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Of Fr, Mitch Pacwa, Matt Fox, EWTN, and mixed old memories

Of Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Matt Fox, and EWTN – Mixed feelings and memories

Considering my personal experiences with him, I have had extremely mixed feelings about the work of Fr. Mitch Pacwa, who is now bearing increasingly prominent roles with EWTN. EWTN is Mother Angelica’s founded network. I rejoice for those delivered from the deceptions of Oscar Ichazo and his enneagram. On the other hand, I mourn for those desensitized to pernicious forms of New Age deception such as Teilhard de Chardin (Pacwa’s first book on the New Age claims Chardin “saved his faith”), the Bahai’s (I was personally present at a lecture where Pacwa went out of his way to say they were not part of the New Age Movement – they clearly are!) and Outcome Based Education (Robert Muller took some credit for founding this, but said he couldn’t take all the credit which went to Djwhal Khul, Alice Bailey’s ‘guiding spirit.’)

My personal opinion is that Satan doesn’t much care which branch of the New Age one gets into – just get into one. If that can’t be accomplished, leave it alone as “harmless.”

For a very long time, I’ve held back publicly on my personal opinions and experiences with Mitch Pacwa. However, with spreading confusion as the New Age agenda advances, I now believe it is time that this information goes forth. This is the introduction to several blogspot columns I will be writing on Fr. Pacwa.

I gave many talks for a man I very much admire, Fr. Paul Marx and his organization Human Life International. These were given at various times throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Fr. Marx is now retired. Human Life International, I am told, still has copies of my first book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, available for sale. Fr. Marx accurately saw the New Age Movement as a major player in the anti-life cultures of abortion and euthanasia.

It was immediatlely after returning from one of those seminars in California in the early 1990s that I had my first rude introduction to Fr. Pacwa. I had a tearful telephone call from a Catholic woman from Naperville, Illinois. She asked if I still believed what I wrote in THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. “Yes,” I told her. She then said that her parish had a priest in to speak about the New Age Movement. She said he was supposed to be against the New Age Movement, but parts of what he had to say sounded New Age in and of themselves. She then said that she asked him about materials from Hidden Dangers. She said he “almost exploded” and then blurted out, “why, Constance Cumbey no longer believes what she wrote in Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow!

I went, “huh, who is this guy?” She said, “his name is Father Pacwa.” She spelled it for me. That’s all she could tell me and we concluded her call.

God’s timing is certainly interesting. I had no sooner hung up from that call when I immediately received another. This one was from somebody identifying himself as a Catholic video tape producer from Los Angeles. He said they were interested on doing a tape on the New Age Movement with me. He said they had recently finished one with Fr. Pacwa, but after listening to my talk and question and answer session in California, they felt it was important that they do one with me as well. I said, “it’s interesting you should mention Fr. Pacwa. I need to speak with him. Do you have his phone number?” I was promptly furnished one. I never did hear from the producer again about the proposed video series. I rather suspect, given concurring and subsequent events that Pacwa himself may have ran interference.

I promptly called Fr. Pacwa. He had a very jovial tape recorded message on his answering machine. I left my name and number. I did this a couple of later times before receiving a return call. When Fr. Pacwa finally called me we had an interesting and somewhat disturbing conversation.

I asked him why he would say I no longer believed what I wrote in Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow without first personally checking with me. As many of my readers know, I have never been inaccessible by those wishing to personally converse with me. He then said, “that’s what they told me when I was up at Spiritual Counterfeits Project.”

He then went on to say that the woman who contacted me from Napierville who he did recall questioning him at his talk in that town “was a very paranoid type.” He then volunteered that “I agree with much of your work, but we have our points of disagreement.” I said, “well, let’s talk about the disagreements.” He said, “I disagree with you about Matthew Fox.” I said, “why?” He said, “there are mitigating circumstances with Matthew Fox.” I said, “what could possibly be mitigating about a priest teaching the doctrines of the New Age Movement?” He said, “David Spangler teaches the Age of Aquarius – Matthew Fox does not teach the Age of Aquarius.” Dumbfounded, I said, “have you read Matthew Fox’s books?” He said that he had. I then asked him, “have you read Whee, Wee, We?” “No, I haven’t read that one,” said Pacwa.

