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MEANWHILE BACK ON THE ISRAELI FRONT: Israel's historically most New Age president, Socialist activist Shimon Peres, the man who signed the original Treaty of Association with Javier Solana and the EU on November 20, 1995, two days before I came upon these players, is once again the President of Israel and working enthusiastically with Javier Solana . You may link to it by clicking: Holly Peters Pivec also has links to it on Things are happening SO VERY FAST! Stay tuned!

Friday, July 20, 2007
8:08 AM
BY Constance E. Cumbey


If a very recent British newspaper article is to be believed, Great Britain may soon surrender its permanent Security Council seat at the UN to the European Union’s Javier Solana. According to EU Referendum blogspot, Great Britain won’t lose their Security Council seat, nor will France, but the EU will instead have its own seat. Britain and/or France will have to defer to the EU and remain silent at the UN Security Council, should an issue arise on which the EU has taken a “common position.” [1] Whichever version of this is true, it will unquestionably mean a much greater role for him ( or any successor) on the world stage. Since October 1999, Solana has headed European foreign and military policy. He also serves as Secretary General of the European Union Council of Ministers. Also, since November 20, 1999, Solana has headed the Western European Union, a ten permanent member military federation. That was to have been a “temporary” one year stint, but I cynically note that the “year” has lasted a very long time and that job is still in existence. Solana uses the WEU job for holding military-industrial confabs that might not be as non-controversially available to him in other venues. [2] Since assuming his initial EU governmental roles, his powers have steadily grown. He now is playing an obviously prominent role in “global governance” as well.

Quoting from that article as it appears in the British Telegraph on line today, July 20, 2007:

The British government had claimed that powers for the EU foreign policy supremo, rechristened a High Representative, have been reduced and his UN role stripped from the new treaty. , , However, an EU official confirmed: "We retain, except for the name of the minister, the Constitutional Treaty text of 2004 including the provisions on the UN. , , "There is a provision which provides for the representative of the EU to state the position of the EU at the UN Security Council." , , The Government had insisted that negotiations on the treaty had ensured that the British presence on the Security Council would never be replaced by an EU representative. However, the text provides for the British seat to be occupied by an EU minister when the bloc has a united position on issues. , , Mr Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, has criticised Gordon Brown for allowing "one of the most damaging and important provisions in the rejected EU Constitution" to be resurrected after referendums by the French and Dutch two years ago voted against it[i][3]

My personal tracking of Javier Solana began in late November, 1995 – November 22 to be precise. As a culmination of his dual six month rotating presidencies of the European Union and Western European Union, Solana executed and signed a comprehensive Treaty of Association with Israel on November 20, 1995.[4] Only one week later, he would preside over the first Barcelona Conference designed to battle religious fundamentalism, set the stage for a Mediterranean Free Trade zone to be launched in 2010, and eliminate and/or reduce USA presence in the Mediterranean. Two days after the conclusion of that conference, he would be unanimously selected as a “dark horse candidate” to the disappointment of former Dutch president Ruud Lubbers who aspired to the job, to be the new Secretary General of NATO.[5] More surprisingly still was that this NATO job came to him only a scant few months after he dispatched Spanish warships against the Canada he declared a virtual state of war against.

While still at NATO, Javier Solana was given unusual grants of power for that usually ministerial type job – the sole power to decide if and when bombs should fall on the former Yugoslavia. Few Americans paid attention when President Clinton declared on national USA TV on March 21, 1999, “I agree with Javier Solana’s decision to do this.” I heard no news person ever ask, “Who’s Javier Solana?”

Solana's first EU positions, apart from the rotating jobs he held before taking over NATO in December 1995 were Secretary General of the Council of Ministers of the European Union; Office of the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, were created by the EU Council of Ministers in December 1998 with the curiously numbered Europa codified Section 666. His job is indexed at Europa under that number.[6] As many who have followed my previous writings about Dr. Solana (he holds a University of Virginia physics doctorate) know, after receiving these powers he used his Western European Union seat to propose even more, also curiously named and numbered “Recommendation 666.”[7]

Subsequent to that, among many other grants of authority, Mr. Solana has been deemed the only person suitable to give orders to shut down the Galileo Satellite System of the EU, headquartered at Torrejon, Spain, “in case of emergency.”[8]

Conceding that 666 job establishing Europa code section numbering may have been accidental, Javier Solana was shortly after taking that job, also placed in charge of the ten nation permanent member Western European Union. This happened on or about November 20, 1999. A lavish global governance party was held at the Palermo, Italy, luxurious New York University Law School owned villa. It was formerly the property of Sir Harold Acton. Page 666 of Sidney Blumenthal's book, records another global elite event. On November 20, 1999, just about the same time, maybe the very same day that Javier Solana was handed the ten national Western European Union presidency, a star studded dinner was held. The event happened near Florence, Italy. Sidney Blumenthal acted as toastmaster. That night, November 20, 1999, the Clintons, the Blairs, Gerhard Schroeder, and so many other world elites were in attendance at it, the Villa La Pietra. So was Javier Solana. He is specifically mentioned on that interestingly, perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not numbered page 666 of the Blumenthal book, THE CLINTON WARS.

"The Villa la Pietra is a sixty room, fifteenth century mansion containing priceless art works and surrounded by acres of manicured Tuscan gardens filled with statuary. Through the pines, more than a mile in the distance, can be seen Brunelleschi's magnificent dome on Florence's Duomo. At La Pietra on November 20, 1999, a dinner was held to open a summit meeting of the Third Way Movement -- Progressive Governance in the Twenty-first Century. . . . "Around the tables sat European Commission president Romano Prodi, European foreign minister Javier Solana, Director-General of the International Labor Organization Juan Somavia, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prime Minister Allesso D'Alema, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, and President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President of Brazil. . . Under the auspices of New York University and the European University Institute in Florence, prominent intellectuals from the United States and Europe joined the party. . . "[9]

Topping all of this was the entertainment. Famed blind Italian tenor Andre Botticelli sang arias.

