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I have been traveling where I will be speaking in Cottage Grove, Oregon for a few days. That has occupied my energies for the last few days as I tried to organize home, law practice, and materials for this trip, not to mention that packing has never been my greatest attribute. I just took a peek at friend Herb Peters’ website and saw something I wished I had authored myself. I am taking the liberties of borrowing my material to maximize its exposure. You can read it here and then go to his site by clicking the appropriate link at the right side of my blogspot. I welcome your comments and I’m sure Herb does too.

Poor Guy

The G-8 [has] issued their decision: Iran must respond to Javier Solana's incentive package that was approved by the so-called "five plus one" nations, at a meeting next week with Solana Read about it here. If you recall, Iran said the world would have to wait until next August for their reply. Evidently, something may have changed their mind. Let's take a look at what this "something" might be.
For a start, just who are the G-8 nations now throwing their weight behind Solana? They are a grouping of the world's eight major economies -- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States.
OK. Now, who are the "five plus one" nations that supported Solana's incentive package offer to Iran? They are the five governing UN Security Council powers, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China -- plus Germany. And, last I knew, the UN was an international body made up of 191 nations. I think I'll skip listing all these nations.
Now, who are the EU nations? Why? Because, according to this article Read it here, Solana represents this group of nations too. Let's see, the EU member states are, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.
Friends, these are a lot of nations. Each individual group of nations mentioned -- the G-8, the "five plus one" governing powers of the 191 member UN and the 25 member EU -- have an awful lot of clout in the world. But, when someone succeeds in bringing them all together -- such as Solana evidently has -- we're talking about someone who has achieved almost unimaginable international stature.
So, Iran's negotiator must meet with Solana next week.
Poor guy.

The Gaza situation is still heating up ... currently headlines reveal, "Release Prisoner Or PM Dies", + EU/US Deadline for Iran now quickly approaching.... seems like it will take very very little for Solana to rise to the occasion in a MAJOR and VISIBLE way to save the day. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!
gracewalk been trying to get a hold of you. Good to see you.
Thanks for posting this most interesting article. I'll make a visit to Herb Peters' website per your recommendation.
Just to keep the interest going:
or tiny url

It's about credit card RFID.
Very interesting snippet. I wonder how long before that concept is merged with the Real ID and the Verichip?

According to the LAW that Pres. Bush signed, the Real ID (US National ID) has to be put in place by all 50 states, no later than May of 2008.

I would imagine that soon after (or maybe even during) our National ID's implementation there will an option to add your bank or credit card info to that card.

When it comes to the financial aspects of RFID, they need to secure it, before it is truly accepted by the public. (I'm a little skeptical about those anti-RFID wallets.)

Even if those wallets work, people can still steal your card or wand/keychain. Naturally, the perfect solution to theft will be chip implants (optional of course!) Especially since I just can't see too many severed hands/heads being swiped at checkout terminals.
So so so. Isreal is the blessed people of God, some of you seem to think. Some of you think this because your 'pastors' have been teaching you so. Most of you cannot think for yourselves. You have a lifetime conditioning of having a priest tell you what your opinions should be. But what did Jesus say??: "Behold, this is eternal life - to know the One True God, and the One who he sent." So Jesus said here you must think for yourself, because knowing your pastor will not give you eternal life. Because "the head of EVERY man is Christ."
This means we need to be led by God. Not by "professional clergy". Stand-ins, to tell you what you should think.

The nation of Israel is not God's chosen nation. It is an impostor nation that has rejected the way of peace. Some Jews live there, but that doesn't give it God's approval. Because who are God's people? Well, Jesus said "behold my family, those who do the will of God." So blood lineage was part of an old system that has passed away. Now we are under the New Covenant. Jesus said (and you can look this up, if Jesus opinion matters to you) "Blessed are the peace makers - for they shall be called the children of God."

