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The EU Deal

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The European Union Deal

July 25, 2007
by Constance Cumbey
A article
edited and revised 7-26-2007 for my blogspot readers

On a random internet search, looking frankly for something else I never found, I just discovered an off the road lovely little blogspot maintained by one of Javier Solana’s most obvious London based thinktanks: The Centre for European Reform. A few years ago, Herb Peters and I laughed on live radio air at a $10,000 award two of its foremost analysts, Charles Grant and Steve Everts received from the prestigious New York City based Foreign Policy Association for winning an essay competition for ideas on how to better manage “Transatlantic Relations” in its alleged “growing divide.” Their prize-winning thoughts:

We joked on the air over WMUZ radio in Detroit on my then regular program, “Law Talk,” “Now why didn’t we think of that? We could have had $10,000 to divide by writing the obviously desired lines of other power elites: “Give Javier Solana more power, more money, and more staff.”

Grant/Everts’ exact essay wording was “Streamline decision-making and give Javier Solana more resources.” Quoting from their prize winning essay:

By all accounts, Solana has been a great success. He has put the EU on the map,
in the Balkans, the Middle East and elsewhere. The time has come to give him a
formal right of initiative. Doing so would put him at the same level as the
Commission and the member-states. It is clear that EU foreign policy would be
more impressive if all sides worked better together – and if the EU could take
decisions more easily. One way to achieve both these objectives would be to
promote more joint initiatives. The EU should decide that if the High
Representative and the Commissioner for external relations agreed on a joint
proposal, then EU foreign ministers should accept it if a qualified majority
voted in favor. Because Solana has such excellent links with the capitals, he
would filter out any idea that he knew was too controversial. Similarly,
involving the Commission at an early stage in the policy process can ensure that
its extensive resources are used to support the EU’s diplomatic strategy. . . .
In any case, Solana needs more resources. The EU needs to triple the CFSP budget
– to the still modest sum of €120 million. EU leaders routinely say they want
Europe to assert itself more strongly on the global stage. But then they balk at
the financial consequences. Clearly, the EU cannot develop a credible foreign
policy ‘on the cheap’. Solana also needs more people working for him. In the
short term this means stationing more national diplomats in Brussels. In the
medium term, the EU should create its own diplomatic service. EU diplomats
should shuttle between the Brussels,the capitals and the Commission delegations
outside the EU. They should gradually take the lead in blending national
perspectives on international problems. Developing shared analyses is the best
way to ensure that member-states also agree on the necessary policy responses.”

Co-author Steven Everts thereafter not surprisingly left the CER to take a position on Javier Solana’s cabinet. Charles Grant stayed behind, also to the benefit of Javier Solana. The CER ideas were instrumental in shaping notions that would be incorporated in shaping Javier Solana’s to be all powerful Foreign Minister post in the failed European Constitutional drive.
Now his compatriot Charles Grant and company are working hard to shame Great Britain into accepting the deals made on the new “Treaty” cum constitution in drag. This is what Grant says are the main features of “the Treaty”:

· A semi-permanent president of the Council will replace the 6-monthly rotating presidency. The various formations of the Council of Ministers will still be chaired by the rotating presidency.
· The exception is the Council of Foreign Ministers, which will be chaired by the new High Representative for EU Foreign and Security Policy (this post is a merger of those held by the current High Representative, Javier Solana, and the
commissioner for external relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner).
· A new double-majority voting system for the Council of Ministers, under which a decision is passed when it is backed by 55% of the members-states, so long as these represent 65% of the EU’s population.
· The powers of both national parliaments and the European Parliament in EU law-making will be strengthened.
· From 2014 onwards, the Commission will only have 18 members (the seats will rotate among the 28 EU member-states, with Croatia likely to join before 2014).

When there was obviously popular rejection by the peoples of the affected countries themselves to this acknowledged “democratic deficit” power grab, new scheming began. That culminated in the recent treaty meetings and there seems to be an obvious “the people be damned” approach to it. British elements are trying frantically to force a referendum. Eurocrats and global elitists are frantically trying to stop one from happening.

Obviously, what is being framed here is much larger than simply Europe. Why else would a USA based group hand $10,000 for a simply worded essay that suggests handing one man, Javier Solana, such unilateral power and control?

In my 26 years of researching the New Age Movement and 12 years of researching Dr. Javier Solana and his roles in Middle East processes, NATO, the European Union, and now “global governance,” I have learned that those advocating all of the above play a lovely little game of “now you see us, now you don’t.”

