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Researching the hidden dangers of the New Age Movement as I have for the past 25 years, I have seen in “true New Age fashion” plenty of recycling. Few are stranger than the former Congressman from Georgia who I first discovered as the stalwart New Age Movement insider that he was. He went on to become the House majority leader and an alleged spokesperson for the Conservative movement. A few alarms were sounded, but his “conservative image” prevailed in public and media consciousness. He is now attempting a re-emergence, perhaps even a run for President. God help us!

Marilyn Ferguson wrote the landmark manifesto book for the New Age Movement, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY. She described her “conspiracy” as a benign one, with people “seeking power only to disperse it to others.” She also edited two profitable insider newsletters for her “co-conspirators”. One was called LEADING EDGE BULLETIN. The other was called BRAIN-MIND BULLETIN. It was the former where I first learned of Newt Gingrich. Marilyn Ferguson wrote glowingly in the early 1980s of the brave Georgia congressman who was doing so very much to advance the agenda of the Movement. Naturally, I immediately opened a file on him and followed his career with fascination since. He drew since forgotten notoriety in conservative and even feminist circles by serving his first wife with divorce papers as she lie recovering from surgery in the cancer ward. He then married his Congressional aide, a wife who has also been discarded for another younger still model. His New Age proclivities were not hidden. He publicly proclaimed his close affinities for his mentor, Alvin Toffler. He also was obviously close to John Naisbitt, the author of MEGATRENDS and MEGATRENDS 2000. Naisbitt also wrote the foreword to a later edition of Ferguson’s THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY.

In the early 1990s, an Atlanta magazine got wind of my concerns. A reporter contacted me and went through details on the New Age Movement and my concerns about Gingrich’s open and obvious links. I was dismayed to receive a faxed copy of the obviously scoffing news clip called “The Devil and Newt Gingrich.” That was the bad news. The good news was that somebody who had once relatively close insider ties to New Gingrich, a man calling himself to me only “Chip,” faxed me many pages of handwritten letters Gingrich had sent him. The letters talked proudly of how Newt’s daily practice of Taoism helped him make his daily decisions in Congress.

Gingrich resigned in disgrace from Congress over an illegal book deal. He is now reinventing himself as a spokesperson for morality. People are speaking admiringly of his recent public affiliations with liberal Democrats such as Hillary Clinton on national health issues. It all seems incongruous unless one understands the dynamics of the New Age Movement which itself has of late reinvented itself as “the Radical Middle.”

Among Gingrich’s incongruities, he is a self-described “internationalist,” consistent with his New Age values. He has been involved on an international “networking society” level with another name to which I have given much ink, “Javier Solana.” [1] When there were Republican moves to halt United States involvement with Solana’s Bosnian invasion adventures, Newt Gingrich’s name was reportedly conspicuously missing from Congressional petitions to withhold funding.

Gingrich's name has also been associated with the supposedly evangelical Council for National Policy (CNP). Never known for the utmost in discernment, CNP has included in their exclusive sets well known Unification Church Reverend Moon operatives as well. For the record, Rev. Moon is best known for his claims to be the "Lord of the Second Advent."

Don’t expect me to be campaigning this or any other year for Newt Gingrich for President or any other office, except perhaps dog catcher (and I’m not sure I would want to do that to even a dog!). And you be careful too! At best he is a New Ager. At worst he is a shameless opportunist -- neither are viable options as far as Yours Truly is concerned.

A choice of Newt or Hillary for president. Not a pleasant thought.
What about Republican US senator Arlen Spector. Any Radical middle connection for him. I saw his picture in the book "the unicorns secret" you wrote about. An interesting book about new age guru Ira Einhorn of Earth Day fame and his murder of his girl friend Holly Maddox. This book is still on my mind because he kept her body for more than a year in his apartment. The comments by neighbors hearing a violent struggle leads me to ask, was he under possesion by one of his "gods". Oh well, fascinating book. I hear Al Gore may run again. What a bitter man! We must have some better choices availiable.
So far, I think Arlen Spectre is his own man. I don't always agree with him, but I think he has integrity. As far as representing Ira Einhorn, as an attorney, I can understand that and don't hold it against him. Besides, he was badly professionally embarrassed when Ira skipped bail!
I don't like Specter at all, and I don't trust him. Neither do I trust McCain, one bit, besides he's too old.

