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Javier Solana may have new battle on hand

Big Fight may be brewing over Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process and the European Neighbourhood Policy (“Neighborhood” to USA residents)

It appears that Javier Solana may have a fight on his horizon – one that will be fascinating for all to watch. Then again, it may be another one of his obviously planned events. Given his close relationship with Germany’s leaders, one of whom is his former deputy, and another a co-physicist, it’s hard to tell. If it is in fact a real controversy, I’m wondering who will come out on top. Currently, I’m betting it will be him. This time, the fight (if it is a fight) is over his beloved Barcelona Process and its supposedly reinvigorating “Neighbourhood Action Policy”. For the record, I have used the European spelling of Neighborhood. Americans Googling it are likely to spell it “Neighborhood.”

According to an Israeli news source,[1] Germany has proposed dismantling the European Neighborhood Policy. You may read all about it here.

According to this article, if it happens, as far as Israel is concerned, so what. There are other vehicles for EU – Israeli cooperation:

“Anyone worried by the significance of the policy for Israel can relax. It is doubtful if there was anyone in either Brussels or Jerusalem who knew how Israel was supposed to participate in the neighborhood policy venture. Free trade in goods between Israel and the EU already exists under the association treaty. There are many channels for R&D cooperation: Israeli participation in EU Framework Programmes for R&D, Galileo global satellite navigation system (GNSS), and Eureka Network for Market Oriented R&D.” (emphasis in original)

That composing analyst also thinks that Barcelona was better:

“The picture is very different for the other countries in the Middle East and North Africa. The European Neighborhood Policy is designed to reduce immigration to Europe from North Africa; a policy to bring in goods and maybe services from neighboring lands, but not people. As for Germany, the challenge is to change the meaning of the border between Central and Eastern Europe, from a border of “up to here” that divides economically and culturally, to a border “from here” that will allow the expansion of Europe eastwards.
“The only alternative for halting the tide of immigration from the south would be to revive the Barcelona Process, the multilateral framework between the EU and Mediterranean basin countries for the promotion of trade, culture, politics, the environment, and so on.
“The other countries of the Middle East and North Africa felt more comfortable with the Barcelona Process than with the European Neighborhood Policy, which would have made difficult demands not only for regulating markets, but also in the area of civil rights. But the Barcelona Process has existed for 11 years, with few achievements. It is doubtful if Southern Europe has the time to wait for a solution to be found that suits the poor of the Middle East and North Africa. It is also doubtful if France will forego its ambition for political influence in the Middle East and North Africa.
“There is an impression that Germany cares for none of this. Someone will yet tell them that, if neither the Barcelona Process of the European Neighborhood Policy exist, the construction of an actual wall will then be on the agenda. In other words, if the proposal of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is accepted, Europe will have no choice but to build physical obstacles against the Middle East and North Africa. "

Well, given Germany’s not all that distance past and more recent incidents of Turkish workers being the recipient of “aufslander auf” (outlander out), there may be something to what is written.

Other analysts have different opinions. The EU OBSERVER has called for more reinvigorating of the Barcelona Process.[2] Given the Barcelona Process’s originally declared war on “religious fundamentalism, worldwide,” and the blame that will be placed upon just that for things now occurring in the Middle East, I smell things rapidly and tragically heading in that direction.

“The Barcelona Process should not be abandoned, nor should it be allowed to continue on its current low key scale. Barcelona, the only forum outside the UN where Israel participates alongside its Arab neighbours, should be reinvigorated and made a forum for dialogue on high politics of war and peace in the region. The decoupling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the Barcelona Process should be ended, and the forum should be used as a means to agree upon concrete action plans for democratic transition in countries lacking civil liberties.[3]

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8/3/2006, 8:29 AM

Well, it looks more daily like I’ve observed for many years: If you’re a blonde, blue-eyed pagan, the “New World Order” may be a [temporarily] great place for you. If you’re anything else, you may be in a whole heap of trouble.”

As friend Herb Peters says, stay tuned!

