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Javier Solana's New World Order

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I have prepared the following article for posting with NewswithViews.com. For the convenience of my readers, I am posting it here as well. Be sure to listen to Javier Solana's audio speech which can be downloaded from his EU website. You will learn much!


Valentine’s Day was not all hearts and flowers for some. Globalized politicking with heavy Germanic influence was more the order of the day for them. It was February 14, 2007 in New York City. The occasion was the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship dinner in New York City.[i] Javier Solana was introduced first by the German Ambassador and then by one Robert Zoellick. Solana was the keynote speaker. The Arthur F. Burns Fellowship is part of something called “IJP. It is said to promote journalism in general and Germany in particular.[ii] Now the name “Arthur F. Burns” sounds about as American as apple pie and ice cream. It is, however, a German program designed primarily for positive public relations about that country.[iii] Germany itself has pronounced goals for 2007. It currently heads the six month presidency of the European Union. Its foreign minister is a former Javier Solana deputy, Walter Steinmeier. IJP, the parent organization, is an acronym for “International Journalists Programme.”Only the spelling is English. The goals are pronouncedly Germanic. The Germanic goals this year are pronouncedly Europeanistic. The German ambassador to the USA once worked for Javier Solana, or so he said in his own speech at the February 14th function. So did his boss, German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier. Javier Solana is “the invisible man” to far too many Americans.” He certainly was not presumed “invisible” to the journalists at this gathering. “As you all know, Javier Solana is the face and voice of Europe,” proclaimed the Germanic ambassador making preliminary remarks before Senor Solana’s keynote speech.The audio recordings betray no contrary murmurings to this presumed common knowledge. Nor were there any complaints about Germany’s goal of making make the new (Dutch and French rejected) constitution a reality during its presidency.

Two important pillars of the German presidency were, per the opening speaker, the Ambassador, were (1) Finalize and implement the European constitution already rejected by France and Holland; and (2) good trans-Atlantic relations. Who could have anything against that, particularly considering that “dear Javier” was on board?

Well, Javier Solana was thereafter introduced by a slightly less charismatic Robert Zoellick. Then it was Solana’s turn to speak. The New Agers have a slogan of “act locally, think globally.” This night, Javier Solana’s speech was all global. Unlike past speeches, he did not concentrate this evening on European Constitutional concerns, the Alliance of Civilizations, or even the Middle East. Although all were directly or indirectly cited, this time the frame of reference was distinctly global. Pay close attention for it is many of your worst nightmares come true. Here is what Javier, speaking evidently from both heart and head told us about the coming shape of the “New World Order.” He modestly told them he could speak to them about the Common Foreign and Security Policy and/or Transatlantic relations but would not be doing that this evening. Instead, said Dr. Solana, he was electing to think much bigger – in terms of the larger global picture.

This so reminded me of a speech given 25 years ago, February, 1982, in Southfield, Michigan by another larger than life New Age figure, David Spangler. In that speech, Spangler, an open Lucifer devotee told his rapt audience that the New World Order would be a combination of NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), multinational corporations and UN agencies. Solana’s twist was equally grandiose. The shape of the New Order, per Dr. Solana, would be
· Non governmental organizations· Bringing “new players to the table”· Strengthening “regional cooperation”· ‘Transcend the inter-state paradigm’· IMF (International Monetary Fund) restructuring· UN Restructuring

Quoting Dr. Solana’s February 14th speech:

“It is not for me to advocate precise modalities of how we integrate new
players at the top table of global diplomacy. But I am certain that we must. We
should bear in mind that how China and India will behave in future depends on
how we treat them on the way up. Moreover, we need to make greater efforts with countries like Mexico, South Korea, South Africa and others. They are natural allies on the question of multilateral governance.It is striking that as
European Union we have been most successful when we have worked with other
partners. This is even true in our own backyard - the Balkans. And it is
especially so further afield: see Aceh or the Democratic Republic of Congo. We
are trying to apply that lesson to Darfur where we are working with the African
Union and engaging China and others.

"The same lesson also applies to the Middle East Peace Process. Here
the familiar Quartet is reaching out more to the Arab Quartet. It is trite but
true to say that the future global system will be a system of continents and
continent-wide regimes. Take the European Union, the African Union and ASEAN
Plus. When I travel across the Middle East I wonder whether it will remain the
big exception: rife with tensions, over-armed and under-institutionalised?
Bringing in new players to the top table. And strengthening regional
co-operation. These are necessary steps. But in themselves, they are not enough.
In today's world, we must be ready to transcend the inter-state paradigm.

"To tackle the dark side of globalisation, we must mobilise new
networks of actors, from the public, private, and NGO sectors. In some cases,
such new constellations have already been tremendously important. Take the "drop the debt campaign" and how it fed into the G-8 Gleneagles Summit.”

I wonder who Dr. Solana thinks will speak for this new form of global government, oops, “Global Governance?” Surely it would not be himself, or would it? Is 'the face and voice of Europe’ about to take on global dimensions? Time and events will surely tell! At any rate, he certainly is not an “invisible man” to German sponsored journalists: “as the German Ambassador told all gathered: “As you all know, Javier Solana is the face and voice of Europe.” And for whom and what else might he be the coming face and voice? A final quote from Javier Solana’s Valentine’s Day New York City speech to the Arthur F. Burns Fellowship dinner:

"What could we do? The nature of the problems thrown up by globalisation
mean there is no alternative to multilateral co-operation. But we need new
forms, which reflect the problems and power distribution of today’s world
ratherthan that of 1945. For us in the West, it also means making space at top
tables. At the UN Security Council of course. But also in terms of IMF votes.
And, why not, G-8 membership?"

I wonder how much interaction Javier Solana had with other ‘global constitutionalists’ before giving this speech? I wonder how much interaction they had with him, whether directly or indirectly? Many law schools and legal international law scholars are apparently in on these projects.[i] Maybe they just all smoked the same stuff or took the same sleeping remedy! 1945? Germany? I believe that’s where so many, at least of my generation came in. And we were determined never to repeat those mistakes! Irvin Baxter has set forth a prophetic interpretation of the beast whose deadly wound was healed as possibly being Germany whose divided sectors were reunified. Although many of us had a differing interpretation, he could well be right. How soon and how well we forget!

