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June 6, 2006 - Where in the World is Javier Solana?

June 6, 2006: I wondered where Solana would be today – Now we know! - Teheran and to receive an award in Germany at 18:00 hours!

Last Friday night, I awoke after a nap to view what appeared to me as a red moon. I wondered out loud about that and mused the same to my readers. Well, now we know.
There’s a lot of hoopla today over 666. I wondered what the “invisible man”, Javier Solana, who has so consistently put that inflammatory number before us would be doing as he represents the UN and entire western world as spokesman on the current leading Middle East issue – Iran and its potential nuclear development – would be doing on June 6th..

Now we know. He is in Teheran on June 6, 2006. You may read one of the many stories about it by clicking here.


We also know he enjoys a private plane and he will be elsewhere later in the day. Here’s the itinerary for the rest of the 6-6-6 day:


18:00Ceremony Award of the Grand Cross 1st class of ther Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany
20:00Working dinner with Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Hmm, Teheran, Berlin. The more silly among us are joking about 666 by celebrating it in Hell, Michigan (only about 65 miles from Detroit); or going to see replays of The Omen. Personally, I’m not going to worry about one day that much, and I will continue to observe the person who has placed the number 666 that consistently before us without that much notice – Javier Solana.

I’m sure it’s all a coincidence. Sure, Sure! I'm equally and unfortunately sure that most people will treat it as a joke -- it's not.
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I just heard him discussed on Detroit's local news station!
Since 6-6-06 is being discussed (a Gregorian calendar date) might as well mention that 18:00 hrs. equates to 6:00 p.m. (and to receive an award at that).

Have a nice day.
The Jewish people have a saying that "coincidence is not a kosher word..."
It sounds like his meeting in Tehran went reasonably well. Smooth talking the Iranians is quite an accomplishment, especially on this day (and apparently at such an interesting time of day).
Hi Constance and everyone,

I love your blog; thanks so much for all the work you do, it is hard to find believers who have their ear to the ground, and want to talk about it! I live in Canada and there was mention on the radio (government-sponsored CBC, of course) of Solana's meeting with the Iranians, but interestingly enough it was a four-second blurb and his name was not mentioned AT ALL - it never is! He truly is 'the invisible man'...and I find most Christians get a glazed-over look in their eye when you try to bring this topic up! They prefer to be non-committal, or maybe it's that they don't think we can know, yet, who 'the man to come' is/will be. Keep up the good work sister, you bless me greatly - Maranatha! :-)
Speaking of parties, I wonder if Solana's honors awards in Germany is code name for his debutant ball?

Take a look at this:


Again, there Solana is, but NO mention is made of him, not in the photo caption nor in the article - amazing! This has been a busy day for him...it pales compared to what the future has in store, I'm sure...yes, Rich, this is his 'coming out' day, you think? Is anyone paying attention???
Danielle, I'm certain that this hasn't escaped the attention of the highly initiated new agers.

I think the reason he is not mentioned is that most people have not a clue who or what he is.

Even when I have been on the UK Labour Party (of which Blair is the leader) 'Think Tank' site, (where the people are supposedly on the ball politically), they are completely in the dark about Javier Solana. They are also in the main, agressive, when I am telling them about what the EU really is and the role of Javier Solana. They have been sold the idea of the EU as a good thing, and dont like to hear differently.

They go on blindly believing that the European Union is a democratic Institution, because there is a European Parliament to which members are elected from the Member States. However, all these Members of the European Union do is discuss things like yogurt and the size of bananas, and have no impact in the major decisions which really affect the lives of the people of the Member States. These are made by the unelected ones.

They have not realised that the European Union is a Dictatorship, being run by an Unelected Body in the form of the Commission, the Council of Ministers, and of course, Javier Solana, to whom everybody has to defer. These people have come in through the back door.

So, if even the people in the Labour Party have no idea what is going on, how can most people in the US understand it?

The powers that Javier Solana already has are almost too unbelievably breathtaking for them to take in.

And anyway, how could a charming man like Javier Solana mean anybody any harm?

However, I did remind them of the saying that 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

Please note also, that when I was in full flow my computer went down, and it was down for days, and when I got back on the site, I could not find anything that I had previously posted.
As I was driving to a judge's party at approximately 6 p.m.,I heard George Bush on national news say the most enthusiastic things about his gratitude to Javier Solana!
I have just watched Fox news where Iran was mentioned, and the newsreader said that 'a European Union administrator' went to Iran.

No mention that that 'administrator' was Javier Solana, one of the most powerful men in the World, although he was sitting there for all to see.
Anonymous 8:54 p.m.,

Don't know if you want to return to the U.K. Labour party website you mentioned, but if you did, you might consider posting the following, a secular, professionally done, 42-minute video entitled:

"The Real Face of the European Union"


(And maybe include to link to Constance's or Herb's website afterwards.)

Have a nice evening.
Anonymous 9.37

Thank you. I will make a note of that.

I had the feeling though, that I was only allowed on because I told them I used to vote labour, (which is true by the way), but I have also voted Conservative. However, it is now 'New' Labour, and is so left wing liberal, it is hard to recognise as the same.

All the people on that website appear to be registered Labour Party members, and I think they thought they smelled a rat, in that they suspected I had links to the UK Independence Party. I am in no doubt that they would have kicked me off if I had gone on their site saying I was supporter of UKIP.

I had previously been on the UKIP site and posted various things about Javier Solana, to which they e-mailed me back, agreeing with me.

But then, I thought, I am preaching to the converted here, and that's why I decided to go onto the Labour site, being as how the Labour Party has about another three years in power, and meanwhile, we are being taken deeper into the European Union. Prime Minister Blair would like us to take on the European Constitution, thereby making it very difficult for us to withdraw.

Many people in the Labour Party are not happy with Tony Blair, (a lot because of his support for the Iraq war, but also because Labour lost many seats in the recent local elections, I think mainly due to the lack of immigration control), and are wanting Blair to stand down so they can replace him with a new leader. This could be Gordon Brown, who is now the Chancellor.

I am not sure about Gordon Brown's leanings towards the European Union, (he is supposed to be in favour of it), yet he has kept us from taking on the euro as a currency, even though Blair would like us to do that.

I believe Gordon Brown is from a Christian background, but whether that would still be an influence on him, who knows. The Labour Party is full of many left wing liberals who have no time for religion, though Blair pays lip service, yet still persists with advocating abortion and same sex marriage, (at the present we have same sex civil unions), all brought in by Blair and Co, and his Human Rights agenda. Sound familiar?

We also have creeping restrictions on free speech regarding such matters as same sex, and I think it may be because we have such a large population of immigrants who are very religious, that they don't impose more restrictions. They have tried very hard to make England into a country with no national identity, and to forget our historical past, though the Scots, Welsh, and Irish fly their flags high.

At the moment we have a wave of nationalism going on, because of the soccer, but after that they will be discouraging the flying of the St George or Union Jack flag again. I get the impression there are many in the Labour Party who would like to see the flying of the European Union flag though.

I am hoping the UK will be one of the countries that the Bible says are 'uprooted', but I am not sure what that would entail.

There are people within the Conservative Party who try to encourage other members not to get further involved with the European Union, and to merely trade with them, but they have a new leader at the moment (Cameron), who has said both that he is against the EU, but also that he is for it. So who knows.

Don't forget that Margaret Thatcher was got rid of by members of her own Conservative Party because she was beginning to see the light, regarding the European Union. A lot of these pro EU Conservatives are still around and still powerful.

In any case, there are another three years where we have the Labour Party still in power, and like I said, the left wing liberals amongst them love the EU with all the Directives it issues to the Member States, that mirror their liberal thinking.

There is also a political party called the Liberal Democrats, but needless to say, they are in favour of the European Union, and it's a kind of 'anything goes' mentality.

Please pray for the UK, and that we leave the EU.

Many thanks.
It's happened. The man came in peace and has the world following him now.
With all that has been happening so quickly over the past few years, I have to wonder how much our politicians know - or how much more do they know than we know.

I find it hard to believe after so many things, like seeing the picture of the conference between Javier and Condeleeza Rice where there was a huge banner with the number 666 displayed in the background (on the Fulfilled Prophecy website) that no one in the government has a clue how serious this is.

And what must President Bush know? Especially being a Christian. I can only imagine that he may be under much more political pressure than we can possibly understand. Maybe that would explain the whole immigration betrayal.

He has to have some clue that Javier Solana and the EU are possibly exactly what the Bible prophesied would happen in the end days. It's just unreal to hear President Bush thanking Solana for the Iran deal!

I am disappointed that we are allowing Solana to step in so easily and quietly - from top to bottom.

Does anyone feel like a frog being cooked for dinner?
I have been reading a lot about Javier Solana lately and am pretty convinced that he is the antichrist. I read on one webpage that there is some European Neighborhood act or treaty that includes Israel that is set to start next year. I heard its also supposed to be for 7 years with a "reevaluation" half way through. Is this true?
New Age = One world government, one world religion.

Dreams of one world government have been around for centuries. This time the planning for it has been around since the 1930s. Sometimes part of their blueprint crashes as when the EU Constitution didn't pass. Sometimes it works and keeps growing.

While Biblical prophecy may correlate with the later stages of the plan, it is definitely not the entire plan or the secular description of it.
Colin, you can read about that European Neighbourhood Policy act on this page: http://ec.europa.eu/comm/world/enp/documents_en.htm

And, yes, it is reviewed mid-term. It runs from 2007-2013 (7 years). Could this be the 7 year tribulation/covenant with many? Very possibly.

Herb wrote about this back in '04:


P.S. Constance, The boarding is loading VERY slowly today for some reason. Could be a lot of people visiting? Have you looked into putting a statcounter on this site? www.statcounter.com has them for free, plus you get ISP info, visitor geographical location info (based on ISP) and what page they came from before getting here.
Colin, you can read about that European Neighbourhood Policy act on this page: http://ec.europa.eu/comm/world/enp/documents_en.htm

And, yes, it is reviewed mid-term. It runs from 2007-2013 (7 years). Could this be the 7 year tribulation/covenant with many? Very possibly.

Herb wrote about this back in '04:


P.S. Constance, The boarding is loading VERY slowly today for some reason. Could be a lot of people visiting? Have you looked into putting a statcounter on this site? www.statcounter.com has them for free, plus you get ISP info, visitor geographical location info (based on ISP) and what page they came from before getting here.

Would also highly recommend reading Herb Peter's free, online book entitled, Recommendation 666, availabled at www.fulfilledprophecy.com

(See top right.)

Have a pleasant evening.
I have one more question, what is everyone views here concerning the rapture. I just want to know what to expect, because we are obviously getting close
Constance, I am adding a link to your blog on my blogsite: http://www.waterpoweredcars.net

Did you know that you can post for free, 'audio blogs' from your phone? This is something you might want to consider, as it potentially could be a major time saver! Check out my blog and email me if you have any questions.

In Christ,

In the March archives there is a blog post entitled "JAVIER SOLANA -GROWING IN IMPORTANCE TOWARDS AFRICA ET AL" that contains a variety of views on the rapture.
Hey Colin,

To answer your above question, I believe the Rapture will take place before the 70th week of Daniel. Check out 1Thessalonians chapter 5 and the seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation (just to name a couple). So if 2007-2013 is the 7oth week, and i believe there is a darn good chance it is, then we can expect the rapture to take place anytime now before then.

There are some that believe we'll be going through the 7 years and through the Great Tribulation before we are Raptured, however I believe that clearly denies the New Testament teaching of imminency, meaning we are to expect the Lord at any moment.

I dont want to start a whole debate about if there's going to be a pre-trib or post-trib Rapture, however I've been writing an essay on the rapture right now that explains and discusses several biblical verse's on the Rapture issue and will be done in a couple days if you would like to send an email, ill send it to you so you can take a look at the info and decide for yourself.

Goes for anyone else too if you want to check it out. I think you might find it interesting :)!

