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Rich Peterson's research on the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.

Our "Rich of Medford" (Rich Peterson) and I have been talking about the OCCUPY MOVEMENT and all its related predecessors, affiliates, and subdivisions for several months now.  I have held off posting articles of my own awaiting the paring down of his copy to a manageable size.  We have both given up.  There is just too much information and too many fast breaking developments to synthesize it in "50 words or less Reader's Digest Condensed Version."  I am now asking you to go to the space Rich has created to download and archive his  diligent research and exhibits for yourself.  You may reach the link by clicking here.  A picture of a very small portion is attached here to inspire you to go there and get the material forthwith.

Please go there, comment on it below, and pass it on to your friends and those in need of kindly warnings.  If I did not know about the Occupy Movement what I do, I would be sorely tempted to go out there and march with them.  Many of those involved are young people with unique stresses (extreme college tuition debt, mortgage crises) and see no other remedy.  They too need to see the "hidden dangers" of their New Age rainbow!

Stay tuned!

EU to PA Arabs: We'll Help You 'Grab Land' from Israel

By David Lev
First Publish: 1/12/2012, 11:29 AM

The EU plans a "land grab" in Judea and Samaria,...


* * *

Have a nice day.
P.S. Thanks to for the link.
"and in violation of laws regarding zoning, security, and the environment." wow, that's pretty extreme, even the environment is ignored in this EU land grab. sounds like usual environmental concerns are just a ploy. or at best expendable.
"Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."
Isaiah 41:10.
Thanks Constance for this post. Thanks for talking with me late night hours. And thanks for directing me to some of the Laszlo material.

Great job, Rich!!! Thank you for sharing your research.

And thank you, Constance for posting it.
Thank you for your extensive research Rich, and thanks Constance for posting the link. I will be passing this on to some friends of mine who are admirers of the Occupy movement. I hope and pray that this will open their eyes. Thanks again and God bless you all!
it is here, it is now.........the lamb seems so out of place, on the broadway street scene.
do you see what i see?, you hear what i hear?,...footsteps of the messiah. Thanks anom 5:54, from so deep inside.
Excellent work. I've been aware of this connection but you included a few names new to me. May I suggest looking into Van Jones/Lynne Twist/Pachamama/ as they are also very connected and influencial in this big picture?

You are so spot on about Van Jones/Lynne Twist/Pachamama.

And let's not forget about the "witch" named Starhawk who is an associate of Van Jones, and, who, along with Van Jones, has ties to the Institute of Noetic Sciences - besides being a co-founder of Code Pink along with Obama bundler Jodi Evans and Medea Benjamin. Code Pink was involved in the infamous "Gaza Peace March" and brags on its website about its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood!!!

Of course Rich mentioned the United Religions Initiative founded by the Rt. Rev. William E. Swing. The good Bishop Swing is the bishop who ordained Catholic apostate Matthew Fox as an Episcopalian priest after Fox was booted out of the Dominican order for his refusal to straighten up and fly right after being censured by the Vatican for, among other things, hiring the "witch" named Starhawk to teach at a Catholic college in the 1980's.

I could go on...........
Flowers of the Son Movie Trailer

Stand for Jesus in Israel

1-tenth of 1% of Israel know Jesus
the rest don't even know his name.

by JewsForJesus

Starhawk was Fox's lover. Fox also called for a new Catholicism that included all religions and one that was not Vatican based.


Is there online evidence for that?
That's right, Susanna, they're all in it together and it is a massive network. The more exposure the better, as most people are totally unaware of any of this....theosophy, New Agers, intermingling with government and the UN.
Anon 5:22 am. Here is Matthew Fox's own website. He is without a doubt preaching a New Age Spirituality.
I meant Savvy's personal allegation.
Conscious evolution is simply today's phrase for Social Darwinism.
UK pharmacy to sell pill with ingestible microchip!!!

Speaking of intermingling with the government etc., both Starhawk and Van Jones had ties to now - failed ShoreBank Chicago.

The "permaculture," "intentional communities" and "ecovillages" were frequently financed by so-called "community development banks" like recently failed ShoreBank which operated according to a business model called "triple bottom line."

This socialist "triple bottom line" way of doing business is believed by many to have led to ShoreBank's failure.

Nevertheless, it apeared that things returned to "business as usual" after ShoreBank's insolvency issues were made to go away by the FDIC - which translates to mean "at the taxpayers expense."

