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A Sycophantic Biography of Javier Solana


Sometime as I recall it, in late 2003, maybe early 2004, I noticed there was a three line entry on Javier Solana in Wikipedia. I looked at its brevity and paucity of information with disbelief, telling my husband: “he deserves more ink than that.” I noticed the edit tab and composed four pages right off the top of my head. I was certain that (a) his groupies would probably notice it immediately and (b) it would be quickly removed. It stayed there for a very long time – until unfortunately attention was drawn to it by perhaps well-meaning Christians or were they “agents-provacateur”, who started making headline enhancements to the article. Then the Solana groupies did move in, mostly in the person of one calling himself “Squeakbox”. He viciously moved against my attempts to provide meaningful factual information on this person obviously running Europe. The article still contains much of my compiled research, but is written in a pandering, sycophantic style of one who obviously aims to please. This rewritten version did not survive on Wikipedia for obvious reasons – it obviously was not written in a neutral style, but obviously came from the word processor of one who adored Solana. I was lucky enough to find it this morning in a Google.com cache. Because of admissions it makes on the state of Solana’s marriage and its demonstration of the intensity of feeling by those who know and approve Solana’s obvious agenda, it is important and for that reason, I reprint it here. If you want to go look for yourself in the original, the cached link may be reached by clicking on the headline above, that is if it doesn’t disappear by then. Remember the New Age practice of “Now you see us, now you don’t” – and then make sure you timely archive. You may never see it again. The encyclopedia article as it was written, pre-Squeakbox butchery may be found by clicking links to the right for either "Jews for Morality" and/or the Greg Wolf website which has a copy of it." I am suspecting the author here may even have talked with Solana, however, on one notable occasion, he admitted he had invented copy -- a cardinal, but non-prosecuted Wikipedia sin. Interesting!