Jeb Bush perhaps would be good, or possibly Mitt Romney who may run in '08. I don't know alot about him, but what I've seen from him seems ok. I heard he is a Mormon, and that has me concerned.

Kerry is scary, very scary and Gore is a disaster for sure!
At this point I would have to vote none of the above.
Hillary Clinton becoming president would either be the final blow that would crush America's independence by turning our soverignty over to the EU, or we would lose the war on terror by democrats appeasement policy, that resulted in 9/11.

Instead of focusing on opinon polls and the false economy, Clinton should've crushed bin Laden in Afghanistan or taken him when he was offered to us for free two different times. Clinton, Gore, Albright, etc., failed America miserably, and you can bet that HIllary had plenty to do with it. Wasn't she a leader of the Black Panthers in the 70's when a cop got murdered?

We are where we are now and must fight and win this war at all costs. The bastard terrorists' just killed 130 more innocent Iraqis and they want to kill 130 million Americans here.

If democrats have their way, terrorists would be killing American's in U.S. cities because they hate being out of power so much that they'd rather lose this war by cutting and running away like they did in Vietnam, just to blame Bush and relive their hippy '60's protests when they were popular. Many libs have yet to grow up since then, just look at John Kerry.

Bush BTW is doing a good job with this very different kind of war, as evidenced by no other attacks in four plus years compared to the many attacks in the 90's under Clinton.

If a dem somehow gets bacck into power, we're done... period!
I like Jeb Bush -- too bad he wasn't the Bush who ran for President. He doesn't seem as detached from the middle class as does his brother -- he was very hands on in the Florida hurricane disasters.
I am not here to recommend candidates for 2008 -- but if I have specialized knowledge about any hopefuls as I do about Newt Gingrich, I will speak and I will speak early. Leave the no dems thing to Ann Coulter -- personally, I will tell you I have known fine Christian right to life Democrats in my day. I worked for a Democratic Speaker of the House in Michigan, William A. Ryan. He was a fine and righteous man who nearly singlehandedly held back abortion in Michigan for many years and it was the Republicans (Lorraine Beebe of Dearborn) who were advocating for it when he had marshalled Democratic opposition to it. These days every time I get around the Republicans I remember why I was a Democrat. When I get around the Democrats, I realize I no longer have a home there either -- although many times I have thought of trying to reinvigorate the Right to Life wing of what used to be the Democratic Party.
# posted by Constance Cumbey : 11:48 PM
Woke up and wide awake at 4:30 a.m. Turned on TV to learn that Ariel Sharon is critically ill and that there was new bleeding on his brain, even after the medically induced coma to slow down those processes. Then I found some FASCINATING internet links when I looked up "The Networked Society." It is sobering to research that, the "spiritual bibliography" at one of the four google hits I am about to give you --

[PDF] JWSR - v6n3 - Illya Prigogine - The Networked Society
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
toward the networked society and the processes of self-organization I have ...
I believe that in the future the networked society will be judged accord- ... number3/pdf/jwsr-v6n3-prigogine.pdf - Similar pages

The Networked Society - index
Index page for pages about the Networked Society. ... dot, Complexity and the
Networked Society Alan McCluskey - 8 Dec 98. dot, Connected Mobility ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages

e-OTI: Complexity and the Networked Society
Who will benefit from the networked society? Will it decrease the gap between
nations? What will be the effect of the networked society on individual ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

IST 98 - The Networked Society session
The Networked Society Tuesday 1 December - 16.15-17.30, Austria Center Vienna,
Hall D on the Blue Level A panel discussion at IST 98 ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

TERRA-2000: Sustainability in the Networked Society
TERRA-2000 is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission
aiming at understanding the impact of the networked society (ie Internet, ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

Run your spy elimination software immediately and frequently after you make your hits! Save everything -- you may never see it again! Remember how Marilyn Ferguson characterized the work, quoting sociologists Gerlach and Hines: a variety of "self-camouflaging networks" -- NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON'T!
I'm having difficulty getting my hands around the latest concept and thought there might be others having the same problem. The question I am tryng to answer is how this is connected to the New Age movement and why would it be dangerous.

