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Update: A reader asked for more clarity. They are right. I fortunately don't have to reinvent the wheel. I found an article by a Jewish writer on a site that has sometimes contacted me called "Root and Branch." The author has laid an ominous scenario, one that I too have thought much about since 1999. I have had countless conversations with Herb Peters and Dorothy Margraf about my thoughts on this. I am grateful that somebody in Israel saw the obvious as well. My introductory comments on the original article follow and Dorothy Margraf's contribution below. Forgive the length, but this is VITAL MATERIAL to understanding our time and what I fear may well be coming:

Kosovo and Jerusalem:
The Role of the "International Community" in Dismantling Yugoslavia
and Its Parallels in Ongoing Efforts to Destroy Israel

by Mr. Chaim Pekovic

The former nation of Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) was seem by the world as a successful model of socialism. Its status as a regional power in the Balkans, strategically located between Europe and the Middle East, has always attracted Great Power attention. This attention, as seen in World Wars One and Two, continued after the Second World War.

Yugoslavia rose from its World War Two Nazi German occupation to defeat post-occupation ustashe (Croatian Nazis), balists (Albanian fascists) and chetniks (Serbian royalists).

Defeated Croatian Nazis, Albanian fascists and Serbian royalist forces fled Yugoslavia and found refugee in various Western countries. Host governments welcomed these Nazis, fascists and royalists as "political refugees" who had struggled for "freedom" and "democracy" against Communism.

Behind these slogans were other Western interests, primarily the global economical interests of a growing European Union which viewed Yugoslavia, 284,000 square kilometers in size, as rich in natural and human resources and as a potential rival.

Weakened Yugoslavia, with its developed infrastructure, would be a perfect source of cheap labor for Western economies. Also, the Western world has great interest in the Muslim and Arab worlds. Former Yugoslavia, with large Muslim populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo, presented an opportunity for improving Western-Islamic and Arab relations by favoring Muslims in local Yugoslavian conflicts.

Israel, a regional military and economical power in conflict with Arab Muslim neighbors, finds itself in a position very similar to that of now defunct Yugoslavia.

Historical background

Most media consumers today are taught that Albanians in Kosovo and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina are indigenous peoples who were always there, while Serbs were colonizers and aliens.

The historical facts are the exact opposite.

The first Serbian state was formed on territories of today’s Kosovo and Metohia, Sand'ak and Northern Montenegro. After the Turkish conquest of Serbia, Turks settled a Muslim Albanian population in Kosovo to enforce Turkish power in the region. By the end of the Seventeenth Century, Serbians backed Austria in it’s wars against the Turkish Empire as a Christian Power about to liberate the Balkans from Turkish rule. Turkish authorities responded harshly and allowed Muslim Albanians to terrorize the Serbian population in Kosovo, which caused the flight of many Serbian refugees.

The Austrian Emperor invited Serbians to settle abandoned lands in Vojvodina and Eastern Croatia now known as Kraina to protect the Austrian Empire from Turkish invasion. The Serbs expelled from Kosovo moved to parts of Croatia that had been desolated in Turkish invasion and remained there until the 1995 expulsion.

Turkish sponsored Albanian attacks on Serbs in Kosovo caused many more Serbs to continue to flee. Attacks on Serbs continued throughout the Second World War and after Kosovo was granted autonomy by the Yugoslav constitution in 1974. This means that Albanians achieved a majority in Kosovo through terror and persecution.

Before the Turkish occupation, Bosnia and Herzegovina were settled by Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats. Turkish authorities encouraged conversion to Islam by giving Muslims tax exemptions. Many local Serbs and Croats converted to Islam. Their descendants represent the Muslim population of Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

In 1941 Nazi Germany and Italy, together with their allies, occupied Yugoslavia and established the puppet "Independent State of Croatia" on the territories of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Srem. Kosovo become part of Italy's "Greater Albania". In both puppet states ustashi and balists began to exterminate the Serbian population. In the "Independent State of Croatia" the pro-Nazi regime murdered about million Serbs, almost the entire Jewish population and left alive only 500 Gipsies.

After the War, New Yugoslavia was founded on federative principles. The Croatian state was formed as a state of Croats and Serbians, while Bosnia and Herzegovina was formed as a state of Muslims, Serbs and Croats.

The Jewish People returned to reestablish ancient Israelite sovereignty in the Land of Israel. There was never Arab sovereignty in any part of the Land of Israel. Today's "Palestinians" are descendants of Arabs who immigrated to Turkish and then British Mandate Palestine, attracted by the developing Jewish economy. The Jewish State was formed as part of the U.N. partition plan after the terrible Holocaust that Jews suffered during the World War Two.

Dismantling of Yugoslavia

During 1991 and 1992 Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina unilaterally seceded from the Yugoslav Federation, triggering war in Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In both Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the decision to secede was made by first removing references to Serbs from the constitutions, so that the decision to separate was carried out against the will of one of the constitutionally recognized peoples in the respective states. Such decisions recall bad memories from the Second World War which helped trigger the outbreak of that conflict.

