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A Time, Times, and a Half a Time: What is the Alliance of Civilizations?

A Time, Times, and a Half a Time: What is the Alliance of Civilizations?
So glad you've posted this Constance. Thank-you. Rich has kept us informed about the AOC here in your blog and with the amount of documentation I've read on his blog over the past week we will all be able to keep up with the current advancement of this organization throughout the world.
Rich's current posts- there were
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Thanks again, Constance
Thanks. I will pass this on.
Constance, I’m confident that you are up on what is going on with the Amish community in your State. Putting chips in cattle is a microcosm what is to come; our children, grandparents, and then all of us. The State doesn’t seem to care about the Amish, a community that in some respects should be a model of the GOOD LIFE.
I found something else interesting in the Amish community, maybe another dry-run, the taxing of horse drawn carriages; when will they start taxing bicycles and walkers?

Yours in Christ,
The antichrist won't need a microchip to track the worship of the beast...Rev. 13 indicates that the false prophet will command every follower of the antichrist to make an image of the beast...

This isn't a single statue of the beast located in Jerusalem, but this is a command to each individual follower, to make a personal image or statue, which will be located in their home or personal space (just as they were commanded to take the mark of the beast on their hand or forehead, this command is for each individual to make an image of the beast)...

This image of the beast will be made by each follower, the poor will carve it out of wood, some will be made from paper mache, the rich will make their's from gold and other expensive materials.

Once the statues are completed (around the middle of the tribulation period)Rev. 12 indicates that a war in heaven takes place at the middle of the Tribulation period, and the devil and his angels are cast down to the earth (1260 days are mentioned, that's a reference to the second half of the tribulation period)...

This "arrival" of the fallen angels to the earth in Rev. 12:9, corresponds to the timing of the false prophet who has the "power to give breath to the image (on an individual image basis) so it has power to kill anyone who doesn't worship the image of the beast (Rev. 13:15)

Most students of prophecy think that this is a single statue located in Jerusalem, but the scriptures indicate that these will be multiple statues, with each one being made by the individual followers and each one being pocessed by an evil spirit, that will have the ability to kill all who come into it's presence and do not worship it.

Many will argue with this position by saying the text doesn't say images...but look at the text as a whole in Rev. doesn't say "hands" or "foreheads", in which they are to take the says "hand and forehead", indicating that this is a command to each individual follower and therefore indicates each follower is commanded to take the mark on their hand or forehead and to make an image unto the beast...

Or, in other words, the monitoring system of the antichrist isn't dependant on technology, it's dependant on fallen evil spiritual beings that are commanded to reside in the images of the beast, and if people come into the presence of these stautes and do not fall down before them, the spirit in the image will have the power to kill them.

This teaching (eveil spirits dwelling in the images of the beast)is also "cemented" by the fact, that when "The Day of The Lord's" wrath begins, the followers of the antichrist are seen throwing their statues of the beast away (see Isa. 2:7-21, Zeph. 1:18, Eze. 7:19, Rev. 9:20-21)they know that the image of the beast will not protect them from the wrath of God...

This teaching is given only to warn the Body of Christ, so they will be aware of future events if we're the generation to experiance the tribulation period (the pre-trib rapture teaching is pure fiction, the Bible teaches that the rapture occurs on "The Day of The Lord", which takes place sometime during the second half of the trib. period)...

The Day of The Lord begins with the opening of the 6th Seal...the sun goes black, the moon appears to be red as blood, and the stars fall from the heavens...this was foretold by the O.T. prophets and the 6th Seal announces the arrival of the Day of The Lord, which is a time period, and not a 24 hour day, that contains the Wrath of God....

This is the wrath that Christians are saved from and they will be raptured prior to the wrath being poured out...

The N.T. teaches the same thing...see Matt. 24 29-31, 1 Thess. 4:13-5:6, 2 Thess 2:1-8, 2 Peter 3:10-12 and Rev. 6:12 thru 7:17...the rapture is associated with "The Day of The Lord", which is defined in the Old Testament...

Unfortunately, the modern day church knows very little about "The Day of The Lord", and understanding "it" holds the key to understanding the timing of the Rapture...

Hope this helps,
God Bless...

Dear Gerry,

Your interpetation is interesting. I'm not sure e I agree that this is the best interpretation. Peter san agaiid that no prophecy was a matter of private interpretation; however, for the present, we all see through glass darkly. I am very cautious about adding material to Revelation that is not there -- there were such heavy warnings against that.

I guess time and events will tell, won't they?!

Keys are sticking on this particular laptop, thus the typos.

We might have learned a lot from the Amish had we been paying attention over the past hundred years or so. They drew the line in the sand a long time ago. They chose to remain 'behind the times' and in the process gave up the 'world at our fingertips' high technology the rest of us are now up to our eyeballs in.Several verses from scripture came to mind after I read the article,

"What I mean, brothers is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as though they had none; those who mourn,as if they did not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away." 1 Corinthians 7: 29-31

"Like the blind we grope along the wall, feeling our way like men without eyes. At midday we stumble as if it were twilight;..." Isaiah 59:10

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work" John:9:4
Russia heralds new age of military prowess at the largest Post Soviet Air Show today Tuesday August 21, 2007

"The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announced ambitious plans today to revive Russia's military power and restore its role as the world's leading producer of military aircraft....But the Kremlin is determined to revive the heyday of Soviet aviation, and the government -- bolstered by oil and gas revenues -- has invested in a new S-400 missile defense system and enhanced its MiG and Sukhoi fighter jets -- all on exhibition at the show.

I'm not adding anything to the Revelation passage I quoted.

Most scholars understand the passage in Rev. 13 to mean that a single image of the beast will be created and worshipped.

All I'm saying is, the command given by the false prophet in Rev. 13 appears to be a command to each individual follower of the antichrist...and each person loyal to the antichrist will create their own statue, which will be processed by a demon, that will have the ability to kill those who come into it's presence and do not worship it...

How does that conflict with the scriptures?

Rev.13 verse 15 says that the false prophet was given power to give breath to the image so it could both speak and cause all who do not worship it to be killed...

I fail to see why you critize me for understanding the scriptures and for trying to share the truth with others.

You're quick to judge me since I'm not part of your fan club or part of your "click", sorry about that.

But, I always provide you plenty of scriptures to back my teachings, but you don't seem to spend time to study them but you're quick to dismiss them and me...not very loving on your part...

But I'm sure you'll say I'm full of pride and that I'm evil, instead of looking in the mirror and examining your own heart, that's fairly typical of christians...thanks a lot
Video snippet:

Russia announces mass modernisation of its aviation

After studying Rev 13 I do not see how you can say that it doesn't say "hands" or "foreheads".

Rev 13:16 (ISV) The second beast forces all people-important and unimportant, rich and poor, free and slaves-to be marked on their right hands or on their foreheads,

The KJV says the same except for "right hand" as any person only has one right hand. It is only the ASV that uses the singular for forehead and hand.

