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Chuck Hagel and Javier Solana

Senator Hagel goes against Administration on Israel policy – What, if anything, could that mean? Surely it could have NOTHING to do with his close relationship with JAVIER SOLANA, or could it?

I must confess I have not sorted out all of my own feelings on what is transpiring in the Middle East. It is tragic when civilians on both sides of the Lebanese border get caught in the crossfire. It has struck me that more of the Israeli military action is about the rockets on steroids that the Hezbollah seems to have recently acquired and freely uses. I, like others, was saddened by the approximately 60 innocents who died in the recent Lebanese village bombing. With that having been said, political realities and individual agendas must still be examined for the other players. One of those players is Javier Solana. One political commentator recently referred to him as a “lightweight” European voice. I’m sure Javier Solana didn’t like that. I’m equally sure it is not true.

Today, a Republican United States Senator, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, came out in staunch open opposition to the Administration’s current policy. Read all about it here.[1] I find this much more significant than say, for example, Condoleezza Rice. United States Senators are supposed to be independent. Condoleezza Rice is a Presidential appointee and must conduct herself in line with Administration policy. This is not necessarily true of a United States Senator who must primarily please only the electorate of his own state.

Knowing of Chuck Hagel’s long time and seemingly close relationship with Javier Solana, I paid immediate attention to his declaration against the Administration today. I don’t always (in fact, I don’t often) agree with the current administration. On the other hand, I don’t have a relationship of any type (except as a probably vocally annoying critic) of Dr. Solana. This is not true of Senator Hagel who obviously has a publicly close one. Below are just a few of the 689 google hits on Javier Solana and Senator Hagel – TOGETHER!

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[PDF] Javier SOLANA, EU High Representative for the CFSP, to visitNew ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
View as HTMLJavier SOLANA, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and ... scheduled to meet with Republican Senator Chuck HAGEL and Democratic - Similar pages
EU@UN - EUHR Solana will visit the United States
Presentation of the Transatlantic Leadership Award to Senator Chuck Hagel, with Special Introductory Remarks by Javier Solana, Secretary General of the - 21k -
Cached - Similar pages
MEDIA ADVISORY: Javier Solana, European Union High Representative ...
Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the CFSP, Visits New York and ... meet with Republican Senator Chuck Hagel and Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton. - 34k -
Cached - Similar pages
Javier Solana's speech was a very important one and is fully in line with the ... Last Week, I had a very interesting meeting with Senator Chuck Hagel of - 26k -
Cached - Similar pages
Javier Solana
Meeting with Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. 19:15 Working dinner with James Wolfensohn, Quartet Envoy for Disengagement. 18/01/2006. Washington - 72k -
Cached - Similar pages
Secretary general / High Representative CFSP, Javier Solana
Secretary general / High Representative CFSP, Javier Solana · Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) ... Meeting with Republican Senator Chuck Hagel - 78k -
Cached - Similar pages[ More results from ]
European Institute
Dr. Javier Solana, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and High ... In his remarks, Senator Chuck Hagel stated that the EU's strength and - 12k -
Cached - Similar pages
Daily Press Briefing (December 9, 2004)
On December 10, the foreign minister will meet with Senator Chuck Hagel (R) of ... the international mediation effort conducted notably under Javier Solana, - 22k -
Cached - Similar pages
People's Daily Online -- Solana to visit Washington, Iran, Middle ...
... (EU)'s foreign and security policy chief Javier Solana will discuss Iran, ... Republican senator Chuck Hagel and Democratic senator Hillary Clinton. - 22k -
Cached - Similar pages

Senator Hagel was given the European Institute’s 2003 award. The presentation remarks were given by none other than “our very good friend” Javier Solana. Other Senatorial figures that Javier Solana has enjoyed especially seemingly close ties are Richard Lugar (Republican, Indiana); Hillary Clinton (Democrat, New York) and ex-Senator Sam Nunn (Democrat – Georgia). Hillary Clinton’s are probably the most explainable – it was her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who was instrumental in his 1995 rise to NATO power. Sam Nunn was an invitee participant in Javier Solana’s Operation Black Dawn, a simulated global war against terrorism.

Frankly, I did not and still do not know which is more terrifying. Global terrorism? OR Solana’s “global war against terrorism.” I rather and painfully suspect that both might be forms of terrorism.

Well, I’m sure I’m reading too much into things. I think I’d better go look at that moon again! It may be getting pinker as I write.