Serbian national spirit always resisted foreign diktats (this spirit cost Serbs countless dead in both World Wars). Serbs fought for justice, even if it did not concern Serbs, and rejected the use of force to settle disputes. Those two national characteristics led to confrontations with Western powers. Serbs were not favored by Western media, which expects persecuted peoples to act and cry in front of their cameras.

On the other side, Croats, and especially Muslims taught by Arabs, were experts in media manipulation. Western mass media demonized the Serbs, declaring them responsible for the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s.

Reality was different. All three sides, Croats, Muslims and Serbs, engaged in atrocities against civilian populations. Only those committed by Serbs were reported world wide. Outside the Balkans no one learned of ethnic cleansing in Eastern Bosnia (Bratunac district) where 22 Serbian villages were razed by Bosnian government troops. In Western Herzegovina Croats exterminated the Muslim and Serbian populations and even blew up the old bridge in Mostar.

Despite the fact that most of those convicted for war crimes by the International Court at the Hague were Muslims, only Serbs were only blamed for war crimes. Media bias against Serbs reached such extremes that Muslims succeeded to manipulate world media coverage to change the military situation through two staged incidents.

In the summer of 1992, a few months after the outbreak of war, a bomb blew up on Vasa Mickin Street in Sarajevo, killing people waiting in a bread line. Media cameras had been pre-positioned on the spot to record the incident. Serbs were immediately blamed for the crime despite the fact that no one could prove the shell was launched from Serbian positions around Sarajevo. This incident was used as an excuse to impose harsh economic sanctions on Yugoslavia in order to stop the Yugoslav government from helping the Bosnian Serbs.

In the summer of 1995, a similar incident took place in Sarajevo’s main market, called the Markale. A bomb exploded and killed people in a crowded market in front of numerous cameras that, again, were pre-positioned to record the incident. The Serbs were again immediately blamed for the crime despite the fact that, again, no one could prove the shell was launched from Serbian positions around Sarajevo. This incident was used as a pretext by N.A.T.O. forces to attack Serbs, paralize their communications and force them to create, against their will, a state shared with Muslims and Croats (who also preferred not be part of a united Bosnian state).

Anyone familiar with Middle East affairs immediately senses the same pattern of media manipulation that we witnessed in the Balkans reappearing in Gaza, and Kefar Kana in southern Lebanon, for example.

International community adopts double standard policy in former Yugoslavia

With the outbreak of war, Serbs in Croatia established independent regions in parts of Croatia where they were the overwhelming majority. Serbian national opinion was clear. Serbs did not want to live in an independent Croatian state. They claimed they were afraid of possible new genocides that could be carried out by Croatian ultra-nationalists.

During 1995, the Croatian government began negotiations with Serbs about their integration into Croatia. During negotiations in the summer of 1995, the Croatian army backed by N.A.T.O. warplanes invaded Serbian territory, destroying Serbian missile units. The Croatian army advanced quickly, using Serbian prisoners of war as human shields.

This Croatian Army operation, called "Storm", succeeded in expelling almost the entire Serbian population. Long lines of refugees fled their homes while the "international community" remained silent. There were no sanctions against Croatia, no threats to Croatia to bring those refuges back. The "international community" silently supported Croatia's ethnic cleansing of Serbs.

After Bosnia and Herzegovina left the Yugoslav Federation in 1992, Bosnian Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to express their right to self-determination and to form an independent entity. They formed the Serbian Republic primarily on territories where they were the overwhelming majority (Eastern Bosnia, Western Bosnia called Bosanska, Krajina and Eastern Herzegovina).

Western powers wanted a united Bosnian state. In 1995 they forced Bosnian Serbs to sign a "peace agreement" in Dayton, Ohio, in which three entities were created, Muslims and Croats established a Federation and a Serbian Rebublic was established in confederation with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After the signing of this agreement, of which the United States was a guarantor, the "international community" began to change the structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina step by step, removing it from the jurisdiction of the Serbian Republic.

These changes have now reached a critical point where Serbs cannot accept anymore a Federal Government, backed by the "international community", which urges "reform" of the police by placing them under the authority of a Federal Government, diminishing further the power of the Serbian Republic.

In both Croatia and Serbia Serbs continued to be denied rights of self-determination granted other people in the former Yugoslavia: Slovenes, Croats (except to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina), Muslims, Albanians and Macedonians.

Over the past three centuries due to unrelenting pressure on the Serbian population, Albanians succeeded in becoming the majority in Kosovo.

In Kosovo itself there was never Albanian sovereignty, so creating an independent Albanian state in Kosovo has no legal or moral justification.

