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Continuing Javier Solana Story, Part V


This is a continuation of my ongoing series on my discovery of Javier Solana and his growing powers. As I write this, I have made amazing discoveries of his relationship with the Strategic Foresight Group, a thinktank working extremely closely with the Alliance of Civilizations. Strategic Foresight Group has not been subtle about pinpointing what it calls 'religious extremism' as an enemy of civilization which needs elimination. It defines that “extremism,” inter alia, as both Evangelical and Protestant fundamentalist theologies. I am writing an article for NewswithViews.com on those developments. In the meantime, here is my continuing saga on Javier Solana. Those first few days in December 1995 gave Javier Solana relatively much press coverage most of which could be found on international news stories found on internet sources. Surprising, to me, was the relative dearth of American press stories. The Spanish press had much to say. Here is a sampling of items covered in that early press coverage:

It was December 1995. A story appearing in THE EUROPEAN newspaper the weekend of Solana's appointment to the NATO headship was headlined, “Solana Squares NATO's Circle.” I read this with interest. “Squaring the circle” is an occult expression of the concept of “reconciling opposites.”

We are now in 1999 and the NATO 50th birthday celebration is about to start in Washington, D.C. C-SPAN had announced they would give full coverage to all the NATO events, including the NATO meetings. It was to be the single largest gathering of heads of state ever to take place in Washington, D.C. I took Friday night off from my then regular radio program, Law Talk, and stayed home to closely watch and videotape the C-Span televised proceedings.
It was impressive. Heads of state were announced in using proper protocol of an attractive young woman making announcements of each chauffeured car's arrival. It was the only time I have witnessed Javier Solana with his wife, Conception. (According to the European Voice, the couple 'called it quits' in early 1995) She looked like a very nice person and the most seriously depressed woman I have ever seen. She was extremely thin and seldom smiled.

The next morning all NATO delegates filed into the Mellon auditorium. They smilingly met the two greeters at the door: William Jefferson Clinton and Javier Solana deMadariaga. The hall was dominated by an ominous looking huge NATO diamond enclosed swastika. Javier Solana and President Clinton took the podium. Javier Solana introduced President Clinton to the NATO delegates. President Clinton then took the podium and effusively praised Javier Solana for his “great world leadership.” He then returned the podium to Javier Solana. Solana promptly and brusquely ordered all media to leave. They dutifully trotted out.

It clearly took C-Span by surprise. They had announced they were giving full coverage. They had to content themselves with rerunning anti-NATO in the park rally reruns from the day before. When the NATO meeting closed, they were waiting outside and footage was caught of the delegates coming out of the Mellon hall.

In May, Solana gave orders that the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia could halt. There was speculation about Solana's reappointment to the NATO headship when his term would end at the end of 1999. He left that post a little early to take the post hailed by the European press as “Senor PESC” -- to be the “tsar” of European military and foreign policy as both Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and the “Office of the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.” He was knighted by the Queen of England and honored at the Pentagon as one of Spain's great men. He took his new European Union post in October 1999. Just a few short weeks later, it was announced that the ten permament member Western European Union was dissolving to fold its power into Solana's agency in the European Union – CFSP. For its last year in operation, it was announced, Javier Solana would be exclusively in charge. This happened on or about November 20, 1999 On November 20, 1995, Solana took part in a very exclusive party for 'global governance.' Held in Sir Harold Acton's former villa now owned by the New York University School of Law near Florence, Italy, it reportedly made Buckingham Palace and the White House look almost like 'shabby digs.' It featured priceless art work on the walls. Mr. & Mrs. Tony Blair, Gerhard Schroeder, the Clintons, and Javier Solana, inter alia, were in attendance. Presidential advisor Sidney Blumenthal was both coordinating and acting as Master of Ceremonies. Blind Italian tenor Andre Boticelli, was singing arias.
That event, if you care to follow up on it, is indexed and duly reported on page 666 of Blumenthal's book, THE CLINTON WARS. Another coincidence? I have long speculated that the real purpose of the party was perhaps to celebrate the handing of power by the ten WEU countries to Javier Solana. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

About that time I began to wonder if I wasn't perhaps crazy for seeing things nobody else appeared to be seeing. Was I connecting dots nobody else was connecting? I did a google search using the outrageous terms, “Javier Solana” “antichrist.” Up came an article by a religious writer for a California paper. His name was Herb Peters. It was entitled, “It is wise not to ignore Biblical prophecy.” It talked about the ten countries handing this power to Javier Solana. I printed it, read it many times, and finally screwed up my courage and decided to give him a call in late 1999. I called the newspaper publishing him which graciously gave me a phone number to a California insurance agency which was his day job. The rest is history.