July 31, 2006

I too have mixed feelings, including one that is surprising: dismay that I sometimes feel an urge to shrug and emote "Well, the end is coming and all of this was foretold." My question I'll get to in a moment touches on that.
First, please bear in mind the media war occurring; one that Israeli doesn't seem to be doing so well at. Hezbollah (just like other terrorist organizations have learned to do) is doing a great job of having media resources right on hand where Israeli strikes land. Since they're hunkering up close to civilians, demonstrably understand Israeli acquisition and fire control protocols, then they are well positioned to precipitate monstrous outcomes and capture it all on digital media to rush to the news.
No, I do NOT like the way innocents are being killed, and I do pray each day that God will spare as many as He can within His plan. But I also do not like the way the media feeds the sensationalism and the folks slop it up.

I am very, very new to this. Up until nine months ago I was an average, arrogant, self-centered WASP too busy magnifying myself and damning my life. I suppose instead of saying that I fell from grace, that I fell into faith. In any case, here I am now a new Christian and I do believe that we seeing the stage being set for the end of days, mostly because the bible is written from the perspective of the Jews, and our modest (smaller) section (Christians) is framed in their actions and in the end we are joined up with them (Jews). So, when the Israelis went to war, I opened the bible.

My question though is: would someone please recommend their favorite NON Revelations/Isaiah/Daniel reading that teaches how to be a good Christian in daily life? I guess I am struggling with "How to be" while waiting with baited breath (and no, I am not a pre-trib rapture subscriber). It seems we're (generalization to America) fat, comfy, and, well, a tad zombie-ish. Nobody's talking about the Mid-East; no one wants to. It has not even been MENTIONED at Church. Anyway...thanks for the site and the info Constance...!!!!!
New in Christ
What do you think of the whole idea that "America is a Christian nation, and we have to return to our Christian roots?" To me, it seems as if one cannot be considered a born-again Christian - at least in some circles - unless one is also a right-wing, conservative Republican. Before I became Baha'i and later Catholic (which is what I am now), I was a part of the born-again set at my college in the mid-1970s, back before the Religious Right gained prominence, so I know one does not need to be a right-wing Republican to be saved.
Dear New in Christ,

Welcome to the family! How to live our daily lives amidst the confusion has been a long personal struggle. I keep in mind one biblical passage that described the Godly king Josiah. It was said of him that he walked neither to the right hand nor to the left, but strictly in the paths of the Lord.

I believe Jesus gave us the right mix when he said that the greatest command was to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind AND love our neighbor as ourself.

Lastly, and personally, I find that reading a chapter a day from the book of Proverbs which has 31 chapters full of sound and practical advice for daily living, helps ease my way through the day. Also, I think it important to seek the Lord's blessings and direction for the day. I personally do so before leaving my home daily -- in a private place (go to the secret closet and pray, as Jesus said) and on knees, if possible.

I am so happy you have joined us and thanks for your very kind words!

August 1, 2006
Robin, thanks for those cogent and insightful remarks!


I am doing so most disturbing research on the following:

1. Norman Grubb
2. Fellowship Foundation, including but not limited to founder Abraham ("Abram") Vereide and successor Doug Coe.
3. Sir Kenneth Grubb
4. Anthony Buzzard
5. International Institute on Strategic Studies (Kenneth Grubb [Norman Grubb's younger brother] and Anthony Buzzard were two of the small group of primary founders).
6. Relations between these, WEU, Solana, and the mainstream New Age Movement, including but not limited to Barbara Marx Hubbard, David Spangler, Fritz Hull, John Babbs, etc., ad nauseum.
7. SCP, EMNR's latest moves to sanitize wiccans and earth worship.

You might want to do some research of your own along these lines.


I think I'm going to start the recommended research by googling some of the names and organizations you mention.
My brother told me that he saw Kofi Annan on CNN last week proposing a global tax, with the United States carrying the majority of the tax burden. I've been trying to locate the info on the CNN web site--but not much success. I did find an interesting editorial:

I'm starting to see things along Herb Peter's lines that the UN may emerge as the end time Babylon. Given the level of cooperation we're seeing between the EU and UN, Solana may be the one to sharpen the UN's teeth. Especially since they intend to implement the Alliance of Civilizations within the framework of the Barcelona process.

For the recent Pacwa column by Constance, I found this on a recent search. Evidently, she isn't the only one seeing through him!