Well, the following link deals with the question of prayer in the Interconnected Society. As you read it you will see that what they call prayer is not what most people mean by prayer. So, it becomes a good idea when encountering the word to know whose definition is being used.

Then Spiritual Bibliography was mentioned in Constance's comment. So I googled the words in quotes and came up with this website.

As you can see, the books are written in several languages showing the movement is international. Most of you will know the names of those who have written in English.

Hope this helps in your search. If you have an idea how to simplify understanding of this movement, post it here please.
Just as a side note, I put "networked society" and Lucis Trust into a search and came up with

Two different listings for those words at the site, but what fascinated me most was how often "New Age" was given as a descriptive and the fact that Jeff Rense was also listed there. Just how does one spell "disinformation" Jeff?

The above site is worth a look.

Off-topic but check it out if you are ever wondering where the big name New Agers hang out now. The members and links pages are particularly interesting.
The New Age aspect of "The Networked Society" -- IT IS THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT'S INNER CORE. The Spiritual reading list was fascinating as was the first google hit on the "the Networked Society" -- Ilya Prigogine. Further New Age names of interest on the official "We are all connected" (something Alice Bailey wrote we would have to believe to accept their New Age "Christ" -- MATTHEW FOX; DEEP PIT COBRA (oooops -- my 'loving name' for DEPAK CHOPRA); SRI AUROBINDO; JAMES REDFIELD (THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, ETC., AD NAUSEUM. To call all of this "New Age" is a rather studied understatement!

Too much Teresa Heinz Kerry money at the root of this shameful escapade. New Memorial design change from Islamic cresent (facing mecca) to New age design.
Unfortunately there is a lot more money in the NAM than just Theresa Heinz Kerry (although they got their fair share of her money, obviously); try Ford Foundation; Pew Charitable Trusts; McArthur Foundation; Rockefeller; Fetzer Foundation; George Soros, etc., etc., etc.
Constance it's an intresting blog about Newt Gingrich I remember what you said long ago about Newt being a newager. I personally think that as our world continues on it's downward spiral were getting closer to the comming of Christ. I Don't know how to say this but we may face some real physical persecution. I don't like the idea of an national ID card in 2008, RFID, government knowing our conversations on the phone, world govenment and one world religion under the antichrist, radical middle, republicans and democrats don't care about the American people only their own agenda and solana. If somebody tells me that were not in the endtimes their just plain crazy. Thank you for all in what you do to keep us informed on what's happening. I'm thankfull I know the LORD. The Lord will keep his word just as he promised. How are you feeling any better?
Love in Christ
Eagle eyes watching for his return.
1/6/06 Tonight I saw something pretty amazing. NBC news had Israel as the lead story and for a full 6 minutes without placing negative remarks. They actually reported the news! It reminds me of Zechariah 12:2,3. Now Israel is becoming the center of attention even in the liberal media. Now that is significant. Sharon with deadly health problems after admitting he would give away most of Jerusalem. For the liberal media to pay attention to Israel, we must be in the end. And with Ezekiel Ch.38 looking like it's about ready to take place with Iran, and Russia at the helm, It's just amazing! Is anyone else watching the patterns with Israel? Hurricane Katrina a couple days after the Gaza pullout, Sharon separating from Likud party, creating Kadima (what a joke) then saying he is willing to part with Jerusalem after its supposedly not on the bargaining table, then having a stroke. Coincidence? I doubt it! Maybe Bush should pay attention before he drives the final nail in our coffin.
Pray for Netanyahu to win the election in Israel in March. He is dedicated to no more land give aways.
Nothing concerning the New Age Movement is off topic on this site -- my first day back in the office after doctor said I was ok to go back to work yesterday. Received a pamphlet I ordered from England on THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Friend and co-researcher Dorothy Margraf had alerted me to its existence and I ordered a London bookstore's only copy. It was by H. G. WElls, S. de Madariaga (Solana's grandfather); J. Middleton Murry, and C.E.M. Joad. All acted as though Christianity were dead and buried. The most amazing of all was the speech given at the seminar those 4 guys participated in by Solana's grandpa and mentor, Salvador de Madariaga. I faxed a copy of it to Herb Peters so he will probably be commenting on it too -- Check this: "The Christian soon discovered the utility of the most long-suffering angel, that angel that had the pride to sacrifice himself so that God could be great, and henceforth went to the other place . .