In the late 1990s, Albanians formed a military terrorist group called the K.L.A. (Kosovo Liberation Army). Its aim was separation from Yugoslavia. The K.L.A. began an uprising against Yugoslav authority on sovereign Yugoslav territory. No government in the world would tolerate the formation of independent military units on its territory, nor would it tolerate a separatist revolt. The Yugoslav army was sent to suppress this uprising, a perfectly legitimate move for a sovereign state.

N.A.T.O. used this as an excuse to attack Yugoslavia, even against the will of the United Nations. The N.A.T.O. attack was presented as a humanitarian intervention to protect the Albanian population against so-called Serbian genocide despite the fact that no Albanian was expelled and no Albanian village was destroyed before the N.A.T.O. attack.

Never before had N.A.T.O. attacked another state to protect an allegedly endangered minority, despite numerous opportunities to do so, for example to prevent Arab Muslim genocide against Christian and native religion Africans in southern Sudan; or to stop terrible atrocities in Ruanda.

The real reason for the N.A.T.O. attack was not "humanitarian". U.S. President Clinton was having political problems arising from his relations with Monica Levinski and he needed something to divert public attention from that.

For the Western World here was another opportunity to appease the Islamic world.

For N.A.T.O. this was an opportunity to test equipment and tactics (as Nazi Germany did in the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War) in a big military exercise in preparation for future conflicts (such as an attack on Israel).

The N.A.T.O. attack ended with the withdrawal of the Yugoslav army from Kosovo and deployment of the U.N. K.F.O.R. which failed to protect the Serbian minority from Albanians.

N.A.T.O.'s so called "humanitarian mission"'' resulted in the further expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo and in the destruction of monasteries built in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries, monasteries that were supposedly under U.N.E.S.C.O. protection.

Last year Montenegro conducted a vote on independence in a referendum in which a third of Montenegrin citizens were denied the right to vote. If those citizens, who live mostly in Serbia (which was still part of the same confederation when the "referendum" was held), were permitted to vote the results would be totally different.

The Montenegrin ruling party brought Albanians from abroad who had left Montenegro years ago. Their votes were crucial in wining the 55% majority needed to declare independence. The majority of Montenegrins were for a state union on a federal-confederate basis with Serbia. Such a crucial decision, on independence, was made without getting 50% of the votes of registered voters. The "international community" welcomed this referendum, the same one which would be overruled in any Western democracy as unconstitutional.

Those double standards were justified firstly by the claim that the aim is to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic and his tyranny. It is impossible to accept such a claim after N.A.T.O. bombing of Belgrade [Belgrade was bombed by Nazi Germany in the spring of 1941], the city which lead the anti-Milosevic struggle, the city in which demonstrations against Milosevic were daily.

The bombing of Belgrade could only help Milosevic consolidate his power. After Milosevic's fall, double standards were justified on the grounds of poor cooperation by Serbian authorities with the International Tribunal at the Hague, despite the fact that Serbian authorities allowed the extradition of Milosevic and gave up the opportunity to try Milosevic for crimes he had committed inside Serbia against Serbs during his oppressive rule. By this policy the entire Serbian people was collectively punished for what individuals did.

Double standards are not exclusive to former Yugoslavia. They are the rule of the game in the Israeli-Arab conflict. The "Palestinian Authority" was never condemned for its terrorist activities, its refusal to recognize Israel and to reach a peace agreement.

On the other hand, Israel is condemned when it defends itself, is threatened with war crime charges while the "Palestinian" side is never charged for war crimes with its use of human populations as human shields or for numerous terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians.


In these very days Kosovo is going to get independence while the "international community" simultaneously continues its efforts to destroy the Serbian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbs there may again attempt to proclaim independence from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which may trigger another war.

Again, the Western mass media will demonize the Serbs and prepare the ground for another international intervention on behalf of oppressed Muslims, again resulting in another ethnic cleansing of Serbs, this time from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Creating economically dependant states in the Balkans will destabilize the region. It will encourage other separatist movements throughout the world (for example in Quebec, the Basque region, Catalonia, Flanders, the lands of the former Soviet Union, etc.) and lead to potential crises which could be unleashed by a coming global economic crisis.

About the Root and Branch Association, Ltd.

Pasted from <>

TO MY READERS: President Bush received thunderous applause and a hero’s welcome today in Albania over his pronouncement that Kosovo should be an independent nation. This potentially means that the Serbian Orthodox holy city equivalent of Jerusalem might soon be turned over to Moslem interests. Jews, Christians, and Moslems alike should take heed of this dangerous precedent of ripping somebody's holy city from them -- it means that Jerusalem, Vatican City, Salt Lake City, Mecca etc. are fair game to take and give to a majority that moves in and occupies. Watch for the same pressures to be put on Israel vis a vis Jerusalem! This is TRULY FASCINATING as only two people I know of have received this heroes' welcome: JAVIER SOLANA in 1999 and GEORGE W. BUSH in 2007. JAVIER SOLANA has long called for Kosovo independence. My educated guess is that he is the source of some of GWB's ideas on this.

