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Solana has new peace deal in works with moderate Arab countries?


According to an article appearing in The Hindu Times today (August 20, 2006), three moderate Arab governments in the Middle East are pushing for a new Israel peace plan. You may read it for yourself by pressing here! If not, I have already archived it.[1] Those countries are Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. According to the same source, it was those same countries that led to “Arabs and Israelis launching the Madrid peace talks, months after the war that expelled Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.”

That 1991 conference, held in Madrid, was co-hosted by Russia’s Prime Minister Gorbachev and USA’s President George Bush (the elder). It was coordinated by Javier Solana who worked at that job even before taking the Spanish cabinet Foreign Minister post.[2] He was, however, the official spokesman for the Spanish government, even then.

The plans are serious and again Javier Solana is playing a prominent role. He met, according to THE HINDU source with Israeli and Lebanese officials last weekend. Today (this Sunday), Arab foreign ministers are meeting in Cairo. According to “THE HINDU”

“Solana's ``feeling is that we now need a big push, otherwise we shall see more fires breaking out in the future,'' a European Union official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make statements to the press. . . . Israel's defense minister, Amir Peretz, said last week that resumption of a dialogue with Syria and the Palestinians was possible. ‘Every war creates an opportunity for a new political process,’ he said.’” [3]

In one of my recent articles, I quoted New Age Movement activist Peter LeMesurier’s THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, specifically the portion stating that their “New David” may well have to pursue his agenda (for a phony Second Coming and acceptance as “world messiah) amidst a time of turmoil such as the world has never seen.”

To paraphrase old Saturday Night Live Dana Carvey/“Church Lady” tapes, “could it be? . . could it be?

As friend Herb Peters says, STAY TUNED!


[2] (In case this one disappears from view, I’ve archived it as well.

Solana couldn't pull off getting European troops onto Lebanon's border although that was his goal. He may be able to do it with the Muslim countries after all he appears to have bought them with all of the money he and his compadres have sent in.

We will see now whether enough of the Israeli leadership has been bought off by the one worlders. Too many people believe that all Jews and Israelis think alike. There's probably more political ferment there than in 90 percent of the other countries. Let's hope the concensus is to look at what the future really holds and not just believe in wishful thinking.
why do you always put up a new post everytime I put up my comments? I have noticed this all along. You know that a new post essentially ends further attention to the preceding thread. If you don't want my comments, why not just censor my comments and delete them from the thread. This would be more forthright.
Brothers Keeper:
Do you feel guilty of something? I have never seen that kind of responce before.
Constance: I appologise ahead of time. I'm not trying to detract from your posting. It is a great post that could probably go on for a while considering the events that have happened in the middle east and the ones that are about to.

Brothers keeper: Since you claim to be of the faith, its time you hear a bit of truth. YOU NEED DELIVERANCE! Your agenda rots to the pit of hell.
I put up an EXTREMELY important post at past 3 a.m. when I badly needed sleep because it was IMPORTANT, BREAKING NEWS, and what's more, I had not read what "brothers keeper" said on yesterday's post, but you can bet I'll read it EXTREMELY CAREFULLY now. Yesterday's article is still there, on this site, as are others (I have now expanded the current site to include all articles for the month." I will now tell "brothers keeper" and all those with agendas of anti-Semitism, and/or "hate all Arabs" that I have no sympathy for those agendas or their proponents. Liberty Lobby and I have tangled for many years and I believe the Willis Cartos and Eustace Mullins of this world are true enemies of God! If anybody has their type of thinking in mind, long past TIME TO REPENT!
Back articles are still available for their own comment sections. I hope all will read Dorothy Margraf's very fine article yesterday. This was not put up to pre-empt that. It was put up because of the breaking news for which at least I recognized significance on several levels, not the least of which was PROPHETIC!
There is a lot of information coming fast (too fast) and I'm going to read Dorothy's post as soon as I've completed the newly posted Alliance of Civilizations report. If you're reading this Dorothy, I know I already have some questions for you that I haven't yet posted so please keep your eye on that blogspot.

Brothers Keeper,
Back in the commenting section we had an interesting commenter.

" Seven Star Hand

* Age: 51
* Gender: male
* Astrological Sign: Leo
* Zodiac Year: Sheep
* Industry: Education
* Occupation: Messiah
* Location: United States

About Me

I know my writings are long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages."

I checked out his websites and found he wrote several books which included similar charges as yours against the Jews. Interesting.