"Javier Solana
"Professor Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga, born July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain, is a great European statesman and the honourable High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). He is also the honourable Secretary-General of both the Council of the European Union (EU) and the Western European Union (WEU), essentially Europe's much needed foreign policy chief who can give Europe a real weight in world affairs, preventing the domination of the USA. He was a well respected and well known physicist who became a politician, before serving as NATO Secretary General 1995-99. He has been designated EU Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2006 in a move that will hopefully allow him to become the one voice in Europe to deal with what Henry Kissinger (himself a former European) had long dreamed of. He is widely considered the brightest political mind of his generation, and a brilliant diplomat and admimistrator. Family history Solana comes from a famous and highly distinguished Spanish family, being the grandson of famous, highly distinguished and great Spanish League of Nations disarmament chief, diplomat, writer, European integrationist and anti cleric Salvador de Madariaga. His older brother Luis was imprisoned for his heroic political activities opposing the US sponsored evil dictatorship of Franco. Student and Physicist He was an outstanding pupil at school, and even at an early age his natural leadership abilities shone. He was known as both the friendliest and the most intelligent pupil in the entire school. In 1963 as a 3rd year undeergraduate student he was unjustly sanctioned by the Franco puppet university authorities for organising an important and well attended opposition forum at the Complutense University called The Week of University Renovation. He bravely and clandestinely joined the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) in 1964, which had been an illegal party under Franco's USA sponsored dictatorship since 1939, thus running the serious risk of imprisonment. In the same year he graduated top in chemistry. He spent a year furthering his studies in the prestigious Oxford University in the United Kingdom until in 1965 his brilliance led him to the United States of America where for six years he studied at various universities on a Fulbright Scholarship. He so impressed his teachers with his quick mind that he was given a job teaching physics at the University of Chicago. He joined in the protests against the horrific United States participation in the Vietnam War. He received his doctorate in physics in 1968 from the University of Virginia with some highly original and impressive work, where he again taught and did some furhter important researched until 1971. Returning to Spain he was immediately invited to become a top lecturer in solid-state physics at the Complutense University. He was quickly promoted to Professor thanks to his quick grasp of knotty physics problems and his natural teaching style. During these years he published more than 30 important and profound books, showing a highly original and very concise mind. Spanish politics On returning to Spain in 1971 Solana joined the Democratic Co-ordination of Madrid as the PSOE representative. In 1976 he was elected to the very important post of PSOE's Secretary (where he remained for five years) in its first national congress inside Spain since the civil war. This assembly marked a fantastic victory to those like Solana who had risked life and liberty in order to restore freedom, justice and equality to Spain. Solana's tireless personal efforts were considered an important part of the process of bringing democracy to Spain. Solana quickly became a leading PSOE member, and was a close personal friend and trusted advisor of their leader Felipe González, which he remained throughout the many long and difficult years of what was one of the most successful governments in modern history. He became a representative of a teacher's union in the Complutense University, and was so popular in this role that he won a parliamentary seat for PSOE on June 15 1977. Solana also attended the slightly left of centre, social democratic Socialist International conference in France in 1976 and 1977, paving the way for his great friend Felipe González to become Vice President of the organisation in 1978. On October 28 1982 PSOE won a historic victory with 202 seats, thanks in great part to the vigorous campaign that Solana conducted. On December 3, along with the other members of González' cabinet in a ceremony of great dignity, Solana was sworn in as Minister for Culture by His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain in the first left of centre government in Spain since Franco initiated a bloodbath with his illegal coup d'état against the legitimate Republican government of Manuel Azaña in 1936. He was seen as one of the new lights of the government, which was met with tremendous expectation by the people of Spain. On 5 July 1985 he was also made the Official Spokesman for the Government, a very important post, where he basically became the voice of the government in Spain, until 1988. On July 19 he left the Culture department to become Education Minister. He was given the vital role of Minister for Foreign Affairs on July 22 1992, the day before the opening of the II Ibero-American conference of heads of state in Madrid, replacing the terminally ill Francisco Fernández Ordóñez. On November 27-28 1995, with Spain heading the presidencies of both the EU and the WEU, Solana convened and chaired the Barcelona Conference. A treaty was achieved between the 27 nations in attendance with Solana gaining full credit for what he called a process to foster cultural and economic unity in the Mediterranean region, and what others called the first step on the path towards a United States of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin nation. Many consider that as the temporary EU foreign policy chief (it was Spain's turn in the rotating presidency) he was entirely responsible for the great success of this remarkable conference. It launched him as one of the most highly respected of modern international politicians. The conference was so successful that it developed into the Barcelona Process, a vital part of the longed for European and Mediterranean Basin integration. Optimists talk of all the Mediterranean countries, including Israel and Palestine, one day belonging to the EU, or, as some imagine, the United States of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. It was during these 13 years as a cabinet minister that Solana's reputation as a discreet and diplomatic politician grew and grew. He was the confidant of all. González administration was considered responsible for transforming Spain into a modern, industrial nation, and there is no question but that Solana played an enormous part in this process. By going to the foreign Ministry in the later years of González administration he showed his honest and impeccable nature by avoiding the political scandals of corruption, and the dirty war allegedly being fought against ETA, that characterised it's last years. NATO Four months before the end of the PSOE era, and amid rumours in the Spanish press that Solana would run for the premiership in those elections (which would have had a different result had he done so), he became new Secretary General of NATO on December 5, replacing Willy Claes who had been forced to resign. NATO needed someone trustworthy, and Solana was the natural candidate. He was the last Minister to leave González' original cabinet, and was sorely missed by the latter and all the members of his government. His appointment created controversy as he had been an opponent of NATO in his past. He had written a pamphlet called 50 Reasons to say no to NATO, and had been on a US subversives list, but as he himself said, the character of NATO and the world had changed in a post cold war world. In March 1986 Spain held a referendum on whether to join NATO, with the government and Solana successfully campaigning in favour. When criticised about his anti NATO past Solana argued that he was happy to be it's representative as it had become dissassociated from it's cold war origins. Solana immediately had the almost impossibly difficult job of taking command of the peacekeeping NATO mission called Operation Joint Endeavour that consisted of a multinational Implementation Force (IFOR) of 60,000 soldiers which took over from a United Nations mission on December 20. This came about through the Dayton agreement, after NATO had bombed selected targets in Bosnia and Herzegovina the previous August and September. In incredibly difficult circumstances, and with no-one believing he would do so, he made the operation a success. In December 1996 the Implementation Force was replaced by a 32,000 strong Stabilisation Force (SFOR) under first Joint Guard and then (in June 1998) under "Joint Forge". Under Solana's guidance and direction, and in response to a new post cold war era, Solana totally reorganised NATO political and military structure and changed it's basic strategies. He did it in such a way that european interests were always considered. Solana did such a good job that even his critics were amazed at how well organized and well thought out was everything he was involved with, and every move he made. Solana gained the reputation of being a very brainy, capable, successful Secretary General who was capable of negotiating between the differing needs both of the members of NATO and those with whom they were negotiating, itself an almost an almost unbelievably difficult task. Everyone respected Solana, and many were in awe. Even the suspicious Americans thawed under his warmth and charms, and gave concessions that they would very probably have done to a less able leader. In December 1995 France returned to the military structure of NATO, while in November 1996 Spain joined it thanks to the personal efforts of Solana. On May 29 1997, in Sintra in Portugal an amazing (and unimaginable only a few years before) agreement was reached with