundation” of Washington, D.C.

International Foundation? Online Star encapsulated foundation information gave a link to an Oklahoma organization,



Clicking on its required 990 report, this is what I found:

Obviously, this modest Oklahoma missionary group could not have been the recipient of the amounts of moneys indicated had been distributed by the Three Swallows Foundation. I googled “International Foundation” and came up with nothing that led me to what it had really funded. I then had an idea. I went to Three Swallows Foundation’s 990 reports. I read the reports to the very bottom and found an entry for “International Foundation.” It had an address: 133 C Street, SE. Washington, DC 20003. I googled that address.

Bingo! Here is what I found:

Mr. Douglas E. Coe
133 C Street, SE
Washington, DC

Suddenly, I had much deeper understanding of why Evangelical organizations I had presumed would be equally interested in knowledge of New Age hostile ones had so frantically tried to stop my work. The motive was in no small part money. Paul N. Temple (and perhaps others) was funding both sides – New Age and “Christian.”

Totaling Paul Temple’s Three Swallows Foundation donations as shown in its 990 forms between 1998 and 2007, I would learn that nearly $1.7 million had been donated to “The International Foundation” and various smaller amounts to groups as diverse as Arthur Blessit Ministries and Campus Crusade for Christ. Nearly $700,000 had gone to his own Institute of Noetic Sciences. The Gold Lake conference had been convened by Paul Temple’s own children: clearly not to “Bridge” to Jesus Christ, but to bridge to their New Age “Christ.”

Silence had been purchased at no small cost in dollars to Paul N. Temple and in souls lost to Evangelicals. Legitimate opposition to the hostile anti-Christian New Age Movement had been marginalized to protect Paul Temple’s investment. Those not bought off by Paul Temple were bought off with even greater investments from the Moonies.

Next Week: Part III – Unification Church’s seduction and corruption of Christian theology.

John 15: 4,5
4 Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.
5 I am the vine, ye are the branches. He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit; for without me ye can do nothing.

Some “Christian” associations arise by trying rather than being. I have heard “Christian” writers say things like: “God wants you to be like Him so that as a child is weaned from his, her parents, we too should grow as mature adults; I don’t think we can be separate from our Father through Jesus; it is not being adult as much as it is being led by The Spirit. It is not looking outside of Word and Spirit that the abundant Life comes, but we want to “DO”, and if OUR effort isn’t perceived as efficacious, then we must “DO” something. Abraham and Hagar is a good example. Romans 8:14 “For as many are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”
Thanks for the research that has uncovered some of that “DO” in evangelism.
Dear Setterman,

Thanks and very well said.

BINGO Constance,

What an exciting find! I agree but want to adjust Setterman’s comment a bit to read:

“Thanks for the research that has uncovered some of the “DO-DO” in “modern” evangelism.

Thanking God for the work you continue to do Constance.

Though I understand and generally agree in what you are saying there is a balance of the Word that says
“faith without works is dead”.

Our “works” prove our “faith” it should make those who see the works give God the glory.

James 2:18,21,26 "
Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works."

"Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?"

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also."

There is a maturity [our love walk] that is our laboring to be like Jesus Christ not separate from Him, like what the person said that you quoted from.

Gal. 4:19
"My little children, of whom I travail [labor, work] in birth again until Christ be formed in you,"

Then Love [agape] says:

1 Corithians 13:10,11
"But when that which is
perfect [5046 teleios= full grown, mature]
is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child:

but when I became a man [adult,mature], I put away childish things."

Ephesians 4:15
"But speaking the truth in love [agape], may grow up [mature] into him in all things, which is the head, [even] Christ:"

God Bless,
Constance, I clicked on the banner headline for your latest post,

NewswithViews Article Part 2 of 4: Buying Evangelical Silence?

Link went to a page that said site not found, etc with a list of "related" porn sites to search for. Is it just my browser or are others experiencing same?
Speaking of 'do-do' in modern evangelism, Todd Bentley and wife Shonnah have separated, announces God TV.

Maybe Bentley can find work in the Obama campaign.
EEEEK!! I support (past tense now) Campus Crusade for Christ... Sometime’s I feel like just buying loaves of bread and handing them out.
I was saddened to see that Falwell's son is hosting a contemplative spirituality confrence. So many Evangelicals are pushing being like "Christ" the spiritual Master instead of Lord and Savior - the only true God!!

Dave in CA
Shalom, Ro.4: “Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness. . . Ro. 6: ye became servants of righteousness . . . [yield] your members as instruments of righteousness . . . You haven’t chosen me but I have chosen you” The struggle between His righteousness and our own righteousness will go on, I rest, I Noah, in Him and ask Him to help me to be a good servant and subject, I’ll let Him decide what is wood, hay, and stubble. [God] “Him who works all things after the counsel of His own will. . .It is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me. . . in all things He might have the preeminence.” Preeminence in works, faith, salvation and all that flows from Him; I believe in the order of faith and then works, but that whole thing should be at another forum; my point concerning Constance’s post is a reflection of what often happens when we try to do God’s work in ways not His.
A wonderful treasure chest of leads you've given those of us who look through the recipient files. I'm also wondering why the emphasis on the neurosciences.

For those readers new to this site Constance, would you post a link to something written about the INOS which would explain its New Age connection. Even for us old timers the information gets overwhelming and hard to keep in our heads.


Someone needs a chill pill
Paul had some computer issues while formatting the story -- it will be up on Saturday!
thank you so much for following the trail of the new age and so called evangelicals - the noetic institute you mentioned - seems to be the same group the Edgar Mitchel is a part of and he is a former astronaut recently in the news saying he believed in aliens....he also promotes a film called the Fabric of Time about the shroud of Turin. The film is shown in Christian churches - you can see a clip of it at it is playing there tonight - the film seems a combo of science and Christianity - very weird - I used to attend that church but left because it followed the "new wave" charismatic junk that has so infested that part of the Christian world - they are also into auras - hyper signs and wonders and quantum physics being combined with theology - sounds like more new age being melded into Evangelicalism and leading more people astray -
you can email me at
I found you through Jewel Grewe.
In Christ - Rod

You probably already know about this connection , but Todd Bentley was "knighted" on June 24th by Rick Joyner into the Knights of Malta.

I'm very relieved to discover that evidently his Fresh Fire "ministry" has apparently ended.

I came across this article here and don't know what to make of the Catholic church connection in all this:

Perhaps Constance or Susanna can shed some light on it?

Thanks for exposing this far-reaching apostasy, Constance.

Are you going to keep us guessing as to who needs a chill pill and why?

Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

Good job Constance. I was wondering if someone could explain the basics of Yoga and it's connections to NA philosophy to me. The Literature out there is way to confusing and complex.

Savvy -- Yoga is presented as a relaxing form of exercise and stress-relief; but in fact it's a series of worship poses to various Hindu deities.

Constance, I just found your blog thru the Herescope blog; and having come from a 'new age' background myself, I appreciate that you're connecting the dots, as it were.


Recent discussions here in the comments touched on IONS and the Global Consciousness Project. I came across another project (which may very well be old news) and it sounds incredibly similar except it's based on magnetism.

The short flash intro video is full of all the buzz words ... well being, personal development, to shift global consciousness, etc, etc.

Constance - THANK YOU for your continued research. I am currently reading your second book and without having read thus far it would have been so easy for me to casually dismiss much of what is going on and around, as simply 'innocent fads'!!!

Ooops sorries - I forgot to mention that I came across the GCP through the Glastonbury 'orbs' link that Joyce posted on the previous comments thread - thanks Joyce. :)

I keep trying to look into UK based stuff but it seems I'm only ever a couple of clickthroughs away from going global.

Dorothy 7:57 PM
Now, I'd just like to "keep the peace" here.

I had to LOL too!
Hi Joan,

I am not saying that you have done this, but one has to be careful not to assume that "Knights of Malta" is automatically synonymous with "Roman Catholic."

Since the Reformation, there are now both Catholic and Protestant equivalents of the Knights of Malta, and, as far as I know, a person is not only supposed to be Catholic to join the Catholic Knights of Malta, but membership is also by invitation only.

Moreover, contrary to what Miriam Franklin states on her blog, while the Protestant and Catholic organizations recognize each other, each is independent of the other.