Clearly this was a reference to Lucifer and in the same sense that Benjamin Creme (advance man for 'Maitreya the Christ' - NOT) who said that Lucifer made a great sacrifice for our planet . . .

If this is the family heritage and it increasingly appears to be the case, is Solana a sort of Rosemary's baby? God help us!
Didn't make myself real clear in last post -- 2 a.m. and I am in Grand Rapids to visit my son and his family including my newly walking grandson -- but that paragraph was by Solana's grandfather, Salvador de Madariaga.
I suspected as much from Solana's grandpa. Now we really know the sad truth. That dates the NAM back in time considerably.
SCARY thoughts to sleep on.
I hesitate to post this comment, and feel free to delete it, but I just got to wondering after hearing that Sharon was operated on for the third time to stop more bleeding, and docs are saying that he won't be back to normal.

Even if he survives the massive bleeding stroke he suffered, the medical prognosis is that he will be severely disabled by irreversible brain damage and unable to function normally.

And I know this is weird and highly doubtful, as I know about the Nations and stuff, but I'll put it out anyway for speculation. Could this possibly be the head wound that will be healed?

Revelation 13:3
One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.

The world is following this story very closely, and so it would quite amazing to see the prime minister come though this, and even resume dividing Israel for peace and safety.

The beast has been described as being "more stout" than others, and at 5'7, 250-300 lbs., Sharon certainly fits. I realize his age, but I've also noticed how his eyes kind of look both ways with one being tired.

Just some thoughts that I hope are completely off. Things are getting very weird as Iran keeps pushing the envelope while this is all going on. I agree with Eagle eyes above that this is all simply too much to be coincidence for it not to be the end times.
To the last anon. The same thought went through my head too. But I dont think it is personaly.
In regards to Sharon,I am glad I am not the only one that thought about the "fatal wound being healed." It seems unlikely, yet I couldn't help thinking it these last few days.

As for Newt G., this is the first I have ever heard that he was involved in the New Age movement. I was shocked. Glad you're here Constance. Thank you for your hard work.
To the people who know me I've never been a stealth researcher, but even after 25 years I'm not one who gets on radio shows etc. That is something reserved for el primo researchers like Constance. But as I've often said, if I can figure out what is going on, everyone should be able to know what is happening out there. I'll just continue to post as anonymous here.

My knowledge of Newt started with a squib in a strange little publication from the '70s called the Futurist that I picked up in a used bookstore. Futurist is a term that was used in the '70s and is now being used again. Futurist=New Ager. The particular issue featured Alvin Toffler and Hazel Henderson.

A page in the magazine was called "Would you vote for a Futurist?" The squib read "New Gingrich, a Georgia Republican, was almost a member of the 94th....Gingrich came within 2% of pulling the upset of 1974..."

There was Barbara Morris, another el primo researcher who left public life after writing several books and doing a superb newsletter. She left because of her run-in with supposed "conservatives." In 1984 she did a piece on Gingrich which led to a compilation I did showing Gingrich's tie to such organizations as The World Future Society, the Congressional Space Caucus, Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future, the Military Reform Caucus, L-5 Society and the National Advisory Committee of the US Peace Academy, all leftist, New Age groups. In 1988, Constance did a several page report on Gingrich in her newsletter, but it was obvious that her research went many years back.

