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From the Iranian News Service:

"Germany is apparently giving up its stiff opposition to plans by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to press ahead with the creation of the Mediterranean Union. Deputy government spokesman Thomas Steg said in remarks to the press in Berlin that all European Union states agreed that the so-called 'Barcelona process' needed a "new impetus."

"Pointing out that the 'Barcelona process' referred to the EU's institutional operation with surrounding Mediterranean countries, Steg called for "reviving the 'Barcelona process'. It's the common conviction within the EU that everyone that wants to join such a process should be able to take part, the chancellery official added. The project has to be open to all EU members, Steg reiterated. Sarkozy plans to unveil the Mediterranean Union in July, coinciding with France's rotating EU presidency. Over the past months, Merkel had repeatedly warned against Sarkozy's unilateral Mediterranean Union initiative, saying all EU member states had to be included in this process. The French president has repeatedly called for such a strategic alliance since winning elections in early May. Sarkozy seeks to include countries like Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, in this union.

Copied from:
And even closer to home: Javier Solana, John McCain, Hillary Clinton among active participants in Munich Conference in 2005:

OPEC Fund Director-General addresses Munich Conference on Security Policy
OPEC Fund Director-General highlights contributions of OPEC member countries

14/2005 February 14, 2005, Vienna, Austria

OPEC countries play a key role in preserving world peace and security by enhancing social and economic progress and promoting oil market stability, according to Mr. Suleiman J. Al-Herbish, Director-General of the OPEC Fund for International Development.

Mr. Al-Herbish was addressing delegates at the 41st Munich Conference on Security Policy in Munich, Germany, on Saturday, February 12. Other speakers at the high-level meeting included UN Secretary-General, Mr. Kofi Annan; US Secretary of Defense, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld; German Foreign Minister, Mr. Joschka Fischer; Secretary-General of the Council of the EU, Mr. Javier Solana and several senior US senators and policy makers; among them Senators John McCain, Chuck Graham and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The conference was opened by Federal German President, Mr. Horst Köller.
Hi Constance-
I'm not sure if you got to see this in a past comments section.
In light of the important news you've just posted, I’m going to repost the following comments I made in an earlier section. As before, because I found it impossible to give a direct link or a tiny url for readers to get access to a VERY IMPORTANT pdf document. I’m giving specific directions on how to find it.
Report of the expert group convened by the
Mediterranean Institute on the
Mediterranean Union project
(October 2007)
Institut de la Méditerranée
Palais du Pharo
58, Bd Charles Livon – 13007 Marseille – France
Tél (33) 0 491 31 51 95 – Fax (33) 0 491 31 50 38 –

Click on the word "documents" from list. Next click on:
"“Report of the expert group convened by the Mediterranean Institute on the Mediterranean Union Project” Download PDF

This is the actual url link for this pdf paper but I couldn't get back to the page without going through the steps above.

I have an additional comment. From what I've read about "The Mediterranean Union project" I don't think the Nicolas Sarkozy announcement was any surprise to Dr. Solana. Each of the EU/Mediterranean developments in recent years looks designed to “compliment” the next. This includes the "Mediterranean Union Project” "Sustainable Development" seems to be the over-riding message through all.
As you read through the pdf paper (dated October 2007) above, not surprisingly, you will find references not only to the ENP but also to the Anna Lindh Foundation which directly connects in to the Alliance of Civilizations.
- Rudi
This link is now working directly to the pdf document on the Medeterranean Union Project

The tiny url here:

is the main Mediterranean Union page with a ton of info to read.
Global Analysis - J. R. Nyquist "The Cold War Never Ended" 02/01/2008
The "HOOK" is set in the sea of men, the props are fully embraced, and the crocodile tears will turn red real. What I have today is to make the moment count as Christ Jesus uses me as a glove ("Put on Christ") to love, oh somehow to love. (If one gives but a glass of water to the least of mine, in my name, to mortify the deeds of the body by the power of the Holy Spirit, to give one's life for another; the opportunities abound if we are dead to self, then as examples, living letters the "eternal purpose" will shine through.) Revisit THE HIDING PLACE and this morning watch and listen to the Sky lark.
The Lord be with you,
constance--what does all of this mean concerning javier solana & 7 yr. covenant which began in 2007? Is Javier out & sarkozy in? It might be too early for me I am not able to digest this.

The Mediterranean plan is very interesting because it will tie the EU / Revived Roman Empire with Israel and the Middle East.

The person that is most interesting in this is not Solana. He is a red herring.
Daniel clearly shows the Antichrist arising from one of the areas left by Alexander the Great to his 4 generals.
The area from which Antichrist arises is the Assyrian or Seleucid area. He is also expected to be a Jew. The people of the prince (Antichrist) who shall come (Dan. 9:26,7) destroyed the Temple.They were not simply Roman, but were conscripted from Assyrians who were part of the 10th Legion.

Therefore Scripture shows:
(1) Antichrist will be an Assyrian.
(2) He will be Jewish.
(3) He will probably be the leader of a Revived Roman Empire.

Nicolas Sarkozy is an Assyrian Jew who is pushing for a deal with the Middle East. And he could very possibly shock a lot of people by later becoming the President of the EU.

Solana is getting on and is a red herring. Sarkozy is young and dynamic. Oh I almost forgot. He is also a Roman Catholic.

I forgot this too. If one studies the 70 weeks (of years) of Daniel and the historical accuracy of the first 69 weeks (of years)one soon realises the years are not years of 365 days per. year...a solar year, but 360 days per. year..a lunar year. So please do not expect a 7 year peace agreement.

The 7 years lasts for 2520 days. There is no way you can get 7 of our years out of 2520 days. You will discover you are a month short.
I posted this over at Bjorn's blog and decided to post it over here also. The world of researchers here is small. We share looking at the world outside of ourselves, but a look at our own world can help us brave through those times we might like to just quit. Constance and I have been friends for 26 years. She has helped me go from one side of the burnout bridge many times during this period. I thought others might like to know it is done.

Bjorn and Leana,
You are both more right than you really know at this point in your timetables. If it wasn't for having Constance as a friend these past 26 years, I'm sure I would have dropped out. We are telephone friends, having met in person only a few times.

The search for new information is supposed to be dispassionate, but nothing can separate people from their emotional life. (That's why religion is so important in setting the moral standards for an individual and the community.) People while researching are still subject to pride, envy, competitiveness, jealousy, and the other little demons that disrupt lives.

Constance is one of the very few researchers who has these traits under control. In all of the years I've known her, she has been steadfastly honest, kind, decent, sharing and trustworthy. She has shared information and given credit to others.

It is these traits that are even more important than her incredible memory and intelligence. I have been able to lean on her when necessary to evaluate what I've found. During my burnout periods she stayed firm.

What we are doing has very little positive reinforcement. There are no foundations with dinners in our honor. There are no raises in pay. Those who have the ear of the public act as if they are doing a favor by letting one call in. The general public cannot differentiate between our work and their 50 cent newspaper, unable to judge the importance of a story about the EU or one about a movie star. Once given information many run off to hear bigger names or better "gossip." Rationalizing a compromise can become a major temptation. Joining with the New Age "loving, caring and sharing" crowd begins to seem like a nice pillow.

Those of us who do the serious work we do and haven't turned it into a business need to support each other's efforts. We are the unorganized volunteers attempting to hold back the wall of disaster.

Now I know this isn't a hard facts comment. Today's hard fact, researched heavily, can become tomorrow's stale news though. Through it all we need to stay constant with each other.

What a well worded and heartfelt tribute to Constance. Friendships,
as you have discribed are few and far between. -Rudi

"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

What beautiful and profound words -- as someone who has at times misjudged the motives of others whose leadership I believed in and would have gone to the ends of the earth to help, they speak to me in a very direct way. I think isolation and loneliness is the killer that tips some very very good and brave people over the edge on this perilous and often thankless journey.

Let us consider Dorothy's words as a reminder to encourage and support each other in the monumental task of conforming our endeavors not the needs of our egos but to the will of God.
Agreed - wise and kind words from Dorothy - I think we should all reemember to be "wise virgins" and that we are somply bond servants of the Master - the Lord Jesus Christ - only by His will we are even allowed to breath - we should therefore walk humbly, justly and love mercy - we all bring a piece of the puzzle to the table - and no one's is greater than the other. Pride was the sin of Lucifer and we all need to check ourselevs and our attitude of heart - each and every hour of the day, bringing even every thought captive to Jesus Christ.


Yes, Let's always remember we see through a glass darkly and the final authority is the Word of God.

Sarkozy is interesting as I said earlier, but who knows, tomorrow may bring another prime suspect.

Prophecy is always proved in retrospect. We look back at the Jews return to their homeland in 1948 and see this as fulfilled prophecy.

So today folks look at the chip and say "this is the Mark of the Beast."

Next week something else could be invented that makes the chip look like a kiddies toy.

Let us always look and watch events and people but ever with an eye on scripture as the final word. Then when it does come to pass we shall all say "Oh, so that's it."

"By this will all men know that
you are my disciples, that you
love one another"

Yours truly,
Absolutely Bob -
100% true - may we all keep our eyes on Him and use the Word as our filter and plumbline for everything - everything.

Poor Bob looks a little lonely over there. At least he has Constance's link on his page. His comments are very thought provoking if we don't take them as a personal attack.
Hard to tell what it means -- I doubt very much that Solana is out -- Sarkozy wouldn't know how to run it without him -- it looks to me like Sarkozy is strengthening the Barcelon!a Process DURING HIS SIX MONTH EU PRESIDENCY UNDER THE STILL IN EFFECT OLD TREATIE, PRE-LISBON RATIFICATION. Don't want to say either that Solana is THE DUDE, but comes much closer to the true prophetic specifications than anybody else so far.
Dear Bob Mitchell,

Your observations are so correct. time and events will ultimately tell and we must always be alert and ready!

Rudi's conclusions square with my own -- Sarkozy is just a progression and strengthening of the Barcelona Process Javier Solana initiated in 1995. It is no surprise to him, in my opinion.
Rudi's conclusions square with my own -- Sarkozy is just a progression and strengthening of the Barcelona Process Javier Solana initiated in 1995. It is no surprise to him, in my opinion.
To Bob Mitchell:

Another possibility is that an all knowing God who gave Daniel the prophecy knew of the time adjustments that would be made for leap year and the completion of the turn around the sun. He wrote those prophecies as much or more for our generation as for Daniel's. Again, time and events will tell!
Thanks folks for the mail...I think.

Cindy, I do personally believe the EU is the embryonic Revived Roman Empire prophesied in scripture.
However we must be cautious. We cannot see the future. Remember Christians believed Napoleon was the Antichrist when he attempted to creat a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE. They were wrong..the time was not right.
Christians believed Hitler was the Antichrist when he conquered most of Europe. They also believed Mussolini was the False Prophet.
They were wrong...the time was not right.

Something was missing.

The return of the Jewish people to their homeland.

Within 10 years of this major prophetic event the EU began to form ( although it had been in the planning pipeline sice the end of the first world war. The EU anthem, Ode to Joy was actually decided on in 1929.)

Now we are in a Revived Roman Empire. I believe it. I live in the UK and walk in the Revived Roman Empire every day. We have to obey its laws. 80% of all laws in the UK originate from the faceles men in the EU, not from the British Parlament.

But we have to wait and see where it goes from here.
The Antichrist is alive I believe.
But scripture intimates he will be a Jew. That is how the Jewish people will accept him. Solana is not a Jew. Sarkozy is, but someone else may be waiting in the shadows to take the stage.
Hence my call for caution.

This is not an attack on Constance at all. She is a sister who has done more work on these matters than most of us put together.

However to try and say the Lord uses one form of yearly measurment for the ancients and another for us just doesn't wash. Sorry but if scripture and history reveal the first 69 weeks of Danile 9 as years of 360 days per. year why should I think the final 7 years will be any different especially when scripture says it will be 2520 days long. Please do the math yourself and get 7 of our years out of 2520 days. Sorry Cindy I don't mind being "lonely" on this point at all.

Scripture has to be our final authority not treaties or speculation.
With deep gratitude to Dorothy and the rest of you for your incredibly kind words. Friday was a depressing day for me -- God only knows how much I needed the deep encouragement you have given me and I hope I can give you in turn! Dorothy has been an incredibly loyal friend and most gifted researcher over the past 26 years we have worked together to inform people and sound alarms where necessary.

Hi Again,

This is good Iron on Iron, Steel on Steel with I hope no hard feelings.

Cindy, Constance and co. I do not believe we are in the final 7 years simply because of a treaty that has been activated for the next 7 years. Remember it also ran for the previous 7...didn't it or am I wrong?

Let's not run a head of ourselves.

If you guys are right we should be seeing plans for the Temple on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, being made public and the Muslims maybe grudgingly agreeing to it. Or else how can Antichrist take away sacrifices and sit in the Temple after 1260 days into the final 7 years of 2520 days?

Yes, I have been to Jerusalem and seen the items ready to go into a temple. I know the sanhedrin are drawing up plans for a Temple.

But where is the man who will sit in it after 1260 days? Solana??

And if you are right they had better get a move on as you are already over a quater of the way into the first 1260 days of the final week of Daniel's 70 weeks.

You have a little over 800 days left....oops!

So hey Cindy maybe you are right. I am an hilarious, lonely man.

I'll be the first to apologise when the 1260 days are up and Antichrist is in the about 870 days.

Let's do as the Master said "Watch."

Of course, if the present ENP is THE treaty of Daniel 9:27 it will still only run for 2520 days. The scripture cannot be broken. So you have about 870 days left before Antichrist enters the Temple in Jerusalem.

Or will someone (Antichrist) confirm i.e. rubberstamp the agreement already in existance?

Again we are foolish if we run around saying "This is it." That is how Prophecy comes into disrepute and the name of the LORD and His word are laughed at.

Let's be cautious and wise.
My 2 cents

We only know these things:

that the final man of lawlessness will make a covenant for 7 periods of time- we assume to mean years- we only know that this final week will be for 7 periods of time.

We know that in the middle of these 7 periods of time he will set up the abomination of desolation.

In Daniel 12: 11 we are specifically told that the time from the setting up of the abomination until the end there will be 1290 days

Here is the math as I see it.

Either 7 years is defined as 1290+1290 or 2580 days


7 solar years (not including leap days) would equal 2555
7 lunar years (not including the extra leap month that is periodically added ) 2520

a period of time of 1260 days = 42 lunar months= times time and half a time= 1/2 a "week" however

1260 + the 1290 days mentioned in Daniel 12:11 brings us to a period of time of 2550

Those who begin the final "week" then are blessed if they attain to the 2595 days- (1260+1335)

My point being- none of these times exactly equal the others- so I think we all need further study.

God's word will perfectly fulfill itself, so perhaps we still have to wait for the mystery to be revealed. Because these dates do seem to perfectly line up with Jewish reckoning of time, we should highly consider that the final "covenant" will reflect that. Although, the ENP also should not be overlooked.

If God wants the temple to be erected to fulfill the Word, I would reason, he could raise it up in three days, if he wanted.

Hi Bob,

This is Johnny from "51 Reasons To Say No To Global Governance".

I really do appreciate your investigative endeavors in joining all of us to "Watch" and as Herb Peters has said, "Stay Tuned", in regards to the intriguing events surrounding Javier Solana, The EU and most fascinatingly the Alliance of Civilizations.

What's most interesting about all of this is the synchronicity of their full throttle growth and their relations to Javier Solana and not Sarkozy.

So, in that sense, I would respectively disagree with you in regards to Sarkozy, even though he is Jewish.

At this point in time the cloak of Javier Solana's Father, which fails to give all of us a COMPLETE genealogical history, leaves that aspect very open. As what's been said here already, "Time Will Tell".

