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"In The Magic of Findhorn, the story of the community by Paul Hawken, the author relates how Robert Ogilvie Crombie (Roc), an associate of the Findhorn Community met a spirit being whom he recognised as 'Pan'. This being, during the course of the ensuing conversation, asked him, 'Do you love my subjects?' "Yes'. In that case do you love me?' 'Why not?' 'DO YOU LOVE ME? "Yes' ...'You know of course that I am the Devil? You have just said that you love the devil.' 'No you are not the devil. You are the god of the woodlands and countryside. There is no evil in you' There are many other references in the book to contact with spirit beings. . . .

"David Spangler, one of the leaders of the New Age movement states in Reflections on the Christ (p. 40-44), published by the Findhorn Foundation, 'Christ is the same force as Lucifer, .(who) is an agent of God's love acting through evolution - . . Lucifer prepares man . . for the experience of Christhood . . . The light that reveals to us the path to Christ comes from Lucifer . . . the great initiator . . . Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness as we move into the new age . . . each of us is brought to that point which I term the Luciferic initiation , . Lucifer comes to give us the final Luciferic initiation . . that many people in the days ahead will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age" *

In Biblical times, there was never any shortage of false prophets to reassure Israel and its kings that "good times" were coming as God's judgment and disaster instead loomed. Today's times so painfully parallel those ones.

I started sounding alarms about the New Age Movement in 1981. In 1982, my work was publicized by a converted Detroit Free Press reporter. Worldwide full page newspaper advertisements appeared on April 25, 1982. They proclaimed "THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE." The ads had been no surprise to me. The Detroit Free Press had authorized its reporter to begin working on the story that appeared on May 5, 1982 after learning in April 1982 that "Tara Center" would be spending upwards of half a million dollars to run such ads globally.

Obviously, the spending of half a million dollars -- worth much more in that economy than now -- had a very serious purpose. Somebody was not doing it on a whim or a prank.

The delusion to the New Age proponents of the scheme was that they were safe from premature detection. They honestly believed what Alice Bailey and other doctrinal adherents of the New Age Movement in its multitude of forms expressed: that nobody could understand their teachings but "an initiate."

Planetary Citizens founder Donald Keys happily wrote in his 1982 EARTH AT OMEGA: PASSAGE TO PLANETIZATION that so far the New Age Movement had eluded detection "by alarmed forces and defenders of the status quo ante."

Keys was in for a surprise as was his much wealthier and influential sponsoring mentor, Norman Cousins. They had been detected and alarms were sounded. The alarms were somewhat muted, however, by "Christian experts" who rushed in to say nothing was happening. There was no "New Age Movement," and if there was, which was doubtful, "they certainly were not networked politically."

It has occurred to me more than once that the New Age Movement may have created its own "opposition." Spiritual Counterfeits Project is listed in many New Age directories from the early 1970's under its original name of "World Christian Liberation Front." The Spiritual Community Guide listed it as "a Community where people live together to get on with the aims listed under Center." In the key to New Age Centers, they cited that the purpose of the "New Age Centers" was to advance the spreading "New Age."

It was obvious to those who would look that the Movement had been steadily moving since the 1960s. The Unity and Diversity Council in 1965 launched its first council with none other than former United Nations leader U Thant as a keynote speaker. The event was held at San Francisco's Cow Palace. Ten thousand were in attendance. The same people were running the event as are running various Peace Sundays with no small success now. Leland Steward coordinated the Unity and Diversity Council. Those mass events continued to grow and in 1979 it was Leland Steward's umbrella coordinating organization that successfully brought Benjamin Crème to the United States .

They were truly moving "great guns," until May 1982. That's when people started looking critically at them. Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP), Christian Research Institute (CRI), and so many others, included but not limited to Fr. Pacwa (now running EWTN) gave critical aspects of the New Age Movement cover while they could regroup.

They have now regrouped and once again believe themselves to be in striking position. Author Paul Hawken, who wrote a book I heavily utilized in writing my book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, "THE MAGIC OF FINDHORN," now focuses on the all important environmental wing of the Movement they used to call "The New Age Movement." His book, Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came in to Being and Why No One Saw it Coming (Viking).

Well, I saw it coming -- most clearly. Many others did too. They were shamed into silence by a seemingly strange alliance of Evangelicals and New Agers. Jeremy Rifkin was given public access to Christian media to propagate the alliance. David Spangler bragged openly post 1987 "Harmonic Convergence," and beyond, the "Gold Lake" evangelical prostitution conferences held in 1987 that ongoing meetings had been taking place of which the one he had just left in Boulder (coordinated by Doug Coe and chaired by Barbara Marx Hubbard).

Now using Biblical language, "the transgressors have come to the fore."

[Q] "You write about how this evolving movement will look very different from movements of the past.
[A]There’s no charismatic leader, no center. It’s not ideological. That’s often lost in the reporting of it, because what’s reported is the resistance point of a group saying, “Stop. Don’t.” That becomes an interesting event from a media point of view. What goes unreported is the innovation, design, engineering, and social technologies. This is a movement of ideas. And sometimes ideas don’t work and you try another one and that works, and then you try and figure out how to make it work better. It’s an iterative, evolutionary process. It’s tens of thousands of ideas with respect to water, buildings, cities, poverty, women, education, climate and carbon neutrality. You can’t sum them up because they appear all over the place. But they actually do all point north toward a very different world than the one we live in now.

[Q] You suggest that the politics of the future are really about fostering unusual alliances that revolve around ideas. Strange bedfellows—evangelicals aligning with environmentalists, for example. Are you seeing this elsewhere?
[A] Yes. At the same time, we find out that we’re not strange bedfellows. We’re human beings and what estranged us is far less important and almost meaningless compared to what is meaningful now. You’re seeing Wal-Mart, for example, quite authentically—and I don’t care what someone else says about them—they’re very committed to 100% renewable energy and a lot of other things that they have not talked about yet. Well, who would’ve thought it? Is that a strange bedfellow or just the American people awakening to core values that now need to be expressed?

It’s the same thing now as it was then. It's still about ushering in a new "Christ" -- one who is neither Jesus nor Jewish. Its still about shutting down traditional religious orthodoxies. It's still about their three main goals as I expressed in the in the 1980s: (1) a New World Order; (2) a New World Religion; and (3) preparing the world to accept their New Age Christ.

Yes, and their New World religion is still about Lucifer. Its still about "Maitreya." It's still an anti-God Movement, yes, and contrary to what Walter Martin, Fr. Pacwa, Denver Seminary, Gordon Lewis, and the ubiquitous J. Gordon Melton may have told you, it is about taking over. Paul Hawken lies when he says there is no male vertebrate in charge -- then again, he may be right -- the Luciferic origins he himself acknowledged in his THE MAGIC OF FINDHORN, may not be a male vertebrate -- at least a human one.

Hawken lies when he says this is new. He was clearly part of what I had analyzed in 1981 and he very well knows it. He is now emboldened, especially with his "evangelical" support" for significant parts of his movement.

Hawken says this movement is the Earth's immune system response to religion and the like. Sounds just like earlier pronouncements of Peter Russell and Barbara Marx Hubbard that Judeo Christian religions are cancerous cells on the global brain which require removal.

Hopefully, these ugly forces won't be able to claim your soul. Are you ready?

* Interesting to me also is this quote which is not attributed. Without looking at my 1983 THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, I am quite certain that this is nearly word for word as published there from my 1981 and beyond research . I am, however, happy that the information is disseminated!

[1] Link to Paul Hawken You Tube Video is

[2] "Blessed Unrest" In his new book, Paul Hawken looks at the history of the environmental movement and predicts its future. By Elizabeth A. Evitts Posted April 18, 2007
P.S. MORE CAN BE READ AT and a video downloaded! CEC


Anonymous said...

"But they actually do all point North" is interesting in LIGHT of: "I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North..."
Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Q#2: "You suggest that the politics of the future are really about fostering unusual alliances thar revolve around ideas."

A#1: "It's not ideological. .... This is a movement of ideas."

It's not ideological? Makes sense to me -- if I abandon reason, and just believe whatever he says, no matter how contradictory; my need to belong, and to win is all that matters.


Constance Cumbey said...

I was quoting from an article interviewing him -- the truth is that this is

1) religious -- AS IN NEW WORLD RELIGION
2) Ideological
3) Political

Or as Marilyn Ferguson expressed it in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, a political-spiritual entity!

Anonymous said...

there is a new age search engine called "ascension gateway". i found it checking out dr. wayne dyer. he is on PBS for three hours on Sunday afternoons. he calls it "inspirational thinking"

Rudi said...

Excellent, excellent perspective Constance!
For any reader's who may want to read portions from Leland Stewards writings ( 25 February 2007(7) ) where he spells out "Creating Guidelines For The New Civilization" the " basic teachings" of Unity-and Diversity including, but not limited to: "The Universal Religion" it can be found under "Testament for an Evolving Universe" at

I'm posting this only to show confirmation of what Constance has

"But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord..." Micha 7:7

A.P. Fuchs said...

Man, my spirit did a dance inside me when I read that opening paragraph. The good news is such a dance confirms my salvation.

The bad news is this is where we're all headed. No matter how humanity guises this, secular humanists will jump all over the chance to be "enlightened" so long as they can retain their sinful behavior/habits. (Especially now in the me-centered, I-can-do/be-anything society we live in.)

I already know many who embrace the whole "we are gods" thing.


The clock is ticking.


Anonymous said...

If the environment is what they are trying to use then shouldn't the weather modification bill that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson introduced in 2005 be used as a counter against their saving mother earth rhetoric.

In other words if technologies exist to manipulate the weather wouldn't it seem likely that those same technologies are setting the current chaotic global scenery?

Is this a legitimate counter against global climate change?

Anonymous said...

I have a HUGE collection of books from these same folks from the 1970s and 1980s saying that if we didn't do exactly as they said/want, we would have A NEW ICE AGE. A few mild winters and their books are recycled in true "New Age" fashion to say that if we don't do what they want, we'll have global warming. Now to cover their collective New Age posteriors they say that "global warming" causes both global heating and global cooling. Leland Steward, whose true agenda as well as that of Paul Hawken's is introductioof "Main treya"/Betraya the [NOT] "Christ" had breakout rooms at his 2006 annual events plotting their use of "global warming" to advance their agenda.

My position. What is causing any problems we have with the earth is their Earth worship -- something that could provoke God to destroy the earth. Read prayerfully Revelation Chapter 14!


Anonymous said...

after seeing that video of creflo dollar, & seeing the rapid growth of the new age movement one cannot deny the similarities of lucifers great deception in the garden of eden. It wasn't too long aga i remember where a local church was holding yoga classes in our town. We truly have to stay alert & informed. Thanks Constance for all the information you provide---

Anonymous said...

The Magic of Findhorn sure brings back memories. It was that book, and what Roc said about Lucifer, that should have spelled it out for me in my New Age phase. Hawken may not realize it but the New Age movement actually began at the Garden of Eden with the first pronouncement of the ubiquitous "you are gods" theme. Well, we make very poor gods.

