Thursday, March 29, 2007

Continued Javier Solana Story, Part IV


Part IV of a Continuing Series

Daily, I went home and logged on the then relatively slow internet dial up connections. Javier Solana’s influence was clearly not diminishing. It was reported that a Sarajevo, Yugoslavia television station had been “taken out” by Wesley Clark because Javier Solana had reported to him it was “interfering with democracy.” Its alleged crime was said by some that they attempted to remain neutral by alternating news coverage between the two sides to that Balkan conflict.

Fast forward to 1999. This was the year that NATO would celebrate its 50th anniversary. Javier Solana was at its head. A BIG celebration was planned and held in Washington, D.C. It was scheduled for April 23-25, 1999. Washington, D.C. security was to be tight. It was to be the largest gathering in Washington, D.C. ever of foreign officials.

A few weeks prior to that, March 21, 1999, to be precise, it was Sunday morning. I awoke with one of my more painful from time to time migraine headaches. I normally would have dressed for church about this time, but it was clear I was going nowhere with that headache. I swallowed three Vanquish, my usual remedy and headed back to bed to nurse the headache and shield my head from painful light. As I did so, my husband switched on our bedroom television. CBS’ popular news program, Sunday Morning, was airing. For me, it was almost surrealistic. As I was laying there coping with the painful headache, I heard an unusual interruption of Sunday Morning. The host came in and said, “We interrupt this program to bring you a very important announcement. Javier Solana, the Secretary General of NATO has announced that the bombing of Yugoslavia might start within a very few hours.” Crowds milled about the streets of Yugoslavia protesting the planned NATO actions and waving flags with the NATO small swastika morphed into the larger former Nazi one.

As soon as the headache sufficiently lifted, I did not go to church. Besides the headache was to be an all day, off and on one. I went down to the basement computers and logged on, using the Alta Vista search engines. I found a speech where Javier Solana was accepting an award. As I recall, it may have been the Christian Herter award. In the text of the speech, he mocked George Washington’s advice to Americans to ‘avoid entangling foreign alliances.” “Why, those entangling foreign alliances are good for you,” chortled Solana. I noted to myself that it took a lot of cheek to come into a country and mock the national icons as Solana had done. Then, in that speech, Javier Solana told the listeners that he had been given exclusive authority to make the military decisions over Yugoslavia, including whether to bomb or not. He then said that he didn’t intend to use it without “checking in with the others, but, nevertheless, the power is mine and mine alone.”

I didn’t take Senor Solana’s word for it. I traveled online to Madeline Albright’s United States Department website. She had a statement published about it. On line she said that “Javier Solana has the power and has had it since January 30th. We are speaking with one voice through Javier Solana.”

That night, all day in pajamas, due to the off and on headache, I was home when many Christian Americans were in Sunday night services. President Clinton came on television to address the nation about the pending bombings. I watched carefully. He never said, “this is what I plan to do” or “this is what we plan to do” or even, “this is what the leaders of the world community think wise.” Instead he said, “I agree with Javier Solana’s decision to do this.”

Nobody publicly to my knowledge ever said, “Who’s Javier Solana?” It seemed to go over everybody’s head.

The bombings started and they seemed, at least to me, cruel and clearly hitting civilian targets. That was termed “collateral damage.” Driving to court one day, I heard news reports on our local radio station WWJ that Pope John Paul II had sent emissaries to Brussels with the concurrence of an Eastern Orthodox patriarch asking that they be allowed to intervene and mediate a settlement. They requested a truce between “the two Easters.”

On Good Friday, April 2, 1999, I was to read small headlines in Detroit’s DETROIT NEWS, “Pope rebuffed.” It was occurring to me that Javier Solana had little or no respect for anyone or anybody. A later picture of the Pope and Eastern Orthodox patriarchs sitting together appeared much like two thoroughly depressed and defeated old men.

I saw United States Senator Spencer Abraham, a former guest on my Detroit radio show at a banquet a week after Easter, on the same day as the Orthodox Church’s Easter. I asked him point blank, “why did we hand all that power to Javier Solana?” His answer astounded me. He told me that quite honestly he couldn’t make sense of the Yugoslavian policy himself. He then said that he believed it was “Bill Clinton hiding behind Javier Solana.” He said, “things happen like that in politics, you know.”

Yes, I know things happen like that in politics. But this time, I had the distinct impression that President Clinton was, like they say in the more crude vernacular, “sucking up.” Then Spencer Abraham, the junior senator from Michigan in his first and only term in a year of a Democratic administration volunteered something very startling to me. He said he had met Javier Solana “personally.”

