Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Global Constitutionalism

Searching for information yesterday on a wrongful demolition case for a client, I found a link to a Stanford University Law Review. Annoyingly, it went to JSTOR, a link for library passes. I followed its links which took me to a current Stanford University Law Review article which had nothing about "wrongful demolition" but extremely disturbing information about the latest ploy for world government (they are calling it 'global governance') and an end run around the US and other constitutions by seeking "consensus" and mutual court implementation of the laws and precedents of other countries. I have a new article about this EXTREMELY DISTURBING and evidently ABOUT TO BE IMPLEMENTED (some of it has already been) on NewswithViews.com along with links to the Stanford article (provided they haven't already removed the incriminating evidence.)

When I came home from the office earlier this morning, I discovered to my further dismay that my own alma mater had similar material on line, and in a magazine listing me as a financial contributor to the school. Here's a link to that:


And another persepctive:


I cannot overstress the importance of this development. I briefed Herb Peters and Dorothy Margraf on a telephone conference. I wish I could talk with all of you individually about this, but failing that, please read and do your own internet research. I suggest you use the search term"constitutionalism" and "global constitutionalism".


Anonymous said...

The column is up at newswithviews.com. In this column Connie uses her legal knowledge as well as her history of New Age research to write one mighty fine column. We owe our freedoms to the US Constitution. Why should we voluntarily allow the elites in our legal system to play with the provisions?

This is a excerpt that caught my attention. What would be added to our constitution or put into a global constitution that would deprive us of our "taken for granted" rights because we could be convinced that terrorism was a continuing threat into the unending future.

"Our final panel would examine the interplay of different nations’ constitutional norms
and experiences specifically in reference to a topic that is of special and pressing concern: the
negative ramifications that security initiatives developed in response to terrorist threats can have for
civil liberties and other constitutional norms and how best to cope with those ramifications."


Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh (I think it was him) was complaining along these lines awhile back because the Supreme Court struck down executing criminals under 18 based on world standards or practices or something. I don't recall the details (or even if it was Rush). I don't think his beef was so much that he wanted to see homicidal punks executed, but that the Supreme Court did not fall back on the laws and constitution of the US, and instead justified it by citing world laws.

Anonymous said...


This long link has a story about Jimmy Carter's views and how they (even more than before) mirror those of the donors for his center.

Anonymous said...

Just some information on how these things keep going. I had a friend who was a millionaire through hard work who had kept aware of what was going on with the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Having money she was invited to a lot of money raising affairs. She told me you have no idea how dumb these people are when it comes to knowing what is going on around them. They know how to make money and talk only about making money.

There is much loose money. People with money can be talked into contributing to "important good causes" because at these gatherings they meet other moneymakers.

Today I picked up a book off a bookshelf. There are many books like these published. This one was titled Conditions of Peace: An Inquiry 1991. Nine authors of essays based on eight years of work by a group called Exploratory Project on the Conditions of Peace.

Robert Borosage did the introduction: Stony Point and the New World Order. A bio is at

Who funded this effort: Primarily
Aaron Diamond Foundation, Rockefeller Family Associates, General Services Foundation, (which led me to
New Land Foundation, Streisand Foundation, HKH Foundation, Winston Foundation for World Peace, Tides Foundation, Corliss Lamont, Michael Seinhardt, Kenneth and Harle Montgomery, and an anonymous donor. The John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation gave a seed grant to EXPRO in 1984.

Somebody is funding the Symposium Constance writes about. Wouldn't it be fun to find out who! Without a program we will never know. Anyone around Stanford up for a field trip? It sure would help.


Robin said...

Dorothy and others who read this comment -

I got Constance's article from NewsWithViews.com in an email - I believe either today or yesterday (memory fails me). This post of Constance's today is a summary of that NewsWithViews article, with a few extra links added. I can't blame Constance for being dismayed, both at what she found on her search and for what was said about her being a donor (I'm sure she doesn't want to donate to anything even remotely resembling the New Age movement, at least not intentionally).

Anonymous said...

And now for a bit of humor:

Cult Scientology leaders say Tom Cruise is the new Christ.

Heck, I'm all for a battle between Lucis Trust and the Scientologists!!!

Constance Cumbey said...

Point of clarification. I don't regret donating money to my law school for the benefit of students now struggling with impossible tuition rates. My donation wasn't all that big anyway. I was just surprised to find it there. If anybody else wants to donate money to my very fine Alma Mater, Detroit College of Law, now known as Michigan State University College of Law, I'm cool with that as well! I put that up there to show how pervasive the internationalist interpretation of our USA laws was becoming -- RIGHT HERE IN RIVER CITY . . .

Anonymous said...

Constance--what about a talk on Radio Liberty so we can all hear more?


Anonymous said...