Solana is a former physics professor and long time Spanish cabinet officer. He is an admitted former Marxist. So far, he appears to be little noticed or is intentionally ignored by the USA's mainstream media. He has had a steady growing stream of powers handed him starting, apparently, in November 1995. In 1995, the six month rotating presidencies of the Western European Union, a ten nation military federation, and the European Union coincided for the very first time. Both rotating presidencies belonged to Spain for that six month period. Both were handed to Javier Solana to handle on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain. He was a mere cabinet officer for Spain at that time. He had also been spokesman for the Spanish government, from 1985 to 1988 while serving as Spain's Minister of Culture.

As the six month rotating president of the European Union, coinciding with one as well for the 10 Nation Western European Union, he executed the first of many Mediterranean area "Treaties of Association, with Israel on November 20, 1995. One week week later, he launched the Barcelona process which was an admitted hoped for Roman empire reconfiguration. Fifteen nations from Europe and 12 from the Middle East would participate. Ehud Barak represented Israel. Yasser Arafat represented the Palestinian Union. Barak proudly told the delegates at those sessions how happy he was that Israel had at long last joined "The European Club." "We have beaten our swords into plowshares," reportedly said Barak.

Only two days after that event from which the USA was excluded, except as an observer, Javier Solana would be named the new head of NATO. Canada, whose Nova Scotia's maritime economy had been virtually decimated by actions earlier that same year by Javier Solana, curiously went along with Solana's unanimous dark horse candidate election.[10]

Solana has also been given sole powers to shut down Europe's Space Agency in case of emergency. He is also working diligently to consolidate all military powers of the European Union. This means a potential army to him of 2 million men and modestly estimated 160 billion Euro budget.

That Javier Solana appears to be calling shots, even with the USA, is shown by treatment recently given Tony Blair. Although George Bush badly wanted Tony Blair, virtually his only EU ally, to be the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East, Blair has now been bluntly told that he has no authority to enter into negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Evidently, Javier Solana wants the diplomatic glory of that accomplishment all for himself. This is still another of the growing examples of Javier Solana always appearing to get his own way. [11]

Javier Solana is an apparently ubiquitous enigma. He looks bluntly totally harmless. I would describe him as being appearance wise as "somebody you would buy a used car from and feel perfectly safe, everybody's favorite uncle, everybody's favorite professor, the most comfortable pair of old shoes in your closet." In short, he looks perfectly safe.

Is he? His publicly revealed petulance over Tony Blair's appointment reveals another side to this man -- a more pensive, darker side. His declared antagonism to USA religious feelings in 2003,[12] his disregard for the religious feelings of Serbian Orthodox believers who are seeing their religious capital, Kosovo, ripped from them, his disregard for the Gush Katif Jewish Gaza settlers who were forcibly dragged from their former homes, only to have Gaza turned into a new terror center for the rest of Israel.

With the help of Stanford University and New York University, and the USA's Brookings Institution, Javier Solana is in the vanguard of drawing up new global governance machinery. [13] Those efforts have been even applauded by the USA's State Department. In that same speech and other speeches, Javier Solana expressed dismay that "nobody wanted to obey" and his interpretation of what he calls "The You-Tube Effect." [14]

'We now know that we must bring together the world of soldiers, diplomats, judges and development experts. More fundamentally the old system cannot cope because power is shifting away. Within political systems: to the media, markets and above all to individuals. . . . These days, there is less obedience. Who wants to be a follower if you are constantly told you can be what you want to be? It is striking that in Britain, the slogan for the recruitment for the army has changed from "Your country needs You" to "Be all you can be".[15]

On July 14th, Javier Solana celebrated his 65th birthday. It appears that France and Great Britain gave him some pretty big presents in the form of the new European treaty. Solana has long coveted Security Council access. This time, it appears he just may have gotten it.[16]

I hope my present impressions about this man and his career are wrong. If they are not, may the Lord help us all!

[1] Article, “Getting it wrong,”

[3] Article by Bruno Waterfield in Brussels, “EU will take Britain’s EU seat, says Hague.” July 20, 2007,



[6] General Report 1998 - Chapter V: Role of the Union in the worldSection 1: Common foreign and security policy (3/24), Section 666, Europa.

[8] See e.g., Lindstrom & Gasparini Chailott Occasional paper No. 44, April 2003: “European Union Institute for Security Studies paper, “The Galileo Satellite System and its Emergency Implications, Chailot
[9] Blumenthal, Sidney. The Clinton Wars. Farrar, Straux and Giroux, New York: 2003. Citing page 666-667. The actual paragraph may be read online under a “search inside” feature on’s website,

[10] Article by “Yours Truly,” “Curious Triangle”

See Javier Solana’s official Curriculum Vitae at






This article is now up on I saw it over there!
Speaking about the trend to globalization, I read that US General Bergner believes that trend is dangerous to US security; I wonder when he'll retire!

"(T)he rulers take counsel together, against the LORD..."

Yours in Christ,
The role and careet of the illustrious JS has been very interesting. We prophecy (g)ooglers are indebted to you and Herb for your awareness, research and writing on this man.

HOWEVER, I want to question whether this single minded focus is not a little premature and inordinate.