Charles Grant, the obvious Javier Solana partisan who stayed behind at the CER think tank while his writing partner, Steve Everts went on to be a part of Dr. Solana’s EU cabinet emphatically insists that Britain does not need a referendum. [1]

Impugning noble intent to this Brussels power grab, Charles Grant prefaces the report by saying:

Thank goodness for the agreement in Brussels last night. Without a deal, the EU
would have been mired in arguments on treaties, institutions and process for a
prolonged period. Now, hopefully, the Union can move on to deal with real
problems in the real world, such as climate change, energy security, Kosovo, the
revival of Russian power, and so on.

The English based CER has plenty of praises for Germany’s Angela Merkel and her Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier for expediting the process. At the same time, they appear unduly anxious to hand inordinate powers to one man in what appears to be one of the greatest “trust me” games in history.

My mother told me never to trust somebody who says “trust me.” I would never say never, but I would definitely say that when one is very anxious that you forego a referendum, I would personally double my caution.

What are the terms of this “treaty” that the CER is so anxious for the British to uncritically accept, sans referendum? Why are some on the USA side of the “Atlantic pond” so anxious to hand one man in charge so much power, money, and staff?

Fortunately, some of our British cousins appear to be waking up. According to EU Referendum, a spot I permanently link to from my personal blogspot, at least one member of the House of Lords has called a spade a spade:

“. . . the new trade minister Digby, Lord Jones, who says, ‘this is a con to
call this a treaty - it's not. It's exactly the same - it's a constitution.’"

Of course, the CER has attempted, as is usually the practice when one observes New World Order items in implementation before pronouncing them “a done deal” to characterize the objectors as humorless. An article on their blogspot alluded to just that, “of mice, men, and European Reform” by Hugo Brady. Much more fascinating were the critical comments more discerning readers placed under the pro-Treaty blog:

Well, as a famous wit once said, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” And I might add that “a skunk by any other name is still a skunk.” And tyranny by any other polite moniker such as “democratic deficit” is still tyranny.

I don’t want to tell my British cousins what to do, but if I were them, I would stick to my guns and demand that referendum. They have nothing to lose but their national identities and their freedoms! And ditto here in the USA where we have the not so subtle pushes for “global governance,” also under the “benevolent” guidance of Dr. Solana aided by the Brookings Institution, Stanford University, New York University, and with the apparent blessings of even our USA State Department.

I often tell my law practice clients, “there are two things one should never rush into: one is marriage and the other is divorce.” I think on a national and global scale, we should be very cautious about rushing into a union we may well live to regret. If the prophesied revelations are true, and given the present objective evidence, I cannot help but believe they are, truly union with this global governance scheme will be ultimately and tragically regretted by many.

May the Lord help us all and may the Lord now especially give wisdom and discernment especially to the more immediately affected Europeans as they face this ultimate insult to their long held identities, all presumably in the name of “peace and safety.”

1, "We do not need a referendum: The new treaty agreed by EU members last night does not change the way Britain is governed or transfer significant powers to Europe" by Charles Grant, Published in the Guardian blog, 23 June 2007 Article by Steven Grant,
© 2007 - Constance Cumbey - All Rights Reserved

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I am finding it hard to find words to describe these political parasites.

But right before our eyes Javier Solana is becoming more and more the Dictator we are expecting for the end times, aided and abetted by these characters who already appear to be willing to kiss his feet if he asks them.

Self serving sly snakes, the lot of them!
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Constance, you asked someone recently, maybe it was rhetorical, what ? would you ask JS? I would ask him who his two "idols" were. Who most influenced his ideas.
When you ponder that Hitler, aside from his narcisstic necrophilia, honored men like Bismark, Hegel, and Nietzsche. The will to power, and fascism energized by Darwinism "trample(d) many an innocent flower-crushed to pieces many an object in its path." Hegel Or as Hitler would say of the leader of the monstrous militant culture that began WWI: (Bismark's Germany)"was a work of splendor." Nietzsche would add hatred of Jews and Christians, saying of the latter: "(an) immortal blemish of mankind."
What could we learn from knowing who or what fashioned the mind of JS?
When I wrote in defense of Christianity I said: "the hope of an eternal peace is ugly to those who love death." I look back with sorrow to those who "delight not in righteous", who cannot be carried away with the "beauty of the Lord."
"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..."