If Todd Bentley was initiated into an order known as "Knights of Malta," I would be very surprised if it were NOT one of the Protestant organizations. Ergo, it is unlikely that Todd has begun to "cross the Tiber."

Here are some links to information on the Knights of Malta - BOTH Catholic and Protestant organizations.

If you compare the information from the Wikipedia articles to the information presented on Miriam Franklin's "End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams" blog you will see that the information she presents on her blog is biased and flawed.
Hi dorothy,

You asked "I'm also wondering why the emphasis on the neurosciences. "

My guess would be that such emphasis is driven by something similar to what drove the "psi" research carried out in the former Soviet Union and China - and even here in the U.S.A. during the Cold War.

In fact, there is an article here in this IONS website entitled HOW PSI IS STUDIED.

1973, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences after a successful ESP card experiment on the Apollo mission.

The objective is probably to look for ways in which to develop paranormal capabilities such as telekenesis, clairvoyance etc.
Dear Mr. Setterman,
I SAID I understood the point you where making about the “gotta “DO” something” syndrome and I AGREE that Abraham & Hagar are excellent examples.

I wanted to bring in some BALANCE to the “faith/works” issue and the “mature/wean from their parents” comment you quoted at your 6:42 am blogment – Scripture will stand on its own so I like to let it interpret itself – that way we’re not swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other – one extreme to the other.

I’m coming from the perspective the WHOLE counsel of God is needed to have understanding and I’m not implying you didn’t have that ok.

You said “I believe in the order of faith and then works, but that whole thing should be at another forum”
I believe that too – so be it!!

FYI – The Rom. 4 verse you quoted was appropriate to the discussion, as for the other things you added I couldn’t follow that at all!

God Bless,
Actually, Edgar Miitchell co-founded the IONS with Paul N. Temple in 1973.
A link about the house churches being told to not hold services in China during the Olympics, and a vid from the AoC at Holly's site that I think warrants a look.
Constance; just a bit of a warning - Obama supporters are going around identifying blogs that they deem to be anti-Obama and hitting the spam button. Several anti-Obama blogs have already been hit. This is an old article but apparently it's still going on.

Google Shuts Down Anti-Obama Sites on its Blogger Platform
To anonymous 4:01

Falwell's son is holding a contemplative spirituality conference? Bad, but almost innocent in light of his father's embrace of Rev. Moon after clear warnings had gone out!

I'm assuming that all of you know that Edgar Mitchell is a member of the Club of Budapest?

EU wants Peacekeepers on ground


Hi Carrie:

IONS and the Club of Budapest are very intertwined and have been for years. THANKS!


P.S. How's the new grandchild doing?
When we were kids we were all told not to play with fire. Yet, I remember trying to plug a screwdriver into an electrical outlet and being knocked on my butt by the jolt of electricity. No one told me not to play with lightening. Some things you just have to learn by experience.

Constance, you did a nice piece of lawyering when you wrote about how wonderful the Internet is. You admitted, quite correctly, that the Luciferic New Agers intend this tool for evil, while rationalizing that we (self dubbed “watchmen and women”) are able to use this very same tool for “good”. Fact is, we now have at our fingertips the most powerful tool for knowledge data storage and communication ever built by man. Not since Nimrod’s tower and one global language has mankind been able to share so much information simultaneously. To be proud of the fact that the Internet allows us to uncover strands of evil almost as fast as the evil can be spun is not a good thing. If we don’t know how Satan works by now, we never will. We can eat all we want from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and never be satisfied. It’s the wrong damn fruit people. It spoils.

We should be ashamed whenever we uncover some “new” evil. Yet whenever some “new” connection to evil is discovered out there in the world it gets posted here almost immediately, sometimes with a great deal of pride, and always with the rationalization that by exposing these "discoveries" we are shining a light into the darkness in order to warn others. Occasionally a thoughtful blogger will put a “caution flag” on something they’ve recently discovered that might be truly dangerous in a spiritual sense. We should know by now that such window dressing only encourages Pandora. The fact is, that dreadful box gets opened wider everyday, and for anyone with eyes to see, such as the bloggers here, it’s clear the contents ain’t pretty and it ain't "good".

Over the last few years I’ve had several computer crashes. Some sick virus and/or software/hardware problem inevitably shows up no matter what I do. Currently I’m running a variety of top-notch Internet security programs. Yet something destructive always creeps in. Always.

My computer IT expert friend says this is because the Internet was not built for security or privacy. He says that a good offense will always trump a good defense when it comes to the world wide web. It’s the nature of the beast so to speak. My friend’s skills of protecting computer network databases are in high demand. He teaches IT security (aka hacking) classes. Businesses and governments are willing to pay a premium for good IT people. That is, until it all comes crashing down as it inevitably will. The Internet is, after all, lightening in a box. And a very fragile glass box at that.

There’s supposed to be a new secure internet in the works. I just can’t wait to hear how this new system will be a tool for “good” uncovering all the latest "discoveries" by all you bloggers out there.

Fare thee well folks, I'm out.
You've been discouraging individuals doing rsearch here for a while now, for one reason or another. Always one scare tactic or another. Interesting.

Hi Carrie,

I didn't know that Mitchell was a member of the Club of Budapest. Here is a little review for people like me who have been relatively clueless about these "Thinkeries."

The Club of Budapest was founded by Ervin Laszlo in 1993 to,in his words,

"center attention on the evolution of human values and consciousness as the crucial factors in changing course — from a race toward degradation, polarization, and disaster to a rethinking of values and priorities so as to navigate today's transformation in the direction of humanism, ethics, and global sustainability".[1]:..".... read more.....


"Ervin Laszlo, founder of The Club of Budapest and Chancellor-Designate of GlobalShift University (, author of more than 400 papers and articles and over eighty books of which the most recent are “Science and the Akashic Field” (2007) and “Quantum Shift in the Global Brain“ (2008), and co-founder and president of the board of trustees of the WorldShift Foundation."


Before he founded the Club of Budapest - which appears to be New Age to the core - Laszlo was a member of the Club of Rome whose membership also includes Javier Solana.

"....In 2001 the Club of Rome created tt30 as a spin-off, an anticipatory thinking youth think tank for people around the age of 30.[1]

There are national CoR associations in many nations, including a number of European nations, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Asian nations. These associations analyze national problems in terms of the same factors and give advice nationally to decision-makers.....

......Critics have charged the Club of Rome with "Neo-Malthusianism" and strong elitism in its membership, which interlocks with European power elite groups such as the Bilderberg Group and to a lesser degree Anglo-American elite members. Conspiracy theorists occasionally link the Club with various world conspiracies, notably the New World Order.[2] entire article....
I've been doing a search on a particular symbol that keeps coming up on some YouTube segments. It flashes really quickly at the beginning of each video, I guess to indicate it's origin. It's the left side of a kneeling, praying skeleton with it's head 'looking' up towards the heaven. It's sketched in black and white (kind of soft sketched)and the background looks like parchment paper. Ever seen it or come across it in your searches? It's at the beginning of some videos that are referencing Christian scriptures and historical events.
Just thought I'd ask if you'd ever come across this before.
Thanks in advance,
SV, No I've not noticed this. I haven't seen this symbol elsewhere. Since you've put the information up, Susanna or someone else Christian might be able to answer.


I bought a used copy of your book from Amazon. I'm in the process of reading it now. I am also reading the Seraphim Rose and Jeff Sharlet books you recommend. Thanks for warning the Church!

I've finished reading Johanna Michaelsen's book (The Beautiful Side of Evil) and Warren Smith's book (The Light That Was Dark).

You book is kind of hard to get. Is there any possibility that your book can be reissued in an electronic format?
A friend sent me this link or

On October 15 blogs who have signed up for this effort will talk about poverty.

Other than a feel-good emotional response, we won't be hearing much. So many people willing to talk about things about which they know little. My guess is that these global citizens will be promoting Obama.

Very recently I have heard about "internet2". The first time I heard about it was in an Alex Jones piece and I am trying to find confirmation it is going to do what he says.

So far I have found out that there is such a thing as "internet2" and that it would be mostly for colleges and universities and not for us regular people. Perhaps they are trying to hid information?

Also, internet searches are not what they use to be. I remember when you used to get the most relevant search. Now, it is who is paying the most to be on top.