Remember the saying "que sera, sera? Whatever will be, will be. Well, concerning the AC, WHOEVER will be, will be. I follow your observations, and I know you have some exceedingly good reasons for voting JS as the member of the human race mostly likely to succeed as AC. Nevertheless, it still seems to me nothing is definite yet at this point in time. And there ARE OTHER POTENTIAL CANDIDATES, a few names of which might come to mind are, for example: George W. Bush. Vladimir Putin. One of the Princes of Wales, Charles or either of two sons.

There are other possibilities, known and unknown who could potentially answer the call of duty. Who knows – Jimmy Carter, perhaps. I am not writing this as a detractor, but to encourage caution against premature over focus. As I have said before, I agree, there are many factors that could point to JS. You and Herb are/were good researcher analysts. I don’t criticize you for holding an opinion and expounding upon it. It is well for anyone to study and discuss the messages of the scripture, but one can also get overextended in speculations. For no one can claim to be the final authority on the scriptures.

That said, may I share some thoughts as to likely prime characteristics of an A/C.

The Greek term ANTI-christo most likely connotes one who “IMPOSTER-christ”, false-christ, counterfeit-christ. And christo is simply the word for “anointed” which can also refer to those who are spirit filled believers. So Jesus CHRIST means Jesus ANNOINTED, or Jesus OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD. It is Jesus’ title, and we can also think of it as the heavenly surname for all those who join the family of Jesus. So therefore, all true Holy Spirit filled believers are “anointed” by the Holy Sprit, (which is why all believers are ‘kings and priests unto the Most High’ and therefore, as being in Christ, they share his heavenly surname of ‘christo’. Now the ‘church’ of the New Testament, is not an earthly, institutional, IRS recognized, tax-exempt organization as recognized within and by the earthly realms of fallen mankind. It means the “ecclesia”, or those who are called. In the scriptural understanding, it specifically refers to ALL those who are sanctified into the spiritual “body of Chirst” and are so therefore “members” of Christ, or in other words, are “in Chirst”. Again, all those who are spiritually joined with Christ, and are written into the Lamb’s book of Life, who are become citizens of the Holy City, children of God. These are the “church”. [And yes, you can be assured, there are NO denominations of this One and Only True Church of God. For, “if you are not ONE, you are NOT mine.”] Now the Good Shepard knows his sheep, and the membership role of His Church, is not kept in an official file or database of the earthly realms. The membership role of the one and only real Church of Christ is written in the Lamb’s heavenly book of life, of those who are heirs of eternal life. All members on that role list, belong to Christ, and are in-dwelt by his Spirit, and are adopted into his heavenly family, and so have literally taken upon them the name of God, the surname, Christ. They are therefore true christs. Now those who are goats instead of sheep, tares instead of wheat, or wolves in sheeps clothing, who designate themselves as members of the church of Christ, and presume to go by His Name, and thus do take the Name of the Lord in vain, and so claim to be, and seek to appear outwardly as believers in Christ, but are false in their hearts, are not true christs, but are false, sheep-clothing, anti-christs.
THEREFORE, it does seem to me, that THE ANTI-CHRIST, who is not the Son of God, but will be the son of perdition, will be one who CLAIMS to be a Bible-believing, born-again, spirit-filled, heaven-bound and SAVED Christian.

THE FALSE-christian. THE ANTI-christ.

Indeed, John wrote that in the first century there were already many anti-christs.

Does Solana claim to be a born-again, saved Christian? What prominent leader in the world today do you know of who DOES claim to be a born-again, saved Christian?

“Not every one who saith unto me Lord, Lord, will be saved, but he that does the will of my Father.”

“By their fruits you shall know them.”

Think on it.
sober k, nowhere does it say that the anti-Christ has to be somebody who puts it around that he is a Christian, and at the beginning of the Church many of the early Christians believed that the Emperor Nero represented this character.

To everybody else, who, like myself believes that Javier Solana is the strongest character yet for fulfilling the role of the AC around at the moment, I would say hold the line, because this man, Javier Solana, is as slippery an entity as could ever be, who fulfils the characteristics required, hence we have somebody who appears to be a peacemaker, but loves weapons (Javier collects them), has a darkened eye (dark literally and also somebody who is associated with occult through the influence of his mother perhaps), has sufficient dealings with Israel that in future he can convince some of them that he is a Messianic figure (somebody who will save them from their enemies, and after the next war involving Israel, there is going to have to be somebody who will appear to intervene and stop it before Israel is destroyed).

Javier Solana is also able to command fire to come down from heaven, being as how he has control of so much of the weaponry in Europe.

No love of women, I could say more, but wont.

No regard for the God of his fathers, can be taken either to mean the Catholic church (Spanish connection), or his Basque connections (the Basques are believed to originate from the Syrian region and their goddess was Mari, but Syria is also the place where the Israelite Tribes of the Northern Kingdom were taken into captivity because of their idolitary, and many were dispersed to other areas, hence the question of the original origin of the Basques being from Israelite roots giving them (and Javier Solana) a Jewish connection.

These are just a few pointers to the characteristics we should expect to find when addressing the question of the AC, but one thing is for sure and that is that the AC is somebody who will ultimately bring in the persecution of those who believe in Jesus Christ because his heart, like his eye, is darkened.
To 7:10 a.m.

Well, I doubt that my focus is single minded. I doubt your other anti-Christ analyses; however, as I have told others, "your guess is as good as mine" BUT, Javier Solana could well be and most definitely IS an educated guess. There is absolutely no scriptural prophecy that the Antichrist will be a born again Christian. For certain, unless he has had a most recent conversion, Javier Solana, who is, to the very best of my knowledge, an atheist, closer to the religious school of Sam Harris (a classic God denier).