Experimenting, I put Obama and "new Age" into a search.

Last October an anonymous posted:
"The worst of their efforts are the well disquised progressive candidates like Barack Obama. He looks more moderate than Liberman and purrs like a political Maserati (great description..dm). Oprahites fall down for him. Yet he is left of left. You can ditto him in little noticed Congressional races all over the purple states.... Did anyone notice he hangs with the Barbara Marx Hubbard crowd?? Oprah, TIME and Sojourners all in the same week. That's what they're doing."
# posted by Anonymous : 11:18 PM

Connie leads the top of her first page with:
News and views of Constance Cumbey concerning "Radical Middle", New Age Movement,

And Radical Middle is where we find Obama.
And if anyone should know about New Age, it's the Radical Middle group.
"Obama’s description of his quasi-New Age upbringing is especially engrossing, and his eventual religious baptism (as an adult) has the ring of authenticity."

Then there is the Rick Warren New Age connection which everyone should know about by now.

The lies do shine through the sweet talk. At

"When your name is Barack Obama, you're always an underdog in political races. That's how it was when I ran for the United States Senate," Obama said Wednesday."

For those of us watching the phoney race for Senate in Illinois in 2004, Obama was put in with grease on silk. There was no contest.

Anonymous said...

Did you listen to Presidents Bushes Address to the country last night. I think the year 2007 is going to hold some intresting things.

Anonymous said...

Child of God
I'm not mad you. Yes, you are quick to judge. There are born again Catholics in the world. I'm not offended I'm just glad I left the Catholic and found Jesus as my Savior and heaven bound.

Dawn said...

Very interesting. I happen to read the following right after reading Constance's News with Views article.


So it seems the shift in achedemia is paramount....

Anonymous said...

EU expecting role in Israel's security
Top diplomatic sources say secret talks held on handing West Bank to Abbas
Posted: January 24, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

JERUSALEM – The European Union is in the process of expanding its offices in Israel, including in the Palestinian areas, in anticipation of an increased security role here following what European diplomatic officials say is new momentum regarding an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank.

The West Bank borders Jerusalem and is within rocket-firing range of Tel Aviv and Israel's international airport.

EU sources in Israel tell WND their offices here are taking on new staffers to deal with matters of security, public relations, diplomacy and regional coordination. They say they expect an increased work load due to behind-the-scenes diplomatic initiatives they state may result in an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank.

(Story continues below)

The sources said the EU would coordinate handing over security control of key West Bank areas to the Palestinians

According to an aide to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, speaking on condition of anonymity, there will be a "historic political evolution and movement in negotiations in the next few weeks and few months, unseen since the Camp David peace talks in 2000."

During the Camp David talks, then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern sections of Jerusalem.

(more at link)

Anonymous said...

Bush's new health care proposal is a big giveaway to corporations who will now put the onus on employees to pay for their own care. Bush's SOTU was terrible! He caved to the leftists' like no president since his daddy did when he raised taxes.

All politicians are liars who deserve severe punishment. Those elites are the real enemy we face!

Anonymous said...

I saw that article yesterday as well. the paragraph that got my eye was;

According to an aide to EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, speaking on condition of anonymity, there will be a "historic political evolution and movement in negotiations in the next few weeks and few months, unseen since the Camp David peace talks in 2000."

He seams so sure about the next few weeks and few months! I wonder how much C.Rice influenced these negotiations. May God have mercy on us if she did.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this article from world net daily.


Olmert's party proposes handing West Bank to Europe
Follows WND reports of secret talks to evacuate strategic territory under EU supervision

Could this be the changes that Solana was refering to for the next few weeks and few months???? Time to pray up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks child of god for posting the follow-up. I might have missed it if it weren't for you. The Jerusalem News Wire picked up the story, but I don't see anyone else picking it up. The only thing I see is that the powers that be might feel that the audience is not prepped enough to accept the move.

Anonymous said...

I just got my new computer and I'm back up and online. Now I'm just waiting for installation of high speed internet via satellite. It looks like I've missed a lot of news over the past couple of weeks. Well, back to work so I can start using the global internet village to our advantage.


Dawn said...

Rich! Good to have you back. Look forward to your analysis of some of the things going on here.

Anonymous said...

I have an article (I believe mabye the same one you referenced) that has O'connor stating that she and the court had to take foriegn laws into account when deciding the Texas case.

I believe it also said something about other nations opinions of the US when deciding laws.

I can send it if you like. It's in my newsletter archives. Just drop me an e-mail if you want it.

Brian Davis

Anonymous said...

Thanks to someone at Herb's site. Here is an interview with Aaron Klein from World Net Daily on the situation in Israel now.


DavidinBattleCreek said...

I must say that the time line that Herb Peters outlined seems rather accurate.

