Monday, February 18, 2008

On my speaking calendar in Michigan next week . . .

To my friends and readers:

I have been asked to speak next week to a Christian group in Walled Lake, Michigan. Details from the organizers are below and I hope to see as many of you as possible there!
In the meantime, I thought those of you following Rich of Medford's (Rich Peterson's) very excellent work at his blogspot, "A Time, Times and half a time" would be interested in seeing the number of Google hits yielded with the search terms "Alliance of" (Civilizations OR Civilisations) Lucis." There were precisely 1,260 hits! Click on the picture to see it full page!

Hello Constance,

Our board thought it might be a good idea to advertise your talk on your blog or on the radio.
Here, again , are the details:

Walled Lake Aglow Community Lighthouse
Richardson Center
1485 Oakley Park Road
Commerce Township, MI 48382

Tuesday February 26. 2008
Doors open at 7 p.m.
We begin at 7:30 p.m.
Topic: "The New Age and Beyond"

Everyone is looking forward to the information, and, of course,points to focus prayer on. We are covering you in prayer and look forward to this evening.
There will be refreshments, however if you will be coming from work and would like something warm for dinner, let us know and it will be therefor you.
May His Kingdom come and His will be done,
(Hope you are staying warm!)

Nancy Underwood

For more information call (248) 363-5306

Constance, Is there any way the talk could be taped and placed online? My prayers are with you.

Attached is a video of a 6 February talk in Ottawa by Father Dan Dubroy -- this is the first I've heard of this guy, but he is very articulate:
Hi everyone!

I was following the rabbit trail through the book of Revelation last night, and thought I would share my insight. This is new for me, but after I checked around on the web, it appears others have noticed this kind of connection before too. My version is a little different, but...

I was really pondering the beast that comes out of the abyss, the one who was and is not and will come out of the abyss in Rev. 17

Here is what I learned: I remembered hearing about the abyss in Rev. 9:11 where it states that the angel of the Abyss is Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek. It struck me to question what Apollyon is. When I looked further into it, Apollyon is the name for the Greek god Apollo (our English translation)

Apollo according to Wikipedia is the god of the sun, the father light, the god of prophecy and the son of Zeus. He is usually represented holding a bow and a crown of victory, but sometimes the lyre. Apollo was born in the sea, and is the god of the sea monsters.

Many people believe that it will be the beast from the Abyss that inhabits the Antichrist and not Satan, and working from that idea, and connecting Apollyon or Apollo to the Antichrist, we see that he could come in the form of some kind of sun worship. It would be a throwback to the ancient sun worship at the tower of babel and also throughout the many civilizations- Egypt, Assyria, Greek, Roman, etc.

We know from Revelation 2 that Pergumum was called Satan's throne where Satan dwells. What was unique to Pergumum was that it contained the alter seat of Zeus. Connecting that back, Apollo is the son of Zeus, so if the "antichrist" comes in the spirit of Apollo, then could he be the son of Satan? That would definately be a counterfeit of Christ. The dragon would give him authority just as God gives Jesus authority. Satan would then be able to command his worship as he always wanted, because people would also be worshipping him in as the form of Zeus (or a new name?)

Further, it is commonly held that the rider on the white horse is the antichrist in the first seal in Rev. 6. He is holding a bow and wearing a crown. This is also imagery directly connected to Apollo. As is the concept of the beast coming out of the sea.

The ancient Greeks also used to invoke Apollo to rescue them from plagues, and as we know what happens during the "day of the Lord", there will be a great many plagues.

I can see a scenario play out in which the future beast is indwelt by the spirit of Apollyon/Apollo and requires worship of him as the sun diety. He is the diety that was (Apollo), and is not, but will come (a new age sun god?). Many will wonder when they see him, because they will see the signs and wonders and connect him back to the ancient civilizations that worshipped the sun.

My question is what New Age connections to sun worship or Apollo worship do we see emerging today? That I will leave for you all to comment on, as it is not my area of expertise, but I did find it interesting to note someone who's name roughly translates sun

Also, does anyone see a connection between this and the maitraya. I know he is supposed to be a world teacher, an enlightened one, but to me, that also fits as Apollo was supposed to have command over the Delphi Oracle and as the god of prophecy was considered enlightened.

For more on Apollo:

Sorry this was so long, thanks for reading.

A very revealing article entitled "My Spiritual Journey" by Barack Obama

Gives insight to his mother's influence on his beliefs, and personal views on the emerging church. 11 pages long but worth the read.
Sorry - on the Obama article the last portion of the address is
1,00.html (not 8,00)
Leana -

I too have done some research on Apollo - along the same lines you have.

After the Romans absorbed Greek mythology they subsequently absorbed Mithraism - an eastern belief system.

Look up Mithraic Mysteries on Wikipedia and on page 6 of 10 you can read about the connection to Maitreya. Full circle.

Several weeks ago I posted about a photo of js signing the EU Constitution in front of Pope Innocent X - See document "A Modern Tower of Babel" at http"|:// to view AP photo on page 3, then notice there is a tapestry above the picture of the Pope's statue. It is of Romulus and Remus. Apollo being the twin sister of the she-wolf.

To see the full tapestry go to
the Ritrovamento della Lupa/Sala degli Orazi e Curiazi/Appartamento dei Conservatori/Percosi It's an Italian language site but once you get there it can be converted to English. Look up the Capitolini
or the Capitoline Hill on Wikipedia as well as the "Founding of Rome". Many connections to sun god. For further reference look up Armilus - Jewish references to Anti-Christ.

Nothing new under the sun - just different names for the same thing!
Thanks again Constance, for providing such an edifying site!

I would like to recommend another website that provides a unique perspective some who blog here may be interested in.

The “Deprogram Program” website provides an outstanding source of information on world affairs from an orthodox Jewish perspective.

While there is certainly a great deal of valuable information, articles, and video links available for free on the Deprogram Program website, in order to listen to the latest internet broadcasts in their entirety, or access the blog page, requires a paid subscription. I have been a subscriber for over a year and will continue without reservation.

The 2/17/08 broadcast – “A Global Pogrom”, is an outstanding example of the kind of insight not available anywhere else. If you don’t choose to subscribe, you can wait a day or two for a free snippet of this latest broadcast to be posted. In the meantime, check out the articles and free internet broadcast excerpts.
looks like js HAS met just about everyone...


I know some of you will like this article about the "secrets of the seal" revealed.
The last few months I began noticing a lot of "blue" stuff out there in medialand (maybe it's giving my age away, but what is Blu-ray and bluetooth?) Has anyone else wondered about it? I did some research on the color blue starting with Wikipedia that led me to Indigo Blue (Indigo children, new age...)- Seems Indigo Blue is the New Age color/symbolism of the Third Eye or 6th Chakra - which stands for intuition, gnosis (spiritual knowledge) and in Sanskrit for authority, command and conscience.

As a side-bar - in ancient times the superstitious "Evil Eye" was blue. There also is a lot of symbolism of the eye in the hand in modern and native artwork - Google "el Oro en la Mana".

Back to the third eye - after reading OldManoftheSki's postings about the triangles, all-seeing eye and symbolism of the Masons he has researched I began to wonder how and where the old and the new intersect. (He probably already knows this but I'd like to share some of my research that led me to this New Age information). The name of the third-eye chakra is the Ajna - very similar/identical to the all-seeing eye of Horus - the Freemasons as well as the forehead (third eye) of Zeus, from which he "birthed new gods".

A website that is very informative on Ajna is

Later I came across this excellent connect the dots site on all of this, containing links from Luxor to the Rosicrucians to the New Age chakras at
Click in to "Western Occult" in this site to access various links.

Even an innocent search on the web about the color blue can take you from ancient Egypt all the way to New Age.

Thanks OldMan for the inspiration.
Leana, did you know that the altar of Zeus was relocated to Berlin, Germany?
"The Altar which was taken away from Pergamon in 1871 and carried to Germany by the German engineer Carl Humann, is exhibited at the Museum of Pergamum in Berlin, in a manner conforming to its original…."

See also Wiki source:

Yes, I know it is in the Pergamum museum, I think the Ishtar gate or part of it is there too- if I am not mistaken,

The Making of Barack Obama

His campaign logo and what the images represent

Please note on this site there is a comment section at the bottom. Especially noteworthy is the comment

"The third eye doesn't weep - it knows" How new age!
Anonymous 1:07 PM- Thanks for posting this info again. I have been able to view the "signing" photo in front the Pope Innocent X statue from several different websites however, try as I might, (ever since your first post on the topic)I can't use your
"Ritrovamento della Lupa/Sala degli Orazi e Curiazi/Appartamento dei Conservatori/Percosi" link or any variations of the words in the link where I am able to see the tapestry. I've been to the Italian Museum site, I've done searches on every possible combination of the location of the tapestry, but still un-able to get to a site where I can see it. Any help would be appreciated.

I found your "rabbit trail" Apollyon/Apollo Greek mythology info very intriguing. I still haven't finished the Hoagland NASA book (I needed a break, he's a "strange" one for sure) but he claims the entire NASA program, it's missions, names of all the moon and Mars missions and space modules, the specific timing of
missions, the official patches of the astronauts- all of it was intentionally designed and planned to reflect Greco-Roman mythology. Whether or not it's true I don't know and I sure won't draw any conclusions based on Hoaglands word.
I haven't found any "hidden" connection YET but yesterday when I was checking, the GHWB "1000 points of light" speech I took note of, in the paragraph where is uses the phrase, one of the organizations he chooses to name specifically is, "Order of Ahepa".
The info on its website describes itsself as, "The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is the largest and oldest American-based, Greek heritage grassroots membership organization" I don't see the word "mason" anywhere but they use the term "Supreme Lodge" "Supreme President" "Supreme Covention" etc.
but otherwise, they present their mission to be, " The mission of the AHEPA Family is to promote Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family and Individual Excellence"
Like I said, I can't find anything tying it to anything sinister, but it caught my attention.

Of particular interest in light of the current discussion referencing Greek mythology, Romulus, Remus and also Apollo being the twin sister of the she-wolf, it was very strange to find the following very recent (Nov.20, 2007) Reuters news article titled,
"Romulus and Remus cave may have been found" By Silvia Aloisi

"ROME (Reuters) - Italian archaeologists believe they have found the cave where, according to legend, a she-wolf nursed Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome...Experts say they are "reasonably certain" it is the long-lost place of worship sacred to ancient Romans and known as Lupercale, from the Latin word for wolf."


I went back into my original address for the tapestry and also couldn't access but was able to with this - hopefully you can view it.

Google Musei Capitolini -gets you into Museum site - follow these steps
Then click PERCOSI , then
- percosi per sale
Then click Appartemento Conservatori - which will show you a blueprint for the floorplan -
scroll down past plan and click Sala della Lupa, then find and click Sala Degli Orazi E Curiazi, scroll down page to bronze Pope Innocent statue (there are several pictures - it is one of the smaller pictures which you can enlarge) If you saw the signing picture you will recognize the pope.