This is “Globes [Online] Israel’s Business Arena”
[3] “[Comment] The EU must accept democratically elected opponents in the Middle East” 25.07.2006 - 17:27 CET By Tobias Gräs
I rather doubt the nordic ancestry will ever be a world issue, unless it turns around the other way, where these are the first suspects as holdouts against the New Age Religion (n.a.r.) The traditionally non-Catholic Christian nations (primarily Scandinavia) being largely populated by such.
But it will finally come down to whether one will receive the mark of Beast worships or not. This will be considered initiation into the n.a.r., which is being instituted as the NWO state religion. In fact, the NWO will be very spiritual. It will probably be open to any and all. (you know, as in politically correct 'diversity') It is 'exclusive' beliefs that will not be tolerable.
Very interesting Constance. It looks staged to me. What better way to bring the Barcelona Process to the forefront than to threaten it? Here is a working paper from the EuroMesCo web site.

Paper 1: Germany Gradually Becoming a Mediterranean State

In 1994 and 1995, when European Union leaders and European Commission administrators began to set the framework for a New Mediterranean Policy, it was hardly lost on anybody that Germany was not exactly enthusiastic about this undertaking. The German government wanted the European Union to give clear preference to its neighbours in Eastern Europe, particularly insofar as financial commitments were involved. Implicitly at least, the Mediterranean was considered a special interest of the Southern European Union member states. Still, during preparations for the European Union Summit of Cannes in the Summer of 1995, Germany sought to limit the European Union budget funds that would be set aside for financial assistance to the Mediterranean partner states. German officials regarded it as a success when the Summit limited that package to the amount of ECU 4,685 million for the 1995-1999 period – almost ECU 1,000 million less than originally proposed by the Commission.

Since that time, however, particularly since the Barcelona Conference of November 1995, German interest in Europe's Mediterranean neighbourhood has been increasing. Two years after Barcelona, Germany's political elite not only gives clear support to the European Union's Mediterranean initiative, it also views the Mediterranean as an important field for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union, and Mediterranean policies as an overall European as well as a German interest. This paper will briefly sketch the background to this development...

To read more:

Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero has laid out the EU’s cards stressing the importance of the Barcelona Process—my bet is that it is here to stay until the Lord removes it.

From the EuroMed web site:
"The Mediterranean favours closer ties amongst the peoples"

Here is a link to the Spain's working paper submitted to the Alliance of Civilizations. If you haven't printed or downloaded this, it is worthwhile doing. Some of the words in it are tell-all.

“The Alliance aims to launch a coalescing movement of the vast majority of peoples who do not identify themselves with extremism in various societies in order:

“- To strengthen mutual understanding and respect in practical ways;
“- To counter the influence of those who feed on exclusion and claim sole ownership of the truth;”

The document also points to implementation through the Barcelona Process and the Broader Middle East. Etc. etc.

I promise this will be my last post for awhile. For anyone not familiar with the Barcelona process, it is the EU’s vehicle to bring “peace and security” to the mid-east. Sound prophetic?

From the EuroMed Web site:

The Euro-Mediterranean Association is the main framework for political, economic, and social relations, for dialogue, and for regional CO-OPERATION, in the Mediterranean.
It is the ONLY forum, together with the UN, which in the past ten years has brought together all of the actors in the region. The active participation of Israel and the Palestinian Authority clearly show its capacity for integration. This has made it possible for seemingly irreconcilable actors to sit at the same table in the Euro-Mediterranean Association.

To read more:

This might make for an entertaining made-for-T.V.-movie. It may move at the pace of a chess tournament, but maybe there'll be some surprising plot twists. Herb and Constance can give us the play-by-play. If Detroit (Lions) have another horrible season, this might be a better show.

The article behind your [read about it here] links may have been rapidly removed. I get to the headline, but when I attempt to access the article a "no results" messagebox appears. Is anyone else having this problem?