I respect most of Walter Martin's work but he has greatly underestimated the NA, as did I. I was involved with Edgar Cayce's ARE. When you study Edgar Cayce’s life you should be able to see that what is going on really is a Diabolical Conspiracy. To begin with, all NA gurus, ascended masters, enlightened beings - without exception - reject the fact that Jesus is God and deny the work of the cross, which is integral to salvation. Cayce began as a devout Christian Sunday school teacher until he was hypnotized and channelled revelations from a "Universal source". Then, suddenly, Jesus was just a vessel for the “Cosmic Christ”. He was just a man who had many incarnations and who finally became a Master.

Paramahansa Yogananda claimed the same thing, as did many others. You might argue that when so many "gurus" claim the same thing about Christ - then perhaps there is something to it. But while the general ideas of the NA are relatively consistent (karma, Gaia, Reincarnation, Universal love, detachment etc) there are many inconsistencies in the details. If one carefully examines what these Teachers, Masters and Gurus say about Christ’s supposed incarnations, purposes and of the afterlife, one will find many contradictions and confusion. The one thing they all agree on is that Jesus is not the Christ, but that the Cosmic Christ indwelled the man, Jesus, as an example for us all. On the other hand when you really study the Bible’s 66 books and 40 authors, what you see is a consistent integrated unit which teaches something vastly different.

Edgar Cayce’s mind (as all the other NA prophets and seers) was infiltrated by a diabolical entity with one objective – the denial of Christ as saviour and the lie that we are gods. That idea sums up the New Age. Now the movement is showing its true objectives on a world scale.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Mac,

Well said -- however, I sit here with the 1979 Unity and Diversity "International Cooperation Council" 1979 directory. They were up front about their support of a new universal "Christ" called "Maitreya." Walter Martin was into what he calle "Christian hypnosis" and said that it ok for a Christian to practice hypnosis. When I had lunch with Walter Martin in Tacoma in 1987, he was most mocking. He had told the girl (his secretary a former New Ager who came out of the NAM after reading my book) that because he was so busy fighting the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons that he had to rely on his 23 member staff for accurate information. His staff had told him there was nothing to it, per Walter that day. However, when we had lunch, he was rude and mocking. I finally confronted him with what was page 14 of the edition in circulation then of Kingdom of the Cults. On that page, he wrote that "Jesus by his example and teaching came to show us that there was such a thing as divine humanity." I was sure Walter would accuse me of taking the statement out of context. He did not. He explained that he was referring to "he glory that would be revealed in us at the manifestation of the sons of God." I said, "alter, with all due respect, I don't think Joseph Smith could have said it much better than that." Walter then snorted, "Do you want to see my rainbow? Do you want to see my unicorn pin. I'm sorry that you don't agree with me on hypnosis. I'm sorry I don't agree with you on a universal flood." Angie S
chiermeyer and Marie Fisher were at my side when this transpired as were two witnesses brought along by Walter Martin, one of whom repented and had me speak many times thereafter in his Seattle area Lutheran Church.

I am very sorry to say it, but I do believe Walter Martin had an agenda. He denied the universality of the Genesis flood. He claimed on a live radio interview as I was driving that very day to the prearranged lunch, that the dinosaurs had not been created by God -- that they were a product of Satan tampering with the DNA code! That contradicts John 1 as I understand it.



Anonymous said...


Did you see the Paul Hawken video I referenced in the opening link?


Anonymous said...

Interesting and surprising revelation about Martin. My only exposure to him has been through various articles written by Martin exposing cults, which I totally agreed with in principle. I assumed he was Orthodox although, through Chuck Missler, I was aware he had a "well-developed" interest in UFOs - which may explain some some of his stranger, unorthodox beliefs. I didn't know about Martin's beliefs re hypnosis either. That is a big no no for Christians!!

And, of course, there is no excuse for the rudeness he showed you. There is a lot to be said for humility. You were right, he was wrong regarding the flood and our supposed divinity.

This constant flow of information reminds me of RITS. Rampant Information Trauma Syndrome.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

I did watch that video & I also asked my wife to watch it as well. I must admit that when I first heard you on a radio program several years ago (i believe it was american family radio) I was sceptical & thought you were probably making too much of THE NEW AGE. years later I now see it all rapidly coming down. So many of our church leaders are too busy preaching a prosperity gospel & not alerting the believers of the urgency of the hour that we are living in.
I missed your radio program on the micro effect the last 2 wks--hope to find it archived. May God continue to use you & bless you



Anonymous said...

Hello all, the new age seems to be picking up speed to say the least. While we keep our eye on it let's don't forget the relationship between the Nazis and Islam. I think Constance really hit the nail on the head in her Hidden Danger book regarding the connection between Nazi beliefs and the New Age, as well as the connection between the 7th king (Rev. 17) and Nazi Germany and or Hitler. While Constance speculates that the 8th king, the beast, of Revelation 17 could be revived Nazism, the fact that the beast is the 8th king indicates that this is someone from the dead. The number eight in the Bible, is the number of new beginnings, as well as super abundance, as well as resurection (see Number in Scripture by E.W. Bullinger). So, thus the beast wears the number of resurection. Verse 8 of Rev. 17 says he comes up from the abys or bottomless pit, indicating that this person was being punished for terrible sins during his life, but comes up from the bottomless pit in order to be the antichrist. It's impossible for a for a political system, such as nazism, to be cast into the bottomless pit, only very evil people or fallen angels who sinned greatly, probably leading up to the flood, are cast into the pit.

Anonymous said...

In fact, I like how Walid Shoebat answers allegations that he's become an Islamophobe. He tells them that during the second world war there were Naziphobes, and they were right!


Constance Cumbey said...


I forgot until I read your post, but Walter Martin and I exchanged words over the UFO's as well. Those had been mentioned in another writer's book -- James @@ (Name presently escapes me) from Medford, Oregon.

Another think Walter Martin and his friend, John Warwick Montgomery did to me: Montgomery two months in a row gave me "the legal loon of the month award" on his radio program -- tapes were sent me of those by Johanna Michaelsen (who was a friend). Walter Martin brought Gretchen Passentino on to discuss me and then said, "now, we're going to send copies of these tapes to Constance Cumbey and we'll have her on in two weeks." He sent me NO tapes -- if it hadn't been for Johanna, I might not even have known -- and he never invited me on his show. Then he went on his program and said, "well, folks, I invited Constance Cumbey and she refused to come on." I suggested I call in but I was advised that as he had a delay feature, it would not work! Bob Larson did the same thing -- all were trying desperately to bury any work against the New Age Movement. Larson featured Jeremy Rifkin during that same time frame as a legitimate critic, instead of the highly New Age activist he was then and still is!



Anonymous said...

anon 10:33
"...let's don't forget the relationship between the Nazis and Islam."

I think you would find the relationship between the Nazis and Zionism also highly instructive.

The question is: Do you wish to continue reinforcing the holographic security of your established conceptions, OR do you want to know the truth?

"... you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

You owe it to God, to yourself, and to everyone you love to be humble enough to learn.

Anonymous said...

To Mac,

The @ for the name I forgot while writing the reply to your post referencing UFO matters was "Jim McKeever." He wrote in his book that Walter Martin had taken a picture of a UFO. Walter Martin and I discussed this in that luncheon as well.


Anonymous said...

I am humble enough to learn and I always have an open mind to the truth. The truth of God has already set me free, how about you?

Both the Nazis and Islam publically state that they want to destroy the Jews, probably because they are God's choosen people and the hatred of the Jews is fueled by satan.

So, please pray tell, what's the relationship between nazism and Zionism? Are you going to blame the Jews for all the world's problems? Last I checked, we're all human and all sinfull...but the goal of the nazis and of Islam, is to wipe the nation of Israel off the face of the map...God forbid. God will allow the nations of the world to surround Isreal and it will look like she'll be destroyed, but Jesus Christ will arrive at the last moment and save her, and thus all Isreal will be saved and will finally accept Jesus as her long awaited Messiah...I can hardly wait! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this was mentioned before, but the host of the War Room radio show (I don't remember his name) is fond of saying the old communists and socialists found refuge in the environment movement. I think he said they figured they could get what they want from there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info, Constance.

To Anon 6:09 AM
I took a look at your link.

You might also want to have a look at the site below, just to balance things out:



Anonymous said...

You can read or watch a sermon online by John MacArthur called "When God Abandons a Nation" that is quite illustrative on this point. It makes one nervous for our country's future

Anonymous said...

With the current leadership in the white house, it appears we're heading towards the abandonment stage. I think the Christians were manipulated into voting for Bush since he wore tbe "christian garb", but he doesn't appear to hold to godly values such as truth, integrety or helping the poor or less fortunate. Bush now has the power to take christians into custody at one man's whims (as we currently watch our freedoms and rights taken away) and don't think that it can't wonder America isn't in the big picture when it comes to end times prophecy in the Bible...

Constance Cumbey said...

Nazism and the New Age Movement have identical ideological/"spiritual"/cosmological/cosmogonic bases. The Nazis did not get their notions on (1) Aryanism, (2) anti-Judaism cum anti-Zionism, (3) Cleansing action (4) despising all Abrahamic based religions, including Jews, Christians, AND Moslems (excluding the mystical, "esoteric" versions of all, such as Sufis (Moslem) and various versions of Jewish and Christian mysticism. They want a New World religion "merging and blending" these esoteric elements. The Jews, they treat, as different, having a "blood taint." Basically, the Jews, old esoteric literature cites as stemming from Jehovah interfering with planetary evolution by allowing Abraham and Sarah to have a son by unnatural means in their old age! So while they are after Jews, Christians and Moslems, their idologies especially target Jews. Hope this cursory summary brings some clarity to this question. Dorothy and I have been discussing and researching it for the past 25 years!

Anonymous said...

I certainly appreciate your 25 years of research and greatly respect your knowledge. I've never published a book like yourself, but I've been studying Bible prophecy for about 35 years (not trying to pull rank or anything, basically I'm a nobody, but a saved nobody) anyway,there's a great program, about two hours long, on the History Channel, called "Saddam Hussein and the 3rd Reich". The program summarizes how Islam's leaders, during WWII, teamed up with Hitler. In fact, the Islamic religious leader was given his own SS division, comprised mostly of muslims, and they were one of the last divisions defending Berlin prior to its fall. This "relationship" eventually led to Saddam's rise to power in Iraq.
I'm totally convinced that Nazism will be the political power of the antichrist (certainly teamed up with the new age people), and, that Hitler, some how, will be brought back from the dead, and the whole world (except those who names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life) will be amazed because "he once was, now is not, yet he lives". Remember, II Thess 2:11 says "God will send a strong powerful delusion so that they ("they" being the lost people who rejected the truth of God) will believe the lie" (the lie is probably the antichrist's claim to be god (see II Thess 2:4) and the whole world will follow the antichrist. Surly this strong delusion sent from God will cause the world to unite, especially since they all hate Israel (and Christians). The muslims are expecting their last great teacher (is he called the 12th ahman? or something like that) and this new world leader will fit into their expectations rather nicely, especially since he'll hate the Jews and the Christians. The world will be convinced to follow the false christ, especially since he apparently overcame death (Rev. 13:3 and 17:8)and will unite the world with the glue of the hatred of the Jews and the Christians. I don't think the antichrist will be killing the muslims since the muslims will be subject to God's strong delusion to follow the antichrist. The strong delusion will be sent at the middle of Daniel's 70th week, or commonly refered to as the tribulation period, when he enters the temple in Jerusalem in the "middle of the week" or 7 year period (see Dan.9:27). Thanks for hearing me out, I've got more to say and share with you, God has been very good to me and has blessed my studies and I want to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ, especially when it comes to how God uses numbers in the Bible, especially the number 4 and the number 8. I would love the opportunity to share that information with you, it's very insightful. Thanks again for hearing me out, God bless!