Hopefully this helps. Let me know if it worked for you.

Thank you too for listing the news article on R&R in USA Today. . If you remember the picture shown of the cave - by its appearance it could also be a Mithraeum, a cave the Romans used to worship Mithra.

There was on the same day (2-5-08)an article in The New York Times entitled "An Alter Beyond Olympus for a Diety Predating Zeus" by John Noble Wilford. All indications are the temple refers to the Titans/Greeks as goats and sheep were sacrificed (very Apollo-ish), some coins (of she-wolf Artemis) and a seal stone with an image of a bull (either Zeus himself or the Mithraen tauroctony).

Another note of interest - while researching Mithraism there are many references to Mithra (Phanes by another name) who emerged from the world egg at the beginning of time. This symbology is apparently visible at the Piazza del Campidoglio (next to the Musei Capitolini- found this info at Capitoline Hill - Wikipedia) where in the piazza the travertine tiles are apparently set in such a way "That one senses one is standing on the exposed segment of a gigantic egg all but buried at the center of the world". In information I've come across about the Capitoline - the Center (and Religious center) of Rome, I read about a human skull found buried there in antiquity (skull=caput in latin) thereby it got its name Capitoline. The temple of Jupiter (Zeus) originally stood in this spot - the TEMPLUM IOVUS OPTIMUS MAXIMUS(the best and the greatest).
Capital Hill in Washington got its name from this. Many of the statues on our capital buildings are Greek gods. Which leads me to my questions. Does anyone know more about this skull? Is it the namesake of Skull & Bones?
Is there any way that Dubai could be Babylon?

Dubai is positioning itself to be a global trading/commerce/aircraft hub after following its McKinsey & Company plan for the past 20 years.
Can you just feature these headlines for the following religious centers over the next few years:

Jerusalem, Vatican City, Mecca, Salt Lake City . . . Wonder if Senior Statesman Solana will be first to visit them thereafter as well?

Nato troops seal off Kosovo border
Posted at 4:19pm on 20 Feb 2008
Nato troops have sealed the northern borders of Kosovo after Serbs angry at its weekend declaration of independence ransacked two crossings.
Hundreds of protesters torched customs and police posts at Jarinje and Banja, manned by United Nations and Kosovo police.
Closing the borders will infuriate both Kosovo Serbs and Serbia's government, the BBC reports.
The move cuts Kosovo's mainly Serb north off from Serbia, the country to which they insist they still belong.
The protesters arrived in convoys of cars and buses in what the BBC reports was clearly a carefully planned and coordinated action.
Kosovo police and UN customs officials were forced to withdraw to a nearby tunnel as the crowds used bulldozers and explosives to demolish the border posts, according to eyewitnesses.
Nato-led peacekeepers from K-For were called in and United States soldiers blocked the main road crossing with Serbia, while Estonian and French troops sealed the crossing to Montenegro.
In Pristina, Kosovan Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said an isolated incident would not be allowed to diminish the glory of Kosovan independence.
Meanwhile, Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic made an impassioned speech, saying that Kosovo would never be a sovereign nation and would remain part of Serbia forever.
"For us, Kosovo is the crucible of our identity, it is the essential link between our past and our future," he told the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Austria.


33 minutes ago!

OOps,missed this excerpt!

Earlier in the day, the European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, became the first international statesman to visit Kosovo since its independence declaration.


I posted my sources for the Consensus Building Institute Project.

You can find it under

"Another Road To Hell Paved With Good Intentions".

Southern Baptist Convention

Things are becoming surreal In the the wind driven Fields of Wheat and Tares.

Constance Congrats! on your upcoming speaking engagement.

We'll Be Praying With You All The Way.


I find it interesting that Apollo's twin is Artemis, of the 7 wonders of the world "temple of Artemis" in Ephesus.

While browsing through the Europa websites, CFSP, EDA, Space, etc. I found many missions labeled Artemis. In contrast to the US where many missions are called Apollo. Probably just a coincedence.

I was able to view the Tapestry at the museum, but the picture was so small I couldn't make out any details. I think though that it is a fresco painting, not a tapestry, as the artist Guiseppe Cesari was a known painter in the 1500's. I just put the first "segment" of what was given before the / in a search engine and it took me right there

Anonymous 7:18 pm-
Yes, thanks I was able to view it by following your instructions. Kind of small for me so I nosed around google and found a print of the same image as the tapestry. (or whatever it is) You can see it here and zoom to make it even larger. I'm going to do more reading from the other info you've mentioned tomorrow.

Leana- Keep repeating to yourself,
Did you happen to notice when you were looking at the Europa sites the "Building Artemis" declaration?
"Invisible essential technologies: EU launches “ARTEMIS” drive to become world leader in intelligent embedded systems". Interesting.

Tekes' Ubicom - Embedded ICT 2007-2013 (Finish co. I think)

So glad our God has got everything
under control. -Rudi
If you haven’t read Pat Buchanan article on Kosovo, you might find it interesting.
Anon 3:36

I’m not sure I want to be known as someone who inspired somebody else to look deeper into dark things. I’d much rather inspire someone to look deeper into the things of God. But those who are looking at the dark things seem to be prepared for it and are called to do so. That said, although we have accepted our responsibility to shine a light into dark places, we should never underestimate the dangers of looking so closely at the machinery of evil. We are examining parts of a well camouflaged trap. It is Evil, with a capital “E”. I’m not totally convinced we need to know much more about it.

The people who blog here are incredibly persistent and resourceful. We are really starting to comprehend how so many diverse aspects which compose this massive web are intricately interwoven. The personalities involved are not the enemy, for the most part they are people who remain tragically deceived. The Lord came and offered his love to all, and He still does. Only the highest echelon in almost every thread we are looking at really understand they are working for Satan himself.

We are entering the darkest and most dangerous time in all of history, and all this knowledge we are gaining is entirely useless if we don’t use it to wake up our sleepy brethren.

Others have said the same thing here several times, but it’s worth repeating, often. We all need to be walking with our Lord and covering each other in prayer. So, Anon 3:36, you are in my prayers today, and thank you for your post. The battle belongs to the Lord.
Old Man,
That was a nice post. I was thinking last night, if we don't understand God's bigger picture in His Word (that is, His perfect plan of salvation from Genesis right through to Revelation), it seems we risk turning this quest for research into a highly intellectual form of divination. I think the purpose of Biblical prophecy is to show that 1.) God is in control of all human events 2.) he can tell the end from the beginning 3.) to reassure His own 4.) to spur His own to share His plan of salvation with those who are perishing so that we might warn them of the coming judgement. If we don't use our knowledge to redeem the time, we risk being the servants who bury the coin. Just a thought. Love to you all, Deannie
My husband showed me the New York Times article this morning as I was preparing to leave for my office. Javier Solana is mentioned in the article on the tensions regarding Kosovo as having gone there yesterday to offer them Congratulations on their independence. Such hypocrisy. Spain (over which Solana still obviously exercises much control) has held back on recognition of Kosovo -- so he can point to that when criticized, but he personally went to congratulate them on behalf of the EU. Heads he wins, tails he wins. Talk about having one's cake and eating it too!
After all this talk about the European space "Artemis" and our shooting down a spy satellite in orbit which looks like it will fall to earth, heres a funny connection

any composite herb or low shrub in the genus artemisia

hey folks our buddy javier thinks he's the cats pajamas.

In Missouri
Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while and want to thank you all for your hard work and your willingness to share.

There are lots of amazing, mind boggling things going on in this world.

I agree with many here in that JS could be "the guy" and the ENP could be "the agreement". I was raised in a pre trib church but I know lean toward the position that has the rapture happening around the time of the opening of the 6th seal. I believe "the tribulation" to be a 3.5 year period.

All of that background is to provide a frame work for some thoughts that I had today.

If the ENP is "the treaty" then mid 2010 could be the beginning of the great tribulation.

Tonight there is a full lunar eclipse which makes the moon appear to be red.

The next such eclipse is scheduled to happen Dec 20, 2010.

Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.

Acts 2:20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:

Rev 6:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sack-cloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

I'm not saying this is the event spoken of but it does cause one to think.

Keep up the good work.

God Bless!

Well one thing leads to another, as you are all well aware of by now. Anon 3:36’s post regarding the color “blue” rang more bells for me than I originally thought. Since I don’t believe in coincidence, I wasn’t too surprised when I came across a site called “Hopi Ringtones”, which presents some interesting interpretations of numerous recent celestial events that, according to some, seem to be foretelling the end of this age.

I’m not an astronomer, nor an astrologer, but I needn’t remind any of you that we are to expect to see signs in the stars and the heavens in the latter days. I don’t pretend to understand what any of these signs mean, only that my Bible says they do in fact herald the last days and we will see them. That’s enough for me.

The website I’ve linked to below is worth a look, if for no other reason than to see the beautiful color photos from the Hubble Telescope. Of particular interest to me is the photograph labeled “Supernova 1987A” taken by Hubble’s Chandra X-Ray Telescope in February 2007. Here’s some excerpts from the website, starting with the accompanying “prophetic” description of Supernova 1987:

“SN1987A arrived, by the way, just six months before the Harmonic Convergence, the New Age event which supposedly heralded the global shift to a new era of peace and started the final quarter-century countdown to the end of the Mayan Calendar on the winter solstice, 2012.”

“It is interesting to note that for the Maya of southern Mexico and Central America, blue symbolized sacrifice. In the later, more corrupt stages of the Classic Maya culture, the bodies of those humans who were to be sacrificed to the gods were painted blue. Director Mel Gibson graphically portrays this in the 2006 film Apocalypto.”

Regarding the Hopi Blue Star prophecy:

“Astrophysicist Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D., claims that the Blue Star may instead be a cosmic volley from the center of our galaxy that long ago imprinted itself on the mythological tableaux of many cultures around the world and is likely to recur. The blast would have manifested as a blue-white star a thousand times brighter than Sirius. As the cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue, star-like appearance, it is reasonable to expect that the core of our own Galaxy would have a similar appearance during its explosive phase, so the legendary appearance of the Blue Star could be referring to an explosion of our Galaxy's core.... This frightening spectacle may have appeared to ancient inhabitants as a gigantic punishing "Eye" in the sky, the entire form occupying about a 16-degree field of view, or about 32 solar diameters. The "iris" would have a diameter of about 4 degrees with a brilliant light emanating from its central pupil -- the Blue Star."

"Perhaps the most frightening phenomenon to occur in this early stage would be the prompt arrival of the electromagnetic pulse and, some days later, the onslaught of the gravity wave, with its ensuing crustal torque, which would have caused earthquakes and volcanic eruptions."