I suggested he might want to read Whee, Wee, We. I accurately told him that in that book Matthew Fox said we were coming out of the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius. He had further said that it was idolatry for us to worship our “past gods" for the Age of Pisces as we were entering the Age of Aquarius. Further, he said that “the sins of the Israelites was to worship the gods of the Age of the Bull when in fact they were entering the Age of the Ram.” We too must not repeat their sin by going "awhoring" over our "past gods" continued Fox.

Fr. Pacwa thanked me and said he sure would appreciate having that documentation. I had the book sitting within my physical range in my law office. I suggested a quick solution. I asked if he had a fax number and I would promptly photocopy and fax the documentation. Fr. Pacwa said he would have to get the fax number for me. I said, “well, I’ll tell you what. Here’s my fax number. You fax me your fax number when you find it and I’ll immediately fax you back the documentation.”

I did receive a fax from Fr. Pacwa, but it did not include a fax number. Instead he had scrawled a large and crude message, “Have a nice life. Mitch Pacwa.”

A few months later, I was told that Fr. Pacwa had released a book on the New Age Movement. I purchased a copy. Interestingly, the cover design and pattern of the book reminded me of my own formatting. Disturbingly the book praised one of the instigators of much of the New Age action, Teilhard de Chardin. The book did give accurate warnings against the enneagram practices. It was less than a complete warning about the New Age Movement. The book then had a similar section to one I had placed in The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. It started out, however with a “Not Recommended” section. It had two important books only on that: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey and Unicorn in the Sanctuary by Randall England (Randy England). He specifically criticized my analysis of New Agers following Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Alice Ann Bailey.

Oh, and what did he do with Matthew Fox? Well, it was clear by then that he had obtained and read Whee, Wee, We. He did write extensively about Matthew Fox and that book in particular. He debatably referred to Fox and his Bear & Company venture as "a genius." Then he wrote, “is Matthew Fox a New Ager? That’s hard to say.”

No, that should not be hard for an honest person who at least claims to "be informed" about New Age Movement issues to say!

Why am I coming out with this information now and not earlier? Well, I believed it important for Catholics to receive information on the New Age Movement and as defective as parts of Fr. Pacwa’s message was, it was better than no information. Secondly, he is coming into a more prominent role with EWTN, a television network I greatly admire and I am fearful of where he may be taking it. Mother Angelica did a 90 minute special with me on the New Age Movement in the late 1980s and re-ran it several times. I noticed in many later books on the New Age Movement coming from people of her network that my work was no longer mentioned. I suspect Pacwa was a determinative force on this.

Now Lucis Trust and Matthew Fox have obviously come out of their respective closets. Lucis Trust is the offspring of the originally named Lucifer Publishing Company. That was founded by Alice and Foster Bailey in 1922 after they emigrated to New York City from southern California where they had actively worked with the Theosophical Society. They have released Study Six of their World Goodwill, “The Problems of Humanity” Building Right Human Relations” series.

Here’s a direct link to it.

As I often remind my readers. Hard copy it and/or electronically archive it – immediately. The New Agers continue to play their lovely little game of “now you see us, now you don’t.” As fast as I posted the links to the Maitreyan references appearing on an search for “Javier Solana,” they immediately disappeared. Herb Peters has a screen shot of both! This linked Lucis Trust document clearly references Matthew Fox and his critiques of current religion. The same Acrobat pdf document deals abundantly with what they call “The Reappearance of the Christ.”

I would so much like to see Mitch Pacwa’s otherwise valuable work on the New Age Movement salvaged by an honest and public reevaluation of those elements of the New Age Movement he has desensitized people to – Matthew Fox, Outcome Based Education, and the Baha’is.

He also owes an apology to those doing honest pioneering work against the New Age Movement. I have thick skin and don’t care so much, but how about him apologizing to Randy England, the Catholic lawyer who did write an honest warning against the New Age Movement, the book The Unicorn in the Sanctuary?