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget in these discussions that Iran means - land of the Arians - in light of Hamas's recent statement that if there is an attack on Iran - they would subsequently attack Israel, and also Syria seemingly readying for all out war in the past week 7/9/07) stating that they do not want to negotiate peace - the forced hand of Israel for a signing of a "peace" declaration seems to be building rapidly.

Anonymous said...

"the forced hand of Israel for a signing of a "peace" declaration seems to be building rapidly" yes..but Olmert has just postponed the meeting with the Arabs for another 2 weeks.

I wonder how this plays out with Ratzinger denying protestant churches as being churches of Jesus Christ?

It seems that a lot of distractions are off setting each other for one big climax to come.

Could fire the grid be the mediation factor to focus on global unity.

Hinn and his TBN'ers are also on board with all of this unity/ disunity programs.

A lot to ponder in the grand scheme of things eh?

Anonymous said...

Watch 20/20 this Friday night. Why?
Former Oral Roberts Board Member Goes New Age

"Carlton Pearson, the pastor who heard a voice from God telling him there was no hell, will be interviewed on 20/20 this Friday, to spread his heretical New Age universalism. He spoke at a conference this May sponsored by Wisdom University that again fuses the political with New Age teachings. Please read about this conference to understand what the New Agers are attempting to do in the political realm. The same conference last year sponsored hard core occult New Ager Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marianne Williamson.
Comments(4) Posted on July 11, 2007 by Ingrid

This is the link given to the conference where Pearson spoke.

The comment earlier said this was a blending of New Age and the political. Here is commentary from The Cultural Creative Political North, linked to under a speaker's name.

"The workshop will be a nuts and bolts dialogue of the New Conceptual Framework for American Government. This framework has 4 key components: 1) Social: The New Political Compass and the Political North, 2) Economic: The Theory of Ascending Utility and Trade, 3) Political: Left Libertarianism, 4) Tactics: Non-Adversarial. Discussion will contrast these new concepts to current practice on every level."


additional commentary on Pearson:
"....Then, Pearson had what he characterizes as an epiphany and he began preaching something new: God, he told anyone who would listen, had already forgiven everyone – Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormon, Hindus, Buddhists — for their sins. No one — not even Adolf Hitler or the devil himself – needed to worry about eternal damnation.

"Of course don’t miss the drive-by ad-hominem on all of evangelicalism here….

"But Pearson tells Reuters that while he was a successful conservative evangelical, he was an unhappy man. “I was hating, hurting and hitting and being mean,” he says today. “That’s the way you function in that religion"
(more at link)


Anonymous said...

Johnny, go read what I researched on Fire The Grid. It's the last comment under Curious Triangle. Following the links on that effort, it appears that New Age groups have been conned by Shelly Yates whose tale of her rescue has gotten stranger and stranger. The New Agers who are going to meditate for an hour on July 17th only prove how stupid and gullible New Ager believers can be.

Rudi said...

johnny said...
I wonder how this plays out with Ratzinger denying protestant churches as being churches of Jesus Christ?

Johnny- Did Ratzinger say this somewhere? I only can find references on-line saying the above
in regard to Pope Benedict Xvi.

I thought the WA Times article you gave the link for was very interesting-has me pondering what it all means. Quite a varied group of prominent "tv evangelists" were present. I'm not surprised-just wish I could have been "a fly on the wall" at that meeting!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:09 am
All your post does is show the connection between the Arab community and the neo-Nazis. The author of the piece, Mark Weber, is described at Free Arab Voice.

"Mark Weber ( is director of the Institute for Historical Review ( He studied history at the
University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich, Portland
State University and Indiana University (M.A., 1977). For nine years he
served as editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review."

The ADL has the most comprehensive bio of Weber.

Mark Weber is not a neutral historical academic.

Since you are familiar with the Arab community, perhaps you can elaborate on the Sufi connection with the New Age movement.


Anonymous said...

Yep, they've been conned alright.
Dorothy, have you found anything else on Concepcion Gimenez?
I hope Constance will put a chapter of Solana's Anti-NATO to Pro-NATO conversion.
Those events should prove very interesting I believe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Rudi, I meant to reference Pope Benedict.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute Rudi, I just found where I read that about Ratzinger.

"The view that Protestants cannot have churches was first set out by Pope Benedict seven years ago when, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he headed the Vatican "ministry" for doctrine. A commentary attached to the latest text acknowledged that his 2000 document, Dominus Iesus, had caused "no little distress".

But it added: "It is nevertheless difficult to see how the title of 'Church' could possibly be attributed to [Protestant communities], given that they do not accept the theological notion of the Church in the Catholic sense and that they lack elements considered essential to the Catholic Church."

Anonymous said...

Johnny, I haven't looked for anything re Concepcion Gimenez. You would need a Spanish speaker to do that I would think.

The only possible good I can see regarding the Pope's last comments would be if he was stiffening the backs of Catholics for either the fight against the AOC guidelines in the future or to be in the face of Muslims who believe Islam is the only truth. Sort of a circle the wagons or shore up the fort move.

I know he says nothing about either possibility. Maybe I'm only trying to find something to give him the benefit of the doubt because I don't want to think that someone in his powerful position would make such blunt statements just to tick off the Protestants.

Anonymous said...

An interesting notion Dorothy but since the AoC is positioning itself as the mechanism for the global religion then a sort of New Vatican III would have to be implemented via international and internal pressures. If a new religious synthesis is to be manifested then this sort of rhetoric is to be expected. I guess I see whats going on as a dialectic conflict emerging.

Rudi said...

Thank-you Dorothy for the info and links you gave regarding Carlton Pearson. I had seen him about a year ago when he did an interview for Dateline so I was familiar with some of his heretical teachings. I had no idea how much further he had sunk into the new age abyss. Now I know. I looked at his my-space page and he has over 3,000 "friends" pictured including Andre Crouch and Dottie Rambo on the first page. "The gate is wide and the road is broad that leads to destruction and many enter through it"

Anonymous said...

Johnny, from what I've checked out, the United Religions Initiative is the main building block for the one world religion. They are an offshoot of the Parliament of World Religions which had a strong Lucis Trust component.

"URI membership groups are called Cooperation Circles because they are created by people of different traditions who come together to initiate acts of interfaith cooperation. CCs, which are the basic unit of URI membership, consist of local or virtual groups that include at least seven members and at least three different religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions. Currently, our network includes 320 Cooperation Circles in 65 countries, and 100 religions."

See Lee Penn's book, False Dawn which contains much background information.

Anonymous said...

The AoC as a "mechanism" is some technical aspect of a larger process, in this instance the process in the formation of a global religion. A part or combination of parts designed to perform a particular function. Like the steering mechanism in a car. The URI the car, the AoC the steering mechanism. Or the winding mechanism (the AoC) of a wristwatch (the URI).

Anonymous said...

And speaking of Vatican III

Their thoughts on the wounded Protestant churches - Journey to Vatican III


And their thoughts on interreligious relations & dialogue - BLUEPRINT FOR VATICAN III

Interesting choice of words in both websites.

Constance Cumbey said...

I personally don't believe God is going to raise an evil one from the dead to be the antichrist, but I do believe a political system all believed to be dead could be a reactivated beast, i.e. Nazism!


Constance Cumbey said...

Paul Hawken's book BLESSED UNREST arrived from today. I am starting to read it and have already perused some parts of it. I note with interest that he didn't mention David Spangler and Findhorn (I'm sure we scared him away from that) BUT he did promote Karen Armstrong (Alliance of Civilizations); Fritjof Capra (New Age writer who among his other occult attributes corresponded with Solana's mother, Nieves Mathews), Walter Truett Anderson (New Age enthusiast who inter alia wrote addmiringly about Findhorn an "The Group of Nine"), the Club of Rome, etc., etc.! More when I finish reading this disgusting, bragging, intellectually dishonest book!

Constance Cumbey said...

Au contraire, if the Antichrist comes from the faction, I am GUESSING he might be from (Lucis Trust, etc), he will have it in for Moslems. One does not have to read very far into Alice Bailey to know this!


Anonymous said...


I can hear another book screaming to be written. I know that time is a restriction for you, but perhaps you and Dorothy (and others) could collaborate. Wouldn't have to be a 500 page saga, although, no doubt, you could do 1000.


Anonymous said...

To Constance:

I think things will change as a result of God sending the strong delusion so that the world (non-believers) will believe the "lie" (See II Thess. 2:11)...thus the antichrist will unite with the muslims since they have the hatred of Isreal and Christians in common.

(see Rev. 12:17)...the target of the dragon's wrath (the dragon being satan) will be the woman (Israel) and her off-spring (those who hold to the commandments & testimony of Jesus).

It doesn't matter what Alice Bailey says, the Bible says that Israel and Christians will be the target of the dragon's wrath, and by the time the anitchrist reveals himself of his true identity and intentions (which takes place at the middle of Daniel's 70th week) God will send the strong delusion to the world causing all non-beleivers to believe the lie (the lie being the antichrist's claim to be god) and everyone, including the muslims, will jump on the "band wagon" of the antichrist.

I quote the Bible, you quote a new ager...I'll trust what the Bible says.

Constance Cumbey said...

What I said is both consistent with scripture and with fact. The CLEAR target of New Agers are Jews, Christians and Moslems. Google Alliance of Civilizations and pull down from there an article I wrote for News with Views. You have biblical passages you are overlooking about God making Ishmael a great nation with several lofty princes and about God at the very end (Isaiah) making a highway between Israel, Egypt, and Israel and proclaiming all three his children.

BTW, a spirit of self-righteousness is as bad as any other seducing spirit. That's the one that crucified Christ! Remember also the Good Samaritan!

Constance Cumbey said...

By "Christians," do you mean the Jerry Falwell/Rev. Moon alliance; the Tim LaHaye/Rev. Moon alliance; the Evangelical/David Spangler/Paul Hawken/Jeremy Rifkin alliance?

Seems to me as though there is plenty of disobedience and blatant apostasy to go around!


Anonymous said...

If I came across as self-righteous, I truly apologize. I still have my rough spots and I'm still in the process of being sanctified. Sorry about that.

