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Blair vs. Solana?

Trouble in Jerusalem?

Tony Blair vs. Javier Solana?

Tony Blair has departed from his ten year held British Prime Ministership. His old job is now held by Gordon Brown. Over, it was said, the displeasure of Javier Solana, European foreign policy and security chief, Tony Blair was given a position as The Quartet's envoy to the Middle East. This happened with the active backing of George Bush. Javier Solana was said to have unhappily gone along. Later it was announced that per Javier Solana, Tony Blair would have no power to mediate Middle East Israeli-Palestinian disputes.

As Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair and his lawyer wife, Cheri Blair, unquestionably became used to "living large." As a couple, they also while professing a form of Christian allegiances, flew their New Age flags flagrantly and blatantly. In Mexico, they participated in a New Age initiation ceremony that consisted of them taking the personalities of animal spirits and bowing to the four elements.

Now that Tony Blair has his new job which as I understand it now is basically to be a promoter to attract business opportunities to economically strengthen the region to the benefit of Israelis and Palestinians alike, he is again planning to "live large." According to a recent press release, he is viewing what is described as "a palace" with an eye to making that his Jerusalem home.

He is said to be keen to take over the one-time residence of the British High Commissioner for Palestine, with its ballroom and spectacular view of the golden dome of Al-Aqsa mosque.

The house, built of Jerusalem stone in 1931, was once the pride of British diplomacy and occupies a commanding position in West Jerusalem on the inauspiciously named Hill of Evil Counsel, where Judas is said to have negotiated his betrayal of Jesus. It has acres of lush gardens filled with delphiniums, roses and trees. After the British mandate ended in 1948, it was taken over by the United Nations.

The same article tells what we already know. Neither Blair nor Solana are happy about the present structure. It appears that Tony Blair is not happy with its limitations. It appears that Javier Solana is not happy with Blair's new job existing at all.

It should be very interesting to see this one play out. Stay tuned! Presently, I'm betting that Javier Solana will come out on top, but then, who knows?

As I see it:

Javier Solana has an army.
Tony Blair does not.

Tony Blair is better looking

Tony Blair is happily married.
Solana and his wife are separated.

Both men think they are God!

This does look interesting!
Blair is also known as the Master of Spin, and don't be fooled by this guy.

NOTHING about him is as it seems.

Solana will come out on top if Blair tries to get ahead of him, but Blair wont because he knows which side his bread is buttered.

Doesn't surprise me they picked a place like that to live, both Blair and his wife are known to live the good life as champagne socialists, and the film about 'The Queen' where Blair is seen sitting in the kitchen amongst the pots and pans like he is some regular guy going to help with the dishes is one great big propaganda joke.

All of these characters love the good life, and they intend to get it because they are arrogant and believe they should be running the world and the 'little people' like us should stand aside and let them have it.

Meanwhile Blair will continue with his church going and the propaganda that he has some kind of moral conscience. More spin.
"The house, built of Jerusalem stone in 1931, ... on the inauspiciously named Hill of Evil Counsel, where Judas is said to have negotiated his betrayal of Jesus."

Hah! gotta love it... might we see yet another betrayal from upon said hill ('of evil counsel' -- who said the LORD has no sense of humor?)

Men who aren't very manly compensate by buying big expensive cars.

Right now Blair doesn't have the power, so he wants to live in a big palace.

Based on how Solana is said to live, if you were a bureaucrat, whose house would you want to be invited to? If you were a Saudi prince, whose house would you feel comfortable in?

Right now Solana is international. Blair is Mid-east local.

So Blair works to build a base of support. For what? We will see I guess.

Well, it looks like Tony Blair used religion to get Ian Paisley to change course, so I wouldn't underestimate Blair -- both Blair and Solana have many hidden cards, I'm sure.

Read about the Blair-Paisley links here:
Tony Blair vs. Javier Solana?

Javier Solana by a furlong.