TO BE CONTINUED: Next segment in which we learn of Recommendation 666 and then on further internet searching that his job was created with Section 666 of the codified Europa documents. How to get word out of these potentially signficant developments without sounding unduly alarmist and providing for the hoped for alternative that we could be wrong, but did not want to be guilty of silence if we were not.

As closely as I have followed your writings for the past 25 years, in this piece I found new information. Thank you.

I did a searach on Solana's wife and found these pictures taken at the Brussels affair this year. Although the page is in Polish, scrolling the mouse over the pictures brings up a description in English.

Spanish names a bundle of words. There appears to be a number of Maria Concepcion Gimenez (fill in the last name), but since she is said to be a teacher, could her last name be different?
María Concepción Giménez Baratech
Teléfono: 976 761 000 extensión 4516

Also, in looking for further information it appears as if everyone who used Constance's information on Solana gave her $10, she would probably have a fleet of Mercedes automobiles by now.


Why wasn't Tim LaHaye talking about this as part of his LEFT BEHIND info?
Thank you for the picture links!

What's wrong with my 1998 Corolla Toyota with only 121,000 miles?

Thanks Constance...
all pieces fall into place,
remember Mama Solana in Rome
working for UN Food and Agriculture Org....and Alliance of Civilizations meets just here to talk peace for Jerusalem...

"...United Nations International Meeting in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace, held at the Rome headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization.

During the session –- whose theme was “Peace in the Middle East: A key to the advancement of the dialogue between cultures and civilizations”—- participants responded to the presentations of five expert panellists, who discussed three sub-themes: bridging the gap between Muslim and Western societies -– the urgency of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; building peace in Jerusalem –- the Holy City of three religions; and fostering the alliance of civilizations –- the United Nations initiative..."


I am one of the people who is using Constance's info on Solana. To be honest it is so good that it has to be shared.

Thanks Constance for your great work!

God bless you.

Ps. At the rate the prophecies are being fulfilled, your Toyota will last you 'till the end :-)
I can be known for stupid questions but this is one I get often from people and I don't know how to answer it. (and i don't think reading more carefully will answer this one)

I know that all this stuff is really important and it needs to get out there, but what do you other people do with this information? Do you give it to others? (assming you do, because it is the natural thing to do) How do you respond to the many people that give you the blank/not interested look?

How do you respond to the people who want to know what it matter's becuase they can't change it. I mean, when I read this stuff I feel an incrediable jolt to get into my Bible and learn how God works, and to understand His ways better. But most people feel they are doing that already...

I guess my question becomes, how do you share this incrediable info without handing people a huge packet of papers and web sites to research, when most do not even make time to crack the bible more than 2 or 3 moments a week? (something that I am guilty of that at times too)
The whole point of this is that we don't have forever to get our act right with God. The day is rapidly coming when he will say "Let he who is righteous, be righteous still . . . Let he who is filthy be filthy still." That is a "digital divide" to which I don't personally care to be on the wrong side!
Boy do I understand that. You are a book of wisdom and a lawyer. In you, gifts abound. So what are you saying in your response? Just make sure I know where I stand?
Wouldn't hurt to work on your family and friends as well. I believe everybody is entitled to one kind warning!
Really appreciate the newest info on Solana's wife.
Thank you Dorothy for the new pictures on Concepcion at EU's 50th celebration this year.
I'm still pursuing more info about her.
Excellent post Constance.

Hjstoffel, some people will do nothing with the info while others will take note. Personally I believe it is my job to assist in shedding light on the situation and let the chips fall where they may. If I help to delay the implementation period by exposing the agenda, that time is well spent. If someone is on the fence and and as a result of the info takes a position, the time was well spent. I expect soon there will be a day that the plan can no longer be veiled. Hopefully people who have read the info I publish will not feel ambushed or too shaken. And hopefully they will will feel comfortable contacting me for further information. This is just my thought process in the matter.

hjstoffel, you have to be bold and not give a care what others are going to say. If they are going to catch on, it may take them months or even years before they relate what you are saying to something they encounter in their life.