Take Care,


Andrew, why not start a blog? It only takes about 3 minutes to have it up.
On the Tuesday 6th June Itinerary link there is now no mention of the 18.00 Ceremony Award under Berlin any more. Presumably it was there before? Has it been deleted?
Was it just a hoax? I can find no references to the 1800 award anywhere.
It was there when I checked on Tuesday
It was no hoax. It was on Solana's own site and I cut and pasted it directly from there -- together with the typo "ther" instead of "the" which was a typo from Solana's own agenda posted on the calendar on his website. Solana is as busy on June 9, 2006 (a date equally important to many occultists). He was meeting with Hans Blix on global disarmament and proposals to abolish unaniity on certain proposals in the UN and have 2/3 voting majorities make global determinations.
The proposals are to abolish unanimity in the UN and instead compel global disarmament with 2/3 majority votes in the UN
News F L A S H

As of 12:13 p.m., "Javier Solana" yields (with quotes around name) 8,180,000 Google.com hits!
ANOTHER NEWS FLASH: Again, Javier Solana and/or staff play the game of "now you see us, now you don't." Interestingly, the 18:00 hours "Ceremony Award of the Grand Cross 1st Class" was removed from his agenda. One reason I love google.com as much as I do is its cache feature. Clicking on that revealed the back history of the page which I am pasting below:


Ceremony Award of the Grand Cross 1st class of ther Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Working dinner with Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier"

Thanks Constace for that.
Are we sure though that Solana was the recipient of this Grand Cross award or was he just attending the ceremony?
Surely if he was awarded it there would be something on the net to that effect?
When I did my search on that award it just came up with somebody Duisenberg I think in 2002.
It also came up with the EU site with the itinerary for Solana for the full month but with the 18.00 Berlin ceremony not there. I can't understand how that happens ie your search criteria shows results but the site itself does not include that specific item. Logic suggests it should be there. How does it do that?
Yes, when you have done your search on this award and it comes up with the list of (2) results just click on the "cached" section of the first (for me) result and it comes up including the 18.00 ceremony in Berlin.
Sorry, I'm a bit of a novice at this stuff.
I'm having trouble finding the picture of Rice and Solana with the 666 on Herb's web site. Can someone tell me how to find it?
I have it. Just email me at: gracewalk_radio@yahoo.com
You may bet he wouldn't have landed his private plane and been in attendance there unless he was to have been the honoree!
Do the debutant festivities continue?

World's who's who hold secret talks in Ottawa


Here is the Solana 666 picture:


I found it by typing "Solana 666" into a Google Image search.
What is the deal with Solana and 666? I went to the web site that Jason wrote down to see the picture. It seems as if no one in that picture is even aware of the significance of the number behind their backs. Or maybe they do know.

On Wednesday night I checked out Herb Peters entry for June 6. I couldn't sleep that night. I tossed and turned wondering if all of this was a dream. Could we really be seeing the face of the Anti-christ? Is rapture truly this close? Could July 7, 2007 be another significant date? Maybe I need to get some sleep.
Well, I checked out the website that pictures Solana with his number (666) displayed behind him and the only words that come to mind are, "Isn't that special". It is difficult to believe that it is a coincidence. HMMMM!

The data noted on this website is very eye opening and thought provoking. Thank you (all) for your studies and wisdom. It challenges me to do independent studies as well. (And to ask questions)
"Could July 7, 2007 be another significant date?" What's on July 7th, 2007?????

You are right. No one in the picture seems to know the number 666 is there. It could be that no one in the picture noticed the background as they sat down at the table for the conference. Sometimes people don't notice details right away. Unfortunately there are many churches today that don't teach prophecy. It may be that none of the people in the picture have been taught about Bible prophecy or have read the book of Revelation. In that case, the number 666 may not mean anything special to them. It does seem kind of surreal that 666 is right there in the picture as plain as day, but none of the people at the conference may have noticed.

I'm sure glad that someone took a picture at that conference for us all to see. I don't think the number 666 is there by coincidence. I think that God allowed that number to appear for people to see. I am in awe of what God has done and is continuing to do. It increases my faith to see a sign like that during my own lifetime. We are so blessed to live at this time!
About that 666 picture. There is no indication that that is the full background behind the speaker's table. It could have been cropped to show "666". Secondly, the logo is the symbol for the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. http://www.un.org/un60/
Here's a page of 60s.
Good point about the 60.

Here is a picture from another angle.


If you look at it closely, you can see that the last 6 is behind Solana (like in the other picture), confirming that it is only 3 6's.
Re. the picture, have personally seen photographs taken from both an extreme left and an extreme right angle and there were only 3 "60's" posted in the background. (Did not save the links but a comprehensive search on Herb Peter's website would bring them up.)

Have a pleasant evening.
it's a possibility that MABYE the three 60's represents 666. Now im not mocking and im a firm believer there is a very good chance solana is the antichrist but give me a break, this one is just pushing it LOL.
Thanks jason_nc, i took your advice and made a blog. Looks like its cool! but im not that great with computers so it will take me a while to get this thing figured out.
I think Solana's job creation with Section 666 of the Europa codified documents and his using Recommendation 666 in the 10 Nation Western European Assembly is far more telling than the 60th anniversary 60 - 60 - 60 photograph. His ascension to greater world fame on June 6, 2006 MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be of additional interest.
There's nothing significant about July 7, 2007, except my dad will turn 63 then. I was just joking because it would be 7-7-07, which means nothing. I have a little more time over the summer, depending on the length of my "honey-do" list. So, I might get to post more often.
Has anyone heard of anything moving along since the meeting in Tehran?
Remember that the EU is ramping up for its mission in the Congo. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Congo mission: a further gate for establishing the EU as an independent military power

EU gives green light to Congo military mission

If you really want to see how the defense system is growing in the EU, read EUrefeferendum.com which is linked to on the first page of this blog. They have been following the EU's influence over national military policies. Yes, it is complicated to follow, but nothing about the New Age movement is simple. One of the latest articles and comments dealt with the EU developing a naval position.

I learned there was a series of articles on the coming North American Union over at News and Views. What I read was quite good. While it might be soothing to think everything is happening over at the European Union and Solana's role, those here in the US need to take a hard look at our future. No one knows when end times are happening. All of this is about the New Age movement, the occultic, antisemitic and anti-Christian movement. You, each one of you, need to know that you are being asked to take a stand somewhere along the line and by who or what or if you just want to be observers documenting what is happening. Documenting is easily the the easier stand, but it may be all
that is being asked of you.
What is significant about July 7th, 2007 is that this date is precisely 1 yr 1 mth and 1 day after June 6th, 2006.
Remember 9/11 and then the Bali bombing on 10/12/2002?
Also, the London bombings were done on 7/7/2005 or 7/7/7.
andrew said...
Has anyone heard of anything moving along since the meeting in Tehran?

I believe that there is a June 29th deadline, for Iran to offically accept or reject the offer that Solana had given them. Israel has warned via the Jerusalem Post Online, that they maybe very frustrated at the lack of success of talks going on and are prepared to take matters in their own hands. ... seems like a stormy summer to me!
"...Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told his Italian counterpart the offer was "a significant change of approach towards Iran."

But a more powerful security official, top atomic negotiator Ali Larijani, has laid more stress on "problems" tied to a precondition that Iran mothball all uranium enrichment, which it rules out.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana told a Brussels news conference he had had "a constructive conversation" by telephone with Larijani on Wednesday, but gave no details."


what paper is that?

"EU's global role
In the move towards a more integrated and pragmatic EU common Foreign Policy, the European Commission, Thursday presented a new concept paper on Europe's role on the international stage. In the paper titled "Europe in the world - some practical proposals for greater coherence, effectiveness and visibility," the Commission has criticized the ineffectiveness of EU foreign policy calling for a unified political will across the EU. "Even when there is sufficient political will, the EU's impact falls short when there are unresolved tensions or a lack of coherence between different policies...For the EU there is the added challenge in ensuring coherence between national and EU actions," says the critical Commission charter.
The paper bemoaned, "Unsatisfactory coordination between different actors and policies means that the EU loses potential leverage internationally, both politically and economically." Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is seeking closer co-operation with EU institutions especially the EU Council and with the European Parliament. To that end, Barroso has also stressed on increased cooperation and interaction with Javier Solana EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Signaling a renewed interest in the idea of an EU diplomatic service Barrosso told news reporters that he intended to bolster the 130 EU delegations in the world by increasing their visibility and optimizing high quality representation."....

"...Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner added: "If the EU is to punch its weight in the world we must harness the synergies between all the actors involved. I am looking forward to developing new ways of working to ensure we maximise our leverage and influence in international affairs"...."

the file "europe in the world" can be found here:


Can you repost your second link, it doesn't work.
Farmer, its the link entitled "europe in the world" can be found here:

or visible in three lines,
but you have to put it back into one line:

While your guess is as good as mine, in my opinion, Javier Solana may be one very educated GUESS for the antichrist. If he is not, he has my deepest and most profound apologies -- on the other hand, using the symbolism as openly as he has with political configurations so closely matching the prophecies of the AC, maybe there's an issue of identity theft! Section 666? Recommendation 666? Posters bearing the unfinished Tower of Babel proclaiming "Europe: Many tongues, One Voice"; proclaiming global war against religious fundamentalism, lambasting the USA as "too religiously driven," etc., etc., ad nauseum
Solana is a very good possibility for the antichrist. Though it is also a possibility that he is just occupying the seat of the antichrist until he shows up.
My bet is on Solana. When he hopped on the merry-go-round to fill the 6 month position of presidency for the EU, he never got off. It's difficult to imagine that soneone would work so hard for something and not reap those benefits (unless he desires the position of false prophet). My leanings are that the false prophet may be Bishop Swing from the United Religions Initiative (URI) who openly stated that the URI's mission was to make clear the path for the Lord.

Also, here is an interesting article on the Congo. This mission should show the world that the EU is a major player on the world stage and has the ability to act unilaterally if they so choose:

Congo-Kinshasa: Javier Solana Predicts 'A Big Success' for Upcoming EU Mission in DRC

A new high GOOGLE.COM results number for Javier Solana as of 10:47 a.m.: 8,370,000 and counting!
"Jason said...
Solana is a very good possibility for the antichrist. Though it is also a possibility that he is just occupying the seat of the antichrist until he shows up.

The interesting thing, Jason, is that right before Solana's rise, a man by the name of Romano Prodi was The European Commission President, the mover and shaker of the EU. His name literally means: "Fore-runner of the Roman One"!!!
That's amazing about Prodi. It's the first time I've heard that.

Something you may find interesting is that the U.N. is set to appoint a new Secretary-General in the next couple of months (usually two 5 year terms).

If Solana pulls of this nuclear peace deal with Iran (thought to be impossible), I wouldn't be surprised to see him become the next U.N. boss.

Right now, I wouldn't think of the U.N. as the 10 horns. But, with world quickly becoming all of these superstates, it just might be the case. (I wrote a little about this in my blog. plug plug)

The 10 nation Western European Union might have been a coincedence, or even meant as a wake up call to all of us.
Jason, that's really a nice bit of research you did on the various geographical unions. Thanks. It places information on the North American Union in a larger context.
I'm still viewing the EU as the most likely candidate. I think it is unlikely that the EU would be willing to hand over its new weapons technologies to the UN--but one never knows.
For the record I don't think Rick Warren is a candidate for either position. I'm not sure what he is yet. I do know his Purpose-driven movement is spread out through, I think, 162 countries. It's been a couple of weeks since I last read his web site.

As for Solana maybe it's like a Seinfeld episode and he's just happens to get himself into precarious situations that happen to involve the number 666.
Hey, wouldn't that Seinfeld/Solana make great comedy TV -- Seinfeld/666/Solana haplessly meets the Omen while posing as Rosemary's Baby!
For those of you thinking about buying a copy of The Purpose-Driven Life, you might have a more cost-effective means to Rick Warren's inspiring words--provided you have a Starbucks' near you. Starbucks' is going to place Rick Warren quotes on their coffee cups. Now you can be Purpose-Driven in the drive-thru.
To the anon. way back at 2:38.
I know you considered the picture of the U.N. with the 3 60's on the wall as kind of streching the limit to the representation of 666. I'm sure others think this as well. Here is some of my own thoughts when looking at this picture, that might just make you look at it differently.

Here is a verse that most of us here have read. Revelation 13:18. NKJV. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

Now to the King James Version. Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.
The New King James gives us the condenced version of 666 wich absolutely makes sence, especially with Javier Solana's 'Recomendation 666' constitution. However, I believe the King James gives us more information on the variety of things we are to look for concerning the number 666. The King James version has 666 written in the long form, 600, 60 and 6. I believe it was written that way for the purpose of identifying the multiple aspects of the anti-christ's agenda. The anti-christ is a master of deception and dillusion. If he wrote everything as only 666, it would be clear to everyone. Now with 'Recomendation 666' coming out and clearly identifying a man, I believe that this man's work could also be labeled with the long form of 666 in some form as well? It might just be that the U.N. was not his creation, but I believe thier involvement with Solana was exposed by God to those who are watching. The writing was on the wall. Just a thought.
Regarding the additional name of Javier Solana, which is Madariaga, just a bit of information which may be of interest.

The name appears to be a Basque name, of the northern Spanish region, and the ancient goddess of the Basques was called Mari, and it is believed that this goddess then became transferred into the Roman Catholic Mary.

Julen de Madariaga is the founder of the terrorist movement ETA which was held responsible for the recent Spanish train bombing.

It is reputed that the Basques originally came from the middle east, and are distinct from the Spanish.