Yours in Christ,
Here's some interesting reading on Dr. Solana:
Here's an interesting one on what Constance calls "the cashless society":
All this information about chips is reminding me of the film called 'The Invasion of the Body Snatches' only it wont be some plant creatures that have replaced the people, it will be the people themselves walking around being directed to go wherever to do whatever by the authorities who control the chips.

To all intents and purposes a world of robots, and wouldn't Emperor Solana love that with everybody obedient to him. Otherwise, they will be brought to their knees until they learn to obey.
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HK 's post for thought...

10 ¶ Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
11 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the assaults of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.
13 For this cause take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to resist in the evil day, and having finished all things, stand fast.
14 Stand therefore, and your loins girded about with verity, and having on the breastplate of righteousness,
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace.
16 Above all, take the shield of faith, wherewith ye may quench all the fiery darts of the wicked,
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
18 And pray always with all manner prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watch thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all Saints, ( Eph. 6:10-18)

...I just thought God's perspective might help us all here.

HK, thanks! I needed that!
For Martin Lauchenauer and others, please look at this:

Could Javier Solana become the Antichrist? It is very interesting to note that his name means "Savior and Sunlight". The Book of Revelation tells us that the number of the AntiChrist's name name will be 666. What happens when we spell Javier Solana in Hebrew? If we spell it like this...

kaf = 20
vav = 6
yod = 10
resh = 200

chav- ee- yer

shin/sin = 300
lamed = 30
nun = 50
nun = 50

So- lan- na

Absolutely REQUIRED READING from THE ECONOMIST on the Middle East Peace Process, Tony Blair, Javier Solana, etc., etc. in an article entitled BLAIR OF ARABIA. I will be writing more on this later, but for now the TINY URL to read it is:
Well, what's betting that Blair will withdraw having done his bit for peace in the Middle East out there in the 'snake pit' as it was referred to. And he will get pats on the back from everyone for having tried thereby enlarging himself even more on the world stage all in readiness for the one who is really going to bring in the 'peace', namely Solana himself.

Seems to me that Blair, Solana and the rest of them are in the right place then, in that 'snake pit' that was referred to!
For those younger readers who are not familiar with my work on uncovering the New Age Movement which started in 1981, I have placed a brand new link on the right side of my blogspot. The tiny url to this downloadable video is
and I thank Dr. Stanley and Barbara Monteith for posting it to the web and making it available for all of us. Here is a short url link to it as well:

As so many lies have been told to the Christian and Jewish communities about the size and scope of the New Age Movement and what its ultimate objectives are, this is important viewing. I would have preferred everybody to see me younger and slimmer, but c'est la vie! Besides, if my enemies ever catch up with me, I'll be much slimmer in a hurry! I like to joke that "I have a face made for radio . . ."
Just found a fascinating article available on line entitled "A Military Constitution for Europe?"

Here is a tiny url link to it:
Thank you for posting that Constance.

It appears we are positively infested with these people with their New Age ideas.

Could you please give information as to how to get to see the second part.
Regarding 'A Military Constitution for Europe' how can any of us doubt that Javier Solana is the man behind all of this, and how glibly he explains it as if this is going to be beneficial, meanwhile once again, getting his own way and his own army at HIS command because after all the Council of Ministers will be going along with what he wants.

And that sly snake Blair is quite happy for all this to go ahead without the people of Britain or the British Parliament even having the slightest say about it.

How can we believe that these are honourable men. They are despicable sly creatures trying to put one over on the whole of Europe. The one consolation is that some members in Europe are not willing to go along with this quite so willingly, unlike Brown, Blair's replacement, who merely wants to sweep it all under the carpet and not discuss it, or give the British people the referendum they promised before Labour got elected.

How fortunate for these Labour liars in Parliament that at present we have the floods to deal with and that is helping to distract from what Blair has done.

It is almost as if these things happen dead on cue to distract the people from what Blair did. If you recall almost immediately Brown took over we had the terrorists trying to fire bomb several places, and that was several weeks of distraction.

How convenient.
To Anonymous 8:39

I understand Dr. Monteith's filming crew is still working on editing the second part which was about Javier Solana and the EU. It was probably complicated by my presentation of a power point presentation which wasn't so easy to capture!

Javier Solana addressed the Bilderberg meeting in 2002. Here is a tiny url to find it:
Not only did he address it, he spoke to the STEERING COMMITTEE!


