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The Javier Solana Story, Continued, Part VII

The Javier Solana Story, Continued, Part VII



"[PPT] Javier Solana - 6 visits - Mar 31 File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - View as HTML Javier Solana. Was he written in the New Testament as a form of “Bible Code”? Check this! Revelation 13 – Grid No. 1. Matthew 24. Mark 13! . . . - Similar pages - Note this" [Google link]
It was, as I best recall, sometime in 2002. I was contacted via email by a young researcher whose name I now recall only as Kirk. I wish I knew his last name and I wish I knew how to now reach him. He told me he had Bible Code software. I wrote him back and admonished him that I placed no stock in that whatsoever. I had spoken out sternly against the Bible Codes on my radio programs on many occasions. I frankly think that the vast majority of what I see on them is nothing less than pure speculative silliness. Searches upwards of 5,000 skips are likely to yield just about anything.

Kirk then called my listed phone. He said he had purchased an Australian program called “Codefinder.” He said he had the program in preference to other programs because it contained New Testament Greek texts as well as the usual Hebrew ones. I again expressed strong reservations. Kirk said insistently, you have to see this. He said he would come to my office and show me. I asked just what he thought he could show me. He said he had frankly purchased the program hoping it would give him a clue or two as to the anti-christ’s identity. He said he had installed the program on his computer and ran all the usual suspects through and “came up with nothing meaningful on anyone.”

He said he heard me discuss Javier Solana on my then regular Detroit Friday night program, “Law Talk”, including his Barcelona Process. He said he, on a whim, decided to run Javier Solana’s name through his program. To his astonishment, said Kirk, “it came up on everything.” He said he would come to my office and show me and I said “ok.”

Kirk came and installed the program on my computer. I viewed the results with astonishment and to make myself legal – being an author myself and sensitive to intellectual property rights – ordered via internet a copy from its Australian distributor.

To make a long story very short, using a grid skip not to exceed 1000, Javier Solana’s name came up on every Greek New Testament prophecy ascribed to the prophesied antichrist. It came up 22 times in the Book of Revelation alone. “Here is wisdom, let him who hath understanding calculate the number of the beast . . .” saw Javier Solana’s name cross the interlinear configuration as well as a smaller grid straight line one.

I am thinking now of the EU’s GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) program and wondering about the strange coincidence that his name straight lined in the same small configuration “he causeth all, great and small . . .”

Every letter in the Greek spelled “Solana” ran through separate lines of the 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 2 prophecies on the “Man of Perdition.” Again, no rational explanation occurred to me for this astounding, perhaps coincidental find.

It was the three gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke, that truly “blew me away.” Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 all featured Javier Solana’s names running through the prophecies on the abomination of desolation. I looked with astonishment, seeing Javier Solana’s name run through the Matthew 24 passage – TWICE – on “Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives and his disciples came to him privately saying ‘tell us, what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world.” Directly intersecting it was a vertical straight line configuration of S-O-L-ANA, with his first name very close at hand.

Had it not been for other factors I had by now been tracking starting on November 22, 1995, I might have thought little of it. But combining this “coincidence” that some think God placed for a skeptical generation who accepted evolution but derided scripture, I felt that even given my own reluctance to promote the Bible Codes in any fashion, this could not be ignored. Javier Solana was battling religious fundamentalism, globally. He was now the “one voice” Henry Kissinger had desired to call for Europe. His job had been created with Section 666 of the Europa codified documents. He had proposed and obtained expanded proposed European powers with Recommendation 666. He was moving rapidly with “global governance” initiatives. Maybe it was all a big coincidence and Javier Solana was unlucky enough to land on all prophetic squares at once.

I felt as though I had little choice but to present it for what it was worth. As I told my audiences, “it might not be worth anything,” but I feel you are entitled to this information. As Kirk showed me, it came up also on all the significant Daniel prophecies and much more. The Greek was what I was comfortable and that is what I show here.


If you click on the top underlined headline, it should take you to a Power Point presentation somebody posted on the web.
I just wanted to drop a note here. I was attended Herb Peters talk last night here in Minnesota... it was incredible. I invited several people to go with however, only one was willing… or should I say, only one was “free” As we walked out of the hotel her eyeballs were as big as saucers and she explained how he made sense out of what the Christian church can feel. Meaning: We all know the time of the big battle is close, deliverance draws near, but the church does not really understand how that is being played out.

I have been keeping up with this guy daily since learning of him through you...but so much was clarified for me as well. If anyone has the opportunity to attend his presentation, DO SO... it will be time worth spent. Once you see it presented chronologically, the way it has been implemented, world events make way more sense and they guy is HUMBLE. Someday, all will- as Jesus puts it: “solemnly” see the importance of this info.

Blessing to the message bearers, for I know that your job can only be done by one who really trusts Jesus, loves Jesus, and leans on Him. What a difficult job.
Note Constance's warning at the top of her commentary. Even as you read this, be very careful if you do a websearch for more Bible Code information. There is one website that carries volumonous searches and had me taken in until I found some disturbing posts and they added some dubious content. I don't want to give the name which might encourage others to go there.

This is not meant to disparage Constance's presentation. It's just a warning that where Bible Codes are concerned, be very discerning about other searchers.

constance, have you tried putting in Ahminejad (sp?) or some other islamist leader?
methinks most are way too myopic on the EU and such...we are seeing a disturbing rise of the old ottoman empire..and frankly ..that was that last empire to rule that whole region even in the time of Hitler.
methinks we are looking in the wrong place. jmho
I don't play with the Bible Codes as a general rule. It is undisputed that Solana's name appears where it does and combined with his other global governance attributes, it makes a fascinating picture, indeed. You are free to obtain the software (I gave the link in the blog) and by all means let me know. As I have always said, "your guess is as good as mine . . . but Javier Solana may well be an excellent EDUCATED guess" Of course, I always hope I'm wrong, but 11 years of watching have seen him grown, not shrink in power and when I see the disinformation agents and sycophantic Squeakboxes of the world rush to protect him, along with Benjamin Creme's SHARE INTERNATIONAL featuring him picture and all on their Spanish site pages as "golly gee, he is saying the same things as Maitreya (Betraya?), I can't help but go, hmmmm???????????
Constance, I was only trying to make a point for those who seek quick and easy answers to questions that need heavy research. You've done the research and for those who have followed it, the Bible Codes piece on Solana is a very interesting coincidence but by no means gives credibility to the entire area of Bible Code findings.

Getting answers without research is very seductive, particularly if the answers are in line with what a person believes. No one should go that route. They should follow your example and ground themselves with verifiable documentation before adding a Bible Code to their understanding.