You know, it occurred to me, all these astro-physicists and pseudo end time astrologers could have saved a lot of time and money wasted on expensive educations and lives spent theorizing if they would have realized they could have gained the same insights just from opening up the Bible.

[Oh, and lest I forget, please ignore anything attributed to "Robert Ghost Wolf", although he's been on Art Bell's show several times, he's a shaman with a heavy emphasis on the "sham" part. He speaks authoritatively for no one but himself and his new age lackeys.]
Sorry, please excuse my sloppiness...two factual errors in my previous post:

1. The site I linked to is called "The Hopi Blue Star: Comets, Supernovae, and the Coming Catastrophe." The words "Hopi Ringtone" appear at the top of the page. It is a directed google advertisement for, can you believe it, a cell phone ring tone that any new ager just can't live without!


2. Robert Ghost Wolf is dead. He doesn't speak for anyone anymore.
To my fellow watchers:

In my prior posts I made linguistic mistakes that have been drawn to my attention:

1. Yes you are correct Leana it is a fresco, not a tapestry. In my first post (which you may or may not have read) I did refer to it in the correct manner, the second time I posted to answer your question about how Greek mythology ties in with Maitraya I mistakenly called it a tapestry. I felt the point was to get the information out, not get feedback quibbling over art style or that it was to small of a museum photo for ease of viewing.

2. Old Man - Sorry for my choice of the word inspiration on my color "Blue" post -- wrong word, taken in the wrong way. As I said, you posted much on triangles,and the all-seeing eye etc. My info was merely a tie-in to new age symbolism. Perhaps my correct choice of word should have been "awareness" because I am not nor ever have been dabbling in the dark side - I have loved Jesus and studied prophecy since I was 12 and I'm way older than that now (An Old Woman).

Thank you for your prayers, as I pray for you as well - we all need to cover each other as you say. That being said I think I will not post anymore - it seems my contributions are not well received.
Anon 6:33

I am so sorry that you took offense at my comment. It is so hard to communicate inflection over the internet, but please know that no offense was ever intended.

If I had not been so ill, and all three children so ill this week, I might have remembered that my intention was to compliment you for the helpful information. I read every link that you provided, and I feel like our research was on the same track.

My comment on the tapestry/fresco issue was only to the benefit for Rudi, as she was having difficulty locating it. Perhaps I posted my comments hastily, and I apologize again.

Please don't quit posting here on my account, I find your insights very intriguing. I have enjoyed the dialogue.

I am sure Oldmanoftheski meant no offense either, but I will let him speak for himself.

With Sincerest Apologies,
Anon 6:33-
Absolutely agree with Leana.

Deannie- I very much appreciate your wise comment. A reminder I will take to heart.

Oldmanoftheski said,
"...we are to expect to see signs in the stars and the heavens in the latter days. I don’t pretend to understand what any of these signs mean, only that my Bible says they do in fact herald the last days and we will see them. That’s enough for me."

Many witness to a meteor which fell as a streaking fireball here Tue. morning. I missed it, but maybe Leana or Rose who live in WA State as I do may have an additional comment.
Here is a report and several videos. -Rudi
I'm new at this. I've been reading for several months. I just read this on FP: GEAB N 22 about the world economic collapse. It scares me because of my 2 kids...all of our money is in stocks...yikes...I know we should trust God ultimately but, there has to be some practical steps we could take?! Does anyone have any advice?
Thank you so much everyone for all that you do to inform.
Hi Constance

Enjoyed the micro effect on Tuesday. Would like to support Joe! Where can I send or make a payment to, as I am in the UK?
Also trying to get hold of your book.
"I know we should trust God ultimately but, there has to be some practical steps we could take?! Does anyone have any advice?"
Anon 3:30 am,

There are numerous websites with practical information about surviving world calamities -- some have a religious bent while others not at all. If you go to you will get an overview along with key words to search for further information.

Speaking for myself I try not to get caught up on this too much because it can drive one crazy. The best practical advice I've received is to turn back to God and put your trust in God.

Kathleen Keating has talked constantly about this over the last 1-2 years on her radio show -- she speaks about the importance of daily prayer (no matter how difficult) and reading of scripture, and putting our faith into practice every day -- turning from sin and "getting right with God." She also says to turn off the television.

Kathleen stresses that as we watch world events unfold, we cannot force God's hand in end times matters--He is in total control. I've found her simple reminders to be invaluable, and doubt I would have been able to persevere in prayer without Kathleen's extremely practical encouragement.

Another person I find incredibly inspiring who preaches repentance and holiness is Paul Washer -- he is an Evangelical protestant missionary. A lot of his talks are available on the internet if you perform a google search. He stands in stark opposition to much of what is happening in mainstream U.S. Christianity with the constant emphasis on "me, me, me."

From a practical standpoint I would keep a lot of fresh water on hand (remember the floods in Oxfordshire last year in the UK -- many families had no fresh water for days), canned food, candles, hand crank radio. Expect for parts of the U.S. to be taken off grid increasingly for periods of time without notice. Do not get caught up in consumerism--Practice living within your means and save as much money as possible -- difficult, I know, but I think very crucial at this time.

Reach out to others, remembering that we are all children of God and that we can make a positive difference in the lives of others. Practice generosity and sacrificial love of neighbor. If you reach out to your neighbors and get to know them, you will know that someone has your back as things get tough.

In terms of economic sanity, my favorite resource is -- the regulars there are extremely knowledgeable about all economic issues. They would be able to give you good suggestions about how best to protect your family savings.

Sorry for the lengthy post.


One more suggestion:

Flannery O Connor once wrote, "In order to learn about faith, you have to go to those who have it."

An individual I find very inspiring, and from whom I have learned a great deal, is Rosalind Moss. She is a Catholic apologist, a convert from Judaism to Evangelical Christianity and later, to Catholicism.

She has a radio show twice a monthy called "From the Heart" -- you can listen to the archive of shows at, and it is completely free!

Listening to Rosalind Moss always makes me think--same for Paul Washer. There is a quality about both of them that lends authority to their words. If you give them a go and you find neither speaks to your heart, I'd urge you to keep looking for someone who does.

I hope these suggestions help.

Anon 3:30
Re: economic collapse

I second what Rose said, and if you want some advice, here is what I did.

Start small. Figure out what you would need for 3 days, and start with your emergency kit. FEMA has info on what to store, as do many states. My state, WA, also has what kind of expected disasters we might encounter in our area, perhaps your state does the same.

Try not to reinvent the wheel, many people have worked hard to prepare lists and info, just search and you will find what you need for your particular situation.

I found peace of mind when I started, and over 2 years have worked to acquire more skills and supplies I might need.

Don't forget to get your spiritual house in order, I found that JUST as important. When you accomplish that, the fear goes away. Replaced with a peace, and the motivation to live by God's ways.

Good Luck, and it isn't as hard as you think to prepare, and not nearly as expensive either.

Anon 6:33

I certainly did not say, nor did I mean to imply in any way, that anyone here is “dabbling” on the dark side. Just as my previous posting triggered you to do more research, your posting triggered me to do more research. That's what happens here. As Leana said, your contribution is most welcome. My own comments were a reflection of how serious all this is, and that people doing this type of work had better be called to it. I prayed for you out of love and obedience to my Lord as I would hope you have prayed for me as well. God knows I need it these days as I’m witnessing to a father-in-law who is Master of his “Blue” Masonic Lodge. It’s heart breaking to see how deceived he is, and it’s incredibly depressing for me to research Masonry in order to talk to him about it. I despise Masonry more than any other facet of the Spider’s Web, of which I have encountered many strands during my lifetime.
Old Man, and everyone,

I don't think any of us should underestimate the spiritual attacks that we will undergo while trying to uncover "the plan" and to bring it into the open.

Even when you are called, Satan can still attack you, but how you handle the warfare is through Ephesians 6.

My warning to everyone is that when you feel a spirit of contention, nervousness/anxiety, anger, etc. and you feel it is directly related to viewing something on the internet, or reading something in some of the their literature, please pray immediately and rebuke it. Jesus will overcome it for you.

God Bless you all,
If you get a piece of information, pass it on to the others that you write to regularly, even if you think they aren't receptive. I post at other websites, sometimes under "No New Age," giving links to here. I work information into the conversation with strangers at the drop of a link I can use. I've been doing all of this and more since 1979, along with heavy research.

Most of the time it seems to be like spitting into the wind, but as long as I know I'm fighting antisemitism, I keep going.

Probably almost everyone reading here is Christian, so all should be doing the same things in their protection of their religion.

Today I was sent an article on Ophrah and the Course in Miracles.

The article, against Ohrah's efforts, contained the following information:

"When I left the New Age “Christ” to follow the Bible’s Jesus Christ, I had come to understand that the “Jesus” of A Course in Miracles was a false “Christ,” and that his Course in Miracles was dangerously deceptive. Here are some actual quotes from the “Jesus” of A Course in Miracles (see endnotes for source):

* “There is no sin. . . ” 9
* [See note] A “slain Christ has no meaning.”10
* “The journey to the cross should be the last ‘useless journey.”11
* “Do not make the pathetic error of ‘clinging to the old rugged cross.’”12
* “The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol… It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray.”13
* “God is in everything I see.”14
* “The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.”15
* “The oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your limitless power.”16
* “The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.”17

Ask your Christian friends and family if they know this is going on.

Also from the article, those doing research might like to note how the NA organizations change names:
"She and Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch co-founded the American Renaissance Alliance in 1997, that later became the Global Renaissance Alliance of New Age leaders, that changed its name again in 2005 to the Peace Alliance."

Whether the Course is coming out of an intelligence agency (see my previous comment) or is strictly the work of evil spirituality, fight it.

Leana, Rudi, Rose, we appear to be neighbors. I live in WA State also.
I know the Warren Smith article was posted here last November, but I thought it was important enough to call attention to it again.

It's important to realize that as one looks into the New Age network, over and over we run into the same information. I will forget half of what I've seen or written before and am glad when my memory is refreshed from another source.

Old...four new heavy duty researchers in a short period of time, all living in WA? It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!!!LOL

Darn! You've blown our cover, Dorothy! But seriously, maybe we should all get together and sponsor Constance, (our Grand Poobah), for a speaking engagement out here. If nothing else, we could develop some cool secret handshakes.
It's nice to know I have such wise neighbors as I also live in WA state.
Hi Dorothy,
I have a deep respect (other than the obvious the Jesus Christ was born a Jew) for Judiaism. Yes, I am a blood bought, born again Bible believing, saved by His grace Christian, and I am not into replacement theology or diminionism.
But, I am sincerely moved when I hear prayers sung in Hebrew - there is just something to it, personally, it is the 1 language I sincerely would like to learn to read and speak other than my main, english.