So my conclusion is that it's risky to make the assumption that the image of the beast will be plural. I believe that most Bible scholars will agree with me.

So in defense of Constance, I think she gave you the most honest answer that she could. She did not criticize you. And although you gave scripture to support your theory, it was out of context.

In Christ

Wickus, I don't think you understand what I was trying to don't jump to conclusions...

The King James says for Rev. 13:16 "in their right hand or in their foreheads"...

the NIV says "on his right hand or on his forehead"...

the NAS says "on their right hand or on their forehead"...

the ESV says "on their hand or on their forehead"

and the NLT says "on the right hand or on the forehead"...

We rightfully understand, that even though most translations of the Bible translate the greek word to "hand' or "forehead" that it means hands and forheads...even the ISV version that you quoted from understands this...

What I'm trying to convey is, even though the word "image" is used ("Eikon in Greek) and is translated as a single "image" in most translations, it (Eikon) can be either a singular or collective singular noun, and the way the command is structured, it is more likely that each person is commanded to make his or her own individual image...

It's clear in the Bible, that the followers of the antichrist will make these images.

As God judges the world at the end of the age, Rev. 9:20 says "...they continued to worship demons and idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood, idols that cannot see nor hear nor walk"...

As they worship the image, they are worshipping demons, because the demons are in the idols that they have made...see Rev. 13:15 and Rev. 12:9-12

The scriptures are very clear about this, too bad you're quick to judge and don't have a open mind.

In context of "The Day Of The Lord Wrath" which takes place right after the rapture, Isa. 2:20 says regarding the people who will face the wrath of God, "they will abandon their gold and silver idols to the moles and bats"

Notice it says "to the moles and the bats"? (NLT translation) people will be crawling into the holes of the earth and the caves, trying to hide from the wrath of God...btw, see Rev. 6:12-17

So Wickus, don't judge me too harshly, I'm not damaging the scriptures, I'm digging deep to discover the true meaning of the prophecies...

and I get upset when I'm casually dismissed by someone who thinks they already know it all...that would be you and Constance...

Rudi, thanks for the scriptures. You seem to quote what I need. “Sanctify them by the truth, thy Word is truth.”

Johnny, we who knew Eze.36-38 understood the trap that was set for the West when the USSR fell apart; we were not fooled. However we are comforted knowing that God has a standard against Gog in the land Magog: ‘for thus saith the LORD I am against thee.’

Gerry, if you haven’t read Thomas Ice you might find him challenging, ‘Iron sharpens Iron.’

I know this site is about END TIMES, but please keep me in prayer as three of my clients have informed me that they have inoperable cancer. One has faith, the other has a notion of faith, and the other is lost. Please keep them in prayer. Law forbids my giving names, but Jesus knows them! Thanks!

Yours in Christ,
thanks for the encouragement Setterman, as you can tell, I'm a nub...beaten down and unloved...


Somehow I think the "Image of the Beast" is going to be somewhat more advanced than some carved image created by the individual.
For instance we now have websites such as "MY SPACE" and is it "MY FACE"? I see this developing technology someday being able to be hijacked to subjugate the world's remaining citizens to the AC's demands.
Once these people commit to WORSHIP of the Beast or his Image this qualifies them for the MARK which may well be a microchip under the skin.
Just my thoughts.

Let the scriptures be your guide...the Bible tells us what's going to happen, but I don't think we're listening...

we're only interested in our own ideas or opinions...

Aren't the scriptures I shared with you convencing enough? But it doesn't seem like it weighs heavy enough since it's not coming from a somebody...

Now, if Connie said it, you'd probably jump on board...that's part of the problem, people don't want to beleive what the Bible says...don't give me your opinion, make your case by using the scriptures...that's what I always do, then people take their shots while never quoting any scripture...

Oh, but so and so said this, or the new ager said that...

But, what does the scripture say?
For my part I don't blatantly believe anything anyone says simply because of their celebrity - that would include Constance. Please don't take it personally when someone disagrees with your view, as I happen to. Personally, I believe the worship of demons and idols is already occurring all around us - the AC will simply focus this worship upon himself - but that's MY opinion and based on the same scriptures you've quoted as well as the epistles.
Sorry Gerry, that should have been

Anyway, it could be worse, it could have been a bunch of rabid preterists having a go at you...just kidding.
Dear Constance,
Keys sticking on the keyboard of a
laptop is a sign that the operator of
the keyboard is trying to drink coffee
and type at the same time.
This is unwise, though not a sin.

Hey Connie...

How am I adding to the scriptures?

You almost always make such terrible accusations against those you disagree with, such as "you're adding things to the Bible, which is strictly forbidden" (to paraphase your statement)

That type of accusation is very hurtful, I'm not adding anything to the scriptures...

But you're very demeaning and should hear yourself...

You say all are welcome to your site, but since you're the so called "expert", you demean those you disagree with, and judge them as though you know their hearts...

That's very mean spirited and reflects a heart full of pride...

Don't worry, I'll take my silly ideas somewhere else, thanks for the love....

Speaking of Love...

"Love is PATIENT, Love is KIND. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, IT IS NOT SELF SEEKING. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for
us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:1-2
Thanks for the reminder, might want to mention that to Connie too...
I don't think it was Gerry that made an accusation of adding words to the Bible, it was Connie that started this mess...

When someone misinterpets the Bible, such as possibly the pretribbers, midtribbers or post tribbers, does that make them guilty of adding words to the Bible?

That's what Connie charged Gerry that very loving on her part?

Or, is Connie the final word and incapable of mistakes herself?

Just wondering...
Proverbs 15:32
"He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains

Proverbs 1:7
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

Proverbs 10:17
"He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray."

Proverbs 11:3
"The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity."

2 Timothy 3:16-17
"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

Which is Curley, which is Moe, which is Larry? Do give your credentials guys. They were short on manners also.

For the record, I was not rude to you -- you were to me. Who are you? What are you?

"Just wondering" smells bad as well!

Just watching!
Are the ADS/Digital Angel/Verichip guys hanging out on this site today? Who else would be interested in quashing prophetic notice of implanted microchips!
For professional purposes, my name is "Constance." My close friends and family call me "Connie." If you want to be sneering and disrespectful, please address me either as "Constance" ceand/or Mrs. Cumbey! 'Nuf said?

Yes, the New Age Movement is full of both self made and factory manufactured idols. I have ally commented with dismay on this ever since I started my work in 1981 and took much flak from some in the Christian community even for doing so. That certainly does not make "the mark of the beast" interpretation, however, a requirement that everybody individually manufacture an idol. Let's try to keep civil tongues in our mouth and rightly divide the scriptures while we are at it!
Is Gerry maybe 'Squeakbox'?

The Scripture says this, "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed." Rev. 13:15 (KJV)

In your version of events portrayed by this Scripture, the personally carved, moulded, or otherwise created statue tells the authorities that the person who fashioned it is not worshipping it?
Why would you make it if you were not going to worship it? Or does it report to authorities other people in your household who fail to worship it? If so, how does it do this reporting?