People have companies in that is all they do, making sure that your link comes up first. I wonder if others pay to have their link (especially those researching New Age) be shown on the last or not at all.
Hi Constance,

New grandchild is NOISY!

I haven't seen the skeleton you mention, but is it possibly related to Santa Muerte?

I hear what you are saying, but don't entirely agree with you. I think Scripture tells us not to dabble in evil, but to be aware of the signs of the times. There is a difference between knowing about it and engaging in it.

I have two close relatives, raised Catholic, who have walked out of the Church on the New Age red carpet. If priests had been preaching the dangers of it, I think both of them would still be in the Church today. But we Catholics have gotten very little guidance, while at the same time so many Catholics (especially nuns) have embraced New Age practices and taught it to those Catholics who were willing to listen and follow suit.
In googling to see what IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) has up their sleeve, I came upon the State of the World Forum with its upcoming 2009 Conference. Calling for major global change, they refer to the size and strength of the "Cultural Creative" class in the USA. Then they call upon the use of TECHNOLOGY to implement the "new civilization." I wonder what they have in mind. WHAT CAN IT BE, WHAT CAN IT BE? (Paraphrasing the old 'Church Lady' of Saturday Night Live fame) check this and then read Revelation including but not limited to Revelation 13:

3. The third theme of the 09 Forum is that complimenting the emergence of new
values around the world is the emergence of the enabling technologies that can solve
our global crises. We are not in a situation in which we have a crisis but no solutions.
The solutions are already here. They are simply not being implemented. The Forum
will profile the visionaries and activists developing cutting edge solutions, both
technical and social. The people selected will be those who can frame our current
crises within the context of their solvability. The emphasis will be on the “bright green”
and “Veridian design” environmental approach to dealing with global problems and
will focus on integral thinking and systems analysis. The goal is to link the emerging
population that understands the need for urgent and constructive change with the
innovators of the enabling technologies that can implement that change. The purpose
is to catalyze people, solutions and resources into a movement of global activism.

Old Man of the Ski,

I do appreciate your words of caution and they are well taken, HOWEVER, the Bible clearly prophesied that in the last days travel and knowledge would increaes (Daniel) and THERE WAS NOTHING COVERED THAT WOULD NOT BE REVEALED. Also, that the gospel would go out over the world.

I don't question your motives, but I do believe that God intended for us to use the tools at our disposal to finish our job.


Hi Reb,

Tom Horn has expressed interest in republishing HIDDEN DANGERS. We shall see!

By the way, Old Man of the Ski, my MAC seems to far less vulnerable to crashes than my IBM

I had a nice chat with author Lee Penn yesterday. He will be joining me sometime beween mid September and early November on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio at or or

Lee told me he shares my very high opinion of Fr. Seraphim Rose. He (Seraphim Rose) saw this coming in the 1970s.

Lee, a Catholic, is apprehensive about Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger). He said his promotion of Cardinals Mahoney, Egan, and Levada make him nervous. He is also concerned that Opus Dei's influence may have increased.

Lee said URI's cooperation circles have now increased to upwards of 400 new ones. He hopes to break new research news on the upcoming radio program we are planning.

Pray for Lee. He has illness in his family and has had recent health concerns of his own. He is doing important work. I'm happy he's on our side!


A president's pension currently is $191,300 per year, until he is 80 years old.

Assuming the next president lives to age 80. Sen. McCain would receive ZERO pension as he would reach 80 at the end of two terms as president. Sen. Obama would be retired for 26 years after two terms and would receive $4,973,800 in pension.

Therefore it would certainly make economic sense to elect McCain in November. How's that for non partisan thinking???

Sorry. I couldn't resist passing that one on. I normally don't pass humor on but this one took me by surprise.


My favorite Fr. Seraphim Rose quote:



P.S. Dorothy Margraf just phoned me to remind me that Rick Warren's Church was featuring the televised joint appearance of Barack Obama / John McCain this evening. I' m videorecording it to a DVD.
Maybe a retreat in the woods with Old Man of the Ski and Fr. Seraphim Rose may not be such a bad idea. Here's my favorite music video to do it by -- this one comforts and refreshes my poor overstressed soul!


"...Previous Olympic hosts welcomed foreign chaplains, but China has banned them from living with the athletes. It has instead pledged that it will provide equivalent services from its pool of state-employed pastors, imams and other clerics. ..."

Unfulfilled promises. How the athletes have tried to overcome their inability to access the spiritual guidance they have sought at this time of stress in their lives.

What I see is that Chinese leadership not only wants to limit the access of China's population to religion, but it also was willing to break promises to let those from outside the country access their religious leaders.

In the Chicago Tribune there was a story about a woman who runs a small church in China. She has been threatened in the past if she refused to cooperate. Two weeks before the Olympics a government office was set up inside her building and she was told that she would have to use a state driver to go anywhere outside of her building. She has been under constant surveillance during this time, I presume so that she would not be able to contact Christians from outside of China.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...using the standard Chinese false dramatic mask. Maybe we should have read the clue when the crowd scene used fan masks in the opening ceremonies.

Sorry, just got back from running around with my family. :-)

Here's one that looks very similar to the one that I saw yesterday. Ever seen it or heard of it?
Ha ha, I liked it.
Funny that you should mention Tom Horn, it's Tom Horn's website that I just recently saw the first YouTube re: David Flynn's new book(s)and subsequently, related videos that have the flash of the praying skeleton symbol at the beginning. Knowing that such a symbol wouldn't show up by happenstance, I just wanted to know the "who, what, and why's" behind it. :-)
Interestingly, Old Man of the Ski and I had discussed Donald Keys and whatever happened to him on the blog commen section before.

Googling "Institute of Noetic Sciences" and "global governance" together I just found this planned re-release of a Planetary Citizens 1972 ad.

Here's the link:


That looks more like a Chinese Mandarin than a skeleton. It's surely not Santa Muerte. Is it possible that you are getting something on your computer that doesn't show up on mine?
I share Lee Penn's concern about Benedict XVI, particularly because of Levada. On the other hand he has done some positive things such as the recent apologies. I can't settle on an opinion of him that sticks. It's a very uneasy feeling.
Just found this on the disappeared Donald Keys"

" was sorry to see that Donald Keys, one of the Alliance’s Governing Council members, was not among your article’s 15 contributors. Don and I had been in communication, as I had been on the Advisory Board of his Planetary Citizens, and he was on the Editorial Advisory Board of my periodical Transnational Perspectives. The last we were in touch, he was living as something of a hermit on Mount Shasta in northern California, but that was several years ago.

Rene Wadlow
Chief U.N. Representative, Association of World Citizens
Geneva, Switzerland"

Dem bones, dem bones, gonna walk around . . .!

I think this is what you are referring to:

From what I have seen, it appears to be either some kind of fad and/ or a joke. The picture is showing up everywhere - not just on YouTube.

The picture itself is apparently a copy of a sketch from a book OSTEOGRAPHIA OR THE ANATOMY OF BONES published in 1733 by an English surgeon William Cheselden.

Just Google "praying skeleton," and you will see what I am talking about.

"The people selected will be those who can frame our current
crises within the context of their solvability. The emphasis will be on the “bright green”
and “Veridian design” environmental approach to dealing with global problems and
will focus on integral thinking and systems analysis."

Carrie and Susanna,
Thanks. The William Cheselden's Osteographia is the very symbol flashing at the beginning of the videos. I googled for 2 days and paged through dozens of pages and still could not come up with that exact image!!
Thanks for the help!
Dorothy 12:56
You must be kidding.
It's your motives that are in question with a comment like that.

Edgar Mitchell, per Paul Temple, proposed the idea. Paul Temple put up the money and had plenty of ideas of his own. I have been listening to tapes of a conference called by Paul Temple, CHRISTIANITY AND THE NEW AGE -- A HEALING DIALOGUE. Unbelievable! Mocking by Paul Temple in the most subtle, dangerous of ways. He mocked a Dallas Seminary professor who he said gave two points that were "divisive" by "Christian standards." He told his sycophantic audience that the professor responded to him: "I would rather be divided in truth than united in error." The whole audience raucuously laughed! This was a 1993 event, 6 years post Gold Lake.

Do expand on your comment.

My comment was very clear. I encourage everyone to know as much as possible about the dangers of the New Age movement. Old Man has been saying that readers should stop learning about the New Age movement. To me it is interesting that he has come to a blog devoted to research on the New Age movement and told readers to stop doing that.