Address to the Steering Committee Bilderberg followed by working lunch

Please don't forget this coming Saturday's radio program. My guest will be John W. Spring and we will be discussing the Real ID Act of 2005. To see another creepy EU development on RFID technologies and the mu chip, check out this website:
I just discovered that if I clicked on the pictures on this earlier article I posted they would blow up to full page view -- you might want to watch them in conjunction with the 666 info posted by "anonymous"

Javier Solana is charm personified, and who doesn't he know. Looks like he is good pals with just about everybody who is anybody in the political world.

But that could be because by and large he is getting his own way, but we should be warned because these charmers when they don't get what they want are usually the ones who turn nasty, and what a shock that is for everybody when it happens.

And with Solana, it will.
Couldn't get the picture link to work. The direct blog link is fine, but not the picture. Just FYI in case it's not just my computer.

Thanks for all your hard work, Constance! See you soon!
Javier Solana was seeking just one European seat, presumably to be held by himself as early as 2003 and perhaps even before then. Here's a tiny URL link for you to read on just that!

Per CNN news I just finished watching, EU and USA have signed an agreement to sign airline passenger data adn store same in cross checking data bases that includes RELIGION and PHILOSOPHY as well as EMAIL addresses!

John W. Spring will be discussing this subject today on at 2 p.m. Eastern Time and 11 a.m. Pacific time and again tomorrow night on his radio program at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, 8 p.m. Pacific Time, also on

FOLLOW UP to my NUMBERS posting at 2:30 under the "Javier to be Speaker for the UN" tab...



In my 2:30 posting, under the "Javier to be speaker for the UN" tab, I reviewed how God uses the number 8 in scripture, and how the number 8 is typically given or presented as 7+1 (in which 7 things are alike, and the 8 thing typically stands alone or is unique.

The same 7+1 phenomenon occurs with the 7 Feast of The Lord which is given to Israel in Lev. 23.

The 7 Feast of The Lord actually are special convocations that belong to The Lord and are given to Israel (and man kind) as special celebrations which Israel were instructed to "celebrate" once a year at a specific date or time of the year.

These special "feast" or "celebrations" actually depict God's future agenda, depicting the coming great accomplishments of their coming Messiah. Just like we celebrate the Lord's Supper in rememberence looking back the Jews celebrated the Feast looking forward to the fullfilment of what the Feasts represented...The 7 Feast of the Lord are as follows (See Lev. 23):

The Feast of Unleaven Bread
The Feast of First Fruits
The Feast of Weeks
The Feast of Trumpets
The Feast of the Day of Atonement
The Feast of Tabernacles (or Booths)

When these Feast, and what they represent, are fulfilled, they are done so at the time the Jews are celebrating the feast...or in other words, The Passover Feast represented the sacrifice of the coming Messiah, and Jesus is crucified on the Day that Passover began. The already fulfilled feasts, all fulfilled in Jesus' first coming are as follows:

Passover symbolized the crucifiction of the Messiah (thus Jesus was crucified the day Passover started at sun down (Nisan 14).

The Feast of Unleaven Bread represented the fact that the Messiah would be "sinless" and would not decay in the grave (leaven was used as a symbol of sin in both the Old and New Testamants)...and while Christ was in the grave, not decaying because he was sinless, the Jews were waving unleaven bread before God at their Temple...

The day Jesus resurrected from the dead, the Jews were waving the "first fruits" of the Spring harvest before God, because the Feast of First Fruits represented the Resurrection of the Messiah.

Then, God had instructed the Jews to count 7 weeks (from from the day after Passover, the Feast of First Fruits), plus one day, and then they were to celebrate The Feast of Weeks (Pentacost). This time, God instructed them to wave two loaves of bread, this time both loaves were to be prepared WITH leaven. The Feast Of Weeks, or commonly refered to as Pentacost, represented the birth of the Church, the church being comprised of both sinful Jews and sinful gentiles (thus the two loaves of bread containing leaven).

All 4 Spring time Feast were fulfilled in Christ first coming. 3 within two or three days of the crucifiction and the forth one 7 weeks later (plus one day, which also speaks to the 7+1 senario I've already explained in my earlier posts).

The 3 remaining feast (and there's also a 4 feast which will fit into God's usual 7+1 template) will be fulfilled at Christ second coming.

So, thousands of years ago, the Jews would celebrate once a year, the future great accomplishments of Jesus, in symbolic form, thru the Spring feast and the winter or fall feast.

The summer time period, which had no feast, represents the current time period that we live in. The Spring time feast were fulfilled in Christ first coming, then there's a lull between the spring feast and the fall feast, which represents the time period (which we're currently in) between the spring and fall feats, and then the fall feasts will be fulfilled at Christ second coming (don't know about you, but I find this very exciting!)...