Hi Dorothy,

I fully agree and thanks!

I just watched Tommy Thompson on C-Span toss his hat into the ring for president (maybe this was a rerun). i just want to remind everyone that Thompson wanted all us to get microchipped when he served as Health and Human Services Secretary.

I'm certainly a skeptic of Bible codes. However, it doesn't surprise me that Solana's name appears so often. If this was the only piece of the puzzle, I wouldn't pay much attention. Solana's appearance in the media on June 6, 2006 was much the same way. When you look at all the activities that he's a part of and how he has become one of the most central figures in world politics, it does leave me even more concerned. The U.S., Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea all think they are in such control of the world. It's not any of these entities. It's the EU and it's Solana. He is a common denominator (if not, The common denominator) in so many problem areas of the world. This is the more credible aspect of suspicions about him, even more than his frequent association with the number 666. I hope this makes sense and doesn't come across as mindless internet chatter.
I'm wary of bible codes too. I happened upon this website by some Sherry Shriner the other day. At the very least, I'd have to describe her as misled a little. She thinks Satan lives on planet X and demons bred with women making lizard people.
Although these findings are very eerie and pretty convincing, I find a major problem with this stuff. It like the arguement with DNA against evolution. About how we couldn't have just popped into existence out of the genetic mixing bowl.
It goes a little like this: Put all the information into a bowl, and shake it up. What're the odds of getting the human DNA chain in order? Put the alphabet in the bowl, shake it up. You may get DOG or CAT, etc...
Wow, you got something spelled out, but show those words to a German person, or someone who's never heard English before. Those words mean nothing. Since we don't have a true universal language, and something always gets lost in translation, I don't think we should put too much stock into this stuff.
Solana fits the bill for Anti-Christ better than just about anyone right now. Who's to say the Worldly Order running things in the background aren't doing this to distract us? I dont think it really matters to the saved, but it's almost too convenient that all these evidences are so obvious. What if the real A/C is just puppeting Solana and making this evidence fairly obvious to get the Church talking? The non-saved following this stuff could lose faith when this guy croaks and never 'raises' again to desecrate the temple.
Computers are too easy to tamper with, and programs are too easy to encode intentional scripting to gain a certain result. I think we saved should be careful about how much stock we put in technology. I say we rely on the bible which has been Windows-crash free for thousands of years.
"Behold I am coming soon!" "Fear not for I am with you, I have called you by your name, YOU ARE MINE." Hold fast!
I think the Bible laid out with no spaces in between, which is what the Bible Codes are, is hardly susceptible to tampering. IT IS SUSCEPTIBLE TO MISINTERPRETATION. When you combine what Solana has said and done, it appears that is name appearing on every Bible prophecy on the prophesied one of Daniel and Revelation and the gospels could be possible icing on the cake. Actually, Solana has kept a remarkably low profile -- most Americans don't recognize his name. Hitler appeared to fulfill many of the prophecies and Hitler was clearly an Antichrist wannabe. Hitler did not fulfill the prophecy "he shall come in peaceably with the aid of a few." Solana appears to come much closer on this one. But who knows? If even Jesus didn't know the day nor the hour, most certainly Lucifer doesn't know it either and likes to have candidates ready, just in case. The prophecies were not put in place for us to ignore.

If you are in the Detroit area, go hear Herb Peters in Romulus tonight. If you are in Lansing, go hear him tomorrow. I plan to be there tonight, God willing!

My prayers for those in the Northeast facing the weather fronts. It has miraculously bypassed Michigan. The sun is shining here this Sunday morning.

As regards the "universal language", no we certainly don't. God saw to that after the Tower of Babel construction began as a post-flood act of rebellion against Him. But the Bible Codes written in Hebrew and Greek should be consistent. I doubt mightily that Solana's name was inputted by programmers. In fact, I doubt that those who developed the program even know about Solana -- they might now, but certainly not when the Codefinder program was developed. As to the Sherry Shriner somewhat interpretations, I note with cynical interest that they seem to have play all over the internet. Solana appears to be getting the same news blackout there that he gets for most of American media, but the Christian silliness is being depicted. That might be far closer to their real agenda. It appears to me that Solana is receiving protection, not so dissimilar to that of Damian in THE OMEN! Hope I'm wrong!
Hi Constance,

I've been a reg. at for around three years, but only just began looking at your blogspot recently.

Just wanting some clarification on the appearance of Solana in these Bible Codes. Are we talking about Javier as iota-alpha-upsilon-iota-epsilon-rho and Solana as sigma-omicron-lambda-alpha-nu-alpha?

I've always been skeptical of the 'Bible codes' too, but given that this is Solana and not just some hated politcal figure that people want to fit the bill, I thought I would seek some further clarification from you.
The Greek letters used show on the grid -- try blowing up the picture or do the links to the Power Point Show on the Google block I posted where somebody put up an abbreviated presentation I did some time ago.
As we see the pieces come together we understand that we are "children of light...;For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." We often test with: "Christ is come in the flesh." We must also test with: "men loved darkness rather than light." The willful turning from the Living SON who died for us and rose from the dead accounts for much that is found in evolution, science and globalism.
Have you heard Lybia is now backing Iran! See Paul J. Tetreault Jr., ESQ.
It is somewhat miraculous that we in Michigan did not get any more winter. Hopefully winter will finally be over. What happened to global warming? Spring weather is finally in the forecast. Too bad I have to work, other wise I would attend the Herb Peters' conferences.
Just met with Herb Peters before his talk tonight at the Clarion Hotel near Detroit's Metro Airport. He enjoyed meeting Rich of Medford last night in Wisconsin. Pray for Herb. He is getting excellent response, but the extensive travel is physically wearying, which I personally know from past experience when I was fortunately younger!
Herb Peters has an excellent way of getting his message across. I enjoy his "What Herb Thinks" section as he seems to articulate what he is thinking well. It is nice to read the articles he refers to, then read his commentary.
Hopefully someday he'd be able to attend a worldview weekend as a speaker, those are always pretty informative.

I wrote that comment about Sherry Shriner, just to show who's posting.

