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I decided to see what was new on the Contraction & Convergence scene and ran across this insightful interview by the head of the UK-Wales Green Party. He describes a convergence of communists and "political greens" and describes a growing "Eco-Socialism Movement." Clicking on the headline above will allow you to read the interview for yourself. I have always believed that when the New Age Movement fully executed all of its plans, it would make Communism look like a Sunday School picnic. Mexico became dangerous for Christians when communist, Theosophical, and "free thinker" beliefs converged and all agreed on implementing previously unenforced 1916 constitution provisions outlawing religious worship and education except under the direction of the state. The interviwed man, Derek Wall, an insider, describes a network of people working to "make reds (communists) greener (more New Age) and Greens (New Agers) redder (more socialist/communist.)

What do you think?

[Derek] "Globally the situation is complex, there are frankly centre right Green
Parties in a minority of Eastern European countries, the Canadian Party are
pretty much centre ground environmentalists . . . in turn most political greens
in Latin America are linked to the social movements, although there is a Green
Party which is very active in Brazil. In New Zealand, Australia and the US Green
Parties are pretty radical. In the US despite the unfair two Party systems in
patches such as San Francisco the Greens have a huge presence, the Party has a
pretty effective black caucus and there is a solid radical African-American
intellectual green tradition, one thinks of the novelist Alice Walker and the
great great socialist journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal on death row for a crime he
didn’t commit . . .

"Andy: Staying on the international theme, you recently attended the Paris meeting of the Eco-Socialist international group, what hopes do you have for that?

"Derek: I hope that it builds an ecosocialist network that links
activists in every single state on this planet and as we agreed in Paris to work
to ‘make greens redder and reds greener’. . . . There are a million activists at
the grassroots proclaiming ecosocialism . . . “

I see as of late that the Wizard of Oz (whoops, Solana) has "suspended his Chad mission" because the country is not peaceful enough. Duh!

There are times when I honestly wonder if the Africans have not been set at each other through a process of incitement to cause de facto population reduction of those non-Aryan races Alice Bailey and other Theosophists believed and wrote that they were destined to die out . . . .

Big brave little tin soldiers of the EU!
ozark speaking,constance are you aware of jonah goldbergs book:LIBERAL FASCISM? also what do you think of the possibility of america being the great mystery babylon? have you looked at stewart best books or videos on the subject? how about noah hutchings usa in prophesy written with franklin logdson? have you viewed riddles in stone? what do you make of bohemian grove? and finally have you looked to see farmers post on a.bailey's talk of the hierarchial representative for europe! woe! shiver me timbers!
Regardless of their political and cultural influence, the deep ecology/green movement is merely another tool in the scheme of things. The operative word is “control”. Those seeking “control” over humanity cannot abide freedom. They will use any tool or weapon to gain and maintain their authority. Control over human beings is the goal of the anti-christ system. Regardless of their leanings toward either anarchy or socialism, and regardless of the many benefits that have come from better environmental stewardship, when you boil it down, the "greens" are merely useful idiots.
Al Gore (1992) with quoting Teilard de Chardin: "‘The fate of mankind , as well as of religion, depends upon the emergence of a new faith in the future.’ Armed with such a faith, we might find it possible to resanctify the earth." (page 263)
also there: by Gore:
"The spiritual sense of our place in nature . . . can be traced to the origins of human civilization. A growing number of anthropologists and archeo-mythologists. . . argue that the prevailing ideology of belief in prehistoric Europe and much of the world was based on the worship of a single earth goddess, who was assumed to be the fount of all life and who radiated harmony among all living things. . . . [Ceremonial sites] seem to confirm the notion that a goddess religion was ubiquitous throughout much of the world until the antecedents of today's religions--most of which still have a distinctly masculine orientation--swept out of India and the Near East, almost obliterating belief in the goddess. The last vestige of organized goddess worship was eliminated by Christianity . . . . "

