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Javier Solana's latest November present


Edited and updated 11-27-2005
These November nights when I wake prematurely sometimes seem to get me in a lot of trouble. Tonight, the morning of November 27, 2005 looks like its shaping up to be one of them. For openers, this is the tenth anniversary of the opening of the first Barcelona Conference on November 27, 1995 in Barcelona, Spain. It was chaired by our very good friend, Javier Solana. He launched it with a salvo against the Catholics, saying that it was auspicious that it began on the 900th calling of the First Crusade by Pope Urban II. “What a lot of intolerance and misunderstanding that led to,” said Solana.

That was only five days after my first November awakening to Javier Solana which came the very early morning of November 22, 1995. On that day Israel had suffered a 7.2 mw earthquake – the only earthquake of which I have ever discovered to be subject to active historical revisionism downward. It caused heavy Egyptian damage, even to the extent that heads rolled from royal mummies undisturbed in the great pyramids of Egypt for thousands of years.

Usually the earthquake, like the catching of the fish, grows with each telling of the tale. This 7.2 mw quake rapidly diminished in press portrayal to one of only to 6.2 mw. Architects and engineers were left holding the bag.

That quake had occurred precisely two days after Javier Solana executed a sweeping Treaty of Association, the first of many in what were to be a string of treaties between various Mediterranean basin countries and the European Union in what was to become a “Greater European Union Neighborhood” OR “neighbourhood” as our British friends would spell it and it appears in EU documents.

Now why would anybody want to fib about a quake? It has occurred to me that a quake of this magnitude occurring in this region of the world – important to three major world religions – Jews, Christians, and Moslems -- only two days after a major treaty between the European Union and 10 Nation federation “Western European Union” and Israel might instantly gain attention of Bible scholars everywhere as an event of prophetic significance. It would also gain the attention of Jewish and Moslem scholars. All would read something of prophetic import into an earthquake of this magnitude coming on the heels of a EU Treaty with Israel. They might read different things into it, but for sure, they would read something!

Alas, this was with few exceptions not to be the case. Most slept right through it. Only internet news carried the reports. Most prophetic observers were nowhere near the internet. Consequently, if people did not hear the big news from Hal Lindsey, Jack Kinsella, Jack van Impe, and/or the authors of the the newly emerging LEFT BEHIND SERIES, also debuting in 1995 – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, they might not think anything to be happening. Surely, if anything of prophetic significance were occurring, it would be told by those guys?! Maybe, maybe not.

I have noticed in the years since that Javier Solana seems to receive significant things in Novembers –

1995: The Israeli-EU “Treaty of Association’; the Barcelona Treaty; and the NATO “Secretary-General” position.

1998: A deal brokered and set up in Europa Code 666 obviously written around his credentials establishing a prospective “Common Foreign and Security Position” for Mr. Solana to assume when his NATO term was over.

1999: The EU Secretary General position and a few weeks later, on November 20, 1995, the Secretary General position of the ten nation permanent member Western European Union.”

2004: A beefed up European Defense Agency.

2005: Control of the Israel-Palestinian Gaza borders.

Well, Javier Solana and company are now overseeing Israel's Gaza border with a “deal brokered by the USA”. On the opening of the 10th anniversary of the original Barcelona Conference, Javier Solana has the happy news to report that things have “gone very smoothly.” Of course, if you watch BBC news regularly on PBS, you know that the EU isn’t quite as keen to have foreign visitors on its shores as it is for Israel to share its tiny land. While Israel is being set to become the “land without walls”, it appears the EU is protecting its turf by North African positioned barbed wire fences. You may read about these collective contradictory efforts here in an article “Spain from the Berlin Wall to Celuta and Melilla”

Of course, maybe its only “xenophobia” when its Christians proclaiming their faith, or Israel protecting against suicide bomber attacks. Certainly not when it is Solana’s homeland Spain barricading itself in – where has Solana’s voice been on that?

I am still formulating thoughts on this – but I am posting this blog in “as is” with my rambling thoughts on awakening prematurely on Sunday morning November 27, 2005, the 10th anniversary of the Barcelona Conference which opened only five days after my first November 22, 1995 awakening to Javier Solana and company. Let the conversation begin.

Oh, you may read about the newest Palestinian conquest which will surely make Dr Solana look like a hero at
I suspect that very soon you will be able to read about it many places. Meantime, I’m going to try and many my eyes sleep again by going back to reading my Lord of the World novel by Robert Hugh Benson!