Russia, after long and complex negotiations conducted by Solana personally, that was considered a considerable and remarkable diplomatic achivement as it formally ended over 50 years of hostilities between Russia and the NATO axis. On the same day he set up the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council to improve relations between European NATO and non-NATO coutries. In July in Madrid, in a move that amazed the world and gladdened the hearts of all Europeans, the former Eastern bloc nations of Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland were invited to begin talks to enter NATO. Keeping the peace in the Balkans continued to be both difficult and controversia in spite of Solana's best efforts. IFOR had received a lot of criticism for their inability to capture the evil Serbian and Bosnian leaders Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. Then on March 24, 1999 Solana, having repeatedly tried to negotiate with Serbia to stop it's repression of the Albanian poulation in Kosovo, and failing that then demanding that it do so, and having been given authorisation by NATO member states to do so, he launched air attacks on military and civilian targets in both Serbia and Kosovo province. These attacks were made without the authorisation of the UN Security Council because of the opposition of Russia, a traditional ally of Serbia. Solana rightly and brilliantly justified the attacks on humanitarian grounds, and on the responsibility and duty NATO has to to keep peace in the region. He said he wanted to avoid the horrific ethnic cleansing seen in Bosnia. Solana and NATO were criticised for the civilian casualties their bombings caused, but Solana's actions were justified in his ridding Europe of some very evil men who would undoubtedly have engaged in brutal ethnic cleansing had he not stopped them. Many Europeans are of the opinion that he avoided another European holocaust with his courageous and firm actions. On April 23 - 24 the North Atlantic Council met in Washington D.C., where the Heads of State of the member nations changed the basic defensive nature of the organisation to allow for humanitarian interference, as well as giving greater military control to NATO. There were also many other profound changes that he personally initiated. On June 10 Serbia withdrew from Kosovo, and Solana stopped the attacks, which ended the Kosovo War. He had achieved his humanitarian goals and stopped Europe from descending into another bloodbath such as occurred in the second world war, and received a huge amount of praise from all quarters for this tremendous achievement. The same day Security Council Resolution 1244 allowed a NATO Kosovo Force to launch Joint Guardian and occupy the province on June 12. He left NATO on 6 October two months earlier than scheduled, and was replaced by George Robertson. EU Foreign Affairs On June 3-4 1999 Solana was, to the joy of all, appointed foreign policy chief of the newly created CFSP, which had been established as the second of the three pillars of the EU in the Maastricht Treaty. He started on October 18, also becoming Secretary General of the Council of the EU, in which role he presides over the EU's Political and Security Committee (PSC). On November 25 he also became Secretary General of the WEU, a partially dormant European defence and security organization that is being integrated into the EU under his delicate but sure hand. Though much of the WEU has now been integrated into the the WEU has also seen an increased activity, particularly in the area of military planning, during his tenure there. These posts were extended on June 29, 2004 when he was also designated the EU's first Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2006 (if the new EU constitution is ratified). He has received praise for the extent of his new powers, but criticism that they are not enough in the face of US world dominance, based on it's being the only superpower, andothers dangers that threaten the security of the EU such as terrorism and the rise of a possible Chinese superpower. He has said that even under the new constitution the minister can only act when there is unanimity amongst member states. He has a €26 billion budget, though there are many criticisms that this is simply not enough for the enormous new responsibilities that the EU establishing itself as a superpower requires. In December 2003 Solana released the vital new European Security Strategy, a profound document concerning and ensuring the future safety of the 300 million European Union citizens, and the further 300 million people that constitute Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. In March 2004 in response to the 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks he went on television saying that he thought ETA was responsible. He later said he felt he had a duty to believe what the government had told him as a patriotic Spaniard even though as an active member of PSOE he naturally wanted the militantly anti terrorist José Luis Zapatero to win, which happened. There are rumours that the ETA allegations came from the US government, and that they were deliberately playing on the fact that Solana's weight carries so much importance in Spain, hoping to deceive the Spanish people into voting for the José María Aznar, their ally in their illegal invasion of Iraq. The same Americans then had the cheek to call Spain a country that gives into terrorism, a claim that was met with hilarity throughout Europe as it was Spain, and the González government, who had been the most firm opponents of terrorism during the long years when Solana served as a cabinet minister. Fortunately Solana had emergency powers, as EU foreign policy chief, which he immediately and correctly enacted to the relief of all to ensure the safety of the European people. Thus the truth was discovered: it was not European ETA terrorists but Islamic fundamentalists (originally sponsored and encouraged by the USA government, and determined not to see the Mediterranean basin countries like Morocco eventually join the European Union and projected United States of the European Union and the Mediterranean Basin. Thus the Spanish were saved by Solana from the lies that could have resulted in 4 more years of misery and suffering under the PP's new charismatic leader Mariano Rajoy. On 21 January 2005 Solana excited many when he invited Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko to discuss future EU membership. He has negotiated numerous Treaties of Association between the European Union and various Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. He has played an important and heroic role working with his great colleague and personal friend Kofi Annan from the UN, and with Russia and the USA quartet in the Middle East. He continues to be a primary architect of "The Roadmap", playing a central and vital role working towards a peaceful end to the conflict in Palestine. He met Sharon on July 22 2004 in Jerusalem, where Sharon said he believed that only Solana could lead this troubled region to peace. Solana played a pivotal role in unifying the remainder of the former Yugoslavian federation. He cleverly proposed that Montenegro formed a union with Serbia instead of having full independence. Solana rightly stated this was done to avoid a domino effect from Kosovo and Vojvodina independence demands. His critics taunted him that this new union would only last 2 or 3 years, yet 3 years on it is a peaceful, stable and increasingly prosperous country, thanks almost entirely to Solana. In November 2004, he brought his great skills and experience to successfully assisting Britain, France, and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with Iran. The EU has stated it hopes to avoid another invasion like the Iraqi one through this and future negotiations, and Solana has said the most difficult moments of his frankly very difficult job were when the United Kingdom and France, the 2 permanent EU Security Council members, were in disagreement. It is only thanks to Solana's tireless efforts that these 2 fellow European countries are making up after the successful and malicious campaign by the USA (which Solana is aware of) to divide these 2 great and firm allies. Solana is a frequent speaker at the prestigious US based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Solana is likewise active with the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) as well as the New York City based East West Institute. Personal life Solana is still legally married to Concepción Giménez. They have two grown children, a girl, Vega and a boy, Diego. However, per the EuropeanVoice?, the couple separated in 1995. They still make occasional public appearances together; however, they live separately. Solana did not move his family to Brussels and he has a separate apartment in Madrid which he uses on his trips home. In terms of personal habits, Solana is said to eat little and sleep less, surviving on a diet of organic fish and fruit. Recently, however, it is noted that he has made media statements that he enjoys Peking Duck, so obviously he departs from the fish and fruit regimen at times. Solana is a gun collector, and enjoys studying military battles. General Wesley Clark, a man who greatly admired and respected Solana, once asked Solana the secret of his diplomatic success. Solana answered, "Make no enemies, and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer." He has been described as a "squarer of circles". Solana is a Knight of the Order of St Michael and St George, a member of the Spanish section of the Club of Rome, and has received the Grand Cross of Isabel the Catholicin Spain.
"Solana has also received the Manfred Wörner Medall of the Defense Minister in Germany. This is a modification of the article at wikipedia and is released under their GFU agreement."
To Constance:
Do you have your original text? I'd sure like to read it as it was initially written.
What's the problem Constance? Only two things are wrong with the article. One, living near the University of Chicago I checked with their Physics Department, and there is no record of him teaching there.

