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From Javier Solana to Canada - "TRUST ME"

Hey folks, this is where I came in. Google wasn't around when I first discovered Javier Solana online on November 22, 1995. However, because of New Age boasts that they would save multitudes of trees and simultaneously boost intellectual processes by transferring reams of information to CD Rom's, I decided maybe I could clean house and keep up with them at the same time by acquiring a serious CD Rom library. And so the night I first found mention of Dr. Solana on Reuter's AOL posted articles, I searched my disks to see "who is this guy?". The first thing I learned about him before being flipped by AOL to a story about the newly emerging Barcelona Process was a March 1995 article. It seems there was nearly a shooting war at sea between Canada and Spain. Spain had fished Canada's halibut, cod, and turbot stocks almost to extinction. When the Estai, a Spanish fishing trawler strayed into Canadian waters, the Canadian authorities took it into custody. Javier Solana promptly, acting upon mysterious powers evidently granted him by his then Spanish government, dispatched three warships to Canada. He then held a press conference justifying his actions. That press conference contained some of the greatest political doublespeak I have ever read. To paraphrase and summarize its points, he said:

1. Yes, there are international laws and treaties governing fishing.

2. Those treaties govern only the types of fish caught -- not the amounts.

3. If we are going to limit amounts, the limits should apply equally to all countries -- not just to Spain.

4. Besides, the Spanish originally discovered the Newfoundland fishing banks -- therefore they should have every right to exploit them.

Why was Solana doing this? The reasons became evident with his Barcelona program setup. To put the original Barcelona Treaty over the top, Javier Solana needed Morocco's cooperation. Historically, there has been little love lost between Morocco and Spain. Morocco demanded three concessions, all of which Solana was in a unique position to grant in 1995, given his dual holding of European Union and Western European Union coinciding dual presidencies. Morocco wanted to sell its produce in the EU markets. Says Solana, "granted." Morocco then wanted Spain's fishermen to stop fishing off its coastline. The fishermen were ordered home from Morocco. That made for approximately 600 unemployed Spanish fishing vessels sitting unemployed and grumbling in the Spanish ports. It's sort of hard to be a great world leader and have revolution brewing in one's own back yard. So the fishermen were offed to Canada to exploit those Newfoundland fishing grounds.

Of course, Canada's cooperation was needed for Javier Solana's next big adventure -- the headship of NATO. So "miraculously" -- on the cusp of the Barcelona Conference of November 27-28, 1995, it was announced that Spain and Morocco had settled their fishing rights dispute and now the Spanish fishermen could return to those grounds. Bingo! Both the Spanish fishermen and Canada are suddenly happy. Canada cast its votes for dark horse candidate Javier Solana to be the new head of NATO -- and the Atlantic Council!

Oh, and why might Solana have needed Morocco's cooperation? Surely Morocco was not against religious fundamentalism -- at least of the Islamic stripe. Solana's third announced Barcelona goal in 1995 per those initial American On Line Reuter sources was "get the United States out of the Mediterranean" and/or "greatly reduce its presence there."

Now it appears that Canada has a really serious problem with mid and short range memory. Javier Solana has announced a pact with Canada allowing Canada to participate in European Union "crisis management." Read all about it here -- if it isn't untimely moved, that is:

Oh, and as for the EU's successful Gaza Strip Rafah border crossing, a link which vanished nearly as soon as I posted it in my last blogspot, try this alternative link:

One last thing -- for those who can't believe the words I apparently imputed to Mr. Solana above, read them below in his own words, provided that doesn't immediately disappear from web vision as well:

Pray for our Canadian friends. They will now need all the help they can get! After all, if they can't trust Javier Solana, who can they trust? My dear departed father gave me wise advice in my teens: "Slap me once, shame on you. Slap me twice, shame on me." Javier Solana has slapped Canada once in 1995. How soon they forget!
I thought there was something fishy about him!
Made mention of your wonderful blog and research, Constance to many who are apart of another Bible Prophecy Messenge Board.
Keep up the good work, in Him!
We continuously berate the Germans for not doing something to stop Hitler's drive for power. Everybody seems to turn to someone else, asking why didn't you. It's so easy to look at the past. All of the answers are there, figured out by someone else.

Solana is on a march to major power, just as Hitler was. While we may not be in a position to stop his efforts, we should make the effort, as the last person did, to warn others what lies ahead.
Why would Canada want to donate troops to a European army?
Dear Mrs. Cumbey:

Would appreciate your opinion as to the possibility of whether or not the 7-year covenant with "many" foretold in the Book of Daniel might have begun with Israel's signing of their ENP Action Plan on 12/09/04.

imho, the following quote from the EU document "Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council, laying down general provisions establishing a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument"(ENPI) dated Sept. 29, 2004 is a bit suspect:


Article 7
Programming and allocation of funds

(3) For the sole purpose of crossborder cooperation, in order to establish the list of joint programmes referred to in Article 9(1), the indicative multiannual allocations and the territorial units eligible to participate in each programme, one or, if necessary, more specific strategy papers shall be adopted in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 26(2). Such specific strategy paper(s) shall, in principle, cover a seven-year period from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2013.