I learned The New American, a Birch magazine, was doing a piece on Gingrich, so Connie and I contributed our knowledge. The article came out in December of 1994 titled "Speaking for Whom? Can a New Age CFR functionary lead the Conservative Advance?" As I understand it, over 5,000 additional copies were sold in D.C. It was just after this that the Young Turks had their confrontation with Gingrich.

Others picked up on the information. Dennis Cuddy wrote an article for the Richmond Times Dispatch in January of 1995 titled "New Age Newt Embraces Non-Conservative Ideas."

There's much more, but when you hear Hannity pushing Gingrich, keep the above information in mind.
cover story on "Mr.Europe":
[image noborder][/image]

My thanks to those posting that link for E!Sharp was astounding. I called Herb this morning to tell him to click the link. He also has a link to it. "The Actor on the Stage" is an old occult theme which I dwelt to some extent upon in both of my 1980s books. Peter LeMesurier also had that theme. Is their curtain getting ready to rise?!
Now comes the dividing of Jerusalem.

See:Washington, PLO begin dividing Jerusalem

Palestinians and the State Dept. are taking advantage of Sharon's condition even as he is doing better. If he does wake, having his same mind, then he will be shocked to learn of this division. Will he have power to stop it? Is the administration working for the Palis?

Elections where the Hamas terror group may win, what then?

There are sure to be consequences coming as the Lord's patience is being tried.
9Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up:

10Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.

11Assemble yourselves, and come, all ye heathen, and gather yourselves together round about: thither cause thy mighty ones to come down, O LORD.

12Let the heathen be wakened, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat: for there will I sit to judge all the heathen round about.

13Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the fats overflow; for their wickedness is great.

14Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.

15The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

16The LORD also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the LORD will be the hope of his people, and the strength of the children of Israel.

17So shall ye know that I am the LORD your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.
In his January newsletter Texe Marrs says that Newt Gingrich 'is reported to be a Cabala advocate' and shows a picture of Newt wearing a Jewish skull cap.

Hope this is of some use.
By the way, regarding Sharon's illness I too had thought about the deadly head wound being healed.

Sharon is reported as being 77 years old. 7 x 11.

Tomorrow is an interesting date -
1/11/2006. These digits add to 11.

It is exactly 4yrs and 4 months since 9/11/2001. 44 = 4 x 11.

This is 1584 days including both dates which adds to 18 or 666.

1584 = 144 x 11.

Sharon went to the Temple Mount on 9/28/2000. 28 + 9 + 2 = 39 or 3 x 13.

9/28/2000 to 9/11/2001 is 49 weeks. 4 + 9 = 13.

9/28/2000 to 4/1/2006, Sharon's second stroke, is 274 weeks.2 + 7 + 4 = 13.

4/1/2006 added together = 13.

Just speculating. Maybe nothing will happen.
I see Texe Maars is still up to his old game of writing all kinds of undocumented gossipy material for the gullible. It's an old trick of the disinformation people.

My guess is that the picture of Newt was taken at some "publicity for Newt" event run by Jews.

The red string has gotten so much publicity that it would seem if all of these people were secret followers of some cult, they would be hiding the thread.