It's not the first time. Here he used the theme of saying don't open Pandora's box, a warning that was given to Constance in another place, suggesting that there would be problems for her if she continued to poke around Solana's history. Here he put the thought in the head of readers here that if they continue to research their computers will give them endless problems.

In the past he told readers they should be sharing the Christian message instead of doing New Age research. Be a good Christian I say, but don't get suckered in by those who have infiltrated the religious communities, and a person can't avoid that happening without knowing what is growing in the New Age movement.

Do you have a problem with that Paul? Do you want the public to be taken in by the New Age message?

Play nice, everyone!
Does being aware of the New Age movement, which is all you offer, help anyone ?
Who on this earth has been rescued from the New Age by your unnatural fascination with it?
And who is it that likes to quote Freud or Nietzche ?
Has psychoanalysis helped anyone? Has reading "Thus Spoke Zarathrustra", or has any of this endless research made any difference ? I say no it hasn't, not without Jesus. I think of Sigmund FRAUD as the beginning of the New Age Movement, and Nietzche is right there next to him. It's called highminded atheism.
I can be aware of cancer and still be killed by it.
In fact too much awareness of it might just be a
contributing factor.
You are proud of yourself, that's clear.
The only remedy and the only escape from all this
mess is in turning one's life over to Jesus the Christ.
Despite all the political maneuverings and misdirection by Freemason run government, it was a predominantly Christian United States that chased Hitler back into the hole that he crawled out of and
liberated all those survivors in those death camps at the end of the War.
And what is it that the Chinese government is seeing to it that no one mentions or practices at the Pagan Olympics ? Christianity, that's what.
Yes I agree with Ol' Man, and Rudi and Constance and Joyce and all the many others who are observing this monster as it grows, but who have their eternal souls saved by the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world. They have something better to offer to replace it with. Salvation; now that's something better: both in the here and now AND yes, in the great bye and bye.
Sorry to rain on your parade.
Dorothy, you've slandered me, you've slandered Old Man, and you've slandered Carrie, just to name a few. You're an old school racist with an ax to grind.
Are you thinking, as the Muslims do, that God is going to look at all your works and say "well done,
bravo!" ?
You said:
"In the past he told readers they should be sharing the Christian message instead of doing New Age research. Be a good Christian I say, but don't get suckered in by those who have infiltrated the religious communities, and a person can't avoid that happening without knowing what is growing in the New Age movement."
You're so wrong there Dorothy. A person can escape the New Age by knowing what the Bible says. Some will get fooled but not those who have their lamps full of oil. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.
All our works are as filthy rags to God.
It's about Him. Not you or me. It's all about God.
The sheep of his pasture know the shepherd's voice.

Fighting New Age isn't a tea party with pinkies raised. If you are bothered by heavy give and take, look elsewhere so you don't get your blood pressure raised. Those of us who care about the dangers of the New Age movement have had to become very calloused to those who would put us off track.

You might as well tell Constance that she shouldn't have written her book or given all of the talks she did or written her newslettr or even supported this blog.

As for the rest, I think the saying goes "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen." They post. I respond. They can respond back. I stand up against private and public icons who say what others want to hear but whose message is weak. It takes courage to do that. If I can be shown wrong, I'll admit it. I'm not going to get out of the fight just to make nice with people like you who hide under the cloak of the label Christianity. I encourage everyone to do the same. The battle against New Age is for strong people, not sweeties.

WWII didn't stop the Hitler crew because it was Christians against pagans. Christians were being killed and that got some excitement going. Bottom line was that Hitler took the New Age message national when the NA leadership wanted it to be an international movement.

Go ahead Paul and turn your life over to Matthew Fox, Billy Graham or Rick Warren as representatives of the infiltrated Christian community if that's what floats your boat. Eat what you want. Smoke what you want. Think what you want. If it's global warming you want to think is valid because you don't want to learn from those against the NA movement, it's still a free country. Others have learned what to watch out for by reading this and other websites.

You write "some will get fooled." How casually you dismiss those who will be hurt.


(Soviet KGB Defector)




When I consider whether it helps to have a place like this where other people of like mind post their concerns, I consider what it would be like to be aware of all of the New Age messages without anyone to discuss them with, and that is enough to make me believe that we can't walk the faith path alone, but need others who are cognizant of the dangers and willing to label them for what they are to help us to stay on track.
We can argue among ourselves, but we need each other to fight the larger battle. I might disagree with you here and there, but I respect your overall efforts. That I can disagree with you and go on for another day gives me the strength to face opposition that is not as decent in character.

We all need each other even when we disagree.
"A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."
Proverbs 15:1.
I caution you, gently, to take care with your choice of words, also. Never is it justified, Biblically, to name call. " old school racist with an axe to grind" ?! Any legitimate challenge that you have for other contributors here is overshadowed and destroyed with this type of response.
Many powerful people in the evangelical community have distorted and diminished the message of the gospel by their deceitfullness and greed. What trust can be built for the true message of the King of Kings if we "slander back" when we feel "slandered"?
I'm certain of the the words of Paul to the Galatians
(5:22,23) "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, against there is no law." This is a pure and pleasing witness unto God.
I believe there is merit to Dorothy's comment -"but don't get suckered in by those who have infiltrated the religious communities, and a person can't avoid that happening without knowing what is growing in the New Age movement."
Paul, the information here aids to keep your eyes sharp and your ears tuned into the subtly of deception that is the bedrock of NA. With this knowledge, you and your loved ones are more diligent in prayer for protection against evil, and you're better armed with the exposed truth in order to share it with those who will listen and join you in prayer and diligence.
Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because thou hast rejected knowledge, I also will reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of God..."
God has called many peoples out of the the NA and they have in return spent their lives warning others, giving God the glory, against the Hidden Dangers.
Please consider this when commenting about the necessity for those who digg up hidden info to warn others with.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

I agree with you both that a place is needed where people can obtain reliable data on the occult/New Age Movement from those of us who are not afraid to call things by their right names.

People need to understand how this totalitarian syndicate is infiltrating and hijacking mainstream religious and political organizations worldwide for the purpose of deploying them in the service of its own iniquitous agenda - which often involves using these organizations as fronts.

If it were just a matter of a few crackpots holding seances and playing with Tarot cards and Ouija boards, that would be one thing.

But it is not.

And that was the point of my last post about Russia and the article entitled THE OCCULT ROOTS OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION.

The article describes how the irrational gnostic underground in pre-Revolutionary Russia larded its revolutionary propaganda with "Christian" terminology in order to make the hell it was about to impose upon the Russian people look like "heaven on earth."

If it appears that hell is about to be reimposed - not only on Russia, but on all of Europe as well - we can do one of two things.

We can all fatalistically run for cover and remain quiet as mice in our little "holy huddle" while waiting for the sky to fall....or we can courageously put on the armour of God and fight the good fight in the humble knowledge that
Dear Susanna:

Well said. Thank you!

I agree with both Dorothy and Paul on this one. We are instructed, Scripturally, not to be ignorant of the devices of Satan. The best way to recognize a counterfeit is to know the characteristics of the real thing.

I would never had recognized the New Age Movement for the error it was, had I not first known the Scriptures.

A little off topic, but I found this an interesting piece of info or disinfo may be more appropriate.
Its from the Centre for research on globalization, regarding the skirmish in Georgia. A must read!!

That was a really good comment!
Dear Constance and SV,

Thank you for your kind words.

Like you, Constance, I would never have recognized either the heretical gnosticism of old or the New Age Movement - which is largely an "old error with a new label" - had I not first known the Scriptures.

As I saw anon. 1:36 and skeleton. I was going to right it in if not found, but you do good research. I do believe it comes from anatomical drawings done by a surgeon and teacher, possibley earlier, however kudos to you for a good eye and research.

I cannot comment on what it might mean, but I am familiar with the sketletons and also the anotomical drawings with musculature as well, drawn by the same artist/doctor.

JB in CO

On another comment. Does anyone remember the movie with Matthew Broedrick (sp) called "War Games"? He was using phone lines in what is now fax/internet to communicate. Government most likely has things that we will not see for decades. Closed/secure internet is nothing more than secured phone lines imo., and I'm sure they've been doing it for years.