Although Sarkozy could be the First President of The EU Council, Solana , has a higher authority with his current positions. Recognized, "at this moment" in history, as Mr. Europe or The Voice of Europe, Sarkozy pales to Javier.

Herbs "Recommendation 666" and Constance's thorough and exhaustive research cannot be disregarded for there are too many OTHER "coincidental" events surrounding JS more so than Sarkozy.

I would like to know what your thoughts are on Herb's "Recommendation 666" book.

In regards to Temple sacrifices, yes, they will be taken away midpoint, BUT, will a "Grand Temple" of the likes of say "Soloman's Temple" be constructed? Scripturally, there is not a specific reference that confirms that. What are your thoughts on that?

Also consider:

In regards to the time frame you pointed to, scripture does not indicate "how long" they will be occurring before they are taken away. Could sacrifices occur a year, a couple of months or even a week prior to them being taken away? That will be revealed later.

I would also like to offer this to you.

Consider the "Geo-Political" aspect of all of this. Diplomacy, politics and the Funding for it all plays a big part in these events to occur. If you look more into this, from the perspective of Herb's and Constance's view, all of the vast panoramic aspects intertwine around Javier Solana.

You're perspective and EU position at this point is an asset that allows all of us to peer closer into this. Don't stop.

Let us all take a moment of prayer for Constance - ans also all who post and read here - praise God we all need strength.
I thank Constance - this is her blog sight and I appreciate the opportunity to learn and share with all.

Bob - no hard feelings - good conversation - iron does shapren iron - time will bear all things out - along with patience in the Lord Jesus Christ.

A 7 year covenant of literally 7 years 2007-2013 would be 2557 days. (365*7) + 2 leap days

a Biblical representation of the final week could be 1260+1290 which would be 2550

The end could come 7 days shy of a full 7 solar year calendar, and still be Biblical in that Jesus said that if the days had not been cut short, no flesh would survive.

Just another thought,

AMEN brother Doug.

May the Lord bless and keep Constance. May He be her strength and constant companion and guide.
Her books on the New Age have helped and informed many many thousands inluding myself and my wife.

I am not meaning to argumentive. I am just trying to follow the Lord and His word as we all are.

As for the comment on the 7 periods of time and "we assume they are years..we don't know."

From the decree to go and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah will be a total 69 weeks or heptads = 7s.

We know from History the command to go and rebuild was given in 445 b.c. on 3rd of Nisan by Artaxerxes. Counting 69 weeks of years at 360 days per.year brings one to the 10th day of Nisan, 32 a.d when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.

There is no possible excuse, other than bias, for suggesting the final week or 7 years will be anything other than lunar years of 360 days just as the other 69 weeks of years were, as history has confirmed.

What other reason could there be?
Boy this is good stuff.

Hi Johnny.

That's interesting regarding Solana's family tree.

I will watch that. Thanks.

With regard to Recommendation 666. I believe the bible is clear this refers to the name of Antichrist, not to any document surrounding him. Though of course God may be pointing something out to us who are watching.
The document 666 etc can still apply to someone other than Solana though, can't it?
He is in his 60's now.

Also with the Temple. Jesus said "When you see the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place..." That was something Daniel reffered to in Daniel 9 as referenced by Jesus himself. The Holy place was inside the Temple just before the Most Holy place or Holy of Holies.
So for the abomination of Antichrist to stand in the Holy place there as to be a Temple. Maybe as you suggest not as grand as Solomon's or Herod's but a place of worship definately. Also the only legitimate place for the Jews is the Temple Mount.

But the Muslims hold it.

Through the research of various archaeologists such as Tuvia Sugiv it has been discoverd the original Temple stood on what is now an empty area just north of the Dome of the Rock, Islamic shrine, on the Temple Mount. It is interesting that the book of Revelation states that John measured the Temple but left out the outer court because it was handed to the Gentiles.

Amazingly this corresponds to the area where we find the Dome of the Rock today.

I have stood there and there is ample room for a Jewish place of worship.

Could they exist side by side?
that's the $64,000 question.

But what if a man promised peace, brought peace, even for a short time and they built a construction on the Mount for Jewish worship?


I understand the problems of the 1290 and the 1335 days but most think they run after the 7 years making an extra 75 days.

I wonder if the finish on the Fest of Tabernacles?

Again wait and see.
That's an interesting point also.

God bless Constance for this site.
Where we can all share what we think and be adult about it as brothers and sisters each looking together for the answers.

I am off to read.

Blessings and love to all in Jesus.
Hi Bob - have you considered the possibilty of a tabernacle? -
Also - the actual construction could be very quick - sue to the fact that there is per construction for it going on.
Time will bear all out - and I think we will all be in store for some surprises.

Hi Doug,
Haven't gone for a read yet.

Yes a Tabernacle would do it.
All or mostly all the intruments are ready to go in and there are young men even now being trained to be priests in the new place of worship.

I was blessed to see these things when I was making a small documentary in Jerusalem. I actually stood not 3 feet from the High Priests robes.
It sure is a strange feeling, looking at them and thinking, "One day these clothes will be standing in front of the Antichrist."

It's like a movie but it's real.

Even better is to look in the mirror and say "That old sinner saved by grace will one day stand in front of the Lord Jesus."

Even so come Lord Jesus.
Bob Mitchell
There is no need of a temple
for sacrifices to begin
according to Gods law.

See Ezra ch3

They only need an altar,
which is (probably) already
built and ready to go.

Also regarding the reckoning
of the times, a solar year
is not exactly 365 days nor
is it an even 365.25 days,
and a lunar year is not 360
even days either, so we all
need to use, um, grace in
our reckoning and there are
scholars who have devoted
their whole lives to such
calculations, whom we
shouldn't forget just because
they have already come
and gone, and I'm thinking
specifically of one Sir Robt.

Thanks Paul for reminding us to be seasoned with grace toward each other.
But I am also sure you must know all calculations of years (see Noah's flood etc) in the bible are 360 days regardless of what we might say today about lunar or solar years etc.

Also I am sure you know that students of prophecy in the past realised this and reffered to the biblical 360 day year as a "prophetic year."

God does not change, his word does not change. But we run the risk of falling into deception by changing, twisting, distorting what he has written in order to make the prophecies fit our latest pet theories and calculations.

The 7 years have probably not yet begun. To say they have puts us in the dangerous position of being laughed at when they fail and not being listened to when they really do begin.

If they have begun we will know it when a place of Jewish worship and sacrifices is set up and the leader who confirms the pact with Israel enters the place of worship and declares himself to be a god.

If you guys are right and they began on Jan 1st 2007 you have about 870 days before he enters and defiles a Jewish place of worship, stops the sacrifices and declares himself to be a god.

That is what scripture teaches and that is what we must look out for.
To say otherwise is to go against the clear teaching of scripture making us deceived and deceivers.

Because there is a 7 year treaty does not mean THIS IS IT!

Watch..see if the Temple or Tabernacle is set up in the next 870 or so days.

All I am doing is requesting caution.

Regarding the Temple. Maybe a Temple is not required for sacrifices to begin. But the Holy place has to be there for the abomination to be set up in it.

And the place designated by God for this is Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount. The Holy place is the inner room of either the Tabernacle or the Temple.

No Holy place = no abomination of desolation = no Antichrist to desecrate it.
He cannot desecrate what is not there!!

I feel I have upset some folks here. It is not my intention at all. Just to bring a little note of caution and leaning on sccripture, not events, to our attention.

We can get very caught up in events and force them to fit "the plan."

I think I'll leave commenting for a while Brothers and Sisters, as I have said what I want to say. See what happens in the next 2 and a half years.

I'll admit I was wrong when he sits in the Temple / Tabernacle in about May / June 2010.

Will you do the same when he doesn't?

Blessings and peace to you all in the Messiah.
Obviously there are a lot of angles to consider, and the group here does a great job covering so much. I get a headache just trying to keep up. All agree that the more sharing the better, in love, with Christ as our guide.

Well, here's what I've been working on lately...

Awhile back I posted about the obvious Masonic symbolism surrounding the Madrid Municipal Conference Center where the AOC had it’s big meeting last month. I’ve been playing around with Google Earth some more, and here’s what I found:

The Louise Weiss Building (Tower) is the seat of the EU parliament in Strassburg. From ground level this ultra modern building bears a striking resemblance to the early EU posters which seemed to depict a Tower of Babel like structure emerging from the earth.

The Weiss Tower is not round however, it is oval. From above, the building is clearly patterned after the familiar Masonic All Seeing Eye. For those of you who would like to check this out for yourself using Google Earth, just copy and paste the following coordinates into the “fly to” box:


Well, okay. Now lets take a look at the EU Parliament building in Brussels. It is located at:


The EU Parliament in Brussels is also constructed with the All-Seeing Eye design. Hmmm.

Now let’s go to the city of Luxumburg, where there are at least six European Union associated buildings.

Building 3 (as labeled by Google Earth) has an annex with a six sided structure with three distinct roof sections making a nice little 666 pattern clearly visible form above. And yes, among these assorted EU buildings in Luxumburg, the familiar All Seeing Eye is once again easily spotted. Here’s the coordinates for this last “eye”:

6° 8'38.83"E

What does all this mean? I have no idea. (It probably just means I'm not watching enough TV.) But I do know symbols mean everything to these people. So if anyone knows of any other official EU Parliament or associated buildings, let me know. I’d like to take a look at all of them, maybe this is some kind of a mandated design feature, aka, a symbol, a "mark".

As you might surmise, I'm slightly revising my speculative guess about the mark of the beast. I now think it could likely be some form of the All Seeing Eye (which represents a "god"), possibly within a Thaumaturgic Triangle.
That is absolutely fascinating,Oldmanoftheski.

I can't wait to check this out.

Also if you go to the Israel Supreme Court building in Jeruslem (I am probably way behind you on this) you will see the pyramid (dollar bill) with the eye in the top.

Blessings in Messiah.
That's an incredible report about the Israeli Supreme Court building! Thanks for the link. While we are on the subject of power symbols..

There is no location on the entire planet where earthly power has been demonstrated more than the Nevada desert. It is the location where most of America’s nuclear testing took place. This little corner of the United States symbolizes to all the world the great power this nation has acquired. Anyone who grew up in Las Vegas during the 50’s and 60’s can tell you firsthand about all those nuclear “earthquakes”. And of course we’ve all heard about those ultra “secret” underground bases, etc. (Although how anything can be “secret” when everyone knows about it is beyond me!)

Well, it is not my intention to get anyone sidetracked here with wild speculation. But I would like to point out that the area is indeed rife with mysterious power symbols clearly visible using Google Earth.

Here’s two sites where one can view concentric circles within a Thaumaturgic Triangle in the Nevada landscape:


116° 1'31.40"W

Here’s two sites where one can view a “Star of David”:



There are also multiple crosses, pyramids, triangles, and all sorts of other hieroglyphics out there as well. Most of these markings can be easily explained as having some military use, markers, test ranges, bunkers, underground hangers, etc. Others are not so easy to explain.

My point is that they are, for all intents and purposes, symbols of ultimate power on earth. The fact that such symbols have remained constant down through the ages is significant. I do not believe the mark of the beast will be anything really new.
Bob - I don't think anyone is upset (maybe I am incorrect) as you said before iron sharpens iron - it is good and necessary to discuss all these issues openly so we can all aly our ideas side by side for comparison - the only One who has it right is due back sometime soon - the Lord Jesus Christ Himeself -
and yes I would be more than willing to admit I am wrong - instantly - it is good and helpful to all of us to openly discuss these things - wouldn't it be wonderful and extremely eddifying to the church if all the "big guns" if you will of prophetic ministries - ok, well , at least the good and stable ones could do the same with all of the church involved to ask, question and present ideas - outside of the evident egos that exist in some?
EGO = edging God out -
none of us should exist in a vaccuum - depsite the day and age of deception in which we live. The Lord - I think - would have us discuss these things together and as the Bereans did - prove them out through scripture - yes hostoric items come into play also, but ultimately - God's Word and His unchanging word is sovereign.


If you are game, I would very much like to talk with you and do a radio interview with you on my internet radio program, MY PERSPECTIVE on Please email me at if you are interested and/or willing. Other readers here have suggested I contact you.

Sincerely with thanks,
Dear Bob Mitchell,nd

I respectfully disagree with your interpretation about the AC being from the Middle East and I don't see clear scriptural authority that he is Jewish, but as I have always said, given this subject, your guess is as good as mine and TIME AND EVENTS WILL TELL.

Well, nobody will ever accuse Sarkozy of "having no regard for the love of women . . ."

Solana, on the other hand, is a very different matter. He and his wife "called it quits" in early 1995 according to the European Voice and they live separately.

Lots of people in the gay community have "cover marriages."
It is believed by many, including Ron Hilton, Salvador de Madariaga's protege who runs a center called WAIS at Stanford University that Madariaga was Jewish. Hilton believed this because de Madariaga wrote the books about Christopher Columbus being Jewish. some think the family is "converso" - - -
Catholics believe the desacralized temple is theirs and the Prince of the Covenant who will be (Daniel 7) defeated by the antichrist, the Pope. They take the position that rams and lambs could never be "a perfect sacrifice."
2010 is the year of the European Headline Goal for the remilitarization of Europe to prepare it for global security missions is complete.
Dear Constance it is an honour to have you mail me.
So you disagreeing with me doesn't hurt.
The AC should come from the Middle East originally because he is the horn that rises out of the Seleucid Empire or Assyrians. This was the Northern portion of Alexanders Empire that was divided between his 4 generals following his death.
Below is Daniel'sprophecy of Alexander and the division of his empire.
Amazingly this very prophecy was shown to Alexander when he was about to sack Jerusalem. The priests went out and showed him the prophecy and he ceased his attack.
Dan 8:5 And as I was considering, behold, an he–goat came from the west over the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground: and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.
Dan 8:6 And he came to the ram that had the two horns, which I saw standing before the river, and ran upon him in the fury of his power.
Dan 8:7 And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his two horns; and there was no power in the ram to stand before him: but he cast him down to the ground, and trampled upon him; and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.
Dan 8:8 And the he–goat magnified himself exceedingly: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and instead of it there came up four notable horns toward the four winds of heaven.
Dan 8:9 And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the glorious land.
Dan 8:10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and some of the host and of the stars it cast down to the ground, and trampled upon them.
Dan 8:11 Yea, it magnified itself, even to the prince of the host; and it took away from him the continual burnt offering, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down.
Dan 8:12 And the host was given over to it together with the continual burnt offering through transgression; and it cast down truth to the ground, and it did its pleasure and prospered.

That is why Daniel says the "People of the Prince who shall come shall destroy the sanctuary (Temple.) Josephus states that the people who destroyed the Temple in 70 ad (he was an eye witness) were the Roman Tenth Legion composed of consrcripts from Assyria.

As for him being a Jew. No there is no reference to the Antichrist being Jewish. Apart from the verse
in Daniel:

Dan 11:37 He shall not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women; yea, he will not come to any god. For he shall magnify himself above all.

God of his fathers is a reference to the Jewish God. "Desire of women" is not a reference to his sexuality. It is a Jewish term for the Messiah. To be the mother of the Messiah was the "desire" of all Jewish women.

The fact that he does not regard the desire of women means simply he holds the Messiah in low esteem.

Jesus also said in John 5:43
I have come in the name of My Father, and you do not receive Me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive that one.

This has always been looked upon by bible scholars as a reference to a Jewish Antichrist.

Thanks for these mails folks it really gets you into your bible.

In Messiah
To all:

Quetzacoatl prophecies are very important to the entire New Age community which says that 2010 is the year of the "return of Quetzacoatl." Here is a teacher's summary which will introduce you to the myth of Quetzacoatl. Both David the psalmist and the Apostle Paul (1 Cor 10) clearly said that all the gods of the heathen are devils. It is very clear to me that Quetzacoatl represents Venus (and to the New Agers "Venus" = Lucifer).