EU ignores constitution vote to launch anti-terror squad
By Justin Stares and Patrick Hennessy
(Filed: 18/06/2006)

European leaders were accused of "cherry picking" from the moribund European Union constitution last night after agreeing to create a pan-European counter-terrorism force.

At the Brussels European summit, all 25 member states agreed to pool assets - police, civil protection and military - and place them at the disposal of Javier Solana, the EU's foreign minister-in-waitin

The counter-terrorism force would be controlled by Javier Solana.

Such a move had been planned in the constitution which was rejected by voters in France and Holland last year. The constitution has been left on the shelf although Europe's leaders want it up and running again by 2008. Minutes of the summit show that the kernel of the counter-terrorism force, the "crisis steering group", will be operational in a fortnight.

The EU presidency, currently held by Austria, has drawn up a "manual" of forces and assets which can be called on following an attack in any country.

Last night, Eurosceptics reacted with outrage. Chris Heaton-Harris, the Tory Euro-MP, said: "This is another example of the Soviet-style regime which rides roughshod over democratic votes in France and the Netherlands.

In both countries voters said No to the constitution and, specifically, No to a continent-wide anti-terror force.

This is meant to be a time for reflection - but instead the EU is cherry picking from the constitution.

" Defending the agreement, Jesus Carmona, the spokesman on counter-terrorism for Europe's council of ministers, said the force would not constitute standing troops but "officers" from a pool, who could be called on when necessary.

It would operate in another member state only at the request of the government. The size of the force had not been defined, he said.

The latest, EU-wide agreement follows preparatory talks between the six largest nations - the G6, which includes Britain.

The G6 is not an EU institution and the talks therefore had no official status but, in a clear sign that Brussels was keen to be involved, the commission vice-president, Franco Frattini, attended.
Website for above article "broken down" into 4 parts:

An easier way to pass on a URL like that is by going to this site: www.tinyurl.com and pasting it in there.

Here you go:

quote "It is reputed that the Basques originally came from the middle east, and are distinct from the Spanish."

I heard that the Basque language resembles the Georgian language...

relating to Basque roots

"It is difficult to exclude the possibility that the expansion of proto-Caucasian (proto-Basque) speakers was later than the first expansion of anatomically modern man to Europe

The similarity between Basques and some other populations, in particular in the Caucasus, which appear in two Principal Components may be relics of the pre-Neolithic background. An Italian linguist (Trombeti 1923) has identified a pre-Indoeuropean substratum common to Basque and Caucasian populations. Lapps show some relationship in more than one map. This can indicate that parts of the Caucasic background of Lapps is of Paleolithic origin...."

and to Mari:
"...Mari has powers that allow her to reduce the stolen gold to coal with the simple contact of day light; and she knows how to turn tell the coal to turn into gold, the good services..."

anybody heard of a coal-and-steel union lately?, see also here: sun cult...

Lest anyone think that Sun worship is of little interest to the present day scholars, a number of years ago I came across this book in a used bookstore...The Sun, Symbol of Power and Life, compiled by Madanjeet Singh for UNESCO. It is a large glossy 400 page book which can be obtained rather inexpensively thru Amazon or Bookfinders. The pagan Sun culture was followed thru time and in many, many countries of the world.

What I gave much thought to after my research was the parallel of Satan, the symbol of evil, in a sea of fire (hell) and the Sun god in a sea of fire, the Sun.

If anyone has written on this parallel, please let me know.

On a more mundane note, I would like to recommend Bella Dodd's story, School of Darkness. While copies are available at $400.00 used, it is on line at
Bella Dodd was attracted to the left and then the Communist party in the 1930s. She wrote about her experiences there. It is quite interesting to me how the ideals of the Communist party and the European Union parallel. What is even more interesting is how the culture around her led her toward the Communist party and how that culture is being replayed now, complete with ungrounded idealism on the left, immorality in the general culture and what the term "useful idiots" means. As Lee Penn wrote in Chapter 25 in False Dawn, available on line, we need not look just to the left political followers but also to the well-meaning religious followers on the right to see how control over the government by a central power is growing. The groups on the religious right need to be watched as carefully as any other group of individuals.

As the New Ager said, they have something for everyone, and he was very honest about that.
Remember the New Age movement started in the early 1900s. Here is a quote from the Dodd book to show you why I think there is a parallel between then and now.

"We were not aware of the tight web of power which set the stage for molding our opinions.

That summer gave me my first opportunity to talk to people of other countries and to learn that they, too, were filled with a passionate desire to better their own countries and the world. I began, under the impetus of such talk, to feel in me a desire to be a citizen of the world. It was a desire that made it easy and natural for me to accept communism and its emphasis on internationalism."
The New Age Movement was in FULL SWING in the early 1900s; but it was started in modern form in 1875 and by 1893 was a BIG PARTICIPANT via the Theosophists with the first World Parliament of Religions in conjunction with the 1893 Chicago World Fair. All of this was gushingly reported in their magazine LUCIFER which I had an opportunity to look at in 1987 at the site of a Washington state based Theosophical camp which we found and gained permission to enter. That camp had been devoted to Krishnamurti as new world 'messiah.'
The religious part of the New Age movement began when you say it did, but the political part began in Europe in the early 1900s if I am not mistaken. Would there have been a need for the first part if plans were not being made for the second part? I don't know. Could there have been the second part without the groundwork of the first part?

It's like asking if the Nazi party could have grown without the pagan/occult destruction of the culture first. So when did the Nazi party actually start? When did the push for New Age one world government start?
I will be speaking in Cottage Grove, Oregon, God willing, between June 29th and July 6th, 2006. I have been busy preparing for that trip, including but not limited to an extremely busy court schedule before leaving. Javier Solana has been one busy boy since June 6,2006. Herb Peters has posted excellent information about same to his website, www.fulfilledprophecy.com and I urge all to take a look at it. If I get a break, I will be doing a detailed commentary. It looks as if all is coming to a head with Dr. Solana and our USA government will be helping to boost him to his desired levels of power -- something sure to come back and haunt us to our extreme detriment as a culture and as a nation!
By 1887 a large number of European aristocracy had gotten on the bandwagon of the Theosophical Society. It was partly through this support and largesse that the Theosophical Society was able to construct their huge marble palaces at Adyar, India!
I hate to think of the song, "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine," being sung to the likes of Javier Solana!
True about the Theosophical Society. However that has nothing to do with one world government. If it was only the "spiritual" part of the New Age movement that was of concern, Solana would have no power. He has personal power because of the consolidation of governmental power leading toward a one world government. Men on earth have given him that power. We do not know if he is personally involved with activities involving the supernatural.

While Hitler was identified as the antichrist for a long time and we do know he was involved with activities involving the supernatural, he was defeated by men of flesh and blood. The same may be true for Solana.

I really don't think it is going against God's end-times will to explore what changes are taking place in the culture.
Solana appears to be personally an atheist. Involvement with the supernatural? Can't say for sure, except that he flies his "Club of Rome" flag very openly. His mother's personal guru was OSHO better known to Americans as 97 Rolls Royce, Poison the Oregon water supply, dead at 59, BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH. His grandfather (who was his mentor) was on the list of endorsers of Planetary Citizens. His grandfather is most likely the Spanish disciple mentioned several times by description but not by name in Alice Bailey books as one "ploughing over rocky ground for the first time" the teachings of the New Age. It's a pretty good bet that Solana is at least a recipient of positive New Age "energies" and campaigns.
No doubt that Solana knowingly appears to be the beneficiary of a network of people of power who have a very deep interest in the esoteric. That such a network has existed thru history is documented in the academic James Webb's books as you yourself have pointed out.

Those involved in such a network can fall into many categories. There are the practitioners, the true believers who have tapped into occult powers that we have been told to avoid, for good reason, in the Bible.

Others may use such secretive groups as cover for activities, including political ones, that cannot stand to see the light of day. For example, given its long history, there is very little concrete information about the institution called Lucis Trust which is one of a number of organizations in the network. Windsor Trust, NGWS, World Goodwill, connections with the UN, branches such as Lifebridge and small clues among its pages, only tap the surface of what goes on behind the scenes unless one wants to believe the rantings of those such as Texe Maars. Yes I have the Bailey books and literature from the various organizations.

There are probably others who have benefitted by association from this network without having a clue about the deeper nature of this network. Reading Dodd's story you can see examples of people following the Communist line without an awareness of Moscow happenings, much less the occult connections to the start of the Communist movement.

Separating the shepards from the sheep is not necessary however. There is an easier way. Religious leaders have told us that evil/Lucifer/Satan only have as much power as humans give it.

By accepting as true and untouchable the power the network, including Solana, has given itself, the evil network is fed.
Does anyone know of a link where I can find the picture of Solana doing the Marxist salute?
The last question is easy. Do a google search of "Javier Solana". Then click on the tab that says "images." It will appear for you on the first page, I believe maybe in the first row! It is a 1983 photograph of Javier Solana looking very much like Steve Spielberg!
Having read The Book we know what the end of all this with the Anti Christ is going to be.

As a matter of interest, I wonder if anyone has any take on what the great deception is, that would 'even fool the elect, if it were possible', which obviously it is not??
Maybe a "Christian" president combined with a Christian broadcaster who tell us:

1. When the Bible says 'every eye shall behold him', it means 'on television;
2. A President who says GOD told him
A. To invade Afghanistan
B. To invade Iraq
C. To build a two state Palestinian solution

3. A president who sends Javier Solana to represent us before Iraq on 6-6-06 and then publicly praises him on that date before the world!

Just a thought!
Alice Bailey and Olga Froebe Kapteyn allegedly tried unsuccessfully several times to have Salvador de Madariaga come lecture at their Eranos School for Spiritual Research. This is documented in William McGuire's book, BOLLINGEN: AN ADVENTURE IN COLLECTING THE PAST, Bollingen Series, Princeton, 1982. See pages 146, 198, 239. Interestingly, I see there that there was a Jackson Mathews who collaborated with Salvador de Madariaga. That is an interesting lead -- I am wondering if there is any linkage between Jackson Mathews and Nieves Mathews, the former Nieves de Madariaga (presumably once a Solana by marriage), Javier Solana's mother.
Anon. 5:05

I don't know if this will help answer your question or just confuse you, but a frequent web site I look at is the Lighthouse Trails Research Project (www.lighthousetrails.com). The main focus is to research and explore the trends of contemplative spirituality and prayer within Christianity. I believe this is New Age spirituality that has infiltrated churches, softened sound Christian theology, and opened people to further acceptance of New Age "doctrines," often dressed in Christian language. Not only is this trend a type of deception, but perhaps may lead to the Great Apostasy. Lighthouse examines movements that advocate Contemplative prayer, such as Emergent Church and Purpose-Driven. Most of my information about Rick Warren (founder of the Purpose-Driven movement)comes from this source. Prayer labyrinths and Taize worship services have been highlighted as forms of contemplative prayer, a practice in which the person praying must "center" themselves and free their minds of distraction. Unfortunately, my church has adopted the Purpose-Driven Church model and has implemented a prayer labyrinth and a Taize Service (which involves repetitive chanting).

Anyway, I hope this helps and doesn't just make you scratch your head. Check out the above web site. There's a lot of info.
What about Javiers' father and his family? I don't see much information on him. Did he or his family have any involvement in New Age or occult practices? Does the Solana/Madariaga family seem to be aware in any way that they might be raising the future possible antichrist?
Solanas grandfather of the fatherline has been Don Ezequiel Solana Ramirez, pedagogical writer, (died in 1931). Javier Solanas supposed father Francisco Solana is one of the four sons of Don Ezequiel Solana.


see also
David, that's a very intereseting website. I followed it to the list of books dealing with New Age thinking found here.

Not enough is being done to warn Christians about the attempts to turn their views of Christianity. Thanks.
I would like to add to Anon 6:30’s list

We have a “Christian” who tell us that:

- Muslims, Christians, pagans, etc. all go to heaven, we all just have different means of getting there.
- Attached legislation to a military spending bill (which passed) that requires U.S. citizens to accept a national ID or become non-citizens.
- And what about his support on this one: “North American Union would Trump U.S. Supreme Court” http://www.humaneventsonline.com/article.php?id=15623

But it's all good, he a Christian, right?

Just for the record for those who may think I’m a left winger—I’m not. Evil is evil no matter which political party it comes from and we should not give even the President a free pass—actions speak louder than words. Once while I was visiting a friend in the city I watched someone damage a car. They saw that I witnessed it then bold face lied with a straight face that they were innocent. This is exactly how I see politicians acting today, as though they say “we’re not doing anything wrong,” all the while you can see otherwise.

2 Chronicles 34:2 And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, and walked in the ways of David his father, and declined neither to the right hand, nor to the left.

