Friday, February 15, 2008

Sleep well: Javier Solana and Company are Protecting you!

Last year, this time, Javier Solana spoke in New York City to the Arthur Burns Foundation, a German-American journalist group. "Dear Javier" was introduced as the "face and voice of Europe" by the German Ambassador to the USA. It appears he celebrated Valentine's Day, once again, not with wife Concepcion, but in New York City, this time to celebrate the opening of a foundation designed to shred, if not obliterate, national sovereignty: "Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect."

In his own imicable words:

"Responsibility to Protect:
"I welcome the launch today of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. The
Centre will help to ensure that the concept of the Responsibility to Protect, which was
adopted at the 2005 World Summit, is further developed and applied by the international
The Responsibility to Protect means that all States must exercise their sovereignty with
responsibility and that the international community will not stand by and allow other
States to inflict harm on their own populations. The Centre's mission to promote and
catalyze international action to prevent and halt crimes against humanity is shared by the
"It is not enough for the international community merely to say "never again" when
atrocities are committed. We have to fulfil our Responsibility to Protect with action to
prevent crimes against humanity."

But, who's going to protect us from "Dear Javier" and the "Global Centre"?
Well well, Dr Solana is beginning to show his hand openly!!! BUT Psalm 27:13 and 14 immediately came into my mind when I read your article Constance - "I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord."
As things unfold before our eyes and with the Lord opening things to be seen, He will protect what you are doing.
God bless you Constance.
Constance - Your verbage and strong character remind me of my previous manager from an extended office of the company I work for. She is one of the finest women I know. She holds a wealth of knowledge and passes it on freely. Arrogance has not made way into her heart. She remains humble and strives to bring others into positions of leadership.

Over the course of two years I have watched as you encouraged some of your bloggers (students) to branch out and post their research. Many voices shall be heard. You continue to mentor and encourage these individuals (or missionaries) Rich from Medford, Dorothy, Farmer, & Rudi. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. You also learn from them. I appreciate being able to visit their sites and glean from their indepth research.

Thank you for encouraging people to serve the Lord and be their best. You are an amazing lady. Take care and God bless.

And for those who blog on this site, I appreciate your presence as well. This site is a privilege and I hope it remains in tact for years to come, lest the Lord return soon.
THanks to both "Sharon downunder in nz" and anonymous 12:21 for the kind words. I also want to especially thank fellow Midwestern lawyer "Rose" for the delightful surprise I received at my office today. God bless you all!
Oops, "Anonymous 12:22" Sorry!
Hello Constance,

I am delighted the flowers arrived safely and I hope they keep their bloom for a while!

The most interest aspect of this latest speech, to my ears, is this clever turn of phrase "The International Community." I predict this phrase will become ubiquitous in the coming months and years.

I concur with the lovely words of anon 12:22 and am reminded of some words of the recently canonized saint Mother Theodore Guerin--another soldier for Christ who put down stakes in a beautiful part of your home state, Indiana:

"What does it matter what becomes of us, provided God’s work be accomplished?" -Mother Théodore Guérin

“Money makes the GLOBE go around.” Hum, something not quite right there.
Well, I see the New Agers have another plan to bankrupt America. Interesting how the high minded Europeans enjoy watching us give our children’s future to the rest of the world. Some time ago a German company bought the American company I worked for, and proceeded to lay-off 98% of us; fourteen years and one Monday morning it was armed security at the door. Such is the state of things, and what’s to come. The good Word from psalms 27 is the encouragement we all need.
Thanks for the reminder!
In last night's show, Constance mentioned Thomas Merton's gruesome death in connection with the dangers of "trying on" New Age practices. If the Catholic Church has produced a proto-Matthew Fox, its most certainly Thomas Merton.

Merton's apostate theology and personal life both became increasingly problematic over the years, as this very informative link demonstrates:
Constance, last month my husband and I bought a new car which has XM Radio. What station do we need to find in order to listen to your program? Also, which days of the week and time? (We live in the Central time zone.)

Thank you.
Ijust watched the movie "the rock" with nicholas cgae - sean connery - connery's characters name was mason - cage paleyd in the recent movies national treasure - masonic premise masonic secrets -the intersting thing about this movie - connery's character "mason" held microfilm in a secret hiding place for years - it was supposed to have all the US secrets on it - form the JFK aasination to roswell - cage gets a hold of it at the end when "mason"gives up the secret hiding place of the microfilm - lsat line of the movie by cage "honey, do you want to know who killed jfk" -

Doug in MI,

The amount of New Age agenda and related things is astronomical both in film and television.

