Monday, July 16, 2007

More of Pushing the Cashless Implant Society

I was researching "transhumanism" when I chanced across this little contribution on my web surfing. All apologies to the man whose hearing was restored by a cochlear implant, but notice carefully the reference to brain implants! If the print is too small for you to read, click on the picture to enlarge it to full page view. You may read the whole ugly report by clicking here.[1]



They love to slip in these things like we don't even notice.

I read a entertainment report which was excitedly reporting "NBC is planning a green-themed Thursday night sometime later this season, in which each of our favorite comedies will attempt to encourage environmentally friendly behavior."

I also sponsor a child through what I thought was a reputable organization. She told me in the last letter how she was learning about Global Warming and that I should pray for them.
I don't understand what exactly the connotation is you're trying to make here. Cochlear implants ARE BRAIN IMPLANTS. Are you saying this man should remain deaf?

I can't glean what you're trying to say from your post title. Can you post in a little more detail on you hate or love cybernetics?

I don't love to slip anything in. I want everyone to notice everything. Please, respond.
Why is my report ugly? :(

Seriously, I want to know what you are thinking. Please make it explicit, and I'd appreciate a comment in the thread.
No, I'm not saying this man should remain deaf. I would respectfully call your attention, however, to the "brain implant" portion. Moreover, this person himself (recipient of the cochlear implant) wrote of the tremendous "spiritual" and "sexual" benefits he had received from the implant process. Given prophetic implications of taking the mark, hadvancing this beyond hearing repair, the "hidden dangers" of computer implants are "emerging."
Dear michael Anissimov:

This reminds me of a person I debated in the early 1980s. He listened to me on an Arlington, Texas station and then said, "well, she doesn't sound crazy, but what she says is perfectly absurd! Lady, you've got us all wrouickng. We're a cybernetics revolution. In the past, if I needed money, I had to go to the bank and present my driver's license and other identification. Now, all I have to go present is a card."
I quipped, "next thing you know, all you'll have to go and present is your right hand and/or forehead."
His response was quick and sharp. "Lady, why even most ministers don't take THAT PART [Rev. 13] of the Bible literally! Besides, what's the difference. You take a card now, but for the sake of those who might lose their cards or have them forged, you take a mark in the right hand or forehead -- only your silly religious beliefs could possibly interfere with a convenience like that!
I retorted, "silly religious beliefs?" Ok, let's talk about some of yours [he was an admitted New Age Movement ideologist]: "Luciferic initiations," "plant devas," "crystal power . . ."
"There's kooks in every movement," he said.
"Yes, but unfortunately, the kooks are running yours!" was my reply.
Have a nice day. I'm not anti-technology, but I am against the brain implant technology that would retool our minds! I do take the Revelation warnings seriously! Please keep a very open mind!

Correction -- I saw a typo in the paragraph that obviously should have read:


Dear Michael,

I agree with Constance's perspective and also noticed when choosing your link which she provided, that taking God as Creator out of the equation when considering some of this technology, appeared to be a wise choice. The problem is that God is Who He is, almighty, all loving and all just, and our understanding of Him or choices concerning Him won't change facts. I do approve of the fleur de lis on your website. Besides being the Boy Scout motto and a symbol of France, it also stands for the triune God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for the resurrection of the Lord at Easter, and for His mercy. He has all of that for you through Jesus Christ if you put your trust in who He is and what He has accomplished for you on the Cross by dying for your sins.

by His mercy and doing only,
Sorry, Michael,

Boy Scout logo, not motto. (^:
In your research on transhumanism, you might want to check out a new age website called technicaljesus. I was alerted to it by an article posted by cuttingedgeministries a couple of years ago. It uses a lot of Christian-ese, and has references to DARPA, etc. When I first saw the website provided by the link at cutting edge, there was actually included, "If you're not tryin, you're dyin",talking about the implantable chips, which I didn't see the second time I checked. I didn't stay on the website too long, though, so it might still be in there. Obviously demonic influences there.
Constance, et al,

The brain implant that freaks me out is the one implanted in a monkey and it is wireless. Researchers can control this poor creature. Transhumanists are quite proud of that one.

The CEO of Mid-Continental Research Education Laboratory told a state government task force revamping education that in planning for the future of technology and education for their state, they should plan for implants.

Acceleration of learning is a very strong transhumanist and New Age goal. See Joel Barker's pro transhumanist book "The Five Regions of the Future." Also watch Ray Kurzweil and the World Future Society.

anon as usual
As long as evolution is the accepted apriori the juggernaut of tinkering with human beings will move on. I believe that the issue of evolution is pivital. When conversing with evolutionists I ask: with so many stars you believe that the law of probability apply to life on other planets, but why don't you believe the law of probability as it demonstrates the impossibility of life from rock, from metal, gas or plasma? I've mentioned SETI before, but the notion that life is everywhere is half of the engine of space travel. If you can find Hugh Ross with John Ankerburg, the tools to cope with modern ridicule of us creationists is at hand.
I Cor. the first and second chapters deals with intellectual faith, but Paul sought to preach Christ and him crusified. Are there many wise he asked; Catholic theology keeps at arms length the simple message of salvation. "Knowledge puffs up..." It is not that we should be anti-intellectual, but our hope is in "nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness." To him who debates with the Catholic mind-set, be prepared for a test of wills, not of scripture.