“Oh,” I replied. Senator Abraham then told me that he and all the other United States senators had been flown to Brussels, Belgium to meet Javier Solana.”

That is when I confess I became more than a little scared. I worked in government long enough to know that when an agency is receiving heavy funds from us that we don’t fly our people there. They fly here and walk ever so humbly with their small entourage through the Senate office building, at least to the members of the funding and appropriation committees. We flew our entire Senate to Brussels to meet this former Marxist, long a member of our subversive list? Incredible.

To be continued. Next issue: The NATO 50th Anniversary Celebration and beyond.
What a guy! What next?
r these in the book? hope so can't wait, is oprah to new age for your book on her list, can you imagine(lol) i wished!
Thanks Constance, I've said that we were doing Europe's dirty work, and unnecessaarily alienating Russia. Just one more of David Barash's predictions proven wrong.
"The WORD of God cannot be broken."
Yours in Christ, Setterman
Great work Constance! I can't wait for part V.

Any idea when your video on JS and the EU will be published on Google video? I loved the first one about the New Age. A real eye opener.

Thanks again.

God bless.
We'll have to ask Dr. Stanley Monteith at Radio Liberty about the Solana portion. He posted the other. I understand they are still working on other videos at the conference where I was one of several speakers, but the only one to speak twice that day. The morning segment has been posted and the Solana speech was in the afternoon.

Excellent post on Solana. Did you all see this? How could Dr. Dobson not know that Newt was part of New Age? does he not have someone do the research about these type of things?
As I went through the books that Constance has written and as I read Herb Peters site there is one thing that flashes through my head over and over... the church is so busy running down bunny trials that we fail to the see the big picture. I wonder if every Christian stepped back and looked at the overview (which it presented here and on a few other really good websites) I wonder if we wouldn’t see a whole different kind of battle going on.

If I were the enemy how would I keep the Christians busy so I could put my important people in place to get my work accomplished? I think that I send them on every rabbit trail that I could send them down. Get them caught up in the little battles that they think they have control over. Divide and conquer.

Another thought: Have you ever heard the phrase, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer? Well, could the people like Mr. Dobson be in the places they are so that what they see can be controlled? I am not saying that they are doing Satan’s work because even some of the prophets worked for the kings of old and they were doing what God had called them to do. But all will work out in the end to Glorify God.

I think that's one of the reasons Herb Peters implores believers to put aside minor doctrinal differences. And to be honest, the majority of Christians are asleep at the wheel so I don't think it's right to criticize Constance, who has pointed out an obscene amount of things that have gone right by even the sharpest prophecy watchers/reporters out there.

As for the rabbit trails, a few people investigating this or that and then reporting it on their website is hardly a large scale distraction for anybody. Read it or don't, believe it or don't, but always keep watch on what's going on.

- t
I am not criticizing either of them... I agree with both of them. Both of their sites are I make time to check everyday to see what they have posted.

When I say Rabbit trails I am not talking about this site. I have followed Jesus for 7 years now, before hand I did not know much about Christianity except for the people who would attack others because they did not live according to what the bible told them. I now attend a Christian bible college and I am pursuing a degree in Psychology. I amazed at what different professors can do to basic scriptures to twist and turn them…taking them out of context. That is what I meant about rabbit trails… This is what I mean about divide and conquer. I attend a church that took me 5 years of searching to find. It was hard to find one that understood law and love in a balanced way. It was hard to find one that would accept people’s different views but provide a church that will not compromise scripture. They do not fight with words, they pray a lot.

This Tuesday I turned on Law and Order SVU and was surprised with a program about this Christian Church leader that killed a gay man because he was gay. I walk through the video stores and read the back of movies and see the same thing. I watch the news and see the same type of stories… but this is not the whole church. The media is working overtime in giving Christians a bad name and the only ones really being heard are the ones that make the ‘church’ look so unchristian. I love what I see in Constance and Herb, I see love and TRUTH! I always learn here. I love the fact that this woman works in law, it gives her creditability. She knows how to do her homework. I can tell people I go to school with to check her out and when I get hit with the expected statement, “yeah, and what kind of creditability does she have,” I can give them her creditability. And they accept it.

