Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What Next?

Southern Baptists to get some “help” reshaping their denomination in the image and likeness of “moderation” – from no less than Jimmie Carter and BILL CLINTON!

There are days I hear the news and wonder if I wasn’t dreaming. Tonight was one of them. I heard driving home that the moderates of the Southern Baptist Convention were about to get some high level help in reshaping their image. This is to come from solid Baptist citizens no less than Jimmie Carter and that pillar of moral rectitude, WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON!

I wondered out loud if Monica Lewinsky would be invited in to help fold the quarterly communion linens.

I’m not God and can’t begin to judge the hearts of others. But knowing what I know here, I am speculating that this collaboration, announced by both at a meeting at the Carter Center, could very well be a significant part of the prophesied apostasy, especially if acquiesced to by the leadership or members of the Southern Baptist Convention.


I don’t know that much about Jimmie Carter’s spiritual grounding. I do have a few clues about his late sister’s, Ruth Carter Stapleton. Just as Paul & Diana Temple are simultaneously active in Doug Coe’s Fellowship Foundation and the unquestionably theosophical oriented New Age Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), so was Ruth Carter Stapleton with Leland Stewart’s Unity and Diversity Council, the first organization to bring Benjamin Crème to the USA to lecture on “Maitreya the Christ.”

What next? As Herb Peters likes to put it: stay tuned!
Until Constance puts up the correct link she was referring to, here one on the topic.

Putting Clinton Carter and Center into the Google news search brings up 115 stories.
That was the correct link when I placed it -- tried it several times myself -- maybe more of the "now you see it, now you don't" Thanks, Dorothy.


Paul, the paragraph dealing with the rites of the Earth Charter folk had two mistakes that I'm not sure without looking were yours or mine, but at any rate they need immediate correcting and editing.

1) no quotes around "eerie"

2) More important: It should read: "Clearly, their Moloch was NOT appeased.

Jimmy Carter clearly has ties to
the Papacy.

Bill and Hillary clearly tied to
the Papacy.

It's important to recognize that there are three general groups within the Southern Baptist Convention, all extremely different from one another. There are the "moderates" mentioned, which are also members of the "Cooperative Baptist Fellowship" - these are the most liberal members of the SBC; the general mainstream of the SBC (which I would guess comprises the vast majority of Southern Baptists); and members of the "Founders" group, which is a reformed segment within the SBC.
Mark 3:25 KJB

"And if a house be divided against
itself, that house cannot stand."

When that house begins to fall, it
inevitably will yoke itself to the
hand of another house in fear of
the fall, or to soften the impact
of the fall.

Proverbs 7 verses 24 through 27

vs 24
Hearken unto me now therefore, O
ye children, and attend to the words of my mouth.
vs 25
Let not thine heart decline to her
ways, go not astray in her paths.
vs 26
For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have
been slain by her.
vs 27
Her house is the way to hell, going
down to the chambers of death.

Recently some trouble maker made
statements about the catacombs under the Vatican. The above 8:16
AM post coupled with those statements of the recent trouble
maker, may be reasonable grounds
for us to not dismiss the suggestions the trouble maker made.
re: anonymous 10:23 am

Clinton and Carter are very connected to the Papacy and both
very well versed in the Catholic
Neither Clinton nor Carter should
thing should dilligently researched
by all who would to know what to
watch out for in the words of those
whose real agenda is to further the
policies of the Vatican and at the
same time blatently deny doing exactly that.
.......and the new column by Constance is up

Ephesians 5:12

For it is a shame even to speak of those things done of them in

Ephesians 5:13

But all things that are reproved
are made manifest by the light.

Ehphesians 5:14

Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the
dead, and Christ shall give the

Psalm 119 vs 105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119 vs 130

The entrance of thy words giveth
light; it giveth understanding to
the simple.

Proverbs 8 vs 5

O ye simple, understand wisdom: and
ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart.