JB in CO
Hi JB in CO

Thanks for the kudos.

Dr. William Cheselden, in addition to being an accomplished surgeon, was an accomplished artist as well.

Cheselden and his engravers made use of a "camera obscura" to ensure the accuracy of his plates.

" Cheselden is the first person to have used the camera obscura to gain precision in his illustrations. The engravings are beautifully executed by Van der Gucht. In 1720 Cheselden inaugurated lectures on anatomy and surgery at St. Thomas's Hospital."

Again, this is just my opinion, and I could be mistaken, but I think that the appearance of these skeletons all over the place is some kind of "punk" fashion statement - possibly associated with groups like "Sublme."

Also, Halloween isn't all that far off. :-)

And by the way, I do remember that movie WAR GAMES starring Matthew Broderick. I thought it was pretty good.
Regarding the disagreements here:

I for one appreciate everyone's contributions here. The scripture verses are wonderful ways to refresh my memory of forgotten verses, and the links to even the gloomiest sites are helpful reminders to me on a daily basis to stay the course, as the race ahead is very short. Everyone here has something different of value to contribute and whether or not we can handle checking on every single link every single day (I can't) or just pop in out irregularly, it is great to know there is a place that has people on constant stand-by of important news regarding world events and the New Age, especially in these times where the media is feeding us so much dis-information.

The most important thing for me is to stay close to my Lord and savior through prayer and bible reading each day, but I truly would have had a tough time deciphering some of the things I've come across on a personal level of late, without people's help here and there pointing me in the right directions.

Even my weird experience with the noise in the abandoned house in Pa. a few weeks back, and the pictures of the orbs that I sent Dorothy were not met with ridicule, but rather with people here trying to help me sort it all out. Suzanna sent me to a wonderful site on spiritual warfare, Dorothy was good enough to explain to me why she felt I'd had such an awful, creepy experience, Paul even volunteered scientific info regarding sound. In the end, Joyce posted a link last week to some far out website about orbs that was connected to a New Age site and that's when I was really convinced that my experience is just indicative of the fact that we can expect to see more and more occult/demonic activity as a result of the quantum leap in New Age activity in the world right now. So hold on to your seats folks, as Constance always says, things are gonna get even weirder!

I am often too intimidated to post here, as I don't feel as intelligent as many of the people who are regulars here, but I am deeply grateful that there are people here who think and believe the same things I think and believe, which helps me know I am not crazy.
Young Grasshopper,
You definitely should not feel intimidated.
Look at me, as numb as a hake, but I'll comment on
anything, as you can tell. Isn't that right Dorothy ?

Can someone please explain why Tim LaHaye is not looked upon favorably? If it was not for the Left Behind series I would not have good clue about what is going on in todays world. Reading the books, while fiction, opened my eyes quite a bit. Also, if it weren't websites/blogs like the one I am writing on, I would not have a clue to the New Age practices going on in churches. Previous, when I would see in the church bulletin about yoga being held I can't be bad like my grandma said it was IF it was being held in church. SO next time I see yoga being offered I am going to give my church leaders an earful.
Young Grasshopper,

You listen to Paul! And to me! You are just as intelligent as any of us here, so don't sell yourself short.

Besides, the brains any of us has are a gift from God to be humbly used in His service. Ergo, none of us has the right to intellectually lord it over anyone else.

So let us know what you are up to. In the "wierd dept." I am sure I could tell you a few tales that would make your hair stand on end.

By the way, how did that art "symposium?" turn out.....the one involving sustainable development and a creepy professor(?) you told us about not too long ago?
I have spent a few hours listening (while doing other work, thankfully) to Paul N. Temple tapes at a 1993 Conference in Washington, D.C. of IONS He tried to say he was a good Christian, but seldom have I heard such sophisticated mocking of true Christians. Barbara Marx Hubbard bragged about how they changed some hostile Gold Lake minds by the Hot Tub experiences and some of their encounter / "trust me" games. She wants everybody to have lots more experiences with Christians to convert us all. I have succeeded in transferring some tapes to mp3 format so I can listen in my car!

Please refresh your browser (F5 does it on my IBM compatibles) to view the Florida IONS page and see just how bad Paul Temple's organization really is!
SV ,

Catching up on my own site -- your post was so very thoughtful and excellent! Thanks!

So very welcome! I'm very grateful for your work. I don't know how you do everything that you do.
God bless you. :-)
Is that crop circle that's just posted the same one as this one in Wiltshire on 8-8-08? With the interesting white horse in on the green hill in the background?


In response to your post:

"I am often too intimidated to post here, as I don't feel as intelligent as many of the people who are regulars here..."

Be of comfort and great cheer to know that while I am posting I always borrow my wife's "Ruby Slippers" and click my heels together and whisper "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" while I hum my theme song borrowed from the scarecrow "If I only had a brain"...

So not to worry grasshopperson, your posts have been very helpful and honest. Keep posting, if I can post from my "sack of hammers approach" you needn't be concerned about feeling too intimidated to post.

Hang in there...

It cut off when I posted that, sorry.
Dear Mary:

Mixed feelings on Tim LaHaye and clearly his books helped wake many up. My biggest quarrel with him was with his networking with Unification Church and Ted Turner. Rev. Moon claims to be the "Lord of the Second Advent". He says Jesus failed in his mission. Many churches were corrupted because Tim LaHaye and Jerry Fallwell (and others) compromised, giving Rev. Moon aid and comfort and failing to warn their congregations of the New Age Movement -- to receive financial help.

Tim LaHaye and I had a telephone fight about this in 1986 -- I suggested that since he and I both agreed that Rev. Moon was dangerous and we both agreed that he was using Tim LaHaye's name to advantage that perhaps Tim LaHaye should publicly denounce him -- "that way he can't use your name to advantage any more, . . " I said.

He literally snarled at me, "I'll be the judge of that." Then Bev LaHaye warned all her network not to give me a platform of any type. After that conversation with Tim LaHaye, I was the new "enemy."

I got the word out on the New Age Movement, literally thanks to him, although one of his books co-authored with another does give me some credit.

I was saddened by this exchange as I thought the LaHayes had done good work in the past. Additionally, his Council on National Policy (CNP) has caused enormous compromise issues.

As Jesus said, "take the wheat, leave the chaff."

Many people have succumbed to financial inducements put out by New Agers such as Paul N. Temple and Unification Church (Rev. Moon) and consequently have failed to sound clear warnings.

One other issue is the eschatological theme of LEFT BEHIND. One of the few passages in scripture to which the word "deceive" is clearly attached is found in 2nd Thessalonians, the 2nd Chapter.

This passage clearly teaches that our gathering together to our Lord will not occur until "the falling away" and the "revealing of the man of perdition" (the antichrist) take place FIRST.

The danger of that: "This can't be the antichrist, this can't be the mark of the beast . . . I'm still here."

Jesus warned that many would fall away and betray one another and we would be hated of all men for his name's sake. Query: Could those falling away have lost their faith because persecution for which they were unprepared came?

Something to think about. I would love to see the pre-tribbers right, but the BIG MESSAGE is TRUST GOD NO MATTER HOW IT COMES DOWN -- HE'S GOT THE BIG PICTURE, WE'VE GOT THE LITTLE ONE.


Thanks for your question and input, Mary.

My radio guest tomorrow at Sarah Leslie's recommendation is Pastor Larry DeBruyn of Franklin Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. He is originally from Michigan. I'm originally from Indiana!

He is the author of Herescope's (link is on my blog) two recent articles.

Correction on last post

I got the word out on the New Age Movement NO THANKS to Tim LaHaye, no thanks to Pat Robertson, no thanks to Walter Martin . . .

Pat Robertson's opposition was the most vicious and underhanded.

Trying again.


As Constance commented on the help she didn't get from some big names in the religious community, I thought I'd add some additional thoughts on the matter.

When I do something, I tend to do it whole heartedly. And so it has been with the research I've done in this area since 1979, leading into its connection with New Age information in 1982. I've contributed huge amount of time, while working full time though now I'm retired, and huge amounts of money, taking it away from necessities over those years because I believed in the cause. There are many who know this based on the information I've been able to provide to them.

Some of us work behind the scenes. It doesn't mean we do less than those whose names are out in the public. How we are treated tells a lot about the weaknesses and strengths of those who use our information. While Constance has taken many hits she also has received recognition for her work, and I'm sure that feels good.