Contrast that with what the nation of Israel is doing this very week.
Ifyou do research on the New Age movement, be careful before you throw away any books written at the academic level about it. I was looking at my books and decided to check if Kyle had written further. I found his book, New Age in American Culture is selling used for $90 and $103 at Amazon. At bookfinder, used copies run from $54 to $179.
Do you mean I am sitting on a potential bookshelf gold mine and don't even know it?
To Joseph,

Israel is not an impostor nation, and has not rejected the way of peace. They are protecting themselves from those who want to annihilate them, Iranians, Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, etc. In fact all the arab nations hate Israel with a passion that will soon ignite the Lord's wrath against them. You sound like an arab yourself, "Joe".
Why would anyone be surprised by an attack on Israel done by a far leftist? The website promotes the work of Dr. Michel Chassudovsky, an economics professor from Canada. Here's another one of his theories:

"In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by "Islamic terrorists". Through meticulous research, he has uncovered a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration."

In another of his speeches he makes an analogy between an elephant and a mouse, but the elephant is Israel and the poor mouse is the Arab countries. Obviously the good professor can't read a map.
I would recommend that all visit Herb Peter's website and look at his 2 most recent postings. They are extremely interesting.

Constance - Thank you for all of your timely research. You're amazing.
It looks like Solana may get his crisis after all via Israel's Showdown with Hamas--that is if it does not stop short of all out war.
New Ager Gingrich is really working at getting his name out among conservatives. Here, from his weekly email:
"Winning the Future with Newt Gingrich, a new series of 90-second radio commentaries, can be heard Monday through Friday on more than 350 radio stations during The G. Gordon Liddy Show and The Michael Reagan Show. For a list of stations, click here."
In case anyone missed this one:

"Brain Cells Fused with Computer Chip"
While we're sharing info from Herb Peters, he has a link to a CNN story discussing something that would essentially create a North American Union where the U.S., Canada, and Mexico share their soveregnty. You can link to the story on Herb's website. If you want to go to the actual CNN story now follow this website:

Happy Independence Day!
Here is a list of links to Steve Farrell's Third Wave articles, covering Clinton, Gingrich, Blair, etc.
It sure looks as if Constance has stepped on someone's toes.

I'm posting it here not because I believe the ramblings, which I don't, but just to show how the opposition operates. Constance, confront him.
Thanks anonymous for that link to one of Constance and Herbs critics.

The critic writes, however as if Constance and Herb have declared Javier Solana is the antichrist. No such utterance has ever come from their lips. I have read their fairly diligently and the facts have simply been stated.

If there is any eligible candidates, Javier Solana reigns as the number one possibility!

Oh, maybeI am the only one, but what was finally the elephant in the room that Constance and Herb are supposedly missing according to this critic. I didn't get it. Can someone help me with this?
The big villain at that site is the United States. If you check out the other essays you will find a lot of bad information and slander of Constance.

Unlike this website, you can't fight back there. If you respect Constance's work, you need to know what her opposition is saying in writing so if someone is trash talking you'll have the response ready.

I know there are many people who just want to ignore opposition, but I'm sure there are a few who care enough to be aware of what is happening.
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This gets kind of deep. The two characters whose name appears at also do a big job of attacking Barbara Aho at the site. It seems she had their number. It's interesting reading for those who want to take the time to read this long piece.
For the record, I DEEPLY respect most of Barb Aho's and Vicki Dillen's work. I wish any quarrels between the two would be resolved. I deeply respect Sarah Leslie's work. About others, I will confess some growing reservations
There is a researcher in Illinois whose work I also DEEPLY RESPECT. She knows who she is and wishes to remain anonymous. She was not one to whom I referenced "reservations"
To Anonymous 8:15pm above:

The elephant in the room can only be the US, fitting the GOP adopts the elephant as mascot. Speaking of the GOP elephant symbol, take a good look at the symbol and see what you may not have noticed before.

(use cut and paste)

Now go and read this article, from the 11th hour website, about what our USA presidential administration is up to.
Do you mean the upside down position of the stars or the number 3? I couldn't find a solid explanation for the choice of either on the symbol? By the way your link didn't work. Only thing I could find regarding a group of three stars related to Orion's belt in the sky.
Interesting commentary from Doug Krieger. I guess Herb and Constance have their critics, but I think the facts seem to support their assertions regarding the EU and the rise of the antichrist. Neither one has said definitely that Solana is the antichrist, but that the office he holds may very well be where the coming "man of perdition" takes his worldly throne. Mr. Krieger may look at the antichrist as coming from the USA, but I don't think this is biblically correct. Besides, Herb Peters end-time focus is not necessarily on the EU, but Israel. Watching what happens with Israel is the ultimate key for unlocking prophecy. The prophet Jeremiah has his critics as well. If only they had listened to him...
Another thought on the EU is that it does stand as a central location for the world's economies to be tied together. The U.S. is a big consumer of goods. China makes many of the goods we buy, so their economy is somewhat dependent on the buying habits of America. However, China needs energy to make its goods and that's where Russia steps in. Like it or not we all have something the other one wants. It would make sense that the EU could be a central point in tying these economies together. This is just a thought.
Ah David, if it was only honest opposition without a deeper agenda, it would be a better world. Read carefully the antipas essay. Also read her other two part piece on CNP.

