Tuesday, July 25, 2006

P R I C E L E S S!


Please, please, please go to Herb Peters' website and view this post:


It is priceless! I look forward to your comments.

Thank you,
I'm surprised the "experts" can find their way to the bathroom.
From the looks of what they put out there, maybe they didn't!
Well, I guess I can sleep more comfortably now. This morning listening to our local NPR station while driving to work it was reported that international peacekeeping forces are part of the solution to this Mid-East conflict. Only, the U.S. won't be a part of this due to our overstretched military.

Isn't this the thing that Herb Peters has been warning would happen? Solana may indeed have his moment to really flex his military arms. How did Herb figure it out? At least the experts say we have nothing to worry about.
David, you know we should have peace, not fear or worry.
But this does not go for the Israeli government and military commanders. There will be an accounting for the unjustified and Nazi-brutality they are executing against their neighbors.
May God have mercy.
(see here)
I'm suprised everyones 'favorite' Katie Couric the well known expert on everything (cough cough)wasn't there. This is hilarious! What good does all the education do for you when you don't recieve it from God. This would have been an excellent John Kerry moment! At the same time, it is also very sad because of all the people being decieved, and lost because of it. Who knows maybe this will be the news event that God has to use to get people curious about Jesus and hopefully come to salvation. I'm sure hoping that Christians won't pass on this handed over opportunity to give the truth and defend the faith. Its amazing, one opportunity after another just keeps getting handed to us Christians to spread the true gospel. Example: Davinci Code for starters. Its getting sweeter day by day. Living the truth and loving it!
'piece' maker;
Why did you change your name to friend in 'piece'?
Nazi brutallity? Now why werent you on the show with all the experts? You kind of sound like them.
CoG: I think if you read and seriously think about the article it may deepen your perspectives.
Friend in peace

I understand the problems that have existed since Issac recieved the blessings of Abraham. And I also understand t5he destruction that is happening. But there is absolutely no way that you will dwindle my support for Israel till my very last breath! I will not go against the explicate warnings of the Bible. You may believe you have a cause, but to tell you the truth, by God's word you will be going against Israel whether intentional or not! I see the human tragedy happening. It's quite obvious and sad. But who do you fear more? The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob or the plight of evil intent? For me and my house we will serve the Lord of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!
By the way, the article displays a real war!!!! It's not boy scouts playing with firecrackers! Death desruction the whole 9 yards, as well as a strategy and determination to win. It might be a good thing your not fighting for them. Sorry to sound so harsh.
I think the human suffering in Lebanon is sad, but Hezbollah started this whole problem by killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Israel had to use military force, or there will be more kidnappings. I think Israel is trying to take out as much of Hezbollah as possible, in addition to trying to get their soldiers back.
"God Stop the Bombs"

Is outright killing hundreds of civilians, and destroying the homes and country and lives of nearly 1 million more people a just preventative?
This is not self-defense. This is naked and murderously brutal aggression.

If it were happening to you, your family, your home, your town, county and state, would you then feel any different?

I think Abraham Lincoln said, "I will stand with any man who stands right. But I will part from any man who insists on going wrong."

Now is time to ask, "What would Jesus do?"

"Five Myths That Sanction Israel's War Crimes"

I would feel as ticked off as I did on 9/11. Israel is on the attack because they were under attack. It is no different from our own operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm still angry over 9/11. When you throw a rock at a hornets' nest, you shouldn't be surprised if you get stung.
Friend in peace

I think you better change your name to its correct liberal representation. Your so called religious arguements that you started with have now been ditched. Wow! Who truly would have guessed this would have happened. Nice try to studying the scriptures to find your link to fit in using your misrepresentations. Your to desperate and its obvious. Your half truthes have just become lies, along with your misrepresentations of the Bible exposed. Is there a new liberal Bible seminary now open somewhere? I think you better take the Bible a little more seriously. Your not going to conform people who know what your up to. Your anti-Israel agenda has been seen many times before by others who start out just like you did. Check back over the previous years postings and you will clearly see the atempts. They have all fallen flat. Anti Israel anything will not work here. Looks like you might just learn the hard way. I hope you learn the truth before its to late. We wont be the Judge.
I just realised that Israel only has less than 25% of the land that was given to them at the balfour decloration in 1917. How could a country with these reverse land deals afford not to retalliate. The amazing thing is that there still willing to give land away even after the current events that are taking place. How could the Jewish people still be declared as heartless??? It escapes all logic with Israel's critics. We know that it is spiritual.
Paula Zahn's panel of "experts" are laughable. Liberal zombies who are "ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth"...

Isn't it a little odd that we can cherish the truth in our hearts, and know that something is just about on the horizon, but when you actually see someone on television proclaiming nearly the exact same thing you believe, that they somehow are portrayed as "whacko"??

That's the media for ya...always wanting to give someone an "out" for whatever their definition of "is" is!!!
Tal Brooke has some really relevant
books out that deal with this great
falling away and apostacy. You may
want to link his website.
I have found a wealth of info at
listen to His expository preaching
on what J. Vernon McGee calls the
Key book of the Bible--Matthew.
Key chapter--13 and the key verse--33. Really reveals the conditon
today leaven of the Gospel, no where
is leaven used as a principal of good. It is 78 times mentioned in OT and 23 (jv mcgee)
in N. Testament. Always used in a
bad sense. Three measure of meal,
wheat picture of the Word of God.And what has happened to it with the 3 parts of leaven mixed in
did I hear Gary Hedrick of www.cjf.org say that may represent
the 3 big division of Major religions-- Christian,
Jewish and Islam?
Other sites you may want to check
out and decide or not to link to:
www.deceptioninthechurch.com /org
Honest work against the New Age Movement, I'm sorry to say, certainly did not get out with Tal Brooke who worked very hard to surpress my work. In addition to that, he has sometimes surreptiously and sometimes very openly delivered very anti-Semitic messages, urging people to consume such vicious author's works as Eustace Mullins! In my opinion, Tal Brooke did not leave the New Age Movement -- he merely joined a different division!
Tal Brooke went so far as to threaten Christian media personalities that if they wanted to rise in Evangelical Christian circles, they had better not give me a platform, favorable reference or as a platform. Moreover, part of his book out and out plagiarized my work and to add insult to injury, what they took from me they attributed to Benjamin Creme's advertisement, "The Christ is Now Here."

There are problems with the Discernment Ministries as well (Sarah Leslie excluded) and I will have more to say about this later.










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