Yours in Christ,
Great post Setterman. I especially loved the last ten words: " prepared for a test of wills, not of scripture". Rudi

I agree with your observation on Catholic theology, and its fruit is obvious. There are a few Christians in that faith, but I believe they will be brought out of that system by the Lord, or end up getting ex-communicated. The new pope made a statement within the last 6 months, stating that the new world religion needs to be humanism, kid you not. Then, within the last week, he issued a statement with wordage which affirms the Catholic stance that theirs is the only true Christian church, which upset real evangelicals and many Jews, who still acknowledge the 70 million lives lost during the Inquisition. They are very good at double speak and covering their tracks, but there were concordants signed giving Hitler the green light to do what he did to Jews and Protestants, and I think they would like to see Solana and the EU running Kosovo. Many of the emergent church practices have strong ties to Catholism. Wouldn't be surprised if a blend of the two becomes the new "Christianity" when globalism is further entrenched.

by His mercy and doing only,
I don't quite understand your statement involving Hugh Ross. But when I googled the two names together the following articles came up. I thought they were very interesting.


PS Has anyone heard from Rich from Medford? Haven't seen him post in awhile.
Rich is focused right now on helping his elderly parents who have major health problems.
Rich, you and you parents our in our prayers.
Dawn, thanks for the "FIGHT SITES", we certaianly can get up-tight if a Christian doesn't agree with a literal six day, 24 hr. creation. I don't know, may be that God created an adult universe; he created Adam as an adult, I believe. However Hugh Ross interprets creation as it is in light of the God of the Bible, the Bible that reveals God's will, his love, His Son who died for us on the cross. I believe that Hugh believes mankind came from Adam and Eve as described in Genesis, but as many others, Barnhouse and Pink as examples believe that Is. referring to the "earth had not been created to be void" was indicative of a pre-Adamic world. I have given away my copies of Creator and the Cosmos and cannot Quote you, but he lists many fine tuned aspects of the universe which makes life here impossible without God. I brought this drunk guy to church several times. He was really getting interested, until a teacher implied that if you don't beieve in a six day 24 hr. creation you could not be saved. That was it. He never went back. So since then I've tried to understand why it so important when scripture doen't really say that much about it. I guess I better be ready to excommunicated from this site, but that's how I think. By the way, Barnhouse's commentary is the best reading outside of scripture I have ever done.
Thanks for the Fire Grid link. Now there is the common danger
Yours in Christ,

I don't think you have to believe in a literal 6 day creation to be saved. I do believe some theological problems exist if it isn't a literal six days. That is another subject for another time. If you peruse the AIG site I believe they have answers to a pre-Adam earth, etc.
Are you on the fulfilled prophecy board?
Dawn, I am not on any board. Greater minds than mine can deal with those issues of a 6 day creation, but as I began my post: I just don't KNOW, and for one will not be tangled up with nonbelievers in road blocks to faith on issues of geology and anthropology; I'm not gualified. However in the area of logic I ask them for an answer to the contradiction of probability. I ask them for an answer for the reliability of Bible prophecy. I ask for answers to the lack of observable evolution and its necessary proliferation. If they are honest they will have to bow, if not honest they will do what most "Haters" of the Bible do and revert to their carnal nature.

Yours in Christ,
I don't know much about this subject, but since in this comments section the subject was brought up about transhumanism I thought some may find this website of interest. The conference has many speakers, one of which is Barbara Marx Hubbard. 'Transhumanism: Evolution's Next Big Move'
Rudi, thanks for the heads up; with the authority of science the world will follow. Note: the greatest challenges are: longevity therapies, sustainable energy, clean water, a restored environment, who could add or top that? The Bible can: SIN.
"Where, as by one man sin entered the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned... " but to acknowledge sin is to deny evolution.

Yours in Christ,
to Setterman...regarding your comment regarding the catholic test of wills verses really hit the nail on the head...

some of us are slaves to truth and once we find it we let it rule over everything else (or, at least that's how it is for me)...

Thanks for the can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink...

Anyway, I consider your statement to be very encouraging...and I'm totally convinced that the catholic church will play a major role in conjunction with the antichrist, and that role will be played during the first 3 and half years of Daniel's 70th week...

And, once he (the antichrist) "comes out of the closet" to reveal his true colors, he won't need the catholic church anymore and God will use the beast to destroy the catholic church...

Im also am convinced that the antichrist will be hitler resurrected from the dead...