The second is the very commonly known fact that the Catholic Church announced that without hearings Solana is the first person in history to be made a triple saint before death. There are already enough miracles, as reported here by his male friends, to give him a triple halo.
Constance's version is at the links on the main page to the right, right around where it has the University of Michigan link.
Rich, click on either "Jews for Morality - Solana article" or Mr. Wolf's article. There are links to both at the right of my blogspot. Thanks! Incidentally, the University of Chicago information came from a Congressional press release from one of his very good groupies in the USA Senate.
Constance E. Cumbey
I assume the part about the Catholic Church "announcement" is a clear spoof! Solana is a known anticlerical who likes to darken Church doors as little as possible. It appears he had to show up for the Crown Prince's wedding, but the pictures made it appear as though he were rushing out!
Of course it is a spoof, in line with the implausible, overboard comments written by the writer of your copied post. Anyone who didn't see it as a spoof shouldn't be reading this blog as the information would probably be going over their head.
Unfortunately, Mr. Squeakbox/Weiss didn't see it as a spoof. He was in dead earnest. This is TYPICAL of the mentality of his true believers.
Yes, it was fun to watch the lovesick, moaning from distant love, write up on Solana which developed at Wikipedia when a certain editor over there attempted to take over the bio. For a while he posted it at various blogs he set up, but those seem to have disappeared. Thanks for letting us see even Solana can inspire love.
Does he still want to be Mayor of Madrid?
Solana didn't ask to be mayor of Madrid. It was a distraction as he was given more power by the EU. See what Herb wrote at FulfilledProphecy.com
He's probably riding high today, observing the Israeli elections and his probable role in helping Ohlmert draw Israel's "permanent borders."
As I read "False Dawn" by Lee Penn, I've encountered a quote by former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller on page 50 where he describes that one of the goals of the United Religions Initiative is to develop a global science of spirituality. I thought to myself "scientific spirituality" and remembered in my youth when I studied the Soviet Untion. What stands out in my mind is that the now defunct Soviet Untion had declared the achievement of "scientific socialism." We all know the mechanisms they used to achieve it--looks like history may once again be a reliable indicator of what to expect.
KLA/UCK (a terrorist organization) leader Agim Ceku, now "PM of Kosovo" - he
was nominated for the post by his "Alliance for the Future of Kosovo", after
Bajram Kosumi resigned from office