The SBC was leavened with the confusion of all the phony bibles
they used to replace the old KJB
with. All those phony bibles since 1884 AD stem from from a corrupt
root at the bottom of a corrupt
tree that has always brought forth
corrupt fruit. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. Hesychian
or, as they are more commonly known"Alexandrian Manuscripts" are
the underlying foundation of all
phoney bibles in print today since
1884. The falsly so called
"scholars union" for some reason always
gravitate toward phony bibles
translated from the two most corrupt manuscripts on earth, one of which was found in a trash can
at a convent and the other found in the Pope's library. The "new agers" Westcott and Hort loved
trash can material, and hated the
Textus Receptus which was the underlying foundation of the King James Holy Bible. SBC Pastors(wolves in sheeps clothes) are just like Westcott and Hort. The
ROOT of the problem lies in the
religion from which Westcott and
Hort acquired their material.
I can hardly wait to see what Jay Leno does with THAT!
Constance, what you say about Ruth Carter Stapleton doesn't surprise me in the least. I know that toward the end of her life, she had pancreatic cancer (which apparently runs in the Carter family), and she was very much "into" New Age holistic-health nostrums for treating this malignant disease. She was a New Ager posing as a Christian faith healer.
Reading that linked article I am surprised we didn't hear the 'Al Gore' agenda with global warming and mother nature garbage. I guess they have to try to look a little restrained after the blue dress stuff. Americans attention span is too short. Forgiveness is one thing, but acceptance is another.
Jimmy and Roslyn Carter are given recognition as part of an elite group of 'new world servers' along with Bono, Nelson Mandela and Michael Moore. IMHO all this shows is that they are part of the one world apostasy. I think this site was referred to here before:

Regarding the NGWS site referenced above...I just spent a bit more time on the home page of this site (it has changed since the last time I visited) and I can definitively say that this is totally new age and if Jimmy and Roslyn are allowing themselves to be a part of this, then they are totally new age as well.
This article says that the SBC was not invited http://www.bpnews.net/bpnews.asp?ID=24745
So now the Baptists are linked to the Vatican.

I thought our very dear anonymous was a proclaimed Baptist so we better watch out for him and his Vatican friends.

Thanks anonymous for the tip on anonymous.
Here comes some LIGHT.

Proverbs 1:6 KJB

"To understand a proverb, and the
interpretation; the words of the
wise, and their dark sayings."

Those dark sayings need not
remain obscure, and most definitely
can be understood by those who would to seek understanding from
the one who said...." I am the way,
the truth and the life: no man cometh to the Father, but by me."
John 14:6 KJB

Jesus Christ is the same ONE who said ...
Matthew 23:9 KJB
"And call no man your father upon
the earth: for one is
your Father, which is in heaven."

Zechariah 11:17 KJB
"Woe to the idol shephard that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall
be utterly darkened."

The IDOL SHEPHARD is an Idolator,
and bows down to graven images.
The IDOL SHEPHARD has no regard
for the WORDS of God, and teaches
his followers by example to demonstrate the same contempt for
the WORDS of God by bowing down to
his IDOLS.
The IDOL SHEPHARD teaches his
children to call his priests Father.
The IDOL SHEPHARD has his children
call him HOLY FATHER.

Something smells fishy. Maybe its
his fish god hat. Maybe its fish

Maybe the IDOL SHEPHARD is an old
New Ager from wayback.

All the NEW AGE bible perversions
changed that word "IDOL" to
WORTHLESS for a reason. Maybe all
the NEW AGE bible perversions were
trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. Maybe the NEW AGE
bible perversions were written
to HOODWINK those who purchase

Clinton and Carter are closely
affiliated to the IDOL SHEPHARD.

The IDOL SHEPHARD teaches his
children to worship a woman who
rides a beast. Clinton and Carter
both work for the IDOL SHERHARD,
doing the PIG IN A POKE, and

When the children of the IDOL
[Isaiah 57:3,4 and Psalms 73:9]
swear they do not worship Mary
go to the official website of the
roman catholic church and look up
MENTAL RESERVATION. After doing this, you will have no reason left
to ever believe one more word
propagated from the tongue of a
faithful follower of the
IDOL SHEPHARD again. You will have
no further reason to be carried away with the dissimulation of
the IDOL SHEPHARD'S secret agents.

What can wash away my sin?
Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS!
informative article

Clinton,Lies, and Mental Reservation


very intersting indeed
Second Corinthians 6 14-18 KJB

Be ye not unequally yoked
together with unbelievers; for
what fellowship hath righteous-
ness with unrighteousness? and
what communion hath light with

And what what concord hath
Christ with Belial? or what part
hath he that believeth with an

And what agreement hath the
temple of God with idols? for ye
are the temple of the living God;
as God hath said, I will dwell in
them, and walk in them; and I will
be their God , and they shall be
my people.