You must be careful and follow the moral beliefs you were raised with. Remember Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor. It is very easy to be seduced by those who will take the information to run with their own cause. Don't go in that direction.
If you stay on the straight and narrow, you will not lead others astray.

Send the information out to friends and family. Send the information to state and local representatives and ask them what they can tell you about Solana. If you are familiar with talk show hosts, send them the material.
Tell your religious school people about the Alliance of Civilization material. Reach out to the activists in your area and show up at their events or pickets. It's a way of getting into touch with others who share your information. Find a website such as Herb's where you can comment with your information.

No one will be thanking you for your information early on. People don't want to be knocked out of their happy ruts. You might feel as if you are shovling sand. In particular you won't be given a lot of credit and people will want to align themselves with Constance's rather than you if you tell them you got the information from her blog. You will be blown off by many because they are sure end times are around the corner and they need to do nothing. They are happy to know all about end times while not knowing much about the world around them. Not all, but most.

The finaly is in God's hands. If you are to do good, play your part. You won't know now but will know in the long run if you did all you could. You've had information placed in your hand that others do not have. You are stuck with that. The future is in your hands to the best of your ability, but why we never know. If you care for morality and truth, you will go past burn out time after time. If you go thru burn out once and can't go further, I believe that God will understand.

I just want to let you know that you have MANY "silent" fans out there. I have been a devoted fan of yours since 1983, when I first saw and heard you speak about the New Age Movement one night on a cable TV show.

I have bought copies of your books for at least a half dozen of my friends & family . . . but so many people are in absolute denial that this could actually be happening. At this point, all I can do is PRAY for them and US.

Please keep up your courageous work. I believe that The Holy Spirit must be working through you to give you all of the right research "tools."

God bless you, Constance!!!

Constance, you are doing God's work, and answering hjstoffel, wisely manifests a loving heart so missed today. I wonder if Solana wants another Clinton in office bowing at his feet? Some years ago I warned my sons that being in the military could bring about a dilemma: what if the President ordered an invasion of Israel? I told them at no time should they agree to that; it would be against God.
"for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of HIS eye."
Yours in Christ,

I have wondered that same thing... Bill Clinton seemed to have quite the relationship with Solana. I found some pictures of Clinton and Solana on a web site


Check out the pictures of the two of these guys from the 1999 NATO meeting. They seem to be quite chummy in the first picture.

And in 1997


Anyway, as much as we do know, there is a lot that we do not know. There is quite the array of people that are going to run for president; and I must admit that I trust none of them. As for Hilary, she seems to be quite popular with the US on many levels. I was raised in a middle class farming community and now I work in the corporate world, most of them are talking Hilary for president and for different reasons. It makes me wonder if Bush was not implemented just to set the people of the US up. You know, making them want the next person that the World Order has planned to go in… could it be Clinton? Perhaps, but what do we not know about the rest of them?
Dear RL, Setterman, RichinMedford, et al,


I stole the picture of the Circles of Power from Herb Peters' website, www.fulfilledprophecy.com!
I was just ready to come here and link the picture on herb site incase any one hadn't seen it. Here is the pdf, you can zoom in and out.


Fantastic article. I think I remember Herb writing the first thing you said to him was, "So what do you think of Javier Solana?"

I can't wait for the next segment.

just in case you all didn't see it over on fulfilled prophecy mb.

Kissinger speaks on Iran, European-Russian relations and EU's political future (Euronews Interview, 4/4/07)



"But now, not only do we have a telephone number but it is getting better and better organised and it isn't as it used to be that every individual step had to be approved by ministers. Now, Solana has a greater flexibility. So, I think the European Union is moving in a positive direction. So yes, one would hope that the European countries feel the danger comparably (in the same way) to the United States. But I don't think we are in a crisis. There are now going to be elections in France, there are going to be elections in America. There is already a new government in Germany. And I think that when all these processes are completed, there will be a good opportunity to move rapidly towards close consultation."


Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher
Thanks Dawn for the expanded version of the graphic.

I think the best thing to do with this information is to use it to fortify your own faith. To use these possible prophetical fulfillments as a form of proof, for proselytizing purposes is, IMO, a very bad idea. People think you are crazy when you start talking about the anti-christ and the 10 horns, etc.

