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The Javier Solana Story, Part IX



(1886 - 1978)

As I pen these final words towards the close of April 30th, 2007, I am viewing CSPAN footage on the European Union – USA Summit held in Washington, D.C. Jose Manuel Barroso, the EU Commission President and Angela Merkel are getting the up front TV coverage. This is not surprising as Javier Solana has, to my observation, kept a deliberate low profile in the USA. But he has been busy this side of the Atlantic. In the Year 2000, the “Solana coup” saw Javier Solana classify thousands of EU documents that had formerly been “transparent.” Today, it appears there was another Solana coup, this one dealing with EU/USA 'classified documents. The release from our State Department may be read by clicking here, that is if it itself has not disappeared by becoming “classified.” As always, promptly archive your information by saving to disk and hard copy. The lovely little game they play of “now you see us, now you don't seems to be intensifying!

Despite statements by Javier Solana that "I never planned my life," it appears that Javier Solana's life was planned -- if not by himself (improbable), by others. Obviously, Javier Solana was long and carefully groomed for his current positions. His chief inspiration appears to be his maternal grandfather, Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo. Hereafter, I will refer to him as “Madariaga.” To understand family inclinations, one must understand Solana's grandparents. His grandfather among his other prodigious writing, busied himself with all types of groups, right, left and center. He bragged that he could not be classified.i

Before beginning this portion of this series which will deal with the significant influences of Salvador de Madariaga on the life and work of his mentored grandson, I must confess that I enjoy reading Madariaga. He is very readable in the English and I suspect even more so in his native Spanish. I'm certain he would have been very entertaining as a guest at a dinner party. That he possessed as the French express it, savoir faire and the English, “great erudition,” is not at issue.

That de Madariaga was tempted and succumbed to the lures of occultism and its circles appears equally certain. That he supported world government and hated the USA for blocking same is a certainty. That he worked the left and right with near equal dexterity is most apparent. Regarding Spain's Civil War factions, Madariaga liked to describe himself as “equally distant from both sides.”

Madariaga was once amused to see his name on a list of Catholics teaching at England's Oxford University. He wrote sarcastically that he was so very happy that they could determine what he had never been able to determine for himself.

Indeed, it is difficult to determine where Madariaga sorted out on almost any issue. He was an apparent complex man of many seeming contradictions that make sense only if one understands, using New Age vernacular, a “third way” mentality. Madariaga denied being Jewish, but his writings express some sympathy for Europe's Jewish population and contempt for Nazi persecutors. He was accused of being Catholic, but his unwillingness to allow either of his two daughters, Nieves (Solana's mother) and Isabella to be baptized belies that theory.

He was supposedly opposed to violence; however, his spirited defense of the Mexican government's persecution of first its Catholics and eventually all professing Christianity belies that sympathy. He opposed national sovereignties and Communism with apparent equal vigor.

One thing is most certain. Salvador de Madariaga was an open proponent of a new world religion. It appears that Solana's interest in an Alliance of Civilizations may have had his seeds in his grandfather's instruction. Madariaga wrote in Morning without Noon that:

“Furthermore, I felt the need for some sort of a faith, a common faith that would hold together the world commonwealth. In the World Council of Religions there were some minds who then solicited my cooperation, guessing some sort of affinity; but in my view the several religious confessions, or as the English so wisely call them, denominations, seemed to me the equivalent of nations in the field of belief, so that they develop their own frontiers, definition and nationalism, even when they are not actually and openly nationalistic as is the case with some forms of Hinduism or Anglicanism.

“The religious slant in the search for an organic solution to the problem of peace seemed to me irrelevant. What was needed was a permanent state of consensus or at least of debate on what is going on in the minds of men, with a stress on synthesis. We needed a two-fold endeavour towards synthesis: one aiming at unity in the fundamental ideas on science, knowledge and the mutual illumination to be obtained from the confrontation of several disciplines and specialisations of our search fortruth; and another aiming at a unity or at least a harmony between the essential attitudes of so many peoples on earth . . .”[ii]

Similar to what would be the organization of “twenty eminent personalities” in 2006, 70 years earlier in 1936, Salvador de Madariaga organized a group of 19 such individuals in his “League Institute of Intellectual Co-operation.” He wanted this group to meet every five years and help set the norms for humanity.


Next segment will continue more on Salvador de Madariaga along with strong evidence that Lucis Trust and the Theosophists were even then playing a strong role in shaping Madariaga's agenda – one that would clearly be transmitted to his grandson who now heads the foundation bearing Madariaga's name, Javier Solana de Madariaga.

iSalvador de Madariaga, MORNING WITHOUT NOON Memoirs, copyright 1973 by Salvador de Madariaga. It is possible that copies are still available from and other on line book vendors.
ii. Ibid, page 411

was wondering, with finding and getting deeper in the past of things, will it be a long while until the book is finished..

a revised edition would suffice..

god make it easier to find the truth for all of us.
Thank you. I am working hard on the book, but a suggestion - - - print these sections out and put them in a notebook -- you will have somewhat of a book -- just in case things happen that prevent publication!
I just want to say for the record how much I appreciate all of the effort you put into keeping us informed about the role Javier Solana plays in the decisions of our government. While the connections are not always spelled out, the pattern is always clear.