To Oldmanoftheski and my other newly discovered neighbors,
I know of three other WA. state 'brothers and sisters' who I "met" over at FP and one lives about 10 miles from me. Considering we all know this isn't coincidence, it will be interesting to watch GOD'S plan
unfold. Rudi
Great post on the Obama campaign iconography and it lines up nicely with the NA/theosophical iconography. When I first started this research on the NA years ago, I noted the use of this iconography. The sun rising on a flat horizon was used by the Seven Rays Institute, New Horizons for Learning and other groups who identify with the seven rays of the cohan. Earth as a planet with the sun rising is another NA icon. Seeing Obama's iconography just gives me the chills. Like his rhetoric, it has an ethereal, stunning effect. Sun worship is part of the NA political agenda from the preoccupation with Egyptian gods to the belief that our energy uses are exploiting the "last days of ancient sunlight." Because so many ancient wisdom traditions involve sun worship, this is another reason for their exaltation by the NA. Recall Evo Morales of Bolivia using a lengthy sun ceremony for his installation as President. The sun is central to the NA.
welcome bev,
nice to know you're lurking.

sure is nice to see so many in WA state, we should have our own convention or something. lol

Blessings to you!
Regarding your post of
8:36 I agree that we have
to be very careful when
researching this stuff.
I'm reminded of the time
I sat down to read through
the "Protocals of the Elders
of Zion". I had plowed through
quite a few chapters when
I realized that it was making
me sick, literally. My stomach
was in a knot and I was sweating.
I even noticed that my pulse
was rapid and shallow.
In fact I felt quite poorly for
over a day afterward.
My feeling now is that for
every hour I spend reading
New Age, Pagan, Wiccan,
Freemason, etc., etc., that
I should spend at least the
same amount of time with the
Bible, which has the opposite
effect: not always pleasant feeling
sometimes a feeling of awareness
of my own sinful nature, but
nevertheless cleansing, edifying
and, well, good.

When buying a book I like:

To see if a book is available in a library near you, check out:

I got my copies on ebay for under $10 each.

On preparing... My husband has felt that Repentance was the most important thing to do. From a material standpoint we are trying to go longer by stocking up on things we buy regularly. As well as having water, and other thing that Leana had mentioned as well.
I was also able to get copies of Contance's books through Amazon. Plenty of "used" copies also available. The "Micro-Effect" site has "donation" information listed as you scroll down the left column. -Rudi
To any of you stellar researchers:

I am homeschooling my 4 kids (I know, the population controllers' nightmare). I am currently teaching them history from Creation to the Resurrection. I noticed in Genesis that all the inventions were attributed to Cain's line (Seth's line was the timeline and no inventions were attributed to them). For instance, Cain's line invented musical instruments and bronze and iron working. I also noticed that many influential people in Western Civiliation (Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, and later, Bacon - with the scientific method, Bejamin Franklin, and list is nearly endless) were deeply influenced by the mystery religions of ancient civilizations. The kids and I noticed that Jannes and Jambres of Exodus fame were able to replicate the first of Moses' miracles. Presumably they were steeped in the mystery religion of ancient Egypt which we have taken to mean communication with demons. My question is: How much of Western culture and inventions, in particular, been given to us through the demonic realm? I always believed God allowed the discovery by very godly men. But, I'm seeing that many appeared to be just the opposite. Am I way off?

Thanks for any insights. Deannie

Hey, I am homeschooling too! However we are only doing kindergarten, so I haven't gotten to teaching that much of history yet. Great observation though.

The thing that strikes me, which must show how little I know, is that wouldn't they have all been wiped out in the flood? Unless you are saying the "technologies" were regiven after the flood?

What a great question though, I guess I don't really have an answer for you.


I'm amazed at your research and that you're a homeschooler too! I guess the old adage applies: if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.

You're right about it being pre-flood. However, 8 people came through the flood. Although Noah was a godly man, evil came through the flood on that ark also. You see his drunkeness and Ham's sin shortly afterwards. I am assuming that between Noah and his family, some amount of that pre-flood knowledge survived. Also, the Tower of Babel occured 107 years after the flood (according to Bishop Ussher's calculations). The pyramids of ancient eqypt were built some hundreds of years later. So a great amount of knowledge must have survived. Watch this video on the pyramids. They confuse so many building experts and engineers that some suggest they must have been made by aliens.

Ditto for Stonehenge and Easter Island. I'm trying to trace the trails here. Also, the Minoans and their cities are perplexing to archeologists. And they are related to the idea of Atlantis for those of you who follow that trail.

Thanks again. Deannie
Also, I noticed someone here is reading Hoagland's book. FYI, he is interviewed in the video on pyramids and aliens.

On another note: how do I get a tinyurl for a site?

Thanks, Deannie
Copy (Ctrl key + C) after highlighting the long url from the page you want to lead to. If you are really new to computers, a url is the line that starts https://ww. at the top of the page.

Open another page and type "" where the url goes at the top.

When you get to that website, paste the copied url(Control key + V) in the box given. The tiny url will be made by the website. Then you copy the tiny url and paste it wherever you want it to go. When someone uses the tiny url, it will go to the page you are leading to.


As usual, you're right on top of things.


Anonymous 12:56
Let me second your thanks for the post on visuals used in Obama's
campaign. Even outside of the occult connections, it is a study in how visuals are used to manipulate emotions.

Emotional visuals bypass our logical thinking. A commenter there says that we shouldn't be electing a president on the basis of emotional manipulation. I agree. He said that people will not be going to Obama's website to see his positions.

In addition to the use of sun imagery, we have Obama inside of a halo. There is an Indian cross, not a crucifix tied to dreamcatcher. From the site:
"This image is iconic in the deep sense of the word. Its format invokes religious icons. The circle with its thick border also represents the first letter of Obama’s name, or, as above, as the O in "hope". The glow of the rising sun recalls the glow of a halo, but here the halo does not encircle a specific person. Instead, it illuminates the earth below it, which has already been cast as America itself. " or
Read the quotes from Blavatsky tying the sun and Satan as the "the Father of Spiritual mankind."
If Obama is not a New Age disciple himself, his advisors sure must be followers.

Re the Obama visual. Check out this one at Lucis Trust. A rising sun inside a circle inside a square. The halo effect in both. The earth symbol is not in the Lucis Trust one however.


No, it's not because I like to see my name in print.

Anonymous 12:56 and
Anonymous 5:58

Thanks for the great details. Know that your material has been passed on to others.

Old, Really, I will follow up on your Deprogram link. It looks good.

Too much information, too little time. I wish I could follow it all up.
Too old too soon, too late too smart.

Dorothy - thanks for the Obama imagery link!!
I hope and like to see you name a lot in print!

Thank you from 'new at this'"3:30AM" for your comments and help. it is very lonely out here (I am in CA). The christians i try to talk to about this look at me with vacant stares. when i forward info through email I hear nothing back. Also, I have been going through severe repentance to the point of almost despair. i know that evil does not like the awareness and turning to God. The battle feels tangible in the intangible realm. But, really I am soooo discouraged with christians right now ...they almost seem more evil than nonchristians. My daughter seems to be having a spill over battle just seems like she is being attacked through her "christian friends" as well. When I first read CC's book 'Hidden Dangers' when it first came out years ago i believed every word of it and told everyone i could about it. So it was a few months ago that I decided to search her name on the net and I am so glad i did. But, it is hard sometimes. Also, I do worry about the practical aspect of the 'money thing' because my husband and I are not money savvy and we have never cared about it, as long as we had enough to get by. So we just did a 401 stock purchase through the company he works for. And that is our savings which isn't a lot but, it is something at least. I know that when it comes to taking the mark to buy or sell of course that is not an option but, I guess in the mean time I feel completely at a loss as to how to prepare? It is hard to ask people because no one even believes that there is a problem with the economy world wide. So... should we sell stock? and put it where? In the mattress? HA!
Thank you for your help and understanding with my neediness! Thank you Rose and Leana!
Bjorn, we have to thank an anonymous for the dailykos link about the imagery information in the Obama campaign. I repeated the link so others wouldn't have to look for it in this comments section. I missed it the first time around and had to go searching. I did quote from it and add some additional information to encourage others to read it, but I wouldn't have caught the story without the kos reader giving it to us.

Here's another story the main stream media won't report.
"The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his "poetry" and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just "Frank."

"The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What's more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations."

My comment: Is this where the coaster wagon ride started that carried Obama to law school, then on to Chicago politics and now to the presidential campaign. Is this where his mentoring started?

Anonymous 10:46 pm
Don't be discouraged. About 18 years went by before I reached someone who made a very big impact with the information. There were smaller successes along the way, but not that many.

As far as individuals, you'll never know. Sometimes it takes months, sometimes years before some of them start making connections. Casual friends knew me for 2-1/2 years before they told me about the Humanist movement, saying I was too liberal. I've worked longer than any of them in the fight. Don't keep pushing. Just plant seeds of information. Remember you are going against a very big mind control operation that works against honest information.

I've heard of the difficulties that came into the lives of people who made an effort to warn others what was happening. It happened big time in my life for many years. Just keep pushing and trust God. There's no guarantee that life will be good if you refuse to warn others of the dangers that you know about. Life goes on whether it's an easy life or a hard life.


The Lord gives an insiders comodities tip in Revelations. Wheat will trade for a small fortune compared even to todays high prices. It depends on how you calculate a "days wages" but it will probably be over a 1000 dollars a bushel ( todays market is $10 to $15). Wheat is very non perishable and stores easily. Metal garbage cans work well. I have some that is ten years old and I can't detect any degradion. I keep thinking that I'll rotate my stock but I just keep adding to it. I intent to have plenty for bartering and sharing.
In Christ

Hi everyone

Dawn and Rudi, thanks for your advise I'll check it out.
Yes, I do agree repentence is important and to get once life right before the Lord.

The scripture that Constance read on Tuesday on the micro effect was spot on in regards to the New Age movement (Romans 1: 1-32)
When I was reading it again, Romans 1:18-20 caught my eye and took me to Revelation 8: 6-13

I have come across a video clip on you tube its,
you tube: Are you Ready? 3 (Answers& Facts)

There is also more info and links on the website (farmer has a link for the website on his blog)

Thank the Lord he is in control!
I was wondering about the
occasional person who comes
into this blog, writes something,
and then gets all bent out of
shape because of someone's
"I'm almost out of here"
"I'm leaving and I won't be back"
_or better yet_
"Excuse me for having an opinion"

I just wonder if they are really
that thin skinned or if maybe
it's more of a divisive maneuver,
since they know that Christians
hate to hurt any ones feelings.

Am I reading too much into it?

If nobody answers me I'll know it's
because you all hate me.

Hi Paul, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and th pride of life come to mind when those statements are thrown around - to me at least.