A trip into a New Age bookstore will show that while the Kabbalah was started with Jews, there are many forms of it now including Christian Kabbahal, Renaissance Kabbalah, Rosecrucian Kabbalah, Occult Kabbalah, New Age Kabbalah, etc. As there is no copyright on the Kabbalah, anyone can write an interpretation of it, and since it deals with imprecise mysticism, they do.
To the last anon. At this point Jesus did describe a lot of the kabbalahs. But I think the one with the most impact that I personally watch is the Jewish one. Jesus describes them to a T.
Using the name of Jesus doesn't make your point stronger. Unless you show you are very knowledgeable about the New Age uses of the Kabbalah, you are using His name in vain. How about giving some of the sources of your knowlege.
Sorry to say it, but I wouldn't want a used car from Texe Marrs -- he frankly copied much of Cumbey's serious work on the New Age Movement and then nearly comic book caricatured it so that people could well equate anti-New Ageism with Anti-Semitism. Gary Kah did much the same.
Thank you,Thank you,THANK YOU. So I'm not the only one who didn't like Newt's ....anything. By the way something to remind folks about. Everybody remembers 'Slick Willy', Newt is round 2. Does anybody know what a newt is? It is a SLIMY little creature that likes the dark bywaters, backwaters and cavewaters. Newt and Newt. Take your pick but Ibet ours is slipperier than that little creature.
Hey Folks, I'll run, I'm anonymous.
Make me King and I'll fix it all.
Wow, I feel like a whopper already.... :-)
Aren't "Newts" a little lizard? Or even more likely, a chameleon?
to the anon.7:55. Kabbalah stuff to watch you may have seen it already. Jesus's name is not in vain here.
Sorry I scewd up the link.
The article you linked to was an article on the Noahidic laws. And the connection with Kabbalah is.........?

Please fill in the blank.
Yes it is. Read it,see what you think. Its long and tiresome.
I'll have to find some more links for you, I can't remember off hand,but some of the people pushing this organization are based in the united states and have new age beliefs. Silent investors so to speak. Sorry I didnt come armed with the liks ahead of time. I just glanced over some of them and didnt mark them. some of the liks started in the article. I'll try to re-find them for you, but you might just beat me too it. I,m pretty green at this. The sanhedran is tied with some of these kabbalist.
Let's start from scratch. An anonymous posted some Texe Marrs disinformation regarding Kaballah. Another posted that there were different kinds of Kabbalah. You answered:

"Child of God said...
To the last anon. At this point Jesus did describe a lot of the kabbalahs. But I think the one with the most impact that I personally watch is the Jewish one. Jesus describes them to a T."

Then you linked to a story on the Noahidic laws. I really don't think you know what you are talking about. This has nothing to do with the learning disability you described you had in the past. It's just plain ignorance of the facts.

Noahidic laws have nothing to do with Kaballah. There is nothing in the Bible about Kaballah because it was developed later.

Here is an article on Kabbalah.

Most of what is in the Kabbalah came from 12th and 13th century France when the Cathars held sway in the area. Gnosticism, esotericism, mysticism, primitive Christianity were all hot areas of involvement, and some Jews became fascinated with all of this soup.

But just like Christians took on many pagan customs and Christianized them, so I believe some Jews took on this mysticism and blended it with Judaism. This is a similar path to what was taken by others who were fascinated with Kabbalah.

I hope this helps you in your search for more information.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WARNING - Texe Marrs is now stooping to new vicious anti-Semitic lows. He has always been somewhat less than savory. He clearly repeated and copied substantial parts of my work and then delivered many reverse messages aimed against other targets of the New Age Movement -- he even plagiarized some parts of my work starting in 1987 and then went to ridiculous lengths of both Jewish and Catholic bashing -- the clear strategy of New Age groups as shown in Alice Bailey and Peter LeMesurier writings is to pit all target groups of the New Age against each other so they can be the phoenix to rise from the ashes. I don't know if Texe Marrs' aim is to further their agenda, or much more likely, to MAKE MONEY FROM QUESTIONABLY DOCUMENTED SENSATIONALISM, but either way, the results are EVIL. Please take care not to mention me and him (or Gary Kah) in the same breath. THANK YOU!