I believe fully in the media blackout, because it's obvious. In MN we had some exchange students from Germany come to the school at which I teach computers. They were in checking out our computer labs since they don't have access to such massive amounts of computers per-capita at school. I decided to chat with them about the EU and Merkel's presidency...and about Javier Solana. These kids, about 10th graders, had no clue who he was. I was very surprised to say the least. They did recognize the name Angela Merkel though, otherwise I'd have been very worried about how much young people follow the news in Germany.
You do a great job Constance, and I check your blog daily for changes. Along with you, the only other places I really think hold water are RaptureReady and Herb's Fulfilled Prophecy. Great stuff and God Bless you in your work to get the word out. I think Daniel was talking about our generation!
The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

I watched Herb's presentation last night before a full room audience. He was received very well by an apparently shell-shocked audience.
Herb's seminar is definitely worth attending. It is packed with information. I was able to attend on Friday night and as in Michigan, there were a lot of shocked participants. I heard several people gasp as Herb read from the Alliance of Civilizations documents.

My prayers for everybody experiencing the weather they are in the Northeast. I, however, question the sanity of anybody who ran the Boston Marathon today!
Constance how do we know that you and herb are not shills of the system, and your goal is to misdirect
peoples attention away from the middleast and on to europe.
Absolutely astounding article tonight on WND: Here's a link. I would quote Bro. Seraphim Rose's book, ORTHODOXY AND THE RELIGION OF THE FUTURE. He wrote of what was beginning to show then, "Satan is now entering naked into world history . . ." For sure, it's here!
I've been faithful on my work for 26 years. As Herb says, "just the facts, ma'm" You are free to do your own research. Time and events will ultimate prove what was correct!
For the person who suggested we are shills attempting to misdirect people away from the Middle East, either you have your own agenda OR you haven't read carefully. The Middle East is one of Javier Solana's BIGGEST PRIORITIES!
Constance, I’ve been following you and Herb Peters for several months now. I find myself talking about this information more and more to Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I appreciate your efforts and attitude (“just the facts”) and I plan on hearing Herb this weekend in Indianapolis. I pray that by sharing this information, we may see Christians awake to the time left on the Biblical clock, and that some will call upon the name of Jesus before those trumpets sound. Again, thank you for your efforts and may the Lord bless!

Brother J
The middle east and EU are now integrated. Attention must be paid attention to both. Very ignorant post.

He has his own agenda, disinform and distract.
the reason why I say that constance and herb are shills is becase revelation 13 17:18
main point is "here is wisdom" which biblical ruler had the greatest wisdom of all and which one collected 666 talents of gold in one year besides the amount collected from merchants?? and which babylonian ruler became a beast at the height of his arrogance?
the bible interprets itself.

I am a conspiracy theorist and I do believe that certain teachers have been set up to mislead.

Almost every christian believes that "the man" is going to come from europe. and establish a worldwide government. every pastor knows this, and every deacon as well. How is it possible for followers who don't think to know truth?
Hi Constance

The link to the WND article that you referred to is short of two digits at the end.It ends with ID=550?? Can you perhaps re-post the link?

Anon. 2:16

I guess I will need a little bit more interperatation about everything you just wrote. I am not trying to cut you down but to me it kind of seemed like a bunch of abstract stuff just flung into a pot. I don't care about conspiacy at all. I got the Bible to explain that stuff. And yes there is a conspiracy. By satan himself. I don't need that one explained. However if you would care to educate me on your 666 stuff, and your comment on the man of sin coming from europe, Id like to hear you fit it together.
me thinks there are 666 degrees of silliness from the Babylonian poster!
Oh, I get it, it's Saddam Hussein? Choke, choke!!!!
its really fascinating how jesus is the exact opposite of the jewish messiah.
jesus: destroyed the temple
messiah: build the temple
jesus: scattered israel
messiah: bring israel together
jesus: Born Of God
messiah:Born of man
jesus: destroy the law
messiah: bring people to the law
jesus: brought war
messiah: end war

so it is indeed possible that the real messiah is the antichrist.

a new spiritual war is taking place
one for truth.
"Should we look for another." John the Baptist became unsure; Jesus said in part: "the blind receive their sight..."
in a comment above(I failed to sign my e-name)making mention of testing by light, when confussion arises its not of God, but WARNING is. Thanks Constance and all of you for the trumpet sound that wakes me every day to the Lords nearness.
Yours in Christ,
Javiar is already telling us what to do.
>>Anonymous said...
its really fascinating how jesus is the exact opposite of the jewish messiah.
jesus: destroyed the temple
messiah: build the temple
jesus: scattered israel
messiah: bring israel together
jesus: Born Of God
messiah:Born of man
jesus: destroy the law
messiah: bring people to the law
jesus: brought war
messiah: end war

so it is indeed possible that the real messiah is the antichrist.

a new spiritual war is taking place
one for truth.

2:50 AM


Three killed at Turkish publisher

The three victims were found tied up in the office
Three people have been killed at a publishing house in Turkey that produced bibles, in an apparent attack on the country's Christian minority.
The victims were discovered at the Zirve publishing house in the eastern city of Malatya.

They were bound hand and foot and their throats had been slit, officials said.

Nationalists had protested at the publishing house in the past, accusing it of involvement in missionary activities, local media reported.

There is a rising wave of nationalist feeling in Turkey, the BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports, with Christian minorities complaining of pressure and harassment.

In the most serious incident so far, a Catholic priest was killed last year by a teenage nationalist gunman as he prayed in his church.

'Brutal crime'

The general manager of the publishing house, Hamza Ozant, told local media that his employees had been threatened in recent days.

A number of men had been detained in connection with the attack, local officials said.

Television pictures showed police leading several young men from the building.

One of those killed in the attack was German, the country's ambassador said.

"Even if the exact circumstances of the crime are not yet known, I most strongly condemn this brutal crime," Eckart Cuntz said in a statement.

Malatya is known here as a very nationalistic city, often with an extreme religious undertone, our correspondent adds.

It is the hometown of Mehmet Ali Agca, who in 1981 shot Pope John Paul II.

Turkey's Christian community comprises less than 1% of its population. More than 99% of the Turkish population is Muslim.

Sorry, here's the link
European Union: The Divided Kingdom
Once again, let us examine what else Daniel had to say about this final empire…
“Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mixed with clay. As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle”.
Daniel 2:41-42

In the 2nd Chapter, Daniel describes an empire, the Babylonian as a Head, the Persian as the Chest, the Greek as the Belly and Loins, and the Roman as the Legs and Feet.

Why did Daniel do that?

Daniel was telling you how long each of these empires would reign.

Imagine the Head as 69 inches (Babylon lasted 69 years), then the chest would 214 inches (the Persians ruled 214 years), then the stomach and loins being 290 inches (the Greeks ruled 290 years), then, if the Legs and Feet represent the Roman Empire, that would be 511 inches (it was 511 years before the fall of the western Empire.

If you were to draw this out, heck you can use millimeters instead of inches, you will find a perfectly proportioned statue of the human body.