“The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.”
"We must therefore transform our attitudes and adopt a renewed respect for the SUPERIOR LAWS OF DIVINE NATURE,"
— Maurice Strong

"Nature is my God.
Well, I believe in the cosmos. All of us are linked to the cosmos. Look at the sun. If there is no sun, then we cannot exist. So nature is my god. To me, nature is sacred. Trees are my temples and forests are my cathedrals."
Michail Gorbatchev
I agree it is yet 1 more tool yo control things, but it is also the tool that they can persuade most who breath to join with, and it is that single point that makes it far worse thsn most. The disguises they throw over their ultimate philosophies are so well constructed that few see them at the core for what they are. You know - it seems that these verses from Acts 28 have an application to the church, yes - I know they are specific to the Jew, but see if they do not resonate.

ACTS 28:
25 So when they did not agree among themselves, they departed after Paul had said one word: “The Holy Spirit spoke rightly through Isaiah the prophet to our[b] fathers, 26 saying,

‘ Go to this people and say:

“ Hearing you will hear, and shall not understand;
And seeing you will see, and not perceive;
27 For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed,
Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
So that I should heal them.”’[c]

28 “Therefore let it be known to you that the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will hear it!”

Right on (Bjorn)Farmer and Doug. Has it occurred to anyone that the “green’s” don’t really need to get any “redder”, but the “red’s” could stand to get a bit greener? The most polluted regions of our planet are in Russia and China, where large tracts of land within those nations have been rendered completely inhospitable. Lifespans and birthrates, particularly in Russia, are decreasing while disability and disease are on the rise.
Hi Constance

I first heard of you was back in the early eighties when my mum gave me a few tapes with you explaining the New Age to Ps Noah H when I was at Uni (in Kalgoorlie Western Australia). It was very inciteful stuff. I googled your name recently and saw that you are still busy in this field. I have really enjoyed reading the blogs daily and the comments of those participating. Learning plenty.

Certainly, the global warming agenda is yet another play with the terror threat by those behind the scenes to centralise and communise. Energy (oil) supply is smoked by these threats but remains an enormous latent issue that will be near crisis soon. The cities turned darker at night will be treacherous places.
I am hoping to get an answer from Douginmi. I think you commented on a different blog pertaining to the presidential directive that gives the president the right to retain power in case of an emergency that somehow 7 years was involved in that. I can't find that response from you and I can't find anything anywhere else that mentions 7 years in conjunction with that directive. I would like to research this further. Please give me any information you have regarding this. It would be greatly appreciated.
I am compelled to share excerpts from an article I wrote, (using my real name), back on June 1, 2005 entitled “Return to the Primitive”. The subject matter, with a few updates, is relevant to Constance’s most recent blog. This, along with several other articles I authored, are still available in the archives at Henry Lamb’s website. That website recently crashed and all content was “temporarily” lost. They are currently trying to reconstruct nearly 20 years of content.

It's no coincidence that Al Gore's book, Earth in the Balance was found among Ted Kaczynski’s belongings in his ramshackle hovel in rural Montana. The Unabomber wrote that his purpose was, "destruction of the worldwide industrial system." Mad Ted drew inspiration from Mr. Gore's musings, and decided the best way to implement Gore’s brave new “green” world was by blowing up, "Scientists and engineers, especially in critical fields like computers and genetics."

In the infamous “Unabomber” letter to the New York Times published April 21, 1995, Mr. Kaczynski claimed that, "Through our bombings, we hope to promote social instability in industrial society and propagate anti-industrial ideas and give encouragement to those who hate the industrial system."

The Unabomber's Manifesto is not a stand-alone document. Its intellectual anarchist underpinnings mirror the stated purposes and philosophy of countless “non-governmental” environmental groups linking arms and influencing socialist governmental organizations across the globe. EarthFirst!, Greenpeace, Green Cross, Sea Shepherd, The Wilderness Society, The Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and many others, provide much of the base philosophy for such organizations as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the European Environment Agency (EEA), the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Commission, the Earth Charter, and countless other global governmental organizations. But the fact is, most of the leadership of the true “green movement” lean more towards anarchy than religion or socialism.