Incidentally, for those who may not remember or been alive to witness Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, he boldly proclaimed himself to be a born again Christian. Today we can find him on the Lucis Trust Group of World Servers web site. It appears that Christianity has served him well.

Fox: The Europeanisation of Defence

from Speech to the Centre for Policy Studies


'...The High Representative for the Common Foreign & Security Policy, Javier Solana ruminated back in February:

"Every day, I also feel the frustration of knowing how much more we could do. If only we had a bit more political will and greater means at our disposal".
This followed his pronouncement last year, that

"European defence policy is not only in constant progression: it has now reached the threshold of irreversibility"...

At the end GB MP Liam Fox says:
"The Europeanisation of defence by the EU is a dangerous prospect, advancing gradually, and we must be ever watchful. We have been warned."

Solana gave Iran June 29 as informal N-deadline

"...LONDON, June 20 (IranMania) - EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has told Iran that world powers expect an answer by June 29 to their offer of nuclear talks in return for Tehran's suspending uranium enrichment, diplomats told AFP.

"June 29 (when G8 foreign ministers are to meet in Moscow) is more or less a deadline," a senior European diplomat said.

The diplomat said Solana had given the Iranians this unofficial deadline when he presented them with a package of possible trade, security and technology benefits, on behalf of Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States on June 6 in Tehran.

"Solana said that. That this was the deadline," for answering the world powers proposal, the diplomat said..."

farmer from

Oh my gosh has anybody seen this article yet!!!??

Go here EU ignores constitution vote to launch anti-terror squad

Solana wants his force with or without the EU Constitution's ratification. ...I just didn't think he would seek to go over the heads of so many "big wigs" to do it!

Here's an excerpt:

"European leaders were accused of "cherry picking" from the moribund European Union constitution last night after agreeing to create a pan-European counter-terrorism force.

At the Brussels European summit, all 25 member states agreed to pool assets - police, civil protection and military - and place them at the disposal of Javier Solana, the EU's foreign minister-in-waiting."

I mean we always knew that it was coming thanks to Constance and Mr. Peters, but some apparent "cherry-picking" steps have been taken to the point that eurosceptics are in a big tizzy.

Things are truly getting scary and faster than I imagined they would.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the possibility of January 1, 2007 being the start of 7 long years of trouble and I have my doubts. But the closer we get the faster the pieces of the puzzle SEEM to be coming together. And here is the thing, there are so many that are in place that I am just waiting with bated breath (did I spell that right?).
Oh my gosh has anybody seen this article yet!!!??

Go here EU ignores constitution vote to launch anti-terror squad

Solana wants his force with or without the EU Constitution's ratification. ...I just didn't think he would seek to go over the heads of so many "big wigs" to do it!

Here's an excerpt:

"European leaders were accused of "cherry picking" from the moribund European Union constitution last night after agreeing to create a pan-European counter-terrorism force.

At the Brussels European summit, all 25 member states agreed to pool assets - police, civil protection and military - and place them at the disposal of Javier Solana, the EU's foreign minister-in-waiting."

I mean we always knew that it was coming thanks to Constance and Mr. Peters, but some apparent "cherry-picking" steps have been taken to the point that eurosceptics are in a big tizzy.

Things are truly getting scary and faster than I imagined they would.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the possibility of January 1, 2007 being the start of 7 long years of trouble and I have my doubts. But the closer we get the faster the pieces of the puzzle SEEM to be coming together. And here is the thing, there are so many that are in place that I am just waiting with bated breath (did I spell that right?).
Read the articles on the military situation in Europe over at EUreferendum.blogspot.com There are people over there as concerned as some of us here are. "The devil is in the details."
I am still wondering whether I heard right today when I was watching the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox Channel.

They were discussing the influx of Mexican illegal immigrants, and I heard Bill say that 98 per cent of people of the US would not accept an open border, just as 98 per cent of them would not accept a One World Government.

Did I really hear that correctly, and did anybody else hear it?

I just thought it was a strange thing for him to say, being as how I have never heard anybody else mention anything like that before on Fox.

Perhaps word of what is really happening is beginning to filter through at last.
It is untrue that the New Age Movement under its Theosophical roots wasn't political in the 1800's. Clearly it was then as it is now -- a "political-spiritual" movement. It was a lie circulated by disinformation forces that the New Agers were not politically affiliated until recently! Clearly they were -- in the 1929s they almost pulled off their global scheme and with the help of many powerful people in the USA government and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, among others.
If you are responding to me, I never said the New Age movement became politically active recently. Only very naive people would believe that. New Age thinking, under that label, has been insinuating itself into our culture for over a hundred years now. One only has to look at the early history of the Fabian movement to see that.

I do believe that there is a difference between the New Age movement and the political involvement of occultists in the past. They didn't think on such a large scale, one world government, in the past because control of the world would be physically impossible. Now with modern transportation and mass media, more things are possible.

Now it seems to me that anyone who wants to promote world government has to be a megalomaniac. In the story of the Tower of Babel, we see how God decided to handle the megalomaniacs of the time and why. The Tower of Babel was dedicated to the supreme pagan god, Marduk who took the Tablets of Destiny.

From Wikipedia...
"In Mesopotamian mythology, the Tablets of Destiny are a work of carved stone covered in writing of great significance. It has been said that this writing describes the destiny of the universe and all things in it.

In the Lugale, Imdugud (known in Assyrian as Anzu) stole the tablet(s) from Enlil [1]. Supposedly, whoever possessed the tablets ruled the universe.[2]" (Wikipedia)

The above is a guess. Occultists don't do what they do just to oppose Christians. They have their own belief system which they live by. Until I looked on the net, I had no idea how many people were connecting Solana with Marduk.

On the web several links show a connection between the European Union and the Tower of Babel.

There is even some indication that the Grail legends referred to the Tablets of Destiny, the pagan/occult version of the Bible.

But even if we are facing a Mystery Bablyon religious takeover attempt, we need to look at the danger of the specifics that these believers are bringing about leading to control of people by an elite.
To Anonymous at 6.30.

I would just like to say that I believe that President Bush was telling the truth if he said that God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, because I was praying for years that somebody would go and stop what was happening.

I first heard about the Taliban when I read an article written by a midwife out in Afghanistan who was telling of how she had witnessed the stoning to death of a woman (a common occurance under the Taliban), and her little son was told to go and see whether his mother was dead yet.

She wasn't.

The little boy and the rest were then ordered by the Taliban to carry on stoning her.

This article moved me so much that I put Afghanistan high on my prayer list, but the Taliban were so evil that I was getting to the point of thinking that nobody would ever be able to remove them.

How I was taught a lesson, that I should never doubt God.

Regarding Iraq, there really were torture chambers where little children were tortured (sometimes to death) in front of their parents, and there were rape rooms where Saddam's son would order any woman to be taken to, and there was a mincing machine which people were put in alive (head first if they were lucky). And many, many, other evil happenings under Saddam Hussein and his sons.

There is a saying, that for evil to flourish it only needs good men to look away.

I believe that good men were looking away for too long in these cases, and somebody should have intervened in Afghanistan and Iraq before. Nevertheless, I praise God that my prayers have been answered.

We have mainly an athiest media who are going to make fun of President Bush if he says he believes he was told to go do these things.

I believe him, and I have explained why.

God does things in His Own time, and in His Own way, but Praise Him, He is a God who answers prayer, and in these cases He answered mine.

I am praying now, that the real agenda of Solana will come to be understood, and that he will not prevail. However, I know that prayer is already answered, but I don't know when.
Javier was just highlighted, SPEAKING, on Fox news a few minutes ago!
Today, George W. Bush was gushing over the airwaves in a Vienna press conference about his meeting with the "European leaders." That, of course, was primarily Solana. He reminded the public of how he startled the public in his State of the Union speech by talking about "we are addicted to oil," stating that was almost counter-intuitive for a Texan. He talked about "sharing technologies." That almost certainly referred to ITER, the Cadarache, France (also the site of France's nuclear bomb development site) based project for FUSION ENERGY (something Benjamin Creme many times said was a pet project of "Maitreya." Some scientific critics of the project have noted that those promoting it have bragged that they will be bringing fire from heaven down upon earth. Certainly, if there is a cheap energy project afoot and Solana, as both physicist and politician, has a hand in it, he would seem worthy of worship to those concerned about the growing and exorbitant high energy costs. This is not the last word, but it is certainly something to watch. I am writing this on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 10:41 USA eastern time.
For the person who wrote in defense of George W. Bush (and certainly my own jury is "still out", figuratively speaking):

Ok, given the Taliban story and the Iraq claims that God told him to go do this, what about his claims that God was telling him to develop a two state Palestinian solution? What's he trying to do with those prophecies -- fulfill them?
The New Agers were decidedly thinking globally and acting both globally and locally on a very grand scale, especially in the 1920s. That was the inspiration for so many of the huge art deco style skyscrapers. They were convinced they were ushering in a new global civilization. One of the Lutyens' sisters wrote in a Theosophical magazine in my personal possession that people did not realize just how drastic the change would be. They were to implement their New World Order even if it meant "bloodying their fingernails in the process." And bloody their fingernails they certainly did -- Mexico from 1926 to at least 1938; the mass slayings of European Jewry; the attempted extermination of Christianity in Spain from 1936 to 1939 in the Spanish civil war when many churches were torched with clergy and parishioners locked in them, etc., etc. Now Marilyn Ferguson wrote in THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY in 1980 that this time they were going to succeed wherein the past they had failed because "modern communications had circled the globe beyond any possibility of retreat." Think how much they have advanced since then. What they failed to calculate, however, was that us "Old Agers" would know how to use the technology too. For that reason they are now working on "the New Internet" with hopes of freezing us out and in the meantime, and maybe amusingly, Lucis Trust is sometimes urging its devotee to take "internet fasts" so that they not get too exposed to the information we present that is counter-revolutionary as the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust people see it!
Just a general comment. Mr. Solana is becoming more visible in the mainstream media coverage little by little. Is this an indication of anything?
I am not defending George Bush about anything.

I am saying that my prayers were answered by what he has done in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What is the alternative?

That I should not pray for an end to the Taliban and Saddam Hussein?

God uses all kinds of people and events to bring about his plans and to answer the prayers of believers.

I think that Javier Solana is going to look like a good guy to most of the world, and that is the point of the Anti Christ, that he comes in by charm, fooling many.

If we believe we know who he really is, then it is up to us to do everything we can to inform and alert people to this.

I also see Solana as an enemy of the US in particular, and he is playing people against each other.

Doing anything he can to bring about his own agenda, which is a One World Dictatorship, with himself as Dictator. He is finding this easy to do in Europe, where so many people are not questioning what exactly the European Union is about, but I cannot see the US going along with this unless something drastic happens to the US.

Don't forget either, that President Bush will be gone by the next election, but it would appear there is no such mechanism to remove Javier Solana. He is there 'til some Higher Power removes him.
The prophecies (Rev. 18) clearly say that the 10 kings would hand their power to the beast -- that they were brought together by God for this one purpose -- to hand their power over to the beast and thus fulfill the words of this prophecy. It was the same beast who would work to punish "the whore of Babylon" interpreted by some to be the Roman Catholic Church, but I am increasingly believing it is the USA for these reasons:

1. Ship owners at sea bewailed her destruction and wailed about who would now buy their merchandise.

2. The final battle of Armageddon was between the beast and his army and the 200,000,000 man army, which it appears that only China could presently feasibly launch.

3. If the USA were destroyed, the main buyer of China's merchandise, China would undoubtedly be VERY ANGRY with the forces removing their best customer.

Just a thought, but an increasingly disturbing one. Biblically, Babylon was not in God's favor, but God did use it to punish Israel when it disregarded his prophets and turned to idolatry. Then God used Cyrus (also pagan) to restore Israel when the 70 year captivitiy was up. It appears that God may have a prophesied use for the beast/antichrist as well. I hope I am wrong, but I am currently reading it that direction. It is entirely possible that we may back Solana's European aspirations and put pressure on the EU to hand him all the power he wants and then he could turn on us (presuming he is the one -- he is an educated guess as far as I am presently concerned.)

Yes, he has greatly increased in visibility in our news -- particularly since 6-6-2006!
The prophecies (Rev. 18) clearly say that the 10 kings would hand their power to the beast -- that they were brought together by God for this one purpose -- to hand their power over to the beast and thus fulfill the words of this prophecy. It was the same beast who would work to punish "the whore of Babylon" interpreted by some to be the Roman Catholic Church, but I am increasingly believing it is the USA for these reasons:

1. Ship owners at sea bewailed her destruction and wailed about who would now buy their merchandise.

2. The final battle of Armageddon was between the beast and his army and the 200,000,000 man army, which it appears that only China could presently feasibly launch.

3. If the USA were destroyed, the main buyer of China's merchandise, China would undoubtedly be VERY ANGRY with the forces removing their best customer.