By "Christians" I mean anyone who believes in the Gospel of the Bible and repents of their sins. I like to use the definition of the word "Christian" or "believer" in the Bible. That's what I meant by the word Christian. I'm no man's judge, except my own, and it's only by the grace of God that I'll make it into heaven.

I realize my sins hung the savior to the cross and I'm not worthly of salvation, only of hell, but I believe and I've repented of my sins and I'm saved. I'm far from perfect, but I'm acceptable to God because of my faith (and even that was a gift from God) I believe in His Son and what He did on my behalf at the cross.

I'm actually honored to have a conversation with you via this format, can you say the same of me? I hope you can forgive me with the same forgiveness you've received from our Savior.

I've been trying to get in touch with you because I ran into some information in my studies that I wanted to share with you. I'm really a nobody, a high school grad, I run a telecom dept. for a healthcare company.

I've been studying prophecy since I was 12 (I'm now 49). I read "The Sign" by Robert Van Kampen a few yrs. ago, that's where I first heard of the idea of Hitler being risen from the dead to be the antichrist. I had read your book prior to reading The Sign and you said on page 93 "the one that was not yet come, and when he cometh he must continue a short space-could it possibly have been Hitler? Who was the beast that was dead and came back to life?"

One of the key verses in that Rev. 17 passage says "The beast is the 8th king but he's one of the seven". That led me to study how God uses numbers in the Bible, I knew God uses number in a very specific manner. I wanted to know what the number 8 means. I studied the subject by reading "Number in Scripture" by E.W. Bullinger, written in the late 1800's.

In Bullinger's book, he says that the number 8 stands for resurection (as well as superabundant and new beginnings). Bullinger arrives at that definition (about resurrection)because in th Bible eight people were individually raised from the dead, 3 in the old testament, 3 by Jesus, and 2 by the disciples in the book of Acts.

When looking at the last week of Jesus' life, he arrives in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, is crucified during the week (Good Friday?)and resurrects on Sunday, day number eight.

I was trying to shoot down the Hitler theory but came to the conclusion that since the antichrist is king #8, and eight is the number of reserrection, it only makes sense that the antichrist lived before, comes up out of the abyss (Rev. 17:8) and the world will recognize him as being alive, then dead, then alive again...he suffered a mortal head wound, the world will be amazed or astonished, and will follow after the beast.

Then, when you study how God uses the number 4, which is the number of the material world (according to Bullinger) thus we have four seasons, four great elements, four major phases of the moon, the four gospels to the world and so forth...and, typically, four in the Bible is presented as 3 plus 1...such has, the 4 gospels, 3 are alike (Matt. Mark and Luke) and one being different (John). The four living creatures in Rev. 4, the lion, the ox, the eagle and the man (3+1 again)...I could give you many other examples as well, 4 beings in the firey furnance, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, plus one who looked like the son of the gods (again, 3+1)...the 3+1 also comes into play when it comes to how God works with the nations. Look at King Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great statue, the head of gold, arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, and then the legs of iron and clay (3 alike, one different, 3+1) the dream Daniel had, the kingdoms this time are presented as an eagle, a bear, a leopard, and then a monster he could not define (3+1)...this 3+1 applies to the Son of God as the O.T. it says his names will be Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Mighty God is the one, the other names the 3)...the parable about the vineyard owner and evil farmers in Luke 20...3 sevents are sent to collect the profits, they are beaten, the forth is sent, it's the son, and the evil farmers kill him (the son being Jesus of couse, 3+1). Look at the parable of the soils, 3 are bad and only one is good. Jesus fulfills 4 of the Feasts of the Lord at his first coming (Passover, Unleaven Bread, First Fruits within 3 days, then7 weeks later he gives birth of the church, Feast of Weeks, the 1, even some of the scriptures are written in this manner, look at Exodus 20:11, Rev. 5:13 among many)I could go on and on...but what I'm drivng at is this, Hitler's run was called the 3rd Reich...Erwin Lutzer's book "Hitler's Cross" identified the first two (pages 20 thru 24) with Hitler's being the 3rd...the forth (again, 3+1) will probably be the antichrist's kingdom, the 4th fits into what God has been doing thru the ages(see Zech. 1:18 and 6:5)...I hope this was enlightening to you, there's so much more, I'd really like to share it with you, maybe over the phone so I don't have to type...God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Just what does the Bible say about numerology?

Perhaps you can tell us how all of your speculations help us in the real world? What do your speculations tell us about the coming week or the coming year?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at's not numerology, it's a study of how God uses numbers in the Bible. I don't use numbers to devine anything, that's an abombination to God.

But God is very precise in what he does, and by reading the Bible, any nominal christian comes to the conclusion that God uses numbers in a very specific way. 40 days and 40 nights, 40 years in the wilderness, three days and three nights in the belly of a whale, and so forth. 666 and 144,000...God is very deliberate in his actions and the information I shared is all biblical, check it for yourself.

The way God uses numbers in the Bible proves that there's one person who's writing the whole of scripture, that person being the Holy Spirit. When you see different writers over a few hundred years, using numbers in a consistant manner (without the writers really being aware of it), because they're inspired by God, proves to many the super natural nature of the Bible. Just another proof of how great God is.

I'd suggest buying the E.W. Bullinger book "Number in Scripture", it's an awesome study and it will increase your faith in God and his holy word.

Please let me know if you have more questions, I'd love to help or asist in any way, God Bless!

Constance Cumbey said...

Maybe many of you are aware of this -- I've had a busy week catching up on my law practice, so I've missed some things; however, reading today, I came across this link and was reminded that Dorothy had been after me to read it as well. For those of you who have missed it, it is startling news on Syria vs. Israel and possible plans for war against Israel very soon. I hope I have the link right this time -- here it is:,7340,L-3423116,00.html


Constance Cumbey said...

To anonymous # posted by Anonymous : 4:44 PM

To reach me try during days and sometimes evenings, 248-253-0333. I've always been listed -- I figure my enemies can always catch up with me, unlisted or not. They're motivated, determined and resourceful. If I am unlisted, it's my friends I slow down!


Anonymous said...

What are the chances that the Vatican, having recently flexed its Inquisitorial powers, will merge with the New Age movement with the blessing of the AOC?
This would then put the pope of the time at the head of this World religion and probably identified as the False Prophet.
After all it is he who meets with all the world's leaders to discuss matters of great import. He is surely not going to be sidelined in future.


Anonymous said...

Phil, that's not going to happen. The New Age scenario does not envision any kind of monotheism. The modernists in the Catholic church were sidelining the role of the Vatican, and have incorporated New Age thinking in the community.

With these new pronouncements it looks as if Benedict is backing away from that trend.

During WWII, the Vatican both seemed to fight back where it could and cooperate when they felt it advantageous, all in all a holding pattern. Somewhere I read that during the war the hierarchy decided they would do what they could to make sure the church continued to exist after the war was over.

That may be the role it chooses to plays during this time as the New Age movement grows larger and larger.

The earliest statement on the New Age movement seems to have come out in 1998.

In February 2003, the Vatican put out a long statement on New Age which was more comprehensive.

Then in June 2004,
"Rouse said the Vatican working group will publish a report on the consultative sessions by the end of the summer. The report will contain a "key section on discerning the techniques" the New Age movement uses as well as some "pragmatic ideas" in what the church can do, he said."

I've not been able to find such a report.

And yet, here in June 2007 there was a Catholic New Age conference. New Age has insinuated itself so much into the Catholic church that Pope Benedict XVI will have his hands full trying to root it out without causing a schism in the church.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the excellent references. Is Catholic hierarchy making any attempts to reduce the impact of the New Age within the Catholic Church or the support various Catholic organizations are giving to it?

Have you read the book "Windswept House" by Malachi Martin? It's considered a novel but Martin stated, in an interview before his death, that it's more than 90 percent truth and reflects actual events. The book opens with a group in the Vatican holding an invitation-only, during the night, satanic service in the Vatican complex. It's a long, detailed account of events but worth the time to read.


Anonymous said...

Dave, not being Catholic I've not kept up with the Catholic press. Carrie Tomko might be able to answer your question. Her blog is linked on the first page here.

Yes, I did read Windswept House. Martin was supposed to be writing another book, but died before it came out. There was a list I saw that linked the fictional characters with real life figures, but I don't have a copy now.

Malachi Martin made clear in his earlier books that there are factions inside the Catholic community that fight each other for control rather than one great army marching to a lead baton of the Pope.

Most people who are into conspiracy beliefs make giant sweeping statements without ever grounding themselves with the myriad of details needed to understand what is really going on. They leap to conclusions to make themselves appear knowledgeable rather than taking the time to explore thoroughly at least one small part of what is going on around them in the real world. I try not to do that.


Anonymous said...

Constance, the news story at ynetnews is very interesting especially when you look at the beast described in Revelation 13. This beast is comprised of 3 animals parts, the mouth of a lion, the feet of a bear and the body of a leopard.

Fortunately, the Bible already defined the meaning of these animal parts back in the book of Daniel.

Daniel had a dream, which is recorded in Daniel chapter 7, where he saw these same animals coming up out of the water. To make a long story short, these animals equate to the dream that Daniel interpreted for King Nebuchadnezzar. King K. dreamt of the great statue in Daniel 2, and the parts of the statue symbolized the kingdoms that would dominate Israel.

The head of the statue, equates to the lion, represents Babylon, which is now modern day Iraq.

The arms of the statue, as well as the bear in Daniel's dream, represented the Medo-Persian kingdom, which is now modern day Iran (the bear in the dream was rearing up on one side, indicating that one intity of the two intity kingdom would be the dominating intity (the Persians).

The leopard in Daniel's dream equates to the belly and thighs of the staue, and the leopard had 4 heads and 4 wings. The leopard symbolizes the Greek empire, and the 4 heads represent the 4 generals that inherited and divide the Greek kingdom once Alexander the Great died.

The last beast in Daniel's dream was a monster that Daniel couldn't discribe. This "monster" was terrifying and dreadful and very strong, and had hugh iron teeth and crushed it's victims. It also had ten horns. This "monster" equates to the legs, feet and ten toes of the King's dream and equates to the Roman empire.

Now, getting back to the leopard. Upon Alexander the Great's death, the Greek empire was divided into four parts by four generals (remember the four heads of the leopard in Daniel's dream?) and the general headquartered in Syria, Antiochus Epiphanes, is the general who brutalized Israel and it's temple.

Many Bible scholars recognize Antiochus as a antichrist type. He entered into a treaty with many in Israel only to enter their temple and polluted it by setting up a statue of a Greek god. Eventually, the Jews fight back and overcome Antichus, they regain contol of their temple and cleanse it and thus their holiday "The Feast of Lights" is insituted.

In summary, the nationswhich will comprised the power base of the antichrist is pictured in Rev. 13, it's comprised of the mouth of a lion (modern day Iraq)the feet of a bear (moder day Iran) and the body of the leopard (modern day Syria) with ten horns (the revived Roman empire).

