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Continued Javier Solana story, Part III

Continued Javier Solana story, Part III

Part III of Continuing Series :

My serious watching of Javier Solana had just begin. He had posted a handy biographical statement. In it he noted he was a member of the Spanish chapter of the Club of Rome. He also said he was married to the former Concepcion Jimenez and had two children. Several years later, reading the 1995 archives of the European Voice, I would learn that his wife did not join him on his Brussels NATO position because “the couple had called it quits” six months earlier in 1995.

My searches yielded fascinating and tantalizing results. I learned from then available MFA (Israeli) websites that Javier Solana was the “true author” of the “Israeli Peace Process.” They said he, a then Spanish governmental official, had told them that he had Arab friends and they should go and do likewise.

Interestingly, about this time the information on the 7.2 earthquake began to literally vanish from the web, although not as much as the earthquake historical revisionists might have hoped. I was startled to read that Gulf of Aqaba engineers were catching much criticism for not designing buildings that would withstand a 6.2 mw quake. Wait! That earthquake was, per the US Geological service, one of 7.2 magnitude. Usually the earthquake, like the catching of the fish, grows with every telling of the tale. This was was growing smaller with each telling of the tale. What was happening here?

My personal and yet undiminished suspicion is that the earthquake (which was eventually admitted by the same sources, Israeli Geological Service – a part of the “Peace Process”, to indeed be a 7.2 mw quake with 10,000 aftershocks, was played down because of its proximity in time I that strong “Left Behind” culture with the signing of a major treaty between the EU and Israel. There are three major world religions centered in that part of the world. All three might have read something into a major earthquake coming in the wake of the treaty signing and just before the launching of the Barcelona Process. For sure, Jews, Christians, and Moslems might have read different things into the seismic event, but for sure, they would have read something. Fortunately for the historical record, the US Geological service, the University of Michigan’s and University of Ohio’s joint seismic research center and the Ontario Earthquake Research Center maintained plate records, which were conveniently available on line:

President Clinton flew to Madrid to attend a Spanish royal banquet and congratulate Javier Solana, whom he termed, “a great world leader,” for his new NATO appointment.

Solana’s reign was beginning. In 1996, Boris Yeltsin would tell Russians as he campaigned for re-election to the Russian presidency: “you’d better vote for me – I’m the only one who can stand up to Javier Solana.”

He didn’t. Russia signed the Treaty of Association with NATO in 1997. It was said that Boris Yeltsin did it as a face saving measure.

Where is everybody?
Still posting some back and forth at the last main comment.
Just watched the video on how Constance came to know about the New Age movement. Here is the link http://tinyurl.com/2dqtuw

Here are my questions.
What is next in their plan? Is Javier Solana going to become a household name here in USA?
Will there be more attacks so that people are more likely to take "the mark" or some forerunner to it? Will there be continue lumping of "extremest" to include those who are fundemental Christians? Yes I know these things are being done now on a smaller scale. I suspect that all these things will increase. What else can I watch out for?

Ok I must go to bed. I just had gotten through watching Constance's video when I went to a popular message board and saw this link.

It is the 45 goals of Communism in 1963. My first thought was, "Does this really push communism or does it have to do with the new age." I was also thinking that our very good friend was communist but then I remembered he was a socialist.

D said...
Is it Ruth? Anyway, please know I wasn't questioning you. I just wanted to know more about "The Secret". I had heard of it back a few months ago. I am a SAHM and I just dabble into reseaching this as much as I can during nap time and after bedtime. Thanks to Constance, Rich, Dorothy, yourself and some others, it has made it lots easier for me.


10:00 PM
To Dawn: I don't know what Dorothy is talking about in her last post regarding what I wrote about "The Secret". Also about the links I shared in reference to Michael Bernard Beckwith. I'm waiting to here what Constance has to say.
Thank you Constance.

Please don't stop.

There's still time.
I thought I was quite clear Ruth. What don't you understand?

Dawn, several of Rudi's comments were signed by Ruth, as in one timed at 2:57 am.
"...As long as we keep our eyes open. I for one am watching. Thanks again. Ruth"

Thanks for posting the link; http://tinyurl.com/2dqtuw
Constance's talk was fascinating and inspirational, especially towards the end where she attends the Benjamin Creme lecture. It was almost like something out of a Frank Perreti novel but it reminds us that we are in a conflict with real spritual evil.

This afternoon I found some important pre-conference information on "European Battlegroups" and "Homeland Security - Europe." One of the primary speakers is Nick Witney who reports directly to Javier Solana. BIG EU military industrial complex money was involved and so were many Americans. They have related conferences, including a day of
Focus on Biometrics. Things are getting, needless to say, dicey!
Solana was officially a Marxist, until September 29, 1979; HOWEVER, I have a picture of him that was supposed to have been taken in 1983, giving a clear Marxist-Leninist style salute at an equally clear Marxist meeting.

