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The sad death of a European presidential level New Ager

A very sad way to leave this world: Death of a European Presidential level New Ager

This just in from Yahoo News and the Associated Press:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Former Slobenian President dies at 57 ALI ZERDIN, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 44 minutes ago (approximately 8:45 a.m. USA Eastern Standard Time)LJUBLJANA, Slovenia - Former President Janez Drnovsek, who helped lead Slovenia to independence from Yugoslavia and later enthralled many of his countrymen by adopting a New Age lifestyle, died Saturday, his office said. He was 57.Mild-mannered but resolute, Drnovsek became a political icon in part for working to keep violence at a minimum when Slovenia gained independence in 1991. He later led the country to European Union and NATO membership.In recent years, as he battled cancer, he made a radical transformation to a holistic lifestyle and wrote several New Age-influenced books. His office said he died overnight at his home but gave no specific cause.I will be speaking on the Hidden Dangers of that same New Age "rainbow sadly embraced by former Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek on Tuesday night in Walled Lake, Michigan for that local Women's Aglow Chapter. The event is free, open to the public, and refreshments will be served. Hereils are the details which were in my last post as well.
Walled Lake Aglow Community Lighthouse Richardson Center 1485 Oakley Park Road, Commerce Township, MI 48382 Tuesday February 26. 2008 Doors open at 7 p.m.We begin at 7:30 p.m. Topic: "The New Age and Beyond" Everyone is lookingforward to the information, and, of course,points to focus prayer on. We arecovering you in prayer and look forward to this evening. There will berefreshments . . . May His Kingdom come and His will be done, (Hope you are staying warm!) Nancy Underwood For more information call (248) 363-5306


Joe McNeil...p o box 164...kamiah, Id83536

Thanks for helping Joe and

Use this link to get to the story about his New Age beliefs if you don't want to register with the NYTimes.

People who are physically or emotionally needy are the ones most receptive to New Age cult-like thinking. My guess is that in his last hours he felt let-down rather than fulfilled. It is sad.

Dorothy, I quite agree -- many people enter the New Age scene at their hours of crisis, not realizing that it may well make their crisis an eternal one. This one made me weep!

It is amazing that President Drnovek's revelation to make Kosovo independent, the subject of such big and horrible news this week came subsequent to his New Age conversion. I can tell you that Solana has had the independent Kosovo agenda at least since 1995 -- possibly earlier! He was obviously fronting this for "the good doctor" as Farmer likes to put it! From the New York Times article:

"Last October, he began a campaign to resolve the future of the disputed province of Kosovo, now administered by the United Nations. His proposal — to give the province conditional independence from Serbia — angered both the Albanian and Serbian sides in the dispute, and prompted the Serbs to cancel an official visit by Mr. Drnovsek to Belgrade."
But he also seems to have changed his love of the EU idea after his new age conversion. It seems he recanted his support of it.

I was recently reading Hitler's Cross by Erwin Lutzer. It talks of his public image and private, real life personna. In public he was speaking peace, privately preparing for war, publicly opposed to crudeness but personally loved pornography, etc. How many of todays leaders publicly speak of and support issues as a means of subterfuge, i.e have this same duplicitous nature as Hitler?
Regarding the Obama posts. I need to give credit where credit is due - to God in all things. I hadn't ever heard of DailyKos before the day I found the two Obama articles. I had been pondering Rome and all it's connections and was wondering where the phrase came from that All Roads Lead to it and thought of how often I've heard about roads, paths and journeys in new age speak and popped Spiritual Journey into Google and Barack Obama came up right on top. I never ceased to be amazed at how God works.

Obama and Clinton's debate on CNN the other night couldn't have gotten any bluer and it's an old TV. That got me thinking about the blue post and Lucis Trust's blue symbolism, masonry's color references, etc. and the intensity of blue on the screen, which led me to look through my notes on ALL Of THIS and came across Lapis Lazuli and its ancient history with the bull(Wikipedia) and that it's not an ordinary blue, it does tie in by name to masonry and Lucis's Seven Rays and its other propaganda since 1982 and who knows what else that has slipped by unnoticed until now.