Prince Charles the antichrist? What a joke, with all due respect to Tim Cohen and Joan Veon (whose work in many ways I respect especially to the latter).

Let's review those prophecies CAREFULLY (Tim Cohen claims things on Prince Charles started jumping out at him after he asked God to show him -- not to mock such a prayer, but the prophetic specifications need to be adhered to).

These are known prophetic specifications for whoever "the dude" ends up being (and for Javier Solana's sake, I do hope it is NOT him, but I am increasingly suspecting that he is a viable candidate, given the powers he has been increasing to himself, along with the attitudes he has displayed towards the "New World Religion" (Alliance of Civilizations) and against Christianity.

-- A vile person shall arise
-- To whom THEY SHALL NOT GIVE THE HONOR OF THE KINGDOM (this sure doesn't fit Prince Charles, does it -- if he outlives his mother, the kingdom is his)
-- He shall come in PEACEABLY
-- With the aid of a few
-- and obtain the kingdom by flatteries ("your excellencies" as my man so humbly says to his largely royal and heads of state as they eat up his in my opinion fake humility and hand him increasing amounts of power)
-- He would worship no God whatsoever and would regard himself as being above all that is worshipped as God; (fits an anti-clerical profile)
--Ten kings (countries & their heads)) would hand him their power (which is what happened -- precisely ten WEU countries handed Javier Solana their power on November 20, 1999;

Combine these things with Javier Solana's RUTHLESS BOMBINB of Yugoslavia civilian targets and media targets; his disdain for "the You Tube Effect" and wanting folks to OBEY

FINALLY, although I discounted Bible Code evidence, I cannot ignore that as I wrote in an earlier blogspot that Javier Solana's name does (maybe coincidentally, but that is one where odds are trillions to one against such a coincidence) spelled out in Greek through every New Testament prophecy regarding the antichrist INCLUDING all three gospels. I'm not talking about loose silly, one in 50,000 word searches, but about TIGHT SEARCHES where the skips are no more than 1,000 words. This happens with no other name I am aware of, but it does happen with Solana. Same result with Hebrew searches in the Old Testament.

Combine that with Javier Solana's dealings with Israel (he is determined to make 'a permanent solution' to peace in the Middle East -- something that would be very nice, but also something prophesied the antichrist would seek to do), his determination to have a mobile marked population (check out Operation GMES, Project Galileo, GEOSS (USA is also in on that one), and the report I had hyperlinked on ARMING BIG BROTHER.

No, at this point, Javier Solana certainly cannot be RULED OUT and even if he is not THE DUDE, he certainly has accumulated in an unnoticed fashion, nearly obscene amounts of power, and Bible prophecies aside, which I cannot ignore, remember Lord Acton's maxim: POWER CORRUPTS. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.

Even if Hitler was not the final dude (and he aspired to be from the historical Jean Michel Angebert and other accounts), those who died in his crossfires are just as dead.

Also interesting are the global federations and confederations against USA which Javier Solana has obviously done much jet travelling to accomplish.

It was prophesied that whoever it was would have one Biblical role to fulfill -- to bring down "the whore of Babylon" -- some interpret that as a church --
I am afraid, unfortunately, that those prophecies could well fit the USA and JS might be the one to help bring her/us down. The EU countries are handing Solana power to EQUALIZE themselves with the USA and it was God's will that this happen, taking Rev. 17 literally.

At any rate, your guess is as good as mine, and thanks for your response, even though presently I respectfully disagree.

Constance E. Cumbey
Spammers are NOT welcome here. I am about to delete the one about "extra summer cash."
Do you think that it is a coincidence that Shimon Peres & Ehud Barak, whom both were prominent figures when the Barcelona Process was launched, are now again playing a significant role in the gov't of Israel, or is there somesinister motivation behind this?

With all the evidence that Constance reviewed in her 8:40am post, how you do Constance, interpret what Rev. 17:8 says...

The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the abyss and go to his destruction...the inhabitants of the earth...will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, now is not, and yet will come...

How do you explain that verse in conjunction with the research on JS?

The verse almost makes you think that the AC will be someone who lived in the past, was very evil and sinful (thus being cast into the abyss) and the world will be astonished when they see this man who they thought was dead...

Rev. 13 makes mention of the mortal head wound would causes the world to be astonished...

In my humble opinion, I think your research leaves out room for the supernatural aspect of the antichrist, because it appears that this man is someone who lived in the past, dies, and comes back to life...

And, this is a person who lived in recent history, so that, upon his return, the whole world will be astonished upon his return...

You even alluded to him in your book Hidden Dangers...

The beast in Rev. 17 has seven heads, five have fallen, one is, and one is yet to come, but when he comes he last just a short time...

without a shadow of a doubt, the five kings that had fallen (when John was receiving the revelation) are found in the old testament history (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, and then the Greeks between the old and new testaments)...the kingdom that was the "is" was the Roman empire that was in existence when John received the revelation.

The king that must come but last just a short time, must be Hitler...and you alluded to him in your book.

The canidates for the AC come from the 7 heads of the beast in Rev. 17. And, the beast is the eighth king, yet he's one of the 7...

I shared with you that God uses the number 8 in the Bible as resurrection, but that doesn't seem to registure as being important...

Saying "how God uses numbers in the Bible" must make some people roll their eyes...but a serious study of how God purposely uses numbers in the Bible is quite amazing and insightful...and I don't mean some crazy fanciful wierd thing...