Much more likely is that the image of the beast is a high-tech invention able to register your worship of it via the current and expanding fibre optic network and/or the radio and satellite communications system.

This is somewhat akin to the SDA leadership keeping their flock in line by claiming that the MOB is Sunday worship. How can the beast possibly tell who goes into church on Sunday? There is no way of telling. Now, or in the past.

Gerry - I don't see insulting responses to your posts on this site. I think we need to have a teachable spirit and be open to comments.

I think if Constance posted something that didn't seem right those who post here would question her statements & thoughts.

I haven't read anything posted by Constance that raised red flags thus far. This blog provides excellent sources of information.

Try to look at others' input as a good thing. There is a wealth of knowledge to be obtained from those on this site.

Anyway - thanks all!
Constance has years of research and deep understanding on the issues she addresses. It would be a good idea to listen to what she has to say and try to learn from it instead of using this blog for personal issues. Humility is essential to learning.
Anonymous @ 1:13
Interesting statement about pretribbers etc. We'll explain it all to you on the way up.

Anonymous @ 6:59
I totally concur.

You've given this blog some great input. It would be a pity if you allowed some perceived offense to deter you from contributing in the future. Constance did not deliberately insult you. You should hear what some Christians call other Christians when they disagree with their eschatological views. Hank Hanegraff's attacks on Lahaye and Lindsey would be a prime example.
My goodness, amny here accused of bing so simple as to accept something "out of hand" or without warrant, then if we do not hold to an individuals interpretation, accused of having no understanding, hm, not much love there, this is not a blind leading the blind blog sight and while many have more knowledge that others, we can all add to the puzzle that we all still see being assembled. If we are unable to reason togther nad seek each others clarification why would anyone bother? Id there not "much wisdom in many counselors'?
Are we not all seeking what the Lord Jesus would have us understand? If we were not, we would not visit here. Constance has been a steadfast advocate in seeking truth in matters and is willing to listen and share ideas. Iron sharpens iron. I appreciate her insight as well as others who post here - even those who are incorrect sometimes.
There was a most interesting and disturbing segment tonight -- part 2 of 3 of Cristiane Amanpour's series on "God's Warriors." It appears to be a global thrust against fundamentalism Nevertheless, I learned something new -- about the BRIGHT FUTURE INSTITUTE of Iran and the Islamic messianic expectations that dovetail so - very neatly into Benjamin Creme's predictions their "messiah" will be introduced allegedly by Jesus and will reign for a 7 year period! DISTURBING ON MANY LEVELS.

Thanks to Doug for his calming words!

Cristiane Amanpour presented as though she was a member of the Alliance of Civilizations' High Level Group. Obviously she was heavily influenced by the AoC. I noticed Karen Armstrong from the Alliance was interviewed to dispense her wisdom. I will be publishing an article on my blog spot within the next few days focused on the militarization of the Alliance of Civilizations. I will immediately follow up with a piece regarding "God's Warriors" and how the Alliance intends to identify its targets. And by the looks of things, they've been doing exactly that over the past two nights.


Feel free to call me Gerry or Gearld, or anything else you feel confortable with...

I'm sorry if I offended you by calling you Connie, I guess I'm not special enough to call you by Connie since that's reserved for special people...

I just found it easier to type Connie as opposed to Constance, please forgive me...

I find they this site is very unfriendly and very judgmental...

I'm often judged and usually dismissed by you and your fan're ALL quick to quote Bible verses to correct offenders such as myself, but I'm sure this is how you treat all your brothers and sisters...

Who am I, and what am I?

I'm not sure what you mean by that question. I find your question to be another example of your unfriendliness and haughtiness, but I'm sure your fans will come to your rescue and quote me a few more Bible verses...

Apparently, it doesn't make any difference if you hurt someone's feelings and they say "ouch"...shame on them for saying "ouch"...and, oh yeah, read them some judgemental Bible verses...

Anyway, who am I...I'm a great sinner who's relying on God's GRACE for salvation...nothing more, nothing less...

I still have my rough edges as you all can tell. I've been kicked around and rejected most of my life, and usually, by God's own people, or at least people who claim to be christians...

I think God made me especially hard to love, so I'd be a challenge to be love...

I LOVE GOD, I LOVE HIS WORD...I think HIS word is PERFECT, without mistakes...every single word is true, and can be TRUSTED...

That's who I am, and what I am. I hope I passed your test?

I was hurt by your comments you made at 12:05pm, in which you said "I am very cautious about adding material to Revelation...

I find that statement to be "dirty pool", and I asked you how was I adding words to the Bible, but you never responded, that seems to be your style...

I'm very offended by your statement and declare that you don't play fair...all I was doing was telling you what I thought the passage meant, as well as providing other scriptures which supported my idea....

I never added words to the Bible...

Let me ask you a question (and I've done so many times but you have never answered me directly)...

The 3 main positions on the timing of the rapture...Pre-trib, Mid-trib and Post-trib...

Are they guilty of adding words to the Bible by guessing when the rapture is going to happen?

Are you adding words to the Bible by guessing that JS is going to be the Antichrist?

Are some of your fans guilty of adding words to the Bible because they see JS uproot 3 of the nations on the EU military seats and claims that to be fulfilment of prophecy, when it might not be?

Your fans has judged me harshly, along with yourself, by saying such a harsh statement.



All I was trying to do was share my interpretation of the phophecy regarding the image of the beast, and by using several other scriptures to back my idea, and you attacked my idea by saying I was adding words to the Bible...

In my opinion, that was a very mean thing to do, sorry if I was offended, but it's OK to say your sorry, if in deed you truly are...

I'll leave now because I know I'm not welcome because I don't tell you what you want to hear, but at least I took the time to answer your WHO ARE YOU and WHAT ARE YOU don't even take the time to answer my direct questions...and you say I'm full of pride...

from my point of view you are full of pride..and I'm not sqeakbox either...
Gerald, Geryy (I'm just plain old Doug) I for one, appreciated what you had to add to the discussion - I actually have been considering what you had said regarding the idols and thier worship, I have not had the opportunity yet to study it out.
Maybe I am wrong but there is a large charge of emotion being intergected for some reason - I have no clue why, whatever, and I don't want to be accused of anything other than offering my own personal olive branch here. Yes, I appreciate what Constance brings to the table, if that makes me a fan, so be it - but I also appreciated what you had to say. I I do know and please - I am just dropping my 2 cents into the bucket here for discussion, that the original word for sword (describing the Word as part of the armor of God) is a very small, assassin type, not a broad one - intended to be used with extreme precision and no I am not going to pull out my concoredence here or anything to make it totally accurate -
I also know that the original word used for mark - as in mark of the beast - 1 of its meanings is puncture. To insert a chip - one must be punctured. Yep - tattoo needled puncture also - I could be wrong, I could be right -
As for me and my own personal view
on the rapture - I'll bite - 1st my pat one for the curiuos only - Pray for pre - hope for mid - plan for post - Trust the Lord Jesus Christ in all - my - what I read and percieve as being true - it happens right before the 3 1/2 period of Jacobs trouble - often called pre wrath to some.
But hey I'm like you, alowly sinner who is not perfected but will be some day, and I see all my brothers ans sisters in Christ who earnestly seek His face and will for thier lives as the same - and give them room to be human beings - subject to the same prevailing fallen nature we all have.
your brother in Christ Jesus -
Rich- I also noticed Karen Armstrong in the "Gods Warriors"
program last night. I had never seen her before so when I saw the name on the screen I wondered if it was the same woman I had read about-her AOC connections etc. This afternoon while looking at some archived blogs on Constances' site I found a link you had posted with an interview between Bill Moyers and Karen Armstrong. I'm sure others would like to read it so if you don't mind I'm going to re-post it here:

I am very curious as to how the
"Christian" third of this series
will be presented. Do you have any thoughts on this ahead of time which you'd be comfortable sharing?
I find it interesting that Gerry claims to love God's word and says it's perfect, without mistakes, true, and can be trusted, yet in the same breath is angry because someone quoted "some judgemental Bible verses."
Israel National Radio: Professor Slams CNN's "God's Warriors" as a Twisted Assault on History

Tovia Singer vents his spleen! I thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Gerry, stick with it and try not to be offended. Whenever anyone proposes a new theory or view (especially out of the Bible) they are bound to get some sort of criticism. We're all human. I saw the same thing happen just recently on Joel Rosenberg's blog where someone suggested that the two witnesses of Revelation where actually Israel and the Church. When the other bloggers questioned this view, the original blogger got upset even though the criticism was polite and impersonal. But this happens and we should sharpen iron with iron as someone has already suggested.

BTW Constance, I like the name Constance...never did like "Connie". :-)

The key words to watch for are "exclusion" and "sole or exclusive ownership of the truth". These are buzz words they intend to use to identify us as terrorists.

To Mac and Doug...

I really, really appreciate the things that you said...

To 7:21, you're exactly what I'm talking about, maybe you should follow the example of Mac and Doug's kind words...

To 7:21, I usually turn the other cheek and take the abuse of others, just like the Bible says to do...

7:21, you fail to understand the charge of addng words to the Bible. As a Bible student, that type of charge is heinous and dirty pool, especially since we're duscussing what certain prophecies mean...putting out a theroy about what a prophecy means, within reason, isn't adding words to the Bible...

So 7:21, you fail to understand my position and you come across as being hard hearted, failing to attempt to understand where I'm coming from...

Anyway, thanks again to Mac and Doug, your love and kindess, and words of encouragement, really helped me this evening...

Deep down in my heart, I want to obey God's word, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone...I even forgive Constance even if she doesn't knowledge the fact that she hurt me...

God bless...

HK-91 said.....

Gerry, in reference to your 7:59 post you said "...I get upset when I'm casually dismissed by someone who thinks they already know it all...that would be you and Constance..."

For your information Constance Cumbey is a most gracious, polite, courteous, individual engaged in what I consider to be a ministry to inform people of all theological positions, even non theological positions, of the impending danger of a "World System" which intends to do great harm and destruction to people of "faith" and just all people in general.
Constance provides this forum for the free exchange of information and opinion. She does so with high quality of character and professionalism.

Your ad hominem attack on Constance is frivolous, specious,irrelevant, and out to lunch.

You may add me to the dismissal list, with one qualification, this is a formal dismissal.

Have a nice day.

Hey HK...I don't mean to be dismissive, I certainly can't win with people like you

...I was a big fan of constance until I tried to interact with her and all my ideas were dismissed with statements such as "I don't think God would do that"(regarding my thought that Hitler could be the antichrist brought back from the dead, Rev 17 says he comes up out of the abyss to his own desruction...and other comments such as "I try not to add words to the Bible" which is something I NEVER DID...

I'm glad you get along with constance...I'm sure she's a very nice, professional person just like you said...

But that isn't the person I interacted with, I was treated with dismissal and disrespect...but that's my opinion and I'm sure you won't walk a mile in my shoes...

It's one thing to have a give and take debate, it's another, to treat others with disrepect and wouldn't like it either...

have a good evening...
HK-91 said...


You said "It's one thing to have a give and take debate, it's another, to treat others with disrepect and dismissal..."

Your demand of the things you do not share in return is evident.

"Fans" are for baseball, Constance is not looking for celebrity, she seeks to inform.

Her cause is to serve to the best of her ability, as mine is to mine.

Please spend some time in a prayerful re evaluation of your attitude. You may have something of value to share, however your attitude leaves somewhat to be desired.

May the grace of Christ be with you.

Dear Constance and everyone
Are you aware of the view that states that the
Rapture of the saints will take place on the
Feast of Trumpets,( Lev.23:24 & Num.29:1)
which is a feast every year
which no man knows the exact day of since the
only way to verify the new moon ( first day of the month) , is by the testimony of two witnesses who
had to make their way to the Temple and report that they observed the new moon on a given day.
The new moon is the thinnest sliver of a crescent
moon and it's hard to determine from the two "thinnest" days.
Why the Feast of Trumpets?
I Cor15:52, Matt.24:31, Isa.26:2,
I Thess4:16-17
There are seven Feasts in the OT.
There are four in the spring of the year and three in the autumn.
Each feast has a NT corollary, thus:
Passover= The Crucifixion
Unleavened Bread= Jesus in the earth for three days, The Bread of Life unleavened in their pockets as they fled Egypt.
Firstfruits= The Resurrection. Jesus is the First fruit of the new creation
Pentecost= He lived among them for weeks before he ascended to the Father
_and in the fall_
Trumpets=The Rapture of the saints. As it was in the days of Noah...
Atonement=The Great Tribulation, The Repentance of Israel: They will look on him whom they pierced, and the vail will be lifted off their eyes.
Tabernacles The Second Coming of Christ to earth.
The end of the Tribulation

Connie, this year The Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh Hashana as it's known is listed as being on September 11th, but of course its impossible to know the exact day of the "Last Trump" as it's

Yours in Christ
Paul Farrar
Hey HK, thanks for coming beside me and helping me with my hurt, your attitude is fairly typical and judgemental, worry about the beam in your eye and I'll do the same for the one in my eye...

thanks for understanding me and judging me as if you know what's in my heart...

All I've ever known from Christians, generally speakiing, is rejection and pain...
Hey Paul,

I like your input and I agree with your information...

I think you could say, that the "last trump" will be the last time the Feast Of Trumpets will be celebrated, with its fulfilment at the rapture...I mean, the fulfilment of Passover was fulfilled at the crucifixtion of Christ, the fulfilment of Unleaven Bread was fulfilled while Jesus was in the grave, and the fulfilment of First Fruits being fulfilled when He resurrected...

So, the last time the trumpet is blown for the Feast of Trumpets it will be at it's fulfilment of what the feast symbolizes at the rapture...