Thanks Dorothy! You know how very much I appreciate your meticulous research myself.

I know this might be off topic but in reading Daniel the 9th chapter is the goat that flies across from the West the United States. The ram was Iraq. And now the Horn broken in 4 pieces are the UN EU USA and Russia. I know in ancient script this was Greece but the Bible uses the past to speak of the present and it seems that Javier Solona (possible antichrist) comes from one of these broken horns of the the American Empire who is now weakened after the Iraq debacle.. and now the mideast Quartet is the power with the EU leading the way. I am new to this so I hope I'm not violating any blogger protocol by writing this to you.
I look forward to every new blog segment. Is there a resource you can recommend that gives a high level view to the EU, Solana, AOC, etc. that connects the dots?

Thank you for your great effort.
American Empire????????????????? no offence but that kind of sounds like a marxist comment. I have no idea what you will get for a responce. That question almost seems like it is trigger happy.
Regards the prophetic comment on "American Empire" -- I am not of the school that believes the USA is not mentioned in prophecy, BUT, I believe the horns mentioned clearly referred to the Alexander empire and the four empires that sprang from it.
Here is an exchange of papers dealing with ecology and the New Age movement coming from the Hindu perspective. I haven't read the second paper completely yet as I need to really concentrate on this kind of academic discussion. The first writer says that mixing religion with ecology does no good and New Age thinking is bringing that mix about. The writer believes it is just a cover to push Hindu beliefs everywhere. or

At the very least it is a reminder that the pagan/occult New Age movement is an international force to be faced as it is operating under many headings.

Put this in the category of rumor until there is another verification that it is happening.

I have a friend who has been working on contract at an Indian reservation in one of the western states for the past several years. She is a Christian who is New Age knowledgeable.

She wrote:
"I have limited access to the Internet here on the Rez, and my work email is IHS monitored.
Most of my frequented websites and web logs are blocked by the government, including LGF and Constance's web site."

LGF is, a website run by a Christian who monitors the Mideast and gets about 76,000 hits a day.

If anyone knows more about this kind of blocking, please comment.

Sorry folks...I was not trying to instigate a battle here over the "American Empire" remark.
What I meant was that we are the last of the world's super powers and because of the Iraq debacle our strength has deteriorated in the world view and now we seem dependent upon the others to influence the middle east. Yes Constance , I do understand that Daniel was referring to the "Greek Empire" of Alexander being divided between his 4 generals but my question is, "Are we also talking about today?" This entire chapter is a prelim to the 26th and 27th verse abnout the antichrist so I am
postulating is it possible that the past can be the present with:
1 horn Goat-Greece-USA
Ram-Persian and Bablylonian Empire-modern Iraq
4horns-Alexanders Generals-Middle East Quartet
One who comes from these 4 horns-Javier Solona

If I am missing it here I apologise but this does seem relevant to the Solona discussion and the 9th Chapter of Daniel
A search of the State Department website today yielded 691 hits on Solana, presumably not including the "classified" ones!
Dave Hunt had pushed the "all is Hinduism" thesis. Unfortunately, he seemed to have far less of a problem dealing with the western occultism emanating from Jacob Boehme and his translator William Law!
My personal belief is that the USA is quite possibly the object of hatred of the ten nations which handed their power over to the beast and did so to equalize themselves with another power. I think it is becoming increasingly apparent by the day that this could be the EU nations frustrated by global USA hegemony and seeking to equalize themselves on the world stage by handing power to one man, whom it is increasingly appearing could be Javier Solana and/or any successor to his present offices. At least that's how I see it now bearing in mind that for the present "we all see through glass darkly . . ."
Interesting theories by Tim McHyde who is running paid advertisements from this site, but no logical nor scriptural support that "the antichrist is 58 years old" - - - SUCH CONFUSION!
Anonymous 4:05
Hindutva is associated with the BJP political party.
"Part of Hindutva is like Hitler’s anti-Semitism, Muslim and Christian bashing and part is double think, consolidation of Hindu society making it as ‘sharp and strong as steel’ and describing Manusmriti as the most sacred book after the Vedas.

"Idolising Hitler and idealising Germany Nazism, and Aryan race by Golwalkar betrays his false sense of racial superiority and purging Germany of Semitic people, Jews, is to endorse Hitler’s Final Solution and allow an ‘intrepid and brute’ Himmler (Modi) to experiment with genocide in the ‘Hindutva laboratory’ that was Gujarat."

Think about the articles I posted in connection with the above. In looking for online support for my views, I did see that others have written that Hindutva is really pro-Israel, etc. Since I'm not an academic in this area, I don't feel the need to analyze all of the material available. I first came across the material on BJP from a Indian Christian, a respected author of many books.

The articles had nothing to do with Dave Hunt.