All of this has also brought to mind an event I had the opportunity to witness a few short years ago in 2001. Clients of mine who I had helped through a distressing situation involving attempted governmental confiscation of their private housing in a Detroit historical zone begged off on a mutual pizza invitation one afternoon after a court victory in their behalf earlier in the day. They said they had a community meeting to attend on the United Nations that evening. It was a “global listening project” for a Durban, South Africa forthcoming conference on “battling racism and xenophobia.” I am not, nor have I ever been for racism in any form. But I have been around long enough to know that “xenophobia” (pronounced ZENO-PHOBIA) is all too often a nice little code word for anti-clerical folks battling “religious fundamentalism.” I expressed interest and they invited me to join them there. I was the only Caucasian face present, but the good sisters in the audience appreciated my legal support and worked diligently to see that I was welcomed by all. They even suggested I might want to speak, but I told them ,”no, I think I’ll make tonight my own ‘listening project’” There was a community organizer setting up, a well dressed polite African-American man who told me he was from Chicago and was on the staff of the American Friends Service Committee. He told me NATO was not presently part of the immediate plans, but it was rumored that they soon would be.The event then opened. Obvious Saul Alinsky style community organizing tactics were both used and further described. The host, a community mental health director, introduced the Chicago based speaker. His own preliminary remarks were fascinating. He said, “we are here this evening so that when the United Nations is ready to make its move, the neighborhood is there for the UN. Conversely, when the neighborhood is ready to make its move, the UN will be there for us.”

Are the major players getting close to making just such a move – one that even reaches down into our communities?I wonder just what is next on the “crisis = opportunity” New Age, New World Order, Globalization, “global governance” plate? Many networking factions are being formed and worked on many levels. I wonder who plans to head this once national post-1945 governments are deemed unworkable. I am increasingly suspecting that “our very good friend, Javier Solana” will be a prominent part of that picture. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect not.Oh, and one last thing as to the news makers. There were similar efforts pre World War II was Hitler-led Germany was remilitarizing its sector of Europe, attempting to use the Rhine River and the inhabitants of that valley as a “binding factor,” as Foster Bailey expressed in his 1972 Lucis Trust book, Running God’s Plan. As I remember that and the Communist era, we called the plans to cast favorable light on the pre and post-world War II schemes “propaganda.” A rose by any other name is still a rose. Propaganda by any other name is still propaganda! Isn’t it ironic again that a major player is Germany? This time the goal is bigger than the Rhine River Valley. It is clearly global.

[i] http://www.europa-eu-un.org/articles/lt/article_6780_lt.htm This will give you Dr. Solana’s text. But to get the full picture you must listen to the speech and its introductions. This may be downloaded at http://www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/cms_data/docs/media/070214Solana-Burns.mp3[ii]http://www.ijp.org/deutsch/fellowships/navig/afburns_frame.html[iii] Tantalizing clues about alleged occult origins of this and other organizations may be gleaned from the website http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/pilgrims_society.htm[iv] E.g. The University of Baltimore School of Law, New York University, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, Columbia University, American University, etc.


Anonymous said...

A fascinating article, but the link to the text of the speech does not work. In fact, lately I have lots of trouble getting to the comments links of this site.

Anonymous said...

From Drudge link-

John Edwards thinks Israel might be the biggest short term threat to peace, because it might bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.


Anonymous said...

25 years ago, in 2004? Is this a typo?

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Edwards: "Perhaps the Greatest Short-Term Threat to World Peace Is the Possibility That Israel Would Bomb Iran's Nuclear Facilities"

Hillary Spot reader Michael points out this little gem in Peter Bart's column on John Edwards' comments in Hollywood:

There are other emerging fissures, as well. The aggressively photogenic John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the "I" word — Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. As a chill descended on the gathering, the Edwards event was brought to a polite close.

Really? Israel is the biggest threat? Not Ahmedinijad? Not al-Qaeda? Not a coup attempt in Pakistan? Not a complete breakdown in Iraq drawing in the Saudis, Turks, and Iranians?

Anonymous said...

