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Saturday July 14, 2007 Program

My brilliant colleague and peer in New Age research work, Mrs. Dorothy Margraf, will reverse roles with me on MY PERSPECTIVE tomorrow, July 14, 2007, 2 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. Pacific Time, 12 noon, Mountain Time, and 1 p.m. Eastern Time. Dorothy is going to interview me about my work over the past 25 years, my law practice, the New Age Movement, my research on Javier Solana, etc., etc. Please join us either live by telephone (numbers will be given on the air) or in the chatroom at Stay tuned!
That is awesome! I was just thinking the other day that someone should call in on your show and interview you.
To Constance & Dorothy-
The Micro Effect program yesterday
with the two of you was excellent; far surpassing anything I've heard in recent times. Please do it again soon. When you were discussing the three primary monotheistic religions of the world and the "divide and conquer" intent of the plan to "pit the three against one another" I had one of those moments where a light went on. I found myself saying out loud-"" duh
Anyway, although I had an understanding before, something new clicked for me.
So thanks a lot and keep up the good work! We all appreciate you both.
Dear Rudi,

Thanks for the kind words and I'm sure Dorothy Margraf feels the same!

Any idea when/if your programs will be archived?

PS I see Sarkozy's ambitions haven't stopped at the French Presidency.

I wonder how soon before he steps on Solana's (or Blair's) toes. He seems to have an interest in what's happening in the MEast. Visions of grandeur, perhaps?

Thanks for the kind words Rudi. I really did work at planning the interview. I hope those who didn't hear the interview go over to the archives and hear the information before it disappears.

What many people don't know is that Constance had a newsletter for period of time. It was excellent. She stopped putting it out because too many were ripping it off, not subscribing but making copies for all of their friends and congregants. This was at a time when information about the New Age movement was red hot in the Christian community. That time passed because the disinformation specialists flooded the market. Perhaps with some encouragement she would agree to sell copies of the newsletter. The information is not new, but it would give background on the movement that is not found elsewhere. For instance, there is much information dealing with Newt Gingrich's background. As is said of others of genius level, she has forgotten more than others will ever learn.

Constance is an encyclopedia of information on the New Age movement. It was my good fortune that met her so many years ago.

Constance and I disagree in some areas and yet we are still friends. She's that kind of person.

In the interview I tried to focus on the New Age movement rather than on Solana and the EU, although I know they are extremely important. Constance came up later with the analogy that I was trying to focus on Nazism and not just on Hitler. That comment was insightful.

I see that New Age is all around us, and to me that is a danger. Today at there was a column that spelled out what I see in sharper words. You might want to read it to understand my viewpoint now. or
While he wrote the column, Constance's material fills in the details.
Dorothy- Read the column. Actually, I read it twice. I'm still chuckling...under my breath of course. The comments which followed the article, only served to strengthen the point of the writer. We must speak out, but trying to argue with those who have, "(1)a repulsion toward God and (2) a massive American History memory loss" is a waste of time in that type of forum.
My husband and I have over the years participated in pro-life rallies,helped organize parent groups to get involved in the schools, contacted speakers to come to our community to speak on euthanasia, privacy issues,and globalism. We are actively supporting Israel. After close to thirty years we will continue to speak out. Unfortunately, my eyes can see and my ears can hear that this world and the people in it are headed in a very different direction. NOTHING apart from a personal relationship with Jesus, that changes first the heart and then the mind will effect any lasting change in our society.

Constance- I may have missed it somewhere, but is there a specific address or method (like Paypal) for any of us that would like to make a financial contribution to help support your work? Dorothy also mentioned that you used to put out a newsletter. I for one would absolutely be interested in purchasing copies if it's possible to get them. - Rudi
We all seem to to be watching what is going on in and about Israel, rightly so; check out the much maligned Hal Lindsay July 16 article in WND.
Yours in Christ,

PS as it has been said: "many voices, one message."
Setterman, there appears to be no Lindsey article at WND. More details needed.