"We are trying to subvert the [Capitalist] system. We would like to see the system collapse. When I say the system, I mean the modern industrial system as we know it….The deep ecology movement, or the EarthFirst! movement, would like to see human beings live much more like the way they did 15,000 years ago, as opposed to what we see now." - John Davis, Managing Editor, EarthFirst! Journal

"We already have too much economic growth in the United States . Economic growth in rich countries like ours is the disease, not the cure." - Paul Elrich, Stanford University biologist; advisor to Vice-President Al Gore

"I honor EarthFirst! for having the guts to do the things they do [blow up timber mills and threaten people]. It's not for me, but I understand why they do what they do. And, ultimately, we all help each other." Brock Adams, VP, Audubon Society, quoted in the Los Angeles Times.

"The Wilderness Society and the Sierra Club all work very well together. Dale Turner, who is/was the assistant editor of the EarthFirst! Journal, was conservation chair of the Sierra Club. I'm a member of the Sierra Club, the Wilderness Society, and the Nature Conservancy." - Dave Foreman, EarthFirst! and Wildland’s Project co-founder, in an interview in E Magazine, Sept/Oct 1993

Dave Foreman is perhaps the most well known spokesman (other than Al Gore) for the deep green ecology movement. Foreman has publicly spelled out that the aim of the Wildland’s Project is to "re-inhabit the Earth in some kind of future primitive."

This "future primitive" entails the destruction of all current systems of government, but in particular, the permanent dismantling of America 's free enterprise capitalist system. These rad-enviros see economic collapse and/or the threat of Islamic terrorism as creating circumstances favorable to their goals. In fact, many in the green movement would like nothing better than to see a dirty bomb, or an EMP attack on America followed by a declaration of martial law that would forever disable our capitalist system.
The rad environmentalists really believe that a “limited” nuclear catastrophe or biological attack could usher in some sort of utopia by creating conditions conducive to a mass depopulation of human beings. The lucky survivors would be forced to adopt “sustainable lifestyles”, a return to the simple hunter/gatherer, small farmer societies of days gone by. In Al Gore/Dave Foreman’s brave new world, people will live in narrow "human occupation zones". Only the elite will be free to travel the globe while the rest of us will be told what to do, what to think, where to work, and even what to eat.

Foreman was asked in an interview, "How does the possibility of a socio-industrial crash impact your conservation strategies?" His response was:
"I've tried to develop a strategy where it doesn't matter. I personally believe there's going to be a crash. I don't know when, or how, it will take place, whether it will be a pandemic, a massive economic crash, a clash of centralized state governments, a massive famine, or whatever, but I do know industrial civilization cannot go on.”- Dave Foreman,
EcoFuture interview with Derrick Jensen

Control over human beings is the goal of the anti-christ system. Regardless of their leanings toward anarchy or socialism, or the fact that some of their leaders and followers have indeed adopted a Gaia earth worship philosophy, the “green movement” is only a tool. It does comprise some key sticky strands on the spider’s web however, quite useful for catching prey to feed the beast.
A little off topic but....more preening from Rowan Williams--this time, he's degenerated to promoting Sharia law in the UK as a means to "social cohesion":'unavoidable'%2C+says+Archbishop+of+Canterbury/

He will be denying the divinity of Jesus any day now I'd say.
Here in Illinois at the poll there was a Green Party ballot. No one asked for one. It was pretty empty with no candidates for almost all of the openings.
The Green Party participated in four states in Tuesday's primary.

The Green Party here in the US goes back in one form or another to 1984. The movement here is part of an international movement.