In an unprecedented move by the FDIC, some of the subsequent management hirees of ShoreBank, were allowed to continue running the restructured bank, which became a part of Urban Partnership Bank.

Not only was Bill Clinton a prominent supporter of ShoreBank, but he was also a prominent supporter of Grameen Bank which was founded by microfinance guru Muhammad Yunus with help from people at ShoreBank.

In 1985, ShoreBank also worked closely with Clinton to set up the Southern Development Bancorporation, a community development bank serving rural Arkansans.

Clinton described ShoreBank as "the most important bank in America" and credited ShoreBank’s success with inspiring a movement of community development financial institutions (CDFIs).

Again, under a grant from the Ford Foundation in the 1980s, it was people from ShoreBank who worked with Muhammad Yunus to help him incorporate Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Yunus and Grameen Bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

In those days, Tim Geitner's father Peter - who worked for the Ford Foundation - and President Obama's mother were also involved in helping Muhammad Yunus with his microfinance enterprise.

ShoreBank Pacific - a subsidiary of ShoreBank - was involved in the founding of a "permaculture" "ecovillage"/"intentional community" called Tryon Life Community Farm with the help of an entity called Equity Trust, Inc. which is based in Massachusetts.

Equity Trust may or may not have direct ties to Corinne McLaughlin's Sirius Community, but they appear to be like-minded entities and are both listed at the following site under the heading of "Nearby Organizations."

One of the people involved With Tryon Life Community Farm is the self professed "Wiccan" named Starhawk - the same Starhawk who is involved with Matthew Fox, Van Jones, IONS, Code Pink and the Gaza "Peace Marches."

...In May of this year, global justice activist and writer, Starhawk, held an Earth Activist Training on the Farm, and attendees came up with many design ideas for the land. One idea was to catch storm water by building a ditch on the uphill side of the driveway and then run it underneath the driveway into a filtration system. Currently, rain water from the roof of the composting bathroom building runs into a swale that irrigates the orchard trees......

One of the features there is "Mother Earth School" for the kiddies - including "bioimmersion kindergarten."

Other courses in "Permatopia" are conducted there by Starhawk as well.
Thank you Rich, and Constance, for pointing us to Rich's material. This is really important information which you have carefully presented in a very coherent and usable manner.

I am taking the time to digest it all and will be sharing it with others.

Dave in CA
For the growing "deadlinks" on Rich's story, I will post replacement ones here in the comment section. Rich is archiving EVERYTHING. You should too. They play this lovely little game of "Now you see us, now you don't" . . .

"The one demand" from the NY General Assembly:

For the growing "deadlinks" on Rich's story, I will post replacement ones here in the comment section. Rich is archiving EVERYTHING. You should too. They play this lovely little game of "Now you see us, now you don't" . . .

"The one demand" from the NY General Assembly:

The One Demand

The final two lines seem to summarize the 'demand:'

Cultural Creatives of the earth—CONVERGE! If we are to survive the Great Unraveling and transition into the Great Turning, then the next global revolution must be the cultural evolution of humanity by abolishing Empire and establishing EARTH COMMUNITY.

Dave in CA
Fascinating work by Rich and Constance - thanks! Much to digest....

Question for Constance and others:

What does the "great unraveling" involve?

I still can't find myself totally discarding the World War scenario that I've come to accept as being in our near future.

Perhaps World War is started, and then something "miraculous" happens that cuts the war short, thereby giving the New Agers their "opportunity from crisis"?

I've always thought the "crisis" that allows them to come into power is a world war of some kind. I still do. But...things in Russia seem to be coming to a head - this year may be crucial as to whether the "Old Guard" KGB power brokers in the Kremlin can maintain their grip on things (and maintain their finger on the nuclear triggers), or if something else happens.

Perhaps all those visions of a nuclear strike on America are of the category "things that might be" instead of "things that will be".

[Tue, Jan 17]
Look, "Crisis = Opportunity" is true for God too. If persecution comes then it will purge the church of nominal believers and ordained liberal hypocrites who claim to believe the gospel while actually spreading doubt. And if Western governments go bankrupt then the Welfare State, which in many Western countries has (probably inintentionally) been the main promoter of family breakdown, using taxes taken from mainly moral working people to subsidise sloth and promiscuity (giving pregnant single teenagers a flat and an allowance), would cease. There would also be genuine hardship and the church must relearn charity and teach it by example, but in darkness there can be light, see John 1.
Thanks to Rich and Constance !