I agree with Herb Peters, I agree with Constance. I understand the love and mercy of God because if it had not been for that I would not be a Christian. If it wouldn’t have been for the few people who loved me where I was at and prayed non-stop for me, I would not have any hope in the midst of this world mess. When I say the big picture I mean what these two Jesus loving people are presenting. They take scripture and current events and make sense out of them instead of just grabbing one issue and beating it to death with scripture. Sorry if I came across as attacking them… that was not my intention at all.
And I meant to propose an idea as to how people like Dr. Dobson could not see what is going on... because he is too close to the situation. Often people who are so close to something can not see the obvious whereas people who are watching from a distance can see it easier.
EXCELLENT post Constance! It illustrates perfectly how Solana has "straightened out" a previous clash of civilizations.

For some interesting reading, google the following words:

yugoslavia israel similarities

I fully agree with Constance and Herb.
But how can I tell my friends about Herb when he is aligned with the Prophecy Club , all credibility goes out the window.
I really felt I could believe in Herb till I saw the notice on his home page about the Prophecy Club..
Please point this out to him Constance, he needs to understand this. There is no credibility anymore with the Prophecy Club..
Please DO NOT HOLD IT AGAINST HERB that he is speaking for the Prophecy Club. They too need to have the straight news after so many flaky versions. Herb made it clear that he will be able to give his entire presentation without censorship. Go to hear him, if in your area, AND PRAY FOR HIM AND THAT EYES WILL BE OPENED AND EARS WILL HEAR!
Regarding Herb Peters' credibility-
When I began to read his online "Recommendation 666" I kept an open mind but also took it with a grain of salt... another one of those theories... but when I read his book, he presents quite a case, and with the EU documents backing him up, and I think Herb is definitely onto something. I know he will be in my area in April- I want to go see him, but no guarentee I will be able to get there.
You will have to forgive me. Over at EUreferendum I found the following:

Still behaving like adolescents
We have noted in the past that the European (and that includes British, in this case) anti-American posturing reminds us of nothing so much as adolescents displaying defiance of and contempt for their parents in the certain knowledge that in the case of any real trouble, those contemptible parents will be there to give aid and support.

The real enemy, on the other hand, have no such intention, so it is best not to annoy them. Curiously enough, this ridiculous attitude is now so prevalent that those who display it do not even recognize their own stupidity. They will, undoubtedly, be the first to scream for help if the Americans do, finally, turn their backs on Europe (with the exception of the odd East European country) and Britain.

We can all cite myriads of examples both on a personal and public level. I recall talking to a highly educated lawyer friend soon after 9/11 who was wistfully hoping that President Bush was looking at the rather beautiful moon, as we were (unlikely, given the time difference, but let that pass) and was imbibing peaceful ideas, which he badly needed, being a well-known warmonger. I pointed out that flying aeroplanes full of people into buildings on another country’s territory and killing several thousand in the process was, by any definition, an act of war. Oh yes, she moaned, but I still think … She trailed off.
(more at link)

How those words fit the anti-war people here in the US, the New Age goofballs from the animal rights activists in Peta all the way to those who still think their thoughts (energy) control the real world and to those who feel no need to do something to fight the New Age movement because.....


check out the slide show in the heroes section of this guys profile
good thoughts, and maturity for a young or old Christian; if Christian love was what Christ had commanded, we would never have found ourselves here...
"a broken and contrite heart,O God, thou wilt not despise."
Yours in Christ
I was nearly beating up on the Prophecy Club people to try to get them to pay attention to the obvious for the past two years. It was, I believe, due to a cancellation by another advertised speaker that Herb now has the opportunity to present his evidence. Everybody deserves one kind warning on the EU events. Herb is out giving it. Herb is also deeply concerned about the New Age Movement. Marilyn Ferguson's 1980 book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY quoted a Johannes Quanier saying that Europe was the ideal territory from which to launch their new political-spiritual entity. Because the NAM ran into unexpected opposition, their hoped for 1980s timetable, they now view current events as what they call THE NOW AGE. It is amazing how many of the same players (David Spangler, Marilyn Ferguson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Mark Satin, Jeremy Rifkin, Amory Lovins, Eileen Caddy) are still out there and aspiring to the power which they now feel is within their grasp, with all being 25 years older, much longer in the tooth and without a sense of humor for the career delays.
How true Constance, how true.

Constance, most people won't recognize the names you gave because they are so behind the scenes. The average person has no idea that these people exist because for many years now no one has been talking about them. Your first book was written 25 years ago. Those born 25 years ago are just coming into their adult thinking years. Anyone born within the last 25 years probably has no clue that there is such a thing as the New Age movement. All of them will be starting from scratch to learn what is happening.