I published this earlier in the day on my comments section and called researcher friend Dorothy Margraf for a reaction. Great minds (ahem, broad grin!) sometimes think alike. She told me I had better go read earlier incoming email from my alternative email address. She had today sent me writings on her Kosovo concerns from a Jewish perspective. She thought it was too long to clutter the comments section of my blogspot – personally, I thought it so important, it should be a story, so it follows below my comments here.

By further way of introduction, some of you may recall the PowerPoint Show Presentation,"Javier Solana: Mystery Man of the New World Order," I circulated that as a form of educational “Solana Share Ware,” I included a slide that said that “A dangerous precedent was set by Solana over Kosovo – it’s ok to take somebody’s religious capital!” Dorothy Margraf has pointed me to some fascinating history on the region, even more intriguing in light of one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II: that Adolfus Hitler failed to reduce the Balkans before taking on the USA and Russia. It is my opinion that Javier Solana may well have induced us to do it for him and the interests he represents.

One more thing before I hand this over to Dorothy Margraf: There was a fascinating story on line today: France’s Sarkozy pulled a humiliating surprise on Javier Solana at the G-8 by proposing that the G-8 wait before making a decision on Kosovo independence. It looks like George Bush has gone to Solana’s public image rescue on this. I wonder what his position will be vis a vis Jerusalem as the EU’s Solana obviously is putting very similar pressures on Orthodox Jewish Jerusalem as he did Serbian Orthodox Kosovo!

I will look forward to your comments and feedback. Continue to pray and support Herb Peters and as he so often reminds us, “stay tuned!”


By Dorothy Margraf

I posted much of this over at Israel Forum, but thought I'd share it here [] also.

Start at the beginning. The New Age movement began to flourish in the early 1900's. The New Age movement now frighteningly similar to the Nazism which grew out of the early years of the New Age movement. You may watch the hyperlinked video for yourself and decide.
As Nazism had, the New Age movement now has a formidable political following. The push for one world government has a long history.

Look at some of the pieces of the puzzle before us. The Kosovar Albanian country is over 90% Muslim.

Kosovo’s Nazi Past: The Untold Story
By Carl Savich
1. Introduction: Genocide in Kosovo

“During World War II and the Holocaust, Kosovar Albanians killed 10,000 Kosovo Serbs and expelled 100,000. Kosovo-Metohija was made a part of a Greater Albania by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Hitler and Mussolini realized the Greater Albania ideology established by the 1878 League of Prizren. Albanian-settled areas of the Balkans - Kosovo-Metohija, western Macedonia, southern Montenegro - were incorporated in a Greater Albania. The Greater Albania Kosovar Albanian nationalist movement murdered Kosovo Serb civilians and took over their lands and houses. Kosovo Serb women were raped. Kosovo Serb Orthodox priests were arrested, tortured, and murdered. Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were attacked and destroyed. Serbian monuments, cemeteries, and gravestones were desecrated and demolished. The Greater Albania nationalist movement formed the Balli Kombetar, the Albanian Kosovo Committee, and the Skanderbeg Nazi SS Division, two-thirds of whose members were Kosovar Albanian Muslims. Kosovar Albanian Muslims played a major role in the Holocaust, the murder of European Jews. Kosovar Albanian Nazi SS troops participated in the roundup of Kosovo Jews who were later killed at Bergen-Belsen. What occurred in Kosovo during World War II was genocide. The mainstream accounts of World War II have censored and covered up the Kosovar Albanian role in the genocide against Kosovo Serbs and the role of Kosovar Albanians in the Holocaust. The Nazi past of Kosovo remains an untold story. (
more at link)
Now who ran the NATO forces that favored Kosovo and worked to destroy the Serbian community...
well none other than the New Age movement connected Javier Solana before he became head of the EU.

I am digressing this evening to research I did on Javier Solana starting on March 21, 1999.
Should Jews support an independent Kosovo?
A short guide to what they should know.
Historical and Investigative Research - 16 February 2007
by Francisco Gil-White

"A few days ago (2 February 2007) an article was published in the Forward (‘The Jewish Daily’) with the following headline: “
Kosovo Seeks Jewish Backing for Independence.” In my opinion, this would not be a wise move by the Jewish community. It might even be a terrible mistake!

"I set below the main facts of what really happened in Yugoslavia, which are contrary to what most people have been led believe. This way, interested Jews can learn what it is they are being asked to endorse.

"Bosnia Jewish support for Kosovo independence is being sought today just as Jewish support was also sought for Alija Izetbegovic and his Muslim followers in the former Yugoslav province of Bosnia in the 1990s.

"Why were the Jews asked to support Izetbegovic's Bosnian Muslims?


“Plot illustrates Balkans' role as Islamist foothold”

Prosecutors described the men as "radical Islamists," with four coming from the province of Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, where the ethnic Albanian population of Muslims fought one of the several wars that grew out of the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Suspect Agron Abdullahu, who faces only weapons violations in the case, was described in court papers as a "sniper in Kosovo." U.S. officials said the Islamists were motivated by al Qaeda sympathies.