The same lesson also applies to the Middle East Peace Process.

~~~Here the familiar Quartet is reaching out more to the Arab Quartet.~~~

The prophecy of a "quartet" of horns and a "quartet" of carpenters.

Zec 1:18
Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns.

And I said unto the angel that talked with me,
What be these?

And he answered me,
These are the horns which have scattered... Judah... Israel... and Jerusalem.

Notice Judah... Israel... and Jerusalem are mentioned above.
But in the next verses...only Judah and the land of Judah is mentioned.

And the LORD shewed me ~four carpenters~

Then said I,

What come these (carpenters) to do?

And he spake, saying,

These are the horns which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head.

But these (carpenters)
are come to fray them,

to cast out the horns of the Gentiles,
which lifted up their horn
over the land of Judah to scatter it.

The question that brought about the above answer concerning the 4 horns and 4 carpenters.

Zec 1:12
Then the angel of the LORD answered and said,

O LORD of hosts, how long wilt thou not have mercy on Jerusalem and on the cities of Judah, against which thou hast had indignation these threescore and ten years?

The horns have been troubling the land of Judah and her inhabitants for about 60 yrs now.

Four horns = Iran, Syria, Hezbolla, Hamas?

Four carpenters = the Quartet: US, EU, UN, Russia.

Constance Cumbey said...

To anonymous 3:31 a.m., aka the Night Owl! Yes, the 25 years ago should have read 1982 -- it was a typo and it is corrected -- I HOPE! I sent the correction to NewswithViews.com as well.

Anonymous said...

Very good article Constance. The piece that caught my attention is UN Restructuring which = Alliance of Civilizations. Solana's security stragegy is one of "global governance" and strengthening the UN to fulfill its duties in such a system. This is getting very heated.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Rich,

Thanks! I would be very interested in Dorothy's input as well.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Rich,

Thanks! I would be very interested in Dorothy's input as well.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff Constance.

There is new tension between Russia and the U.S., Putin and Rice. It would almost seem as if the cold war is back on.

Clearly Russia has some kind of plans in the making, which is why they don't want us putting missile defense systems in Poland.

Putin is lining up new allies including the Saudis, trying to usurp America while we are "tied down" in Iraq.

There is an oil crisis coming.

Iran's deadline has passed and they are doing big war games in defiance while our ships are coming into the gulf.

Javier Solana is also lining up allies for the NWO.

Things are coming together fast!

Anonymous said...

Brussels, 4 December 2006
COM(2006)726 final



3.1 Enhancing the...
3.2 Facilitating...
3.3 Promoting...
3.4 Building...
3.5 Strengthening political cooperation
3.6 Enhancing regional cooperation
3.7 Strengthening financial cooperationbr/>


Have a nice day.

A fellow watcher

Anonymous said...

The use of general systems theory to create global transformation is a tenet of the elite new age reformers. Solana is a systems thinker. The global transformation requires the reform of governance and policy, the military, education, human resources, buisness and its infrastructure, finance, health care, media/communications, religion, and families. With the careful application of the correct inputs, feedback is collected and analyzed for its outputs. The system gets tweaked accordingly, and the entire system and its sub-systems moves eventually to its "new paradigm." The goals? One world with a very reduced population of humans aligned to the Earth Charter and a global constitution.

Knowing that, how do the current outputs of "the system" suggest the next inputs. Is the UN the gatekeeper of data and analysis? The UN goals are bellweather indicators, but what else is going on systemically on a global wide basis? Take education--how is PISA, a global assessment of education created and administered by the UN's OCED, used as a systems management tool? OCED tested in 54 countries in 2006 and measures not only the skills and values of the NWO by testing 15 year olds, but also monitors the incomes, education and culture of each student's family/household. This is a global project. The OCED also has an assessment of adults. What multinational corporations are involved? Where is the data stored and who has access? Is this the testing of a system of assessments that will create a global dossier on everyone?

Anonymous said...

What can I add to Constance's essay about Solana? Reading her material is like reading an academic history book written twelve years from now. How long did it take the academics to start writing ANYTHING about the New Age movement, and even now huge amounts of information are not available? How long? About ten years after she first wrote about it.

We always seem to be playing catch-up with what is going on. The planners are not sharing with us. They must think it is all too complicated for our little brains. We get spokespeople who are to act as middlemen to us. Like when there's a power outage, we get some dorky little female who comes on the air to pat our heads and tell us all will be OK. Don't worry your pretty little heads. Big Brothers are working for the good of you and the planet. Like Rush, they are doing the thinking for you.

Maybe everyone who reads and posts here is not like me, an unimportant link in the power chain. If you are someone who knows how these things are working out at the local level, tell us what we can do. Do we hold money back from certain candidates? Work for others? Oppose some regional planning? Buy or avoid some products and let the companies know why?

Do we attempt to make religious leaders and congregations aware of the plans of the AOC? Where is the foundation funding for an opposition group? And how would we know the foundation and group were honest and not just money grabbers with disinformation pamphlets?

When there was a war on against communist front groups and a war on communism in general, there was some consolidation of forces. Now there seems to be none. Now we are all like little peas, sitting in their pods, waiting for the pickers who will throw us all in one big vat full of boiling water.


Anonymous said...

is an international esoteric very New Age secret society that traces back to the Golden Dawn. You will find it on pages with other large groups such as Lucis Trust.

Now they are having an annual meeting in April. Where?
Key 4 - Window of the Soul
Friday, April 13th through Sunday, April 15th, 2007
at the Lakeview Methodist Conference Center, Palestine, Texas
Conference Brochure

Get the brochure at their website.

Is anybody here a Methodist who could ask what is going on?


Anonymous said...

OK folks...FYI

Here's another interesting development..see the ynet article on a pending news confernce on 2/26/07 stating Jesus' coffin found with His remains in it....ecumenism/separating sheep from goats christians? -link is

Anonymous said...

To Dorothy,
Worry! I hear you. With two teen age sons it is easy to worry, but it is not what we are to do. All the gestures you mentioned are OK, but we have seen all these things coming together for 50 years, and probably more; the "Red" sea is before us and we must remember that God says to us: "Do you trust me?" Prophecy is co-mingled with faith, hope and love just as the Old Testament high priest's robe had bells alternating with pomegranates.
My son turns the news off when I turn it on, but though I get angry, I always tell him "I know who is in the boat with me, though it seems as though He is asleep.
Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Mayeem, I had trouble with your url so I made a tiny url

This works if anyone has trouble with the first one.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to a Heritage House report on the Alliance of Civilizations that was posted over at Fulfilled Prophecy. It's a good long report, but again the question is what can we do.

8:43 Anonymous - I disagree with you. Waiting around for end times is not an answer. Are Christians and Jews supposed to be as inactive as those who spend their time watching football, baseball and the ongoing soap opera called the Anna Nicole Smith story? Might as well be if nothing gets done. No worry, no fuss, be good and all will be alright. If we don't know how to take action now, just what kind of persecution, please give details, will it take to make someone take action? I see absolutely no planning taking place. You darn well know that if real persecution took place, people would just sell out, hoping to save themselves. The New Age culture gives everyone the rationalizations to act that way.


Anonymous said...

"REAL" persecution is happening every day to Jews and Christians: "the love of many will grow cold." The scripture cannot be broken.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not coming over the state lines here in the US to kill Christians in their churches. Christians are not losing jobs and filling the jails for their beliefs. There are no suicide bombers coming into Starbucks. Atheists are not standing outside of Catholic schools tossing rocks and words. Let me know when you are afraid to tell the person next to you on the bus that you are a Christian.

DavidinBattleCreek said...

Anon. 1:29

Don't forget the military build-up of China. It's hard to keep track of all that's going on. Russia's Putin refused to allow Russian airlines to buy from Boeing. Airbus is okay.

Prayer may help and reading the Bible, as well. Also, I'm a Methodist. I haven't heard of this conference, but it doesn't surprise me. I'll see what I can find out.