Well, like I said, ARCHIVE EVERYTHING, IMMEDIATELY! The headline comes up with a link to click here for full study which evidently may be a pay per view deal, I don't know. Story was one of top ones this morning! I do have it archived on my home computer if worse comes to worse. MicroSoft's OneNote program is a handy program for saving this type of thing immediately as well!
To the first anonymous:

Check out the Alice Bailey books which so many New Agers subscribe to in principle. They clearly call for the ascendancy of the Aryan root races and the eventual extinction of all others. Alice Bailey originally published under the name of Lucifer Publishing and then "Lucis Publishing" and "Lucis Trust". They also go by "World Goodwill" and "Triangles."
I checked out the article in question, Rich. In order to read the whole article you have to pay for it or pay for a membership for that particular site. I also had the "no results," but after staying on a bit longer, I found where there was a message that said guest users had to pay.
Council Conclusion NO. 66/06 is the name given to a meeting with the EU on Wednesday. In this meeting was the discussion of peacekeeping forces being sent into Lebanon and a calling for a cease-fire. Javier Solana was called on to be the main arbitrator for all negotiations involved. This information came from Herb Peters web site which has more details. What is it with Solana and three 6's?
I made a comment a couple weeks ago on the comparisons between the New King James version and the regular King James version. Its Revelation 13:18 It shows the number 666. However the reg. King James has it spelled out in the long form. The new King James has it listed as just 666. I think the long form of 666 is a little bit more accurate when looking at all news that is focused on Solana. Check the comparisson out for yourselves, I think you will see it in a different light.
"Who" knows "who" may be the anitchrist (Beast of Revelation?) Solana of course is a canditate, however to conlude (or imply) that he's the #1 prospect is ludicrous. Without substantial evidence, anyone who claims (or implies) to know "who" this MAN OF SIN may be is just another "opinion."

Of course, I'm not stating that Javier Solana is NOT the prophecied Antichrist (Beast.) I'm simply staing the obvious: NO ONE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH KNOWS FOR SURE (100%) WHO THIS MAN OF SIN (The Beast) might be. If someone claims to know (or implies it,) then that person has claimed to be a prophet on the order of Daniel, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, & etc.
It appears to me that you and Herb Peters, are careful to observe and analyze current world events as they relate to prophecies of the last days. And you both seem zealous for the word of God. So I have a question for you, (and Peter too, but this is not his blog. And Peter likes to hide behind his own "heavily moderated" gate keeper 'forum'.)

My question is: How can you see what Israel is doing to their neighbors, which by now we know their intent is to destroy Lebanon, but say NOTHING!??! How can you condone, even if only by silence, this atrocity?!?

Now that Israel is attacking and killing Christians in Christian neighborhoods, is it not time to lose the hypocrisy of turning a blind eye to this evil? Do you not care more about your fellow followers of Christ than you do for the rabid Zionist deniers of Christ?
Do you allow your interpretations of the esoteric prophecies to blind you to the here and now obvious. The state of Israel's bloodlust is no longer satisfied by Palestinian and Muslim blood. Now it wants Chistian blood too.

It is SO VERY OBVIOUS that Israel is not 'defending itself'. This is a brutal asymetrical war of agression, a rampage of indescriminate murder and destruction in which Israel is, beyond any question, the malefactor. Israel is utterly without excuse.
The Hezbollah bottle-rockets have done very little damage to Israel, and killed very few people. There is no justification for Israels maniacal and demonic course of destruction of a helpless neighbor, and slaughter of innocents.

If you were to see any nation, say Russia, doing the very same thing to a smaller and defenseless neighbor, say Finland, what would your sentiments be then?

Of course, the Jewish state of Israel makes no apology for its repudiation of the sacred teachings of Jesus, whom they despise.
But as they wreak this scene of terror, venting their hate and utter disregard for fellowman, they disregard and trample even the old law of Moses.

God's chosen people? More like the Synagogue of Satan.

Now Herb has posed the most preposterous notion, suggesting that diplomacy with Syria is tantamount to making deals with the devil !?, while it is Israel that is killing peaceful Lebanese neighbors, including Christians.

Are you and Herb Christians?? Or does Christ not accept Lebanese believers?

No, lets just disregard the killing of Christians. We must support the rejecters of the Good News. Then God will bless us with material prosperity.
It is not the Holy Spirit working through Israel. It is perdition.

The lib media says that attacks happened to Christians, but it could be more propagana like the Qana bombings where Hezbollah soldiers are dressed in civilian clothing, which goes agaisnt the rules of warfare, thus making them nothing more than terrorists who need to be killed.

I noticed that you didn't mention how many missles Hezbollah shot into Israel. Gee, why is that?! Why is Iran supplying Hezbollah with more missles that can hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by way of Syria?