What do the Fall feasts represent? And, what's the 8th feast that fits into the 7+1 template that God has been using thru out the existance of the material creation?

The Fall Feasts, and what they represent, are as follows:

The Feast of Trumpets is the Rapture.

The Day of Atonement (now called Yom Kippur), represents the Day God forgives Israel for rejecting their Messiah.

The Feast of Tabernacles (or Booths,and now called Sukkot)represents the time God will live in the presence of man in Jerusalem)...

And the 8th feast, which gives us the 7+1, is the Feast of Lights, which goes by the name Hanukkah.

The 8th Feast was given to the Jews, by God, thru His working of the Greco-Syrian kingdom which ruled over Israel between the old and new testaments.

This is how Hanukkah came about. The anti-christ type, Antiochus Epiphanes, entered into a peace treaty with Israel (sounds familiar don't it)...and eventually he desecrates their temple by setting up a greek god and killing a pig on the alter. The Jews fight back, being led by the Maccabees, and eventually conquer Antiochus.

They regain control of their temple and start to cleanse it. They find a golden lamp stand which had only one day's worth of oil. They lit it and it burned miraculously for 8 days (here's the number 8 again) and the Jews invent the Feast of Lights.

The whole battle with Antiochus is prophesied by the Prophect Daniel, thus this eighth feast is given to Israel by God's sovereignty, and this feast represents the future VICTORY of the Messiah over the antichrist.

So, how do I know this is what will take place?

Look at the close of the book of Daniel...

Daniel gives an overview to the end of time in Dan. chapter 11 and 12.

The middle of the tribulation period is given in Dan. 11:45 when the a.c. sets up his headquarters in Jerusalem, the rapture takes place in Dan. 12:2, and then the angel tells Daniel in Dan. 12:11, From the time the sacrifice is taken away and the sacrilegious object is set up (the abomination of desolation) to the end is 1290 days, but blessed is the man who makes it 1335 days...

What does this mean? Rev. 12 verse 6 tells us that the second half of the tribulation period is 1260 days, the angel in Daniel tells us 1290 days, plus an additional 45's the answer...

The last day of the tribulation period will be The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the day that God forgives Israel for rejecting Christ Jesus. They will mourn for him greatly (see Zech. 12:10-14)...and look at the typical mourning period of the Jews in Deut. 34:8, when the Jews mourned for the loss of Moses...30 DAYS...that takes us from 1260 days (the number of days in the second half of the tribulation period) to the 1290 days given by the angel in Dan. 12.

The total number of days, from the last day of the trib. period (1260), to the number of days given us by the angel in Dan. 12 (1335) is 75 days, which includes a 30 day mourning period....

The number of days, between Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) and Hanukkah (the feast that represents the future victory of Christ over the antichrist) is 75 days.

Now, break out your calandar and count it for yourselves...75 days from Yom Kippur (the last day of the tribulation period) and Hanukkah...thus the mysterious ending to the book of Daniel is solved! All becaues of the 7+1 template...

if people can survive the wrath of the antichrist, plus the wrath of God during the Day of the Lord wrath, which takes place sometime during the seond half of the tribulation period, and make it to the 1335 day, how blessed is that man!!!

So to review...the Spring time feast which were fulfilled in Christ's first coming:

Passover = the crucifiction

Unleavend Bread = sinless, no corruption in the grave

First Fruits = Resurrection

Feast of Weeks = Birth of the Church

Summertime (no feasts) = the time period we're currently in

Feast of Trumpets = The Rapture

Feast of Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)= Forgiveness of Israel for rejecting their Messiah

Feast of Tabernacles = God living in the presence of man in Jerusalem

75 days later, after Yom Kippur, the Feast of Lights = Jesus' victory over the antichrist, and the temple cleansed and restored...then the 1000 yr. period begins.

I hope you get a blessing from my work, I give God all the glory for teaching me this, and it's only because of His goodness towards me that I've been allowed to see this and share it with others, God bless...

I'll keep an eye out if you have questions...sorry for being so long.

Dear Gerry and all others,

I'm not sure I've digested your whole contribution, but thanks for your input and I will read it with interest!

Thanks to Rudi, Dawn, Brian Davis, Dorothy, for their enthusiastic participation on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio program today!

Thanks Gerry, I am going to run that off and concentration on it to fully understand it with all the feasts and all, which are something we are not taught much about in the churches.