Dennis Cuddy's fantastic article
JAVIER SOLANA & THE LARGER PLAN is up at News With Views.

Great highlights of Constance's investigative work.
May I remind people of what Blair is really about, and please don't forget that one of his dearest and closest friends is Peter Mandelson, for whom Blair has certainly done his bit for advancing the homosexual agenda in Britain.

WND Exclusive Tony Blair's 'pink lobby'
Homosexuals in UK propose teaching about anal sex to 4-year-olds
Posted: January 16, 2001
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: WorldNetDaily's roving international correspondent Anthony LoBaido, who recently filed an in-depth report on the disturbing cultural and political direction Great Britain has taken under the leadership of Prime Minister Tony Blair, here describes the influence of the UK's homosexual activist movement on Blair's administration.

By Anthony LoBaido
© 2001

LONDON -- It is well known in British political circles of all stripes that homosexuals wield considerable influence in the cabinet and government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In fact, the homosexual activist agenda has provided the impetus for some of Blair's more controversial political causes. When he successfully instituted a policy accommodating homosexuals in the British armed forces, some of that nation's top officers resigned in protest, including famed Brig. Gen. Pat Lawless.

And lawmakers in the Labour Party overwhelmingly backed -- three times -- a bill to lower the age of consent for "consensual sex" from 18 to 16, spurred on by Blair's fierce leadership on the issue. In cheering on the successful 263-102 vote last August, Blair claimed he wanted to bring the UK's laws on homosexuals more "into line with the rest of Europe."

In that, he is correct. In Malta, Holland, Portugal and Spain, the age of consent is 12. In Austria, Iceland, Italy, San Marino and Slovenia, the age is 14. And in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden, the age of consent is 15. It is 16 in Germany, Luxembourg (18 for homosexuals) and Britain. And last fall, Israel also lowered its age of consent from 18 to 16.

The measure was opposed vigorously in the House of Lords, which had thrown out such a proposal twice before. Home Secretary Jack Straw said that lowering the age of consent for homosexual men was all about creating a British society "free from prejudice."

Since that time, Blair has altered the House of Lords -- and its hereditary privilege -- and has instead essentially filled the parliament's upper chamber with hand-picked people who concur largely with his agenda.

Blair's team includes avowed homosexuals: Chris Smith, minister for heritage and Angela Eagle, junior environment minister. Also, Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter and Stephen Twigg, MP for Enfield, Southgate. In fact, there are an estimated 40 homosexual Labor members of parliament according to insiders of both parties.

Bradshaw was recently awarded a House of Commons "Spouse's Pass" for his "partner," Neil Dalgleish, who now is permitted to use the Commons "Family Room" and to work out in the gym. Bradshaw is also pressing for "travel rights" for Dalgleish, including 15 first-class return rail tickets between Westminster and the constituency at a cost of 2,000 pounds per annum to the British taxpayer.

Concerning the influence of the UK's homosexual activist agenda on Blair, a prominent member of Parliament told WorldNetDaily he personally had opposed the lowering of the age of consent because it "left young and immature men open to the advances of older homosexual men."

He added, "It would change the law regarding non-homosexuals as well. The dirty old man in the raincoat sitting in the park. It would give an old man the legal right to bugger a young woman."

Along with lowering the age of consensual sex to 16, the Blair "pink agenda," as it is derisively referred to by some conservatives, had sought to repeal what is commonly known here simply as "Section 28." Passed under the government of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as part of the 1988 Local Government Act, Section 28 outlaws the "promotion" of homosexuality by local authorities.

If and when Section 28 is finally overturned -- and it is at the top of the homosexual activist agenda in Great Britain -- a new sex education guide is ready to be employed in primary schools. Called "A Whole Approach to Sex Education," the new curriculum states flatly: "Children should not be taught that homosexuality is wrong."