Not only did Daniel predict the rise of the Greek and Roman Empires, he predicted the lengths of reign for the Persian, Greek and Roman Empires, or at the very least, giving you an idea of their lengths of rule comparatively, using the human body as a guide.

this a quote off another website
It sure debunks herb and constance. there is no revived roman empire.

the Final empire is a seperate one
the 11th horn we will know who the 10 kings are when the AC takes power in the final three years of the week.
How many people will miss salvation becuase they believe in these erroneous thoeries?
Thank you, Javier!
This is very interesting. I am not very informed about bible codes. I have read "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow." In fact, reading this book was a turning point in my spiritual journey, which up until that time had been a tour through the New Age's usual suspects, excluding Satanism. As a result of reading your book, I found the Faith to be something alive, not dead, and I eventually made a mature, and individual, commitment to Christ. Thanks, Constance!!!

As it so happens, my conversion/awakening period coincided with my college years and studies: economics in undergrad, political economy in grad. I have a primary interest in human behavior, nature and the Moral Natural Law. My interest in institutions is secondary.

Given my professional knowledge, I can tell you that the world-wide push for regional integration (EU, NAU, etc.) is not based on numerical findings of either international trade or finance. Totally free trade and financial flows are NOT the ideal. Any push for them cannot be justified by economics or finance.
Likewise, the movement in the international political system has been towards integrated regions (see the Club of Rome's 10 region plan) as a shift away from the two power (bi-polar) system of the Cold War. The sole-superpower status that the U.S. has posessed is not guarenteed beyond the time of the formulation of a new international system. The new system will be considered the replacement of the old cold war system. The charters drawn up for these politically integrated regions have the virtue of overturning old constitutions that might still be grounded in the Natural Law and the Rule of Law. This allows New Agers to circumvent domestic political processes in demolishing traditional and soveriegn impediments to a new global tyranny based on ideological fusion of capitalism, socialism, communism and facism.
What is motivating these trends can only be political, or WHATEVER is at work behind the political scene.
And this is not just religious or occultic in nature, but also philosophical/metaphysical in nature as well. Part of the reason that the One World Order and the movement towards it is so dangerous is that it involves a shift in peoples' philosophical position. Philosophy and the use of reason is a bridge to religion.

Nice three pronged, multi-level attack, eh?
Overthrow God with the occult;
Overthrow nations with ideological tyranny;
Overthrow the family with the Culture of Death.

If you want to flesh out your approach some more, check out what has been happening within Catholicism. I know that you may not be terribly open to the list of the following sources, but I urge you to take the time, look them over, and then try and find a competent catholic authority with who you may debate. I will warn you, there is a highly secularized trend, especially within the Church in the U.S. My guestimation is that about 25-30% of Catholics are Catholic because of something more than their baptism alone. This lack of integrity in the knowledge and practice of the faith is exactly what left me sufficiently adrift to venture into reading up on the New Age, and after my awakening, offended me enough to push the Church to arms length and become anti-Catholic. Since then, I have worked through some of this offendedness and found the difference between the Church Christ founded and the church that people can often make it.

Give these a shot:

Windswept House (Malachi Martin) -
a fictional novel (keep the fictional in mind) about State and happenings in the Church. I know that at least a few of the events in the book have actually happened in reality. The novel is a platform for delivery.

Thunder of Justics(Ted and Maureen Flynn) -
for the most part, a compilation of messages received by Catholic visionaries who claimed to see the Mary the Mother of God. First, this is private revelation, so Catholic Church authorities do not say that Christians must believe the messages. The ones that are approved by the local bishop or by the Pope are the ones to pay attention to.

Apparitions of Jesus and Mary -
You will probably be a little more comfortable with this source than Thuinder of Justice since it contains occurances with Jesus as well as Mary. Of course, you will probably be more open to it if you have a Pentacostalist streak.

Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind by David B. Currie -
Good book if you can, as a Rapture believer, brace yourself against the debunking process as Currie goes through Scripture and reveals what the Catholic Church has to say. From my perspective, he downplays the imminence of a coming Divine intervention. Given my studies in political economy, just the political and economic happenings of the past few decades, in and of themselves, signal to me the impending Divine intervention that is coming. Still worth a read.

Thanks for your work, Constance! If not for my Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ, I do not know how I would have come to Christ! The forces at work are bent on blinding and confusing people, especially in the Catholic Church. But then again, that is the primary way the hateful, lying, bad and ugly Adversary gains his followers, isn't it?

After a vision (audio only) that Pope Leo XIII received at the end of the 19th century, he composed a prayer that was said after every Mass until it was discontinued after Vatican Council II:

St. Micheal the Archangel
defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray! And do thou, oh prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits, who prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls!

Maranatha! Lord Jesus, come!

Peace and All Good to you through Christ Our Savior!
this is mr solana's satanic lackey. i regret to inform you that my boss has had a change of heart and is a christian. he plans to quit his post asap becuase he realizes that herb peters and constance cumbey are true prophets of g-d.

JAVIER SOLANA Criticizes U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Matt 24:32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer [is] nigh:

Matt 24:33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, [even] at the doors.
An informative commentary on how the European Neighbourhood Policy may be the prophesied 7-year covenant of Daniel 9:27 can be found at this website:

On the homepage, click on the "European Neighbourhood Policy and Daniel 9:27" link near the bottom.

In the "666" section, in Part 2, there is a link to Constance's page, which has so much great information about Javier Solana.
To Fred Scharf:

Thanks for your most thoughtful post. I have read THE WIIfNDSWEPT HOUSE by Malachi Martin. I was privileged to know him personally, we having shared platforms at HLI (Human Life International) events. Malachi told me a Rochester, NY friend had introduced him to my work. We had our serious disagreements from time to time, but I valued his friendship. If you would call me at my office sometime (my number is listed in Bloomfield Hills, MI), I would very much like to talk.
Greetings. This is some incredible information that you have placed together. I've placed a link to your site on my blog; both in the blogroll and in a paged entitled :"end times links." So few relize what's going on right before our eyes. I'm in a rush now, but will be visiting later for more in depth reading. I live not too far from you, in southwest Michigan.

Have a blessed day in Christ.
Dear Timbob,

Welcome aboard and thanks to a fellow awake Michigander!
Note for Mr. Scharf,

I recall interviewing Malachi Martin on my former radio program about THE WINDSWEPT HOUSE. I said, 'Malachi, that wasn't fiction, was it?" He said, "nope." I said "you changed the names to protect the guilty, didn't you?" He replied, "not to mention my kneecaps!"