It is certainly not for the first time that the European Union does actively recognize, talk to, encourage or even openly finance terrorists within its area of influence. The polished contacts and close ties between the several radical or even not so radical branches of the "Palestinian" Authority and the EU are nothing but an insult to the state of Israel itself - and thus they display a typical example of EU political hypocrisy.

But the EU does not only maintain close contacts to Arab terrorists, no no no, the EU's dirty business of fostering terrorists applies for the Balkans, Serbia, Kosovo and the Albanians as well.

Here we have EU "High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy" (the very title is an oxymoron), the utterly despisable Javier Solana together with Kosovo "Prime Minister" Agim Ceku, on meeting in Brussels on March 22, 2006. Posing together in front of the neo-communist logo of the EU, it becomes quite clear, that Ceku is considered to be a legal political partner for the European Union.

But who is this Mr. Ceku anyway? Shouldn't he be allright, since Solana accepts him without major protest of his EU bosses? Certainly Ceku is a honourable man, isnt' he? What could be possibly wrong with this sturdy man?.....

Kosumi's successor Agim Ceku is the butcher of Krajina, one of the masterminds of the Croat/US-joint 1995 offensive operation called "Storm" ("oluija"), in which more than 200,000 Serbian residents of the region of Krajina were brutally forced to flee their homes within a week (many of them killed during Croat air attacks on the Serb refugee tracks heading to the East). It is this very offensive, that has garnered the notable Croat General Ante Gotovina his stellar fame among the Croats general public, making him the new Croat war hero after the WW II Ustashi.
(more at link)

Today Kosovo - Tomorrow Israel and the West

Constance informed others that they were being lied to by American media
when Solana was in charge of the NATO forces. She was able to do this because she knew the kind of power Solana had.

I know it is hard to keep straight in one's mind who is fighting who in the Serbia/Croatia/Kosovo situation. I had to look at maps very carefully to see where Serbia was in the very beginning.

Read these two articles carefully to see how and why Solana, the EU and the West are supporting the Muslim community and who they will destroy in the process.

Regarding Muslim bashing charges, I answer by quoting a line from the April 3 New Yorker. We need to know "...what (is)the politically correct position toward people who live in your midst but feel free to kill you .."
Constance, in the article it says that on july 22nd 2004 that Sharon met with Solana and was said to say that he, Sharon, believed that Solana was the only one that could bring peace to the situation. Do you have that article and if you do could you post it? Thanks
Here is the truth of the Sharon-Solana meeting on that date. It is taken from the original bio of Solana that Constance wrote.
"This was dramatically illustrated by events in Israel on or about July 20 to 22nd (2004). Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declined to meet with Solana, saying that because of an EU vote against Israel at the UN that Israel would not work with the EU, notwithstanding despite its prominence on the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East. Solana stunned the world, Israel included, by replying that like it or not, both he and the EU were there to stay on the Israeli-Palestinian decision making processes."

Do understand that the individual who wrote the piece Constance posted was pulling thoughts out of his fantasy indulged imagination rather than from the historical record. The record was corrected at Wikipedia thanks to the persistance of Constance.
"Page 1
w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update -
01:50 23/07/2004

Solana: EU has role in Mideast peace
talks, like it or not

By Aluf Benn

The European Union will be involved in any Israeli-Palestinian peace process,
whether Israel likes it or not, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said during
a visit to Israel yesterday.
Both Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom warned
Solana that following Europe's support for a United Nations General Assembly
resolution against the separation fence on Wednesday, the EU will be unable to
play a significant role in resolving the conflict, because it is not impartial.
"Israel has an interest in integrating the international community, especially
Europe, in a [peace] process with the Palestinians," Sharon told Solana,
according to a statement issued by his office. "But without a radical change in
the European position, especially in relation to Israel's security and its need to
defend itself, that will be difficult to do."
Shalom was even blunter, delivering his message at a joint press conference in
Tel Aviv, with Solana standing alongside. "I find myself challenged to convince
the Israeli people that the European Union is a [diplomatic] partner we can
trust," he said.
But Solana did not seem alarmed. "We will be involved whether you want us or
not," the EU foreign policy chief told Shalom.
Solana defended the EU's support for the resolution, which called on Israel to
comply with the advisory opinion issued by the International Court of Justice in
The Hague. The ICJ said that Israel should dismantle the fence throughout the
West Bank and compensate the Palestinians.
"The United Nations and international institutions such as the International
Court of Justice are in our view important components in the campaign to attain
peace and security around the world," Solana said. "A majority of 150 states
supported the court's decision. We know what you think about the UN, but you
can't stop us from honoring the decisions of the ICJ or the General Assembly.
file:///F|/PPSolana/SOLANA/Press%20Review/040723Haaretz.htm (1 of 2) [26/07/2004 13:04:17]
Page 2
We will continue to support the UN in the future."
Solana noted that the EU opposed the route chosen for the separation fence.
"We told you from square one that we oppose the construction of the wall in
occupied Palestinian territory. I know that the fence has saved many lives, but it
would also have saved these lives had it been built inside [the pre-1967
armistice line]. It must be recalled that many Palestinians have died."
Solana emphasized that Israel has a right to self-defense. No European country
denies this, he said. Nonetheless, he added, Israel must honor international law.
"We respect the right of every country to construct a fence on its own territory,"
he said, but a route "through occupied territory" is not compatible with
international law.
Both Solana and Shalom tried during the conference to project an image of
friendship for the cameras, including by referring to one another by their first
names. But the cordiality for the media was a transparent attempt to cover up a
terse private meeting.
Sharon also attacked the Europeans for backing the UN resolution. The Hague
court's advisory opinion, he stated yesterday, "totally ignores the rampage of
terror in Israel." In Sharon's view, the "meaning of the Hague Court and UN
decisions is to furnish a green light to Palestinian terror."
close window"


(I cutted the link ion two to keep it visible,
try to put it back in one line in order to see...)