Here it is Dorothy

I think this was on their front page Friday or Saturday.
Been there, done that. Well, not everything. I was only able to get in a speaker. I got one of Joe Scheidler's Dirty Dozen awards in the early '80s because of my call ins to radio shows and my other efforts. I was also the "trouble-maker" at schools, doing it mostly as a loner because I found other parents didn't want to get involved as they thought it would be taken out on their children. Schools can do that with very little effort...being placed with bad teachers, no awards, no opportunities for outside programs, no NHS, no information about scholarships, etc. Most parents don't realize how much grooming the schools can do for selected children. It's not a fair playing field.

I would disagree with you in one area. It's not a relationship with Jesus that is necessary for everyone. Christians may need to go that route for their own way to the larger message. What is necessary is the understanding that religious values are of paramount importance in determining our community life, that there is God and that moral laws are timeless and supercede human attempts to rewrite them.

As an anonymous poster wrote on another thread, there is spiritual warfare taking place. Rather than fight among ourselves, we need to define the enemy and its goals and unite to fight the battle. As in all warfare, there must be some kind of united strategy without letting leadership be usurped by the opponent. Right now there that leadership is not there.

All of this supercedes my own brain capacity, which is why I've always tried to learn more from others.

Have you seen this message put out by Barry Chamish at the end of April?

He will be in the New York area in a few days.

"In 5 days I'm in New York. Come and see me.
July 21 - Alternative 9-11. Call Amir at 718 300 0091

July 22, 4 PM
Seaview Jewish Center
1440 E. 99th St.
Brooklyn, NY
For reservations call: 718 251 1900

Wednesday, July 25, the Five Towns. Call Shlomo 516 371 AISH or 718 261

On the Shabbat on the 27th, I'm in the Catskills at a Jewish camp. Call Yonathan 845 292 6238 or Scott 646 417 2736

There are many different sources for watching what is happening in Israel. For a maverick Jewish point of view, get on Chamish's mailing list.

Dorothy, thanks for the info; I am currently ending my first vacation in five years and unfortunately will not be able to meet with you in NY, but will remember your kindness.
Yours in Christ,
Setterman, I'm not in New York. I'm in the Chicago area. I just posted the information on Chamish's schedule on the offchance you lived in the area. I can't get out there either, but maybe someone who does live out there might want to go to one of the meetings and see what he is saying. Do check out the video though.

Dorothy, does Barry Chamis advocate that the UN control parts of Jerusalem? I'm not able to access his site, and I'm not able to do video on my modest system, but ran across something that would partner Barry with others who would have the UN take over these sites. I'm quite uninformed in this area, and unsure what this means in light of a major war in Israel.
Yours in Christ,
Setterman, I sent Chamish your question. You can contact him yourself also at It's a way to get on his email list also.

Setterman, here's Barry Chamish's reply:

I have been fighting for Jewish independence. Fooey to the UN. Barry

Dorothy, this is the address where I had been lead; you probably researched this before, but they reference Barry and two of his books in a way that seems to strenghten their cause.

Yours in Christ,

PS How do you think the Amish will deal with the CASHLESS society?
Setterman, because he confirmed the details of the removal of the heart doesn't mean he is involved in their cause. He was acting as a reporter rather than an advocate.


上海翻译公司,东莞翻译公司国内同声翻译(同声传译)领域领头军!同声传译(同传)是国际会议通常使用的翻译方式, 翻译人员进入隔音间里






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1 At about noon today, Chen Shui-bian ambulance ride to live for three days to leave the county medical Panchiao District Court, although power leveling the people left, but still have to pay money, including an ambulance referral to spend 800 yuan, into the ring adhere to the intensive care unit Fasting only saline water and glucose, a day to spend about 1500 yuan, plus medical expenses, hospital fees, in Panchiao powerleveling hospital guard spent a total of three million yuan.
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