I’m glad Fr. Pacwa came out of the New Age Movement and publicly warns against certain aspects of it. I’ll be happier still when he gives the full picture, or else gets out of the way of those who are! Interestingly, Pacwa's book says his personal involvement with the New Age Movement in Detroit, Michigan (my own 'stomping grounds') were at something called "The Center for Integral Yoga Studies." Located across the street from University of Detroit where Pacwa once taught, it was a major local contributor in successfully bringing Benjamin Creme to Detroit to speak to a very packed audience at a large Unity Church owned facility. This happened on November 4, 1981. Center for Integral Yoga Study activists were prominently present, as were A Course in Miracles, est, Silva Mind Control, Unification Church, Unity Church, Reikki practitioners, the Holistic Health Medical Association, Bread for the World, and so many others willing to publicly advocate for a so-called coming new "Christ" who was neither Jesus nor Jewish.

I pray that Fr. Pacwa's stance on this was from less than complete information rather than more malign motivations!

As usual, I invite your comments.
Outcome based education? Sounds like something out of the No Child Left Behind Act. Wasn't Matthew Fox kicked out of the Roman Catholic priesthood? Didn't he find a home with the Episcopal church? The Episcopal Church is the denomination most damaged by New Age influences. Such a shame!

Fox was accepted open armed by the Episcopal church. He is now very active with the United Religions Initiative.
Dear David in Battle Creek:

One and the same. Matthew Fox was excommunicated as a Catholic in latel 1993 and was immediately taken in by the Episcopalians!
" ... He debatably referred to Fox and his Bear & Company venture as "a genius." —Catholic (?) Constance

"sigh" The quote above is where I stopped reading, Constance. To let you know I have read & purchased hundreds of books on religion and various movements within them, along w/reading thousands of articles on New Age, Wiccanism, Matt Fox, Gnosticism, Neo-Gnosticism, paganism, and Judaism, Buddhism, Theosophy, Hinduism and on the various denominations w/in Protestant Christianity, and on so many of influencers w/in these areas etc. etc. I am familiar w/Chardin after reading several books on him and related influences.

I only bring this to your attention, not to claim I have thorough knowledge of New Age Mvmt or on any of the above, but to alert you and your dear readers that I have sitting on my three full walls of bookshelves next to each other, YOUR book and Father Pacwa's, as well as Mr. Englands, and Johnnette's. All have been thoroughly read and highlighted w/side-penciled notes to myself — though I read them many years ago.

I am a wife and mother of two very fine children. In my previous life before responding to His call & marriage, I worked in advertising as a Research & Media Director for a Fortune 500 company, as well as advertising agency and a major foreign publishing house for a period of 20+ years. I have seen things of this world and I know research.

I have also attended some of Fr. Pacwa's lectures and have read some of his writings, but I will focus on the quote above.

Looking on page 173, the first page of Chapter 8, titled: Matthew Fox & Creation Centered Spirituality.

The good Fr. Mich Pacwa writes, five lines down:

"The genius behind Bear Press and the Institute for Creation Centered Spirituality, is Fr. Matthew Fox, O.P."

Looking up the word, "genius" in my old & torn 7th edition of Webster dictionary, I find a definition that helps to defind how Fr. Mich Pacwa was using this word, "genius":

"an attendant spirit of a person or place" or perhaps this one: "a person who influences another for good or bad..."

What is debatable is how you intrepreted this line, my dear, or what you are trying to imply.

Given Rev. Fox's growing influences w/in some areas of the Episcopal Church, as well as some New Thought churches, and the neo-gnostic mvmt, I would say the word "genius" was correctly used, by the dear priest. I did not get from reading Fr's book that he supported Rev. Fox nor Teilhard de Chardin.

Fr. Pacwa's book and talks have been read by Catholic apologist - many more wiser than I in the teachings & doctrines of the Catholic Church and New Age. And, have they been "alarmed" that he had "experienced some elements of New Age" and "repented"? No, I think they rejoice and are glad he is fighting the fight.

I have great respect for the folks at Our Lady's Warriors and for Jeannette at IHLA and the gang at Catholic Cultures.

[my reading of your column continues ... as will my thoughts ...]

As for your implication that Fr. Pacwa and/or his publisher used your book to format his book is absolutely mind boggling! I pulled all the books down — unless your publisher changed the cover before my 1983 edition, there is absolutely no similarity.