There will be at least 3 opportunities for the Feast of Truumpets to be fulfilled during the second half of the tribulation period (cause I don't beleive the Bible teaches a pre-trib rapture)...

the rapture, in my opinion, takes place on "The Day of The Lord" (look up the old testament references to the Day of The Lord)...

the old testament prophets foretold that The Day of The Lord" begins with the sun going black, the moon turning red as blood, and the stars stop shinning, or falling from the sky...these "cosmic disturbances" coralate to the 6th seal in Revelation 6, it also coralates to the Lord's teaching in Matt. 24.

Regarding the timing of things, we know the middle of the trib is when the antichrist reveals his true nature (the abomination of desolation) and this is when he takes over the world, this coralates to the 5th seal when John see the souls under the alter of God, these are the believers who are killed by the ac because they won't take his mark or worship him...(notice, they are beheaded, this is the mode of killing by the muslims, see Rev.20:4)

Notice, the souls under the alter of God, at the 5th seal, in the middle of the trib period, is asking God to judge the world, God tells them to wait till the full number of them are killed...or in other words, God's judgement hasn't been poured out upon the earth up to this point, therefore indicating that the first half of the trib period doesn't contain the wrath or judgement of God.

This is very important, because, the Bible teaches the church will not taste the wrath of God (1 Thess 4 and 5) but will be spared from it (thru the rapture)...

Thus, later, sometime during the second half of the trib period, at the Feast of Trumpets, the church will be raptured right after the 6th seal is open (see the end of Rev. 6, and Rev. chapter 7)that's when a new crowd of people show up into heaven.

Also, in the Lord's teaching on His return in Matt 24, he gives the sign of the end of the age (the sun goes black, the mmon turns red, the stars stops shinning) and then the world sees Him returning in the clouds to rapture His church, he sends His angels to the 4 corners of the earth to rapture them...

By the way, when the trumpet was blown in the O.T. it meant one of two things to the nation of Israel...gather together for a meeting, or, we're going to war...

Both apply to the last trumpet blast, the church will be gathered to meet the Lord in the air, and the Lord declares war on the world which is manifested in the Day of The Lord wrath, the day, or time period, that contains all the judgements written in the book of Rev.

Hope this helps...
Dear Anon:
It's true that the word "fullfillment" could
be used to describe the feasts and their respective
NT revelation, or corollary as I said. Jesus is the fullfillment of all the Law and the Prophets.
But I must disagree that the the great catching away of the saints happens in the middle of the Tribulation period. I believe that The Day of the Lord is as you say the day of his wrath and that it
takes place during the tribulation, but what would signal the beginning?
Noah and his family did not stand in the rain for
any number of days before getting in the ark. They were simply spared the whole ordeal. It was just beginning to rain when they got in. see Matt.24
I think also it's important to consider Col. 2:16&17, where the feasts, new moons and sabbaths are referred to as a "shadow of things to come".
But thanks for your input and
God bless you,

Hey Paul,

I didn't say the rapture occurs at the mid-point of the tribulation, but sometime during the second half...

Noah and his family was spared the moment God's wrath began, when it started raining and the waters beneath the earth gushed forth...

The church will be spared from God's wrath shortly after the sign of the ned of the age is given (the 6th seal, where the sun goes black, the moon to blood and the stars stop shinning) and in both the Matt 24 account, as well as the Rev 6 and 7 account, you see the rapture occur...

If you take the "classic" rapture description from 1 Thess 4:16-17 and compare it to Matt.24:29-31, you see the same elements:

The Lord Himself shall desend

In the clouds

With the trumpet blast

To gather His elect

and all this occurs after the Day of the Lord begins (the sun goes black, the moon to blood, and the stars stop shinning...

Which is sometime after the mid-point of the trib. period.

In my first post, I indicated that the antichrist reveals his true nature at the mid-point of the tribulation period, and the fact that the souls under the alter were asking God to judge the world for their deaths.

I brought this up to show you that the whole trribulation perios IS NOT THE WRATH OR JUDGEMENT of GOD...thus the church is still present on the earth...

Only when the 6th seal is open, which is the sign that the end of the world as begun, the people left behind (see Rev. 6:17) indentify the fact that the WRATH OF GOD as begun, thus the church is raptured in Rev. 7 before the wrath and judgements of God are poured out....

In fact, if you look at 2 Thess chapter 2, you'll see where Paul tells the readers, that the Day of The Lord (as well as us being gathered unto Himself, Jesus that is) won't begin till the antichrist is revealed (speaking of his true nature, when he enters into the Temple to proclaim himself to be god)...

Paul tells his readers, that the Day of The Lord won't come till the abomination of desolation occurs, which takes place in the mid-point of the trib. period...

the rapture occurs sometime during the 2nd half of the tribulation period (this position is called PRE-WRATH rapture), just like Jesus said in Matt 24...if those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved, but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short"

Or in other words, the time the saints are exposed to the ac, if the days weren't cut short the ac would kill all the christians, but for the sake of the christians, God will shorten that exposure time by rapturing them...

The tribulation period, it's 7 years, and it's second half, which is 3 and a half years or time, times and half a time, or 1260 days, those are locked in concrete and will not be shortened...but for the sake of the elect, the elect's exposure to the ac will be cut short and they will be raptured before the ac kills all of them...

Regarding the feast and how they represent the future, the verse you quoted proves my point...

Just as Christ fullfilled what the spring time feast stood for in His first coming (Passover = the cross, unleaven bread = Jesus being sinless as well as not decaying in the grave, first fruit = His resurrection and feast of weeks = the birth of the church)...

the fall feast represents what He'll accomplish at His second coming...Trumpets = the rapture, Day of Atonement = The Day Israel is forgiven for rejecting Christ and killing Him, and Feast of Booths = when God lives in Jerusalem in the presence of men...

the time period between spring feasts and the fall feast each year, represents the current age we live in...we're all waiting for the fall feasts, and what they represent, to be fulfilled...

This is the truth, test it with the scriptures and study it for a while before rejecting it...

the Bible does say "and he was given power to wage war against the saints and overcome them" (Dan. 7:21 and Rev. 13:7)...

We'll face the wrath of the antichrist, but we won't have to face the wrath of God, we'll be raptured before the wrath of God is poured out on the Day of The Lord...

Don't fear man, fear God who has the power to throw your souls into hell...

this is the truth of God...
“But speaking the truth in love, may GROW UP into HIM. . .” There seems to be quite a bit of ill feeling and arm twisting going on here; I for one am offended. I’ve said it here before: state your thoughts and let them sit. I like seeing scripture seen from different angles, and if I have a question I don’t want the question construed as an attack.

“(Walk) with all lowliness and meekness, with long suffering forbearing one another in love. . .”
Now, let us get back to contending for the faith!

