Thursday, February 07, 2008


Dear Friends, readers, and listeners:

I spent a happy week of my life in the summer of 2006 in the lovely southwestern Oregon town of Cottage Grove. It is also known for a phenomenon that I thought was more common in my home state of Indiana: covered bridges! I was hosted by Tere Lewis and husband Bill. Tere runs a work there called "Living Word Ministries." I met some exceptional fine people, admirers of Tere's work who came from varied places, including a former member of the New York street gang David Wilkerson evangelized in the early days of his ministry. I met a missionary to Finland who was home on Furlough and preparing to go again. He had extensive contacts with the Finnish government. Tere, a former Hispanic nun, has remained on fire for God's work. Cottage Grove is very close to a prominent New Age center town of Eugene, Oregon. It was happy research hunting grounds for me in the Eugene, Oregon town. Another close friend of Tere, Nancy Flint, provided me with invaluable research on disturbing inroads of New Age philosophies in missionary circles. I am still going through her voluminous work and hope to have her as a guest sometime in the near future.

Tere Lewis is a good friend and a wonderful and knowledgeable conversationalist. I look forward to hearing from her tomorrow and hope you will join us at 2 p.m. Pacific time, 3 p.m. Mountain time, 4 p.m.. Central time and 5 p.m. Eastern time.

We will be discussing, among other things, an award Javier Solana received this week from the Children's United Parliaments of the World. The information is potentially explosive and I hope you will both tune in and stay tuned!
Mrs. Cumbey

I have just listened to your video on,( How i discovered all this mess) and at the end you spoke of an up and coming video regarding Javier Solana, I was just wondering if that material is out yet or when it will be.

thanks for all your hard work and God bless.

Daniel king
Dear Daniel:

Dr. Stanley Monteith has that video, I believe. He would be the one to ask. I will be a guest on his radio program a week from tomorrow night.

Germany is apparently giving up its stiff opposition to plans by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to press ahead with the creation of the Mediterranean Union.
Deputy government spokesman Thomas Steg said in remarks to the press in Berlin that all European Union states agreed that the so-called 'Barcelona process' needed a "new impetus."
Pointing out that the 'Barcelona process' referred to the EU's institutional cooperation with surrounding Mediterranean countries, Steg called for "reviving the 'Barcelona process'.
It's the common conviction within the EU that everyone that wants to join such a process should be able to take part, the chancellery official added.
The project has to be open to all EU members, Steg reiterated.
Sarkozy plans to unveil the Mediterranean Union in July, coinciding with France's rotating EU presidency.
Over the past months, Merkel had repeatedly warned against Sarkozy's unilateral Mediterranean Union initiative, saying all EU member states had to be included in this process.
The French president has repeatedly called for such a strategic alliance since winning elections in early May.
Sarkozy seeks to include countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, in this union.

Material from Iranian News Service, IRNA: from>
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