I also noted that Randy England and you have in your appendix an outline of the mvmt & events. England also has a recommended reading as did Father Pacwa ... but isn't that a wise publishing decision? Tan Books does that all the time.

I guess the bee that got in your bonnet was that Fr. Pacwa did not recommend your book. I will add at this point, I did find your book very helpful, but I would not rely on your work or his solely or as complete authority. [Know also I have heard your taped lectures from HLI.]

But despite the "not recommended" which he explains his reasoning, he did give credit where credit was due:

"Cumbey pioneered criticism of the New Age by researching the pioneers of the movements and their books. Her information can be helpful to the careful reader..."

To be honest with you, I would hesitate giving your book to first time readers on the N.A. despite the wonderful & organized information in it. I would recommend it only after they had read other books. But that is my opinion, and Fr. Pacwa has his.

And lastly you state:

"Then he wrote, 'is Matthew Fox a New Ager? That’s hard to say.'"

"No, that should not be hard for an honest person who at least claims to 'be informed' about New Age Movement issues to say! "


Bear w/me as I quote Father's actual words and the direction of his thoughts:

"Is Matthew Fox a New Ager? Does he promote the movement? Where does he stand on Catholic faith?
The problems with his writing fit into three categories: the quality of his scholarship, his worldview, and his theology?"

In which the following pages Fr. Pacwa goes into detail answering the questions he proposes. He refers to Rev. Fox's scholarship as "sloppy and embarrassing." He also states, "I first noticed problems with Fox's use of Scripture, which is my area of expertise. He mistranslates texts or misrepresents linguistic findings." Fr. Pacwa then goes on to give examples...many examples.

To the question of his "worldview", Fr. Pacwa starts a line with, "LIKE MANY NEW AGERs, Fox borrows the idea of a "paradigm shift" from ...."

I can go on, but my family is waiting for me. I just could not allow in good conscience the defaming of a good priest by misrepresentation of his words.

Over Easter, in fact it was early a.m. Easter Monday, I was having trouble sleeping and I was compelled to turn on the light and try some reading. The bedstand books didn't interest me and then a book I had purchased years ago and never read came to mind. I got up and found the book, To My Priest. It contains the words of our Lord as recorded by a woman whose name I forget and am to lazy now to go get it. But she helped to start many religious orders, and was very saintly. The Lord gave her instructions concerning His priest and His love and suffering for them and because of them ... It is a book I highly recommend, along w/the book on the Eucharist that was also instructed —they are approved by the appropriate authorities etc.

Anyway, for what it is worth, I fear Constance your tone and slights toward Fr. Pacwa are moving in spiritually dangerous waters.

You have done hard and thorough gathering of material in the past and I suspect are continuing to, but things like this doesn't do you or your readers any service.

Now that I think about it on June 23 I join the The Serra Club's "31 Club" and set aside the (23rd) of each month to attend Mass & say prayers for our priest .... funny I stumbled onto your site today.

God bless
Why don't you ask Fr. Pacwa if I told the truth about our original Matthew Fox conversation? He admitted that and sending the "Have a Nice Life" message to me?" Some of his information on the New Age Movement is good. It certainly is not complete. He certainly did unfairly attack those doing the pioneering work against the New Age Movement. My telephone numbers are listed. Even given at the side of my blog. You are more than free to call me and personally discuss it -- if you have the courage!
Pacwa admitted this to me in 1995 when I encountered him at a University of Detroit speech.
Dear PML:

Nobody, myself included, has expressed alarm that Mitch Pacwa repented from his former involvement in the New Age Movement. Fr. Marx did express alarm to me as did many others, Fr. Perrone included, that Mitch Pacwa wrote glowingly that Chardin "saved his faith." There was also dismay over his "is Matthew Fox a New Ager, that's hard to say." Why don't you carefully read the link I attached to the very current Lucis Trust document and then you tell me if it's hard to say that Matthew Fox is a New Ager.
It's very interesting. Matthew Fox blames two specific people for his downfall in his book CONFESSIONS -- THE MAKING OF A POST-DENOMINATIONAL PRIEST. It wasn't Fr. Pacwa. It was yours truly and Cardinal Ratzinger. My very first conversation with Pacwa (only one of two in recorded history) was that he thought I was too hard on Matthew Fox -- that there were "mitigating circumstances" on Matthew Fox.