Yours in Christ,
The recent postings remind me of when Earl was on board. We are all adults and should be able to accept questions and differences of opinions without offense and attacks.
To the author of the following:

Anonymous said...
Dear Constance and everyone
Are you aware of the view that states that the
Rapture of the saints will take place on the
Feast of Trumpets,( Lev.23:24 & Num.29:1)
which is a feast every year
which no man knows the exact day of since the
only way to verify the new moon ( first day of the month) , is by the testimony of two witnesses who
had to make their way to the Temple and report that they observed the new moon on a given day.
The new moon is the thinnest sliver of a crescent
moon and it's hard to determine from the two "thinnest" days.
Why the Feast of Trumpets?
I Cor15:52, Matt.24:31, Isa.26:2,
I Thess4:16-17
There are seven Feasts in the OT.
There are four in the spring of the year and three in the autumn.
Each feast has a NT corollary, thus:
Passover= The Crucifixion
Unleavened Bread= Jesus in the earth for three days, The Bread of Life unleavened in their pockets as they fled Egypt.
Firstfruits= The Resurrection. Jesus is the First fruit of the new creation
Pentecost= He lived among them for weeks before he ascended to the Father
_and in the fall_
Trumpets=The Rapture of the saints. As it was in the days of Noah...

THIS REMINDS ME SO VERY MUCH OF THE MATERIAL COMING FROM THE HOUSE OF PRAYER OF BILL BRITTON, DECEASED, SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI. This is the Manifest Son of God / The Overcomers / "Neo Pentecostals" which I discussed in my 1986 book, A PLANNED DECEPTION as part of the chapter on Pat Robertson, "A Secret Kingdom?" I first learned of this network from a New Age report bragging of how they were working the Pentecostal churches with an old mystery school technique. I don't know for sure if what you are now laying out is the same, but I would point out that there are similarities. I guess time and events will tell, but I have long had a theory that Jesus will not come on a date set by a date setter, if for no other reason, to teach the date setter a good lesson!

Dear Gerry,

I hate to be blunt, but I want to be very honest with you. I bent over backwards to be tactful. Either you are an "agent provacateur" OR (more likely) you have very thin skin and expect others to have elephant hide.

I have sacrificed immensely -- financially and every other way -- far more than all but my closest friends realize to get word to people about what is happening. My own husband is seriously physically disabled -- a double above the knee amputee from a 1979 accident where the person hitting him had a whole $20,000 of liability coverage!

I don't know what your game is, but it is you, friend, who have been unkind to me. If you have thin skin yourself as you obviously do, you should not expect everybody else to have elephant hide!

To Paul Farrar,

I just finished reading your post and I am very happy that you qualified it by saying it was interesting but impossible to know for sure (I am paraphrasing, but I think that's what you were trying to say).

My caution was on the types and shadows approach used by the MSOG movement which New Agers bragged had changed the terminology from "Age of Aquarius" to "Year of Jubilee" and "Feast of Tabernacles."

Thanks, Paul, for participating!

It is 1:05 a.m. I am just leaving my office and I have been working since 10 a.m. after speaking until nearly midnight last night and getting home close to 1 a.m. I have a throbbing headache and will come back to the office tomorrow to do the radio program.


To Constance,

I never came into this blog with intention of being disrepectful to you.

I had read your book several years ago and actually held you in high esteem, and was very excited to discover your blog and an opportunity to share with you what I have learned thru my studies.

I'm the guy who submitted the idea that Hitler could possibly be the antichrist, and you baiscally dismissed me by saying "I don't think God would do that", as if God needs to check with you first before He decides to do something...AMAZING

...sorry if I have thin skin, but I found that to be very dismissive and condesending, as if you know exactly what God will do and not do. Is raising Hitler from the dead, a sinful matter? Not at all. If it fits God's purposes and his plans, He will do it

I never started off by being rude to you, but eariler this week, when I submitted the idea of the mutiple images of the beast, which I think is clearly taught in the scriptures, you insinuated that I was adding words to the Bible...

Again, in my opinion, you were dismissive, rude and condesending. For someone who holds the Bible in high esteem, such a charge as that is devistating, that one hurt a lot...but, again, I think it reveals who you really are...

I asked you point blank, how am I adding words to the Bible, but you never even answered my question, in fact you told me not to call you Connie, that that name is reserved for your friends...???

Don't you think your response to me callinig you Connie is a bit rude? And probably prideful?

I'm sure your followers and fans will come to your rescue and read me the riot act and tell me how thin skinned I am...

But I think you need to examine yourself and maybe get off your high horse...

You state that all are welcome to your blog, that it's a place of ideas, but that's only true when those ideas agree with your own ideas....people who present new ideas, ideas that certainly are in line with the Bible, but new to you, you belittle them by being dismissive, condensending and rude, insinuating that they are borderline heiredical....

I know I'm not smart enough to win an arguement such as this with a person such as yourself, but you don't even give me an ounce of consideration that my claim against you is simply blow me off and ask me such questions as WHO ARE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU?...

Where's your tender heart? Where's your understanding?
If I hit you on your cheek, would you give me the other cheek?

Well, I know what's will be the typical christian response, and you'll point the finger right back at me...

Quite frankly, you said I have been rude to you, and if I was, it was only because you belittled my submissions and ideas, and made terrible accusations without ever engaging me in a dialog...

A dialog is one where, if one person asks a question, the other would answer it...that would be the loving thing to do, but you NEVER did that with me...

You simply belittled me, dismissed me, and made statements that I was adding words to the rude is that? It was like I was talking to a wall...

And then you read me the riot act for using your name Connie, like it's reserved for your friends...

What ever happened to loving your enemies? You feel uncomfortable by me calling you Connie? Talk about being thin skinned, that is so pridefull on your part...

But then again, your followers will come to your rescue and won't give an ounce of credence to my position. If they were your tru friends, that would point out your errors to you and help you change.

I'm very sensitive to the suffering of you and your husband. I think as Christians we'll encounter a lot of suffering. I raised my sons to follow Christ, now my 22 year old is on herion, talk about disappointment and pain. I've been diagnosed with a life long illness that will probably lead to an early death, that has been very painful...I no longer believe in a pretrib rapture and now I'm shunned by my family, they believe that if your not a pretribber you're probably not saved (just more rejection)...
So I share your pain and disappointment...

My agenda or end game you ask? Only to fit in and be treated with respect by someone like I spend time studying the scriptures and I wanted to share my thoughts with others...

Only to be belittled, dismissed and treated by you in a condensending way...I guess you could say, I wanted to be accepted by you, I held you in high esteem and you squashed me like an annoying bug...

Don't bother to respond to this post, I won't waste my time in coming back to your blog...

All I wanted was to engage in meaningful dialog, you are above that, and you care too much about everyone treating you as special, you're so special you care about whether or not people call you Constance or Connie! Feel free to be comforted by your ring of followers and friends, I'll go away now and will leave you alone Constance...

Go figure....

Recognize it or not, you are adding to scripture which very plainly reads (at least per the Apostle Paul)

IT IS APPOINTED ONCE TO MAN TO DIE AND THEN THE JUDGMENT. Are you saying it is appointed TWICE to Hitler to die and then the Judgment?