You must have come from one of the peacenik Bush bashing sites of insanity.
I’ve been reading the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe report that recently appeared on the Alliance of Civilizations’ web site. It looks to me as though this could be the policing enforcement vehicle for the Alliance.

Below are a few sentences I pulled from the report that I found to be of interest:

“The OSCE is the world’s largest regional security organization, comprising 56 participating states.” [This includes the United States]

“The OSCE is primarily a collective body providing a permanent framework for political dialogue among its now 56 participating states.”

The organization has three dimensions
1) The politico-military dimension
2) The economic and environmental dimension
3) The human dimension

“To assist participating states fulfill OSCE commitments in the three dimensions of security, the organization has established a number of institutions, personal representatives on various topics – including tolerance – and field operations. In so doing, the OSCE has given itself the tools to take extensive and effective action at all levels, tackling important matters at the core of the OSCE’s mandate, some of which are directly relevant to the Alliance of Civilizations.

“This all means the OSCE is fully equipped to take concerted action on all the priority areas highlighted by the [Alliance] High Level Group.”

Incidentally, it looks as though they’ve been watching our skies since 2002.

To anom of 7:14 either grow up or open your eyes! Who said they claimed to know that Solana is the Antichrist? I haven't seen one claim in years at this blog! However with that being said Solana does look like the best candidate at the moment. The Bible gives us specific warnings of the traits of the antichrist. Now if you put the pieces together logically and except the face value of the biblical descriptions you will have a clue. We are commanded to watch! Now since you are claiming that it is impossible to know who it might be, does that mean you would have also refused Jesus from old testament prophecy as well during His days, saying it is impossible to know who the Messiah is? Jesus gave a specific warning to those who did not recognise the times they were in. He called them hypocrits "how is it you can determine the weather but not the time of your visitation?" I hope your kind of insane logic isn't contagious because no one will be looking for anything! Including Christ return!
Anon. 7:14

I don't think anyone here will conclusively say that Solana or anyone else is the Anti-christ. I don't think we even have enough proof to get an indictment. I'm not an attorney, but from my days of watching "Law and Order," the O.J. Simpson trial, and Judge Wapner (is that how you spell it) I won't say that Solana is without a doubt the Antichrist.

However, there are some things about him that does raise suspicion. I do believe the Antichrist will rise up from some kind of unified Europe, which is to say the EU. It may not be Solana, but I do believe it may be a successor.

The Antichrist won't be reveiled until the sign the prophet Daniel wrote about. Jesus even says this.
To list all the trates that the anti-christ will have would take quite a while. Now this is my own observation but by no means final. In other words I am still actively comparing people who I see on the world stage. And this is not just my own opinion. There are millions of others Who have the same. Whoever he is has to be a political genious to start. That is the first step because without that no one would be willing to hand over power to the man. This would also mean that he is a very well experienced man with achievements under his belt. You will see a past record of someone in this kind of position. It also would have to be a man that IS CURRENTLY in power who is not currently connected to all these scandals going on in different political fights around the world. He can voice an opinion however. He also cannot be a has been! No one will accept past administrations anywhere in the world for this kind of power. They have all bean tied to some scandal. At this point in time I personally am willing to go out on the limb and say that Solana looks to be the number 1 candidate when comparing all. That is at this point in time. Some Christian groups claim that it will come from the vatican or be the pope himself. Could be...but at this point it does not support that when comparing political deals and treaties currently going on. Not to say that it is impossible to eventually happen. But the one thing I consider is whoever it is, is not just going to charge into the place blaring weapons to take over. People are going to want to side with him not be forced to. But in the end it will become force, only after he has achieved total power. Am I willing to say Solana is the Anti-Christ.. absolutely not! But more and more indicators are falling his way. Call me decieved or stupid for going out on a limb saying this, but thats just fine and dandy. After all someone will eventually get it right. And it will spread like wild fire. And us Christians should be watching and warning others. We will be rewarded in heaven. So for me to keep silent, its against my beliefs!
Humanists at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Dear Brother’s Keeper,

I first read your post last night. I’ll admit that I was very inflamed by your frustration. I was disturbed by your mixed use of confused generalizations and platitudes. Recognizing that I did not want to respond in anger, I decided to pray, and to think, and then decide if a response was warranted.