Where come out from among
them, and be ye seperate, saith
the Lord, and touch not the
unclean thing; and I will recieve

And will be a Father unto
you, and ye shall be my sons and
daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

The seed of the adulteror and the
whore say those "idols" are only

Ernestly and tenderly Jesus keeps

Revelation 18 verse 4,5

Come out of her my people,
my people, that ye be not partakers
of her sins, and that ye recieve not of her plagues.

For her sins have reached unto
heaven, and God hath remembered her

Can anyone think of the name of
the greatest religion that calls
herself the Mother of other religions?

Idols are graven images are they

Christians are not supposed to venerate graven images, are they?

These questions are only asked
in love.
Those scriptures above were given
us by the One True God who gave us
his only begotten Son Jesus,
who died for our sins, was buried, and rose again three days later
for our justification if we would
believe on Jesus and ask him to save our souls.

He loves us so much, if we truly
love him we should not turn a
BLIND EYE to those words above
as the IDOL SHEPHARD turns a
blinded eye to those words.

I hope this helps someone.
God bless!
Ye who are weary COME OUT OF HER
and come home to Jesus Christ.
Carter supporting antisemitism? Or at least allowing it?

Last two links in comments didn't open.
Fascinating site! Any work by a former SDA is interesting to me.

How like the Internet to bring together in one convenient package so many accomplished folk!

I first heard of Constance Cumbey from a work inspired by Murl Vance, some 23 years ago. Nice to finally meet the lady!

Give 'em hell... er... Heaven!

"Fourteen of the city’s business and civic leaders resigned from the Carter Center’s advisory board on Thursday to protest former President Jimmy Carter’s recent criticisms of Israel and American Jewish political power.

Their joint letter of resignation denounced Mr. Carter’s best-selling book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” for its criticisms of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The letter also took issue with comments Mr. Carter has made suggesting that Israel’s supporters in the United States are using their power to stifle debate on the issue.

“It seems you have turned to a world of advocacy, even malicious advocacy,” the letter said. “We can no longer endorse your strident and uncompromising position. This is not the Carter Center or the Jimmy Carter we came to respect and support.” "

The Foundation for Middle East Peace at fmep.org offers a FREE dvd ca;;ed "Searching for Peace in the Middle East" by Landrum Bolling. (Jimmy Carter endorses it.) It is interesting and the scenery is great, but a bit one-sided. It focuses a lot of time on the Israeli settlements, and while it mentions that Israel took those lands as protection after the 1967 war, it is idealistic about human nature. One of the people interviewed said everyone knows what is needed to bring peace, the pre-1967 borders, sharing Jerusalem, etc. I think these are the "final status" items (of course they are) that are hinted at in the new round of peace talks which want to discuss an actual goal to aim for in the peace process.
Well, we know that Carter is a dope and Clinton is the biggest liar of all time who has no compunction about lying to the world as he's already done so on national television numerous times. If Monica didn't keep that dress, he'd of been given a pass in full for his crimes.

Something tells me that Clinton will be making some kind of play for world peace maker, perhaps with Jimmy the peanut brain at his side. For whatever reason, the world loves the Slickmeister enough to believe his next lie, which will be a doozy!
Carter and Clinton both promote
a two state false peace soultion
in Israel.

Vatican supports a two state
false peace soultion in Israel.

Carter and Clinton support eviction
of Jewish settlers and giving away of more of Israel's land in exchange of for a peace that always
bears the corrupt fruit of more
violence, death, bloodshed to the
greater expense of Israel.

The Vatican likewise supports the
eviction of Jewish settlers and
giving away of more of Israel's
land in exchange for a peace that
always bears the corrupt fruit of
more violence, death, and bloodshed
to the greater expense of Israel.

Carter and Clinton both being
professing Christians are criticised on one hand.

On the other hand the Vatican and
her affiliates are somehow above
criticism by most who post on this

Is that a fair balance?