Great article Constance!
Just found it now!

if javier is really the antichrist. do the world a favor and kill him.
I imagine his security isn't all that tight.
THOU SHALT NOT KILL IS A BASIC FUNDAMENTAL. Life an death are up to God, definitely not me.

Besides, whoever, the beast turns out to be, the scriptural passage is clear: "They overcame the beast by the blood of the lamb an the word of their testimony and they love not their lives unto the death. I want no more talk on my blogspot of killing anybody!!!!!!! Maybe on retrospect the poster is one of Solana or whoever's moles, seeking excuses to shut down our free speech (which I do believe in exercising responsibly) as INCITEMENT!
There are a number of missing "d" letters on last comment. For mysterious reason, the d key appeared to be sticking. SORRY!
Anon. 11:35

What you wrote is a bit disturbing. If Solana is the antichrist or who ever the antichrist is, only Jesus can overcome him. Are you saying this because you are serious or are you just playing some game with us here. Most of us here are here to spread vital information and to learn more. We're not advocating any kind of violence. The violent tone to your message is a bit disturbing in light of the horrific events at Virginia Tech. I'll pray for you. And for Virginia Tech and all who were touched by this tragedy.
In reference to RichInMedford, in particular, may find the following post from FP dated 4/19/07 to be of interest:


Okay, I was just leaving work today and was thinking to my self I needed to take a break from "watching" for a while because it can be draining.

Then I turned on the radio only to hear the 2nd half of a RAPPIN AOC song ran as an advertisement. As I listen to the lyrics the Rapper was putting down preachers making it sound as though preachers are spreading a bad influence.

This radio ad was sponsored by two organizations one was the Education Council of America and I don’t remember the other, some other college education board.

Needless to say I was a little freaked out.


Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher
Dear Fellow Watcher,

Wow, they have wasted no time. It's like the educational materials they mentioned in their high level report and the very next day they were available online for ordering. Where are you writing from? Has anyone else heard these commercials and can you tell the general region you are writing from?

I have started another article with the lead sentense "Propoganda preceeds war." If anyone can capture this commercial for playback, I'd sure appreciate it.

This may be a little OT.
I usually take my children to a local library's story time. On Monday, the subject is "Earth Day". But now I feel guilty about not going. I know I did some research many years ago. I seem to remember this being a "big day" in the New Age movement. I just didn't want to expose my children to that kind of thinking.

You would probably not be suprized how hard it is to find a children's book that doesn't have an agenda behind it.
The post was made by an individual who goes by the name of "David" at the website, RichInMedford. Have posted your interest (and reply); hopefully, he will see it and respond.

The thread is entitled "Get Ready for the Rappin AOC" and it is located in the "What Do You Think (About News)" forum on the FP discussion board.

Hope it is helpful.

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher

You are absolutely correct, Earth Day is part of the NAM. Follow your instincts--from what I read of your writings, they are good.

I just went to HelloYou to query the online Bailey writings and see this message:

Unfortunately - for the time being - LUCIS TRUST as the owner of the copyrights withdrew the approval to publicize the works of
Alice A. Bailey in English in the Internet.

I'm guessing it is because we have been taking full advantage of the global village.

Did you read the article about Hillary saying that Bill could be her "Ambassador to the World"?

If anyone can convince the world, it is the schlick-meister. Since Javier has a good rep with him, anything is possible. Javier is getting all the ducks lined up. Bush is now the lamest duck ever.

Hillary becoming prez is scary indeed, especially with what she said about the Supreme court decision to stop partial birth abortion.

I gut says that things are going to get much worse sooner than we may think.
They had this STUPID illusion that only one of their initiates could understand those writings. I guess they forgot that IT IS GOD, NOT LUCIFER, WHO DISPENSES WISDOM!
Rich, those who are interested can buy a DVD with all of the Lucis Trust works on it. There is also a book that is an index to the Lucis Trust writings.

Over the years I've put out thousands of dollars in order to research what is going on. That's probably why Constance has given me credit on this, her blog, as she has done the same. I know you have spent your time, and time is money as well.

Nobody is entitled to protection and free information. If someone wants to save themselves and their family, they have to put something on the table. That's how life is.

Unfortunately too many think a written thank you is enough. After 25 years I'm bored with the lazy people who think they are owed protection if they put out a teeny bit of effort. In the future they will only be entitled to a teeny bit of protection. A lot of Christians got killed by the Nazis.

Rich, just how many people who read this website will be willing to put out about $40 to cover the cost of a DVD and the book in order to do some research on their own? To share the information with others. My guess is very few. They will depend on their organizations to protect them.

Everyone is needed in this battle. It's not enough to say, "Wow, that's been predicted" while not doing anything to fight the evil of the New Age movement.

Maybe I'm the bad detective to Constance's the good detective, but someone has to point out that this is not a game where you are saved if you get the answers right. It is as much of a battle as that which is taking place in Iraq where information and lives are on the line.

Everyone reading here has been given unprecedented information on a large scale, something no one is entitled to free of charge. When will you start paying in time and moeny for the information you've been given.

Rich, do you think that anyone will respond to my comments? I don't think so. Yet you, Constance and I will keep doing what we see necessary to be done.

I agree Dorothy. I guess I'm going to need to anti up and give some more money to Lucis Trust for their entire collection on CD. It was nice to post a link to their site and direct people to the writings with the click of a mouse. It's just as valid to cite the reference too, so I'll just need to do that. Keep up your excellent work Dorothy and thank you to both you and Constance for paving the way for researchers like me who came on board later.

Rich, when it comes time for the final judgement, I do think you will stand straight.

Basically I'm a housewife who worked as a secretary for 20 years. If I can research, so can everyone else. I don't expect anything from others that I didn't do myself.

Rich, when it comes time for the final judgement, I do think you will stand straight.

Basically I'm a housewife who worked as a secretary for 20 years. If I can research, so can everyone else. I don't expect anything from others that I didn't do myself.

For any Lucis Trust initiate who honestly believed we wouldn't understand the writings:
I was wondering if anyone else here had purchased the Code program? Constance, have you found any new significant codes on JS? I have found my name in the same matrix across from JS's name. I do not know what this mean.s
So the Big Brave Maitreyans, cum Luciferians, bravely removed ONLY THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE edition of the AAB books from the web. Well, I'll bet they didn't know we had readers, such as "Farmer" who can read and translate German for us. Well, one would think that if they had anything so "great" for the world as they claime, they would want it published everywhere without restrictions. Suddenly their "light" is exposed for the darkness it truly is. Wait until they call upon the rocks to fall upon them to deliver them from the wrath to come . . .
I have a Christian friend who has been questioning the New Testement of Jesus Christ. She has been doing research that shows that this book has many flaws and their are words that were added by others. She discounts many of the scriptures. How can I explain to her that it is all the Word of God?
Anonymous 4:53, I'm sure farmer will be glad to translate all of the volumes for you so you don't have to put out a few dollars on your own.