DavidinBattleCreek said...

After reading the latest Herescope post I was surprised at the same "global governance" theme that Connie was referring to. Only, the names were different. Connie was writing about Solana and Herescope was writing about Rick Warren. Is there a connection?

Kizzzmet said...

Constance I think it would be helpful to distinguish between globalist agendas which are influenced to one degree or another by what you would call "NEW AGE" thought and what I would call "elitist modernism" and the so called "new age movement" of the masses, the non-elites. There is a big difference between the two. I will try to give some idea of what I mean.

A - The Elitist Modernists

These are people of wealth and privilege who reject what they see as the past failings of traditional western society. They tend to blame the traditional religions of the world as bastions of repression of the human spirit, scientific progress, and social development. In effect they see traditional religions as going against a progression towards some utopian ideal. They may incorporate some type of religious philosophy into their ideological framework which may come from any variety of sources which may be nontraditional or even traditional but from an obscure or ancient foreign tradition. For this class of people their religious views are of secondary importance to their economic, political, and cultural views and serve those views as a type of adjunct which they believe gives them some type of philosophical or religious legitimacy.

B - New Age Masses (Non Elites)

The demographic for these people has changed since the beginning of the New Age movement back in 19th century. This demographic used to be dominated by Theosophy and it's spinoffs, also by a variety of Gnosticism and Hermeticism as well as Spiritualism. These New Age movements were popular from the middle of the 19th century up till WWI. From that time on the great interest in those movements lost momentum and gradually by the time of the next popular New Age revivial of the 1960's the previous New Age movements were barely surviving having lost most membership through attrition and a lack of interest.

In the 1960's the vietnam war and the bigoted response to the civil rights movement were coalescing causes for many of the college age generation to lose respect in the authority of their government and of their parents generation in general. Aiding in the loss of respect was the cultural differences between them and their parents. Their parents musical heroes were Sinatra and Judy Garland, Big Band music etc. Their movie heroes were stars from the 30's and 40's and 50's. The 60's generation were fans of Rock and Roll and Folk music, they were fans of the new Anti Heroes of the cinema like Brando and Dean. There was for the first time a large and gaping generation gap, a cultural and political generation gap which compelled many of the youth of the nation (and the western world in general) to disrespect their parents and their governments authority as givers of wisdom as was traditionally the case.

At the same time that was happening the immigration laws for the U.S. changed allowing a massive increase of asian immigration and visitation. The previous immigration laws had put severe restrictions on asians dating back to the time of chinese labor flooding into the west coast which had caused the clamping down on asian access to America in the early part of the 20th century. Due to the easier access to America from Asia in the 1960's there came a wave of Indians and East Asians into America bringing with them their religions and their religious teachers, mostly Hindu yogis and gurus and Buddhist teachers.

The New Age explosion amongst the masses (non elites) of the 1960's didn't happen overnight. The youth generation were ready and willing to accept new ideas, they were wary of the traditional because of their alienation from their parents and the older generation. This new "New Age" movement would be markedly different from the earlier one. While the earlier New Age movement had never gone away, it was in fact made up of mostly elderly people and intellectuals and whose numbers were very small in relation to the original size of the movement. It's influence on the New Age revival of the 1960's would be mostly after the fact. They didn't cause the 1960's New Age revival and they didn't ever influence it to any great degree, even to this day. The New Age revival of the 1960's which has continued until today arose at the beginning through the Beat poets and writers, Kerouac and Ginsberg, Corso and Cassady etc. It was they who turned towards Hinduism and Buddhism and in turn enthusiastically tried to spread their new found beliefs to their circles of writers and musicians and actors. This genesis of the 1960's New Age scence percolated in Greenwich Village, Cambridge (Harvard) and the San Francisco Bay area from the late 1950's onwards.

Then LSD came into that little scene. At first legal, and then a few years down the road illegal. But by then everything had changed. The nascent New Age scene which was growing around the famous Beats and their friends as well as the Folk music scene which was heavily influenced by the Beat poets was radicalized by the introduction of LSD. LSD caused a huge transformation of the Beat and Folk scene into a new scene, the Hippies, with the leading Beats and Folkies as the new leaders of the Hippies. Folk musicians had been transformed by LSD and changed their style of music into what would be called psychedelic music. Jerry Garcia went from being a banjo playing folk musician into the leader of the LSD fueled psychedelic force known as the Grateful Dead. The shift in music from folk too LSD inspired rock music had a huge impact on the nations youth. Almost overnight rock and roll had gone from Elvis and the clean cut Beatles with "I wanna hold your hand" to the LSD fueled psychedelia of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Monterey Pop, the summer of love, etc. This cultural shift amongst the youth generation was sudden and swift. The interest in eastern religion by the Beat poets became significant because they came to be seen as the heroes of the youth movement, the founding fathers of the counterculture. At the same time asians were coming into america like never before, gurus and yogis were opening up shop. Anything anti-establishment was seen by the youth culture as something of value and something worth learning, the motto was "don't trust anyone over 30".

The youth of the 60's were seeking to replace what they had rejected of their parents generation. The Hippie scene of the 1960's was what would become called by most people today the New Age scene. Hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of people found gurus to teach a variety of different yoga systems and Buddhist systems, also teachers in astrology and numerology, natural healing, etc. Even the old New Age groups like the Theosophists and it's spinoffs became a subject of inquiry for some. But it would be a mistake to think the Theosophical related groups as ever being a significant force in the New Age revivial since the 1960's. The main source of inspiration and guidance for the masses of non elite new agers is from Hindu and Buddhist teachers and sources. By far Hindu yogis and gurus and Buddhist teachers have been the leading and guiding force of the New Age movement since the 60's for the masses. Groups like EST or people like Capra or any other westerner have been of almost insignificant import compared to the gurus and yogis and Buddhists, as time has gone on the influence of the traditional Hindu and Buddhist religions has only increased in the mass non elite New Age Community while everyone elses influence has steadily decreased to the present state where the New Age movement is almost completely led by very traditional eastern religions. What began in the 1960's as a rebellion against tradition has ended up with the embracing of a differnt tradition for at least 90% of the New Age community.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the New Age heavilly influenced by those Carlos Castranda (?) books and Native American shamanism in the 90's? I once read in some book about the New Age that after the gurus the new agers in the US realized they didn't need to look elsewhere for foreign esoteria, but there was enough local mumbo jumbo going on.

Kizzzmet said...

Castaneda was widely read but his books are also widely rejected as fraud. Plus all he rerally does is tell of his own experiences, he doesn't set forth a path to follow. This website


tries to keep up to date with every new age teacher past and present of any prominence giving some info on each (although the reviews of each are skewed in favor of the beliefs of the site owner who is a follower of Rajneesh aka Osho), the ones with the largest following are those teaching some form of hinduism or buddhism or a combination of both.

Kizzzmet said...

Here is another link to the same website (a different page) with all the teachers listed alphabetically


Anonymous said...

kizzmet, that was an interesting website. As you probably know, the New Age leaders are pushing the eastern religions who appear spiritual but whose morals are relative.

From what I see after linking to some of the descriptions is that this lister likes belly button watchers, those who concentrate on developing the self while ignoring what is going on around them. It's a full time job to continuously examine all the changes inside oneself. Gosh, even if someone has a pet it's a distraction.

Now this might seem to be in opposition to those whose view of religion is to perfect the world, the Rick Warren types.

Isn't religion to teach us what moral behavior is? What is right and wrong behavior? Isn't religion to teach us how to treat the people in our lives?