I have a friend who spent thirty something years and thousands of dollars working with others to expose communist front activity and its impact on the minds of people in the face of much opposition. She has a huge library of books and maybe 40 file drawers full of information. Despite the fact that the groups that involved communist front activity are prominent in the New Age movement, she has found no one who will accept her papers, and as she is elderly, they will probably be destroyed. How many people here know there is a huge body of information documenting communist front activity? Is there any professor in any class in the US studying this?

Though the University of Michigan has accepted some of your papers, it is much the same for many of us as with my friend's information. Those of us who have researched the New Age movement for many years will find that when our papers disappear and time goes by, there be very few who know that it was the leadership of the New Age movement who changed things.

It's one of the reasons why I have tried to work on the larger picture of the New Age movement in my posts here as well as in the information I share with others.

We need more individuals willing to research the movement to keep the information alive over time.

And so I was driving home, listening to our local NPR station, when I heard a news report about the EU talking "tough" to Iran over the detained (held hostage) British crew members. Suddenly, I heard the voice of Javier Solana. This was the first I have heard him speak. It was a bit freaky to say the least. I was so stunned to hear his voice, I didn't even concentrate on his message. I think it was something to the effect of Iran better release the crew members or the EU might do something. I'll check out the NPR web site and see if the actual news report was archived.
After some searching of NPR I could not find the news story I heard earlier today. I did do a web search on Google and found a the same story minus the direct quote from Solana. You can read the article here:
Thank you for your posts Constance, keep up the good work. I can't wait for your next and future installments.
I wanted to express my appreciation for the work of both Constance and Herb Peters! I know that the Lord has changed my focus due to personal experience (Romans 8:28) and the information I have received from these two dear folk. The people in my circles might not be as open to Mr. Peter's due to their belief as to the timing of the "Blessed Hope." However, speaking only for myself, I don't believe the Bible Prophesies viewed in light of present day events (specifically in Europe and Israel), afford us the time to argue "pre-trib" vs. "pre-wrath." Jesus told us, “Be diligent,” and both Constance and Herb are providing information that should keep us (excuse the quote from Brother Paul) from being ignorant Brethren!

God bless and keep at it!

Brother J

Herb actually explains why he has that speaking engagement in this thread: "Prophecy Club is Satanic: Message for Herb."
Dorothy, I hear you! The new age and those pillars of the movement have been fogotten. Images have replaced reading: pictures, movies; Hollywood has camoufaged, crowded out "real" information.
One of these aspects which is so insidious is the pervasive assumption that evolution is scientific fact. Check out NASA web sites, SETI, SPITZER, CASSINI, and of course National Geographic; all of this is a landside of cultural seed change determined to harm Christianity by prioritizing SETI, or even the discovery of basic building blocks of life.
Materialism is the goal; ask Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.
The other day I saw a bumper sticker, it was a cross in a circle with a / through it, and underneath it said: "Bad religion."
John 16:2, killing us will be a duty my brothers and sisters.
I don't says this as it is new or eye openning, only, I would say, intensifying; I bring this to your remembrance.
Yours in Christ,
I think it is sad that the pre-trib believers would reject and ignore this research because it doesn't fit in with their theology--especially a theology on which the church is divided.

I see how blind the church is to what is going on even in the smaller area where I live. Jesus' words to the end time church speaks volumes:

Revelation 3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

I used to wonder why He would tell us to anoint our eyes with eye salve. I believe I now know.

I am proud to say that I am a pre-trib believer, however I am one that does not have all knowledge and my eyes remain open to all sides and compare to sciptures and ponder. But one verse that always hits me front and center is Luke 21:36. Jesus said "Wath therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."

This verse has so many implications to it that just go on and on. But for the last 2 years or so know matter what I read, I always go back to this verse. It is like it has become a pivotal verse in my life because of its meaning. I just hope and pray that I am counted worthy. He who has an ear.
Thanks Rich!
Child of God,

I'm hoping that the pre-trib doctrine is the one. I know you stand ready for whatever we must face, which is a place we need to be--one of not being shaken.

I almost started laughing when I read this title but knowing the Alliance of Civilizations' goals make it not quite so funny. One way to reach Americans appears to be through humor and television. Take a look at this link and notice the sponsorship.

Here is a link to a presentation you may find of interest. It is "Alliance of Civilisations and solidarity Between Civilisations; A Lost Occasion for Europe" by Angelo Santagostino.

It appears that this man supports a civilization alliance but is highly critical of the UN's high level group as he ends the report stating "The UN has been often under attack as a useless institution. This time it has shown itself to be not so much useless but actually dangerous."