Thanks for the connection.
To Anonymous 10:29 AM:

You can listen to it for sure on the internet by going to and going to the suggested links. Speakers or headphones on your computer are strongly suggested.

There are radio stations, that it is on. Best bet to learn those is to talk to Joe McNeil whose number can be found at

Hi Dawn - you're more than welcome - ans yes - the connections to movies and even music in some cases is huge.
It is why none of us should put our minds on hold when viewing or listening.
It becomes direct programming - not even needing to be subliminal.

The question is does or does not McCain have a connection with the United States-Spain Council
McCain's bio
Honorary Member/Board of Directors/Council of Notables, United States-Spain Council
At this website I couldn't find mention of him. I was unable to find any information about a "Council of Notables" and the United-States Spain Council. However the information at the website is kept very close to the chest. I can't seem to copy what it says there.

I thought this was interesting.
McCain's political team already includes an array of politically influential figures, including Donald Bren, chairman of The Irvine Co., Univision chief A. Jerrold Perenchio, and Orange County investor George Argyros, a former ambassador to Spain appointed by Bush. At this website the information is repeated with this note at the bottom.
"All information about John McCain was provided by John McCain, John McCain's campaign staff, or extracted verbatim from John McCain's website "

So is McCain on the Board of that organization?
Could there be blackmail involved? This letter at Salon states that McCain's time as a prisoner was not that of a military hero.
Stockdale told my friend “we all did things we were ashamed of.” And I wish you all could read about the stuff McCain confessed to in the debriefing. He gave radio broadcasts for the Vietnamese urging US soldiers to be insubordinate. My freind has the texts of seven. He denies making the statements but the transcripts are genuine, mostly from Cuba and Spain
8 January 2008
John McCain: Americans should welcome the rise of a strong, confident European Union
“Americans should welcome the rise of a strong, confident European Union. The future of the transatlantic relationship lies in confronting the challenges of the twenty-first century worldwide: developing a common energy policy, creating a transatlantic common market tying our economies more closely together, and institutionalizing our cooperation on issues such as climate change, foreign assistance, and democracy promotion.”
From “An enduring peace built on freedom”, Foreign Affairs November/December 2007
Posted by in USA, Foreign policy, National politician
With the three in top spots we are trapped, as they say, between a rock and a hard place.


I gave you information on this previously. Watch it carefully as the sides are growing regarding Kosovo going independent. As I see it, it's the US and Solana (EU) vs the FSU (Former Soviet Union).

Today, Kosovo.

Tomorrow Jerusalem?

When is the Vatican City, Mecca, and Salt Lake City's turn?

A very dangerous precedent has been set: Ok to take somebody's religious center! Kosovo is to the Orthodox Serbs as Jerusalem is to the Jews! Now it is no more. UN, NATO, and EU troops have stood by doing nothing while churches were torched!

May the Lord help us all!
Hi Dorothy,
Thanks for the info and the United States-Spain link. I was not able to "copy" from the site either, but I typed it all into a Word doc. and am going to do some further searches with the names, forum dates, and members and see if I can find more info somewhere which might lead to something about McCain. I'll post if I can find anything.It was also of interest for me to note the Councils' creation was announced at a press converence in Madrid by former president of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar, and former Vice President Albert Gore, in 1996. So, they have been active, doing whatever they do, for quite a while.
Rudi, you are superior. A site like this is meant to get others doing their own research and adding to the puzzle pieces. The New Age movement is too big for any one person to cover it all for everyone.

When people do their own work, they invest part of themselves in making the future happen. Otherwise they left the future happen to them.

From Fulfilled Prophecy:

AoC Tailor-Made For Obama-- Obama Blog Site

(Further reduces my feeling of well being. He is tailor-made to push this type of lunacy on America.)

"... Barack Obama offers a fresh change of course for innovative leadership to restore America’s standing in the world and enable the US to once again be the protagonist for peace in the Middle East it has been when peace in this region was at least in sight, if not in reach. As an American residing in Spain, the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC), a United Nations initiative underway since 2004, sounds as tailor-made for Barack Obama as those trendy gray suits he wears. US participation in the Alliance or in some other similar peace initiative, led by an Obama Administration, could result in peace and understanding winning out over war and extremism."