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 15:46:31 EDT
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Subject: Re: The anti-Christ

At 17:24 on 30/9/95 John Kacarab wrote:

>It is interesting that you mention Fr. Pacwa. He has specifically
>derided Constance. I've listened to Constance and Fr. Pacwa (all the
>tapes can be borrowed from the CCL), and I've read Fr. Pacwa's book
>about the New Age. I think Fr. Pacwa is wrong when he says that
>Constance is way off base. Although Fr. Pacwa is very informative about
>New Age matters, he ignores completely the political implications of it
>and does not deal with Masonry at all. Info on the CCL follows.

You're not the only one who has pointed this out to me. I didn't realize he
was quite so hostile towards Cumbey, although I've only read his one work
*Catholics and the New Age*, which I think focuses too much on the Enneagram
at the expense of greater and more subtle dangers posed by New Age theology.
His reported stance seems somewhat uncharitable as it was Cumbey's
pioneering works which launched the much needed Christian critiques of
recent New Age developments.

Given that powerful New Age organizations are at the forefront of
pro-abortion and pro "population control" political initiatives, it seems to
be a double folly to ignore this aspect of the movement.

I caught a hint of Fr. Pacwa's opinion in the notes to *Catholics and the
New Age,* but I didn't give much credence to his critique of Cumbey because
she backs up everything she says with book-length evidence which is held in
high regard by many Catholic priests. Fr. Pacwa's critique of her was a
one-paragraph opinion with no backing evidence. Perhaps his prior
involvement with the occult and his activism in the New Age movement makes
him more sensitive than he should be.

At any rate, it's a sad thing if Christians fight each other this way in the
face of such an implacable foe as the political arm of the New Age movement
- which was so much in evidence at the Beijing Women's Conference and
earlier at Cairo, spouting word-for-word the manifestos which Cumbey has

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So can we guess that this is really what Javier Solana is thinking? His true feelings anyway.
I wonder how long it will be until other senators will come out against Israel.
I've noticed the distinct reddish cast to the moon for the last two nights. Fascinating that Senator Hagel would be as bold as he was in coming out with such passion. He must be feeling confident--or at the least, cocky. With a relationship to Solana that is obviously more intimate than we knew (the googles tell the tale), he is likely both. Thanks for reporting this, Constance. It's very eye-opening to me. I am going to be different and applaud President Bush for taking a firm stand for Israel. Surely he knows that he is not touting a popular world opinion. I'm of the belief that the Abrahamic Covenant is eternal, and therefore, whoever supports Israel will be blessed, but whoever does not support them, will be cursed. (Genesis 12:3) Yes, on occasion I have questioned decisions of the Bush administration, but not on this particular stand. This time, Bush is right on.
I was half joking when I wrote about wondering if the moon was pink. That was last night before I left my office and did not see the quarter moon until I was nearly home -- and then I saw the distinctly red casted quarter moon!
To modify the old saying - be careful what you joke about; it may just happen!
For awhile I've been watching the moon to see what my Michigan friends have been seeing. Finally, the other night I saw the crescent appeared red. I guess we're a little behind here in Wisconsin.

Being from a big dairy farm region, the lack of rain has been troubling. All across the northern part of the state the corn crops have been severely stresed. We're finally getting some rain but I think it may be too late to have a good yield. As I drive home from work and look at the fields, every day the scripture "a day's wage for a loaf of bread" comes to mind. It may not be too far off.

It certainly had a reddish appearance in this part of Michigan, Battle Creek being in the southwest part of the state.

I think it's horrible the people of Lebanon are caught in the middle of all this. Hezbollah is hiding behind them. They are setting Israel up into firing in such populated areas to take pictures and bring outrage from mainly the Arab and Muslim countries and the rest of the world. It seemed very staged, like Herb Peters has suggested. I absolutely agree with Peters on this matter. All the protests at the U.N. embassies have occurred in a very organized fashion.

I believe Solana and the U.N. have used this opportunity to show their diplomatic superiority over the U.S. Pushing us into pressing Israel for a cease-fire has had some impact on our administration. However, we have two big reasons why we can't just call for a cease-fire: Afghanistan and Iraq. This situation has given Solana a great opportunity.

It's still hot! It's hot even in the U.P. of Michigan. That's Upper Pennisula for you non-Michiganians.
The moon here in Maine has been red for almost every night for over a month. 2 weeks ago however something that I had never seen before was the sun blood red at sunrise. It looked as if filtered through a glass of blood. The strange thing was the blood color tinted everything. Typically when you see a red sun things still have some of the normal color. This time it was not like that. It appeared everything was stained. It stayed like this for 15 minutes. Needless to say my Russian Christian friend that rides with me to work was pretty astonished too.
Can I remind us again about what the Lord Jesus Christ said about Him coming in the name of the Father and being rejected by the Jews, and that one day someone would come in his own name and would be accepted (by the Jews).