Just as Constance inadvertently put a bug into their well-oiled machine in the early '80s, so apparently she, along with others, has put a bug into their other well-oiled machine.

One doesn't have to accept all of someone's message as there are no perfect human beings who are all-knowing. While I would have philosophical disagreements with Aho's messages, she certainly has looked very carefully into the well-oiled machinery.
Energy Breakthroughs & The Rise of The AC. I know that Constance has done some excellent research on nuke. fusion and how Solana had his hands in this. In addition, I have a blog, in which I am carefully watching the developments of the breakthrough of getting cheap, combustable HHO Gas from water. Like the holistic health movement which seems to attract so many who are either Bible Believing Christians or under the deceptions of The New Age Movement, I have noticed that this 'fuel from water' breakthrough, which is likely going to turn out to be the biggest discovery since the discovery of electricity, is going to be quickly claimed by Solana's EU puppets. I have on my blog the patent which was filed with THE EU Government, and Romania has already purchased international rights to use this cheaply produced Aquygen HHO Gas to power their electrical grid in the coming years. With all of this said, as Solana (I believe) grows in power, don't be suprised to see ALOT of new and exciting advances in the field of energy and other areas of life. That doesn't mean that they are evil in themselves... just like the internet is a neutral media, but that in our evil day as our Lord's Return gets ever closer, that the 'entrenched interests' and powers that be, will definately get their dirty hands in them.
So where are the supporters of Constance when a little rain falls? Hiding? My goodness, didn't we hear this story before? Are there only a very few readers of this blog? Come out from under your umbrellas! Here is your chance to stand for something, anonymously or otherwise.

After decades of research, I expect very little from the general population. I've unfortunately seen the New Agers are right about the general population and the opposition to them is no more than a mouse nest unable to squeak. Prove me wrong. I so want to see this. It happened under the Nazi movement and is happening again. I so want to see it fought at a much higher numbers level.
Grace, how wierd is this. Today I met with an individual who said that he encountered some physics information that is not open to the general public but is taught at specialized classes at Harvard. Getting the information taught at these classes was very restricted I am sure. However the I haven't followed up. Somebody else may try.
Anon 10:44 PM

Explain what you're asserting. Specifically, what rainy day are you referring to? What are you expecting?
Over many years Constance has provided thousands of Christians, perhaps many hundreds of thousands of Christians with solid information about the New Age movement and how it will affect them. Over the years she has been attacked in book after book by those who want to throw stumbling blocks into the information others might be getting. From what I have seen, she dealt with the troublemakers on her own.

Now here is a chance for others to take a stand for her. I would expect those who have benefitted from the information she provided to get off their backsides and speak out against her defamers after doing some research on their own. After all, they are adults and should act like adults which means taking on some responsibility for their own futures. Being a Christian doesn't mean putting one's head under the covers until the thunder passes.
Anon 1:06

How would you know that none of us are publishing in our local newspapers and reaching thousands? What about those who are lifting Constance up in prayer? What about using that knowledge while witnessing to others? It's really not fair to accuse everyone of sitting on their backsides doing nothing. I may be wrong, but I strongly suspect that Constance has a strong support network, plus the Lord has her back. I personally wouldn't want to be an attacker facing off with the trial lawyer from Detroit.
Care to say a few words here in her defense against the mean-spirited attack for the readers here? "Well maybe we are doing....." such and such doesn't count when something needs to be done on this side of the supernatural boundary. If the New Age movement is a resurgence of the philosophy of Nazism, Christians do need to toughen up more than a bit or we can count on there being a replay of Christianity in Germany in the '30s.
Anon 3:16