The scriptural passage about the beast which was dead and came back to life IMHO refers to a system (maybe Nazism) and not a specific one person. Righteous people may be brought back to life and they will not die again. Lazarus, whom I presume died twice may be an exception because Jesus did raise him from the dead.

Gerry, tighten your belt. You don't have a clue as to how hard the fight is. Your life is hard. Well, a lot of people have hard lives. You have a theory and it's not accepted right away, so you go on and on and on and then again on on and on and on. The fact is the best you can hope for is that someone reads your ideas and thinks about them. And then they'll never let you know that you might have had a good idea.

Constance knows she isn't the only kid on the block fighting the New Age movement single handedly. There's no false pride in her stance.

For the last 25 years I've been her friend, supplying her with information as I've come across it. My library may just be a bit smaller than hers. I too have extensive files. For about 20 of those years I was working full time, leaving the house at 7 am and coming home at 7:30 or 8 pm. and yet I found time to gather the information I could at the both in stores and physically. No internet for most of those years. Our family financial situation was extremely difficult, with no frills or luxuries, and yet I dribbed out money to get books documenting the New Age movement. No contributions from anywhere. My husband's health was extremely bad and he died of diabetic complications which is how I learned about the euthanasia movement. One of my two sons has very bad Crohns and lives at home, but I started gathering information while they were still in grammar school and high school.

Being Jewish I didn't have access to the Christian community with its focus on end times. In the 25 years I had one talk offered to me. No radio shows were offered other than ones with Constance. No one ever contacted me with inside information or verification of what I was finding because I didn't have access to the public. I wasn't the focus of attention as Constance was. No one has asked that my files be given to their library. And somehow I survived and carried on.

Since April I've been posting over at Israelforum. In that time the thread on the New Age movement has had over 5,500 views. Constance has never had the time to look over what I've written there. I've been bucking the wind over there as I have been doing most of my research life, and yet I've not been writing long complaining posts that no one cares. Over here I've posted many, many leads over the years, and yet I'm still considered a minor player.

That's life for a lot of us. Some people do nothing but complain. Others do a lot of work behind the scenes and yet no one knows who we are.

It's darn sad that life isn't giving you the best that others seem to have. I would have liked that life also. It didn't happen. It could be worse. You could be living in some hell hole in Africa, family killed off, starving, and squatting into the ground for your necessities rather than having access to a computer on which to complain to the world.

Constance may have it a lot better than some of us when it comes to an audience, but be assured that she would have had a much better life if she ignored the dangers of the New Age movement.

Thanks, Dorothy, and I'm going over to Israel Forum right now -- but I have sometimes looked -- I need more hours in a day, as do you!

For 25 years you have been a loyal and true friend!

what if Moses comes back as one of the two witnesses in Rev. as many bible scholoars belive?

Would he be breaking the "died once to be judged" verse you quoted and he cannot be one of the witnesses?

All the people in the Bible, who were brought back to life again, died again, only Jesus who was resurrected, didn't die again...

With your judemental approach and your rules, you're probably guilty of adding words to the bible as well...

Last I checked you're imperfect as well...adding words to the bible is simply that, adding to words to the bible...

wrong interpretations of prophecies isn't adding words to the bible, other wise you'd make the same accusation to people who disagree with your timine of the rapture position. Can you tell me what the difference is between thinking that hitler is the antichrist and what position you take on the timing of the rapture?

this just shows your mean spirited, self-righteous and judgemental...

It's OK to say you're sorry, but I think you hate me so much you'd never admit you're wrong...

But take comfort in your group of followers, you're the only one to face hardship as you fight against the new agers...(gimme a break, you folks are legends in your own minds)...

None of the rest of us are hated for our spreading of the gospel, only you connie, whoops, I mean Constance.

You could disarm this whole issue by saying...I'M SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU, I DIDN'T MEAN IT, BUT PLEASE FORGIVE ME...(those are powerful words, try adding them to your volcabulary)

I'm sure there's a scripture that says, even if you're not wrong go ahead and say you are for the sake of peace...that would be the loving thing to do....

SO LONG....go back to your little group of sycophants...
What, you are still here? Thought you had left us for good!
mebbe Gerry is Javier, David Spangler, and others writing under a nom de plume, a demon come to torment Constance!
Gerry, you are starting to sound like a stalker who might go on a rampage. If I was Constance I would check out who you are in some way. You can't let up on your grievances and that's very mentally unhealthy.
Some scholars believe that the two witnesses are Enoch and Elijah--both were taken so neither one died.
Whew! I just got back from a family vacation and read all this interchange in one sitting. Lots to digest.

Dorothy for some reason your post made me think of Adam's post on FP about macaroni.

Anyway I appreciate all information I get here. I don't always understand all of it.
Dawn, I read it. I don't see the connectiton.

I was thinking that the correlation was that what you do matters. Even if it seems hard or you go through trials you just kept on keeping on. Which is what I think matters. That is what I thought Adam was saying as well.
Dawn- I see the connection. Adam and Holly are doing a remarkable job.-Rudi
HK-91 said...


Thank you for the honest assessment in this quote:

"thanks for understanding me and judging me as if you know what's in my heart..."

What is in your heart is apparent, you have an immature attitude,and, pent up anger, that controls your critical thinking process. That I understand and make a judgment of these facts is a combination of common sense and deductive reasoning. In an effort, by me, to speak the truth with love, clarity has arisen.

Your sarcasm, hostility, and egotism are well noted.

Having grown up in the harsh environment of a big city I have learned of people like you, and am realistic enough to know when to cease to enable such as you in the exercise of your folly.

Be cautious of the indulgent
exercise of your foolishness with me, I am neither unlearned in my responsibilities before Christ nor do I lack judgment in the exercise of them.

I will pray for you, hope the best for you, however, I will not coddle you, nor be intimidated by your hollow words.

Some good counsel for you, grow up, get a life, and loose the "poor me" attitude.

Dawn, I guess Herb, Holly, Adam, Connie you, I and everyone reading here are all leading macaroni lives by that standard. Just ordinary everyday lives without any earthshaking results as all of the efforts we put forth are equal.

I must confess I enjoyed Adam's macaroni days article very much. I have many days I believe to be those. My friends in the Black (now pc called "African American") community used to express it the best when they said, "just keep keeping on.") I think Adam will make a great preacher!

Yes, he will make a great preacher. That he will.

to all...

I hope God blesses you all...I really do...I guess I have had a lot of pain and I'm not very good at managing it...

I've never physically hurt a person in in my life, so I'm shocked that someone would think I would...

It just goes to show how judgemental people are...everyone's quick to provide negative statements about me and towards me without really taking the time to understand me.

No one really took the time to analyze just exactly why I was upset, nor analyze the insinuations Constance had made towards me...

What would really be helpful, is for someone to say...Gerry, I love you in spite of all the luggage you seem to be lugging me at this phone number and I'll be glad to be your friend...