Referring to Section 28's prohibition of promoting homosexuality, the producers of the sex-education guide claim in it that "the law does not apply to individual teachers or schools and does not limit teaching about the issue. ... Teachers should remember that we all have a 'sexual career' and for many this will include homosexual experiences at some time in their lives."

"A Whole Approach to Sex Education," reviewed by WorldNetDaily, also presents ways "teachers can discuss with children as young as 4, homosexuality and anal sex." It emphatically asks teachers "not to try to promote any type of family or home life as the norm," and urges businesses to hire lesbian and homosexual couples with children.

This time around, Blair lost the vote to repeal Section 28, as Baroness Thatcher -- who, though long out of office, showed up for what she considered an extremely important vote -- and 16 Labour ministers rallied behind the Conservative Party in a legislative victory for the Tories. The legislation was voted down 270 to 228 in the House of Lords.

Related story:

Britain under 'Tony's cronies'
To 7:28 p.m.

Thanks for a highly informative post. Hard to tell which snake is now in first place, if indeed they are competing rather than cooperating.

I believe both Blair and Solana have sold their souls to the devil.

Blair did it for the "perks" he receives for aligning himself with the New Age Globalists.

Solana did it because he understands and is a promoter and believer in the Satanic "plan."

" Constance Cumbey said...
if indeed they are competing rather than cooperating."

Constance it is interesting that you said this. I just started to wonder if there is something more that we aren't seeing on the surface. I guess I thought their would be more of a "tantrum" on Solana's part. I know he did say that Blair didn't really speak for the rest of the middle east group. Solana is a smart cookie. Look how he always (even if it is not how we would expect it or if he has to wait) seems to get his way.
Maybe it is just something that is nagging at me saying that this could all be planned out so that in the end Solana gets what he wants and the credit he wants.
Hi Dawn- I've been wondering the same thing. I saw a short piece of a news video last night that showed Solana; practically bursting with joy as he rushed forward with arms outstretched to shake hands with Tony Blair. I've never seen him look happier. And after reading the Dennis Cuddy NWV article and Constance's comments again,
Constance Cumbey said...

"...Hard to tell which snake is now in first place, if indeed they are competing rather than cooperating."

I think they know exactly what their doing.
Since reading the Cuddy article I've been thinking all day about the phrase "Order Out of Chaos"
I've read the conspiracy type information but does anyone know the origins of the phrase? Google searches aren't telling me much of anything.
Try "Ordo ab Chao".(Latin)

Here is one link that came up.

BTW, I think that the events unfolding re Blair and Solana may well be the plan of those behind these two. Rather like the Hegelian dialectic, here is created two forces apparently in opposition or competition. They get what they want out of the conflict.
We shall soon see.

Thanks for the link. I'll do some reading in the morning. I need some sleep!!- Rudi
Rudi, what you are looking at is Chaos theory which has permeated many fields. The general idea is that underlying all chaos is an order that can be perceived if one steps back far enough from the observed chaos or if one analyzes the chaos and finds the underlying order.
"... One of the foremost contributors to the new science was Benoit Mandelbrot. Using a home computer, Mandelbrot (1982) pioneered the mathematics of fractals, a term which he coined in 1975. His fractals (the geometry of fractional dimensions) helped describe or picture the actions of chaos, rather than explain it. Chaos and its workings could now be seen in color on a home computer.

"The striking principle he discovered was that many of the irregular shapes that make up the natural world, although seemingly random and chaotic in form, have a simple organizing principle (Stwertka, 1987, p. 73). A new geometry of chaos was born."

An understanding of chaos magic, part of what is understood as chaos theory.
"So here we have all these ideas bleeding into each other, a hidden unity that appears random, a chaos from which all order manifests, and a sea of unmanifested possibilities. These ideas are not particularly new of course but what is new so far as chaos magick theory is concerned is the creation of a systematic approach to benefiting from this observation."