Dave in CA

A radio show I like to listen to from time to time is called "The War Room" with Quinn and Rose. It comes out of Pittsburgh. The host occasionally will point out that the environmental groups are there for the old Marxist so that they have a place since the USSR is no more. He also does many updates on those running for office, and that includes those stories about McCain's time in prison camp.

Another thing- although everyone knows the tv and movies and other media are filled with NA stuff, and especially the comic book industry- after all, much of the NA elements make good stories. But some are so filled with it you can't believe your eyes. It's been awhile since I picked up any lately, butI remember in particular this guy named Jim Shooter. He had been over at Marvel Comics (the guys who make Spider-Man). I don't remember what happened but he left and started his own company, and the stories were quite good, and he is a great writer. But at first his stories just had some touches of NA in themn, that were annoying but ignorable (for me at least). But as the story line moved on, it became clearer and clearer his comics were becoming a mouthpiece for NA orthodoxy. I stopped getting them and his partners eased him out because he was taking the company in a direction they didn't want to go. Later he started another comic company- I don't know what became of it.
One of the comics- I don't think he was the writer of this one, just he editor or publisher or somehting- was Called Archer and Armstrong, as far as I can remember. The main characters were some hedonist who was the Antichrist but was really a fun guy, and his partner was some psychic lady who grew up in a Puritanical environment. Of course those Puritans were the bad guys, telling her how her powers were from the devil, etc. I confess I never actually read the comic, I just read a review on it, and I thought, that's not so good.
A polemic of value, here is an exurb:

“We are still not totally dominated, so we are being allowed to participate in a Sham Election because the CCT fears “We the People” as we are the most heavily armed population in the world, and have the internet to inform people at no cost. The media as part of the CCT is as effective at propaganda as Hitler ever was. This Election is so important, and flawed in so many ways that you should read the following experts on the subject: Devvy Kidd, Frosty Wooldridge, Alan Stang, and Dave Daubenmire in NewsWithViews, dated 2-7-08. The CCT owned media does not perform the constitutional function of a free press and is losing consumers to the internet. Because of this, the internet as we know it is not likely to survive as reported by Brent Jessop in “Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy “weapons system” in “Global Research, 2-2-08”

As someone here has said: as we watch what is happening in Europe, lets not be blind to what is happening here.

“Just as in the days of Noah. . .”

I found this on the net. It gives a more accurate summation of "Archer and Armstrong". Not that it has anything to do with today's news- I just like to be more accurate.
I found an interesting review of a book in the NY Times Book Review section today.(2-17) It is titled Chasing the Flame:Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World by Samantha Power with the review written by Francis Fukuyama. Power is a noted Pulitzer Prize winner who writes about this UN official Vieira de Mello. This man was a Marxist in the late '60s who went on to a long career in the UN as a director of peacekeeping forces only to die in an al-Qaeda attack in Baghdad in 2003. Power's biography informs us about the "neutrality" of Vieira de Mello as idealistic UN official who befriended Slobodan Milosevic among others. The book argues that individual nations like the US should not act unilaterally but instead "sufficient resources' attention and boots on the ground" for the UN to accomplish its mandates must be given by nations. Most interesting is that Samantha Power is an advisor to Barack Obama. We see that the book's purpose is to illustrate the very principals of the Global Center. Interestingly Obama was scheduled in 2005 and 2007 to appear at the Spritual Activism conferences put on by Barbara Marx Hubbard et al. A key theme was the work of Paul Ray-to create the "new political compass" of no more red states blue states, no more east vs west, but instead a new political "north", a rising up to a greator purpose. The theme was spiritual but intended to motivate the new political reality Obama is articulating. Every part of his speech making is tied to these ideas. Paul Ray is involved with Fox and Garrison's Wisdom University.
Anon 4:18, good post this morning. You probably have heard of people passing out at Obama rallies. Well, it reminds me of the faces in the old news reels of the German people as they were “moved” by another character promising them everything, and fed the “pride of life.” As the Israelites rejected Christ, and He warned them that they would accept another; even so are we Americans. The apostle Paul warned us that the grafted branch could easily be cut off.
Someone posted the thought that even her pastor didn’t want to deal with these things pointing to the end of our times.
Thanks again,
In case someone thinks that the News with Views was extreme try this, and don’t forget that the first G. Bush had to use billions of OUR money to rescue the banks. Someones are making out like bandits!
How many will say: “I will sit. . . on the sides of the north.”
Not to make light of another "suicide" death at the UN, but the story linked from Drudge this morning reminds me of an "Omen" movie. The photo that accompanies the article is particularly disturbing. Perhaps all the workers and staff in the employ of the NWO should be in our prayers.
"We are the one's we have been waiting for."