By the way do you think that Jesus would therefore have been born on some special Jewish commemorative day also?
Thanks Constance for letting us know that. Unbelievable that they even want to know that about our religion and philosophy, because any terrorist would know to say something else other than Muslim so what is the point of this except to be another way to get a information on a person.

This smacks of the type of thing Adolph Hitler did so that when he brought in his Reich Church it was easier to get people to swear allegiance to him when he knew who they were. This was after he had done away with the Old Testament and tailored the New Testament to suit his ideology. Otherwise it was the concentration camps from which you may never emerge again.
Thanks Constance and contributors for today's on-line radio program. I finally was able to listen to much of it. I've broken-out my guides to edible wild plants; when you head for the hills the pine trees provide much nutrition.
Gerry I enjoyed your labor of love, thanks!

Yours in Christ,

Loved the show today. I wanted to mention to you about one of the books in my collection "Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West" authored by Gregory L. Tilford.

It mentions alder, poplar and willow among some of the edible trees, but they taste bitter (the catkins). I have another book too, but can not locate it right now.

To 7:31...The fact that the O.T. foretold that the Messiah would be born of a virgin probably excludes any notion that Jesus was born on a special Jewish day...but maybe we'll know more on the other side...

I'm sorry for being so long in my post, but the information (how the Feast of The Lord represents future events & accomplishments of the Christ) is very important, especially to Christians...

Keep in mind, that the antichrist will try to "change the set times and laws" (Dan. 7:25), this must mean our great enemy realizes the significance of the Feasts as well...

Hey Setterman, I'm glad you were blessed, its really amazing to see how GREAT God is...God Bless!


would Purim be any significance to this- possibly Christ's birth? It comes before passover. I had read that this year their was a lunar eclipse on Purim and that would be a significance to the Jews regarding the Messiah.

Thanks for the link, Constance.
Appreciate your input as well as this entire website & the comments, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all yet alone do the research or hit everyone’s info links.
I will jump in anyways.
Your work on the Feast Days caused me to remember a book I read many years ago called ARMEGGEDON: Appointment With Destiny by Grant Jeffery. He did a wonderful compiling of research regarding the many events that have happened with Israel on the corresponding Feast Days of Scripture. I found it remarkably interesting reading. Here’s a cut (* are my own insertions) from his book:

“Although there is no clear, scriptural proof of the exact date of the birth of Christ, John’s Gospel is very suggestive that the day was in fact the Feast of Tabernacles when he use the unusual word “tabernacled” to describe the birth of Christ. “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt [tabernacled – Greek] among us” John 1:14”
*dwelt (skēnoō) 4637= to fix one's tabernacle, have one's tabernacle, abide (or live) in a tabernacle (or tent), tabernacle
“Christ’s age of thirty-three and a half years at His death on the Feast of Passover, as evidenced by the historical data in Appendix B would correspond precisely to this birth date of the fifteenth day of Tishri, the Feast of Tabernacles
Considering the phenomenon that over forty major events in Israel’s spiritual history have occurred on the anniversary dates of biblical feast or fast days, it is more than probable that the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ also followed this pattern and occurred on the anniversary of the Feast of Tabernacles. If this is supposition is correct, then each major event in the life of our Lord followed one of the three main Feast Days which required all male Jews to come up the Jerusalem temple to worship the Lord.
He would have been born on the Feast of Tabernacles (the fifteenth of Tishri):
crucified on the Feast of Passover (the fifteenth of Nissan)
and His promised Comforter, the Holy Spirit, baptized His church with power on the Feast of Pentecost ( the sixth of Sivan).”
*I feel the need to inject this additional info also taken from his book on p.56
“Although the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Hag-HaMatzot) is quite distinct from the Passover Feast, it occurs at the same time and lasts seven days from the fifteenth day of Nisan through the twenty-first. During these seven days, Israel was to eat bread without leaven (leaven symbolized sin) in remembrance of their baking bread in their haste to escape Egypt.”

1 Cor. 5:7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:

Excellent input Shalom...I enjoyed what you provided and will ponder that information...

Keep in mind, that the Lord instructed Israel to celebrate Passover on the 14th of Nisan (see Ex. 12:6)

The crucifiction, if it ocurred on a Friday, would have been Friday, the 13th of Nisan, with the 14th (Passover) starting at sundown (or about 6pm, according to how the Jews reckoned time)that Friday evening.

God had instructed the Jews to kill the Passover lamb at "twight" on the 14th (Ex. 12)...