Israel's ENP Action Plan, signed by Israel on 12/09/04, would seem to qualify as a "specific strategy paper" and as such, would "in principle, cover a seven-year period from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2013," despite the fact that Israel's ENP Action Plan specifically states that it is to last 3 years.


Could the "in principle" possibly infer that the 7-year period began with the 12/09/04 signing and that the 01/01/07-12/31/31 timeframe is merely another cleverly disguised "smokescreen?"


More info. may be found at Herb's discussion board:

And Canada has an election on January 23rd, 2006.
To the anon. who mentioned 2004 as a possible signing of the covenant. If it truly is, from what I see, the logical next step would be (at 3 1/2 year mark) the abomination of desolation and of the world wide tracking system linked to taking the mark. Also the year 2010 keeps popping up as a target for a lot of things to be accomplished by, like the military readiness of the E.U. to be able to be ready for world wide conflicts and peace keeping(enforcement). I personally wonder about the years as a deception tactic as well. But from everything I have seen so far, the most they could be off by is one year(earlier). The more I look into the dates the more I look at them as being accurate unless a major world wide event were to occur triggering Solana's power to start early, wich is most certainly possible. I am definately a sceptic over the dates that are propused but they have a political reputation to uphold as well. What I mean is if they rush in to quickly they will lose the publics confidence just like with the vote on the E.U. constitution. It has to be over a period of time to get 'credit' with the people. Therefore Solana becomes the political genius because he did what he said when he said he was going to do it. When was the last time any politician could claim to doing something on time? I have never heard of it. I think the time element is critical at this point. He has to build on what he has and on a world wide basis. I dont try to talk for anyone else its just my opinion and it is based on Solana filling the position as the Anti-Christ. This is not a firm opinion iether, its just a thought.
I had email inquiries asking if I thought Solana was trying to stage a fake end-time event. Don't know about that, except I note with interest Peter LeMesurier's THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, a book highly endorsed by the New Age and psychological communities when published in the 1980s as a workable action plan. As I commented in A PLANNED DECEPTION, when LeMesurier said they needed to do this because it was necessary to get the notion of an unworkable and impossible 'Second Coming" and fulfillment of prophetic events out of the minds of true believers by making them believe they had been fulfilled. However, I said there and say it again, LeMesurier was wrong in saying it could't be fulfilled -- he forgot his own possible role in the prophetic fulfillment. What some of their number consider playacting is very possibly the real thing coming to pass and they are actors in the process. I note with interest the following dates which do seem to be in place:

2007-2013 New budgetary period for ENP plans.

2006-2010 - Five year period for present recently enacted Barcelona five year action plan which included "battling those who divide us" -- I NOTE WITH INTEREST THAT THE NEW AGE IDEA OF 'SIN' WAS 'THAT IN THE NEW AGE THE ONLY SIN WILL BE THE SIN OF SEPARATION.'

2008 - Galileo Project of the European Space Agency (also under Solana command) to be operational -- this is a global identity tracking system.

2010 - Free Trade area for Mediterranean as goal -- Israel is currently perceived as BIG BLOCK to this goal -- if so, prophetic fulfillment of breaking the 7 year renewed Action Plan with Israel which expired at end of 2004 although it was not ratified until 2000 -- the signed treaty had a 7 year period which was as previous commentator observed up for renewal at end of 2004 (it was supposed to have been effective 1-1-97, but Israel did not ratify until 6-1-2000.

At any rate, I reject the notion of a false end times -- I believe this may well be the end times -- only God knows for sure, but this sure looks like the real thing shaping up!
Hello all! It has been a while. I have finally recovered from the terrible damage that Hurricane Wilma inflicted on my state, home, job, and computer. Since Katrina inflicted extremely terrible damage on Louisiana and Mississippi, the destruction that Wilma inflicted on South Florida was simply eclipsed and mostly less important to the media. Yet I would venture to say that nobody felt our pain unless they've gone through what we felt.

At any rate, I am grateful neverthess because after all I am not a Katrina victim. I feel their pain, and still tremble a little because the next hurricane season is only 6 months away. To me that's not a long time. And NOAA is saying that we should expect high category hurricanes for the next 20 to 30 years. I'll be happy if we make it 7 years without any destruction.

With that in mind, if anybody wants to debate whether we're in some false end-times scenario, I reject that! The year 2005 is a record breaking year for natural disasters as a whole and the signs of the times couldn't be more indicative of that.

Second, Iran and Russia are really buddy-buddy and the Ezekiel 38 scenario appears to be really coming together--faster than I could have ever imagined!

Third, I spoke with Herb Peters about three days ago and I told him that his book was a real eye opener for me when I read it a year ago. I explained to him that I am a pre-tribber, but I still think that Part II of his book is extremely relevant information that is trully a blessing. It is a good book that serious Christians or otherwise should invest in. Solana is making straight a highway either for himself or some other self-proclaiming God-wannabe.

False end-times *scoff*

Anonymous, are you Jewish?
To: Constance and John 14:6,

John 14:6, You are correct about this years disasters. They are likely the beginning of the birth pangs, or sorrows, depending on your Bible version.

The Bird Flu may wipe out millions if not billions of people along with AIDS and other diseases.