I luv ya' brother -

Check this article out


No one is ever going to accuse you of being luke warm!

If it is so hard to share with our brethren without offending or being misconstrued, how much harder is it to reach a dying world? This is a public forum, and there are people at every level of maturity and different religious backgrounds reading and posting to this blog page. I’m sure it’s on the devil’s daily reading list as well.

You are obviously one of those "iron sharpens iron guys", and I for one, appreciate your cut and dried approach, (although it's not always comfortable, it's very refreshing, and I have no problem responding if I see it another way.) You've helped me a lot this week and I just want to thank you.

As I try to “reason” with my father-in-law about Masonry, I have been growing more deeply depressed all week, especially as I receive each successive response. He just can’t deal with a contrary opinion, in spite of all the evidence and no matter how “sensitive” I have tried to be. He no longer wishes to discuss the subject with me. Case closed for now, but seeds were scattered, who knows if any will take root. It was indeed hard ground and the effects on me were depressing.

One of your previous posts advised spending at least as much time in the Word of God as we spend looking at all this garbage going on in the world. I’ve made a similar point about prayer and fellowship. But you were blunt and to the point specifically about spending the necessary “time” in the scripture. I needed to hear that. I had to admit I’ve been spending way too much of my time researching the very darkest aspects of Masonry, merely hoping I was covered by prayer. So I stayed up late last night catching up reading the scriptures. Today I am greatly encouraged and invigorated. A lesson learned. Accountability gratefully and humbly accepted.

Doug, the article you posted with reference to concentration camps is a scare piece. That information has been making the rounds of the conspiracy sites for over a dozen years now. I heard a variation of that back in the '80s and have seen warnings to all kinds of groups on the left and on the right about they can be put in a concentration camp. What better way to get people to be scared and shut up than tell them they can be put on a terrorist list and put in a concentration camp. Put "concentration camps secret" into a websearch and you'll find the "information" is definitely not secret.

If you check out the author mentioned, you'll find he writes for Then check out that website.

Thanks man, I love you too.
I hope that Dorothy is right
about that link. I have read
another one very similar, and I
did notice that an old building
next to the train station here
now has a tall razor wire topped
fence going around it and an
adjacent parking lot. No wind
sock yet...
___cognitive dissonance___

Old Man,
Talk about your irony.
I was thinking just a few days
ago how you're so saddened
and upset regarding your
father in law not receiving
your witness about Jesus.
I thought; "I never witness to
people anymore like I used to"
It seems that all my courage is
in cyber space. I tell myself
that no one comes to the Lord
unless the Lord calls them, which
of course is true, but it's just a
cop-out on my part.
I have Letters to the Editor of
my hometown paper piling up
which I've chickened out and
not sent.
Old Man your reasoning and
research are so much more well
ordered than mine it's not funny.
I'm like a class clown in here.
But I will point out that prayer
is us talking to God. Bible study
is Him talking to us.

Peace, Out

You seem to know a lot about the UN and other researchers. Did you see this:,2933,331469,00.html

What do you think of this this guy's work (Inner City Press)? And the idea that someone at the UN gave a little call to Google?

Thanks, Deannie
Paul, what's the town you live in so I can make a few calls and check out the information about the building. What's the name of the commuter line? Let's get to the bottom of the situation.

Hi Dorothy-
there have been many rumors about that, but, Bush's EO in may I think it was actually funded the project.


Joe McNeil...p o box 164...kamiah, Id83536

Thanks for helping Joe and

I went over to and looked at the list of stories. It seems very legitimate even though I'm not knowledgeable enough to evaluate the stories and to judge whether they are neutral or slanted from the left.

Would Google do such a thing? From what I've read, you betcha! Websites on the right have had problems with it. I'm so glad that individuals took the problem into their own hands rather than standing by and waiting for some government agency to do the job for them.

It's Portland, Maine, ma'me.
( A Sanctuary City though
no one asked the residents )
The train is the Downeaster.
The building is one that I know
well, because I used to have
a small recording studio in
it. It's cinder block with tiny
windows. It's also next to the
bus station and very near the
I should have dug a tunnel out
of it when I had the chance.

I knew one day I'd get on that
old Gospel Train. I didn't think
it would be a literal train !

Even so, come Lord Jesus.


He had an interesting blurb on the UN statement to the press on Kosovo. He said SG Ban answered two questions and they literally pulled the rostrum away from Serbia's representative. He also has another article about people in the UN discussing the concern that Kosovo is precedent setting. Interesting considering Constance's warnings on Kosovo.

Paul, you probably are a such a good person you don't know about the county jail in your town. I talked to the police department and a lady at the bus station. The county jail is about a city block away from the bus station. Both said that was the only building around that could be described as you described it.

According to the Google map, there is a train right by the bus station.


Deannie, I'll have to read those. If it wasn't for Connie, the information about Kosovo would have passed over my head. The area was alarmingly confusing until I sat down and took the time to understand where all of the names fit in. Heaven help us if a war erupts over there.

The mid 80s (?) is when Ollie North was quizzed about operation garden plot and he shut down the congressional hearing into the contra affair due to "national security" when the question was posed.


I have also heard rumors of these camps being built in northern Tennessee, but had no way to confirm it. It was described exactly that way, only it was a rural area with a new chain link fence and razor wire. I was trying to get my source of the info to email a picture.

My biggest question about this SF story is this: it says that the contracts were awarded in 1999. President Bush didn't even take office till 2001. There was no war on terror until after 9-11. This would have been under the Clinton administration with Dick Cheney still at halliburton. Why would they have started this in 1999?


I did my MA thesis on tension of ethnic minorities in the former East Bloc countries (12 years ago). While I ended up not writing about the Balkans, they were an enormous part of my research. An excellent, albeit long and decidely biased, book on the subject is Black Lamb, Grey Falcon, by Rebecca West. There is a lot of criticism of the book, some well deserved. However, I think it gives you an excellent introduction to the intricacies of the ethnic and religious tensions in the Balkins.

Leana, Excellent call on the dates. I hadn't noticed them. I couldn't wrap my mind around a President Clinton or President Obama having those powers. Or for that matter, a President McCain....yikes!

Hi Dorothy- Initially I was in aggreement with your assement of the article Doug posted.
The deeper I go I am coming to the conclusion this information is something we should not discredit. Although there are some “conspiracy” sites which try to support their theories using misinformation, this article, and several others I’ve located, by all appearances are based on factual information. From what I’ve been able to track down, the information in the article Doug sited regarding the Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) contract with The Department of Homeland Security and the building of detention camps is correct. The question, as to the possible use of these facilities for other than the official stated purposes (detainment of illegal immigrants ), is a variable, in my opinion, based on what the future has in store and whether or not we trust our government. Same goes for the The Military Commissions Act of 2006. The “fair” enforcement of this act, is dependent upon, "who" could potentially be classified as an “enemy combatant” in the future. In particular, I’m going back in my mind to a report such as that done by CESNUR (CENTER FOR STUDIES ON NEW RELIGION) “Project Megiddo” (I'm quite sure the link came from Constance).
Also recent reports are warning about “conventional terrorist networks” not necessarily of Islamic origin as seen in the Council On Foreign Relations website.

The ‘MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base’ which “keeps track” of terrorist activities, describes itself as, "the one-stop resource for comprehensive research and analysis on global terrorist incidents, terrorism-related court cases, and terrorist groups and leaders." Johnny (51 Reasons to say no to Global Governance blog)
tells me this group is a EU Pro-Global Governance Think Tank site.

There are other reports some may accept as more credible, documenting the Department of Homeland Security / Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) contract. The stated purpose of the "detention centers" is for the detaining of "illegals".
**Fox News Wednesday, June 07, 2006

**New York Times February 4, 2006

**Market Watch Jan. 24, 2006

Doing a search at the United States Department of Justice website using the terms “detention facility contract”
Produced many, many documents

one of which was this “ Strategic Goal IV Report”, where over 1,900
detention facilities are mentioned (page 4) in it’s annual report.

**U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: ICE

There is much more information about The Military Commissions Act of 2006
But I’ll save it for another time. The point I’m trying to make here, while
Not intentionally intending to cause undo alarm, is to hopefully show, that,
many reports on first read, might appear to have no basis in fact. However, my own views, and past trust in matters relating to our government, are undergoing
some serious re-evaluating. Sorry about the length of comments everyone.

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee."
Isaiah 26:3
No one mentioned gold, silver, or commodies. I've make 500% on options. Barrick Gold connected to Bush/Carlyle.

Buffett is buying RR stock, Kraft food, silver, EURO, land with water under it and Gates invested in ethanol, CA RR, silver.

Natural gas is going to be at a premium.

Goldman Sachs is buying up green energy companies, selling our toll roads, and running the US Treasury among other things, big CFR, Bilderberg so watch the direction they are going.

PLANT A GARDEN and put a high wooden fence around it. When people are hungry they will kill for food.

Happy planting.

Kay F.
I’m done looking at Freemasonry folks, so I really do intend this to be my last post on the subject. When you get right down to the meat and bones of an issue, there’s not much reason to go any farther. But some of you have been discussing symbols, particularly Obama’s campaign symbol, so I think this ties in.

Masonry has been described as consisting of two organizations, one “visible”, and one “invisible”. The vast majority of Masons belong to the “visible” lodge, the one where the concepts of fraternity, civic mindedness, and self-improvement, abound. The other, the “invisible” organization, is reserved for the highest echelon, the adepts, the true masters, those who rise above the vast herds of “cattle”. The men of the “visible” lodge, (and I put my father-in-law in this category), are taught that all the pagan and occult symbols used throughout Masonry are merely for “speculative” purposes, and are not “operative”. However, as one rises in the pyramid, it’s obvious there’s a point where the symbols do indeed become operative.

"Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead; to conceal the Truth, which it calls light, and draw them away from it." [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 104-5]

Foster Bailey, who supposedly was a 33rd degree Mason, authored a book entitled, “The Spirit of Masonry”. (I’m sure it’s a wonderful read!) However, poor old Foster was largely overshadowed by his lovely wife, Alice, who tells us everything we really need to know about it in her massive volume, “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”:

"There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of the esoteric societies. [A. Bailey, EH p. 513]

"The Masonic Movement ... is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries, and the seat of initiation. It holds in it symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organisation than can be realised, and it is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists." (Emphasis added) [A. Bailey, EH p. 511]

Coming up this May, as I noted previously, the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges takes place in DC, where select Masons from around the world will be invited to take several tours to view firsthand the Masonic symbolism of our nation’s capital city and learn the secrets of the foundations of this, the first “Masonic nation” established on earth. (The“United States of Europe” is the second such entity, with the “Global One World Order” being the final stage.) As of yet, still un-named high ranking US State Department and Bush Administration officials are scheduled to speak at this gathering.
There’s tens of thousands of anti-masonic/Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theory web pages out there. I link to this one only because it has a very interesting assortment of photos:

I’m sure the last photo on the page has been commented on by bloggers here before- Condi Rice sitting next to Solana under the 6..6..6 banner at the UN in 2005. I’m sure it’s just a meaningless coincidence of course, a peculiar camera angle with absolutely nothing prophetic about it. But then again, what if Condi really does become McCain’s VP pick? And what if old John gets elected and then really does die in office? All this, of course, is pure speculation on my part, with slim chance of ever becoming operative. But in the unlikely event that Condi is the “high ranking Bush administration official” who is invited to address the aforementioned World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges in May, I’ll be hastening my plans to untangle myself as much as possible from the grid.