We who don't get public recognition are dependent on those who use our information. It would be hard to keep working in the fields year after year without recognition. The recognition we get is our pay. While it's very nice that we are told we'll get our reward in heaven, flesh is weak. Yes, I know we have done it voluntarily, but that doesn't make anonimity easier. That's why truly religious people will take a cue from 2 Corinthians 10:15 or Ethics of the Fathers both advising to give credit where it is due.

Constance is one of the moral people who give credit to others. Early on I was acknowledged in her second book. I've appreciated this. I've been given credit from some others who put my name in the acknowlegement section of their books which were on other topics. My name is going into a small booklet written in Hebrew, which I can't read, because I've provided information to this rabbi. I didn't ask for these acknowledgements, although they have been truly appreciatd. It says much about those giving it.

But there are others who take without giving. The big name organizations and their leaders most often do this. Generally they don't give out information without getting something in return. Their leadership tends to make great salaries and so they put themselves on pedastals. They get so much in the way of recognition and donations that they assume that everything coming their way is something to which they are entitled.

Constance is a big name rare exception. She has made very little from her books and has not asked for donations over all of these years. As I understand it, when donations were sent when her first book came out, she returned them as she didn't want to be accused of making a profit from her research.

I definitely am not a big name. While my first goal has always been to get the information out freely in any way possible so that it can be used, I admit that I've been hurt when it has been used without attribution. One Christian minister who put out a book on New Age assumed that I would continue to freely provide him with research because it was "my mission." I remember how hurt I was when ADL staff used research I had provided them to give a presentation to Jewish leadership, taking credit for it, while I sat two floors below typing index cards. I only learned about it by accident. After several years of my providing them with leads I was never even offered a ticket to one of their dinners. Very early on my friends were sending big donations to Falwell while I was giving them more information than Falwell ever did. We who have worked behind the scenes can cite many examples of this kind of treatment.

Time has shown that those named who didn't help Constance spread the warnings about New Age were compromised. It could be that they they are the kind of people who put themselves above the message they claim to deliver. We can learn about people from how they treat others rather than what they claim to be.

We all can give credit to others. It costs nothing. It makes the world a better place.

"UN Begins Transfer of Kosovo Authority to EU
The agreement may be technical in nature, but Serbia views Monday's accord between the UN and the EU in Kosovo as being illegal. The EU mission has little legal backing, but it is insinuating itself into the newly independent country."

from SPIEGEL, 8.19.:
(Party Unity My A$$, Clinton supporters)

"bmw60 on 08.19.08 at 7:26 am
**** Words of Encouragement from the Universe****
TO FIND THE SHORTEST PATH to any dream, work with ideas, not facts. Dwell upon the end result, not the hows. And rely upon the Universe, not yourself."

I guess channeling the universe is a step up from channeling an ascended master, but it has to be pretty noisy.

Hi Constance,

I mostly just lurk here but wanted to chime in while we're giving credit where it is due. I've learned much from your research and that of others contributing here and I'm very grateful. I wait with bated breath for part 3 of the series!

I do link to your articles here and recommend it when I can, but of course most people just roll their eyes and mutter about conspiracy theories.

And no matter what the topic, I'm finding the same kinds of reactions to a lot of basic Christian principles. People who seem to have it together on many things suddenly grow fangs and their eyes turn red when you cross them on a pet doctrine. It's very telling.

And with all that buttering up, now it might be safe for me to tell you I am a pre-tribber, but one who has never read LaHaye. Of course I disagree with your view on 2 Thes., but agree that whatever one believes about the timing, we should above all exhibit the love of Christ, and know which topics are central to the gospel and which are not.

Persecution of Christians is nothing new, so any believer who is unprepared for it, now or in any past generation, is not taking their spirituality seriously. People fall away because of neglecting the principles of spiritual growth that has been necessary since the first century.

But again, thanks for all you do.
Dorothy, I think the noise is OMM<0>
I hear what you are saying about the attitude of some “Christian” leaders; they sometimes remind me of police officers: “I’m ‘authority’ I’m untouchable, you, just sit there and listen, do as I tell you and shut-up.” I Peter chapter five gives a warning to leaders in the church NOT to Lord over the flock. The fruit of the Spirit is, in part, gentleness; I’m afraid there is not much of that any more.
“Knowledge [a good thing in its proper perspective] puffs up, but love edifies.” I think we are afraid that our world will collapse if we are wrong. Sometimes it is mind control and manipulation; I HATE it. Did you ever see the movies: THE MATRIX series? “Smith” [a computer program] says something like: “Leave it to a human to struggle, motivated with the notion of love.” “God is love. . .” and we rest in that fact. The universe is here because of God’s “GOOD pleasure.” God is GOOD. Isa. 53 proves it. It wasn’t our sins only, as though that wasn’t enough, that Jesus shared and took away, but our sorrows as well; if we let Him.
HK said: “Be of comfort and great cheer to know that while I am posting I always borrow my wife's "Ruby Slippers" and click my heels together and whisper "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" while I hum my theme song borrowed from the scarecrow "If I only had a brain"...”
This is intelligence! This is gentleness, and is what we are to be about. We are to have a fragrance of life; Hk is a sweet aroma to all who follow this trail of thought and information.
I thank DOROTHY MARGRAF for her kind comments. She has been a most loyal friend, brilliant and tenacious researcher over the years. I've always had her shoulder to cry on through a long, grueling and often painful process.

However, in the interests of full disclosure. There were contributions I returned because I had so much mail and so little assistance on times when I was sometimes on the road for weeks that letters with generous donations did not get opened and checks did not get cashed.

I did accept people sending contributions for the work with thank you letters. The contributions were put to good use -- but for the most part it has been out of my own pocket.

Also, I cannot conscientiously bill clients for time I've spent on this, so it has negatively impacted cash flow. We live extremely modestly (Dorothy has seen my house -- she is one of the very few. One thing I have refused to do is beg for money. I have also refused to market my research (although clearly I should finish the book, although here's betting no one will have the guts to publish). . . My husband who is disabled from a 1979 accident has been a saint through this process. He complains that he married a lawyer and instead got an "impoverished prophet" (his words, not mine . . .)

My position is that anybody seeing what Dorothy and I have seen coming has a duty to warn . . . I could not conscientiously ignore a raging fire without calling 911 -- neither could I have ignored this.

Thanks to Dorothy and thanks to all the other loyal friends here on this forum!

I don't always agree with the views here (who does?) but well done, Constance, Dorothy and the others who post. Stay alert and keep watching! Finish the race well. Praying for you.
I'm up early. in Court for 8:30 motion call on a case for which I am a court appointed Guardian ad Litem. I am researching Part III of my News with Views 4 part series on New Age infiltration and subversion of church and government. I am working on the Unification Church (Rev. Moon) aspect of this right now. If anybody has good links and/or materials, I will appreciate inputs.

P.S. John Gorenfeld's book BAD MOON RISING is interesting!

thanks Constance for your invitation to your Radio Show on Friday afternoon, which I gladly consent! farmer
Looking into the Brookings Institution / Global governance "Managing Global Security Crowd" -- this from their July 14th/15th meeting just past. This was the Berlin meeting. The USA meeting rin June featured Nebraska Senator Charles Hagel (R-Nebraska) Quite frankly either he or Solana had the same script writer or they were writing from the same script! You can read his full transcript from the Brookings site. Here are tantalizing excerpts from the Berlin meeting of which Solana is one of the 3 convenors.

Sig Heil??!!

"Heads of international organizations and foreign policy leaders from around the world met
in Berlin, Germany July 15-16, 2008 to discuss the future of international security and
cooperation. Convened by the Managing Global Insecurity Project (MGI) in partnership
with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the event, “Responsible Sovereignty: International
Cooperation for a Changed World,” focused on the idea that in a transnational world, all
states share duties to their citizens and to each other in tackling common threats like
terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and global climate change. The event was hosted by three
members of MGI’s Advisory Group - Strobe Talbott, Brookings President; Javier Solana,
European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy; and
Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference - in partnership with
Gunther Thielen, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Bertlesmann Stiftung.