But a serious study of how God uses numbers in the Bible gives us special insight to the purposes of the master and creator of the universe, the author of the Bible, the supernatural being that is declaring the end of history from the beginning...

And, His finger prints, when it comes to how he uses numbers in the Bible is amazing and simply proves HE WROTE THE BIBLE...

And, to make a long story short, 8 stands for new beginnings, super abundance, as well as reserrection...

And it's very very important and profound, that the antichrist is the 8th king, but he's one of the seven...

How does JS fit into that scripture teaching of the mortal head wound, the fact that the world will be astonsished to see him, because he was, now is not, yet he lives?

Your input would be greatly appreciated, thanks much.


P.S. Revelation 13 says 6 is the number of man (at this point in the Bible, the Bible assumes the reader understands why the number 6 is the number of man)...take 6 and multiply it by 6 and you get 36. The numbers from 1 to 36, when added together, add up to 666.

The Assyrian kingdom, as well as the Roman empire, both lasted 666 years...
Not sure what to make of this new development. Does this mean that Solana can override a few members of the security council? Does he get a veto?

How would that play into his constant requests to add more members to the security council? At one point, I remember he wanted to add members to make it a group of about ten.

To me it has the markings of a corporate takeover. Just my thoughts,

Thank you for the response and that excellent condensed review of your reasons. Like I said above, your reasons are very good. Whoever it turns out, I guess that by the time he requires a mark for everyone to buy or sell, that will be the clincher.

I fully concur with you about the USA role as the harlot. That is pretty tough for many to get thier heads around. Because, after all, who really wants to see it that way. I don't. I wish to God it were otherwise. But the fit is inescapable. And thre is so much, much more that could be said on that subject. But I prefer to see the reality, even if it is not pretty. Rev. 17 and 18 are two of the most powerful prophecy chapters in the entire Bible. Every detail is significant.

I know it will all work to ultimately fulfill the will of God. That is the only thing that makes these times bearable.

Thank you for doing this Blog Constance. Otherwise I would have no one to communicate with who really wants to grasp the prophecies, and where we are right now. Whatever differences in our understandings, you still have my appreciation and respect.

ANONYMOUS 12:07: Your comments on the the significance of numbers in the Bible is very interesting. There is always more to learn. That is why we are participating here, I hope.
It would be nice if you had a handle to refer to.
Hello Gerry, interesting to read what you have written about numbers and all.

I was thinking that maybe the astonishment will be when Javier Solana pops up as Emperor Solana, and just when everybody had thought we had done away with all that stuff.

Just a thought.
I think it is pretty obvious that the beast which was dead and came back to life is a POLITICAL SYSTEM such as Nazism -- not a resurrected and/or "reincarnated" bad guy.

For the record, to review an "Oldie but Goody," I addressed this in my 1983 released book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.
Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that you, the author of these long pieces, may be Doug Krieger?

I'm not into following prophecy which may or may not result in an end times scenario. History has shown over and over that tyrants have brought the world down on the heads of the people surrounding them because people have allowed it to happen. I've seen too many people who feel they have to do nothing because end times are coming, they will suffer somewhat and it will be all over, kind of like "It is prophecized and I can't do anything about it so I might as well enjoy myself until it happens." Kind of like sitting back and watching a stage play where one knows the ending.

Yet, Constance has written about the New Age movement, Solana, the EU accurately and it cannot be ignored by rational people. It is a resurgence of Nazism. Solana does not work alone. He has support from thousands of organizations and political figures. If Solana died of a heart attack, the movement would probably have a choice of standins who have been groomed. Watch Solana carefully because a standin can just take the reins if he dies. You are getting a peak into a power structure gone mad with the need for control.

Is there a supernatural component? Yes.

"The heads of the great powers in the geopolitical arena of the Bible are described as people who have dared to cross the boundary between the human and the divine."
Idolatry and Political Authority.

"Ezeliel describes the prince of Tyre as follows: 'The word of the Lord came to me: O mortal, say to the prince of Tyre: Thus said the Lord God: Because you have been haughty and have said, "I am a god; I sit enthroned like a god in the heart of the sear,' whereas you are not a god but a man, though you deemed your mind equal to a god's..Assuredly, thus said the Lord God: Because you have deemed your mind equal to a god's, I swear I will bring against you strangers, the most ruthless of nations. They shall unsheathe their swords against your prized shrewdness, and they shall strike down your splendor. (Ezekiel 28:1-2, 6-7).

There are other examples of what happens to people who exault themselves above God, who believe they can control the world better than He has through his laws by making their own laws in contradiction to His.

Could any individual or individuals affect a power hungry movement? It appears Constance did. Does she get credit in the press? No. Probably there are many behind the scenes doing what they can who have made a difference and have saved the moral and physical lives of their neighbors, who have in that way changed the course of history. Find out what you can do, and do it.

To Sober K at 2:23 not sure what you mean by "It would be nice if you had a handle to refer to", please explain...

To anonymous at 6:16...I doubt very seriously if 90% of the world knows who JS is... most wouldn't be able to identify him in a line up, much less be astonished if he was the there's something spectacular about the AC's appearance (such as being someone who lived in the past and comes back from the dead, a person that lived in recent history, so that people recognize him)...

Regarding numbers in the Bible...I recently ran into a principle in the Bible, what I call, The Lord's Day Principle. I call it "The Lord's Day Principle" because I think it's how we eventually arrived at worshipping the Lord on Sundays (verses the Sabbath which is Saturday)...

And the principle hinges on the number 8, and the number 8 is usually presented in the Bible as's a brief overview of what I mean...