Maybe I just like the old-fashioned view of religion.

The New Age religion doesn't deal with any of these things. It's all about insights and political agaendas.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:28
If you want to get a good overview of the New Age movement, get a copy of the second edition of the Whole Again Resource Guide. It was put out in 1980s and was in major libraries as a resource guide to the New Age movement. It had 3,000 listings. You can get a copy through Amazon, Abebooks or bookfinder for under $10 including shipping. The good part of the book is that is lists organizations under categories.

While individual organizations come and go, the categories have stayed the same over the years.

Whole Again is on the net, but the listings are minimal compared with the book.

Constance and I have worked through the various levels of the New Age movement. People who think they can jump in at the Solana level or at some mid-level on the pyramid really can't do it. It's hard work and it takes much dodging of all of the disinformation specialists, but it's the only way to understand the enemy who is out to destroy both Christians and Jews.

I can only hope that there are serious people reading this who are willing to take and time and make the effort to understand what is happening. Those people are very few and very far between, maybe years.


Anonymous said...

David, let us know what answers you get about the conference site5. It will be informative.

To understand how Rick Warren and Solana's agendas merge, go back in history and see the split in Christianity at the time of the Nazis. One group, a small group of Christians, recognized the paganism in the Nazi movement and fought it. The other group worked with the Nazis and were willing to change Christians beliefs to conform to the Nazi beliefs.

We really don't have any Jewish groups or Christian groups who are taking a consolidated stand, being clear about what they are fighting. Lots of individuals, but no consolidated group.

Anonymous said...

Last one was me. Who else?

Anonymous said...

KIZZMET, I see the distinction you are trying to make about the globalists and the masses, but I think the distinction breaks down. Take the futurists--who are they and do they influence at a large scale the global agenda and yet also hold deeply seated New Age spirituality, which by its definition is syncretic and for the masses. Start with one of the founders of the World Future Society--Barbara Marx Hubbard. Clearly she is a mover at the global level. Her concept of the NWO is becoming mainstream. She has ties to the Club of Rome and Al Gore, a long time friend of the WFS. The entire global warming growing hysteria is largely their doing, and WFS was endorsed by the last four US presidents. They have made futurism an academic discipline. They believe the best way to create the future is to forecast it with their often occult methods. While missing the forecast of 9/11 should have destroyed their credibility, they are still influencing effectively. They are not modernists but rather evolution of conscousness activists. This view is deeply spiritual. Their god is the divinity of man. Look at the current issue of What is Enlightenment, and see the diagram that NAger Andrew Cohen has created about global new thinkers and its spectrum. See where he puts Richard Dawson and transhumansists. They're all on the spectrum but the Hubbard followers are placed at the high point. He uses a kind of bell curve distribution of thinking. Is it leftest? Not entirely. Intelligent Design is there. Can a nobody rise from the masses and become a star? Look no further than Obama. Check out the Aspen Institute. Eletist, definitely with Kissinger and Maurice Strong among its big players, but nonetheless Strong and his wife Hannah are deeply connected to Gaian/Earth Charter spirituality. Al Gore himself professed a New Age worldview of spirituality. This is but a few examples of hard core traditional new agers who hold theosophical ideas that would make its founders proud.

Constance Cumbey said...

To the last anonymous -- GOOD POST!

Constance Cumbey

Constance Cumbey said...

To the last anonymous -- GOOD POST!

Constance Cumbey

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Kizzmet:

Good posts - some difference of opinion. The New Age Movement,per its chroniclers and historians such as now deceased James Webb, operates as a system of adepts, initiates, and "masters" -- participants are at various levels of "understanding". They refer to that as "initiation." I call it "possession."


Anonymous said...

kizzmet, it looks as if you posted a paper you wrote for a college class. It's good you are taking an interest in the New Age movement. Unfortunately your research isn't very deep.

From the very beginning until now the goals of New Age have been a one world government and a one world religion. As Mortimer Adler wrote, you cannot have a one world government without a one world culture. He said that Judaism and Christianity were not acceptable but that the Eastern religions were.

You describe the street level of the New Age movement, which didn't happen by chance. There is an old line which says "Supply the demand for the supply." In this case there was a supply of teachers coming out of places like Esalan who were ready to start moving the culture away from the morality of the past into a self-absorbed culture. For the last fifty years though religion played a large part in the lives of most people, it has been presented in a negative light, again, not by chance.

I would suggest you get the book Karma Cola if you believe that something good comes out of the guru, cult or channeling movements. What all of them do is break down barriers to immoral behavior. Add this to the results of the sexual revolution, again promoted by groups like SEICUS and you get further movement away from monotheistic religions.

Lucis Trust is a secretive, occult international organization that began in the 1920s as an offshoot of the Theosophical Society. Both of these groups were key organizers of the Parliament of World Religions which is leading to the United Religions Initiative. Lucis Trust has two branches, the New Group of World Servers (ngws.org), and World Goodwill. The UN has its own meditation study group and room. Find out who Donald Keyes and Planetary Citizens are and how they are connected to the UN.

Dear sweet person, just what makes you think that very powerful organizations have their meetings and books open to you? When is the last time the newspapers told you who finances protests? Go and tell the people at the Tides and Rockefeller Foundation that you want to sit in on their meetings.

Barbara Marx Hubbard mentioned in another comment, ran meetings for Soviet delegates, was on the ballot for Vice President of the US, still is on the board of the World Future Society and in her book Revelation, was channeling something that told her what she destroys she destroys in God's name.

When Kerry ran for President, I showed his links to the New Age movement. Newt Gingrich is a phoney conservative whose background is tied to the Futurist movement which is tied to the occult. I got that information by digging, not because they openly proclaimed their beliefs.

And finally, if you have been reading Constance's commentaries, you should know of the heavy academic level occult family connection of Solana.

The world is so much more complex that you seem to believe it is. It really is rather presumptuous of you to put yourself at the level of someone who has been a serious researcher since the 1980s, making suggestions on how she should present her material. At this stage of your research you should be asking questions rather than making suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Should remember to sign these things.

Anonymous said...

You can just set a log-in like Constance has and you will never have to sign them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pick up on the approval of "that something good comes out of the Guru..."; help me out? I would guess that if "The new age movement" could use an infant, they would; Bill Clinton, though networked, was no M. Strong. As for the demise of our beloved culture one need only to reflect on the oblivion in that culture to the command to love an edify; I'm sure that will be grounds for decapitation.
Yours in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Setterman, the word good wasn't used but it was implied by the earlier words of kizzmet "They tend to blame the traditional religions of the world as bastions of repression of the human spirit, scientific progress, and social development." and "In the 1960's the vietnam war and the bigoted response to the civil rights movement were coalescing causes for many of the college age generation to lose respect in the authority of their government and of their parents generation in general."

I wish all of the research was on the internet, but it isn't. Some has to be found on hard paper. Books such as Karma Cola and Riders of the Cosmic Circuit show the immoral excesses of the guru culture. Cults ranging from New Age ones to militia ones, being dependent on the whims of their leaders, are open to sexually immoral behavior where the followers are exploited by the leaders. Channeling groups, again being dependent on leaders, have broken families up, stolen life-time funds, lied, and used people as slaves. The New Age movement has a very dirty side, documented in many books such as The Beautiful Side of Evil or The New Age Nightmare. Most of the books exposing the New Age movement are popular books rather than well-researched academic books, but they are the writings of people who have been deeply involved in the movement. As far as I know, there have been no books exposing the political end of the New Age movement. If anyone knows of these, academic rather than straight disinformation, please tell me. I keep learning. I am aware of the Eurosceptic movement as anyone can be who reads eureferendum.blogspot.com.