Proverbs 11:1

A FALSE balance is abomination to
the LORD : but a just weight is his

Proverbs 11:2

When pride cometh, then cometh
shame: but with the lowly is

Perhaps the lowly just intillectual
lightweights due to their refusal
to tip the scales of judgement to
the favor of the Vatican. ???????
Who is this "intillictual" heavyweight telling us that Carter and Clinton are "connected to the Papacy"? Almost as funny as saying that Javier Solana is a "devout papist" when as Constance says, "he doesn't have a religious bone in his body"!!
anon 1:29 ..What's an "intillictual"? Is that something new?
That was funny!

The previous 2 posts failed to spell the word correctly.


Most of us occasionlly misspel words.

To the 2nd misspeller:

You had better do more research.
Many political figures who are
not outright Papists, place themselves in compromising positions when they shake hands
with the delegates of Rome.
A wonderful example would be
our present President who has taken
advantage of the many opportunies
to be photographed with Cardinals
and Bishops of Rome.
Another wonderful example would be
the fact that "Jeb Bush", who helped his brother become our
presiding President, is a member
of the Knights of Columbus.

The above facts may be found on
the world wide web, by anyone who
would spend ample time doing their
homework, instead of exploding like
a bomb in defence of the papacy.

When going to wikipedia, make sure
to click on [edit]. Sometimes the
material listed behind the[edit]
remains underneath, due to the fact
that some of which CAN BE FOUND
there is terribly offensive to
those who have made up their mind
without consorting the BIBLE first,
that the Papacy is Infallible and
therefore above the criticism of
scripture and those who believe
the Holy Scriptures

I certainly am not above the criticism of others.

I am judged daily by the WORD OF
GOD, and everything I do or say
will offend someone somewhere.

A promise for TRUE Christians in
the scripture.

Yea and all that live godly in
Christ Jesus shall suffer
But evil men and seducers shall wax
worse and worse, decieving and
being decieved.
II Timothy 12&13

Papists and Politicians are a living testimony to the truth
in those two verses.

God Bless
II Timothy 3 verses 12 and 13.

I told you I was not above

I spend a little time in judgement
of my own self.

Why are people talking about the Vatican in response to Constance posting the news that some Southern Baptists are looking to Carter and Clinton? Certainly Catholicism is a politicised form of Christianity (which I cannot square with scripture) but unity among Christians is in the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4), and it is my privilege to pray with many Catholics whom I know love the Lord Jesus Christ.

What have Jimmy Carter's sister's views to do with this? He and his sister will be judged separately by God.

I regret that the Southern Baptists invited Bill Clinton.
Considering the information concerning the tatoo chip read on Herb's site, I think it is safe to say that we are getting very close to the end.

Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward

The escalation of the war in Iraq, Somalia, and soon Iran could be the final wars leading to armageddon. Solana is now saying that this is the time to push the peace in the mideast.

Who the world will believe is the question only the one coming knows the answer to.
I'm pretty sure Rick Warren is ordained through the Southern Baptist Convention. Other denominations are in a similar bind with regards to liberal, humanistic, and new age factions weakening their role as the body of Christ.

Where can I find information on Carter and Clinton being connected to the Papacy? I wonder in what way they are connected. I still think Solana makes a better antichrist candidate than Clinton. I don't think, so far, that the antichrist will rise out of the Vatican. I have my money on the EU.

Anon. 2:50 I don't get what your saying. I don't quite understand your point.

Anon. 11:46 What versions of the Bible are you referring to that are false?
Looks like someone is really trying to ruin Constance's site here with "mitted" porno links. Satan hates those who figure him out.
David in Battlecreek:

Refering to the comment about Rick Warren being ordained by the Baptist, I know that a lot of his theological teachings come from the New Life church in Colorado Springs where Ted Haggard recently departed along with a whole slew of the crew. It looks as if there is a whole lot of confusion being taught from Warren. The Church I go to here in Maine is associated with that group, and they tend to look towards Colorado group as the thing to worship. It makes me sick. They revere Rick warren as a god status even though they wont talk about him much. The same with Ted Haggard. The problem is there are not many churches around this local area that are not heavily steeped in replacement theology and just plain lack of spine and truth. Little by little the idols are being whacked off! I hope the wacking continues.
to: child of god

the devil used the charismatics to
ruin the southern babtists.

A little leaven leavens the whole

The lump was leavened with signs
and lying wonders.