Shirley McLaine's warning to us and happy prophecy to New Agers that we are about to pass through "Karmageddon" is based on this Quetzacoatl expectation.

I have noted from the very beginning of my work in 1981 that the New Agers beliefs were the mirror image of ours -- everything the Bible said would happen, they proclaimed 'WE ARE GOING TO DO' while simultaneously warning their people not to read the Bible nor take it literally.

If I were on the FBI's 10 most wanted list, I wouldn't want my friends to visit the post office. If they did go there and visit, I wouldn't want them taking those posters literally.

Ditto with the New Agers vis a vis the Bible. I'm sure Old Man of the Ski could reinforce me on this one.

What Solana and company are doing to me is so very much in keeping time and event wise with the Quetzacoatl prophecies. His grandfather (the one his friends are trying to turn into a great uncle) spent much time in Latin America including Mexico. He was well aware of the Quetzacoatl prophecies. We know from Nieves deMadariaga Solana Mathews interview with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) that her family was into the Sufism brand of the New Age and she had personally met Krishnamurti (the New Agers candidate for 'Maitreya' in 1929).

Something is going on and Solana cannot currently be ruled out, but then again, there have been many wannabes, as Hitler currently was, and New Agers had put their eggs in that basket.

Marilyn Ferguson wrote in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY that what distinguished this era from past times was modern communications which had encircled the globe beyond any possibility of retreat. To an extent that was true in 1980 when she published her book. How much more now when we can communicate instantaneously on the internet.

Jesus said when we saw these things come upon the earth we should WATCH.

It is no time to go back to sleep -- it is also no time for false alarms. We must all be ready with sufficient oil in our lamps to meet our Lord!

May the Lord help us all!
The "little horn" of Daniel and Revelation was the one that arose after the 10 kings with a look more stout than his fellows.

solana was one ordinary European cabinet minister who arose out of many EU cabinet ministers to call the shots for all -- I believe that may be the "little horn' with a look more stout than its fellows.
I would look forward to hearing you, oldman, particularly after reading your 9:28 am comments after the February 6 column on eco-socialism. Your experiences in the various parts of New Age can add insights about the mindsets of those who accept New Age thinking and those who leave the movement.

Over the years I've made it a point to try and understand those average people who follow a different drummer. I want to understand how they are manipulated to become activists or even followers of the activists.

What I've seen over the years is that those who actually do something are small in number, and the leadership is even smaller. The largest group is composed of those who accept what the activists are selling.

For a period of time you were a believer. Were your views used to influence others? You say you changed when you saw there was a difference between your own observations and those being reported by the movement.

My changeover came when I saw what a school system was saying didn't jibe with what I was experiencing.

How do we reach people who follow New Age ideas without ever getting themselves involved in doing? Perhaps you have some ideas along this line.

Dear Constance,
I find 2010 a very interesting year indeed.

Thanks for such experienced insight.

I know some think the 7 years began in 2007. But supposing the agreement is "confirmed" "rubber stamped" in 2010?

That would take us to 2017. Exactly 100 years after the Balfour declaration. The way Genesis reads 100 years was a generation, not 70.

Gen 15:13 And He said to Abram, Knowing you must know that your seed shall be an alien in a land not theirs; and they shall serve them. And they shall afflict them four hundred years;

Gen 15:16 And in the fourth generation they shall come here again; for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.

There is much more to this but I have studied an amazing phenomenon.
Starting with the first Zionist Conference in 1897 and counting 20 years,then 30 years alternatively brings up some interesting points.

And Constance, I am not closing the door on Solana. Your knowledge on the man exceeds mine by a long stretch and I am willing to bow to your experience and knowledge.
In the mean time I am looking to the Middle East. Sarkozy is an Assyrian Jew turned Catholic.

Blessings in Messiah

1897 First Zionist Conference)
1917 British take Jerusalem
1947 UN vote for Israel
1967 Israelis take Jerusalem
1997 First pan Arabic Conference.
2017 Jesus takes Jerusalem ??????
Hi Cindy,
Thanks for the comment left on my blog.

I was a Pre-Tribber for over 40 years. I used to write for a well known Pre-Trib magazine and have spoken at their Conference as well as at numerous venues under their name.

However once I challenged some of the "doctrines" I was dropped from the organisation like the proverbial hot potato.
Praise God I now have my own tv slot once a month for 2 hours live.
I still go to those churches and conferences that invite me.

Now I am writing my second book. The first was "Rome, Babylon the Great and Europe."

This one is a book concerning the non-Pre-Trib rapture.

Blessings in Messiah
VENUS to the New Agers = LUCIFER. Sorry, I had an interruption when posting before and did not discover the Venue=Venus error!

I must share this. Please check it out.

Does anyone see the similarities?
Thanks for the comment on the EU Tower of Babel et.

In fact the EU issued a poster of the Tower of Babel showing the Tower being rebuilt!

If you look at the stars also, you will notice they are inverted forming a Black Magic symbol the goat of Mendes or Bahphomet.

The twelve stars of the EU are interesting as the EU has admitted the stars represent the virgin Mary.

It is pretty amazing. The woman the RCC riding the EU beast.

Blessings in Messiah
Anon 3:05

I Could not get your link to the European Institutions to go through, but I assume you were linking to a picture of the Louise Weiss building.

It has been commonly noticed that the EU parliament building in Strasbourg France clearly resembles the tower of Babel painting by Brugel, in fact, there was once a poster for the EU with a dipiction of it with MANY TONGUES, ONCE VOICE being the caption. With a EU ring of stars around the building.

Even though it clearly shows the influence of the architectural design, I was never able to find out the original intent as stated by the architect. The firm as best as I could decipher is called Architecture Studio and is located in Paris. It is far to general of a name for much searching, but over the summer I tried locating any kind of article about this building in architectural journals. I did not have much luck, either very few articles have been written on this particular structure, or I just didn't find them.

Any one with access to an architecture school with a great library might have more success.

Great observations though, Anon.

I should add that after the controversy of the tower of Babel, the EU has revised their stated declaration about the inspiration of the building, and has now said it was supposed to resemble the colesseum (sorry bad spelling today) in Rome.

Hi Leana,

Are they really saying that? That's so weak of them. Especially when they issued the poster showing the Tower of Babel being rebuilt complete with Black Magic Pentagrams and the slogan "Europe. Many tongues. One voice."

Blessings in Messiah
I can't vouch for the following information as I haven't traced it to other sources. Nevertheless since we are talking about flags, here is some history about the EU flag as well as the following tidbit about the Solana family flag.

"....My friend also shared that he uncovered information telling that the initial flag/emblem of the European Union was initially going to be a red cross on a golden disk (this flag can be seen at However, Turkey opposed the cross portion so that, later in the 1950s, the red cross was re-fashioned into a red, four-.....Now Madariaga's daughter married Solana's father, and my European brother explains to me that the Solana family itself (from the 16th century) had a coat of arms displaying a golden sun on deep blue field/background, and surrounding the sun were eight heads of serpents!"

When I attempted to go the websites in the previous piece, I couldn't. So I put into a Google search and found two other sources for the information.


If you check wikipedia, the picture at the right hand side of the screen will show you a current photo of the Louise Weiss building, with the "inspiration" caption

Dorothy 11:52

From what I have seen inside the movement, the grassroots average “green” person, as well as the typical “shaman chasers” are very sincere, well intentioned, highly idealistic people. They are also inclined to describe this present world system in very negative terms. They share a pessimism about mankind and attempt to find escape or salvation in Nature or in some esoteric philosophy or charismatic leader. Eco-friendly new age leaders and organizations are primed to exploit such feelings. Of course they all do so while denying nature’s God.

You are right that real activists comprise only a small percentage, and that the majority is swayed by all the propaganda dumped on them. But the activists are key in swaying the masses. When we get enough people to become “true believers”, we reach the proverbial “paradigm shift”, or tipping point. It matters not that they are being told a lie, only that enough people believe it.

You wrote “For a period of time you were a believer. Were your views used to influence others? You say you changed when you saw there was a difference between your own observations and those being reported by the movement.”

Unfortunately, my views did influence others. A cause I once supported vehemently, Native Species Restoration, has become a huge threat, not only to our sovereignty and national security, but to the very environment activists like me wanted to protect.

We’re very close to reaching a tipping point on global warming. But the fact is, solar scientists are now becoming very concerned that our sun is entering an extremely low period of activity, possible a cycle known as a “Maunder Minimum”, which can last anywhere from a decade to a century or more. These low energy periods bring global cooling, longer winters, and tremendous snowfall accumulations.

Well, the powers that be have been telling us to prepare for catastrophic global warming haven’t they? Now, all of a sudden, the operative phrase is “catastrophic climate change”. Activists at the grassroots level within the movement pick up on stuff like that, and start to question the political motivations and back room agenda of the people in leadership. That’s the critical point when an individual becomes vulnerable to hearing the gospel truth. It’s also the critical point when leaders sometimes take drastic action to stem the tide of doubt.
As you know, one thing leads to another. The manipulations of those who want to create a utopia almost couldn't be believed unless one looked at what was happening. If I had to characterize them in a simplistic way, I would say they were idealists with too much time on their hands who had no common sense. That anyone could believe the community in the book Ecotopia was wonderful..strange. Plans to break up the country and push civilization into boundaried areas so wildlife could roam free?

Information about the cougar problem was what had me looking more critically at what was going on.

A friend sent me the following note. Do you have any comments on this:
"It's not global warming we need to worry about. It's oceanic warming. Something is happening on the floor of the oceans. Most likely increased vulcanism.

"Increased evaporation off the surface of the oceans ->more rain in low to middle latitudes and more snow & ice in temperate and northern latitudes. Moisture laden air over hot regions ->more frequent and stronger thunderstorms with destructive hail, winds and tornadoes.

"Watch for more crop failures all over the world. Coupled with the recent and ongoing shift from growing food crops to more profitable corn for ethanol .....well..."

Here's the link:
Campanella's City of the Sun

I'm posting this link for those who are looking more deeply into the occult background connecting the Tower of Babel and the EU building. This piece of information operates on several levels.

I've been sitting on this for several months, and now is the time to bring it out.

Hi Leana,
After all they said in the poster my reply to them is "Yeah, Right!"

If the building was modeled after the amphitheatres why produce a poster advertising the EU showing the Tower of Babel being rebuilt?

I looked at the link you provided at Wikipedea.

But what caught my eye on the same page was the reference to the Salvador de Madariaga building (Solana's Grandfather)just over the river from the parliament building.
Hmmmm!! "Curiouser and curiouser." said Alice.

My wife and I are hoping to pop over the channel soon for a look around.

Blessings in Messiah
Folks, if you want to read more on studies on "Globaloney Warming" as it is called on this website, visit
Constance sees a big slice of the Spider’s Web, and she is right on in so many things. Satan has indeed tried to construct a mirror image of all that God has done.

Re: Quetzalcoatl, aka the Plumed Serpent, the Feathered Snake, the anointed one, the conqueror….god of the air, who, after his death, was said to have been resurrected as the “Morning Star”. Montezuma mistook Cortez as the returning deity. (Boy, was he wrong!) The Hopi call him, “Pahana”, and have long awaited the return of their long lost white brother who has kept the original instructions given to all mankind. The Hopi too, hoped that among the Spaniards who invaded their land would emerge the “one” they were waiting for. They quickly had their hopes dashed to pieces. Were these people awaiting the Messiah, or the Anti-Christ? Don't judge too quickly.

My Lakota friend says Jesus has been known from days of old in native traditions across America as the “Morning Star”, and chides me for using the Greek word “Christ”. He often points out how "un-Christ like" most Christians have acted throughout history. He has a point.

The word “Jesus” was unknown in Hebrew or Aramaic, since neither language has a “gee” sound. In the languages of the disciples, our Lord was called Yeshua, not Jesus. Our messiah does indeed refer to Himself in at least three scriptures as the Morning Star:

Rev 22:16 says, "I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star."

Confusion, misdirection, and subversion. The three pillars of our adversary. We cannot let cultural blindness dictate limitations on our faith. We must not say we are Christians and then deny the power thereof. Our God is bigger than America, bigger than Europe, bigger than this world and all it contains. He is the Alpha and Omega, the first and last. Whatever tribulations are soon coming our way, they are nothing more than birth pangs. Thank God the Devil, that old Serpent, has but a very short time.

As we look around at all that’s going on in the world, don’t forget to look up and tell others to look up too. Our redemption is growing nearer everyday. What a blessing, and an awesome responsibility to be alive to see what we are seeing. Let's pray for the strength to stand the test.


The US has EU annoyed over more requests for air traffic from there to here, including planes flying over but not stopping in the US, and data on people not flying but helping some passengers to board who go beyond the gate.
That was from Drudge.
thanks for all your great input here!
- guess who is the "European friend" mentioned at John's
you posted...:)
Amen ski,

Let's pray for the Lord to help us get as many as possible into the ark bfore its door close for ever.

Blessings in Messiah Yeshua
Hi all,

If Constance is as godly as Dorothy implies, can someone please explain this webpage:

Many thanks in anticipation, and God bless.
I'm sorry but this business of
insisting that we all change a
little piece of the language that
we speak ( english ) in order to
pronounce Jesus name "properly"
is just silly. His name in English is
Jesus with a "gee" sound. I don't
speak Hebrew or Aramaic
and neither do any of you who
advocate trying to speak those
languages to the extent of a
single name. Shall I also throw
out the word "Holy" and begin
to say "Kodesh" for instance?
Should I now call him
Yashua ben Joseph to try to
sound more Hebraic? But that
would be wrong too as Joseph
should be Yusep, and Judah
should be pronounced YuDah
with the accent on the second
syllable, and Levi should be
Levi with a short "i", etc etc.

I suspect that this shallow use
of Aramaic is a distraction and
a wedge to divide in yet another

I happen to speak English and
know for sure that The Lord
understands me just fine.
Maybe the Lord will have us
all speaking Hebrew in the
Kingdom to come. I wouldn't
be surprised. But for now I'm
not going to fall for this "purer
-than-thou" speak.

And while I'm at it, "
un Christ like most of his
followers have been through
history" could only be spoken
by someone who knows and
sees two thousand years of
history from their own head
and not only that but they
also know and see the thoughts
and intents of the hearts of
two thousand years of Christians.
Sounds like your friend is God
himself. Either that or somebody
has been getting their history
from Hollywood and now thinks
of it as accurate.
Oh please don't tell me,
It's all white mans fault, right?
Not women, not people of color,
just white men.


It is not the name we use, it is who He is, and our relationship to Him that matters. I too call Him Jesus. The point I was trying to make is that others do not call Him Jesus, and that’s fine. Although we are saved by His name, in the scriptures our Lord has many names, many titles. I often wonder what ever happened to Emanuel?

In most Native American languages, like Hebrew, there is no “gee” sound. In Mohawk, he is Yesos, (pronounced Yeah-zoos). To the Jew, he would properly be called Yeshua.

The other point I was trying to make is that the Aztecs, and the Hopi, regardless of whom one believes they were or are waiting for, have one thing in common, which is that they previously rejected a Spaniard as “the one”.