I cannot see this happening except that the Anti Christ must do something for Israel in which he will appear to be their saviour.

Could this war with Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel be the opportunity the Anti Christ is waiting for, when the danger to Israel is so life threatening that he will step in and save her in the nick of time (just as it will really be, when Jesus Christ finally returns).

The Anti Christ will then come to be seen as a Messianic figure by the Jews, and it will be him that will usher in a time of peace for Israel, a time when they will have 'unwalled cities' or when their defences are really down. Remember Jesus' words, 'when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come upon them (the Jews)'.

If that is the case, then the war for Israel will get a lot worse, and where will the US be in all this? Could there be some crisis, perhaps to do with the weather or financial, that will incapcitate the US, thus rendering Javier Solana as the virtual leader of the World.

Javier Solana appears to be getting himself into a position to be the man that others are coming to depend on to sort things out.

He wants to be seen as all things to all men (all those that count as far as he is concerned, that is).

Can I also say, that if Fidel Castro is out of it politically, even he wont be there to warn others about Javier, being as how he appears to see him for what he is. Did he not warn Chavez about him?

However, Javier Solana is a supreme charmer, and events are moving very fast now.

I pray that President Bush and his Administration make the right decisions in the coming months.

Thank you Constance, and all the others for your very useful and informative postings.
Can I tell you about my "moon Theory"?
My basic theory that there would be more and more red moons that no one would really notice if a red moon suddenly appeared (like in some fiction books and movies). So people would be conditioned to where it really wouldn't be that big of deal (to the world at least). Yep I have always thought maybe I was a little nutty, until now. It does seem like we are having more and more red moons. I will have to start keeping track here in Oklahoma.

Best to test everything! We are all humans and still subject to deception and error! This one puzzles me, given the quality of much of her previous research!
I stumbled across this while doing a search on something not related, but very interesting piece:

Russian Economist Predicted Strikes on America - Says Shadow Power Planning More

"In what is now a stunning rebuttal to the official U.S. storyline regarding the events of September 11, ranking Russian economist Dr. Tatyana Koryagina revealed astounding insight into the planned attack on America, two months prior to the September 11 disaster.

"Dr. Alexandr Nemets, himself a former Russian official now living in the U.S., documented this significant story for Newsmax. In a recent article he asks:
Who is behind these strikes? Koryagina claims the U.S. is painting a false picture. She said the operation was not the work of 19 terrorists but a larger group seeking to reshape the world. She claimed a group of extremely powerful private persons, with total assets of about $300 trillion, intends to legalize its power and to become the new world government. [1]

"In a Provda interview published on July 12, 2001, Dr. Koryagina detailed a scenario that was ominously prescient of the disaster then being planned for the United States..."

To read more
These "private individuals" with the insane amounts of wealth, (Oh, they must be righteous - God has 'prospered' them) are the 10 kings of Rev. 17, "who have not yet received a kingdom. These will have one mind, and will give their power to the beast." It goes on to say they will hate the whore, Babylon, who has deceived the nations with her sorceries, and has become drunken with the kings of the earth with the wine of her fornications. This Babylon is the great (superpower) city (nation state) who rules over the kings of the earth, and indulges herself with luxury, through a massive deficit spending importaton economy. Her sins reach to heaven, and so GOD, not Satan, puts it into the hearts of these 10 evil kingdomless kings to hate the whore, and destroy her. This will then free the beast of the rider on its back, and it will then have its short lived heyday. Prehaps not till then will the anti-christ be generally revealed, the man of sin. He and the 10 kings will then "do battle with the Lamb" because they are evil. But Babylon, by then, no longer exists. "For strong is the Lord who judges her."

Better take a look at the first 5 verses of Rev. 18.

See, the issue is that Babylon has reached the terminal stage of pride and self-indulgence, and topped that off with a revival of new age 'mystery religion'.
As with ancient Israel in her stages of decadence, her false prohpets assure the people that they are in God's favor. Meanwhile, as they were comforting their carnal minds with blind assurances, God was in reality mobilizing the very engines of their destruction.
Likewise, Babylon's attitude is: "I sit as a Queen, and I shall know no sorrow." (pre-trib rapture?) But on the contrary, "in one hour her destruction will come upon her."