Can anyone recommend a good book that explains Kosovo?
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Farmer, Ijust wanted to say thanks alot for posting the article!!
Here is a question I sometimes wonder about. I do not have as deep a grasp of the history of Israel returning to her land after WW2, nor about why the land was set aside for the nation even before then. I know there were some Jews returning to the land and settling there (discretely, I believe)around the beginning of the 20th century. And I think one of the reasons why the nations set aside some land that eventually became a place for Israel was to keep the Ottoman empire splintered, but I have not yet gotten so far in my investigation of the matter. (I am an incredibly slow reader, and always have been. I must have ADD or something, because my mind wanders after a page or two usually.) But if Salvadore Madariaga was so big in the League of Nations and if, I think, the League helped or at least had something to do with the matter, the question is why? I know one reason put forth is to give the Jewish race a home after being nearly exterminated, or at least I think that is one of the reasons put forth. But if there is actually this deep New Age conspiracy on a global level among people, what would be the hidden agenda(s)? To help spur the war between religions? (I don't say there is not a conspiracy. I believe in one on the spiritual level, and I suppose there are many people who help it along, but maybe as unwitting stooges, just as Eve was deceived. I don't know if it is so known a conspiracy or not. I know a lot of books and websites subcribe to the belief in a deliberate conspiracy among some humans, but sometimes you see so much about conspiracies you are not quite yet convinced about all of the claims. I am open, of course, to the possibility, especially when I view some of the events and consider them worldwide.)
Ahem, just a clarification. When I say I do not know why the land was set aside for what eventually became Israel, I am speaking about when the land was set aside in the modern times, not when God gave it to them way back when.
To this anonymous who began with "Anonymous said...
Here is a question I sometimes wonder about. I do not have as deep a grasp of the history of Israel returning to her land after WW2, nor about why the land was set aside for the nation even before then . . ."

It’s interesting that the most current posts are about "conspiracy" theories. Last night I presented information on the clash/alliance of civilizations to someone and I was told that my presentation could not be taken seriously because it was “conspiratorial”. After all, why would the American media neglect to report anything so incredible? To my frustration, I responded showing that the media in other countries reports this material and that I have copies of the articles that we could read through together. My assertions were ultimately dismissed as the United Nations is irrelevant. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this when talking with people--thank you George Bush. The EU does not consider the world body irrelevant (yet). Considering the fact that Galileo’s signals overlay our GPS signals, we have been placed at a technological and military disadvantage. The United Nations has suddenly become very relevant. The people I spoke with are very good, kind hearted people. I ask my Christian friends out here for prayer for them.
Constance a friend sent me this site about dividing Jerusalem from World Net Daily.I haven't seen anything posted about it but haven't researched it. The site is worldnetdaily.com/news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE ID=49426
I just think it is important news if true.
To Constance:
I just listened to your interview with Sherry Shriner--most excellent as usual. Is the powerpoint presentation on Javier Solana still on the web? If so, what is the address?
Hello everyone,
Here are some links to archeives of podcasts where you can hear interviews with Constance.


Hello people in internet land! I have a question for everyone to think about? If the National ID Act is suposed to go into effect in 2008 and with all the cutbacks in the big companies and with fewer jobs and bills to pay what other choice do they have. Is the mark of the beast upon us or should I say at the door. There's a web site called No National ID Act to try to repeal it. The National ID Act is about we can't enter federal builings, bored a plane, bus, or train with out it we really can't travel. I think in time it's going to be harder for us Christians to survive. The wicked devil hates God's people.
We live in very intresting times. Stay tuned like Herb says!
Anonymous 8:43 am.
Constance has put in over 25 years of heavy research and her conclusions are out there for anyone to double-check.

You appear here as a little newbie who has been sucking at the nipple of disinformation sites, asking her to prove what she has been saying. If she or anyone else puts in time asking you to get it straight, what does she have to gain. Constance doesn't shill books, have a mailing site, or ask you for money. She only asks you to think. can benefit from her research

Go to your base, ask them to send you information without cost. Ask them to answer your questions. Then come back here when some of us might want to face off with you about specific details.
To Anonymous 8:43 am
I think you need to re-read my post and understand what I actually said. I'm not sure what kind of face off or challenge you perceive? Please be specific. The intent of the post was to share that I witnessed to some people last night and convey the conversation and, above all, to request prayer for the people.

Constance, if my wording appears to be challenging to you, please accept my apology.
Dear Rich in Medford,

I am so sorry -- under the weather with the recurrence of old pneumonia symptoms -- didn't notice it was your post -- I saw "conspiracy theory" and then saw red, which proves that none of us, especially yours truly, are infallible. I especially did not want to cause you, one of my favorite readers, any grief!

Constance E. Cumbey
Regarding my last post, the post which inspired my ire was from a "drk" and not "Rich from Medford" -- I guess I'd better go back and read everything again -- REAL SLOW!
To Constance,

It's ok, you didn't offend me. The post I just placed was in response to Anon 2:11, not you. It's hard to keep straight sometimes with so many conversations going. I think that Anon 2:11 sincerely misunderstood what I had to say.

I went through the ringer last night as I witnessed to two people. The information I presented was thought provoking and too strong to argue against (as the truth usually is this way). Ultimately, the answer I got was that I am a conspiracy theory nut. I definitely understand how frustrating that is when you are hoping to logically step through the issue at hand.

When I got home, I found it amazing that the most recent posts were about conspiracy theories (one of which I saw was yours) and wanted to share with everyone what had just happened. So, you did not offend me as your response was not even directed to me.

I think I did offend someone as I may have not worded my post a little strange. To Anon 2:11, please re-read my post and believe that it is not an attack.