Clinton vs Strong. It only matters if the follower has enough awareness to break away. Clinton's immoral behavior indicates he was so weak as to be useless in fighting the larger agenda. Moral behavior by itself doesn't indicate whether one will coalese with the New Age agenda, but it is a hope. Take a look at who fought the Nazis and who is fighting the New Age agenda.

Kizzmet, get a copy of Children of the New Age by Steven Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe is a Research Fellow in Religious Studies at the University of Sterling. This is only one of a number of academic books on the New Age movement.

The library of information on the New Age movement is vast, promoting it and opposing it, from the individual involvement level to the neutral academic level.

Anonymous 1:31 am, after 25 years I'm making a transition from an anonymous background researcher to someone known to others. Until recently I felt insecure in sharing what I knew because I felt I should always learn more. If the only expert on the New Age movement one knows, it is very intimidating. She keeps surpassing anyone whose information I encounter.


Anonymous said...

Finishing the sentence...
If the only expert on the New Age movement one knows is Constance Cumbey, it is very intimidating.

Kizzzmet said...

All of the people you mention are what I consider to be elitist modernists. As I said they dabble in various non traditional religious ideas or even ancient and foreign religious ideas, but I don't think their religious ideas are their main inspiration in their lives. The way I see them is that they have political and cultural agendas which are based on their rejection of traditional western culture i.e judeo christian ethics and worldview. Because they reject the traditional juedo christian values and beliefs they seek some other type of philosophy and religious or spiritual belief to replace that. I don't see their spiritual beliefs as being the cause of their political and cultural agenda, I see their spiritual beliefs as a something they picked up after they already had rejected judeo christian beliefs and values and after their globalist neo utopian agenda was already in place.

For the non elites from my experience the majority of new age types do not have a globalist agenda and in fact they are the types of people who go to globalist meetings and protest against the globalists. They usually have a political stance which is anti authoritarian and based upon the ideals of freedom from government and corporate dominance.

As far as the claim that they believe in moral relativism I would have to disagree. The new age movement is not really a single ideology or philosophy. The majority of new age type follow some typ of buddhist or hindu or even taoist religion and philosophy, all of which are quite the opposite of moral relativism. Of course their are many new agers who do subscribe to some type of moral relativism but they are by far in them minority. Can you name which groups or teachers teach moral relativism?

I read Karma Cola many years ago and it is still relevant for many new age teachers. But the new age movement was never limited to the handful of teachers it talks about and since the time it was written the new age movement has changed radically. What used to be a movement of young people has changed as those young people grew older. Nowadays there are still plenty of bogus teachers with followers, but the majority of long time new agers have become very cynical and and wary of anyone teaching eastern philosophy and religion if that teaching deviates from the actual real traditions. They have easy access to the non watered down forms of the eastern traditions due to the internet and the ease of travel to the east to confront the eastern religions from traditional practitioners. From my experience the majority of new age people today are not the youth generation, there are many young people who tend to be gullible and get involved, but western culture has changed and the new age movement reached it's peak for young people in the 1970's. Now the majority of new age people are over 40 years old on into their 60's and 70's. As they matured the majority have become educated on eastern religion from the original traditions themselves. Most of them have rejected gurus lile Rajneesh or Maharishi Mahesh or Adi Da or Eckankar or any number of neo eastern teachers and have moved on to traditional teachers and traditions. Those neo eastern teachers still have followers but they mostly attract young people, most of the older generation have moved on.

There is a wide gap between the types of people who are involved with the globalist agenda and the average new ager. The average new ager is vehemently against globalization, they are against the agenda of the ruling class. Ask any person who isnot an elitist and who follows some type of "new age" belief system what they think about globalization or moral relativism, you will find they are almost all passionately for individual rights and oppose any type or form of the globalist agenda. They usually have a very strong moral stance.

I think that there may be some confusing of the average new ager with your average left wing liberal because often they share similar political views on certain issues. Their is still a big difference in their political views. Often left wing liberals have some type of socialist or marxist leaning, new agers by and large want freedom from government. Most left wing liberals are atheistic and morally relativistic, they are not new age types, they are anti religion and anti spirituality. New age types are very religious and are very much into some form of religious practice with a strong moral view.

I don't mean to suggest that what you guys describe doesn't exist, it does, but when it comes to actual numbers of people involved by far the majority of new agers are opposed to the same exact things you guys are opposed to. I don't rely on books, I rely on many years of experience living with and socializing in new age circles. The majority of new agers have the same concerns that you guys express, they have grown up, they have for the most part rejected the spiritual frauds of the past and present and have moved into more traditional conservative eastern religious beliefs. Sure there are still the Rajneeshes of the world and the Elizabeth Clare Prophets and numerous other frauds trying to make a buck on the gullible, but their influence has waned considerably and they mostly attract young inexperienced people.

Most new age people are not interested in any type of globalist agenda nor are they promoting any type of one world religion or one world messiah, they are usually just concerned about their own spiritual path and how it is relevant in their own lives and thye may take some interest in a political agenda nut it is usually about protesting globalization, promoting ethical government etc. You guys need to make a distinction between the masses and the eltists modernist new age types (by modernist I mean primarily inspired by their animosity toawrds traditional values and beliefs) who have a political agenda and who may have some eclectic syncretic fraudulent non traditional spiritual belief (which may have elements of any or all eastern religious beliefs or western occult beliefs)

The people you guys talk about usually are interested in fraudulent non traditional spiritual beliefs which is advertised and taught as being paths to power and godhood. For them it is all a power trip. For most new agers it is the opposite, they follow spiritual paths which teach about getting closer to God, becoming God realized is the goal for most new age people.

Anonymous said...

kizzmet, I deal in facts. The basis of your comment is your opinion. Names, dates and places please. References please. Until you supply some details, your opinion is as valueless as that of anyone on the street.

I do call your attention to the statement in Karma Cola that the intelligence agencies were studying the mind control techniques used in the cults. You might want to look again at the book to see why.

No, there are no gurus on every street corner. There is no need for that anymore. New Age has permeated the culture. Did you see Gore get an award for his nonsense about the environment? And that song...really touching.

Did you know that the Sustainability movement came straight out of the UN? That the Sustainability movement is a major effort to break down the borders between countries because the environment covers areas rather than national borders? Therefore we supposedly need transborder laws. There is a pyramid organizational structure down from the UN level until the sweetie movement gets told to the person in the street through the schools, churches and organizations. At the street level people only have to nod their heads to say yes to it and change lightbulbs. The new laws are being made at levels above their heads.

Do you anything about the regionalism movement? I doubt it.

Oh so the religions you mention have a moral code? As in thou shalt and thou shalt not? No, Buddhism has no moral code except don't hurt others. I had to check that out again after challenging someone. He couldn't find that supposed moral code. If you can find it, please post it here.

It is obvious you know nothing about the history of mysticism, occult beliefs, or the history of the political occult as described in the Webb books.