My biggest fear is not his ideology, but possibly chameleon like AMORALITY! All things to all people -- the most dangerous of all!
Mac, thanks for mentioning Frank Perreti; I was going to, but was concerned about trivializing what we face. My last college class was "Peace and Mediation" and total propaganda; have you ever heard of David Barash? A total antichristian touted as an educator. Remember Bill Clinton at the 1991 Dem. convention saying: "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man what we can do for ourselve." I believe thats close, well that was the whole of that class.
Yours in Christ,
in answer to "d": i don't know all of the new age agenda, but you can watch and see what use they get out of their "indigo children", "cystal children", "star children".
Dawn, that list was put together by Cleon Skousen whose bio reads:
"The original source was Cleon Skousen, who wrote the 1963 book “The Naked Communist.” ...- 16 years in the FBI and a protege of J. Edgar Hoover, plus Chief of Police of Salt Lake City, and a lifelong highly devout Mormon. Skousen died early last year."
Found at a website.

New Age has a "spiritual" side and a political side. There has been a blending of the political and let's call it occult units through the history of socialism and communism. The goal was a utopia without monotheism, in other words, man creating heaven on earth.

In this way, the 45 goals of communism promote the New Age, although they are limited to communist thinking.
I meant to say they are not limited to communist thinking.
Setterman got me to looking up Barash. For others that might like to see what is happening in the classrooms, here is an article by David Horowitz who wrote about Barash in his book The Professors.

Barash is an animal psychologist who fancies himself an expert on Peace. He has churned out 19 books, including
The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People.
Somehow he hasn't learned that Peace proposals can't be found by watching the animal world.

Are the deaths of Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova and Armenian journalist Hrant Dink possibly connected in any regards to the European Union?
I don't know -- somethings are planned, somethings are used opportunistically. Wish I could sort it all out -- Don't know about Rugova and Dink.

Does anyone think Prodi will rise back on the scene? He just looks like a 'charismatic/evangelistic' christian, a cross of Jack Van Impe and JR Church, I wonder if Javier is setting things up for someone else. I don't want to keep my eyes closed, we already only see through the glass 1/2 darkly........~Watcher
Just in -- I posted this as a comment on Carrie Tomko's website, but here's a Detroit area aging Catholic priest who did enormous damage at powerful levels over the years. Read this article. He thinks Lucifer got a 'bum rap' and believes in reincarnation et al, ad nauseum. Hard to do, but he almost makes Matthew Fox look tame! Scary to think he headed Michigan's Judicial Tenure Commission for a time.
The link is:


Prodi at least proclaims himself a good Catholic; however, he uses Jeremy Rifkin as an advisor. My guess is he will be concentrating on Italy, although, he also would like to see the EU rise. There were reported tensions between him and Solana -- Solana having come out on top. Apart from that, don't know.

Prodi at least proclaims himself a good Catholic; however, he uses Jeremy Rifkin as an advisor. My guess is he will be concentrating on Italy, although, he also would like to see the EU rise. There were reported tensions between him and Solana -- Solana having come out on top. Apart from that, don't know.


What do you think about the Freedom Corp? Compulsory volunteerism has been in high schools for 10 years.

http://www.usafreed omcorps.gov/

Thanks for the post on Fr. Jay. Looks like a copy of so many new agers. I am challenged to think why so many of these folks had such strange mystical experiences as children. Makes one wonder if there is an idiopathic condition that underlies these children causing a disorder. Spangler had the same experiences. Is the life search to give meaning to the experience what leads them to the New Age? Or are these folks experiencing a demonic attack? Children can be possessed, but the phenomenon is so rare that no explanation really exists. His loss of conscousness as described in the news article mimics petit mal seizures. Just wondering....
Kissinger on Charlie Rose Friday night PBS should be posted soon. The said NWO over and over again and I was taken aback at the talk and plans. Was it a signal? It should be posted soon it not now. http://www.charlierose.com/

1. A major meeting taking place in Rome at the UN FAO headquarters (Solana's mother worked there for 20 years) on Peace in the Middle East. AOC heavily featured as a solution. Heavy apparent Vatican involvement, unfortunately. Much criticism of Israel from speakers. Read about it at this link:

3. It was reported today that Zapatero (Spain - Socialist) and Erdogan (Turkey - EU wannabe) had nominated the Socialist former Prime Minister of Portugal (Sephardic Jewish on his mother's side, per Wikipedia) to be the "High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations", Jorge Sampaio. He is very much in the profile of Javier Solana -- Socialist, agnostic (I believe Solana to be an atheist). They reportedly called BanKi Moon at UN to suggest him as their choice for the position. STAY TUNED TO THIS AND HERB PETERS' SITE FOR UPDATES AND DO YOUR OWN GOOGLE/YAHOO SEARCHES! Link to this one is:


Thanks everyone for the intense info; Constance, the belief in reincarnation is growing stronger despite scientific proof against it: see Hugh Ross' THE CREATOR AND THE COSMOS, where he elucidates the end of the oscillatinng universe. As a side note, a recent survey of 580 men revealed that 78% of American men believed in Karma.
Proverbs 15:28 says:The heart of the righteous studieth to answer...
Yours in Christ,

Henry Kissinger talks & says New World Order and gives insight into what's coming. It's an odd show.