Russia has just sold 29 anti-missile systems to Iran citing an agreement made by Al Gore as justification. Russia equips Iran for war

Let's not forget how mad Al Gore is at losing the 2000 election. I have a picture of him on a really intense rant during a speech he gave before the 2004 election. I've never seen anyone look so mad and hateful. Gore made Hitler look serene. We need to keep an eye on him in any case.

The following speech by Solana Toward a partnership of hope
really woke me up to him being the AC. He's the one pushing it all and making it happen quickly.

The main part of the speech that got my attention (Bolded) was this.... "Many Mediterranean countries say they want to advance on the path of political reform but that it should be home-grown and that they need help. I agree. So I am pleased that the EU will launch a so-called governance facility.

This will not be a cosmetic initiative, but one that, over seven years,
will offer several hundred million euros to those countries that are making the greatest efforts concerning governance reform. They can then spend the extra money on the priorities they have set themselves. This is what I call a true partnership for political reform."

It is right there! Daniel 9:27!

As Herb Peters noted in the Euro-Med Pact, they are calling for PEACE and SAFETY. 2 Thessalonians 5:1-3

Out of the 10 committments listed, I found the most interesting were numbers...

8. To create an area of mutual cooperation on migration, social integration, justice, and security.

10. To act jointly against racism, xenophobia and intolerance, stressing respect for all religions, rejecting extremist views which attempt to divide us and incite violence and hatred, and joining together to promote common understanding. To improve intercultural dialogue aiming at promoting understanding, building on our cultural heritage, including through the work of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures, and in support of the UN Alliance of Civilisations.

They will ACT against whatever they deem inappropriate with an international court! ie: Jews, Christianity? ! National soveriengty?

"The UN Alliance of Civilizations" = New World Order of Global Control!

With the tracking system being put in place, no one will be able to hide. They can already pin point your house down on Google and I'm sure they can do the same with your car whether you want it or not.

It is only a matter of time now before government
mandates the "Digital Angel" chip to track people.

Does anyone wonder why our government is going to "give" cable boxes to all households to go digital?

I don't think there's any longer much, if any doubt that Solana is or will be the antichrist.... at least not in my mind.

I think HE's been "revealed in his own time"!


signed, A7
Good blog Constance, I am following Herbs website and yours too. I got a CD from herb that you made about Solana. Well done. We're watching him like a hawk,. but keeping our eyes on Jesus.
An interesting tid-bit:
The coordinates for Jerusalem are:
31d, 47', 00" N; 35d, 13', 00" E.

If you add: 3147 + 3513 = 6660.
For those who don't look at old posts and comments, please know I added a comment to the November 12 Perspective regarding the book Lord of the World. I finished it last night. The plans for the first attempt at New Age are all right there in the book. The book was written in 1907. If you haven't looked at the book yet and Connie's link doesn't work for you, I found a link that worked for me.

If you think no one intelligent would try to rationalize paganism as they did in the book because it is so primtive, read
Marx, Moses, and the Pagans
in the Secular City
By Dr. Tomislav Sunic 1995.

This justification of paganism parallels that found in the book Lord of the World 1907.
So if we think Solana is/will be the AC, who's the false prophet? Perhaps....

The comments by the defense minister, previously a staunch Sharon ally, were in reference to the support of Kadima by former Labor chairman Shimon Peres, and recent statements concerning the new party by far-left Israeli politicians and Palestinian leaders.

Peres, a key architect of the 1993 Oslo Accords, announced last week he is bolting the Labor party in which he spent most of his adult life and is backing Sharon's new party. If Kadima is victorious in upcoming elections, Peres plans to serve as a senior minister in charge of peace talks with the Palestinians.
I came across another Cumbey interview that some of you might like to hear. More about New Age than Solana. More personal information about the temptations of New Age from Constance and the host.

If the link seems too long to work, just go past the margin to get it all.
Or you can check out the archives of the Zeph show. The date on this one is Decembe 1, 2005.
I posted some comments over at regarding Lord Of The World and Javier's relative being part of the founding of the Mt. Pelerin Society. Come on over and visit the to see what is happening in the EU.

Communities have waited on the sidelines for thousands of years, being sure that end times will end the evil in the world, on many given dates.

In the meantime many millions of people have been killed and destroyed, and yet the New Age movement continues to grow, with the potential of killing millions more.

There is a book I have on the movement toward one world religion. It was written in the 1930s.
The ecumenical leaders were plopping away at how wonderful their movement was, while some Jewish organizations were trying to get their attention to what was happening in Germany.