10:43 AM
Constance did you hear that they talked about rebuilding the temple mount off site near the Dome of the Rock. I heard this on Endtime Ministries with Irving Baxter. He knows somebody in Jeruselum some Rabbi I heard them on the radio. We are clearly in the endtimes. Keep up the good work and one day the Lord will come and were all going home.
Love in Christ
Eagle eyes
Folks I know constance and Eagle eyes their both wonderful people. herb peters is also a great man I met him at the conference back in OCT.
I just had a phone call from a non-internet user who listens consistently to shortwave. The caller is a professional mathematician living in California. He asked me what I knew about Texe Marrs. I read him what I had just posted and then he said he asked because he heard Texe Marrs deny the holocaust. He said he heard Gary Kah recently do the same. I have been mailed considerable evidence that Tal Brooke of Spiritual Counterfeits Project has done likewise. Tal Brooke was supposedly a convert to Christianity after resigning as Sai Baba's chief western disciple. Although he has blatantly copied much of my work he has never had a kind word to say about me and has threatened Christian media people that if they wanted to have respectability in the Christian evangelical media worlds, they had better dissociate themselves from Cumbey's work. He has never once ever called me to discuss any possible concerns. My best guess -- Tal Brooke did not leave the New Age Movement -- he merely switched divisions -- from the Sai Baba to the anti-Jewish portions. Again, he is one doing an excellent job of getting people to equate anti-New Ageism with anti-Semitism when in fact anti-Semitism is New Age in the finest Alice Bailey sense of the word!
Constance, I knew Tex Marrs was wacked but what is wrong with Gary Kah? Is His information inacurate?
Well at least we know what he plagerized from you is right. Sorry I couldnt resist! But seriously I have all three of his books and I thought they were very good.
you will be happy to know though, that I have two copies of THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW.One to loan out and the other in case I dont get the first one back!! Also about a year ago I paid a small fortune on the interne to get a used coppie of A PLANNED DECEPTION. I would urge everyone who has not read them to get them they are excelent. By the way I have been praying for you to get better! Much love to you Constance.
I met Gary Kah at Nancy Fitzgerald's house in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1987 or 1988 as I recall. I had a conversation with him and SHOWED him the clear New Age Movement links between Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound and the New Age Movement, not to mention Pound and Mullins' overt pro-Nazism. Despite that Kah's purported anti-New Age line used these people as legitimate sources. I contacted Kah and he very smugly said, YES, YOU SHOWED ME THE MATERIALS ON EZRA POUND AND EUSTACE MULLINS, BUT NOBODY EVER TOLD ME THEY WERE BAD BUT YOU." Kah gave an "international Jew" line almost identical to that used pre-war by Hitler sources. He clearly knew what he was doing -- he marketed his materials to hate-Jew organizations and interests over and over. He knew exactly what he was doing and he brought much discredit. Moreover, his work was not original -- furthermore, he dishonestly told Huntington House I had recommended they publish him -- when I called Huntington House to complain about the obvious Jew baiting nature of the material, Theresa Trosclair said to my amazement, "we published him at your recommendation." They had never said a word to me -- it was Kah who falsely told them I had recommended him! Lately, Kah has stooped so low as to completely deny the Holocaust!

At this site there is a discussion of New Age law in England. It's a big of heavy reading, but on page 10 you will find the name of Constance Cumbey. This leads into a discussion of how law regarding New Age practices and organizations needs be different from law based on Christian principles. If you have difficulty wading thru the article at its legal level, you might still find the satire on pages 10 and 11, which presents defense of a client based on popular New Age beliefs, to be fun reading.

You'd never know it from her modest demeanor, but she has an international reputation where New Age is concerned.
Interesting info on Texe Marrs, Gary Kah and Eustace Mullins.

Isn't Texe Marrs taking a softer line now, stating that only 5% of Jews are aware of what is really happening. I myself subscribe to the view held by those investigators much better informed than I, that the Jews as a race have been and are being mercilessly used by a very small minority.
I have a book and a video of Gary Kah and knew nothing about his faults.
I have one book by Eustace Mullins and always had problems with some of his positions.
Sorry, but down here in Australia we have to get what info we can.

Unless I am mistaken Constance, I seem to recall seeing you on a Texe Marrs video from some time ago. Just looked quickly but can't find any reference to it. Perhaps it was one I had borrowed.