Is it possible that you and Seven are the same person? Only someone arrogant enough to give himself the title "Messiah" would be arrogant enough to charge that Constance would try to block out their rant with some very important breaking information.
Is Alliance of Civilizations another blog?
It seems as if the whole middle east is falling into Solana's hands one finger at a time. I kind of figured something was up earlier this year when Solana would not side with Bush on labeling the terrorist groups of the middle east. Especially the ones that went against Israel during this latest conflict. Solana is still not willing to label these groups as terrorist. He only speaks out against the terrorist events and not the participating groups. So now in action, you might as well call Solana a 'moderate muslim' as this is the way it will be taken in the middleastern Islamic world. Israel wont see it this way unfortunately. But the reality is, any political and military moves that are counted as a sucess in the muslim world, will just increase and be repeated wold wide until they have full domination. Solana is a smart man and he knows this. Solana's day to shine , I'm afraid, is coming quickly. I pray for the protection of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. The finale peace, that only God himself will bring.

I do not want this to be viewed as an anti-muslim propaganda for it is not. This is only showing the alliance that is forming that will eventually fulfill Bible prophecy.
Here is something I thought would be of interest. Jack Vanimpe stated in his 30 min. online video that the Bible describes that the anti-christ will come from Spain... Did this catch your eyes?!!
go to the above link, then click on watch TV. It will bring you to the video braodcast dates to be able to watch. Click on the Aug. 12, 06 dated video. The comment is at approx 18 minute mark. However the whole video is worth watching whether you view end times the same way as him or not. It is a 30 min. video.
I do believe Jack stated something he had researched when he made the 'Spain' comment, however it does not disagree with the Bible. I believe it is a direct reference to Solana. This is not a new concept as we here at this blog know. He talks about the 7 years and other things tying to world events. It will be worth your time. Sorry I could not give you a direct hook up link.
Child of God, King Juan Carlos of Spain has had many people commenting that he is the antichrist. Impe has been pushing Carlos for top spot candidate.
Sarcastic site, but the information is interesting.

In the following thread there are some suggested descriptions of the antichrist by someone who doesn't believe in that concept, but knows there are evil leaders. Follow his description thru the comments. By golly, Solana may not be the antichrist, but he sure can be considered an evil leader...
I agree.
To anon of 2;19
I want you to know I agree with your statements, not your links. Please dont take offence. I know you warned me ahead of time, but there are some evil comments there. Some of the comments reminded me of that 7 stars guy. I just don't see any of those links being able to bump off Solana as my number one guess. I tried though. Thanks for the links!
Brothers keeper

I think you're assertion is quite spurious. Many times when I wake up in the morning, the sun is up. Did the sun rise because of me? I doubt that Constance's blog writing schedule revolves around you. I can't speak for her, but I think I'm right. Your Anti-Semitic (is that how you spell it) rants are infuriating, but not enough to chase away the truth.

I don't know how you can take a comment I make about Rick Warren and turn it into some statement against Zionism. Zionism is a process started by God. Argue with God about it. It's His plan. Right now I'm watching some ridiculous show about the alphabet that my kids are watching. Does this also prove your point about Zionism?

What you stumbled on is very significant! That explains the actions of the Arab League and some of the events involving this Middle East cease-fire. Even Herb Peters commented about this.

With Iran doing its military exercises I wonder if this is a practice for the attack on Israel prophesied in Ezekiel.

Constance, as kids use to say a few years ago, you go girl!
To 10:58 AM

The Alliance of Civilizations is not a blog site. It is a United Nations initiative with the stated purpose of forming alliances across civilizations by combating extremism and intolerance. They are working their agenda by supposedly working to ensure children's and women's rights as well as comat xenophobia and terrorism. Alliance literature and UN press releases in the areas I mentioned above conclude that those "who feed on exclusion and claim sole ownership of the truth" are the the root causes of the world's problems. In other words, anyone who has a religion and believes that religion to be true would fall into the "extremist" and "intolerant" category and that, by Alliance standards, will not be tolerated.

In my opinion, Van Impe took his "Juan Carlos as antichrist" from Charles Taylor who was propounding the theory. Very interesting, except it neither fits reality nor prophecy. The prophecy was "a vile person shall arise to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom." Juan Carlos is a king. His power is symbolic only. Javier Solana clearly now wields very real power in the form of the consolidated military power of Europe and much of its budget. Van Impe has had every opportunity to follow up on Solana as he did earlier on the New Age Movement. I'm sad to say that sometimes he holds his finger up in the air to see what way the wind is blowing before taking any stands. But, better late than never! I'm afraid that all too often I got the word out at great personal and financial sacrifice. Then after that they took up their offerings and made money for washed down non-offensive, non-complete versions of the truth about the New Age Movement and the European Union! But that's ok. God knows who did what.
Constance, right on with that last comment. Christians and Jews, liberal and conservative, have both promoted their little acceptable circles of establishment leadership. They want to call the agenda, and anyone who doesn't get their approval and who doesn't kowtow can forget getting an audience thru them.