Warning: The books are very difficult to follow. They appear to be gabble, gabble, gabble, with specifics occasionally. They, like a lot of occult writings, are used to set a tone as to how life should be, and if only one immerses oneself in their philosophy, life will be great. The gabble part will correlate with how New Age kind of people want to move the thoughts of the larger population.

5:43, we are not talking about an individual. This is a very large and powerful movement. How much have you researched cults? How much have you researched communist front activity which continues to this day? How much have you researched the New Age activity coming in from the right, including that in the Catholic and other Christian communties? Have you researched the connection between the Nazi movement and the New Age movement? Have you looked at what is happening in your local schools and local library? That's only a start!

Ha Ha comments don't cut the movement down. Give us something factual about the world around you and help contribute to fighting it.

I'm going to periodicially put out this request to keep it fresh in everyone's mind. It was reported earlier that someone heard the Alliance of Civilization's rap tune. I am presently writing an article on the propaganda component of the AoC. Anyone who hears this tune, please let me know as I think it is extremely important.

The AoC has been very vocal about using mainstream culture and youth to combat religious fundamentalism. See AoC report "Key Issues Relating to Cultural Exchange Between Europe and the Muslim World"

Take note of sections 2/23 and 2/27 pertaining to religious fundamentalism and pop culture. I welcome and appreciate the help.

You may send a private message to "David" re. the AoC "rap song," RichInMedford, if you go to the FP forum and thread mentioned above, and click on the "PM" button below one of "David's" posts. He may overlook the thread but would hopefully see a PM.

Hope it's helpful.

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher
The following is a 6-min. YouTube video of Prof. John Esposito speaking on the UN Alliance of Civilizations:

Look forward to your response, RichInMedford, in particular.

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher
P.S. Note the reviews, particularly the one by Glenn Beck.

Also note the 17 other videos re. the AoC, located in the right, center box (use the "inside" scroll bar; they all appear to be members of the so-called AoC "High Level Group"):


André Azoulay on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 481

Ali Alatas on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 92

H.E. Mohammad Khatami on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 268

Karen Armstrong on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 198

Rabbi Arthur Schneier on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 22

Rabbi Arthur Schneier, UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: nymedia
Views: 320

Shobana Bhartia on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 75

Enrique Iglesias on UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 80

Prof. Mehmed Aydin on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 39

Prof. Pan Guang on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 30

Prof. Federico Mayor, UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: nymedia
Views: 58

Prof. Vitaly Naumkin on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 20

Dr. Nafis Sadik on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 24

Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 91

Dr. Mohamed Charfi on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 41

Moustapha Niasse on the UN Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 23

Candido Mendes on the Alliance of Civilizations
From: znerven
Views: 34


(Am not necessarily endorsing, or encouraging watching, the videos.)

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher
This is anonymous 5:43. I have done astounding amounts of research on all. I just hate for the creeps to think they are getting away with something they aren't. I personally own the Bailey archives.
All of Alice Bailey's books are available online in their entirety:
Then Anonymous 5:43, I thank you for making the efforts as you have. There is so much work to be done and so much information to be shared that the job can seem overwhelming. As this is the only place on the net where serious information on the political and spiritual ends of New Age movement can be shared, we need to get more dialogue going on what we are finding. I do hope Constance knows you by name and that you share your information with her as well as here in the comments.

Saw Herb in Indianapolis Friday night. It was a blessing to meet him and hear him personally present the information he posts on his website. One bit of news he presented that really caught my attention was that there is some archeological information (which I wish to study more) that could allow the 3rd Temple to be built on the Temple Mount and co-exist with the dome of the rock. Since becoming somewhat familiar with the AoC I could see the possibilities of this come to pass.

Rev. 11: 1 & 2 - "1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.
2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months."

While discussing this with a friend who is also well read on the AoC we agreed that we could soon see a day when a Mosque, the 3rd Temple, and a "Christian" church occupy the Temple Mount. This would allow all three Abrahamic/monotheistic faiths to be represented in this sacred plot of land. I know this is speculation but what diplomatic triumph it would be for the one who brokers such an event.


Brother J
Regards Herb's view of Temple Mount construction, there is another interpretation of that prophecy which interprets "outer court" as those Christians and Jews who vacate the faith of their fathers to compromise with the so-called "New Age" and other apostasies! I have heard Constance refer to them as "inner court" and "outer court" Christians! I guess, as she says, "time and events will tell . . ."
Although some things in your message sound interesting, biblical students and many serious authors (like Arthur Pink), all conclude that the antichrist will come from Syria or from northern Iraq (the old Assyrian region). And please beware of this: we are not waiting for the antichrist, we are waiting for Christ and our rapture.
Now Ed, you knew we would check to see your sources. leading to

"He may also claim to have Egyptian royal blood.12 He will be proclaimed the returning messiah for the Buddhists, the Islamic religion, the New Agers, the Christians, etc. Inman Mahdi, the Messiah. etc.13 However, the group of people who he will be most connected to, will be the Jews.14"

Though you have a piece warning about Fritz Springmeier, you use his material.

From your website it doesn't appear that you are a great biblical scholar nor do you associate with such people.

I need to make a correction on the Alliance of Civilizations post I previously made. The section numbers are as follows:

Religious Fundamentalism = 1.12
Pop Culture = 1.16

For whatever reason, the archieved copy I printed has different numbers.

The AoC report is located at

Dorothy you're good!

Dorothy, for your information, that website I have online is just a sideshow. My main website is a Dutch website about Watchman Nee (of whom I have translated 14 books into Dutch), and Jessie Penn-Lewis (of whom I translated her book War on the Saints, co-authered with Welsh evangelist Evan Roberts). The best christian authors are Robert Govett MD, G.H. Pember, D.M. Panton, Watchman Nee, Kurt Koch, Otto Stockmayer, Andrew Murray, and the like.

Your subjective mind betrays you because you draw conclusions from just a website I have online.

Springmeier is not to betrusted. However, I know a few knowledgable people (one ex-cop, retired), who attest to the truth about certain things in his books.

The only reason I have his books online is to give some insight into the illuminati. Concerning prophecy Springmeier is completely wrong on many points. And that is no wonder knowing he is affiliated with the Army of God.