Come out from under your umbrella and step up to the plate. Stop directing others to do what you don't appear to be doing.
I've been out of a live broadband zone where my card can reach for the past two days -- thanks for the support from those so offering. To clarify any record, I also DEEPLY RESPECT Herb Peters' my co-laborer, work. This has been a complicated battle for the past 25 years!
4:35 pm
Just who do you think found and posted the Aho expose of the writers at the tribulation network? I respect Constance and her work too much to see slanderers do their nasty work without being confronted.
That the research presented here on Solana correlates with the Dan Brown material in his book is an absolutely stupid premise.
I've been trying to keep myself composed while thinking of other things to write in regards to the rantings of Doug Krieger. It's one thing to disagree with Herb or Constance, but the tone of what was written was nothing but malicious. I've looked through other things on that web site ( and I'm puzzled as to why Krieger would think of Herb and Constance as an enemy. Does he think that his end-time prophecy conclusions are the only right ones? Does he even dare to say that he could be wrong about his assumptions? Only God knows the exact details and only God knows who the antichist is and will be. Again, neither Herb or Constance has said conclusively that Solana is the antichrist. At least Herb and Constance are humble enough to admit this. I'm personally am appalled that other so-called Christians would even treat fellow Christians in such a manner. Shame on Doug Krieger!
I just briefly read the article. to me it was a bunch of senseless ramblings of someone who is very insecure in their faith.

What theological mindset is Doug Krieger from?
Why are you even wasting time on the likes of Doug Krieger? Oppostion just means that Constance IS doing something that's right. The greatest opposition in the world happened to Jesus Christ Himself. Yet, these thousands of years later, His sacrifice for us is still saving lives and changing them for the better.
We ALL owe Constance--and Herb--our greatest appreciation. They have been chosen by God as watchmen for our time. Their work has allowed me to cause many to become THINKERS instead of shrinkers. Let's not fear opposition; let's REJOICE in it!!
Constance, your lifetime work has touched many and it's continuing to do so. I may not always comment on the blog, but I sure do thank you for your sacrificial work.
i saw this posted at herb peters' website and found it very interesting....

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 2:27 am Post subject: Solana's think-tank releases a must read report


The following report from a recent seminar entitled, "Global Governance: The European Union's Contribution" is a must read for Herb Peters, Constance Cumbey, and everybody at Fulfilled Prophecy.

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There is a red moon out again tonight - does that mean anything???
Thank you Teacher of the Word.
teacher of the Word said...
Why are you even wasting time on the likes of Doug Krieger?

I beg to differ with you, somewhat. Though I am strongly convinced that our FOCUS needs to be on Christ and the victory that we ALREADY have in Him....

The answer of my question would give me further insight in specificly just what type of deception this critic of Constance and Herb is under. In that way I can pray for him, as we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, and the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective!
From what I can see by doing searches, he is part of the Discernment Ministries crowd which seems quite large.

As Barbara Aho covered, he was part of the government intelligence community which was working Central and South America with Christian organization cover.
I said earlier we should all pray, but that doesn't seem to be enough by another's standards. What else is it you want us to do? A flaming bag of poo on Krieger's doorstep? I really want to know?
I should have added that anyone who reads the papers knows that some things inside the intelligence community are definitely rogue.
What can you do? Prayer is a good answer if there is nothing else you can do. If you can post here, you can give Constance some written support. If you have the ability to do research, you can share what you find about the two writers at the Network. If you have researched the New Age movement with its political connections in the past, and I am sure some have, share what you know about that branch of Christianity. Others might have additional suggestions or information which they might want to share with Constance through her email address or office.
Here's an interesting article. I often wonder how the EU intends to bring China into its fold.

European Union Trade Commissioner “believed that Europe had the confidence to welcome China's economic resurgence, and that Europe was capable of competing in a "race to the top".”

I heard from a friend that Bush gave a speech at the Museum of Science and Industry giving all sorts of honor and praise to Solana. Does anyone know how to get a copy of that speech?
I heard from a friend that Bush gave a speech at the Museum of Science and Industry giving all sorts of honor and praise to Solana. Does anyone know how to get a copy of that speech?
What's the Biblical title for Rick Warren?