The Hundreth Monkey story is a fable which says that change takes place when a tipping point is reached. The New Age movement is composed of many organizations that are contributing to the tipping point. When going to a website I always check the links to see what views are consistent with the organization. Check the links at the Green Party website.
History of the party. This is a good overview of what accumulates with the party as it grows older.


Political affiliation is irrelevant to the majority of rad environmentalists who are mostly apolitical or anti-political. The Green Party, as a lack luster political movement, certainly does not represent the tipping point. The tipping point comes from the mindset of the masses, who have been led to accept the premise of such things as Global Warming and Native Species Restoration, both of which are being used extensively to advance the globalist agenda.
Al Gore is the current leading
cause of hot gas on this planet.

Yours truly,
Dear Ozark,

I have long and regretfully suspected that the USA could well be the Babylon of the Bible -- Babylon was always Biblical language for the prevailing civil power of the day. Time and events will tell! Yes, I did see Farmer's post on that

"Hierarchical representative" = "High Representative"


Salvador de Madariaga and the Alice Bailey crowd were in contact with each other in the 1930s!

Dear Bjorn and others

Those Al Gore comments from Earth in the Balance represent the clear divide set forth in Revelation 14 -- the line we dare not cross:

Fear God and give glory to HIM for the hour of his Judgment is come -- worship God who created the heaven, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of water. . ."

This crowd is worshipping just about everybody and everything but the good Lord who created all.

I deeply suspect that the "Image of the Beast" that everybody is forced to worship or else could well be THE WHOLE EARTH itself. Barbara Marx Hubbard and so many others proclaimed after that image became available (and they were expecting to use it for Maitreya's welcome party which they hoped to hold in 1982) "at last we have our image."

That image decorated Al Gore's office when he was Vice President -- it is the image of the earth.

Children are being forced to sing hymns to the earth in school and Earth Day is deadly close to Earth Worship. The Christian Environment Movement while purporting not to worship the Earth is clearly an accomplice in setting up the structures to force us to do just that!

May the Lord help us all, especially as the Greens become reddder and the Reds become Greener!

I think you misunderstand what I meant by the tipping point. According to the Urban Dictionary, "In sociology, the tipping point is the moment when something unique in society becomes commonplace."

Again I would suggest that others look at the links given at the Green Party website. The thought patterns of the various groups are not isolated but blend together at the edges. The probability of being introduced to Socialist ideas is very high when one is involved in environmentalist activity of any kind and vice versa for instance. The Whole Again Resource Guide or the book Networking are two examples of how this works. Add up the people involved in all of these movements and you work toward the tipping point.

The networks of the opposition keep the tipping point from being reached. As few and fewer people take an opposition stand, the balance is broken.

I'm not concerned that Republicans or Democrats will start voting Green. It is a sign though that enough people are thinking Green Party to get a the state to set up a Green Party ballot during the primaries.


Hi Frances,

Our 7 year treaty concern is over the European Neighbourhood Treaty -- the reconfirmation of the Barcelona Process which started on January 1, 2007 and is up for midterm review in 2010, the same year that the EU hopes to have its military consolidation in place as part of Headline Goal 2010. The first of those Barcelona programs was the Treaty of Association between the EU and Israel and was signed between Javier Solana and Shimon Peres (a major player in these networks) on November 20, 1995. The Barcelona Treaty was signed on November 28, 1995. The ENP is a reconfirmation of that process.
Hi Frances -
Constance's answer is to the point on the EU treaty - and we all are watching that one - closely, to say the least.
I think your question pertained to the US president gaining 7 years - that has to do with the institution on marshall law across the US.
Many of Bush E.O.s have items in them that are suspicious to say the least.

And Paul - funny -

I have been long pondering if the Mystery Babylon city could possibly be Brussels, Belgium. I have been looking through many old encyclopedias, and current statistics and the specific exports that are mentioned in Revelation that are of concern to the merchants of the earth are eerily precise as to the things that tradionally has come from Brussels and immediate region. Also as a city which heads the EU, WEU and NATO, it may be worth taking a look as many people have speculated that Babylon will be the throne of the beast.