That photo of the whole happy
Lazlo crew should have the caption:
" Send in the clowns "

Check your inbox please re: some info regarding BMH recordings from late 80s.
I was wondering what Rich was up to, since his site has been quite for over a year. Thank you Rich for all the work that went into this very informative document. I have been watching events unfold- first the Arab spring and then the occupy movement, it all has an unearthly supernatural feel to it, as if things are being allowed to speed up in preparation of things to come.
To anon @ 12:34am with the Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway references: There's at least one reader who understood your post. I'm a big fan of the Peter Gabriel-era Genesis lyrics; and, recently I've pondered some of these lyrics as well as "Supper's Ready" and "Get 'Em Out by Friday" from Foxtrot.
For those unaware, wikipedia is blacking out wiki-US in protest over SOPA and PIPA:

Read about it here:

If this legislation is passed it looks as though Blogger, WordPress and other hosts could be closing down sites for fear of being in violation of copyright infringement.
Sorry, try this link in place of the 2nd incomplete link above:
I just ran across this in the Club of Rome's website. They just finished a 3 year study 2009-2012 in which they have come up with a "New Path to World Developement". The plan is broken down into 5 parts and I find that they are exactly identical to what the Occupy Movement is calling for.
"Recipe for Vote Fraud: Global
Internet Voting Firm Buys U.S.
Election Results Reporting Firm"
As reported by Michael Savage
this company is based in Barcelona.
and the owner has connections
with University of Chicago.
See article posted Jan. 13,2012 written
by Bev Harris--Black Box Voting.
John Rupp

Club of Rome: The small high-level expert meetings that the Club organized produced a clear statement on the issues, risks and opportunities ahead with an outline of the principal strategies and measures required in response.

Translation: The globalist elite will solve the world's problems.

Dave in CA
Christians, beware:

December 21, 2012 could bring deception....
To Constance & everyone:

Have any of you heard these recent reports (from all over the world) about strange sounds coming from the sky?

I would really like to hear everyone's opinion on this.

Descriptions have ranged from 'sky roars' to 'the earth moaning.'

Has anyone else noticed what the Club of Budapest has been up to? Enter the Giordano Bruno Globalshift University. It features many of the usual suspects, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard and Constance's friend, Deep Pit Cobra. I even thought I caught a glimpse of Javier Solana in the supposedly inspiring but actually dreary promo video.

Bruno, of course, is an Hermeticist icon. He's taught at my local university.
This is off the subject but an ad was placed in the Oregonian today by the fundamental LDS group warning the nations of the soon coming of Jesus Christ aka Son Ahman. Sounds a bit like the announcement a few years ago about Maitreya .....hmmmm. I've put a link to their website but it doesnt show the ad. ad not showing, try this

Always when something is missing, go to and check for it. If you have copied the http:// part, their waybsck mschine search bar incl. that so you have to delete the http:// showing and paste your url. Some things they don't archive, but usually they will hsve it.
Here is another link more about Son Ahman. It evidently is a NA cult.
'Son Ahman' - Mormon connection

3. The word "Ahman" surfaces in several revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants (see sections 95, 116 and 117) and in a speech by Orson Pratt who said:
There is one revelation that this people are not generally acquainted with. I think it has never been published, but probably it will be in the Church History. It is given in questions and answers. The first question is, "What is the name of God in the pure language?" The answer says, "Ahman." "What is the name of the Son of God?" Answer, "Son Ahman--the greatest of all the parts of God excepting Ahman." "What is the name of men?" "Sons Ahman," is the answer. "What is the name of angels in the pure language?" "Anglo-man." This revelation goes on to say that Sons Ahman are the greatest of all the parts of God excepting Son Ahman and Ahman, and that Anglo-man are the greatest of all the parts of God excepting Sons Ahman, Son Ahman, and Ahman, showing that the angels are alittle lower than man. [JD 2:342]
The text of this revelation was unknown otherwise until the rediscovery of "The Book of Commandments of Revelations" with the Joseph Smith papers project. The revelation will be published in 2009. The use of key-words in religious ceremony is linked to facsimile no. 2 of the Book of Abraham. See also the (then) recently received revelation (D&C 124:95). This signals the "endowment" to be given the following year (see HC for May 1842).

Hi Craig, this is Tony in Vt. the anom. character refering to the Genesis lyrics! thanks for connecting back,...awesome to find someone in the know!! my # is 802-380-1648, call sometime if you can,..lets consider the signifigance of it all w/ respect to the bands creations!Suppers ready,..and so much more...ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE,....blessings to you Craig
Sky noise? That's an over-confident attribution, what it means is noise of no obvious origin to the hearer and audible over a fairly wide area.