In my opinion, the Muslim community is a particularly vulnerable tool for New Age planners!

Would the majority of the Jewish community even recognize a resurgence of Nazism? Probably not. According to the book Blood and Banquets, written about Germany in WWII by a Jewish woman in high society, the Jewish women didn't have a concern about Hitler because he was kissing their hands at banquets. How could they know that several hundred miles away his people were tearing up Jewish businesses? What is our excuse now as we have the internet to tell us what is happening miles away?

Dorothy Margraf
D I S T U R B I N G !!!
i am not so sure i understand the connection-probably a little more clarity would help
Reading Cliff Kincaid's article posted on my blogspot might help shed light on the connection. Bush, per Kincaid (and I concur) appears concerned about his "legacy" and seems to think he can redeem it by catering to (1) Angela Merkel and Javier Solana; (2) the Al Gore climate control corps; (3) the 'global governance' (Solana, Brookings Institution, Stanford University)with their "Law of the Sea" treaties, etc., ad nauseum. It also appears that he is giving into what is possibly the prophesied 'war against believers' by his repeated statements against 'extremism' and now the call to dismantle the religious capitol of one major faith, the Serbian Orthodox Church, of which Kosovo is the equivalent of Jerusalem to them. The dangerous precedent was first set under the Clinton Administration (equally culpable) in 1999. I have had this on the PowerPoint presentation I first started putting together on Dr. Solana since 1999 -- SOLANA SET A DANGEROUS PRECEDENT WITH KOSOVO-- IT'S OK TO TAKE SOMEBODY'S RELIGIOUS CAPITOL-

Once the precedent is established in international law, anybody's religious center is fair game, be they Christian, Jew, Moslem, etc.
I'm speaking for myself here. What most people don't seem to understand is that the Nazi philosophy came before the brutality. The brutality was a way of implementing the philosophy when the changeover didn't happen fast enough. To concentrate only on the brutality of the Nazi movement is to miss the point.

One of the major points of the philosophy was the replacement of Judaism and Christianity with the belief that man could create utopia and find fulfillment through identification with ancient pagan and occult beliefs.

During the '30s and '40s the Nazi leaders used Christians who they puffed up with pride to attack the Jews. Now Muslims are being turned against Jews and Christians who refuse to bend to pagan and occult ideas, that is acceptance of the New Age culture. Though certain individuals who can be identified with New Age movement politically support the Muslim community, I don't see them supporting the Muslim religion or any acceptable aspect of Muslim supported morality. What they cannot destroy, they will allow the Muslims to destroy for them.

Can the New Age culture created by stealth create a utopia? Would it make for a better society than one supported by Judaism and Christianity? I don't think so. Would the Nazi philosophy have created a better world even without the violence? I don't think so. That's why I try to show others the parallels.
Sorry, I forgot to sign the above.
"Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not." John 11:50 Let me be so bold as to insert two different characters in this scripture by virtue of Luke 19:44 , Deuteronomy 31:29, and others: Nor consider that it is expedient for us, (the world) that one nation (Israel) should die for the people. I am sad beyond comprehension that this situation is upon us and the people of Israel.
On the morning of the six day war there was a common consensus about the students at school that we would join Israel in the battle. I doubt that is true today! As I have mentioned before, I have counseled my sons: "to enter the US military today is to put oneself into the possition of having to fight the the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." We must be soldiers of the cross.
Acts 17:16 reminds us that Paul was roused to anger; I sense this righteous anger in some of you and applaud your efforts; the 144,000 will hear you. The seed of support didacticly and financially will have fruit.
Yours in Christ,
Well to be honest here, we are talking about “The Land Of The Demons” as coined by the Peter Jennings special in regards to the Bosnia/Serbian war in that region of the world.
Although modern day Albania (Illyrian roots historically) is seeking EU and NATO membership, it cannot escape its DNA, its roots, its history. Of course all of this adds to the already enraged Russian bear. The Peter Jennings TV Special entitled “The Land of The Demons” 1993 – ABC, brought new info in regards to that region of the world. A research into that areas history, the former Yugoslav republic, defines its lands and surrounding neighbors rich in war and blood. Yes, the Nazi connection was defined. But also, if you further research that area you will also find interlinks of that region into Neolithic occult beliefs. Lets take Sarajevo: Most students of war history remembers that in Sarajevo WWI officially started. Sarajevo’s history can be traced to The Butmir Culture 2600-2400 BC with several Illyrian settlements nearby (Albanians). Butmir pottery designs suggest a connection to the Minoan culture on Crete. The mythological King Minos of the Minoan culture in Greek mythology, Minos (in Greek Μίνως, genitive Μίνωος) was a mythical king of the island of Crete, son of Zeus and Europa. After his death, Minos became a judge of the dead in Hades. The Minoans also worshiped goddesses. Goddesses for practically every aspect of life were adhered to: fertility, harvest, underworld, the mistress of the animals blah blah blah. Minoan influence can be found in the Butmir Culture. The Butmir Culture (Sarajevo) along with Illyrians (Albanians) were obviously influenced as well. Remember also, it should take no one by surprise that in regards to Germany, the original roots of Germania would to this day position itself as a world player, my opinion a world conquerer. And it would not be possible without Germania’s true occult beliefs (Thor, Nordic, Aryan, Blavatsky etc…) aligning itself with other like-minded nations and tribes. So, instead of conquering at first via war, now its through dialogue, consensus, and compromise on a diplomatic stage. Yet we know their belief of a new dawn will not be born through peace but through chaos, war and death. Out of the flames, The Phoenix Shall Rise. Occultic coincidence, Geo-political coincidence? Not on your life. And as usual, the majority of the American public is asleep watching the ending of the Sopranos.
constance-thank you for responding & making every thing more clearly now i understand & am able also to share with others as you said " it is very vital information" again thank you & GOD BLESS