I have told the truth and set the record straight. I have MANY tapes of Pacwa slandering me and have held my tongue for many years. It looks like he and his crowd can dish it out, but can't take it!
I found somebody else disturbed -- Constance, I assume your comments in the past about Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) mean that he (Ratzinger) would be against what happened at Fatima/Assisi, but Pacwa has refused to speak against it:

R. Sungenis: Donna, first, if you notice my paragraph, it does not say, definitively, that Fr. Pacwa condones the Hindu worship at Fatima (although there are strong indications that he is not going to say anything to condemn it in public, which is almost the same as condoning it. At least that's what I've learned from the biographies of Catholic saints and other cliches of life).
My paragraph says, "any organization that condones and supports the Hindu worship now taking place at Fatima, has become apostate, including EWTN's spokesman, Fr. Mitchell Pacwa..." In other words, it is a warning to them, not an accusation.
After I posted this warning, since then I have heard back from Mr. Donovan, who assures me that he does not condone the Hindu worship at Fatima, and he feels that the Catholic prelates at Fatima have done a grievous wrong. I accept that, and have told him so.
I hope Fr. Pacwa says the same, and he certainly needs to do so, since what he has said so far certainly gives the impression that he is condoning the Hindus at Fatima.
The problem for Mr. Donovan (who is the Vice President of Theology at EWTN), of course, is that, if he condemns the Hindu worship at Fatima, then has a problem with John Paul II who, not only has issued no condemnation regarding the Hindu worship at Fatima, but has prayed/worshiped with other false religions for the last 20 years.
According to Mr. Donovan, I was let go from EWTN in 2002 precisely because I began to speak out against these actions of the pope. Yet here Mr. Donovan admits that the Hindu worship at Fatima is wrong, but doesn't speak out against it (except when I pressured him to do so in an email exchange). I hope he realizes now that, if he condemns the Hindu worship at Fatima, he has no defense against John Paul II's prayer/worship with other false religions, since according to the Bishop at Fatima, Hindu worship is being allowed on the same basis that John Paul II allowed Assisi 1986 and Assisi 2002 to occur.
Apparently, the policy at EWTN is that, even though they know these bad things are occurring, they simply will not condemn, in public, ANYTHING the prelature does, and, in fact, will make it appear that there is nothing wrong at all (e.g., Fr. Pacwa's comments about the Hindu worship of Fatima, via Fr. Fox).
This is a grave disservice to their Catholic patrons. Fr. Pacwa has the duty to make it known that what is going on at Fatima is apostasy. And Mr. Donovan has the obligation, as Vice President of Theology of EWTN, to tell Fr. Pacwa, and the rest of the staff at EWTN, that it is apostasy. If not, then they are implicitly condoning it, and they may indeed fall under the warning I gave above.
Robert Sungenis

Pasted from

7/24/2006, 8:16 AM
{Follow up on previous post} ....

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News has just accepted my post on "Mr. Europe - Recommendation 666" on their website! Go to: and scroll to the very bottom of the page. This is read by many!
I’ve been waiting to see which division of NATO would be occupying Lebanon. As I suspected, it appears it will be the Europeans. Below is a portion of an article from today's NEW YORK TIMES:


Israel Weighs Foreign Troops on Border

KIRYAT SHMONA, Israel, July 23 — As Israel again pounded southern Lebanon from the air and ground on Sunday and the Hezbollah militia rained dozens more rockets on Israel’s north, diplomatic efforts increased with growing discussion of a multinational armed force being placed in the area.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Israel was interested in a NATO-led force, and the prime minister, Ehud Olmert, spoke of one consisting of European Union members with combat experience and the authority to take control of Lebanon’s border and crossing points.