'Purpose-Driven' pastor to preach in N. Korea
Warren planning 1st evangelical stadium crusade in 60 years inside communist

Anon. 3:51

For some reason the word "pharisee" comes to my mind. On Herb Peters' discussion board there is an informal poll on who thinks he is the False Prophet or not. I voted a strong maybe.
David, Rick is Christian. Could you find a Bible Christian name for him?
re: Kyle and New Age in American Culture: go to and you can search for anything and compare prices for the lowest price.
Here is a snippet of President Bush's praise of, "Mr. Europe" from his recent press conference in Chicago......

"And whether or not they — you know, what (inaudible) is, we‘re finding out as a result of the conversations of Mr. Solana of the E.U. and Mr. Larijani.

I do appreciate Javier Solana‘s work on this issue. I saw him when I was in Austria and I thanked him for doing a good job.

Q: Do you have a sense of urgency on both Iran ...

BUSH: Do I have a sense of urgency?

I have — you know, I‘m realistic about how things move in the world.

Here is another thought provoking article where President Bush is cited --
A little while back Herbert Peters posted some links to Lou Dobbs talking about SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America) and the potential North America Union.

It appears that World Net Daily has finally picked up on it and has provided more thought provoking information.

Read about it here: U.S.-Mexico merger opposition intensifies

Frankly speaking, I am a little frightened because if there is any truth to this "harmonization" between Mexican, US, and Canadian borders, then January 1, 2007 seems all the more a day of doom.

I pray that I am not alone in saying that I feel a sudden sense of urgency since learning of this SPP thing to blow the whistle and draw the American people's attention to our president. I voted for Bush, but I am having rising skepticism about him as more and more mysterious things emerge from his policies.

Does anyone have thoughts or advice about this as I am just learning of all of these agendas in America as well as the EU courtesy of Herbert Peters and Constance Cumbey.

Thank you kindly,
“I do appreciate Javier Solana‘s work on this issue. I saw him when I was in Austria and I thanked him for doing a good job.”

This is getting just ridiculous; that is the furthest thing from praising someone I have ever seen!

Last night I told the waitress thanks for giving me my double cheeseburger and fries, and told her it was very good. GIVE ME A BREAK
Last night I told the waitress thanks for giving me my double cheeseburger and fries, and told her it was very good. GIVE ME A BREAK

If that was the only statement that Bush had said in recent days regarding Solana's activities, but it isn't! On 6-6-06, he gave a news conference and really focused in on Solana's work with approval. This is a regular occurence.
Did he have to mention Solana's name in a news conference? I don't think so. Obviously you haven't been following all of Solana's trips to the US and our people meeting with him over there. This information has been available on EU websites but has not been covered by the US media until June of this year. Try explaining that away considering Solana's worldwide traveling on behalf of the EU. Cynics are interesting if they are knowledgeable. You don't have a clue.
Has anybody noticed that his father's original NEW WORLD ORDER speech was on 9/11? That is September 11, 1990!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont have a clue, common please! You guy's are cursing Bush left and right here because you think he is the false prophet, because the the "possible" antichrist (solana) is capitalizing on the terrorism issue to bring together a one world government by the things bush is doing to prevent terrorism. What do you want Bush to do, not try and destroy terrorism, leave terrorists alone and not use technology to track them down. There is nothing he can do, he has to use these methods. The "possible" antichrist is just using them as a way to bring his world dictatorship to power, Bush is just doing what he has to do and their taking advantage of it, this doesnt mean he's evil.

Your taking people and trying to make scripture fit them, rather than taking scripture and seeing if it fits into them, big difference. Anyone take a person and try and find something their doing and make them fit the scripture.

You guys are to one-dimensional here, you dont know for sure, mabye i am wrong on Bush mabye you are.

What if Solana's not the antichrist? What if it 2007-2013 isnt the 70th week of Daniel? What are you going to do, freak out? I mean Give me a break here, you have to consider it might not be.
Has anybody given a thought that perhaps we might have outsmarted ourselves with the call for capping immigration by border patrols? Perhaps we are organizing our own armies of occupation in the process?
Tony Snow's press conference last week vis a vis Iran emphasized that above all, the USA and the rest of "the coalition" expected Iran to deal through their recognized vehicle or representative, which is none other than JAVIER SOLANA!
First New World Order Speech 9-11-1990

Solana handed WEU-EU presidencies, 6-1-9511

Solana signs treaty with Israel 11-20-1995 on behalf of EU and WEU (10 nation federation)

Solana convenes council with one primary agenda item of ending religious fundamentalism -- WORLDWIDE 11-27-1995

Solana convenes this council with attack on Catholics for first crusade 11-27-1995

Ehud Barak blesses conference (Barcelona Conference) by saying that they (participants) had beaten their swords in to ploughshares and at long last Israel had joined the European Club 11-28-1995

Javier Solana is made new head of NATO by unanimous vote of member countries on 11-30-1995. President Clinton flies to Madrid to congratulate him on 12-4-1995.