As far as the posts about concerns of the future for folks like us who do research - I think it's pretty well a done-deal. After much research on Solana, Lucis Trust, the AOC, generally everything that is discussed here (with maybe a few researches on ChemTrails to boot), one fine day my computer skips a beat like a pop-up was blocked but didn't think anything of it. The next day I went to check my 10-day weather forecast (under favorites) and Herndon Virginia appears in the little highlight box. That would have been alright if I lived there but I live in the Rockies. Someone left a shadow fingerprint I'd say. CIA or NSA I wondered - haven't looked up any sites to get their attention (???). Several weeks later I came across information that Lucis Trust has a Research and Development facility in Herndon VA.

It seems to me in the not to distant future we may get the opportunity to meet one another in one of those camps you mentioned. Seeing as I live out west maybe the Denver location is best for me. In the meantime, a visit from Constance in Washington would be well worth a 7-hour drive.

(and No - I didn't know Ted K)
A good article on Obama appears today at World Net Daily.

Title: Is Obama the Messiah? It leads to a website that has been following the hoopla around Obama.
Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

No, the following is not satire. His wife said this:

"... a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany ... and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama" - Barack Obama Lebanon, New Hampshire.
January 7, 2008.

Any chance that Creme's Matriya is Obama with the turban off?


Check that site's comment section. I think it's meant to be parody. However, he does use real news sources.
My mistake. He said the words, not his wife. I just find it humorous that any human being would allow himself to be put in such an adored position.

Watching him react when Clinton challenged him in the debate was interesting. He seemed very irritated that she even challenged him, and she sat there grinning like a the cheshire cat during the entire debate.

I should have made myself clearer. No, I don't think he's some kind of messiah, nor do I think he's a maitraya clone. His campaign's use of occult imagery does put his followers in some sort of altered state of consciousness however it seems.

Alright - some one else who makes me laugh out loud Monatana!


Watch Elijah Cummings introduction of Obama
Hi, it's Montana again.

In the earlier posted article that appeared in Time magazine entitled My Spiritual Journey by Barack Obama, did anyone else notice the similarities of his past to that of Solana. The religions and cult beliefs his mother exposed him to, the free-spirited lifestyle she had, the absence of his father in his life, and the conclusions that he came to after everything was said and done?

Just curious - but then we know what happened to that cat!
I just checked my email and noticed a link to "". Has anyone watched this or know of it? I intend to watch it but first will be checking to see who is behind it. If anyone has already researched this I'd appreciate hearing from you.

This is an all out attack on religion.
Obama foreign policy advisor: Samatha Powers

She is the Anna Lindh Professor of Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. She was a former US News and World Report reporter who covered the wars in the Balkans.

She was recently in Davos for the World Economic Forum. The following article is about UN interevention to protect human rights with R2P (Responsibility to Protect) Read the entire article but her quote is mid way down.
Another Obama advisor is Susan Rice:

Check out this upcoming @/26/08 event at the Brookings intistute:

They are helpfully going to "release the Index of State Weakness in the Developing World, an effort designed to provide policy-makers and researchers with a credible tool for analyzing and understanding the world's most vulnerable countries"

Notice in particular how Rice, former NSC member and United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from October 1997 until January 20, 2001, is co chairing this panel with Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), who chairs the House Armed Services Committee’s Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee.

also this:

Those pesky weak states just need the UN, EU or US to enforce their R2P

Happy reading,

Sorry, I forgot the link for the Susan Rice article

Reply to Rich: "". Has anyone watched this or know of it? I intend to watch it but first will be checking to see who is behind it. If anyone has already researched this I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Zeitgiest has some interesting facts but also a anti- Jewish sentiment, aned some other problems, watch with caution....Washington
Zeitgeist (pronounced [ˈt͡saɪtgaɪst] is originally a German expression that means "the spirit of the age", literally translated as "time (Zeit) spirit (Geist)". It describes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era. In German, the word has more layers of meaning than the English translation, including the fact that Zeitgeist can only be observed for past events.

Zeitgeist has achieved a unique status among German loanwords in other languages, having found an entrance into English, Spanish and Japanese.
Here are the credits taken from the movies home site: I had to stop watching when I realized they made the entire Christian experience a 'conspiracy'.