So, it appears the Jesus died about the same time the Jews were slaying their Passover lambs.

Another interesting thing, it does appear the Jesus died on Friday the 13th. It's a long story, which I won't go into, but God uses the number 13 as sin and rebellion and also as REDEMPTION...

Isaiah 53:12 says that He "was numbered with the transgressors", so it's fits perfectly, that Jesus died on Friday the 13th of Nisan.

Also, when you study the week of creation, which became our template for our week, since the day of God's rest was on Saturday, man was created on day #6, or, Friday of the creation week (which is one of the reasons the number of man is 6, see Rev. 13:18)...and thus Jesus died for mankind on the day of the week which was the day of the week that man was created...GOD IS AWESOME!

Also, the last week of Jesus' life, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, which would have been the 8th of Nisan. Keep in mind that the number 8 is very very important in the Bible.

Palm Sunday was also the LAST day of the 69 weeks of Daniel. The 69 weeks of Daniel, from Dan.9:24-27 foretold of the coming Messiah, and that He would be "cut off" and it would appear that He accomplished nothing.

The 69 Weeks of years represents 483 years, based upon 12 months, 30 days per month, which equals 173,880 total days (or, 483 years X 360 days per year = 173,880 total days)...

The last day of the 69 weeks of Daniel occured on Palm Sunday, and Jesus wept over Israel (see Luke 19:41-44) because Israel should have been counting the days from when Nehemiah (see Nehemiah 2) was given permission to rebuild Jerusalem (which began the 69 weeks) till the coming Messisah 173,880 days , or 483 years, later.

Notice, Jesus says "this day" in Luke 19:42, this last day of Daniel's 69 weeks...the prophecy coming true, and Jesus would die several days later...

What's amazing about it is the fact that He arrived in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, which was the 8th of Nisan, and the number of days in the 69 weeks of Daniel (173,880) is a multiple of 8...this is very profound and deliberate on God's part.

Also, since 9 is the number of judgement, and Christ was to be crucified a few days later ("cut off, having to appeared as accomplishing nothing") 173,880 is also a multiple of 9...TOTALLY AMAZING...since Jesus would taste the wrath of God, and His judgement, on OUR behalf...

We have a GREAT GOD, will His wonders ever cease?

God Bless!

Gerry, amid all the prophecies concerning the AC, you guys are giving us some interesting, enlightening fulfilled prophecies; just as the Jews of Jesus’ time should have KNOWN the hour of their visitation we should know the hour we are in, but aside from the convergence of signs, do you have any number 8 like sign(s) that could be studied in such a manner?
to, there's no number related prophecies that I'm aware of...

I'm sure, that there's probably something related to the number of days between the last of the spring time feast and the beginning of the first fall feast and how it relates to the current time period and how long it (it being, the time period between feast) will last...but that would be pure speculation...

A couple things things to be considered...

Paul said in Romans 11:25, that when the full number of the gentiles are saved, then Israel's blindness would be removed, and then their national salvation would ocurr...

Then, in Rev.6:11, when John see's the believers who had been slain for the testemony, and they call out to God to judge the world...

They are told to put on their white garments and told to wait a little while longer, till the full number of their fellow servants were killed...

Those are two examples of God counting "things" till He moves to the next step of His plan...

So, it won't surprise me if the number of days between the last spring feast and the first fall feast means something signifigant...but I don't know how to calculate such a thing...

Regarding the Purim question, and it's timing to the birth of Christ,,,we certainly know Jesus wasn't born on Dec. 25th, in the middle of winter...Dec. 25th was a very important date in the pagan religion and thus it (Dec. 25th and the birth of Christ) was inherited by the catholic church and thus passed down to modern man...

Hope this helps,

Thanks Gerry.
I especially found interesting the part when the permission to rebuild the temple spoken about in Nehemiah 2 [vs. 11 & 12 appear prophetic] and the time of Christ being ‘cut off’ spoken of in Daniel 9:24-27 as marking the end of the 69th week [also spoken of in Daniel] was praise worthy [1st Adam & the 2nd Adam] you no doubt study & delight in God’s precision timing.
Israel’s birth in May of 1947 is a fact that the whole world all over the globe knows about and can see.
God’s time clock ticks with Israel - Matthew 24:34 “Verily I say unto you, This generation [40/70/120 years] shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.”
$10,000 dollars for an essay is just wrong!! Proverbs 29:16 “When the wicked are in authority, sin increases. But the godly will live to see the tyrant's downfall.” [NLT]. Thanks Constance for all your intense work!!
Just want to correct the date from the previous post to May 14,1948

When Jesus said, This generation will not pass away, but will see the Son of Man coming in His glory...