"The meeting participants addressed operational strategies to build a revitalized international
order around the theme of “responsible sovereignty.” They also debated MGI’s
recommendations to the next American President, key international partners, and heads of
international institutions on how to galvanize international cooperation to manage global
climate change, nuclear proliferation and regional crises and internal conflict.

"The proceedings were opened by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Steinmeier said, "We are in the midst of a
global reorientation, a collective process of adjustment in reaction to these new challenges.
We need to come up with new concepts to master them. "Responsible Sovereignty" – as you
term it in your project – refers to the most important part of this new approach: shared
responsibility among the members of the international." Ban congratulated MGI for coming
to grips with . . .
NEWS FLASH: FARMER (Bjorn Freiberg) has startling new information for us which he will tell the world on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio Friday afternoon, 5 p.m. Eastern time, 2 P.M. Pacific time. You Europeans and New Zealanders will have to fill in the blanks on the time there!

Thanks, Farmer!

Hi Constance,

You wrote:

"The meeting participants addressed operational strategies to build a revitalized international
order around the theme of “responsible sovereignty.”

Does that translate into a "Kinder Gentler Reich?"
To HK, Paul, Dorothy, Susanna and the others:

Thanks a bunch for making me feel better about my brain!

My computer service has been down for the past couple days because of the storm here in Florida, but I wanted to make sure I thanked y'all while I'm up and running.

I also managed a new blog post today if anyone wants to check in. The many Todd Bentley lovers here in Florida that I know won't be happy with me, but as someone here just mentioned, if the ministers were doing their job, the New Age and the Todd Bentleys of the world would have failed instantly!

Susanna, regarding your question about the art exhibit, thanks to me the name of the exhibit went from "Sustainability and Mother Earth" to " Celebrating our beautiful planet". That changed the focus entirely and most people in the gallery were relieved. I have used the opportunity to put in a plug for my marvelous Creator and Savior while maintaining the theme, so it all turned out just fine.
Young Grasshopper,

You wrote:

"regarding your question about the art exhibit, thanks to me the name of the exhibit went from "Sustainability and Mother Earth" to " Celebrating our beautiful planet". That changed the focus entirely and most people in the gallery were relieved. I have used the opportunity to put in a plug for my marvelous Creator and Savior while maintaining the theme, so it all turned out just fine."

My response: Yesssssss! Praise God! And a big high five!

See YG? I knew you could handle the situation.
Dear YG,
My daughter just got her books for her college classes today. She's an Art major [been a natural from birth :-)] Of course, we're browsing through her textbook and we are coming across some interesting subject matter in the course: "Pygmalion's Message" "Mythology of the Left" (which goes into all of the male/female modes of processing i.e. anima, alma, shakti, yin for female; virtu, yang for male). "Giorgio Vasari : describes a transcendental connection to the divine through art that is rational, ineffable, and beautiful that he called 'connection the mystic way' and suggested that through it, art can edify the public and raise spiritual conciousness.", etc...
This stuff is pretty much throughout the entire book. I'm so grateful for your timely testimony! She will need to be open to the beautiful art that her Sovereign God has inspired in her to glorify Him with, and yet stand firmly against all of the pressure to conform in this particular professional field.
God bless you.
Off subject a little.Knowing the future is something people have been striving for from the beginning. How did we ever determine who was right in their forsight? Simply if the prediction came true. Some predictions were short term. Some were thought to be, but were found fulfilled hundreds and sometimes thousands of years ahead. What is common throughout these prophecies are that the human giving them was persecuted every time by the multidudes or seas. We have seen some frightening predictions by men such as Nostradamus, Mohammad, John, Ezekiel, Daniel. They all are relate believe it or not. Some have one author, the others another. The two authors are in a battle of power. Look at history and judge for yourself. Im going to make mine now. I base mine on one the two aurthors predictions. The current crisis we have going on in Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia i'm afraid, is more important than most may realize. The begin game reason for this current crisis was set in motion was the Abkhazia and especially Ossetia pulling off from Georgia. They are different ethnic cultures for god's sake. We know what conflicting ethnics leads to. It mirrors the Kosovo situation at first. But it is much much more. It has given Russia an excuse for its future goals to be achieved. It has now taken over the east side of a 7.7 milloin metric tons of cargo a year port. Gori and Poti make up the two sides. Russia is now in control of Gori. When I say excuse to achieve future goals, a troubling event has happened they may do just that. The bear has discovered Israeli weapons and training within the Georgian military. We know Russia wants the Dead Sea. Russia's game is to control energy and supply. The same as the Western Elite. Thats where we run into another problem. The Western Elite somehow act as if they thought Russia was being truthful about their priorities. I suspect Russia will peacefully negotiate their port takeover, via the UN, Nato. They have now a easy reason to counter US anti missle stations throught Europe by pumping their own military technology into Jihadist countries. I believe Russia will seek to somehow maintain NATO observer status, as well as their seat in the UN security coucil, not to mention the G8. My question is will anyone stand with Israel. The Aurthor will!

There is another important criteria for judging prophecies--the holiness of the seers. In judging that holiness, we should keep in mind that Scripture says we can't serve God and mammon.
Something from today's Jerusalem Post, that's interesting:

Looks like the Ezekiel 38& 39 prophecies are lining up..

To SV:

There is no doubt that the New Age runs rampant throughout the various art fields, and your daughter needs to be very careful and stay rooted in her faith.

Before I became a painter, I was the artistic director of a ballet company for 10 years. I can tell you that New Age philosophy/radical liberalism/humanism, etc. are the norm and in fact of intrinsic importance in these fields, unfortunately. I guess it is the fact that artists work from a more intuitive, right brained, creative approach to their craft (I apologize for these words, I didn't know what other words I could use!), which usually brings them to the very brink of the black hole that is the New Age portal. At that point, there is the choice that the artist must make. Do I investigate further and possibly increase my creativity by expanding my consciousness? Most artists say yes to this because it is in the artist's creative nature to explore unknown terrain. That, I believe is why there are so many New Age practitioners in the artistic fields.

I can say that I still become tempted myself, sadly, though I am safe through my knowledge. Case in point- recently while reading Constance's blog post I followed a link to The Institute of Noetic Science's website. I was exploring the site and came across an invitation to try their interactive PSI games:

I must say that this webpage just totally piqued my inquisitive and creative nature and I was tempted to try it. But I didn't , because I know better, thanks to being firmly rooted in the bible.

So yes, be vigilant regarding your daughter- New Age professors gravitate to this field and innocent students are pulled into it through the teacher's syllabus. In addition, Foundations like Pew are notorious for giving grants to the most outlandish, disgusting, over-the -top and therefore "cutting edge" artist venues, which just encourages dancers, choreographers and visual artists to delve deeper and deeper into the dark side for recognition and financial award.

I don't wish to frighten you, but I have seen too much of this in my lifetime, and you cannot underestimate it's power to affect a young artist's mindset.
SV, and YG

Also as a graduate of an arts education I can tell you that they do attempt in your 4-5 years to completely brainwash you into their new forms of thinking. I always had this inner nagging that said what they were saying was false, but there was tremendous pressure to conform to the professors mindset. On the few occasions I stood my ground, my grade was definately affected.

However, fortunately we have a God who saves, and called me back from my warped thinking.

It is possible to get through it with your faith intact, good luck!

re: anonymous 2:46

Meanwhile Obama wants to disarm the US....
I'd like to add a bit to what Young Grasshopper said...

Look at Waldorf Schools for a clue to this mindset getting more and more mainstream. Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf School movement, founded the German branch of the Theosophical Society. He subsequently broke with the Theosophists and created what he came to call Anthroposophy, which is little more than Theosophical concepts presented in Christian terminology.

Waldorf Schools are arts-based schools. They encourage experimentation in every subject.

An organization called PLANS opposes Waldorf Schools and attempts to expose the occultism behind the movement.

You can see a list of famous graduates here. I assume that those of you in the arts field will recognize the names, or some of them at least.
You've heard that there was to be an allowed protest zone during the Olympics in China. Two elderly women wanted to protest that the government took over their homes with the promise of an apt. in a new development. It never materialized. or

This isn't something new. Recently it happened to the Jews who the Israeli government kicked out of Gaza, and I was just reading where reading about how this happened in Boston in the
1950s. Government promises are the equivalent of those of horny 16year old boys.