The acticle mentioned by Constance, in which Syia is rattling their swords, threatening Israel, certainly speaks to the end times we live in.

Keep an eye on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Europe, as well as the coming antichrist who will offer a false peace to Israel...God Bless

Anonymous said...

"Keep an eye on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Europe..."

Already doing that. What does your information add?

Anonymous said...

to the posting at 5:33

I'm glad to hear you're already aware of the Iraq-Iran-Syria connection. Sadly, many Christians are not, and as part of the body of Christ I want to warn others so they won't be caught off guard.

Are you doing your fair share?

Anonymous said...


I agree. Poorly researched information does a disservice to the Christian community as it is often found, in the end, to be untrue. That approach to research is common and, unfortunately, sells books but is of little lasting value. Once the truth is known, many believers are turned off to further personal study.

The details needed to accurately understand current events are there if one exerts the time and effort (which is usually significant) needed to find and uncover them.

That's why I appreciate this blog and contributors like Constance and yourself who have invested the time and energy to provide something meaningful and of lasting value.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:11 pm,
Just what is everyone's fair share?

Anonymous said...

to 7:28

Your fair share would be using whatever gift God gave you and using it to God's glory.

If you're a Christian, then you're part of the body of Christ, and Christ has gifted you with a spiritual gift to build up other Christians.

Just like the physical body, each part has a part to play, and whatever your gift is, you should be using it to help and build up other believers.

I give God the glory that He allowed me to understand the Bible. I don't know it all, but the parts that I do know I try to share with the body so they will be aware of what's going on in this world.

If you're a Christian you're gifted, you just need to discover your gift, use it and give God the glory for what he's doing thru you.

What is it that you love doing?

Encouraging others? Then give a good word when you read something on this post that spoke to your heart.

Are you rich, where money is not an issue, then give to the poor people.

Do you enjoy witnessing about God's love, then tell the lost about what it takes to be saved.

What is it that you are passionate about? Do you love doing that thing because it gives glory to God?

That is your fair share...God made an investment in YOU...make sure to give God a payback on His investment by using your gift to help others.

Jesus said, if you give someone a cold glass of water because you know they belong to him, he will reward you...

So, don't take shots at those who are trying to serve others by explaining things, get it in gear and put your gift to work...

By doing that, that's your fair share...

Anonymous said...

As a Catholic, I see the Pope's proclamation of the Catholic Church being the true church of salvation both anti-ecumenical and anti-syncretic. Syncretism is the foundation of the New Age, and too much of the ecumenical movement has been distorted to feed syncretism. The Pope is reiterating the long held teaching of Catholicism. That teaching is that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, and his Catholic Church is the truest faith for that salvation. On the other hand, the Pope is also re-iterating the Church's long-held teaching, clarified and amplified by Vatican II, that the salvation of an individual can happen "according to their received level of revelation" which means salvation is possible not only without the Catholic Church, but without a personal knowledge of Jesus! Now this highly paradoxical statement simply means that everyone will be judged at the Judgement seat according to the degree of revelation received, including a person's morality and faith. If one were, for example, to be a faithful adherent to the teaching of a nativistic tribal group into which they were born, say in Papua New Guinea, and never learned a word about any thing else, that individual would be judged according to that tradition.

The Pope is merely stating that salvation is not easily accomplished. Catholics believe that the Church provides, through the Scriptures, its sacraments,its teachings and traditions, the clearest path to salvation. Without that, salvation becomes more difficult, if not nearly impossible.

Please be assured that the Pope is not saying other Christian church memberships will not be saved. Just that those churches themselves lack the fullness the Catholic Church believes it possesses to lead each human to salvation. Such a stance is designed not to usher in the anti-Christ, but rather a stern warning to the many Roman Catholics who have abandoned their faith for other faiths. There is a perpetual effort on the part of the popes to bring back the "lost sheep."

It dovetails with the Pope's liberalizing the use of the Tridentine rite in order to bring back 300,000 plus Catholics practicing outside of the Catholic Church in Europe who are adherents to the pre-Vatican II style faith sessesionist sects such as the Society of Pope Pius X (SSPX). Benedict XVI is determined to bring them back to the Church, and curb the spread of these sects.

Pope John Paul II initiated this effort to end the rush into these sescesstionist sects. This Pope is finishing the effort by promulgating a statement. The liberalizing of the use of the Tridentine rite is a bold move and a gamble for the Pope. Only time will tell of its success, but it is not end times stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:07,
What you describe is being a good Christian, not having anything to do with fighting the power of the New Age movement. What is everyone's fair share in fighting the New Age movement since that's what this website is about? Or do you just assume that being a good Christian will automatically make the New Age movement go away?

Anonymous said...

to 9:45

The Bible says to overcome evil by doing good...

The end times are irreversable, it's been mandated by God. We are to witness to the lost so they can avoid tasting the wrath of God at the end of the age, as well as in hell.

The good we can do is to live fruitful lives and serve each other, there's a reward in heaven for that.

The end seems to be in site, would you agree? The hour is late, soon the antichrist will work his peace treaty with Israel. The power base nations are in place, in this late hour we are to be living fruitful lives which prove our faith.

The church will be tested, it's God's way of weeding out the weeds from the wheat. Pray that we will be found faithful, enduring to the end.

Would you be interested in hearing about the timing of the rapture? Not just another opinion, but what the Bible actually says about it...the real truth?

Anonymous said...

Re: The Catholic Church

I don't mean to be harsh, but God is giving salvation away as a free gift. Romans 3:23-24

The Catholic Church is making people EARN there salvation.

If you could earn salvation then Christ's death is meaningless. Since you cannot earn salvation Jesus had to die, and now He gives it (salvation) away as a free gift to those who believe. It's by faith you have been saved.

The Catholic Church is symbolized by the woman riding the beast in Rev. 17.

Her origins are from Babylon about the time of the tower of Babel. The Mystery Religion was started in Babylon by Nimrod and his wife, who was later called the "Queen of heaven" (see Jer.7: 17-18).

It's roots are paganism and the worship of the sun. It was practiced by the enemies of Israel thru out the old testament. It eventually evolved into the catholic church around 300 AD.

The history of the catholic churh is one of evil, sin and mass murder. They killed the true children of God by the millions, that's why the woman on the beast in Rev. 17 is drunk on the blood of the saints (verse 6 of Rev. 17)...the catholic killed true christians who were baptised as adults as there were "born again" and obeyed the Lord's command to be baptised. The catholic church was offend by this adult baptism and persecuted and kill the christians during the dark ages, all in the name of God.

There are saved people in the catholic churh, God tells them to come out of her right before He judges her towards the end of the age (see Rev. 18:4-8).

Apparently, the catholic church has a dominating relationship with the antichrist (that's why the woman is sitting on top of the beast) but once the antichrist reveals his true nature and intentions (in the middle of the 7 year tribulation period) he will not need her anymore and God uses the antichrist to destroy the catholic church (see Rev. 18)

Rev. 17 verse 9 says that the 7 heads are also 7 hills of the city the woman resides in ( NLT version)...Rome is the city of seven hills...

This is not an attack on catholic people, but it is an attack on the Catholic church and it's "works based" system.

See "The Two Babylons" by Hislop for more information.

I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righeousness comes thru the law, then Christ died needlessly. Galatians 2:21

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:55 pm
No, I don't think we are in end times. I think talk of end times is a major distraction and gives people an out when they do nothing to fight the changes taking place. Talk of end times is pure speculation and it has been for many, many times throughout history.

If the New Age movement is a resurgence of Nazism, as many think it is, Jews and Christians might be in for years of pain and suffering because they are sitting on their hands. Even now Christians who try to live their faith are being targeted while other Christians go on and on about end times rather than speak out or act out against the New Age movement. Jews are seeing the growth of antisemitism while never trying to confront its current source.

God is not Big Daddy who will protect us from all harm as if we were ten year olds. He is not bringing on end times so we don't suffer the evils connected with New Age. We are adults.

Yes, there is the possibility that we are facing end times. There is also the possibility that end times are not around the corner and we will have to live through hell until evil expends itself. As a friend wrote recently, this is the time of bread and circuses which precedes the fall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:34 pm,
You're very lucky. Short of God bopping you on the head with a hailstone, your views will never be tested, so you can feel free to go on and on reinterpreting God's words to fit your own agenda.
Hislop's 'Babylonian Mystery Religion' Teaching Exposed and Overturned.

Constance Cumbey said...

I want EVERYBODY, save spammers and scammers to feel free to communicate on this board! Thanks to all for the comments -- PhD's aren't required on my blogspot comment board!

Anonymous said...

Just a small point here, but it would help if all the anonymouses (of which I am one) would leave a user name at the end of every post. While not fool proof, it might help everyone keep track of comments/commentators.

Mac (I think)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Constance for your last statement...conversing with others is very enjoyable.

I find it totally amazing how mean some people can be as they throw stones at some who make statements or tell of their beliefs...

to 11:50...the person who wants God to bopped me on the head with a hail stone...why don't you offer an intepetation yourself instead of wishing a hail stone to fall on me...why don't you engage in a debate and point out why the position I stated is wrong?

It's not my position, it's what the Bible actually teaches, but it doesn't sound like you do much studying, just threats...

"return evil by doing good", so God bless you!

All I want to do is learn the truth...and not according to my views, I want to know what the Bible is actually telling us about end times, even if I don't like what it says, just tell me the truth...

but, sometimes the truth hurts...any many people will be caught of guard when the end ocurrs...

For the day of the lord will come like a thief in the night, and if the home owner knew what time the thief was going to break in he would have been ready...

the children of God will be ready when that day of God's wrath comes, but the unprepared will be caught off guard, they scoff at the return of Christ saying, everything goes on just like it always has...

take your shot and critize but if you have an hear to listen, listen...maybe, just maybe, God will use a nobody to tell you truth, but you scoff instead of testing it to see if it of God...

It's easy to sit there and throw stones, do some home work, dig deep into the Bible, it only has one truth and not multiple meanings...we need to discover the real meaning...if we are close to the end, our souls will depend on it...

You're not going to stop what God has put into motion, no man can stop him. It's God's will that the antichrist comes into power and rules the world, this ultimately will lead to Israel's acceptance of Jesus, and that's the main goal of the end well as God reclaiming the world for himself...and God's will will be done...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:45,
Catholics are bad and Jews have to convert to Christianity because Judaism isn't a good religion.

Sounds closer to New Age than to Christianity as Alice Bailey was in total opposition to both.

Instead of my debating your view of Christianity on this blog which is geared to exposing the New Age movement, how about you talking about the New Age movement!

Anonymous said...

European troops march in Paris on Bastille Day
It is France's national day of celebration.

But there was a decidedly European theme this July 14th in the traditional Bastille Day parade.

Troops from all 27 EU nations marched down the Champs Elysees in Paris, at the invitation of new French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, and other senior EU figures, were also welcomed, underlining France's commitment to Europe despite the rejection by French voters of a proposed EU constitution two years ago.

The multi-national mix of soldiers had been practicing long and hard to make sure they were all in step today.