At the very end of your essay, you write, "...becoming God realized is the goal for most new age people." Bingo. I think it was first mentioned in Genesis where the serpent told Eve "You shall be as God." It is one of the major selling themes of the New Age movement. In the supposed Age of Pisces the many times reincarnated Christ took over the body of Jesus to lead people into the Age of Pisces, kind of a guide. According to the New Age script, people were supposed to imitate Christ. Now, in the Age of Aquarius, those of the human race who are to make the quantum leap are to become co-creators with God. Those who try to hold back the human race from making the quantum leap are to be cleansed, that is they are to go to their death, be re-educated on some stupid plane and come back ready to join the excellent ones who are like God. (See Hubbard)

Bury your nose in some of the more esoteric books found in the New Age bookstores. You need to know what you are promoting.


Anonymous said...

You have a very intresting response that has caught my eye. I do not have the book knowledge of new age nor would I be good at the book stuf even if I did have the time for it. However your experience that you have listed from the elitest vew verses the average joe does compare with what I have seen from the 'pot heads' looking for the higher spiritual existance and brining themselves closer to what they know as god. From my experience with the elitest group, most of them are extreme atheistic and use the new age beliefs for power gain. They try to act as if they believe it with one group and a little different face with another. There is more that I could say from my own personal experience but right now I am still trying to organise my thoughts together. I honestly got hooked into your comment by surprise. This is not to say that anyone elses experience here is a lie. Not at all. My personal experience has just been meshed with someone elses for the first time. Now I am sure someone else has tried to explain this stuf before in a book, but not so I can grasp it.

Kizzzmet said...

Dorothy I'll try to respond to all your points. First off I want to say that I am not trying to debunk your general point of view, I agree with a lot of it. I am saying there is a distinction between most new age followers and those with a globalist agenda. They have opposing worldviews. The mases are against globalization and big government and the elites are for it.

First you talk about the CIA and mind control. In most new age groups the teachers are not sophisticated about mind control, they are just trying to convince people that they are presenting spiritual truth. Some guy or gal feels they are spiritually elevated and present some eastern tradition or some eclectic syncretic concoction in order to get a following. For at least 90% of new age teachers that is what they do with no idea or knowledge on how to control peoples minds. It's no different then a pastor opening a church and trying to get a congregation. Does that mean I am saying what you claim doesn't exist? No, it probably does exist. Jim Jones was a classic example, Moon is another example. But most teachers are way to clueless and way to sure of themselves as bonafide prophets.

What Gore is doing and what is presented by mass media is not really what I classify as new age thought. To me that stuff is part of a political and cultural agenda. Many of the most vocal supporters of Gore are atheist left wingers. Some new age people hold those same views but in and of themselves ideas like global warming or globalization are not new age. Tyrants all throughout history have tried to rule the world through an empire. The mongols, the muslims, the greeks, the romans, the british, they have all tried to create globalization with themselves in control of a single world empire. Look at H.G. Wells, he was a strict materialist, he was against any type of spirituality yet he was one of the originators of modern globialization efforts. Just because some people involved in the globalization new world order movement have connections to theosophy or some other wacky pseudo spirituality doesn't mean that globalization and the new world order are inherently part of the new age movement. Most new age people are against those things. When you see huge protests at WTO meetings a large percentage of those protestors are new age people. The globalists cannot control every tom dick and harry who thinks they are special and tries to be a guru, nor do they even care about them. The new world order agenda is carried out primarily through mass media, schools, lawmakers and force. Sure they try to influence religious people but it is very difficult. First and foremost amongst their targets in religions are the largest religions because they want to affect as many people as possible. Even then it is not an easy thing to do.

You write about the sustainability regionalism movements as if I don't believe that there is a new world order plan being carried out. I do understand that. I am not arguing against that.

Yes the buddhists have a mroal code, they have more codes then you can shake a stick at. Here are just a few http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/buddhamorals.html

And in fact I read Webb's books many years ago and I am very well acquainted with a wide variety of religions and occult teachings from throughout history. But that is not what I was talking about. I was just saying there should be a distinction between the elite new agers and the non elites. There is a huge difference between the Unification Church or Scientology and some traditional Buddhist Ashramas and teachers or Hindu Yoga Ashramas and teachers. There is a world of difference between the Lucis Trust and the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.

You wrote
At the very end of your essay, you write, "...becoming God realized is the goal for most new age people." Bingo. I think it was first mentioned in Genesis where the serpent told Eve "You shall be as God."

In authentic tradtional eastern religions there is no such teaching about becoming as god. God realization in Hinduism comes in two basic forms. What I mean is that within Hinduism there are numerous sects with differing beliefs, but pretty much all of them fall under one of two categories. Dualist or Non-Dualist. Both the dualists (mostly Vaishnavism) and non -dualists (Advaita Vedanta, Shaivism, Shaktism, Smartism) teach that God is the source of everything and that God is everywhere and that everything exists as a part of God. They differ in their conception of the soul or atma.

The dualists teach that the soul while inherently part of God is always different then God at the same time. Just like a fish is one with the ocean and yet is different from the ocean the dualists teach that God realization means that you can come to realize and experience your eternal relationship with God as a new born child gradually learns the truth of his existence in relation to his parents. The goal of life for the dualists is to purify the consciousness and mind in order to attain God consciousness (Moksha or Mukti) and ultimately to be given entrance into the eternal heavenly world where you will live with God personally.

The non-dualists teach that God realization means that you will realize your oneness with God in some unknown manner after attaining pure consciousness and knowledge of God. They do not believe that they will become God, they believe they will uncover their pure state of existence which they believe is one in quality with God. The analogy that is given is that of a drop of water returning to the sea. What happens once you uncover your oneness with God they cannot say, to them it is impossible to know until you experience it (Moksha or Mukti).

All Hindu sects and teachers teach a variant of the above two types of teachings on God realization. Some 70% of Hindus believe in Dualism and a personal god and a heaven, while around 30% believe in Non-Dualism.

In Buddhism also there are two major types of teachings. Buddhism came out of Hinduism and is very similar. Just like Hinduism they have the Mahayana Buddhists who are mostly theistic and believe in God and in a heavenly reward, and there are the Theravadins who believe in a similar philosophy to the Hindu Non-dualists except they tend to be non-theistic. It's kind of a contradictory belief system which is why Mahayana Buddhism has become more and more popular as time has gone on.

None of these traditions teach that you will become a god. That teaching has come from frauds who teach their own concocted version of eastern religions. The most popular forms of Hinduism and Buddhism followed in the western countries are the Non-Dualist Hindu teachings and the Theravadin Buddhist teachings. Although there are many teachers of the other traditions as well. In fact I would calculate that numerically speaking the new age sect with the largest following around the world is is a Dualist Hindu Vaishnava sect. The Krishna religion that came to the western countries in the mid 1960's has at least 50 million followers, with 99% of them native Indians in India. That's far more then any other new age group, even though outside of India they probably only have a few hundred thousands believers.

Anonymous said...