You are right to warn against trying to sound holier than thou by using certain words, and throwing about one's knowledge trying to make one's self look big. But you do not have a right to put limits on anyone's relationship to the Lord. That's the kind of thinking that made the Hopi reject the "Jesus" forced on them by the Spanish Jesuits.
I am well aware of the skewed history as portrayed by Hollywood, and in our children's textbooks for that matter, and the guilt trip they would like us "white" Christians to accept. I get my perspective on history first from reading the Bible and then by researching many sources, and from meeting and talking to as many informed people as I can. They key is to develop discernment, the ability to separate fact from fantasy, thereby unlocking the doors of ignorance. Discernment comes through heeding the counsel of our elders, which for us means studying scripture and listening to our Christian brothers and sisters. We should be gaining humility through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. Iron does sharpen iron, but words can wound needlessly as well. The subject we are all concerned with here, is Christ and the rise of Anti-Christ. There is nothing more dangerous than to confuse the two, as much of this present world seems prepared to do.
Well then,
In the interest of discernment,
should we consider why it was
that God allowed the native
peoples of what came to be
known as America to be nearly
wiped out ? Could it be that they
were all Pagan ? Could it be
that they all thought and taught
that the earth is god, like
Gaiia ? Could it be that they
went the way of the Amorites,
the Hittites, the Jebusites, the
the Girgasites, thePerrizites
and the Canaanites?
I could say that my "people"
are Lithuanians. I could say that
they have a rich and varied
history and that their language
is older than Sanskrit, and that
it's my right to keep their memory
alive. But I recently saw a travel
agency video on modern Lithuania
and it seems that there are totem
poles all along the roads there.
Totem poles carved out of trees
are all the rage. It's Paganism
plain and simple and that's exactly
what Jesus Christ died to rescue
me from.
I see people coming, no, flooding
into this little city ( a Sanctuary City)
in Maine, USA, and they want to wear
their burkas and their sarongs and
other outward signs of where they
came from, and these clothes are
for a hot climate and I just want to
suggest that they go to LL Beans
and get real. No, I'm not a
Xenophobe and no I don't think they
should be more like me but this
"bring your culture here and start an
island of anti Americanism" just
really bugs me. We've got a
thriving Muslim community here now.
They have their own laws and
eventually there will be trouble.

Pride is the original sin.
Pride was behind the serpents words
in the garden. Pride was behind
Eve eating the fruit. Pride was
behind Adam doing the same.
Pride is behind wrath and rage.
Pride is behind sexual exploitation.
Pride is behind religious hair-
This whole idea of national pride
coming from expatriots is
silly beyond belief.

Yours truly
Anonymous 7:52 am,
Been there done that. Constance dealt with Phelps in a series of columns beginning April 25, 2005.

For those who haven't used the search before, I'm calling your attention to the little box at the top right of the first page. Using that box, you can search for any topic covered in previous columns.

In this case just put in Eric Jon Phelps to get to read about Phelps' comic view of the New Age movement. If you read Phelps, you get to see the work of creepy crawlies like Cuppett.

There are a lot of these characters around with their gossipy conspiracy ideas that can't be verified. In my own case when I started out I was taken in by more than one. The tendency is to trust and go "WOW." Most of us have never encountered blatent liars in our lives and so tend to trust in the honesty of others.

Doing research on One World Government and One World Spirituality and related subtopics, is an eye-opener. However, it's part of moving from seeing the world as children to seeing the adult world in all of its complexity.

anonymous 7:52
Eric Ph. said Dr. Solana would be a knight of Malta, and Constance did not more then to ask for a link or proof of that allegation. As Eric was not able to show such, they started to dispute and later Eric then published these still visible allegations about her. Constance was so noble not to continue the disrespective dispute, she just left him standing there.

A lot of good observations, Paul. We are not really so far apart in our discussion. But I would point out, that the vast majority of traditional Native Americans are monotheistic, which is why they have not joined (at least not yet anyway) with the pagan New Age movement. I do caution you however about making a "survival of the righteously fittest" argument to explain why certain peoples have endured persecution or conquest. Americans were not commanded by God to invade the land and wipe out the inhabitants as were the ancient Hebrews. Not unless you buy into Manifest Destiny and all that replacement theology crap. I remind you that Hitler believed the Jews deserved to be exterminated.

As a direct descendent of Sitting Bull, my Lakota friend does indeed see history through Lakota eyes. What else would you expect? The majority of white Americans see history through a different lens, equally limited. Each perspective is cloudy, imperfect, and ethnocentric.

There are too forms of spiritual blindness, excessive guilt, and excessive pride. The separation of men and the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel was a result of mankind’s pride. The rebuilding of Babylon, the world unity that comes through believing the false promises of Satan, is upon us, and it appears to be based his time on guilt.

While there can be no compromise with evil, Christians are commanded to share the good news with the unsaved, to carry our cross and work towards the unity of believers, which comes through love and reconciliation, and yes, involves facing and acknowledging our sins against each other and against God.

Satan would like nothing better than to keep my Lakota friend from being reconciled to God through faith in Christ Jesus because of what so-called "Christians" have done to his people and the resentment instilled in his heart. While it is indeed shameful what has been done to certain people in the name of Christ, my friend needs to get over that. But we need to get over our ethnocentric view of the Gospel, and seek unity in the faith and help him.

Frankly, I don’t care which name of God my friend chooses to accept as long as he comes to the knowledge of saving grace. If he does not, I will weep for him until my Lord wipes away my tears.
You wrote:
"The subject we are all concerned with here, is Christ and the rise of Anti-Christ."

The concerns of this blog are many. If you look at the top of the first page, you'll see the themes. Most of the commenters and Constance herself spend much time analyzing Biblical end times and the relation to the New Age movement. At times it can appear to be 90% of the time.

I'm Jewish and have been following the dangers of the movement because it is antisemitic as well as anti-Christian. A totalitarian government would be a threat to anyone. Those in England concerned about the EU are not all fervent Christians.

Individual pagans and occultists and have always been around and will be around until the earth disappears. Curiosity leads people on many different paths. If the beliefs of a group of individuals leads others to destructive action, that's when the danger occurs.

The New Age movement has a history of destructiveness at this point. If some see warnings about the movement in Biblical end times, that's part of learning.

Although I'm not familiar with the literature, I've read that there is resentment against New Age in the tribal community for stealing and distorting Indian beliefs for their own purposes. This is another example of how ideas in the New Age movement are destructive to many groups of people.

I should have said top left on the first page. Like many kids I should have made an "L" with my thumb and forefinger before posting.

Something to consider:

Freemasonry and Native American Traditions

Taken from the Masonic Restoration Foundation
A Shared Spirit
Freemasonry And The Native American Tradition
Richard E. Fletcher, 33°
Executive Secretary, Masonic Service Association
Anon 7:52
How could anyone "explain"
a website ?
Especially not the website of
an angry guy ?
If Mr Phelps had any
credentials it might help but
he'd still be a guy who's
fishing around someone elses
website with an ax to grind.
I think the leadership of the
Roman Catholic Church may
indeed be guilty of some things
but what exactly I don't know.
I also don't know about the
leadership of my own
The leadership of Germany
in the twenties sure did take
a turn for the worst, but I
wouldn't hold all the Germans
The leadership of the Jews in
modern Israel might be deeply
flawed but only God knows
each individual heart there in
his beautiful country.
Mr Phelps seems full of
hubris to me.
I'm glad he won't be the final

Yours truly,
I wouldn't so much judge the people who belong to a certain system more than the system itself.

Anyone who looks at the beliefs of Roman Catholicism (not the people...the system) will see very clearly it is paganism dressed in Christian garb.

They worship and pray to a dead lady named Mary.

Forbidden in Deuteronomy.

They pray to the dead of years gone by...even to Pope John Paul who entrusted the world and his pontificate not to God or Jesus Christ but to Mary.

Their own literature states that the Mass is a continual sacrifice of Christ who comes to the altar in the form of a wafer and suffers there "every bit as much as he did on the cross."

That is blasphemy.

Hebrews said he died once for all. He cried out on the cross "It is finished." But the RCC says no it is continued every day on Catholic altars.

Men and women of centuries gone by suffered and died to preserve the truth of His once and for all sacrifice, denying the Mass and other scripturally forbidden acts perpetrated by the RCC.

Today evangelicals and other weak, spineless, spiritually blinded people are heading back to Rome.
Don't say Rome has changed.
Vatican 2 merely confirmed the Council of Trent which curses anyone who says they are saved simply by their faith in the Lord Jesus.

Rome hasn't changed....we have.

We have apostasised from the gospel of Christ and emraced an all encompasing "one god fits all" mentality.

Now the question I have, as someone who has just started here on this blog, is this:


Is the Roman Catholic Church Christian or not?

I ask this not to be offensive but to get my head straight with the current discussion.

Blessings in Messiah
Hot new information from you Bob? Do I have to answer to you also? How many of us here have to answer to you regarding our religious beliefs? Was there a new book added to the Bible that says in the 21st century Bob Mitchell becomes the spokesman for God? Are only followers of Bob Mitchell allowed to be concerned about the dangers of the New Age movement?

And here I thought it was only cult leaders that demanded purity of their followers.

I make these comments with only the kindest and purest thoughts regarding you Bob, only to see where the discussion is going.

I know Constance can answer for herself, but when they came after Constance, .....I worried because next they would come after me.
(Paraphrasing Paster Niemoller)

Constance, isn't it funny how the "other players" who try to start things up, like Blair and now Sarkozy, end up getting the snub? I don't see too much of a future for Sarkozy's med. union.

as for the comments above,

I'm not sure about us apostasizing, because apostasy is a lot different than just backsliding, but Bob seems to be right on the mark with Rome.

There's a great book that may be out of print now, called the Two Babylons, that details the pagan origins of Catholic tradition. It can be read in it's entirety here.

I definitely think there are Catholics who are saved, but I wouldn't call Catholicism "Christian", maybe just admit that it does have little pieces of Christianity here and there.

From what I've read from Constance, she only seems to be Ecumenical to the point of making a distinction between believers and non-believers. The saved in Rome count, too, Bob. I do strongly believe that the harlot of Rev. 17 is Rome, and that when God says "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues", he is speaking to the saved or the elect in the RCC.

We know that all who are not written in the book of life of the Lamb from the foundation of the world will worship the beast, and God knows who's His, whether they be in Rome or in a Scriptural church.
I agree, mostly.

To apostasise surely means to depart from the faith. It matters little if you say you love God and are a Christian but deny His word and disobey His explicit instruction.

Yes there are Believers in Rome.
But I agree with you they must come out.

God bless.
So Bob,
As a new reader of the blog
how did you become judge ?
"How ecumenical are you ?"
"Is the Catholic Church Christian? "
Bob, can you answer those questions ?
You sound like a prosecutor.

Thanks Dorothy,

But please tell me what did I say that was against scripture?

Surely we follow Jesus not men.
Follow me and you will certainly come terribly unstuck.

If we do not follow the word of God and we (like the RCC) make up our own rules where does it end.

So again please correct me if I misrepresented the scripture.
Or did I tread on an ecumenical "we are all brothers" toe or two?

He who has the Son has life. But he who does not have the Son does not have life but the wrath of God abides on him. Words of Jesus.

Or was He wrong?

Why call ye me Lord, Lord and do not the things I say?

Words of Jesus do we listen or do we disregard them for blind unity?
Oops! Do I hear knives being sharpened?

I have no wish at all to be offensive, but truth is truth and it is being sacrificed on the altar of unity at any cost.

What have I said or asked that was so offensive? So unscriptural?

In answer to anonymous.
I am ecumenical in that I have fellowship with any who have come to the Lord Jesus and are saved soley by believing His death on the cross, and that alone secured my eternal destiny and washed away my sin.

No penance, no confession, no Mass, no Purgatory or any of the other "graces" added by Rome will ever make me or any other child of God one bit cleaner than His blood poured out for me once and for all at calvary.

Within Rome there are true believers who trust soley in the finished work of Christ on the cross and not on the pagan additions. They will need to leave in the coming days.

My heart goes out to them as it does to any caught in a cult.

Is the Roman Catholic Church Christian?

To answer my own question as you requested.

Simply No! It is a Pagan Mother and child cult wrapped in Christian terminology. Led by a man who still even today wears the mitre, belonging to the Priests of Dagon the fish god, in the shape of a fish head with an open mouth.

His title Pontifex Maximus taken from the Ceasars of Rome meaning "Chief Bridge builder" between the gods and men.

Now tell me it is a Christian denomination.

Again I have no wish to be unpopular or rude but truth is truth.
You asked me.
I answered.

I do not condemn Rome and its teachings, Scripture does.

Hope that answers your question.

In Messiah
Dorothy 11:33

Thank you. I agree the new age movement is a danger to all. I can only comment from my perspective, which is decidedly Christian. I do appreciate your perspective, it helps me see clearer.

I'm sure you are well acquainted with the history of anti-semitism. Often the abuse came, if not directly from the hands of the "Church", then with the "Church" turning a blind eye.

Such abuse is inspired by Satan. Those of us who profess Christ have no business saying "well, you deserved it." That is the most anti-Christian sentiment I can think of.

Thanks for your wonderful response to Bob. His blatant anti-Catholicism causes him to lose so much credibility in my eyes--as a result, I will now skip over his posts, including all interesting and relevant points he might otherwise make.

This blog is a wonderful place for people of good will -- both Jews and Christians -- but the kind of attitude displayed by Bob makes it a very chilly place. I hope Bob stops posting here and finds a more appropriate forum to vent his anti-Catholicism. There are plenty of places for that on the internet and in "real life."

Thanks for stopping that cold wind from blowing. Rudi did it last week in response to an anti-semitic rant.

Bob -- you might want to stop by to actually challenge your distorted perceptions of the Catholic church.

"I don't believe Christ left us to chaos" -- Flannery O'Connor
My response, for what it is worth, to those who want to lay the blame for everything from Christ's death to 9/11 and the holes in my socks is this:
The Jews didn't kil christ, they handed Him to the Romans. The gentiles, non-Jews killed Him. But if you really want to know who killed Christ walk into your bathroom and look in the mirror you'll se the guilty person.

I killed Jesus. My sins, and yours, put Him on the cross.

Every day I shave the man who killed Jesus.

When I get to heaven I will ask Him "Why did you do that for me?"

I will get no other answer than the one scripture points to.

He will look you in the eye and smile and say, "Because I love you."

Hallelujah what a Saviour!!
Bless you Rose,

I do not mean to be rude but can you give me scriptural reasons for believing the Roman Catholic Churh is Christian and their teaching is scriptural?

Like so many others today you attack the person but do not correct what they say with evidence to the contrary.

Just emotionalism over truth.

But you are right I shouldn't vent such truths here. There are other sites for that.

Just remember I am FOR Roman Catholics but AGAINST false teaching that doesn't save but adds to the gospel.

Aren't you?

Good bye folks.

God bless you as you continue to fight the New Age and its hideous agenda.

I wish you all nothing but peace in Messiah. No hard feelings.

In Messiah.
I ahve to say - I agree with Bob' summation - sometimes we can mean well - but words can be cutting. That ebing said - I do think there are many real born agin believers who are stuck as a citizen of Rome - do I think there is a better way and they should come out - yes - but that can go for each of us at times, some more than others. Church is difficult today - even some of the best of them. Prause God that he does look at the heart.
No animosity - but in humilty knowing I am incorrect at times.

Wow! The conversation here has been outstanding, challenging, and provocative. There is much to be gleaned from each and every post, including those we disagree with.

I’m wondering where Setterman is? He normally inserts the perfect scriptures into these blogs at just the right time. Oh well, I’ll give it a go.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

“Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.”

“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints-- and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.”

Ephesians 6:12-20

If we are neglecting to pray for each other, then we can expect our testimony to fall short. While I agree with just about everything Bob M. has written, I can see how others may be offended by his boldness. I'm certainly guilty of blogging here without praying for my brothers and sisters who are going to be impacted by my words. My bad. Please forgive.