Okay, I'm done. I'm gonna go read my Bible now.
"The government has also contracted with several companies to build thousands of railcars, some reportedly equipped with shackles, ostensibly to transport detainees."
That information is at which link?

The second part of the following information was pulled out of thin air. Animal rights activists have done much major damage to individuals and physical sites.

"A clue as to where Harman's commission might be aiming is the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a law that labels those who "engage in sit-ins, civil disobedience, trespass, or any other crime in the name of animal rights" as terrorists. Other groups in the crosshairs could be anti-abortion protesters, anti-tax agitators, immigration activists, environmentalists, peace demonstrators, Second Amendment rights supporters."

So here's a list from the left to balance off the above list:

Rudi, yes there are real home-grown terrorist groups, and they were quite active in attempting to use members of the general population prior to the millennium and the year afterwards. Thanks to government infiltration and lack of enthusiasm by huge numbers of people, they didn't succeed.

I'm sure you do know that there is a major effort to use those groups of individuals who are unhappy with the government to help foreign terror groups. McVey is an example.

Here's a serious discussion on non-Muslim terrorist groups:

From the article:
"According to author Naomi Wolf, the National Counterterrorism Center holds the names of roughly 775,000 "terror suspects" with the number increasing by 20,000 per month.

"What could the government be contemplating that leads it to make contingency plans to detain without recourse millions of its own citizens? "

Where does Wolf, a far leftist, get her number? First of all the National Counterterrorism Center investigates national and international terrorism. The only place I could find the number 775,000 is in the number of requests for clearance in 2003.
"In fiscal year 2003, DOD submitted
over 775,000 requests for investigations."

A long time ago I discovered by chance that there was a site that provided leftist and New Age publications with stories on a daily basis. There's probably more than one. The SFGate Opinion piece is just that, opinion. There are no footnotes. There is no bibliography. There is no way to catch up with the lies as they are spread quickly over the world, making our government look bad in the eyes of the world.

Huge amounts of information are kept from us by the government and those who are to honestly report on what is going on at the governmental,organization, foundation, networking, and individual levels. That doesn't mean we need to accept every possibility.

I agree. I'll now focus my search on trying to find information that would shed any light on the "railcars, some reportedly equipped with shackles, ostensibly to transport detainees." I welcome help in this area from anyone.
My focus today was on documenting the reality of "detention centers" and verifying the Homeland Security/KBR contract for building detention centers. -Rudi
Hi, everyone . . .

In a previous post, the KBR-Homeland Security concentration camps were mentioned. Well, I found the following equally disturbing.

Have any of you ever done Internet research on the controversy over the Denver International Airport (DIA) and the secret area beneath the airport? It's an area supposedly with sub-basements 8 levels deep (built to hold 5 million people)!!!

There is a 10 mile, 4-lane highway which goes out to (or away from) the airport.

The old original Stapleton Airport was very accessible to the city's population. People in Denver were not happy when it was replaced by an airport that was much further away.

The airport budget went from $1.7 billion to $4.8 billion!!!

DIA (built in 1995) is 53 square miles; 6 million square feet, 5,300 miles of cable, and 19 miles of conveyor belt.. It has 5 runways with the ability to handle 120 aircraft per hour.

From a satellite view, the airport appears to be in the shape of a swastika!!!

Travelers do actually get to see disturbing "art work" in the Great Hall of the airport. People have reported seeing disturbing Masonic, New Age, and Nazi symbolism: e.g. -- a German boy collecting all of the world's weapons; 3 women (black, Jewish, American Indian) lying in a coffin; and messages (such as "a world without violence" and "putting down weapons by beating swords into plowshares" etc.).

There is even a "rumor" that this could actually be the Western Headquarters of the United States New World Order during a time of martial law!!!

Naturally, anyone who questions any of this "controversy" is dismissed as a "conspiracy theorist." My immediate reaction (like many others) is why not allow a team of reporters with video cameras to go down beneath the airport and report back to ease everyone's mind? Of course, this has not happened.

My next question is how could this have possibly been kept a secret from the public. Well, obviously information has leaked out over the years, with many afraid to talk about it. However, one method used was to keep dismissing and replacing contractors during various stages of the construction in order to prevent understanding of the true scope of the project!!!

May we all remain close to God. May God bless us, guide us, and keep us strong in these dark times!!!
Old Man,

Not to drag you further into the Masonic realm, but....

how does the esoteric "knowledge" in the mystery religions relate to what is in the book of dead from ancient egypt?

In studying history with our kids, I can't help notice something:

the knowledge of the occult used to be known only to a few adepts in various cultures - seen in the secret societies. However, it seems there has been an explosion in the occult knowledge by the "masses" in the past 100 years. My question is: how much if any of the esoteric knowledge is contained in the Book of the Dead of the ancient Egyptians? That book was only able to the masses after the finding of the Rosetta Stone by Napolean's men. Has the translation of the Book of the Dead and other ancient Egyptian texts made this esoteric knowledge more available to the curious?

Wow Dorothy
I can't believe you did that.
God bless you.
Yes the county lockup is very
nearby and yes it's because
I'm so good that I didn't think
of it, even though I've played
music for those guys more than
once in there.
I wish I could say I'm sure
you're right. Are you ?

Old Man
Yes it's just an accident and a
coincidence. An example of
kismet, a Jungian synchronicity;
an irrational juxtaposition. A
meaningless happenstance, and
Nothing to think twice about.
It's an event of no significance,
much like the photo of him with
Benjamin Creme or the one
him with his right hand in the
"okey" sign.

Everything in Masonry points back to Egypt, some say pre-Egypt and even to prior worlds. I don't know what the Book of the Dead says, it's not on my current reading list, and won't be anytime soon. But the Book of Life does say that knowledge shall increase in the last days. (Daniel 12:4)

By the way, on the web page I linked to previously, did anyone notice George Washinton's statue in the Masonic Memorial created just for him? Is that our founding father, or is it a Greek God? Maybe it's Baal himself! Speculative or operative symbology? It's so confusing!
Here is link to the picture of the statue (referenced by Old Man) of George Washington by Horatio Greenough..

It's a very interesting story about that statue. I believe Chris Pinto refers to it in his video on Atlantis.

I should have also mentioned that public schools and even lots of Christian schools are teaching about the Book of the Dead without critical comment. I have seen this personally. he Christian schools are teaching this stuff (also Babylonian gods) under the idea of classical education. When I teach this stuff to our kids we pray and read the Bible first. I have materials from a classical Christian publisher that actually has words directly from the Book of the Dead and gives an activity for them to pretend an "interview" with the Osiris after their death.

Deanne, not surprising info considering our children are primary targets. Paul, you crack me up, in a scary sort of way.

For those looking into rail cars and detention centers…

I came across some interesting sites during my GOOGLE EARTH weird places search. I posted some of the coordinates previously. At one location in the desert of Nevada a train sits at the end of the tracks. Fifteen rail cars are parked right next to what is widely acknowledged to be the most extensive underground military installation/bunker system in the world. My original take was that the train was used to haul dirt out of the bunkers, or maybe haul in ICBM parts. The trains could certainly be used for just about any purpose I suppose. This particular site is marked with a cross. Another weird site is located just to the south, clearly marked with a Star of David, a design that actually looks more like a Vajravarahi Mandala than anything else. Something for everybody I guess.

Now folks, there’s so much weird stuff out there in Nevada, we can get way off track speculating what these sites could be. Our own government elites are certainly not going to tell us, and they are the only ones who apparently know. Over 91% of Nevada is under Federal Jurisdiction, with a lot of areas that are strictly off limits. I’ve done extensive searching around this “cross area” using my new found friend, Google Earth. Numerous airfields, sewage treatment plants, holding ponds, water aquaduct systems, hieroglyphics that in some cases stretch for miles, and roads to nowhere abound.

Here’s a couple of the coordinates for those who would like to do some speculating for themselves. While we can be imaginative to the point of scary, we certainly can’t draw a whole lot of conclusions.

Train ending at cross…


The Vajravarahi Mandala…


Good night. Sleep tight. Count your kids in the morning.
Paul, am I right about what? It seemed strange to me that there would be a concentration camp in the middle of the city, so I made some calls. If you have an address of some other building, it could be checked out.

This blog probably has a lot of lurkers, people who read but don't post. It's important that they can depend on what they read here if they want to pass it on to others. Reputations can be easily destroyed.

Authors have attempted to smear Constance's reputation in the past by distortions of her positions. Those of us whose last names are known can get smeared by extension if inaccurate information isn't challenged. This is a deadly serious fight.

Interesting Oldman- Thanks! -Rudi
Ireland is scheduled to vote on the referendum for the Lisbon treaty in late May. According to today's Irish Times:

The Government is to propose a constitutional provision to copperfasten Ireland's military neutrality in the Lisbon Treaty referendum. This is aimed at forestalling attempts by the No side to raise fears on the issue. Deaglán de Bréadún , Political Correspondent, reports.

It had been hoped to put a simple declaration before the people committing the State to the terms of the treaty but, on legal advice, the proposal will now consist of six new constitutional provisions, described as "very comprehensive" and extending over "two pages of text".

One of the changes proposed will declare that Ireland will not be part of any common European defence arrangements. A similar provision was inserted after the second referendum on the Nice Treaty in 2002 but this will now be repealed and a revised wording inserted to take account of the Lisbon Treaty.

Supposedly a number of prophecies about Ireland which state, among other things, that it will not fall within the rule of the AC, that Christian Orthodoxy will be preserved there, and that the country will be wiped out by a giant flood (tsuanami). I've often wondered how a newly prosperous island country, export-dependent and energy-dependent, whose economy is now so globalised--the most globalised in the world in fact-- with such strong economic and cultural ties to the U.S., could possibly avoid getting dragged into all this.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds for such a tiny country that has played a unique role in salvation history.
Hi to all,
there are so called "egyptian rites" in masonry - which are higher degrees than the open 33rd.
And Please - oldmanoftheski - for all too many reasons - yes go read your bible :).