With even the 'kingdomless kings' seen to be preparing their deed, does any of this seem plausible in the very near future? Is the harlot now drunken with iniquity? The filthy rich continue plundering the harlot nation even while she sinks into a state of moral and economic stupor of desolation. Revelation chaps. 17 and 18 seem to be the plainest in the entire book.

read and judge for yourselves.
Anon. 11:00

What an article to stumble upon! I wonder if Osama Bin Laden is a part of this "secret society." At Herescope there has been some postings recently describing the activities of current philanthropists. They have been providing some funding for the set up of global mission projects, especially targeting Africa, by some prominent evangelists. This may be a simple altruistic venture, but after reading that article, I wonder if these same philanthropists are part of this "secret society."
Not to entirely endorse the article linked below, but it seems well worth reading. It is filled with many thoughtful points for those who do not think they already know and understand all there is to our endtime scenarios. I myself take exception with some of the points. The main thing is to think, because this is learn what is right and what is not. Not by egoistic arguments.
Paul said, "prove all things, and hold fast that which is good." So we should not become hidebound with one limited idea set, but we should realize God wouldn't have given us a brain if he didn't mean for us to think. The caveat however, is only hold on to what is good. It is idealogically dogmatic to say, "I will believe this, and only this, and will never reconsider it for the rest of my life, no matter what." We need to have the desire to hold on the "that which is good", while at the same time allowing ourselves to let go of old cherished notions when we come to see the errors in them. The key is to have the Holy Spirit as our guide. My desire is for the Lord to lead me in my understanding of things to develop closer to his thoughts and his views, as far as is his will.

That said, I also think many things we do not really need to have real determined opinions and understanding on. There is a lot to be said for the peace of non-presumptuous simplicity. But we can still be informed as to possible views, even if when we don't adopt a set stance as to our personal understanding regarding any particular issue.

"The NWO Here to Stay"
Dear Anonymous on the ten kings:

You make some strong points which I have personally believed for some time. However, I think you need to take a very close look at Herb Peters' newest article about "things happening together" and reflect on what is happening. It is more than possible that the ten kings who have already handed in very large part their power to Javier Solana have done so to equalize themselves with the USA, which they obviously intensely dislike. It may be happening -- there is little doubt that Solana (or successor) may be amassing his new military combinations to ultimately come against the USA, fulfilling Jacques Santer's stated dream of dislodging the USA as a competing superpower in the 21st century for global resources. Yes, God did have an economy. He used Babylon to help correct Israel in Jeremiah/Daniel times. The same thing may be happening with the EU correcting an arrogant USA. I pray not as I live here, but there are days this seems to be an obvious prophetic scenario to me -- all the false prophets saying to the contrary, as they did in Israeli days of old, that "God would never do this."
thankyou for your response. I think you are right that Herbs take on the 10 horns is also "more than possible". No argument there. It also seems to make a 'fit'. The only thing that gets me is the curious phraseology of these 10 kings having not "recieved a kingdom as yet".
But the WEU are kingdoms. Unless it means they have not gotten their superpower EU kingdom together 'as yet'. ???

In either case, the outcome will be the same. Because God has "put it into their hearts, to fulfill his will". It is going to happen.
For me, I guess the biggest concern is not the 'who' and the 'why', but rather the 'what' and the 'when'. The 'who' is just a technicality. The why is explicitly answerd. Because God puts it into their evil hearts. The motive will probably be a matter of irrational hatred and anger.

Interestingly, this reminds me of when God 'hardened' Pharoahs heart. So Pharoah went against his own better judgement, and followed a course manifestly foolish and illogical in being obviously counter to the wellfare of both his kingdom and also his own house. So likewise, the destruction of Babylon will very predictably cause a global economic collapse, that will probably never be recovered from.

What is to happen? That is also very specifically stated in Rev. 18:8

When will it take place? I don't know. But this is what I keep hearing: Rev. 18:4

Constance, I don't know for sure who or what the '10 kings are. And I agree that Herbs thought could very possibly be right on that. But I cannot agree with Herbs efforts to stretch the UN to fit the description of Babylon. Especially when there is already one 'elephant in the living room', (and seemingly only one) that fits the description to a tee.
When the prophecy was written, these kings obviously had not received their kingdom yet. They were to share power with the beast ONE HOUR, a very short period of time prophetically. I note that Solana took his EU job where they "shared power" in October 1999. Less than one month later (about an hour, prophetically speaking), he was handed the WEU, supposedly for its "last year of operation", a year that has lasted a long time. The WEU was the European 10 kings' agency. Yes, it may be a fit. It may be THE FIT!
Where did you find it? Interesting read » »
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