Just a thought, but an increasingly disturbing one. Biblically, Babylon was not in God's favor, but God did use it to punish Israel when it disregarded his prophets and turned to idolatry. Then God used Cyrus (also pagan) to restore Israel when the 70 year captivitiy was up. It appears that God may have a prophesied use for the beast/antichrist as well. I hope I am wrong, but I am currently reading it that direction. It is entirely possible that we may back Solana's European aspirations and put pressure on the EU to hand him all the power he wants and then he could turn on us (presuming he is the one -- he is an educated guess as far as I am presently concerned.)

Yes, he has greatly increased in visibility in our news -- particularly since 6-6-2006!
The Rapture would be a big enough event... however, i see what your saying (anonumous 1:36) and i am getting a little weary on the whole situtiation myself, i am starting to think that solana isnt going to pull this whole thing together, have total control and be a one world leader in the next 6 months before what we all thought could be the 7yr reign (2007-2013 ENP) unless something super dramatic like the Rapture takes place real soon. Not to mention with only 6 months left, and i dont know how everyone else here feels about this but i still believe the rapture along with the magog invasion is going to be before the 70th week of Daniel and that is when the antichrist will come straighten it all out with "peace galore" and begin his reign. Now i believe both these could take place within the next 6 months yes its very possible, but mabye its time to just start "really" realizing that it may not be solana. Yeah i know we all say we do accept that, but common you all know we believe and still believe its solana until 2007. is anyone else starting to feel this way?
It may be delayed for a short and final wake up call, but my bets are still on Solana. I suspect he hasn't gathered his military toys for world domination just to give them away--but maybe so. He may be much more generous that I give him credit. Even if things are 3-5 more years out, that's a very short time. Plus, a crisis could change the playing field overnight. E.g., a global war, a worldwide financial collapse, etc.

I suspect that the "heirarchy" has pivitol points in their plan where, depending on world events, they would opt to bring "the Plan" into full swing. However, the Lord can frustrate things until He is ready. I pray that the Lord continue to delay this evil so we can continue to spread the gospel.

At this point my guess would be to place the bets on Solana as the anti-christ. From the meaning of his name, to the name of his constitution, to him being a master of everything he touches. This man would probably score above perfect on an IQ test. This mans knowledge seems endless. He also celebrates the anniversary of the crusades. Also he is dedicated to being the finale authority on bringing the peace deal to Israel. I believe the anti-christ will have to be a man of experience to bring about the reputation needed to join the world together. Javier is just that man. From his young political moves to education, I don't believe there are many people alive that could come close to claiming what this man has done with finance and military for countries as well as education and previous peace deals. The anti-christ traits, all of them, fit this one individual man. At this point you are left to try to disprove him as the anti-christ. That might just be a daring thing to say, but I have been trying to do just that for the last 2 years. Just to let you know, Ive come up emty handed. I still continuously compare the traits every day, and every day the same results. I still look for other people to fill this anti-christ position, but Solana just towers above them all! Hands down. Here is a politicle cartoon comparison with the prophet Daniel and Solana. The thing is, its not a joke. http://oneimage.org/Images/pages/01cartoon180.htm
A few more thought on why I think conditions are ripe.

- Solana has what he presently needs to rule event of a crisis.
- Conditions for a worldwide economic collapse are suitable.
- NAFTA is ready to trump the U.S. constitution.
- China has evangelized for the new age.
- The Alliance of Civilizations is in place.
- The United Religions Initiative has brought to the world a one world religion.
- Is God ready?

And what about the 'restrainer' being taken away?

The US, do you think?

The only country that has been restraining others from attacking Israel?
Ironically, the U.S. is heavily involved in Iraq, the site of Ancient Babylon. There is definitely good reason to believe the U.S. is the Babylon mentioned in end-time prophecies. I tried to post this earlier, but I unwisely did it during a thunderstorm and my computer suddenly switched off. Battle Creek and our county have had two tornado warnings within the hour. Storms are headed due east. So far, no tornadoes.
Who knows? I still think it is solana, yet to be honest, and I know everyone is going to go nuts on this, but I dont think anything that important has happened since the meeting in Teheran, I dont believe Iran will stop on the deadline date of the 29th, I dont think the EU is going to do anything about it if they dont, except some pathetic sanctions and that will not stop Iran only make them laugh at what they will see as EU weakness.

Yes, I too believe the rapture and the magog invasion will happen before the antichrist rule and I see that taking place soon, especially since Iran sent that letter to Bush, which in the Quran is the last thing they do before attacking. So I believe the magog invasion is well on its way and the rapture as well. Now unlike most people on here, i want the prophecy to be fulfilled asap, not to say "oh who cares about lost people and forget them, lets just get the rapture going so we can get out of here", but because God will have it happen when He is ready for it to happen and I of course thank God for his patience so that many others will be saved but once it happens, everyone written in the "book of life" will be completed and ready to go home, so why would you not want it to happen in that respect.

Now i believe the antichrist will rule from Babylon, and as you can see it is being rebuilt and prepared for that right now. So whats to say he wont be from there either. He's called the assyrian numerous times in the Bible. Remeber! the eastern leg of the roman empire outlasted the western leg. Nimrod was from babel and he was the first world dictator, mabye the last will be from there as well? if the antichrist is from the eastern leg rather then the western leg mabye it will be a muslim who knows? who else could calm these muslims down and bring peace to this middle east fued? Its the fasted growing religion in the world and many of their leaders behead people, isnt that interesting. You know who ever it is going to bring the roman catholic church into the system and you just recently had a popular cardinal end a prayer in the name of allah if you guys saw that.

I still believe at the moment its solana, however I am very open to other options, especially of it mabye being a muslim. Point being who knows?
OK Rich, please describe the one world religion you see people accepting. The only thing the URI has been working to show is that is would be a good idea to think that way. They have been trotting that Earth Charter around, but even the supporting organizations have not presented it as a fait accompli to their followers.

If Los Angeles was missiled, do you really think everyone would start accepting this one world religion? Hardly.

One world government is hardly in place. It's probably going to take quite a few more years before the pieces come together; it's how bureaucracies work.

Solana is an extremely powerful person, but I don't see the world falling at his feet as of now. He can't handle Iran, the Palestinians, and parts of the former Soviet Union. His defense forces are coming together, but they are far from being in place.

A while back I posted Revolutions Evolve. Read it again. The time for crisis has not evolved yet as I see it. Based on clues I see around, something big should be happening around 2012.
The reason I would doubt the Anti Christ is a Muslim is because we are told that the Jews would accept him as Messiah, and I can't see them accepting a Muslim.

Remember, Jesus Himself said that He came in the name of the Father, and they (the Jews) would reject Him. However, one day somebody would come in his own name (the Anti Christ/False Messiah), and him, they (the Jews), would accept.

This would most likely be a Jew, though the Bible refers to the Prince that is to come (Anti Christ) being of the same people who destroy the temple. This was the Romans (however, I would like to know which countries the Legions who actually did it came from. It is doubtful they would have been from Roman itself, although they were part of the Roman Empire).

I have heard that the Emperor himself had given orders not to destroy the place, but the soldiers went ahead and did it anyway, because they were looking for gold.

Javier Solana could fit both roles because he is part of the European Union, which is like a new empire which came into being through the Treaty of Rome.

It is also said of him that he could be Jewish himself.

Besides, this Javier Solana already appears to be highly regarded by the new Jewish leadership.
if a muslim or anyone could bring peace, i think you would be suprised how fast the jews would accept him.
Javier Solana appears to fulfill every aspect required for him to be the Anti Christ.

And it is strange that his power is associated with the number 666, and that he appeared on the political world stage on the 6th of the 6th 2006, in his role as peacemaker.

All coincidence?

I doubt it.
Anonymous at 6.38

Yes, perhaps they would accept a Muslim.

But why would they need to, when Javier Solana is already the go between attempting to make peace between the Israelis and the Palastinians?

It is like there is not a pie that he does not have his finger in.
The foundation of the one world religion has already been accepted. What do you thing "we are all worshipping the same god only by different names" is all about? As you stated, not everyone will accept it, why else would they be talking about "destruction of the resistant form?" But go ahead and feel at ease until 2012. I for one intend to altert people as though it is happening now. Perhaps a read through "AQUARIUS NOW" would could shed some light on the subject. Ferguson says it is now time for the new civilization to claim their heritage. Maybe she knows something.

Rich, that is not a one world religion and you know it. That is an attitude. Instead of Ferguson, reread Lee Penn's book on the URI. The fact that people are being asked to "make nice" when different religious groups get together does not mean they have thrown away their fundamentals in favor of accepting the mishmash.

Let's say the DaVinci Code gets a lot of people to reconsider their Christianity. It's a long way from "Hey, that's interesting and it's a possibiity" to goddess worship.

There have been a lot of changes in the Catholic Church, enough so that in many cases you can't tell a Protestant service from a Catholic one. Yet I don't see many Catholics attending Protestant churches because the Catholic ones are getting closed because of lack of financing and a shortage of priests.

Get excited about specific changes taking place. That's a good thing. But don't leap from specifics to generalities so rapidly. The vast majority of people still have no clue as to what is happening. They get spooked when a person even tries to tell them about some specifics. Giving them a bottom line when it is still years away will only keep them from learning anything.

Posting here is preaching to the choir, and it's an exception to the approach to new information.
To understand who or what the Jews will accept, you need to know about Judaism, not about Christianity. You don't read Jewish law to understand the Christian view of the antichrist.

Some Jews, like some Christians, have been followers of false Messiahs. Those who realized what was happening saw these individuals as false Messiahs, while others thought they were the real thing.

Revelation didn't come out of the clear blue sky. It was based on ideas already prevelent in Judaism.

Frankly I think all of this is a major distraction from what the goal of Judaism and Christianity should be...to teach morality. If I heard more about morality. If a person lives a moral life, they are less tempted to grow into New Age beliefs. I wouldn't be concerned, but I hear less and less about how one should lead a moral life. New Age religions are already full of spirituality and working for whatever is the fashionable charitable common good of the day.
I don’t need to have a name placed on the one world religion to recognize it. As I step away from the choir (as I often do) and witness to people within my community, I hear all the time that “we all worship the same god only by different names.” There is a group of ministers within my community who meet weekly and discuss how to synchronize their message—this doctrine has been one of those messages. I remain convinced that this is the doctrine of the one world religion. And as you indicated that you have read Penn’s book, I’m certain you are very well aware of that. I am equally convinced that, if God permitted, they are fully capable of pulling this off today if they so choose.

Rich, let me know when the imans, theologians, priests, religious scientists, rabbis and witches join the Christian ministers of all denominations in the same building to sing the same hymns and say the same prayers. A one world religion needs more than one doctrine.

Anyone wondering what the one world religion will look like can check out page 270 of Penn's book. The words are taken from the Externalization of the Heirarchy, a Bailey book. In the index look for "New Religion."

"The New Religion proposed by Bailey would be based on magic, spiritual elitism and the manipulation of people: "The new religion will be one of Invocation and Evocation, of bringing together great spiritual energies and then stepping them down for the benefiting and the stimulation of the masses..." etc.

If you want a glimpse of the New Religion, take a look at the alternative healing practices that talk about the manipulation of energy and how everything in the world is composed of energy.

Penn also has a whole section talking about the possibility of the New Religion coming in through the Christian Right.

The burnout rate among people who learn what is happening is extremely high. They get all excited when hearing about the changes and when they don't see the changes happening around them, they go back to sleep or they get caught up in the gossip of it all as in "What are they doing to me lately." These people get suckered in by every conspiracy theorist selling a book or making a buck in some way.

Patience and planning over the long run is practiced more by the New Age leadership than by the average person who justs reacts. It's why they are leaders in a movement that seems to move so slowly. New Age leaders may have corrupted souls, but they can still be considered intelligent.

You may think I am excessively criticizing you. That's not it. You are a strong researcher and someone who learns. That's why I've taken the time to try and teach you what it took me a long time to learn.
Why Anon, I think you should re-read Penn's book, he has listed examples of where they have already joined hands in the same building and done exactly that. A new building was designed specifically for that purpose.


I agree, you have stated correctly. The new religion desires more than one doctrine, so long as it is not orthodox in nature and agrees that all religions are equal.