Anonymous said...

Herb posted an interesting article he called "Israel's NATO Umbrella?" Constance once pointed out that there are swastikas in the NATO flag. I had to really look at it for awhile, but once I saw them, I counted 5 of them. To see them, print off a copy of the flag, take some post it notes and start to cover all of one color. The ramining, piece will become evident.


Anonymous said...

I made a typo on my last post, I meant to type 3 not 5.


Anonymous said...

This was posted by someone on an earlier thread. Because most people don't read comments posted to earlier threads and I felt this was important, I carried it over to here. With control of information on all individuals, they can determine who gets the awards, the scholarships, the academic jobs, the political jobs, etc. They can be very sure of their ability to control the loyalty of any appointees anywhere. Welcome to one world government.

Anonymous said...

Just seeing this post now.... I think what interests me about Carter is his involvement with Pearson Ed Publishing and Dame Marjorie Scardino, Pearson's CEO. Pearson is the leader in developing many assessments of all kinds. It has purchased many assessment tools for assessing mental illness including the MMPI--once used to assess psychosis. All of these products are being marketed in the education division. Pearson scores the SAT which was botched last year. Pearson has the textbooks, teacher training and evaluation services, classroom management products, data base development and storage, and controls high stakes testing-that is tests that must be passed to graduate from high school in several states. Pearson publishes the London Financial Times (Bildeberger involved) and the Economist as well as Penguin Books. Pearson plans include being the global producer of all educational media in the world. Scardino heads the Carter Centre board in the UK. She is an American who used to publish a small newspaper then suddenly became the head Of Pearson. This UK media conglomerate wants to see mental health screening of all students and has the products and data storage and retrieval to have a digital dossier on every person in the world. Already many American students have a Pearson dossier.

3:12 PM

Anonymous said...

News story picked up at Yahoo. http://www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/

Yoga stretches into public schools
(story at link)

You might be surprised to see how many public schools allow the practice of yoga into the schools.

I wonder if they discovered that teaching Judaism and Christianity led to better behaved students or if Christian and Jewish prayers led to less stress and more relaxed behavior, then would they encourage them. I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing coincidence.....NOT. Somehow the changers everywhere have the same agenda at work. Remember the discussion about foreign law being used at a basis for law in our country, the US?

Over at Carrie's blog she has a link to a confrontation between two sides in the Catholic community in Italy regarding whether an individual should be allowed to take their own life if they feel treatment is burdensome. If you want to see that discussion, go over there. What interested me is the following:

"The complete text of the French law indicated as a model by cardinal Martini, and seen instead as morally unacceptable by bishop Sgreccia:
ahref="http://www.senat.fr/dossierleg/ppl04-090.html">> Loi n. 2005-370 du 22 avril 2005"

So here we have Italians citing French law!

Anonymous said...

In connection with a thread previously referred to, here is a comment made by a poster at Carrie's blog. Alexandra is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi.

"It's interesting Alexandra Pelosi attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart in SF. This is an rscj school--Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus founded by St. Madeliene Sophie Barat. This order operates mostly very pricey schools made famous by their association to the Kennedy Clan. Some more notorious alums include writers Mary McCarthy (Seattle) and others. The Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan hosted several of the New Age events honoring Teilhard de Chardin in 2005.
anon | 01.30.07 - 2:11 pm | # "

And so New Age thinking creeps into the higher levels of government.


Anonymous said...

As things are really slow here, I think it is a good opportunity to suggest that readers go to the University of Michigan link on the first page. In Adobe it will open up the titles in boxes of research turned over to the university. It may give new researchers into the New Age movement an idea of how extensive is the work that must be done to document the changes taking place in the culture.


Anonymous said...

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Dawn said...


Anonymous said...

Centralization is the oldest story there is, in man's pursuit for the control of his environment and over himself. With all of the hoopla today over diminishing resources, the call goes out stronger than ever for the need to band together into one great community.

This is not God's way, nor is it in His plan for His creation. Nimrod was the first to attempt unification on a large scale, and was swiftly defeated by God. Many lesser men have tried the same with similar outcome, and so it continues.

The totalitarian will never give up his aim toward global unification. He will not be stopped by anything less than what has always intervened in the past in every scenario... the will of an indignant and righteous God.

Our duty is to inform... to get the word out. What happens after that is the prerogative of the Almighty, and rightly so.

We've reached the stage in our society where everything is subject to individual interpretation, and where right and wrong blurs in a haze of private perspective. Humanity cannot be trusted to do what's right or necessary to end this conflict. The tyrant only need understand that he is an endangered species, and that this reality is the only forum he will ever have to realize his dream of attaining godhood.

The Real McCoy is soon to return, and it will indeed be finished.

Constance Cumbey said...

To LaCroix,

Good post and thanks!

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