On another subject, I do belive that it was haliburton who got the ink on the contract.
I know the tales of the railroad yards and such, markings on the back of signs - all of it, In fact, I spent time doing my own "n the road" research trying to prove or diprove that one - real time. What I did find was ambiguous at best.
It was not definite, but also not totally false. My understanding is the largest camps is in Alaska, I can neither prove nor disprove it. The others are actually on military facilities amongst other places, and no - this info does not come off the cuf from just a web sight just for the record.
One of the individuals responsible for the ne ID card scheme on Bush's payroll - is an ex KGB guy. Bush's EOs related to "fatherland" opps - pardon my pun - "homeland security" are at best power grabs that go around the constitution - unless I am mistaken ans he was misquoted - didn't he say - "its just a *** - **** piece of paper"
I will not us e God's name in vain - so you can figure ou what those astricks mean.
The CFR is already writing the script for who ever may (I stil think he is not leaving office) occupy that office after him.

The EU, Kosovo, Russia's rumblings and saber rattling - (and if we had not financed them - yet again - they would not have any $ for any weapons - once again - those are our tax) the AOC, all of it - just points to how close we really are to the Lord's return -


Pray for Constance and her up coming speaking event - that the Lord give her wisdom and direction that meets the specific needs to open the eyes of those she will be addressing -

It seems to me the masons want to take credit

for our past president George Washington.

oldman said
“…did anyone notice George Washinton's statue in the Masonic Memorial created just for him? Is that our founding father, or is it a Greek God? Maybe it's Baal himself! Speculative or operative symbology? It's so confusing!”

Excellent site by the way oldman, but I see the mason’s trying to take credit or discredit any Christian history having to do with our government [2 Pet.2:10 “But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous [are they], selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.,] if they can, to indoctrinate and convince the next generation that Christianity and the founding father’s were NOT of the faith.
The constitution is something they HATE! It does not surprise me they would go to such great lengths as to discredit it. ~ Shalom

FYI – I am not a lurker!!! [smile]
And for he record - if he does leave office - I agree with Dorothy 100% - the hand writing is on the wall - to quote her we are "doomed" under any of the 3 chosen ones.

With regard to the discussion about detention camps in the U.S. -- I have no hard evidence or citations to offer, however, this is information I have heard about on and off for years mainly from Kathleen Keating. As I've watched things unfold, I now more or less take their existence for granted, even though I know that this makes me a "crank" in the eyes of nearly everyone I know.

The federal government could declare martial law for any number of reasons:

1. Major terrorist attack(s), including a dirty bomb or release of biological agent
2. Outbreak of deadly communicable disease
3. Destablization of government by sudden assassination of major political figures
4. Environmental disaster such as major earthquakes, floods/tsunamis, etc. that disrupts infrastructure and commerce (food shortages, financial crisis, etc)
5. Nuclear attack and or/invasion by foreign armies
6. Invasion by hostile "aliens" (UFO's)
7. Major civil unrest caused by any combination of the above, including a banking crisis

Since 2001 we have seen a convergence of numerous seemingly unrelated events. Joe and Jill 6 Pack are being gradually conditioned by the media and government to accept the previously unthinkable as the norm.

I can't find the quote, so I will paraphrase, but Henry Kissinger (who has endorsed McCain) has reportedly said publicly something to the effect that Americans will willingly surrender their freedoms in the interests of personal security. Kissinger, complex monster that he is, does seem to have an excellent grasp of human nature.

We are seeing unfold before our eyes how the powers that be are using our fears to get us to give up our freedoms. For a glimpse of some of what the U.S. may be facing, google Operation Condor.

Kathleen Keating said last year that she thinks there is a real chance there will not be a 2008 presidential election -- Bush will find a reason to postpone it. I think this is a possibility. His weird yo-yo-ing on Israel is very ominous. The name of the game here is to keep J6P--and all of us--off balance.

Although I would strongly prefer if I didn't know about any of this and instead could distract myself by shopping and watching "American Idol," I cannot find any benign interpretation of these events as I watch them unfold.

The sheer weirdness of this presidential election to date simply adds fuel to the fire.

The building I was referring to
is @ 43"39'10.01"N
it's a "T" shaped building.
_but the Google photo is old.
It doesn't show the barbed wire
fence going around it and it's
adjacent parking lot. Those
fences only went up a number
of months ago.

I'm sorry if you think I was
doubting your contention that
it's nothing sinister. You're
most likely right, and it is in
all likelihood nothing though
I don't know who around here
would be able to tell you one way
or the other. Ask Michael ( Lenin )
Chertoff ?
I know that years ago the building
was an Oil company, and currently
it's used as a rehearsal space for
young bands of musicians.

To Old Man, Dorothy and of
course Constance:
I'm truly sorry if my "gallows
humor" is counter productive
to the aims of this site. I'll
try to keep a lid on it.

God bless you,
Draft "human rights-based" constitution for Kosovo:

Apologies if someone has posted this information already.

What prophecies? By whom?

I'm afraid Kissinger was right.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin

I just wanted to post this link from the Theosophical Society and Freemasonry video. I stumbled on it as I was watching google video on the Pyramids.
This is an eyeopening video on freemasonry and their foundational philosophy.
First I will post the video link of the pyramid.
One thing I noticed is at the end of the video they post a phone number 1888-77BIBLE that looked like the word bible illuminate signature.
I will try to show you what I mean.
l3 ll 3l

Second the Theosophical Society.
Notice the "Star of David"? Is there a connection?
Masonry and the ancient mysteries.
This confirms the video by Chris Pinto and the new Atlantis video.
You've got me stopped. I refuse to call up the Portland police department and ask them if a former oil building, now a practice place for young musicians, is planned by the federal government as a concentration camp for pro-life Christian conservatives. My phone number would be traced and they would do a secret search in the middle of the night to see how many, if any, guns I have have in the house. Our little poodle just isn't up to all that excitement.

Then they would do a search on everyone who writes on this blog, and you, Paul, might end up lodged in that concentration camp, having to practice with the musicians day and night until it becomes an official concentration camp, at which point you and I would be shipped to that concentration camp in Alaska. My arthritis can't take the cold.

And besides I understand the entrance to the camp is near the entrance to the hole in the earth tht leads to that under the earth city which the aliens, along with Captain Haaton, who don't like Jews use as their home base with the cooperation of the federal government. do know it was the aliens who set up asassination of Kennedy at that place in Texas because it was on a ley line which is how the aliens power their ships, from the energy grid of ley lines. They learned about the ley lines from the Egyptians who examined the earth after they were brought down to colonize earth by the aliens which was needed as the power on their planet was giving out. (Did you think the story about Superman was just fantasy silly people?)

Oh yes, I heard, I think on Coast to Coast, that the strange markings in fields were made by aliens in their language to be seen by their brethern in spaceships who can't land in the area in order to communicate with them. You really should take the time to learn the alien language so you can be picked up in their space ship when you are in that Alaskan concentration camp.

That would be so much more practical than learning about the Alliance of Civilizations and the European Union.


PS: A little learning is a dangerous thing.

I'm referring to various private revelations which the Catholic Church has not declared as false -- (in other words, Catholics are free to believe or reject, the most famous of these being probably Fatima).

Catholic prophechy isn't one of my strong areas of interest (too much "kookiness" in this area for me, especially around Medjugorge), and it's been a long time since I've done any research in the area--I cannot remember the details on who said what about Ireland, unfortunately.

If you are interested though you can get to the information via some persistent googling. I must say, though, that the St. Malachy prophecies about Ireland's "Seven Weeks" of English oppression, and his one about the popes are fascinating.

Sorry I can't be of more specific help.

Dorothy -
you have a great sense of humor - very funny :)


Check out this link to Inner City Press reporting on the UN.

This shows a little of the maneuvering at top levels in the UN Security Council on recognition of Kosovo. It seems they delayed a press conference maybe to give the EU and US time to recognize its independence, making it a fait accompli for Russia. If you look first at Farmer's latest post on Solana and Kosovo, it puts this article more into perspective.

On the Michael Savage show he said the Kosovo situation was a result of who controls the oil pipelines in the region. What do you think of this information? I ask as you say you've studied the area and so may have a better perspective than I have.


Yes, your reply to Paul was very funny, even as you nervously use it as a "cover" for your legitimate fears. And yes, we should ALL be afraid these days . . . very afraid!!!

There is a lot of information out there. How do ANY of us know exactly what to believe these days? We are all still in the "learning process" here and praying for discernment while trying to contribute and share information.

I know people who still think that ANYONE who has read and believed "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" is a nut case (some members of my own family, for instance).

Yes, "a little learning is a dangerous thing" . . . but we don't want to alienate sincere, good Christians like Paul and others who are just trying (like the rest of us) to contribute and share information while trying to figure it all out for themselves. Otherwise, this blog will be left with only you few "anointed ones" who occupy the "inner circle."

BTW: Dorothy, I want you to know that I think I can safely speak for most of us that all of your tireless research and contributions to this blog are greatly and gratefully appreciated. You are a tremendous asset to Constance and to her Holy Spirit-filled work.

May God continue to bless and guide everyone (who posts and/or just quietly reads) this blog.

Sincerely (in Christ) . . .

Sorry. The article I sent didn't have reference to the delays.

Check out this article:

on Kosovo and you can see the bizarre timing of the meetings on Kosovo - delays due to interpreters despite admonishment to remain on call - and the subsequent recognition by the US and EU before the official UN meeting on Monday at 4 pm. It seems, certain powers wanted to make it a fait accompli for both Serbia and Russia. Or, maybe I have an over active imagination.


check out this link:

It's about the Transbalkan pipeline and its importance to the West. I don't know the show Coast to Coast, but the FreeRepublic has been reporting this for quite some time.

Another article about the difficulty of getting Caspian oil reserves to the West via pipelines.

Relax, Condi says she doesn't plan to run as veep:
Anonymous 1:54
When I started looking things back in 1979, I had no support system such as people on the this blog do. Sometimes Constance and I were researching the same areas, other times not. We share when we could. Neither was the teacher or pupil.

Look at the quest for information as a network of roads to the goal of understanding how the world around one works. There are many, many side roads that can pull a person off that main road, one offering a maze of souvineer stands, another petting zoos, another Greek restaurants, and so on. All are enticing in one way or another, and the efforts to get one off that main road are substantial.

Those who find out what is going on interfere with the main users of the road, i.e., governments, foundations, international corporations, etc. Now if they use part of their money to provide the side roads, the diversions, they keep community members out of the way. The more a person knows the less they can be manipulated.

Separating "provisions made for dissidents" from solid information providers is much harder than almost everyone knows. I had to learn the hard way about much of this, on my own.

I'm sharing what I learned and anyone can take it or leave it. Anyone who wants to stay on that main road has to grow to be tough enough to avoid the side road temptations.