Your brother Rich.
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Charlotte: I tried your link but all I got was a Dated listing from the year 1899 with nothing else.
Rich, from what I have read, you are a particularly insightful researcher who has taken the time to blend your beliefs with what is happening around us right now. If I've offended you, sorry. We need more people like you.
'SICKophantic' is more appropriate.

What I am finding is that people in the Church who know about this coming 666 and the New World Order are usually willing to listen to what is going on regarding Javier Solana and the European Union, especially the younger ones.

What I can't understand though is why the leadership in the Evangelical churches are so ready to dismiss this information. They appear to have the belief that 'the man of sin' is not going to be known until the Church is no longer here, presumably taken in the Rapture.

To my mind, it seems blatently, glaringly, obvious that Javier Solana fits the profile more than any other person suggested before, and quite frankly, there have been some previous daft suggestions.

Why none of the political leadership is challenging this man publicly for having too much power is beyond belief also.

The situation with Iran at present is getting very heated, and I am wondering whether somebody, perhaps Solana, is going to pull some rabbit out of the hat, or whether there is going to be a serious confrontation which will result in Javier taking over on the world stage.

Either way, he can't lose as he appears to have his fingers in many pies - the indispensable man of the moment.
Here are some thoughts...

If Solana is as saavy as he appears to be, I wonder how much he is aware of those who scrutinize what he is doing. Does he read this particular blog? Someone like Solana I think would be anxious about anyone shining a spotlight on him.

I am amazed that there is never any coverage of Solana in the American media. Of course, my news sources come from our Gannett-owned local Battle Creek newspaper and NPR. NPR I would think at some point mention his name, but I have yet to hear anything. Americans have to go looking for information.

In response to Anon. 7.44 Rick Warren, America's favorite evangelist, takes a passage out of Acts out of context. This is the passage before Jesus ascended into heaven and his apostles asked him if He was going to restore the kingdom of Israel. Jesus responds, "It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority." (Acts 1:7 NIV) Rick Warren believes Jesus is instructing us to avoid learning about prophecy. I don't think this is what Jesus is saying, but Rick Warren certainly does. So, if Rick Warren is advocating this, then many of his purpose-driven followers would simply not read these parts of the Bible. I think this is a dangerous viewpoint to take. Christians, of all people, should be aware of the end-times prophecy.

Hopefully this will help your understanding.
I rechecked the web site and saw a liitle line between article and ID so maybe that will make a difference but the original didn't have it. Let's try again!
www.worldnetdaily.com/news/printer-friendly.asp? ARTICLE_ID=49426
Hope this one goes through.
Rich, I think what triggered my attack on your earlier post was the beginning sentence.
"Anonymous said...
It’s interesting that the most current posts are about "conspiracy" theories."

I was seeing red after that and didn't see your name at the bottom.

I had been reading the responses posted last year at Free Republic to someone who wanted to share information about Penn's book on the United Religions Initiative. Those of us who attempt to share information have gotten the "I don't believe in conspiracies" response and the original poster got a load of those comments.

What I've found is that if you share information in another person's area of interest, something that they might come across on their own later, you stand a better chance of getting them to understand. Remembering what you told them, when they see something parallel, they may then start to put two and two together.

In a book on the Soviet Union I came across a comment regarding censorshp in the FSU. Speaking of libraries, etc., the author said that because so much information was available, the people had no idea what was missing. We here in the US are surrounded by so much "information" that the average person assumes that they have access to everything of importance, that competition in the news business means that all the information they need is there, so if you seem to them to be giving information from "under the table" there is something suspicious about it.

You also need to be aware that even if you give them good information, there are many disinformation sites ready and willing to pull them in.

You probably don't need this information, but just in case some others do, I am stating the following. Don't push too hard with your information. The listener will just assume that you are selling something like Amway, Avon or a used car. In addition, most disinformation pushers scream "the sky is falling" all of the time.

I hope these thoughts help in some way.
To Anon 3:38 PM
Thanks for the encouragement. Most of the time my approach is gentle as I try to bear in mind that Jesus said this thing would come upon people like a snare. Occasionally the approach is not so light. Whenever that happens I end up wondering to myself -- how did that happen? The other night, after we closed the evening, I left feeling as though I had delivered a verbal “shock and awe.” I felt somewhat troubled the rest of the evening. The following day a peace came over me as the thought occurred to me that this man would have not received the information in any other way. I've know him and his wife for nearly 5 years and he is a no-nonsense, I need to see it to believe it, kind of guy. He loves freedom as we do. He also loves to debate, so you better be able to back up what you’re saying--which I could. He was stunned with the information I presented and I suspect the best way he could deal with it was to dismiss it as conspiracy theory. Some of the examples of my responses were, “I can forward this information to your office” or “when Condoleezza Rice writes to the Spanish foreign minister that the US supports and is interested in funding the alliance, I’m inclined to take her words at face value.

After our somewhat lively debate, we all sat back and had a nice rest of the evening. I ask that folks out here pray for my friends as I have really grown to love them very much and would love to see them at the marriage ceremony.