Constance has made this format available to the entire world, including the enemy. Please join me in prayer, not only for her, but to all the people who contribute to this dialog, and especially for those who may read and never comment on what get's posted here.
Oops, typo, I did not mean to write pray "to"... I meant pray "for" or "on behalf of"....sorry, I'm still learning I need to be more careful choosing my words.
Sorry gang for not being on board last couple of days -- all hell has broken out -- my secretary has left and I am holding down my busy office alone -- mixed feelings on that as I like answering my phones. I'm not sure what new arrangements I'm going to make. Complications on other fronts as well, so I need prayers and understanding! I need to read and respond to what is up there -- be patient with me.

Regarding the 2520 days issue:

Consider Daniel 12:11-12


Plus "And from the time that th edaily sacrifice shall be taken away, and th eabomination htat maketh desolate set up, THERE SHALL BE A THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY DAYS


So: 1260 + 1260 + 30 (1290) + 45 (1335) = 2520+75 = 2595 days

2520+30 DAYS (1290)=2550

Sorry to leave out the leap year, that's my birthday!


Regarding the VATICAN'S ASSASSIN PAGE: Anybody reading Eric Jon Phelps book with a scintilla of knowledge of the New Age Movement can/should quickly recognize that it is a New Age book with New Age theories and the New Age strategy of pitting off target groups against each other combined with their game of "Watch the Fundamentalists run." That book is published by a New Age publishing house (already admitted to by Eric Jon Phelps).

I will confess to having little patience with those professing the following false gospels:

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the ABC Church and thou shalt be saved.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the NBC Church and thou shalt be saved.

ABC = Anything but Catholic
NBC = Nothing but Catholic

The last time I checked, the gospel was "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."

Eric Jon Phelps uses Madame Blavatsky's ISIS UNVEILED, a book she claims was completely channeled, as a legitimate source for his hateful "information."

As far as his claims that I am the Ajutor-General of the Jesuits, why am I so poor?

Jews, Christians and even Moslems are eventual targets of New Age planners. The strategy as so cogently articulated by Peter LeMesurier in his 1981 THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, written before they suspected they had opposition was to pit the target groups off against each other. Then they, the New Agers, would be the Phoenix to arise from our ashes and rebuild their "new golden age." The same ugly theme was mirrored in virulently anti-Semitic Eustace Mullins' work, THE WORLD ORDER.

I have no apologies for standing up to the likes of Eric Jon Phelps and Eustace Mullins and I expected them to lie about me!
here - here oldmanoftheski -

I don't believe we all are too far away from each other, just viewing it all from different sides with just different ways of expressing it.

Heck, sometimes I wonder to myself, " Lord where are you taking me with some of this research".

Again these are all my thoughts.

I would personally like to see Constance Interview Bob Mitchell.

If I'm not mistaken, over at FP, Bob expressed his condolences and parallel affinity in regards to Herb Peters untimely death and watchfulness in regards to endtimes prophecy.

I'll probably get chastised for this here and maybe I'm wrong, but sometimes when I'm presented new evidence I'm not always ready to change positions so quickly. It takes time and of course my impatience usually body slams me for the full count.

I hope I'm not off when I say this,
"Lord Please Give Me Patience".

My view from this side,
I’ve posted about this kind of disharmony before. Anyone who has researched this site has heard maybe too much from me over the year or so that I have been with you. How ever regrettable the discussion has become Constance has answered it well, and so the Oldman. I would like to remind “YOUALL” that the purpose of Constance's site, which she so kindly has provided, is to put forth information regarding END TIMES information, and to Edify one another. I’m unaffiliated. Some great man said the “body of Christ is an organism.” The life of this organism is the Spirit: “Forgive one another.” Can we all move on? “Pressing on to higher ground.”
Yours in Christ:
Each and everyone here are privileged to blog for one
reason or another. God is the one who looks into the hearts of man and sees their intentions.

There were many thoughts and truths to what Bob M said ... But its up to God, not us to judge man...

How does Jesus reach people, by been obedient to His word and acting upon it. The Holy Spirit will show and correct our ways when we truly belong to Him…. Not man…

We need simple faith, God says do it. I do it, no matter how silly one see it …

Didn’t Jesus do that also?

Sometimes we need to let God be God and not get caught up or be pedantic on some issues of Faith.

I have to remind myself some days where we all belong together in a loaf of bread and that there are many slices in that loaf… and we are all at different stages, some left and some right and them in the middle nothing is changed we still belong to that loaf.

We as believers just need to hold on the Jesus and to ask Him for our Daily Bread….

That includes GRACE…. For others

Let it be God who holds TIME in His hands not us.

To all of you May the Lord Jesus bless you with Wisdom, Love and Humility to all.

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."Proverbs 3:5-6

"Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." Proverbs 9:9-10

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Not of works, lest any man should boast."Ephesians 2:8-9
Constance, Get a load of this article Holly just put up on FP:

"EU foreign policy plan may not deliver strong voice"
Mon 11 Feb 2008, 13:39 GMT

..."Antonio Missiroli, director of the European Policy Centre think tank, said the treaty provided a good legal basis for a more coherent EU foreign policy. "But at the moment it's very difficult to predict how everybody will play this game."

"There is a little bit of a worry that the whole Brussels machinery will be caught up in battles for turf."

Barysch said the influence of the high representative -- a post currently held by Spanish socialist Javier Solana -- depended very much on personality.

"It should be someone well known and respected by world leaders. But frequently in the EU you end up with a compromise -- someone who looks like the lowest common denominator."

"One EU foreign policy insider called the expected jostling for position for the jobs of president and foreign policy chief and in the new diplomatic corps "an accident waiting to happen".

..."The rumour gaining ground is that the best personality for the high representative at the beginning is Solana himself -- to have a an old and safe pair of hands, at least for one year or two, it would be better to keep him in place," said Missiroli. (Additional reporting by Mark John and Paul Taylor; editing by Keith Weir)
"I will confess to having little patience with those professing the following false gospels:

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the ABC Church and thou shalt be saved.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the NBC Church and thou shalt be saved.

ABC = Anything but Catholic
NBC = Nothing but Catholic

The last time I checked, the gospel was "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."

Constance -- thanks for these words. After reading some of the posts in the last few days, I'm beginning to believe that Catholics are not really welcome here by many of your regulars, including some of the most articulate. Some of the brazen statements here. I continue to hope for more from those who love Christ and, for that matter, those who love the God of Israel.

Rosalind Moss, a Hewbrew Catholic, is one of the most articulate individuals in regard to this point of view. She is, to me, a wonderful antidote to the disheartening views I have been encountering here from folks like Bob and, to my dismay, folks like Doug and apparently (and wow- this is a shock--old man of the ski).

I will continue to remind myself that your audience do not speak for you personally in this regard. I hope this will continue to be the case. I'm hoping I can hang on here because I have so much respect for you.

I hate to be so off topic, but what I've seen in the last couple of days here simply cannot go without comment. I am Catholic, and am saddened by the brazen ignorance and hostility expressed in the last few days. I hope it will ease.

A lonely voice here, but in Christ,

Constance -- Would you consider asking Rosalind or her brother David Moss on to the show to speak about Israel, and our relationship, as Christians, to Israel?

I see folks here urging you to have Bob Mitchell as a guest. If you do go down this road, it would be wonderful to balance this off with some Catholic voices -- not to debate Catholicism, but specifically to talk about our common Jewish roots as Christians?

On a mostly unrelated note, I don't really know if, as a Catholic, I am welcome at this blog--I thought it was probably in my head, but I am really having my doubts in the last few days -- I've noticed my posts seem to be ignored usually -- I may be oversensitive in this regard, but is this because I am a Catholic?

I would appreciate some feedback one way or another.

Regardless, I love your spirit of integrity, Constance. May the Lord grant you protection, discernment, and encouragement.

In deepest admiration,

One point of clarification -- I have no objection to Bob's theology, or to old man's or doug's, et al if they agree with Bob -- they are entitled to his views -- but wow, the manner in which he expresses them has left me feeling sick to my stomach. Does anyone else here--sans Dorothy and Setterman--feel this way?

Folks, look at exactly what Bob is saying about the Church and how he is saying it--do I hear anyone speaking up in opposition to his methods?

I'm just about outta here Constance--I'm feeling sick at heart about the words that have transpired here in the last few days, and the passivity and acceptance by so many of your regulars about these words.

Okay I am breaking my own rule here and writing just one last, and it is the last, time.

This is a wonderful blog aimed at exposing new age agendas and the end times.


But I do stand against the unscriptural TEACHING within the church. That also goes for Alpha, Purpose Driven, emergent etc.

Rose I mean you no hurt at all. All I am saying is the teaching within the church does not tally with scripture. Which do we follow?

Now please folks, PLEASE, stay with Constance. Because I am out of here. I have said what I believe, it was not received so I don't wish harm, I am going.

But please keep with this very important blog and support Constance.

Safe in Jesus through Grace (not graces) and Faith alone.

Now I really will write no more. God keep you all.

In Messiah
Love suffers long, and is kind; love does envy; love does not vaunt itself, is not puffed up, 13:5 Does not behave itself unseemly, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked (not easily offended,) thinks no evil; 13:6 Rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 13:7 Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 13:8 Love never fails…

Rose, you asked me, so the above scripture supersedes what I think, and I thought my first posting would cover the issue. Having been a Baptist I will share a concern I had with them: MASONS in the house. Having been Episcopal, I had concerns about formalism and license. Having been Presbyterian, I had concerns about reconstruction.
Having been a member of the Assemblies, I could continue. What good does it do for us to continue down this line, or to have hurt feelings when we are in a LIFE and DEATH struggle? We are not Denomination, we are Christian. Party spirit is the bane, and has been the bane of the church for a long time.
In Christ we are “Kings and Priests.” We need to take hold of what we are in Christ and to be “Slaves to righteousness, of which LOVE is of primacy
TO all, please- if I have offended - forgive me. I stand againdt any teaching - any where - at any time that does not line up with Scripture - from anyone - and yea at times I need to check myself also.
I grew up in the RCC - alter boy - whole 9 yards - I left that system because I do no think it is biblical, but many wonderful and true brothers and sisters in Christ attend there - does that make me eter or worse than them or vise versa? - NO - God is no repector of persons - that being said - there are so - so many unbiblical teachings out there - rampant in the church at large and many do not percieve them.

I do not mean to offend - if I have in any way - please forgive me,

I need spell check don't I?

If anyone thinks their "brand" of Christianity is left out of the on going apostacy - please visit the world council of churches and see if your's made the list - or you may want to have the sermons on Sunday reviewed for 100% accuracy - we are human, fallen and subjetc to all that goes with it.
I appreciate the Scripture that Setterman posted - His Word is quick and True - I cut myself often.

Just to change the subject:

Looks like all our discussions
regarding Ron Paul in recent
postings are moot.
He's thanking everyone and
says there will be no Independant
run. He's a committed Republican.

Goodbye, Constitution of the
Hello Neo-Con Globalists from
both sides of the isle.

I put zero faith or hope in
Obama or Clinton or McCain
or Huckabee.
Which puppet would you like?

RE ELECT Schultz / Brazinski '09 !

So what’s in your building?

Don't take this wrong, but perhaps we should be concentrating a little less on the differences between our own theological understanding, (which is imperfect, even Bob's), and continue exposing the theology of our enemy. Looking at what the devil is doing should bring us all a little closer together. What was that wise saying uttered over two hundred years ago, "either we all hang together or...."?

A testimony to the power of symbols, in their own words.

Mr Leo Tindemans, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium, Tuesday 13 June 1989 on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of the new Council building (in Brussels) on Tuesday 13 June 1989:

“Monumental buildings are symbols which line the path of history; down the centuries they have been the illustration and concrete embodiment of great projects, of grand designs.”

Mr Francisco Fernández Ordóñez, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain and President-in-Office of the Council, [also] on the occasion of the
laying of the foundation stone of the new Council building (in Brussels) on Tuesday 13 June 1989:

“Construction of a building for the Council of the European Communities is a particularly eloquent and very concrete expression of the way in which the twelve states which make up the European Community work together.”

“A second feature of the project being launched today is especially interesting, namely our challenge to the developers to design a ‘tailor-made’ building, that is to say one built specifically with a view to the tasks to be performed within it.”

“So our Presidency — a temporary affair — is now crowned by the launch of a project to build something that will, we believe, symbolise an ideal which we hope to make permanent.”

“But the structure we all want to see standing solid, firm and complete, the building which must have no internal partitions but must ensure that it has space for all its inhabitants, that edifice is called Europe.”

“It must be the work of us all, those who have gone and those who are yet to come.’

“The building whose foundation stone we are laying today will be witness to them… symbolising my country’s firm commitment to the building of Europe.”

I’m sure you’ve all used this website, but if not, it provides a “crash” course in all things EU. The complete texts of the above speeches can be found here:

Please note: I believe the building these two men are referring to is the EU Council's ‘Justus Lipsius' building in Brussels. This massive structure took several years to complete. Unlike the other EU Parliament buildings I have mentioned, this behemoth is not designed on the All Seeing Eye pattern. However, I would love for someone to take a tour at ground level and see if there are other Masonic design elements. I'm sure there are plenty.

I have found yet another “eye” if anyone is interested. This one located at the European Environment Agency in Denmark. As you might expect with an “environment agency”, this particular eye is green.

I'm confused.

Setterman says, "the purpose of Constance's site ... is to put forth information regarding END TIMES information [sic]". Fair enough, but why does this rule preclude "putting forth" information about the Roman Catholic Institution? Since when was Rome irrelevant to the topic of the end-times?

(Besides, if there is even the faintest possibility that this Institution is "Mystery. Babylon" then it must surely be legitimate to discuss her in this forum. I'd be interested to know which of the many characteristics the Bible attributes to Mystery Babylon are *not* reflected in the RCC.)

Something else confuses me.

Setterman rightly mentions that this website is dedicated to 'edification'. Since when was speaking the truth in love unedifying? It may be uncomfortable, even upsetting, but it is surely always edifying.

What I am saying is that, as far as I can see, Bob had every right - and every *need* - to say what he did. I pray that those of us who purport to be mature believers will stop and consider (i.e. look into) what he said rather than dismiss it out of hand.
Yes - somethies things need to be said - and rightly so - but sometimes it is the way in which they are said, not out of love, compassion, justly with humility - but more like a sharp stick.
I think the RCC (and may other institutions) have everything to do with the ned times.
I am hoping all are aware that the vatican has had over the past year discussions with those involved with the "peace process". There is no reason to leave that player - as well as any other out of the mix. If your particular denomination is not included on the world council of churches list - were they on the parliment of world religions list? How about those who signed up to apologize to Muslims?
Is it any wonder that the Lord Jesus Christ said "When I return, will I find faith?" - seems like a rhetorical question to me -

So Condi Rice says the is not "occult" and all those "myths" have been debunked eh?

How much disinformation and misinformation can this government really expect people to swallow? - yes - that was rhetorical also -

I am saddened to read the things that are happening at this site. There appears to be a spirit of Jezebel at work here . Remember what happened to Elijah!

Please read about the characteristics of a Jezebel spirit - and that Jezebel isn't always a female - I won't say any more than that. (it may shed some light on what may be happening here).
As I see it, there are two parts to the New Age world government and one world religion. Some religious organizations are involved with government and deserve to be scrutinized. Govermnents internationally are involving themselves with religious establishments, attempting to control them. We need to keep watch.

Where religion and government meld, they should be subject to scrutiny. For instance pro-life and euthanasia issues should be open to discussion. I'm pro-life and anti-euthanasia and have spoken out on these issues.

If a New Age, pagan, occult, Christian, Islamic or Jewish group
influences its followers to physically harm anyone outside of their group, it should be condemned, on this blog or anywhere else.

If any of the groups say opposition to their beliefs is wrong, they can be verbally challenged. It's easy for any group, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, New Agers, etc. to want no opposition. It's hard to take a stand against those who disagree with us about religion, but for a civilized society, it's required.