Sure I'll read that Rich. Give me the page number.
Somebody wrote that Solana "celebrates the anniversary of the crusades." I don't know what the intent was, but Javier Solana, upon opening the first Barcelona conference (which had a goal of battling religious fundamentalism worldwide) said "it was auspicious that it began upon the calling of the first crusade by Pope Urban II. What a lot of tolerance and misunderstanding that led to." Solana said they were there, in part, to straighten out "that clash of civilizations." The Catholic Church as well as Protestant fundamentalists, Jews, and Moslems (except for the New Age sufis) were clearly targets. One is allowed to have a religion in the New Age, but not to believe it true. Now if you want to syncretize, that's called "dialogue" with Solana's crowd." Far from celebrating the Crusades, Solana decries them, as he does any belief in God. He LOVES the cartoon you can view on the Google images page (and included on my presentation) where he, Solana, is the chief deity in a Roman style pantheon. Solana is anti-clerical to his atheist core! His grandfather, Salvador de Madariaga, would not permit Solana's mother, Nieves, nor her sister, Isabel, to be baptized due to his anti-religious sentiments.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
When I first looked at Javier Solana's website, there was a drawing of him dressed as a Roman emperor.

That is not there now.

I wonder why it was removed - a bit too revealing of the nature of the man, do you think?
Okay, the one world religion is in my edumation (educated guess) the New Age. It is perfect because it is ahteistic at its core while relativistic and syncretistic enough to tolerate religions of exclusive doctrines, so long as institutionalized religions don't propogate their exclusivisms.

The New Age is spiritual enough to allow people to feel good about themselves without thumping a book of laws that points to our spiritual and human frailties. And on the same token, this soupy worldview--the new age that is--can also point to man as his own supreme deity and establishes our own self-righteousness as it suits each individual.

Of course this is a broad over-simplification, but it is true nevertheless. I know that this is true because the spirit of the age can be summed up in the all too popular phrase, "Whatever!" Absolute truth, faith, god, up, down, left right...eh it's all relative. This is what the present age is (Postmodernism) and to say that the one world religion is the combining of religions is a gross marginalization. What about those who have no faith?

See the New Age fits everything. If you have no God, no worries you can still be apart of the group. You're your God then becuase anything goes basically. One size fits all, all in the name of the buzz word doctrines of: "peace and safety," "sustainable development," "tolerance," "political correctness," etc, etc. This is the atheistic mantra.

Remember Hitler was at heart an ahteist who believed only in his "own truth," "his way," and "his mode of life." Imagine if every individual lived out their own established truth to the best of their ability--this is the making for a world of sociopaths who do what they want. To espouse and wield this kind of thinking would logically require that you throw out belief in a supreme deity, and place one's self front and center as the one in charge.

In conclusion, the new age is a perfect vehicle for any future fuhrer aka global hitler--as the Bible predicts--to ride until it has conveniently united everyone under a single underlying belief that "all is one and one is all" or our "common heritage" as Solana puts. HUMANISM FOLKS! SECULAR HUMANISM!

At this point the deceiver can pull off the greatest deception campaign ever achieved in human history.

The New Age is the consumate antithesis to belief in the one true God Jesus Christ the righteous!

For years I wondered what would make it so hard for people, even during the final 7 years of human history, to accept Christ. Folks, the dirty work of this mass deception is entering its final days, the easy part is dawning--I speak of the liar and his "big lie" itself. That's all that has yet to happen. All that is missing is a big enough formula for a global catastrophe to establish a global need for a messiah. Once this happens, the rest will be a piece of cake for whoever takes the role. Tell a big enough lie like, "Hey folks, I'm God!" And if the need is big enough then the people will follow. This man will offer himself as the solution to the worlds problems just as Christ did. Only this liar whoever he is won't be able to fulfill his empty promises, hence his title: the Anti-Christ.
I have just been reading an article at


with the title

'US plans 'Star Wars' bases in Eatern Europe', namely Poland and the Czech Republic.

Given that Poland is one of the countries which are mentioned specifically (with their old territorial name), as being one of the countries that comes against Israel at the battle of Armageddon, I think this is going to be one great big waste of time and money.

When is President Bush going to learn??

'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon

The google picture of Solana in the pantheon comes up on the third page of google results for images and here is a link to it at its original site. It is still there:

No offense intended Sogol, but your description of the New Age religion is wrong. You are describing a set of actions on which the New Age religion will be based. You don't have to guess when the information is there in many places.

I would suggest you slow your horses down, take a deep breath and start by analyzing in detail how the Christ of the New Age system is different from the Christ of Christianity. Remember that those who would deceive you aren't going to spell out which Christ they are referring to when they tell you that "Christ" says this or that. The "elect" can be easily deceived if they don't know the difference.

Constance has often said that the New Agers are pitting the monotheistic religions against each other so they destroy each other. Christians can know/believe that their branch of Christianity is the one true faith without having to demonize those who do not believe that way, a mistake the Muslim community is making big time.
My question would be this: Where would the need be for the mark of the beast if we could get all people to agree on one religion? I think that is why the choice must be forced upon those who hold different faith.

Also - One can notice that all religions are tolerated and spoke of "freely" except Christianity. Christians are considered to be intolerant and rigid. We are extremely hated. It is because we believe that we are to live by the Word of God. We don't pick and choose what to agree with when it comes to the Bible - It is all fact.

I believe other concepts are accepted because they can defere from the Word of God. People have become more tolerant of "Letting people worship as they please" Freedom of religion. (People choose what suits their lifestyle. They can live as they wish and it is not wrong in the eyes of God). Whenever the Word of God is brought into the picture people become defensive and angry.

Isn't the whole point of the antichrist to remove God entirely from the picture? When one worships anything/anyone but God it is really pleasing to Satan because they are rejecting Christ.

Could someone expand on this and offer more input?

Interesting documentaries found on Herb Peters website. Check them out.
Could somebody find a single true new ager and ask if he/she believes solely in any fundamental exclusivistic doctrine of any particular faith/worldview ONLY...I mean ANY.

Examples of doctrines he/she may espouse is Allah is one God and Muhammed is his prophet; Jesus is the Christ and the only way to the Father; We must become one with ourselves to reach nirvana; We must attend Mass to maintain our salvation; Joseph Smith is the prophet of God and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one true Church on earth and Gordon B. Hinkley is the present living mouthpiece for God on earth today; there is only one G-D and His people Israel and G-D is not a trinity; or even that God does not exist; or unsure that God exists; or there is no truth. Any of these exclusive doctrines are fair game.

Find one and let me know please, please, please by commenting here.

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Excuse the "...I mean ANY" phrase. That was a typo.

Dear Sogol:

As I am unapologetically Christian, I am trying to figure where you are coming from? Are you suggesting all things are equally true? I have accurately (I hope) said that in the New World Order, folks are allowed to have a religion -- they are not allowed, however, to believe it true. It sounds like that is something you may be suggesting. But if we believe God, we can trust him to do his own fighting - dangers come in believing one is God's chosen instrument to "cleanse" the earth of "evil" -- a belief held by:
1. New Agers
2. Christian Reconstruction Movement
3. Moslem extremists on a jihad
4. Manifest Son of God/Sonship cults

I once heard a minister (Earl Paulk) say on a tape, "you know, if God tells you to kill somebody, it isn't murder." I retorted to my audience: IF 'GOD' TOLD YOU TO KILL SOMEBODY, IT WASN'T GOD!

I am disturbed at your apparent direction that indicates that only through syncretism can we have world peace!
Sogol, I respect your efforts to learn. Already you are in the minority as you read and want to learn. Stay in and make the effort that is needed to really get a grasp on what is happening.

Look at what is happening as you would look at a wheel with a hub and spokes. The hub is New Age religion. The spokes are the various religious organizations. One spoke may be Catholicism, another may be Judaism, another may be Hindusim, another Buddhism, another Shintoism. All are pointing to a hub where all blend into each other. That's the New Age religion.

It doesn't matter what the individuals who are followers think. The theologians, the academics, the leaders are the shepards shooing the followers toward the hub.

What some of us note is that the shepards are all saying the same thing to their flocks. Now all of the flocks may not be at the hub. It doesn't matter. There just don't seem to be enough people to tell these phony shepards that they are just manipulators.

Take a look at the hub. Look where science is attempting to show the truth of a religion. A long time ago I read that the new religion is one that would have to be proven scientifically. This has been going on at the academic level since the late 1970s. Start by doing a search on Templeton material.

You, as probably a follower, have no clue as to what is happening at the academic level. I suggest you learn.
Those who are lurkers to this site need to know that gathering information and sharing it is an interactive thing.

Some of us have been following the movement for many, many years. Constance is not the only person doing research on the topic of the New Age movement. As it is the topic rather than personal glory, we do not go public though Constance knows who we are.

If you put a topic on the table, we can share our knowledge. If we put everything we knew on the table we would be too far ahead of most people.

So, if you ask, we will try to answer.
Also I've seen posts where people believe that we are not doing anything but blogging. In my case, that is not true. This is a good place to share information and stay current.

The god the Muslims worship is Alila, who is the moon god, hence, the word Allah which is what they call their god.

This is a very distinct god from Jehovah, who is the Jewish and Christian God.

I don't think many Muslims realise this, but when Mohammed decided to believe there was only one god, there were a whole pantheon of gods to choose from, so he chose Alila, the moon god.

I don't think even Muslims realise that it is the moon god, let alone many of the Christian leaders, who I have heard say that both Allah and Jehovah are the same god.

This is certainly not true.

Allah is unknowable.

Our God Jehovah communicates constantly with his followers, and although being human we don't have the same mind as God, nevertheless, He constantly tries to teach us what He expects from us.

If you notice also the symbolism of the moon on many Muslim flags, etc.
I believe that there is a gross misunderstanding. First, I am an Evangelical Christian. I am not a new ager. Maybe I didn't preface my first posting well enough, but all I was saying is that the new age is a "perfect" vehicle for the Antichrist to make his meteoric rise in the future because of the syncretistic and relativistic underpinnings of the New Age Movement--read the works any major Christian Apologist (Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowel, Meier, etc. Granted they are not the end-all authorities on Comparative Religious Studies.). To reiterate, I was making a philosophical argument against the New Age Movement and vilifying it as a possible nasty means to an end for that future global hitler in a manner of speaking.

Further, which ever anonymous used the "hub and spoked wheels" analogy, that's exactly what I was saying. There are the new age disciples as it were regardless of what they may claim to believe within any religion--and here is the crux of my argument about the new age--I was making the point by my second comments post via the Socratic approach. A true new ager may be an Episcopal priest for example that claims to hold to the exclusivity of the salvation in Jesus Christ, but in turn contradicts this fundamental Christian doctrine by adding a relativistic rub to the gospel by espousing belief as an example that Buddha was right or Muhammed was right and we're all really worshiping the same God, follows Luciferian Doctrines, or what have you. Further the beliefs of this hypothetical priest would fly in the face of reason if he would just really hunker down to truly seeing what it is that these major systems fundamentally believe as they do not agree as they are all fundamentally different. (When I use the term relativism I am speaking of Cognitive Relativism-Cognitive relativism affirms that all truth is relative. This would further mean that no system of truth is more valid than another one and that there is no objecive standard of truth. It would naturally, deny that there is a God of absolute truth.)

The question that I posited in my second comments post was that the new age is dangerous because the "disciples" within the movement are syncretistic in that the simple fact that you can't call yourself a Christian and simultaneously buy into Maitreya, Lucis (Lucifer) Trust Doctrines, or follow Osho's teaching. They don't mix and never will.

Lastly, I am ultimately pushing forth that in getting to truly know who Jesus Christ is you develop the spiritual ability to know what is true and what is not. And it all starts in that there is no peace, no love, no joy, no happiness, nothing possible whatsoever outside of a confession of faith and walk with Jesus Christ. Salvation is exclusively found in him and so any new age "disciple" that may be a tare for now among the wheat in the body of Christ will definitely be singled out upon the Antichrist's rise to power. Hence showing that the New Age is not of God and therefore unfortunately a potential good vehicle for the future fuhrer. The New Agers may be vague about who their "Christ" is but Jesus Himself was not. Professionals study the real money at the mint until they know it forward and backwards that way when counterfeit comes in, they will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

I hope that I cleared up some confusion. I don't believe all truths are true folks. Christ is the way, the truth and the life and the only way to the Father. There is no other name by which man can be saved outside of the Jesus who died and rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.

Sorry for the confusion, ;)
God Bless
Sogol, you believe your view of the supernatural is the correct one. You need to realize that others have the same passion toward their view of the supernatural whether they are Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, occultists, pagans or New Agers.

I think what every believer is afraid of is that someone who believes differently in the supernatural will attempt to physically force their view on those with different views. New Agers are afraid of Christians and Jews. Christians and Jews are afraid of New Agers. Muslims seem to be afraid of everyone other than members of their own group. And so it goes. In history when a particular leader or group becomes frustrated when their view doesn't prevail, they have taken to physical force to get their view to be the majority one.

As I see it, the problem is that there is no intellectual battlefield open to the public where these views can be discussed. Everyone in the general public wants to say "My view is the right one, end of discussion. The roses have to be fertilized. The dog has to be fed. I have to get up in the morning to get to work. The bathroom has to be cleaned. I've got no time to discuss this anymore. Don't stand in my way."