Nervous? Absolutely not. I've gotten too hard to be nervous. Things are happening and going to happen whether or not I know what is going on with them. What I am trying to do is keep as many people on that main road as possible so they are not suckered by the side road diversions.


Here is an article from The Heritage Foundation dated back in Sept 2002. While it doesn't discuss the TransBalkan pipeline, it discusses how US foreign policy vis a vis Iran has been impacted by the desire to get at this Caspian Sea oil.

The Heritage Foundation has been reporting on this for a very long time. See especially Ariel Cohen's work.

In grad school, I took a class on Political Economy of Oil taught by the Former Iranian representative to OPEC. My take away is that oil security greatly impacts our foreign policy.

I'm not sure about all the specifics in the article to which you linked, but it seems reasonable. This article in the Oil & Gas Journal dated 1998 mentions two possible pipelines through the Balkans - one through Macedonia and the other TransBalkan.

Apparently, the Caspian fields would primarily be used to supply the Europeans with both oil and natural gas. The US interest seems to be stability in the price.

For what it's worth, Deannie
Dorothy and Deannie,

Great posts!

Last article on oil, I promise.

I remember Professor Mehr teaching us that OPEC members often had conflicting interests. For example, members with relatively small reserves wanted to get the maximum $ for each barrel of oil. However, Saudi Arabia who had the largest reserves was concerned that if the price per barrel reached too high, the US would have economic incentives to develop alternative sources.

They, wanted a steady revenue stream well into the future - keep the Americans content to rely upon them forever. This was back in 1991-1992 when it hovered around $20/ppb. If the other members of OPEC tried to raise prices beyond the acceptable Saudi threshold, the Saudis would just threaten to increase their production. They ruled the OPEC roost.

Remember, the Saudis are sitting on the largest reserves and were very concerned the Americans had the ingenuity to develop an alternative, making their reserves worthless. They wanted to keep the Americans from having an economic incentive.

The realtively cheap and steady flow of oil, I think, has allowed American environmentalists to pressure our government not to allow domestic oil development. Now we're at $100/ppb. Apparently, the Saudis are no longer concerned about us developing an alternative and we seem content to pay it. What has changed? China and its demand, environmental restrictions in the US and political inefficiency in the US. Our political parties can't agree on a means of energy security.

Apparently, the Saudis are no longer concerned about us developing an alternative and we seem content to pay it. What has changed? China and its demand, environmental restrictions in the US and political inefficiency in the US.

Yes--the China factor has completely changed this equation.

Europe's dependence on Russian gas is key to the present situation in the Balkans. The EU is completely at their mercy at the moment,

Deannie, thanks for the research and comments.

If I put together some pieces, could I say that the US and EU will not hesitate to destroy people, a country, or a religious heritage if it stands in the way of a need for a major product that this country needs and makes it easier for some major international corporations to make a profit. Those involved will not hesitate to keep the reasons from US and EU citizens and manipulate the emotions of these citizens to justify their actions.

That's certainly enough to get a few countries angry at the US. They do the deed, allow no discussion of the real reasons, rationalizing their actions with false facts.

I know it's a simplistic summary, but does it appear correct based on your reading of the situation?

For those so inclined and who might be interested in the story of one family's inspiring example to be more self sufficient in the heart of an urban environment, go to:
First of all I never asked you or wanted
you to call up anyone on my behalf.
Secondly I'm fifty-one years old, not
five. Thirdly my IQ is about 130 not
80, since your tone is that of someone
speaking to an idiot.
And lastly I have NEVER even brought
up, even with my "little knowledge",
aliens, ley lines, holes in the earth or
markings on the earth.
But I do recognize a nervous reaction
when I see it. None of us wants to
be rounded up into a boxcar ala
the Nazi Final Solution. It wouldn't
scare us if it were an absurdity. It's
truly a terrifying thought because
it is possible.
God bless you Dorothy. I know that
you're a watchman on the wall and
a tireless saint of the living God.
I know you didn't mean to be
condescending and that it was
just humor.
A lot of knowledge can be
dangerous too.

Indeed, Dorothy, Paul, et. al,

My morning study focused on First Man and First Woman. Not content with fellowship with God, Eve fell for the serpent’s temptation that there was something more, some “secret knowledge” that had been withheld from her. Deceived, she convinced her mate that he couldn’t live without this knowledge also. The result? Woe to both of them and all mankind.

The reason I am a Christian is because I have experienced joy reborn. Last Wednesday night I shared the information I had gleaned on a certain subject with my Bible study group, (I won’t mention the subject, you’ll just have to guess), Yet, it quickly became apparent that “this present darkness” could not overcome the eternal light of the gospel. In spite of all the evil in this world, we were able to smile, laugh, and greatly encourage one another as we grew stronger in God’s spirit through spending time in His word, prayer, and fellowship.

When joy wants to manifest itself, let it. Humor often mitigates tension and can be a valuable lesson in itself. We are ill prepared to face darkness in this world if we don’t have joy.
Maybe I am mistaken(?) but I thought Dorothy's post was was mostly for humor..............


I don't think you're mistaken. And I did not intend for my post to be taken as chiding anyone. Quite the opposite. Lighten up or I'm otta here! I'm not going to post to this blog anymore! Take that! I'm going to keep quiet, stay home and sulk! Heck no, I'm going skiing! (again!) Three times this week was not enough! I'm going to wear the !!! off of my keyboard until you people smile.
Well, I found it totally hilarious - and not pointed at all.

Paul, You dropped the first hint that something dangerous was happening in Portland. I easily debunked it. You then vaguely hinted that there was some other building that supported the idea that there were concentration camps around the country.

The only way to respond was to point out in a humorous way that such hints can lead people down very strange paths. Most of the garbage ideas in the spirituality part of the New Age movement are based on possibilites that people innocently accept and act on. All of the things I mentioned were possibilities.

If you really thought there was a dangerous situation in Portland, as a responsible person you would have been obligated to check everything out yourself instead of coming on a website and dropping hints that others couldn't check out. If you were just being silly, you should have indicated that.

There is a plethora of leftist conspiracy sites, generally connected with New Age ideas, that hint of these camps. There is nothing secret about the fact that certain untrustworthy individuals are spreading this "possibility."

I leave it to the readers here to judge the effect the spreaders of this "possibility" want to achieve.

With all due respect you didn't
debunk anything. You found a
building which was not the one
that I was talking about. I told you
the name of the train station and
said it also had a bus station.
You asked around and came up
with a different bus station which
had a train track nearby ( no station ).
Then you asked someone if there
was a building nearby with razor wire
and they told you about the County
Jail. That's not debunking. That's a
quick brush off. Then I gave you the
Google map coordinates and told you
what the correct building was used for.
Did you think that someone here was
going to say: "Oh that's that building
that they're going to put dissidents
after Bush declares martial law."?
Your exasperated response was
basically that I'm a fool with "a little
knowledge", and irresponsible to boot.

I was responding to a link sent to me
which described the rumor that the
government has already made plans
to round up dissidents (unarmed
mostly city dwellers) as well as armed
resistance out in the country.

What's far fetched about that ?
It's already happened numerous times
in other countries. It's already happened
here to Japanese Americans in WWII.

It's the world that's crazy, not me.
But if you want to paint me as a
rumor monger and an irresponsible
person, ...well, you already have.

If you have an street address for the building, why don't you just give it. I don't do Google coordinates for a picture of an unkown building that "hint hint" may be used sometime in the future as a concentration camp for the people in Portland.

If the shoe fits....

It's on Thompsons Point Rd
I don't know what the number is.
But why ?
Are you going to ask Michael Chertoff?
Would he tell you ?

I'll tell you what I said before
and give you more details.
The building has a parking lot
around it which was almost
always empty when I had a
studio there. I'm familiar with
the area. I go fishing there too.
The parking lot was big and empty
all the time and then one day it
had a eight foot fence with
barbed wire topping all around
it. This fencing goes from one
corner of the building all the way
around the parking lot and then
to the other corner of the building.
It surrounds the building and the
parking lot. It's still mostly empty.

I had read an article much like the
one that was sent to me in which
a man called "Mr Sea" was being
interviewed. He had been in the
CIA and knew all this stuff, allegedly.
It was a lengthy interview and it
scared the daylights out of me.
Near the end he said words to the
effect of "Look out for new barbed
wire fenced-in areas right near train
stations. Particularly one with a
warehouse type building near it."
I wish I could remember where
I found this interview but I can't
and I don't have a copy. He also said
to look for an out-of-place windsock
for aviation.

But again, what could you possibly
find out ? Would you ask a Freemason
to tell you some of the secrets of
the Kraft ? I mean would you expect
an honest answer ?
Didn't Tim Russert ask GW about his
Skull&Bones affiliation and GW said
"I cant tell you anything" and didn't Tim
Russert ask John Kerry the same question
and got a similar brushoff ? If these people
didn't work in secrecy we wouldn't
be asking all these questions. But they
do work in secrecy. It's their hallmark.
They came and arrested Jesus in the
middle of the night. Yes they are the
same crowd. They were the money
changers in the Temple that he really
ticked off. They cried out over and over
"crucify him!' They were the Pharisees
who had a thriving business going
and weren't about to give it up.
They came in secret after he had
preached openly every day.

The Talmud was kept a secret for
centuries. It was forbidden to be
translated into any Goyem tongue.
No wonder considering what it says
in direct opposition to Moses and the
Law. It was a secret.
The Q'ran was kept a secret for
centuries too in the same way.
There were people who died because
they tried to translate it.
I've got a secret: computers are all
designed to be easily linked
up and info shared and it's always
a pier to pier system unless the
local ( office ) network topology
is designed to have a hierarchy.
But the WWW is already built and
no one can make it a heirarchy, not
even Jacob Rothschield. Pier to pier
means no one can control the info
flying around. That's why we are
learning all this stuff now. A
person would have had to travel
far and wide and dig like crazy to
find this stuff back in the 70's,
when Constance wrote her book.
God is laughing at all the secrets that
are no longer secret.
The jive Freemasons and their jive
Egyption magic, the Talmud, the
Quran, the Kabbalah, the Protocals
of the Elders of Zion, (whether it's
really a Illuminati document OR if
it's a piece of anti semite propaganda.)
Either way it's sick and evil and always

So I don't understand what or who
you intend to call, dear Dorothy.

But you're right. I should never
blurt out anything that heavy
without verification.
This is really going to cramp my

I feel like Popeye, who once said:
" I ain;t a physicix, but I knows
what matters"

Paul - you forgot the "agugugugha" laugh

Well, they were certainly there and waiting for the German, Polish and other nationalities Jews -- most of whom dismissed warnings as trivial, alarmist and "it can't happen here." But IT WAS HAPPENING. Perhaps that is why Shirley Maclaine and others are so confident about their coming "Karmageddon" for us anti-New Age dissidents!
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