Sometimes the atmosphere is so dry that a jet plane will create no vapour trail; at other times it might be hidden behind cloud. Sometimes atmospheric conditions might cause the noise from a busy road to disperse more slowly in some direction than others. Or non-routine maintenance might be going on in a local underground mine. And who knows what machine the local wealthy man has hired on his estate? We live in an era of machines. "I don't know the cause" isn't the same as "there is no known cause".
Re:Mormon Ahman
The REAL TRUTH of the matter is that “Ahman” is a demon masquerading as Jesus Christ and was the inspiration behind not only “Sons Ahman Israel” but much of Mormonism, which is probably one of the reasons the cult changed its named from "Sons AHMAN Israel" to "Sons AUMEN Israel" once this piece of information started to circulate. Charles E. Bennett in his book, “Dark Angels: The War for Your Soul” (LDM Consultants Inc., Box 280222, Colorado 80228, USA), an expert in demonic activities, states regarding a satanist who was possessed by 300 demons, many of whom were identified by name, that “AHMAN (is) an Egyptian who was in the (satanic) hierarchy.. (a) low spirit who had come down through the generations through situations, curses, familiar spirits, and spells”
While I have no dought that there is a demonic spirit(s) behind Mormonism...the previous quote regarding Ahman was taken from a site that is probably best avoided.
Just for anyone visiting here who
may be confused, this is my own
Mormonism is a cult and only
vaguely resembles Biblical
Christianity, despite what those
two people at your front door who
swear that they are believers in
Jesus say.

Agreed. If a Mormon comes to your doorstep, ask him who the angel Moroni is...
Anonymous (3:47 PM):

With all due respect, there have been far too many reports from all over the world to dismiss them as e.g. 'a jet plane' or 'noise from a busy road' or 'maintenance going on in a local underground mine.'

If you listen to the sounds on these 2 videos, they are very strange and far from ordinary!


I am not 'dismissing' them - I am offering a possible explanation. Your language sugests that you would actually prefer a weird explanation. Let's try to exhaust conventional explanations first. Remember that more people than ever have the capability to report things nowadays, but (unhappily) not much greater education than their ancestors.

You cannot get any accurate sense of a noise - volume and frequency spectrum - from playback on the internet. And we all know that the 'net is full of deluded persons and hoaxers.

I don't know what, if anything, is going on. All I am saying is that the evidence you have presented here for something offbeat is not strong.
Actually, I have never said that I am providing any 'evidence.' I have simply provided 2 links (there are more) to what others are reporting.

Since these reports are coming in from various sources from all over the world (Canada, the U.S., Europe, Costa Rica, etc.), I find it even more of a stretch to believe that they are all 'deluded persons or hoaxers.'

And, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your 'tone' is indeed dismissive.
That's because I know a fair amount about it. I am a research physicist who knows what the noise *cannot* be, and I was involved for a long time with the local branch of CSICOP who look into unusual claims and find time and time again a mundane but neglected explanation. Most often people don't *want* to believe these explanations - a new effect a la Hollywood is far more exciting - but also far less likely.

Anyway, can you prove that the explanations I have suggested are NOT responsible?
Not any more than you can prove that they ARE responsible!!

I have no hidden 'agenda' here. I was merely opening it up for a discussion.

Wow, I can see why so many people come and go on this blog. There is often a 'bully' mentality from certain arrogant no-it-alls. A truly educated, intelligent person usually doesn't feel it necessary to talk 'down' to others the way you're doing.

Have a nice day.
Rich of Medford's views on the Occupy movement are not an obvious lead-in for you to discuss anomalous noises, are they?
Look, you ask for explanation of a phenomenon, I offer one consistent with scientific knowledge, you say it is unlikely without giving any compelling reason, and you don't propose any explanation yourself. Which of us is being constructive? I have no idea if you'd prefer to think it is Gaia groaning, but I can't help it if you don't like my hypothesis.
I never mentioned 'Gaia' - so don't even think about trying to put words in my mouth.
Anon@6:22 p.m.

Fox has his own movement that claims the Pope is in schism from Catholicism.


I did not dispute the reality of the noise in at least some cases (why else would I offer an explanation?), and you did not offer any explanation - so what exactly do you believe I am 'dismissive' of?
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