In the meantime the New Age NGOs are financially and academically able to work at an upper level to change the future and the general public has no clue who is affecting their future.

The question is how are those of us in the general public able to stay with our beliefs, to not turn on each other because of the instigation of the NGO leaders, and at the same time to be aware of who the NGO leaders are. I don't think it requires a declaration that every view of the supernatural is correct.

Do you have suggestions?
Before I address your post wholly I would like to understand where you are coming from or what are you getting at if you don't mind where you said, "I don't think it requires a declaration that every view of the supernatural is correct."

What are you going with this statement? I think if I understand your comment better then I can really make a sound response to your posting.

Why are you spelling logos backwards?

Off line for several hours. Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful clarification and please forgive my hasty reading and evident misunderstanding
>Anonymous said...
>My question would be this: Where >would the need be for the mark of >the beast if we could get all >people to agree on one religion? >I think that is why the choice >must be forced upon those who >hold different faith.

>Also - One can notice that all >religions are tolerated and spoke >of "freely" except Christianity. >Christians are considered to be >intolerant and rigid. We are >extremely hated. It is because we >believe that we are to live by >the Word of God. We don't pick >and choose what to agree with >when it comes to the Bible - It >is all fact.

This is an interesting and well intentioned post, but not totally accurate in all aspects. New Agers condemn three religions as being "dead and gone religions that deserve to pass away." They are condemned as "PEOPLE OF THE BOOK" and they are:

1. Christianity (including both Protestants and Catholics);
2. Jews;
3. Moslems.


The above is one Alice Bailey reference to this you can read on line. I have literally hundreds of New Age books with similar references, including but not limited to authors:

1. David Spangler
2. Harold Balyoz
3. Barbara Marx Hubbard
4. Peter LeMesurier
Sogol, better to honestly tell someone that you believe they are wrong in their beliefs for a reason than to say "You are wrong because I say you are."

In my view following pagan and occult beliefs leads to negative consequences for the individual and their community. I can point these things out while looking at history or at individual experience. My reasoning isn't the final word as there are people who are much more knowledgeable than I am who can make the comparison in much more detail.

Those who say Jesus Christ is the only way and anyone who opposes the thinking of Christians is Satanic offer nothing where the dialogue is concerned.

Saying that all views of the supernatural are equally valid paths to God without detail is a very foolish argument that no one with an ounce of reasoning power should make or accept.

Both sides are forgetting to use the words "why" and "because" in their arguments. Until they do, it's only propaganda from either side.

I'm not a scholar. I'm not an academic. I'm not a leader in any community. I have no credentials. I'm short on time and money to do research. I'm not a follower of any group. It's been that way for many, many years. If I can do research, anyone reading these comments can do the same, and some may do it better than I've done it. Challenge my thinking.
I just looked at my e-mail. Lighthouse Trail Research Project's newletter had a disturbing link to its web site commenting on a recent post Rick Warren made on his pastors.com site. In this post Rick Warren stated:

If your church has been plateaued for six months, it might take six months to get it going again. If it's been plateaued a year, it might take a year. If it's been plateaued for 20 years, you've got to set in for the duration!

I'm saying some people are going to have to die or leave. Moses had to wander around the desert for 40 years while God killed off a million people before he let them go into the Promised Land. That may be brutally blunt, but it’s true. There may be people in your church who love God sincerely, but who will never, ever change.

This wasn't the whole letter in its entirety, but I found it directed at us church people who don't buy into the Purpose-Driven stuff. You can read this whole letter by Rick Warren at
http://tinyurl.com/gmjrt. To read what Lighthouse said about his comments go to http://tinyurl.com/zs24t.
Constance and all,

>Anonymous said...
>My question would be this: Where >would the need be for the mark of >the beast if we could get all >people to agree on one religion? >I think that is why the choice >must be forced upon those who >hold different faith.

>Also - One can notice that all >religions are tolerated and spoke >of "freely" except Christianity. >Christians are considered to be >intolerant and rigid. We are >extremely hated. It is because we >believe that we are to live by >the Word of God. We don't pick >and choose what to agree with >when it comes to the Bible - It >is all fact.

I humbly apologize for any confusion this post may have caused. I am a new reader on this post and I am trying to understand the New World Religion/Order. I was trying to understand where the direction of some of the postings were going.

I wish I comprehended what all of these postings meant. The post was actually meant to be a question but it should have been worded differently.

Once again I apologize and I will ask questions to gain knowledge and keep my posting to a minimum.

Thank you for the book listing. I will start reading the material. Thank you for addressing my post. I truly do have a strong desire to understand this movement.

How can Christians compromise when they read that Jesus says

'I am the way, the truth and the life, and no man comes to the Father but by me'

That says it all, we cannot get to the Father through any other religion, and anybody who says differently is, at best, mistaken.
You know what, I am with Nancy. I'll be the first..er in this case second to admit when I don't really follow what Constance follows ever so closely, but I am interested. I'll hold my thoughts until I have a better understanding of where things are going on this blog. I don't think I can measure up to some of the folk here, nor would I really even bother to boast of my abilities to measure up to Constance and friends scholarly calibur anyhow. I was just sharing my thoughts, apparently that was a huge mistake.:)

I truly wasn't trying to cause any problems nor "challenge anybody's thinking."

My humblest apologies.

P.S. I put logos backwards in the spur of the moment so that I had a name to be easily remembered by. There really isn't anything else to the name.
I think the Mark of the Beast may be not so much a religious mark, so much as a form of ownership.

This Anti Christ guy is an absolute control freak.

He intends to take as many with him as possible.
What is also interesting is that we are told that there is really only one unforgiveable sin, namely the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Yet, to take the Mark of the Beast must be considered as serious as that, because we are told that anybody who takes the Mark of the Beast will perish.
Sogol, Nancy, whoever...
Challenge, ask questions, post your views, disagree, argue, no one knows who you are. What a boring comments section it would be if none of that happened. You might be right, some of us might be wrong and can learn. Constance might have different thoughts, but I wouldn't be here if there were 167 comments saying "End times are here. Solana is the antichrist. Thank you Constance." (Did I just give the enemy a way to shut this blog down? I hope not.)

Speaking for myself, I am continuously challenging and learning in an attempt to prove a point to myself.

Constance can probably do a better job, but what I see is the point of the blog is to document an ongoing trend, a trend in the making for the last 100 years plus. If one is old, one can see the changes that have taken place in the last 50 years. Younger people can't see how much things have changed as over ten or 15 years the changes are very gradual. The trend is passing control over the international culture to a group of people who believe they are the elite because they are convinced that ancient religions, what we call paganism/occult thinking, hold the key to understanding the nature of the universe. Their belief system is extremely primitive though they think it sophisticated. They wish to use this belief system as cultural glue as they grow in control of one world government. They are fervent in their belief and very dedicated in their efforts to see it come to pass. Those of us who are Christians or Jews are seen as the enemy that stands in their way.
Anon 6:58, I agree with you, but need to say that there are actually two unforgivable sins, namely, 1) blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; and 2) rejection of Jesus Christ. I’ve posted the supporting scripture below.

Luke 12:10And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven

John 12:48He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.
49For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.
50And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.

For one who receives the mark of the beast, they have literally chosen to reject Jesus Christ and choose Satan.

Rich, that is a pretty broad statement. There will be many people who disagree with the interpretation you give and others who never heard of the interpretation. These two groups cannot be seen as choosing Satan over Christ as if there were only two options.
To Nancy,

I’m sorry if my posts have been somewhat confusing. Sometimes we disagree on here, but given the nature of the topic, we cannot always know for certain until we see prophetic fulfillment.

Nancy, I think where you may be seeking clarification is why other religions such as non-Christians (Moslems, Jews) will be persecuted as well? Consider the antichrist’s actions in:

Revelation 13:15 And he had power to give live unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

Also consider the second commandment:

Exodus 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth

Do you see how the antichrist’s actions will directly violate God’s commandment and become problematic for the Jews and Moslems? Hopefully this helps.

Anon, In Penn’s book, “False Dawn,” there are many examples of where various religions have already been worshipping together. For example, on page 48 it states: “On June 26, when the charter was signed, the Post-Gazette reported that the Carnegie Music Hall ‘was turned into a celebration of spirit, African drummers and Indian musicians mixed with Muslims, Wiccans, Christians, lay people, singing and clapping in a circle of hope and diversity.’”

It is my opinion that the one world religious dogma is already present, i.e., the “we are all one” universal mindset. I see this doctrine as the religion itself—obviously the United Religions Initiative is practicing what it preaches—a new religion for a new civilization. Albeit, the Alice Bailey writings do state that there is to be a new revelation, I expect it to come with the grandiose initiation they are expecting. But nonetheless, I see it as an extension of the present dogma--a fulfillment of their prophetic vision. Therefore, I do not divorce the two as separate. One day soon, something such as a traumatic war, world economic collapse, etc., is going to bring all of the new agers who share this mindset together. To expect that everyone will suddenly recognize the one world religion is not what I would expect. Nor do the new agers desire that as they plan to eliminate the “old world” and in effect, reduce what they see as an overcrowded planet. We may not come to agreement here, but that’s ok.

I believe that God is going to make certain that everyone has an open-eyed view of what they are choosing. I don't personally believe that God will allow anyone to be duped into accepting the mark. Perhaps it will be part of the "new revelation." After all, they are not ashamed to invoke Lucifer's name nor to use Satan's name interchangably.

Rich, you need to get more information on the Templeton initiatives, the publication Science and Theology sections of which can be found on the web, and on the multiple organizations that are blending science and religion. Conferences and seminars have been going on since the late l970s. The new religion is in the works at the academic level. The ecumenical stuff is meant to put doubts into the minds of people about their own belief system.
I finally bought a copy of Herb Peter's book "Recommendation 666." I wanted to get a primer on information about the EU, the WEU, and the position that Solana holds. Okay, I must say the UN makes a good argument for the future new Babylon. So, I will certainly "stay tuned" and watch what happens.
Regarding the unforgivable sin.

If you think about what Jesus was actually saying, then he did not say the people who were accusing him of doing miracles by the devil were damned, but indicated that this was 'the unforgivable sin'.

I think the reason for that is because it would be impossible to commit, unless you fully understood who the Holy Spirit is, and still went ahead and said that He (the Holy Spirit), was associated with evil and not good. In effect, telling a lie, - that is true blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

At the time that Jesus was doing the miracles there may have been others watching who later became Christian, who were saying the same thing about Jesus getting his power from an evil source.

They said this in ignorance.

The beings who this indication of the unforgivable sin was really directed at, are the fallen angels and Lucifer because they actually lived in God's presence and know the goodness of Him, yet chose to go around telling others that He was not good.

Therefore the Mark of the Beast if it is also unforgivable to take it, because no forgiveness is associated with the taking of it, must mean that those who do take it are aware that good is being proclaimed as evil, and evil is being proclaimed as good, and still choose to accept it and worship it.
I have been a follower of Jesus Christ for most of my 47 years. I have to say that I'm sure spending so much time looking for the antichrist is the best use of your time or any other chritians. I think time better spent would be witnessing and preaching the Word to the lost. There is so much on the 666 thing that it has become a joke to the world, and in no small part we as Christians have made it that way by looking for an antichrist in every closet. I hope I am not coming across harsh that is not my intention. God Bless

Do you really think that is all the people who post on here do?

Do you really think they don't witness to people, and other things they are taught to do in the Bible?

I must say that you ignore the coming of the Anti Christ at your cost, and you ignore the New World religion at your cost, because it will creep up on the Church unawares, as it is already doing, and false teachers and prophets are already gaining a firm foothold.

It may be a joke to you, but it is so deadly serious that we are given many warnings in the Bible to stay alert and to understand the indications of what is happening regading Israel and the Lord's return.
Luke 21.28

'And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh'

I'm not posting this to be negative, but as I read your post 1 Corinthians 12 immediately came to mind. There is most definitely a need for end-time ministry and for Christians with the ability to understand and talk with new agers. We're not sitting back in cushy chairs blogging all the time. This is a forum where we share information and use it in ministry.

1 Corinthians 12:

21And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.

22Nay, much more those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary:

23And those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness.

24For our comely parts have no need: but God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked.

25That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.

Jerry, you are coming in the during the latest chapters of the ongoing New Age movement story. Go to the first page of this blog and look at the top. It's what the blog was to be about. What has happened is that the antichrist theme has resonated with so many people that it has in part overwhelmed other pieces of information.

If the word antichrist did not exist, Solana would still be a man of particularly great interest because of the power he came into so quickly, his connection with the mysterious Club of Rome and because of the deep occult and political interests of his mother and grandfather.