Here are some search engines that may yield results they Google or Yahoo U.S. may not show.


I have been trying to reach the Resolution 666 on the Europa web site but freezing up each time. Can someone post the link so I can make sure I have it right. Is anyone else having this problem?

Rich is this it?

I am finding all the latest links given very helpful and informative. Thanks to all.

I found the following to be very interesting as it comes from the perspective of an orthodox Jew who doesn't accept Jesus as the messiah. It's the "Latest Edition / Winter" 5767/2007 (Temple Mount Faithful & Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement-Jerusalem)
Page 12 "The Stage of the Endtime War Against Israel has Started"

Thanks Dawn,

The link I was trying to reach is this one:


For some reason it would freeze up my computer all afternoon when I tried to reach it.

Sorry. I did try the link you provide and my computer just sat there saying "loading" for 10 minutes (I have cable modem so that is very long for me). It didn't show any progress. The only thing I could get to in a reasonable amount of time was the main index page. I tried searching for various things and each time I click on something it took a long time and never reached them. Maybe they are updating their server or something. It is not just you.

I sent you an article I'll be submitting to my local newspaper. It is a continuation of the "What is the Alliance of Civilizations" article.

To: Mr. RichInMedford,

Did you mean Recommendation 666?


Or, perhaps Document 666?


(Note: Both are listed on Mr. Herb Peter's main webpage, www.fulfilledprophecy.com , on the right side, down a little ways.

Hope it's helpful.

A Fellow Watcher
P.S. Had no difficulty accessing either website today, 3/25/07.

A Fellow Watcher
Over at Herb's blog, he gave the title AOC 209 to an AOC document.
http://www.fulfilledprophecy.com/allian-of-civil-report_7-06.pdf or

Look at page 61 where you will see one of the participants, Ghislaine de Reydet is representing Lucis Trust.

On December 22, 2006 Constance covered this. Since Herb just relinked to this report, I thought it might be important to remind others of the Lucis Trust link.
Over at EUreferendum.blogspot.com, there was an interesting commenetary.

A sense of déjà vu?
So, as the leaders of the European Union member states prepared to consume their lavish "Organic-Teutonic" banquet of braised ox, followed by baked apples at the German president's Bellevue Palace in Berlin, black-uniformed figures marched outside in a torchlight parade.

Interestingly, during the Nazi era, Hitler used this palace for his Museum of German Ethnology. And it is but a stone's-throw from Bebelplatz, the square located near Humbolt University where the Nazis held their first "book burning" on 10 May 1933.

One can read too much into the symbolism, of course. But there is something vaguely distasteful about the extravagance of these celebrations for a political construct, that is risking opening up some very raw wounds.

What with talks of a European army and Barroso telling us that, "We need to inspire Europe's citizens with a vision for the next fifty years," it all begins to look unpleasantly familiar.

The COMMENT THREADs are also quite interesting as that blog has followers who have original thoughts on most subjects.
what do you think of ervin baxter connie? i really like his radio show, i wish you had a daily or at least weekly webcast or discussion live able to be heard. can we prevent the real id act on a state level(nonationalid.com)'''''''''''
I like Ervin Baxter. We don't always agree and would have definite theological differences (he is Apostolic); BUT, he is an excellent Bible student and teacher, he is willing to admit when he is wrong if fully persuaded, he is definitely not a hireling and he does have valuable insights on end time events. He is definitely on the Lord's side -- I can't say that for sure for everybody else out there!
I have long suspected that the beast which was dead and came back to life could be Germanic style Nazism. Still hope I am wrong, but the writer pointing to the torchlight parade makes interesting points!
connie please give me brief contrast of apostolistic views and yours if you may. What time frame is your book on?
I found that torchlight parade celebration.
It was to celebrate the EU's 50th birthday. Treaty of Rome - March 25, 1957.


Couldn't access the articles but numerous titles suggest that was the reason.

A quick Wikipedia search of the current German President, Horst Koehler, who hosted the event had his last job as the head of the IMF.
As I undertand their theology, the Apostolic view is "Jesus only" and has anti-Trinitarian aspects. My understanding is relatively limited, but that is my current understanding and it gives me deep problems. I believe that things come down to loving God and wanting to please him and that he will ultimately straighten out our understandings as we presently as St. Paul put it, "see through glass darkly." The criteria for who was deceived and who was not was "love of the truth." It was not "perfect truth." Lots of folks who joined in the clamor to crucify Jesus believed they had perfect truth. The spirit of self-righteousness can be just as evil as any other spirit. I do believe Pastor Baxter has the love of the truth. I am trusting that God will one day make all clear to us.
thank you connie, would it be a stretch for me to ask him to invite you to talk on his show. it wouldn't be for doctrinal views just two very wise people breaking it all down. I personally believe your two knowledgable minds could provide one the more mind blowing and spiritual conversations to be heard. With or without, love you for your insight and please keep it coming
oh and by the way I agree....but yet jesus is the perfect truth
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