Thanks for the outstanding posts to this site by all!!!

Holly Peters Pevic (Herb Peters' daughter will be my guest on MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio program this Saturday at 2 pm

Johnny, your posting reminded me of William L. Shirer commenting on Hitler's attitude at the end of the war: "Hitler, his mission as world conqueror having failed, was determined to go down, like Wotan at Valhalla, in a holocaust of blood- not only the enemy's but that of his own people."
Interesting that Constance pointed out so effectively the comparison of: "Naism featured hatred of Jews and an ancient occultic doctrine of a blood taint resting on the Jews..." and parallel New age doctrine; what New agers fail to understand, I suppose it's the sin of pride, is that they too will be cast away as garbage.
This kind of behavior is demonic and should be a Warning to all who would join the "roaring lion" in their affront to Christ Jesus.
Sadly so many that have ears will not hear. I pray for them!

Yours in Christ,

What are we to make of this?
Melanie Phillips, with whom this blog does not necessarily agree every time, has published a curious story about the European Parliament that raises a few interesting issues about that august institution.

It seems that a French version of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" a well-known forgery created by Tsarist officers or, possibly, by a Russian-French journalist, published recently in Belgium, was briefly available in the European Parliament bookshop.

As our readers expect, I do not have any objections to the text being available, provided that there is a reasonable scholarly explanation of the text, its provenance and effect. However, it would appear, that this particular edition may not have had any of that.

Be that as it may, it is the follow-up that is of interest.
To counter this evil, a month ago Dr Emanuele Ottolenghi, Director of the Transatlantic Institute in Brussels, sent a copy of The Plot to all MEPs and their staff. The Plot is a graphic novel by Alan Eisner which draws upon the history of this hoax.
Up with this the European Parliament would not put.
Dr Ottolenghi was subsequently astounded to receive a letter from the European Parliament saying it was refusing to distribute the book ‘due to the nature of its content’. When he asked for an explanation, he was fobbed off with conflicting excuses: they didn’t allow advertisements, the book had religious content, it had no relevance with the Parliament’s agenda. He has now lodged an appeal with the Quaestor in charge, Astrid Lulling MEP from Luxembourg ( But so far, she has not even acknowledged receipt of his appeal — and from the rest of the Parliament, there is only silence.
The most immediate question to be asked is what business has the European Parliament with postage addressed to members and staff. Is there an office where they steam open correspondence and censor it for any unacceptable material?

Secondly, one would like to know why a book, albeit a novel, recommended by a highly regarded scholar unacceptable while a vicious forgery can be sold in the Toy Parliament's bookshop.
The above was from the blogspot.

Hasn't Constance always said the New Age movement is a resurgence of Nazism?

Dorothy, I hope that your last posting will not be lost here. My guess is that when the lead essay, commentary, news report, is added, the subsequent postings come to an abrupt end.
My experience is that fascism is alive and well in America: Hillary R. Clinton, speaking at Dartmouth College was reported, by The N.H. Union Leader to have " focused on the need to extricate religion from the debate over embryonic stem cell research." Some years ago, I was a contributor to the AFA. In the same paper a report was unearthed concerning a memo by the NEA that BLACK-LISTED me from ever getting a teaching position in NH. I later learned this black listing was not confined to NH. I'm sure you remember when the courts said a person with an anti abortion tee shirt could not walk by an abortion clinic. Where was the ACLU? Well they came for the Jews, they came for....who will be next? Watch out Gun owners!

Yours in Christ,
Setterman PS
If you never hear from me again you will Know why!
Setterman, I don't understand your comment. Were you referring to the Kosovo information or to the reprint from

I don't understand why you were blocked from being a teacher? That's a pretty stiff penalty to pay if you were just sharing information with others. How did it come about?

