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I made some disturbing findings in the last few weeks. I noticed starting in July that googled internet hits on me had jumped. In July they had gone from approximately 1,000 to 12,000. By October they were close to 20,000. When I was home with pneumonia over the holidays, I was mystified to learn they exceeded 55,000. Last Friday, my assistant and I discovered there were 66,600 of all numbers. Last night there were 105,000 ones and when I awoke there were 141,000. Clearly the numbers were climbing. Why?

As a young woman, I was sometimes a talented campaign manager. I could always tell when we were winning – opponents started circulating ugly and false rumors – sometimes and distressingly with sexual implications. I learned to ignore them and “keep on keeping on” until election night was over and we were celebrating our victory party.

We must be winning this time. It is impossible to read 141,000 hits, but I dug deeply enough in the lesser ranked ones to find something extremely disturbing. Most were containing references to “nude” and had much in the way of obscene language. I did a google search to exclude all such references and came back to the much more normal “hits” number of approximately 16,000.

I don’t know whether to call whoever is diluting the data base “demonic” or just plain “low class” – probably much of both. But this I do know: if somebody is going to this much trouble to attempt to discredit, we must be saying something nobody wants others to hear.

I for one will keep on talking. And, I have set my google filters to exclude explicit text as well as images. It works well.

Have a good day and as usual, I invite your comments!
It sounds like the time the pagan/witch group over at Yahoo spammed your mailbox to the number of several thousand hits. I guess it was just wishful thinking that your hits were legitimately that high.

My guess the leftists who know their way around porn sites have done this. I'm on SBC and use Google and get absolutely no porn sites soliciting business. When I was on AOL, much solicitation came through.

The only good might be that it gave the deviants something else to think about other than nude bodies.
Constance will probably comment on this, but do not get curious and do a Google search using the two words. I did, huge numbers of websites came up with cumbey at the end of the string and it froze my computer up.
Actually, I was on PRODIGY when self-declared witch Fern Bernstein posing as a Christian by the name of "Fern Bright" asked me to come on the to the Arts discussion board and defend Christianity. It turned out she WAS both personalities. I wonder where our old "friend" SqueakBox is and what he has been up to as well as that old neo-pagan PRODIGY crowd that was consuming hours of my time every day demanding responses until an ashamed member of their crowd gave me evidence as to what was happening and I stopped the game.
I have set my "search preferences" to safe search -- filter out explicit text and images -- I also recommend you run your anti-spy and anti-virus software regularly if you come across one of these disgusting sites -- obviously somebody must be worried enough about my work to try to drown it with this venom!
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Constance, there is a great Search Engine out there without any tracking. It is:
I have stopped using Google all together.
Well, the creeps are alive and well and out there. With "safe search" on there are under 10,000 finds on my name. With "moderate filtering" there are 374,000 presently. Since this is not happening on the Yahoo search engine, I have to presently assume it is being done by somebody at or with access to its indexing system. Somebody has gone to enormous trouble to attach my name to hundreds of thousand of porno websites! I must be doing something right. Otherwise, nobody would bother them. I'll say this much, once I catch up with them, I wouldn't want to be them. I have lots of friends in high places in law enforcement circles! Anti-spam laws are being vigorously prosecuted. And, disgustingly, although I have opened none of them, some refer to even kiddy porn. I can't wait to see the perpetrator go to jail!
I think it is because of your name, especially your last that all those come up.
Annonymous, only a foolish person would say that. The url strings read something like this:

Somebody who is so interested in porn that they would pull such a stunt deserves to be around Big Bubba at the Window Bars Hilton for maybe around 20 years, even though they might not consider that a punishment considering their taste in website material.

Right on Constance. I hope you can nail the damned scum.
Well, searches for "Constance Cumbey" were up to 405,000 Sunday night with most of the moderate filtering results being in a realm of "let's not go there." SOMEBODY has gone to a LOT OF TROUBLE. Javier? Newt? Squeakbox? All of the above? None of the above? WHY? Trying to make me the most famous/infamous woman in the world for "opening Pandora's box"!?
Folks this is a horrible thing that folks have done to her. These people should be ashamed of themselves. She doesn't deserve to be treated this way. I know constance personally and she's a great person and author. She gives us so much infomation about what's going on and I also must include Herb and all what he gives us as well. When groups people like this do these types of things their only talking about themselves and to downgrade somebody like constance. Remember her name speaks for herself.
Love in Christ
Eagle Eyes
You just keep on talking and keep up the good work. Keep in mind on judgement day you want the Lord to say "Well done thou and faithful servant enter in joy of the Lord". Hang in there!
Eagle Eyes
Like I said, I learn to ignore these things until the victory party -- and THERE WILL BE ONE! Oh, and tonight 520,000 google hits -- well, they'll be making me look famous, at least until somebody looks at their slime. I have a friend (a former prosecutor and Michigan assistant attorney general), who works in Washington, D.C. for the Justice Department. She is working on internet porn issues and I will be asking her to look into this. A WORD TO THE WISE SHOULD BE SUFFICIENT!
Hey, Constance, why don't you ask every person/entity/creep adding your name to their website to send $1.00 to Pay Pal on your behalf? That way, you'll have $546,000 to play with -- If they can't be civil, maybe you can be solvent!
Hey, you want to see the devil attack your computer? just try going to all the Christian message boards you can find and start posting warnings against the "indigo children/star children/crystal children" phenomenon. You'll be amazed at how many ways your computer can die on you! As a matter of fact, just try posting warnings against "new age" junk in general, and see how quick your computer messes up.
Google hits on Constance Cumbey numbers come tumbling, down from over 500,000:
Results 1 - 10 of about 144,000 for constance cumbey. (0.20 seconds)

Somebody's pants are probably wet.
Checked it a few seconds later and the numbers are back up:

Results 1 - 10 of about 537,000 for "constance cumbey". (0.18 seconds)
I had the same problems with the Ford Dealership in Lewiston, Idaho...before I ever have anything done to my truck that they recommend, I always get 1-2 second opinions from other mechanics. It has saved me time and again! j
You can also google unlisted numbers, which thoroughly ticked us off. You have to manually go in and remove...
Central time on Sunday at 2 pm

Results 1 - 10 of about 471,000 for "constance cumbey". (0.13 seconds)

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,580 for "constance cumbey" - 0.40 sec. (About this page)

My name is Rich and I used to live in St. Paul, MN. After reading the Hidden Dangers, I gathered much of the genocide writings and, after finding myself thoroughly disgusted by them, mailed them to you with hopes that you would be able to use them.

Since then, I have occasionally "Googled" the words Constance and Cumby with hopes to find that you have published again. The only result set that that I ever found useful was a link to Southwest Radio Broadcast. I never saw a link to your blog.

After reading of Google/China's cooperation, I switched my search engine to Yahoo and found your blog. I am very happy to see that I can once again read your materials (as troubling as they may be) and come up to date on the movement's activies. By the looks of things, things seem to be getting much uglier.

Please keep up the good work.

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