Rose, stick around and say what you want to say. I should have fought the allegations about Jews, but someone got there before I did. The Jewish community hasn't gone away in 2,000 plus years even though most Christians have said it was overridden.

As Oldman said, we are here to fight a common enemy. If sidefights come up, best not to ignore them.

Anonymous 2:02,
Could you be more specific in your connection?

Thanks Doug for the link to the Rice piece. There was an old comedy sketch where a mother was complaining to her son that he didn't call her often enough. She told her son that she had talked of the of the situation to her doctor who said her son should call more often. The punch line from the mother was: AND THAT MAN IS A DOCTOR!

The punch line here is CONDALISSA RICE SAYS SO.

I myself, was one who left the “church of my youth” as a woman in my early twenties when I came to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my messiah. For close to thirty years, I have refused to label myself as anyone other than a sinner saved by grace and a believer in the promised return of Jesus Christ. The denomination I was raised in, and my father has served as a pastor in for more than 50 years, is considered to be one of the most conservative, Bible believing churches that exists. Out of five children, only two remain “members” of the “denomination” Each individual must make a personal choice in regard to matters of belief and each individual will stand alone before God and give an account for those choices. Sincerity, though commendable, and devotion to ANY organized institution or individual will not be the “key” to assure access to the kingdom.
The Gate, the Way, The Door and the Means thorough whom God extends the invitation to enter is narrow. No Sacrament, no Act of Contrition, no Rite of Absolution, or any Act of devotion to show sorrow or repentance for sin, and no human who has lived on this earth at any time, is able to provide a substitute for what God chose to freely give through the sacrifice of the Lamb on the altar 2000 years ago. Those of us who believe in Jesus as the Chosen One (and I am by no means excluding you- you and God alone know what you believe) are compelled to use the truth clearly presented in the Word of God for “the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”
2 Corinthians 10 4-5. I, personally try to not signal out by name any one particular “institution” if there is a “profession of faith” which acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world. However, if a particular organization, whether they be the National Association of Evangelicals, “The Emergent Church” or any one of innumerable alliances or individuals embracing global dialogues, doctrines, or a worldview suggestive of pantheism appears to be gaining ground, as a professed believer in the gospel, we are obligated to expose and warn others.
It is unfortunate that you’ve been offended by Bob, Oldmanoftheski, Doug, and now possibly add me to the list. I’m sorry if shining the light of scripture on spiritually dangerous, scripturally provable error, directed at a particular “institution” has seemed hurtful or unkind to you. If it causes you (as we all do) to examine yourself and the beliefs you hold dear in the light of God’s word as your source for truth, the Lord will reveal Himself and add to your learning. Please find in your heart to forgive as you have been forgiven. –Rudi

Rose, this is a news item directly related to the topic we’ve been addressing the past few days.

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1: 8-9
You're welcome Dorothy


The comments in my earlier post are regarding another blogger. I do not know who this man is but it's the "tone that makes the music". I have been reading the articles and posts on this site for about 6 months - informative, encouraging, edifying in all aspects of content - and all posts exchanged in a courteous manner - no backhanded compliments, no inuendos, insults, or know-it-all attitudes. Then suddenly one day that all changes. There are still people posting but the atmosphere has changed because of one person.

Lately I have felt like discontinuing visits to this site but then I realized there is more at work here - a spirit working against the efforts of many genuine people (people like Constance, Farmer, OldMan, Rudi and all of the others who regularly post here) - the Watchers ON the Wall who are gathering and presenting information regarding the signs of the times, political events, changes to the church as we knew it, etc. doing valuable work beneficial for the rest of us - who maybe just stand at the base of the wall and listen, as it were, and then take what we've heard to our corner of town.

Some people that post here are far advanced in their knowledge of new-age than I, some more knowledgeable regarding politics, and others the AOC, etc. I appreciate all of this information as I'm sure do many others who come to this site. I may not be as knowledgable as some but am able to recognize when someone is trying to manipulate - their demeanor or the spirit with which they come gives them away.
Well said Rudi, et al. We are commanded by God to share the truth in love. I'd like to say it a different way, if you don't mind.

We’ve all heard the “life boat dilemma” stories, where children are given a seemingly impossible scenario and forced to make choices intended to compromise their faith.

Here’s my version, not intended to compromise anyone's faith, but as a tool to judge my/our own.

Two Protestants, a Catholic, and a Jew, found themselves in a lifeboat together. The boat was small and crowded, and they had very little food or water. To make matters worse, the sea around them was full of sharks. When the seas got rough the boat started taking on water and it soon became apparent they couldn’t all stay in the boat. So they decided the only fair thing to do was vote on who should go over the side first. Of course the Jew got the most votes and reluctantly climbed into the water. He tried to hold on to the side, but it wasn’t long before he was pulled beneath the waves trailing a ribbon of blood.

Water continued to seep into the boat, and they all knew that none of them would go over the side willingly anymore since they had all seen what had happened to the Jew. So the two Protestants joined forces and threw the Catholic overboard, whom they both agreed was an apostate anyway. After accomplishing the dastardly deed, the two Protestants prayed for forgiveness.

As the water level in the boat continued to rise, the two Protestants began eying each other warily. They decided to pray about who should go over the side next. While they both prayed, the smaller of the two pushed the bigger one into the water. Immediately the man disappeared into the jaws of a great white shark. The lone survivor looked up to heaven and said, “Lord, please forgive me!”

Unfortunately, the boat continued to fill with water and was soon completely swamped. The man didn’t last any longer in the deadly waters than his three companions had.

Standing before the judgment seat of God, the man reminded the Lord that he had indeed asked for forgiveness. God did not answer the man, but had him cast out of his presence.

Satan greeted the man in Hell, and explained that he was quite pleased. “When the boat was sinking, you did not look to the God of Heaven for salvation. You disobeyed God and took His work of redemption for granted. You did not put the welfare of your companions before yourself.”

The man tried vainly to wipe away his tears and mumbled something about, “forgiveness”.

The devil laughed, ”You should have volunteered to go into the water first, then your sins would have been washed away!”

I think that very many of the folks blogging here are of the type who, if they haven't demonstrated a willingness already, may sometime very soon get the chance to "volunteer" to go into the water first.

Salvation belongs to the Lord.

Bless you all.
Oldmanoftheski- Great post. Thanks! I needed that!! -Rudi
"It is unfortunate that you’ve been offended by Bob, Oldmanoftheski, Doug, and now possibly add me to the list. I’m sorry if shining the light of scripture on spiritually dangerous, scripturally provable error, directed at a particular “institution” has seemed hurtful or unkind to you."

Rudi, I am going to cut to the chase here. What you have characterized as "shining the light of scripture" I will call by its right name--bigotry.

Reasoned debates are not a problem for me. I do however, find hateful bigotry like Bob's extremely problematic. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, that this bigotry has gone largely unchallenged (to put it mildly--in truth it has been more or less excused and defended)--simply because so many of you here at this blog agree intellectually with the substance of many of the bigot's arguments.

I am not offended by the substance of what Bob has said per se--they are "old scripts" to any educated Catholic--but the manner in which he expresses his views I find repugnant. It should be nipped in the bud, just as Dorothy and Constance have done (and thank you Dorothy and Constance--I can see more and more every day why your friendship has endured--what a gift you are to each other!)

Rudi, you have established a track record here as a keenly observant and articulate individual of deep faith. If, hand on heart, you can read through Bob's posts on this thread again about the Catholic Church and still tell me that you think what he says is just A-okay instead of worthy of repudiation by any right-thinking, fair-minded, and charitable individual -- well, you and I have very strong differences of opinion on this particular matter and we will have to "agree to disagree" so to speak about the moral obligations all of us have regarding standing up to bigotry.

Regarding forgiveness--we all make mistakes Rudi, and we are all entitled to forgiveness-- but the prerequisite for ordinary human forgiveness is genuine repentance. This involves an acknowlegement, by the wrongdoer, of the specific harm caused. Asking for forgiveness without acknowledging the specific nature of harm, of one's own wrongdoing, is simply false and intellectually dishonest.

What has emerged in the last few days (from my lonely perspective) is a sort of "clubby" group of folks -- some of keen intelligence, and others perhaps not so bright--who have this sort of little "wink wink nudge nudge" understsanding, a clique so to speak, of Christians who assume that *everyone* here *knows* that some Catholics are actually "saved" (ahem) DESPITE their erroneous, deluded belief that the *non Biblical* Catholic Church is the true church founded by Christ 2000 years ago(ah, those poor misguided souls, God forgive them). Again, this is what I see from my eyes--I am trying to give you a chance to see things here from my point of view for just a moment, for what it may be worth.

So many of you here seem to know very very little about Catholic theology--specifically about what the Catholic Church (the Magesterium) teaches about grace and salvation. Just so you don't think I am singling you out Rudi--Doug, there are plenty of un-catheticised altar boys and girls (and former alter boys, for that matter) who have no idea what the Church actually teaches about this, and other, matters.

I have found over the years that many Protestant make all kinds of erroneous assumptions about the Catholic Church without bothering to actually learn the facts about what she actually teaches.

It is not my role/job/intent/desire to attempt to educate you, or anyone else, about your erroneous misconceptions about Catholic theology. But I firmly believe you are obliged--in the interests of intellectual honesty if nothing else--to actually learn the facts, as opposed to make assumptions, about what you are both judging and rejecting.

You won't see me making bigoted statements about Protestant Christians here, or anywhere else, even though I have, believe me, done my homework on various Protestant denominations and beliefs, the entire grand sweep from Luther to Osteen. And if any fellow Catholic came here and did so with the viciousness used by Bob Mitchell that I would challenge such bigotry, make certain that you folks knew that that person did NOT speak for me or for the Catholic Church--far more harshly than I have challenged Bob.

Hi Folks

What a long blog. All very interesting links and info.

Rudi I have looked on the semide site. Did you notice and read the file on "The Rome call for an Union of the Mediterranean" -20 December 2007?
Rev 13:1 And I saw a beast comming out of the sea. he had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns and on each head he head he had a basphemous name.
OK the call for the Mediterranean Union is by France Italy and Spain. It remains to be seen who will come up trumps Sarkozy or Solana.
Things are moving so fast(prophecey being fulfiled)
This year the nation of Israel is celebrating their 60 aniversary being back in the land.

I am sorry Contance, to hear about your secretary leaving. Hope you'll find someone else to fill the positon so you can get back on track with your work. Sure will lift you up in prayer.

Anon 11:39
If your emphasis is to point out the flaws in one denomination or other I would like to recommend you visit a site that has that as a focus. I don’t pretend to speak for Constance, or for anyone but me. However if I wanted to attack the Catholic church I would find better fishing at the Berean Call. What is truly disturbing is to see “Christians” resisting scripture.
Jesus said: “forgive them for they don’t know what they do.” He didn’t wait for an apology from those who crucified him. Being buffed up is not loving, but as hard as it is to forgive arrogance it is a command. Rudi I find no fault in your very sweet admonition, but a wound perceived is a wound nevertheless, and is going to be sensitive.
Speaking the truth in love has been a hidden weapon behind many an assault. Let him or her who is spiritual do the “wood working” not someone who has an axe to grind.
Constance, I had hoped to be a peace maker, but I think it was fro [sic] naught, and I know you have better things to do. I’m sorry if my postings have add to your burden.
Challenge me with scripture Rose. Not emotion. Tell me what I wrote that was wrong, in error.

What untruth did I proclaim that was so hurtful?

I love Catholics.

Sadly all you see is someone who is getting at you when that is not true.

Stop the long mails which say nothing. Stop me with truth expose my error and I will apologise.

Or stop PLEASE and get on with what this blog is about. Forget me if you cannot truly expose my statements as false.

Can I be fairer that that?

Point out my mistaken assumptions by showing me scriptural evidence supporting your doctrines and I will apologise unreservedly.

Sadly we do not like the truth of scripture rather we defend man above God and his word.

And until you do so that is my last word as I am so saddened that those professing to follow the Jesus of the bible and his word rather follow and defend false teaching unsupported by His word.

In Messiah.
Hi Rose, well, I ahve done extensive research and studies on RCC theology, even done radio broadcasts on it, but whatever to that point.
I do have a very good understanding and handle on their teachings and theology, as do many I am sure. Yes - there are better ways to discuss subjectss - such pointed conversations would not win a convert to Christ Jesus - just like the discussion at Mars Hill by Paul.
It is true that a kind word breaks a bone -
Proverbs 25:14-16

14Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

15By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone.

16Hast thou found honey? eat so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith, and vomit it.

At the end all I can say for all my knowledge for all my learning for all the study - so what?

It is by His grace and it is to His glory I live - to live is Christ - to die is gain, so it is for me.

Jesus said "forgive us our sins - as we forgive those who sin against us"
By the way - there are many who sit in whatever church each and every sunday who do not know the Lord Jesus - my fight is not with anyone here - but against pricipalities and powers,
as all persons who profess Christ Jesus as Lord should be.
It is also true that all scriptuer is good for reproff and doctrine -
2nd Timothy 3:15-17

15And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

But praise God - "they will know us by our love" "love for the brethren" -
not all have demonstrated that recently - I can disagree with RCC doctrine - and many others for that manner - as long as I have basis worthy of it - which is the unchanging Word of God.
But if I have not love - I am like a clanging cymbal, as are we all.

1 Corinthians 13
1Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

2And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

3And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

your brother in Christ Jesus,

sorry for the lenghty post -
Rose- I fail to see how the word bigotry even remotely applies to the context of what any of us have written.
bigotry: "stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own."
It simply doesn't apply to anyone who has commented. But if you insist, I'll wear the title as a badge of honor.
I absolutely am tolerant of your right to believe as you choose. Not only tolerate, but DEFEND your right as a human being to do so. That doesn’t mean I will defend your beliefs or back down or not contend for the truth if the Bible says something different.
I hadn't posted anything, on the topic before today as I've spent the last two days studying the Catholic Catechism and Creed from the Holy See website. I would WELCOME hearing the truth from a Roman Catholic perspective, how on the one hand the Roman Catholic Church professes in it's Creed, AND the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, ARTICLE 2 "AND IN JESUS CHRIST, HIS ONLY SON, OUR LORD"
“452 The name Jesus means "God saves". the child born of the Virgin Mary is called Jesus, "for he will save his people from their sins" (⇒ Mt 1:21): "there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved" (⇒ Acts 4:12).

And can conclude in Chapter Three, Article 9, Paragraph 6:
966 "Finally the Immaculate Virgin, preserved free from all stain of original sin, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, and exalted by the Lord as Queen over all things, so that she might be the more fully conformed to her Son, the Lord of lords and conqueror of sin and death."506 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her Son's Resurrection and an anticipation of the resurrection of other Christians:
In giving birth you kept your virginity; in your Dormition you did not leave the world, O Mother of God, but were joined to the source of Life. You conceived the living God and, by your prayers, will deliver our souls from death.507
. . . she is our Mother in the order of grace
968 Her role in relation to the Church and to all humanity goes still further. "In a wholly singular way she cooperated by her obedience, faith, hope, and burning charity in the Savior's work of restoring supernatural life to souls. For this reason she is a mother to us in the order of grace."509

You didn’t comment on the news article I gave the link to, but if you share the beliefs of the five cardinals and the content
of the petition, (and by all means you have every Constitutional right to do so, with gusto) which among other things states,
"In a press statement released along with the letter, the cardinal co-sponsors reiterated the same ecumenical concern and said the proclamation of a fifth Marian dogma would be a "service of clarification to other religious traditions and to proclaim the full Christian truth about Mary."
The statement added, "This initiative also intends to start an in-depth worldwide dialogue on Mary's role in salvation for our time. [...] Should this effort prove successful, a proclamation would constitute a historical event for the Church as only the fifth Marian dogma defined in its 2,000-year history."
Cardinal Aponte Martínez, one of the cardinal co-patrons said: "I believe the time is now for the papal definition of the relationship of the Mother of Jesus to the each one of us, her earthly children, in her roles as co-redemptrix, mediatrix of all graces and advocate.
"To solemnly proclaim Mary as the spiritual mother of all peoples is to fully and officially recognize her titles, and consequently to activate, to bring to new life the spiritual, intercessory functions they offer the Church for the new evangelization, and for humanity in our serious present world situation."