People need to hear the Gospel of Christ, first and foremost.... that we are all horribly sinful, with wretched, deceitful hearts, in need of the Savior Jesus Christ, the one and only sinless, perfect human being to have ever lived, by faith alone and not of works. He alone forgives our sins and can save us as there is no other. Prophecy can come later when they understand the whole picture. (uh..sorry for the long-windedness)

As far as believers who won't hear it, what can you do?

I'm sad to think, that believers wouldn't want to hear about events that may be directly before the arrival of the Mighty God, Jesus Christ. That just baffles me.

I just viewed your 59 min. video that is posted with your link at Herb's web site. It is quite powerful! I understand a lot more now that I have seen this video. I am not great on books. If you have more videos that you can link to that would be great! The words you spoke I felt to the core. Some of the types of people that you mention are some of the people that I have worked with in the past. I thought they were just nuts. Your words guided by the Holy Spirit cut right where it needed to go to open my eyes a lot wider. As I said I am not great at absorbing what I read unless God performs a miracle. If you have more video's please link. I am praying for you.
What is Enlightenment? (WIE), the New Age magazine published by Andrew Cohen in league with Ken Wilbur, has an article in the current issue, Apr-Jun, 2007, on global governance. Has anyone read it? I believe it has pertinence to this discussion.
I agree with almost everything that you said. Especially the part about sharing Jesus. However Prophecy all leads to Jesus. Past and future. So to say that people might think were nuts when using prophecy, I could care less. If they think we are nuts for the ten horn stuff, then they will think we are nuts when we talk about Jesus as well. If we refuse to talk about the coming antichrist then we might as well not even mention satan as well, or even hell for that matter. Prophecy is proof of what we believe in from begining to end. As far as using prophecy to witness to people it is a very very powerful tool. Lets face it, no one is 100% right in prophecy in the human world. But the closer we get the closer the guesses are going to be. So some will probably be right on the money without even knowing it. So to not compare current events to possible biblical fulfillment? I think that is neglect on behalf of believers. We as believers are comanded to watch for Christ return. Paul said we would see that day approaching. Well the signs of the times are all around. We should be sharing that information as well. When people aren't looking for love(I.E. Jesus) prophecy still has a way to grab their attention and bring them to the knowledge of Jesus if it is used right. If they refuse at that point there is no blood on my hands. However I will completely agree that it should affect the way we live and develope a deaper relationship with Christ. Please do not take this as trying to rip you. It is not that at all. You are my brother in Christ. I just hope you are open to other brothers using it this way. The problem is I hear this stuff all the time from other believers in my church. They are focussing on life and not Christ first. If they realised the times we were in they would be on fire. I have better reception from non-Christians on this prophecy stuff than I do with believers. It cutts. Unbelievers want to hear more and more. Their desire goes up more and more. Eventually they understand how bad sin is and what Christ paid for them to be saved. Prophecy is front and center in my life and will be used as a witnessing tool when it needs to be when the Holy Spirit promps me to use it. This has been my experience when witnessing to people I know. It is not wasted time I can assure you of that. I have seen immigrants respond full heartedly from this. When you see them accept Christ and have a full life change in a matter of days and expect Jesus to return to get them at any moment, it is amazing. They want to live right for Christ. Anyways I hope you understand my own experience with witnessing to people. I hope I have not offended you in any way. If I have I will quickly and respectfully appologise and make it right.
Your brother in Christ.
JESUS said: "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved:," and Zechariah said: "And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongues shall consume away in thier mouth." These are powerful prophecies that the Holy Spirit can use to "convict of judgment." THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH reached many with the truth.
Yours in Christ,
Rich- Someone actually posted it over at FP MB. When I saw it on FP main page, I really wanted to see a bigger picture of it. So I went to the mb to see if anyone had a link to it.

I guess the UN is the biggest circle of all?
I personally believe that prophecy is the proof that God tells it like it is and keeps his word. We cannot physically go back and examine events at the time of Creation. But we can examine historical and present events in light of clear prophecy.
Child of God,

I should've mentioned that I believe the fulfilled messianic prophecies should be mentioned in witnessing encounters.

But as for your post... well said. I cannot argue with your results/experiences. If you are finding that it is working, then that's what matters.