And why are you warning that you may not be in contact again? We really don't know very much about you.

Dorothy, I was refering to your last entry here. Harsh, yes. Missing, was tounge and cheek.
I've read a great deal of your writing and yet I can't say I know you. I'm not a technical writer as you are, but my goal is to give short glimps into what I see happening around me, to give some edification to those who seek Christ Jesus and the Word of God. To band together with like minded Christians.
There is one body, but many parts; we need to understand what part we are and how "fitly join together" we are.
In 1968 I read something from The Fountain Head which has always stuck with me: the artist falls short of his art.
If I give cheers to something you write, I hope you will be encouraged. Nothing more or less. This blog site seems to permit such entries. Example: censorship from the EU is note worthy, see Drudge today, and I hope that others will not abandon these later entries. Nazism is alive and well in many ideologies, this is true, and we need to be reminded of that fact. We need you and whoever, to remove the veneer of respectability these ideologies hide behind.
In N.H we recently had parental notification repealed, and promptly we had schools visiting planed parenthood. In Boulder Co. we have "educators" advising 14 yr. olds to take drugs and have sex. Some of the problems we face seem over whelming; people are consumed with entertainment and don't want to face these kinds of issues. "The carnal mind is enmity with God." From our perspective, God declares reality: life is sacred. Embryonic stem cell research is an affront to that sacredness. So what does the push pollster do, he says Senator so and so will not finance "stem cell research to find a cure for Parkinson's disease. Will you support him in the Nov. election?" The carnal mind is concerned about carnal things, scripture is spiritually discerned, how to break through is a demanding endeavor. The information I have says that if you're not born again by the age of sixteen you have a one in a hundred likelihood of ever knowing Him. We can give very enlightened information, and receive responses that are nothing short of cognative dessonace. First we need to present God's word on the subject, then we can reason. Even Christians can be resistant to God's word. We seem to be handcuffed to culture, fear, intellectual limitations, however we should always be "rooted and grounded in love..."
My guess is that all this rambling is somewhat inappropiate, but I suppose only Dorothy will be reading these "old" blogs.
Yours in Christ,
The Serbian info is only partly correct. Those who buy it unquestioningly suffer from the delusion that in any opposition one of the players is always The Good Guy.

In the Balkans there are no good guys. It was probably a mistake to chop up Yugoslavia, but once it happened the Serbs were the last element that needed backing.

First off, we can blame these arrogant people, who do not fight for justice only for their own pride which is a MAJOR SIN, yet they pretend to be the most Orthodox of the Orthodox, for everything that we can blame on the two World Wars.

Because without them, WW I wouldn't have happened. And without WW I, WW II wouldn't have happened.

the Serbian Black Hand Greater Serbia conspiracy fielded three or more men to kill the Archduke Franz-Josef. Some were caught, but there were many others who fled to Serbia, which existed alongside the Austro-Hungarian controlled Bosnia-Hercegovina.

The Serbian govt. refused to hand them over, so Austria attacked. Russia's romantic and idotic Tsar backed his fellow Orthodox, of whose purity of faith more later, and fellow slavs. Germany got into the mix. there went WW I.

WW II grew out of events entirely dependent on WW I and how it went.

Meanwhile, the arrogant Serbs got into the Balkan Wars, and despite their pretense at representing Orthodoxy were at war over turf with the equally (or perhaps more so) Orthodox Bulgarians (Right now I forget if this happened twice, I recall some mess between the WWs, and also there was an incident in the 1800s, wherein the Turks were invited in by the Serbs to help them fight their Orthodox brothers the Bulgarians! These hypocrites
pretend to be an Orthodox people, and their leaders Orthodox, but at the drop of a hat it is clearly noting but a pretense, and politics and empire are the real game.

I have been studying Orthodoxy for some time now, and I am beginning to view Serbian Orthodoxy as being to real Orthodoxy what Santeria is to Roman Catholicism, only it is not nearly as extreme. And it is probably less so among Serbs in the USA.

In the days of Constantinople, Dushan IV I think it was, made war on the holy city of Constantinople and siezed western Byzantine lands. Then he impiously anointed his own patriarch, and having the monks of Athos under his "protection" made it clear what side of their bread the butter was on, and they sold out and backed him. The patriarch of the schismatic Serbian church then anointed Dushan Tsar, with an okay to take the throne of Constantinople, and he died on the way to do so. (Maybe God struck him dead?)

Bulgarians also used the title Tsar for their leader, which makes me suspect they had similar goals. As late as the 1800s, the Bulgarian church went into schism and the Constantinopolitan Ecumenical Patriarch and a synod declared a new heresy existed, phyletism, which essentially holds that each ethnic group needs its own church. Racial separatism, in other words. Of course, the ethnocentric state of mind that has its practical working out in this is effectively condemned thereby also.

These schisms have been healed, in Serbia's case by Knez (Prince) Lazar, falsely called Tsar Lazar by his admirers (he is a saint).