Consider the week of creation...God takes 6 days to create everything, rests on day 7...think about how great day number 8 must have all likelihood, no sin, no death, a great beginning (by the way, man was created on day number 6, a Friday, and thus the number 6 is associated with fallen man)(Christ was crucified on Friday, the same day of the week that God made man)...

If the creation week is the template for our week, because the Sabbath is celebrated on Saturdays, then the first day of creation was a Sunday, and the first day after the Lord's first Sabbath, was a Sunday...of in other words, the creation week had two Sundays, the first day of creation (when all the angels shouted for joy since God started creating the material world) and then the first day after the first Sabbath)...follow me so far?

If you study the Trinity, the hierachy of the Trinity is always, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, thus assigning the number two to Jesus...we see this when we realize his two natures (the God-Man, the lion and the lamb), the two testaments about Him, his two comings (his first and second) it makes sense that the first week would have two Sundays, which is the day we now worship the Lord on...

By the way, the name of this principle comes from Rev. 1, where John says he was in the spirit on the Lord's day (and then the revelation is given to him)...

We see the same thing when we study the last week of Jesus' life. He arrives in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, is crucified later in the week (some say Wed. Thurs. or Friday) and then is resurrected on Sunday...this last week could be divided as 7 days plus the day of his resurrection, or 7+1...

This principle runs thru out the Bible.

Noah and 7 other people survive the flood (again, 7+1)

The Jewish sons are circumcised on the 8th day.

God makes 7 promises to Abraham pre-offering of Issac (Gen. 12:1-3, 12:7, 13:14-17, 15:13-21, 17:9-15, 21:12, and promise number 8, deliverd at the time of Issac's resurrection from the dead (see Heb.11:19) and the 8th promise is delivered by the angel of the Lord (Jesus, Gen.22:15)...again 7+1.

Look how the book of Exodus closes, Ex. chapter 40...7 "as the Lord commanded" statements (verses 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, and 32) and one statement "Moses did everything just as the Lord commanded him" in verse 16. Again, 7+1.

1 Sam. records the prophet's search for the replacement king (King Saul is rejected by God)...the prophet is sent to the house of Jesse, 7 sons are presented (see 1 Sam. 16:10)all seven are rejected, it's son number 8, David, that is annointed. Some teachers think Jesse only had 7 sons total, but 1 Sam. 17:12 states that Jesse had eight sons in all. Again, eight is presented as 7+1 in the search for the replacement king.

When Ezekiel saw the wheel, he was appointed as the watchman after 7 days (on day number 8)...see Ezk. 3:16.

The Feast of the Lord are given in Lev. 23. The Feast of Weeks (which symbolizes the birth of the Church) takes place after 7 weeks, and then God tells them to add ONE DAY to the count (see Lev. 23:15-16)...when the church was born on the day of Pentecost, it ocurrs on a Sunday...again, 7+1.

In the new testament, John records 7 miracles done by Jesus pre-crucifixtion (John 2:2-11, 4:46-54, 5:1-18, 6:1-15, 6:16-21, 9:1-41 and 11:1-57...miracle number 8 takes place after the resurrection, John 21:6-11.

8 people individually resurrected from the dead, 3 in the O.T. (1 Kings 17:17-25, 2 Kings 4:32-37 and 2 Kings 13:20-21...3 by Jesus (see Luke 7:11-18, Mark 5:35 and John 11)...and 2 by the disciples in Acts...8 total

The transfiguration takes place on day 8 (inclusive reasoning, see the New Living Translation of Luke 9:28)

Look at the authors of the New Testament, they are 7+1...

1. Matthew
2. Mark
3. Luke
4. John
5. Peter
6. James
7. Jude...and the most important writer...
8. Paul

Again, regarding the N.T. writers, 7+1...

Some will argue the authorship of Hebrews, but in Peter's writings to the Jews, he states in 2 Peter 3 verse 15...our beloved brother Paul wrote to you...what book could Peter be referring to? Must be the book of Hebrews...

The 8 "Almighty" statements in Revelation (Rev. 1:8, 4:8, 11:17, 15:3, 16:7, 16:14, 19:15 and 21:22)...

also, the eight references of Jesus in Rev. 1 from the old testement (Rev. 1 verse 5 (see Isa. 55:4, verse 7 (see Dan.7:13, verse 7 (see Zech. 12:10) verse 8 (see Isa. 41:4) verse 11 (see Isa. 48:12 verse 12 (see Zech. 4:2) verses 13-15 (see Dan.7:9,13,22 and Dan.10:5-6, and verse 16 (see Isa.44:2)...notice how the old testament references are given in order:

A. Isa.
B. Dan.
C. Zech.
D. Isa.
d. Isa.
c. Zech.
b. Dan.
a. Isa.

The order of the old testament references are VERY deliberate and certainly done so on purpose...8 of them...

Sorry to be so long, but by the time we get to Rev. 17, the seven heads are 7 kings, the beast is the 8th king (see Rev. 17:11)...this again, follows the same 7+1 presentation of 8 all the way thru the Bible.

Therefore it appears that God uses someone from the past, someone very easily recognized as being dead and gone, only to be resurrected from his mortal head wound, comes up out of the abyss, to be the antichrist...Sounds like Hitler...the 7th king who's reign was short (just like Rev. 17:10 says)...and the world will be astonished when they see him.

Also, Hitler will be the 9th person to be resurrectd from the dead, and 9 is used in the Bible as wrath and judgement by God. The Rev. 17:8 passage says, ..."and he comes up from the abyss to his destruction" (that goes along with being the ninth person to be resurrected).