Although it doesn't fit as well, I have considered NY as the great city, but am pretty sure that it does not mean a literal Babylon- that is why it is a mystery.

and FRANCES- I remember what you were talking about- when we were discussing presidential directive 51 and Douginmi had a response about the martial law has a limit of 7 years. Thanks for reminding me, because I have been trying to find that documentation as well, and have been unable. I will keep searching, since you are interested too.

Dear Constance, Douginmi and Leana, Thank you for responding to my question about the 7 years. It does pertain to the martial law question and the presidential directive. I would love to have some kind of documentation on that to show to others that are still somewhat unconvinced as to the intentions of the "powers that be." By the way, I have read this blog for a very long time and always get so much out of it, but have never posted until today. Thank you all for all of your input.
Hi Oldmanoftheski –
I very much appreciated being able to read the excerpts from the article you wrote,
“Return to the Primitive”. I’m disappointed to not be able to read it in its entirety. I had never heard of the website and found the information available in the eco.logic Powerhouse to be fascinating. I’m looking
forward to reading more of your work and pray for a speedy retrieval of the
reports which were lost in the “crash”. I’m posting the link and encourage others to take a look.
Brussels, more aptly is part of the machinery that destroys "the whore of Babylon." The 10 kings handed their power over to one man obviously to equalize themselves with another great power. The 10 kings "hated the whore." When "Babylon" was destroyed, the ships at sea bewailed her burning and said, "now, who's going to buy our merchandise."

One educated guess is that it could go like this:

-- 10 WEU/EU nations hand (or have handed) power to one man with whom they share power "one hour" (a brief period of time biblically)
-- He who came in peaceably with the aid of a few takes out the competing superpower now that the shared national strength has made him one.
-- The countries selling their merchandise to that country taken out (China? Japan? Thailand, Malaysia???) bewail her burning and say, "now who's going to buy our merchandise"
-- Those countries angry at the beast for destroying their economy by taking out their best customer retaliate with Armageddon fought on the plains of Megiddo as the Euphrates River is dried up and the way of the kings of the East is prepared.
-- AS they are warring with one another, they behold a common enemy from the sky (Jesus' returning) and they now unite to face that "common enemy of mankind."
-- Jesus wins -- Lucifer and antichrist are taken into custody and out of commission . . .

Well, time and events will ultimately tell!
Beings that Brussels is only the de facto capital of the EU, I still believe that there is wiggle room to speculate reasons that the EU government could end up hating the city itself and burning it up on the way out and of course, time will tell.

Thanks Constance for your additional insight too!!!

Rudi, has been a strong force in the fight against the globalist agenda.

Henry Lamb, founded the organization in 1988 and served as its Executive director until January 1, 2008. He is also Chairman of Sovereignty International, Inc., and writes a weekly newspaper column for WorldNetDaily and other publications.

Henry was instrumental in stopping the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty when it reared it's ugly head during the Clinton Administration, only to see it arise from the ashes under Bush/Cheney.
Frances - I do have it -please be patient - i need to root for it - among 200 discs with info on them - tp have it happen it also requires suspension of the constitution - you can do some digging on newswithviews.con and also -