Satan has been using the SIGN-GIFT
of Tongues to sow confusion into
the body of Christ in America since 1906.

child of god, you are looking in
the right direction now, don't stop, keep going.

Satan can heal the sick in order to DECIEVE them.

Judas Iscariot was a devil and could heal the sick{Matthew ch 10}

child of god please read
Matthew 24:24 KJB slowly.

Satan makes much of signs
most especially the signs of
TONGUES and HEALING to decieve.

someone is praying for you
child of god.
Re the RFID tattoo, I suspect that the ID that can be done without logic being incorporated into the tattoo is pretty coarse. The mark of the beast will be explained to the public as an implanted bank card which eliminates financial and ID fraud - making it difficult to profit from crime, drugs etc - and will also have personal detail so that they know your blood group, or who to call if you have an accident. That would involve significant memory storage. I also expect the mark to be post-silicon logic; for a while people have been talking of fabricating chips using "plastic logic" and literally printing the chip by inkjet technology on substrate using conducting ink. It is worth considering whether the sores on those who take the mark (Rev 16:2) are related to the technology. If the mark is meant to spontaneously transmit where you are every so often, like a cellphone does to its network, then it will have to have its own power source. (The chips presently implanted in some pets squawk the animal's ID only when interrogated by a radio beam, from which the chip draws power.) Conceivably a power source allowing spontaneous transmission from something implanted would have the side effects of Rev 16:2.
The Intillectual Shephard would do well to think before he writes. Misquoting scripture or using it out of context or for questionable motives is disconcerting.

Treat the Scriptures with respect. They are not phrases to be bandied about for egotistical point scoring.

Finally, please respect the purpose of the thread. Push your barrow in a more appropiate forum.

I trust the day will come when you recognise your folly and the injury you inflict.I respectfully suggest that you read the eighth commandment.

If you sow seeds of hemlock do not expect to see the ripening ears of corn.
TO: 10:01 AM Post

To which post or posts are you
referring? There are so many!

Please be clear.

So far the posts containing scripture references seem to
be treating the scripture with great respect.

Thank you
To anon. 9:26
Thank you for your prayers.
In responce to the comment that the charismatics are ruining the southern baptist, I would have to disagree. Being ruined is a choice. It is an active participating choice. Please don't think that I am just catching on to the truth. I have not been decieved by signs and lying wonders. I do follow the same book you do and same version and am proud to be called the 'f' word...... fundementalist. I am completely aware of the southern baptist as I was brought up there from the day I was born. I won't rehash things that were spoken of as diagreements in previous postings. I don't want strife and discontent started over my words. Or for me to lead to others doing such. I now follow only the Bible without intimidation. I do not follow a religious division. I have completely ditched the labels and only follow Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Thank you again for your prayers as they are well needed right now.
Dear Anon 0926

I urge you not to write off the charismatics. The gifts of the Spirit are not working in Western churches in the strength recorded in Acts; Satan may produce lying signs and wonders to deceive the undiscriminating (be caeful - to take these as God's action is the unforgivable sin); human emotion may be mistaken for divine action; but there IS a core of the Holy Spirit in the charismatic movement. This is easier to see in the charismatic persecuted churches of other lands (notably China - read The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun), because Jesus said that strong faith was needed to do miracles and persecution is a guarantee of strong faith. Such testimonies show that the misreadings of scripture used to "justify" the absence of the gifts of the Spirit are mistaken. Perhaps Western churches are unjustly proud of their strength of faith. Western lands might soon witness persecution that purifies us and strengthens our faith sufficiently for Acts-strength miracles to become commonplace.
1:20 PM posted by Robin

reference to Ruth Carter Stapleton
Last sentence
" She was a new ager posing as a
a Christian faith healer."

That stament lacking only element,
would be the epitomy of what has
created 3 DIVISONS, in the SBC.
The missing element to that statement is a 7 letter word
that has created more strife,
division and confusion in the
Southern Baptists, and seems to
be the one 7 letter word which
binds apostates together across
all denominational boundaries.

Haggard and Warren both DECIEVED,
and FLEECED their flocks.
Haggard and Warren both promote
speaking in _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

The HERDS that Haggard and
They were too busy seeking after

They were not led by the HOLY SPIRIT to STUDY THE SCRIPTURES
II Timothy 2:15.. to RIGHTLY

They were hung up on defending
_ _ _ _ _ _ _, and getting HEALED,
and falling in the floor, and
shaking and twitching, and foaming
at the mouth.