* Special thanks to Acharya S for her consultation for this section *

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back to Slovenian President Drnovsek:
another article titled
"All hail the mystic"

"Drnovsek has described Janez Jansa, the Prime Minister, as the “Prince of Darkness”. He disagrees with nearly all of what the Government does, and accuses it of moving towards a “kind of totalitarian system” by curbing the independence of the media. He stops only marginally short of saying that it was unfit to assume the EU’s rotating six-month presidency on January 1. “I will say nothing. I’m still President of this country,” he replied when pressed.

He vanished entirely from June until mid-September, and failed to greet Romano Prodi, the Prime Minister of Italy, when he visited Slovenia in August. Drnovsek said that he spent some of that time visiting monasteries in France, tapping into the “positive energy” that monks had built up through centuries of prayer. "

Javier SOLANA condolences:
"I am very sad to learn that my good friend Janez has died after a long illness. The Slovenian people have lost one of the fathers of their statehood and a great man who led his nation at a crucial time in its history .I recall the very many occasions when his advice and experience were invaluable. I will
always remember his friendship and his EUROPEAN convictions. A good man, who was determined that the VALUES OF TOLERANCE AND SOLIDARITY should always be upheld, has left us.I extend my deepest sympathy to his family and to all Slovenians."
Thanks, Farmer and all -- I have been otherwise engaged thison weekend preparing for my upcoming presentation next Tuesday night.

Most interesting to me on the Slovenia president's death is that he was the one credited with the Kosovo independency proposals.

Clearly, he was Solana's man!
what have we learned from Omaba?
-In aproximatly 8 months someone can rise from being a unknown name to becoming a populist "messiah" figure--without doing or saying ANYTHING important.
How frightening!
While looking at the comments following All Hail the Mystic, I noted that although 58% of the population was Roman Catholic, none of the commenters said that the beliefs were in opposition to that religion.

New Age is indeed international, the spirituality part preceeding the acceptance of globalization. As Adler said, there can't be a one world government without a one world religion, as there needs to be a common culture. The globalizers have certainly worked the crowd.


It is not surprising to me that none of the comments noted the opposition of New Age beliefs with Catholic teachings.

The statistic that 58% of the Slovenian population is "Catholic" is misleading. It does not mean that those 58% hold any kind of Christian belief or practice the Catholic faith. It's just a demographic category.

Slovenia is a fairly wealthy country. In all likelihood, most of that 58% believe in nothing (apart from the pursuit of material wealth, social standing, and, in a more reflective moment, "self discovery" or "personal growth.") If asked whether they believe in God, most would probably say, "No" or, "I'm not religious but I consider myself spiritual."

The pervasiveness of the New Age agenda is indeed frightening--it's completely mainstream.

Evidence of just how mainstream, I think, is the acceptance, apparently without question, of Obama as a "Christian" despite the syncretist NA/Christian theology that hits one over the head if you spend even a few minutes at his church's website.

Rose, I know Catholic beliefs are not compatible with New Age beliefs just as Judaism is not compatible with them. I guess I'm always looking for that one little candle which usually has been put out long ago.


Don't misunderstand me--I know you know that already! :)

These statistics though are just so annoying. Slovenia "58% Catholic?" I don't think so.

It would be far more accurate to say, "Slovenia is a small Slavic country where 97% of the population is Agnostic-Consumerist."

Sorry if you guys already mentioned this- I looked a wee bit in the blog search engine but didn't see it listed, but if you did, just pretend you didn't see this. While lying around with a hurting back I looked up "rulers of the world" on yahoo, and it led to a link which talked about corporations ruling the world at, which is the People-Centered Development Forum. I did
not explore much yet, but I did see a link to an article in YES magazine which is by Grace Boggs and mentions that instead of looking to a charismatic leader, we must be the people we are looking for. The article originally comes from The Michigan Citizan. I know Obama was brought up a lot lately, and so was the quote, so maybe you already read it.
Anonymous 4:16 PM-

Great find!! If the link you gave us is listed somewhere in Constances' archives, I've missed it too. The founder and President of "The People-Centered Development Forum" is David Korten. In his bio, there are far too many "New Age" affiliations to list. Just to name a few of the more easily recognizable names listed:

**He is an active member of the Club of Rome

**1996 co-founder with Sarah van Gelder “and other colleagues” the Positive Futures Network, publishers of “YES!” magazine