I somehow suspect Solana is one of the best readers of this and Herb's site!
I wonder if anybody has heard the talk about President Bush and the Immigration bill and the USA's insistence on a "permanent identification". How does this fit in? Are both Bush and Solana players. I see pictures of the two with their obvious heads together on a White House website as well as google.com "Images"!
Google had a link for an article on the EU that I found excellent. I wanted to post the link on this site but have refrained from doing so because it is published by a magazine called “The Real Truth.” Does anyone know if this is an offshoot of the Armstrong group? My father used to get an Armstrong magazine several years ago called “The Plain Truth.” “The Plain Truth” appeared reasonable for awhile--that is until they started mailing books. I quickly realized that their doctrine didn’t pass the spiritual test because they deny the deity of the Son. “The Real Truth” article’s style appears suspiciously like “The Plain Truth” magazine, but I’m not having much success finding the publishers. Does anyone out here know its origins?
Looked up "the real truth' in Google and found nothing that related to your post. Can you provide more detail?

The above story appeared at Drudge. Apparently a scientist advocated the killing of 90% of the population of earth and then got a standing ovation from the assembled scientists. He then received an award from a Texas scientific group.

Before you dismiss him as a crank, this is the same belief the New Agers have regarding the population and how it needs to be reduced so that Mother Earth can exist.

Do a search putting "population control" into a search engine. It should put a scare in you.
I did some more looking and found the source of “The Real Truth” magazine and it is just as I suspected—it is a continuation of “The Plain Truth” magazine. http://www.realtruth.org/articles/feb-wtm.html The “Plain Truth” was a publication by the Worldwide Church of God, started by Herbert Armstrong. This is a very deceptive group as they bait with truth then switch the doctrine. To check what they really believe, the founder’s book “Mystery of the Ages” is available online http://reluctant-messenger.com/HWA/Mystery/ . As you read you’ll start to see a portrayal of a very different Jesus Christ along with the denial of the Godhead. Some quotes from the Mystery of the Ages (the emphasis is Armstrong’s):

The Trinity doctrine limits God to a supposed three Persons. It DESTROYS the very gospel of Jesus Christ!”

“He is coming as "King of kings, and Lord of lords" (Rev. 19:16), to establish world super-government and rule all nations "with a rod of iron"”

“World famous scientists now say frankly that the only hope for survival on earth is a supreme world-ruling government, controlling all military power. They admit that is impossible for man to accomplish. Christ is coming to give us just that.”

I’m posting this as a word of caution to my fellow Christians. This morning as I was looking at online newspaper “E.U. Politics Today,” when I encountered the Google link to a “Real Truth” magazine article. I admit that it impressed me—enough to want to post it here. Fortunately, I’ve encountered the Worldwide Church of God writings before as this literature was available within our household. Thank the Lord my parents didn’t pay close attention and later became Christians. I knew the style enough to become suspicious. I can see why God warned us that this would be a strong delusion—it really is!
I went to the EU Politics today website and found it quite interesting. http://www.eupoliticstoday.com/ I did see this warning. THESE STORIES ARE NOT PUBLISHED BY IPD GROUP, INC. AND THESE LINKS WILL TAKE YOU TO OTHER WEBSITES. I preseume you came upon a story with a link to Real Truth. That shouldn't invalidate the entire website though.
I wonder if there are others in the terrorist organizations who are like Sultan Mahmood. I picked up a book on terrorists which led me to search further. Who is teaching these ideas in the Muslim world? What would make a brilliant scientist become fascinated by these ideas? Are there New Age leaders stirring up the Muslims?

Here is something of interest.
ascination with the Occult. Mahmood had a bizarre fascination with the occult and wrote a series of controversial reports based on pseudo-science. In 1987, for example, he published a 232-page treatise "Doomsday and Life After Death-The Ultimate Fate of the Universe as Seen Through the Holy Quran." This collection based on Islamic teachings included a chapter where Mahmood seeks to explain scientifically how the world will end and theorizes that his "scientific mind can work backward and analyze the actual mechanism…of the great upheaval before the Earth's Doomsday."15

In Mahmood's Cosmology and Human Destiny, published in 1998, he misused statistics to argue that sunspot activity has influenced human behavior and historical events, such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and World War II.16 He concluded that governments across the world "are already being subjected to great emotional aggression under the catalytic effect of the abnormally high sunspot activity under which they are most likely to adapt aggression as the natural solution for their problems."17

According to Farhatullah Babar, a friend and media advisor of the Pakistan Peoples' Party, Mahmood had predicted in Cosmology and Human Destiny that "the year 2002 was likely to be a year of maximum sunspot activity. It means upheaval, particularly on the Indian subcontinent, with the possibility of nuclear exchanges."18 One passage of the book is reported to say: "At the international level, terrorism will rule; and in this scenario use of mass destruction weapons cannot be ruled out. Millions, by 2002, may die through mass destruction weapons, hunger, disease, street violence, terrorist attacks, and suicide."

Mahmood also believes in Djinnis, or genies, described in the Holy Quron as beings made of fire. He has written papers suggesting that these entities could be tapped to solve the energy crisis.
yes but the Lord will return soon as the son of perdition has been revealed and the abomination that causes desolation has happened.
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