Grow up folks. It is happening to Christians now and Jews now. God has given you free will and if you don't use it, you will answer to The Source.
Those who think C. S. Lewis wrote a Christian story when he wrote the Chronicles of Narnia need to look at this website.
Don't forget, you can follow the link into the margin to copy and paste it into your browser.
I typically agree with blessed quietness web site, but on this C.S. Lewis stuff I can't disagree more. I have studied in depth the history of this man how he went from being a die hard atheist to an absolutely converted christian. It took C.S.Lewis a very long time to come to the knowledge of Jesus being our personal savior. But when he got it, it became his life until the very end. He was a die hard atheist. But when he met Jesus, he became a stronger die hard christian. So much so that he personally put to shame just about any reason to not believe in Jesus Christ. The Narnia series was a story that he made when he was a child, not a christian. After he became a christian and much older he wrote the stories with a biblical twist. No it is not a replacement for the Bible, but I can tell you one thing from my own personal experience. I received Jesus at the age of six. When I was 8 years old I read the Narnia series. I immediately picked up on the biblical resemblances, and it was not a background thought! It was front and center the whole way through, all 7 books! That book series is the only one that I have read where I felt like I was participating inside the story as one of the children. At 8 years old with the knowledge of the trinity, salvation, and the power of God, you cant help but notice. It did not draw me in to some fantacy world of witches like the Harry Potter crap nowadays. It made the awareness of God become more alive for me as a child. Now if I as an adult were to read it for the first time, I being in the grown up world, might have a slight different take on it. But one thing I can tell you without a doubt, it is NOT a Godless book! No it will not bring you to Jesus if you dont know him already.You wont even have a clue that it refers to God. But to us believers, I guess that's the power of the Holy Spirit that recognizes the biblical references. It is a definate joy to read as a christian, and with the mind of a child as well. I went to a christian protestant school when I was a child, and I did a book report on all 7 books. I received A+ and every report had a referance to God in them. And this was not just to recieve recognition just for mentioning God. I truly felt this way. I am 34 now and I think I might just sit down and read the series to my children as well, since they also know Jesus too. So Poo on you story killers who want to destroy the biblical references of the Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. See all of you old minded folk need to open your eyes to the references of Jesus throughout the world, not just in the Bible! This book is not new age material in any way. It was not written as the power of man to be God, but the power of God revealed to man. You might hear a new age interperatation of it, thats truly too bad. But you could hear plenty more new age statements about the Bible now couldnt you? Does that mean you believe it? I'm sure you wouldn't. Grow up and read it for yourself, but with the mind of a child. It's much better. Jesus said unless you have a mind of a child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Wow, hit the nail on the head( or critic in this case). Whoever posted the reference to the C.S.Lewis article, shame on you for not reading the book series without the knowledge before hand. But I'm sure it was sincere. If it has done nothing more than to fire me up to writing this response (even if the grammar stinks), I'm proud of you for doing so. May God bless you when you sit to read the Narnia series. From your brother in Christ Nathan.
Look, in general I am happy that folks here tend to have a good vigilant eye for new age activity, but to start on C.S. Lewis...I have no words. The man was speaking of Christ through and through in Narnia, okay. People who really did their homework on this man, will just think that folks here just automatically expect a devil under every bush. ...that's not a good thing.

Those who label themselves Christians aren't always the most observant people in the world when it comes to the occult. I would suggest everyone read the write-up on Lewis and the books at Blessed Quietness. The bottom line on occult behavior is seductiveness, and the Lewis film is definitely seductive.

Books by Madeleine L'Engle are definitely occult in nature and yet the Christian establishment was saying how wonderful they are. I wish I knew where I put the book written by a woman who was fighting these books.
The book that was written about L'Engle was Battle to Destroy Truth : Unveiling a Trail of Deception
by Claris Van Kuiken. Used copies are available from Amazon. Read it and learn.
I hope people actually go to that web page that describes C.S. Lewis as a new ager going to hell. Then I hope people actually do some serious research on their own, including reading his book! Now I have a serious statement to the know it all christians who claim C.S.Lewis Narnia series is cult crap. Grow up! We can read the book for ourselves and know without a doubt that it has significant biblical references. What are you, a wanna-be encyclopedia? You are a fraud with no knowledge because you can't even claim to have read the series. If you did you first would have stated so, and second you have no idea what the book is about! The words you type out are so full of crap, I swear I'm going to have to break out a roll of toilet paper to keep next to my computer so I can wipe it down so it doesn't get soiled! I'm not a spineless pawn that you can try to conform to an agenda of evil. You try to discredit the person and the story with misinformation. See us people who know the Bible know the references to God and the need of a saviour in the Narnia series. You can't even discredit what the book is really about! Your effort sucks! You remind me of a liberal so bad you can't even hide your destroying agenda. You start out with slander like "He's going to hell like JFK." Right away the warning flag goes up! It reminds me of that garbage website rence. What a piece of crap. I'm sure there are other people out here that would like to tell you a thing or two as well. If you are a recent convert congratulations for sure, but don't participate in the trash. This article reveals satan's plan to try to use christians for his own work. But it works for God's benefit instead because christians like us live to stuff it in his face. Realize it or not, you just did God a great service. These stupid C.S. Lewis comments motivate a lot of christians to quit sitting on their hands and study more so they can expose the real truth. You have just placed the biggest ad possible to draw in the new age crowd. Congratulations! Now maybe they will read the Narnia series and also want to read the Bible to see what the fuss is all about. Well hopefully when they do, they will realize the need for a savior, Jesus Christ. From your loving brother in Christ, and without guilt about this response. May God bless your learning process.
To the anon. who says that "christians arent always the most observant people in the world when it comes to the occult". I've got to ask you; if not christians then who? Is anyone else even more qualified? I think you just framed yourself as a fake or a John Kerry wanna be with your nose up. My grandfather always told me "You give someone enough rope and they will hang themmselves". Good luck on the brain washing effort!
If Christians took the time to learn about the occult/pagan world and what they should be fighting, they would be supporting a Cumbey think tank instead of all the wannabes with their donations. If the Jews took the time to learn also, they would be pitching in.