Very interesting Dorothy. Thankyou- What's your opinion about this? I really want to know what you think. -Rudi
Very interesting Constance Cumbey and many thanks for this article.

May I ask you the question again:

(Behind Tony Blair is most probable the shadow king of Great Britain. The Common Wealth consists of 53 countries. And has a population of about 30% of the World Population)

Both Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth's II name add up to 666.

As does the Commonwealth Logo has built a hidden 666 in it.



Martin Lauchenauer
Rudi, I have no opinion regarding the Blair and Solana relationship at this point. I regularly read eureferendum and what Constance posts. What goes on behind the scenes between European politicians is hard for me to analyze, particularly as I don't read the stories in the European papers. I'm grateful for every detail Constance has been able to gather.


Javier Solana's achievements.

He is a Knight of the Order of St Michael and St George, a member of the Spanish section of the Club of Rome. He has received the Grand Cross of Isabel the Catholic in Spain and the Manfred Wörner Medal from the German Defence Ministry. He has been President of the Madariaga European Foundation since 1998. He received the Vision for Europe Award in 2003. Also in 2003, he received the 'Statesman of the Year Award' from the EastWest Institute [1], a Transatlantic think tank that organizes an annual Security Conference in Brussels [2]. In 2006 Solana received the Carnegie-Wateler peace prize. He has also been awarded the Charlemagne Prize for 2007 for his distinguished services on behalf of European unification. [3]


The Grandmaster of this Order is a Cousin both to HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The highest ranking Freemason as far as I know.
Check out here!

SO THE TRUE QUESTION REMAINS: Whom is the Former NATO BOSS JAVIER SOLANA REALLY SERVING. Remember when he bombared in the Balkans he did upon the order of Bill Clinton, who wanted to destract from his sex-affair.

Remember Bill Clinton is a Rhoder Scholar. The Rhodes Scholars intend - as was the wish of Cecil Rhodes - to bring all the World under the "best" rule: Under the British Empire.

Stay tuned!
Martin Lauchenauer
The question is asked who is Javier Solana really serving.

Er, how about HIMSELF, as that comes closest to the answer because it is certainly not the people of Europe who are slowly but surely having their democracy taken away from them, thereby giving Solana the right to rule them for as long as he wishes his dictatorship to continue.

However, I know that he is reckoning without a Higher Power than himself, and just like Hitler before him, who did the same, he will be brought down.

You could almost feel sorry for such sad, silly men if they weren't for the fact that they are so dangerous as they care nothing about taking human lives to further their own ends.
Constance, what are your thoughts?

There seems to be competition between the US (Bush with his partner Blair) and the EU for global, one-world leadership, although the UK seems to be playing both sides of the street at the same time. Then, seemingly, there is competition coming from Russia and China for the same position, or at least a significant seat at the world leadership table.

Is there real competition for world leadership or is this, like so many other global events, a staged drama at the highest levels--order out of Hegelian chaos?

Do the players at the Solana, Bush, Blair level of the hierarchy clearly understand what is happening or are they only partially aware? I often think Bush is more of a "useful idiot" than a real player. Cheney seems to be Bush's "handler." Do you see a "handler" for Solana or is he at a significantly higher level than Bush, Blair, et. al.?

Dear Dave,

Don't know if Solana has a "handler," per se, but I am fairly certain he must have been "groomed" for the places he is right now.

As far as I know, Javier Solana is an atheist. Squeakbox, my Wikipedia nemesis who is a Solana groupie put up the "Order of St. Michael, etc., etc., to make him look like less of an atheist. I have not had time to verify the information one way or the other, but as far as I know Javier Solana has not a religious bone in his body and in fact has been openly antagonistic to all forms of Christianity. When the last pope died, Solana's "condolences" were a tersely written: CONDOLENCES TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ON THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ITS SPIRITUAL LEADER." That was a clear departure from Javier Solana's usually extraordinarily well drafted press releases. The only Catholic I know Javier Solana to have had friendly relations with apart from King Juan Carlos whom he obviously needs to have stayed ahead in Spain all the years that he did was the Bishop of Jerusalem who was also the world head of Pax Christi. Pax Christi was interestingly involved in New Age circles back when I first started researching them in the early 1980s and they played an interesting role in a near perfect subversion of that church in the 1980s and then later tried to cover their tracks, as I perceive it, by an anti-New Age pamphet written by their then head, Belgium's Cardinal Danneels
For Martin Lauchenauer:

Please examine this:

Could Javier Solana become the Antichrist? It is very interesting to note that his name means "Savior and Sunlight". The Book of Revelation tells us that the number of the AntiChrist's name name will be 666. What happens when we spell Javier Solana in Hebrew? If we spell it like this...

kaf = 20
vav = 6
yod = 10
resh = 200

chav- ee- yer

shin/sin = 300
lamed = 30
nun = 50
nun = 50

So- lan- na

Thanks for the information regarding the number 666 and Javier Solana's name.

Regarding Satanism in Europe I know there is a lot of it there in high places because a woman called Doreen Irvine, who became a Christian after years being involved in witchcraft and Satanism spoke about this and how she used to go to the big houses owned by the rich and famous and politicians, and she also spoke about the people involved as being people that nobody would believe her if they knew.

Doreen was known as the Queen of the Witches for the whole of Europe.

This was during the sixties so it is some time ago, but I have heard at various times that Paris is particularly rife with the occult, and secret Satanic societies right now.

All this may seem hard to believe, but remember what Satan said to Jesus, namely that he would give him whatever if He would worship him, because he said, 'IT IS MINE TO GIVE'. And Jesus did not contradict him.
Anonymous Said:
"All this may seem hard to believe, but remember what Satan said to Jesus, namely that he would give him whatever if He would worship him, because he said, 'IT IS MINE TO GIVE'. And Jesus did not contradict him."

2:01 PM

I don't question your information regarding Doreen Irvine. Her testimony is her testimony.
I do however, take exception to the "satanic quote" from your post which I've referenced above. After the fall, satan is given a LIMITED amount of authority on earth for a LIMITED amount of time. He never said,
'It is mine to give' as you wrote.
I don't believe it is even implied in scripture.
Yes,satan is called "the lord of this world" BUT:
"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1
Paul repeats this in 1Cor. 10:26
I'm surprised Jesus didn't laugh in satans face. It wasn't that Jesus didn't contradict him, but "The Living Word" responded with "TRUTH". Satan, even when he tried to quote scripture is a liar.
There is no truth in him. He is the father of lies.
Well said Rudi: I heard it said that what the Devil claims is the "World System." "Love not the world... lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world." What defiles a person is not of God and God doen't want it; our systems intended to make us independent from God are of the FLESH.
Yours in Christ,
Setterman - Great point Brother!
The people who worship Satan believe that they will get something in return, and I can only tell you that Doreen did mix with the rich and powerful, I don't believe she is not telling the truth.

Yes, Satan is a liar, but he also has power to give the things of this world to those who serve him, although there is a high price to be paid.

Spiritual wickedness in high places, and this is also meant in a worldly material sense.

Satan did say to Jesus in Luke 4 v 6 'And the devil, taking Him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

And the devil said unto Him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsover I will give it.

If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine'.

Jesus, declined and told Satan where to go because He knew that the Father would give all this to Him (Jesus) anyway, nevertheless, somebody will accept Satan's offer, and this will be given to him for a short time. And it is during this time that he will put his mark on all except those who are willing to stay true to Christ and receive His Holy Spirit.

Otherwise where is the Anti Christ going to get all the power from?

Not from God, surely?
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What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
640K ought to be enough for anybody. - Bill Gates 81
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Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
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Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
The gene pool could use a little chlorine.
Good job!
All generalizations are false, including this one.
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!
A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
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