The money paragraph here is the following:

"During the past two decades, China has embraced a market economy and shed some of the more onerous restrictions that dictated where people could live, whom they could marry and whether they could leave the country. But when it comes to political dissent and religious freedom, the government has been unrelenting."

This tells me that these are the two most important things that make a government totalitarian and what we can forsee in the "New Age."

Working in Chicago I was able to regularly pick up the student newspaper of the Art Institute of Chicago. The Art Institute is connected with the major art museum in Chicago. Here is the website of that paper.

I would suggest parents regularly get copies of publications that are connected with the school their children attend. You can learn what is being pumped into their heads along with the technical skills needed to succeed.


That such an offensive story would appear in a student newspaper connected with a major art museum should tell you about the state of our culture.

I hadn't checked Farmer's blog for several days only to go over there today to find three new overwhelming articles. There is no way to sum them up here. Read them before hearing him on Constance's Friday Microeffect show.

Are we on the brink of some rationalized elimination of population? It might be.

Do any of your churches touch on the end times? I read Constance's blog, Farmers blog, GH blog and I at times will read the Isreal Insider, etc etc and am just blown away....IF I ONLY listened to my sermons in church and ONLY watched CNN, MSNBC, etc - I would still be thinking that the end times are way way way out there. What do I have to worry about? I am so frustrated that nothing of this nature is being discussed in my church.
YG, Leana, Carrie, and Dorothy-
Thanks for the research and for sharing your expertise. I really appreciate it so much! I'm more than a little concerned sending my baby girl into the lion's den of the art world! Even more reason for me to be here on this site where I can ask the right questions and get help with the answers that might help protect her as she progresses in this field.
To Dorothy (8:09) who wrote:

"We can learn about people from how they treat others rather than what they claim to be."




You’re advice, to look up (but only occasionally??) is well taken. The "be wise as serpents" advice is also noted, but both are often misunderstood. Indeed, what does it mean, "be wise as a serpent"?

I just spent five days in Glacier National Park, with a few of God’s chosen people, so no need for any kind of retreat or motivational speaker. Mountains do a really good job of declaring God’s glory. Since I’ve probably spent more time above timberline than everyone else on this blog combined, (unless we have some Swiss bloggers I am unaware of), I am without excuse.

Google’s stated goal is to “know everything”. That is, everything that can be known under the sun. God’s word is clear, knowledge of “all things under the sun” leads to great sorrow, (and in some cases, great bitterness.) Now that's wisdom.

Is it really a revelation to say that all those pretty rocks people on this blog spend so much time turning over only appear attractive when viewed from the sunny side up? How many rocks does someone have to turn over to realize that creepy crawly things really do live under them?

In these darkening days, what it is you are still looking for? Will you not be satisfied until you turn over that most beautiful of rocks and come face to face with the devil himself? Tell me what part of the Spider’s Web is still unspun? Who is immune from falling into it’s sticky strands? Who has eyes to see? Who gives us clarity of thought? How do we escape when trapped?

I was keen to help identify some of the Spider’s sticky strands by sharing what I found under a few of the rocks I've turned over in my brief lifespan. But now I’ve had enough rock flipping. My reason is simple and plain, in spite of the fact that some here try to twist and spin and minsinterpret what I intend.

Pandora’s Box is a metaphor for the Ark of the Covenant. The contents of that majestic box contain the broken laws of God. Yet for our sakes, Jesus Christ covered that box with his blood. So why insist on prying the lid off and picking through the rubble? What is the fascination, no the benefit, of sifting through all the sins of mankind? As you say, all things will indeed be revealed, but surely you don’t think it is your (our?) job to do the reavealing? (Google certainly does, beware!)

It’s a fact that it’s much easier to point out the darkness in others than deal with the creepy crawlies that inhabit the darkness of our own souls. I recently heard of a pit bull that hovered over and protected his master’s body for a week after the man had died in some remote location. Such loyalty is indeed commendable, yet how tragic to think that this noble beast would never again feel the gentle touch from his master’s hand. That dog would have starved to death had he not been found.

Newsflash: The world is indeed at the tipping point, sliding into the time foretold in John’s vision. Does anyone who blogs here doubt that the seals are breaking and the scrolls are rolling open? Soon, the Lord Jesus returns, the trumpet will sound…. “And the dead in Christ will rise first.” To grow in knowledge, but neglect to grow in love, to understand the times we are living in, and do nothing to save our neighbor, that is the most tragic thing I can think of.

As for me, I've chosen to cast my eyes upwards as much as possible from now on. My gaze has been habituated to looking down too much at the rocky ground, and this blog has the potential to cause others to look down too much as well. In spite of all my years traversing the mountain wilderness, I’ve been guilty of not looking up nearly enough. We (those in Christ Jesus) are called to share the Good News, not shout the bad from the rooftops. I, for one, have been disobedient.

p.S. If Keys went to live with the Lemurians on Mt. Shasta, that’s really sad. He’ll soon be forgotten. But if he came to know and experience the grace of our lord Jesus Christ, well then, some of us might just be able to rejoice with him later on. And if that elk hide arrow quiver I made for him (sent with a prayer and a cross of Christ symbol beaded onto the hide) had anything to do with his salvation, well then, you’ll find that piece of skin laying at the feet of our Lord.
Young Grasshopper:

The book "Art and Scholasticism" by Jaccques Maritain was highly recommended to me many years ago by a very fine writer and honors graduate in the field of English Literature.

I confess I have never read it, but the title has always stayed in my mind. You might want to look into that book to counter all the New Age noise (garbage) you describe.
Oldmanoftheski seems to make several assumptions about what has (or hasn't) happened in the lives of people here, and how they live their lives when they are not posting here for that matter.

Maybe climbing so many mountains has given him some sort of "Onmiscence complex."
Dear OldManoftheski, there is so much happening inside the great mind God stitched in your skull that as part of the BODY I hope you’ll continue posting your viewpoint; remember that God has saved souls through Constance’s ministry and that includes this blog; I think that is a great deal! Watching and warning can be a grind, but there is a side to this blog that, though I’m not a part off, is very dear, human, personal and rewarding; just look at all the fun we have had with Paul’s melodies! What of Dorothy’s antics and wit, Joyce’s historical insights, Farmer’s brilliant research and Rudi’s prayers, scriptures, and plain good insight and hard work? There is a loveliness of soul among many of the infrequent posters who desire the sense of bonding with brethren in these difficult days, nights. In a sense we are having “church” right here, we’re climbing another kind of mountain, and as a mountain climber myself, both have vistas worth the strain.
God bless you,

You wrote:

"I believe Russia will seek to somehow maintain NATO observer status, as well as their seat in the UN security coucil, not to mention the G8. My question is will anyone stand with Israel. The Aurthor will!"

Check this out.

Thank you Isitilord,

I am not saying that Constance's lifelong work is without merit. Praise God for those who have been turned towards God by her work. I have noticed that many who blog here seem to take great pride in posting their latest scoops. Are they sounding a warning, or are they merely looking for acknowledgment or a pat on the head? There is no joy when yet another rock has been turned over revealing even more sin.

The NA movement, and yes, even the compromise and outright errors Constance has revealed within "the evangelical church" are really nothing "new". Sin abounds.

The simple sad fact is people who follow NA teachings are doomed, and the seven churches with their various faults, each comprised of so-called "Christian believers" demonstrating various levels of faith, (or lack thereof) have already been described for us. (In which of the seven churches do we fellowship?)

I've been asking myself, "How much knowledge (of the world) do I need?"

"Vanity of vanities," says the Preacher,
"All is vanity."

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:

Fear God and keep His commandments,
For this is man's all.

For God will bring every work into judgment,
Including every secret thing,
Whether good or evil.

Ecclesiastes 12: 8 and 13-14

And even the mountains (which I have loved from my youth) will be laid low and cast into the sea.

God bless you too.
I get that tired feeling too, “even we ourselves groan within ourselves”, yet the Church of Philadelphia was not criticized for anything, but through its weakness, was assured by keeping His Word and name, that He would keep them from That hour.
This blog gets much information from anonymous, which appears to be a more humble attitude than you give credit. This blog is not TMZ, and I doubt that uncovering sin is its main goal. “That which makes manifest is light. . .”
I pray that you don’t “weary in well-doing.”
Information on the real identity of 'Miriam the prophet' (referenced above) can be viewed here..
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