You don't fight an enemy without knowledge of the enemy.

I can just see the president saying, "We are going to war with the terrorists in Iraq. We don't need to know anything about them or Iraq or the terrorist network because we carry the truth of Americanism with us and that truth will protect us."

What most of you know about the occult or New Age would fit into a thimble.
To the first anonymous. I didn't write the website which is where you got the JFK quote, and I don't agree with everything on it.

With a little bit of work you will find that Lewis wrote the books before he studied Christianity and that he said the books were of the occult, denying any connection with Christianity. Here, I'll help you with one.

Again from The Inklings Handbook—“The earliest hints of Narnia come very early in CSL’s life, long before he became a Christian; the common assumption that he wrote the whole series as an extended allegory of the Christian faith, with a strong evangelistic motive, is one that CSL always denied and which is not borne out by the facts.”

According to another website, Pagans already like the Narnia series and think it will bring Christians to paganism.
To the anon. who keeps insisting on C.S.Lewis being evil: The books were not published before he was a christian. Does your 'Good' article tell you that? They were nothing more than a more completed rough draft. He did nothing with these stories until he became a christian, and long after I might add. His stories were modified at his leisure time after he became a christian and read by his cousin who had also become a christian long before C.S. Lewis had. His cousin persuaded him to publish them after C.S. Lewis finished the first few completely. His cousin previously had no knowledge of the completed rough draft stories nor did anyone else for that matter. And yes there are other people who helped him write a few of the latter books. You better find some better historical references than you have. Besides, you can't change the stories or the meaning of the books. The books speak for themselves. Get off your horse and read it for once and stop accusing falsely! It is impossible to take the references to God out of the stories. All 7 books. Stop trying to save face or you will look like an ass! You can't refute what you haven't read. Just like atheists, they have no credibility with refuting the Bible until they have read it, and even then it is still a hard task. Like I said before, new agers can put their twist on the Bible as well, but it's not true! I hope you will at least remember this fact. Just because new agers comment on something doesn't mean it belongs to them! There are so many stupid comments out there from new agers it can drive you crazy trying to keep up with all of it. I can't help but wonder at this point why you still insist that Lewis is an evil man? I wish you would read his books and stop being so paranoid. There were so many christians who commented on the movie 'Passion of The Christ' and said it was evil because it breaks the ten commandments of not making any images from heaven above. So these Christians decided that they would not even watch it because of someone else's idiotic comments.They could not have been further from the truth. I sometimes wonder if you have been sucked in to this warped sense of Christianity. I surely hope not. I recommend you read his books before you further your foot in your mouth. I can easily go to get articles from web pages that agree with my point of view or your point of view. There are thousands of pages and commentaries out there willing to give an expressed opinion which ever way you want to get it nowadays. Stop trying to prove him evil until you read his books. I am convinced that without a doubt you will recognize the references to God, unless you are intentionally trying not to. I don't know what else to say at this point if you just keep commenting on other people's comments and not going to the source, other than it's wrong. Good luck, and I hope you will see the truth.
Connie says "hi." She has been overwhelmed with court appearances in connection with her law practice. Perhaps when she comes back she will be able to add a few words on the Lewis books. After all, she is the premier researcher here.
Well, whatever! I like C.S. Lewis's works and especially his Chronicles of Narnia. I saw the movie with my family and we saw The Passion in it rather clearly. It really laid the nature of justice to bare in a very good way. The sacrifice that Aslan had to make to satisfy "the deep magic" or as the Bible puts, to satisfy "the law," was portrayed very well. Because many people in this day and age have a hard time accepting that they have fallen short of a just and eternal being, many fail to understand or never learn that justice must be satisfied and God is justice Himself--since everything is measured and has its being by Him. The law is a representative of His character and it is Him that we fall short of--the definition of sin. So of course those who deny God's existence all together are really in deep trouble.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe really brings its audience face to face with justice, but then shows them that perfect sacrifice could atone for the sin that has to be paid via one who is THE perfect and willing person to be the propitiation for the sinner. Of course, the propitiator would have to be the being against whom the sin was committed (i.e. THE God and King, Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ). Hence, we come face to face with perfect love--a love that precedes even life for out of love we were created!

If anything C.S. Lewis served his purpose in life, and I trust that his reward from the Lord Jesus will be joyous.