The passages in Rev. 13 and 17 indicate that the antichrist is someone who experianced a mortal head wound and "comes up from the abyss", which could only mean he lived, died, and was sent to the worse place of judgement (the abyss), only to come up out of the abyss to be the antichrist...and of course, once the world recognises him, the fact that he comes back from the dead after his mortal head wound (hitler shot himself in the head)...the world will follow after him (and also after the fact that God sends a strong delusion to the people of the world, the unbelievers, at the middle of Daniels' 70th week).

Basically, a replay of WWII, with hitler's relationship with the catholic church, as well as his relaionship with the muslims...

I know tis site disagrees with this position since their convinced the guy from spain is the "man"...

I positioned, on another one of these posts, based on how God uses numbers in the Bible, the fact that the antichrist is the 8th king (from Rev. 17)...the fact that God uses the number 8 as resurrection....also, God uses the number 9 as the number of finallity and judgement...

The number 9 has a special quality to it, maybe you're already aware of it...all numbers multipied by 9, the sum always adds up to 9 (or, everything adds up to judgement) such as, 2X9=18,1+8=9, 3X9=27, 2+7=9, 4X9=36, 3+6=9....this works with every number multiplied by 9...

We see in the Bible how God uses the number 9 by the various mutiples of 9, such has, the number of the prophets of Baal that stood against Elijha, were 450, a multiple of 9...666, the mark of the beast, a multiple of 9, the number of days in the second half of the tribulation period, 1260 days (from Rev. 12) in which God will pour out his end of the world wrath and judgement, is a multiple of 9 (1+2+6+0=9)...

The antichrist will be the 9th person resurrected from the dead (8 persons have been resurrected from the dead in the Bible, 3 in the old testemant, 3 by Jesus, and 2 by the disciples in Acts)...

The antichrist will be person number 9 to be resurrected from the dead, and Rev. 17 says, he will come out of the abyss unto his descruction...

So, based on how God uses numbers in the Bible, the fact that the antichrist is king number 8 (see Rev. 17) and is one of the 7 heads in the vision, this is also another validation of how God uses the number 8 and typically presents it as 7+1...this pattern runs all the way thru the's a few examples...

God creates the heavens and earth in 6 days, rest on day number 7, think how great day number 8 was...

When God floods the earth, he saves Noah and 7 other people, for a total of 8, 7+1...

In God's communications with Abraham, he makes 7 promises prior to the offering up of Issac, and makes promise #8 when Abraham receives Issac back from the dead (and it's Jesus Christ, the angel of the Lord) who makes promise #8.

The jewish son is circumcised on day number 8.

When the prophet looks for the replacement king for king Saul, he is led to the house of Jesse, who presents 7 sons, which are rejected, but son number 8, David, is selected as the new king.

In the new testament, Jesus performs 7 mircles in the book of John, pre-crucifixtion, mircle #8 is performed after the reserrection...

Look at the number of writers of the new testament...they could be catorized as 7+1 as well...Matt. Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Jude and James (seven) and then the predominant writer Paul...

7+1 is a very important and a profound way that God uses the number fact, in can be demonstrated that the 7+1=8 is why we worship God on Sundays...

Look at the last week of Christ's life...he enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, is killed during the week, and then is resurrected on day number 8, again, 7+1...

So, when the antichrist in presented in Rev. 17, as 7 heads, and he's king number 8, it's very very significant and profound...because it's how God has been operating thru out the Bible, but, NOBODY NOTICES BECAUSE NOBODY'S COUNTING HOW GOD DOES CERTAIN THINGS THRU OUT THE BIBLE...

Look at the book of Jude...Jude finds it profound that Enoch is the 7th generation after Adam...nobody tells Jude that Enoch is generation #7, but Jude counts the number of generations that's given in the Gensis account...and Enoch's declaration about the Lord returning with all his saints is validated, because Enoch is the 7th generation after Adam.

The second half of the tribulation period is presented 7 times in the 3 different languages (just like the sign that was hung over Jesus' head at the crucifixtion, declaring that Jesus was the king of the jews, in latin, greek and hebrew)...the second half of the week is referred to as 3 and half years, time, times, and half a time, 1260 days...and so's presented 7 times because it's during the second half of the tribulation period that the rapture ocurrs, as well as Israel's national salvation, as well as God taking back the ownership of the world...

The end of the age also can be presented as 7+1, and I'll be ahppy to share this if people are interested, please let me know.

Sorry to be so long, but if you investigate this and test it against the Bible you'll see that it's true...thanks for hearing me out...

sorry i wasted evrybody's time with my long meaningless drible...

You haven't wasted anybody's time. Your comments have generated debate and that is interesting.

So far, Javier Solana is the man with the power and it gets worse all the time, as he is turning out to be an absolute dictator who also has control of the weaponry.

He is a charming snake, and those who know him will find it hard to believe that he really EVIL, as he turns out to be eventually and the man of sin is revealed.
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