Douginmi: Thank you so much for looking for that information. I will start hunting where you suggested as well.
You're welcome -
Good morning,
Since everyone is speculating as to
exactly what Mystery Babylon might
be, I just want to say that I've long
suspected that it is Los Angeles/
Hollywood, because of the way that
it has influenced the whole world.
The picture of so many merchants
standing far off and saying "Fallen,
fallen is Babylon the Great" and how
the people of the earth enjoyed her
fineries and delicacies and and how
many had become rich by her and
by how the city falls in a single day,
(earthquake), and how they watched
from ships as it burned, and by the
fact that Hollywood has done more
than anyone I can think of to spread
anti-Christian sentiment. Hollywood
has always been anti Christian, and
there is no better way to influence
people without their knowing it,
than to portray certain characters
in a play as fools and morons,which is
how Christians are invariably
portrayed in movies. There are
very few exceptions to this rule.
I guess my most compelling reason
for thinking this, is just my
gut feeling. I mean, who has really
done more than Hollywood to
defame and degrade Christianity
than the ubiquitous movies? Even
when they are ostensibly making
a Christian-friendly movie, which
is a recent thing, there's always a
twist. Drama always needs a twist.
Drama loves perversity. Drama
always uses juxtaposition of
opposites and Hollywood doesn't
care at all if good people get
tread underfoot as long as the
new movie sells. And of course
where would Hollywood be
without it's army of sodomites
doing makup and clothing design
and set design and buzz buzz
If I were God I'd incinerate
the place.
Of course I've heard good
arguments that Babylon is
in fact the whole world.
Who knows ?

Yours truly,
Bjorn Farmer 2:29

Regarding the “new ten commandments”, co-authored by Mikail Gorbachev and set forth in the Earth Charter… well, there are now 16 commandments to follow. However, the precepts behind the original “new ten commandments” were carved in stone on a monument in Elberton, Georgia some 28 years ago.
I invite all to alsp check out (if you have not already) the Georgia Guidestones -


Rocky Mountain High

I have long suspected that Maurice Strong, co-author of the Earth Charter along with Mikail Gorbachev, and certainly an anti-christ candidate in his day, was the man known as “RC Christian”, the mysterious individual behind the creation of the Georgia Guidestones. I have no evidence to make such a claim, just a hunch.

Strong’s Baca Grande occult center models the Earth Charter in action. This is where the Strong’s practice “sustainable development” while receiving visitations from the world’s political and spiritual leaders. It’s also a favorite hang out of the Hollywood occultists such as Shirley McClaine.

Here’s a few excerpts lifted from their own website:

“In 1988, Hanne and Maurice Strong created Manitou Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to provide land to various wisdom traditions for contemplative centers...About 1,000 acres were granted to the Carmelites for Nada Hermitage; Aspen Institute - now Colorado College; Lindesfarne - now Crestone Mountain Zen Center; Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang Tibetan Project, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram and [many] others.”

“Then and since, oral transmissions by various wisdom keepers inspired a four-fold, multigenerational mission for this part of the Baca community, as -

1. a place of retreat; where seekers can reach an eminent state of awareness with the guidance of great masters from the various spiritual traditions;
2. a place where the wisdom traditions of the world can preserve and share their knowledge with others in a contemplative setting;
3. a setting for interfaith dialogue and engagement, to go beyond the dogma that has divided humanity and fueled conflicts and war, and cultivate mutual understanding; transcending differences to meet on common ground, as an example of peace and respect;
4. a unique opportunity to live in harmony with nature, establishing and teaching sustainable living practices, and environmental stewardship.”

Of course Mo Strong also used the Baca development to make millions of tax free dollars. It seems his enlightened mix of spirituality requires lots of cold hard cash.
Hi oldmanoftheski -(long nickname)
He certainly was a candidate - and none of us should ever take our eye off of him. From his time at the Presidio - over seeing the dismantling of the American military - to his tiem as head of Green Cross International - when Ted Turner and Robert Redford were vice presidents of that same group - the ties and political alliances he has forged, he is a person who should not be allowed to drop off of our radar. I do agree that Mr Solana seemingly has a better fit for thet title though. Alot if the trappings of the 80's and 90's are reaching fruition - especially with the crowd you highlighted.
On a different note; Personally, it seems as this year progresses, we may see a release (if not more) of information on whatever and whoever (nephelium - most in my view) which will just add spice to whole mix - don't you think?

Yes, and thank God for people who are keeping watch and issuing warnings about what they are seeing. We each have a different perspective to share. I am reminded of the old Lakota story about the collision between the snail and the turtle....