He was referring to seeing all the signs he just foretold, not the rebirth of Israel...

To summarize the signs He foretold:

False christs coming in His name
Wars and rumors of wars
Natural disasters
Death (as a result of the above things)
The abombination of desolation
The antichrist's persecution of believers...

When all these signs are seen, that generation will not pass away, but will see the return of Christ.

His alusion to "the fig tree, when it blossoms, you know that summer is near" isn't a teaching that says when Israel becomes a nation, the generation that sees that will not pass away...

He is teaching, when you see the fig tree budding, you know summer is near...when you see these signs, that I just told you about, the generation that sees these signs will not pass away, but will see the coming of Christ...

Don't mean to be offensive, just clarifying His teaching...God bless you...

Dear Gerry,

I agree with your interpretation: the generation ALIVE when these things begin to happen shall not pass until ALL IS FULFILLED. Certainly Israel is one of those important things we were to watch for, but in the context of what Jesus is saying, the tree and its budding, in my opinion, represents watching signs of the times, such as budding would represent a time when the appearance of the fruit was near.


I agree with you whole heartedly...Israel becoming a nation was certainly needed to be completed prior to the rest of the signs...but once the various signs begin (which by the way, the signs correspond to the 7 Seals in Rev.)then, that generation will see the return of Christ...

I've been so misled over the years that I've really tried to get to the bottom of the truth...and I started thinking for myself instead of letting others tell me what the various prophecies mean...

I mean, look at the whole pre-trib position, their own teachers have openly admitted that the Bible doesn't support a pre-trib rapture, but think how many "Left Behind" books have been sold...

At least, the "Left Behind" series are classified as FICTION...

I'm off to Boston for the week, see you guys on Sat. (God willing)...God Bless,

Dear Gerry & Constance,

Gerry said:
“Israel becoming a nation was certainly needed to be completed prior to the rest of the signs...but once the various signs begin (which by the way, the signs correspond to the 7 Seals in Rev.) then, that generation will see the return of Christ...”
3:57 PM

I think we are saying the same thing; this is exactly what I was referring to when I said Israel was God’s timepiece.
The rebirth of Israel was the main thing needed.

We’re we disagree is… I see that the fig tree does represent the Jewish nation; Israel [Jer. 24:1-8] because Scriptures tell me so. The word ‘figs’ depicts the Jews & ‘tree’ is often used as a symbol for a nation. Scripture interprets scripture. So without this key event [1948] being in place those ‘signs’ spoken of in Matt. 24 had no special significance. There always have been; false prophets, wars & rumors, etc…. BUT until this event took place the ‘generation’ who would actually see these ‘signs’ [which included the rebirth of Israel] would be the ‘generation’ to see His return.

thus God’s time piece [Israel] the beginning of the ‘generation’ to see.


I agree with you about the fig tree representing Israel, but anytime the fig tree is mentioned doesn't mean it's always Israel, and that leads us to the fine art of discerning what the symbols mean and when to understand when it's a simple fig tree or when God is using the fig tree as a symbol for Israel...

Jesus told one of his followers, I saw you sitting under the fig tree and then I decided to call you...

Was he saying, I saw you sitting under the nation of Israel and I decided to call you...or how about when he cursed the fig tree because it didn't have any fruit, was he cursing Israel, or was he cursing the fig tree?

Part of understanding the Bible correcttly, is determining when the fig tree simply means a fig tree, and when it means something else. We try to learn from the analogy being used, or when does the fig tree, in context, represent Israel...

So, when Jesus spoke about the fig tree putting out it's buds, and we can tell summer time is near, that's exacting what he seeing these signs, just like when you see the fig tree putting out it's buds, you know that summer is near, and you'll know my return is near...

Too many people read things "into' the scriptures, and by stating, that the fig tree is Israel, and that the putting forth of it's buds means Israel becomes a nation, and this generation will not pass away, is reading something into the scriptures that Jesus wasn't saying...

The old testament book of Ezk. with it's dry bones prophecy, certianly pictures Israel becoming a nation again, but the fig tree teaching by Jesus, saying that it represents Israel becoming a nation is a stretch...a big stretch, because, that isn't what Jesus was teaching, that's missing the whole point...

I hope you're open to this...God bless...

Yes, I agree with you that discernment is needed when rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15
Dear Constance
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