The New Age movemeent is a repeat of a movement that was coming to fruition around the early part of the 20th century. It was extremely well planned, involving organizations and individuals in unexpected places. Then WWII happened. When they were bringing it forward again, they never expected opposition. They thought they had all of their ducks in a row. They never expected someone to break news into the community about New Age.

The Christians and Jews, conservatives and liberals, who had already bought into New Age ideas certainly didn't want anyone stepping on their toes. As you can corroborate, and everyone else should know, there were others, who based on your leads tried to present information on New Age to others but who ran into brick walls set up by the establishment.

An excuse that they used is that a lot of crazy ideas come and go and why be bothered with any of them. To understand the ideas of New Age and why they are dangerous requires a lot of brainwork, a lot of research and a lot of time. People are easily discouraged. The establishment figureheads did that work very well by saying that they knew what was going on and had it under control. It is still going on.
Rich in Medford:

If you wanted to contribute a guest article to this site on Alliance of Civilizations, I would welcome it and I'm sure I speak for Dorothy Margraf as well. As many links and elaboration as you can post are needed. The fifth seal of Revelation and the prophecies of Daniel Chapter 7 both allude to a war against God's peoples. It sounds like it is advancing. I have kept a file since 1981 labeled "War against Fundamentalism." It sounds like you have some very current resources that we all need to be aware of while we still have the freedom to talk to each other and work. It reminds me of the old song, "Work for the night is coming, when we can work no more." That night is steadily advancing upon us.

In every other endeavor, adhearance to the fundamentals is seen as a good thing, e.g., "The Tigers are doing so well this year because of their mastery of the fundamentals."
Kinda like Tiger Woods, who just won his 12th major title?

Way to Go Tiger! :)
I write leave comments here on your threads about Zionism because the real nature of Zionism is inextricably associated with the upcoming appearance of the "man of sin". All those learning about the one should also be very interested in the other.

I don't know why I am falsely accused of hating Jews when I explicitely and repeatedly avow I HAVE NO ANIMOSITY TOWARD JEWS. But I am not an accomplished researcher and writer, and perhaps I do not express my points very clearly. Here is a link to an article written by someone who is not so handicapped. Read and think carefully. It is very well written. The truth is irrefutable when it is honestly faced up to.
I am just trying to warn that even those of you who hold sincere opinions can still be sincerely wrong. I do not seek to argue. Read by the Spirit of God. The Spirit of Truth is your teacher.
To "Brother's Keeper":

Me thinketh me smelleth "Yisrael Ben Hawkins" and his Abilene, Texas based "House of Yahweh," a dangerous immoral polygamy preaching cult with whom I tangled successfully as a lawyer in 1998. Yeah sure, "The Plan" is the only defense against the Antichrist? GIVE US ALL A BREAK!
Dear Readers:

Yes, I believe we have been visited by either representatives of "The House of Yahweh" or a wannabe knockoff in the person of "brothers keeper" and possibly that "messiah." Among the numerous "false christs and messiahs shall arise and deceive many" have been Rev. Moon, "Buffalo Bill Hawkins" now known as Yisrayl Ben Hawkins" (with various spellings), John Rogers (the founder of MSIA - Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness -- he is Arianna Huffington's guru), etc., etc., ad nauseum. They are all exceedingly dangerous on at least a spiritual level and all too often on a physical here and now level. Best case scenario, they leave their followers BROKE. Worst case scenaro, dead (Koresh, Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate)
Thanks Constance,

I would be interested in compiling for the readers the Alliance materials. I will get in touch with you as I start to prepare the documentation. I’m am still in the reading stage and as you know, as one begins to read this material, suddenly the scope of what you expected to read expands due to the discovery of unexpected participants involved in the initiative.

I am a no one, and especially am not a two-bit cult leader, or even member. If you were to actually meet me we could both have a good laugh as to how ordinary and simple I am, and very far from being any kind of cult leader.

I am simply a believer trying to discuss and share my undertanding on a forum that I thought would be met by fellow believers in Christ doing likewise. I in no way detract from your work to raise awarensess of a) the real nature of the New Age movement, and b) the possible prophetic identity of holder of the office of EU Foreign Minister.
I am seeking to contribute by rounding out our awareness on these matters with an awareness of how Zionist movement and State of Israel fits into the overall scheme with these other topics. It should be noted that true understanding of the real nature of Zionism is essential to a closer understanding of the entirety of the situation.

