Saturday, June 03, 2006

Red Moons and Solana the global spokesman?


Somedays I think my imagination is starting to work overtime. I am still at my office spending Friday night both perusing legal work and research on the topics which fuel this blog and my future writing. This has been a habit of mine on free Friday nights for the past 25 years. I keep a cheap hammock chair in the closet of my office. It is one of those canvas chairs designed for camping. It has both a foot and head rest. I keep it for a practical reason. There are times when I pull long hours when I can keep my eyes open no longer. Now, I must confess that I can go into couch potato mode just looking at a couch. For that reason, I do not keep a more aesthetically pleasing couch in my office. I fear I might go into permanent hibernation. I wish I could sleep as well in my bed at night as I feel like doing when I view a comfortable couch. The temptation for the couch at home is non-existent. Quite honestly, we usually have too many books, etc. on it to allow for anything but seating at whatever end remains’ clean. Okay, that’s the end of true confessions about my housekeeping imperfections for now at least. The point of this is that I did take a half hour break and awoke about half an hour ago and at least perceived that I was viewing an increasingly reddening moon. Yes, there appeared to be a red crescent moon appearing after what had been heavy rains. I went for my digital camera and discovered that battery was low and the charger missing, and then the moon disappeared from view.

Convinced my imagination now was truly acting overtime, I returned to the computers and decided to see what “our very good friend”, Javier Solana, was up to. I didn’t have to look far. Yesterday, googling him, I found he had well in excess of 6 million hits. Today was a relative down day in the news for him in terms of numbers. He now has a mere 5,850,000 google search item yields. Maybe a few of them are for the Mexican flight and sports car aficionado, the other Javier Solana. After checking the numbers, I decided to check the news and see what ‘the invisible man’ had on his plate as of late. Again, I have decided that I must be seeing too much in things and working too hard. I thought that I was reading something again implying that Javier Solana was a de facto world spokesman. You can read what I probably read too much into for yourself by in Herb Peters style clicking this link read all about it here.

Solana ready
to present package to Iran
Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran - 2
hours agoEuropean Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security
Policy Javier Solana is ready to present the new package which the West agreed
to offer to ... EU to
offer generous deal to Iran: Solana
People's Daily OnlineHungary
welcomes US move to open talks with Iran
People's Daily OnlineEU
hails US offer to talk to Iran
Daily TelegraphJerusalem
- Antara - all
17 related »

Oh, and there were headlines about riots in Paris, hopeful expectations of peace over the Solana Iran presentation in the Jerusalem Post and news of a Canada boycott of Israel. I mused over what I had seen heard the last few days: civilians, including women and children killed in Iraq; daily explosive bombings in Iraq; Russia unhappy over NATO expansion; earthquakes; 25 year anniversary for AIDS; misery in Indonesia, etc., etc., etc. Did I see a red moon? Did you? Oh, and I wonder just when he will be presenting that package to Iran. Cristina Gallach, his spokesman said, per the Iranian press, that the date Solana planned to give the package to Iran is currently "undisclosed." I wonder what he is doing on June 6th? I wonder if that moon is still red?
We don't even hear about half of the earthquakes that happen. When I read other nations' online newpapers, there appears to be a couple of larger quakes each week. I guess with MMaitreya's (Solana) busy schedule, he no longer has time to lessen the severity of earthquakes. Unless, of course, one downgrades the measure of the quake.

Those same storms passed through Kalamazoo and Battle Creek around 4 p.m. Friday. I work in Portage (Kalamazoo) and there was some storm damage. Those storms were long past us, so the moon appeared it's normal shade here in West Michigan.
Let us pray for true Believer's everywhere, as the night is coming and is almost upon us when no man can work.
Javier Solana must have been on mainstream news last night, as my husband who does not use the internet thought he was giving me fresh news that Solana would be dealing on behalf of "the West" with Iran.
Think about it--The High Representative of the EU is dealing for America?! The PM in Iran is not threatening Europe as much as he is vociferously touting the downfall of Israel and America!! Yet this one man, Javier Solana, is now the man making the peace moves for US! One man--representing the major powers of the world--making peace initiatives. Yes, Constance, I believe you DID see a red moon.
What a great opportunity for Solana to be at the center of the Iran situation! I wonder if he will be less of an invisible man in the American media after these negotiations.