American officials said they were open to the idea but did not expect American troops to be part of the force. “It’s a new idea, we’ll certainly take it seriously,” John R. Bolton, the American ambassador to the United Nations, told CNN’s “Late Edition.”
Two weeks ago Hal Lindsey broadcast that the roadmap is a Palestinian state INSTEAD OF a Jewish state. Where did he get this. Can anyone post a link?
To anon. of 2:55
Refering the comment about Hal's comment

I don't have a link at the moment, but this might give you more ammo for research.
The deal for roadmap to piece does not over ride any previous treaties. It only adds. It will make the previous treaties complete. The original deal either by Nato or the U.N. way back when it was signed made provisions for a palestinian state. If there was to be a palestinian state, it had to be continuous uninterupted land. The terrorist do not give a hoot about the Gaza strip that was given over to be the beginnings of a palestinian nation. The palestinian plight is being used as a front by the other arab nations who know the rules. Last summer was just the beggining of trouble when they gave away Gaza. Israel is now making the mistake of getting ready to give away part of the west bank surrounding Jerusalem. There is one serious problem. If Israel fully withdraws from any of the west bank for the purpose of giving away the land to the palestinians, it will legally divide Israel in half, north to south! The rules are continous land! Gaza is quite a ways from the Jerusalem area but the west bank land would have to be joined to it by a land strip. How wide the strip would have to be, I don't know. I don't think that most people are aware of these rules. My mom read an article to me last July that listed the rules. It had an arab plan that included the major highways from Jerusalem to the mediteranian coast. It would be palestinian owned and controlled as well as a other land conecting to it to be a giant land bridge. It would allow unlimited access of arab groups to travel without Israel being legaly able to gaurd it, just as the Raffa crossing in Gaza. I will try to find it, but incase I don't keep looking for a trail. This plan, if it goes through will be cause for a major war if any land is given away from the west bank. The arabs know it will start a war when the Jews find out they have just legally divided Israel north to south. By then it will be to late! whether or not God will allow any more of this plan to be carried out, I don't know. I hope someone can find this information and expose it. My mom just told me that she believed the treaty was finally signed by Harry Trueman, so I'm not sure if it falls under Nato rules or the U.N. I was not that good at history, but now I guess I've got a reason to go back and do some studying. If she finds the article, I will try to post.
As to Mitch Pacwa--his book appears to driven by his own experiences with regard to his research, i.e. the enneagram. He seemed to be writing about topics most impacting the Church in America at the time he published. Since then, a lot of garbage has flowed down the New Age River, and the book seems a little dated. I prefer Johnette Benkovich's book; she's also a regular commentator on the New Age at EWTN. She has a better handle on the constant assault on Catholicism by new agers.

Fox continues to move in New Age political circles. Jim Garrison and Club of Romer David Korten (orchestrated the WTO riots in Seattle in 1999) worked together last year at a Call to Action event. Call to Action is a ultra-progressive dissident group at odds with the Vatican. Also Korten is working with Tikkun's Michael Lerner on the Spiritual Activism movement. The initial event in Berkeley in the summer of 2005 has been followed by several similar gatherings. The purpose? To create a new spiritual center of energy to oppose Christians and Bush. Fox is playing a marginal role but was at Berkeley.

The Spiritual Activism movement is a typical chameleon New Age enterprise. The May event in Lynnwood, WA brought together some of the New Agers biggest names. Caroline Myss, Jean Houston, Michael Lerner, Korten's editor of YES! Magazine, and while not on the agenda but definitely present the grand dame of all--Barbara Marx Hubbard.
Not on the subject of this blog. You will be seeing Psalm 83 in the news. The find in Ireland has hit the news media i.e. World Net Daily and the BBC. has requested this to be prayed from the begining of the the present war in Israel. We are seeing G-d's Word come to past before our very eyes...
Just another follow up to Matthew Fox and Company. Fox's Wisdom University had a direct hand in planning the Sacred Activism Conference in Lynnwood, WA--promoted, published and handled the fiscals for the conference. Did I mention Robert F. Kennedy, Cindy Sheehan and Marianne Williamson also presented? While Fox did not present, Jim Garrison of Wisdom U (CEO) presented several times. Garrison is founder of the State of the World Forum. Garrison is the mastermind with Fox, Lerner and Myss of this new political agenda of the New Agers. They plan to bring this nationwide next spring (see Strategic memo of Garrison at Wisdom U-google and look in cache if it doesn't open). Events are being planned across the nation. The idea is to ignite a new Political North (the radical progressives) as a political force to impact the 2008 elections.