What concerns me about the characteriztion of the new age as a collection of "modernist elites and the masses" is that it plays on the stereotypes. The stereotype of the "far out, man, crystal loving pothead, who takes to the street in progressive protest" versus "the machivellian, atheist who embraces new power structures for self gain" just does not hold up. Let me offer an example of someone who crosses this divide and proves the heart and soul of the political New Age is theosophical, globalistic and politically progressive (by this I mean, protesting ostensible global corporate structures). His name is David Korten. Korten is a card carrying member of the New Age elite. He is on the Club of Rome board of directors, and speaks a clear message against corporate greed, empire, and ecological degradation. He publishes Yes! magazine, a polite, political rant appealing to younger new ager progressive types. But scratch a little deeper and you find a globalist who just wants it his way. His organization promotes a new age globalist curriculum for schools called Facing the Future. It is marketed aggressively through a marketing model that is corporate and globalistic. Its end goal is to get kids to see population reduction is the only way to save Gaia. Schools are buying it left and right. While Korten rails at all things American, he promotes his phoney, malthusian notions to justify the systematic denial of human reproduction. Stop having babies and all evils will end--including poverty, oppression of women and exploitation of third world groups, climate change and environmental destruction. Is this "leftist" or is inhibiting reproduction to the chosen few not the thinking of the Nazis? Korten embraces at a personal level New Age spirituality including goddess, Gaia, etc. stuff. His editor in chief of Yes! has ties to organized theosophy. His spirituality is not an effect of his ideology but a driver of his ideology. He is the overseer of the Positive Futures Network where he hangs with a whole host of folks who are orbiting in a different orbit than "liberal". They are not above using whatever corporate and organizational structure they can worm thie way into to achieve their ends. These folks DO NOT have much in common with Constance and her friends here, who understand the real meaning of human rights.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:43
What a good write up of a single New Age organization! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:43
What a good write up of a single New Age organization! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Anonymous said...

Kizzzmet, when you first posted, your language suggested you had attempted to research the New Age movement. Your later comments say that your knowledge is subjective rather than objective.

Now the reality is I can't tell you what you have experienced is wrong. It's your experience. If you tell me that little Martians are good people because you met them, I won't disagree with you. But if you tell me I have to believe it, that's something else. In the way of facts, you gave one website.

I never mentioned the CIA. The intelligence agencies wouldn't be bothering with those New Age ad runners. Having been in many New Age bookstores in different states over the years, I would agree. new Age people are really not very street smart, moving from one book and promiser to another, always looking for peace in the world and in the mind. The street-level New Ager has no clue about things factual. They live in the world of emotions. They want peace in the world but are in no position to make it happen. So they are very happy when the leftists tell them PEACE is just around the corner if everybody is tolerant of everything, and if necessary, make it enforced tolerance. Enforced intimidation all for the good.

New Agers aren't against globalism. They are against capitalism which was what the WTO protests were about. Seattle - wasn't that enforced intimidation of the public and the government by the New Age army of PEACE lovers.

The one traceable fact you give is the website showing the Buddhists have a moral code -- a pretty impressive one --avoid killing, lying, stealing, being sexually immoral or getting high. I based my belief on there being no moral code because they then get into the idea of right belief vs right action etc. Lots of thinking before one gets to a straignt NO!

You seem to have an academic interest in the Eastern religions. From what I see, that doesn't make you an expert on the New Age movement. If you care to give the names of some New Age paths you've explored, it might make the dialogue more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 12:50 AM anon post. Having personally witnessed the WTO Seattle protests, the theme was anti-capitalism, not anti-globalism. The spectrum of protestors was great; organized labor to violent anarchists. The amount of training that preceeded the event focusing on disruption of the WTO was global and massive. While certain more peaceful protestors feared the inclusion of the anarchists and their violent allies, the main organizers of the event welcomed the anarchists who did not disappoint. The violence got the global media coverage the protest organizers sought.

Seattle remains much scarred by the WTO nightmare, not because the signs of violence have not been erased, but because the protestors found a city they now call home. Their continual presence affects the city daily, and they claim on their blogs to have changed the outcome of the gubenatorial race in WA state in 2004. Some evidence exists for this. More than stealth, they affect city politics with corrupt political efforts, and in this past election, a careful disquising of their progressive candidates.

Anonymous said...

The market (NASDQ & Dow) are down significantly - not just a little. I wonder what is going on with our economy. The economists say there could be a glitch in the technological system. Let's hope so! I guess we will find out soon enough. Needless to say, financial experts are paying close attention.

RomaLynn said...

"The Secret", introduced on Oprah and the follow up. Also the minister with the "New Thought Church", with a smooth sounding bunch of new age thought, just repackaged. There is a website. The Australian lady who discovered this so called secret, read a metaphysica book "The Science of Getting Rich", when she was depressed and then studied this out and supposedly came up with the "Secret", she then thought these other guys in just 2 weeks how to be teachers of "the Secret". Oprah endorsed it wholeheartedly on her show. This is so sad, according to the teachers this is exactly what jesus, the christ taught, what you believe you will receive. A twist on the true Jesus and his teaching. Anyway will post more on this and the website.

RomaLynn said...

I did not pay the 6.95 to watch this junk. Just reading the webpage and hearing what I heard on Oprah was enough. The influence Oprah has on people in this country is just almost to me idolatry. People worship her and believe anything she puts out there. Supposedly this scientifically proven "law of attraction" they discovered is there. And unfortunately when you look at Oprah's meditation guide, which speaks to the "universe" it is sad. Marianne Williamson, her guru, is a real new ager, and this secret is none other than the original lie in the garden of Eden. You can be God, now we are supposedly creating everything with our thoughts. Oprah who says she believes in Jesus and is a Christian is leading the viewers to a different Jesus and a different gospel. But how could we say anything against a woman who is so generous and has done so much good. This kind of teaching is the same junk as the Word of Faith movement and a lot of other new age junk in the so called Chrisian church.

Anonymous said...

This will make you roll your eyes. People who deal with the EU believe in witch power? Yes. It comes from EUreferendum.blogspot.com

About as useful as anything else
As our readers will recall, I have always considered the entry of Romania into the European Union fraught with all sorts of possibilities.

Well, here is one. Ananova reports
http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2219646.html that witches in Romania (where it is a fully recognized profession probably with its own trade unions) have found a new outlet for their charms.
Witch Florica, from Pitesti in southern Romania, said: "It's a new type of spell that we had to work out of course.

"You cannot pretend you are a real witch if you cannot help a businessman get the European Union funds he wants.

"For example, only the other day I had a young businessman who came to me with his papers applying for European funds.

"I spread the cards on his documents, said my spells and splashed the papers with some potions. It only cost him about £40 for my charms but when gets the money thanks to my spells he will be happy and I will be happy because he will bring me new customers."
Perhaps, some of our businessmen and, especially, farmers could benefit from the lady’s efforts.

Another thought strikes one: if witches than why not vampires or werewolves? Could they be put to some use in the European Union?


DavidinBattleCreek said...


I think the new age movement is great at illusions. I believe the new age movement is so much broader than what you have described. Contemplative prayer, fo example, may seem like a legitimate way of getting closer to God, but is so identical to the type of meditation promoted by the new age movement. It may not be called new age, but it sure smells new age. Most people would have no clue that contemplative prayer is so similar. I think it's new age by another name.

Constance Cumbey said...

In regards to Dorothy's kind post, if there is one thing she is NOT, it is an unimportant cog in the chain. Dorothy's work has been immeasurably valuable to my own discoveries and writings over the years. She is a veritable walking encyclopedia. I just wish she weren't so modest!

Constance Cumbey said...

The common denominator in New Age cum "contemplative prayer" circles is an altered state of consciousness. A trance is a trance is a trance.
When people get "there," they are literally seeing and hearing things the rest of us are not. They call this their "reality." Generally, it is deep and dangerous delusion.

Robin said...

Even in the Catholic Church, contemplative prayer is to be used with caution. It isn't for everyone and can lead to a dangerous place.

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