The 7+1 "thing" also comes into play with the 7 Feast of the Lord. God gives Israel 7 feasts in Lev. 23 but there's an eighth feast that will come into play at the end of the age (again, 7+1).

This has to do with the number 4, which is the number of the created world, and a number that is closely associated with Jesus Christ. I'll be happy to share more on the number 4 if people are interested, please let me know.

Again, sorry for being so long, but I hope you get a blessing from my studes into how God uses numbers in the Bible.

God bless,
Hello Gerry, yes numbers do appear to be very important in the Bible and the number eight is a number used by God a lot, just like the numbers six and nine are liked by those who worship another god and will use them at every opportunity because presumably they believe they give some sort of power to their plans.

Regarding the beast who once was and now is not and will come up from the Abyss, how about this for a take - remembering that John was seeing this from the end time although he was still living at the time of the beginning of the Church, we then have,

the beast you saw once was - The Roman Empire, led by an Emperor

the one that now is not - The HOLY Roman Empire - led by a Holy Roman Emperor, the Pope

and the one that will come up from the Abyss - The Empire of the European Union founded by the Treaty of Rome, which will also be led by a leader who will become like an Emperor, and even take that title.

The three Empires having had rule over just about the same peoples of Europe.

This final person/entity will be a kind of Trinity like personality in the form of the dragon, beast, false prophet, who will institute worship of himself or whatever he wishes, but will be used by Satan to persecute the Jews and Christians (as did Hitler).

I am not sure that the US will still be in a position to do anything about him because (sorry folks from the US) I don't think the US will be around to have any effect because something momentous will have happened to take away her power.

This will leave the new EU Emperor with the role as the most powerful man on earth.

The dollar will no longer be the trading currency, it will be the euro.

And this will leave the Anti Christ in a powerful position to put into action the plans he and his cabal have been planning for a long time, namely, the destruction of the main religions and the installation of their own.
To Constance at 11:35...with all due repsect, how does a political movement get cast into the abyss?

The passage says in Rev. 17 "and "He" comes up out of the abyss to his own destruction"...

That sounds like a person (the passage uses the word "he" comes up out of the abyss) not a thing such as a political movement...

And also, the symbolisism used of the woman sitting on the beast, speaks more to a false religion system and not the USA. This "false religion" has it's beginnings in ancient Babylon and represents the "Mystery Religion" that was started by Nimrod and his wife Semiramis in Babylon.

Prositution and whoredom is sybolism used by God in the old testament, He often referred to it while scolding Israel and called her a whore.

Eventually, Israel started practicing this pagen religion and that's one of the reasons God punished Israel...

The passage in Rev. 17 says that the woman has committed fornication with the kings of the earth.

This woman, which symbolizes the false pagan religion from Babylon, was the state religion of each one of the heads/kings of the 7 heads of the beast in Rev. 17. This false religion is like a chameleon, it changes it form based on the culture it appears in.

But the common denominator for this pagan religion is the mother-son, goddess and child relationship.

So, in other words, the form of the religion with the Egyption king is Isis and the child Horus.

Back in the O.T. the names were Baal and Ashtaroth, or Tammuz and the Queen of Heaven.

Eventualy, this false religion was chrisianized around 300AD by the Roman emperor Constantine and eventually became the Roman Catholic Church.

All the traditions and rituals of the catholic church are pagan in origin, it also fits well with the Queen of Heaven (a term originally used in Jeremiah 44) and today the term is used for the virgin Mary.

The catholic encyclopedia freely admits that there prayers to the saints, buring of candles, prayer beads, eating fish on friday, and so on, have their roots in paganism...

And today, the mystery religion still exists but now has taken the form of the roman catholic church.

This ancient religion has been killing God's people for thousands of years, thus the woman on the beast is drunk on the blood of the saints...and the catholic church has a sorid history of killing millions of christians during the dark ages.

She's also headquartered in the "city of seven hills" (Rome)and the Rev. 17 passage states, "the seven heads are also seven hills" and some versions of the bible says "that the woman resides in"...thus, confirming who this mystery woman is...

She even had a relationship with Hitler's Nazi Germany, and will also have a relationship with the antichrist as well...

The followers of Islam are OK with the virgin Mary, they hate Christ but they respect and hold in high esteem the virgin Mary.

Also, at Fatima, named after the daughter of Muhammad, Mary appeared in the early 1900's and gave the children who saw her false doctrine and teachings that are contrary to the Bible.

If you know anything about the truth of God's word, you can spot the fake church, which teaches people to earn their salvation, is full of blasphemous doctrines and will play a major role at the end of the age.

The catholic church also has ambassadors to the various nations of the world, with the various nations having an ambossador the the Vactican in Rome.

How do you come to the conclusion that the whore is the USA? Based on what?

Thanks for your time...

to anonymous at certainly could be on to something, but I think it will be a person who comes up out of the abyss, not a empire or political movement, but a person...

And the fact that one man was responsible for killing 6 to 12 million Jews should gain the attention of every Christian, it was a very powerful and profound moment is history, and one which will probably be repeated at the end of the age...

Hello Gerry

The whore of Babylon is believed by many to be the Roman Catholic Church (The Second Roman Empire), and the colours of purple and scarlet are correct as they are the colours of the papacy.

There is, though many don't realise it, another Church within the Roman Catholic Church which has priests who also believe that this description in Revelation relates to the Roman Catholic church, and who believe they are working from within to put right a Church that has been corrupted.

As regards the whore of Babylon and New York, I know the statue of Liberty is actually the depiction of the goddess that was known as the whore of Babylon. Wouldn't have thought that was such a good thing to have symbolising a city.