P.M. Update: Interestingly, most Arab speaking countries boycotted Barcelona precisely because of the same things I noted about the European treatment of Southern Mediterranean exiles to its compounds. It also appears that Dr. Solana may still, despite this embarrassment, go on smelling like a rose. The London Financial Times said this evening:

If Barcelona were to exist only to allow Israel to sit down from time to time with its Arab neighbours - which it does - then Brussels would be wasting its money. But the EU cannot walk away from its neighbours, not least because of the importance of tackling terrorism and migration issues. It has to help them and now has better means to do so with its recently revamped "European neighbourhood policies" that are more closely tailored to Mediterranean partner's individual needs.

Considering Javier Solana is ditto the author of those "recently revamped 'European neighbourhood policies' that are more closely tailored to Mediterranean partner's individual needs", you figure out. Is it perhaps a win-win only for Solana?

As Herb Peters says, "stay tuned."
Sorry constance I cant get your link to work on the palestinian.
The Yahoo link is gone, but try googling on the Google News link with search terms "Rafah crossing" "smoothly"
The link was good when I posted it, but it appears that Yahoo now treats it as an "expired link" -- Sorry, but it is good and very significant news.
Mebbe Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, Hal Lindsey, and Jack van Impe oughta get in line--else, they might get LEFT BEHIND!
To that last anon. Is that a comment to end time beliefs which they all share and trying to link it to the assurance of salvation which they also partake of? Or is it some kind of sarcasm I didn't catch? If it is maybe I'm left behind? Sure..... with all the people who read here you get all sides of the rapture. It's funny how a lot of sarcastic comments get started over this issue. Too bad for sure. I personally have a belief from what I have read and comprehended. But I'm open to all sides just to gain more insight that drives me to study even more. I do not discredit anyone's view on end times study. I do it out of respect and because people who do not believe the same way as I still give me a lot to think about to see if I'm wrong on my views. It offers me a challenge and I always except but not to prove someone wrong or cut them up. This kind of challenge does not have a winner until the event happens. I personally do not belong to a denomination because of this. I will not persecute a brother in Christ. If I have read to far in to this comment I personally apologize deeply. However our personal views should always uphold the challenge of using our strong convictions to drive us to win souls to Christ or at least plant the seed for someone else to water.
Well, I'm not being sarcastic myself but I am a little confused about the significance of Solana and how these goings-on apply. How does Solana fit in with the New Age Movement's manipulation of a false End Time if Solana really is a part of the End Time events? This is all looking pretty serious and real to me.
To last poster: I posted response to this which was also in my emailing address to the article above -- I will try to cut and past to here as well!
I had email inquiries asking if I thought Solana was trying to stage a fake end-time event. Don't know about that, except I note with interest Peter LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, a book highly endorsed by the New Age and psychological communities when published in the 1980s as a workable action plan. As I commented in A PLANNED DECEPTION, when LeMesurier said they needed to do this because it was necessary to get the notion of an unworkable and impossible 'Second Coming" and fulfillment of prophetic events out of the minds of true believers by making them believe they had been fulfilled. However, I said there and say it again, LeMesurier was wrong in saying it could't be fulfilled -- he forgot his own possible role in the prophetic fulfillment. What some of their number consider playacting is very possibly the real thing coming to pass and they are actors in the process. I note with interest the following dates which do seem to be in place:

2007-2013 New budgetary period for ENP plans.

2006-2010 - Five year period for present recently enacted Barcelona five year action plan which included "battling those who divide us" -- I NOTE WITH INTEREST THAT THE NEW AGE IDEA OF 'SIN' WAS 'THAT IN THE NEW AGE THE ONLY SIN WILL BE THE SIN OF SEPARATION.'

2008 - Galileo Project of the European Space Agency (also under Solana command) to be operational -- this is a global identity tracking system.

2010 - Free Trade area for Mediterranean as goal -- Israel is currently perceived as BIG BLOCK to this goal -- if so, prophetic fulfillment of breaking the 7 year renewed Action Plan with Israel which expired at end of 2004 although it was not ratified until 2000 -- the signed treaty had a 7 year period which was as previous commentator observed up for renewal at end of 2004 (it was supposed to have been effective 1-1-97, but Israel did not ratify until 6-1-2000.

At any rate, I reject the notion of a false end times -- I believe this may well be the end times -- only God knows for sure, but this sure looks like the real thing shaping up!

3:30 AM
Constance, I love the blog. When Jesus comes he's going to come like a thief in the night or maybe I should say in English slang. He'll come in with bang and all wound up and he's the main man from the real big house.The only words I want him to say is "well done thou and faithfull servant enter in joy of the Lord." Constance don't give up sister keep all of us updated on the new age movement. The new agers are just plain GOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFYYY. I love herb's recient post also.
Love in Christ
Eagle eye watching for his return.
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