God bless,
Looking for comments from anyone that can answer my question. It involves the peace process for Israel. I came across an article at the rapture ready web site. Here is the first paragraph.
I wonder how many of us truly understand the extent of Israel's peril as a nation today. Let me list some of their more critical problems.
Having been weakened in the eyes of friend and foe alike due to their disappointing performance in last summer's Hizbollah war, Israel has become fair game for unprecedented world pressure to cave in to Arab demands. Their government could soon be forced to accept a peace plan that includes a return to pre-1967 borders, the return of East Jerusalem to Moslem control, the Palestinian refugee right of return, and, get this, a halt to all Jewish immigration to Israel, even that which only replenishes the population to offset the deaths of current residents. So while untold numbers of Palestinians could come to Israel and demand their homes back under this plan, not one more Jew could ever call Israel home. And the number of those living there now will decline daily. Former PM Netanyahu has called this an existential threat to the country. Current PM Olmert is looking for a way to accept these terms without getting blamed for it.




Did anyone see the part where the peace process will prevent more Jews from immigrating to Israel? This has definately caught my eye. Does anyone know if this is part of the current peace negotiations that are going on by the quartet?
Check out Javier Solana's website today. His headline reads that HE, JAVIER SOLANA, LAUNCHED THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTION INITIATIVE!!!!!!
To the tune of Marian, Madame Librarian from THE MUSIC MAN:

it rhymes with caviar


Notice the outer circle, the OSCE or Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. This was originally known as the Hellstinky (oh, pardon me for being rude), Helsinki Process. This organization professes to be the largest security organization in the world.


It is a cooperating entity with the Barcelona Process and has embedded the Alliance of Civilizations into its framework. It says in its contribution to the AoC document that its decisions are politically, not legally, binding on member states. This wording puzzled me until I found a web site designated for the expansion of the Helsinki process. There they said that a signatory country MUST implement its decisions even if its national legislature rejects the directive.
Interestingly, it was the OSCE that provided the justification for Solana to bomb the daylights out of Yugoslavia.

A little more on the Helsinki Process: Sometimes I can’t believe how dumb our leaders have been. Embedded in the Helsinki Process is the Vienna Document which contains “confidence building measures”. This binds member states to fully disclose their military data.

Now google the words Solana along with “confidence building”. His use of the term is disturbing. I’m sure he was getting more confident each day—they ask for our military data, we hand it over.

Additionally, they have been observing our landscape via the Open Skies treaty since 2002. http://www.osce.org/item/15839.html

for d: link to poster is
Anonymous 7:03 said...

To the tune of Marian, Madame Librarian from THE MUSIC MAN:

it rhymes with caviar


7:03 PM



"Don't despair,
or tear out your hair."

(Jesus wins.)

Have a nice day.

A Fellow Watcher

Does Solana's speech where he mocked George Washington's words still exist online?

Dear Rich,

I don't know -- haven't looked at it in a long time, but I do believe I archived it on a former computer that I have since given to another researcher we both talk with. It's lurking somewhere on my computers, if not on the internet at large!

More lines on Javier, it rhymes with caviar -- to tune of Marian, Madame Librarian:

Don't despair or tear out your hair
You sing so sweet, like you're in heat,
We love you madly, Mr. globarian
If you stumble, and fall on your watchamacallit,

. . . carry on

mischeivous tonight . . .
Here's a Newsweek article regarding Iran's sudden willingness to talk about the nuclear issue with Solana:


I found it quite interesting. It makes me wonder what really happened that spurred the release of the British hostages.
"Don't tear out your hair?" Is that out he got the bald spot in back?
Well having read all i can stomach all i can say is ......"lady, you are weird !- you are unnaturally obsessed and fixated on this Solana person. He's nothing !

You are worse than him ! You use him to promote your own agenda in your own community. You are a prevaricator.

You need to get out of the house and do something with yourself like get some air or something.

It is PEOPLE LIKE YOU who keep innocent and naive people stirred up for nothing and wasting their time and money ;llistening to your radio show, reading your blogs and buying your b-- s--- publicized material and books.


THis site and info on Solana is total garbadge !!

You people ought to start worrying about whether you are going to have to turn your driver's licenses in to the feds and also provide more supporting documentation about who you are so that you DON"T HAVE to get a NATIONAL ID!


上海翻译公司,东莞翻译公司国内同声翻译(同声传译)领域领头军!同声传译(同传)是国际会议通常使用的翻译方式, 翻译人员进入隔音间里






套国际会议同传服务,深圳翻译公司,专业深圳英语翻译 深圳日语翻译深圳法语翻译
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