Please don't be so hasty in drawing conclusions; it doesn't look good on you.
O by the way Dorothy, about the great Chinese scolar W. Nee, you may want to look at this site:
O yes and this one Dorothy:

Gues you can't read Dutch so clicking on my name won't do you any good.
I'll rant on a bit more ...

When you read a piece on the antichrist by Springmeier on my site, does that mean automatically I agree with that?

Please, bare with me. When he says the antichrist is now living in London, does that mean I believe it? The only thing I do believe is that the antichrist is a generational satanist, and that he will be a Jew, and probably will arise in Syria or northern Iraq, more I don't know.

That the antichrist is a Jew makes perfect sense. The Jews will never accept a messiah who doesn't have the right 'papers'. The false prophet most likely will also be a Jew. For more on the antichrist read Arthur Pinks book The Antichrist.
Ed, for someone who is still appears as anonymous, you sure are on the defensive.

The Dutch had more Jews killed proportionately than any other country. As Constance has documented, their connection with occultists and Theosophists is quite extensive. Do a search on this blog and you'll find her documentation.

As far as FS, now we are supposed to take the word of some anonymous policeman that FS's material is accurate. Regarding the commentary on the Antichrist, why would you deliberately spread false information? The answer is, you wouldn't. You think it is true, and your final lines prove this.

Since you have introduced Watchman Nee to the discussion in a favorable light, perhaps readers should also read the final paragraphs at and then judge for themselves whether to follow you.

As far as the antichrist or messiah possibilities, believe what you want, but don't try and convince me. Speculation not based on solid research on what is going on in the world is just that...speculation. The speculations of a person with three facts is just as good as the speculations of another with three facts, and of these there are endless possibilities which have been written about for the past two thousand years. Because someone whispers in my ear that they have the "secret truth" is no reason for me to believe their gossip. And your speculations appear as valid as any other gossip.
To Ed:

Danger of your postion is clearly set forth in 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 2: "Now as regards the coming of the Lord and our gathering together unto him, LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU BY ANY MEANS, FOR THAT DAY SHALL NOT COME EXCEPT THE FALLING AWAY [apostasia] COME FIRST A N D THE MAN OF PERDITION BE REVEALED."

Danger in your position: 1. It is not scripturally supported;
2. It ignores clear scriptural warnings and specifications such as those from Daniel and Revelation;
3. "This can't be the mark of the beast, this can't be the antichrist" -- "I'm still here."

How many will fall away and hate each other because they think the entire thing "baloney" because it didn't fit their eschatological expectations?
Oh my ...

First of all, I know the articles about Watchman Nee on apologetics index. I cannot but laugh about their misunderstandings and misinterpretations. They so often confuse Watchman Nee with Witness Lee, who started a cult. Why don't you yourself read his books (from CFP, not LSM), and read his biography Against the Tide, by Angus Kinnear (son in law to T. Austin-Sparks), and form your OWN opinion, instead of blindly accepting what other people say (no offence).

If you really want to understand Nee, visit this page and learn how the vast majority of critics misunderstand and misinterpret his works:

Not everything on his site is acceptable and I don't always like the use of words, but it has good info.

Second, if anyone wants to discuss rapture (I am an advocate of the partial rapture, please study this piece of work:

I'm not planning on debating a subject I already do in Dutch with a lot of people.

To Watching_Very_Closely, as you perhaps know the coming or parousia of the Lord is a process, which from beginning to end takes about 3 and a half years. In between, yes, the antichrist is revealed, and at the very end of the process of parousia, antichrist will be cast into hell.

If things like parousia are so simply pout forward as you make it sound, people end up with the strangest notions.

Also, I am baffled by the load of subjective thinking I encounter here, which is simply the sign of an unrenewed mind.

First of all, I never suggested that one should ignore signs, and I never suggested that there is not already an antichrist living on earth, or something like that; second, if one reads a book like War on the Saints, one will experience the onsloughts from the powers of darkness in a very strong way, as I have. I myself have been in the occult from my youth onward, and was saved and delevered in a veru dramatic way; so don't you tell me I'm not privy to spiritual warfare.

To anonymous: of what am I trying to convince you?

And what do the Dutch have to do with the subject?

The only thing I suggested is that one cannot be sure that Solana is the antichrist, and I suggested that a few wellknown scholars believe that the antichrist arises from the Middel-East, which Danile seems to indicate.

As to Springmeier, the ONLY reason I placed his books online, is because it shows a few inner workings of the illuminati. I see you take offense in my quoting some unknown ex-cop. So what if I told you I discussed the contents of the books with Sheryl Hersha, one of the two Hersha sisters who wrote the book Secret Weapons? There are many who testify to certain truths in the book. Does everything have to be black and white? Can't you read through the lines and accept that NO ONE has 100% the truth in everything? Now you, not I, not Constance, not Nee or who ever? Loosen up a bit please ...

Click on my name for some good books ...
I'm sorry for my somewhat defensive attitude, that was not christian of me, but it is kind of irritating when people start drawing conclusions about persons when they don't know everything about them, or where they are "coming from." It's hasty, and it's unbecoming for a christian. Goes for me too of course.
Ed, there is a lot of information on Watchman Nee and his follower Witness Lee. There seems to be a lot of information on these two on the net. I have no desire to spend time analyzing the works of WN who claims to have read and fully absorbed 3,000 books and written 55 books. If that floats your boat, go to it.

FS is another matter. As far as the Netherlands, the New Age movement seems to have very deep roots there which have brought forth many twisted trees.

The discussion has moved on, so if you are hoping to sell books here, the time has passed.
I also don't want to keep on spending time correcting views on Watchman Nee.

Witness Lee was not a follower of Nee. True, Lee was chosen as a co-worker by Nee, and he was for several years, but after he went to Taiwan and later to the US he went crazy. But Stephen kaung, who heads Christian Fellowship Publishers, and published 55 books by Nee, of which only one was written by Nee himself (The Spiritual Man), has absolutely nothing to do with Witness Lee and his movement.

If you claim that Nee and Lee have things in common, you better prove it or else hold your horses. I have nothing to do with Lee and his cult. Leeists even tried to prevent my publisher from publishing my CFP translations.

Second, I have no wish to sell books. I have a job as a cheesemaker and I make no money what soever on my Dutch translations; it is all pro deo as it should be. I don't make any money, on the contrary, I have to put in money myself.

I'll stop here and won't go on, but if you say there is a lot about Nee on the internet, and you believe everything what is said there without checking the facts, you are no diferent from people who say the Bible isn't true without checking whether it is so.