I heard on NPR that the president of Iran certainly believes in the Imam Mahdi story. He apparently is interested in helping this Imam Mahdi to re-emerge and establish a new era of Islamic justice. The Imam Mahdi is said to have disappeared in 921 A.D. and is believed to come back. Could Solana satisfy his search?
Javier Solana is at the forefront of so much of what is happening politically in the World, and yet, most people have never even heard of him.

That is the amazing thing, that he is able to stay in the shadows, while being so prominent.

Much to my dismay I was reading last night about how the leadership in Israel has the utmost confidence and trust in him, and nothing but praises. It will be hard to convince them otherwise, that this 'peacemaker' intends anything but good.

He certainly appears to have a winning charm about him, and Israel is in for a rude awakening, just as the Bible predicts.
Getting poetic on us Constance?

What I find interesting is that he is representing the UN and not just the EU.
This Pravda article is interesting “The battle of the dollar and the euro enters its final stage.”

The time may be ripe for an international crisis to occur which would replace both currencies with the system of electronic barter.

To Rich:
I couldn't agree with you more about this being a prime opportunity for an international crisis, especially with changing the currencies to Solana's standards(you know, the removal of the U.S. dollar). Whatever the events are that take place, I'm sure that Israel will feel it. When you mentioned an opportunity for crisis,seeing where Iran stands, a verse came to mind dealing with Israel. 1 Thess. 5:3 For when they say "peace and safety!" then sudden destruction comes upon them as labor pains upon a prenant women. And they shall not escape. We've bean hearing peace and safety for a while now,dealing with Israel and the road map to peace or 'pieces', but it is coming front and center worldwide, with Solana at the helm. I just find it hard to believe that the U.S. is willing to hand over negotiations with Iran to Solana. It might not be 100% handover yet, but It looks as if its going in that direction. Does our government think that this man is our savior? Like he is going to spare us. He hates us. I think Bush is slowly getting up to speed on Israel (still to slow I might add) but now he needs to get speeding up his studies of the traits of the anti-christ. I think by the time he has figured that one out, we will have handed over our sovereignty to the E.U.
Child of God

You have that right—as Daniel the prophet has written, by peace he shall destroy many.
Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

What an opportunity he now has—to emerge on the world scene as a reasonable peace loving man. Should Iran become the villain, the entire world will rally behind Solana.

I was left scratching my head following DavidInBattleCreek’s recent post where he told us of Solana’s position on Iran. David’s post directed us to Solana’s web site where the information indicates that Russia and China had suddenly changed positions regarding UN sanctions. This sudden lock step made no sense to me. The headlines Constance has just posted has brought it into perspective.

It says somewhere in both The Books of Daniel and Revelation that God, Himself, places it into the hearts of these 10 kings to give their power and authority unto, The Beast. In Proverbs it is written, "that the heart of a king is in the hand of The Lord." No surprize to me that Bush (or any other leader for that matter) has been moved by our Sovereign Lord, Himself to give Solana, his ruling authority, to accomplish, HIS purposes according to what has been written. Our God is faithful. He is in total control, and He reigns!

Did you really say that about Matthew Fox?

Did you really say that about Matthew Fox? Probably not.

Some new connections with your name over at Put your name in the search.
He has it all now. The UN, EU, NATO and the U.S. Government, right in his hand!
I am amazed that nobody has picked this up especially since the second shoe has yet to drop from 9/11. When it does (likely soon) Solana will be the one the world follows if America is somehow taken out.

Iran is being forced into a corner, so they are becoming very desperate and angry. Perhaps they will launch their cells around the world to create the chaos Solana needs to extinguish with this peace deal.