I am new in Christ. I had always until recently given faith and submission just lip service. I have very much to learn, and for that reason alone I look forward to our Lord’s return! I have much to learn in regard to Christ’s teachings about loving one’s neighbor, and even from the simple notion that I am a sinner and there is not one righteous man in the whole world.

With that written, here are some questions for you:
• Why do you feel that the prophesies are esoteric?
• Why would you feel that Christian sympathy is only invoked by Christian loss? Okay, our church is apostate…is there any other reason?
• Is Hezbollah a terrorist organization or a recognized part of the State of Lebanon?
o When an organization of any stature fires missiles at civilians over the course of years, when it employs suicide bombers against civilians over the course of years, when it builds bunkers and tunnels and arms itself for years, how does it attain legitimacy? Does it achieve legitimacy by feeding, clothing, and providing welfare for the general citizenry? You should look up the term “vigilante.”
o If Hezbollah is comprised of ordinary Lebanese citizens, is it a Lebanese Army?
o If it is an army, then isn’t any attack against Israel an act of war?
o If it is not a Lebanese army, then why was it and still is permitted to remain and continue to fire missiles, attack soldiers, and hide?
• Just who has the bloodlust? Who is rabid, the people who respond to attacks, or the people that dig tunnels, hide bunkers, and train young men to commit suicide?
• How on Earth do you have the gall to call a rocket that flies 20+ miles and explodes hurtling ½ inch ball bearing through concrete a “bottle rocket?”
• Do you understand the technological level of the weaponry being used by Israel? Do you not know that if Israel’s intent was a rampage of indiscriminate murder and destruction of Lebanese civilians that the death toll would be in the hundreds of thousands?
• If all the Lebanese want is peace, then why have they done nothing to stop Hezbollah? Why even today do they reject a peace proposal on the basis of LAND?

To answer your questions, if I saw Finland acting as Lebanon has over the last 25 years and the exact same events happened over there (Russia was the brunt of terrorist attacks, then the capture of soldiers to be ransomed), then yes, I’d absolutely expect to see similar results. Do you understand sovereignty?

Yes, God’s chosen people and He still has a covenant with them, and to be blunt, the nature of the conflict over there goes back to that time.

Hello? Lebanese Hezbollah killing people!

So what’s my point in all of this? I suppose that I wanted to point out the indoctrination evident on all sides. I wanted to point out the need we all have for the King of kings to rein over us. You all noticed just how much violence has sparked up this summer? I wanted to point out how quickly principles become compromised in the furor of uproar. I wanted to point out that much, more of this is going to occur.

I suppose I’ll close with a few more questions:
• Speaking of those Kaytusha missiles, there have been over 3,000 of them fired into a small, heavily populated and built up area. Has anyone else noticed how little damage and death has been done? Isn’t that statistically ODD?
• The Jews repudiated Jesus. The Muslims repudiated Jesus in favor of Mohammed. The Jews claim ancestry from Abraham. The Muslims claim ancestry from Abrahim (Abraham). Don’t they have more in common than not? I mean, aren’t they then brothers, I mean closer than simply fellow children of God, but by bloodlines?
• Isn’t one of Satan’s greatest tools accusation?

So now you have any idea where my prayer led me and what I had to state.

Oh, and Constance, thank you for the tip on Proverbs. I was reading and praying the other night and felt God close to me. I was led from one place to the next, with a purpose relating to some issues I was working through internally. The path within Proverbs was not linear; I was led back and forth to specific chapters and versus. As I grew tired and decided to finish and pray before sleep, I was led to Proverbs 22:17 and positively lit up, especially as verse 19 unfolded!!! I am sooo not used to prayer being answered; it is WONDERFUL! The sense of immediacy was incredible! Again, thank you!

New in Christ
Dear New
I am sorry that time doesn't allow a good answer to all the points you brought up. Many of the points you make do seem valid. But the overall gist that the extent of Israel's military slaughter is justified just seems totally invalid to me.

I do not believe Israel is under God's aegis. Are you aware that many non-secular jews are opposed to Israel. They believe the state of Israel has no justification to even exist, much less to be considered as the embodiment of Judaism. They believe Judaism is under a curse due to disobedience, and they are to live in repentance awaiting the Messiah to re-establish them in the covenant. They believe 'Zionism' is a rebellious and self-willed movement, under the spirit of Satan to bring confusion, disrepute, and further condemnation to Judaism.