In the comments section Constance wrote: "Solana appears to be personally an atheist. Involvement with the supernatural? Can't say for sure, except that he flies his "Club of Rome" flag very openly. His mother's personal guru was OSHO better known to Americans as 97 Rolls Royce, Poison the Oregon water supply, dead at 59, BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH. His grandfather (who was his mentor) was on the list of endorsers of Planetary Citizens. His grandfather is most likely the Spanish disciple mentioned several times by description but not by name in Alice Bailey books as one "ploughing over rocky ground for the first time" the teachings of the New Age. It's a pretty good bet that Solana is at least a recipient of positive New Age "energies" and campaigns."

If you see someone surrounded by the pamphernalia of the New Age movement and that movement is antichristian and antisemetic, it is wise to keep an eye on the movements of that individual.
In the wake of the bombing of Kosovo the blue helmeted U.N. "peacekeepers" came in and for the first time carried sidearms. Up to this time they had been unarmed.
Fits right in with the UN's new global security strategy.

The study of the New Age Movement does have an end-time prophecy component. Since the aims of the movement seem to match the end-time prophecies, it is okay to spend time talking about the Antichrist. After all the NAM has been working hard bringing about its New Age Messiah. Instead of going to the beginning of this blog (which is a good idea), go to to initial work of Constance, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Could Solana be this New Age Messiah (or in other words the Antichrist)? Only God knows that answer at this point.

Obviously, the most important job of Christians is to "go and make disciples of all nations." I don't see how studying prophecy detracts from this mission. Of course, if that's all one does without using it to bring people to Christ, then I question the motives. Rick Warren suggests that we should live our lives as if every day could be our last. This adds to the urgency of becoming a believer. I would add that we should also live as if the Rapture could come at any moment as well. The prophecies hold the promise for us believers, but also highlights what lies ahead for evil-doers and non-believers. We need to spread the Gospel because there might not be much time left to do it. Unlike the Titanic, there is plenty of space for everyone to escape, but they need to know where to find it. They still have to decide to get on board, but if they don't know about it, they won't have a choice.
I hope to also not come across as a hair across my backside, but I don't know if right now that is 100% possible. So forgive me if I come across the wrong way, and my apologies to the rest as well.
Also forgive me for my horrible spelling, it is always a struggle.

First off I have to tell you that I personally hear the comments you just made on a regular basis from other Christians. It is too bad that believers feel that way.

Studying who the anti-christ is, or possibly who he could be, is basically commanded of us that have understanding of prophecy. Rev. 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. The word 'calculate' means figure it out. Him that has understanding calculate. See the comparison to being a command? It does not say you may try or you may not. 'Him that has understanding' it is a phrase directed at certain Christians, not all. And this is not to try to sound superior. I'm as dumb as they can get. But this command falls in line with the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to believers at the moment of salvation. But the gifts have to be practiced and developed. Not tucked away. The practice is in the reading of the scripture, and using it amongst other believers as the Bible states. Rich mentioned verses about the different parts of the body as being all members of the body but with different functions. The gift of Prophecy, no matter how people choose to say what the word really means, is still a gift. A lot of us at this web blog have this gift. Some may not be aware of that. Our spiritual eyes are always examining things of this nature. We can't help it. It is intended to be used this way by God. If you recieve this gift and refuse to use it you are sinning, plain and simple. Now I am not trying to start debate about the spiritual gifts. There are different denominational beliefs, and it separates us to bickering and at this point I do not want to talk about it anymore. That is not what this response is about. You mentioned that we could spend better time witnessing to others. Well I look at end times studies as my own motivational tool for witnessing. If you had fore knowledge of someone getting in a car wreck and dying you would probably jump to witness to them ahead of time. We know that the end is near for the world as we know it today. Todays events are proof as we were fore warned. We also know that millions will perish in the great tribulation that is soon to come. Studying the signs makes you a more effective witness. And studying who the anti-christ could be is not irrelevant. This 666 thing is not a joke even though you stated basically that Christians have made it that way. Well here is a serious question for you. When hasn't 666 been a joke to non-believers? For that matter when was the whole Bible not a joke or an offence to non-believers? You mean we shouldn't hear non-believers joke about the Bible? Now there is a revelation! Pretty ridiculous thought isn't it? People thought Hitler was the anti-christ, they were wrong but so what? I'm sure it lead to people coming to Christ in large numbers. I mean millions of Jews being wiped out, at that period of time I'm sure it appeared to all that it could be the beginning of the tribulation. It was serious death and destruction on a global scale. But somehow that has led to the distruction and misrepresentation of the real meaning of 666 and who this person will really be? Get real! It has only set an example, but the real one will be much worse. Since the role of the anti-christ and the finishing of Bible prophecy has not bean fulfilled yet why wouldn't you still watch for it? Unless you really don't believe we are at the end. In that case I feel sorry for you because you are actively participating in fulfilling 2 Peter 3:3-5. vs.3 Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, vs.4 and saying, "Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation." vs.5 For this they willfully forget: that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earthstanding out of the water and in the water,

It seems amazing with all the spoken thoughts in these verses that a lot of Christians don't understand that this is talking about them specifically. Not the unbelievers! It talks about where is the promise of His coming, since the fathers (Abraham, Issac, Jacob) fell asleep all things are 'normal' from the beginning of creation. First off the 'world' does not believe in creation, or the founding fathers, nor could they 'willfully forget' the knowledge they haven't received, especially the part of the return of Jesus. So this is absolutely talking about the church! Jesus also said you can discern the weather to come by the color of the sky, but you can't discern the sign of the times. So is the study of 666 or who the antichrist may be still irrelevant? I mean there are plenty of signs around us, so the logical thing would be to look for the possible fulfillment of all of scripture wouldn't it? Before you respond to this, but even if you don't respond, you should go back over the past months, and years of commentary on this blog. You have revealed yourself as being fairly new and that is great. But you need to understand the core of this blog. It is for motivation and inspiration to other believers. The content of this blog leads to education, which I for one can tell you that I could not come close to acing the exam if there was one. This blog has been used in witnessing to the occultist. This blog is not stale, nor are the people who regularly visit here. This is not a web site for apathy. This blog is definitely blessed. I'm sure Constance will be greatly rewarded for making this blog site.
David, unless you clarify, people can get confused. Yes, the New Age community is looking for a Messiah, but that Messiah is also called Christ by them. The Messiah defined in the Bailey books has little to do with politics and a lot to do with the New One World religion. Here is a link to the on line book Reappearance of the Christ.

Looking at Lucis Trust material, I see no link between a Messiah/Christ and one world government. That is coming about thru the efforts of World Goodwill and New Group of World Servers primarily. What is interesting and needs to be documented in more details is the occult organizational connections to many organizations who promote one world government. In the Foster Bailey books in particular and in many Lucis Trust books there are references to one world government. These are comments such as "A world divided into 'blocks' for mutual aid and economic sharing. Page 639 of the EXH.

Solana, as I read it, is not the proposed Messiah/Christ. He may fit into Bible prophecy, but he doesn't fit into the picture under that title as presented by Lucis Trust.
Busy getting ready for that Oregon speaking engagement; HOWEVER, I have found a vital article that ties much of the current New Age Movement; religious apostasy vis a vis the "environmental movement" together and much else. IT IS MUST READING. You may find the vital article by Laurene Conner at this link:

Please read it VERY CLOSELY and then do your own google.com or Yahoo.com research for followup developments!

The "Messiah" (which ain't) has EVERYTHING to do with both POLITICS and RELIGION. Marilyn Ferguson, author of THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY rightfully referred to it as a "Political-spiritual entity" --

I am far more interested in the Biblical predictions of the anti-Christ, than Lucis (Lucifer) Trust's disinformation on same. Surely Lucifer would never lie to us???!!!! As old trial lawyer John O'Connell used to say to an embarrassed witness he successfully impeached, try to explain away the lies, "sure, sure".

Furthermore, I could make many arguments for why Solana MIGHT fit Lucis' Trust profile; however, even more interestingly, Share International, an organization for Benjamin Creme the alleged spokesman for the "Christ is now here" crowd,


No doubt due to the Theosophical crowd's paranoia that we will read the obvious into this, it was posted only their Spanish site. I have a nagging suspicion, however, that they may be trying to infer that "Sunny Savior" (Javier Solana) might just be their long awaited man!
Oh, let's add to their paranoia. Here is an free online language translator web site:


By the way, thank you to the blogger who suggested the use of tiny url!

There is a lot of double speak in Solana's statements on the Creme web site.

1) Solana is critical of the U.S. fighting "preventive" wars while Solana's own security strategy does exactly the same thing!

2) Solana proclaims that the EU works multilaterally, while his own advisors say that the Congo mission is to show the world that the EU can operate on the world stage unilaterally.

3) Note that the root problem to terrorism is poverty and fundamentalism.

And the press buys it without any challenge!


I can't get the sustainable development link to work. Can you double check it? Thanks.

Dear Rich (any anybody else having trouble with the sustainable development link):

Link worked fine for me; however, try this -- make sure both lines are all on one line. My MicroSoft browser gave me both the shortened version which didn't work and the longer option. I clicked on the longer and VOILA, I was at the desired article.
Sorry Constance. I disagree with you here. I think the New Age messiah will be a religious leader of some sort. There are enough who are mixed in with New Age thinking. He'll probably have good credentials so other leaders will listen to him. This messiah will move the one world religion forward and Solana will move the one world government forward. Nobody is going to take religious advice from Solana.
There will be a "New World Religion" sought and advocated and probably acquiesced to by most denominations under one rationale or another. But their new "Christ" as even their ads say, is not a religious figure, BUT A GREAT WORLD TEACHER . . . come to launch a New World Order. Read the Tara Center Ad -- if you have my book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW, it's faithfully reproduced on the back of the book as well as inside in the text. The "Great Invocation" of Lucis Trust has a stanza that opens "Let Light and Love and Power and DEATH fulfill the coming of the promised one." Hitler thought he was launching a new religion -- that's what all the fancy swastika symbolism was about -- one that would do away with Jewish based dispensation ones, as he put it.

The ad from Creme (who clearly was Lucis Trust based and inspired) read:

"HOW WILL WE RECOGNIZE HIM? Look for a modern man concerned with modern problems -- political, economic and social." Further the ad said, "He is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense of the word -- pointing the way out of our present crisis. . ."

One could only call Lucis Trust "religious" in the most perverted sense of that word!!!
Prophetically, there was to be "the False Prophet." As I read those prophecies, that figure clearly had a military machine at his disposal sufficient enough to make people worship "the beast."

That's what they are selling to their followers as the Christ/Messiah. Creme's version is one of several New Age ideas. Too much is out there for them to make a switch from the above views to Solana.

Solana doesn't fit in with the Jewish conception of the Messiah either.

The moshiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Jeremiah 23:8; 30:3; Hosea 3:4-5). He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1). He will rebuild the Temple and re-establish its worship (Jeremiah 33:18). He will restore the religious court system of Israel and establish Jewish law as the law of the land (Jeremiah 33:15).
The Moshiach

The moshiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The moshiach is often referred to as "moshiach ben David" (moshiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments. (Isaiah 11:2-5) He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being.

The last I heard Solana was not an observant Jew.

Give a look over here. The entire energy thing fits in with we are all God, a key theme in the Age of Aquarius. http://www.stnews.org/index.php
These ideas are being sold thru the alternative health movement. They are breaking ice with such things as Brain Gym used in schools around the world.
All somebody would have to do to look like a hero to Israel is solve their military/policing issues so that the attacks stop and the high taxes going for military are relieved. The New Age books (Bailey) say clearly that their new "Christ" will not be Jewish as the Jews "have forever forfeited that role" -- they may get THEIR OWN MESSIAH, per Bailey, but it will not be "the world messiah." There is some suspicion that Solana may be at least partly Jewish. His grandfather wrote the books saying that Christopher Columbus is Jewish. Solana is clearly working for a "PERMANENT (cum final, perhaps) SOLUTION" for the Israeli-Palestinian problems. That is something that was prophesied.
Israelis are much more aware of politics than people in the US. With so many different parties, there is no possibility of getting people on a pedastal like we do here in the US. Peres and Olmert and the rest of the left might make a big deal out of Solana, but poliics in Israel is very fragmented and Solana wouldn't be a national hero, political or religious, no matter what he did.

Trust me on this, if you see the Orthodox Jewish community putting Solana on a pedastal, you can start looking for that observant military leader who brings Jewish all of Israel under Torah law as the lion lays down with the lamb.
As of summer of 2004, Solana has taken to tell Israel that like it or not, he is involved. And Israel went along with that. Since that time, he has been given significant roles in defending Israel's "security. And he has now picked up significant USA backing which will also be "persuasive" to Israel.
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