Hopefully Connie has read the book the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, unlike some other commentators. Sorry if some of my comments seem kind of hard to the people who comment and haven't read this series of books. I can assure you I have not read anything even close to all of C.S. Lewis's books. But I have read the Narnia series. And no I am not a scholar of any sort. In fact if I didn't have my wife proof read what I finger poke here, you wouldn't even have a clue what I am saying. But we are all qualified to read the Bible no matter how low your IQ is. So for the people who might read the Narnia series; take it from a dummy, you will definitely catch the references to God through it all. No matter what the take is, I always want to hear Constance's view.
I must say, it is interesting how this specific blog has been turned toward CS Lewis and the Narnia books and movie. If I may also add my thoughts. I think the only one qualified to speak about Lewis' motives are infact, CS Lewis. But, I think from a logical pov one might think that CS Lewis would NOT have opted to publish the Narnia books AFTER he became a Christian, if infact he wrote them before knowing Jesus and wrote them with the intent of turning people away from Christianity.
I think it is safe to say that those that support Lewis as being a Jesus' man through and through vs those who support the alter opinion that he was evil, will simply not be swayed to either side's arguments. In the end, it really doesn't matter.
Each of us that peruse these end of time and prophetic sites are looking for proof of something we all feel is happening. Whichever end of the spectrum you choose to be on - Christian, occult or other religion or no religion, all of us seem to think that only we can be right and that everyone else is bonkers.
One thing thatConnie has prevailed with her readers is that she has undoubtedly made us all aware that Solana is one to watch carefully. The question is, what, if anything can we as people do about these proposals and frankly phrophecy fulfilling - or it would appear so anyway - events that he seems to constantly have his mark or hand in or on?
The answer is, nothing, if we believe the scriptures. There is nothing we can do other than believe in the belief we believe to be right, and carry on. The mere fact that any of us is reading these things shows that we are all frightened and yet perversely exhilarated in the possible end times that we all find oursleves living through.
What happens though if each of us are wrong in our beliefs and we infact all live to be a ripe old age, without any adverse affects other than the odd knee or hip replacement or anjioplast?
What precisely is Constance wanting her readers to do? How does she propose "fixing" the woes of the world?
What can you do? Watch what is happening in your local school, the curriculum, the textbooks. Tell neighbors who have children what to watch out for and not to give out personal information to teachers or counselors.

Watch what is being taught in your church or synagogue and if you see programs that are pushing the New Age agenda, political, environmental or religious, speak up. Challenge the minister, priest or rabbi. Don't let the New Age agendas influence others.

Write an email or letter when you see a movie or television show pushing the New Age agenda.

Don't be so goldarned polite that you never discuss religion or politics.

If you have a chance to talk to a congressman, or even write to one, ask about Javier Solana's relationship to the US. It will let them know that you know more than you are expected to know.

There are used copies of Connie's book at Amazon. Buy 5 or 10 and give them out.

If someone asks you what your hobby is, tell them researching the New Age movement. They will probably ask what that is. Tell them.

If you post at a blog on the net, don't be afraid to refer others to this blog.

Just remember Connie set the entire New Age movement back by a few years when she wrote Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. This according to Melton.
(You do know who J. Gordon Melton is and his role in connection with New Age, don't you?)
By the way, the only ones that get stuck in their thinking are those who stop learning.

In addition I believe that it is the New Age philosophy that is bad and leading others astray from a good life for themselves and the community. The huge majority of those living the New Age philosophy believe they have come to their views of their own free will, not realizing that their brains have been assaulted from many sources. They have not been introduced to information that contradicts what they believe.

I guess I look at it like this. If I saw someone running in front of a car, I would do what I could to stop the harm from happening. I try to do that for others when I warn them about New Age as I don't want harm to come to them.
Thanks for the information. Good post.
Everyone reading this, Christian or Jewish, needs to ask themselves if Constance was not around, what would they have done to fight the New Age movement with its anti-Christian, antisemitic agenda knowing what they know now.

If you knew by your efforts you might be able to stop another Holocaust of Jews which would, as in the case of the Nazis, lead to a Holocaust of Christians, what would you be willing to do?

Would you just sit there waiting for end times?
To the last anon. I think that question nowadays with replacement theology strong, you would have to ask how many christians even believe there is any biblical significance with the jews, or even worse, is there any worth of the jewish people or Israel. Its too bad to think that way because you are right. It will lead to the persecution of christians. But unfortunately this is a lead up to the antichrist's kingdom. As Peter said 'willfully being ignorant'. We have definitely arrived at a sad time in church history. Just remember pray, look up, and don't go down without fighting for Jesus.
This is quite a long article written by a woman who spent many years in the New Age movement. She describes quite usefully the many phases of New Age in which she was involved and her emotional reactions. Also, there is an interesting article on Islam and Neo-Platinism which might be a bit heavy but looks interesting. I've excerpted the paragraph where she mentions how Constance's book helped her to move out of involvolvement in New Age.
or use
"Unable to deal comprehensively with the experience I'd had, the Lord placed in my path a book called "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow", by Constance Cumbey. With her help, I finally understood what I had fallen into. I walked away from the New Age and its god and never looked back. However, make no mistake about this: from that point on I knew that there was an intense spiritual warfare going on in the world."

I hope none of us stop trying to help people out of the movement.

If you are in the mood to deal with some leftists on the topic of Christmas, here's your chance. They don't allow annonymous comments, so you have to register with a user name and an email address. If you go there, be nice.
Folks another good book to read is Nine Mountain Peaks of prophecy by Dr.Joe Boyd this was published in 2002. It can be ordered from Revival Fires from the state of Pennsylvania. It was very intresting.
Love in Christ
Eagle eyes
I was at Toys R Us to look for some Christmas presents for my niece today and was rather astounded at all the evil toys displayed, especially with witches, monsters and dragons. Disney has many dolls out with "Magical" themes. Magic is really in now. We see images of people flying on tv in car commercials as if it is real, people dancing around trees in forests, sure signs of Wicca. Tattoos are everywhere, on faces, and even covering entire bodies. Ever see the ones on Prision Break? Fox is really bad!