Are you aware of the vileness that attended the founding and the founders of the Zionist movement in the early stages of its inception, and that Karl Marx was one of its early proponents. Have you studied the roots of Zionism? Are you aware that the Rothchild banking family was one of the shadowy supporters and instigators for the creation of a Zionist state.

When Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, he afterwards wanted it back, and "sought it with tears". But he did not get it back. It was a done deal.

When Jesus came to the Jews, he brought them a new covenant, and declared the old covenant fulfilled. The instant of transfer was when Jesus hanging on the cross said "It is finished". A done deal. Old covenant fulfilled, and replaced by the new covenant, now in force.
The vast majority of Jews rejected the new covenant. But not all, some DID accept it. Some of their names are recorded in the New Testament. Does God now accept the unbelieving Jew insistance upon sticking with the old covenant? Does he accept it? Does he recognize it? Does he honor it? Do you think so? Do you think God honors those who count the blood of Jesus an unholy thing?
Jesus wept that he was rejected by his own. Not only do they reject Jesus, but the people of your precious Zionist state of Israel will recieve and worship the Lucifer-in-the-flesh man of sin when he is revealed. Why? Because they are of the spirit of anti-christ.
This 'Zionism' is a subterfuge of Satan. A deception. And make no mistake - it is aimed at decieving the "very elect". Satan is in effect saying, "there are two covenants". (the pope of Rome literally said this) God sacrificed his Son, they didn't want the offer, so Okay, no problem, God will just keep the old law in force as well. So there are two ways still in effect by which to come to God. Because the Jews of course, are so special. They can name their terms to God.
This is not what Paul wrote. If you read, Paul wrote - they are CUT OFF. Yes I know they can come back, they can be grafted back in. How? By re-occupying the Promised Land by force? No. But by recieveing the one who God sent to them. Then will they have to take the Promised Land by force? No, that was under the old law. Do you really think that what Christ would want? Remember Jesus told his persecutors, "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were my followers would fight. But because it is not of this world, they do not fight." So, if the Zionist are not following Jesus, then who are they following? God? Are they following God, but not Jesus? See the deception. They are in rejection of Christ, they are going 180d opposite of his teachings, but that is OK. They are under covenant with God, and they are going forward with God's blessing! No problem. And furthermore - if you say anything to the contrary at all, watch out! Because God will curse YOU! That, and of course you show yourself to be a servant of the devil, no doubt.
No, the real problem is that Zionism has been smuggled in as Chritian doctrine. When in reality it is no such thing. The state of Israel is a counterfeit.

One more thing. Are you aware that zionist Israel is perhaps the only 'western' nation where publicly preaching and baptizing in the name of Jesus is illegal?

You misunderstand that my concern for the Zionist rampage is only because of Christians being killed. I brought up the fact that brother's in Christ are being killed, because that puts christian Zionists in the unenviable position of preferring the Zionist cause to the lives and wellbeing of even fellow Christians. "In as much as you have done unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me."
Brothers keeper

When I first became a Christian I was taught all the stuff that you are saying, yet as I learnt more, I know that is not correct.

The state of Israel is still enacting out prophecy that was given thousands of years ago up to the end time.

So many Christians are taking things out of the old testament and saying that it now corresponds to Christians because the Jews rejected the Messiah.

Yet this is not true.

The prophecy for Israel is still being worked out, and eventually Christ himself will appear to them, and they will recognise him, and as the Bible says, and they will mourn for him as for a first born son.

Whether you like it or not, they are a special people to God, and they should also be to us as Christians, for keeping and dying to preserve the word of God.

The northern kingdom of Israel did not stay true to Jehovah and worshipped other Gods and eventually were taken into captivity in Syria, since when they became dispersed into other nations, and we are not sure where.

Yet the southern kingdom which was mainly comprised Judah, Levi and Benjamin, (and those others from the northern kingdom of the other tribes, who had stayed true to the God of their Fathers), is still there, and God will honour his word.