Javier Solana's new future job is set up with Section 666 of Europa Code in early December 1998 while he is still head of NATO.

On January 30, 1999, Javier Solana is given unusual sole discretionary powers over NATO so that they WILL SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE with Javier Solana as that one voice.

On March 21, 1999, President Clinton announces on national television that "I agree with Javier Solana's decision to do this" referring to the bombing.

On April 2, 1999, it is announced that "Pope Rebuffed" in response to papal and eastern Orthodox pleas that there be a truce between the two Easters of 1999.

Solana leaves his NATO post before its 4 year term officially expires to take posts as:

1. Secretary General of Council of the European Union;
2. Office of the High Representative of the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) of the EU -- to be the new "tsar" of all its military AND foreign policy;

On November 20, 1999, Solana is handed complete power "for its final year of operation" over the Western European Union -- the ten nation military federation with weighted voting power in the European Union. It is noted that that year has lasted for now nearly seven!

On June 1, 2000, Javier Solana introduces RECOMMENDATION 666 into the Western European Union Assembly proposing enhanced emergency powers over Europe for himself, control of its police and military machinery and "the power to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency -- PARAGRAPH 12, RECOMMENDATION 666. It also proposes CIMIC )(civilian military cooperation) and Torrejon Space Center (Galileo) powers for him.

-- In 2004, Solana is handed sole discretionary powers to open and shut Galileo missions.


Further, and interesting, if you do a search on Javier Solana, their first prioritized item is one from SHARE INTERNATIONAL (Benjamin Creme's, 'Maitreya the Christ' organization and website!)
I should add that the first 9-11-90 speech on the New World Order was by "Bush the elder," President George H. W. Bush.
"Bush is just doing what he has to do and their taking advantage of it, this doesnt mean he's evil."

I agree with you on this part. I don't think Bush is the False Prophet, and he might even be a true Believer. However, he is misled in alot of things and "as the heart of a king is in the hands of The Lord" God is working out the end time playout through him in major ways. Unfortunately, it seems all to often, that the USA gov. is on the wrong side of the fence, expecially when it comes to carving out the Land promised to The Jews in pieces. There are alot of things that Bush has done which I support as well. It isn't a black and white issue(s).
AHAHAHAHAHH!!! LOL!!! everytime i hear that joke i crack up.

Thats great stuff constance!

What About Coming The G8 Summit?

Do you all think that this is were a MAJOR split with Russia along future Gog Magog lines is going to happen.

Seems that Mr. Europe and The President are both on the same sides of the coin when it comes to giving Iran only a few more days.

I personally guess that a huge flashpoint is going to happen within days or at most, a few weeks with all of this!
Does anyone have a link to the news article where President Bush said that God told him to create a two state solution?
If Gracewalk wants to reach me, try 248-253-0333. That is my office number.
WELL, Bush could be a 'true believer' and on the other hand, there was a prophecy going something like "deception enough to deceive the elect . . ." Don't know -- Here's hoping it's the former and not the latter.
I have another take on our President. He did not have the kind of government experience his father did when he became President. Bush senior was an insider at the highest levels. Bush Jr. seems to be a nice guy who who seems to know much less than many independent researchers. He is dependent on the advisers his father gave him, one world leaders. Now if someone gave him some the information about Solana that is shared here, who would he believe, the people here or his father?

We all live in some kind of community and we share the beliefs of the people in that community. Communities are Christian, Jewish, corporate, political, extended family, black, Muslim, bowling or whatever. Everyone thinks they have the truth on how to make the world better.