I could not believe the quantity either of these toys that are sure to have a damaging effect on future generations.

It's gone way past Frankenstein, Mummies and Vampires. We can see and feel Satan's presence increasing in the world as people become de-sensitized to the blurring of evil images on TV, in movies and now in toys and video games.


To my readers: Will be posting a new blog soon -- so much is transpiring combined with an extremely busy month as a lawyer (better at advocating than collecting, unfortunately)and hubby and I both have colds. The most interesting thing I have observed on Senor Solana recently have been some obvious attempts to sanitize him by association -- curiously now obviously anti-Jewish sources are criticizing Solana for having a "pro-Israel bias." While Solana is obviously now trying to "make nice" toward Israel in hopes of dissuading them from their well founded apprehensions of his true agenda, a careful review of the history of the Barcelona Process should reveal the truth -- psuedo-friendship towards Israel is much more the reality!
Hi Constance--

I just finished reading Tim LaHaye's new novel "The Europa Conspiracy" -- got it for Christmas and finished it the same day ... he mentions alot about the info YOU revealed to the world ... Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky et al. There is some intriguing info in there about the "Group of Seven" paying a couple of scientists in the late Sixties to artificially inseminate a gypsy girl with a sperm of secret origin. The Group of Seven is also trying to move the UN Headquarters out of New York to the former Babylon location. A couple questions:

1) It seems to me that one big reason for the war in Iraq could be to clear the way for this moving of the UN to the former Babylon site? What is your view?
2) Have you and Tim LaHaye ever spoken? Is he aware of all yours and Herb Peter's good work on Javier Solana? Maybe TL believes JS is too old to fit his idea of a "fake virgin birth" happening in the late Sixties? Love to hear your thoughts ...
Re Europa Conspiracy. It got bad reviews at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

The problem with books like this one, which rips off good research, is that readers then feel no need to look at the serious research, thinking it has been done for them by people like LaHaye. When others try to tell these readers of the serious research, they get the response "I read all about that in _____'s book."
Not everyone has to claim credit for research, especially on the Bible! That's ME-ISM. even though Tim Lahaye doesnt seem to give credit when its is do, he is now coming around to start sharing the news. Thats what really counts. And thats a definate change for the better. Hopefully it is sincere. I Know his belief in the Bible is. It seems like a light just turned on for recognizing a few new age ideas. Unfortunately no christian has all the spiritual gifts. But thats where the body of Christ comes in. Some of us are good at recognizing certain things and others are not. He has been given the gift of communicating. Even if you might have to explain it a few times, he has the skills to put it in to movies to where the public will understand. Now when us people here on this site can communicate with people like him that are christians, thats when a breakthrough is about to happen! I personally don't give a hoot about recognition. Sometimes its not what you need! When Tim doesn't give credit to other authors that is wrong. Especially when he uses there work. But there is nothing to say that he isn't beginning to fit the other pieces of the pie together with the information that he's been given by other authors. That is not plagiarism. I hope he continues down this path of studies. I'm sure he could make some kind of movie out of it.
The reality is some people might not even know about this subject if it wasnt for Tim Lahaye. How many people do you know that personally even know about new age stuff? There are a lot of people who like his material. His work draws in a whole different group of people that might not otherwise know. Granted some of his work is not all in depth study, but it does wet the wistle for people to dig deeper.
Constance says she doesn't care who get the word out as long as they do get it out. How many come to this blog, however, to learn more after they read his books. How are they to learn that it is even here. Read further to see just why he might not want to lead people to the truthful information.

I've been around New Age research for over 25 years, since Constance came out with her books. Before that I was watching other movements, home schooling, feminist, abortion rights, etc. Many, many researchers have come and gone in that period of time. Very few have stayed around, plodding thru the muck of information available. And only over time can one learn to separate truth from muck.

Let me tell you what killed off spreading information about New Age in the 1980s. After Constance came out with her information, a mob of disinformation specialists climbed out of the woodwork, writing books, giving talks, running seminars, all for the money they could pull out of those searching for more information. They ripped off her information and claimed it as their own, putting it into a new stew of information, creating new conclusions. Being too lazy to do their own research, they made up information. During those early years and thru the early '90s, you could go into a Christian bookstore and find 25 titles claiming to expose the New Age movement, and a good number of them were throwing stones at Constance, claiming she was a conspiracy nut. When she wrote no more books and stopped putting out her newsletter, they didn't know where to go for information to fill their books. Then many of them started scamming the Y2K information, selling all kinds of things to their followers. When the crash didn't come, people threw information on New Age into material that was to be disregarded because of its connection with the scammers.

Such good Christians they claimed to be. Go back and read Constance's essay on the evangelicals who were meeting with the New Agers. Meanwhile those who were claiming to be good conservative religious people were promoting skunks like Gary Kah. Take a look at the CNP membership lists and ask yourself why they were promoting Kah while ignoring Cumbey's material.