Scroll down to the Hugh Hewitt show to listen to audio clips of Michelle Obama's UCLA speech.

Compare to the Youtube video titled "We are the ones we have been waiting for"
l7KHUbuhgpQ or

McCain was a player in that banking scandal, the Keating Five. He should have been booed off history's stage at that point as someone not trustworthy. Isn't it interesting that four of the five were Democrats. Maybe that's where he learned to say he can work with Democrats as it was very early in his government career.

Obama reminds me of those $1 grab bags found in souvineer stores. They are always wrapped well and promise something of value for almost no cost. It's only after buying one (electing him) that you find you are stuck with getting rid of it as it has no value.

Yes, I can see Obama bringing in a New Age agenda. Not because he is intelligent enough to even know what it is, but because he has been managed from the very beginning and does what he is told. It's how he succeeded in Illinois politics.

In a moment of candor Clinton responded to a reporter who asked him why he stayed in Ireland while a crisis was taking place in the US. He responded that when you get to be president you learn that the decisions are made by others.


Another research tool I just came across. Registration is free. Use it to get information about individuals by name. I checked out Obama and McCain without registering, but it appears you need to register to get bios on some individuals.

Taken from Obama's website, he is a member of Trinty United Church of Christ.

From Trinity United Church of Christ website, we see their affiliation with the "denomination" United Church of Christ

From the World Council of Churches website, we see that the United Church of Christ is a member of the WCC.

From the Alliance of Civilizations website, we see that the WCC is a supporting member.

It doesn't even take 6 degrees of separation to see Obama's connection to the AoC. It stands to reason, he would be a supporter.

Setterman - we also need to remember - Grampa Bush (prior to GHWB)also tried to do an end run around the US government - an "early take over" if you will.

Thanks Leanne

i mean Leana, sorry

Has anyone seen this ?

It sure seems to be well documented.

I don't know...

This is a link on the Bush family

Thanks brother Doug.
And God bless Ms Stuter!

Yours truly,
Anonymous 4:18
Good comment. I'm checking out the details. Powers is definitely an Obama advisor. What is the Global Center to which you refer? Is it an organization or a generic term?

As an aid to those who are watching what is happening in the US, here are a few websites to check out:
Tikkun is Jewish leftist, pushing New Age ideas. Rabbi Lerner was a regular visitor to the Clinton Whitehouse.
From the Network of Spiritual Progressives page there:
"By joining, renewing or donating to Tikkun Magazine's Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP), you help support our work to spread a New Bottom Line of love, kindness, generosity, ethical and ecological sensitivity, peace, social justice, non-violence, and awe, wonder and radical amazement at the grandeur of the universe. Recognizing that our own well being depends on the well being of everyone on the planet and of the planet itself, we at NSP will do our best to spread this consciousness and build a world that embodies these ideals."
Now doesn't that make you feel warm and cuddly!!!
This is what Paul Ray has been doing since Cultural Creatives seemed to be passe'. Don't you want to be part of the Emerging Wisdom Culture at Wisdom University. These guys are masters at puffery and we can only hope pride goes before their fall.
Check out the faculty:

The last comment was a bit long, so here another piece of information on Obama. Isn't the word "Change" coming out of your ears now! Well get ready to hear more.

Living for Change :: Obama and MLK - Guest Columnists
"The new energies being unleashed by Barack Obama hold great promise. But instead of being followers of a charismatic leader, we must be the leaders we’ve been looking for. And we don’t have to start from scratch. We can look to Dr. King’s vision that he was creating at the height of his awareness before he was taken from us."

Lookie lookie lookie what else we have at that website. It appears Paul Ray of Wisdom University also is a hero here.

The Great Divide: Prospects for an Integral Culture
by Paul Ray

"All the ingredients are in place for a new "integral" culture, according to researcher Paul Ray. Some 44 million in the US alone are people Paul Ray has identified as "Cultural Creatives," through his public opinion research. This article is adapted from his report to the Fetzer Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and from an article on the report that appeared in the Noetic Sciences Review."

In Tulsa I found the largest used New Age bookstore I've ever seen. It covered the entire second floor of a building. Who would have guessed Tulsa as a New Age place.
Go down to the bottom to see alliances.

As Marilyn Ferguson said, it's just like a giant spiderweb.