President Sarkozy took his own trip down one of the most famous streets in the world.

The parade and military fly-past commemorate the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris in 1789 at the start of the French revolution, which brought an end to the monarchy.


Anonymous said...

To 1:07am

Ouch, where's your love? By this shall men know you're my disciples, your love for one another...

I never said catholics were bad people, I said the catholic system is "works based" which makes itself an enemy of God. Besides, don't you think God is offended when people pray to mary, or to the other saints, or that catholic doctrine teaches that mary is a co-redeemer? Please...

The catholic system makes people practice the various sacraments of their church in order to earn salvation. That's pure evil, because you can't earn salvation, that's the WHOLE point of the Bible!

And you can't even tell the difference between the true and the false...that's why people like me are spreading the word...

Alice Bailey shouldn't be your guage of truth either, she doesn't even recognize the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ. Don't think all her words are golden, she can't even discern truth, and you're going to use her as your gauge of truth? Please...

There's far more to the end of the age than your liitle slice called "New Age". You can understand all it's ins and outs and still be fooled at the end.

Don't you know God is going to send a strong delusion to the people of the world, the people who don't love the gospel, so they will believe the lie of the antichrist?

You'll only be an overcomer if you're fueled by the Spirit of God and have His discernment, but you just blast people who bring other pertinent end times issues to your exclusive party. How dare you!

When Jesus was asked about the end of the age, the first thing He responded with was: See to it that no one deceives you (Matt. 24:4) how are you going to make it at the end of the age when you currently get upset when someone points out the errors of the great false church; where's your discernment?

There's so much more to the end times than your new age movement, and the vast majority of people like you can't even tell the difference between the true church and the one that's masquerading as the only true church. A false church who's making slaves of people, making them slaves to their sacaments and leading millions away from the truth.

And, you still think Judaism is acceptable to God? Don't you read your Bible? Haven't you read the writings of Paul, who was willing to give up his salvation so that his fellow Jews could be saved? Don't you know how exclusive Jesus Christ is, and that salvation is only found in His name?

I'm afraid that your beliefs are closer to new age thought than mine!

At least I claim the truth of the Bible by saying there's only one way of salvation, and that's thru Jesus Christ. That's the message that the new agers hate...

And if that offends you, you need to check what side you're really on. Maybe you should study your bible instead of the new age, by studying the authentic you'll be able to spot the counterfeit.

Oh, you'll probably say, how unloving I am and I'm arrogant to think there's only onw way into heaven, instead of looking at your heart and comparing what I said against what the Bible says...where's your discernment...

But at least you know a lot about the New Age...God helps us...

Anonymous said...

Hello 9:14

Sincerity doesn't equal salvation.

This is a key heresy of mystical spirituality. It does matter to whom we pray and truth does exist outside of ourselves.

Salvation only comes through repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The level of revelation an individual has will be used to judge their actions. What did you do with what you knew? The idea here is that we can't even live up to our level of revelation, let alone God's expectations, on our own without God's help. God will prove a person's guilt based on what they did with what they knew. No one, not even those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior can live up to our level of revelation. We only have relationship with God and are found acceptable in His sight because of His Mercy and Grace and death on the cross for our sins.

The gift is free to all that believe in Jesus and follow His teachings. God is Holy and as such can't accept sincerity as a replacement for His truth. I believe that God will reveal himself and His truth to those who sincerely seek to know the true God (through His Word, through other believers, etc.), but the sincerity itself will not save. Only through the acceptance of Jesus' gift of salvation can we be saved.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:14 pm
I understand. You don't know anything about the New Age movement but just want to do missionary work at this website. OK. Talk away.

Anonymous said...

Amen Dave...

Constance Cumbey said...

Missionary work at this site is ok, encouraged even! Original research is welcome, but certainly not required. All welcome except for scammers and spammers! Please, let's be polite, however, to each other!


Rudi said...

Don't let the sarcastic comments directed at you ( by a different Anonymous) stop you from posting. You made some very thoughtful comments.

Anonymous said...
Just a small point here, but it would help if all the anonymouses (of which I am one) would leave a user name at the end of every post. While not fool proof, it might help everyone keep track of comments/commentators.

Mac (I think)

12:28 AM

I couldn't agree more. The only reason I can imagine for not using an identifying user name is because some posters don't want to be recognized and stand behind what they post. You can still be anonymous and use a alias. WAY too many anonymous posts in IMO.

DavidinBattleCreek said...

Anonymous 3:14

I don't know much about the Roman Catholic Church. Could it be that the sacraments they do is an interpretation of James where it says to be "doers of the Word?" I'm only asking because I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Gery said:

Hello all, I'm coming out of the closet...

I'm the anonymous person who wrote about how God uses numbers in the Bible.

I'm also the person who was discussing the faults of the catholic church

As well as the person who repuked the other writer for castigating me for putting down judaism and the catholic church...

A couple people already told me to go away or shut up, or blog strictly about the new age...

I won't use the anonymous monicker anymore so it will be easier for people to respond to my comments...

My name is Gerry...I love the Lord and I'm thankful that He died for me. I feel that we're living in the last days (everyone has an opinion) and since I believe we're in the last days I'm trying to share as much pertinent information as possible.

I've been studying Bible prophecy since I was 12 and I'm now 49.

I'm interested in the truth and only the truth. Not the truth according to Gerry, but the truth according to God.

I found over the years that sometimes the truth hurts...and I'm had to confess my sins, changes my ways ans sometimes change what I believed...all because of truth...

I'm the person who wrote the long summary about the animal symbols that were used in the book of Daniel, and in Rev. 13, which symbolizes Iraq, Iran and Syria...

Because, in my humble opinion, when you see the power base of the antichrist, as pictured in Revelation 13, playing a prominant role as they are today, that causes me to think we're in the last days...thus my sense urgency...

I just want all you to know, even the people that I offended, I truly love people, and I would do anything for you, or give you anything I have...including my knowledge of the Bible...

Regarding the last post, davidinbattlecreek...

the answer to your question about doers of the word and the catholic sacraments...

here's your answer, or at least my understanding: A doer of the word is one that puts into practice the teachings of Christ and the disciples...and there's not a big list of religous duties, but it's how you treat your fellow man...loving them as you love yourself...

Jesus taught that the law and the prophets can be summarized into one statement, love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

You are made right with God by believing in the godpel, that fact that you cannot save yourself (cause you're spiritually bankrupt) and you're throwing yourself at the mercy of God's court, fully acknowledging you deserve hell, but begging God to have mercy and asking Him to save you because His Holy Son died in your place...

That's the gospel, we are made right with God by faith, that sums up the whole of the Bible. Abraham
believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness...Abraham is the father of everyone who believes...

It's not by works (such as keeping the sacraments)...if you could be made right with God by keeping the sacraments, then Christ died in vain...

God's Holiness is so great, and man's sin is so terrible, there's no way we can offer a holy God filthy rags of our good deeds.

In fact, when a person repents, and beleives that Jesus died for him or her, and beleives in their heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, and confesses with the mouth to other people, "Jesus is Lord" you are made right with God, and God gives you the very righteousness of God...

The only way fallen man can have a friendship with God, and be acceptable to Hims, is to have the same kind of righteousness as God, and that's what God does to the person who believes...

And, as a result of true faith, we put into practice those actions that are pleasing to God...

such as giving to people who have needs...

or turning away from lust...treating others the way we want to be treated...

It's how we live our lives...not a long list of religous activities...

Yes, we should wittness to the lost, and give money so our church can function...

But God is looking atour hearts, how do we love others? Do we forgive others the way that God forgave us?

Those are the things God is interested in, not religous activities...

anyway, I'm Gerry, I'm not perfect and I don't know it all, but I'm a man of convictions and I want to build up the body of Christ...and I'm blessed to know a lot about Bible prophecy and I want to prepare others, just like Constance does with this site, cause ultimately, I'm trying to use my gifts to serve others...

God loves, and I want to love...God bless!!!

(Sorry if I'm a bad speller!!!)


Anonymous said...

And I am the anonymous from 2:14 with the post on Israel and the forced signing -
Doug in MI

Anonymous said...

constance: i am including a link on an article i read "stabilizing world population": it seems to have NEW AGE written all over it? I just thought you might be interested.


Anonymous said...

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet..." I had a good time reading all the posts, more than usual, and new names like Gerry. As I was reading a thought came to mind: "the scripture cannot be broken..." so I have some scriptures to share with those who are interested, especially a "Catholic" notion that God "honors the light we have..."

"That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world;"

"Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, Amen."

"Therefore we CONCLUDE that a man (woman) is justified by faith WITHOUT the deeds of the law..."

And last I quote a verse that begs the question: when a rightous act is before me, am I complelled to perform it? 'God be thanked that ye were the servants (SLAVES) of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants (SLAVES) of rightousness."

To those in MI; I visited there last week and loved the north country, but Hwy 75 was some-kind of scary!

Yours in Christ,

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Setterman,

Hey, I travel I-75 daily and in metropolitan Detroit area at that -- I want one of those tee-shirts, "I'm so bad, I vacation in Detroit!"

Well, as I've always said, one needs a sense of humor to stay on top of this work! Hope Michigan wasn't all that unkind to you!


Anonymous said...


You mentioned the highway from the various mideast countries which will lead to Jersualem (if I remember right it was from Isa)...

And you mentioned that the new age empowered antichrist will target all Abraham linked religions (Judaism, Christianity and Isalm)...

What's your opinion about Islam? Is it a false religion or just another road or way to God?

I may have misunderstood your response, does God favor the Ishmalites because they come from the loins of Abraham? You mentioned that God promised to make them great with 12 great kings or leaders (from Gen.)...who might these leaders or kings be? Aren't they (the Moslems) awaiting a 12th great teacher, who may arise from a firy conflict, who could possibly turn out to be the antichrist?

Thanks much for your input...


Anonymous said...

To DavidinBattleCreek- To a Roman Catholic, a sacrament is "an outward sign instituted by Jesus Christ to give grace." There are seven:Baptism, Reconciliation, The Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and the Anointing of the Sick. Many Christian Churches have all or some of these sacraments. Baptism is one of the most common of all Christian sacraments. The Catholic Church recognizes any properly performed Baptism that is Trinitarian. The sacraments are scripturally based. Sacraments are not the only source of God's grace, just a very unique and special source. Like all Christians, Catholics believe they are in no way intrinsically worthy of God's grace in any form. God's grace is a free and unmerited gift. Catholics believe Jesus Christ gave these sacraments to help us reach salvation. The Eucharist is regarded as the most important;it is the source and summit of the Catholic faith.

A Catholic understanding of "works" as scripturally referenced would mean different things depending on the scripture passage. Catholics believe works alone can never merit salvation. Only through Jesus Christ and His mercy earned by His death have we been offered the hope of eternal life. He alone will determine who is saved eternally at the last judgement, when both the living and the dead will be judged. The mystery of salvation is with Him. That being said, Catholics believe, as do most Christians, that judgement will be based on how fully one has loved God and his neighbor. To do this best, one must have faith and follow the example of Jesus as shown in Scriptures. We also believe that Jesus gives everyone the grace for salvation, even those who know nothing of our Lord.