I also have your book, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow.
I was always disturbed by Texe's approach, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a very long time -- when he started threatening other researchers who called into question his practices, I interposed myself between them to him - but now the obvious play to Liberty Lobby, Spotlight Magazine, and historical revisionists denying the Holocaust cannot be overlooked. I can no longer remain silent. I found internet articles by Marrs that disturbed me only this week and then the news about his on-air holocaust denials solidify my thinking that I must not allow honest work against the New Age Movement to be sabotaged by this type of player.
Don't get fooled by the "I'm not an antisemite. It's just the 5% of the Jews who cause the trouble" routine. David Icke, a vicious antisemite, uses that same routine.

Do you ever hear these evil ones "I don't hate the Christians; it's just that 5% of them make it bad for the rest; now let me tell you how bad that 5% really is."

Constance has written much about Eustace Mullins. You might want to review what she has written about his connections with top academic and money people.

I also have his books. You did notice that he never documents his allegations. There is just page after page of things that sound impressive, but there are no footnotes or bibliography that anyone can turn to for verification of what he is saying. One mind control technique cults use is Information Overload. Briefly, a person is swamped with so much information that he cannot process it and must reject it all or accept it all. That's Mullins' basic technique.
Herescope, which is linked to on this website, has had an excellent series of posts on changes taking place in the Christian community, changes that have a link to New Age. If you missed it, check it out. On one of the posts further down, there is an item from Discernment Ministries which will help people from any religion, including Islam, know whether they have found themselves following a heresy.
Constance, I just wanted to say thanks for answering my question about Gary Kah. I'm both shocked and sadened.I have heard you speak many times, and have many tapes on which you were being interviewed on various subjects you never ceased to amaze me with your wealth of knowledge. So I greatly respect your oppinion concerning Gary Kah. So knowing how you feel about the man I hate to even ask this question but I will risk it anyway. Here it goes! Gary Did an excelent video called America and Mystery Babylon. It was so good at showing the parallels between America and Babylon. It actualy astounded me, and I'm not easily blown away,and I believe I am very well informed when It comes to the study of escatology, But this was truly mind blowing, and I wanted to share it with as many as would listen. I was just about to ask our pastor and the elders and their wives to come over and see it when I came across what you had written. Needles to say, not only do I not want get caught with egg on my face, more importantly I would not want to mislead the Body of Christ.( I cringe as I ask this)would you be willing to take a look at it and let me know what you think? I promise you wont be bored.TICKED maybe but not bored!
I've not seen the video by Gary Kah BUT it would not surprise me prophetically if America were the Babylon prophecied in Revelation. Many of the specifics of the prophecy I believe could presently appear to fit only the USA.
In response to the offer on the Kah video, yes I would very much like to see it -- take the wheat but leave the chaff -- if it agrees scripturally, I guess I agree with it.
Here is who I think are the 'supporters' behind Mr. Solana.
So anyonymous who promotes "save the males" site," it's free speech time and eveyone believes in that. This gives disinformation people a forum, which is good, because everyone who reads this site has to use their own God-given ability to discern the truth. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to check things out. Why should anyone expect freedom without effort?

Could you tell us the connection between Solana and Save the Males? Probably not. Probably not. You are just another disinformation donkey.
Constance, I just love your attitude! Your comment about the wheat and the chaff was so aprapo, and so you!I can't wait to meet you in person one day. Here, there or in the air! The number for the video is 1-317-290-4673 I would be more than happy to purchase it for you but I doubt you want to give your address out, and rightfully so. The video is only 20$ and the info is well worth the price. actualy its worth much more, inspite of the the man presenting it! Please, let me know what you think! I will be keeping my eyes peeled, much thanks, and much love.
Republican, Democrat, left wing, right wing - in the end it'll make no difference, two wings, one buzzard!
Don't forget about Newt's pushing the transhumanist biorevolution agenda. You can find allof the links listed in my myspace profile under "Technologies of the Beast". You wont be disappointed...
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