You're welcome Paul - excellent info Dorothy

I checked what I had posted and found that the links which ends in content/view will get a person a message that they they are not authorized to see the site. To bypass that, add
or /91/116
following the word view in the link.

Doug mentioned "Grandpa Bush". Point of interest in this mornings news. "Grandpa" the same "Grandpa"
Bush, (I assume you refer to George H. W. "Papa" and not Prescott) who has spoken with purposefully, selected phrases, expressing his vision of,
"a new world order” and the "diversity" which is America as, "a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky”, has officially endorsed John McCain.
This IMHO, gives us a more solid,
realistic picture of America's future, should he become our next President. As Setterman and others have pointed out, the "playing field of politics" and it's "designated hitters and runners" ( see article by Jon Christian Ryter at 'News With Views-)

clearly may be, manipulated by many
"invisible "umpires" who referee the game called politics from the sidelines—out of sight of the spectators who actually believed the game is honestly played."

This is all too well orchestrated
to be occurring by chance. As oldmanoftheski commented earlier, "there is no such thing as coincidence".
Most of you have viewed the you-tube clips of the "new world order" speeches by George H.W. Bush. Here are the links for those who haven't. Also the link to the "thousand points of light" speech and video of his 1988 National Convention Acceptance Address. First, "new world order" clips.

**"Thousand points of light" speech text and video:


**Bush endorsement of McCain

** article and video Bush endorsement:

To Dorothy-Yes to all of the above research. Lerner was a major presenter/organizer at the Spiritual Activism conferences. The seminal event that gave rise to those conferences was in the summer of 2004 when Lerner and Tikkun co-sponsored a large gathering of political progessives and New Agers in Berkeley to plan for the throwing out of the Republicans. This was a low point for the left following Bush's re-election. The result was these conferences in Seattle(2005) DC(2006) and Tulsa(2007). Other less formal events occurred. I believe Obama was identified early by these progressives after his electrifying speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Following the convention the deeply progressive Howard Dean became its head replacing the Clinton machinery. The Clintons and Dean have been on a collision course ever since. Witness the current flap over accepting the FL / MI delegates. While many progressives of the NA ilk like Danny Glover and Susan Sarandon threw their support to Edwards, believing Edwards to be the more viable canadate, they will back Obama over Hillary. Obama is going to take the convention to deadlock. Then all the rats will surface and Obama will be more transparent. As to the Global Centre, I am referencing the post here by Constance. The Power book discusses " peace enforcement as part of a new, global 'responsibility to protect'". Quote Fukuyama. To end, many thanks to you here esp Dorothy.
Sorry, "point of light speech" is audio not video. Rudi
The tie that binds…

Selected excerpts from: European Union and Freemasonry, Marian Mihila, Ph.D, Assistant to the Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania

“The idea of European unity is considered to be very old, originating, according to some authors, in the Antiquity, when the Roman conquests were considered to be manifestations of such a tendency.”

“At the same time, the documents of the European Communities put forward the idea that the version of a united Europe has its starting point in the Greek Antiquity.”

“We cannot analyse the real context of the creation of the ideas of European union without making a brief incursion in the discreet world of universal masonry.”

“The beginning of the 19th century bring forth in Europe the Mason (emphasis added!) Napoleon Bonaparte who confidently declared: “We need an European code, an European Supreme Court of Justice, one currency, the same measurement and weighing system, the same laws. I must make one people of all the peoples of Europe.”

“At the beginning of the 20th century, the important European masons take over the idea again: Aristide Briand21, the French Foreign Affairs minister, delegate to the League of Nations, proposes, on 8 August 1929, for the first time in the name of a government, the creation of a federal European structure. The Briand plan is elaborated until 1 May 1930 and after 17 days it is brought to the League of Nations for examination.”

“The adepts of the idea of a united Europe are grouped – as I have shown before - in the Pan-European Movement whose supporter was also a mason, Count Richard N.C. Kalergi22 (the son of an Austro-Hungarian diplomat and of a Japanese woman). He was encouraged and financed by a series of American masons who wanted to create thus, according to the American model (the first masonic state in history) the United States of Europe.”

“Being stopped during WWII, in August 1946 the masons take up again their secular dream: they create the European Union of Federalists.”

“On 19 September, in the same year, the mason Churchill holds a speech in which he decalres himself in favour of the creation of the United States of Europe, saying it was urgent that France and Germany get together.”