I read that Solana will present the package on Thursday, but my instincts say it will be on Tuesday, only not covered. Remember, the media likes to inform the public after the fact, and after they've had time to write it the way they want it perceived. Ever wonder how Condi Rice can be in two countries at once?
Electronic Currency; Google Verichip and read the latest articles. Former U.S. Cabinet member sits on board. The subcutaneous rfid chip 'pr' campaign has begun. Interesting that one of the subsidiary companies that manufactures it is named 'Digital Angel'.
Here is something I have wondered about for awhile.
I don't get it. (Not exactly, anyway.) Why is it the prophecies of the Greek horn (from Daniel chapter 8, I believe) are applied also to the little horn (from Daniel 7)? I know Daniel is told in chapter 8 that this is a prophecy about the later times, so is the theory then that, since the little Greek horn is a type of the Roman little horn, the same prophecies apply to him as well?
Here is something I have wondered about for awhile.
I don't get it. (Not exactly, anyway.) Why is it the prophecies of the Greek horn (from Daniel chapter 8, I believe) are applied also to the little horn (from Daniel 7)? I know Daniel is told in chapter 8 that this is a prophecy about the later times, so is the theory then that, since the little Greek horn is a type of the Roman little horn, the same prophecies apply to him as well?
Here is something I have wondered about for awhile.
I don't get it. (Not exactly, anyway.) Why is it the prophecies of the Greek horn (from Daniel chapter 8, I believe) are applied also to the little horn (from Daniel 7)? I know Daniel is told in chapter 8 that this is a prophecy about the later times, so is the theory then that, since the little Greek horn is a type of the Roman little horn, the same prophecies apply to him as well?
Here is something I have wondered about for awhile.
I don't get it. (Not exactly, anyway.) Why is it the prophecies of the Greek horn (from Daniel chapter 8, I believe) are applied also to the little horn (from Daniel 7)? I know Daniel is told in chapter 8 that this is a prophecy about the later times, so is the theory then that, since the little Greek horn is a type of the Roman little horn, the same prophecies apply to him as well?
I find it interesting that Javier's is going to be in Israel from 6-6-04 to 6-6-06. His website says he will be there visiting Israel and Palestian Teritories during that time. On the morning of the 5th he will meet Ehud Olmert and later on in the morning with Mahmoud Abaas, returning in the afternoon to Jerusalem for a lunchen. I wonder what he will be doing on 6-6-06? Could he be finalizing details concerning the Temple Mount, or some such thing?
Sorry for my error. I think it's obvious enough that everyone caught it. The dates Javier will be in Israel will be 6-4-06 to6-6-06.
Just a brief thought: 'If' and I say 'If' Solana is the anti-christ; here you would have TWO extremely evil men meeting hand in hand in Persia. The Prince of Persia and those under him I'm am certain are not unactive in working out their master's plan.

The Lord Who sits upon The Throne in heaven laughs!

We HAVE the victory, in Jesus! Praise His Holy Name!
I just cannot believe these 'Christian' websites that are saying that President Bush is the Anti Christ, and they are fuelled by such hatred for the President.

They are adament that 666 must be President Bush, even though nothing fits the criteria for it being him.

We are told that the Anti Christ will come as a peacemaker, - hardly Bush, who seems to have done nothing but engage in wars since he first began.

And where are the ten kingdoms, that Bush would have to be head of?

Yet, for anybody to suggest they may be wrong, and that somebody else (namely Javier Solana), fits the role far more accurately, is something they do not want to listen to.

I would have to say 'there are none so blind, as those who do not wish to see.'

I can only think that the god of this world is blinding them, and so many others who are leaders in the Christian churches, to what is going on right before their eyes.
I've seen a lot of those Bush = Anti-Christ websites and articles. I've yet to see a good explanantion. It's just plain nonsense. The Prince Charles theories are also pretty ridiculous, but at least someone has done some mathematical gymnastics to make it work for them. Example:
Yes, the Bushisantichrist site and others are hilarious, not understanding that the time for Bush to be the AC is way over. Yet He keeps going so he can spread his partisan hatred of Bush, which must make him feel better. What will he do when Bush is out or if the real AC comes?

Yes, they have been made blind. Those sites about Bush are filled with false accusations, thus going against the Lord's teaching, so in essence they have screwed themselves badly in sprewing Satan's hatred.
constance as i was reading this on your blog i was watching cnn world news and low and behold out and down the stairs walks abbas and solana clutching each other. THEN I SEE HIM ARRIVING IN TEHRAN>WOW BIG DAY HUH AND EVERYBODY WANTED TO SEE THE OHMEN or did they> HE is STEPPING OUT OF THE MEDIA SHYNESS i have noticed today, and you know what the media can do for you.
is it me or do we all need to just start an anti-beast proposal to the, oh yeah right we would be persicuted by the gov..oh he controls our, sheez he has NATO too which is ours as well, let see ummmm yeshua come soon.

p.s. i love you
Here in UK, I was watching Fox news and lo and behold who appears on TV but Javier Solana.

On checking the time, it was just into 6th June 2006.

Right on cue.

Of all the days of the year to choose to appear before us as the peacemaker, who would believe it.

Could this possibly be a coincidence?