Don't suppose a cross would go down too well there though!
Dear Leana,

Solana has been seeking Security Council restructuring, presumably to diminish USA influence there. He is also seeking a way to have influence over the present structure, which his speaking for present Security Council members (France, Great Britain) would clearly have. Without studying it as much as I would like to do before making this comment, it looks to me like he might be, as they say in the vernacular, "hedging his bets." He wants to change the entire UN structure, pack the Security Coucnil with new members -- it appears to me that he wants change that will be to his benefit.
I am admittedly skim reading as I have legal projects that must be done, but to Gerry, I believe, "how does a system get tossed into a pit." Clearly that system will be headed by A MAN. The prophecies of 2nd Thessalonians and Rev. 13 etc. make this most clear. I have personally long suspected that the beast rising from the pit with 7 heads and ten horns could be the G-7 which the horns being the EU and the little horn, perhaps Dr. 666, aka Dr. Solana. The beast is a system headed by a person who has let himself come under control of an ungodly spirit.

More on this later.

To Constance...

I can appreciate your work load, I head back to the office tomorrow myself...

To be honest with you, I thought we were on the same page (regarding who the AC might be)since you mentioned the hitler connection in your book...

When I stumbled upon how the number 8 is used in the Bible I got excited and wanted to share it with you...

I'm not saying I'm 100% right, I just wanted to share and I feel now a little bit foolish for doing so...I didn't know some people could be so mean (not you, just some of the comments that have been said in other posts)

I think we'll all be shocked when things play out, but hopefully, as the church, we won't be caught by surprise when things take off, cause I'm convinced the rapture will take place during the second half of the tribulation period (and we'll see who'll the AC will be), right before God pours out his wrath on The Day of The Lord...

Anyway, I don't mean to be confrontational but I don't take a person's word about this or that about prophecy, just because they say so, but I want to hear the scriptural reasons why this or why that...

I know I've been long winded in some of my posts, but I hope you would study the scripure references regarding the numbers because it's my research and studies and I hope to honor God with it...

Have a good week and hope your cases go well...God Bless!

Here is my guess it appears that a prophecy from Daniel may be be fulfilled in the next several days.

If the EU is to usurp Britian's seat in the UN security council, then it effectively usurps ALL european seats. Currently, Britian, France (permanent) and Italy (elected) have seats on the security council. It looks like they are being pulled up by the roots to make room for this "smaller horn".

Daniel 7:8 says "Just as I was thinking about these horns, a smaller horn appeared, and three of the other horns were pulled up by the roots to make room for it. This horn had the eyes of a human and a mouth that spoke with great pride."

Hello Ted, you may be onto something there, and regarding the description of 'eyes of a human and a mouth that spoke with great pride', that about sums up that arrogant lot who are taking over from Solana on downwards.

All the time making out they are in favour of democracy, yet taking it away from those countries they have netted in. What arrogance, how dare they!
Commenter Ted may well have called this one one the nose

Dear Gerry,

Thanks for your comments -- you are right, things are happening rapidly.

Juast wanted to hurts a ton to give a lot and get nothing back in return...hope you all figure it all out...please be sure to turn off the lights when you're done...

just another sqeaking wheel, i'll just go back to my hole, thaks for the love...

Anonymous said...
Juast wanted to hurts a ton to give a lot and get nothing back in return...hope you all figure it all out...please be sure to turn off the lights when you're done...

just another sqeaking wheel, i'll just go back to my hole, thaks for the love...

12:51 AM

Not sure who you are, but I hate
(1) to unnecessarily hurt feelings;
(2) to have people feel unwelcome to post here.

I just wated to say...I'm the person who am down and out...I'm the very least of many, and I'm the person who shared the numbers thing, which meant nothing to anybody...this is something (the numbers thing) I'm very honored to know, cause God allowed me to see this and it wasn't taught to me by some other man (although I was influenced by the writings of Bullinger)...

I feel that God blessed my studies, cause I've been studying God's Word, and especially prophecy, since I was 12...all on my own, reading wrtings of other scholars such as yourself.

Bible Prophecy is pretty much meaningless to most Christians...everybody's got an opinion and everybody's got their own translation of what the meaning of the various prophecies mean...but, I'm trying to discover the absolute truth, the single ultimate meaning of a prophecy, and that's what I want to know...

Anyway, my feelings were hurt when I shared what was very precious to me (my work, my research, what I give God the glory for) with a group of people which seemed to have fallen on deaf ears...

I admit, it hurt my feelings, kind of like, casting my pearls before swine (no disrespect intended)...I thought the info I shared was very profound, it's not my material, but it's an inside view into how God works thru out the Bible...

But, I was foolish to think that others would have been inpressed with God's work since it came from a nobody...I'm GREATLY impressed, not because I had anything to do with it, but because It's GOD's WORK, and it HAS HIS FINGERPRINTS all over it!

There's more too, and I'll try to share it even though it's like casting pearls before the un-appreciative...


The numbers are important and they do have meaning, that is why certain numbers keep cropping up time and time again throughout the Bible as though God is sending us messages about certain things.

Thanks for sharing your postings. I have found them interesting.
Thanks 12:01...I appreciate your kind words and encoragement...I'll give you the iceing on the cake in the latest posts...God bless you...

Another disturbing sign of the times: Evangelical Lutherans, the largest Lutheran denomination now to allow ministers in "gay" / homosexual relationships to remain in ministry!

REMEMBER, one of the reasons God executed judgment on Israel was that they failed to clean the Sodomites out of the land!
To anonymous 12:51


To anonymous 12:51



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