Anonymous said...

To everyone--

I'm an anonymous who will remain an anonymous. I have been researching the New Age with a focus on education since 1992. I have had two computers wiped out when I cut too close to the quick through my research.

I believe the New Age to be completely diabolical. My focused areas are new age influence in education reform, futurism, transhumanism, population control/sex education and the international ties to all of these areas. I am convinced battling the New Age is spiritual warfare, but I am uncertain about prophecy. I appreciate everything everyone has done here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:53

Two things please...

Where in the Bible does Jesus give the sacraments?

And, will Jesus give people, who have never heard about him while they were alive, a second chance to accept and believe in him at the last judgement (after they are dead)?

If so, where in the Bible does it say that?

Thanks much...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:11 am,
When I see new information that I have to start looking into, I know I've read something by a serious researcher. You have me looking up transhumanism. I know about Humanism, but that is new for me.

With regard to your research about the field of education, did you know of Barbara Morris' newsletters? She dropped out many years ago when her research on Carnegie was ignored by the top "right" leaders. She had also put out a few books. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think she had any successors who followed at her level. If you know of someone, please let us know at this blog.

Spiritual warfare? Yes. but not out in the open as some think. I happened to pick up the novel, The Historian, at the local library's sale table. Apparently it was a big title last year. I read almost no fiction, but the title intrigued me. Substitute "New Age" for Drakula and the cat and mouse game is similar. We look for clues, attempt to expose, and there are attempts to sabotage our attempts. I'm only 1/3 into the book and can see nothing about New Age in it, but it is good reading because the travelogue sections read almost like poetry.

I can only suggest you contact Constance, if you've not done so already. Through Constance you can reach me if you want to. Putting the pieces together requires the work of many, regardless of religious backgorund, as the opposition is so well organized.


Anonymous said...


Please share your research with us.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 4:54 p.m.

"Where in the Bible does God give the sacraments?"


John, Chapter 6: "you must eat my flesh and drink my blood."

I Corinthians Chapter 10:16-21: The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not hte communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ . . . .

I Corinthians Chapter 11:24-27

etc. etc.

How about the Jews as part of their passover eating the paschal lamb with the bitter herbs along with the unleavened bread?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dave and Dorothy--

I'm anonymous at 4:11 AM. My research....where to begin. I do know of Barbara Morris. I am in a loose knit group of researchers who are connected regionally; forgive me if I do not say where. Education transformation is at a very advanced stage in this region.

The effort to transform education began in the early seventies, but became most aggressive around the time of the creation of New Horizons for Learning, a New Age resource center operating with a global reach for educators. Its founders were leading New Agers with access to nationwide networks--primarially the NEA, Carter's Department of Ed.(McCune), the UN (Bob Muller) and the Club of Rome (James Botkin), Harvard's Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences), The World Future Society and guidance counsellors and curriculum networks. Initially, they were not a very sophisticated network. A leading contributor of thought was Marilyn Ferguson's Mind-Brain Bulletin, a monthly newsletter. In the early seventies, the stuff was loose.

By the end of the seventies, this network had formulated a plan to transform education via an alliance via Carnegie Corp and big buisness. When Reagan came into office, the Department of Ed was an item for elimination, but by 1982, the pressure from key buisness leaders kept the department in place. Like all New Age systems changes, the big sea change begins with a phoney Malthusian event. In the case of education, New Agers used the report "A Nation at Risk" (1984) to initiate the call via Carnegie for standards based education. At first, few states bought into it. But in 1989, in Whichita, KA, New Ager Shirley McCune gave a keynote address to the nation's govenors calling for the complete transformation of American education. Carnigie had spawned the National Alliance for Restructuring Education (NARE), and President Bush (elder) gave a federal push to standards. State after state, through pressure from Buisness Roundtables, began reform.

Now think like a systems thinking New Ager for a moment. The standards would be set up to look like an effort of states individually, but the standards would indeed be orchestrated by key players in consulting roles who had New Age ideas. The standards then would drive the curriculums and the assessments, and the assessments would be high-stakes if possible, meaning seriously bad consequences for not passing. The subject areas also got new standards like Science for All in science. Eventually NCLB began. The UN Goals 2000 began the global pressure, followed by the Millenium Development Goals and to some extent now, the AoC. An international assessment system is now in place called the PISA administered by the OCED, a division of UNESCO.

Curriculum development focused on project based, technology heavy, group learning, revisionist and systems thinking. The literature is heavily theosophical in nature. Learning is also thematic to focus on ecology, the environment, eco-feminism, Earth Charter, ancient wisdoms, inquiry math and science. A key mantra: there are no right or wrong answers even in computation in math. America is taught as a hedious overlord, empire bent, war mongering nation, with a history of great injustice. Wars are unjust, even WWII. Do not forget man's hatred of man and the Holocuast is the best example of man's desire for genocide. But it all does not really matter, because the only way to solve all our problems is for us to open our borders, seek peace/love and forgiveness and stop abusing the environment.

This is our education system now in many places in America.

Constance Cumbey said...

Anonymous 4:11

Brilliant posts. I was aware of many of those networks. I was also aware of the work of Anita Hoge, although I must admit I had then and still do have serious difficulties with the woman writing about Anita Hoge, Beverly Eakman, who went out of her way -- unnecessarily to minimize the Theosophical influences and recommended working with Tom Turner and the Washington Times, both in and of themselves significant aspects of the New Age Movement. Bev was working tightly with the Christian Reconstruction Movement and trying hard (at least in my then perception) to marginalize me and my work. Still have not figured out fully what her game is, but you are so very right, the education segment and the networks you have described are deadly. If you would feel like coming out in the open and doing a Saturday radio interview with me soon, I would be honored to have you. Let's talk. You may reach me at 248-253-0333 or by email at


Constance Cumbey said...

>>Anonymous said...
>>What are the chances that the >>Vatican, having recently flexed >>its Inquisitorial powers, will >>merge with the New Age movement >>with the blessing of the AOC?
>>This would then put the pope of >>the time at the head of this >>World religion and probably >>identified as the False Prophet.
>>After all it is he who meets >>with all the world's leaders to >>discuss matters of great import. >>He is surely not going to be >>sidelined in future.


11:20 PM

Phil, in my present opinion, given the facts I have currently, New Agers view the current pope as a leading enemy of the New Age Movement -- but if, God forbid, his successor in the Congregation of the Faith, Cardinal Levada, were to become pope (remember, the present pope is a very elderly man), I'm afraid I might possibly envision what you project. Levada took URI people (who cooperate with UCC-UDC Council people) with him to Rome to participate in his consistory (installation). It would be quite a turn for Ratzinger/Benedict XVI to endorse the same New Age Movement he has always so unwaiveringly condemned. I can't see him wanting to make Matthew Fox THAT happy! I guess, however, when all is said and done that time and events will tell!

Anonymous said...

Not trying to beat an old horse, but put a new saddle on her.

I wrote, "If a new religious synthesis is to be manifested then this sort of rhetoric (from Pope Benedict) is to be expected. I guess I see whats going on as a dialectic conflict emerging".

Maybe its to obvious for some or maybe its too fantastic to imagine,
but at Fulfilled Prophecy, Nony just cited from The Turkish Daily News an article with the AoC and The Vatican entitled, "Imagined Communities Revisited".

This is what I was talking about. Please just keep this in mind.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if your in Italy this summer be sure to check out the old refurbished Papal Dungeons at Castel Sant'Angelo. Its finally reopen after 10 years of reconstruction.

Papal Dungeon Opens to Visitors
Friday July 13, 2007 1:31 AM

Anonymous said...

to 4:52pm

I agree whole heartedly that Jesus instituted the Lord's supper, but where in the Bible did He institute the rest of the sacraments?

You said, "To a Roman Catholic, a sacrament is "an outward sign instituted by Jesus Christ to give grace." There are seven:Baptism, Reconciliation, The Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, and the Anointing of the Sick"...

OK, I agree that Jesus gave the Lord's supper, a simple eating of the bread and wine that represents His blood and body, not the transubstantiation taught by the catholic churh...

The Jews understood him to be advocating canniblism, and so does the catholic church...but the old testament taught that drinking blood and eating a mans flesh was an abomination...

Jesus was speaking symbolically, that the bread and wine were just representations of his flesh and blood...but eating His flesh and blood doesn't save you, FAITH IN CHRIST SAVES YOU...

But where did Jesus teach that the supper gives grace to the partaker? He said, as often as you do this, do this in rememberance of me...

Ephesians 2:8 says...For it is by grace you have been saved, THROUGH FAITH, and this is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of WORKS (like keeping the sacraments)

Grace is given because of faith...

Romans 3:25 "God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in his blood"....

Since you have your Bible open, and it sounds like you're interested in what the Bible says, how about:

1 Timothy 4:1-4 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons, such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared with a hot iron. THEY FORBID PEOPLE TO MARRY AND ORDER THEM TO ABSTAIN FROM CERTAIN FOODS which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth...

The catholic church doesn't allow their priests to marry...ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, THAT'S A DOCTRINE OF DEMONS...

And in the recent past the catholic church told it's followers to abstain from meats on Fridays, allowing them to eat fish...AGAIN, ANOTHER DOCTRINE OF DEMONS...

How about the veneration of Mary? When Jesus was teaching in a crowded house and his mother wanted to speak to him, the people told him "your mother is here to see you (Matt. 12:46 & 47)

...Jesus responded with (verse 48) "who is my mother and who is my brother, pointing to his disciples he said, here are my mother and brothers, for whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother...


Mary was a sinner and needed to have her sins forgiven (Romans 3:10) It is written, there is no one righteous, NOT EVEN ONE...(that counts out Mary as well, and she'd be the first to admit it)...

for Mary said "My soul praises the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God MY SAVIOR"...

How about calling the catholic priests "father"

...Jesus said, "Call no man on earth father, for you have one Father, and He is in heaven...Matt. 23:9

How about your hail mary prayers, saying the same thing over and over...

Jesus said, and when you pray, do not keep on babbling like PAGANS, for they think they will be heard because of their many words...(Matt 6:7)...

Are you really a lover of God's word the Bible? Or are you a lover of the catholic church...I just gave you several examples of how the catholic church violates the clear teaching of the Bible...

But, I'm sure you won't be'll say, well, that's not what the Bible means...or, the church is different, blah, blah, blah...

This is just the tip of the ice berg...The catholic church is full of contradictions compared to the Bible...

But you'll say, the pope says blah blah blah...

Well, you better obey what the Bible says and not what a fallen sinner such as the pope says...he's a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing (and always has been)

The pope has been proven to be a liar and fallen just like the rest of us, he's not perfect, and when he speaks he's NOT GOD"S MOUTHPIECE, history has already proven that (remember Galileo)...