Then, Rose, we are MUCH further apart in our understanding of faith than I even remotely imagined. So be it. Believe away. Rudi

I so enjoyed the show tonight. Your story about the night you stood up to Benjamin Creme is one I could listen to a hundred times and still not tire of (kind of like watching the "ambush scene" from the film "The Patriot"--rewind!)

I am well up on who this man is (having learned from Kathleen Keating), and I don't think I would have the courage to be in the same city as the man let alone the same room. If he ever comes to my city I will plan on leaving town for a couple of days.

You are especially in my prayers at the moment. I know I speak for many hear when I say that I hope whatever is troubling you will ease very soon, and that God will grant you whatever help that you need.


The Philipino Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno gives a speech at a Philippines Theosophical Society meeting.

The Philipino Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno gives a speech at a Philippines Theosophical Society meeting.
Obviously the Chief Justice wasn't familiar with the role of the Theosophical Society in starting WWII. Obviously he never read any of Blavatsky's writings. Then after quoting the Dali Lama about people just talking, he urges more conferences. The good man meant well though.

Here's what scares me:
The Bible talks about The Great
Whore of Babylon. It says she is the
"Mother of Harlots". I've heard it said
that that indicates the RCC, AND
all the Protestant Churches, and the
reason is because it was the RCC
( Constantine ) that blatantly broke
Gods Law and instituted Sunday
worship. The Bible never suggests
we should worship on Sunday
( the first day ) so it was a pagan
who began the practice and the
Protestant Churches have almost
all followed suit, like their "mother".
Having said that, I believe it's
VERY important not to begin to
advocate a return to the Law of
Moses as our means of salvation.
That would be worse that anything
as it would negate the once and
for all time sacrifice of Jesus, which
is the only thing that does save us.
I've said it here before: I think the
RCC is full of errors and Pagan
practices. I grew up Catholic but it
was after my parents stopped forcing
me to go to church there every
week that I wandered into a
Protestant Church and got saved.
I don't "believe" in the Pope or that
we need Priests to intercede for us.
I don't believe that the bread and wine
are miraculously transformed. It's a
until he comes again.The Cardinals
with their Pagan fish heads (Dagon)
give me the creeps. I don't confess
my sins to a man any more. I confess
to the Lord alone. In the year 321
the Roman Empire became the Roman
Church and that's how it began.
It was political and worldly.
I believe that when Peter said "Thou
art the Christ, the son of the living
God" that it was the words from his
mouth, which came from his heart,
that saved him and us.
Mary is the greatest woman who
ever lived. That's what she is and was.
She became all the other things
she became because the Roman
Church made her that way as they
adopted one Pagan ritual after another.

"Why do ye (we) follow the traditions of
men and not the commandments of

The Bible is the Word of God.
The RCC Catechism is the traditions
of men.
I won't even start on the Jesuits and
all the things they've done over the years.

But here's the thing; My church is at
the top of the list of Ecumenical
World Council of Chuurches. My
Protestant Church, The AME Zion Church
worships on Sunday.


I honestly don't know what to do.

Yours truly,

I have had so much going on personally last few days, I haven't kept up with discussions as I should. Dorothy has been kind enough to call me and brief me, but PLEASE all stick around!

And this particular notebook computer I am on has dancing keys that like to dance about, so BOB MITCHELL, I apologize for mangling your name!

To Rose- This is not the first time this blog has degenerated into an all out attack on the RCC. With the exception of Constance and Dorothy whose steady presence gives reason to keep returning here, from time to time, this vitriol will arise again. The fact is that most of this vitriol is centered on Marian theology. Seems Satan is busy on the blog because OLL anniversary. I would try to use this site to further all of our understanding of the New Age, consider and discern carefully the prophetic element of Scripture, pray that we are all guided by the will of our Father. You may not choose to post, but I know you will continue to learn as I have. We have to simply know that as RCs, we will get lashed here just as Constance and Dorothy have from those who try to denounce or usurp their work. Hang in here; it will be worth it.
Paul @ 9:27 a.m. To clarify things, I think it helps to define some terms. What is the church? It is composed of those individuals who are led by the Spirit of God, (Rom. 8:14). The Apostle Paul warned against having the party spirit and factions (I Cor.1:11-15). He asks the question, "Is Christ divided?" The answer obviously is "No." But isn't this what we see in the professing Christian world? The Apostle Paul goes on to describe the works of the flesh in Galatians 5:19-21. Interestingly, he states in verse 18 that if you are led by the Spirit you are not under the law. Continuing, included as works of the flesh are "dissension, party spirit, envy . . .", among others listed. In verse 22 Paul lists among the fruit of the Spirit, "love, joy, peace. . . ." What would you say most characterizes the differing professing Christian denominations and how they relate to each other? Jesus said "By their fruits, you will know them." (Matt. 7:16) He also said that the gates of hell will not prevail against it (the church) or those who are led by the Holy Spirit. Upon Jesus' death by crucifixion the veil leading to the Holy of Holies in the Temple was rent in two pieces, signifying that all believers have direct access to the Father God because of the sacrifice of His begotten son, Jesus, making any other mediator unnecessary and idolatrous. (Matt. 27:51;
I Tim. 2:5-6) The Apostle Paul warned the church that after him grievous wolves would enter, not sparing the flock and make merchandise of them. (Acts 20:29-31; 2 Peter 2:3) To me, this explains how the differing denominations have come about based on the Scriptures I have cited. It is instructive to see how Paul tried to reach people for Christ. (I Cor. 9:19-23) He said that now we know only in part, but in the future we will know fully. (I Cor. 13:12) Jesus said believers would be given the Holy Spirit as our teacher and it would lead us into all truth. (John 16:13) And we know the Holy Spirit would not contradict the Scripture because of what it states in John 17:17. The Apostle Paul warns us against devouring one another. (Gal. 5:15) Since we cannot discern another person's heart, but only observe their actions, it seems the Scripture is to be used primarily on oneself instead of on others by us. (Hebrews 4:12; Matt. 7:2-5; I Peter 4:17; II Peter 1:10; Phil. 2:12; 2 Tim. 2:15; Eph. 6:12-17) Finally, believers should be able to discern the "signs of the times" (Matt. 16:3), but the question remains as to what we are to make of it. It seems Scripture indicates that what we are to make of it is the importance of repentance and believing the gospel. (Luke 13:1-5) That is what I believe Scripture indicates is the significance of the "signs of the times", Javier Solana or whomever, and that is a warning from God to repent because as far as Javier Solana goes or anyone else for that matter see Ps. 2:4; Dan. 4:17; Rom. 8:28.
"To Rose- This is not the first time this blog has degenerated into an all out attack on the RCC. With the exception of Constance and Dorothy whose steady presence gives reason to keep returning here, from time to time, this vitriol will arise again."
To Anon 3:20 pm -- Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I am so happy to learn that I am not the only Catholic here!

There were numerous attempts made here in the last few by many of the Protestant regulars to draw me into a game of "Scriptural Skirmish" but the attitude of self-righteousness and superiority displayed was a red flag to me saying, Do Not Engage, Rose!

If these folks sincerely seek answers to their questions about the Church, the best resource is the Catholic Answers website -- rich in information, and a free apologist phone line to boot!

I will definitely hang around for now, at least as a lurker if anything else. I'm glad to know you are out there!

May His Jewish Mother wrap you in her mantle!

Just to clarifiy . . . this is the reason why Catholics celebrate the holy sacrifice of the Mass:
Jesus Christ instituted the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper, the night before He died by referring to the following passage in Matthew 26:26-28. "And as they were eating, Yahshua took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body. And He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it, for this is My Blood of the New Testament which is shed for many for the remission of sins." Luke records in his gospel that Yahshua further told His disciples: "this do in remembrance of me" (Luke 22:19).

It was Jesus Himself who created the Catholic Church when he told Peter, "Thou art Peter. Upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against it."

Also, Catholics do NOT "worship" Mary; they HONOR her as the Mother of God. It was Jesus Himself who decided to "elevate" his mother to the status of "Queen of Heaven and Earth."

Also, I believe that the United States (and NOT the Catholic Church) is the "Whore of Babylon."

Catholics and protestants are ALL Christians . . . even though "the smoke of Satan" has entered all of Christianity as we are in the final days of the battle between good and evil. Satan is trying AND succeeding in pitting us all against each other . . . and it is becoming quite obvious, especially on this blog!!!
Anon 12:10,

I've set up a very small website to serve as a discussion forum for Kathleen Keating listeners. If you listen to Kathleen, I'd be very happy if you would contribute to the comments section.

Kathleen is, to my knowledge, the only Catholic really doing work comparable to Constance's in this particular area.
Thank you, Rose. I will certainly check into that website.

Also, I would like to say one more thing. I believe that Constance Cumbey is doing powerful work (showing true "gifts of the Holy Spirit"). If, "by their fruits ye shall know them," Constance is obviously a TRUE Christian in the purest sense of the word. May God continue to bless her and give her all the strength she will need to continue God's work here on earth.

There are only a few on this blog who seem to enjoy engaging in "verbal bullying" and being disruptive with their transparent prejudice against the Catholic Church.

Attacking each other is only giving Satan what he wants, right?

Perhaps, we need to be reminded that we are ALL in this together, fighting against a common enemy which is Satan and the coming Anti-Christ.

So, let us all please try to focus on that and show some respect for each other's various branches of Christianity. Let's all try to leave our ego at the door!!!

When we all meet one day "beyond the veil," there may be some real surprises as to who is "right" and who is "wrong" regarding various differences in beliefs!!!

Until then, ALL of you are in my daily prayers.
As to whether previous posts have been "transparent prejudice against the Catholic Church" or strict adherence to Scripture (as Jesus/Yeshua many times strictly condemned the Pharisees and Saducees for placing men's traditions over Scripture) might be a matter of debate.

Sometimes the truth hurts.
Actually, it's the TRUTH that sets me free!!!

And the truth is that Jesus Christ created the Catholic Church more than 2000 years ago. WHO created yours?

"And I say unto thee: 'That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall NOT prevail against it'." (Matthew 16:18)

If a few so-called "Christians" on this blog spent more time on their knees praying . . . and less time ATTACKING another Christian religion, they'd be on their way toward becoming better Christians.
Throughout history, man has often chosen to "water down" or change the interpretation of the words in scripture to suit his own purposes . . . including going so far as to deny that Jesus meant that the "rock" represented Peter and the Catholic Church. Proof of this is that there are now many versions of the Bible. How do you explain this? We're talking about the "Word of God" . . . there should be only ONE version of the Bible!!!

We will all be facing Jesus (and Peter) at the pearly gates one day, and it will be interesting to find out what THEY have to say about this, won't it?

Back in the 16th century, Henry VIII's wife, Catherine failed to produce a son (who would be heir). He was so upset when the Pope refused to annul his marriage to Catherine in order to marry Ann Bolyn . . . that he had Catherine beheaded and went so far as to break off from the Catholic Church entirely and form his own Protestant Church of England. His decision affected the course of history for all of England.
Hmm water down change the word of God. How about add to it, ignore it?

Add to it. Purgertory,burning off exceess sins that Christ did not pay for?? What chapter in the WORD OF GOD is that?

The scapular? I must a have a few pages missing from my Bible??

Married women telling an unmarried man their secret sins??

You must not communicate with the dead. Deuteronomy in the Catholic Bible. How do you explain praying to dead people?

I give up with you folks. I know you mean well but give me chapter and verse to condemn me exposing my error, my lies or move to a different subject.

Or how about a public debate in front of a camera.

Is Roman Catholicism biblical?

You are full of condemnation and name calling such as bigot and almost saying I hate Catholics when I am willing to become your enemy to show you how unbiblical this church is and how much I LOVE catholics.

You guys break my heart with your empty words full of anything but proof from scripture that I am wrong.
There are clear references to Purgatory in both the the Old and the New Testaments. In the Old Testament in 2 Machabees X11 43,46 the Jewish practice of praying for the dead is clearly set out it the following words - 'It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead that they may he loosed from their sins.'

In the New Testament Our Blessed Lord in Matthew V 26 refers to the prison from which no one is released before his debts are repaid to the last farthing. St. Paul in Cor. 1,3 15 mentions that there are souls who can only be saved 'yet so as by fire'. It is also stated in Apocalypse XXI, 27 in reference to heaven - 'There shall in no way enter into it anything defiled". St. Augustine says that these words clearly indicate that there must be forgiveness of some sins in the world to come, which cannot be in heaven as nothing defiled shall enter therein. Therefore Our Blessed Lord is clearly referring to a place which is neither heaven nor hell and which we call Purgatory.
ONLY GOD can forgive our sins!!!

However, the first apostles (and later priests) were given the authority to act as God's intermediaries here on earth.

These words are from John’s Gospel (John 20:21ff.): "Peace be with you,’ Jesus said again, ‘As the Father has sent me, so I send you." Then He breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive men’s sins, they are forgiven them: if you hold them bound, they are held bound."
Catholics wear scapulars or medals around their necks as a testimony to their faith, a willingness to die for their beliefs (if necessary), and to remain close to God.
Read your own Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Scapulars are worn because Mary supposedly promised that any who die wearing one will be visited by her in Purgatory the first Sunday after their death and taken to Heaven.
And the scripture for that is found in....????????

This is the sad problem; so many sincere Catholics do not even know what their own church teaches. Many have never even read the Cathechism.
Bob Mitchell, you remind me of the biblical story of the skeptical disciple, "doubting Thomas" (who did not believe that his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had actually risen from the dead):

Thomas: "Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the place of the nails and put my hand in his side, I will not believe."
(8 days later . . .)
Jesus: Put in thy finger hither and see my hands. And bring hither thy hand and put it into my side. And be not faithless, but believing."
Thomas: "My Lord and my God,"
Jesus: "Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen and have believed."
(John 20: 25-29)

Catholics believe that Jesus has sent His mother, Mary ("all nations shall call me blessed') many times to appear to individuals over the years to warn them to amend their lives and turn back to God. It is perfectly logical to assume that God would want a continuation of His "Word" to be spread to people living in the modern age (through his mother's intercession). We Catholics CHOOSE to believe based on FAITH, but there is also evidence to support this belief.

The most famous apparition occurred to 3 children in Fatima, Portugal from May 13 - October 13, 1917. Among Mary's prophecies, she warned that unless enough people turned away from sin and back to God:
"A worse war would break out" (World War II)
"Russia will spread her errors throughout the world" (Communism)
"Various nations will be annihilated"

During one of her apparitions, thousands of people witnessed a "miracle of the sun." Today, there still exists a copy of the original reporter's accounting printed in a Portugal newspaper in 1917.

Now, regarding the scapular . . .
More than 700 years ago in England, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a humble devout Carmelite Monk named Simon Stock. She introduced him to the Brown Scapular and promised, "Whoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire."

We Catholics do NOT worship Mary. We HONOR her as the Mother of God and believe that Jesus has granted her the privilege to intercede for us and help us become more devout in our faith and closer to God.

We believe that God made the decision to make Mary a SPECIAL human being for a reason. In all of history, no other human being was granted the privilege of being conceived and born into this world without the stain of original sin (requiring baptism). . . or passing from this life by direct assumption into Heaven.