Speaking of Zapatero he writes:

"Before continuing with an analysis of the Report, we need to ask ourselves why Christianity is excluded from the Alliance project. Is it not part of the West and its identity? Or should it be considered something dangerous to be excluded from public life? We need only return to the promoter of the Alliance, Prime Minister Zapatero to understand this point. If, in the 19th century, Marx held that all religion without exclusion were the “opium of the people”, Zapatero believes that religions are the “tobacco of the people”2. The difference is that while opium is forbidden, tobacco is tolerated. It’s bad for you; it damages your health and kills, as we can read on the packages as required by European legislation. In large parts of Europe it is banned from public places although not illegal it should be consumed in the open air or in private, for public health reasons. According to Zapatero, the same should apply to religions. They are dangerous and therefore should not be expressed in public but restricted to a wholly private life. This attitude is offensive, unjustifiably hostile and gratuitously offends millions of Christians, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc., faithful.

It is my personal opinion that the Alliance HLG designed their report exactly according to specifications to combat religous fundamentalism worldwide. I wonder if the author of this report eventually arrives at the same conclusion.

A word of caution to anyone reading the report I last posted. Remember how the new age network works: when one organization causes embarrassment a new avenue having the same goal is created while the old one closes. Even though I agree with much of Santagostino's analysis, he is proposing the "Solidarity Between Civilisations" which appears to also blend religions together. It is difficult for me to believe that the man who presides over European economic integration would be blind of the EU's activities. Perhaps he's getting a clear view of what the real agenda happens to be (I am hopeful), but I doubt it.

This report may be out here to placate many who are disgusted by the AoC's final report. The Alliance has been keeping a very low profile since they released their report as it has received a great deal of criticism. Bottom line, if anyone uses any of its contents against the AoC report, do so carefully.

Great comments. I hope to put up my fifth segment on Solana soon -- I am trying to figure out how to publish some of Rich of Medford's brilliant work along with not disturbing my segments -- maybe put both up in one segment. I am also working on a long delayed NEWSWITHVIEWS article.

I have a question regarding November of 1995. In Wikipedia for November 1995 the events are posted as followed:

November 22 - Eilat, Israel, Egypt, and much of the North African Mediterranean is struck by the strongest earthquake in Israel's history - 7.2 mW. Curiously, within a week there is attempted historical revisionism downwards to 6.2 with Gulf of Aqaba architects and engineers holding the bag for alleged 'shoddy construction'. A 6.2 mW earthquake is only 1/32nd the magnitude of a 7.2 quake.

November 28
The Barcelona Treaty is signed by 27 attending nations.
U.S. President Bill Clinton signs a highway bill that ends the federal 55 mph speed limit.

November 30 - Javier Solana becomes the new NATO General Secretary.

For some reason, I thought that the signing of the treaty happened before the big earthquake. Is that true or did the earthquake happen first. I ask this because I was sure you had said the treaty was signed by Solana 2 days before the earthquake. So did Solana sign the bill Nov 20, the earthquake on the 22nd and the rest signs it on the 28th?
Herb has posted several articles under the heading "The Answer Man". I to was looking at something similar this weekend, i.e., articles that call Solana the "Crisis Manager". Here are a couple of them:

The Woman Behind Mr. Europe

Concepcion Gimenez

Can't seem to find out any info on her. One of Franco's Generals Daughers, ok, what else?
She may prove to be the influence that moved Solana into New Global Democratic ideologies.
Currently seperated from "Mr. Europe"?
Something is there.
Would love some guidance on this matter.
Solana's mom was a Francis Bacon apologist, could Concepcion be the new age key that moved Solana back to mothers view? Anyone with articles about Mrs. Gimenez-Solana would be greatly appreciated.
Constance, what do you think?
Behind every man.......right?
I see there are comments about Herb Peters speaking with the prophecy club. anyone that knows anything about prophecy ministries knows that stan johnson and the prophecy club is a joke.

herb peters ruins his accountability by befriending this ministry with only one motive of using them to gain exposure for himself.

he was brushed off by hal lindsey and associates, and has latched on to a false prophecy club.

the most hypocritical thing about it is that herb has a section for apostacy on his discussion board and will refuse to allow any posts about the PC. his daughter also has a blog with a Spirit of Error theme, and will not address the mass errors of the prophecy club.

herb is aligning himself with those that the bible says that we should not even eat with.

i know it hurts herbs sheep to realize his mistake. but no excuses will cover this up.
constance if you were beating up on the prophecy club, it should have been for ALL the people that have hurt over the years.

herb is giving credibility to ones that Jesus warned us about.

and those that question herb get treated the same as those that question the prophecy club and other shade tree ministries.... silenced

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