Sunday, July 29, 2007

"Sound Off" with John W. Spring internet radio

Dear Friends:

I am scheduled to be interviewed tonight (Sunday, July 29, 2007) from 11 to midnight Eastern Time (8 p.m. to 9 p.m.) on "Sound Off", the John W. Spring live radio program. It is on various small stations about the country and also live on the internet at The chatroom will be open as will be a live 800 number for questions. Please join us! Topics I think will be included are: (1) The Real ID Act of 2005; (2) EU and Javier Solana; (3) the New Age Movement.


AWESOME Constance!!! will be there

Please, please, comment on the "Letter to President Bush From Evangelical Leaders" published today Sunday July 29, 2007 in the New York Times.

sorry here is the link
I just read the leter at this link, if we are referring to the same letter:

My comments:

1. This gang must not have read Isaiah and/or Jeremiah as closely as I did;

2. I note that it is some of the same faces as those who battled me on the issue of the existence and direction of the New Age Movement, starting in 1982 and beyond:

-- Ron Sider;
-- InterVarsity
-- Fuller Seminary (Mouw)

Are they competing to see who can be the False Prophet?

-- Leighton Ford
-- World Vision
-- Wheaton College

For those of you surprised by Wheaton College, I note with more than a fair degree of cynicism that Wheaton College which gave me so much trouble on the existence of the New Age Movement is located in the same town, Wheaton, Illinois, where it is fair to say that the large grounds of that institution dedicated to Lucifer himself dominate the town. Wheaton has many favorable things to say about Owen Barfield, an ardent Theosophist cum Anthroposist (same thing but under Rudolf Steiner, even worse -- Rudolf Steiner said that when Jesus said he would send the Holy Spirit, he actually meant the Lucifer Spirit) . . .

Well, apologies to all, appears I read a 2002 letter. Now I am going to go and read the 2007 version!
The 2007 letter makes sense, in the prophetical sense anyway, not common sense.

I can see two options to how this may fit into Daniel's 70 weeks:

1) The USA, being a major playing in world affairs, has her major leading and persuading powers agreeing with this "land for peace" agreement.

2) The USA is subverted somehow, most likely by our economic downfall, and weakened to the point of being impotent in world affairs.

This letter reflects the lukewarm church and the willingness to follow preachers who "tickle our ears".

It's happening, and I pray for our country's leaders. You're doing a great job of backing up your views with Scriptural proof Constance. I pray the Holy Spirit keeps feeding you wisdom!

I could not find the online link, but fortunately, my husband brought it home and it is on dining room table. I'm looking at it now

WELL, WHAT DO YOU KNOW, just about what was said in 2002 letter but more so . . . SAME PLAYERS TOO . . . SURPRISE ... SURPRISE . . . SURPRISE!!!!
Constance - johnny and i enjoyed the short evening with you and john springs. it was very informative. The devil does every thing he can to steal, kill, and destroy, but we have the ultimate victory through our King Jesus! When you are trying to spread the truth the devil comes in to hurt or destroy. Joe McNeil is covered in prayer.

I wanted to mention the article "Let's play Yoga" from Creative Living Summer 2007 from Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in case someone on the blog does business with them. It basically promotes a woman who teaches yoga classes to 18 months to three years old. She has a website that encourages parents and children to "play" together and to try the "pose of the day". It makes me sick to my stomach that parents are so ignorant and gullible. So much prayer needs to go out for those innocent children exposed and of course the parents involved..

I am familiar with "Yoga Uncoiled" would love to have it and hope to soon thank you for your suggestion and also enjoyed your radio program about the New Age movement on June 23rd as well.
Thanks to Dawn, Rudi and others who listened and participated, some in the chatroom. As those of you who were listening know, Joe McNeil, the MicroEffectLive broadcaster who personally takes the helm on the weekends had to leave immediately to take one of his children to the hospital. He put on music to fill the balance (1/2 hour) of what was John W. Spring's Soundoff program.

Of course we told him as he apologized to us, 'GO!!

If any of you are in position to help, I know Joe is working sacrificially to put on and he could use financial help. I believe he is set up for Paypal at that site. He is doing a VITAL service for all of us and needs our help.

God bless!

interesting, but have you seen PBS Kids Sprout channel, they are doing yoga there too on the good night show. I have young ones, and was really concerned.

Hi Leana - I haven't seen that. I guess it is no surprise now since pbs pushes enviromental issues on kids using puppets. The new age global agenda gets more bold every day.
wow, you can have a virtual conversion by playing a catholic game online called "Second Life". I guess the vatican thinks this will really work. I wonder if they are keeping up with the catholics that are falling from their religion from this. What are the ratios? I guess you can always confess every Sunday if needed.
Just an update on Joe McNeil's child. His daughter, 7, had deeply cut her leg and needed 35 stitches.
Thank you Dawn I appreciate the update.
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Anonymouse of 11:22
Sounds like you have some personal hiding behind anonymity and spouting vulgarities.

Here's a question, if you disagree so strongly, why don't you simply go elsewhere and fellowship with people of like mind?


love & light, A brother in the LORD sent me an e-mail yesterday, he recently finished a forty day fast out of which comes a reminder and an admonition to love our enemies; right to the end Jesus is attempting to reach Judas by calling him "friend." So in light of not knowing you, I pray for you; I ask the Posters here to pray for you.
Yours in Christ,
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