It is made very clear, that God chose to put the Turks in charge, and that Lazar was given the last choice, heavenly crown or earthly, take your pick, and he chose the former, meaning, he chose victory for the Turks, though he and his men died all but him not knowing the die was cast against them.

Kosovo was not the main loss against the Turks, that had already happened farther north.

Wondering if he did right, to choose loss for the Serbs, Lazar was granted a visit from an angel, who told him that the great Serbian saints who converted his ancestors were praying in heaven for the Serbs to lose.

Why? Probably because they would have been an even more prideful and deadly equating of Christian faith with worldly power and glory than Byzantium, which fell later anyway.

With the help, I might add, of Serbian engineers who helped the Turks undermine Byzantine defenses.

Lazar's sister married Bayazed and Lazar's widow and Bayezed partnered in some exploits against the Bulgars, I think. Always these two at each other's throats.

Serious trouble developed later, with in the onset of Euro romantic notions of blood, soil, language, culture and religion as together making a race, which informed panslavism, panturkism, and pangermanism.

Russia thinking it has an ally in Serbia was an idiot - essentially, if all rivals were overthrown, Serbia would either rule by infiltration or by conquest (or have to be destroyed in self defense), for it apparently has, at
its core self image, an idea of being the rightful heir to Rome, as much as Russia The Third Rome does.

Indeed one analysis blamed the imperialistic neo byzantine Russia as Third Rome mentality for the later aggressive imperialism of Communism. An adapted version of the same thing.

The Serbs in the Krajina came to be in a relationship with the Austrians against the Turks, but many of them and the Vlachs they are partbred with went there at Turkish invitation to fill a dangerous frontier vaccuum.

Even Patriarch Pavle admits that they are guilty as charged of the horrors in Bosnia in the 1990s, which the Serbian propaganda machine denies, but he takes refuge in the claim that all sides were guilty. Actually, ethnic Serb militias did MORE. In Kosovo, Patriarch Pavle again reluctantly admits that they have probably sinned and the Moscow Patriarch's advice was that the NATO bombing should stop and the properties taken by Serbs returned to the Kosovars, I saw it on TV.

The self image of the Serbians, and their brand of Orthodoxy, is nothing much different than a kind of Nazism, only they aren't nearly as spit and polish classy about it. If you read their "saint" Velimirovich, which one page falsely claims died a martyr in Dachau, no, he died in USA and was in a very cushy situation with the Serbian collaborationist government Milan or whatever his name was and several others, a special category of prisoner, and was released not rescued, you will see how seamlessly there is merged Christianity and a kind of ethnic mysticism.

The Wikipedia, in one of its better footnoted articles, notes that the byzantines brought the Turks into Europe for the first time, as allies against the Serbian aggressors.

It would seem these people are, whatever their virtues as individuals, almost a jinx.

Oh yeah, one other interesting tidbit. In an archaeological magazine I recently read something about archaeology in Kosovo. An Albanian archaeologist recalled that she worked with two Serbian archaeologists, before the Serbian jingoism started in the 1980s, on excavating some old Serbian graves.
Well, a bit later, she heard that one or both of these guys were screaming about how Albanians had desecrated that Serbian medieval or earlier grave, that those very complaining Serbs had worked on the desecrative excavatio of which! at that point she said she knew something was going wrong.

And while they at home pretended to be fighting against Jew influenced evils, pandering to the antisemite conspiracy theories at home, abroad they were palsy walsy with Israel, and making sure that Israeli newspapers were pro Serb.
Mary, very interesting history lesson. I have some ?s for you: who was behind the bombing of Yugoslavia, was she not a thorn in the side of Hitler, did not Bill Clinton create a huge gulf between the US and Russia as a result of the bombing? Thanks for your help.
The temptation to use Christ Jesus for ethnic purposes goes back to Judas; Jesus said: "the kingdom of heaven is within..."
Yours in Christ,
BEIJING, Nov. 19, according to Xinhua Taiwan's "Today" reported that Chen Shui-bian's four-day fasting guard for medical treatment, including the Oriental Hospital and the Panchiao to spend a wow power leveling total of nearly 20,000 yuan (NT, the same below) medical wow powerleveling expenses, as His health insurance card to stay in Taipei Detention Center, must first serve their own expense, the medical expenses from his detention in custody of the gold deduction, but Chen Shui-bian's custody, only 16,000 yuan deposit, the deduction is not enough, said the detention center, not wow gold part of the Will be asked to make up for the families or lawyers.

1 At about noon today, Chen Shui-bian ambulance ride to live for three days to leave the county medical Panchiao District Court, although power leveling the people left, but still have to pay money, including an ambulance referral to spend 800 yuan, into the ring adhere to the intensive care unit Fasting only saline water and glucose, a day to spend about 1500 yuan, plus medical expenses, hospital fees, in Panchiao powerleveling hospital guard spent a total of three million yuan.
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