Garrison is a force to be dealt with internationally. Gorbie's pal. Garrison has access to major international money to finance this. There are concommitant events being held that appeal to Christian churches such as the Lerner-Sr. Joan C. event in May 2006 in the DC area. What unites this all is creating an aggressive alternative to mainstream values.

Beware of Radical Progressives filing as moderate appearing Dems in fall elections. Evidence this happening in WA state leg races. Progressives do not like the Dems but are looking to lie their way into office.

This is a spiritual battle for our nation's governance. Garrison makes no bones about this.
Do not let the headline say it all..Solana and the EU
A google search of Cumbey and Pacwa yielded this very interesting find:

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 15:46:31 EDT
Reply-To: Apparition List <[log in to unmask]>
Sender: Apparition List <[log in to unmask]>
From: Les Rozsa <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Re: The anti-Christ

At 17:24 on 30/9/95 John Kacarab wrote:

>It is interesting that you mention Fr. Pacwa. He has specifically
>derided Constance. I've listened to Constance and Fr. Pacwa (all the
>tapes can be borrowed from the CCL), and I've read Fr. Pacwa's book
>about the New Age. I think Fr. Pacwa is wrong when he says that
>Constance is way off base. Although Fr. Pacwa is very informative about
>New Age matters, he ignores completely the political implications of it
>and does not deal with Masonry at all. Info on the CCL follows.

You're not the only one who has pointed this out to me. I didn't realize he
was quite so hostile towards Cumbey, although I've only read his one work
*Catholics and the New Age*, which I think focuses too much on the Enneagram
at the expense of greater and more subtle dangers posed by New Age theology.
His reported stance seems somewhat uncharitable as it was Cumbey's
pioneering works which launched the much needed Christian critiques of
recent New Age developments.

Given that powerful New Age organizations are at the forefront of
pro-abortion and pro "population control" political initiatives, it seems to
be a double folly to ignore this aspect of the movement.

I caught a hint of Fr. Pacwa's opinion in the notes to *Catholics and the
New Age,* but I didn't give much credence to his critique of Cumbey because
she backs up everything she says with book-length evidence which is held in
high regard by many Catholic priests. Fr. Pacwa's critique of her was a
one-paragraph opinion with no backing evidence. Perhaps his prior
involvement with the occult and his activism in the New Age movement makes
him more sensitive than he should be.

At any rate, it's a sad thing if Christians fight each other this way in the
face of such an implacable foe as the political arm of the New Age movement
- which was so much in evidence at the Beijing Women's Conference and
earlier at Cairo, spouting word-for-word the manifestos which Cumbey has

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actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
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actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
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Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
Good job!
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
C++ should have been called B
If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.
What is a free gift ? Aren't all gifts free?
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
Build a watch in 179 easy steps - by C. Forsberg.
Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!
When there's a will, I want to be in it.
Please write anything else!
Ever notice how fast Windows runs? Neither did I.
actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
Beam me aboard, Scotty..... Sure. Will a 2x10 do?
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies
Please write anything else!
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!
Save the whales, collect the whole set
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
Beam me aboard, Scotty..... Sure. Will a 2x10 do?
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.
When there's a will, I want to be in it.
Clap on! , Clap off! clap@#&$NO CARRIER
Save the whales, collect the whole set
C++ should have been called B
640K ought to be enough for anybody. - Bill Gates 81
All generalizations are false, including this one.
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I'm deleting commercial comments posted here!
It has been stated above that you misread, misunderstood, and misquoted the so-called evidence that supports your position towards Fr. Pacwa.

Now I doubt he even faxed that "Have a nice life" message, but if he did, I understand why he'd rather invest his time in more productive activities than arguing a person who is not willing to listen in order to understand, but to attack.
It has been stated above that you misread, misunderstood, and misquoted the so-called evidence that supports your position towards Fr. Pacwa.

Now I doubt he even faxed that "Have a nice life" message, but if he did, I understand why he'd rather invest his time in more productive activities than arguing a person who is not willing to listen in order to understand, but to attack.
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