The pope is a very powerful man...he has polictical relationships with the kings of the earth (just like the whore who sits on the beast in Rev. 17)...

and past popes have taught that other eastern religions are also valid roads to God...that is very offensive to God, who gave His only Son so that any one who believes would not perish but have everlasting life...

I'm pretty sure you'll be unmoved by all this, because you probably love the church more than you love fact, you'd probably wish ill will to me, hoping a hail stone will fall on my head...but, if you enemy strikes you on the cheek, give him the other cheek...

The next time you call your priest "father" remember Jesus said call no man on earth father...

And remember, the nest time a child is molested by a priest, the doctrine of celebacy is a doctrine of demons...

The catholic church is the apostate church, sorry to be blunt, but that's the truth...

think about the millions of people the church killed in the name of God during the dark ages...the whore sitting on the beast in Rev. 17 is drunk with the blood of the saints...

this may hurt, but at least I gave you the proof from the Bible and I'm coming to the defence of God...

My heart agrees with David when David said "for zeal for your house consumes me, and the insults of those who insult you, fall on me...Ps.69:9

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:36 pm,
You have started me on a very fruitful search for more information on the topics you've covered. It looks as if New Horizons for Learning closed shop last year though I can see their pattern. You didn't comment on what you thought of Barbara Morris' information. I thought her information was valuable. What do you think of Lynn Stuter whose website I hadn't heard of before. Since I'm not in the education field and my children left school many years ago, I moved into looking at other aspects of New Age.

By being pushed into looking at transhumanism, I now understand how it fits into the larger pattern. Having been active in pro-life, the sex ed population control parts of the movement were pretty well covered by older research material.

Is there a Bob Muller in addition to Robert Muller, or are you just chummy with the guy? LOL

Is Outcome Based Education still beng promoted in schools or is it going under a new name?

Do you think PISA can be used to assess on an international level how religion is to be taught in both private and public schools as planned by the AOC?

I look forward to doing more searches on transhumanism. I may post some comments from a book I have on transhumanism. It is frightening to think how cold-blooded these people must be.

I do hope you can answer some of these questions without revealing your identity as I can understand your desire to protect it.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:36 pm, you did start another thread of associations going. A commenter after the column said this was part of Agenda 21.

From a Townhall column by Phyllis Schlafly that appeared today, Tuesday.

'...Section 3401, inserted by the Senate - but not the House - in the pending America COMPETES Act (S.761), would give us another costly and harmful expansion of the federal education bureaucracy.

"...When globalists talk about restructuring the U.S. education system to meet the demands of the 21st century work force, they mean conditioning and training young people to compete with the low wages paid in the global labor market. P-16 is a rather new term meaning that Big Brother government is now supervising the next generation from preschool through the 16th year of education (i.e., college graduation). We used to think kindergarten through 12th grade was the scope of government schools.

"It appears that a major purpose of this audacious legislation is the establishment of a "P-16 education longitudinal data system." The plan is to enter all children into the government's database while they are in preschool and then track them through college.

"States will be induced, or bribed, to cooperate in this expansion of federal power by grants from a $100 million pot of federal money in only the first year. The P-16 data system will have a "unique identifier" for each child that will be retained from preschool through college. The database will include, among other things, "information about the points at which students exit, transfer in, transfer out, drop out, or complete P-16 programs," "test records," "information on courses completed and grades earned," and how students "transitioned" from high school to college." (More in the column today)

So big gov wants to track students all the way through college now.


Anonymous said...

to 11:05 PM

As I am on run, will give a partial reading to your post which I only now skimmed:

As to the sacrament of anointing of the sick, check out

James 5:14 Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call forJames 5:14 YLT: is any infirm among you? let him call for the elders of the assembly, and let them pray over him, having anointed him with oil, ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

James 5:14 Is any one ill? Let him send for the EldersKing James Version: Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the ... - 12k - Cached - Similar pages

Anointing with Oil – James 5:14 : ChristianCourier.comIn the book of James, the inspired writer exhorts: “Is any among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

James 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for theis any infirm among you? let him call for the elders of the assembly, and let them pray over him, having anointed him with oil, in the name of the Lord, ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

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More from this reader later!


Anonymous said...

BTW, Jesus said, THIS IS MY BODY . . . THIS IS MY BLOOD . . .



Answer that, if you can!


Anonymous said...

There's no use in arguing, your mind is made up and so is mine...the arguement is not about what sacraments are given in the bible...

it's an arguement about what's required for salvation, what does it take to be alone, or the sacraments as well?

Does the catholic church require it's members to practice the sacraments in order to be saved?

Is there salvation outside the catholic church?

Those are the real issues...

There's evil men in every religous label, but all in all, the catholic church led the way in killing those who would not bend the knee to can't argue with history...

You honor Mary, but you also pray to her.

The church also teaches that Mary is a co-redeemer...which highly offends God...

You didn't mention the other sinful practices that violates the scriptures I shared with probably don't care because you love the church more than'll say you love God but you don't really care if the church violates the clear teaching of the bible...

I can't convince you that the church is wrong and apostate, only God can do that work...

I love the truth of God and if you can convince me that the catholic church is the true church I'll convert, but there's more evidence in the bible that it's a false church...but you're blinded to that fact.

But many will be deceived, especially since we're close to the end...

I have no ill will towards you or catholic people, most of my family is catholic...

I just hate to see them enslaved by a bunch of religous rules when it's for freedom sake that we have been saved...(see the book of Gal

If we're around to see it, we'll see if the catholic church is true once we enter the tribulation period, or does the church not beleive in that?

Keep in mind, the 10 commandments forbid statues or images, but your church is full of them...

Your church also invented purgatory so "saved" people can pay for their sins till they are allowed in heaven...

I won't need to suffer for my sins, Jesus paid for and suffered for my sins at the cross (where's purgatory taught in the bible?)...

Anyway, like I say, I have no ill will for you, I wish all the very best and God's fullest blessings...

Anonymous said...


It's anon 7:36 again.

To answer your questions--

Yes, Bob Muller is the one and the same DK channeling, Lucis Trust loving Robert Muller. His friends around here call him Bob.

I know about Lynn Sutter. She has struck a few nerves and paid the price personally. Not all of her research jibes with mine. I am more oriented to the more breaking stuff.

The PISA--I have spent weeks of research on this assessment. Most of it adds up to an assessment that is going to morph each time it is given which is every three years. The last one had embedded questions to measure problem solving using systems thinking, and seemed to be not mathematical, but process oriented. Realize it is given to only 8th graders. Why would they want every 14 year old kid to be sophisticated systems designers?? Or is this just a sort mechanism that will help identify the new global meritocracy. Don't get me going!

The clever PISA has a nasty little cultural survey of every test taker which asks each unsuspecting 8th grader about their parents, the "cultural" environment of their home like books and music, the size of their home, and other intrusive questions. It takes 45 minutes to complete. Remember--each test taker is identifiable. This makes it THE foundational global dossier project.

The science PISA is headed by Roger W. Bybee, an American, who, until this month, was head of the highly influential BSCS, a science curriculum development research lab. Bybee is a rabid Neo-Darwinist, who assisted in a major way, the pro-evolutionists in the Kansas School Board court case on the teaching of Intelligent Design.
His attack on Intelligent Design was so virulent, one can ask how anti-Christian he is. Bybee also participated in writing the national education science standards known as Science for All. It promotes inquiry based science--that is science without content, but rather asking kids to figure out scientific processes by just observing, conjecturing, and reporting. Like every kid must become another Newton, Darwin and Mendel. Needless to say, it is not working very well. ($64,000 question: What's Bybee up to now that he has left BSCS?? Long vacation and then say stint at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?? Just a guess.)

I believe PISA reflects the kind of science valued by New Agers--physics, human biological systems, ecology, and inquiry based learning.

The preparation of the workforce (or slaveforce) is at the heart of this movement, as you observe. There is substantial evidence for this. One bit of info I uncovered recently said much. The National Science Foundation (NSF), which has poured many millions into the math and science curriculums and teacher development (Local Systemic Change Grants), is funding this through its Division on Education and the Economy. I am certain with any mention of E and E, and the Republicans go brain dead on the appropriateness of these curriculums. Its the workforce that is the excuse used.

Outcome based education is simply standards based education. New tagline, same ole stuff. Every New Ager worth his salt knows the power of manipulating language to cover and re-direct. See Jay Forrester and Peter Senge on how systems design anticipates this. Another master word meister--Obama.

As to Morris, I like her stuff alot.

Anonymous said...

Dorthy at 9:01-

Yes, yes, Yes and of course Yes!

This has been in the works for years. Look at EMC Corp, the world's largest provider of data storage systems. They are big into ed reform helping sponsor events around the Cambridge, MA ed reform networks. Big players there like TERC and Annenberg. Look at Pearson Education--lots of dovetailing of software systems with assessments, scoring, teacher development (other wise known as the very short tether on each teacher and classroom.) Pearson makes me sleep with a Bible. Seriously. Big Brother, thy name is Pearson. They are aquiring everything that they want and building the most complete system of control of education globally. They scare the Educational Testing Service, who we think is powerful. Pearson's latest acquisition--the Stanford Assessment and the IQ test used on kids after acquiring Harcourt Assessments for nearly $1 billion dollars. They just made a move that got them some trouble--tried to sneak past Rupert Murdoch and acquire with GE the Dow Jones. How cheeky is that!? Their CEO Dame Marjorie is one interesting cookie. An American newspaper publisher from the South who just is the best of friends with Jimmy Carter. Now, youall, just chew on that.

Anonymous said...

Constance, Dorothy, Anon 7:36 ....

The comments and information on this blog are outstanding -- thank you.

I join in asking anon 7:36 to be interviewed by Constance.

I've been following globalist, new age, spiritual formation issues since Constance wrote Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.

I spend considerable time reading books, researching, reading blogs like this one, etc. to keep up, but there's so much I find that is still new to me. Maybe it's evolving too quickly to get your "head" around it all.

Can you offer a favorite, must see/read resource or two (article, book, etc.) that would help connect the dots, giving a summary or overview to key themes?



Anonymous said...

Before this disappears, I would like to thank the individual who posted the information on education. I took a bit of the PISA information over to the comments section after an article on education this morning. Maybe it will alert others.

I delayed in answering your message because you did give us leads to much information. Like meat, it takes a lot of digesting and that takes time. Some information is like candy. Sweet and adrenalin giving, but only for the moment. That's the kind of information most people want to hear as they have little time and little inclination to ponder.

Because my sons are way out of school, I don't have access to what is happening in that field. I will be passing on your information in places where I think others might be able to take better advantage of it. I am happy for you that you are in an environment where that information can be shared with others who appreciate the work it takes to come to conclusions. I wish I could add to your commentary, but you are out of my league and I can only learn from your work.

Dave, I know of no comprehensive books. This NA movement is so big. It surrounds us like creeping slime, pulling us in with emotional clutches. Reputable researchers need to write in detail in order not to sound like kooks. How does one cover religion, culture and both international and national politics, showing the connections, showing people what is all around them tha they cannot see.


Anonymous said...


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