Constance, everyone, you've probably talked about this so I apologize if I am repeating an old topic.
Have you noticed the logo from Javier’s Euro-Mediterranean Partnership For Peace?
The EUROMED logo is an occult symbol referencing “As Above, So Below”. It fits the maxim from The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. I know if you first glance at it, it just looks like the euro symbol lying on its back. But if you notice its mirror reverse image below it in a half circle which appears to be encapsulated in a planet like body, Earth, the symbology falls in line with, "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing." I first saw this logo at one of Herb Peters recent speaking engagements. Needless to say I immediately saw its occult significance and new that this was very serious. Secret societies identify with this.
Interesting point Johnny. It fits in with some things I've been looking at.

The logo can be seen here.
Hi Constane, I just want to say thank you as your brother in Jesus Christ for all of your efforts through out the years. I live in MI and we do have mutual friends - from your earlier books to the most recent articles, I think I speak for many who chose not to contact you and simply say thank you. Doug
Constance, how do you think Tzipi will manage the wars ahead of her soon to be nation possibly, the way her mentors want her. I also find it interesting the amount women Solana fits in place, possibly his old family friends from the U.S.,Merkel,and possibly Italy
Probably for a short time only there appears to be a back door to some of the Lucis Trust Bailey books. I won't state you gave me the lead. I haven't followed most of the links, but it looks interesting.

who gave me the's after midnight.

Sarkozy: Israel has right to protect itself

Sarkozy interests me. He seems to be a hardliner and US and Israel friendly. Most likely will succeed Chirac.

Constance, this may be old news, and it's a bit off topic, but I suddenly remembered the other day that doing something in someone's "name" in NT times meant doing it in their authority...what if the "number of his name" in Revelation refers to the "number of his authority"? That certainly would seem to clear up any ambiguity (if there is any) over the role of the High Rep of the CFSP, either present or future.
pastormike, I think same.
thanks for input!


Brussels, 4 May (AKI) - Foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Qatar - the main proponents of an Arab plan for peace with Israel - have been invited by the EU to meet their counterparts from the bloc's member states to discuss the initiative, a EU spokeswoman has told Adnkronos International (AKI). Cristina Gallach a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, told AKI the meeting would take place in Brussels on 14-15 May. Arab League secretary general, Amr Moussa, would also probably participate she said."

Completely off topic, but I read over your AoC story which included your citing of the great invocation, and your comment wondering "how widely they will circulate the last stanza" (then you quoted this; “Let light and love and power and death fulfill the purpose of the Coming One.”). That sent me on a mad chase all over the net looking for the invocation with that as the last first, I thought I was seeing a blatant censoring of those words because of how scandalous they were...but I finally realized that what they are calling the "great invocation" is actually only the 3rd part of the original, and your reference is to a line in the 2nd part...perhaps that IS one of the reasons they aren't using the first two parts, but I thought you would like to know the line you were thinking of is not at the end of the invocation.
send you hereby the link to the
latest history altering interview
with Solana:

Pastor Mike,
In regard to the Great Invocation, they change it around as they see fit. The one from 1935 had six lines, none mentioning death.

The one from 1940 had the two lines as the beginning of the fourth stanza. There are 20 lines.

In 1945 death is not mentioned at all. There are 13 lines. The above was in a Lucis Trust book printed in 1971.

In a book printed in 1976, they show the same as above.

In a 1998 printing they give the 1945 version without the history.

In 1992 this group came out with their slightly changed version which didn't call for Christ to come to earth and some small changes.

Then we have this:
John Berges. Hidden Foundations of the Great Invocation. Northfield, N.J.: Planetwork Press, 2000.

Two outstanding books that examine the numerological significance of the Great Invocation. Berges' conclusion is that the Invocation was received by Sanat Kumara from the star system Sirius 14 million years ago. It was passed to the Christ in 1945 for use by humanity. The Invocation is both a gift of love and a word of power to be used to stimulate humanity's spiritual growth in the centuries to come. After completing Sacred Vessel, Berges discovered that the Great Invocation bears the stamp of the Master R, who last incarnated in Elizabethan times as Francis Bacon. Thus, Hidden Foundations was written. By following gematric and other clues, we find that the Invocation, the King James Bible, and the plays of Shakespeare all point to the work of this elusive but powerful member of the Hierarchy. These two amazing books are a must for all serious students of the Tibetan's teachings.
Here a history of the Great Invocation is given.

What should be noted is that the reference to death appeared in the 1940 version but was taken out in the 1945 version. In fact, go to the previous link and read these words together as Hitler exercises total control.

"The end of woe has come!
Come forth, O Mighty One.

The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived.
Let it be spread abroad, O Mighty One.
Let Light and Love and Power and Death
Fulfil the purpose of the Coming One."


上海翻译公司,东莞翻译公司国内同声翻译(同声传译)领域领头军!同声传译(同传)是国际会议通常使用的翻译方式, 翻译人员进入隔音间里






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I really like all the points you have made
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