It will be the Lord Jesus himself who will intervene at the end in order to save Israel, and this is after the Jews have accepted somebody else as Messiah, as Jesus says they would.

I would encourage you to read Zechariah 14 and ask you who else could that be referring to but Israel.

Regarding what is happening in Lebanon, if the Lebanese people want the end of these awful things happening to them, then there is a simple solution, namely, to give back the soldiers Hezbollah kidnapped and stop firing the rockets into Israel.

Israel did not start this, and all they want to do is live in peace.

As we have read The Book, we are told that Israel will be led into a false peace, but eventually just about all the nations of the world that can go against her, will go against her, and it will be God himself in the form of Jesus that will intervene and save her. As in Zechariah 12 Vs 9 and 10. (It is God himself that is speaking, yet since when has God been pierced, but the man Jesus Christ was pierced).

And don't forget what the Bible also says regarding Israel, that God will bless those that bless her, and curse those that curse her, hence the destruction of so many nations at the end.
This article is a little over a year old but it is informative how this alliance intends to treat Israel.

Latin, Arab nations seek 'alliance of civilizations'

New alliance between South American, Arab states can serve as counterweight to US dominance.
I would like to add that Javier Solana has connections to the Basques who are said to originate in the area of Syria to where the northern kingdom of Israel was taken into captivity. There is also inference to a Jewish connection regarding his background.

The northern kingdom of Israel was also an antagonist of the southern kingdom of Judah, and they were led astray into false religions by their leaders, and subsequently we are told that after their captivity by the Syrians, they were dispersed throughout the nations.

Could the Basques be one of these tribes, who continued with their worship of Mari for a long time, and to push it even further (excuse my fancifulness), but just as Jesus would have been the true king of the kingdom of Judah (southern kingdom), and of Israel, (unlike Herod who was not a Jew), could Javier Solana be the direct descendent of one of the leaders of the northern kingdom who led the people into false religious practices??

And is he destined to do this again?

Just a thought.
Dear Constance,
it was fun to see you writing in German.But instead
"aufslander auf” (outlander out),
it should be correctly but not PC:
"Ausländer raus"

Brothers Keeper:

I have been watching your twisting of some of the meanings of scripture, and its not because you misquoted, but choosing to decive by what you left out. I understand your selective anger at Israel. And I say I understand it not because of sympathy or participation, but because of the full teachings or partial teachings of replacement theology. In any part taught or accepted replacement theology is a flat out sin that leads to hatred. Replacement theology is based on envy. It is used for the purpose of substituting the church or Christians in whenever you see the words Israel or Jerusalem or references to the Jewish people. It may be unintentional at this point, but you are bosting against the people of promise(Rom. 9:7-11). Now its time for you to re-read Romans 11:18-21,25,28. Oh by the way, quit misrepresenting the fact that most Jews do not support the war against Lebannon. You are trying to push propaganda that is full of crap. Obviously we have the internet to be able to post on this site, so do you also think that we dont pay attention to the other details arising from this war with the same internet? To say that God no longer has a plan with the nation of Israel until they accept Jesus is totally against the Bible. God has promissed the land to the Jews forever! Whether you like it or not! Ezekial 36:22 "Therefore say to the house of Israel,'Thus says the Lord God:"I do not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for My holy names sake, wich you have profaned among the nations wherever you went.
Vs. 23 "And I will sanctify My great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst; and the nations shall know that I am the Lord," says the Lord God, "when I am hallowed in you before their eyes.

Vs. 24 "For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land.