FYI: I attended Catholic schools for 12 years . . . and studying my Baltimore Catechism was actually one of my very favorite subjects.
Might I recommend of wonderful and loving book? It's called Far from Rome, Near to God. It's the testimony of 50 Roman Catholic Priests. Their testimonies are very moving and written in such a compelling and loving way. They are also rooted thoroughly in scripture.


To Deannie - with all due respect:

I am very familiar with this book, "Far From Rome, Near To God."
What you have failed to mention is that many of these 50 Catholic priests did NOT leave the Catholic Church primarily for reasons of questioning their church's theology . . . but because they no longer wanted to remain cellibate and/or had a desire to get married.(This is also a PART of "the Great Apostasy or Falling Away" that Constance had written about 25years ago.)

If you want to CHALLENGE the ONE who created the Catholic Church (with its Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, 7 Sacraments, etc.), I guess you're going to have to wait until you meet Jesus Christ Himself on Judgement Day. He is the ONE who created the Catholic Church, which people like you so arrogantly think we Catholics should abandon and "convert" over to the Protestant side!!!

Jesus said . . .
"And I say unto thee: thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against it."
(Matthew 16:18)
. . . and oh, by the way, Satan has got to be LOVING every minute of this. Protestants fighting against Catholics (my church can beat up your church, etc).

Satan (along with any athiests reading this blog) have got to be loving the fact that we are spending so much time talking about how much we are "divided" RATHER than discussing the New Age and the coming Anti-Christ!!!

I believe that RESPECT for other people's beliefs is in order here!!!
Anonymous 6:02 PM... Are you related to Karen Armstrong? I'm serious. Its sound like sisters. -Rudi
Dear Rudi:

No, I am not related to Karen Armstrong. Thank you (?) . . . I think!!!

I'm sorry for any offense. The book helped me to search scripture to draw close to God and focus on Jesus Christ. I had inadvertantly stumbled into Christian mysticism. (Which is frighteningly subtle and evilly deceptive.) This book helped redirect me to find my closeness to Christ through studying HIS Word. I, personally, stumbled when my way of drawing close wasn't grounded in solid Scriptural studies. I was spending a lot of time in prayer and reading books about the Bible, but not God's word for myself - on a daily basis. I had a steady diet of other people's opinions about what God had to say. The story of those priests drawing close to God by finding HIM in HIS Word, saved me from the New Age nonsense that is creeping into both Protestant and Catholic churches. That was my point. I don't believe any denomination has a lock on salvation. Christ's Church is any Bible believing Christian who has genuinely repented of their sin, trusted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, confessed Christ with their mouth, been indwelt by the Holy Spirit such that their life shows regeneration. As such, I believe those who have been regenerated by faith in Christ will enjoy salvation, be they "protestant" or Catholic. Again, I'm sorry for the offense. It was meant as a loving suggestion - from someone God rescued so that I might draw close to HIM. May you know HIS love for you in HIS Word. With love, in HIM, Deannie
Thanks for the info. re. Mary.

However Mary is no substitute for Jesus. Also you have given absolutely no biblical proof or evidence to support your calim.

The messages from this being do not taly at all with scripture. She call people to pray the rosary, build churches in her honour, call on her. To any Jewish person (and let's not forget Mary was Jewish as were most if not all the disciples)this would be a blasphemy. Worship do honour to ...God alone. Not man ...or woman.

You may have read the Cathechism but it seems to me you place this book, which contradicts scripture rather than supports it, above the Bible its self.

You give me history but no scripture. Many would respectfully suggest that there are no known apparitions in scripture apart from Moses and Elijah appearing with Jesus on the Mount of transfiguration and they said nothing to the disciples. When the disciples suggested building 3 booths one for Moses, Elijah and Jesus, God Himself intervened from above and spoke saying "This is my Son. Hear Him." In other words Jesus is the one who you are to listen to, to honour. No one else.

Read the Bible and you will seeit contradicts the Cathechism and offers Salvation only through Christ's death on the cross and faith in that once and for all sacrifice. No mention of all the things commanded by the RCC in order to be saved.
It isn't a question of "converting" to the Protestant side. But of being saved without the 7 sacraments invented by Rome as necessary for salvation.

Alo wanting to get married has nothing to do with falling away. What nonsense.

It is a natural desire placed in man and woman by God to want to marry and raise children.
But the Catholic church refuses to let people who wish to serve God to marry.

It is no small wonder the RCC is wracked with Paediophiles who assult and abuse children.

What other religion is so despicable in this way?

By stiffling someones natural atraction to the opposite sex they lay the door open for all kinds of tempations.
This is not intended to offend but it is a truth.

The bible says in the last days one of the sins will be forbidding to marry.
Get real man. This is not about my church versus your church.

It is about truth. The truth of scripture as opposed to the inventions of man.

The last days is a time full of spiritual deception.

Do you really think the ecumenical movement, watering down the truth of scripture joining with Islam, buhdism, Judaism and so on is NOT a move toward the last days whore of Babylon world church where all religions are accepted as valid?

All, that is, apart from biblical christianity.

I remember Pope John Paul II kissing the Koran which states categoricaly "God has no son."
What a wonderful man to follow. I am sure Jesus was pleased with him...aren't you?

Thank you so much for your kind response. Also, you didn't offend me. As a matter of fact, I feel that I owe YOU an apology. I'm afraid your timing was such that you got caught up in the verbal "cross fire" between me and another blogger (Bob Mitchell).

I allowed my blood pressure to go up and over-reacted . . . and you didn't deserve that.

Please forgive me. You are obviously a good Christian who does respect Catholics.

May God bless you.
Bob Mitchell, you obviously wouldn't know the "truth" if you tripped over it!!! Proof is in your continuing verbal assault and insistence on spreading erroneous information on the Catholic Church. Every time you post your misinformed comments about what Catholics supposedly "believe," you show evidence that you are, in fact, a Catholic BIGOT (a label you don't like, but have unfortunately earned).

Would Jesus be "pleased" with Pope John Paul II? I'd be willing to bet my life that he is up in Heaven with Jesus and all of his angels as we speak. (Time will tell, won't it?)

Would Jesus be "pleased" with you? You profess to be a "Christian" but will not stop attacking another "Christian." Your arrogance amazes me. You have an attitude that we Catholics need rescuing or saving . . . and make the erroneous assumption that we Catholics don't accept Jesus Christ as our one and only Savior who died for all of our sins. That is NOT speaking the truth. HOW DARE YOU!!!

Re: Mary being "Jewish" . . . maybe you need to be reminded that God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to be born on this earth as a Jewish man more than 2,000 years ago. But before Jesus was crucified and died for our sins, He created the Catholic Church with Peter as His fist Pope. Jesus' own disciples (guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit) were the first authors of "the Word" of God -- some passages of which have, unfortunately, since been altered and therefore misinterpreted over the years. PROOF is that there are now so many different versions of the Bible, when there should be only ONE VERSION on this earth -- and written exactly as all of the original writers wrote it down, without ONE WORD ever being altered.

So, Bob Mitchell . . . you are the one who can't handle the truth!!!
Regarding the church scandals . . .

Like most Catholics, I was deeply ashamed and horrified to learn of the "pedophile scandals" in our Catholic Church. I believe that these were "bad apple" priests (possibly even under some type of demonic influence or possession) who should have been thrown out immediately and never transferred to another parish!!!

There are many, however, who believe that an even bigger problem is at the core. When gay men were allowed to enter the priesthood decades ago, it was unrealistic to assume that they would be able to adjust to celibacy. Some have argued that this was a problem of homosexuality, rather than pedophilia; because statistics show that pedophiles are not "gender specific" and these bad priests chose to have sex with young boys only (but not young girls). Since I'm no expert in this area . . . I will just leave this up to God to be their ultimate judge and jury.

Let's all be fair though. Scandals are not just limited to the Catholic Church. Over the years, there have been countless newspaper stories about other church scandals, such as televangelists like Jim Baker,and Jimmy Swaggart -- plus numerous other unfamous ministers of the cloth (who either embezzled money from their church, or murdered their wives in order to marry their mistresses, etc.)

You don't hear Catholics screaming against the entire Protestant sect because of those scandals do you? Of course not. My point is that bad priests do not make me a bad Catholic, any more than bad ministers make any of you bad Protestants So, let's try to gain a perspective on all of this, shall we? It just proves that Satan is alive and well and infiltrating a church near you, and he really doesn't care whether it's Catholic or Protestant.

I am still proud to call myself a baptized Catholic . . . raised by two devoutly religious Catholic parents, who not only taught me right from wrong, but set an example every single day of their lives for me to try to live by. I am still "a work in progress" (an imperfect being who is still working on my imperfections).
Hey, I DO love Catholics too.

I am just a bit coarse around the edges and need some smoothing of. Sorry if you are the ones to do the work on me.

I love the Lord Jesus as do you guys.

But we differ when we come to the finality of his word. Add nothing and take nothing away by our traditions.
Hey, Bob . . . do I hear the sound of "mellowing?"

I am deeply touched by your kind words.

Let's call a "truce" OK? (I was getting worn out from arguing with you.)

May God bless you.
Hey, Hey Anonymous.

Don't get so hot man or woman.

I know you are sincere am I.

All I am saying is simply this let's stick to the Bible with no additions and no subtractions.

Of course I am not saying you don't believe in Jesus as your one and only saviour. If that is the impression I gave please forgive me.

I have already said this is not about people. I am not attacking people.

I had a catholic mother-in-law and loved her dearly and she me. I sat beside her bed as she died of cancer and whispered to her "I'll see you in heaven Mary."

She was a diamond of a lady and a christian and a catholic. And I loved her so much.

It really hurts me to write here because I know we all defend our own corner yet I REALLY DO LOVE CATHOLICS!!

But I do not ...can not like or support the Catholic teachings that condemn any who believe Jesus saves them simply by their faith in him alone.

Not by works. We do works becase we are saved not in order to get saved. That's the difference.

Now I know many will not believe what I have just written but that is exactly what the council of Trent said cursing any who believe they were saved by simple faith in Jesus alone for their salvation. And it was supported and affirmed by Vatican II.

Of course there are Catholic Christians. There are Protestant Christians. But there are also those within both camps that are NOT christians. Simply attending a church of whatever colour does not save you I am sure you will agree.

What does save us Catholics and Protestants alike is faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. But if we add a sacrament here and a law there in order to be saved the Gospel becomes another Gospel. That is whether it is a Catholic or a Protestant addition.

I mean no harm or hurt but love you all. I just want us all to love and follow the Lord Jesus and His word without what He himself called the Traditions of men.

Am I wrong for wanting this?

In Jesus

"Of course there are Catholic Christians. There are Protestant Christians. But there are also those within both camps that are NOT christians. Simply attending a church of whatever colour does not save you I am sure you will agree."

I think we can all point to examples of this. I know people who profess with their mouths in both camps but their actions are far from God. 1 John 1:4-6 He who says, "I know Him," and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked."

Matthew 7:15-20 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore you will know them by their fruits." We see this today in both camps, as demonstrated by both you and anonymous.

I think all Biblical Christians, regardless of denomination, must take this warning seriously. It clearly means that the deceivers will be inside our churches. And not only IN the churches, but leading them! How can we recognize the deception if we aren't feeding ourselves with a steady unadulterated dose of God's word? It seems our protection in these times, Catholic or Protestant, is to read God's word for ourselves. Don't let Priest or Pastor do your work for you, they won't be there with you when you stay before God.

With love, in Him, Deannie
Deannie there is only one word to follow your post.

May God keep us all aware of wolve in sheeps clothing.

Some wolves really do appear like sheep and as the time gets nearer for the Lord's return deception will be the order of the day. May he give us all descerning hearts to know Him though the word daily.

I found by doing some simple math that if I read 8 pages of my Thompsons Chain Reference Bible in the morning and 8 in the evening I will read the entire bible 4 times a year!! That is just about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 at night. When I saw that I just said WOW!!

May we be doers and not just hearers of His word.

In Jesus

Your statement below is what I mean by being "misinformed" about the teschings of the Catholic Church, where you stated:

"But I do not...can not like or support the Catholic teachings that condemn any who believe Jesus saves them simply by their faith in him alone."

First of all, the Catholic Church is not in the business of condemning anyone!!! But, none of us Christians are saved based only on faith or good works alone.

Since every day is a struggle of temptations for each and every one of us, we still have to ask (through prayer) for God's guidance, forgiveness and grace to keep us on the right path.

Finally, in the end -- only God will be our final Judge, since only God has the ability to see inside each person's heart and soul to determine who has remained true to His word in obeying His commandments while living on this Earth.
Okay how uninformed is this?

The church condemns no one?

I am sorry but you are wrong.

SIXTH SESSION, CANONS CONCERNING JUSTIFICATION: "If anyone says that the justice received is not preserved and also not increased before God through good works, but that those works are merely the fruits and signs of justification obtained, but not the cause of its increase, LET HIM BE ANATHEMA" (Canons Concerning Justification, Canon 24).

CANON 12: "If any one shall say that justifying faith is nothing else than confidence in the divine mercy pardoning sins for Christ's sake, or that it is that confidence alone by which we are justified ... let him be accursed."

"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name" (John 1:12).

"Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law" (Rom. 3:28).

'For what saith the scripture? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness" (Rom. 4:3).

"Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. For such an high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens; 27Who needeth not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for his own sins, and then for the peoples': for this he did once, when he offered up himself" (Heb. 7:25-27).
Listen, Bob -- we can debate Canon Law or Vatican II until we are both blue in the face. However, I don't even pretend to be a legal expert (either in or out of the Catholic Church).

All I do know for sure is that God gave each and every one of us a free will. Therefore, until we take our last dying breath, God leaves it up to us to decide whether to continue to accept Him (through His grace) for our salvation to spend eternity with Him . . . or reject Him.

For example, say a man decides to turn his life over to Christ one day. He hasn't been to church in years; but he goes in, and walks up to the front of the church, gives his personal testimony, and declares that he is ready to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and promises to turn his life around. For several years, he tries really hard to live a good life, attending church, praying and reading the Bible. Then, somewhere along the way, he gets off track again. For the next few years, he becomes addicted to cocaine, steals money to support his habit, and becomes physically abusive to his wife and children. Then, one day, before he has a chance to ask God to forgive him, he is suddenly and tragically killed in an automobile accident. Should he still go to Heaven? Should he still make the assumption that, "once saved, always saved"? What about his failure to accept responsibility, accountability and consequences for his actions for these "new" sins? What about his failure to check himself into rehab, get sober, and finally make amends to his wife and children?

Until the day we die, we retain the freedom to accept or reject God. Therefore, I believe that we are accountable for our actions on a daily basis, right up until the moment we take our very last dying breath.

Ultimately, God will be our FINAL judge and jury (as only He knows what's in each and every heart)!!!

I do know one thing for sure. The Catholic Church teaches that all Catholics and non-Catholics, who have been baptized, are accepted as members of the "body of Christ." That doesn't sound like "condemnation" to me!!!
"Can I cast it aside,
All this loyalty and this pride,
Will I ever learn ?
That there'll be no peace,
That the war won't cease
Until He returns.
_Bob Dylan
To: Anonymous (8:42 AM) . . .

AMEN. Yes, I agree there will only be peace when HE returns!!!

We need to remember that the main reason we are all participating in Constance's website is to learn all we can about the New Age, New World Order, and the coming anti-Christ.

As one of the few Catholics speaking out on this blog, I guess my "loyalty" and "pride" did get in the way with all of "the piling on" against Catholics.

I don't want to get side-tracked anymore in spending time orrecting erroneous information that some well-meaning Christians continue to believe about the Catholic Church. I have to learn that I am powerless to stop it, and I just have to accept that only God hss the power to change people's hearts and minds.

May God bless all of us and give us all the strength and guidance we need to face these difficult times ahead.
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