Bush is a nice guy, but that isn't enough. He never broke out of the boundaries of his community to learn more.
And sometimes APPLES don't fall all that far from THE TREE.
Watching very closely, I would suggest that you do a bio check on both Bushes and then tell me that their backgrounds are similar. Elder Bush is by far the craftier and more intelligent of the two and it shows in what he accomplished. He is the ultimate insider. Bush Jr. is a wannabe. Clinton is more like Bush Sr. than Bush Jr. is. Though I detest what both Bush Sr. and Clinton did with their lives, that's how I size it up. Watch the bios of the candidates in the next election to see what you are going to get.
WATCHING_VERY_CLOSELY I would agree with you. I think that the President's Christianity resembles mysticism. God speaks to him and his doctrine sounds much like what Benjamin Creme proclaimed in "The Christ is Now Here" ad. Come to think of it, the "Christ" (put in Constance's words, that ain't) speaks to Benjamin Creme too.

The next election cycle isn't looking any better for choices. We have Hillary who believes she's channelling Eleanor Roosevelt and New Age Newt. In Larry Burkette's book "The Coming Economic Earthquake," he described our economy as one that resembles a horse running full speed ahead toward a brick wall. One could same the same for American politics.

I just came across an article on the E.U. satellites(Galileo)
U.S. scientist crack secret codes for E.U. satellite system

Looks like this could become an escalating problem for either military use, or for citizens.
4:29 your link didn't work. This one should.

"Since Psiaki published his Giove codes a month ago, the Galileo spreading codes have been formerly published."
I don't think we should judge President Bush too harshly. I've met him and he seemed like a sincere person. He may well be a Christian - only God knows for sure.

I don't agree with Bush's idea of pushing the Roadmap. But he grew up in the Episcopal Church, which isn't big on Bible prophecy. I"ve heard they believe in replacement theology. Also, Bush may not have any advisors who know about Bible prophecy. He may not realize what he is doing by encouraging Israel to give up more land. One thing is sure - God is working through all the present world leaders to have everything work out according to His plan.
Some presidents have said "the buck stops here." More naive people believe with this president that "THE BUCK NEVER GETS HERE."
Javier Solana is soft spoken and looks like a grand father.
Watching very closely, it is the naive who want to simply the complexities of life.
BREAKING NEWS: Chicago Subway derails, sparks fire, 152 hospitalized; There was enormous fear with passengers because of the earlier in the day India terrorist train derailments where 192 upwards are known dead.

INDIA TRAIN CRASH this morning.
Dated 7-12-2006
C’mon now, there is a lot of evidence that shows George Bush has done an extreme amount of damage to this country—more than his father could have dreamed of doing. It’s too complex for us to understand is an argument I would expect from a good defense attorney or political pundit. Turning the U.S. citizens into non-citizens for refusal of the national ID is very serious. Given the fact that the Dept. of Homeland Security favors microchips, many of us here may become non-citizens within the next few years. Taking down the U.S. constitution via the Security and Prosperity Partnership s equally serious.

I considered some of what President Clinton did to be treasonous, i.e., selling nuclear secrets to China. I also consider the things I just mentioned to be treasonous. We ought not give President Bush a pass because of his party affiliation. To paraphrase something Peggy Noonan recently wrote, Americans’ have for too long been given the choice between Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum.

Is this president too simple to understand the complexities of his actions? I very seriously doubt that.

In the White Rose’s second leaflet the students write of the Nazi system: “At its very inception this movement depended on the deception and betrayal of one’s fellow man; even at that time it was inwardly corrupt and could support itself only by constant lies. After all, Hitler states in an early edition of “his” book…’It is unbelievable, to what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it.’”

Notice deception and betrayal are instrumental. It’s the same doctrine—same methods. We must stay alert.