Really, you're all guilty of the very things you judge me for, so please look in the mirror, examine your hearts, and be ready to love those who are truly unlovable...

That would be very honoring to God. Worry about your own sins, and not the sins of others...

Love doesn't keep a record of sins or past wrongs...

Knowing this group, you'll immediately point the finger back at me and tell me to do the same thing...and this is something I'm already doing...

I don't need all of you to point your fingers of judgment at me, I'm already convicted of my sins...God knows my heart...

If you wish to come along side me to help me, you're welcome to help me with my load...if you wish to judge and condemn, get in line with the rest of the world...

Reading your words of rebuke and judgement has been very painful, but I'll tighten up my belt and I'll grow up, just like so many of you have told me...but, are your words motivated by LOVE? Only God knows...

I have no ill will towards Constance or the rest of you, what's really in my heart is hoping God blesses each and every one of you (REALLY!!!)

Pray for me if you can do it with a true heart of love...and when we're in heaven, we'll sing together about the one who died for us!!!

God bless you all...this is my final post, and I want to go out by saying God bless you all again...

You really don't know what's in my heart, I was TOTALLY misunderstood, and no one tried to help...but that's OK, I understand...

God Bless!!!

Gerry, I have prayed for you, and for Constance, and for the people on this site, and for myself. That's one thing we should all do. One of the things I pray for myself is to learn to love God and my neighbor and my enemy...this doesn't come natural to me as a carnal Christian. It's good to remember that one day we will all have to stand before Him and give account.
Hey Gerry,
I was reading what you had posted and I just want to say I love you. I understand hurt and feeling like you are being rejected. I don't like to offer my views because I don't want to feel shot down. I think that Constance doesn't mean to make you feel that way. She is an attorney and my neighbor is and they just interact differently. I know she didn't mean to make you feel awful, but I understand where you are coming from. We are all sinners in need of grace. The hardest people to get along with are my family and yet I love them the most. We all belong to our Lord and have to put our hurt feelings aside so that we don't give an inch to that who would destroy us. Dude I love you. I love our Lord tos so very much. Remember you are important and loved, so much so that God sent his only Son to die for you! Love you!
to 3:39pm...

I appreciate your kind words and understanding...

I wasn't looking for someone to fall at my feet and tell me how great I am...

All I was looking for was meaningful engagement, not for someone to say "I don't think God would do that" as if they have an inside communication link with God...

Or a reply like "what are you", how disrespectful is that (in my opinion)?...I'm not sure what that means, "what are you" regards to what?

I'm not a potential stocker either (as another person insinuated)...I take God's commandment "love others as you love yourself" very, very seriously...

I just wanted what everybody else wants, to be taken seriously and to be treated with respect, no more and no less...

And I didn't treat Constance with disrespect either, she started this whole mess by being dismissive and condesending...

She even was offended because I used her name "Connie", I find that disheartening as well. But all her "fans" didn't find that to be an issue, they always took her side and treated me with contempt...

Makes you wonder who really has the spirit of love in them...but, I really appreciate your kind words and your objectivity...

Thanks again...and "sorry" to those who are bothered by my input...
Gerry, this post from an earlier anon. should be read by you and reread by the rest of us.
Anonymous said...
Rudi, HK, Anonymous - thank you for your kind words. Let me share with you something that has stayed with me.

Menachem Begin of Israel was a prisoner of the Soviets before he was involved in the founding of Israel. Based on his experience, he wrote a detailed book about that period of time, White nights: The story of a prisoner in Russia (Hardcover)

The book was called White Nights because of the lights that were kept burning in the cells, lights meant to disturb sleep.

He wrote that the Soviets used psychological techniques as well as physical terror to break the wills of dissidents. Dissidents were told that their sacrifices were useless, that no matter how much they suffered for the cause, no matter how they held the line it was useless. No one would ever hear of the sacrifices they made. They could be role models for no one because no one would know what they had done. They were isolated from other prisoners. The goal was to get the dissident to ask himself why he was sacrificing his life. For what! In this way, their wills could be broken.

While not as drastic by any means, it is important to encourage those who make even tentative steps to care about what is happening. I try to do that. If someone posts here and is ignored, they can feel isolated from the community of people who they want to join.

It's not a matter of vanity that I want to hear someone is reading what I've written. It's not a matter of others wanting to hear a compliment. Those who post here are making an effort beyond just reading what others have written. They need to be recognized by those of us who like them go the additional step. Thanks for doing that for me and others.
What is clear is a well thought-out and written comment from someone who needed to touch and be touched, kind of a PACK thing. Dorothy’s comments should help you to understand that this is not about egos, but a life and death struggle to get out the truth. I transport the disabled. When a client is on my bus their need is paramount, and I forget my needs and focus on their need; I see this blog site as the bus that the Lord drives so as to use us. The wants to use you. Make your post and let it ride. We have a spirit of reconciliation, BE YE Reconciled.
Yours in Christ:
7:57 PM
AMEN Setterman...

I've been forgiven of much and I'm happy to forgive...

You're never more like God, than when you forgive...

And, there's nothing better than when two brothers are reconciled after a spat...they're usually brought closer together because of it...

Setterman, thanks for the godly words, they really minisitered to me...and, like I say, I'm happy to forgive, forget, learn, and grow spiritually because of it...

God Bless...
Setterman- Thanks for a great reminder. Rudi

Proverbs 15:23
A man finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!
To Setterman and Gerry,

Setterman, thanks!

Gerry, welcome back and we'll hope things are maintained in a spirit of truth and love for all this time --that goes for us all.

Hi All,

I'm a little after the fact, and I didn't read every comment, so I might be redundant. But I'm writing regarding the mental communication/monitoring you said vs the microchip.

I have a few comments:
1. The chip is regarding buying and selling. Never before could they have controlled buying and selling, and it probably was confusing dating back many years to where bartering and trading and small agrarian societies were the norm. Today, in a cashless society, the mark of the beast in forehead or hand could be linked to buying and selling via account information. The technology is already here, but equipping huge databases to accomodate transactions on such a grand linked scale is not quite here yet. I work in large healthcare environment, and there are still difficulties in large data environements, but it's making great strides daily.

2. Mental communication, mental telepathy is limited. Just as drugs can allow Satan to affect someone's mental images and thoughts, so could demonic possession. But, my personal belief, as it has been for many years, is that there is only ONE who knows anyone's thoughts, and that is the Lord. The Bible says in numberous places that God knows our thoughts. He is the only one to whom we can have mental telepathy. Think about it. In our life, we are utterly alone except for God. All of our relationships are to help us understand our relationship with him, and our loneliness is to help us to realize we need to seek him. He alone knows our thoughts and to Him we can speak through our thoughts. Satan is a great imitator and desires to have what God has and do what God does, but he can't. So he does what he can to make people think he is able to do similar things. He has been around and developed his techniques for deceit.

It has been many years since I learned about Connie via Gary, I'm glad you're still around. God bless you!
I agree completely with the last post and MANY THANKS for the kind words as well.


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