I wonder if anyone is intellectual
enough to fill in the missing letters.
Discrimination is the key to

Spiritual Discernment Heb. 5:13,14
is the key to keeping a SOBER

Refusal to become ecumenical is
SANE. Dropping differences to
become ecumenical due to a couple
of commonalities is insane as well as
comparable to driving drunk under
the influence of an evil spirit.

The most liberal group among the
Southern Baptists would be the
one which ordained a Homosexual
deacon in Austin TX. That is the
group which is the biggest pusher
of reconciliation in the SBC.
The co-operative baptist fellowship
is the greatest supporter of the
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ movement among the
3 divisions making up the SBC.

Imagine that, when we consider
Yea, Imagine that when we consider
Edward Irving who was a known
Sodomite, and a "god" among the
Charismatics like several of their
more recent "gods" who also exibit
Sodomy as an inherent character
trait of that "spirit" they are
always accusing others of blaspheming.
Regarding the RFID tattoo; has anyone here gotten a tattoo before? If so, have you got one directly on or near a bone? Then you know where I am going with this. My point is that it is extremely painful. Getting this done on the hand or the forehead would/could be excruciating. Also, depending on the size of this tattoo, it would be very costly and impractical to implement and enforce. I'm not saying this won't be or can't be one of the 3 options for the mark of the beast.

About the "sores" and "power source" issues mentioned by Anon 9:36: have you seen this page below?

Mark of the beast?

In Christ,
That was a good link Jason. At least I liked it. There is so much info. that is scattered in pieces on this veri chip stuff. I wonder if any of this tatoo or chip implant can be done through laser technology. Chips are somewhat built by laser for micro electronics. Laser can be controlled to how deep it can penetrate a surface. How about flesh?
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Well, I see that the brave, loquacious crabby uncle earl catholic basher is still on board -- he is such a paragon of courage in anonymity -- disgusting!
"Well, I see that the brave, loquacious crabby uncle earl catholic basher is still on board -- he is such a paragon of courage in anonymity -- disgusting!"

oh the irony
An interesting story over at EUreferendum.blogspot.com this morning.

"How the Independent must have loved posting this headline: "Gypsy-haters, holocaust-deniers, xenophobes, homophobes, anti-semites: the EU's new political force."

"This, as written by Stephen Castle, the paper's EU correspondent, records
"Europe's far-right, xenophobic and extremist parties" crossing a new threshold yesterday, winning more speaking time, money, and political influence in the European Parliament than ever before.

"Claiming the backing of 23 million Europeans, ultra-nationalists secured enough MEPs to make a formal political grouping in the EU Parliament, surmounting the hurdle that requires 20 MEPs from at least six member states, all sharing a general political philosophy."

More about this story at

Extreme-right group to be launched at European Parliament
By Yossi Lempkowicz

Arab nations may become part of the Middle East Peace Quartet.


I fear Israel is in for some strong arming!
Ah yes, Spain...Solana's home base. Thanks for the information.
Dorothy kindly got my attention while I was sitting in a meeting about the online spam. Those putting the porno sites on are kindly disinvited from this blogspot. I have resisted making this a closed spot, but I will fight spammers and I will eventually discovery who and where you are. A word to the wise . . .
Anonymous 1:32 pm,
Just to let you know that things posted here sometimes go further with a little bit of help. Your link was sent over to some people in Israel who might have missed it.
I believe you can change the blog where we must put in a code in order to post. That would probably cut out the spam.

Constance, I'd be amenable to undergoing some sort of screening in order to prove that my comments are legitimate. This comment spam is getting ridiculous. It isn't just the porn spammers, either; it's the phentermine advertisers and the purveyors of get-rich-quick schemes, too, that are really harming the comments section.
Linux software,news driver ,games

The Post Standard out of Syracuse, NY carried this story:

New program focuses on fifth- and ninth-graders
Sunday, January 14, 2007
By Rebecca James
Staff writer

Every fifth-grader and ninth-grader in Cortland County if their parents give permission will be screened for mental health problems in a program that starts this month.

The screening, expected to be repeated annually, is part of an effort by local and state health officials to draw more attention to the importance of mental health treatment.