“Further on was Robert Schuman’s plan, skillfully conceived by Jean Monnet, Deputy secretary General of the League of Nations and by his close associates Etienne Hrisch, Paul Reuter and Pierre Uri.”

“Many of them are members in the European Union Chain (Chaine d’Union Europeenne - C.U.E.), a Freemasons’ group with representatives especially in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France. 25 CUE wants to reunite the European Freemasons irrespective of nationality, obedience, religious and philosophic ideas, race and language. In order to achieve its objective it organizes meetings of the Freemasons, when the problems of future Europe are discussed.”
Oh yeah, I'll be sleeping just great now.
The Obama file. Don't know how much of this site is factual, so read with discretion.

Interesting to see this man has a Beatles-like effect on some women, and men.
Thanks Anonymous, Rudi and Doug. It's nice to have the time spent acknowledged. Rose, I haven't forgotten your kind comments here. It's because I care for you in turn that I keep doing what I do. Every effort we make for each other keeps us safer.

Wow! What an interesting site you've commented from. Lots to read and links to examine. Thanks.

Dorothy, the "Yes" site also is loaded with information. Thankyou.

Everyone is really posting some amazing, helpful and interesting
information. Too many people to name but thankyou to all! -Rudi
One last time and I'll cease talking about him. This guy gives me concern for the US.

Obama the Messiah blog:
Here is a great website that puts all things together:
oldmanoftheski - thanks!
the link and you citing mention count Coudenhove-Kalergi and his paneuropean union. I have done extensive research in the library under the Hofburg in Vienna (same building as OSCE) and this guy was a close friend of Solana grandpa Salvador de Madariaga and they made the first big European-movement, same like "Europe" after the legend, the Kalergis family roots trace to the Byzantine royalty via Venetian aristocracy. In 1300, Coudenhove-Kalergi's ancestor Alexios Phokas-Kalergis signed the treaty that made Crete a dominion of Venice. They moved to Venice into the house in which later componist Richard Wagner died.

Scribb at 7:36 pm.
I'm only partly through looking at all of the information on Obama, going off to look at the sources of information. Overwhelming is the word that fits.

This to my mind in the turning moment in his life. In 1972 his white, athiest (formerly connected Christian) mother sends him to Hawaii to be raised, in effect abandoning him.

"Upon Dunham's divorce from Lolo she sent 10-year-old Barack to live with her parents in Honolulu, while she and his half-sister stayed in Indonesia.

"Dunham would remain in Indonesia until her death in 1995 from cancer."

Everything in this bio indicates he is not ready to lead the US as a statesman. People identify with the weaknesses in his life rather than any strengths he may have.

Gentlemen, and Ladies

Have we been sleeping under something ? In 2006 it already was mentioned that McCain will run against Mrs. Clinton to make sure that the Hillair becomes presidentess.

Care to read about the great white brotherhood and the coming Maitreya from 1925?

or, about the great masters in the Rosicrucian Forum in 1933?
Bjorn, why not be blunt and say the link is information about Pat Robertson. Constance went after him a long time ago.

Anonymous 11:26
Few of us have unlimited attention spans. You've got to pinpoint specific pieces of information as we don't have the time to read through historical information.

"why not be blunt..."
of course Constance's opinion on him was formed a good while ago...nothing new out there...just wanted to add the little snippet in tinyurl-evening surprise form..hope you don't mind...
Hi Rudi - before GHWB - there was Prescott- who tried to change the US into something other than it was - it took his son, and grandson(s) to finish it for him -

Bjorn, Even though I'm retired I don't have time to read everything posted here, just almost everything. Probably others are the same. I might have missed a good piece. In addition those searching the blog for information on specific people or organizations wouldn't find that item.

That was the reason for my suggestion. It wasn't a criticism, honest.

Here is something interesting from the New Jerusalem Foundation and the "Golden Ratio" monument designated by UNESCO.
The story is about a very small (wow gold)because the (wow gold)reasons for the (wow gold) expulsion Chushi doors have been forced to(wow power leveling) living on the United Kingdom, (wow power leveling)in abroad alone the people(wow power leveling) struggling for survival. A naturally do not (wow power leveling) agree with the ethical person. A war many of the cracks in the middle of the(wow gold) pursuit of hard power of (World of Warcraft gold) extreme people. A look at(wow power leveling) the friendship will be more important than the lives of people. The best of life, the best of the best stories or Long Road. Like Xiuzhen's friends must-see (Rolex)category.
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