Saturday, October 07, 2006

Unification Church dangers lurking at UN?


Javier Solana’s BIG agenda item has been “UN Reform”. Back in 1983, Joseph Tully, director of CAUSA USA, admitted to me they were working with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center. He volunteered the name of Creme's front organization, "Tara Center," to me himself. It did not come from my lips in that very bizarre confrontation. Needless to say, I have kept the closest of eyes on Unification Church in all of its ugly manifestations since. In 1990, I had a well publicized local debate with Ed Taub, Rev. Moon's designated leader then for the Metropolitan Detroit area.

I was distressed to see in 1987 that Jerry Falwell was serving as a keynote speaker for the CAUSA organization. More than ample warnings had gone to the Christian community about this group for many years both before and after. Since then Falwell has accepted large sums of moneys from known Unification Church sources to keep his Liberty University financially afloat. Needless to say, we hear shockingly little from Jerry Falwell, Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, and so many others about the not-so-hidden dangers of compromise with Unification Church. Their usual line is that it’s ok to take money from such sources, the devil has had it long enough. More likely, the devil has now bought their silence. I pray all of the above will promptly repent. With our “born-again” president and his administration, it appears that some ultimate prizes may have been handed to this devil we should have known. Rev. Moon has long boasted that the day would come when people would have to “seek Father’s permission” to run for public office in the USA. Rev. Moon who impudently refers to himself as “The Lord of the Second Advent” has not slacked in his efforts to advance a theology that Jesus failed in his assigned mission to have children and form a new covenant race. Rev. Moon shamelessly preaches that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ represented failure and hopelessness rather than redemption for the human race. It turns out that the Bush administration has long had a high level Moon follower in the deepest bowels of growing UN global power. Her name is Josette Sheeran Shiner. She has long served as an assistant director at the State Department for the United States government. [2] The Bush administration is now apparently nominating her to be in full charge of a world food program.[3] Already she was on the ominously named “System Wide Coherence” high level panel of the United Nations.[4] This is also the panel charged with proposals for UN Reform. In 1983 Joseph Tully, the director of CAUSA, USA, (a major Unification Church front group) personally admitted to me: “Yes, we work with Benjamin Crème AND TARA CENTER.” I had confronted him with known Moonie presence at a Benjamin Crème event in Detroit, 1984. I had not mentioned Tara Center to him. He went on to say, “but we don’t all agree on who that new Christ is!” I said to him, “yes, but you all agree on who he isn’t, don’t you? You all agree he isn’t Jesus and he isn’t Jewish.” That my friend is the test of antichrist, not who’s currently jockeying for power in your crummy movement.”I am now afraid, very afraid, that the Moonies are indeed making major and successful power plays – both in Washington and at UN headquarters in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. Given the other confluence of events, may the Lord help us all!






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2006/sgsm10349.doc.htm for SYSTEM WIDE COHERENCE

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More information of the REAMS of information on the internet, mostly and sadly from mocking non-Christians who recognize more of the harm than most of our Evangelical leaderls have seen:

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