"We want to raise awareness that mental health issues are in essence no different than other physical issues, such as heart disease," said Garra Lloyd-Lester, director of youth services development for Cortland County Mental Health. "It's not a personality flaw. It's nothing to be ashamed of." (more at link)
Not mentioned in the article is that this is a federal program. The pilot programs were tested in Illinois and Texas. I should not have to spell out how this program would work in connection with the part of the AOC program mandating how religion is to be taught.

Just a reminder that the New Age agenda is in your own back yard, and if you really wanted to do something about it, you could. Then again you can live with the hope that end times will dissolve all of the problems.

An article that the govt. seeks out to control free speech and bloggers. I wonder how long before it attacks Christians? By the looks of this article not long.


It is an article requireing registration of bloggers who oppose political problems basically. And I'm sure that Christianity is the target. Not just conservatives.
'Jimmy Carter interceded on behalf of the Nazi SS gaurd'.
Article from Worldnet Daily.


'Former US President Jimmy Carter told al-Jazeera television he "was not equating Palestinian missiles with terrorism," during an appearance on the Arab satellite station on Sunday.'

Another article from WND.com


If it looks like a duck....?
Jason - The article you provided "The Mark of the Beast" was excellent reading. Thank you. It was very interesting and thought provoking.

Too many spammers have started posting on here. I will not be able to read too much online for a couple of weeks. My computer crashed and my new one isn't being shipped until the end of January.

Richard - I feel for you as computer woes are an annoyance. It is almost like being without a phone.

Herb Peters site has a thought provoking message "Solana's Endgame". I think that God has called us to spread the salvation message with urgency. I have been preoccupied with life and haven't told people of God's gracious gift. Lord forgive me, enable me, and use me.

Thank you Constance for spreading the Word and for being an obedient follower of Christ. Thank you to all of the Christians who post on this site. I am constantly learning from each of you. Everyone adds spice to this site. You stir up a desire within others causing them to want to learn and grow. God Bless you.
I hate the screening, but I feel as though I have little option but to impose some limited screening, at least enough to show it's a real person and not a machine posting here!
I'm glad you enjoyed that page.

Be sure to check out the daily updates on their "News" section as well.
child of god,
over at littlegreenfootballs they had a comparison of the nazi supporting letter from Carter and a sample of his handwriting. It's a match. Thanks for the link over here.
Free speach protected for now. Article link to wnd.com

Just seeing this post now.... I think what interests me about Carter is his involvement with Pearson Ed Publishing and Dame Marjorie Scardino, Pearson's CEO. Pearson is the leader in developing many assessments of all kinds. It has purchased many assessment tools for assessing mental illness including the MMPI--once used to assess psychosis. All of these products are being marketed in the education division. Pearson scores the SAT which was botched last year. Pearson has the textbooks, teacher training and evaluation services, classroom mangement products, data base development and storage, and controls high stakes testing-that is tests that must be passed to graduate from high school in several states. Pearson publishes the London Financial Times (Bildeberger involved) and the Economist as well as Penguin Books. Pearson plans include being the global producer of all educational media in the world. Scardino heads the Carter Centre board in the UK. She is an American who used to publish a small newspaper then suddenly became the head Of Pearson. This UK media conglomerate wants to see mental health screening of all students and has the products and data storage and retrieval to have a digital dossier on every person in the world. Already many American students have a Pearson dossier.
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Re: Anonymous addressing Richard then Constance, reminded me of Paul's request to the saints at Ephesus: Eph:6:19 Always remember: "He's faithful and just to forgive us our sin..." First John
I just found this web site this morning and have enjoyed much of the e-mails. I read Constance's "The Hidden..." when it came out, and saw Mr. Creme on the M.Griffen show; I thought then and now that she was like F. Schaeffer: very prophetic.
Yours in Christ, setterman
As a proud Georgian, I'm ashamed to say Jimmy Carter hails from my great state. Like most of the shills on Capitol Hill, Carter & "Sick Willie ClinTAX" are puppets of the New World Order. Bill & "The Hildabeast" have ties to the CFR & Bilderbergers & Carter to the Trilateral Commission. I strongly urge everyone to support Ron Paul for President in 2008 (www.ronpaul.org).
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