**An associate of the International Forum on Globalization

** BA in psychology from Stanford University and MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the Stanford Business school



**International Forum on Globalization
Curiouser and Curiouser...
And Still MORE Obama: (saw this link posted by "Final Trumpet" over on FP message board today)

"Barack Obama criticised over 'cult-like' rallies" (
"...Now critics are quietly voicing the fear that Mr Obama and his campaign have deliberately adopted the tone and tactics of an evangelical preacher, whipping up “Obamamania” at the expense of more serious discussion of policy and government..."
...Dr Sean Wilentz, a Princeton historian and stern critic of the current administration of George W.Bush, said: “What’s troubling about the campaign is that it’s gone beyond hope and change to redemption...”
..."At the campaign’s “Camp Obama” - a training programme run ahead of primaries in key states - volunteers are schooled to avoid talking to voters about policy, and instead tell of how they “came” to Obama, just as born-again Christians talk about “coming to Jesus.”
Yes there's even more on Obama - Check out the
obamamessiah.blogspot site

all of the photos, comments, quotes
from oprah, Deepok, Hart, and friends.

and blogs that express any negative comments are listed
as heretics - Whoa

I have to look at some of these Obamah sites. It certainly sounds like it is getting goofy.
Later this year, just before the election, Hollywood will be putting out a movie called
"Lord, Protect Us From Your Followers" with personalities including Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and George Carlin.

There is a short trailer of the film at a site called
scroll down to February 15th to
the article entitled "Schuller-esque Survey on the Silver Screen"

The world mocks Christians as it is and with so many in the church being swayed over to new-age teachings and movies like this, the walk will become even more difficult. We must remember to examine our behavior and speech towards others, in the world and the church body, so we don't give anyone pause to think of us as the hypocrites they say we are.
Holly over at FP had this article linked at her site. I suspect Israel might want to scrutinize the fate of Kosovo before handing so much over to the EU -- Jerusalem could well be next!
I hope I'm not repeating anything, but I thought these were interesting.

“Lets all Rock at the Obama Woodstock!” Isle OF White, Altamont anyone?
From hippie to yippee, will we now see Obama to Drama Trauma?
Here's a six month old Washington Post article with a "list of the national security and foreign policy advisers to the leading presidential candidates from both parties."

Sorry if this is a repeat or out of date info. Does anybody have a more current list?

I just can’t decide which candidate has the scariest team. Maybe an update would help. Looks like Obama is certainly loaded for the new age, McCain is obviously loaded for war.

The War Over the Wonks
Wednesday, October 2, 2007
Constance...your qestion: having a talk during your radio show Tuesday of course will be ok for me...thanks! See you tomorrow (guess you will be on the road to your speech)!
Reply to Rich, Re Zeitgeist.

I watched this movie by Peter Joseph through from start to finish - if I remember correctly the first five minutes of the footage are rapid fire montage type images ... war destruction, doom and gloom.

The movie then has three sections which will probably have an appeal to many.

Section #1 is anti Christ. At 20:15 into movie it claims that the cross is "Not symbol of Christianity it is a pagan adaptation of the cross of the zodiac." The web page "The reality is, Jesus was the Solar Deity of the Gnostic Christian sect, [S194] [S195] [S196] and like all other Pagan gods, he was a mythical figure."

Section #2 is 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Section #3 is anti financial and ID chips.

It's an interesting watch but I personally am unable to accept any of it's teachings. It's New Age stuff and WANTS a following ... March 15 2008 is being heralded as Zeitgeist Day when according to their site 508 Public Events including The Findhorn Foundation and over 1000 individuals will be hosting public awareness events/screenings.

A few other things intrigued me when I tried to follow through on this;

Sources Section #1 - D.M. Murdock aka "Acharya S" - Publisher

Calls to Action - - I'm not in the US so I don't understand the calls to action including the political implications of rallying support for Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

I haven't been able to find any info on Peter Joseph and the site states on their Statement page "Please note that 'Zeitgeist', along with this site, has no direct affiliation with anything else online."

Not only am I unable to accept the movie's teaching ... 'they' themselves, (the money and input behind it all) remain a mystery to me. If anyone can shed any further light on the roots of this movement I'd love to know please. :)
"Those that look for good and then find me, they're the ones I like to see." Lucifer, Michelle Remembers.
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