I think not.
Anonymous (the good post above) beat me to it.... Fox News has offically revealed "The Invisible Man" today. Yahoo News also has him specificly in the limelight too. Wonder if anything is gonna happen today with some MAJOR peace breakthrough with Iran? If so, Solana will sure to get much credit for this breakthrough.
Today being 6-6-06, I find this more than interesting. This article has an offer for Iran directed by Solana and his picture, big face with a smile. The eyes that know whats to come. The mans smile is not one of being timid after the temporary stop to his constitution. He is looking intently with a smile. He knows one of the biggest treaties in history is about to take place. The thing is, the Iranian foriegn minister has a bigger smile. The deal looks like it will turn into a nightmare for us.
His teeth look loke they are about to grow into fangs!
Here is the title, hold on to your seets! "U.S. to give Iran nuclear technology". News article on day of 6-6-06.

I guess it is official news that we dont support Israel anymore. I'm sure God has read this article and its probably front line news in heaven. How can a professing Christian keep up this obvious line of bull. Bush has Tried to walk the fine line with saying we support Israel, but today we are not. Nor will we ever again if this deal actually happens. Solana has deliciously waited for this deal. The finale wedge between Israel and the U.S. Once Israel fully understands the deal, they will denounce this country to hell! It will not matter what we do in the future, because the fact is, we will be supplying the worst enemy of Israel with the technology to wipe them out. How many appologies can fix this! This Solana man is getting ready for a transformation, from the man of sin referenced to in 2 Thess. 2:3 to the lawless one(or beast) from 2 Thess. 2:8.
God forgive us, and rescue us.
Child of God

Thanks for that information.

I have just found another article that gives the reason that President Bush is going along with that.

How he could think he could ever trust the Europeans and the Russians, I don't know.

No wonder Solana is smiling. It's blackmail all round.
I have the fortune of working with a Christian Russian for the summer. He is a very respectful young adult. He is raising money for college. He also loves to study news events. We got discussing political issues involving his country, Russia. I asked him why Putin was supporting Iran and the middle east. His response was that Russia has had relations with these middle eastern countries for a long time and Russia's goal, as well as Putin, is to level the playing field with arms. Putin supposedly believes everyone needs to have the same military technology as the U.S. My response was "even to terrorist groups"? He responded "what do you meen"? I told him how Russia was supplying the whole middle east along with the terrorist groups, complicated modern arms and nuclear technology. He was stunned to say the least. He asked me if I was serious. I said "you haven't heard of this stuff?". He said his government is still very secretive, and anything that can be taken as being portrayed as against the Russian government is still hush. This kind of sounds similar to the cold war doesn't it? It just reminds me of the old communist regimes from Russia, just with a different face. Then I remembered A die hard commi appointed Putin for the election. Seems to me the Russian government loves the word 'democracy' but is anything but. It appears that way on the surface, but deep down, Russia is still a place you have to watch your back. At the end of the conversation with this fellow he finished by saying with a deep emotional sigh, that Putin is a very wise man. I didn't have the heart to go any farther. I believe he will soon find the news he needs to see about trusting Putin while he is able to search the internet in the U.S. My friend loves Bush and Putin, but honestly, the two realy don't go hand in hand. Just the simple question is, will Bush notice?
Dear Child of God,

Bush endorses Javier Solana, who in my opinion is a greater evil than Russia's Putin. I wish I enjoyed the confidence in our President that you evidently have. Today I heard George W. Bush talk about Javier Solana in most enthusiastic terms on national news!

I think most of the Western leaders will be saying the same about Javier Solana.

He is a charmer who has hookwinked many, and who is going to believe otherwise?

And where is the Christian leadership in all this?
But I should also say Constance, that if it were not for people like yourself, and Herb Peters, how many of us would have been aware of this man, or have bothered to look deeper at him.

Thank you for this site and all your information.

You have truly been a blessing to us.
Constance: I have to admit I have become very sceptical on a lot of things that our'Christian' president has done. I don't say this with any joy at all, infact the opposite. The last 2 elections that we have had, Bush was the least of the 2 evils. I know there were other candidates out there who would have been better, but had no chance. I know a lot of people feal the same way. If we would have voted differently, we would have been looking at a country that would have already been in worse dire staights, and probably would have already been baled out by Solana and the E.U. with strings attached of course. The other candidates from the left would have given up our sovereignty at the littlest things. My sceptisism of our current president started just before the last election. I know I'm probably behind, but that is when it hit me. Right now I am a supporter of our president because he is our president. That is where I draw the line. I don't agree with very much he has done for quite a while now, so my support has been stretched to the limit and is about to break.
Sorry constance i couldn't get my name to come up on the last response to you listed as anon. of 5:30.
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