The article I referenced above is clear and incisive. The real strength of the article is that the author limits his discussion primarily to scripture, and then only briefly refers to historical and political citations to fill out and confirm his thesis.

I am just an simple man sharing what I think is a very important aspect of understanding with my brothers here who I think may have a misunderstanding regarding the real nature of Zionism.

Some it seems would make support of Israel tantamount to a condition of salvation, and a veritable test as to acceptance as a Christian. This is nothing short of heresy. A form of un-biblical fanaticism. Zionism is a cult heresy, and calls for 'rightly dividing the word' to be exposed for what it is.

I don't think you took the time to thoughtfully read the article. Our understanding needs to come from the light of the New Testament. Not from popular best-selling, authors like Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye. They spin fantasies and dangerous distortions.

Go with the Word. Read the article and evaluate it for its content.
NATO's 21st-century task: going from 'Europe' to 'global' .... ABC News >>>
I watched the special on Rick Warren on Fox News last night. It was very nice. They did point out that Rupert Murdoch is a financial contributor to Rick Warren's work. It almost had the tone of an infomercial. There was nothing that addressed some of the critism that his work could be somewhat influenced by the New Age Movement. However, I left thinking Rick Warren is okay. I'll still keep my eye on him, though, because with the New Age Movement you just never know who you can trust. (Obviously, the only one we can trust is Jesus.)
Since Rupert Murdoch owns Harper Collins and Zondervan (you'll note they're open even on Sunday now), publisher of not only "Purpose Driven," but the TNIV and the NIV, AND Fow News Channel, I'd say he has a tiny stake in the various activities of Rick Warren.
HarperCollins has been the publisher of some of the worst of the worst of Matthew Fox's books!
David, it looks like you fold very easily. You are right. It was an infomercial. Rick Warren and wife, came across like Bush and wife, as "very nice people." Did you hear anything about his financial situation, the size of his staff, who he networks with, an analysis of his theology, from people who might have left his church or former workers. Wow, he wears Hawaiian shirts. He looks like he could be anyone's beer buddy, one of the guys.

From everything I've come across, he has a purpose drive life...and the purpose is political influence.
Brothers Keeper

Its nice to see you respond out of humility. And I don't say this to confront you. That article you gave for a link is biblically wrong on many accounts as well as personal opinions like 'counterfit Jewish exiles' as well as falsely accusing "tens of thousands of evangelical churches" from the article. I have seen too many articles like this, and posted here on this blog as well. There are no references to back up the denominations who directly give finances specifically for the building of the Jewish temple. I have never heard of such a thing coming to light with proof from any article. Not to say that it is impossible. But tens of thousands, not even heard of except from people who promote anti-Jewish agendas. As far as the comment about the "counterfit Jews" would you also call the Jews who were killed by Hitler counterfit Jews? Just a thought. However the Bible clearly states who the 'physical' Jews are. Paul also brings this up in Romans. Genesis and Exodus are full of continual references of who the Jews came from, including the blessings past down from the fathers. It also tells you who the tribes came from. Now to give you a partial non-biblical perspective of who the Jews are currently. DNA testing has gone on world wide since the mid 80's to find the tribes around the world who match up to the DNA of their forefathers. Now some of this was being supported by secular Jews and other orthadox groups. They have found tribes from remote areas around the world, and they also still practice the torah and have had no knowledge of Jesus Christ whatsoever. These different Jewish tribes were dispersed during the Babylonian period of Nebuchadnezzar. They brout back 70,000 Israelites to Babylon. Well what do you think happened to all the other Israelites? They didn't all die! Many were dispersed to the rest of the world at that time, and brought the parts of the old testament that were written at that time. 70 A.D. was not the only dispersion of the Jews. Most of the tribes changed their languages over the mellenia to the areas that they were in. So they lost the written word in Hebrew. However, they still practiced what they had learned to this day, only passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation. They believed it so much that they are still considered sexually pure (or vigins) and did not practice or intermarry with the groups of pagans around them. This is pretty amazing in itself. Now one thing that might be of interest to you is all the tribes listed in Revelation have now been found and already have been brought back to Israel. Most of these people have never heard the name of Jesus at all. They lived in fairly remote ares of the world because of persecution. However they still know of a coming Messiah. It is very likely that these people will accept Christ if they are shown the complete Old testament and new testament that they never recieved and compare all the prophecies refering to Jesus being the Messiah. The Holy Spirit is a very convicting force especially to innocent Jews. It makes me discusted to see all these anti-Jewish Christian articles that crucify them and lift up the true believers in Christ. When are some groups of Christians going to get the hint that we are to love them just as well as each other? The reality is you will never be able to witness to an orthadox Jew if you don't love them first! Christians are portrayed as Jew killers because they called the Jews 'Christ killers' while killing them. Then Hitler called himself a Christian. Now when are you going to participate in loving the Jews and not just tollerating them? You want to win one to Christ? Its time to re-educate yourself with a different biblical perspective. There isn't much time left to re-educate yourself either, because we know what time we are on the verge of! I do not fund any building of the Jewish temple stuff, however it is very interesting to follow, and it is a sign of the times. Most Christians who pay attention fall in to this category. Will you be one? I hope so.
Dear Brother's Keeper:

Of course it is impossible for me to fully judge another's hearts and minds; HOWEVER, I based my conclusions on correlating the House of Yahweh by informed experience and knowledge. I've looked at their materials for many years and had successful legal dealings against them in 1998. If you are not part of them, I regret to say, you look from what I've seen so far as though you could fit right in. I followed links from the site you referenced this morning to the "Name of God" movement of which they are also a part. If you read my book and examined my sources (Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, etc.,) there could be no doubt in your mind that what you are saying about the Jews and an Israeli homeland is EXACTLY what Alice Bailey wrote. That's an old line: "We're not anti-Semitic, we're anti-Zionist! Give me a break!

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has bright yellow feathers, it must be a duck!

Convince me I'm wrong about you. But I am recognizing a conventional New Age line from you that is also common to figures such as David Icke and Eustace Mullins. And most certainly and most emphatically, I reject "Buffalo Bill Hawkins" n/k/a "Yisrael Ben Hawkins" d/b/a HOUSE OF YAHWEH in Abilene, Texas and elsewhere.
The ties that bind, hmm? From press:

"Iran has not yet said precisely how it will reply. A senior Iranian official said Iran might give a written response to European ambassadors in Tehran but said mostly likely Iran will deliver the reply in Brussels to Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief who presented the package.

Iran has said its reply will be "multi-dimensional", suggesting no simple 'yes' or 'no'."

-New in Christ
MLK said there is no difference between antisemitism and antizionism.
Those following the discussion on Rick Warren should look at the writings at Herescope which is linked to on the first page of this blog. A series of essays for the month of August deal with this new spirituality which I dare not call Christianity...

Prefacing a sentence with the name Jesus does not necessarily make it true.
Does anyone see any significance in Iran giving its message to Solana on August 22???
Rick Warren's connections? Somebody did research on that. The website is down, but if you go to the cached version of this, which I found through Google when I put you will see some very interesting connections... Look particularly at the long list in the middle.

Rick Warren Connections
Rev. Rick Warren - Saddleback Community Church Dr. Luder Whitlock Jr - Foundation for Reformation Dr. Bruce Wilkinson - Global Vision Resources ... - 67k - Cached - Similar pages
This time it came up. As it's a long link, try
12:01 PM

I've been thinking the exact same thing! My gut feeling is that Iran will accept Solana's proposal. Upon acceptance, the one obstacle (enrichment) to the EU-Iran Trade Co-operation Agreement will disappear and Iran will enter into the European expansion zone. Acceptance of the proposal will ENSURE that Iran has a place at the table in the middle east peace process. I posted several Europa server links documenting this in a previous blog--the that currently has 40 comments.

Also, from what I see, the Mediterranean Association Agreements requires that the EuroMed states (one being Israel) de-militarize. I see nowhere that indicates the EU will require the same of Iran. So Iran's mystical leader may be about to get his fangs sharpened, plus gain his spiritual teacher too.

Hmmm, it looks like I may be eating my words. Iran is bucking and may not want to be part of the EU neighborhood.

Dr. Solana, who is "vacationing in Spain" says that the lengthy and detailed Iranian response "needs careful analysis."

See: www.freenewmexican/com/news/
Well, Rick Warren's special did seem so convincing, but my allergy to ragweed is getting in the way. This is what infomercials do, right? Make what they're selling seem like the best thing ever. The infomercial with Carlton Sheets (you know, the No Down Payment guy) makes him out to be a financial genius. But you know in the back of your mind, it's all a rip-off, a sham.
Well here could be the beggining of an Iraian responce. I found this link from Heb's web site.
Persia will come against Israel and the antichrist, right? So, I would not expect Iran to jump onto the EU train YET.

That written, I do expect Iran to demonstrate just how embolden it has become and for "something" to happen that will be the springboard for Daniel's prophecy regarding Damascus.

Oh, did you also notice that Italy was all over the media plugs yesterday as the main UN force to go into Lebannon?

-New in Christ
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