This is a bit off the subject, but when Iran was (is) creating quite a stir, Javier Solana went there. North Korea is now creating it's own stir. Instead of Solana, though, Rick Warren goes there. Could there be a connection or could the froot loop sented air of Battle Creek getting to me?
I have to agree with Rich unfortunately. And for multiple of reasons. Too many to list. From religious beliefs to politics. I still have to admit that he is a very nice guy. To show a few things I dissagree with, partying with the porn star Marry Karry in the political fund raisers, to giving away Israel piece by peice, wich is number one reason on my list. You know, testing the wind.... see wich way it is going for the moment to figure wich piece of land to give away. I wonder if Bush knows about the land for piece deal rules as well as the U.N. rules for the establishment of a palestinian state. You know the one where any 2 pieces of land have to be connected to be considered one continuous piece(for the palestinians, not the Jews). So figure this one out, first the Gaza give away, wich happend last summer, now they are going to give over parts of the west bank. Shouldn't a red light be going off right about now? Think about it, Gaza on the Mediteranian sea, wich is in the western part of Israel, now you add in any portion of the west bank area on the eastern side. It is miles apart but legally it has to be joined. It would cut Israel in half and allow terrorist to march right through! That would be a millitary nightmare for Israel. There would be no way to be able to deffend it. Just think about how it would look on a map. It kind of reminds me of a Miss America pageant where the contestant wears a ribbon across her mid section to tell what state she is from. Imagine Israel with the label'Palestine' going across its mid section. I think at this moment Bush is waiting on Ahud Olmert to see if he can gain the political momentum in Israel and world wide before agreeing to seperate Judea and Samaria(west bank). I think this is a very touchy subject for Bush. This man has to be fighting himself on this issue. How could a christian not be. Maybe he should read the Old Testament a little more before he gives himself a black eye. If Bush would just accept the literal meaning of these obvious verses dealing with Israel and Jerusalem, the conflict within himself would be over. He better watch his step or God might just be giving all of us a black eye. I think we need to pray a little bit more!
Sorry Rich, it looks confusing. But I completely agree with you about Bush. Didn't mean to make it sound like it was bad to be agreeing with you.
I just read Herescopes most recent post. Constance has a link to it. They posted a link to some commentary on Rick Warren's upcoming trip to North Korea as well as 13 other countries in a "40 day" time span. You can go right to the article by clicking on this link:
To read here ,one would think our president is an evil leader of an evil country. Maybe you folks should look closer at yourselves to find evil.
No we don't think he is evil, just mislead!
I proudly voted for the man and he deserves my respect. Lately though Ive had some serious thoughts about a lot of things that are going on. Given the choice, he was the better candidate. For a while I just wanted to hear nothing but praise for our president, but now with giving away Israel is concerned, that was the tipping point that made me watch more of what was really going on. Now I still do believe he was the better of the 2 candidates. I guess you could call it a love hate relationship. But it looks as if it will soon be over and we can worship the real King in person!
Anon 7:57 PM

What is it about taking down the constitution of the United States and stripping us of citizenship is holy? This is the land that I love and I have no desire to see what he's just done take place.

Anonymous said...
The next election cycle isn't looking any better for choices. We have Hillary who believes she's channelling Eleanor Roosevelt and New Age Newt. In Larry Burkette's book "The Coming Economic Earthquake," he described our economy as one that resembles a horse running full speed ahead toward a brick wall. One could same the same for American politics.


A vote for Hilary is a vote for Eleanor Roosevelt.

Do you think Hilary's breath little to be desired if Eleanor speaks through her? After all it has been years since Eleanor has been able to brush her teeth. Yikes.
Rich, Wrong question. It is based on your interpretation and opinions of someones BS. If you really love this country, get behind our government and push. I realise I am wasting my time, as no one is going to change. A persons beliefs and how we accumulate them is an interesting subject. You would not like to hear what I might have to say about it.
Official Purpose of the Real ID Act.
(3) Official purpose.--The term ``official purpose'' includes but is not limited to accessing Federal facilities, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft, entering nuclear power plants, AND ANY OTHER PURPOSES THAT THE SECRETARY [HOMELAND SECURITY] SHALL DETERMINE.
To anon. 2:42 I'm not Rich but I do have a question about your last comment "If you really love this country, get behind our Govt. and push". I'm lost here thinking how you intended that thought to come across. I could take it a number of ways, but I do not want to state you incorrectly. However you intended it, the one thing I do know, is that I will not be supporting and pushing anyone who goes against what the Bible says. That is also including Christians.
Sorry, my name didn't come up on the last anon. statement.
Javier Solana, per his own press release and Reuters accounts plans a trip to the Middle East, "very soon" to help defuse the crisis cum war and chaos.
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Calvin, we will not have an anatomically correct snowman!
Calvin, we will not have an anatomically correct snowman!
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Oops. My brain just hit a bad sector.
Calvin, we will not have an anatomically correct snowman!
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