Backup facts and theories, or else don't even mention them.
About my country, the Netherlands; I know that "my" country is one of the most godless countries in the world. Sin is being legalized every day. I know that the new age is rampant here, but you also should remember that many bad things, such as the School-To-Work-Opportunities-Act - which is based on a destructive form of management called Total Quality Management, created by a commission of the Labor Department under the chairmanship of Ira Magaziner and illuminati witch Hillary Clinton, is destroying students creativity and ability to really learn something. Many bad things introduced here, come from the USA, a country founded by masons, trying to spread the Atlantean dream of Francis Bacon accross this globe. It is that satanic dream that brought your soldiers to Iraq, remember that.

I also want to make a point, about prophecy and the last days in which we are living:

Anyone who thinks God is interested in prophecy, simply doesn't know the mind of God. God isn't interested in prophecy, God is only interested in His Son, our Lord Jesus. And He is only interested in prophecy if it is in any way related to His Son. In Revelation 19:10 we read: "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Prophecy is always linked to the testimony of Jesus. What is His testimony? It is the majestic revelation or manifestation of His glory, His power, His nature and character, His lordship over all. This alone is the essence of prophecy and the very reason prophecy exists. God isn't interested in "prophecies about the antichrist" or what soever. The only reason He is interested in endtime events is because in and through those events the universe will see who Jesus Christ is. The appearance of the antichrist only serves one purpose and one purpose alone: to show that he is nothing compared to Jesus Christ. The destruction of the antichrist will prove to all that Jesus Christ is Lord and that there is none like Him. The book of Revelation is not simply a book about endtime events, it reveals the Lord Jesus, and that is its main purpose. We should focus on the Lord Jesus, He should be our main interest.

If I or you are wrong about the rapture and christians are to go through the Tribulation, we will see soon enough who this beastly figure is, because it will result in a choice for life or death. When he is revealed, we will know it.
Ed, I'm not quite sure how you received authority to speak for God. Did you see a burning bush or was it God spoke to you in the middle of the night. Whatever.

Congratulations however on your supposed promotion from normal human being to intermediary from God to man. Most of these people call themselves occult channelers, but prior to your response, I'm sure you think you may not be of that community.

Good luck with your second occupation which is being a spokesman for God.

Your post on the Book of Revelation and Jesus blessed yours truly, Ed.

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher

Could you please point out to me what it is that I wrote that really needed some kind of "burning bush" experience? I'm a bit puzzled here. I'm not sure what enormous revelation I have posted here that seems to warrant such a thought. I am only giving my views, you don't have to accept them. You are getting personal, instead of simply judging the views and opinions I put forth.

Thank you Fellow Watcher for your comments. From the christian authors I have read, I have learned that if we really want to see the broader pciture, we should learn from the Bible what God's eternal purpose is in and with Christ. We small specs of dust are easily overwhelmed by events on this earth, and that is natural, but the negative side of this fact is that we can easily become obsessed with them, and after a while we lose sight of the "Horizon" because so many things block our view. Christ Jesus is the Center of God's Truth and Revelation. Christ is as it were the center or hub of the wheel, while the spokes around it and supporting it can stand for all other biblical truths, who - though important, all point towards the Center. If we get obsessed by concentrating on one special truth, be it spiritual gifts, baptism, holiness, prophecy, or whatever, we lose sight of the Center, our Lord. Everybody is in some degree subject to this; reading the books by Springmeier almost flipped me out because you begin to think the "illuminati" are almost allmighty, the same with a book like War on te Saints, that book leaves you with the impression that nothing spiritual in your life is of God anymore because Satan is portrayed such a great imitator: all true, but things should be placed into perspective. So too with the witch hunt for the antichrist. Sure, 2 Peter 1:19 mentions taking heed of the word of prophecy, but the end is the rising of the Day Star in our hearts. So are we waiting for Christ and our rapture, or are we waiting for the antichrist?
wow, I just read through this entire posting and while I found some remarkable insights that will take me the rest of the day to follow up on, I was really blown away at how hostile and off target this posting became.

I am sorry Dorothy, I am sure you have invested a lot of your time and money into this pursuit and I applaud you for that, but I must say that there is no room for the personal attacks and they dilute the power and credibility of your excellent research.

As for Ed, its hard to tell where you are coming from with much of what you wrote, but you nailed it when you stated that the focus should be on Jesus. I can understand how someone would get hung up on the "God does not care about..." statement but it is obvious that your point is the focus on end time prophesy should be the glorious second coming of Jesus. The prophesy is their for us, his children, to read the signs of the times and evangelize.

The major issue that needs to be addressed though all of this is the issue regarding pre-trib and post-trib rapture. The fact is we may never know for sure until we meet on that glorious day in heaven. But we do need to consider our role in God's great plan. If pre-trib rapture is true, then we carry out the great commission until the day of the rapture and those left behind will notice that we are gone and some may realize that the tribulation has begun.

On the other hand if post-trib (or even a mid-trib) rapture is reality then we have a much different role to play and being able to read the signs and know what time it is, is vital or we will suffer the same sin as the high priests of Jesus day. They were convinced that the Messiah would come as a conquering king, so when baby Jesus arrived their pride and arrogance caused them to miss the whole thing. Imagine the very people that had devoted their life to teaching others about God's providence in the end unwittingly deceived so many. The consequence of their pride and jealousy run through all of history.

And yet we sit here on the very precipice of time and pridefully remark, that we can't be in the tribulation "because I'm still here". What if we are misinterpreting these prophesies and it is our job to sound the alarm, to be faithful evangelists, to witness to the lost during these terrible times, and to use the signs and wonders that are appearing before our very eyes to point to the coming destruction of the harlot and the beast.
Ed, I read many of Watchman Nee's books and was helped along my journy by him. I never agreed with an incomplete bride in heaven, but I can understand why he believed in a partial rapture. Your focus on Christ is of utmost importance. "To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, according to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord..." I am not hostile to your posts, but sometimes it is better to lay out your views and let them sit; we can haggle until we are blue in the face and cause unnecessary affront through self defense.
I will read your posts and be glad for them.
Yours in Christ,
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actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
Good job!
actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
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I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
Oops. My brain just hit a bad sector.
actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
Beam me aboard, Scotty..... Sure. Will a 2x10 do?
If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
C++ should have been called B
Wonderful blog.
Calvin, we will not have an anatomically correct snowman!
Calvin, we will not have an anatomically correct snowman!
Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!
Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
When there's a will, I want to be in it.
Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
Calvin, we will not have an anatomically correct snowman!
A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!
Hello all!
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
When there's a will, I want to be in it.
Save the whales, collect the whole set
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
All generalizations are false, including this one.
Clap on! , Clap off! clap@#&$NO CARRIER
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
When there's a will, I want to be in it.

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