One day a rabbit was hopping down a forest path, when by happenstance, he arrived at a trail junction just as a snail and a turtle were having a terrible collision. The rabbit snorted in disgust, "How totally stupid! This has to have been the most avoidable accident of all time!" And he hopped away in disgust.

A short while later, a CNN reporter arrived on the scene and asked snail to describe the accident. Snail, who was still picking the sand out of his eyes, said, "I really don't remember, all happened so fast!"
Hey Oldmanoftheski-
funy - where are you from?
Yes - praise God we can reason through all these things togther -

By the way oldmanoftheski-
you visit Berit's sight don't you?

Yes, I go there occasionally, she (Berit Kjos) has a very good site and info. My own background- 35 years watching the "green" part of the rainbow, first as one of "them", and later, after my eyes were opened through born again faith in Jesus Christ, as one who could see and was in a unique position to expose the dark side of their agenda. I sat in on high level Sierra Club propaganda meetings, was a member of Friends of the Earth and the Wilderness Society, and wrote a key article on Native Species Restoration for the Wilderness Society's Living Wilderness magazine. My college ed was in Natural Resources Management. I actually worked for the USFS in the specific areas Rachel Carson described as "destroyed forever" in her book Silent Spring. The fact is, she had never been to those areas and couldn't even find them on a map. These areas, located where the Gros Ventre mountains meet the Wind River Range, are, and continue to be, some of the most productive and beautiful ranch land on the planet. That got me wondering about the rest of the "green" agenda.

I was also deeply involved in Native American religion and culture, hanging out with the Hopi and then living with a Chippewa shaman for almost a year at about the same time Constance was writing her first book I still have a Lakota friend living in Minnesota, a traditional "medicine man" married to a wonderful born again Christian woman. Please pray for my friends, Roger and Mary.

Well, as Jerry Garcia would say, what a long strange trip its been, but that's enough about me. We all have a job to do. God uses everything for good for those who are in Christ Jesus.
Hi oldmanof the ski-
very interesting - i have been at this about 24 years now - a friend and I had a talk radio show here in the metro Detroit area in the mid 90s, Berit (amnongst a very long list) was 1 of the guests. We held prophecy conferencecs here in the area - green was not my forte` - ID systems - masonic items were - to name a couple. It is very helpful to have all odf us at this table -there are so many facets to what is tranpiring.
I will pray bothfor your firnds and you and your family brother.
May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to strengthen and encourage you. When we get to be with the Lord - remember me - I wait for the day we all get to meet there face to face - and also speak with Praise God - all who have gone before us -so as I always say - here - there or in the air -
Hi Doug,

Detroit area? My turf! Which radio station in the 90s. I was doing a weekly program for WMUZ during much of that time (starting in 1992).

Hi Constance - yes your turf - I live in your backyard - I will email you at your personal email listed with the detials -

Constance - hopefully you recieved it -
Ho Constance - I live in Sterling Heights - the program was on WLQV - I did phone into your show once or twice back in the 90s - you and I met in passing at a prophecy conference in the Dteroit area - I think Bill Schneoblen was speaking that night. The show belonged in its inseption to some one else and I hosted in his absence, co hosted on occation and he and I worked togther on many things - including putting on prophecy conferences in the metro Detroit area. He did mention he knew you - thats about all. I knew of your book.
I have not deen him in about a year and a half or so - not sure where he is or what he is up to.

Hi Constance.
I am an regular listener of Radio Liberty and have heard you many times. Love the title of this article. Having some fun here since I am just been home with a cold. I am a graphic designer so I tend to think in those frameworks. As a reminder, in pigment, Red + Green = Brown, mud. Wow—Brown = Facism. Is this is what the equation yields? In colors of additive light, Red + Green + Blue (new age nonsense) = White (the total Satanic/antichrist lie of turning God's goodness on its head and goodness and truth is evil and where evil is good.
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