Continue reading ahead of this and after this. Try to fit that into your anti-Zionist agenda.
I am a proud supporter of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people. And I know I will be rewarded for it whether you like it or not.
Back to Ramans 11:18 again;.....remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you. This is Paul adressing a gentile church concerning the future of the Jewish people. By the way, why don't you quit siding with the president of Iran. He has already proven himself to be an anti-semite satanically enraged lunatic!
A Christian anti-semite? I kind of think its an impossability.
Wher are your other budies or are you them. 'Friend in piece' did you have to change your name again after you disgraced Constance dedication to a passing friend? Nice try.
Ok Ok. Folks let's cool down here a minute. Brother's Keeper, I will not bash you for having a different opinion. I think it is honourable for you to speak your mind. We do,however need to be careful because if we accept a "Different Gospel" as Paul says then we can be easily led astray and can make the grace of God of none effect. My friend, I will say only one thing about your doctrine. Ok two. They are very simple. Jesus stated that "not one jot or tiddle" would be lost from His word. That is truth and number one. Two is if you are against the Jew then you are against Jesus the Christ, for He is Jewish. This is why we who are in the Way owe a great debt to the Jewish race and to Jesus in particular and stand by them. Brother, please don't be deceived.
I would also like to speak to those who so ruefully spoke disdain to Brother's keeper, you who are in Christ have done a great disservice to the bretheren by the way you have attacked a brother. Yew, his doctrine may be off but he is a brother still. Christ said to "love one another, by this the world will know you are mine". Paul urged us to do the same and to gently speak to those brethren that were in the wrong. By doing so we prevail in unity and a brother is brought back. I think we owe BK an apology.
Brothers let me wash your feet for a moment. Attrition is not the answer, love, humility and kindness are. I implore you to be gentle with one another. We have enough darts coming from the world we have to live in, we don't need them from each other.

KF in Dallas
A servant follower of Jesus.
All, especially Brother's Keeper:

I apologize. As I wrote, this is new to me, and I know there is scipture that goes (I paraphrase): "Be slow to anger and let your words be of peace."

Proverbs 15:1
" A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

2 The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of fools gush out folly."

" 1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but he who hates correction is stupid."

Thank you KF in Dallas!

-New in Christ
Solana appears to be getting closer:

"Solana To Urge EU States To Join Mideast Force: Bild
Tuesday August 8th, 2006 / 17h01

BERLIN (AP) _ The European Union's foreign policy chief will call on all European Union nations to participate in a U.N.-backed peace force in the Middle East, a German newspaper reported Tuesday.
"As soon as a complete U.N. framework is approved, I will call on all EU member states to participate in a U.N. stabilization force - so Germany too," German daily tabloid Bild quotes Javier Solana as saying, in a preview of a report to be published in its Wednesday editions.
EU members willing in principle to deploy forces provided they get a strong U.N. mandate with clear rules of engagement include France, Italy and Spain.
Germany, mindful of the Nazi-era past, has been cautious about deploying troops near the borders of Israel, although Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has backed German participation.
German leaders have not ruled out joining, but say they cannot consider it until a U.N. mandate is in place.

Tuesday August 8th, 2006 / 17h01
I appologise for being so harsh. I don't want to critisize you. That is not my desire. Even as I did not come across that way. I deeply appologise. You did stir some serious doubts in me with what you said. The Jews are my passion. They need Christ as much as anyone. But with some of the comments you made I wonder if you are trying to promote an agenda here as it has happened many other times before where people will constantly go on and on against the Jews in light of all the Bible verse that deal with them but trying to use the Bible to portray them as being evil. Now it is not my intention to start strife, but I hope you will reconsider what you have learned about the Jews, and try to read about them with compassion, for we know what is going to happen to them. However it is not going to stop with them. It will gradually grow to include the Christians as well. Just as it did with Hitler.
Sorry to have prejudged you and I hope I am wrong.
Apologise to blatant anti-semitism. Think again.
I'm not apologising to that aspect, nor for sticking up for the truth. I guess the harsh attitude I did it with.
Brother's Keeper:

I have been studying your previous postings on this page. Here is a sincere question for you. Are you a disciple of Christ? Are you willing to be labeled as a follower of Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross for our sins? Are you willing to admit that there is no way to heaven accept through Christ Jesus himself? Here is why I ask. In your earlier posting of 9:14 you asked Constance and Herb a question about the Jews, however it had the spirit of entrapment. Now one comment that really caught my eye was the question you asked "Do you not care more about your fellow followers of Christ than you do for the rabid Zionist deniers of Christ"? I noticed a disconnect here with you supposedly being a follower of Christ to the word 'your' in this last question refering to other believers. It seems to me if you are a follower of Jesus Christ that it would have been taken at a more personal level with your wording. Why was the word 'your' used instead of 'our'? It seems that the link through Christ at the moment had no personal value. Along with your anti-semitical references, your original intent is choking you. If you are a fellow brother in Christ I hope your heart changes.
Excellent, love it! » » »
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