For a list of former and present members of CNP, and Tim LaHaye specifically, go to

Do you really think TL really wants to get accurate information out on these serious to Christians matters, or is he misleading and selling books? The false prophets running around are not all claiming to be New Agers.
Thanks for all the Tim Lahaye Motive Analysis and also the Bad Book Review references which makes me feel like a loser for liking it ... now, does any one have some opinions on the answers to my questions? ... Regardless of who has done what right, I am really interested in the stuff that is going on and would love to hear any insights people might have ...
I'm the one that posted the information on LaHaye. You are never a loser if you keep searching. I've probably made more mistakes than you will ever make because I've been at it so long. I learned from a lot of people along the way, people such as the ones who were willing to share their research on CNP when I didn't know it existed. For the first 15 years or so it was straight books, paper, postage and a lot of footwork. So much is available on the net now, but a lot of the paper I accumulated in the past never made it to the net.
Just in case Constance doesn't get back to the computer for a few days, here is a site to think about for those Christians who need to know of the inroads made by New Age into the Christian establishment. This is only one level of a multi-level pyramid of interests.
Since this blog is about New Age, let's have a look at the writer of the show Book of Daniel, described in the listed link.

The series is written by Jack Kenny, a practicing homosexual who describes himself as being "in Catholic recovery," and is
interested in Buddhist teachings about reincarnation and isn't sure
exactly how he defines God and/or Jesus. "I don't necessarily know that all the myth surrounding him (Jesus) is true," he said.
(This information came from AFA as part of an alert sent to Dave Johnson.)

Isn't it just about right that a New Age would take this approach to Christianity?
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Why is everyone posting as Anonymous - that's my first question.
My next question is, if you have identified JS as the AC - what actions are you expecting Christians to take?
I have not read your book Constance exposing New Agers, so forgive my ignorance. Perhaps your site can include a bit more information on what you believe to be going on without quite so much extra language or inuendo? That is for us blunt as a spoon minded people, or the uninitiated.
I have found this site most useful:

Chris has a superb take on world events.

My next question is, with so much supposed infiltration into churches, which church or denomination should a new Christian belong to? Who is right, as according to several of the postees here and at Chris's site, Catholicism is out, Anglican, Penticostal, Evangelical are not "safe" - what is a new Christian to do?
Blunt, the reason I post as anonymous is that I want the post to be the focus and not my personality. The information is presented for discussion and not as a final judgment on anything. There is not enough discussion taking place on the topic of New Age. People sit back and say they are too busy to work to find answers and want to know what new information is going to be presented to them on a platter for the day.

Too many believe that everyone in a group thinks alike. They discount information based on what group they believe the author is connected with. All people in religious groups do not think alike.

My suggestion: Start by reading both of Constance's books, particularly Planned Deception. They are inexpensively obtained from Amazon. Read the comments sections of the archived posts. Use the internet to explore the individuals and organizations she lists. When you have digested that information, you will begin to notice who is pushing the New Age agenda. It's hard work, but worth the effort.
To blunt as a spoon: I love the name. I list as anonymous because I have not spent the time to figure out other wise. I don't even know how to use E-mail for that matter! As far as what we as christians are suppose to be doing assuming that J.S. as the AC, we should be recognizing that we are on the verge of the rapture or the tribulation. Most people who study Bible prophecy agree on a final 7 year period. Some groups don't such as the 7th day adventist. They believe it is a continuous timeline without a final recognizable period except the final touchdown of Jesus in Jerusalem. There are other groups as well. But none of them believe in watching the nation of Israel for signs or fulfillment.I personally believe that Israel is the biggest sign to jump start the time table to watching the other signs. But when you see these certain events or signs occuring, it should motivate you to witness like crazy, as well as spread the news of possible fulfillments being in the near future for other christians to wake up and get motivated. As far as a denomination to belong to as a new christian, I personally and clearly would suggest absolutely none! I belonged to a baptist church when I was younger but as I got older I saw things that didn't make sense to me. And no I'm not talking about post or pre-trib rapture stuff! But they did give me a good foundation. The more I read the more I realize my foundation should not be based on a denomination. Every denomination has a valued characteristic, but they all also have a draw back. I go to a local independent church now but honestly it has no spine because they don't think it's possible for the time of Jacob's trouble to even be on the horizon. They are too busy making it a social club with who knows who, and watching thier own pockets. It's too bad because they're not motivated to give the message of salvation at the end of the services. I've heard the message of salvation once in the last 19 months! That's disgraceful! Honestly the ONLY reason I stay is because of the worship. Tears flow down my face every week from the lack of urgency for the plan of salvation. I personally recommend studying on your own as much as possible so that your own knowledge of the Bible smothers whatever you hear at church. That is the only way to not be mislead. Your own spiritual growth is what you do and not what they say! But be prepared to receive a blunt hit in the face from a lot of christians when you tell them you believe we are in the end! I'm used to it now and believe me it is continuous. But what never ceases to amaze me is how intentionally ignorant a lot of christians are about this significant time in biblical history. Good luck on your search for a church home.
Thanks Anonymous and of course, Anonymous, and all you other nonys'. I will check out CC's books and open my eyes wider yet. To the last Anonymous, thanks for liking my moniker - perhaps you should consider switching churches or starting a home fellowship or study group with other like minded Christians at your church. I'm sure there are a few.
Anyone else have any good suggestions regarding denominations?
BTW - to CC, I have read your last post and it is much easier to grasp. Thank you - not quite so blunt anymore.
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